Trump Jerusalem Firestorm, Mueller Witch Hunt Investigation, Bitcoin Panic

By Greg Hunter’s (12.8.17 WNW 312)

President Donald Trump has done what many previous presidents have promised in the past, and that is to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton all said they would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, but never did. The reason was the efforts to get an Israeli and Palestinian peace deal, which has been tried but never accomplished. Now, the world is outraged at President Trump’s bold move. Violence is expected, and U.S. allies are angry, but Trump has thrown his support decidedly behind Israel. Is this a Biblical power play that will be blessed by God the Father?

Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump Administration’s so-called Russian collusion has not turned over one single bit of evidence that ever happened. Meanwhile, Mueller’s team has been exposed as a bunch of Trump hating Democrats. Now, Congress is asking why a lead investigator has been fired. Representative Jim Jordan says not only is the Mueller investigation biased, but it used a discredited dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton, to start this phony investigation. Peter Strzok was the top investigator fired for dressing it up as counterintelligence and obtaining a warrant for wiretapping Trump associates and his family.

Bitcoin is hitting all-time highs, and it’s not a mania. The skyrocketing price is more like a global panic out of fiat currencies. Now, there is talk of trading Bitcoin on an exchange, but they will have no Bitcoin, and the exchange will be closed on the weekends. Bitcoin trades around the globe and around the clock 24/7. Bankers are worried if this new exchange will even work at all as Bitcoin is decentralized and will run past the new market.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Boz From Oz

    I don’t think it’s a panic out of fiat currencies, if it was all commodities would be rising fast. More like a greed trade.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Boz,
      Commodities are controlled by naked short selling at the CME as well COMEX and LBMA through the futures contracts. There are no futures contracts with Bitcoin.

      • Chip

        Still there’s been so much downward pressure on silver a gold as of late I just don’t see how the naked short selling can continue without it being exposed especially, if as you say, “The skyrocketing price is more like a global panic out of fiat currencies.”… Chip

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Your WNW was, as always, wonderful. However, my instincts have me going with Boz on his comment: the size of the price move in Bitcoin does look like a greed trade to me. A stampede out of fiat could well go into stocks or real estate as well into the more highly manipulated commodities markets.
        As an aside, it looks like gold has decoupled from silver this week. Any thoughts on that?

        • Sam Hill

          Bitcoin has gone parabolic. My guess is it won’t end well.
          It’s an irrational mania.

      • Jallen

        You did not post my comments sent to you about Zionism, I sent you the website of Torah Jews and what they say about Zionism.
        You are a Zionist and according to Torah Jews puts you at odds with Judaism. You are misleading the flock. Are you against Torah Jews? Remember the only path to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of the Almight G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that lived in the flesh.


    • Paul ...

      The gold and silver market should learn a lesson from bit coin … it could free itself of the manipulators if it trades freely around the world 24/7 … what seems to be giving the manipulators pause with regard to manipulating Bitcoin is that the banksters close trading on the weekends and Bitcoin does not … which puts too much risk on the banksters short positions … who would have thought that it would be so simple to break the manipulation stranglehold the banksters now have on gold and silver!!

    • Donald

      “Is this a Biblical power play that will be blessed by God the Father?”

      I hate to disappoint but the answer is NO. Just keep watching developments in the Middle East and you will see. Things will be getting much worse. Probably the majority of people will blame what happens on what Trump did, but this is just a smoke screen for things already in play. I would imagine Trump already knows this among other things. I mean if I know this, he must too.

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll take the other side of that trade.

  2. Silence is Golden

    Bitcoin can be best summarised with the following quote….
    “Greed can make a man, but beyond a certain point, it can absolutely destroy him”.

    Bitcoin / Blockchain is not too dissimilar to the Tech Bubble of the late 90’s. We all know how that ended for most participants….especially those who thought free lunches were still on the menu.
    An entity with an idea, but without asset or income, has no value… except in the minds of those who believe in fairy tales, are blinded by greed and are victim to the bigger fool theory.
    Play at your own peril. History does rhyme after all.

    • Silence is Golden

      I also personally believe that what we are witnessing with BTC….may be a prelude to a HyperInflationary episode with ALL fiat currencies.
      Central Banks with their creating free money (circa 20TLN) out of thin air… is where the blame entirely rests. Is there any wonder why greed has displaced logic.

    • Paul ...

      SIG … With regard to Bitcoin it is acting like it is in the final stage of exponential growth … which is always explosive and looks like it will continue to go straight up forever … these exponential spikes never finish with just a sideways move … once an exponential move has finished … it always results in a spike move downward! … buyers need to be very quick on their feet if they don’t want to get hurt!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Agreed! Classic bubble move coupled with all the get rich quick stories in the media. The question is where will all the hot money flow once the bubble bursts?

    • Chip

      I agree with you SIG. I don’t see how this Bitcoin BS ends well… Chip

    • Will

      Not if & when The CME Group, which owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, starts trading bitcoin futures Dec. 18, the company said. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission, the primary regulator for exchanges like the CME, gave approval for the exchange to create bitcoin futures.

    • This sceptred Isle

      You are right to compare it to the tech bubble. When the tech bubble burst it obliterated the sector, with the exception of the strongest companies, that went on to become great titans. The tech narrative arrived a decade too soon and became over-hyped. I am sure when Bitcoin bursts, the block chain technology will survive and may become an integral part of the system. Maybe there are some companies working to develop blockchain technologies that will go on to become the next Apple or Amazon.

  3. Oracle 911

    Some time after the US elections I wrote:
    “Trump will save the US on the expense of the US Empire, while Hillary would save the US Empire on the expense of US and the world.”
    I didn’t said: Why, how and what it means.
    Why: There are global players who understand if the US Empire will continue its existence for a decade or less the biosphere of the planet will collapse.
    How:Mishaps like this or charades with N Korea are ideal occasions.
    What it means: He is re-routing the US resources which were used to maintain the Empire to domestic purposes. That also means US will have to live from what it produces and this means (a slow?) decline in the living standards Because once the Empire is gone the reserve status of the US$ will also gone.
    TL;DR: The US is going thru its own perestroika.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  4. politically correct politician

    does the the plunge in the price of platinum indicate a significant shift?,
    as cryptos explode

    • freebrezer

      PCP – Does a continual rise in Palladium indicate significant shift? Greg – you know the PM people – what is going on with this metal?

  5. Pat H.

    Truth is never negative or bad news.
    Question: Why isn’t the ESF or the treasury supporting the price of Gannet’s and other MSM’s stocks?

  6. Somedayitsover

    Greg, anything about the 1967 USS Liberty ? Yeah. How many were killed? I doubt you allow this one.

    • Paul ...

      I just learned recently that if it wasn’t for the Russians … LBJ’s order to sink the USS Liberty “with torpedoes” would have killed every one of our US sailors … but it was those damn Russians again … always interfering in our affairs and our elections!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Can you imagine if Syria or Russia did something similar now?

  7. Paul ...

    With regard to Trumps move on Jerusalem … if it starts a major war in the Middle East that kills many thousands and then goes nuclear as the big powers intervene … I’m not so sure God the Father would approve of Trump lighting this firestorm!

    • Paul ...

      But then again … perhaps God the Father wanted Trump to poke the Saudi’s in the eye because they won’t stop the genocide in Yemen! …

      • Paul ...

        God works in Mysterious ways … in one stroke Trump put leverage on the Saudi’s to stop the genocide in Yemen … and forced a “One State” solution to the Palestinian problem … Israel will just have to “learn to live with the Palestinians inside their country” … this is what God probably wanted all along!

        • Paul ...

          Trump has now united the Islamic armies of six nations Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia by giving them “a common enemy” as foretold in the Bible … how come Americans thousands of miles away all the way across the Atlantic Ocean always seem to get themselves involved right in the middle of these Middle Eastern problems … to make us targets of attack? … so the Mil/Ind/Bankster neocons have an excuse for constant war and mega profits?? …

          • Paul ...

