White Coat Mafia Tyranny – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Dr. Elizabeth Eads is on the frontline of medicine, treating patients who have been injected with the experimental CV19 so-called “vaccines.”  Dr. Eads is back to update us on what she calls a “genocide.”   Dr. Eads continues to say the CV19 injections are not vaccines.  They are “bioweapons” being administered by evil medical professionals.  Dr. Eads explains, “We are in a complete ‘White Coat Mafia’ tyranny right now.  This is a depopulation agenda.  Whether people want to believe it or not, this is the New World Order.  This is the 13 bloodline families.  This is Vanguard and Black Rock, who own everything, including all of Big Pharma and all of the companies that own the CDC.  They own everything.  This is their agenda to depopulate and control people with these vaccines.  We know we are being injected with nano and AI, and they want to turn us into trans-human figures that they can control.”

Did we need the vax in the first place when HCQ and Ivermectin were withheld and would have cured Covid?  Dr. Eads says, “No, we did not need the vax.  This is an evil agenda to harm as many people as possible. . . .  There are 5% to 7% lethal batches being distributed around the world.  After the first shot, your immune system is depreciated by 30%.  After the second shot, it’s depressed by 50%.  After the third shot, it’s anywhere from 60% to 80% depressed.  After the 4th shot, your immune system is 80% plus depreciated.  Every few weeks after that, you lose another 5% of your immune function. . . . We also know that HIV has been spliced into some of these lethal vials.  That is causing an AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) like complete immune collapse. . . . We have absolute proof of what ingredients are in these vaccines, and HIV is one of them.”

Dr. Eads talks about the recent bizarre FDA approval of the Moderna CV19 vax.  There are many questions as to how it got so-called “approval.”  One of the big things the FDA overlooked, according to Dr. Eads, is data showing a “400% increase” of heart problems after the Moderna vax.

In closing, Dr. Eads says what we are seeing today with the vax bioweapon is nothing short of a modern day version of “marching people to the gas chambers.”

Eads also says hospitals and doctors are getting “bonuses” for practicing medicine that is murdering patients.  Eads says, “You cannot tell me, at this juncture, that hospitals and doctors do not know what they are doing.  The pharmacists, doctors and nurses have made a choice to keep their jobs.  They have chosen money over wellness and health and saving people.  It is disgusting.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks to 25-year veteran Dr. Elizabeth Eads, DO, exposing the lies that Big Pharma, CDC, FDA and NIH are telling the public.  Dr. Eads continues to highlight the real unreported effects of the CV19 bioweapons.

(There is much more cutting edge, frontline medical information in the nearly 45 min interview.)

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After the Interview:

You can follow Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Eads on Twitter or you can follow her on Telegram.

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  1. Charles Cosby

    Greg, I love what your doing and have been a big fan for many years now!
    Thank You so much for all you do!
    Here is something you might find interesting to say the least. You just might want to interview this young lady.
    Charles Cosby
    Flushing, Michigan


    • Astra Penny

      Oh! If only I had the words to properly express my gratitude to you and Dr. Ead, but I can say I love you both very much for doing this.

      • sk

        “Astra” Are you Latvian?

    • Carol Stopps

      New Highly Virulent HIV Variant Detected in Netherlands – Could Cause People to Develop AIDS More Quickly
      from Gateway Pundit

      • BDS

        I have noticed an uptick in HIV advertisement while watching TV in the past couple of months and listening to covid19 after covid 19 commercials. The state of NY sponsors these Covid 19 commercials for NY where I am located and I am sure their budget for ads is off the charts, even the radio is overwhelmed with covid19!! Another way to money launder our tax money to the media for a brainwashing job well done.

        • Christopher Martinez

          Me to I need her mail⁹

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Charles,
      Wow!!! Many thanks for the link. The ‘fight back’ tools explained by Miki Klann are nothing short of groundbreaking! If you have concern for kids being mandated to take the kill shot/S in schools, click the link Charles has posted.

      Greg, you are so, so busy but this interview is IMHO well worth listening to. It gats better and better toward the end. This is HOT NEWS and it would render a vital public service if you could get Miki Klann on USAW.

      Miki Klann

  2. BDS

    If this is all true, why are our law enforcement not arresting the responsible parties and ending all COVID -19 vaccines or at least a temporary suspension of vaccine mandates until we are certain.
    Since the suspension is not happening we must assume (error on the side of caution) it is a depopulation event!

    • Warren B.

      Law Enforcement in performing their duty are required to uphold the Law and keep the peace.
      The Mandates (now generally accepted as being “LAW” by the masses of sheeple) are being implemented and enforced by the keepers of that domain.
      What you are referring to is perhaps outside Law Enforcement and more correctly assigned to the Judicial Arm of the Law…ie the Courts. We must always try to separate the 3 Arms of Law – Legislative (Government enactment), Executive (Enforcement) and Judicial. It would outwardly appear that they are have been all corrupted in some way shape or form.

      • IIG

        Who needs the Courts or the Legislature to intervene and address public grievances when a Dictator can simply order in the Military to quell public dissent – Canadian PM Trudeau from his highly fortified underground bunker has effectively issued the following statement: “The Use of the Military to Crack Down on these Unpatriotic Trucker’s Terrorist Protests is Not on the Table” – “Right Now”!!

      • BDS

        Warren, thanks for the info!
        Am I right to think that the Dept. of Justice should be going after these criminals by the direction of the President or common sense? If correct, I see this going no where!
        Even when Trump was in office I got the feeling Justice was not getting done either.
        I am so suspicious of our system now, everyone gets the scrutiny they deserve (meaningless).
        This is looking like we are just spokes in the wheel and we will end up going in what ever direction they take us.

        • Warren B.

          I sense that any action by the DOJ under direction of POTUS would not achieve anything meaningful ….aka a Dog and Pony Show. So I concur …it will not go anywhere. Common sense tells us that POTUS is not acting for we the people (Mandates?).
          Civil action in the courts brought about by citizens against Government Officials and those involved in the crimes against Humanity …may have some legs. If not able to be resolved (or heard) through domestic Judicial process…then there is the International Courts (Hague) – which can rule where American Courts are unable (or not willing) to trial the case = ie. they frustrate the process domestically.
          A County or State civil action would have a higher chance of success (thereby setting precedent) – given the enormity of any action taken against POTUS – either way the process would be very expensive and would require deep pockets (funding).

          Action in terms of presenting a case for :
          Malfeasance in Public Office,
          Conspiracy to commit Murder,
          Conspiracy to administer a noxious and poisonous substance to cause harm and death,
          Gross Negligence Manslaughter,
          Corporate Manslaughter,
          Crimes against Humanity,
          False Imprisonment,
          Multiple breaches of our Human Rights,
          War Crimes,
          Multiple breaches of the Nuremburg Code 1947,
          Multiple breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998,

          I do not foresee any arm of the Law acting in an unsolicited manner out of sympathy towards the masses in the manner that you suggested/queried.

        • IIG

          Just spokes in the wheel? – Truckers are more then that – they are like spike proteins that can cause “blood clots” on major arteries (just like Big Pharma has been doing to us) – so we the people also have the power to give authorities heart attacks (the same as they are mandating upon us) – we just need to tell the politicians “it is normal” – as normal as they tell us it is for children to get myocarditis!!

    • John Birch


      • Carol Stopps

        New Highly Virulent HIV Variant Detected in Netherlands – Could Cause People to Develop AIDS More Quickly

        • Warren B.

          AIDS has and continues to be mislabeled a Disease. IT IS NOT !!

    • FreeMpg

      She’s awesome. Thanks for the link. I hope everyone here can watch your link, especially those with children in school

    • Calvin

      Its not true…

  3. Rodster

    Awesome interview Greg. I normally don’t listen to these types of interviews because it’s preaching to the choir. But I decided to watch the video because Dr. Eads talks about infusing these vaccine with HIV.

    • Rodster

      What’s a compounding pharmacy?

      • eddiemd

        A compound pharmacy is a pharmacy where then can actually mix different formulas. They may have powdered components, tinctures, solutions, etc that enables them to mix and make medications in the store.
        Regular pharmacies don’t usually have this capacity.

        Like homeopathic in a way.

        “Both types of pharmacies prepare medications prescribed for a patient by a doctor. The main difference is that a regular pharmacy provides commercial medications in standardized dosages, while a compounding pharmacy can customize medication based on a patient’s specific needs.”

        • Rodster

          Thanks Dr Eddie! I don’t think I have any in my area. I have one small pharmacy and everything else is Walgreens and CVS.

          • David Lionheart

            Doctors can direct you to compounding pharmacies in your area. Failing that, you can fulfill prescriptions online with a compounding pharmacy and they will mail the products to you.n Either way, it’s best to get a referral from someone who has prior expereince with such businesses.

      • Steve

        Rodster, my compounding pharmacy makes my Ivermectin to my weight in 1 pill. Instead of having to take Ivermectin that for my weight i May have to take 8 pills.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rodster for all your support.

      • Marcia


        Thank you for all you do to get the truth out.
        I love watching your show and I get a kick out of your sense of humor.

        Please inform people of the dangers of vaxed blood banks. If you are unvaxed especially. If you need blood be sure to get it from an unvaxed person.

        I believe in the near future, unvaxed blood will be in high demand.

        You are awesome! Thank Heaven for people, warriors, like you.

        • Earth Angel

          Good point Marcia. But how can we trust the blood banks, hospitals, etc. to be SURE of what they are giving us? Look how many screw ups there are (in general) nowadays. Do we really think they will keep track of what blood came from vaxxed vs. unvaxxed? I sure would HOPE so, is the blood type all they keep track of?.. Who the hell knows anymore? Perhaps someone in the medical field with firsthand knowledge of how this is done could tell us- what are the odds of getting safe blood anymore without being able to donate your own prior to surgery. Can you be sure they’d even GIVE you yours? What about an accident or emergency procedure requiring blood? Will we be at risk to be given tainted blood from some well meaning person donating blood who was vaxxed with this toxic (sh*t excuse me) experiment?

