Clinton Email Trouble Deepens, Bill Gross Economic Warning, Bathroom Gender Endgame

1aBy Greg Hunter’s (WNW 239 5.27.16)

A new report by the Inspector General (IG) of the State Department puts Hillary Clinton in even deeper trouble over her unprotected email server that was installed in the bathroom of her home. The mainstream press finally picked up this story, even though it has largely ignored this latest Clinton scandal. The IG report says that Clinton broke the rules when she installed the private server without permission. The report also claims Ms. Clinton disregarded security policy with her private server. The Clinton camp says her use of a personal email account “was not unique,” but others criticized Clinton for endangering national security. Please keep in mind, other Secretaries of State have used private email for some business, but no one has ever used a private server installed in their home while heading up the State Department. Clinton is also taking criticism from liberal media sources, and this may signal a coming lack of support from members of her own party. If Clinton loses the upcoming California primary to Bernie Sanders, it’s over for Ms. Clinton.

If you think the economy is doing well, you should listen to Bill Gross. Gross is a bond expert so renowned that his nickname is “The Bond King.” This past week, Gross expressed how worried he is about the financial markets and said, “The system itself is at risk,” and Gross goes on to warn, “Day of reckoning is coming.” When someone with the reputation of Bill Gross makes these kind of statements, you best take cover. This is one of many other warnings that have been coming from top names in the financial and investment world this year.

Finally, the Obama Administration and its edict on trans-gender bathroom access is heating up. Nearly a dozen states are suing the federal government charging Obama’s bathroom policies are a gross overreach of his powers. The endgame is really unisex bathrooms and showers and locker rooms for all. The left wants to do away with separate male and female facilities altogether. For proof, look no further than a recent story by the Associated Press with a title that reads “All-gender restrooms are Yale’s new normal.” This is the test case for the extreme left and where it wants to take the country. I can’t see how the overwhelming majority, especially women and parents, are going to buy into this line of thinking.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and much more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Gadsden


    We’re not betting against you. It’s just that we have lost all faith in the FBI, the Injustice Department, and the rest of the corrupt system. They will protect her at all costs. It would stun me if Hitlery were indicted.

    • Greg Hunter

      I hear a fat lady humming. Thank you for your feedback and comment.

      • andyb

        Actually Greg, it is Uncle Joe humming. There’s no way that Hillary escapes free and clear. The blowback after the inevitable FBI leaks would be far too damaging. She gets pardoned by Obama, drops out due to “health reasons” and the Dem dream ticket of Biden/Warren gets chosen at the convention. Bernie gets promised a major Senate chairmanship to go away quietly.

      • freebreezer

        Greg – A question per the Hillary e-mails that hopefully you can answer (you follow this closely and I can not find an answer) – the top secret e-mails (for that matter, any of the government e-mail material) that the FBI has disclosed that they found, are any of these files from the deleted files on her server that the FBI subsequently recovered or were these files disclosed but not labeled as classified? The distinction is huge per the depth of corruption that she committed.

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not know but about 20 of her emails were of the highest classification. FBI agents working the case cannot even see them.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Gadsden, I have also lost faith in the FBI & the Justice Department, both agencies have been politically purchased, Comey & Lynch, both appointment by Obama, give me a break, there will be no recommendation much less an actual one. Both agencies are being told by Obama what & who to prosecute and what & who to be let alone.

    • Shaeliya

      Agreed. You did not ask if we think she is guilty, just if she will be indited. She is guilty as sin. She also has too much blackmail info against various PTB folks and they do not dare indite her.

    • Ken Williams

      Excellent report as always!

    • Pete S.

      What Gadsden said.

  2. Brad

    Toilet demons, that’s all they are. The final end result will be single-occupant restrooms everywhere so people will have privacy and just be able to avoid these issues.

    • 8Ball

      “Toilet Demons”… that is a classic.

      The Bible describes this phenomenon as “straining out the gnats while swallowing the camels”.

      • Anne Elliott

        You are so right 8ball! I had forgotten about that verse, but how appropriate!

        • 8Ball

          Thank You Ms Anne…

    • CrazyCanuck

      That could be interesting at large venues like arenas. Goodbye urinals ?

  3. Scott

    Trump makes me feel like the script on the poster in Agent Mulder’s office: “I want to believe.”

    But I remember Greg’s interview last year with P.C. Roberts, who stated “the Neocons have gotten to him.” And it would seem so.

    Alas, I have nothing but pessimism when I contemplate the future; it gives me no happiness at all.

    Should Hillary end up being (s)elected, I tend to think she will be the last President [sic] the U.S. will ever have. Either she will instigate an internal war against Red states, or a world war against Russia/China, the U.S. will be no more.

    Sanders is a Bolshevik and some say a Freemason. He certainly has no compunctions about World Government, and is unashamed to say so.

    So, we’re left with Trump. At best, he’s a wild card. At worst, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I fear a new, Dark Age will soon be upon us, and there’s little we can do about it at all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Never Give up, and “Fear Not.” Greg

      • Scott

        Excellent advice, Brother. I appreciate the motivation – thanks = )

    • Diane D.

      Much suffering is coming to this wicked, spiritually-blind nation. Meanwhile most Americans are so dumbed down and distracted by gadgets and frivolous pursuits that they won’t know what hit them. My greatest pet peeve are the parents who should be preparing to protect their dependent loved ones.

      We could start every sentence with, ‘Short of divine intervention…’ but maybe this once-great nation is already under the judgement of God. And who could blame Him?

      • Jeffrey

        … Well Said Diane ; I think Father God has removed the Church Age ! Take heed to Bear the Witness …

      • your fan in Japan

        Short of divine intervention. Since Greg lives in NC, I will offer up a similar precludor, this from an old frined who hailed from Boone NC and with a bonified appalachian accent (we just loved him in the PNW). Anyway, he always said, “Lord willin’ and the creeek don’t rise”
        Thanks for your work Greg.

    • brian

      Yeah Scott, I find this whole looming end of society thing to be quite liberating. I mean its the perfect excuse to let a lot of the things society says we should be spending our time on just slip off the back burner and onto the floor, thus freeing ourselves up to use our time in more meaningful ways.

    • Tin foil hat

      “the Neocons have gotten to him.”
      I believe that U.S. is a 4 tiers system consists of the banking class, the big corporations, the small businesses and the working stiffs on the bottom.
      The politicians are the walls which these four use to push back and forth against one another. The only group which can push back against the banks is the corporations. I suspect the 2nd tier has gotten to Trump rather than the banks.
      Certain big boys in the corporate world, probably with connection to retired and active military, are ready to push back. They picked Trump as their champion.

      • Jeffrey

        … Here Here for Trump as our Champion !

    • Kim

      Have you seen the documentary “Requiem for the American Dream”? (On Netflix) It is the thoughts of Noam Chomsky who reports that inequality comes from the top 1/10th% extreme super wealthy. They influence democracy thru financial institutions and multi-international corporations with policies to protect their wealth at the expense of others. They try to take power away from people by deregulations of companies. Almost like the 4 tier system Tin Foil Hat mentioned. They promote materialism and selfishness to control people by beliefs and attitudes. Similar to the comment of Diane D.
      The movie also goes on to say throughout history tyranny never lasts. I do believe that people can be sympathetic and kind to each other. Although I do not agree with everything Noam says, I found the movie to be very informative. Knowledge is power!
      Demonstrating honesty, respect and goodwill will get us through. There are more of us than the super wealthy! We each have power to do good things! God Bless!

  4. Diana Dee Jarvis

    We still have a constitution and rights? Well, I suppose we do on paper, not so much in real life. The Clinton “violated email rules” line looks like they’re still trying to minimize it. It’s incredible, but she’s gotten away with murder in the past, so we shall see. As for the bathroom laws, over 20 years ago I had a great vacation in New Zealand. A large hostel I stayed at had unisex bathrooms (multiple stalls), including shower pods/cubes (completely enclosed with locks so no exposures) — and no issues, no problems, no drama. Evidently people behave themselves better in New Zealand. Call me cynical, but the way the American bathroom drama is being handled looks like a way to keep the public distracted from other things, especially when you look at the timing. However, a locker room is different because that does have people getting naked in front of each other. Greg, thank you for pointing out the college unisex locker room angle, because I hadn’t seen/heard that mentioned elsewhere. Once again lamestream media fails to explain the real story.