            Trump put himself in a “very awkward position” by effectively announcing Israeli sovereignty over the Holy City when 151 Nations out of 157 Nations recently declared it was illegal for Israel to impose its laws, jurisdiction or administration over Jerusalem … Israel has a weak case accusing “all these Nations” of bias for simply demanding it cease its “illegal unilateral settlement activities in the occupied territories of East Jerusalem and Palestine” … after stirring up this hornets nest Trump is going to find it exceedingly difficult to justify Israels “continuing occupation” of the Golan (now that Syria has won the war and will likely want its land back) …

            • Greg Hunter

              The laws of man does not override the Laws of God. I say tuff. All those countries would love to wipe Israel off the face of the earth too.

        • Enki

          It is amazing that humans do all kind of demonic acts and do it in the name of God .
          Isis also beheaded anyone who disappeared of them and they do it to please their Allah.
          Sometimes I feel I live on the planet of Apes with no hope for the Apes ever learning anything from their mistake and wrong doings.

  8. mike

    Bitcoin is an act of desperation for many, IMO. Yes greed for some, but desperation for many others. They know they aren’t going to make it financially. It’s all stacked against savers and prudent investors. However, when bitcoin crashes, then I think that the mania will switch to gold. 2018 will be a golden year, IMO, Cyclically, if cycles mean anything anymore, the next cycle would support gold, then silver and PM stocks, then other commodities as the paper equity and bond markets correct.

    • philipat

      Greg should take a look at this interactive map of Palestine over the years:
      This is a land grab by Israel pure and simple and is against International law and several UN resolutions. There can only ever ne peace in the region with a two State solution, returning an equivalent amount of land (not necessarily the same land but the same acreage) that Palestine held as of the 1967 borders.

      • Greg Hunter

        Hey Phil,
        You forgot to mention one very important thing and that is the two times that the Arabs and Palestinians attacked Israel (in 1967 and 1973) to try to wipe them out. News flash–they lost. So, you are on the side of people who teach their kids to kill Jews from kindergarten on up. You are on the side of the people who throw gays off of ten story buildings just to hear them scream on the way down? You are on the side of the people who executed anyone (more than 2 dozen) who complained about how Hamas was firing missiles from schools and hospitals in 2014? You are on the side of people that pay their citizens to kill and stab Jews? You are on the side of the people who in their charter want to destroy the Jews and Israel? You need to read Genesis 12:3. Don’t come back.

        • philipat

          No I am on the side of International law and justice. In the current climate, for which there is responsibility on both sides, Israel certainly has legitimate security concerns. But it is disingenuous of you to suggest that such concerns justify the illegal occupation of the majority of Palestinian territory. In respect of this reality, I stand by my original statement.

          • Greg Hunter

            And I stand by mine Phil. The Arabs attacked twice and they Lost–Tuff crap. That’s what happens when you start a war and you lose. Please man up and just say, you hate the Jews and would love to see Israel destroyed. It ain’t going to happen. You are on the “side” of evil and the Bible is on the side of the law that is good.

          • tin foil hat

            Post WW II, millions of Germans in Germany, East Prussia and eastern Europe paid with life and limb for the crimes of Nazi Germany. They were hunted down, humiliated, raped, bludgeoned to death, or carted off as slave laborers. “A tempest of reprisal, revenge and hatred swept through the land,” writes historian Klaus-Dietmar Henke.


            International law and justice didn’t apply to the side which lost the war. How about the farmers in South Africa and Zimbabwe? International law and justice turned a blind eye on their tragic fates even though they tried to work with the victors unlike the Palestinians.

            What do you think will happen to the Israeli Jews if the Arab won? Do you think the Palestinians will follow International law then? Are the Jews blameless? Absolutely not, but why can’t the Palestinians deal with the consequences of their aggressions and unwillingness to work it out peacefully?
            International law?? Europe leaders chastised W. Bush for breaking international law during the Second Gulf War (Saddam was going to settle oil transactions in euro instead of the dollar), then the Europeans did the exact same thing in Libya when Gaddafi was about to settle oil transaction in gold backed dinar instead of the euro.
            International law!! How old are you??????

    • This sceptred Isle

      I suspect that you are correct. When cryptos crash all that money will have to go somewhere. The investors in Bitcoin are already aware of the inadequacies of the current financial assets.

  9. Gordon Gekko

    Greed must be good.
    Miles Franklin the precious metals accepts
    Bitcoin for gold and silver purchases.

    • rwmctrofholz

      I don’t think you understand the industry, Gordon. Metals dealers make money by buying and selling metals as fast as they can. With the newfound interest in Bitcoin, it would stand to reason that many of their customers would prefer to be paid with Bitcoin. In which case, it only makes sense to also accept Bitcoin as payment so that they (Miles Franklin) has it available when sellers emerge.

      That’s cool if you hate gold and silver. Just come out and say it next time instead of attempting to make some backhanded comment which makes you look ignorant as to what you’re saying.

  10. Brent Burke

    Greg I think most are missing the big picture here with bitcoin,…I dont totally understand block-chain tech but as a currency bitcoin has totally failed. Way too unstable … If you bought yesterday at highs you are down 20 points in a few hours….purchasing power has dropped no stability. IT IS BACKED BY THE BIGGER FOOL …Not enough transparency or liquidity to even be called a market..very much like a very thinly traded penny stock. This is no more than a virtual high stakes gambling game with the house totally rigging the game. Now left wing snowflakes may believe it is the way of the future,… but is it any different than printing $100 bills in the cellar ? Lets call it currency. I think there are laws against printing currency. We laughed at tulips …. WELL …..???? …..See if you can buy a generator with bitcoin in a power outage …..All said and done ” The Price is The Price ” congrats to those who won !

    • This sceptred Isle

      “Not enough transparency or liquidity to even be called a market..very much like a very thinly traded penny stock.”
      Galaxy 500 made this same astute comparison with Bitcoin. However, he ruined it by implying that the dollar would remain strong forever.

    • rwmctrofholz

      I don’t think you understand the industry, Gordon. Metals dealers make money by buying and selling metals as fast as they can. With the newfound interest in Bitcoin, it would stand to reason that many of their customers would prefer to be paid with Bitcoin. In which case, it only makes sense to also accept Bitcoin as payment so that they (Miles Franklin) has it available when sellers emerge.

      That’s cool if you hate gold and silver. Just come out and say it next time instead of attempting to make some backhanded comment which makes you look ignorant as to what you’re saying.

  11. Rick Hester

    The truth will set you free…..
    (except maybe for the Clinton’s, et al. Let’s hope the truth will lock them up.)

    I recall in 1983 watching ABC, CBS, and NBC news on television. I changed channels to each network during their news broadcast. Each one ran the exact same story in almost the exact same sequence. No network had a different story.
    That’s propaganda, not news. Not much has changed.
    Thanks for giving us real news Greg, whether it is good or bad, we want the truth.

    • Chip

      Rick, you can do the same thing today. They’re given a narrative and talking point and they all parrot this theme during their broadcasts. Local news included. They are non critical thinking talking heads only… Chip

  12. Tommy

    I believe God has given us a reprieve with the election of Trump. Trump is not the end. His purpose is to shake things up, to unravel the rat’s nest and expose the rats. But then it is up to us to take the bull by the horns and get back to right. Time will tell.

    On cryptocurrencies, there is one major difference between the Bitcoin mania and the Dutch tulip mania. At the end of the latter you still had a tulip bulb.

    • This sceptred Isle

      If blockchain technology survives that will be the tulip bulb.

    • Chip

      Spot on Tommy!!! Chip

  13. Jerry

    Provided we don’t have some type of false flag event (like war with North Korea or a government coop) it looks like the central banks have moved the global currency reset goalpost AGAIN to the 4th quarter if 2018.
    This information aligns with the information put out by People Bank of China last week that Yuan bond sales in Europe wouldn’t be ready for distribution until the end of the 1st Quarter of 2018. But like I said before, we are on a very thin time line.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.

    • Jerry

      The next two quarterly reports will provide us with a timeline.
      Banks cannot operate without liquidity and when the index reaches zero you can bet your bottom dollar that they will hit the reset button.

      • JMiller

        Unfortunately banks can operate for quite some time while being insolvent even if there is a lack of liquidity. Just not operate very well.

        • Greg Hunter

          You make a very good point. I think for some banks this has been the case for some time now. Look at what Wells Fargo has been doing in ripping off it’s customers by the millions. You don’t do that unless you are capital impaired.