  4. Rodster

    Wow, Dr Eads voice sounds just like CAF. I thought I was listening to CAF.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Who is CAF

      • Rodster

        Dr. Eads, she is a regular on Greg’s show, Catherine Austin Fitts is her name. You sound just like her but not only are the voices similar but her topics are similar to yours. Thanks for a great interview, btw. I was unaware about HIV in the vaccines.

      • Susan

        CAF is probably Catherine Austin Fitts, http://www.solari.com

      • Robin Adair

        “CAF” is another brilliant Christian lady, named Catherine Austin Fitts that is a frequent guest here on USA Watchdog. And, yes, the two of you do sound quite a bit alike. Please take that as a complement, Dr. Eads because many of us viewers consider CAF to be one of our favorite guests.
        In Christ, Treetop

      • The Ogs

        A wonderful lady, Greg’s guest from January 15 of this year.

      • Earth Angel

        The excellent and most brilliant Catherine Austin Fitts (former under secretary of HUD during daddy Bush’s presidency in the 1990’s)- her website is solari.com. For a real mind blower see & study the ‘missing money’ section- and her work with economics professor from Michigan State University, Dr. Mark Skidmore. (whose specialty is in municipal budgets, by the way!) FYI- for further info into what EVERY AMERICAN should know about how their government behaves is his website- Lighthouse Economics.

      • Deb

        Catherine Austin Fitts, a frequent guest here.

      • Justis Chase

        Excellent work Dr. Eads , thanks so very much . I believe they were referring to Catherine Austin Fitts ………..

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Who is CAF?

      • ROB LEX

        Catherine Austin Fitts.

      • Laz

        CAF = Catherine Austin Fitts

      • Martin K

        Cathrine Austin Fitts

      • Mario

        CAF is Catherine Austin Fitts. A regular guest of Greg’s

      • Robert K

        Catherine Austin Fitts

      • DavidC

        Catherine Austin Fitts. She’s brilliant.


      • Mark Washburn

        I think he means Catherine Austin Fitts.
        Thank you Dr. Eads! I live near Gainesville, got Covid bad back in early 2020 and was hoping to see you at some point, but I know you are well busy doing invaluable work! Thanks so much for your courage, knowledge and devotion to the truth and God!

      • Donna

        CAF -> Catherine Austin Fitts.

        Thank you for another great informative interview, Greg and Dr. Eads!

      • Charles H

        Catherine Austin Fitts – an ex- Sub-Secretary to Housing and Urban Development: an expert on governmentql financial affairs. There are interview with her in the past on this site.

      • Attila Ann

        Catherine Austin Fitts who publishes the Solari Report

  5. L Davis

    A now certified “Medical Conspiracy”…which is NOT a theory.

  6. Bitler Hower

    Greg keep up the good work! I hope you are felling better!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bitler Hower for your support. Yes, I’m feeling much better.

  7. Patrick Chambers

    Covid-19: From Cough to Coffin
    Population culling is only past I.

  8. Ellie Wright

    Greg, we watch you every time you are on. Your guest Elizabeth Eads was a blessing and it is almost unbelievable what we are facing. We are in our 80’s and no doctor we know will give us a scrip for ivermectin. How do we find a doctor that will give us one. We really need your help to direct us. Thank you , please help

    • Greg Hunter

      Start with compounding pharmacies. Get them to give you a doctor who uses the compounding pharmacy. You can go here as well: https://covid19criticalcare.com/pharmacies/

    • Steve Bice

      We used seven cells pharmacy online, located in Stuart Florida. https://sevencells.com/

    • Earth Angel

      I think Dr.Stella Immanuel of America’s Frontline Doctors will also fill ‘scrips nationwide for ivermectin & HCQ. She’s located in Katy, Texas. Try phone # 281-506-7412. She has some good video interviews too.

  9. Poochiman

    It is absolutely a depopulation and control agenda. Here in my state’s biggest city, and one of the most vaccinated states in the country, every single hospital is building new wings equating to double its size!!! They are expecting a lot of very sick people for a long time. It is all planned.

    • Sniper -

      100% correct!

    • Mark Washburn

      1000 years ago, it was the Cathedrals being built, now it’s hospitals, the new religion. If you question them, you are excommunicated.

      • IIG

        The Demons are building more then hospitals – in this battle between Good and Evil we must root out the Demons (who came to Earth and built underground cities) – the largest city built is 800 miles deep at Mount Shasta (where the Demons have their mind control facilities located (slated to go into operation “once everyone is vaxxed”) … the Demon plan is to use mind control to stop the “white hats” who are currently nuking and burning out many of their underground facilities – it is vital we target the Underground Central Data Bank for the New World Order (located west of Denver) as these Demons are out to kill “All the humans on Earth” (before we have a chance to burn or nuke them out of their underground facilities)!! – Here is a summary of how the war between good and evil is going and what underground bases the white hats have destroyed so far!! – https://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2022/02/us-military-moving-anti-ballistic-missile-abm-through-several-states-convoys-being-organized-in-other-countries-news-summary-fri-4-feb-2454296.html

  10. eddiemd

    I am not so sure about this interview.

    1. HIV in the “vaccine”. This could be easily determined in a laboratory. It would not take much to get a vial and properly analyze it. Provide references to back up the statements. Otherwise it is just hearsay.

    2. Protease inhibitors are not just limited to HIV. Protease inhibitors work in the cytoplasm to interfere with protein assembly. Protease inhibitors can be virus specific and perhaps even have a broad spectrum effect.


    3. The starting point is that the covid virus itself is the bioweapon. The “vaccine” was the solution and is the stealth add-on. Without the starting point, you cannot have the other. Certainly the add-on injections should be avoided. The .gov knew that HCQ and ivermectin were solutions. The MSM?CIA propaganda disinformation controlled the information and even outright lied to use fear as a weapon. They still are.

    An early study published on 1/30/2020 showed that the virus itself contained sequences that coded for gp120 proteins. This was censored and trashed. They clearly state that this was an unnatural evolutionary change in the coronavirus. The covid 19 probably has the ability to attack CD4 cells. There are studies that show that T-cells are compromised in covid 19. Nobody followed up on this research. Remember Fauci Mengele was the main man behind NIH study on HIV for decades.



    CD4 and CD8 affected. CD8 usually involved in anti-tumor activity. Perhaps some link to cancers surfacing in those who have had covid 19 infections.

    Last but not least. I received the quarterly magazine from my med school. BU. It features an article on the man who came up with the technology for mRNA “gene therapy”. It is gene therapy when used for sickle cell but vaccine when used for vaccine. By the way, when they are developing it for gene therapy for sickle cell it went through the proper safety protocols as stated: tested in mice, tested in primates, then humans. When used for “vaccines” and in particular, covid 19, they apparently skipped the mice and monkeys. The “vaccine” is part two of the bioweapon. One only needs to look at which organ systems have ACE2 receptors.


    I am not so sure about this interview. Too many generalizations and statements unsupported by facts.

    Be like the Bereans. Verify for yourself.

    Acts 17:11
    These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so.

    • Greg Hunter

      How may times have I been wrong booking a guest on a controversial subject like this? NONE. Smell the coffee–HIV is in some of the “vaccines”–period. Your take is not a fact. Look at what the 2008 Nobel winner (who did groundbreaking work on HIV) just tweeted out: Lots of evidence that HIV is in the Vax. Karen Kingston also brought this up with documents in USAW interviews. Other doctors such as Dr. Zelenko also has brought this up.

      • Warren B.

        Dr Judy Mikovits has also confirmed what Dr Eads has stated.
        Mikovits worked for DOD (Fort Detrick) and alongside FAUCI. She knows the mechanisms of Vaccines – she knows microbiology inside out. She knows how they tampered with the Blood supply during the 80-90’s. She knows how HIV was spread. She has stated that AIDS is not a disease. She has also stated that COVID-19 is also NOT A DISEASE. IT IS A COVERUP for an intentional KILL OFF. She has said many times that HIV is included in the Vaccine. Her voice speaks volumes. She is the person who is the Light in the face of Darkness (FAUCI).

        • eddiemd

          The new HIV strain has been circulating in the Netherlands for several years prior to the “vaccine”.


          Mandating the covid injection to an already compromised immune system is a recipe for disaster.

          • eddiemd

            I worked in the DOD lab in Lima Peru in the virology section. We were subtyping HIV strains arriving to the Americas from SE Asia. We would test commercial sailors in Callao. Surveillance.

            I also worked in the HIV clinic at Boston City hospital back in the early days around the time that AZT was first approved for use in pregnant women. Prior to HAART. Back in the stone age.

            HIV is a real virus. So is coronavirus. Both can be weaponized. Coronavirus is easier to manipulate in the lab.

            I was a microbiologist prior to med school. I was also trained as a special forces medic prior to medical school.

      • eddiemd

        There is an HIV “vaccine” for human consumption made by Moderna. It is in human trials.

        HIV viral particles or HIV RNA in the covid “vaccines”? It would be easy to determine one or the other. Just saying. That means you could have HIV RNA encapsulated in nanoparticle carriers. In this case you would need reverse transcriptase, integrase, and a protease specific to HIV for replication.
        If there are actual HIV virions, then all required enzymes are inside the viral particles. In this case you can test for HIV components by using ELISA and confirm by Western Blot. Typically both in clinical cases. You can also do viral load. Perhaps a viral load assay can be done on a vaccine sample.

        Sampling “vaccine” for HIV can be done. The data should be available. They test blood supplies for HIV contamination.

      • Donald

        I’m 100% opposed to all vaccines but I have to say that I, surprisingly, haven’t yet seen anyone around me (and I’m around A LOT of CV vaxxx’d people) suffer serious injury from it.

