Global War Tensions Rise, Economy Getting Worse and MSM Totally Unfair to Trump

1aGreg Hunter

Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.13.16 (WNW 237) 

There was a new missile defense system installed in Romania. The U.S. says it is to protect Europe from an attack from a “rogue state.”  Russia says this new missile defense site is a “direct threat to global and regional security.”  Russia also says this is a “destructive action.”  One Russian commentator said the missile deployment “. . . might even accelerate the slippery slope to nuclear war in a crisis.” 

Meanwhile, there is a new face-off in the South China Sea between China and the U.S. Navy. The U.S. says that China is making “excessive maritime claims” in important international waters used for massive amounts of shipping.  China disagrees and says its island building is fine and says the presence of U.S. Navy ships threatens its sovereignty.  It also says navigation is not being interfered with by China.  The U.S. sent a guided missile destroyer within 12 nautical miles of China’s disputed man-made islands.  China says the U.S. action was a “threat to peace.” 

In Iraq, ISIS has been on a bombing campaign, and at least three were set off this week. In just one attack involving a vehicle, 80 people were killed and hundreds were wounded.  Territory and gains against ISIS have been made in recent weeks, and this is how ISIS is responding.  There is no end to the bloodshed and fighting in sight.

On the economic front, things are not getting better. In fact, all the headlines seem to show things are getting worse.  Likewise, pundits and money managers are striking an increasingly gloomy tone.  You know it’s bad when this stuff starts bubbling out in the mainstream press.  The stinking economy is too bad to continue hiding.

The mainstream media (MSM) continues to show it’s distain for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. The Washington Post is reportedly putting 20 reporters to work digging up dirt on Donald Trump.  Meanwhile, they barely cover the Hillary Clinton email server story where her top aides are interviewed by the FBI as part of an ongoing criminal investigation.  Even Hillary Clinton herself is going to be interviewed soon.  There has never been a front runner under FBI investigation only a few months away from a presidential election.  So, the MSM passes on a real ongoing story about the Democratic front runner to try to dig up dirt on the Republican front runner.  Talk about unfair and biased, this is why the MSM is dying, and it is digging its own grave.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gregory Mannarino

    Thanks for the mention Greg! And yes, we are right now existing in a Hooverbama economy. “Hooverbama” is the first president in over 80 years to have sub 3% economic growth for his entire presidency. The systematic elimination of the middle class is well underway, and the vast majority have a one way ticket to being extinct because they are sheep, and sheep get slaughtered.

    • Greg Hunter

      Lover the term “Hoverbama Economy”!!

  2. Robert Varosi

    Thank-you so much for your broadcasts! You are doing the world a great service!!! I believe you are very brave!! We are with you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert.

      • john duffy

        I would add to Roberts comments that your honesty and integrity shines compared to the mendacity of the MSM. People are starved for the truth. Keep giving it to us Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you John.

        • anni

          I would like to add my 2 cents also. Will all the junk on the internet, facebook, youtube, etc it is hard to even find a internet site that you can trust. I know I trust yours

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you Anni!

  3. Dan

    BooHoo, the MSM is unfair to Trump – he gets more pub than all of the other (& former) candidates combined! And as the saying goes, any pub is good pub. What a sorry state of affairs – Criminal Hillary vs. Crazy Donald. How far our once great country has declined!

    • hilde

      Donald T is far from crazy imo. I disagree with some of the things he says, but crazy, no. Hillary on the other hand is to me an obviously icecold, calculating raving psycotic.

    • Robert

      Have some fun. List out the fines that have been paid due to criminal activity by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Compare the length of each list. Please don’t be surprised.

  4. Scott

    With much love and respect, I have to say I was disappointed by your defense of Trump’s “rebuilding of the military.” Saddened, even.


    1. There is no Constitutional authorization for a standing, professional, peacetime military. Only a navy sufficient to protect U.S. commerce.

    2. It is economically unsustainable. The US military as organized today is an epic drain on capital that is desperately needed elsewhere (think infrastructure). At nearly $600B annually, nothing needs to be “rebuilt.”

    3. The military is not “defending” America; it is defending Petrodollar hegemony, which will generate negative returns for the US in the long run.

    4. The US military’s enforcement of Petrodollar hegemony is altogether imperial and as such, is ultimately doomed. The complex society (per Tainter) created by the Petrodollar will collapse when the Petrodollar dies – and die it shall.

    5. The continued, bloated existence of the current US military is limitless wellspring of moral hazard. Examples are innumerable and far too long for me to post here.

    Conclusion: If “our standard of living will fall without [the current size/scope/mission/funding] of the US military” as you posted after CAF’s recent interview, then it’s probably past due Americans reflect upon the spiritual virtues of consuming everything in sight, owning a McMansion, multiple cars, etc. as we have done, and continue to do.

    • frederick

      İ agree Scott instead of being so antagonistic towards Russia and China(countries we cannot bully) we should be trading with them as friends but the people who control us and the military industrial complex as well as the bankers would have to learn to live on alittle less and maybe even(god forbid) have to actually do something productive for a living İmagine the horror of that right?

      • Johnny Yuma

        Deep State work for a living, heaven forbid!

    • Robert Lykens

      Let me guess – you’re for Sanders, right?
      Since you obviously failed history, let me remind you that our military does indeed defend our country. Ever hear of World War Two? And are you so naive that you think we’d still be independent today without a standing military?

      And yes, the military is economically sustainable. What is unsustainable is socialism. We give far more money to the lazy and indigent than the military costs. Big Nanny Socialist Government, with its myriad dictatorial, bureaucratic agencies and its unconstitutional pork barrel spending, is an ocean of expense when compared to the pond of military spending.

      I don’t know why people like you always focus your attacks on the indispensable military, but ignore the disease of socialist entitlements which is killing us.

      • Scott

        Name-calling and petty attacks make for a puerile argument.

        I am for the United States Constitution. No more, no less.

        I am not for Sanders, he’s a Bolshevik.

        I am being concise and do not have time or space for the entitlements to which you refer, but the fact of the matter is that current US military spending and force structure constitutes _socialism for wealthy corporations_.

        I am an Honorably Discharged veteran of the US Armed forces, and former a NCO. Didn’t do a glamorous job (worked in munitions) or have a high profile at all but dd earn eight ribbons and one medal, of which I am proud.