          • JMiller

            The Italian banks are also a good example of banks operating while insolvent. According to the FDIC, during the S&L crisis some savings and loans were allowed to continue to operate even when they were clearly insolvent because the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) lacked reserves to close them. This added to the losses by not closing them sooner.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yet another excellent point. Some of my sources say if there is a banking calamity in Europe, it will start in Italy.

  14. jim umble

    Totally agree Greg like your reporting thanks I donate when I can. Your like a friend again thanks.Jim

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim. Please don’t cut yourself short. The site is free.

  15. Tad

    The better part of Washington should be in jail. If State, Justice, and DOD were cleaned out- particularly Justice- who would do the investigating? Perhaps this relates to stories of President Trump hiring a private investigative force. If true, he may eventually give them relevant status equal to Justice.

    I wonder if that’s within executive purview. Executive order?
    Get the popcorn ready.

  16. Linda L.

    Regarding fires……”geo engineering”? Could be…but I wonder if there’s some engineered chaos with lighters/matches.

    • Diane

      Good question Linda. We’re wondering the same.

    • freebrezer

      L- Don’t leave at the Moon Beam, Jerry Brown (Ca Gov), The Socialist regime of California voted …. Much better to spend hundreds of millions on illegals vs. spending a few million on brush control around vulnerable power lines. A few of fires in No Cal were the results of strong winds blowing electrical wires into heavy growth (very dry brush/trees) that surrounded them. I wounder if the same is true for So Cal?

  17. Sue Patterson

    You’ve made my Friday morning yet again. Your combo-commitments to Jesus Christ and professional journalism always make your WNWs stellar. You cover the important news that the biggies ignore. Thank you.
    Earlier this week Lynnette Zang had the best take on the reasons for Bitcoin hysteria. It must become something everyone has heard of, and wants, so that when cryptos replace paper the masses will all say yes. Cryptos coupled with negative interest rate policy on customers could force spending, rather than hoarding (read saving) and supposedly stimulate the economy. I don’t trust this panic; crypto is too close to crypt.

  18. Sam rocker

    GO GREG, GO!

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bitcoin is backed by nothing, produces nothing, somewhat like old Enron. In my mind its just another fiat confidence game, bound to burn and crash at some point.

    As to the Jerusalem story, hats off to our President, can’t imagine why He wouldn’t be pleased. Also, can’t imagine why the move would hurt the so-called “peace” talks, the Palestinians have never negotiated in good faith as of yet, this won’t hunt any dead on arrival deal in any event. One mus remember, and hopefully never forget, Israel was given to the Jews by God the Father, it is not theirs to divide up; maybe that is why there has never been any deal that has lasted & every leader that has tried to piece it off has gone away in one way or another. Yes, in my mind, He is pleased.

  20. Jay Dee

    I think that President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the modern Israel is a mistake and a misguided attempt to artificially fulfill biblical prophecy. The primary promise given to Abraham (aka. Israel) was that through his descents the world would be blessed. Has this promise been fulfilled through the nation of Israel? No it has not but the promise has been fulfilled in a very different way. The blessing for mankind came to the earth through a child, God’s own Son, Jesus Christ. The promise
    concerned a spiritual nation which today is the living Church.

  21. andyb

    It is already known that product from Uranium One mines has been shipped overseas. It certainly would be a pissah if some went to NOKO. But….crickets. Should also be a continuing investigation of the AWAN brothers, or has that been rabbit-holed? Given that the collusion of both the FBI and CIA on all matters Hillary is quite apparent, we have to ask “who really controls these two bureaucracies”? Will it all trace back to the Red Shield, Zionist neocons, or some other global entity? Let’s face it folks, Hillary will be protected, regardless of the revelations. She will never be indicted or convicted. The Congress is owned lock, stock and barrel, through either bribery or extortion ( I wonder how many incriminating tapes exist at Lolita Island?). Or videos relating to Pizzagate? I wonder sometimes if the Mueller investigation is really a distraction from the readily provable treason of many that hold positions of power in the USG. It certainly is in the case of the Clintons. What about the rest?

  22. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Your “Fear Not” closing is right on and always has been. Fear is hard wired into the human psyche as a survival mechanism. It’s a good thing if it motivates and gets you moving, but many people freeze, panic and otherwise allow that fear to manifest and have a real effect on the lives of themselves and those around them.

    Right now I’m watching the fires in SOCAL and going through a mental process of how to proceed if a fire starts in a location that could threaten me. So I’m reorganizing some of my stuff, documents et al and doing a triage of sorts on what is critical, what I want to keep and what should be allowed to burn. One of my computers is dated, but info on the hard-drive (all my tax info) is critical, so the HD will be removed and packed with the laptop that replaced it — there, that’s done. Now if I need to go that laptop case will be on the passenger seat. Lots of stuff… triage.

    Things could be worse, I could be that horse trainer in Bonsall, CA whose own horse wouldn’t leave its stall with the gate wide open — that fear we spoke of causes some folks and horses to freeze. No matter what you do, they won’t move and you need to let them go or you could perish too. The trainer left the barn without his horse. Some people feel safe in the stock and bond markets and no matter what you say, they will not get out. Others see the nose-bleed valuations and acting on that fear, they move over into markets that are intentionally suppressed. It takes a lot of courage to leave the a place where you feel safe and move into the unknown, but it’s that or die in your stall.

  23. brian

    I think the words spoken by Christ in Luke 6 regarding a tree and its fruit apply just as much to any nation as they do an individual person; and when I look at what has been going on in the middle east, J-town specifically, I am seeing nothing but a bunch of thorns, dead twigs and poisonous sap.

    Ha, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango; and it sure looks to me like there’s a whole lotta tango’n gong on over there.

  24. Mr. Byrd

    Greg Hunter–while he is a very accomplished interviewer–continually exposes his profound IGNORANCE of (a) the true nature of Christianity; (b) a knowledge of who the jews of Israel are; (c) the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    (a) Greg Hunter is a “Zio-Christian” or “Dispensationalist”. He interprets the bible (clearly the Scofield Bible) according to the dispensationalist doctrine of John Darby, C.I. Scofield et. al. and we must assume today, John Hagee. The doctrine supported by Hunter and company turns on the idea of a “dual covenant”–the idea that the jews need not accept Christ but are ‘saved’ according to the old Mosaic law. The big twist on this is, however, that since God has this covenant with the jews we must accept the jews–and their scripture–as equal to the new testament. And the (absurd) idea that God helps only those who ‘help the jews’. This doctrine has been seen by traditional Christians as PURE HERESY .

    (b) Even if one were to accept this dispensationalist doctrine, one should determine who are, in fact, the ‘jews of the bible’. A little study shows that they are *not* the modern Askenazi jews who control Israel (and who have a history of persecuting the native Shephardic jews). The Ashkenazi, are descendants of the Khazars of the caucasus who migrated north and inter-married with the population of eastern Europe. There is no genetic connection here with the jews of Israel, and the main ideological connection is with the jews of the Babylonian Talmud (not the old testament). (Yes, the same Talmud that tells us that Jesus is in hell boiling in cauldron hot semen.)

    (c) Because of his religious ideology, G.H. buys ‘hook line and sinker’ into the false narrative of the history of the Israel and the Arab world. The propaganda runs hot and heavy here. Israel was born in terrorism (Ergun and Stern gang), and genocide and continues with this terrorism today. The current narrative–supported completely by Greg Hunter–is that Islam is essentially a religion of violence, as is evidenced by their behaviour in the middle-east and europe. This is a false narrative promoted by the state of Israel through their Zio-christian allies.

    We can only conclude that Greg Hunter is a DUPE of the state of Israel. And he implicitly supports the neo-con traitors in our own government who will do anything–including destroying the US–in order to promote the agenda of the modern nation state of Israel.

    • Chip

      go away troll…

    • rwmctrofholz

      But you’ve got it all figured out though right, Mr. Byrd??