        Vax’d people are getting sick & testing positive for CV, but no more sick than unvax’d people like myself. Many are so dumb that, even though their initial vax obviously failed to protect them, they’re still getting the booster.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Look up Karen Kingston’s review of Pfizer patent-
      Proof of HIV sequence in there!

      • eddiemd

        When you have several hundred epitopes in the covid proteome and only 10 of these potentially recognizable by neutralizing antibodies (Abs), you have a recipe for disaster.

        The cross reactivity between artificial Abs supposedly produced by the injections can potentially react with all kinds of epitope in the body. It is not a surprise that there are microthrombi discovered on autopsy throughout the body. Platelets are one of the most cross-reactive substances in the bloodstream. The cascade of inflammatory events that follows is a certainty.
        The distribution of ACE2 receptors is also a factor. Mass production of spike protein and the resulting Abs target key organ systems.


        “The most remarkable finding is the surface expression of ACE2 protein on lung alveolar epithelial cells and enterocytes of the small intestine, ie cells in contact with the external environment. Furthermore, ACE2 is present in arterial and venous endothelial cells and arterial smooth muscle cells in all of the organs studied. These data are consistent with previous findings that low levels of ACE2 mRNA are found in many tissues and that ACE2 mRNA is highly expressed in renal, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal tissues.”

        Who needs HIV when you have engineered coronavirus that is massively destructive in itself?

        They knew in March 2020 that the this “new” bioweapon was going to damage the heart. They knew the “vaccine” producing Abs to the spike protein had high potential to cross react with endothelium and cardiac muscle. They had the studies from SARS one and MERS to read. March oe 2020 they knew that a “vaccine” was potentially harmful. All the previous animal studies showed the lethality of vaccines against coronavirus variants.


        If you got the vaccination and are worried that you may be exposed to HIV, you can go get an anonymous HIV test at the local health department. In Maricopa county you can get one without providing ID at 16th street and Roosevelt. I worked there also.

  11. TJZ


    God bless Dr. Eads and Greg Hunter! Lord have mercy on us all!

    • Janice

      Ahh, that reminds me that our city is planning to build a crematorium all of a sudden… Yikes!!

      • IIG

        The Nazi’s at the city’s Planning and Zoning team better incorporate specific air quality standards and strict scrubbing equipment requirements when authorizing the building of crematoriums to burn Americans under the cities zoning laws – as we don’t want the air to smell like burnt bacon (like it did when Hitler built his crematoriums to burn the Jews)!!

      • Laura McDonough

        Janice: Funeral homes have built crematoriums and the newer ones all have them. Problem: they are too small for mass cremations. If many die off in a year or so from booster shots, larger cities will need to build them on city property. Cattle , horses and other animal crematoriums handled by veternarians, could be used for mass cremations. Best large cities address this issue now. Digging deep trenches for mass burial is another option .

  12. David Maurer

    Hi Greg,
    I always find Dr. Eads interesting. I was shocked when I saw on the news that the FDA approved the Moderna CV19 vax. That fact alone tells me they’re trying to kill us off!

    I was wondering – apart from the “5% to 7% lethal batches” Dr. Eads mentioned, what about the remaining 93 to 95%? Are those people still getting a harmful shot with graphene oxide, the spike protein, and the immune system destroying ingredients?

    Thanks for this post.

    • IIG

      The murdering depraved psychopathic perverted eugenicist scum of this earth are running this genocide depopulation program at a steady pace because they don’t want to overwhelm the system too quickly – so they are doing a controlled demolition – a depopulation kill-off (sort of like the way Hitler did – he didn’t burn all the Jews at once – he spaced it out over many years – and if he wasn’t stopped he would have eventually gotten everyone) – having Fauci on board to put HIV into their bio-weapon was considered a stroke of genius by the Globalists – as HIV kills slowly enough for the millions of bodies that will need to be buried can be done at a relatively steady pace “without alarming the public to what is really going on” – and thus the lines to “the showers” (to make sure all the kids get jabbed) will move along at a regular and constant pace!!

      • Laura McDonough

        IIG: agree w/ you on this. America is done, not enough are tuned in and majority don’t care about anything but their very small world (social life, hobbies) , caring nothing about their kids or g’ kids futures at all. Voting at this point is useless because nothing will “get fixed” anymore than getting rid of these elite controllers of politicians and all the people over 200,000,000 dimwits in the US taking booster shots ongoing now covidian cult members who trust Fauci, Biden, the left, and mainstream news people. I have severed communications w/ C.C.members ongoing who are part of the problem/enjoy slavery/ and will say that if they ? me.

    • Tim

      Great questions. I was thinking the same thing.

    • Kc


    • Kc

      Yes, graphite oxide is present in all death shots.

    • Sean

      Great question. I was thinking the same thing. Because around me I have a lot of triple vax people but the only thing some have gotten is the virus and mild side effects.
      Assuming a small percentage got placebo, what about the others? Are they to see recurrence of prior illnesses due to immune system erosion, and effects from spike and grapheme over longer period of time?

  13. Olga

    I had heard that RFK Jr’s book, written as a prosecuting attorney, with thousands of citations, can be used as ammunition for people wanting to sue hospitals and doctors. Perhaps during the next frontline interview this question can be asked?

  14. jenniferjuniper

    My mother lives in a senior community, and it’s been horrifying to watch her neighbors and friends, the ones who decided to take the vaccine, now being diagnosed with cancer and other debilitating and/or deadly diseases.
    These previously healthy and active seniors, many of them still working, are now showing signs of neurological damage and disease, many of them have had repeated bouts of Covid, and too many of them are being diagosed with aggressive cancers, cancers that were not there prior to their “vaccination.”

    • IIG

      Depress the immune system with HIV – and the cancers that were being held in check by your immune system – will bust out and spread quickly throughout the body – and kill you off just as Fauci figured it would when he designed HIV into the bio-weapon for the eugenicists!!

      • Warren B.

        Its not just HIV inserts spliced into the Clot Shots.
        XMRV’s (Xenotropic Murine Retro Viruses) are also present along with H1N1.
        As I have said many times before – this is the intentional 21st Century form of AIDS which is being introduced surreptitiously through injections.
        The body is fighting these alien viruses simultaneously whilst the immune system is being deactivated….through the mRNA mechanism. There will be a series of illnesses/deaths appearing haphazardly with their cause being determined as uncertain…or perhaps being attributed to DIET…which I am starting to witness in some press releases…..and more often COVID-19.
        I have a relative in their mid-eighties who has received their booster shot and now has developed a form of Lymphocytic Colitis. No prior issue with this. It is a very rare disease….and the cause is “unknown” . The presence of Lymphocytes (White Blood cells) in the cells of the inflamed intestine, is indicative of Auto Immune dysfunction or ADE – an attribute of the “Safe and Effective Non-Vaccine”. I warned all my family – fallen on deaf ears.

        • Laura McDonough

          Warren B: cut all ties w/ these dimwits (covidian cult members ) for peace of mind, and find likeminded friends- few they may be. My parents dec. so it is easy to cut out siblings and cousins. Those w/ C.C,. parents, best to stay cool and distance yourself to some extent. People refuse to hear facts after showing/sending info?, then move on.

          • Warren B.

            As much as it goes against my principles or beliefs I am really starting to see that they are all truly indoctrinated…. no matter the quality or quantity of information provided. Ironically, I have been until mid-last year, a trusted and invaluable source of knowledge (the go to person in an extended family and long list of friends) and always giving in nature with my time and expertise….and it was taken with open arms. Now, I am considered nonsensical, outlandish, irrational and worthless – because my views do not align with that of the Government / Health Officials when it comes to the motives of a FORCED VACCINATION PROGRAM. What is evident with most of those relatives/friends that have been fully vaxxed – is that it was a requirement for their Work / choice for their lifestyle. The remainder blindly followed the lead.
            For my own sanity and personal safety I have been reducing / eliminating any time spent with those CC members (including remaining Parents…yes and even Siblings). Finding like-minded people is a not a simple task. It opens yourself up to further intolerance and castigation if attempted in a blanket approach. Being discreet is not my forte- especially on such a heated topic which is so very close to my heart. Friends on the same path ….are few a far between. Finding new friends who are not CC members is challenging in this over mandated world.

            • Elizabeth

              Hi Warren, My husband’s nephew got married this past weekend. Most of my husband’s family has been vaccinated ( or should I say they were injected twice and boostered) My husband has been injected twice (Moderna) no booster. I flat out refuse to inject this cocktail into my body, no thanks! Anyway, because of the choice I made for me I was told that I had to take the PCR test prior to attending the wedding. The people who took the injections did not have to test (even though they can still get Covid & it’s variant’s). Over & over again my husband’s family told him make sure your wife gets tested. These people honestly think that the unvaccinated (un-injected) people are responsible for the spread of Covid & it’s variant’s. So, one week prior to the wedding my husband’s sister who’s been demanding that I get tested prior to the wedding texted my husband and she told him that her daughter tested positive for Covid and would not be attending the wedding, her next sentence was you better make sure your wife gets tested prior to the Wedding! It was as if I was to blame for her daughter (who’s injected & boostered) getting Covid, I was to blame because I refuse to inject this MRNA into my body. I would just like to mention that I have not been near my husband’s family since before Covid. My husband’s sister’s are both teachers and they are indoctrinated (obviously) and preaching to our children and poisoning their minds! Before Covid I got along well with my husband’s family, now, not so much! I told my husband that I thought it would be best if I did not attend the wedding, for many reasons! He graciously accepted me backing out, it was like he didn’t really want me to go in the first place because he knew that if I did go his family would attack me and demand to know why I wasn’t injected! Again, these injected people blame us un-injected people for the spread of Covid & variant’s, they honestly think that it’s because of the un-injected that the pandemic still exists! They just can’t comprehend that it’s the injected & boostered people that are creating the variant’s, they know nothing about the spike protein’s or anything else they injected into their bodies. I’d love to educate them but I don’t know if I can penetrate the few brain cells they have left! My husband returned home yesterday from the “wedding weekend”, he somehow seems different to me, almost like they turned him against me or something? I am at a loss for words at this point! Beyond Frustrated!!
              Thanks for listening,
              Elizabeth B

              • Greg Hunter

                It is you are at risk being around them. You are going to have to separate yourself from them and NO PCR test. Watch: https://www.fromrome.info/2021/10/31/we-are-at-the-great-separation-it-is-now-humanity-vs-the-deathvaxx-monsters/

              • Warren B.