  5. Rick Geisler

    Hillary and Obama are Progressives. Like any Progressive they must be dealt with like a magician. Always watch the other hand to see what they are really up to.

  6. Ken

    Greg, as an exhibitor at the NRA show in Louisville last week. We were looking for the anti-Trump protestors to show up. As it was probably the biggest Pro-Trump/ pro 2nd amendment rally ever. Nope not one sign..not one person throwing rocks/trash at anyone. Where are the ones like they had at Albuquerque New Mexico last night??? Hello..where were you???????????????????

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street reporting! Greg

      • diane s.

        I was at a large local gun shop yesterday and was shocked to see their display shelves…nearly empty!
        They used to have dozens of pistols on display…now they had only 6.
        I asked the man behind the counter why?
        He told me they sell out faster than they come in. He said people FEAR what’s coming.
        That is what he said .

  7. DLC

    Fast forward to 18 minutes.

    A hilarious and outrageous discussion about the new “genderless” restrooms, where women will need to wiz standing up. A discussion between Leann McAdoo and Alex ensues, very creepy but the new creep reality.

    So much for women’s rights bestowed by gov’t. Once they got you on their worm hook, it’s all downhill. Women have been jilted for the new gov’t sweethearts — the sex-obsessed mafia and every macho misfit from the 3rd world, a poisonous mix to ensure the biggest bang.

    • paul ...

      Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest to grand mother’s house … and from behind a tree Obama speaks … little girl there are transgender people running about who are ready to eat you … give thanks I instituted transgender bathrooms wherein I saw Hillary dressing like a sheep … beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing as they will only tell you lies!

      • paul ...

        Remember Sodom and Gomorrah … God has his own unique way to send perverted people to Hell … Yellowstone just had a magnitude 5.1 earthquake … so get ready for God’s endgame … all these transgender bathrooms across America will soon be turned to ash (likely around the time of a Full Moon or New Moon).

        • paul ...

          After Yellowstone blows … we won’t be able to grow food for 7 years … I hope the government had the foresight to set up grain storage reserves east of the Appalachian Mountains … since the time of Joseph haven’t we learned anything?? … it seems that instead of storing food reserves for the people … the government Neocons have decided to store away “hollow point” ammunition … don’t you think Joseph’s solution was a more humane approach to the problem of a cut off of our food supplies? … seems the Satan worshiping Neocons that believe in human sacrifice are getting ready for a blood bath offering to “their God”!!!

          • paul ...

            When God’s wrath comes down on the perverted Satan worshiping Neocons it will be 2000 times more powerful then the Washington Mount St. Helens’ explosion … fire and brimstone will rain down on them hiding in their underground bunkers … hot lava will melt through their bunkers and volcanic ash 10 feet deep will clog their ventilation shafts … the volcanic ash will cover an area 2000 miles in diameter … blocking out the Sun and causing a global winter (sorry Al Gore) … the destruction of their New World Order will be a global event as all global food production will be disrupted … so go ahead you Neocons dance around your bonfires worshiping statues of Satan … see how much good it will do you … God has plans to roast “you all” like a marshmallow on a stick!!

            • Galaxy 500

              Neocons…a made up word to call Republicans by the liberal media.
              It’s like calling the hated black guns assault rifles.
              They aren’t. Stop using made up liberal words.
              Like Islamophobia, transgender, etc

              • DBCooper

                OK, G5 … what shall we call the phony conservatives who mostly want to take us to war so as to achieve world domination ?? Friend DB.

                • frederick

                  DB you are obviously upsetting some of the socalled “neocons” You have to be politically correct on here you know(sarc off) Have a great Memorial Day weekend

          • Galaxy 500

            If Yellow Stone blows, I don’t think there will be enough left of America to matter

        • DBCooper

          Paul. where do you get your quake info? … there is nothing on USGS about 5.1/Yellowstone … Thanks and we are watching for major earth changes. Yours in Faith and liberty, FN, DB.

          • paul ...

            DB … statistical analysis is one tool …
            but usually I look for areas around the ring of fire “that have not moved in a while” as a highly probable area to expect one (as the plate tension has not been released) … the plate under California “is due” … high probability times are at full moon and new moon when the Earth, Sun and Moon are aligned for maximum gravitational force … high tide can also be a timing indicator for the amount of gravitational pull on the Earth …

  8. FC

    JFK, placed a man on the moon and Obama, placed a man in female toilets…………what has become of us, to allow this to happen?

    • Steve Spry

      Better way to think about it:
      JFK gave us a shot at the moon.
      Obama just mooned us.

      • MCasey

        I heard Hillary has already formulated her first Executive Order to amend the bathroom “rules” to not only include trans-genders, but to provide a “safe-place” for email servers. Hillary’s level of security is a bathroom door lock.

    • Galaxy 500

      We didn’t make a stand on little erosion of morality and law

    • paul ...

      FC … you know I seem to remember a “half moon” carved in the old outhouse doors of years ago for ventilation … perhaps Obama had no choice but to aim for this “outhouse” moon … instead of the “green cheese one” that the “alien rats” wont let us land on anymore! … Obama “can draw a red line” and tell the alien rats “this outhouse moon is exclusively ours” … unless the “liberals” further claim trans-gender also means trans-species”!

  9. DLC

    After the discussion on the proposed genderless bathrooms, that began at 18 minutes, a man named Gavin McGinnis discussed the machinations of Socialism and touched on the white male hate that is so prevalent.

    It was just too funny, and I think humor is the ultimate knockdown for those who would like to keep you squirming and apologizing.

    P.S. Alex remarked that Gavin looked like Czar Nicholas, the one who the Bolsheviks shot full of holes.

  10. DLC

    The Jones/McGinnis discussion on Socialism begins at roughly fast forward mark of 1:12, actually slightly beyond, but Alex went ballistic on bathrooms at 1 hour and 12 minutes.

  11. frederick

    Confusion NO not really İ loved the newspaper you showed with those three criminals Dragonmeister Mr Yellen and who was that third guy Kuroda or something like that? He didnt look like the usual Goldman Sachs alumni that they usually put in those high positions of theft and fraud Whats up with that?

  12. Donna

    I read when one dies before you get sorted out on where you go,one stands before an accountability council and will see ones life payout before you .The people they have harmed or hurt they will feel their emotions.Hillary will be there a long time.On the gender bathroom issue,it is meant to further break down Christian values imo

    • Galaxy 500

      Where is that in the Bible? I seemed to have missed it. Sounds need age to me. My Bible says Jesus is the judge.

      • paul ...

        Trump and Jesus have something in common … both can’t be bribed ,,, poor Hillary is in for a shock when she finds money is not going to smooth her way into heaven … but she thinks she can fool God and just transfer her brain into a computer and live forever there … imagine the horror of countless generations listening to her raspy voice forever … ” If I’m elected your transgenic robot President just think I won’t have to dodge bullets anymore as I lead you all into WAR to fulfill the Neocons wet dreams of a New World Order as my first priority”!

        • paul ...

          Since when do the American people have to sacrifice their sons and daughters … so a few Neocons can takeover the world for themselves … they use false flags is like a magic wand … to make us blindly fight wars for their cause (Gulf of Tonkin, 9-11. the US Liberty, etc, etc.) … when are we going to learn to fight for our own causes (like the Constitution)? … rather then sending our children off to fight and die for some other nations wars of aggression … what kind of stupid schmucks are we???

          • frederick

            etc etc exactly Paul and they arent stupid but rather brainwashed İ think

  13. vincent_g

    The problem the Democrats have is the rug is not big enough!

