We’re Flash Crashing to Hell – Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair warned last summer there were big problems coming in the global financial system. Today, Sinclair says, “We destroyed everything. We not only destroyed the financial markets, we destroyed society. I’m going for June of this year. The reset button gets reset after a few days of a flash crash that can’t be stopped. We’re flash crashing to hell, piece by piece by piece, until all of a sudden, the motion of the entity cannot be stopped.”

Holter says, “I think President Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. He’s gone through bankruptcies with his own companies and understands the process. That’s what this is. It’s the bankruptcy of the corporation of the United States.”

Sinclair adds, “Much of Trump’s business career is in bankruptcy, and he has used it as an asset quite successfully.”

Holter also points out, “Paul Volker, when he was Chairman of the Fed, was able to raise rates and able to tighten the money supply. He was able to create a deep recession. The reason he was able to do that was the country, corporations, individuals and the federal government itself was not over-leveraged in 1980 to the extent it is today. The over-leverage is everywhere today. If Paul Volker came in today and tried to do what he did back in 1979 and 1980, all you would see for markets and the economy is one big black smoking hole. You would have the entire system come down.”

Sinclair warns, “If Bill and I were standing on a street corner as preachers, our sign would read not ‘the end is near.’ Our sign would read, ‘it ended.’”

Sinclair goes on to say, “The flash crash to hell has started because the U.S. dollar is only up for one reason. It’s only up because there is a synthetic short.”

Holter adds, “And if you look at the dollar chart, it is rolling over. The next big move in the dollar is down, which also tells you the next move in any asset priced in dollars is going to cost more dollars because the dollar will weaken dramatically.”

In closing, Sinclair says, “The dollar standard is over. We were on a gold standard, and then poof, Nixon, and out. What has happened to the petro-dollar? Poof, it’s out in comparison to what it was. What system is next? The marbles standard? Gold is going back . . . to a store house of value.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

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After the Interview:  

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  1. john duffy

    As if we didn’t have enough to worry about?
    I found this on jim’s MineSet:

  2. Anthony Australia

    Huge. Thanks Greg, great one for Lunar New Year!!!
    The phone is off the hook for the next hour.

    I noticed during the Trump campaign he pledged to rebuild America’s infrastructure; airports, rail, road etc. Has any of this happened there? Just asking the question, as I don’t know.

    • Jeff Drew

      While Trump pledged to rebuild America’s infrastructure during his campaign, Obama touted it ad nauseam and was rewarded with an 853 billion $ porkulous spending bill. Our infrastructure has further degraded while this bill was nothing more than a slush fund. Look for Trump to parrot infrastructure necessity at his SOTU address Tuesday night.

      • Anthony Australia

        I heard Gerald Celente say the other day that catching the New York Subway was like being in Kolkata. Hence my question direct to some of you American Citizens.
        Fritz Springmeier around 1993 said about the illuminati; a major boom happened in the US, then China planned some years on, following that Australia. We currently are in the midst of a 100 Billion Dollar infrastructure boom here, one may say it is a coincidence what Fritz claimed. I say it is the grand plan by the elite to build a country up then destroy it and enslave the people in debt and high taxes.

        • Tin foil hat

          Anthony Australia,
          The homeless population has gotten a little out of control since Mayor de Blasio took over five years ago. Many subway stations in Manhattan smell like public toilet and subway car in the morning smell like homeless shelter.
          It’s almost like the 70’s again except for the lower crime rates.

          • Anthony Australia

            I remember watching Rocky 1 and wondered why the city of Philly was so run down.

    • William Stanley

      He has upgraded Gitmo quite a bit. Now he just has to fill up the new cells with traitors waiting to be hung. That will be the real test of his commitment to America.

    • GeoAZ

      Anthony, fair question. From what see, Trump hasn’t been able to make all the headway he promised but look at the climate he has had to work in. The democrats have not only been badgering him on every level from fake racism to fake collusion, but they have fought every move he has tried to make. Fortunately he had been able to improve the economy (which granted won’t last long), improved unemployment and made good on a host of other promises he made. Is he perfect, not by a long shot but he has done more in his two years in office than any other president. I have to applaud that.

  3. Scott

    I believed Sinclair in 2015 when he said “we don’t make it out of September without the big one [crash].”

    Sold my equity positions and took a major tax hit. After which the market went even higher. As they say, “fool me once…”

    These two individuals are gatekeepers, nothing more. They are not worthy of Mr. Hunter’s fine program or his valuable time. Follow their advice at your own peril.

    • TSI

      people will get so tired of these failed predictions that by the time the real disaster strikes everyone will be suffering from apathy and complacency. Dent and Bo Polney are two of the worst for making highly specific wrong predictions, price and timewise, over and over again…

      • Greg Hunter

        Dent maybe but Polny has mad some stunning predictions on USAW. In midterm election night he said the stock market topped Oct 3rd. (He also predicted it to his subscribers in writing.) It did. He also said the stock market would sell off in December which rarely happens. It did–19%. Polny says it’s getting ready to tank again pretty soon.

        • Doug

          “Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift your heads, because the your redemption draweth near” Luke 21.28

          Truer words have never been uttered by the Lord… emphasis on “begin to happen “

          How many can lift our heads in this look down generation of the iPhone

          Cheers good job Doug

    • Anthony Australia

      They are not giving advice, rather an option. The same could be said about any and all of the guests on USAW. Like they said trust your gut.
      The dates don’t matter only the final result in which many are alluding to.

    • Jason

      Learn how to chart. The Market telegraphs it’s moves. My wife is now about 70% cash in her 401k. I am now 100% bonds in mine.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “The Market telegraphs it’s moves.”
        ._.. _ _ _ ._..
        Somehow (I’m not usually this unkind), I wish that all that you say were true.

        • iwitness02

          It’s been a long while since I have seen Morse Code. Forgot there was such a thing. It would probably be worth learning. Now I am intrigued by the idea.

          • iwitness02


            • iwitness02

              dit dah

              • iwitness02

                oops, probably dit daw

      • Chris in Arkansas

        I can trade company stock in my account with very low fees. Last year up over 20%. So far up about 6% in 2019. I probably would have done better trading in and out of a couple or the large cap funds. Unfortunately there are only so many places to run in 401k accounts and I use the stable value fund (US Treasuries and short term bonds) as a safety zone. My wife and I have talked about taking a low interest 401k loan to fund adding to our PM holdings but I’m not quite convinced yet.

        • Greg Hunter


          Watch the David Stockman interview tonight to help you decide what to do.


          • H. Craig Bradley

            Better jump out the window and don’t forget a parachute.

            • Greg Hunter

              You are done. Don’t bother to comment anymore. I am not running a free platform for you to insult me. Go away, and maybe try that window yourself.

            • William Stanley

              Who peed in your Cheerios?

    • Russ McMeans

      Scott: Hopefully after selling your positions you bought PM’s? Well since the central banks around the world have printing presses, why complain? Sinclair and Holter will be proven right. It takes a long time for the world banking system to tank because they’re doing their utmost to hold it up. But they can only do it for so long. Unfortunately we’re tied to banking because it’s intertwined in our whole world economy.

    • Doug

      You do what you know you need to do and not because somebody else tells you. I’m not in equities not because of what Jim and Bill say but because I know it’s a house of cards. I have gold and silver not because of what Greg’s guests have to say but because I know what true value is. I value my metals not in dollars but in ounces.

      Fact of the matter is if not for all the manipulation and rabbits pulled out of the hat this present system would of imploded years ago. As stated in the interview they have not been wrong….only early. That which is not sustainable can not be sustained and that is all we need to know.

      Their advice is good advice. Prepare for the inevitable collapse. Own your own stuff. Before you consider purchases of gold and silver make sure you have food, water, shelter for an extended period of time. When Bill say’s that when credit breaks down distribution ceases isn’t hyperbole’. Take a look a Venezuela right now.

      Jim Sinclair is incredibly wealthy. He doesn’t have to give an interview to Greg. You can either profit from his years of experience and insider knowledge or not…..the choice is yours. If you want to be ‘invested’ in paper equities when the world is so overly indebted that it can never be paid back then that is your choice and the advice of Jim and Bill is not for you.

      For those that have ears to hear and understand the days we are living in they are protecting themselves for what is to come. The choice is yours….

      Thanks for having them on again Greg and when Jim thinks it’s important to come on I listen. I’d much rather be a few weeks or months early than one day too late!

  4. Connie Packerd

    A Desperate SOS from England

  5. David Jewett

    I thank all of you, Greg, Jim, and Bill, for this interview.

    One more question I’d like Bill and Jim to answer (too late, now) is this: Why June?

  6. Allen Starr

    We have so much fresh water here in Russia that the Chinese have approached Putin about giving them water to irrigate their desert. I’m located in Siberia close to just one of these large rivers (the Angara River) with a large dam which looks a lot like the Columbia River. We don’t have chem trails here either as I watch planes fly over the Dacha in the summer. I couldn’t help but lock on to the fact that once the SHTF that people who control the US can’t be allowed to run any new system. These people are murderers and thieves and must be destroyed if there is ever going to be any peace in the world. People still living in the US should really let that sink in as you may have to protect yourself against them by killing them as they will never give up their power peacefully. I will never go back to the US as millions of Americans are going to die when this catastrophe hits. We are safe here except for a nuclear war which will kill everyone. No nuclear war – we already have all the seeds, seed potatoes, onions, garlic, and berry bushes at the Dacha we need to survive on and have more than enough for other friends also.

    • Tim

      I bet it’s cold there.

      • Allen Starr

        We’re right in the middle of a little cold snap. It’s -40C today and it will stay there for another 6 days before it gets back down into the -20C area again which is more normal. It’s a dry cold here like in Eastern Washington state so it’s not bad at all until it gets to be -40C and below where you need to dress properly to protect yourself. When I first came here, I was dumb enough to go outside for 5 minutes in -52C weather. Once inside again, I touched my face and the skin just peeled off. I don’t go outside in that weather anymore. December and January are the coldest months here. The oil in your car starts freezing at -35C so it’s not real smart to take the car our of the garage as it’s about 10C warmer in the garage. The cold isn’t a problem because you can work around it most of the time. In May we start putting things in the ground at the Dacha. We grow about 900 kilos of potatoes and only need 300 kilos to eat and for seed potatoes for the following year. The wife has 600 strawberry plants which yield over 150 liters which she sells. She will probably get more this year as most of the plants will be 3 years old. We grow tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in the greenhouse and onions, cabbage, beets, carrots, zucchini, pumpkins, garlic, radishes, parsley, dill, cauliflower, and celery outside. We have no chemtrails in the sky and don’t use chemicals to grow anything.

    • TSI

      Do you get chemtrails in Russia?

    • Russ McMeans

      Allen: we ( the USA ) , should have been allies a long time ago. I’ve never understood the animosity that our stupid leaders have against Russia. We have two common enemies: Muslims and China. Sorry but it’s true!

      • Allen Starr

        Much of the animosity was created by how Russia discriminated against their Jews who were then allowed to immigrate to the US after passing the Jackson/Vanek Bill to help them. This is where you got most of your neocons and they hate Russia. Most of them should die out soon and that problem will hopefully go away. There was a later big Jewish immigration to Israel and they don’t hate Russia. The bigger problem is the whole financial system is controlled by a cabal that doesn’t care who or how many it kills and won’t be easily destroyed. Unfortunately, nothing really matters anymore as there is no way out of this mess anyway. There are hundreds of reasons why this can’t be fixed and you now get either a financial catastrophe or a nuclear war. Putin is trying to avoid a nuclear war but the US keeps pushing. People in the US better wake up and take control of their Government because Russia now has more than enough firepower to destroy all of America.