    • Charles H

      Mr. Byrd,

      No matter how well stated an argument may be composed: if it is baseless or erroneous – then it is simply wrong.
      Mr. Hunter doesn’t refer to a KJV Bible very often. In fact, others are used in a majority – if you actually follow his comments. And I have not heard or read of his reference to a “Scofield Bible” in any reference in my memory. So I would say that your first stab at Greg Hunter is distinctly pointed and off the mark.
      I also must note that your mixture of truth and falsity takes some effort to untangle – concerning a “dual covenant” and Jews need not accept Christ but are saved according to the old Mosaic law; but this is just putting words into someone else’s mouth. The Jews indeed DO have to accept Jesus Christ as Messiah and Savior, as no one is saved by the Old Testament law – but there ARE Two Covenants. So your subtle mixture, and putting words in other’s mouths AGAIN places you in error concerning Mr. Hunter and crew.
      And the FACT that God Almighty Jehovah HAS pronounced an unqualified blessing or cursing based upon the treatment of His Chosen people: is NOT considered heresy by traditional Christianity – you are absolutely erroneous and false to make this claim. And so your comment continues to lose traction and believability.

      Your second point of confusing the Jewish condition of Israel is also clever: but the Talmud was written AFTER the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ; containing the teachings and opinions of thousands of Rabbis – who rejected Jesus Christ as Messiah. Being formalized Oral Tradition: it does NOT form any part of the Old Testament. Nice try at an attempt to divide and conquer, or confuse.

      Your last point “(c)” is the real meat and point of your foregoing falsities: namely to lambaste Israel. You must be really be ‘butt-hurt’ over the appointment of Jerusalem as Capitol of Israel. To state that: “Israel was born in terrorism (Ergun and Stern gang), and genocide and continues with this terrorism today.” is a complete misrepresentation of falsity; and a fine Cherry-pick of a reference: but the conclusion is wrong. The Jews, and Israel by further definition ARE titular owners of the Holy Lands, or Palestine: deeded to them by God Himself. All the words and arguments will not change this fact.
      And the deed of trying to turn the tables on Israel as being the ‘terrorists’, and not Islam – is completely disingenuous. Islam IS by it’s history and own written code: THE ‘convert or kill’ religion of terrorism in the world today. Islam IS a religion of violence. Either you can’t own up to it; or you refuse to see it: either way – you maintain yourself in utter ignorance; or determine to propagate the lie. The only false narrative found on this page is YOURS.

      Greg Hunter is certainly NOT a dupe of Israel; and that being the NATION of Israel – Israel is not a State, but a nation – established by international law and the realities of war. The sheer gall to infer that Mr. Hunter supports the neocons, or the destruction of the US is utter HOGWASH. Take your confused Mud-slinging elsewhere.
      And please inform us of who the “we” are of the “We can only conclude”.

      • William Stanley

        Charles H: Well done!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Er…hello…The King David hotel bombing was a Zionist attack.

    • Enki

      (Enki, This is Greg Hunter and I have deleted your comment entirely and replaced it with my own. I have heard the bogus Khazar lie least 100 times before here on USAW from other Jew hating people. Your non “Facts” about “Khazars” are lies and you will not post them here.

  25. Esten Spears

    Greg, I am a huge fan of You and usawatchdog! — BUT — your reporting on the Russian Olympics fiasco was misleading because of omission! Everything you said about everyone with any drugs use history should have to submit to drug testing before competing is good and will apply to the Russians. YOUR STORY OMISSION: Even after Russian athletes are proven to be drug free and allowed to compete; THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WEAR RUSSIAN UNIFORMS AND THE RUSSIAN FLAG IS NOT TO BE DISPLAYED!!! THIS SHOWS THE POLITICAL IMPLICATION OF THE STORY!


  26. john duffy

    Your best wrap Greg, you hit it out of the ball park. I worry, not for myself, but for my grand children and the country.

  27. David H

    Brother Greg,
    Would you consider brining back Robert David Steele? Do you find him credible? Interested in hearing from him again if you deam him trustworthy.
    Blessings, David H

  28. Jak

    Bitcoin is a mania. Nobody is panicking out of fiat. Everything would be skyrocketing if that were the case. It’s FOMO and greed. A lot of people buying bitcoin don’t know the difference between a computer and a tv.

  29. STFB

    Greg, I’ve been following you for two years now – Even made sure that plenty of others had your link – You’re doing a great service for our side – But, keep in mind = I do like Catherine Austin Fitts as your best guest… If only I was 90 days younger = STFB

    • Greg Hunter

      CAF it the guest for the Early Sunday Release!

      • freebrezer


  30. iwitness02

    From one who loves the truth, to another who loves the truth, thank you Greg for being a voice for truth. I long for truth, justice, love, and peace. I am beginning to think that we may all witness these things in our lifetime. May be wishful thinking, but there is evidence to support such hopes. The drip, drip, drip of exposure could eventually turn into a river of truth, pure as crystal. Make Life Great Again.

  31. Jodyp

    Greed is always involved when there are profits to be made.But I see crypto rise from people as having no trust in the system.I have a stepson buying into IOTA.Has some in the stock market,but has no faith in it.Crypto is the only future some can see.I wish them well.

  32. This sceptred Isle

    Massive own goal! Because Trump is behind it everybody is against it!

    Someone repeatedly refers to the 1967 war, but the reality is that the hostilities go back to 1948 and before when the majority of the land was given to a minority of the population.

    • This sceptred Isle

      This was a very bloody process which involved many British and Palestinian casualties. This culminated in the attack on the King David hotel. The Zionists even threatened to bring their terrorism to the streets of London if their demands were not met.

  33. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Great weekly wrap up, Greg. Yes, a harsh truth is always better than a polite lie. Better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not. You can ignore the truth but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth. There are so many references to bearing false witness against a neighbor in the Bible. Following are just a few:

    Proverbs 24:28 Do not be a witness against your neighbor without cause, And do not deceive with your lips.

    Colossians 3:9 Do not lie to one another, since you laid aside the old self with its evil practices,

    Exodus 23:1 “You shall not bear a false report; do not join your hand with a wicked man to be a malicious witness.

    Exodus 20:16 You shall not bear FALSE WITNESS against your neighbor.

    Psalm 63:11 But the king will rejoice in God; Everyone who swears by Him will glory, For the mouths of those who speak lies will be stopped.

    Psalm 12:2 They speak falsehood to one another; With flattering lips and with a double heart they speak.

    Deuteronomy 5:20 You shall not bear FALSE WITNESS against your neighbor.

    Matthew 15:19 “For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, FALSE WITNESS, slanders.

    Psalm 55:23 But You, O God, will bring them down to the pit of destruction; Men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days But I will trust in You.

    Revelation 21:8 “But for the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and immoral persons and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their part will be in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”

    Proverbs 12:22 Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, But those who deal faithfully are His delight.

  34. James Hastings - "Cherokee center of the world"

    Good Job……I’m here……I’m just too patriotic….on occasion’s, for your flavor.


  35. Paul from Indiana

    The move to Jerusalem, should it actually come about (try to find securable real estate there!), is courageous and proper on President’Trump’s part, but it should not require courage, as Israel has declared Jerusalem its capital. That should be enough for us. Since Bismarck, the capital of Germany has been Berlin. In the Cold War, the capital was moved to Bonn. The USA had the largest embassy of any country just south of Bonn. It was a popular activity to climb the Drachenfels near Koenigswinter and see the embassies of the US and Great Britain, sprawling along the Rhine. ( It was a splendid sight, too.) With the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the USSR, the capital was removed to Berlin and the US Embassy is now located on Pariser Platz, very near the Brandenburg Gate! Did people riot and burn over this move of our embassy? Was violence threatened? Were flags burned? A sovereign country has the right to say where its capital is and will be. We are simply establishing our embassy in the capital city of the country with whom we have formal relations. It is a moot point, anyway, as the first condition for the so-called two-state solution is something which shall never come by man, and that is the recognition by the Palestinians of Israel’s moral and legal right to exist. “Jerusalem, my happy home, When shall I come to thee? When shall my sorrows have an end? Thy joys when shall I see?” Best always. PM

  36. Paul from Indiana

    Mueller’s commission was nominally to investigate the possibility of collusion by the Trump administration with the Russians with the intent of “stealing” the election from Hillary Clinton. In actuality, what he was told to do was to dig up dirt on President Trump in the hopes that something, ANYTHING could be found to support impeachment. Failing that, he should be delegitimized in the process. Anything controversial about the Dems and Hillary that might turn up was to be ignored and suppressed, aided and abetted by the press. This is the pass to which we have come. The sooner this corrupt mess is discovered and interrupted, the better off we will be. If it takes collapse or revolution, let it be. Best always. PM

    • freebrezer

      Paul from In. … I also think that Mueller was put in by the cabal to do deep six as much damaging info as possible!