    Looking at the transgender issue – simple – class warfare and a diversion.
    Schools like Yale were considered schools of the highest standard.
    Such schools were reserved to the upper class long ago.
    Now the USA backed loans allow the once frowned upon lower class to gain entry.

    As for diversion – well look around and see what more important thing is taking place.
    Allow the Communists more power and you get more insanity.

    TPP or STW ???

  14. vincent_g

    This transgender issue which is coming up at the end of Obama’s last term seems off to me.

    Again we see resurfacing those that believe Obama’s wife is a man.

    So I decided to look into this claim and to my surprise I agree that this is in fact true.
    I base my belief on pictures of Michelle that clearly show that Michelle is a man.
    Unless those pictures I seen were altered by Photoshop there is no question that this is true.

    So I ask this question.
    Is this true?
    If so why did the news avoid this?

    How do you think blacks will feel when they find out?

    I think this is a serious problem if it’s true.
    And from what I seen it appears to be true.

    A Transgender push by Obama or Michelle coming out of the closet?

    • nick

      Here is a link to what was exposed about Michelle Obama (Michael Laverne Robinson)
      by Joan Rivers. She was silenced shortly afterwards.

      Plus this :

      Conspiracy theory some will say.
      Like building 7 on 9/11 or Gold manipulation I reply

    • Galaxy 500

      Did you see a penis? I don’t mean did you see something that may be a bulge in some photo. If you didn’t, how can you be sure? I have heard this nonsense before and there are birth certificates for their children not adoption records.
      And I am not an Moochelle fan. Why did 0bama do this? Easy answer. I damages the very fabric of the country just like gays marriage and gays in the military. It isn’t any more complicated than that.

    • vincent_g

      Percentages are the same on every race from my experience.

      Imagine that you were black.

      Would you be happy that the first Black president had a transgender wife?

      Was that the best that the democratic party could put forward?
      Or did they do it on purpose?

      Did the news not bring it up on purpose or were they afraid to bring it up in fear of being called racist or homophobic?

      From my viewpoint the people have a right to know such things.

      I don’t even know why I answered your comment but I decided to make my position clear.

    • Craig Michael

      I’ve felt these stories about Michelle Obama to be distasteful and frankly, ugly.

      How could something like that be kept secret if true?

      But, you know what? after 8 years of the Obamas, anything is possible. His whole life is a lie. How did he get to be our President?

  15. Chip

    Another great WNW Greg! Cheers… Chip

  16. dchayden

    Greg, what scares me the most concerning the Hillary Clinton scandal(s) is not that very high level elitist people continue to say that she will be the next president, and not be indicted, but HOW they are saying it. They say it with a kind of confidence that gives me the creeps!! I sure hope you are correct Greg, not only for America, but for every sovereign country around the world who can not afford to see that woman in a seat of that kind of power and influence. Very real prayers are needed here. Great wrap up as usual !


    • Arthur Barnes

      Hey dchayden, see my comment below about Hillary & Slick Willy, those people saying with confidence know the rules in D.C., go against the Clinton’s at your own risk, as they know where are the bodies are buried and are experts as using it against political rivals including Obama, the FBI, & the Justice Department, etc. After the loss to Obama, it was agreed by the big shots she would get the next term after his, watch, listen, & learn, betting against this evil is not a good bet!

  17. StClare

    On the transgender, transexual, whatever you feel like today issue, I would like to paraphrase Eustace in the movie “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” when he meets the Dufflepods the first time in Narnia, “Boy, things are just getting weirder and weirder around here”.

  18. Jerry

    The globalist don’t believe in walls on borders or in cyberspace. That’s why Hillary was so caviler with her emails. As a member of the United Nations Foreign Council she knows no one can touch her as long as she is doing their bidding. Besides the Chinese alternate exchange system that will be used to replace the dollar is almost complete. So like Hillary would say “what difference does it make”?

    Watching Obama’s apology tour in Japan, confirms my suspicion of just how much the globalist hate this country. When bankers take countries to war, everyone is a victim. My mothers fiancé was killed in North Africa during WWII by Germans, and a few weeks later she met my dad on his way to bomb Japan in a B-29. Talk about “fear not”? That generation came out of a depression to face a world war. Like my dad used to say, “they didn’t have time to be afraid”. I wonder how we will do?

  19. george eddleston

    All-gender bathrooms are an issue to throw you in rage so you loose track of whats really going on. I’ts really important to keep your eye on the ball and not let these people disorient and lead you into a secondary issue. There are many many life and death topics and this so called president keeps becoming more insane, I say he should leave today and all executive orders reversed!

    • susan

      george, I am afraid you are correct. If they can take our eyes off the ball as to what is going on, then they will be able to push through any agenda, etc. they want to and we will just go along for the ride. Keep you eyes open folks! We must be aware!

      • paul ...

        We have to keep our eyes on the balls and the length of the fingers if we don’t want to be perceived as dumbbells who will blindly fight other peoples wars for them!

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent news wrap and nice segue from Hillary through Sanders to Bill Gross and the economy — virtually seemless. Greg Mannarino should be a good interview.

    Bathrooms and locker-rooms — me thinks this move to transgenderize all bathrooms and locker-rooms creating the gender du jour crap in the news recently is a bridge too far. The 11 states rolling in with their lawsuit should stifle this — get it held up in the courts until a more reasonable POTUS — hopefully Trump — can put an end to this nonsense. These attempts to destroy the fabric of morality in the USA are getting old and the American public will hopefully put an end to it with their votes in November.

    There’s a storm brewing. Even money that Biden/Warren is the Dem ticket coming out of the Dem convention.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mannarino has some choice analysis and is the “Early Sunday Release.” Thank you for your comments on USAW.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Russ, appreciate your comment but never bet against the Clinton’s, its a fools bet! Ever since Whitewater, pork bellies, the list is too long to describe, the Clinton’s just get richer and richer and that is even as close people around their little empire come up dead many times over.

    • JimH

      I agree. Its interesting though the email server is in Hilliary Clinton Bathroom.
      Spinning the email story to Transgender bathrooms. So Chinese donors would have to visit Hilliary bathroom to read the TPP treaty? This will be spun again. Though this was planned event by over paid lawyers at the ABA.

      Guccifer released or published everything in public domain. The military has nothing to worry about. Unless they said they would nuke a major city like Chicago or New York and blame it on terrorists. Then Americans would be upset.

      Rudy Giuliani on FOX said the IG report was proof of 18 felonies. The reporter kept cutting off Rudy as he was counting them off one by one.

      Defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice. – ABA

      • frederick

        Giuliani İ wouldnt listen to a single word out of that guys mouth Dont trust that “neocon” oops sorry 500 “conservative”

  21. Michele

    Sanders voted against the Audit the Fed bill after he told Dr. Ron Paul he would vote for it. That audit would have ended the banking cartel. Sanders does not vote like he wants to take the banks apart. Thank you Greg!

  22. The Mohawk

    What we are in the midst of is massive and gross social upheaval and it’s scope may be theoretically infinite. The tyranny of the minority, often times in history used as a weapon and a growing and accelerated growth of the application of tyranny does indeed have a purpose. What the purpose is, not in general, for instance the misapplication of new perceived “rights” but in analyzing end game scenario(s). The application of this weapon is clearly key to understanding the unmentioned end game and analyzing that means of application (transgender bathroom use,gender pronoun use,race division and violence,isolated incident portrayal as common and expected interactions in particular of a violent and self defense event and all of these tools and their reporting by the corporatist owned media).

    Understand some of the views of people like Ray Kurzweil, Bill Gates, Kissinger and David Rockefeller and you may be able to more readily understand their complex orientation and possibly agenda. You can probably dismiss people like Zuckerberg and Obama as merely tools or agents. Well trained agents, but agents none the less, but do listen to them.