      • DB Cooper

        Russ, don’t be sorry … the day we entered into PC we were toast, it is Orwellian …Allen. We had 9+F last night and that is cold enough for me and you are right that we acclimate and learn to work around the cold … another layer of wool and fire wood stocked up!!. Cheers, DB.

        • Allen Starr

          Hi DB
          It’s another -40C day and we’re going to take a 10 minute walk to the grocery store and see what it’s like out there. At least I have a newer condo heated by hot water, fueled by coal from the coal plant, which gives us a very warm place to come back to from the store. If you were to poach some of those big mule deer in your area; it would really cut down on the cost of the meat you butcher in your shop. Just watch out for the game warden. Hope all is well with you and the wife. Al

          • DB Cooper

            Allen We too heat w/ water via a wood fired boiler, it is a nice quality heat and only requires “Feeding the Beast !!” That said … I prefer whitetail as I find the meat more tasty.
            Yours in shivers !! DB

  7. Mark James

    Once again, a very excellent interview. I really like, Greg, that you ask them to explain their statements and conclusions. It helps the normal person really see how they think and where their understanding how their wisdom comes together.

    Thank you!

  8. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks. The message was crystal clear and I’m hearing it everywhere: confidence in the status quo has been shattered and we’d better get ready for the worst.

  9. Red

    I love these guys Greg. The reason the system hasn’t crashed is capacity. China is holding white and manufacturing goods over from 2008. According to one Australian government minister at least 6000 famers here recieve welfare payments AND THATS GOVERNMENT NUMBERS who knows what actual numbers are how much subsidies do US farmers get? can you even find out these numbers? I have been saying for 10 years when supply starts to collapse that is the end and it is approaching at light speed. I give 3 years max caveat unless THE FED CRASHES THE MARKET and creates the artificial scarcity associated with this type of event DEPRESSION I love you Greg and watchdoggers and Catherine Austin Fitts rules my wife loves her.

  10. Gubby

    Metal is real. Digital is gone without a trace.

    • Anthony Australia


      Silver more than Gold. Bitcoin to $30,000

      • Rocky Mountain Nancy

        Go Bitcoin!!! Virtual money reigns!!! As G. W. Bush said, “Facts don’t interest us”. As Karl Rove said, “We create our own reality”. Fantasy always rules the day.

        • William Stanley

          Question: “What’s the difference between ignorance and apathy?”
          Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    • Russ McMeans

      Gubby; what I find fascinating is the fact that gold and silver , and for that matter anything tangible, don’t require electricity to maintain their value. Where as Stocks and bonds and bank accounts don’t exist without a power/ internet grid…….

  11. Nick de la Gaume

    Right on!

  12. Ray

    Well…..what a fantastic hour that was.
    Huge thanks to the three Gentlemen who brought it to us……a massive dose of well needed reality.
    I mean no disrespect or offence with what I am about to say…..these are just my personal feelings.
    The thing that would have finished this interview off perfectly, would have been an apology. Not that either of these 3 men need make an apology, for none of them have anything to apologise for.
    But what would have turned this into a “time capsule interview” would have been some sort of an apology to Humanity on behalf of the bastard nations that have put us all into the HOPELESS CORNER we are now painted into.
    Make no mistake, nations like the one I live in….the piss weak Lap Dog Nation to The Bastard Global Bully……we are complicit in this deception and equally responsible for all of this.
    Lies, Continual Unjust Wars, Unfettered Financial Fraud, Pliant Media……..all whilst proudly thumping our chests that we nations are the Champions Of Humanity.
    WHAT STENCH!!!!!!
    Uncle Vladimir and Uncle Xi……….to the following I hope I can be true.
    Once your nations have had your fill of this utter BS……..once you see our plot, our plan to RULE BY DECEIT FOREVER over you, and you push your red button:
    I SINCERELY HOPE that I am man enough to run into that mushroom cloud over Canberra, and say in my heart as I am incinerated……”I deserve this……I voted for this…..I stood by and let it all happen. Here is my karma, here is my karma, here is my karma.”
    Filth……Australia, USA, England, France and many others. UTTER FILTH.
    The innocent souls of those slaughtered over the past 50 years, in our BS righteousness of bringing “democracy and stability” to the planet……may they delight in my downfall…..may God lift them up, and throw me and the rest of this Bastard society into the Hell which it rightly belongs……..again……Karma…..the Absolute Purifier.
    My thanks and congratulations once again to the three Gentlemen for this superb reality check. All three could be Presidents in a “Real America”.
    Sadly, the image I behold in the mirror revealeth the filth that this planet has fallen into.
    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Greg Hunter


      Russia and China are NOT your friends either. It’s one big filthy world out there only in China and Russia it’s illegal to point that out.


      • TSI

        Greg you are correct. But mainstream media like to blame everything on Putin nowadays. According to Macron Putin is to blame for the organising the yellow vest protesters. Of course this is not labelled a conspiracy theory as it serves the mainstream bash Putin narrative. We need to deal with the local/national corruption first as 1) this is the corruption affecting OUR lives 2) We have no chance of resolving Russian/Chinese corruption if out own countries are just as bad if not worse.

        • Russ McMeans

          Amen TSI!

      • Anthony Australia

        Russia not sure about, China definitely not.

        • Allen Starr

          Putin will do what is best for Russia and it’s people and that is how it should be. It is not illegal to voice a different view in Russia. There are many discussions on Russian television where you get both sides and it is brutal. The difference now is that you can voice you differences and the people will just ignore your lies. The people here are very well informed so they ignore the lies and discuss what are mostly facts which leads to some very heated discussions. You need to factor in the MSM propoganda and lies into any discussion about Russian interference in what negative things are said against the Russian Government. The approval of a majority of Russian people about it’s Government also makes it easy for the Government to ignore any negativity. This is not a threat to the Russian Government.

          • William Stanley

            Did you see Greg’s interview of Daniel Estulin (Russian intelligence service connections, as I recall)?
            I’ve been reading his book. Anyway, it’s his view that Vladimir Putin faces many of the same enemies — and political risks — as does President Trump. According to Estulin, the Globalists are INSIDE Russia as well as outside.

            • Allen Starr

              Greg really outdid himself by giving you an interview with Daniel Estulin as he is actually an expert and knows what he is talking about. I would hope that Greg thinks up a few important questions and has him back on. And yes, Putin has his share of assholes to deal with also. I will also tell you that I have had the opportunity to talk with ex-KGB agents as well as FSB agents and they’re some of the most intelligent people I have ever met and I trust them and that’s all I will say. The Russian people don’t trust them and tell you to stay away if you possibly can. I am not afraid and I have also met many mafia heads as well.

      • Ray

        Appreciate your reply.
        You are right of course.
        Looks to me like nobody has any real friends out there……perhaps that is the overarching problem that needs to be fixed.
        Take care mate………thanks again for that splendid interview.
        Alternative News Media at its’ finest.
        Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • Paul in oz

        Greg, I agree they are nobody’s friend and may not even really be each other’s friend, but they have not been the worldwide aggressors and instigators of war and instability that the US has been since the reluctantly entered WWII. Australia is blessed with natural resources and some amazing gold deposits still in ground, the country is of value to any superpower and is sparsely populated with an educated and hard working populace. All of my hopes for America are on President Trump! If he fails the deep state wins, worldwide war occurs the devastation will be beyond imagination. If he wins, a reset will occur that is more just but nevertheless devastating. Believing the debt was unsustainable in 2002 I shifted to real money and have been consistently wrong in the timing. The timing of the reset , just like the rapture no man is unknown to any man. The absolute corruption that has obliterated markets will only be changed when the corrupt are no longer in control. As much as I believe in the sincerity and competence of both guests, even though I live in OZ, I may as well be from Missouri … I beseech everyone nonetheless, put yourself in a position to survive the disasters your guests warn of, regardless of the timing, be it this year, next or 5 – 10 years from now … it will happen … I remain ready and hoping to be in a position to help those in need.

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t view America the same way. Sure we have had leaders that suck and made some mistakes. We are trying to get out of it. Australia has given up most of their effective weapons and are left with bolt action rifles and revolvers to fight tyranny. What happened to you guy. Now Australia getsw caught spying on Trump and nobody goes to jail. Crickets!!! By the way, you do realize Australia has sent troops to Middle East too? Most recently in 2015: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/australian-troops-depart-for-the-middle-east/vi-AAb24Db

          • Ray

            Come on mate……..if we in Australia are “disarmed”, whilst Americans remain “armed”…….SO WHAT?
            I don’t see the “armed Americans” forming into a “regulated militia” to tear down the tyrannical, UNHINGED US war government global war machine.
            But therein is wisdom……perhaps war on your soil……visited by a fed up bullied nation, might be the only thing to shake your nation to its’ core and wake it up properly.
            USA is first and foremost a war nation…….making war everywhere it can except at home……that us a fact my friend…..an UNNESCAPABLE FACT.
            Suggest your people pick up their guns and deal with it, or prepare for war visited from abroad.
            Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • J

              Ray you don’t see it but it is happening. Trump is the new kid in town. He is changing everything America has been to the world. We will stop being the police of the world. America may become the friendliest country in the future. Trump is getting us out of the crazy police state, at the same time developing economic growth so that when the Fed dollar fails we can have a new currency competitive with other currency
              Stay tuned America is not dead. Part 2 is coming.

              • Ray

                Let’s hope that you are right J !!
                Nothing would please me more.

          • Anthony Australia

            Guns won’t do jack against supersonic, radioactive or thermal weapons. We will just be fried by air.

    • William Stanley

      Isn’t a bit arrogant of you to take personal responsibility for the depredations that the Globalists have inflicted on the world? Did you know at the time what they were up to? Could you even have imagined the evil that they were up to? Could you have stopped it if you did know? Yes, I understand being upset with yourself for taking longer than necessary to get “red pilled.” I feel that way about my similar failures.

      • Paul in oz

        Sadly I do recognize the realities of Australia being a vassal state of the USA. You have to admit, when the President who ordered the atomic bomb dropping (whom I consider a good and moral man) warned of the CIA, and the General/President who fought the war (again a good and moral man) warned of the Military industrial complex that preceded a president who was assassinated by his own people, its more than made mistakes … the country has been in a massive decay … one of the presidents was director of the cia when a president was assassinated (it wasn’t Russians or Chinese) another president lied under oath to the American congress and was not thrown out of office while his wife has been taken treasonous bribes and more. Meanwhile another president took down the world trade centers killing thousands and another probably non naturalized president was in office …the country has been derailed for multiple decades and bullies it allies and creates war for oil. More than mistakes …. Trump hopefully will return the country to the rule of law. I have no doubt we agree upon that, but other things we can agree to disagree upon and remain united in the hope that soon the country is restored to the constitutional values upon which it was founded and had for many decades made the world much better place. I hope America is made great again!

        • William Stanley

          Paul in oz,
          RE: “you have to admit . . ..”
          Humm. I have to disagree at least a little: one doesn’t have to “admit” to things that they already thought were true and have stated so publicly. If we disagree about some things, I didn’t find much of it in your post.
          One thing, maybe, where I think I agree with Ray more than I do with you, i.e., the independent culpability of the UK and the Commonwealth nations (along with “the U.S.” and others) in perpetrating the depravities of the Globalists. However, I admit (definitely joking now), Ray seems a little conflicted about that. It is unclear to me if he means that Australia is a lap dog belonging to the UK, or one belonging to the US. He berated himself as if he had personal agency not only in Australia being a “lapdog” (degrading enough by itself), but in participating in the schemes of the Globalists.
          Will you admit to that? (I’m kind of joking here, since I’m still not completely clear concerning your views about the UK’s and the Commonwealth’s independent culpability. I’m sure that we all oversimplify when we talk about any nation as if it were a singular entity).
          And you do know that the (or, at least, part of the) Australian intelligence service — as part of the Five Eyes and in support of the Globalists — actively conspired with MI6 and others in perpetuating the Russia Hoax against President Trump. Right?