        That said, I am well-aware – as are my fellows, friends, and colleagues here on USAWD – that the US government and the US Armed Forces have gone well beyond the binding of what President Thomas Jefferson termed, “the chains of the Constitution,” are unaccountable to We The People and, as such, are completely out of control.

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          What name-calling? Reading back over my response, I didn’t see any.

          No need to impress me with with your resume. But you didn’t address my question – why criticize the military, but not the biggest expense: entitlements? And do you believe that we would be an independent United States without our military?

          Again, what name-calling?

      • paul ...

        Robert … Money spent on socialist entitlements can fill the Pacific Ocean and the money spent on the military/industrial complex can fill the Atlantic Ocean … instead of our politicians “seeding the clouds” and dropping more cash into these two oceans … they should begin allowing some rain to fall on dry land … and bring prosperity back to the American people (who incidentally pay the taxes) and are deserving of a cost of living increase!

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          Paul: The truth is that the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans of spending are actually not equal. Socialistic entitlements are far and away greater than military spending. That’s just a fact. Even if defense spending was greater, so what? Wouldn’t you rather have a secure nation?

          I would.

          • paul ...

            How secure are we??? … even with all the spending … and you want to continue to throw good money after bad!!

            • Robert Lykens

              Having a standing milotary is expensive.
              Having a socialist/entitlement economy will bankrupt a country.
              Military spending is not “bad money”.
              How secure are we? We’re still an independent nation, aren’t we?

              • paul ...

                Independent? … ask the globalists who took away our borders … who joined us to Canada and Mexico … and our military just “stood down” … so I ask you … how much protection is all our military dollars buying us????

              • helot

                ‘We’re still an independent nation, aren’t we?’

                Ha. “…And they thought they were free.”

                Some androids (especially of the straw man kind) can’t be reached.

    • Bob

      Scott, after all that all I have to say is AMEN!

    • CrazyCanuck

      I was extolling the positives of a Trump run to my fellow Cdn mainstream media fed friends ( the anti- corporatist, deep state appointed candidate ) when his military stance came out. I agree that the military has been THE means by which the US empire has practiced its economic imperialism for decades, basically have the run of the global arena for the benefit of its ruling elite — with spillover for its citizens. No wonder many are rabid patriotic supporters of their military, they benefit in comfort and excess.

      The end justifies the means some say … but in a world fast approaching resource limits, the inequity of Empire comes to play a greater role and the proles being suppressed may change their tune soon enough. Or maybe not, continuing to take it with the threat of being hammered still present.

    • Diane D.

      Today’s US soldiers are NOT our Fathers’ American GI’s but in fact mere puppets for evil globalists. They are oath-breakers to the Constitution that they swore to defend.

      We now have a generation that knows only of continuous wars in the Middle East. How did Christians become so blood thirsty? What are they going to say on Judgement Day? Or do they still believe in Judgement Day?

      • susan

        Diane, both my family and my husband’s family fought in WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict, and Viet Nam. My son spent 2 years in Iraq and 18 months in Afghanistan without counting Bosnia, etc. He is married, has four children and has served his country with honor knowing and understanding the Constitution he was fighting for and defending the
        American way of life. He is not the least bit “bloodthirsty”, and loves the Lord Jesus Christ!

        • Greg Hunter

          I am with you Susan. Leadership suck out loud in the military but the rank and file up to the colonel level are solid gold!!! The generals that go against the people and the U.S. Constitution might learn a new word. It’s called “Fragged.”

          • helot

            “he was fighting for and defending the
            American way of life.”

            Hmm… Have you ever heard of General Smedly Butler?

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes but I did not say this “he was fighting for and defending the American way of life.” You are directing this to the wrong person.

    • helot

      What does the expression, ‘I support the troops’ really mean? I saw a bumper sticker on a middle class car which said, ‘If we weren’t meant to kill people, God wouldn’t have made us so good at it. US INFANTRY’. It was right next to one of those magnetic, yellow ribbon, ‘I Support The Troops’ signs.
      In the 1990’s, before magnetic, yellow ribbon signs on cars ever existed, people in my town tied yellow ribbons around large tree trunks to symbolize their support of the troops by getting them back home a.s.a.p. to remove the ribbon. And, stay home.
      Anyway, per Scott’s comment, I don’t see how the Nationalist (Trump supporters) can defeat the Globalist (NWO Progressives and anti-Trump NWO Republicans) if The Constitution has no meaning, or can be ignored in whole or in part, and the words are twisted and interpreted beyond their plain spoken meaning.
      I.e. what part of, ‘Shall not infringe’ do people not understand? Where is a US Department of Education authorized in the Constitution? Etc… etc… etc… New boss, same as the old boss?

    • diane s.

      Good for you calling out USA Today.
      I live in California. …I’m a registered DS
      My husband is a registered Republican.
      We have been getting several phone calls and glossy mailers for Bernie Sanders.
      This has Never happened before.
      Got a call last night from California Nurses group pitching Bernie. It sounded like Trump wrote the script.
      Amazing…..they are really campaigning hard for The Bern.
      Mt husband is going to change his voter registration to DS.
      We will ask for Democrat ballots and vote for Bernie. We will also vote AGAINST all Democrat incumbents.
      I wish Trump would get Bernie Sanders as his Vice President. That ticket would win.
      It would sure panic the New York banks who are very afraid of Trump and Bernie.
      Just a fantasy, but sure a fun scenario.

      • paul ...

        diane … as we live in a Matrix … where anything is possible … I say do it Trump … make Bernie your VP!!!

    • andyb

      Great post. Your comments are 100% valid. But Trump may be doing a head fake to appease the neocons. We know Hillary is a warmonger, and Trump has stated that he would meet with Putin, who has been, quite wrongly, systematically demonized by the MSM. There is absolutely no reason to have troops and weapons on Russia’s borders; it is unnecessarily incendiary. I remember the outrage from the Cuban missile crisis; how different we now feel when the shoe is on the other foot. Yes, Trump will meet with Putin; Hillary would attack first, and then cackle out loud that she started WWIII.

      • freebreezer

        Andyb – have some compassion for the blog readers here and do not remind us of the Hillary cackle … it is one of the most cringe worthy sounds a person must endure.

    • czzi

      You want to know who got screwed by members? SENATOR SAUNDERS. Has over
      30000 + supporters in california and no coverage, gimme a break.