                Hi Elizabeth,
                Your story (and it saddens me to read it) is not uncommon. We are constantly bombarded with the official propaganda 24/7…then we are subjected to the innuendo and insults from those we cherish and have had long lasting relationships with. I know how difficult it is for you because I have experienced the same backlash and torment…..”why haven’t you been vaxxed” ? …”do you know you can’t attend the wedding/funeral/party – if you haven’t been tested or vaxxed”? …is the continual barrage. It’s like they wear this badge of Superiority…..and see you as being inferior. It bothers me to a degree but then I keep reminding myself that the TRUTH is something you must discover for yourself…..Mark Twain phrases it perfectly….”It is easier to fool the people , that it is to convince them they have been fooled”. “No man’s life, liberty, and property are. safe while the legislature is in session.”.

                I understand that the motives behind this grand Genocide include creating “Division” and “Disunity” amongst family members. Finding like minded people in person to share and support may be difficult…but with the blessing of God and Greg’s good work…at least we have a platform.
                That being said…we are still social beings…we need interaction….we also need to be able to strengthen our immune systems with that interaction. That is how we survive. Life becomes pretty boring and miserable if our rights and privileges are withdrawn – often quoted by the fully vaxxed ….. and true in many regards. But we are born free and with inalienable rights. Although these evil Elitists are tightening the noose….they can never take away the domain I have over my body and my mind. It is as much a temptation as is it preservation…..not unlike the Garden of Eden. The temptation of the Apple representing Evil (poison) – but in reality it was Knowledge = Power. Having the knowledge gives us the power of preservation. Whatever life befalls us …I know I am right with God and I will take care of myself and of my family (regardless), for as long as God allows me to.
                My wife is getting her second shot next week. I have done well to delay this for as long as this time. I sense that life will become more challenging as the weeks and months pass.
                Stay well Elizabeth. You and others that are encountering similar circumstances are in my prayers.

              • David Dansker

                I am so sorry to hear this. Your husband did not marry his family, he married you! You are the one he needs to stand by first. As for the rest, you are likely dealing with Mass Formation Psychosis (search it), and logic and reason along with facts will not serve you when this is the case. You only real hope with these people is the power of the gospel, and the word of God. Be of good cheer, Jesus is real!

        • Warren B.

          VAED and VAERD – get to know these terms and understand what Pfizer knew about them and wanted to keep secret. Here is a link to a paper authored by Pfizer.
          Go to page 11 and Table 5 – all is contained within.
          Key takeaways:
          VAED/VAERD remains a theoretical risk for the vaccine. Surveillance will continue.
          Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease leads to ADE (antibody-dependent enhancement).

          • Tim


            Thanks for posting this?

      • Laura McDonough

        Maybe u can answer this: if a person who refused shots catches covid, can it damage their immune systems like those who took the shots and boosters? me and several others want to know but reluctant to ask our primary dr. One friend who refused these shots had a mild case last week of the omicron version. I was also exposed to same person but not sick.

    • Jeff robbins

      I have an uncle, 78 back in North Carolina. He and my Aunt got the vax, pretty sure they got the booster as well, and just before Christmas he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer- 6 months to live.

  15. Garry Towns

    WhatsInMyBatch.com does not work, not a website. However https://www.howbadismybatch.com/ is a good website for all information.

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Thank you👍

      • Charles H

        Thanks for coming onto the site, Betsy. It really, really, really increases the content here.

  16. Forrest W Byers

    Thank you Dr. Betsy Edds, Mr. Greg Hunter, Tonight, I gained two new stars in my night sky, may you two, continued to shine ever so bright! By and with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  17. Garry Towns

    You didn’t list the MSM in your poll, that could have swayed my vote!

  18. Virginia

    Greg, Dr. Eads is one beautiful, kind-hearted soul to grace our world, for she is, without a doubt, an exceptional soul. Thank you!
    I understand that our immune system being slowed or destroyed leaves our bodies open to disease, i.e., cancer is typically kept under control naturally by our immune system. Our corporate devils must be salivating thinking about their profit margins!

    • IIG

      Speaking of profit margins – with Biden taking 30% of the farmland out of production and Bill Gates buying up the remaining farmland and taking it out of production – where will McDonald’s get the beef for its hamburgers? – Bill Gates says they will get it from insects – but the insect population is collapsing from the toxic aluminum, etc. geoengineering sprays – so where will the meat come from (Soylent Green)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UPDUpjkHg0

      • Johnny Cool


        Don’t forget what happened to Wetson’s Hamburgers in the New York area, and also The Automat. Maybe McDonald’s will suffer the same fate someday…


  19. Marie Joy

    Psychotics never give up.

    • Greg Hunter

      Marie Joy,
      Either does Jesus.

  20. Tom Dee

    What will you do??

    What are you going to do when you find out that governments around the world, the WHO, Lord Fauci and many, many others we should have been able to trust, that have been telling you to take their miracle vaccine, are actually Jim Jones wearing a smiling mask, and that you’ve been frightened, blackmailed, and in some cases, even VOLUNTARILY duped into drinking Strychnine laced Kool-Aid??

    Will you demand that since you drank it, everyone else must too, or will you stand up, rise up and demand those responsible for this outright fraud and the possible lifelong disabilities or even death you and your CHILDREN may be sentenced to by them, be prosecuted and put behind bars or more?

    What will you do? What will YOU do???

    What is the penalty for GENOCIDE?? Look it up!

    Listen to this…


    Then listen to this!


    What will you do??

    What are you going to do when you find out that governments around the world, the WHO, Lord Fauci and many, many others we should have been able to trust, that have been telling you to take their miracle vaccine, are actually Jim Jones wearing a smiling mask, and that you’ve been frightened, blackmailed, and in some cases, even VOLUNTARILY duped into drinking Strychnine laced Kool-Aid??

    Will you demand that since you drank it, everyone else must too, or will you stand up, rise up and demand those responsible for this outright fraud and the possible lifelong disabilities or even death you and your CHILDREN may be sentenced to by them, be prosecuted and put behind bars or more?

    What will you do? What will YOU do???

    What is the penalty for GENOCIDE?? Look it up!

    Listen to this…


    Then listen to this!


    System Administrator

  21. Sniper -

    Hospitals are nothing more than death camps. This is all about their depopulation agenda. This may be a little off topic… As for the food shortages, supply chain issues: Henry Kissinger remarked in 1970, “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” Their plans are to starve the population into submission, and that’s a fact. Welcome to the NWO.

  22. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for a brilliant interview with Dr Eads.
    One word of ‘warning’. It was mentioned that nineteen countries are ‘stepping back’ from the Covid mandates, and that’s great, however we need to be super vigilant. For example, the UK has recently stepped back from vaxx passports, social distancing, etc., BUT most importantly the government is still Hell bent on rolling out the Covid 19 kill shots to school children. They have organised all UK secondary schools (US = high schools) to administer the inoculations – commencing within the next two weeks! Twelve year olds and up are being bombarded by e-mail and social media advertising informing them that they do not need parental consent to take the shot/s! In any event, idiot parents (the majority) appear only too keen to volunteer their kids for medical experimentation. One of my daughters has pushed back hard and gained permission for her children to be absent from school during the inoculations / ‘gassing’. By the way, there is supposed to be ‘informed consent’ prior to administering any experimental pharmaceutical. My daughter followed this up. First she asked the principal of the school about the risk / reward involved. Naturally he / she declined to answer and referred her to the local education board. They had no answer and referred her to the regional child health authority. They in turn offered no answers and referred her to the National Health authority. Even they did not provide any answers. So, based on my daughter’s telephone research – all of which she recorded – no one has received the information required in order to be able to give ‘informed consent’. TPTB may have appeared to relax the Covid mandates but they are still going full tilt with the vaccine roll out. They are murdering children. We need to stay vigilant!!!

    • Elizabeth Eads

      9 countries not 19

      • Jeffrey Smith

        Dr Eads,

        Thank you for another great informational and heartfelt interview. We recently moved to Old Town, FL, near Chiefland, about 1 west of Lake City. We looked up your office and it appears to be in Ormond. Can we call that office to do a telemed with you or someone at that office? We don’t have a PCP anymore, fired bc she would not lose her job over prescribing Ivermectin or HCQ. Said they don’t work anyway. Told us to get vaxxed.
        Anyway, we would drive there if we need to so not sure how you feel about new patients. We absolutely don’t trust hospitals or Urgent Care places. Please advise

  23. swimfinz

    Thank you Greg Hunter for all your fine guests! Perhaps it is time to have Martin Armstrong back on your fine show?
    YOU are the NEWS now!

  24. Jay

    Dr. Joel Wallach wrote a book called “Dead Doctors don’t lie.” He said if you want to be healthy and live long, stay away from doctors and hospitals. That was decades before the Covid murder for hire plot took over our hospital administrators.

  25. Marie Joy

    We, all, can talk til we’re blue in the face and nothing will change the fact that this is a genocide. Among genocided populations, there are some who see it coming and there are some, in power, who think they will be exempted.

    • IIG

      Those who believe they will be exempted because they were “just following orders” – will find out differently at Nuremberg II .

  26. Jerry

    Of course the pandemic was all planned. Remember this?