          • Paul in oz

            William, I originally lived in a country that was America’s best friend until they would not serve the purpose of agreeing to the invasion of Iraq making the Brits, America’s best friend … Paul Craig Roberts paints the truth about Vassal states more accurately then anyone … the commonwealth states are vassal states, the euro zone is for the most part a vassal state, Japan is a vassal state complicit in the highest form of financial manipulations in accordance with US direction. All of them, including the USA are vassals for the bankers who know how to ultimately control everybody and everything of this world. In Canada I found America to be of a greater cultural influence than the UK. The French Canadians generally provided an alternate viewpoint and have been generally despised by American politicians but provided a certain balance. Here I find the UK more influential but that is sad because they sent countless Aussies into slaughters during wars. Oz is filled with Ray’s … those with the courage to run head first in to battle, a trait shared by their northern counterparts who have been exposed to the dumbing down process of the west. The UK has made themselves relatively irrelevant but has remained a financial center which is consistently being eroded, the citizens of the US have been dumbed down (hopefully not too far to recover) allowing their morally bankrupt leaders to make them all but indentured slaves to the bankers. Sad to say, but the country’s only hope is Trump and I very much hope that the person reading current events correctly is Dave Janda, but I very much fear it is PCR.

            • William Stanley

              Paul in oz,
              1. I admire PCR!
              2. Ex-banker, Macron (Rothschild puppet) is now running a police state modeled partly after the old USSR and is having the police intentionally maim yellow vest protesters by shooting them in the face with energetic rubber bullets (knocking eyes out as well as other damage. He’s now adopted USSR “psychiatry” and his regime has ordered opposition leader Marine Le Pen to undergo a psychiatric exam).
              3. “The Bankers” are an international crime syndicate that is at or near the center of Globalism (I had a friend email me today with a play on words, calling them the Global Fascists. So true).

          • Ray

            1) I am free to berate either myself or my country.
            2) My observations of Australian being complicit in the heinous brutality of US Global Hegemony are mine to make, if they “degrade” the country….good…..because this country, along with the USA, gets an “F” in my grading on being good global citizens.
            2) Australia is the Lap Dog of the USA……as are all other Western Nations.

            Wish you all the best Will,

            • William Stanley

              Ray:BAD LAP DOG!
              Actually, you seem more Dingo-like (bit of a rebel there, heh?)
              As for the Aussie intelligence services, their behavior seems more cat-like than canine.

      • Ray

        Been taking red pills for over 20 years William……long before the USA government dropped its own skyscrapers in NYC and went on an idiotic global war binge (which the Lap Dog Nation got sucked into all to easily).
        Both our nations are going to be Glass Car Parks if we are not careful.
        Did you ever have a bully at your school William?
        We did…….a real bastard he was too. Have innocent kids He’ll for years with merciless beatings in streets after school for no reason except that he could.
        On the last day of school in 1984, five young blokes in my class got him and thumped the living sh*t out of him…….put him in hospital for three days. He lost 4 teeth. He should have lost 32.
        That’s who we are…….THE BULLY…….do you not understand sir?
        I follow your posts here and find you to be a sensible person with logical arguments on the whole, so I cannot see how you could argue the point ANY FURTHER, given what we know about the USA and its’ legion of Lap Dog, war mongering bastard nations that lie, cheat and kill year after year after year upon innocent people around the world.
        Fair Dinkum!
        Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Ray

          “Gave innocent kids he’ll for years”

        • William Stanley

          If you follow my posts then you know that I screw things up with some regularity.
          I think that you think that I think that wars of empire and aggression are okay. I don’t think that.
          My use of the word “arrogant” was meant ironically: you seemed to be flagellating yourself in atonement for crimes that YOU didn’t commit.
          I haven’t been taking red pills quite as long as you, and I do feel remorse about the length of my own slumber and the tardiness of my awakening. (Perhaps my claim to be awake is arrogant . . . perhaps I am a butterfly dreaming that I am a man who is awake). I had simply assumed that you might have shared THAT regret and guilt.
          My point regarding any guilt that YOU might feel regarding the depredations of our governments is of the “It’s-Big-Club, and-You-Ain’t-In-It variety.” Here is comedian George Carlin’s routine. Scroll down to pick up the video.

          • Ray

            Nice Will……respect 🙂

    • Tin foil hat

      You remind me of Daniel Brühl who played a German terrorist in the movie ” 7 Days in Entebbe”.

      • William Stanley

        How so, TFH?
        Is he admitting to things that he didn’t do so that we will admit to things that we didn’t do?

      • Tin foil hat

        Daniel played Wilfried Bose in the movie “7 days in Entebbe”. Wilfried wasn’t a bad guy, he probably saved many of his hostages at the very last moment of his live.
        Basically, Wilfried took responsibility for things he didn’t do and acted to correct things which he had nothing to do with. You should watch the movie, it deserves more than 3 stars.

      • Ray

        I’ll have to watch it then Tin !!!
        Take care mate.

    • Donald

      “Filth……Australia, USA, England, France and many others. UTTER FILTH.
      The innocent souls of those slaughtered over the past 50 years, in our BS righteousness of bringing “democracy and stability” to the planet…”

      Your comment is a good example of just how badly so many have been fooled. A small group of psychopaths who control banking, business, the media, elements of higher education, elements of judicial systems, and even the writing of history, are behind most of the world’s evil – mostly for money, but also for power. The fault of nations is to have been so stupid as to keep believing these ones. Another ongoing fault of nations is their inability to recognize or accept how badly they have been fooled despite all the evidence. There is a big price top pay for being stupid….

  13. Russell

    What are we going to do, gang? The toughest part is trying to explain to friends and family that we are screwed. I jumped on the gold and silver train back in the Ron Paul days. Half of everything I’ve saved for my entire life is in gold , silver, and platinum. I’d rather not own any of it, much less talk about it on the internet. Get yourselves and your families ready. Get out ahead of this the best that you can.

    • William Stanley

      RE: “Get out ahead of this the best that you can.”
      Sound advice. It will be nearly impossible to catch up after the fact.
      I wish that I could claim to have taken all prudent precautions. I wish that I could get my family and friends to even listen. Most of them won’t even accept storage food, water filters, and other essential gear as gifts. Still, I’ve had some very minor successes . . . but only when my “preparedness nagging” was reinforced by week-long power outages. Most people can’t (or are unwilling to) take seriously that which they haven’t personally experienced (especially if it involves thinking about unpleasant scenarios).

  14. George Mubarek

    I like Jim, and I believe he is sincere, but don’t hold your breath on June. All of this “fear “ porn. It never happens. I guess people buy it. I use to. Just live life and enjoy everyday. Let God sort out the rest. Be Happy! 😁💸💰💵

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s “Fact Porn” George. Now, go back to sleep and continue playing on the tracks.

    • William Stanley

      Come on, George, take a few precautions. It’s easy and inexpensive to have at least a “deep” pantry and some water and water treatment options. You’ll still be happy.

    • Jerry

      Yes Greg,
      Ignorance is truly bliss, as long as you can afford to be stupid.

  15. Oxfarmer

    Anthony, a huge mixmaster is being replaced in our state with mostly Federal money. It is long overdue.

    I am sure some resources will be diverted to the Wall. There is going to be a lot of talk/lies, so we should educate outselves. The best I have found is http//www.usborderpatrol.com/Border Patrol1301.htm

  16. Pat Thorpe

    McConnell privately cautions Trump about emergency declaration on border wall
    Sharyl Attkisson (@SharylAttkisson) is one of the few remaining and an Emmy-award winning investigative journalist, author of the New York Times bestsellers “The Smear” and “Stonewalled,” and host of Sinclair’s Sunday TV program “Full Measure” and can be seen on Newsmax TV.


    Mr. President, don’t drink the Kool Aide our weak knee’d RINO cowards are buying. They are committing political suicide. They are bowing down to the liberal press, propaganda push back campaign of denying you a decisive victory in building the wall. Because the American people want it and want it now. Hollywood may not want it, with wet finger in the wind, the Washington Post may not want you to believe it, because its a winner! The emperor [LameStrem Media] has no clothes, Mr. President Believe it!

    Americans support a border wall more than the media wants YOU to believe


    Demon Rat’s and RHINO’S, Don’t Mess With The American People! We Want Our Country back And Were Gonna Keep it!

    • Russ McMeans

      Pat: to put it in just 1 supportive sentence; if the border patrol says a wall will help them, then so be it!

  17. libertarian jerry

    Greg, excellent interview as always. As an aside,I believe that the elephant in the room will be the power of the state to interfere with and control the impending economic disaster that will come to America. The state will no doubt make owning gold illegal and subject to severe or even draconian penalties. Yes, you can preserve the purchasing power of your assets by obtaining gold. But when the economic disaster hits America owning any gold,except perhaps jewelry, will be a Federal offense punishable by confiscation,heavy fines and jail time. This has happened many times in history and will probably happen again.

    • jim

      LIB JERRY, Say`s someone who is probably broke and can`t afford gold and wants every one else that is doing the right thing and buying it, not to be able to keep it. You will probably one of those who say , yes bail us out, tax the rich. I WILL NEVER TURN MINE IN.

    • paul ...

      Have a crucible and blow torch along with all your precious metal coins … so you can turn your coins into a work of art or jewelry!!

      • paul ...

        Of course buying such items like a crucible and blow torch will likely put you on the governments Suspicious Activity List (the way buying a hammer in England now puts people on the suspicious activity list) … but it’s not just “buying things” that gets you on the list … if you simply ask “to withdraw your own money” from your bank account it gets you on the suspicious activity list (because asking for your own money back is a threat to the financial stability of the bankster’s crooked Ponzi scheme) … bottom line … buy things with cash so there is no record of your purchases (on your monthly credit card statement) and don’t give your wealth to a banker or broker (for a monthly paper statement saying what you supposedly own with them) and you will never have a problem getting your wealth back (for they consider your money “to be theirs” once you hand it over to them) … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-03/appeals-court-police-dont-need-reason-place-americans-suspicious-person-list

        • William Stanley

          paul …,
          That hammer thing in the UK is incredible. They can have my hammer once they pry it out of my cold, dead fingers.
          Even my liberal acquaintances tell me that they wouldn’t comply with a firearms ban or confiscation. Apparently absolutely nobody turned in their high-capacity magazines when New Jersey banned them.
          I did buy a few 10-round mags for my AR (just in case I lose all of my 30-round mags). I’m so ashamed.

        • Russ McMeans

          Paul; you nailed it perfectly! Plus a link to ZH is always a great thing.

  18. Gun Helmut

    It’s not because Venezuela has oil, it’s because they don’t want to trade for dollar’s.
    Venezuela Gold: Bank of England ‘no longer neutral player’ – Richard Wolff

    “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it” Lesson Learned?

    • TSI

      why can’t they just leave Venezuela alone!

      • William Stanley

        Why buy what you can steal?
        Here’s a song that should appeal to your pacifist heart (“Blowing in the Wind” by Peter, Paul, and Mary):
        I didn’t remember it being this beautiful.

        • paul ...

          The only problem William is that there is a wind blowing between the ears of too many millennials … the only answer now my friend … is lead blowing in the wind … to take out the warmongering neocon pedophile transgender commie Satanist Demon rats!!

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            LOL! Truly funny (and I truly laughed out loud).
            Nevertheless, I hope you don’t deny yourself the beauty of that particular rendition.

            • paul ...

              I always loved that song William!!