    • Robert

      Scott, consider the US could build a strong military if the cronyism and money wasting stoppped. I laugh when I hear people say that the Russian military isn’t even close to the US, then they make their case by comparing budgets. Russia must be laughing when they see this. We can spend a trillion on a jet over the next ten years that barely flies half the time. This is what people should be focused on. “Economically sustainable” is relative. I would say if you did it right, you could build a very economically sustainable defensive military for much less than is presently spent. And I agree with you, our military is presently misused terribly.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      A good chunk of the military bloat is fraud, waste, and abuse — even while our veterans are being shamefully mistreated. The VA is an abomination that never gets cleaned out no matter what horrors leak into MSM.

    • roy satterwhite

      Outstanding commentry Scott !

    • ScottL

      Thomas Jefferson said “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.” I couldn’t agree more. What goes on in the rest of the world is none of our business. That does not mean you don’t have embassies. That does not mean that you don’t have intelligence to alert you as to what is going on in the world. That does not mean you turn isolationist. It does not mean that you don’t have a viable military to defend yourself. It means you learn to mind your own damn business. If parts of the world want to slaughter each other, let them. If millions die, gee, that’s a shame. It they choose to drag us into it, then and only then do we take care of business. Permanently.

  5. paul ...

    The Neocon warmongers are at it again … this time in Romania to further their agenda to create conditions leading to WWIII … these “sub- human” Neocons continue to do their Demonic work (of destroying the world for the rest of humanity) because they belong to a secret society composed of the 1/3 “fallen Angels” God threw out of Heaven (and they have established and ingrained their .33 Masonic order here on Earth) … while the 2/3 good Angels still reside in Heaven … notice how the 1/3 bad Angels turn the Biblical truth on its head … and make their 1/3 = .333 Masonic society the “good guys” … and cast derogatory dispersion’s on the 2/3 = .666 in Heaven … that have found favor with God … the 1/3rd repel at the number 666 because it represents all the good 2/3 Angels that stand with God!

    • paul ...

      Shake your mind awake … look at things from a different perspective … once you open your eyes … you realize you were in a trance … a dream world … a Matrix … created by Demonic people of the 33rd order!

      • paul ...

        All Neocons and free Masons of 33rd Order have delusions of grander … … it’s a “worldwide problem” shared by the Neocons in Israel also … as an intelligent man once stated:
        “Should we be unable to find a way to honest cooperation and honest pacts with the Arabs, then we have learned absolutely nothing during our 2,000 years of suffering and deserve all that will come to us.”
        Albert Einstein
        The American Neocons placing nuclear missiles in Romania learned absolutely nothing from the Cuban missile crisis … and deserve everything that will come of their actions … but … on second thought … it is probably “exactly what they want” from their diabolically insane actions … World War III … lets Trump the Neocon Hillary this November!

        • paul ...

          As grandiose delusions are frequently and almost always related to “lesions of the frontal lobe of the brain” … I wouldn’t be surprised if society’s many problems with people suffering from grandiose delusions “was intentionally caused” by the the psychopathic Neocons and their mandatory vaccination programs … forcing autism and other brain anomalies upon the general population so as to create more Neocons and transgender perverts in the world to make them “look normal”!!!

          • paul ...

            One of the delusions of the elite is that if they buy enough bullets they can kill us normal people all off … the frontal lobe defective Neocons think in their defective minds that we are going to kill each other “for them” … what they are really doing is providing “us” more ammunition to go after “them” … but their grand delusions prevent them from seeing reality … one of their other delusions in their perverted minds is that “Satan is God” and that child sacrifice and constant war murdering women and children is the right thing to do … they see themselves sitting at the right side of “their God” doing constant evil as a grand New World Order … they believe in their warped minds that they can brainwash “normal people” into doing evil things by simply controlling the media … in their “delusional state” they can’t comprehend that normal people will not follow them to war and hell to worship at the feet of “their evil God” … these Neocon psychopaths must be rounded up by our military (who have not joined their secret society) and put behind bars … we have the power to do it … we just have to come out of the trance the Neocons have weaved so well!!!

            • paul ...

              If we people begin to act like “God’s chosen people” and use our God given brains to decipher what is right and what is wrong … and not stand down when given such an order by “delusional” Neocons … we can quickly right things here in America … on 9/11 we were given orders to stand down by the Neocons to kill our own people and we listened … again “orders to stand down” were given in Benghazi to allow our people to die (two Americans did not listen) … we can’t give highly delusional Neocons (who care little for the lives of Americans) the power to press the “red button” and kill us all … the Neocon controlled MSM is “in our face” constantly telling the American people “to stand down” and not vote for Trump … but we Americans “are not following orders” this time … orders that will create a holocaust of nuclear war for us!

  6. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Brilliant Greg, brilliant! I’m simply appalled at how deep down the rabbit hole the US public seems to have gone to countenance your MSM for even a single day longer!
    Having already heard V the Guerrilla I believe he’s right to say that we should not fear the powers that be – they are all straw men and women, hollowed out by lies, threats and fear mongering.
    As you keep reminding us God is well and truly IN CHARGE! Take care my friend, Andrew

  7. paul ...

    On the economic front … things are getting better for “GOLD” (the “Food of the Gods” that imbued them with “immortality”) which has been rising in price nicely since the beginning of this month (when it broke above its 65 week moving average) …

    Some good gold recipes for those who forgot the art of eating “the Food of the Gods” and preparing your own “Manna from Heaven” can be found here …

    Eating gold is supposed to strengthen your DNA … but before sampling the “Elixir of Life” … don’t forget to say grace and thank the Almighty for providing you with the wisdom to “buy gold cheap” and provide your family with “bread” of the highest quality for your mind, body and spirit …

    • paul ...

      A fair way to price gold would be to re-set its price to put an American middle class worker on a par with a Chinese middle class worker … currently the “yearly earnings” of a Chinese middle class worker will buy him 1.6 ounces of gold … if we where to re-set the price of gold so that an American can only buy 1.6 ounces of gold with his yearly salary (approximately $28,000 per year) means gold would have to sell for $17,500 dollars per ounce … however … things are not very fair right now … an average American middle class worker can presently buy 22.4 ounces of gold with his yearly salary … but is so dumbed down by the MSM and thus so out of touch with economic reality that he won’t touch gold with a ten foot pole (yet will store unbacked fiat paper under his mattress) while the average Chinese middle class worker is presently buying gold at the equivalent of $17,500 dollars per ounce hand over fist!!!