    What I am saying Greg and strongly, strongly suggest is that you invite a well trained, Liberty minded (non-statist or reformed statist may be even better) expert in Game Theory and Logic (with knowledge of finance,economics and world affairs). We are in the midst of their plan (whoever they may be) and must understand why they are doing, what they are clearly doing (broad, even worldwide social upheaval) has a clear purpose… them. If we don’t understand and anticipate their agenda and their next 3 moves…..we lose. Eugenics is clearly a part of the plan. In some cases presented as “Choice” but in that context, the absurdity is overwhelming. To what final ends, we do not know but can anticipate if we can apply Game Theory correctly.

    Some may respond by saying you’ll never know the details or the ends. My answer to that……….observe, analyze and speculate. Sometimes you must simply just speculate after gathering the surrounding data. Speculate.

    Love One Another

  23. DBCooper

    Greg, Haven’t listened yet, will in a minute when the coffee is done!!
    JimH: ABA … good post … you know what they say about lawyers … ? … 99% of all lawyers make the rest of them look bad!!
    Not your patsy: Got both your posts, thank you … didn’t live in NJ very long … couple years … but it was beautiful farm land and an interesting place and time … Fillmore East!! Any way The Lord brought me to the redoubt in ’81 and I accepted that it is pretty much a cultural void … suits me!! … not too much in the way of swap meets as we are at the end of everyone’s delivery route!! If you are serious about heading west e-mail me via … DB … … Yours DB.

  24. Jallen

    Concerning Transgenders in the bathroom; whatever Hollywood and the likes of Bruce Springsteen and George Clooney support you can be sure the opposite is true. How would George react to a couple of male creeps following Amal into the Ladies Room. Would his Liberal / Progressive mind allow him to protect his wife? George, put up or shut up! I would not be surprised to see Hillary Clinton have a nervous breakdown, it seems to me, the powers that be are slowly putting the noose around Hillary’s political neck. I smell Joe Binden waiting in the wings, why else would the liberal / progressive television pundits be turning on the Hildebeast. Our esteemed colleges and universities have gone from Higher Learning to Cesspool learning, when the time comes, when they no not when their next meal will be, they will then know the socialist / liberal / communist politically correct BS they learned destroyed THE GREATEST COUNTRY THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN! Woe unto them! The world has never known a bigger scam than the FEDERAL RESERVE, they are not Federal and not a Reserve, they are a Ponzi Scheme. Let America put and end to this madness by putting them all in jail and restore the UNITED STATES TREASURY. America, they are after your 401 K and pension plans and will make laws to force your retirement money to be invested in worthless bonds, while you were worried about being politically correct, YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORRIED ABOUT BEING FINANCIALLY CORRECT!!!
    It was once told to me by a man with limited education, ‘ MAN CAN NOT STAND PROSPERITY’, if he were still alive, I could tell him how right he was. The American mind has been poisoned by the Liberal, Socialist, Communist agenda, just ask Obummer how his Saul Alinsky training turned out.
    This ends another Jallen rant, remember forwarned is forarmed, protect yourselves WATCHDOGS!

  25. freebreezer

    Greg – I voted she will not be indited. She should be in jail, but it is analogous to the banking fraud (how many of them went to jail for the devastation they caused main stream America … I think one mid level guy was all, this for trillions in fraud!). There is two legal systems: One for the rich and connected, and the other for the rest of us. Hillary is rich and connected!

    • freebreezer

      opps – grammar mistake … there are two legal systems ..

  26. pat the rat

    Think this may be part of empire collapse Clinton, Trump, and Sander?
    Oh what a mess it is!

  27. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, FED & the Obama gang will hold the up Wall Street until after the election to elect old Hillary. Also, where do you think Hillary dress/suit designers come from, Mao Tse-tung’s woman’s politically worker’s garb comes to mind LOL. Have a nice Memorial Day Weekend! ab

  28. GameOver

    Once a great nation
    Now a nation of high-school-student-level intellect
    And yet still Americans are not rising up
    Narcissism, Superfaciality, Shallowness, Vacuous Gibbering
    These are the notable qualities of an American today.
    Updating their facebook profile evey hour.
    Then sending out tweets to fellow twits that “My facebook profile has been updated with new pics, check it out”
    WOW !
    What a piece of crap this culture has become.
    Bring it down, start over.
    You have been fooled and now your country has been stolen from you.

    Time to wake up and retake it.

    • Dan S.

      As a Canadian viewing the US election from the outside looking in, here is the way I think the election will end. Now that Trump has won the RNC race, under RNC rules they will broker in their own nominee (provided Trump isn’t murdered) . Either way this will cause the people to finally “rise up” which will result in Obama declaring martial law. This will cancel the election and Obama stays in power. I put the chances of this happening at about 50/50. By the way I saw a video on youtube of Obama making a speech at an award show and he stated something to the affect of ” I have no intentions of running for a third term”. But the smirk that came across his face you could just tell he was up to something. Watch August I got a bad feeling something gonna happen around then. Interesting times we live in. I have never followed ANY election so closely as this one in my 57 years of being on this planet.

  29. Tommy

    I agree that if Bernie takes CA the indictment will be coming shortly thereafter. At that point we will see Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren as Kemosabe and Tonto, riding to save the day for the disheveled Democrat Party. For now Obama has dropped the trans-bomb to explode our emotions and get our minds off the miserable failure that is his administration. Once the college boys take advantage of transforming their gender for the purpose of showering with the chicks the elites will come forth to admit that maybe this is not such a good thing. And what did Trump discuss with Kissinger the other day? I haven’t heard any specifics. Perhaps it was just for show. I can’t believe Trump would take foreign policy advice from a war criminal. Thanks Greg for being the highlight of Fridays.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tommy.

      • diane s.

        I like Tommy’s post.
        He’s on the money.

      • Steve Spry

        Hi Greg

        Hillary must know that she is only protected by the real PTB as long as she is useful to them. Assuming whether by leaked FBI documents or an indictment she becomes an un-needed cog– then what? Will she be a loose cannon to be eliminated? Of course, Obama can pardon but she is vituperative and TPTB know it. It might be interesting to see if like the Bush’s the Clinton’s have a bug out location already set up in a foreign country.

  30. john duffy

    This bathroom ploy is just another socialist ruse to destroy morals and the family, otherwise why change something if it ain’t broke. As for Hillary, she will never go to jail. She is part of the club. Watch this short video of recruitment to the club.

  31. HankH

    Thoughts of men & women pooping in adjacent stalls & men using urinals in view of the fairer sex are disconcerting to say the least. I don’t understand the lib’ logic for support of this(?). Then again, nothing the Libs propose shocks me anymore.
    Happy Memorial Day everyone!
    Hooyah! Fly Navy!

    • Galaxy 500

      Just wait. Those deviants in the LGBTQXYZ Gaystapo is working to mainstream pedophila. I mean, gays will look almost respectable comparing them to pedophiles. So that is why the trans issue is being pushed, as a stepping stone for the mainstreaming of pedophila. Even the trans look less mentally ill compared to pedophiles. And if they succeed in mainstreaming all of these deviants, how are we going to protect our children?

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Hank, the unisex restrooms I’ve seen don’t have urinals. What’s disconcerting to me is the number of reports I’ve seen of biological women being harassed because some idiot thinks they don’t look feminine enough.

  32. Galaxy 500

    Great Weekly News Broadcast Greg. Powerful analysis.
    Venezuela is crash and burn. But then the College that Bernie’s wife ran into the ground ceased to exist today. When you spend money you don’t have, it doesn’t matter what lies you tell. And it really doesn’t matter that you can print money. Venezuela prints money, which has so little value that they can not get people to print it as they don’t have real money to pay for the costs of printing.

  33. Sylvia

    While Obama was over in Viet Nam negotiating with their leader, it would have been a good time to ask for our POWs, wouldn’t it? No, he never even mentioned those men who fought for us but never came home. What a slap in the face to all of their relatives . What sort of a thoughtless man is he? . Happy Memorial Day?

    • diane s.

      You are so right Sylvia.
      Obama is a thoughtless man. A horrible thoughtless man.