    • arthur barnes

      Yep Gun Helmut, when Venezuela’s old boy decided to get around trading their oil for dollars, (here in the Western Hemisphere where the Monroe Doctrine is alive and well) he sealed his presidency as the U.S. may tolerate it elsewhere but next door it won’t. So I believe that is when the CIA and US Blackopps went into action to bring in a new leader which is more tolerant of U.S. relations. I have no real authority to say this, no secret information, etc., but I have seen it before and it seems like the developments follow that similar pattern. The U.S. still sees the Western Hemisphere as its neighbors on the other side of the tracks and will continue to police it. Several other leaders have make the mistake of siding with our enemies from time to time, Noriega comes to mind among many others who couldn’t stand up against the U.S.’s police dogs & were deposed & jailed as well.

  19. Jerry

    Thanks for having Bill and Jim on. Bill Holter is one of my favorite guest you have on. My advice to Bill is……prepare to defend yourself. The globalist agenda to create the North American Union by overloading the American system with hordes of refugees from South America is in full swing. As we speak, proxy military units embedded withinthe refugee caravan is headed to the Texas border.

    According to my sources ( which I can’t confirm) weapons and explosives are being smuggled into Mexico to arm elements of the proxy armies that are embedded in the caravan. According to intellengence reports, the primary target is to take down the power grid in Mexico and create a human disaster on our border as thousands of refugees flee northward for humanitarian aide. Can you even imagine the chaos it could cause, not to mention the security challenges on our border?

    Greg, the economies in South America are collapsing. These people have nothing to loose by fleeing to America, and the globalist are taking full advantage of it.

  20. Montana Guy

    Two savvy men. Two good men. Thank you for the interview.

    Now would be a good time for one last math check. A good rule of thumb, ‘2,000 calories per loved one per day’.

    • paul ...

      Three ounces of olive oil per day will provide the 2000 calories … and what is great about drinking down an ounce for breakfast, and ounce for lunch and an ounce for dinner is … you don’t have to waste precious time cooking three meals a day or looking for firewood to cook up these three meals … put a wick in it and it will provide light at night if you don’t have batteries or solar cells … and place the olive oil lamp under a pot and it will boil and disinfect rainwater if don’t want to use poisonous chlorine!!

      • William Stanley

        paul …,
        I had to check. My olive oil (and peanut oil) has 120 calories per tablespoon. Siri says two tablespoons per ounce, or 240 calories per ounce. How come your olive oil is so superior?
        On the other hand, I believed Siri about the log of 2, and she gave me the natural log of 2 instead, without warning me. Sure, my bad: It didn’t seem right, but Siri works for the Deep State and I believed her. It’s hard to say whether she can ever regain my trust.

        • paul ...

          William … my error … your right … I thought it was one teaspoon that had 120 calories … it is one tablespoon!! … so since one tablespoon equals three teaspoons … everyone will have to increase their consumption by three times the amount I mentioned above to provide the 2000 calories (or about an 8 ounce cup per day) … this means a 3 liter can of olive oil will provide the necessary calories for one person for 12 days (so each person in the household will require 30 cans per year … at $20 dollars per 3 liter can of olive oil that comes out to $600 dollars per person/yr … which compares favorably to the cost of freeze dried food that can run about $3,400 dollars per person for a one year supply!!

          • Montana Guy

            Paul, that’s a ridiculous comparison and dangerous advice. 100% of calories in olive oil is from fat. Your ‘tip’ yields zero protein, zero carbohydrates and zero dietary fiber.

            • paul ...

              Montana … if you have some rice stored away throw it in a pan with your olive oil and make some fried rice!!

          • William Stanley

            paul …,
            Yes. Your point about cost effectiveness was what intrigued me.
            BTW, Paul, I enjoyed your analysis of the silver “market.” Well done there, too!

            • William Stanley

              Another point, though: shelf-life.

              • William Stanley

                Yet another point: you can use olive (and peanut) oil to make popcorn, which is an essential comfort food and a good(?) delivery system for the calories in oil.

  21. Austin E Jones JR

    There is an aspect to a severe depression that modern day people don’t understand. I was raised by people that lived through the “Great Depression” of the 1930’s. My grandfather always wanted a farm. As we road around going fishing in the 1950’s he used to say, “See that farm Bud, I could have bought that place for $400 in 1934, but back then you couldn’t get your hands on a nickle.” His garage was full of junk and he would tell me to save everything because you never know when hard times are coming. Here is the real issue people don’t get. The results of a real depression like these two gentlemen are talking about takes two to three generations to recover from psychologically. I was in the estate settlement business selling estates at public auction from 1973 to 1990. Most of what I sold was farm estates for people that lived through the depression. These people did not waste anything. Barns and houses were full of old news papers, magazines, tobacco tins, mule power farm implements, cans, jars you name it. The reason was that they learned to save everything because when times get bad and there is no credit you can’t get your hands on a nickle. And, they could never got over it. Neither will you but your great grand children might get back to some form of normalcy. I was born in 1945, and I am still not over it. You should see what is in my barns. Any body need a set of hub caps for a 47 Chevy?

    • TSI

      That is why gold’s monetary value could come to the fore during the next depression. It will be the only money that still exists.

    • Petedivine

      Great comment about your grandfather. I have a similar story. An older friend of mine is in his late sixties. His mother and father recently passed away and he was having difficulty settling his parent’s financial affairs. Apparently, his parents were around during the Great Depression. They had money stashed in furniture, hidden away within the house, and had accounts in over a dozen banks. In all they left behind over two million Dollars. By all accounts they were very frugal. They used to say never trust the banks, and they hoarded everything. I never forgot the lesson. That generation was punished with extreme poverty.

  22. al

    Sinclair, Zang, Celente, and others look to the $1,400 mark as the indicator.
    Technically that is a critical pivotal point but I don’t know Greg, the Cartel has managed to hammer the price just when you think it’s going to the moon. The CME is the Criminal Merchandise Exchange which sets the price of gold. I want to see that gang dismantled.

    My indicator is a shake up in government such as the FISA documents released and jail time for the Mafia bosses, or the government takeover of the Fed or the eradication of the IRS. Something like that would be a better indicator because the B.S. Algos run the show. Nonetheless, I find these prices a gift and keep accumulating when I can.

    Wow… June 2019 huh? I don’t think JS Mineset ever stuck their necks out that far. Let’s hope they’re right. Sinclair is one of my favorites along with Holter.

    I look forward to your WNWs and your ESRs, you’re a staple of TRUE NEWS!
    God bless you and your Family Greg

  23. Rob

    Father always raises up exactly who He needs to bring His sovereign will in every position of power down to the lowly pawn in this grand game of chess where the Father completely controls both sides of the chess board:

    Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil. I am Jehovah, that doeth all these things.

    Romans 9:17-18 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, For this very purpose did I raise thee up, that I might show in thee my power, and that my name might be published abroad in all the earth. (18) So then he hath mercy on whom he will, and whom he will he hardeneth.

    The first reset will bring this covenant:

    Daniel 9:7 O Lord, righteousness belongeth unto thee, but unto us confusion of face, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither thou hast driven them, because of their trespass that they have trespassed against thee.

    The second rest will bring this:

    Revelation 13:16-17 And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    Those two resets will culminate with this time on earth:

    Mark 13:19-20 For those days shall be tribulation, such as there hath not been the like from the beginning of the creation which God created until now, and never shall be. (20) And except the Lord had shortened the days, no flesh would have been saved; but for the elect’s sake, whom he chose, he shortened the days.

    The beast will encompass the mystery of lawlessness:


    • arthur barnes

      ROB, yea, today’s events pretty much is setting stage for what you discussed, its on the horizon if one just lets one see. Christ is the answer!

  24. Pat Thorpe


  25. Sandy Beach

    https://www.youtube (######## This is Greg Hunter. I destroyed this YT link you posted. Don’t post this Propaganda to my site. I don’t work for CNN anymore and NEVER will again.)

  26. Country Codger

    Great interview Greg.
    Jim’s timing is spot on. The next super cycle begins @May28th and runs to @Aug 20th. Focal point is June 25th through July 23rd. Point of highest intensity Jul 9th (July 2-16) with a probability factor of 80%. That is high. Think of it this way, you have an 80% chance someone will press the wrong button at the wrong time.
    As I have mentioned before we are in the War cycle until Spring of 2023. After that we will enter the Slavery cycle 2023/4 until 2030.
    Stay prepared or get prepared.
    Lo Iyrah!

  27. Sandy Beach

    Awe Shuck’s!
    Gov. Northam refuses to step down, despite flood of calls for his resignation over racist photo
    Laura Vozzella, Gregory S. Schneider 11 hrs ago

    Ivania Castillo, 52, voted for Northam for governor and met him several times. While she loves what he has done in office, she thinks he has to resign.
    “He is kind, soft, very close to the Hispanic community,” said Castillo, an immigrant from El Salvador who works for Casa in Action in Prince William County. “For me, I cried when I saw that picture. It’s very racist and the pain that the African American community feels now is like the pain we feel from Donald Trump and his government.”

    NATIONAL SECURITY Poll: Latino Trump approval soars during border wall battleSunday, January 20, 2019 | Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com)

    Since President Donald Trump has ramped up his push for funding the border wall through a partial government shutdown, his approval rating among Hispanic American voters has unexpectantly climbed by 20 points.

    Just over a month ago in early December, an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll revealed that Trump’s approval rating among Latino adults registered at just 31 percent.
    Don’t Believe The Mocking Bird Media Push Back Since!

  28. Neil

    Greg, we know Mr Sinclair speaks when he has something to say. In my opinion he has spoken in very clear terms. Your interview is so important. It was hard for me to see the resets are a process, slow churning, and not quick decisive one-off events. These two men were first to say 2 resets come our way. Your interviews help me greatly and these men have been my favourites for many years now. I believe everything has to change related to fiats or nothing can change. Canada cannot be an island or better or okay compared to USA. Canada doesn’t even have gold. Trudope gave it Barry Obama one night! So, I rotate my pasta and soup and coffee beans and do the best I can.

  29. Ed

    Jim Sinclair, Bill Holter, John Williams, never say how the dollar index can crash
    against the completely rotten, dissolute , who owes you nothing fraud Euro and
    Greg never asks.
    The Euro makes up something like 58% of the dollar index. Throw in the Euro dominated swiss franc and british pound and it gets up to about 70% of the dollar index.
    How is the dollar supposed to decline against this junk?

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you ever thing maybe it’s all junk and that means the bonds are junk too?

      • Ed

        Quite correct, all the currencies comprising the dollar index are
        garbage. So pretty hard for the dollar to decline against such offal, no?
        All western central banks need to buy and hold vast amounts of gold,
        but when?

        • Greg Hunter

          Don’t look at the currencies but the bonds. Do you think that debt is ever going to be repaid?

          • Ed

            As Greenspan stated : yes it can be repaid.
            But with confetti money. The world’s biggest markets are the currency markets because they denominate everything else including bonds.

            • J

              Ed why pay a debt when you can change the currency? Trump will end the fed debt system.Get ready for part 2 of the free American resolve.

      • Bob

        If I saw a $100 note on the ground I’d still pick it up.

        It may be junk but you can go to a shop and swap it for useful junk.

  30. Mike

    It is not how many dollars you can get for an ounce of gold. The question is how much can you buy for an ounce of gold?

  31. Sam

    Sinclar and Holter has been wrong for so many years, I just don’t understand how anyone can still listen to them or even worse, pay for crazy doomsday predictions. For the last 8 years they have been saying stock market gonna crash, USD gonna crash and Gold:s gonna skyrocket to 50000 USD. It has been the exact opposite. They are never gonna change their minds.

    These guys explore fear just like the global warming scheme. I just don’t understand why people still listen to these doomsday clowns.

    There is a time to be LONG and there is a time to be SHORT. That goes for ALL MARKETS!