      • paul ...

        The Chinese government will have a problem re-setting the price of gold at $17,500 US dollars too quickly … because it will create a one time bonanza to the average Chinese middle class workers … their 1.6 ounces of gold would be worth the equivalent of 8.75 times their current yearly salary … so before the gold re-set … China will likely have to depreciate the Yuan by 8.75 times … to make things come out equal!

  8. Pierre G

    First I am not an american, so gives me a different point of view.
    Am a big fan of Greg, have donated to his site in the past, have printed the ‘USA WATCHDOG LOGO’ stuck it on my desk. Maybe Greg could sell those.

    Now here goes…

    China building islands: Maybe if they want to expand outside their borders they could buy land/islands think Alaska, Hawaii. They certainly have the money to do this.
    I don’t know the deal with Puerto Rico and Guam, were they bought or joined the US.
    The Philippines sort of a permanent base for the US.
    US military bases all over the world, yet if China or Russia does same they are the aggressors?

    Installing nuclear missiles in Romania, on the border of Russia and too bad if they get upset. What would the US say if Russia installed nuclear missiles in Cuba…. Oh wait, we know what happen then.

    All I want to point out, is outside the US you might not be getting the support you think you are.

    The Chinese might be bad, but put in Hilary Clinton in the white house and the discussion on who is worse becomes very interesting.

    • paul ...

      Pierre … you are correct … and it just goes to show how much American taxpayer money was wasted and thrown down the drain by the Neocons in Washington who have built over 140 bases around the world (costing us trillions and trillions of dollars) that can’t even counteract … one(1) Russian base in Syria … and 2 to 3 Chinese made islands (not bigger then a football field) in the South China Sea???

      • paul ...

        Let me see … four(4) bases for them … and one-hundred and forty (140) bases for us … so we have 97% of the military bases worldwide … and they have 3% … yeah the numbers straight out prove it … the other side is definitely making “excessive maritime claims” dredging up some sand on a couple of atolls … so we better spend another 3 trillion dollars of American taxpayer money to beef up our bases in the Philippines, Guam, Hawaii, South Korea, Japan, etc., etc. … because we can’t allow them threaten us in this fashion !!

  9. Jerry

    I’ve come to the point I can’t bring myself to watch mainstream programming anymore. The MSM has become nothing more than a romper room for the mentally insane. Having said that, I want to thank you for your continued work here. The information you give is invaluable .

    One of my many faults (according to my wife) is having a long memory. A few months ago I posted this.
    Since that time, England has become the largest purchaser of RMB bonds outside of Beijing. With China agreeing to offer England over 50 Billion dollars in investment capital, does anyone still think England won’t leave the EU?

    By the way June 23rd is the date when the referendum will be voted on.

    • Jerry

      Do you think maybe the IMF is concerned about the British leaving the EU?

      One by one the cords holding up the dollar are beginning to snap. Lets just be honest, why on earth would Britain stay in the EU. Greece is on the verge of default. You have super Mario on a money printing binge. And then you have the possibility of facing negative interest rates.

      Meanwhile China is offering 50 Billion dollars in infrastructure investments. The key reason as I have stated before is “The City of London Corporation” wants it thanks to London being chosen as the Yuan’s central trading hub. Greg, I know you’ve already done your interview with V- the Guerilla Economist, but I would have loved to hear his take on this, since he has “City” contacts.

      • Greg Hunter

        The negative campaign is a total mind control fear play. The UK is doing terrible BECAUSE of it joining the EU. Italy is also in very big trouble as are all the EU countries. It’s a total NWO cluster ##$@! It’s centralized government with zero accountability to the people.

        • Jerry

          I totally agree. All the central banks have left to offer is “fear itself”, and of course payoffs. Deutsche Bank rate rigors get to walk again.

          • Greg Hunter

            The global banking system has turned into a government sanctioned crime syndicate. If anyone is “investing” in this system they are playing in a rigged game run by total fraudsters. “Run Forrest Run” comes to mind when I think if the stock, bond and FOREX markets.

  10. Tommy

    You are so right about the middle class. They are being decimated. 25 years ago the small company I worked for hired high school graduates for office and shop floor jobs starting between $8 and $9 per hour. These were generally 18-21 year olds with little or no previous full time work experience. The jobs came with high quality health insurance and a 401K plan. Today you look at the jobs being offered and they are still offering the same hourly wage and if they have health insurance you can bet it isn’t 100% employer paid. I just saw a listing by an armored truck service for a driver/guard. Starting pay, $11/hour and they require someone with a firearm permit or ability to obtain one. Can you imagine hiring someone to carry a gun and drive an armored truck for only $11/hour? The biggest lie that politicians tell is that they are for the middle class. The middle class is dying and it is a planned thing.

  11. LW

    Second sentence typo: should read “Rogue” instead of “Rouge” State. A cosmetic error…

    • Greg Hunter

      Good catch and thank you for the back stop. (Fixed it.)

  12. JC Davis

    Greg my Friday morning is not complete without your wrap ups.

  13. Gaetani

    You are so spot on keep it up.

  14. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I’m sure you have already seen this but in case you haven’t:

    Can you imagine what Putin is doing right now? He is laughing just like the Trump ad shows him laughing at Hitlery when she howls like a dog.

    This administration is a bad joke and has made America a laughingstock worldwide. Unfortunately, this laughingstock has nuclear weapons and the world reserve currency. Like I’ve said before, the war cycle begins the Spring of ’17. I hope we make it there without them getting all of us killed. (Sorry no LOL on this one.)

  15. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, loved the FBI director said this week its not a “security inquiry”: “I’ve never heard of a security inquiry”, Hillary Clinton for months has downplayed the FBI investigation into her private email server and practices as a mere “security inquiry.” But when asked Wednesday by Fox News about Clinton’s characterization of the bureau’s probe, FBI Director James Comey said he doesn’t know what “security inquiry” means — adding, “We’re conducting an investigation. … That’s what we do.” We are now getting the war of the words between Clinton & the FBI, interesting to say the least.

    Please give us your best thoughts on why this is being slowed played, and, you know that it is being stalled, but for what reason is the question?