    Every time someone asked me if I’m vaxed, I always ask them if they know anything about Event 201? After I get the deer in the headlight look, I always preface my question by saying, you should really know about it, because these are the people that made the vaccines you put in your body.

    • Jerry

      And then there’s this.

      Yesterday I put a food order in at our local Walmart center for chicken breast. Would you believe that not one piece of chicken is in our local Walmart store? Here’s the kicker. Where is Tysons home office located? Arkansas. Where is Walmart’s home office located? Arkansas. What two companies that I’ve listed are partners with The World Economic Forum? Walmart and Tyson. Wake up people. They’re now planning food shortages on the pandemic. Once again it’s all planned.

    • S. J.

      Yes, plus the overlooked ‘coincidence’ that at the same time in Wuhan, China the pre-olympic ‘Military Games’ were being held after which several athletes came down with a covid-like illness. And as Harbinger author Jonathan Cahn might point out it occurred during the Biblical ‘Feast of Tabernacles’. Interesting many key world events happen around that time of year.

  27. Marie Joy

    At what point, America?

    • IIG

      The Time Is Now! – The Time Is Now!!!

  28. KathyM

    Tremendous interview. Thank you Greg and thank you Dr. Eads.

  29. Marie Joy

    Didn’t our President Trump have an Executive Order confiscating all assets of traitors?

    • jimb0

      The definition of ‘traitor’ is defined by those in power, unfortunately.

  30. Paul

    If die off is their goal. Who will be their customers?
    It must be long term injuries for hospitals.
    Meds for pharma.
    Insurance companies insuring jabbed?
    Governments , corporations coffers for reduced promised legacy costs.

    Robots don’t consume.
    Somethings missing besides new world order

    • BonnieB

      I have always wondered this myself, Paul. If you kill off the consumers (we who made you rich), who is going to keep your coffers full once you have killed us all .

      You may need us “pure bloods” as serfs but that still does not account for commerce on the scales that made you all rich. NO CONSUMERS OR SPECIALIZED WORKERS.
      Talk of infrastructure deterioration. You aint seen nothing yet!

      So well thought out Mr Schwab, Mr Gates etc.

      And how boring life will become when you are all on an even playing field with your extreme wealth. No one left to flaunt your clever wealth to.

      • Warren B.

        My take on this is somewhat radical…but not entirely unbelievable.
        What History hasn’t taught us (because those who have the REAL History do not divulge the TRUTH)…is that the Dynastic Families of this planet along with their generational Offspring have ruled over Mankind for Thousands of years. There have been many purges of the Human race over time, all this occurring whilst those in Control acquire even more wealth and power. With every purge we see a greater concentration of Wealth. It is not such much about what life ‘They” will lead after the great Genocide, it is more about how they will start the process again and continue to reign. Populations are dramatically reduced but not to the point of annihilation. There is a pre-determined level that is required to re-build. What we are told with historical population statistics is relatively short term and is not indicative of what true population levels have been in the past.
        My readings offer a possible clue in the late 16th / early 17th century – where there was a hidden multi-continent emigration project that was undertaken. I put forward that what we are experiencing today may indeed be another event not unlike those in the past that have been hidden.

    • IIG

      Paul … If the eugenicists are allowed to succeed with their depopulation goals … the Hospitals will eventually have no patients … Big Pharma will eventually have no one to vaccinate or sell their medicines to … Insurance companies will go broke paying off on life insurance policies … Governments will have no one to tax or govern … and Corporations will have no customers for their products .. so … they better all begin to get into the lithium battery manufacturing business … to power the “immortal robots” of the New World Order (promised to them by Satan)!!

  31. Greg Morrissey

    Here is the next lesson on the book Deuteronomy chapter 12. The teaching in this Book of the bible is just as important today as it was when Moses taught it and wrote the first five books of the Bible. We can all learn these principals and bring this back to one nation under God.
    If you want to join a Bible study with us, contact me

  32. Joe

    support canucks in trucks

  33. Keith Kasprzak

    This is all getting old. When will the sh-t hit the fan? I mean what will it take exactly to turn the corner and actually make progress against these monsters?

    • Greg Hunter

      Try to figure out something to help out.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Greg … I just discovered this today. I have never heard of this strategy before. Maybe … the information and strategies available via this website (https://bondsforthewin.com/) will help stop the political, bureaucratic, and other government tyrants, from perpetuating their crimes, and help to put the brakes on a large portion of this insanity. Time will tell.

    • Laz


    • IIG

      Are you boycotting the criminal organizations working to take away your life and liberties?? – simply don’t feed the hand that is stabbing you to death!!

    • Rodster

      It’s already happening around the world. People are waking up to the Scam-demic around the world. Protests such as the Canada Truckers Convoy. You have also seen civil unrest and guess what, they have won because the government in those countries have rescinded the vaccine mandates.

      Martin Armstrong says his computer should that they had a 3 yr window and that window is closing fast. He says his computer predicted they would fail. He even cited that Davos this year has been cancelled due to the WEF backlash although Klaus Schwab is using an excuse why he’s cancelling the Davos meeting.

    • S. J.

      IMHO, it will get worse before it gets better. Only after everything hits rock bottom will the survivors understand what really has to be done.

  34. Wendy

    Couple of questions for Dr. Eads:
    Couldn’t find the clothing she was referring to to protect your unvaxxed self from the vaxxed (I live with someone vaxxed).

    Dr. Madea, whom she referred to one time, has said that monoclonal antibodies could be detrimental to ones health and Dr. Eads stated that the monoclonal antibodies program had been stopped by Biden nationwide – what does she know of the effects of this program?

    Thank you.

    • Elizabeth Eads


      • Elizabeth Eads

        Some monoclonal antibodies have fetal antibodies-we don’t know what the long term effects such as autoimmune reactions will be to the human body!

        • IIG

          We do know that cows forced to eat left over cow meat scraps from slaughter houses mixed into their feed develop prions in their brains creating “mad cow disease” … it seems logical that by injecting aborted fetus scraps into human bodies will create prions in human brains creating “mad human disease”!!

    • BonnieB

      I live in a state of 2.7 million people (AU). There are only approx. 100,000 of us left not jabbed. We have total censorship and EVERYONE has drunk the kool aid.
      I am the only one in a huge family not jabbed and they all think I should be committed.
      Cannot go to my favorite uncle’s funeral next week.
      My husband is especially scared of me as he thinks I will give him COVID ! I live in my caravan and don’t go near him too often.
      I had been initially thinking of how I could avoid being with him due to shedding.
      Case solved ! LOL He is more scared of me than I am with him.
      My resolve is absolute. No poison for me. I am a bit lonely but I guess God has given me a message and I will obey.

      • Pete+only

        Bonnie, both me and my wife have lost many friends and relatives and they also think we are nuts, but here’s what you can say to them, if they really piss you off.
        I will make a little wager with you (the offending person). If you are still alive and in good health in 3 years time, you can laugh at me, but if you are dead, I will piss on your grave (or if you still care for them, you can say that you would put a rose on their grave site).
        You can’t fix stupid. Try to make friends with those that have your same beliefs. We are reading the bible more for guidance, and this helps us immensly. Your health is more important than bowing to social pressures. Try to stay busy. Also, Greg’s site, his guests and blog is good to read and listen to. Take Care.

        • BonnieB

          Pete+only, Thank you for your uplifting comments to let me know I am not alone.

          My heart breaks not for me as I am old, but for my darling son who is just under 30 years old. (I was a very very late life mom in my forties).
          He got his first shot, then after finishing his advanced science degree got a job that required him to be fully jabbed. I think he complied reluctantly.

          People just don;t seem to realize the long term consequences over short term gains.
          Thank you Greg and Dr Eads. Keep up the good fight. You are appreciated.

          Absolutely everyone in our church is jabbed, so I am now a “private” parishioner. They told me that they were doing their bit but if they only knew !
          I was flabbergasted when I found that everyone had been jabbed including my son and husband as they are very intelligent people.

          There is strange randomness to who gets the jab and who doesn’t. I personally take this as sign from God that even though he loves us all, some will cope better in the future with what is coming, but my heart breaks just the same knowing all those I love are going to pass in the next few years. Having said that I myself could do so by natural means before even they do, but I will do so having known I have not been “marked”.

          • Anthony Australia

            I’ve been labelled a Loon since 1998.

            Luke 23:34: Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

            The Universe will be kind to you as it is for me.
            Good people work surround you one day I promise.

            • BonnieB

              Better to be a loon than dead Anthony!
              Been wondering for many years when the universe will be kind to me. Perhaps it is now….not getting the jab.

          • Bob

            A friend of mine had all his kids get the shots – over his objections. Like Adam taking the apple because he loved Eve, he took a shot too because his kids did, I guess to share their fate.
            Now one kid has shingles and another a tumor, 6 months post shot.

            People have all gone insane. I tell you, the #1 reason people will give for taking the shot is “because I haven’t got it yet”. Their thinking doesn’t go much deeper than that.

            Hopefully the vax does it’s thing within a couple of years so we don’t have to wait too long.

            • BonnieB

              It is pure blackmail Bob. My son could not work until he got one.
              Being young he follows his peers instead of his nutty old mom.
              Peer pressure be it young or old is a damning thing.

  35. Tom Dee

    Greg, I accidentally doubled up my post earlier, so if you can correct it for me, I would appreciate it very much.

    Don’t forget to let me know when you will vmbe available for a radio interview as I have many listeners asking if I can get you on and maybe take calls! You have a huge following!

    Best regards and I’m glad you’re getting better. I was worried about that cough you’ve had previously, but it looks like you have it under control now!