    • Greg Hunter

      So you flunked Math and missed the $21 trillion stories I have been posting here. You are the one who is wrong and maybe dead wrong.

      • Nick in UK

        Unfortunately Sam is accurate in that anyone predicting an actual collapse date in the last decade has been proven 100% wrong. This has had a damaging effect on both parties. As well as the predictors credibility, any of us trying to help others by spreading the word lose credibility as well. Plus the financial losses.

        Most here know what’s coming, we just don’t know exactly when.

        Personally I don’t see why anyone would buy a years subscription to JS mineset at $129 when they are saying it’s all over in five months!
        Those $129 dollars would buy another seven silver coins, a lot of tins of food or more ammo.

        If they are that convinced it’s over by June they should open their site up and double down on finding and warning new people.

        I am surprised Bill has committed to June 2019 as he has been very very careful in the past not to tie himself down to a date.

        In July will we be adding these two names to the list allready containing Organ. Hoffman, Weir, and quite a few others ?

        I think the why June question should be answered by Bill as he usually comments.

        • paul ...

          Nick … we know Jim Sinclair has some insider sources in the financial world … so when he commits to a June 2019 date … it must be based upon “something” he has ferreted out or connected the dots … and what he has likely ferreted out is that JP Morgan Chase has really accumulated more then the 144 million ounces of physical silver everyone knows about (they likely have about 750 million to 1 billion ounces of physical silver stacked away) as it is extremely easy for these crooks to corner the silver market by simply using the futures market to control the price … that is … selling paper silver shorts to drive the price down while they accumulate silver at low prices … now Jim Sinclair knows (as well as we do) that the Chase Banksters are a bunch of crooks … and stand to “earn” a significant amount of money by simply “not shorting silver” when it begins to move up … now as these banksters are not moral men … when they see an opportunity to make a billion dollars for every dollar the silver price moves up … I think it is fairly certain “we can count on their greed” to make silver rise … how high … well if they have already accumulated 1 billion ounces of physical silver … and silver rises by 1000 dollars … these crooks who have illegally cornered the market stand to gain a Trillion dollars … simply by doing nothing (not shorting silver any more) … how long can evil men resist temptation??

          • paul ...

            But it may even be better then that for the evil banksters … because after silver rises to $1000 dollars per ounce they will certainly have a problem unloading all that physical silver “at the top” … unless … unless they re-set the system … and over the space of “one weekend” re-set the price of silver to $1000 fiat dollars per ounce … doing it that way … the evil crooks don’t have to sell at the top … their silver is “automatically re-valued” without market forces or supply and demand entering the picture … neat deal for them … and for the few of us (who can see what these crooks are up to)!!

        • K. Wayne

          Like a thief in the night….the CRASH is happening right before your eyes.

    • dadiz

      In the few years preceding the 2007-2008 financial crisis, Jim Sinclair routinely warned
      about the extreme derivative exposure in the markets,–routinely and singularly–.
      If the Fed had not started up the presses at that time, it would have been doomsday!
      Being thankful for our reprieve up to this point, seems to be a better perspective.

  32. Charles Casaburi

    There is a big difference between us & the civilizations that have done this in past places like Venezuela or Weimar Germany didn’t have an iron fist on the financial exchanges. This can’t go 0n forever but it can go on a lot longer than people think it can. Recently there was a interview with a professor if public finance from Michigan university who audited 2 departments of the federal government & found 21 trillion in missing spending. Take a wild guess what that’s being sent on.

  33. Jallen

    I would title this interview FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED!!!.
    It sounds like the dollar is going to be replaced soon.
    Jim and Bill tell it like it is. It is just a matter of time before all financial hell breaks loose.
    The Democrat Party has been reduced to scum and so has the so called news networks.
    The people who control the news networks belong in jail.

    Great, great informative interview Jim, Bill and Greg.


    • arthur barnes

      Jallen, the Democratic American hating far left is about 25 percent but its the tail that is waging the dog. Prediction: Democrats run a left candidate splitting the party allowing Trump to be re-elected. Watch the Demogods try to “out left” each other to get the nomination for 2020, its a pleasure to watch it. On another note I miss the Democrats of the past, the Kennedy Democrats, they simply are not around any longer or if they are their far left side has silenced them, they probably have moved to an independent or libertarian type voter. In any event, its helps our President & his agenda which I support.

  34. JJ

    Anthony..maybe the focus is on taking down/removing the deep state with a military tribunal first.
    John McCain and GHWB are gone…assassinated. I just watched a video by David Wilcock that explained the next two years will be focused on this…starting with low level traitors/child traffickers/communists and moving up by levle.
    Remember the boot on McCain’s leg?? Ankle bracelet.

  35. DBCooper

    Greg, Thanks for the interview … That said I have to call you on the carpet … I like to tell people ‘ Think what you like, Mind what you say’ … and bear in mind that I am perhaps speaking out of turn here but if we ‘doggers’ thought that you were dumb or stupid we probably would not follow your site … so please stop telling the world that you are, fact is you are not and you know this. You have left the corrupt MSM and ventured out on your own and have found a degree of success … what does this tell us of your vast intellect !!
    Greg, my hat is off to you and I stand by my critique … if you continue to berate yourself, I will recommend counseling and continue to set you straight.
    Yours in Faith and Liberty,FN, DB.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DB.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Granted, Greg Hunter is nobody’s dummy. But who the hell are you to tell him, how he needs to express himself! I might come from a different generation than you do sir, but a self-deprecating nature has always been considered a positive trait. It requires one to be confident , self aware, so he can humorously state that he might have a shortcomings or two. If we lived in a world full of rubes, half-wits and simpletons perhaps your critique might hold water. Greg Hunter is the consummate professional, we don’t need a rank amateur muzzling the final product. SOD

      • DBCooper

        SOD, I am sure you and I can agree to disagree. Humility and contrition are to be exercised and respected. I stand by my critique and I believe that Greg takes my comment as intended and not as you have interpreted. Yours, DB. PS, In the face of adversity … maintain your sense of humor !!

        • Shadow of Doubt

          I do believe you had the best of intentions with your post. My point is this: Americans need to become a tad more “prickly” when anyone (whether foreign or domestic) starts critiquing or suggesting better alternatives of how others need to express their thoughts or ideas. My concern is that we appreciate the content Mr. Hunter consistently brings us and ensure that these thoughts and ideas stay spontaneous and free. If there are elements in Mr. Hunter’s delivery that bother you -just realize perfection doesn’t exist here on planet Earth! Best wishes, SOD

          • DB Cooper

            SOD, Firstly, I consider Greg Hunter to be a friend of mine and I am pretty sure that when he gets up in the morning he puts on his ‘Big Boy Pants’. Your concerns appear to be misdirected as I have no intention of adjusting Greg’s content. As to your ‘prickly’ issue … Political Correctness is killing our culture and your comment suggests to me that you harbor a high Snowflake Factor. My suggestion is that you also put on your big boy pants and get a life.
            Yours in Sincerity, DB.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Who’s really the nob here? I would hazard a guess that its a certain putz who feels no qualms in advising an highly acclaimed journalist, like Mr. Hunter on how he should manage his craft. Personally, I like Greg’s reporting unabridged and spontaneous! I feel he does a top notch job year in and year out. DB you’re great at giving others the benefit of your unsolicited advice. Please do me a favor and stick to what you know. We can readily rule out anything to do with journalism and human profiling. SOD

              • DB Cooper

                SOD, We’ll let that be the last word. DB

  36. ecobel

    love to listen to these two but actually they have been saying the same thing for many years without any of it coming true. Good was higher in 2010. I know manipulation is always the reason but if you bought then you are at a loss. Jim”s comment that they have always been right is pure bullshit. Now you have a date in June after which if nothing happens you won’t call them out

    • Greg Hunter


      You bought insurance not a trade. Not calling anybody out as the math is real and not contrived. Your comment proves you are missing the point and I am sorry I cannot explain it in a way you take it seriously.


      • Jeff

        The appropriate response to J Sinclair’s call of a dlash crash in June is “Why June?”

      • Gary C

        Greg, I met Jim Sinclair at a meeting fifteen years ago, and bought
        some insurance gold & silver, it has preserved my purchasing power
        against the Canadian Peso by 30%.
        Jim made a very important point that I will never forget.

        “Reduce the amount of TRANSFER AGENTS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR ASSETS, the best advice I have ever received.

  37. Marie Joy

    I fear Americans are not prepping, adequately. After our treasonous politicians sent jobs overseas, many do not have the resources to prep.
    One YouTube video addressed this by explaining that we should buy seeds and have, off road, gardens on other peoples’ properties. Just plant easy-to-grow vegetables off road and come back when they should be ready. The video, I speak of, got 109 pounds of squash by doing this. All you need is a sunny spot and a little luck.
    We’re talking life, or death, starvation, for many and those, with and without resources, need to think outside the box.

    • DBCooper

      MJ, Good Luck w/ that !!. DB

    • paul ...

      Just be careful Marie … a garden too close to a road side will be polluted with harmful chemicals that your vegetables will absorb!!

  38. AL HALL


  39. iwitness02

    My oh my…….some pretty bold statements! Part of me is hoping that Bill and Jim are right on, because I want this economy to be cleansed of the Fed. I want a currency in my pocket that is real money. I have had enough experience with debt notes to last me to eternity. The other part of me feels uncertain about change. The unknown, for me, is troubling. I want all the answers now. But, instead, the answers will come as a learning curve, and that takes time. I pray that we are all up to the task.
    This is one of those interviews that is sort of like a hangover. It sticks around for awhile.
    Many thanks to my favorite gang of three.

  40. Robert

    Your daddy was a machinist? I’m a machinist. It’s good to know that the backbone of this once great country, has things in common.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have got a complete set of tools including a 3 ton floor jack!!

      • Chris in Arkansas

        Me too. Learning how to fix our family vehicles was a goal back in 2017. I started at 48 years old. I can do most intermediate level and some major repairs now. Talk about a great return on investment. Saved thousands of dollars on labor, far more than I ever spent on the tools.

        • Greg Hunter

          Whenever I had to buy a tool I simply write it into the job and it’s still waaaaaay cheaper than paying someone else to do it.
          Way to go!!! Proud of you!!!

  41. Mohammad

    Trump is not an insider? really?
    Who buried Tesla’s documents and handed it to the globalists (Morgan’s and likes)?
    Wasn’t it his uncle John Trump?
    And in which hotel Tesla was Whacked, would be interesting to know who was the owner of Hotel Governor CLINTON?….Hmmmm.
    And aren’t Clintons and Trumps buddies buddies?
    Jim always talked about Management Of Perspective Economics, I say Management of Perspective Thoughts….The screen The Trumps and Clintons and whoever behind them put does not fool me, neither it should fool you too….!
    I see through it and you should too….!


    • Greg Hunter

      With all due respect you see black and nothing else. your opinion is not proven fact. I disagree. I went into great detail as to why I disagree. President Trump got us out of TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the “no-signature” fraud of the Iran nuke deal. Those are just a few of the pet globalist/NWO projects. Not building a wall is another big globalist project, and yet it’s being built as we speak, this according to President Trump’s twitter feed & other reports. You didn’t think that one guy could clean up corruption that has been festering since the JFK assassination in 2 years did you? Trump has to have time to put the country on better footing before the system comes down. What do you think the repatriation of funds & massive increases in oil & natural gas production were all about? Hard to have your currency go to zero if you’re a top energy producer. Trump is the best thing that could have happened to America. He has risked his life & his family’s life & there have been at least 12 legit assassination attempts on his life. He has performed marvelously in lieu of the fact he has fought a failed coup from the Obama White House & the DOJ, attacks from foreign spy services such as MI6, a legacy media where 90% of the coverage of the President is negative (according to Harvard & others), rabid Democrats that tried to impeach him the first day they took over the House, RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan & John McCain & let’s not forget the evil weasels in the Deep State Globalist New World Order. The best part, your President Trump performs this service for the grand total of $1 per year. On a closing note, what I just laid out is not my opinion, these are sourceable, proven facts. I could go on, but I don’t remember all the turncoats complaining about all the fraud during the 8 years of Obama. He’s the one who started the TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the “no signature” Iran (fraud called a) nuke deal. We can agree to disagree & can still be friends. Greg

      • Mohammad

        I agree on the last sentence Greg, I have a lot of respect to you and yes we can still be friends.