  37. Paul from Indiana

    Bitcoin will prove to be a disappointment if not outright fraud. The vast majority of the people cannot participate either in a cashless society or in a bitcoin virtual reality. They will find their own way. And it won’t be pretty. What is it going to take, people? Can’t you see what is happening here? Best always. PM

  38. al

    MORE GOOD NEWS! Obama just admitted he is being targeted as he is calling Trump a Hitler. This is a political ploy to kick back any accusations from the Trump Administration as a retribution for calling him a Hitler. This is great news, Obama is finally being targeted.

    Greg, Youtube is definitely screwing with the stats and comments. Go Steemit.

  39. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello Greg, I hope that you do not mind to put some things more in to a positive thought here ! Some Christians hold to the error of making the four Gospels in the New Testament, to read that the Jewish nation accepted the Christian Gospel that Jesus Christ tought, lived and Died for ?

    They Jewish Sanhedrin in Jesus day DID
    not accept Jesus, His Apostles, or the out pouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of
    Pentecost ! So simple logic shows that only
    Some small percent of Christians were converted Jews, such as Paul of Tarsus,
    and those on the Day Of Pentecost, are the only ones that accepted Jesus Christ as the
    True Missiah ! The whole nation did not ! In the New Testament writings of the Apostle Paul, who was sent to do his missionary work by Christ himself on the
    Road to Damascus, he was to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole Gentile world at that time ! So Greg, individual Jews can be saved if they accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and Paul
    said these can be Grafted back in to the
    Vine when they indevidually accept the
    Christian Gospel of Jesus Christ! But, as a nation The New Testament Does Not teach
    That the Nation of Israel is even a saved people ! Even, Jesus, before he died on the cruel cross at Calvary! Had said to the Jewish Nation and religious leaders, YOUR HOUSE is LEFT UNTO DESOLATE
    The Christian Church, in the early First century, was a chosen people that replaced the Nation of Israel as the chosen people of the one True God ! God The Father, And His Son Jesus Christ !
    So Greg, God the Father, has nothing to do
    with the present day Nation of Israel, and what President Trump, has said about Jerusalem being the Capital of the Nation of Israel, makes no sense at all ? They reason being is because it’s the House of Rothchilds, are the main money power behind Donald Trump ! And it is The Rockafellers, are And have been the real power behind the DNC and the Clintons ! So what is the main logic of Jerusalem, being recognised as the Capital of Israel ? It is the Capital of Zionist Israel, the Rothchilds are no ordinary Jews ! They are the Most Powerful people on planet earth at the moment ! And God the Father and Jesus Christ have really nothing to do with the Present day Nation of Israel ! Jesus, would call them The House of Satan, this is what rejected Jesus Christ in His Day… Christ said, “ You are from your father the Devil, who abode not in the truth, because there is No Truth in him”.
    I hope Greg, and any other Christian, can read and re-read the four Gospels again with this back ground information, and see that they is no unity between Christ and Satan ! Amen.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are totally wrong Robert. The Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, is abundantly clear for the love of Jews and Israel: Your will is not God’s will that is spelled out in the Bible.

      • Jallen

        You are So wrong!!! One must accept Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of the Almighty G-d of Abraham, Issac and Jacob that lived in the flesh for salavation. We can only hope our Jewish friends
        see the light. You are spreading false doctrine. You are cherry picking verses from the Bible to fit your needs. You would be wise to study the Bible to find out the destiny for the Tribes of Israel. Greg, you can not have it both ways. Wake up Greg, salvation is through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, no exceptions!
        Greg, I hope this opens your eyes.

        • Greg Hunter

          It is not up to me or you to condemn the Jew. I do not “cherry pick” as what God says about Israel. God’s word is clear about Israel and the Jews, and you can find it throughout the Old and New Testament: I agree Christ is the only way, but it is far above my pay grade to second guess the Almighty. You should pay special attention to Genesis 12:3 as it comes with one of the few curses from God the Father. This is 100 Bible verses about protecting Israel and you can hardly call this “cherry picking.” :


      • Frederick

        Greg I’ve been noticing some blowback from people commenting about your rigid ness regarding anything Israel related comes up in the comment sections of various YouTube videos I’m sure you couldn’t care less but I thought I’d bring it to your attention

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not care what the Jew haters think. I care what God the Father thinks: The so-called “commenters” are welcome to take their cash (like I did) and start their own sites and say what they want. I say what I want on my property. What I say is backed up in the Bible. The rest will have to deal with Genesis 12:3, and it involves a curse–one of the few curses that God the Father gives in the Bible. I will not be cursed. Got it?? Now you know where I am coming from. Thank you for your support.

  40. Matthew M.

    Greg, sincerely, THANK YOU and God Bless. I tune in 3x/week, like it’s my job… EVERY week for the past year +++. YOU are MY news source and I wish I could help others to understand that they must open their eyes and question everything, in order to get to know the whole truth. Yet, the talking heads on TV, and the manufactured print media brainwashing propaganda label us as nuts and conspiracy theorists?

    If there is anything I can ever do for you, your organization and/or professional colleagues & guests as an SEM/SEO/PPC specialist, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

  41. Charles H


    “Human Shielding” is what such cowardly tactics is called.

    I am not so sure that Trump realizes the Biblical or spiritual significance to what he has done. It may be the Holy Spirit leading to guide a nation, to guide the world. “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, as the rivers of water: he turneth it whithersoever he will.” Proverbs 21: 1

    ‘A house divided against itself, cannot stand.’ There are only TWO spiritual polarities – to which all are subject to. I think the lies and corruption clearly show those who obey evil. Destroy the opposition – but they cut everyone’s foot off in doing so. Senseless inconsideration of selfishness.

    Bitcoin panic? You betcha! The Dollar is failing. Gold is lambasted as a valueless relic, and suppressed for YEARS – where is there anywhere left to go? Too bad Bitcoin has no value of itself; gets HACKED; and governments will take it over when it suits them.

    Too negative? No way. You can’t call a California wildfire just a bonfire – that’s shaping. Keep doing what you’ve been doing.

    • JC Davis

      Charles H not to neg for me. I have a one page list of major changes that happen in 2017. Things that have never happened before. At the rate our world is changing something BIG is knocking at the door.

      • Charles H

        Exactly, JC! Both the amount and SPEED of change. Good summary.

  42. William Stanley

    Silence is Golden: This looks and feels like we are getting close to the top in Bitcoin. I feel much safer going to PM now than to Bitcoin, which feels like an approaching disaster to me.

  43. Will

    The last time Jerusalem was a Jewish capital was 70 AD, when it was totally leveled by the Romans, as per Jesus’ prophecy in Mark 13. This latest Christian-Zionist backed move may likely lead to the same sort of result.

    • Greg Hunter

      No it won’t Will. Read the Bible. King James Bible:”Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off.” (Isaiah 56:5 )

      More context:

  44. Rob

    Greg, you’re my Hero. Keep up the great work and God bless you and America.

  45. daniel turner

    That is not what scripture say’s Greg. It was said to Abram later called Abraham that “I will bless Those that bless YOU and curse those that curse YOU”. After all he was just told to leave anything and everyone he ever knew and go to a place he was not yet told where so you would expect him to be just a little bit apprehensive and God knew that.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot Jew hating moron. Who is the father of the Jewish people???

    • Charles H

      Greg Hunter is right, daniel. Hyper-interpreting Scripture is simply wrong. God’s PROMISE to Abraham is to him and his seed. You ignore context here.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for the back stop.