  36. pbd

    Greg – thanks for another excellent interview. My perspective is slightly different from Dr. Eads – I do not think Covid shots cause exactly “HIV-AIDS” but the shots do appear to cause a form of AIDS.
    AIDS and Covid-shots:
    Others have already speculated that Covid-shots can induce a form of AIDS – but have not really explained what they mean in more detail or distinguish it from HIV-AIDS. AIDS is the acronym in medical literature that stands for “autoimmune deficiency syndrome” the disease that is putatively caused by infection with the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) of host T-cells which results in both severe depression of the host immune system (of T-cells) and auto-immune disfunction (of T-cells). Covid-shot induced AIDS (CS-AIDS) DOES NOT work by the infection of host T-cells via a HIV-viral-vector.
    CS-AIDS works (I think) by a different mechanism and pathology. I agree that Covid shots cause a form of AIDS but it is not HIV-AIDs – even though the Covid shot spike protein may have HIV structural elements inserted (i.e. four different sequence inserts – that are identical or similar to HIV sequences in the spike-shaped surface protein on the HIV virus virion.
    The Covid shot via action of the Covid-spike protein also causes depression of T-cells (CD8+ and CD4+ cells) AND auto-immune disfunction of the same (self-attacking-self by e.g. aberrant recruitment and activation of CD8+ cells) – but this is NOT via HIV viral infection of T-cells.
    For those that care about potential details:
    The shot-spike-protein binds ACE2 and increases angiotensin II which increases TF (Tissue Factor) which causes hypertension (as well as blood clotting)(evidenced by elevated D-dimer) – note however it is important to distinguish that the initial acute effects of spike-protein toxicity is hypotension. CD8+ cells sense the TF induced hypertension (blood pressure) and are recruited to those locations being attacked by the spike protein (i.e. ACE2 in heart tissue). The net effect is to on the one hand deplete and pull the host CD8+ cells away from beneficial immune system activity and on the other hand repurpose them for detrimental auto-immune attack in the host tissues (e.g. the heart).
    If CS-AIDS disease is similar to HIV-AIDS disease, then for example we should see increasing cancer and infections (linked to depressed CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells) – which unfortunately the emerging evidence seems to be bearing out.
    The reason CS-AIDS should be classified as a genocidal attack on the public is that the literature is replete with information and evidence that viral spike-protein based antigenic vaccines do not work and actually are harmful to the host (see vaccine development for RSV, SARS, MERS) – and there are over 1000 publications showing Covid vaccine injury – but the powers-at-be somehow have convinced many of the sheepeople zombies that this time with the SARS-COV2 coronavirus spike-protein-based-vaccine development that it will be different this time and furthermore we can simply by-pass or ignore animal model testing and disregard the initial clear human morbidity and mortality data and keep jabbing folks – and now even approve the Moderna vaccine. Really?!
    Best of luck all.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your take is not a fact. Look at what the 2008 Nobel winner (who did groundbreaking work on HIV) just tweeted out: Lots of evidence that HIV is in the Vax. Karen Kingston also brought this up with documents on a USAW interview. Other doctors such as Dr. Zelenko also has brought this up too.

      • pbd

        Greg, at the outset I agree my take is NOT a fact – and you were absolutely correct to point this out. I believe “my take” is a potential mechanism that might explain the broadest presentation of AIDS disease/symptoms arising from Covid-shots (obviously I could be wrong). Contamination/adulteration of Covid shots with an infectious agent that is a lentivirus/retrovirus/HIV virion that causes HIV-AIDS similarly is not a fact – i.e. as far as I know it is a theory. I agree (have an open mind) that it is certainly possible and not beyond the realm of conception that the evil “powers-at-be” that brought us this far regarding the many examples of terrorism, war, genocide, financial repression, racism, bigotry, and social unrest – could maliciously infect the population currently with HIV via the Covid shots if it suited their purposes.
        My sense is that claiming and asserting without specific proof (of isolation, culturing sequencing of HIV virus virons in Covid-shots) and not carefully considering other potential viable reasonable scientific options that could explain the evidence thus far is imprudent because it opens us up to criticism that can be used politicly to paint the anti-medical tyranny movement as arising simply from tin-foil-hat wack-jobs – and thereby prevent us from freeing-more minds and allow the DS element to continue to weaponize vaxxed-zombies (which includes family and friends) against us, freedom, liberty and the rule of law.
        Luc Montagnier, a French virologist and recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine – has not as far as I know said that the Covid-shots cause HIV-AIDS via infection caused by contamination/adulteration of Covid-shots with HIV virus virions. The fact that Covid-shots/spike protein contain HIV-inserts does not mean that the shots cause HIV-AIDS and Dr. Montagnier is NOT suggesting the same (I think). The evidentiary link between an increase in specific HIV-AIDS disease and Covid-shots can be explained potentially by the effect of Covid spike proteins on the host immune-system (immunosuppression of CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells) and therefore the potential corresponding downstream effect on: (1) existing HIV latency, (2) rate of HIV infection and (3) the potential production more virulent HIV variants – in the population that have been vaxxed with Covid-shots. With all due respect – off-course it is much more sensational to say simply that Covid-shots give people HIV infection and therefor HIV-AIDS – and can potentially be seen as a scare tactic – that is not worthy of the anti-medical tyranny effort by “we the people”.
        Again, you were absolutely correct to point out that “my take” is not fact. As always, I sincerely appreciate all your honest courageous reporting.
        Best regards,

    • IIG

      At first you try to tell us: “that the HIV spliced into the Corona virus by the evil psychopath Fauci (and now being injected into our children) is not the same as the HIV the queers and homosexuals transmit to one another” – then – you effectively say: “the only way the Corona CS-AIDS would be similar to HIV-AIDS disease is if we see increasing cancer rates and infections (linked to depressed CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells) – which unfortunately the emerging evidence seems to be bearing out”!!

  37. Scott

    There is an evil component to this agenda. My God is greater than all of this tyranny and will prevail. The ethical and moral healthcare system is gone. We must restore it. How we go about that must be methodic and persistent.

  38. Paul Simmons

    It is unbelievable what people will close their eyes to even at the huge loss of wellbeing to others. It is complicity in the crime by caring so little as to not look into anything but what they think is the current fashion of thought from main stream media. Wait till the Globalists get control and a ring is put through their nose to lead them around. These covid shots might just be doing that very thing by a nano partical ring in their brain as it were.

  39. NoWhereMan

    Outstanding Commentary from an expert Doctor. Qudos to the fine research and execution of major facts to the extraordinary circumstances that lead the execution of Doctor Fucki by the neck until Green

  40. Diana Brown

    I plan to share this far and wide. Thank you Greg and Dr. Eads for your dedication and willingness to share meaningful information.

  41. John Wade

    I’ve been watching a group of people you interview for awhile, all on the front lines of helping clear up the garbage spewed out by the main stream media and mainstream “fake” medical.
    How is it that we hear of No One going to jail, prison, on trial, etc. if all this stuff about the jabbers and the way patients are handled, and the payments to hospitals and who knows what else? Why aren’t there mass round ups of these murderers and conspirators? Maybe I’m too dense, but I don’t get it…..
    Thanks to everyone for their great work to bring truth to light in a sea of lies & deceit 🙂

    • IIG

      The criminals made sure they took control of the legal justice system before launching their attack upon the people – so – nothing will be done to arrest the criminals “until we begin hanging the crooked judges and attorneys” helping the eugenicists at Nuremberg II .

  42. Judy Dosch

    Hi Greg
    Great interview…they must be trying to get ahead of the curve. Gateway Pundit put out a story about a NEW VARIANT…CAUSES HIV …lies lies. It is the JAB!

    • Greg Hunter

      Total Bull crap. Vax causes the HIV because it’s in some of the vials. Look at what the 2008 Nobel winner (who did groundbreaking work on HIV) just tweeted out: Lots of evidence that HIV is in the Vax. Karen Kingston also brought this up with documents on prior USAW interviews. Other doctors such as Dr. Zelenko also has brought this up too.

  43. Justin

    Wow, another startling thought. . . Around the 15 minute mark Dr. Eads states that covid has an HIV component to it, and now repurposing HIV / Hep C medications to “remedy” people’s covid symptoms. Does this mean there could be possible transmission of HIV by being “intimate” with a vaxxxed loved one? If so, what are the chances of transmitting that?

    • IIG

      Most likely the chances of transmittal is high – as Fauci most assuredly probably designed it to be that way – to prevent intercourse and new babies (while they depopulate us)!!

  44. Bible Reader

    I wish I could get a copy of this video. I’m glad I prayed, last night. Yep, The Holy Face Devotion Novena.

    The cellphone videos on Twitter are showing what’s really going on.


    Globalist Cult at WAR with HUMANITY!!

    Ottawa truckers with the Freedom Loving Convoy. So contagious it spread many cities in Canada and across the world. PROUD OF YOU TRUCKERS!

  45. barsoom43

    Dr Eads knocked it out of the ballpark again, Greg..
    Maybe time for Cliff High again?
    In Dec 2021, the debt was $29T.. in about 6 weeks, it hit $30T.. at that rate, it ought to be $40T by end of year.. Maybe time for input from Catherine Austin Fitts.. or if you could get Peter Schiff , Craig Hemke , Bill Holter, or Rob Kirby to talk about currency and gold.

    A second in time is nothing… but 30T seconds of time = about 1 million years. It is just a matter of time until the USD=Bolivar=ZWD.. It’s all well and good to invest in gold but lead will protect everything you have.

    • IIG

      The bankers and gold market manipulators in London have a big problem – two nations (India and China) which combined contain about half the citizens of planet Earth (now that Western populations are being radically reduced with the “jab” while India uses Ivermectin and China is promoting 3 child families) – these banksters have to contend with citizens who over the last year increased their physical gold consumption by more than 33% (year over year) despite the bankers unceasing efforts to promote a mania surrounding the introduction of their new worthless crypto money (which is becoming increasingly necessary as the farm land needed to grow cotton to make their fiat is being reduced by 30% – while the need for ever more of their IOU bills is increasing exponentially !!