      • oneno

        Signature or not, without continued EU (Totalitarian Dictatorship = 666) support, they would build nukes. They already have smart missiles and torpedoes. Hypersonic capability is not that far off.

        Agreements (with or without signature) benefit both sides, otherwise there would not be an agreement in the first place. The elite’s prefer no signature deals as they have henchmen armies to settle disputes as quietly as possible.

        Both France and England are predicted to fall under brutal Islamistische rule. Islamistische is NOT Islam. The locals will help them against those currently in power. Germany will just barely save itself from that horrific fate through battle but will have to endure with their neighbors to the south and west for a long time. There are in excess of 100,000 army trained terrorists among the illegal migrants allowed into Europe.

    • arthur barnes

      Mohammad, you been inhaling more fresh Damascus air again (sarin gas), I hear it can create momentary delusions. If so, you are forgiven for your delusional comments; please recover.

      • Mohammad

        Such a smart, mature and constructive comment….!


        • DB Cooper

          M., It is the response that you deserve. DB

  42. H. Craig Bradley


    We are NOT on a gold standard, as yet ! Central Bankers are just “hedging” their respective sovereign currencies for a very uncertain future they in fact helped to create. Nobody knows exactly what is ahead so everyone diversifies.

  43. john

    Greg and fellow Watchdogs,

    I went to a retirement planning seminar over the weekend – amazing to say the least! Not one mention of precious metals being a part of a balanced portfolio. Big discussion on bonds and stocks in regards to diversification which was actually fairly informative. In addition, excellent presentation on when to take social security. However, it was quite amusing to see the response when asked how was a portfolio to be hedged against the Fed raising rates as this action would essentially implode ones bond and stock holdings. God help us as these people had no answer and acted like the question came out of left field. As we all know on this forum – raise rates and we face deflation vs keep rates low and we destroy capital formation, grow the paper bubble further and annihilate pension funds. IMHO, rates are the fulcrum at which the financial system teeters and we are at that point where balance is becoming harder to maintain and we either go up (inflation) or we go down (deflation) Gold is that indicator that the system is becoming unstable.

  44. Russ McMeans

    Beyond excellent interview Greg! Yes a reset WILL happen. Sinclair and Holter called years ago. I’m heading for Wal-Mart to stock up on more goods.
    I’ve got enough WW 3 gas to get to sister’s place. Her husband loves to hunt and there’s yummy critters to eat out there. Will have to bribe propane company with something valuable when we run out. Hopefully an EMP doesn’t spoil our prep plans. Finally got land based internet up and running again so I can watch your interviews again! I’m going to make up a bunch of business cards with USA WATCHDOG ZERO HEDGE & Drudge Report on them to hand out. To hell with CNN!

  45. Rick

    I did exactly what I wasn’t supposed to do, I put everything into metal in 2007-2009, because I thought the collapse was coming and it has been a long ten years. I just hope the wait is over!

    • Tin foil hat

      I put 20% into metal in 2007-2009, because I thought the collapse was coming and it has been a long ten years. I just hope the wait is over “right before I die”!

  46. paul ...

    Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter have come here to tell us all what everyone knew in the back of their minds but were just to afraid to bring forward to their conscious minds to think about … the sad fact is … the wheels have come off the world economy … the evil banksters, politicians, neocons and Deep State Demons have destroyed everything … and it’s not just the financial markets they destroyed … forget about gold …. forget about the markets … these evil immoral bastards have destroyed all of the good creations God the Father placed on planet Earth … “everything is now in collapse” … from the bee’s … to our human society itself … over 300 species are disappearing from planet Earth each day!! … how long can this go on!!! … until nothing … nothing at all is left!!!!

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – at least you can take solace in the thought that the rats are doing fine and multiplying in San Francisco, New York, Baltimore … though not sure how they fared in Chicago with the big freeze.

      • paul ...

        Freebrezer … Trump better find “the right tune” on his pied pied “trumpet” … so Pelosi and the rest of the Demon “rats” will follow him … he likely needs “a swan song tune” that offers the rats billions “under the table” in a special Swiss Bank Account … and then … after leading them to the sea …. perform a sting operation … that drowns all the rats using the RICO laws (and put them all on trial at GITMO for treason against the American people for stealing our cheese) … then after they are “hung” by the neck … throw the dead rats into the sea off Cuba … so they can forever be in the close company of their brethren … right in the belly of brother sharks!

        • paul ...

          The tribunals to remove the Demons have started … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmIyTZEN4wU … but a very interesting portion of this post suggests why the price of palladium is higher then the price of gold … it seems palladium is able to produce “free energy” … I bet … platinum has similar properties and it’s price is purposely being suppressed right now so it can be accumulated by people in the know!!

          • paul ...

            You know … those three wise guys (who gave baby Jesus gold) may have known that palladium “was more valuable then gold “and kept it all for themselves” as a source of “free energy”!!!

          • Freebrezer

            P – palladium is a far, far superior to platinum per catalytic stuff. Plus platinum is 15 times more abundant … There is not a lot palladium! At $1400 it still could be a good buy.

            • William Stanley

              Good point! And a little diversification (LOL, I started to spell “diversity”) doesn’t hurt either.

  47. George Mubarek

    I love this quote from Mark Twain, ” I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened”.

  48. WKSwanson

    Thanks, Greg. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  49. Southern Girl

    Some of this is over my head, but I guess by the grace of God I’m ready as I can be,,,water, gasoline, food, canned food, precious metals and still buying. Paid house and only have car payments. Thanks to people like you Greg!!!

  50. FC

    I have taught my 3 millennial children from an early age to buy everything using cash so they can feel and understand what they are handing over and then related that back to how long it took them to earn it……….it must of worked as all 3 question themselves before every purchase with, do I really need it and can I get it cheaper?

  51. Southern Girl

    I too am related to Donald Trump on my Dads side to Trump’s Mother. We are 13th Cousins one-time removed. Our Ancestry goes back to Lady Jane Stewart 1502-1562. I believe Trump is a genius. By the grace of God we have The President we need to get us out of this mess. I also believe Trump has a plan. He is a planner and thinks far outside the box. He would have to do his line of work.

  52. Norm

    Thanks again Greg. You rock.
    All I can say is I’m thankful God is in control.
    On the flip side, I’ve known this was coming for a decade but still not ready. Time to get seriously serious about it.

    • TSI

      Really! Why is all this evil crap allowed to go on then? Including places claiming to worship God turning to the dark side. I get that we are all given free will but someone else has the liberty to come along and f**k up your life and then when you try to sort it out you get sucked into the God forsaken abyss.

  53. James

    Hello Greg;
    Nice to hear Jim and bill together. I think of Bill as a stand-up kind of guy, and Jim is the experienced rascal who has seen it all. …they make an interesting team. I think the only reason these is prognosticators have missed the dating of the big fail, is because no one has any experience in how the ‘PTB’ can fake it…. until one day they can’t.
    I like these people, and trust their intentions.
    Thanks Greg!

  54. MK

    Greg: This is a follow up from my first comment. Jim Willie, whom you know of, and Jim Sinclair probably knows of, and Bill Holter knows, is the only one that I am aware of in the “financial world” that has had the courage to say that Michele Obama is indeed “Michael”. Look it up. Again, we who have a firm belief in GOD, are facing many enemies.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s never been proven and I say a post with a picture of Michelle in high school as a girl.

    • al

      Mk, there are large manly looking women who happen to be married to less manly looking men. I live in a touristy town and see that more than the average person. I wish people would drop this line because it makes us truth seekers look like nutty flat-earthers.

    • Wade Waters

      MK – I concur that Michelle is a tranny, but doesn’t that make Obama a gay Muslim? Allah is NOT pleased! Or is he? Mohammed was fond of young boys, apparently. Certainly many of his male followers are.

    • Keith wilson

      Mk. Have you been watching. Michelle Obama dances with Ellen and shows her stuff. Youtube. I don’t know what she is but it is not human ?

  55. H. Craig Bradley

    After this episode, you should call this show:

    Greg Hunter’s Voodoo Economics ( v 2.0)

    $50,000 an ounce Gold? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Never going to happen.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you flunked math H.?

    • john

      $50,000 an ounce Gold? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha. Never going to happen.

      You could be correct – it could correct downwards by 60% from its current price of $ 1320/ounce – along with the value of your house, stocks and bonds – but it will still hold its purchasing power.

      • Freebrezer

        John – the price of gold is going to be determined by the China, India, and most of that part of the world. If 1.3 billion Chinese think it is worth more, it is going to be worth more.

  56. Jeff

    Did J Sinclair say why June is the magic month for a flash crash? What’s so special about June?

  57. Bob from Mo.

    Greg! Always a great show ! I’d rather be 10 years to early than 10 seconds to late !!!! P.S. watch dog is the best!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Bob!!!

  58. Fred Haight

    For Our Little Brothers Down Under

    As One Were In The Battle Together
    and Were In Like Flynn!
    Virginia City (1940) – Battle Cry of Freedom

  59. Bob

    They are right about Trump ruining his life to try to make America great again. He had a good life as a billionaire, but out of a sense of duty became president.

    It is becoming clear that only a traitor could enjoy being president now. Who else would take the risk? This bodes ill for the future because nobody will be able to fix America. Trump may be the last hope.

    • Tin foil hat


      “It is becoming clear that only a traitor could enjoy being president now.”

      Wow, the statement is so on target that it’s scary.

  60. Anthony Australia



  61. Jerry

    Gitmo updates.
    The following are pretrial transcripts that have been leaked to the alternate media.

    It’s a 50/50 proposition. Either they’re real, or someone went to a lot of trouble to make them look like they are. In either case the MSM has been locked out so we must determine the truth for ourselves. In any event I know for a fact that at least three companies of military police have been called up and sent to a Gitmo. As I have posted before I don’t think you send three hundred and fifty military police units to the Bahamas on an eight month tour to work on their tans.

    • Jerry

      View at your own discretion.

    • Jerry

      The documents for martial law have already been, signed, sealed, and delivered. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/PLAW-107publ40/html/PLAW-107publ40.htm

    • Jerry

      Update from my sources.
      Yesterday I received a phone call from one of my sources. He said he observed three white SUVs with tinted windows and satelite devices on the roof roar into an upscale neighborhood in north Kansas City.
      He observed what appeared to be government agents bring out a man in handcuffs and whisk him off to military base across the river in Kansas. Later he noted seeing military transports flying in and out of this base. While I can only speculate, I can only wonder if the roundup from the sealed indictments has begun?

  62. Southern Girl

    Wanted to let you know I follow a guy called stroppyme from Australia. He does videos with Q drops and other news. He gave you a wonder shout out and said how wonderful your site was. He encouraged people to follow you. You can find him troppymeyoutube.