  46. dave

    I actually watched cnn and msnbc during the week. Funny as anything I have ever seen. If you have nothing constructive to say then shut up. You should read jim stone’s web site once in a while. On the fire thing he is on target. On the doping thing I do not think they can test for genetic manipulation. Bitcoin will be it’s own operation for some time.I am waiting for the version 2 to happen and then watch that. The missing money means only one thing. Drain the swamp. Let the non violent out of jail and jail these people for treason for life. The Russia news is there to make this not happen. Get the money back from those foundations and other capital hill overseas accounts…

  47. daniel turner

    Don’t be mistaken as well that That is Gods chosen nation and people. They rejected the God of the old testament and his covenant and rejected his son so a NEW covenant was written, not on stone but in your mind. You and I have entered into the new covenant . “All Israel will be saved” so their chance is coming just not yet as it seems.

  48. john duffy

    Must listen with Dr. Janda and Craig Hemke

  49. daniel turner

    If Trump truly wanted Gods favor on this nation the best place to start would be to end abortion (60 million lives since 1973 last I read) since God says he hates the shedding of innocent blood.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Daniel,
      Give me a break. That will entail a few more supreme picks. That said, abortion is murder.

    • Paul ...

      Truly a shame … abortion has deprived the world of many wonderful singers, musicians, outstanding Olympic players, scientists, inventors, etc. … a woman’s right to choose “should be limited” to choosing the man she wants to marry … not the child she wants to kill! … in our society murder is allowed if it is done in “self defense” … but the definition of “self defense” has been expanded and stretched to include “making ones life easy”,”not living in poverty”, fostering wars for profit and genocide for revenge and regime change!! … I’m not sure God had that in mind when he said “Thou Shall Not Kill”!!!

      • Paul ...

        The Demon-rats and Reptilicans don’t want to make abortion illegal … as then they will not have the legal authority to “abort 18 yr old’s” in their continual non-stop wars for profit and domination of other peoples lands and resources!!

        • Paul ...

          If we don’t stop the murderers at the fetus level … or the 18 yr old level … before you know it the murderers will be aborting 65 to 95 yr olds with “Death Panels” (to make life easy for the Government paying out Social Security)!!

          • Paul ...

            So the quest for “the easy life” promotes murder by abortion, war and death panels in our society … and greed is part of this “quest for the easy life” … now am I saying that all these greedy people buying Bitcoin are “murderers” … well they do have the potential to kill … likely themselves “monetarily” … but simply looking at murder statistics shows that the majority of murderers do it for money!

  50. daniel turner

    One last comment I surely met my limit. Forget who said it “one dog is more inclined to chase another if the latter is running” or something like that speaking of the markets. . That dog is running hard and other dogs have spotted it so to speak. One of my nephews lately got in and I assure you it was just to chase it higher.

  51. R.J.

    greg you keep me sane bless you

  52. Jeannette Rowden

    Thanks, Greg, for a great wrap-up. We are living in amazing times, unlike anything this country has ever seen. The Light is shining, and those who love the darkness for their nefarious deeds are being exposed. I cannot imagine how it will all shake out, but with God in charge we can be confident it will be for the good for His people.

  53. daniel turner

    “Jew hating moron” I only pointed out what scripture says. Gen.12;3 read it for yourself in any of dozens of translations. Scofield says Israel but how can that be accurate since Jacob (Israel) was not yet born much less the children of Israel when God spoke to Abram. You twisted that to make me a “Jew hating moron” as Sofield twisted scripture. He was a heretic whereas you were very wrong to call a brother such a thing untrue. I supported you when Gina made that awful claim and this is how you repay.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am sorry I should not have called you that. That said we still we disagree. It is abundantly clear what God and the Bible think of the Jews, Israel and the Father of the Jewish people, Abraham.

      This is how Pastor Tony Garland explains it and he’s on target: “Our statement that Abraham was “the father of the Jews” does not mean Abraham was himself a Jew—something which your question incorrectly implies we teach.

      The statement recognizes the fact that the promises which led to the Jews found their origin in God’s working with Abraham. Therefore, he is considered “the father of the Jews” in that he is their ancestor in a special way.

      Yes, many other peoples descended from Abraham besides those through the line of Isaac and Jacob, but since the line of promise went from Abraham, through Isaac, to Jacob, and not to the other offspring, there is a special relationship between the origin of the promises in Abraham and their destination in Jacob and his offspring, the Jews.

      Moreover, we are not the only ones to recognize this special connection. It is the testimony of God’s Word as well: Jesus: “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad. (John 8:56 KJ2000)
      • Stephen before the “council” (sunedrio, Sanhedrin, Acts 6:15):
      And he said, Men, brethren, and fathers, hearken; The God of glory appeared unto our father Abraham, when he was in Mesopotamia, before he dwelt in Haran, (Acts 7:2 KJ2000)” Source:


      • daniel turner

        Apology accepted. I have nothing at all against the Jewish people it is Christian Zionism I hate. That began on hearing John Hagee say the US should go to war with Iran on Israels behalf and I also heard the heresy from his own mouth that Jews get salvation through Abraham. Since then I have heard of many Zionist preachers calling for war and that is pretty bad since they say the are followers of The Prince Of Peace . By scripture I find they have no leg to stand on and Christians owe those people no more than the proper respect and kindness due any other people and to present the gospel to them

        • Greg Hunter

          You really need to re-read the Bible. God’s love for Israel and the Jew “Zionist” or not is clear: When I hear this “Zionist” term, I feel it is simply cover (dog whistle) for Jew hating. To me it’s like someone who says, “I like black people, but I hate n*&^%$%s.” No body would think that a person saying this really likes black people. I do like black people, and all people, by the way.

          • Frederick

            That’s total nonsense I have a Jewish brother in law that I love and a few very good Jewish friends including my childhood neighbor who is a pediatrician and treated me for next to nothing for the last 40 years yet I don’t like the situation in He Middle East and believe the so-called Zionist Israelis are not doing good things there I have a friend from Poland who is a Columbia graduate and. Journalist who feels the same way He was held by the Israelis for a week for teaching Palestinian kids how to throw a baseball

  54. Victor

    Greg…blessings, peace, love in Yahshua…..
    A long follower of yours! Please prayer fully read and consider the real truth about Jerusalem that I have attached from a credible site that I have followed for years.

  55. gregd

    I’m not sure I agree with you on bitcoin. It had started out with the bill gates and other 1%ers getting in bitcoin for a penny or slightly more for a bitcoin. That is true. They got millions of them so it was a very low risk for them. The promotion was done through the internet. Sites were donated coins. I don’t know if you were and I’m not making any assumptions because I don’t consider you a promoter of it. They were told get a wallet and I’ll send you a coin. Chris Duane looked into it and talked to the early promoters and came to the conclusion that it was a Ponzi scheme and said so on his site. They offered him coins to promote it, he declined. jsnip (real news)was given coins (Clif high) and then he went on a non-stop promotion of bitcoin. I suggested he should change his websites name to bitcoin news or real virtual news. I think it all stinks to high heaven if you ask me. I’ve looked into it myself and stated my opinion here in the past. I believe any site that promotes bitcoins or other virtual coins have lost all credibility and I don’t visit their sites because I can’t trust them.
    On the other hand, you do a wonderful job covering what others won’t. Today’s weekly wrap up again was the best as usual. This is one of the two sites that I never miss. The other is Karl(Einstein) Denninger’s site. The one thing I find you two have in common is you both tell the truth and are very consistent. Greg, you have earned trust. Very rare these days.
    Many thanks, and God bless you and this site.

  56. Paul ...

    Wow … talk about potential firestorms … Ellsberg just came out with a new book on US first strike policy … seems the evil neocon warmongers plans to reduce the world’s population includes simply having a long enough line of people with their fingers on the “Red Button” … it makes a lot of sense to these evil people to set up a long enough line of people in the chain of command to be able to start a nuclear war … so as to push the survival rate for humanity to zero!! … these Satanists think that getting rid of the human race will leave the world all to them inside Artificial Intelligence machines where they can live forever! …

  57. coalburner

    Greg: You were hot today. Especially the last few minutes. I firmly believe that Trump is being gurarded by the powers of good and this is a battle of good and evil. The more the evil ones try ot hurt him the more of them are revealed. That is why it is taking so long. It must be a slow uncovering all the criminals, gradually taking away their power to prevent the country from folding and crashing like a rock. It took months to see the unfolding but the people of God must persevere to win their country back. It will not be done easily or quickly. We must prove we are worthy. Good winning over evil has never been a fast process in the last 2000 years and beyond. People have to process the what has been done to them and make decisions to renew their alligence to God for a reclamation to come true. You are so right about “Fear Not,” “Get up everyday and put on the armor of God” is my favorite. I have lived through some of this before as I know you have and many Watchdoggers. That is why so many of us instantly understand you. We must keep driving until the forces of evil give way.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Trump is both chosen and protected by God the Father.