    • Greg Hunter

      I is a criminal investigation as the FBI only investigates crime. Thank you for adding this!!

      • paul ...

        Greg … Like her husband Bill in his famous quote … “it depends on the definition of what [is] is … Hillary is now trying to twist the meaning of what [security] is … enough of this “twisted word” forked tongue bull … just like Obama she will tell us war [is peace] and put in for her Nobel Peace Prize as she barks her order for “more peace in the world” and laughingly presses the red button nuking Russia from Romania!

    • Tommy

      I heard HRC call it a “security review” a few months ago, as if some consultant was conducting a study and would provide you with a report. This lady is the Queen of prevarication.

    • RTW

      You know why this investigation is being stalled. It’s because it involves the Clintons. The demoncratic party owes her a big one after all she did protecting her randy husband, and choking back that defeat to Obama in 08. Nichols may claim he has the dirt on the Clintons, but nobody has the dirt like the Clintons. Criminals always keep information on other criminals… just in case. You know, as well as the dems do, that if the rug gets pulled out from under her again, Hill and BJ will open the flood gates. They being the profligate criminals that they are, you can bet they have one or two “get out of jail free” cards in their wallets. The party is obligated to allow her getting to the finish line…whether she is the first one across, is a different matter. Either way, their debt to the Clintons will have been fulfilled. Once and for all.

  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, just in case USA Today and or their staff reads your blog: I quit buying your paper even in the airports to read as its just too bias. Also, I quit going on-line as well. There is nothing in USA Today that even resembles what I see out here on the Western Front. So long USA Today, its been kind of nice knowing ya!

    • paul ...

      Art … During my financial days I always preferred USA Today (over the NY Times) … now like you I don’t buy newspapers anymore so as not to be influenced by the Rothschild/Murdoch propaganda machine!

  17. wondrouscat

    It seems clear that USAToday is under the thumb of the criminal crony class and cannot print what it wants the way it wants, thus that sad response. It is not their choice to put Cruz the loser above Trump the victor in Indiana, they are following orders. They are propaganda shills. All the reporters there should just quit but I guess they need their paycheck.

    • paul ...

      Money or your Soul … a hard choice for anyone … I believe its not the money any longer for Trump … he wants to do the right things … and we have a simple choice to make … either vote for a man who wants to save his soul … or vote for a woman who will do anything for money including selling her own soul!

  18. john duffy

    Ann Barnhardts final video -Ouch!

  19. XuscitizenSweden

    Hi Greg!
    You & your interview with Larry Nichols has been picked up by John B Wells.
    He starts his program talkin’ about it:
    Have a good weekend.
    Headlines in Sweden Today-
    1- six “islamists” have been arrested in Bosnia(5) and Sweden(1) attempting to smuggle guns & hand grenades to Sweden
    2 – The Swedish PM-Prime Minister Stefan Löfven is meeting Barry Soweto-Obama & boyfriend Mike today in D.C.
    All I have to say about that is, ” #¤%&/()=?! “.

  20. Mark


    Great wrap-up this week. It is sad how the middle class is slowly disappearing and a recent article by Michael Snyder ties it together.

    Thanks for allowing timely interviews instead of WNW shows when needed! Seeing 3 guests in a week is a nice bonus. Just a heads up for the “doggers” is that I heard a recent update from V-Guerilla Economist and he said an interview with Rob Kirby is coming soon – maybe this week. Check his site as to when.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your comment and link!

  21. Fear Not

    Greg, I’m a big fan of yours, but we differ on support for Trump. I agree with your complaint against the MSM over their bias against the “presumptive” Republican nominee. Since I became politically cognitive in the early 70’s, however, nothing has changed. Furthermore, watching the medias’ love affair with McCain during the primaries in ’08, then pulling the rug out from underneath him in the general election, only solidifies my distrust and disdain for them. So why are the Trumpists complaining? The MSM is only doing what they do best, and that ain’t reporting the news. By-the-way Greg, with the new media, do you ever think you’ll be trending on Facebook?

    As for me, I am a Christian, conservative, constitutionalist (a.k.a. an enemy of the state, by Loretta Lynch’s standards). Neither Clinton (who I absolutely detest) or Trump reflect my values. This November, I’ll have a choice between an old liberal New York progressive, or….. an old liberal New York progressive; one who takes the bribes, one who gives the bribes; Marx or Mussolini. Greg, that’s no choice! This November, after 36 years of voting Republican, I’m actually thinking of staying home . I know that upsets you, and a lot of your readers. And trust me, I’ve heard it from all of my friends who think I should immediately kiss the ring of Donald Trump. But from the way I see it, he needs my vote. So in a true “Art of the Deal” fashion, maybe he needs to come to me and kiss my @$$; i.e. conservative V.P. pick, a constitutionalist Supreme Court nominee, and so on… You get the idea.

    Do you guys ever wonder why African-Americans keep voting Democrat, when we can clearly see the Democratic policies are destroying their opportunities, their culture, and their communities? Well, people of my beliefs and political leanings have become the African-Americans of the Republican Party. In this case, however, a lot of us are willing to walk away from “the deal.” I think Trump can appreciate that… And so should you, or didn’t you read his book?

    • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

      Fear Not –
      You’re playing my song.

    • paul ...

      Fear Not … good for you in taking a stand and willing to play hard ball for your vote … I see you have something in common with Trump … but what do you have in common with Hillary? … in my book you should vote for the candidate you have the most respect for … by following Trumps hard ball negotiating tactics you actually have “a lot in common” with Trump … vote for him … grudgingly if you have to … because “our country” needs your vote … so we can rid ourselves of all the psychopathic Neocons in Washington …

  22. Henry

    Greg, the Washington Post can’t be a far left paper and support a right leaning corporate owned candidate like Hillary. That’s a blatant contradiction. Hillary does not support an end to the failed and barbaric war on some drugs. She does not support a repeal of the Bush regime’s tax cuts for the wealthiest few at the expense of the rest of us. She does not support a living wage or single payer health care/medicare for all, she does not support a dramatic reduction in offense spending even though the DOD is the most bloated and wasteful big government program in all of human history. She’s a rabid supporter of the government’s illegal, immoral, unprovoked, and endless wars of terror, and is owned by the Banksters. She is about as far from Liberal as a person can get.
    Finally, you said fear not because your chosen god is firmly in charge. Given the endless wars, suffering, starvation, extinction of species, pollution, death of coral reefs, Fukushima radiation, etc, climate change, etc., isn’t he doing a rather poor job of leading his flock and managing the planet?