  34. Galaxy 500

    You talk all the time about how the MSM has gone from a news operation to a super pack for the DNC. You point out how they lie, either by mistaking fantasy for facts, misstatements, blatant lies or their biggest weapon, omission.
    Here is an article about a new antigun documentary where the liberal darling Katie Couric is proud of a fraudulently edit scene where they removed the quick responses of the progunners to Katie’s carefully constructed strawman argument to a long pregnant pause making the progunners look like drooling ignorant hicks.
    Reminds me of the Zimmerman 911 tape that was (NBC?) doctored to make George look like a racist.
    These people are evil and they have to know they have sold their soul to Satan.
    PS: when I typed Washington Free into Google to get the link, one of the Google suggestions was Washington Free Beacon Bias…Google is the most evil of them all

    • Robert Lykens

      G500, who knows where Google’s tentacles reach? They’re into AI and cyborgs too.

  35. notyourpatsy

    Here in NJ the general population needs a good smack upside their head. The MAJOR topics of discussion are: “Should the State name the Official Sandwich, Taylor Ham, or Pork Roll?” ” The NJ Legislature is passing a Bill now that does not allow anyone without a valid NJ drivers license to operate a Mass Transit Vehicle”; due to a NJ Transit Train Engineer/Driver having had so many DUIs that his drivers license was suspended for 10 years! And he’s been driving 100’s of people daily with a train traveling at high speeds!!??! The Gov Chrisitie is *busy* stalling a Bill before him ‘Banning Smoking on Beaches & Boardwalks’. As if the TV show ‘Jersey Shore’ wasn’t bad enough, it’s REALITY here! And the MAJORITY of this state’s voters are Hillery and Bernie fans!! I have a Trump flag right next to my American Flag outside. This after a guy was taken to task in the local media because he had a Trump flag flying and the political liberals did not like it and asked the state to make him take it down “because it’s a political sign within 6 months of an election”??!!?!!

    I see the most clueless people all around me here on a daily basis having no idea of the train speeding their way. Which is actually my reason for packing up and moving out ASAP.

    Trump needs someone educated like DR Micheal Savage to be his VP. He’s been after the Clintons for years!

    • matt

      Jersey will reap what it sows with their Unconstitutional 2nd amendment laws being denied to it’s citizens. Just like NYC, Chicago, San Fran, and other Progressive garbage pits. South Jersey was once a very nice place to go.

    • DBCooper

      NYP, Write to me c/o jumbo [email protected] … DB.

    • MCasey

      New York Senator Ranzenhofer discusses Senate bill S.6695.

  36. john duffy

    The mark of the beast now seems a probable reality

  37. Hatemail

    You keep saying it yourself, Trump says it, I’ve been saying it for years, The system is rigged! We are voting that Hillary will not be indicted because the Justice Department is rigged. Everything is rigged!
    She should be charged but we all know she won’t. Nobody disagrees with you, we just know what to expect. You say so yourself, criminals and the corrupted run the country.

  38. Hatemail

    You keep saying it yourself, Trump says it, I’ve been saying it for years, The system is rigged! We are voting that Hillary will not be indicted because the Justice Department is rigged, Duh! Everything is rigged!
    She should be charged but we all know she won’t. The FBI never said she broke the law even though they implied that she did. Nobody disagrees with that fact, we just know what to expect. You say so yourself, criminals and their cronies run the country.
    Happy Memorial Day Greg, you are appreciated.

    Everyone, don’t drink and drive this holiday weekend. You are putting yourself and everyone else at risk. Besides, the cops are hiding in the ditches and behind every billboard waiting to run you through the wringer of justice.

  39. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, love the cartoon this week, do you know what papers ran with it this week? If so, could be one I might want to subscribe to. ab

  40. Deanna Johnston Clark

    2 thoughts:

    I remember when most people were wary of public toilets. They stopped near the woods and let their family do their business. The news of super bugs may render this argument moot anyway.

    On a bus ride through France once we all got out to pee. The bathrooms were holes in the concrete floor. We needed them so much, we didn’t care who was there… I suspect much of the world is like that and they are all laughing themselves silly over all this.

    So perhaps the point is Who’s the Boss? I have read little about the dangers of germs on stall doors…meanwhile as usual America fiddles with lifestyles while the world burns.

    • DBCooper

      DJC, That is funny, I remember on a cross-country trip and a pee break my mom had to make Texas t-shirts out of toilet paper so our little butts didn’t touch the porcelain !! Yours, DB.

  41. JimH

    Question: Will the American Bar Association revoke the ABA Medal given to former Yale graduate Hilliary Clinton? Yet another scandal the ABA is gone silent on.
    I thought that ABA defending Liberty and Pursuing Justice was their motto.

    Yale Law School graduate Hillary Rodham Clinton to receive ABA’s highest award

  42. Ken Multitaski


    The sudden appearance of the transgender bathroom issue may actually be a bit more scripted than it appears. No one seems to have pursued this line, and there is no smoking gun proof yet. But perhaps you will find my interpretation interesting, and if so, please take it and run with it!

    To wit, the transgender phenomenon usually involves serious medical intervention. Big money in this issue. While currently not covered by Obama Care the time may come when, if this issue is framed as ‘a human rights issue’, the cash deluge of public funding will start to pour into the pockets of the ‘healthcare-insurance industrial complex’ in support of the phenomenon.

    Imagine the lobbying effort which could be indirectly applied through PAC’s to influence key lawmakers. Recall, the acronym LGBT contains no dash before the last letter. Exactly how did this medical procedure get pasted on the end of the other three letters, which are at best a personal liberty issue? No one is asking the question, but it’s a key gap in the political logic being employed by uber-liberals.

    In the march toward normalizing and ‘educating’ the public, the bathroom issue provides enough cover to desensitize, divide and brainwash enough of the public to carry this through. Prediction; we will all end up subsiding Bruce Jenner wannabe’s OBGYN checkups, unless someone can craft a well thought out retort to the utterly nonsensical issue of medically induced gender switching.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good stuff Ken!

  43. Galaxy 500

    Rush Limbaugh just said what you have been saying for a year. That 0bama holds grudges and that he is behind the drip drip drip on Hillary. That if 0bama wanted it to go away, it would be gone.
    Wow Greg, you were light years ahead of the rest of the pack on this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500.

  44. Max Meister

    Yeah “Clinton violated the email rules”…So what? Nothing will happen i guess. She’s too important for the elite and btw.. what is the mainstream media telling about Trump? That’s just election campaign, plain and simple. Didn’t we have similar issues during the Obama for President campaign? They still don’t know what his true identity is and why his papers have been manipulated. Even more alarming is the fact that actually nobody really cared about it. I mean, if you have a bunch of stupid folks that are not even questioning to sign a petition to go cashless, what else to expect? What i want to point out here is that the US won’t ever get rid of people like Clinton as long as you have that many people just caring about the Kardashians, shopping, football and probably firearms.

    I know this doesn’t apply for the readers of this channel, but that’s a tiny group of people.

  45. Pete S.

    Greg, please let me clarify my vote that Hillary will not be indicted by qualifying it with, I believe she very well “should” be indicted.

    I just don’t see any form of justice ever reaching the intended target. The filth in Washington always protects it’s own. I believe that the “Just Us” Department will not seek to prosecute by claiming lack of evidence, presidential pardon or other convenient political spin.

    The days of criminal prosecution of those at or near the top are long gone. Sad but true. Perhaps someday, even soon, things will indeed change, but not right now.

  46. Max Meister

    “We still have a constitution”. Yes but that constitution has been overruled in a big way. Nobody actually cares about the constitution anymore, except maybe Ron Paul and a couple of tinfoil hatted, retarded goldbugs. Please excuse my sarcastic comment.

  47. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    According to a Fox News interview with Judge Napolitano he says whether Hillary is indicted or not, the FBI will divulge the truth about her before Philadelphia’s Democratic National Convention in two months time.