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Did an Angel such as Gabriel personally tell or reveal this “fact” to you or is it your opinion ( “God is On Our Side”)? I would not quite go so far as to assume anything except what I know to be true: Hillary Clinton, the insider’s choice, was soundly defeated.

        Personally, last year’s election outcome was heavenly, to say the least. Thus, its reassuring to consider the result a consequence of “divine intervention”. That works for me. “Good enough for government work”.

        • Tin foil hat

          H. Craig Bradley,
          That works for me too. Trump is either the luckiest POTUS ever or he is protected by an entity, “divine interventions”, more powerful than the deep state.

        • sk

          “Gott mit uns” Silly then (Munich 1933-45), silly now.

      • angieB

        I think a number of things are going to disappear in the 21st century and one of them will surely be evangelical christianity because god herself/himself will no longer tolerate such BS as this.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are totally lost, and atheist/Marxist’s like you have been trying to wipe out Christ and his church for 2000 years. It ain’t worked and won’t ever work. You love nothing, and nothing is going to love you back. Seek Christ, he will forgive you and love you.

          • angieB

            What a load of hooey. You know nothing about me.

            I hope a christianity that teaches its adherents to actually behave as Jesus did, will survive and flourish. But that’s not what you’re selling.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yep, that’s right because you post with an anonymous name. I am here to inform people and “analyze the news.” That’s on top of every page of USAW. I am also a Christian and a sinner.

            • H. Craig Bradley

              Angie, by claiming you are not a sinner you are in effect calling God a Liar. Bad News for You until you change.

            • Charles H

              Really, angieB?

              Jesus Christ was/is God in the flesh; and He was without sin, totally. Is there ANY mortal man that is without sin? And you expect us to act like He did? Unreal.
              The whole point of Biblical revelation and spiritual belief: is forgiveness of sin in salvation and restoration to God. With that comes a new nature with which people can do better; and go to Heaven.
              But it really sounds like you want others to be angels, so you can be something else. Or do you just want to try to condemn Christians for the lack of fulfilling your expectations?
              Real born-again Christians aren’t perfect; they can not be perfect. They are given the power and opportunity to be better than they were: but mostly they go to Heaven because of God.

    • daniel turner

      Coalburner as it is written “we wrestle again’t not flesh and blood”but powers that are far stronger than us and by our own strength we will never drive out evil. Lucky for us “If God is for us who can be again’t us ?” and “he who is in you is stronger than he who is in the world”. Some day as written in REV. a angel comes down and “binds the dragon with a chain and throws him in the abyss and seals it over for a thousand years. ” in so many words. It takes the power of God to do that you and I have a big enough job working on the rot in ourselves and we can”t even do that without help.

    • Jodyp

      Right. Trump woulda been JFK’d by now if God wasn’t involved!

  58. Michael

    If the Trump campaign conspired with Russia to throw the 2016 election which on it’s face is a farce to begin with do you not think the NSA would have all of the relevant communications? The American people seem to be a barnyard of sheep willing to believe anything the MSM and elites in government tell them. This whole Mueller investigation is a result of the deep state doing whatever they can to get rid of Trump by whatever means necessary. Trump I believe is going to use the military to crush all of them and is simply waiting for all of the sitting ducks to be in a perfect row. Interesting times ahead that is for sure.

  59. Charles White

    Donald Trump is NOT a spiritual man.
    Do you remember him praying for TV ratings?
    Donald Trump Pray For Arnold Schwarzenegger National Prayer Breakfast 02:02:17
    You have your heart in the right place Greg, but be careful you don’t ‘over-religify’ events.

    • Greg Hunter

      I find this refreshing that he does not take crap from people like Arnold–SO WHAT!!!

      • Charles White

        I would have been more impressed if he had shown gratitude for his monumental win and if he had asked for guidance in what will be a difficult time.

    • Tin foil hat

      Charles White,
      Mozart was not a spiritual man either. That drove Salieri nut, according the movie “Amadeus”, questioning why God had chosen Mozart.

      • Charles White

        Fair comment.

        • Charles White

          The Lord moves in mysterious ways.
          Trump definitely fits the bill on that one. 😉

  60. Russ McMeans

    Low tech gold and silver are so much easier to deal with than bit coin. Buy it, stash it , and forget it.
    If it’s value drops, then you can buy more things in life-including groceries, with fiat dollars. When precious metals rise in value and your dollars buy less, well we go on with life. History repeats.

  61. Russ McMeans

    I hope and pray that our DA Jeff Sessions is quietly building a case against all the prominent crooks in DC
    There are many players and they all have left traceable trails to follow. No time to be a gentleman in these times Jeff. Time to be a bulldog like Pat Buchanan was and still is.

    • Tin foil hat

      Russ McMeans,
      Sessions didn’t tell Trump he would recuse himself prior to his appointment. The only reason he did that is because he’s a mole.

  62. Russ McMeans

    Crypto currencies can make you a lot of money.
    But it’s a gamble. You will have to have a lot of cash in hand as you climb up those stairs in the guilded Casino to the upper floor where the Big players go. Be calm, collected and cool and smart… got to be smart, you’re in with the Big Boys now…….

  63. Russ McMeans

    One more thought at 3:20 am pst- (screwed up back barking)…. cryptos may crash, but they are a foreshadow of what’s to come; a cashless world.
    (Unfortunately kryponite in my world and all the poor folk out there that aren’t digitally connected)……

  64. Jerry

    This is what China thinks about Bitcoin.

    Quote: ” Stand and watch the corpse float by ” I couldn’t have said it better my self.
    In my way if thinking, the rules of economics have never changed. Unless you hold a physical asset, you have nothing. Ask yourself this question. When you go to borrow money from a bank what do they want as collateral? Physical assets. ALWAYS! Bitcoin is just another attempt by the millennial generation to plant lollipop trees in fantasy land. Even if the central banks force us all into digital currencies, people will always find a way to barter physical assets we each other.

    • JMiller

      The banks do not ALWAYS want physical assets as collateral when you borrow money Jerry. You are also wrong to say “unless you hold a physical asset, you have nothing”. Some non-physical assets have value and some physical assets have no value.

      • Tin foil hat

        Has any bank taken Bitcoin as collateral yet?

        • JMiller

          Not yet that I know of. But they do at times take other non-physical assets as collateral such as CDs or other cash accounts, stocks, bonds etc…

    • Tin foil hat

      Perhaps Bitcoin is created by the western central banks to alleviate physical demands of gold from the east, another version of GLD to divert physical demands into paper investments, a fancier techno digital derivative of a real collateral. Hence, as Commodity Futures Trading Commission gives permission to list Bitcoin futures, allowing Bitcoin to cross the financial Rubicon from financial outsider to financial respectability, China is cracking down on Bitcoin.

      China wants its people to own gold, not Bitcoin.

  65. Flattop

    Because of the no Trumpers actions, because of the exposure of Congress sexual scandel, The exposure of Mueller/Comey and their underlings, North Korea threat, the continuing natural disasters, the constant lieing of the msm, it at times feels like the wheels are coming off. HOWEVER, i believe it is our God working to clean up some of the mess. Reminds me of the word, ” its always darkest just before the daybreak “. I steadfastly rely on you to bring the truth

  66. Flattop

    Do you know if Helen McCarthy who posts news on the Z3 site is legitimate or a troll???

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know.

  67. dl

    you’re fricken awesome man!!! don’t ever stop preachin’ the truth!!!

  68. Tad

    Interesting chart. One could question legitimacy of funding amounts and intents. What happens to populations when dollar, pound, and euro become worthless? I can’t see Russia and China pulling up slack unless a quid pro quo with barter replaces, temporarily.