    • Norman Bates

      Do you know who owns the Washington Post ?
      The owner of the Washpo is Jeff Bezos.
      Jeff Bezos hates Donald Trump because Trump
      told Bezos that if he becomes President, he will
      tag Amazon a monopoly and force it to be broken up.
      Always follow the money, because that’s always what
      it’s about.

      • Henry

        Hating Donald Trump is certainly not proof that someone is a left leaning Liberal. But supporting Hillary is definitely proof that one is not a left leaning Liberal.
        I have no doubt that Trump will follow and worship the money. He’s done that all his life.

    • paul ...

      Henry … you say “Given the endless wars, suffering, starvation, extinction of species, pollution, death of coral reefs, Fukushima radiation, etc, climate change, etc., isn’t (God) doing a rather poor job of leading his flock and managing the planet?”
      The answer is … God gave us a brain … that “we” should be using to make this world a Paradise … what good is “free will” if we are going to abrogate our responsibility to do things for ourselves … if we just sit back waiting for “someone” to do our work for us … we open the door to Satan and his flock of Neocons to step in and take control of this planet away from us! … [Sadly this as has been the case for much too long]!!! … but I see hope … people are awakening … look at the ground swell for Trump!

  23. Ken Koss

    Greg, Another great wrap up on what’s really going on. To quote Paul Harvey “Now you know the rest of the story.” Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Loved Paul Harvey.

  24. Roman

    Your weekly wrap-ups are excellent. In fact, I find them more informative than many of your guest interviews..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roman.

  25. Patrick O'Connor

    I was chatting with a cousin in the Gardai last week…

    The Irish even hacked the server at the Mt. Kisco trailer park….

    The “Irish” Greg….

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Patrick for the info. It seem plenty on the top are all in on the NWO plan.

  26. MCasey

    During the first GOP debate, attempts to out-fox Trump by trying to force a pledge from him to not run as a 3rd party candidate failed. Subsequently, the Master Deal Maker, did made such a pledge to the Republican Party’s smug satisfaction.

    Now, very simply, Trump is running as a 3rd party candidate and getting the Republican Party to pay for it! Trump was rubbing it in when he said, “I don’t think (the party) actually has to be unified” in the traditional sense.”

    Now they are beginning to realize they are the ones who were out-foxed. Yes, Mexico will pay for the wall; just like Trump got the news media to pat for his candidacy run.

  27. The Seer

    Re Medical Insurance
    A great 100% medical care policy is with Liberty Health Share .org
    They are great if you have no pre-existing to start. 60 day wait period.
    I have $1 million coverage per incident with no deductible for $180 a month.
    There are policies for less per month. Meets Obama/care/requirements.

    • Clare Doll

      Screening for pre-existing conditions is a violation of Obamacare policies. Red Flag!

    • Jerry

      While “medashare” is a noble idea, it will not take long to wipe out their reserves when million dollar claims start rolling in. If memory serves me right they’re in a lawsuit with the Federal Government in Tennessee for ACA violations. Be careful.

    • susan

      I had a policy with Liberty Health Share and they did not pay for one penny of my yearly physical or any other of my yearly exams. I dropped them after paying $191 a month for almost a year and they paid nothing. Good luck.

  28. RTW

    This is to head off our good friend Gina. While your favorite candidate is schlepping around the country, spewing lies, one of the biggest being, that she is totally for all women, her worthless husband, BJ Clinton was flying around on the “Lolita Express”. Records now show that he was on that plane at least 26 times , with his good buddy, Jeffery Epstien procurring girls as young as 12 y/o for his guests’ pleasure. The fact that she still “stands by her man” makes her as despicable as him and proves that she doesn’t give a rats ass about women. Oh, and in addition, anybody who supports the Clintons are just as contemptible. That would be you, in case you missed it.

    • paul ...

      RTW … don’t bring Gina into the mix … she will tell us to put a delusional Neocon who cares little for American lives (i.e. Benghazi, etc.) in charge of our nuclear weapons … Hillary has stated right out in the open press “if I’m elected I will take America to war” (to bring peace to the world) … just like her husband seeks a different kind of piece everywhere in the world … Gina will profess that putting a delusional psychopath’s finger on the “red button” is what this country needs (because she is a delusional woman instead of a delusional man)!

      • paul ...

        When the FBI comes down on Hillary … her only defense to avoid jail time will be to claim she is crazy … which of course she is!! … in the mist of the Benghazi battle this woman (who wants to be our Commander and Chief) decided to run away from it all and go to sleep … and this “run away” is going to lead America into a “new war” sacrificing more American men (and women) on the battlefield??? … this Neocon (and her buddies who did 9/11) should all be arrested by the FBI … what is going on at the FBI? … what are they waiting for??

        • paul ...

          Remember how they locked away Napoleon Bonaparte on an island … well they should open up Alcatraz again for Hillary … she can be given a “jail bird” to take care of while she waits to see Los Angeles slide past San Francisco from her jail cell window during the Big One at the big house that we can paint white just for her!

  29. Mike from the North

    everything is changing..

    Andrew McGuire speaks to physical gold

  30. Radarnj

    God bless you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Radar!

  31. Robert

    I certainly remember back in the early 60’s that the USA sure didn’t want Soviet missiles in Cuba. Why should anyone be surprised that the Russians wouldn’t want them near their borders?

  32. Oxfarmer

    Greg, you have many excellent guests, but none match you for articulate passion. Mannarino a close second all others trail behind. You are the go to guy on this farm.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Oxfarmer,

  33. Tad

    Best line this week was the one by Trump’s butler, and how Obama should have been shot years ago.

    I think he’s got the inside track for VP, Greg.

    • Hilde

      Ex butler Anthony Senecal. Trump’s campaign disavowed Senecal’s statements as horrible. And the Secret Service is conducting a thorough investigation. Senecal is not helping Trump with these kind of statements.