  48. Bill

    Greg, Listened to Steve Quayle discuss the return of the nephelim, the superhumans that science is attempting to create. If these truly come to pass, our present transgender bathroom, same sex marriage problems will pale in significance to what we will be experiencing if our Lord and Savior doesn’t rescue us first

  49. Bill

    Hey Gameover; I am in total agreement with you.. The answer is to nuke Wash DC and everybody in it, and start all over again in Kansas

  50. Herb

    There are a lot of possible reasons that might have motivated Hillary to install that server, but the one I find most convincing is a concern that people will discover a lot of malfeasance when going after her emails under the Freedom of Information act. Those emails have been a problem for many political office holders who have put things in emails that they regretted later. I believe that the Mrs. Clinton’s hubris is so great that she wanted to nip this potential problem at the bud, damn the consequences.

  51. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Addendum to my posts above: Why aren’t people concerned about unisex locker rooms at colleges that Greg mentioned in the WNW? Why isn’t anyone talking about that, hmmm? I still think the bathroom issue is a red herring because people on both sides are behaving in ways guaranteed to NOT solve anything. I’m also disgusted by reports that self appointed restroom cops are harassing biological women. Seems to me the people peering into stalls are pervs who ought to be ejected and/or arrested, but hey what do I know?

  52. marsh

    Although it appears that Hillary broke a law and endangered National Security, I read somewhere that she will never be prosecuted. She knows that under the law and her due process rights, the “evidence,” (e-mails of top secret information,) must be presented for discovery. By its nature, such information would never be allowed to be admitted in court. If she is indicted, she will be pardoned by Obama for reasons of National Security.

    That does not mean she won’t be tried in the court of public opinion. It already looks like the liberal press is casting some stink eye on her truthfulness and she may be losing Wall Street bankers.

  53. wondrouscat

    Transgenders, now that they are a recognized political entity if that’s true, a third type of sex so to speak, should have their very own restrooms. Males who believe they are really female (and are perhaps in the process of physically becoming female) should have their own and vise versa. Even after a person has become fully physically transgendered, if that’s possible, they should still use the “transgender” restroom to avoid any confusion, for example possible fraudsters bent on attacking the opposite sex in a restroom using this as a cover (such as a man dressed up as a woman, as this person could not claim a right to enter the ladies room). This will cost the same, if not less, as any conversions of existing restrooms in schools and elsewhere, and, since they make up such a small percentage of the population, just a one person restroom for each variety should suffice in any public building (don’t know about airplanes and such). They should now be demanding their own restrooms, and given the current accommodating climate towards such people they would most likely succeed, and everyone would be happy. However, I think there may be another agenda afoot, a push to make it politically incorrect to differentiate between the sexes at all.

  54. Pat


    Please keep in mind many that voted no to “Will Hillary be indicted. Voted that way, not because we don’t think she should be indicted, but because she is so powerful, and has too much dope on too many people in high places to get indicted. Most certainly she should be indicted but will she is the million dollar question.

  55. Radarnj

    Greg you were so on point with your weekly wrap up! Very much looking forward to your prediction of implosion of Hillary’s bid. If they do run Ole Joe and Fauxcahontis it will be comedy. Thank you sir and blessings to you and yours!

  56. wondrouscat

    Of course, if all the impending disasters happen we’ll all be going in the bushes so it won’t much matter.

  57. Banjo Pat

    Putin says Romania, Poland may now be in Russia’s cross-hairs

    Reuters Denis Dyomkin 1 hr ago

    ATHENS, May 27 – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned Romania and Poland they could find themselves in the sights of Russian rockets because they are hosting elements of a U.S. missile shield that Moscow considers a threat to its security.

    Putin issued his starkest warning yet over the missile shield, saying that Moscow had stated repeatedly that it would have to take retaliatory steps but that Washington and its allies had ignored the warnings. EXTRA: READ ALL ABOUT IT;

    • Weimerica Republic

      Putin’s eye-opening speech about US Foreign Policy and McCain, he made four years ago.
      Russia Insider

      Obama vs. Putin at the U.N.

    • frederick

      İ hope not İ have a beautiful apat in Warsaw and wouldnt want it destroyed along with all the great people The “neocons” sure are jabbing more and more with their foreign policy stick though lately Scary people like Nuland and Wolfowitz could easily get us all killed As Greg says “fear not” is not so easy lately

  58. Nick-Dog

    Excellent analysis Greg. I would be thoroughly embarrassed to be an alumnus of Yale with respect to the latest spectacle. I am looking forward to the Mannarino interview.
    God Bless, –Nick

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree N-D! Greg

  59. Sayonara

    Corruption and tyranny are the rule of the day.
    The Hillary situation is beyond comprehension and clearly demonstrates that there is no intellectual honesty left in our culture any more. Hillary’s email hacker has plead guilty to felonies and Hillary is still running for POTUS.
    Meanwhile in my little Marin County suburban town of Novato, CA, we sadly had two high school students shot by 3 other high school students. The Marin County Sheriff’s raided one of the high school suspects home with a massive military assault vehicle and enough heavily armed and militarized personnel that I thought that I am living in Fallujah, Iraq and witnessing a raid on terrorists. This is in my nice middle class neighborhood! The intent by the MCS was to intimidate anyone who questions authority. They did not need to have special forces with machine guns to arrest a high school teenager. This militarization of our local police forces is horrifying. Wait until the economic implosion and see the tyrannical authoritarian response. It continues to get uglier at an accelerating rate.

  60. Jerry

    European Investment Bank makes historic visit to China.

    I think its worth noting that sometimes actions speak louder than words. While we can all speculate what the purpose if this meeting is, it is worth noting that within the last three months China has bought two of the largest gold vaults in London. If I were a betting man, I would wager that EIB has a pretty good idea of what’s coming down the pipe and wants to align their assets for profit potential. Couple that with the fact that gold has once again been smashed with paper contracts and you can begin to see the writing on the wall.

    For the record I’m in the camp with Rob Kirby. It seems like every week somebody is playing hanky panky with the gold prices. Since we know the stock market is rigged, the whole thing smells of desperation when you see the deluge of paper contracts that are being dumped. I have even noticed that the Chinese are taking EFT’s on purchases now. The bottom line is this. I believe once the Chinese have worked out their arrangements with the European central banks, and have firmed up their gold contracts they will pull the plug on the dollar. Just remember that the vote on BRIEXIT is June 23rd. Things should become much more clearer as we approach that date.

    • Greg knows who I am

      Sorry Jerry but Brexit is very unlikely. I am UK based.
      Having done a poll of over 1000 people ( family, friends, neighbours customers, suppliers,etc ) we get nearly 85% are voting out , 9% are remain and the rest are undecided.
      Against this is the fact that the BBC and other MSM news are promoting fear porn EVERY day to the masses at every opportunity on TV and radio . ( House prices will drop 40%, thousands will lose their jobs, the pound will devalue, a massive recession will occur, pensions will be halved, holidays will cost a lot more etc etc etc, over and over ! ). Its like a dripping tap of doom stories to consider should we choose to vote out.
      Added to the pot is that the voting system here is very unsafe. We vote in little booths with pencil and paper so votes can be easily changed. Nigel Farages party UKIP lost votes in the general election with counting fraud and the Scottish election result was “adjusted” as well. The same has just happened in Austria with the anti EU party getting cheated at the final hurdle with postal votes.

      Do not bank on anything changing with BREXIT as it’s unlikely to be allowed to be counted that way.
      Uufortunately British people are not militant enough and are very unlikely to ever rise up against the wolves in charge. Our neighbours the French, who are often accused of waving the white flag far too easily, are far more militant and are far better at using social chaos to stand up to their leaders. Events in France this week with fuel delivery issues, nuclear workers strikes, farmers road blocks are evidence of this.

      Also very few of the UK population are armed and those of us that are would not risk our licences being lost by stepping over that line in the sand. I would use mine for family defence only if extremely threatened . Plus ammunition in the UK is in short supply which could be related to the gun buying comment earlier in this thread. Even some reloading equipment is getting harder to source. Those of us with firearms licences are also restricted to amounts of ammunition in possession.