  46. Elizabeth Eads


    • J. Kimble Allen

      Elizabeth, when I click on the link you provided, I get the following:

      “This site can’t be reachedlambsemfclothing.com’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.

      Maybe … the site is being overwhelmed currently.

  47. Paul

    Start a nationwide signature petition to end this. The silent majority has not been represented. You would need an equipment upgrade. Then hang on. Many here to help

  48. Mike R

    After 2 years of this Covid nonsense, I still do not personally know one person who has gotten covid let alone died of covid. The facts have been stated by the CDC, that the PCR test cannot differentiate between the flu and covid. So basically there is absolutely no test anyone has been getting on a regular basis, that is able to determine that someone has covid.
    Its far more likely that people have been getting the flu, and that those going to the hospital have other existing ailments, that were made worse by catching the flu. The flu simply did not go away. Not happening. Yet nobody reports anyone getting the flu for the past 2 years.
    The problems begin for people when THEY GET ADMITTED TO THESE hospitals. Thats when the killing process begins. None of them are treated with Ivermectin.

    There are also NO proof of any so called ‘variants.’ This is made up to scare people into getting vaccines. So ultimately what started as a so called deadly virus, has really turned into a genocide program using the vaxxes, or death shots. Of the so called 900,000 deaths ‘due to covid’ here in the US, for the past 2 years, those deaths are most likely split between deaths from the VAXX itself, or deaths caused by flu combined with other illnesses, called co-morbidities.

    The variants are being made up in the media, initiated by the government, as a cover for all the deaths now really occurring from the VAXXed. In order to keep covering the vaxx deaths up, they are going to have to keep perpetuating this lie of covid variants. They will keep this crap up until basically everyone is brow beaten or scared into taking the VAXX. Which also means it will be more of the same BS of having to keep wearing masks in public, beating down businesses like restaurants, and even these concocted shortages.

    The life insurers have got this nailed, but they too will be bullied by the government to shut their mouths, and likely paid off for the death payouts that appear to be due to the vaxxes. Just like the hospitals are being paid, about $100k per death that they create and label as ‘covid.’ The sick part of all this, is no one in healthcare wants to lose their job so very very very few (like Ms. Eads) are courageous enough to speak out.

    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll bet you people who died of the vax.

    • IIG

      Life Insurance Companies are now getting nailed (will they also be given $50,000 for every Covid death (the way Hospitals are)?? … after three quarters of aggressive vaccinations throughout 2021 – death benefit payouts have increased by 258% !!

    • S. J.

      You raise valid questions. As I recall, I’ve heard medical experts admit the Sars Cov II virus has never been fully isolated. Apparently early on China released a fragment of the genetic sequence but not the entire thing – and that was from some computer model! I believe India was one of the first to analyze it. Without the entire sequence it would be impossible to positively identify the Sars Cov II virus or any variant as well. But the India analysts noted a strange ‘polybasic furin cleavage site’ that looked unnatural like a crispr addition and what looked like elements of HIV. Dr. Francis Boyle (who authored the law banning bioweapons and was signed into law by H.W. Bush) called it a bioweapon created by Nazi elements. Nevertheless by mid 2021 I saw a list of many named variants including Delta & Omnicon. Meanwhile experts have warned of mutations from ‘antibody dependent enhancement’, ie superbugs. But the now discontinued PCR tests could not differentiate between ‘covid’, the common cold or the flu. Just as well since PCR could be manipulated to produce positive results at will. Now we have the rapid test swabs that a Cyprus lab found highly contaminated as Dr. Eads alluded to. A few months ago Warren Buffett (and big friend of B.Gates) warned more deadly diseases would be coming.

  49. NavyBlueSmoke

    Greg ; Thanks for having Doc , back on USAWatchdog ! I was impressed as usual about her willingness to confront The Evil One , no matter how many faces he places upon himself BUT I am More Impressed that although she looks like she’s been working overtime many months now , she is still plugging away ! It proves Once & For All , that if you’re Powered By Creator God ……….. You Cannot Be Stopped ……………….

  50. Robert Coleman

    FYI – In China they have just designed MRNA Shot to fight Covid – obviously they stole the tech – highly unlikely it was given to them. They are in the testing phase. Reality is they have nothing to fight Omicron variant. They reality is they have locked down vast areas putting millions in lockdown. In 2020 over 4 million businesses went out of business due to COVID Lockdowns in 2021 over 10 million businesses closed. Yet the illusion that plenty of food is available due to the CCP buying up over 60% of the worlds Grain and Rice Supply to fee its population. Stay Safe Greg and all listeners . Planned Shortage Of Everything! Supply Shortages And Global Food Crisis 2022 Accelerates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf_o6e1TcLM&t=8s

  51. IVAN

    Dr. David Martin and the 5th Circuit Court Final Order Awesome Language From the Court https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2022/02/dr-david-martin-and-the-5th-circuit-court-final-order-awesome-language-from-the-court-3766832.html

    • Pat

      Its hard to let go of med school protocol but if you can get out of the box you’ll see Dr Elizabeth Eads is correct. Get a brown recluse spider bite, try activated charcoal, lavender and basil or call the hospital and let your skin rot off. Hospitals are there to make money and the doctors and nurses will comply or be discarded.

    • IIG

      Call it what it is: “Coercion to force us to take an experimental jab” – and we can bring the criminals to justice at Nuremberg II .

  52. Paul

    Greg , delete if you can comment about petition. I don’t want you to end up like jimmy lai-Hong Kong apple daily

  53. Mike Foley

    I call it Culldepop.

  54. IVAN

    Reiner Fuellmich’s opening remarks at a curious kind of people’s court https://beforeitsnews.com/eu/2022/02/reiner-fuellmichs-opening-remarks-at-a-curious-kind-of-peoples-court-2682890.html

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ivan,
      Many thanks for the link. I sincerely hope nothing untoward happens to the many expert witnesses Reiner names in his opening statement. There is a dark history of people intending to give evidence, in ‘Clinton et al’ trials, being ‘deterred’ pre trial.

      I will send the link to my siblings but, no doubt, they will dismiss Reiner Fuellmich as a ‘nutter’. One can but try . . .

  55. Steve Anderson

    Hi Greg ! Just wanted to let you know that Ivermectin is available in Mexico without a prescription . I just had my daughter pick me up a few boxes . There are only 2 tablets in each box so I’m going to have her get some more .

  56. Chevy123

    Excellent Show Greg. Keep up the good work.

  57. William Cilldhaire, DC (USA)

    Mark Twain said “It is easier to lie to people than it is to convince them they have been lied to”. I told my children 25 years ago this day was coming. I watch people carefully and have noticed great changes in friends and acquaintances who have been “vaxed”. I told my wife I suspect the metallic particles in the “vax” could be programming people by subliminal messaging. She says people may think I’m paranoid, be careful. My concern is , we may not be paranoid enough.

  58. Lawrence Welty

    I’m a 77 years old man with heart disease (6 stents), RH, peripheral neuropathy, COPD and Sjogrens syndrome. I take hydroxychloroquine and zinc for my Sjogrens. I think I may have gotten covid at sometime but cannot be sure. Just felt tired and achy for about 3 says. I have not ever had a shot for covid, or for the flu, for many years. I did get a shot for pheumonia and got pheumonia within a month. I have no faith in “big pharma” antiviral injections. I don’t worry about exposure to anything. If it has been the HCQ or just luck I don’t know, but the good Lord has delivered me from “big pharma” help.

    • Linda

      Yes, Lawrence…and he also said..”there are lies, damned lies and then, there are statistics”.

  59. Southern patriot

    Another great show, Greg! First, we’re glad you are alright! For some time now, nightmares have invaded my sleep! They are coming out of the dark shadows at night. My wife has tried to wake me from these horrible dream’s. No luck! Even my dog has tried to wake me! She tells me, it’s like I’m fighting someone or running from someone or something! That someone or something is satan, that I’m running from. Well, I’m
    not running anymore! I will “Fear not”!
    My family and I are taking a medication that contains more than 90 % Zinc, vitamin-D and eating healthy fruits, vegetables and drinking orange juice. We are staying home and keeping busy. I’m, we, are praying more than ever thanks to you. Here’s hoping our regiment is working. So far, we have not been sick!
    I have a brother who wants to visit, who has the shot. I’m not sure I want to see him, do to the spike proteins.
    Dear Jesus, please help us and the world! I’m praying for you Greg, your family, the good doctor on our prayer list! I’m also, praying for Israel and her people!
    God Bless you Greg and all who believe in Jesus Christ, as our Lord and savior!

  60. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Eads so shocking and eye opening.
    James Lindsay recently wrote a book exploring Critical Race Theory most shocking was how he clearly identified the system we live under and unknown to us.He shows how we in Europe live under a Fascist state wrapping a Communist regime,whilst China has a Communist wrapper state with Fascism within. How do we fight this as it is so embedded and so part of our elite here in the UK?

  61. Rich R

    Awesome interview Greg and thank you Dr. Eads. Greg i work in Cardiology. I work with hundreds of Hospitals nationwide. We are seeing cases of blood clots and Cardiac events. What makes me sad is most of these cases are young children and young men and women. The cases of myocarditis are exploding everywhere. We are seeing existing patients that have had ongoing Cardiology issues (all ages) and after the vaccine their inflammatory markers are showing a 58% increase in Baseline IL-16 and a 53% increase in sFAS and a 50% increase in HGF. These patients PULS score now shows a 25% 5 Year in crease for an Acute Coronary event. I am concerned and fear we will have a massive die off in the next 5 years. We are hearing patients that were in remission of Sarcoidosis and after the first shot their Sarcoidosis is back after years of being in remission. Greg, i am also hearing something about to happen on the military side who are investigating deaths and injuries after the vaccines. This is affecting our military who go out and give their lives for our Freedom . This is sick what is happening. Keep up the good work my brother.