  34. Sayonara

    Great new wrap up. The magnitude of elite and media corruption is absolutely stunning. This cannot be more demonstrated than the MSM completely ignoring the fact that the presumptive Democratic nominee is being investigated by the FBI and there is barely an audible whisper. Yet, the Washington Post owned by a liberal billionaire is assigning 20 journalists (actually political journalistic assassins) to find dirt on Trump. We no longer live in constitutional republic, we now live in the new United Soviet State of America. The tragedy is that a large majority of Americans are so mentally disordered and intellectually illiterate that they have no clue that they are being led to slaughter. Meanwhile the GOP is led by corrupt, timid, spineless and unprincipled leadership that the best they can do is acquiesce to the Democrats and try to destroy the individual running in the GOP party who actually cares about the country. Absolutely Pathetic!
    The WNW is a great part of this website because it keeps the focus on issues of great importance and things that matter. Greg you are, in my opinion, the best and last real journalist in existence. Thank you!

    • Pinocchio

      HRC 2016 = Game Is Over.

      HRC 2016 = Sayonara Of All Sayonaras.

    • paul ...

      The fact that one MSM paper is assigning 20 journalistic assassins to find dirt on Trump must give us some hope that we have “a real good guy” in the running … the fatal flaw in the MSN campaign to bring Trump down is “no one is reading their newspapers anymore” … and if they are … they are now reading with a very jaundiced eye!

  35. DLC

    On Obamacare: We are well into May, almost half the year shot. Hospital censuses are way down. Most patient care I see is for critical care, those patients suffering from trauma or multi-system breakdown — neither able to hold off care.

    I’m assuming it is the premiums, deductibles, co-pays and so on that hold everyone else back from seeking care. Ironic. You now have forced insurance but cannot afford to actually seek care.

    People are going without medication, winding up in the ICU with strokes or the multiple complications brought on by high blood sugars or blood pressure out of control — as a result of discontinuing medications due to unaffordability.

    Does it make sense to treat someone who needs ICU and ongoing rehab care because they cannot any longer afford their monthly health maintenance? So much for affordable health care.

    Mayo Hospital used to have a charity fund for those who were in bad money straits. With Obamacare, I believe charity care is no longer permissible.

    • paul ...

      DLC … if Obama Care is “no care” … it fulfills one of its minor goals … to kill off Americans before they can collect Social Security … and if they are already on Social Security the “death panels” will get rid of the old geezers … however … the major goal of Obama Care was to double the employment numbers … by creating two(2) 20 hour per week jobs for each single 40 hour per week job!

  36. DLC

    From the Russian border to our restrooms, no end of meddling, itching for a fight.

    I recall attending a “League of Cities” convention in Denver in the early 1970s, waiting in a reception area for the big finale banquet. One of the politician’s wives remarked: “If the public had any idea how well we live at their expense, there’d be blood in the streets,” her remark met with much jaded laughter.

    Another convention in Atlanta. One wife so drunk she could not stand up. She sat on the floor in the reception area cajoling everyone else to do get down on the floor with her. Within moments, most every politician and their wives were on the floor laughing with her.

    Real individuals. Classless then. Only wonder that it took so long to strip the country of all decor.

  37. Spurr


    Donald Trump is a fraud! He is not anti establishment… on the contrary he’s very much part of the game plan by the Globalist! It’s all been a charade by the neocons to set up Trump to do their dirty tricks of deceiving the people. Why Trump over Killery… it remains to be played out… time will tell!
    Has anyone ask themselves why the Jade Helm exercises… why there are UN convoys going across the country… why there are American tanks moving around … why there are Fema camps???
    I will tell you why! It is becoming fairly obvious that the American people are awakening to the fact that their country is not a democracy but an oligarch’s dream com true! Why is that? Because the Globalist are discreetly promoting it! LET THE SHEEPLE KNOW! Take the recent book by Congressman X… it’s a perfect example of their planning… seed the venom in the people… make them angry! The Globalist are not taking us to war they are much too afraid of war going nuclear… no… they are taking us to a REVOLUTION like they did in France in the 1700. They want blood flowing the streets… in France they guillotined so many heads that it was said there was blood flowing the streets of Paris! The Globalist, Rothschilds were responsable for planning the French revolution has they are now doing in America, Europe, South America and anywhete else they may seed destruction and revolution. It is part of their NWO agenda to depopulate and it would seem the plan is on track!


    • paul ...

      Let’s give Trump the benefit of the doubt … if he does not work out … each citizen has the Constitutional right to simply arrest the criminals … just as soldiers have a right to refuse to obey orders that are criminal in nature … if the Nazi soldiers in WWII simply refused to obey “obvious criminal actions against humanity” the Holocaust would have never occurred !

  38. Don

    Greg, the contention in the south China sea, is probably a NWO event to sell the THE LAW OF THE SEA TREATY, to the public. A NWO fabrication if you will. Some of the provisions in it, extend annexed sea claims to 200 miles off shore. I believe, we are going to see more focus shift to N. Korea, and media attention given to the need for the Law of The Sea Treaty, so these type of buffer zones may be legally established. The NWO, will want to get a central bank in N. Korea, and this treaty signed before Obama leaves office, especially if Clinton is not elected. It also brings to my mind, that Iran would also be a priority to get a central bank in, before he leaves. Trump brought out when ask, that if Hilary of to get off the hook, there was 6 years, of statue of limitation runs out. There is a question, about the state department playing a role in hiding emails, about Benghazi. Trump could bring a lot of things to surface once in office, about Clinton, Obama, Bushes, and others, that’s been kept secret from the public, and may just decide to prosecute, if time hasn’t run out. The only thing that can heal this nation from the corruption and lies that have been told, is truth, and righteousness to prevail. It must be done, for our nation sake. Good reporting on the economy, do you think the globalist crowd wants to destroy the system, before or after Trump gets in office, given that he makes it? My guess is before, so they can orchestrate there IMF globalist move, on the SDR. If Trump was in office, they may be faced with a president who takes the control of the system a way from them, and give it back to the treasury, where it constitutionally belongs. Just my thought. Larry was right about the coup taking place, there in the middle of there transition with the final takeover, with the Law Of The Sea Treaty, and the move on N. Korea by China. If I’m right, Obama may move on Iran before he leaves office, and China on N. Korea. I heard Obama has quietly moved a large number of military in the vicinity, along with battle ships. Well, Good wrap up, and lets hope that Hilary will be exposed, on Benghazi cover up, Obama’s connection to it, Bushes involvement in 9/11 and there connection to the Saudi’s and there ambassador. Can you imagine the American people who lost loved ones in 9/11 would do if they found that Bushes and Saudi’s orchestrated the attack, to sell the police state to America? Lets hope the nation gets the truth for its own healing. Good job my friend, Lord bless.