      IMO opinion it is better to keep my rifles ready and stack the food and PM’s and keep my head below the parapet as I can do my family more good if I can stay alive. Hopefully the Chinese and Russians will move to a gold standard and the transition to a more stable global empire will be smooth……….but I sincerely doubt it.

      What you need to remember is the UK, France and Germany (three main pillars of EU) are in fact occupied countries with US missile bases and troops. The UK sold its gold with Gordon Browns “Bottom” , Germany might have some gold but it’s being kept safe in the empty unaudited Fort Knox vaults.
      It would appear that General De Gaulle’s comments about the USA hegemony and exorbitant privilege and gold from about 1970 were absolutely on the bullseye.

      Things will change, hopefully for the better but BREXIT is not the trigger you are looking for.
      This is my longest post , sorry

      • diane s.

        Good post Brit.
        I have friends in London and try to follow their politics.
        You give a good rundown. Thanks

      • Jerry

        Greg knows….this is why England will leave the EU.

        According to Anonymous who has hacked the Federal Reserve Bank computers, the Federal Reserve Bank not only manipulates the markets, they own almost 50% of the stocks on Wall Street. The game is rigged from beginning to end, and they know it. If they don’t leave they will crash what’s left of the British economy by being used as a money laundering operation to prop up the dollar. Most Brits are as clueless as the American people as to what’s really happening.

        For the record, this won’t be the first time England has made a bone headed move. If memory serves me right, WWI and WWII were the result of bad decisions by Parliament. Just my opinion.

  61. Jan

    Greg, I fully share your view that Hillary will be indicted. Why?

    1. The Inspector General (IG) report is devastating because it reveals that Hillary is the ONLY sec. of state who refused to be interviewed by the IG, plus it proves she failed to comply with the state department rules despite the fact she publicly claimed that she did! This does NOT set well with Republican congressmen such as Jeff Sessions and Jason Chaffetz.

    Notice that this IG report IS the “security review”. (She lied that the “security review” was being conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which true to its name does INVESTIGATIONS, not security reviews. She wanted the public to ignore the actual “security review” of the IG and her REFUSAL to cooperate with the IG, UNLIKE any sec. of state before her!!

    2. Trey Gowdy has jumped on this IG report as “Exhibit A” for the Benghazi investigation (that has had many delays not of their making) and has not released its final report. He is not buying Hillary’s lies (“we didn’t lose a single person in Libya” while throwing four American patriots under the bus) and is taking great care and patience to see that the Democrats do not railroad the justice these four men deserve.

    3. The hacker was brought in from Romania to Virginia not to rot in jail but so that he could continually help the FBI case. Remember the FBI put in an immunity agreement with the man who installed Hillary’s home server. This means they have something material to contribute to help the FBI case? Judge Napolitano has said the same (nonpartisan) FBI people on this case are the same ones who worked on the case involving Petraeus. They felt Petraeus got off too easy and do not want to see an even worse law-breaker get off so easy.

    4. There is an on-going “Freedom of Information” case against Hillary because of the laws she broke by using a home server. Judge Napolitano reported that her aides were subjected to videotapings under oath, but at least one of them walked out because she was asked a question she and her lawyer refused to answer. (One result of Hillary’s use of a home server instead of a secure gov’t site; Russia has hacked 20,000 of Clinton’s emails!) Napolitano commented on this a couple of weeks ago here:

    4. The FBI does NOT have to prove Hillary’s intent to cause harm. The judge has cited chapter and verse of the law to prove that breaking it is enough. She repeatedly broke the law because ALL 100% of her sec of state email correspondence was unsecured! Here’s the judge’s latest take:

    Greg, I appreciate all the real news you bring that is generally ignored or distorted by the MSM. (The interview Wed. with Helen Chairman was fantastic!) In the case of Hillary and the email server, though, one MSM station, Fox News, to its credit IS showing that there ARE people holding Hillary’s feet to the fire.

    I predict she gets indicted, but I have no idea when that day will come. If the indictment does NOT occur before the Democratic convention and IF she wins California, she will probably become the nominee. If either the indictment comes out OR if Bernie wins California, I think her chances of being the nominee are slim.

  62. Kim

    I always get a kick out of the cartoons you have with your commentary! Keep up the good works. You make an impactful difference!

    • DBCooper

      MW, Superb … We are making the assumption that she ever slept with Bubba … Just thinking !! DB.

  63. Mark Weber


    I am surprised I have not heard the following from you or anyone else in alt-media. It is an obvious approach.

    Fact: Obama hates the Clintons because Bill refused to use his political machine to help Barry after Hilary dropped out of the race in 2008.

    Fact: Hilary is a power-mad, evil bitch who is where she is because she is willing to do ANYTHING to achieve power. (After all, she slept with Bill and he’s not even her type.)

    Fact: The only reason nobody has taken down Hilary yet is that she has major dirt on everyone with the power to threaten her and she will follow a scorched earth strategy.

    Fact: The DNC hates Bernie and will do anything to prevent him from winning the nomination.

    Here is where what I have to say gets a little less iron-clad: In politics, as in stock markets and poker, timing is everything.

    1) Hilary clinches the nomination.
    2) At the convention, the DNC hand picks their/the banks’ favorite who they think can beat Trump and convince Hilary to accept him/her on the basis of “lending strength to your campaign.”
    3) Shortly AFTER the convention, Hilary is indicted and ARRAIGNED.
    4) Between the indictment and arraignment, Hilary receives some none-to-subtle threats to the lives of the only three people she cares about (herself, Chelsea, her grandchild) if she attempts to take others down with her combined with a promise to groom and place Chelsea in office if Hilary goes quietly.
    5) Hilary gets a plea deal with house arrest which doesn’t touch the Clinton war chest.
    6) The DNC Vice Presidential nominee becomes the Presidential nominee and names another favorite of the DNC/banks as a running mate.

  64. Wayne Thomas

    What a spirited wrap for the week. You hit every nail on the head! Congratulations and thank you very much.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Wayne. I work on it all week long.

  65. Ross

    I ‘ve always thought that Hillary has too much dirt on key players to be charged with anything.
    Off the topic Greg but a notice lot of frustrated people both here and other sites seeing their metals being manipulated down. Even if the bankers forgive a lot of the debt and pump money into the real economy, they’ve set in train the demise of our economies which will take years to turn around. Real wealth is in the knowledge and skills of our populations, not in Wall Street funny money.
    To build a manufacturing base again will take a long time and I cannot see the cronies of our capitalism doing the right thing since that will erode their power base. If they put rates up to reduce inflation, our economies are so highly geared ,they collapse. Their plan is to print the US $ to oblivion and start the who scam again with the IMF as the new source of debt based money.
    So those who have invested in PM’s will have to be patient because there is no other way this can play out with the current people in charge.

  66. Jan

    Dear Greg,
    I really can count! I don’t know how to edit my post where I listed 5 points but numbered the fourth and fifth point as “4” twice; can you fix it please?

  67. 8Ball

    The Japanese have figured something out.. They may be clueless or willfully ignorant regarding Fukushima but they have the Muslims wired.

    • Japan is the only nation that does not give citizenship to Muslims
    • Permanent residency is not given to Muslims
    • Propagation of Islam in Japan is banned
    • In the University of Japan, Arabic or any Islamic language is not taught
    • Japan is the only country in the world with negligible number of embassies in Islamic countries
    • One cannot import a ‘Koran’ published in the Arabic language
    • Muslims must follow Japa­nese Law and language
    • The Japanese government is of the opinion that Muslims are fundamentalist, and unwilling to change their Muslim laws
    • Muslims cannot even rent a house in Japan
    • There is no Sharia law
    in Japan

  68. C.G.

    There’s nothing to stop us from boycotting establishments (like transferring out of Yale ASAP) that implement this ridiculous unisex bathroom agenda and all the other crap being pushed. Does anyone think we would have had an American Revolution had the colonists been unable to give up the tea and all of their other English goodies?

    Fantastic wrap up as always!