  63. arthur barnes

    Greg, I don’t see anything wrong with returning to a gold standard, I don’t fear it, I welcome it in fact. Fiat money will never do anything but inflate, always have, always will. The simply fact is we are nearing the end of its natural time as a plausible currency, all the hoop-law about a reset is in realty noting more than the a fiat’s currency life cycle. How they recognize that and what they do about it will determine how we get thru the “reset”. It should not surprise you, Holter, and Sinclair that fiat currencies are based upon debt and as you pile tons more on it it comes more of a cancer and hastens fiat to its end. Gold has always been a stable metal of value, frankly I look forward to the change as its at least something I can believe in & maybe all the slackers out there with their hands out will have to go back to work to get some!

  64. Steven Starr

    Greg, your last interview with Cathryn Austin Fitts made it clear to me that the US has now completely moved into a fascist system of government, with all the legal mechanisms firmly in place. The “markets” will not crash unless it serves the purposes of those in control and frankly, I don’t see how that will benefit them, since keeping the “markets” up (except precious metals, of course) is one of their main mechanisms of control.

    In other words, what has “ended” is any meaningful semblance of democracy or representative government. I also have believed that the system would implode some time ago, and year after year I have consequently waited for the crash, because clearly it is all a giant Ponzi scheme — but it is being run by those who control the currencies and laws and militaries and they are indeed the masters. While I agree that at some point it WILL COLLAPSE, I do not believe that it is possible to identify WHEN IT WILL COLLAPSE. Because I enjoy being self-sufficient and living in the country, that is what I have chosen to do with my life.

    best regards,

  65. Anhony

    Greg. I wish you have your buddy Greg Manarino on the show as of right now he seems to be headed in the opposite direction of Sinclair and Holter. Just my 2 cents …

    • Greg Hunter


      Here is what I wrote Greg Mannarino recently:

      “Greg, your opinion is not proven fact. I disagree. I went into great detail as to why I disagree. President Trump got us out of TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the “no-signature” fraud of the Iran nuke deal. Those are just a few of the pet globalist/NWO projects. Not building a wall is another big globalist project, and yet it’s being built as we speak, this according to President Trump’s twitter feed & other reports. You didn’t think that one guy could clean up corruption that has been festering since the JFK assassination in 2 years did you? Trump has to have time to put the country on better footing before the system comes down. What do you think the repatriation of funds & massive increases in oil & natural gas production were all about? Hard to have your currency go to zero if you’re a top energy producer. Trump is the best thing that could have happened to America. He has risked his life & his family’s life & there have been at least 12 legit assassination attempts on his life. He has performed marvelously in lieu of the fact he has fought a failed coup from the Obama White House & the DOJ, attacks from foreign spy services such as MI6, a legacy media where 90% of the coverage of the President is negative (according to Harvard & others), rabid Democrats that tried to impeach him the first day they took over the House, RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan & John McCain & let’s not forget the evil weasels in the Deep State Globalist New World Order. The best part, your President Trump performs this service for the grand total of $1 per year. On a closing note, what I just laid out is not my opinion, these are sourceable, proven facts. I could go on, but I don’t remember all the turncoats complaining about all the fraud during the 8 years of Obama. We can agree to disagree & still be friends. Greg”

      • Anhony

        I agree with just about everything you posted Greg, but at this point I don’t believe Trump can allow the economy to correct or flash crash, if he wants to be re-elected of course, thus his direct intervention with the FED, politicizing them again for the umpteenth time.

  66. Mike R

    The suppression of both gold and silver prices has been nothing short of criminal. If the banksters involved can get away with this for years, then America is essentially an entirely lawless country for the elite and those in the 1%. The rest of us are repeatedly punished, and can’t even get a reasonable interest rate on hard earned savings. The entire financial system has been royally high-jacked. If they aren’t kicking you in the teeth with obscenely high health costs, then the politicians at every level of city, state, and federal government are shackling you with taxes that are endless and unlimited.

    When will it end ?

    When will justice prevail ?

    P.S. I can see how a message of ‘tax the rich, or 1%’ with 70% taxes, can resonate with the average ‘joe’ or ‘jill’, but that solves nothing, for the rest of us, as it would only be a catalyst for the government to raise taxes even higher for the 99%. It’s a horrible message and platform to actually vote in someone who rallies around that meme, because every last one of them are using the government positions to enrich themselves personally. They cannot get elected unless some super rich person(s) give them tons of money for their campaigns, which means they are then beholden to that person(s) once in office. I just did my taxes and as a small business owner, I got royally screwed. (again, but worse). And of course, I’m in a demoncratically controlled state, with super high property taxes, so the stupid Trump tax cap (and inane standard deduction) screwed me out of $8000 in taxes. Same income essentially as last year. The tariffs are also now killing my business, and at my age, it would be next to impossible to re-start a new career in anything else. I can’t afford to move to any other state, and my kids are still in college. I’m not a pauper by any means, but every single week is an 80 to 90 hours worth of work, just to make ends meet. I’ve been doing this for 35+ years now. If I don’t die before then, it’s likely I’ll be working another 25 years, or to my grave if the work doesn’t put me their sooner. No retirement. Anyway, was on my 10 minute lunch break. Back to work.

  67. brian

    So if Trump has a plan to truly “fix the system”, why did he show up to the white house all by his lonesome self, why didnt he come in with a team of like minded, capable folks and why did he fail to draw upon his MASSIVE support base in the voting public beyond simply getting their vote?

    I’m sorry, even for a dolt and a layman and a plebe like me, I can see with my own eyes that this guy Trump hasn’t even done the basic simple first steps in tackling a problem as YUUUUUUGE as this—that being to bring in as many people as you can and be painfully honest with them in regard to the cost that will be inflicted upon them should they decide to stick a boot up the NWO’s yawning filthy gutter of an asshole rather than to continue suckling whatever hell spawned bilge trickles so meagerly out of its cracked malformed lips.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Your opinion is not proven fact. I disagree. I went into great detail as to why I disagree. President Trump got us out of TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the “no-signature” fraud of the Iran nuke deal. Those are just a few of the pet globalist/NWO projects. Not building a wall is another big globalist project, and yet it’s being built as we speak, this according to President Trump’s twitter feed & other reports. You didn’t think that one guy could clean up corruption that has been festering since the JFK assassination in 2 years did you? Trump has to have time to put the country on better footing before the system comes down. What do you think the repatriation of funds & massive increases in oil & natural gas production were all about? Hard to have your currency go to zero if you’re a top energy producer. Trump is the best thing that could have happened to America. He has risked his life & his family’s life & there have been at least 12 legit assassination attempts on his life. He has performed marvelously in lieu of the fact he has fought a failed coup from the Obama White House & the DOJ, attacks from foreign spy services such as MI6, a legacy media where 90% of the coverage of the President is negative (according to Harvard & others), rabid Democrats that tried to impeach him the first day they took over the House, RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan & John McCain & let’s not forget the evil weasels in the Deep State Globalist New World Order. The best part, your President Trump performs this service for the grand total of $1 per year. On a closing note, what I just laid out is not my opinion, these are sourceable, proven facts. I could go on, but I don’t remember all the turncoats complaining about all the fraud during the 8 years of Obama.”

      • brian

        All true for sure, but when are the American people going to be involved, when are we going to be told the cost of all this so we can prepare for what comes next. A few good people cannot do this without a significant majority of Americans behind them and no one will get behind this when it gets tough if they are not allowed to prepare for it.

        Trumps lack of candor is troubling, as the public we are being set up for a rude rude shock because unraveling this fraud will come with a great cost and we do need to be prepared for it if there is to be any chance of a good outcome to all this.

        • Greg Hunter

          You comment from the shadows. Step out into the light and join the fight. I totally disagree and when Trump is successful it will be despite the fact you and other weasels sat in the shadows and did nothing but tear Trump down.

  68. Mr. Hankey

    15 days from now these two Bezos will disappear as gold continues its fall to $900. As the national debt inches its way to $30 Trillions by 2022 and all that beautiful money goes through Wall Street.

    Watch the Twilight Zone season 2 episode 24 “The Rip Van Winkle Caper” for the greed, preconceived future value and actual future value of gold.

    • Greg Hunter

      You will be revealed at the “Bezos.” Oh you can’t because you comment from the shadows. The troll company that pays you pays you should withhold your check.


  69. Jennifer Ohman

    I agree with Jim when he says that gold should be treated as one’s savings account, for many reasons…including both the size and nature of our national and global debt, as well as because of the instability of the financial system, and of course, to protect one’s savings from inflation, i.e., currency debasement. But, when he (and others) say that you need to G.O.T.S., or get out of the system BECAUSE you are a debtor to the bank as a depositor… this is incorrect!!
    Savings and checking depositors are not defined as unsecured creditors to an FDIC insured financial institution.. In FDIC’s and the Bank of England’s joint paper released a number of years ago and available from the FDIC, they refer to unsecured creditors, not depositors as back-stoppers for G-SIFI banks. And I quote from it…”Title II (of the Dod-Frank Act) requires that the losses of any financial company placed into receivership will not be borne by taxpayers, but by the common and preferred stockholders, debt holders, and other unsecured creditors, and that management responsible for the condition of the financial company will be replaced.”

    If you dig deep into the FDIC’s website you can find explanations and definitions.
    There is too much to write here, but essentially, unsecured debt entails unsecured borrowing, which includes (I’m using the FDIC’s examples) federal funds purchased, promissory notes, commercial paper, unsecured notes, bank deposits in an international banking facility, ( and they explain that, for example, a Citi Bank, that has US branches and foreign branches, that the US deposits in the US branches are guaranteed, for any deposits that are held in an FDIC insured institution, up to their limits, but that deposits in foreign branches are not insured.), and Eurodollar deposits standing to the credit of the bank.
    Senior unsecured debt excludes, for example,…obligations from GUARANTEES or other contingent liabilities, negotiable certificates of deposit, Eurodollar deposits that represent funds swept from individual, partnership or corporate accounts held at insured depository institutions, among other exclusions.

    Now on Friday, I called the FDIC in Washington, D.C., and I pointedly asked questions regarding depositors and bail-ins. They reiterated several times that any bail-in or bail-out would occur OUTSIDE the FDIC guaranteed limits!

    In Cyprus, those depositors did not have the FDIC. Now, one might ask, ” In a financial crisis, will the FDIC be able to fund all guaranteed deposits?’ They are obviously underfunded if they had only their own reserves to fall back on ,i.e., to handle a nationwide financial meltdown. But, unlike any SIFI, the FDIC IS the back-stop for the Federal Reserve and the fractional Reserve Banking System!! If there is any institution that the Federal Reserve will fight to preserve, you can be sure that it is their own institution. The Fed WILL back-stop the FDIC as the FDIC IS TOO BIG TO FAIL!!, because if the FDIC goes down, then so does the Fed!

    As Jim says, the dollar is always going to be around. So, if that’s true, you can always expect your currency to exist. So, there doesn’t seem to be much reason to keep them out of the system and in a tin can in your garage! If your’e going to keep cash, along with your gold and silver, it seems much safer to hold it in the bank, since its insured. (Now, if one fears a potential lack of access to their cash because of a potential grid outage, that’s a separate issue.) But, I sure hope my next door neighbor didn’t hide cash in his home! This past weekend, in trying to unfreeze a frozen water pipe with a heat gun, he burnt half his house down!!! If there was cash tucked in those mattresses…well…

    Absolutely, it makes sense to preserve savings with precious metals and other hard assets. But realize, as Jim Sinclair used to say, “God save us from the experts.” Respectfully, this observation applies no less to him!
    We, with our savings and checking deposits, are NOT defined as creditors to a bank, particularly when they are held in a FDIC insured financial institution.

    • William Stanley

      Well done, Jennifer! That was absolutely critical information. Thanks.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Thank you William. And you’re very welcome. : )

    • paul ...

      Jennifer … what Sinclair was more likely worried about was limitations on the withdrawal of monies from your FDIC secured accounts … Chase currently has a limit of $1000 dollars per day from their cash machines … if the banks close for any reason … the withdrawal limit can be reduced to only $200 per day … all well and good that the FDIC is backing up “your money” … but can you get hold of a sufficient amount when you desperately need it?? … as for cash at home … coins are fireproof!!