    The plot thickens.

  69. rwmctrofholz

    One of the best WNW’s that I’ve seen, Greg!
    Fantastic reporting and connection with audience.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “rw”

  70. Thad Teegardin

    Greg, IS THE END NEAR?
    “The End”—What Does it Mean?
    When you hear the words “The end is near!” what comes to mind? Do you think of a wild-eyed preacher thundering from the pulpit and gesturing dramatically, Bible in hand? Or do you picture a bearded old man standing on a street corner, wearing a long robe tied at the waist with a rope, holding a sign bearing a doomsday message? Or Nancy Pelosi and her dire prediction of the tax reform bill;
    Tax reform bill is Armageddon, Nancy Pelosi says

    Such scenes may make some people feel concerned, while others may feel skeptical or even amused.LOL!

    But this is no laughing matter! The Bible does state: “The end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) The same event is also called “the great day of God” at “Armageddon.” (Revelation 16:14, 16) True, there is much religious confusion on the subject and strange, gloomy notions abound. Nonetheless, the Bible itself is quite clear about the end—revealing what it is and what it is not. God’s Word also helps us to see clearly whether the end is near. Best of all, it teaches us how to survive!

    The Bible states:
    New American Standard 1977
    “[God] He established the earth upon its foundations,
    So that it will not totter forever and ever..” (Psalm 104:5) That scripture and others assure us that God will neither destroy the earth nor allow it to be destroyed—ever!—Ecclesiastes 1:4; Isaiah 45:18.
    The Bible reveals the end is scheduled—God has set a specific time for it. We read: New Living Translation “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows..And since you don’t know when that time will come, be on guard! Stay alert!” (Mark 13:32, 33) Clearly, God (“the Father”) has scheduled the exact “appointed time” when he will initiate the end.
    What will bring about the end? Revelation 19:11 NIV says: “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war.” Verse 19 continues: “Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and his army.” (Revelation 19:11-21) Though much of the language here is symbolic, we can readily discern this much: God will send an army of angelic creatures to exterminate his enemies.

    I know it’s been said here before, but;
    The Bible’s message about the end is good news rather than bad!

    The Bible explains: Douay-Rheims “But in the days of those kingdoms the God of heaven will set up a kingdom [government] that shall never be destroyed, and his kingdom shall not be delivered up to another people, and it shall break in pieces, and shall consume all these kingdoms, and itself shall stand for ever.” (Daniel 2:44) As I saied earlier, there will be an extermination of “the kings of the earth and their armies,” who will have “gathered together to wage war against the one seated on the horse and against his army.”—Revelation 19:19.
    “[God] is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth.” (Psalm 46:9) “Only the upright will reside in the earth, and the blameless will remain in it. As for the wicked, they will be cut off from the earth, and the treacherous will be torn away from it.” (Proverbs 2:21, 22) “Look! I am making all things new.”—Revelation 21:4, 5.
    “The prophets prophesy lies, and the priests dominate by their own authority. . . . But what will you do when the end comes?” (Jeremiah 5:31) “Many will say to me in that day: ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ And then I will declare to them: ‘I never knew you! Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness!’”—Matthew 7:21-23.
    Jesus Christ said: “Now this is the basis for judgment: that the light has come into the world, but men have loved the darkness rather than the light, for their works were wicked.” (John 3:19) The Bible describes an earlier worldwide destruction during the time of the faithful man Noah. “The world of that time suffered destruction when it was flooded with water. But by the same word the heavens and the earth that now exist are reserved for fire and are being kept until the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly people.”—2 Peter 3:5-7.
    Note that the upcoming “day of judgment and of destruction” is compared with the destruction of “the world” of Noah’s time. What world was destroyed? Our planet survived; it was “the ungodly people”—God’s enemies—who “suffered destruction.” During God’s upcoming “day of judgment,” those who choose to be God’s enemies will likewise be destroyed. But God’s friends will be preserved, as were Noah and his family.—Matthew 24:37-42.

    Can you imagine how splendid this earth will be after God eliminates all wicked influences! Clearly, the Bible’s message about the end is good news rather than bad. Still, you may wonder: ‘Does the Bible tell us when the end will come? How can it be any nearer to God than thee? How can I survive it?’
    As we go further down the rat hole, stay on the watch, There’s no better place for answer’s unanswerable to most.

  71. Justn Observer

    Greg and company…. More good works of Hillary Clinton… Wonder how much of U.S. would still belong to the U.S. if she had stayed in office longer?
    by the way China owns by ‘obligation’ California’ and Hawaii ! since 2012…maybe that is why the ”trial balloon” -cover…that it wants to break away from the Union…in agreements and documents by the same person in the above video list of videos…she purports that ‘trillions’ loaned by China did not come with collateral put up ! lol
    Who is out there to believe or not these claims? Oh -ya the Fbi and Cia…they would never lie to us or Con-gress ! lol

  72. marcus

    I hate BitCoin.
    If most don’t understand it how can it be used as currency, and is not a store of energy what is it.????????

  73. David

    Greg Hunter, Never Change! Never Roll Over! You Rock, Greg Hunter! You are Shaking the Pillars of a Hell that Would be, had Trump not Won! I Never Miss a Broadcast! I do not Side with the Child Trafficking Khazar Fake Jews. However, I also see the violent nature of the Muslims, as well! Keep up the Fantastic News! Please!

    • Greg Hunter

      Please stop with the Khazar lie: You are saying God does not know his people and he does. The Khazar lie is a way to delegitimize the Jews that are in Israel. It is a lie and an affront to God the Father. Read what the Bible says about blessing and protecting Israel. It is so important to God that Israel and his people are mentioned throughout the Old and New Testament. Please take notice of this, as there is a curse from God that is mentioned in the very first chapter of the Bible:
      That said, thank you for your support.

  74. Tad

    This story might have more meaning if Mr. Trump pulled US air and ground forces from Yemen. To force the Saudis to do likewise is another matter, but might entail an outside-induced financial engineering scheme to destroy the riyal.

  75. Tad

    While I’m not familiar with all the monuments in question, the one in Utah would probably involve mining uranium from previously protected land. While some would criticize that, it’s helpful to know that the US is a net importer. Aside from weapons and power generation, the dissenters should note its uses in medical imaging and therapy.

    Sometimes I wonder where the left stands on life-related issues.

  76. bill

    Am I missing something? Bitcoin is in the hands of a few in global % and theres no way the Rothschilds and other elite banksters allow another form of currency to invade there control of the masses and the profits they gain from countries and subjects like us.Its the Hegelian Dialectic in a sense,they create a new way to transact and allow a few to profit and spread the stories of investment in crypto so the masses will gravitate to this new “currency” until the FED deems it illegal because its a ponzi scheme with no real backing and will usher in there own crypto backed by the full faith of the US gov.Allowing CRYPTOS to exist is like allowing a differnt gang sell drugs on your turf and taking profits from your gang,not going to last long before a gang war happens.Love your interviews Greg and keep up the REAL news that keeps us informed ,your 1 of many but top notch for sure.

  77. Uma

    Calm down!
    Trump is Not Jesus! You just are all over it, and it is disturbing you are Talking seit like that.

    Jesus said the Rich gut and needle Thing, remember.
    T is rich, therfor …. ??

    Please try to stay more neutral, Greg.
    There is no saviour in our world , today!

    Beside of that, Love what you say and do.

  78. David

    Greg, I do not stand against Israel, because Israel is / are the 12 Tribes of Jacob. Who is Jacob Rothschild, who formed the State, through Balfour? He gave us endless wars, central banking, Gutle Schnapper Rothschild, “If my sons did not want Wars, there would be none”. Thank you for the Website Referene! I found this at your website; notice, It has been stolen and divided: Joel 3:1-3 ESV / 195 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful

    “For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land, and have cast lots for my people, and have traded a boy for a prostitute, and have sold a girl for wine and have drunk it.

  79. Anthony Casey

    Piece or Peace?
    Whenever I hear a politician using this word, I wonder if they are referencing piece or “peace.
    It looks like all actions against foreign countries seek piece…a piece of others and giving to someone else.
    Peace seems more and more a dream state.

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