    • paul ...

      The first thing the American people should do is take back all the stolen Fort Knox gold from the Bush’s, Clinton’s, Saudi’s, Rubin, Goldman Saks, etc., etc. and back up our dollar with gold again!

  39. Colin/IRL.

    Patrick O’, If your cousin has solid info that the Irish Police were on Clintons server/email this speaks volumes.
    Greg, If Patrick’s Intel is correct then this just adds more tonnage to your reporting for months now that Clintons emails have been tapped by many foreign countries. Joining the dots together is becoming more transparent and this may well be why the FBI is/trying to take a hard line in calling this an “investigation” and not an inquiry like Clinton would have us believe. The FBI knows (at minimum!) what we the common people know let alone foreign intelligence and thus, want to save face and push for an indictment. To quote Samuel Butler “Self Preservation is the first law of nature”. This could turn into a bait a switch where Clinton continues until the Clinton wagon can go no more and the baton is taken/passed to Biden or ……………..!
    Keep up the Solid performances Greg, you’re keeping it real and reporting like USA Yesteryear can no longer.

  40. DLC

    Have we learned nothing at all from the current Nero-in-Chief?

    I would vote for Caligula’s horse before I would vote for Bernie Sanders or any Dem/Socialist.

    Trump will not “make America great.” You will make America great. At best, he can put his finger in the dike, maybe provide a small window to undo a ton of damage. No politician gives a damn about you. A pimp thinks more of you.

    To achieve socialism, you have to eliminate the middle class. To quote a coworker from Romania: “What good is ‘free’ everything, when there is not a thing left to distribute?” Socialism has 2 levels only, the hot shots as in Paul Ryan (said to be worth 5.5 mil), and the retched hungry — that’s us.

    When you’re contemplating “Hoosier Daddy” as in a recent newspaper headline, know this — he’s not to be found in DC…..ever. Strong fathers, strong sons and daughters.

  41. DLC

    It’s actually wretched hungry, not retched hungry.

    Then again, you will retch when you find yourself among the wretched who voted for another Bolshevik like Sanders or another Clinton. You’ll feel like one of Bill Clinton’s victims, lying there with a bit-through lip — and just as unable as one of his prey to do anything about it.

    Clinton gave you NAFTA. Sanders will give you a 1917 redo.

  42. Robert Lykens

    542 paper contract holders for wvery ounce of gold in Comex.

    • paul ...

      Robert … 542 one ounce gold contracts sold on a single ounce of gold … doesn’t that seem a bit weird to the American people? … I wonder what the dumbed down Americans would think of a real estate agent selling 542 new home contracts on “one” house? … when those 542 “new home owning” Americans show up at the closing to find just one set of keys on the table what do think they would do? … perhaps maybe (just maybe) they would think about “enforcing criminal charges” against the real estate agent that perpetrated this fraud?? … Na, the COMEX does this all the time and no charges have ever been made against them for this fraud!! … talk about “bill pill” doped Americans … this Matrix the MSM spins every day “that things are normal” in order to “keep us dumbed down” seems to be working like magic for the crooks!

  43. 8Ball

    I would advise that you heed your own advice: “fear not”


    Who on earth would pay 200 million to buy a paper like the Post that was losing 50 million a year?
    If that does not wake you up and are still reading it, I feel sorry for you.

  45. John Hards

    USA watchdog is the greatest. However, you are off in thinking that the Chinese are the problem in the South China Sea. I worry that the real problem may well be the US for “whatever” reason!
    Back in the day (1957-1959) I did my active duty in the Navy as a teen age Petty Officer flying low and slow to photograph each and every ship every day (the islands too) to keep the “sea lanes open” in the South China Sea. I am very happy to hear that the Chinese are ready to take over this work as none of the other “claimants” have the resources to do the job and China is doing the most shipping, anyway.
    I gather that flying our planes over the ships and islands these days is to calm the fears of the other countries in the area? A much better way would be to point out that COSCO (Chinese Overseas Shipping Company) has for years operated some of the big container ports in California. In addition, we are now docked in Ensenada, Mexico and have been invited to a breakfast meeting on Monday by the Chinese operator of this marina. They want to be sure of their service here. That is, Wifi, laundry, parking, and etc. I sure hope that the US Navy is protecting us here.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am telling you what is happening and the potential for war. Are you hearing this from the MSM? Thank you for your support.

      • John Hards

        I believe your reporting is correct and the potential for war is great. My point is that only the US has the ability, but maybe not the will, to reduce this high potential.
        I shudder as the Sec of State speaks in Nam today and have a 60 year flashback to the time when Dulles did the same visit and convinced US that “the commies are coming”. We know how that turned out. Thanks again, John

  46. DLC

    We got Jenner and Obama, trans bathrooms.

    They got the blonde Sputnik from St. Petersburg, diffusing that war on women.

  47. Peter

    Donald Trump isn’t part of the establishment.
    They are plotting to stop him which proves he isn’t one of them.
    Anybody that suggests this, is probably
    working for Hillary and the corrupt DNC.
    As Greg mentioned, the MSM is trying to tie a scandal to Trump down while ignoring
    the crooked Hillary and her email scandal. They obviously are biased.
    Whoever the MSM trys to destroy is the exact person you want to support. It’s that simple!

  48. FFD

    Thank you Greg Hunter, you do a great job! Bravo! But , please, realize that, you need to change the horrible background image, USAWatchdog wallpaper. It’s totally boring and very tedious, and difficult to look at constantly. Please just show a normal office room with some pleasant scenes and some depth of field. As you have it now, the wall behind you makes the viewer feel very claustrophobic, it’s very painful, boring, unimaginative, and disturbing. Please change it and it will definitely improve the number of people watching your programs! Thank you again!

  49. pat the rat

    What do you know about this gussifer a hacker ,they did not drag his ass half way the world for nothing; Clinton muss spitting bullets about it!

  50. Galt's Cousin

    Greg, please don’t slow down on the Weekly News Wrap-ups. Yours is a lone voice of reason in a mob of mis-information. I also love the interviews, heck, I like all of what you do! Keep up the good works, and please stay a beacon of truth in a storm of lies.

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