      • Jennifer Ohman

        He has warned of G.O.T.S. on many occasions and of risks of being a depositor in a bank as having been redefined.

    • William Stanley

      Upon reflection and rereading it: it’s even better than I realized! Very well done, indeed.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Thank you William.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Deposits to a bank are owned by that bank, and those making the deposits have no claim whatsoever to any security against that bank. Depositors absolutely have credited the institution (“creditors”), and have absolutely no security against the institution (“unsecured”). The depositor IS the unsecured creditor. You provide several examples of unsecured debt which are completely irrelevant to the depositors.

      Yes, if “Ma & Pa Savings Bank” goes belly-up, the FDIC will “secure” (using the term loosely) the deposits, but this has absolutely nothing at all to do with the relationship between the depositor and the bank. The depositor has credited that bank, and that depositor has no security whatsoever in the bank.

      In the event of a bail-in, for amounts exceeding the FDIC limits, the depositors may be issued equity in the bank in lieu of their deposits, but of course equity in an insolvent bank would be absolutely worthless.

      You write “… the FDIC IS the back-stop for the Federal Reserve…”, and then you write “…The Fed WILL back-stop the FDIC as the FDIC IS TOO BIG TO FAIL!!… .”

      I think you are…wait a minute! Is this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Doposits are owned by the depositor. Their deposits ARE secured. They are secured BECAUSE they are INSURED or GUARANTEED by the FDIC. The examples I gave are NOT collateralized nor are they insured (guaranteed) by the FDIC.

        Deposits above the insured limits are not guaranteed and never were, even before the financial crisis. Of course they can be lossed in a bankruptcy. They always could. That is why you should never keep deposits above the insured limits in any one bank, without facing great risk and potential loss.
        As I saw the financial crisis coming, this is why I liquidated my brokerage (SIPC) accounts before the crisis hit and spread my funds throughout many financial institutions, as well as taking other precautions, in order to gain FDIC protection.

        You missed my point O. It is my view that the Fed and governing bodies will treat the FDIC as being to big to fail IF the FDIC should need funding, in the event of another financial crisis, because the Fed will not let the financial system collapse, if they can help it. This is the the whole point of the law changes that took place after the crisis of 2007-8.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Can you please source or quote the law that says that FDIC depositors are unsecured creditors and that these deposits are owned by the banks?
        If I am wrong I sure would like to know it.

        • K. Wayne

          ….”It is my view that the Fed and governing bodies will treat the FDIC as being to big to fail IF the FDIC should need funding, in the event of another financial crisis, because the Fed will not let the financial system collapse”.
          With all due respect……
          Unfortunately there exists a vast chasm between your interpretation and Reality.
          You are devoid of conscience and have given false hope to those that heed your advice.
          The FED will not backstop the FDIC. That is not its mandate.
          In effect your hypothesis suggests that the FED will partake in a massive moral hazard campaign to support the deposits of the public at large.
          The FED doesn’t hand out money (especially not to the public) QUID PRO QUO. That’s the Government’s agenda. The FED supports its members and controls the issuance of fiat money.
          If the FED were to provide support it would only be permitted to do so where there was sufficient Capital / Collateral contained within the entity it was considering supporting. Banking 101. The FED is not in the business of losing money/capital.
          Let’s be clear also that the FED may have the capacity to support individual SIFI’s , but it is limited in its ability to support the entire system collectively.
          As far as I am aware the FDIC , regardless of the rhetoric, doesn’t have sufficient funds to provide meaningful Insurance to all depositors. The “IF” element in your comment is akin to the Government when it comes to Social Security. The enormity of the UNDERFUNDING lends thinking to the incapacity of the Government to meets it’s obligations. In that sense the Government is technically Bankrupt.
          Consider the fact that the FED operates with a current leverage of almost 100:1. It has just under 40BLN of Capital with an (Impaired) Balance Sheet of 4 TLN. Not only is that extreme, it’s not sustainable (hence QT).
          The FED is, through all intents and purposes, virtually unlimited in its ability to create Money or provide liquidity in cases of financial crisis. This is only hindered by the availability of high grade collateral. In other words the FED won’t support any Financial Institution or Significant Corporate Entity unless there exists satisfactory collateral. They are mandated to follow this policy.
          Waiting for the FDIC to be backstopped by the FED is a case of being too nonchalant. At a critical time when ones wealth and wellbeing may depend on immediate and unfettered access to savings/deposits, reliance on an incorrect interpretation could be life threatening……only to find that the balance has taken a haircut or has gone poof (to quote Sinclair). Millions will be left destitute and “without recourse”.
          That is the reality as it will unfold.
          I sense that if the populace were to understand this context, then we would literally see a modern day Bank Run followed closely by Banks shutting their doors and the credit system freezing. I would go so far as to say we would be in a Great Depression scenario in a flash.
          Confidence is mistakenly accepted. It will be replaced with Fear and Mistrust.
          Kindly reconsider your thought process and refrain from believing the FED works for the public. History supports the fact that it doesn’t.

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you an insider with a message? I am happy you are here because the news is reassuring.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        I am a professional trader of 40 years. My training began at Commodities Corp. in Princeton NJ, under the initial guidance of Michael Marcus ( See the first Market Wizards bookto learn who he is).
        I became an analyst at E.F. Hutton and then hired as Commodity Trader at Bear Stearns, Having maintained a consistently good trading performance, I was offered a position to manage a sizable amount of money for a company in Rockefeller Center called AmCiti/ UniCedit Investments NV.( owned by a Saudi Prince), I traded bonds, gold and crude oil for them.
        Later, I transferred to Chicago, where my husband is from, where I managed money for The Malllers Group (i.e., Bill Maller Sr., a former CEO of The Chicago Board of Trade), as well as managing a sizable portfolio at Refco. At the time, Refco was a top commodity firm.
        I then retired to manage only my own money. However, I more recently decided to renter the industry, but on the stock side. I joined Morgan Stanley a few years ago, but chose to resign to care for my mother who fell ill.

        But, I might add that when I was 20, I was an Editorial Assistant to a nascent newsletter called The Intellectual Activist, a pro-free market, pro-capitalism newsletter. Dr. George Reisman (Author and Austrian Economist), Henry Hazlitt ( Author, Economics In One Lesson), Dr. Leopard Peikoff ( Author and Ayn Rand’s heir), and Dr. Robert Hessen, Author and Historian, were on our Board of Advisers . I might add that Ayn Rand subscribed to and indorsed our newsletter.

        Simply put, I have a long term track record and market experience in many of the subjects that you address. And I have had the good fortune to be blessed with having had a number of outstanding mentors in my life …both in trading as well as in understanding free markets, capitalism and Austrian Economics.

        • Jennifer Ohman

          And so, I am glad to comment if it helps as my message is simple… I love freedom, I love decency, I love goodness, and I love the principles for which our constitution stands for and defends. And I like helping innocent people. I don’t like to see people taken victimized or hurt.
          And I love Capitalism.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your comments seem very well reasoned and I thank you for them. I thought you had some sort of professional financial experience and I was right. Thank you for sharing it here and please keep doing it!!!

          • Jennifer Ohman

            You’re very welcome Greg, and when I think it’s of value I will be more than happy to post my insights with you.
            Kind Regards,

            • DB Cooper

              Dear J, Whew … over the top and Thank You. Yours, DB.

  70. Mike R

    Besides all of the Central Bank printing from the usual suspects, here is what has kept the US markets, and the world ‘afloat’ since 2008. Its collapsing big time, and you aren’t seeing this in the US news.

    FACT: China entered 2008 with $8 billion in officially counted debt; 10 years later that debt is $40 trillion, plus unknown trillions more in the shadow banking system which expanded the options for risky speculation and massive expansions of credit.

    Like all the other stagnating economies in the world, China’s “solution” to stagnation was to expand debt-funded speculation and “investments” with little to no actual return.

    So what is China doing now ????

    China’s leadership is doing more of what’s failed: burying bad debt off the visible balance sheets, re-issuing new loans to pay off defaulted debt, and all the usual tricks of a failed banking/credit system.

    Does any of this sound familiar ????

    With global debt around $270 trillion, our entire economy, China’s economy, Japan’s economy, the EU’s economy, has all been ‘functioning’ as a result of massive issuance of credit, which has resulted in a debt overhang that is un-repayable. China’s economy was growing at an unbelievable clip of more than 10% GDP expansion. It’s slowed to around 6%, and probably much slower despite what is reported. The US is TRYING to stay above 3 or 4%. Other countries are worse.

    You can’t grow with this kind of debt overhang. Everything gets eaten up by debt servicing. That is a world today in a nutshell. Interest rates were lowered so as to minimize debt servicing as much as possible, but that backfired, and merely exploded into more debt. Who knew it would go on this long ?

    What businesses actually can grow knowing this amount of debt is saddled on every man, woman, and child ? At some point, the world reaches debt saturation. There are no new currencies that could be issued in this environment. There are no defaults on this amount of debt. The world would just absolutely stop, if defaults started rolling en masse. The entire credit system has nearly frozen, numerous times in the past 18 months. The biggest red flag was our markets crashing in December. Somehow it magically forestalled the crash, and it was likely when Powell ‘caved’ regarding hints at stoppage of Fed hikes.

    How much longer can this go on ?

    • William Stanley

      Good stuff!
      I think that you have asked the right questions and made the correct general analysis. I suspect that you are in a position to calculate a pretty accurate time path of debt and money expansion and, using that, get a handle on the pressures that would, in the end, force cascading defaults. The time-frame predictions might very well fall in a relatively narrow window of time. I think BIS and the IMF may have some papers along this line.
      I’m just guestimating, but think that the issue will absolutely be forced within the next five years. That doesn’t mean that exogenous factors like geopolitics and war won’t crop up and break the system sooner. Still, it would be useful to have some good estimates of the outer limits of the possible time-frames.
      It’s interesting that you and Jennifer have made such intriguing posts on the very same day. Do you happen to know each other?

  71. Montana Guy

    OK what does Montana know, it is not even in the US. But regarding ecobel’s comment and PM as insurance, many Montanans today recognize and accept silver as money. American Silver Eagles are preferred because of their small denomination and are readily recognized. The typical exchange is 1 ounce per hour or spot value for local beef and produce. If the Schumer hits the fan I expect that practice would continue. Of course barter is already thriving in Montana too.

  72. Diane

    Jennifer O and Mike R
    Great posts!
    Thank you

  73. Chris in Arkansas

    I don’t buy into everything that Holter and Sinclair say but it’s our responsibility to parse through the noise and get to the details that will help us prepare for a major financial event. You know, I used to think the end was nigh from a financial perspective but in reality it’s like a long slow train wreck that spans many years. So taking little steps every month works well to build resiliency. Diversifying into many protective investments over time is a good thing, but if you withdraw from the markets completely (especially if you are younger and under 40-50 years old) you are likely to miss major market moves and be short on retirement funding if there is no great reset. Work toward providing multiple layers of protection. For me that’s a 401k, PMs, savings, alternative investments. No real estate yet but my friends who invest carefully in high demand rental property areas have done quite well for themselves. Anyway, don’t get overwhelmed. Just plan, buy into diversified investments and I agree with planning for a reset period with food storage.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sinclair has deep old world family connections (Some of the oldest in Europe). Most in his family hate him but he does have a few close relatives who still like him and pass information to him. I would listen to him.

  74. sheryl

    Greg you make me laugh when you say your not to smart. I have listened to this three time since posted to really catch everything lol

    • DB Cooper

      Sheryl, stand by my critique !! DB.

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