  69. bill

    Greg,your on spot with your commentary and guests,and you point out more facts than views. I enjoy your guests and see them on shows per say like x22 report,and when I get reviews or news on multiple sites im more inclined to believe it.I would love to here you have dave from x22 report on your show and maybe even an alex jones if you could sedate him lol, but bring on hosts from other sources wich wouls tie in a network of sources to let people know your not all on your own views or opinion but deliver a message in your own style.I see “V” on your show than hes on x22 and I think wow hes important with his message or greg manarino etc and if your guests and others were to network it would grow bigger and people would say I heard it from multiple sources or sites.. You mention your guests sites and so do others but its time for you to break out and get other hosts on your site that you trust to stand out as the solidifier on wake the f up America to the possibility of collapse and have your preps and assests in order.

  70. MCasey

    For sure, Hillary will not be president. But whether or not she is indicted, depends.

    “They” are getting ready to double-cross Hillary again, as they did when she ran against Obama.

    To protect themselves against retaliation/exposure from Hillary, the promise of an indictment will be held over her head.

    To REALLY protect themselves against retaliation/exposure from Hillary, they will indict her and hold the promise of an acquittal over her head.

    To REALLY, REALLY protect themselves against retaliation/exposure from Hillary, they will indict her, convict her and hold the promise of a pardon over her head.

    But before any of this, Hillary will agree to all terms of the double-cross because at that point her only hope is a “continued” Obama administration (Biden?) in order to “protect” herself.

    Hillary will be forced to throw her support to the new Democratic candidate because if the Democrats lose, she will be turned over to the new Republican president.

    Is this really what is happening? Working for the government I learned one thing: You never know the real “why” something is happening; and when you think you finally know the real “why”, you don’t.

    (……and then it could be just because Obama hates her.)

    • MCasey

      Don’t forget rule #1, “A problem is as big (or as small) of a problem as you want to make it.”

      It’s a big mistake if he’s not a “team player” (“Let’s terminate him.”).

      But if he’s on the team, it’s a small oversight (“He’s still learning and has a lot of potential.”).

  71. Arnold.Jagt

    You called it Greg Hunter. For some reason they are all turning on her.

  72. 8Ball

    Telling it like it is…

    • frederick

      You say “for some reason they are all turning on her” could it be because everybody in the world KNOWS that she and her husband are evil psychopathic criminals? Nope that couldnt be it as that seems to be a prerequisite for political office as of late in America

  73. Ken Russell

    The dripping of Hillary’s espionage crimes matters not one whit to the registered dead voters, the Illinois voters bused into St Louis to vote at the polls kept open until midnight, the 200,000 felon voters in Virginia, the illegal immigrant voters registered in all the purple districts, nor to the millions of Mark Dice video star voters; all making up the 271 electoral votes needed for a Hillary presidency (she already has a lock on 247 by the way due to districting).

    Nope, 20 bucks says this January, John Roberts will swear in Hillary Rodham Clinton. Greg, I so appreciate what you do but man, the space shuttle will land safely in my driveway and I’ll win Powerball without buying a lottery ticket the day Hillary is indicted.

  74. Robert

    So this is what the US taxpayer pays 3.688 trillion dollars a year for? Years ago, my college professor said: “Just be thankful you don’t get all the government you pay for.”

  75. C.G.

    Hey 8Ball-

    As much as I love Japanese culture, as Japanese was one of my undergraduate majors- it’s a XENOPHOBIC society. Check out their history, and attitude even towards their Korean neighbors. And by the way, I’ve attended recent Islamic calligraphy conferences in Japan. I think you’re the one that’s clueless, not the Japanese.

  76. DLC

    Awesome sound of Rolling Thunder. DJT to speak at their gathering this Sunday.

    I watch Rolling Thunder every year. Reminds me that we have great patriots and great people still in this country. Hope this is not their last run.

  77. DLC

    Obama, John Kerry, and Paul Ryan are forever admonishing us: “That is not who we are.” What would they know?

    Despite all of them, this is who we are — after their war games and their war toys — disgracing themselves — not us.

    God smile on those who never returned, those who did but never the same and dying before their time, those still with us who carry on and hold it all together somehow for their families and their country.

    Thank you.

    • 8Ball

      Meant for Mr. CG…

  78. coalburner

    Well, I guess this means all, Libtards, lestists, feminazis, progressives and democrats are “Toilet Demon” Perverts. Are there no self-respecting DEmocrats anymore?

  79. coalburner

    Tommy could be right about the procession but he should stop calling Kissenger a war criminal. Compared to dozens of others, Kissenger is a Saint ,as well as a genius. Starting with Obama, Hillary, then Bush in that order for body count world wide in their tenure’s. Wake up, Obama is responsible for more world destruction than anyone alive right now except Geroge Soros, Obama’s Puppetmaster. Soros and Obama are the master “Toilet Demons”!

  80. coalburner

    Greg; Great job!
    Jerry, I hope for their sake the Brits are that smart. They need to start fighting back soon or they will be dead like the rest of Europe. Go Brexit!

  81. diane s.

    People don’t like Hillary.
    She comes across, mean and dishonest.
    Sometimes to the point of being totally repulsed by her.
    I find her digusting. I think a lot of people do.
    Unlikable. ..she really is.

    • Casey

      I don’t understand how anyone can even look at Hillary without their first thought being “this is a lying evil person”!

  82. Don

    Greg, a stellar commentary, I to have my doubts about Hilary’s conviction and indictment, even though the evidence is obvious. When I wrote the other day, and voiced my concern about Kissenger and Trump meeting, and earlier Richard Hass of the CFR, I haven’t seen any signs of backing away by Trump of his nationalist agenda. It is my deep desire America will have a President that exposes corruption, and the law prevails, with righteousness. We as a nation need truth to prevail, to be healed of the many years of gross corruption and European, globalism style, mind set, of which Hilary is the epidemy of. The globalist are a different group of people, with no moral bearing. They justify any unlawful action and deceit, to accomplish there globalist dreams of diasporic, utopia, and orswellion future. They are, as far as I’m concern a stench in our society. Good Job Greg, your unique twist of news reporting, combined with simple truth is a rarity in our day.

  83. pat the rat

    It is not question of if Clinton will be indicted but when?

  84. Tad

    Your smartphone is not a safe device. Then again, most of us know that– yet ignore the dangers.

  85. DRS

    I too have to join in and repeat the same message; I believe the biggest obstacle that faces many of us is the fact that we arm ourselves with logic in a no logic world.
    As for Hilldog ever being prosecuted, history shows us time and again the Clinton machine seems to remain pretty much unscathed even after decades of a”questionable” past.
    I fear she is a shoe-in for the WH and only because of this one prerequisite: who is evil and corrupt enough to continue dancing at the ends of the puppet strings of the big banksters? And I sure want to be wrong. May God help us if I’m not.

    Thanks again for all your hard work…… is greatly appreciated!

  86. Oxfarmer

    No one has pointed out the huge cost of having trans restrooms. No one us going to do this. No, what will happen will be what I recently saw in a major city hospital. They rip out three stalls, or half a dozen urinals, and put in one toilet and a lock on the door. You can hear your voice echo while the line forms outside. This will be unacceptable to people with disabilities, pregnant women, etc. and the economy will lose again. Will you go to a stadium with half a dozen one seaters where there were urinals before?

    I personally think we got a gay president and a trans first individual. I have often wondered why M has had so little exposure compared to other First Ladies, especially when she seems to have strong opinions. I researched this too. What I do not yet understand is why the powers that be wanted this. Bill Cinton was a known rapist. Is this the next step? Who among the elite care that much?

    Several years ago a godly man named Larry Burkett warned that if the US budget was not balanced by 2000, it had passed the PNR. We are in a trap we can’t get out of. Thanks, Gregs.

  87. C.G.

    My dearest 8Ball-

    Good idea! Maybe I will!

  88. C.G.

    FYI- 8Ball

    Too late. The masjid has already been built in Tokyo.

    One a few Masjii

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