  62. oneno

    The BEAM prophecies and predictions from 2017 say:

    42. Worldwide, the elites of the governors and of the moneyed aristocracy, together with corrupt politicians, will set up totalitarian and dictatorial surveillance states and thereby preserve their dominance.

    Thus, already a long time ago it came about, as I already explained to you in 1996, that a certain group of high elites got together and set up a plan for the solving of the excessive overpopulation problem and made a decision which – in the long term – tends towards a drastic reduction of the Earth human beings. The secret plan regarding this, which already was conceived around 20 years ago, is based exactly in that which you have calculated as probability, namely, that biologically based epidemics and pandemics, in the form of illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases, are to be made, and that has been worked on already, in a secret society form, since the decision at that time.
    Thereby the decision was to peoples-specifically collect – naturally illegally – the deoxyribonucleic acid of the Earth human beings, in order to biochemically change the biomolecules and carriers of the genetic information of the different peoples which occurs in certain virus types, so therefore the genes, so that a deadly outcome would be inevitable when the spreading of the illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases occurs. However, the reason why everything pertaining to the necessary data is peoples-specifically collected, clarified, researched and prepared, lies in the fact that – if the future point in time for the reduction-attack against the Earth population comes – the action will happen according to the state of the overpopulation of each people. That means that then – according to the excessive state of each population of a people – diverse measures will be taken and provisions made for the reduction of the population in order to spare and retain a certain number of the population.
    These will then be under the strictest control of the high elites and will only be permitted to beget descendants in controlled forms determined by law, in order to avoid a new emergence and development of another overpopulation. To that end, then also legal regulations and extremely harsh punishments will occur for breaches against these legal directives which can also be directed against body and life. And the decision for the mentioned collection of data had already been put into practice a long time ago, secretly, and indeed already around two decades ago, whereby also work has proceeded for a long time to test in small frames – as an experiment – already created, new and initially harmless and periodically appearing forms of illnesses, especially those which are periodical and spread broadly in epidemic form, respectively, which emerge temporarily and plentifully in particular localities.
    The great application of such deadly substances shall then one day happen, by and by, in such a form that everything is to appear in the form of an epidemic and pandemic, and indeed as with traditionally emerging illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases. After that, entire particular peoples shall be specifically infected to a great extent with particular biologically-created new and deadly illnesses and rampantly spreading diseases in order to well and truly wipe them out to a determined minimum. And it is unfortunately a fact that tests in this form already occur, although these attempts indeed still exist in the very first beginning phases, however they will lead to effective results in the foreseeable time.

  63. regaleagle

    When oh When are those that wield some authority and power in this country and other countries going to come together to put an end to all of this madness??? Fauci in particular should be immediately arrested…..without bail. That’s where you start, and then you carry forward to the CDC, Phizer, Moderna, Jannsen, Biden, Pelosi, Shumar, and every other psycho-political figure that is responsible for continuing this inoculation depopulation genocide. It’s far past the time to bring these criminals to answer for their crimes against humanity……every day makes a huge difference for so many.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      That will come when those 30,000 indictments are unsealed.

      Probably soon after, the military tribunals will start.

      That is, if the Global Coastal Event doesn’t happen in the meantime.

      • ,

        GLOBAL COASTAL EVENT: To clarify, it seems this research states a rising of sea levels across the globe, along with increased storm surges will occur due to rising temperatures of 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius “toward the end of this century”!! So somewhere around 70 more years before it begins occurring……if I am reading this correctly.
        Hopefully, as you gest in your reply to HOW LONG it will be…..I certainly am hopeful for those sealed indictments being released before June this year. Some scuttlebutt is saying sometime in March some tapes of those already indicted will begin being released to the public showing those found guilty in Gitmo and their immediate sentence of death by firing squad, including their signed and verbal confessions In other words……it is already going on behind the scenes and not being disclosed yet.

        • ,

          Hence….the “stepping down” of so many Democrats in the House and Senate occurring right now, as well as quite a few “Rhinos” for this upcoming 2022 election. You will notice many new candidates appearing out of nowhere to take these seats. There is a quiet discharge going on for those that have already been given a choice of prosecution or stepping down with signed affadavits incriminating other “higher ups”. It is happening right now as we speak…..so something very big is underway as we speak. Can you spell DEVOLUTION???.

  64. Arthur

    Great interview. I hope they all swing from a tree!!!

    Question for the Dr. I have taken four of the ellume antigen home tests as a requirement for work since I am not taking the kill shot. Any recommendations.

    God bless you and keep doing the Lord’s work!

  65. Justn Observer

    Greg. A nice analysis of the rebranded NWO agenda called ‘The Great Reset’ by
    Corbett AND Dr. Mercola


    Within the article is a Corbett vid about 1/4 way down the page…all a good expose’ of it but about KLAUS starts at @28:00
    and this also references this expose’ of his family background =


    And if ‘that’ history is not disturbing to Freedom loving people, especially Christians and Jews…I do not know what will now that a prior post of who all the ‘global youth and stakeholders’ of this agenda are…and are up to like the co-founder of BLM!

    Yes, it seems the democrats and rhinos always blame others for what ‘they’ are actually doings? ANTIFIA = anti fascists? OR are they really…the NEW public gov’t + multinational partnership corporations being run by CEO in a grand FACIST Socialist Plan? Could it be that all those corporations ‘virtue signaling’ and funding BLM and antifa causes and backing ANTI-police, and the anti-2nd Amendment push = disarming the opposition of their take over as they shut down speech and assembly and quash social contact and websites with as”” mis-information”’ to suppress and create chaos and deny unity of those opposed to ‘their’ cause?
    WOK = World of KLAUS?

    Young Global Leaders – Wikipedia

    WEF and their ‘Young Global Leaders’ program, who’s on the list? (informedchoiceaustralia.com)

    Klaus Schwab’s WEF “School for Covid Dictators”, a Plan for the “Great Reset” | SGT Report

    Meet the young leaders set to shape 2020 | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

    Meet the 2021 class of Young Global Leaders | World Economic Forum (weforum.org)

  66. paul lilliott

    Dr Eads is superbly clear, courageous and very caring.
    I am glad that you have recovered Greg.
    May God bless the truckers in Canada and elsewhere – and all who, like you, work and risk your neck to inform. And may the millions of totally deluded people wake up before it is too late.

  67. stanley skrzypek


  68. Ned Kelly Jr.

    Tucker: Republicans and Democrats are ‘hysterical’ about this
    1,449,140 views Feb 4, 2022 Fox News
    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ examines White House claims of a potential Russian false flag operation.
    “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” George Orwell
    Ned Price thinks he needs more neck like Ned Kelly? Such is life, you Moron!
    Yahoo News::::::::::::::
    From spycraft to tin-foil hats, a brief history of ‘false flags’
    Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson·Senior Writer October 10, 2017

  69. Mark

    Thank you and God bless you Dr. Eads.

  70. maryanne

    There is no site call “whatsinmyvax.com” as mentioned at 2o:11.

  71. Neville

    Yet another thrilling interview albeit that the content is NOT what mankind should have to put up with from the the slime they voted into authority,that authority is being well and truly abused around the world .I don’t think that there exists a country with a clean record. The vile authorization of injecting the populace with chemicals specifically designed to exterminate at least 50% of the population.
    Here’s the thing nothing that only what our LORD GOD CREATOR should be ingested by all of his creations mankind or animal. This leaves absolutely no wriggle room for scum like fauci and others as they are totally responsible for the millions of deaths which have taken place.
    These deaths have been accompanied by huge payouts from the underworld/the dirty drug companies and most of all the lying,evil and corrupt fed…….

    AAcrime bears most of the responsibility for this atrocity and of course the coalition of the willing which I am told incorporates just about every world leader and their feckless so- hell’th (health) departments.

    We are at the END OF THE AGE when all of this has been Prophesized , JESUS said ……
    HOLD OUT TO THE END….and as you pointed out in the weekly wrap The gates of hell will NOT PREVAIL..

    Just a few pointers to what the Prophets said.
    1.The leaders of the day will be very young…..
    2.The royalty as it exists will be falling apart….
    3.The governments of the day will be loathe to govern due to their outright corruptness
    4.The Churches will be in massive decline due to evil forces behind the governments of the day and in deed many of the leaders who have abandoned the Church


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neville for your Blessings & Support!

  72. The Professor

    Hi Dr. Eads,

    First, I will pray for you. That is very nice you are helping so many without monetary gain in the picture at this time. It is only right, as what person would rescue a person from a burning home only to say, “I will help you get out of this burning home, but it’s going to cost you $100?” Unfortunately, there are many unethical people who would try to gain financially from this so my hat goes off to you in that regard.

    I wanted to ask for clarification about a few things. It looks like 5%-7% if the injection batches are more fatal, as you noted in the interview. I take that to mean that this statistic is related to fatalities happening fairly close to the time of injection.

    But at the same time insurance statistics and recent stats – US Military, for example – are showing deaths and/or cancers, miscarriages, etc related to what is most likely the destruction of the immune system, which is allowing other health issues to arise and cause death.

    For this recent spike in non-covid deaths, like heart attacks and cancers, these aren’t tied to the 5%-7% of batches that are showing as more lethal. Is that correct?

    I guess what I’m trying to get an understanding of is it sounds like all of the injections are potentially able to either kill a person soon after injection, or eventually if the immune system has been significantly compromised. Is that correct?

    And, you stated that the individual that was injected is a major variable as well; if they have underlying health issues, etc, so I understand that to mean that if your immune system is still OK and if the injection doesn’t kill you off in the near term after being injected then that person might be ok in the long run. Is that correct?

    Also, do you have any thoughts regarding if some of the injections were just placebos, as in just a saline solution or something like that? You mentioned that people have taken the injections and analysed them. Have any of these looks at the injections indicated that a particular injection was a placebo?

    Again, great interview and may God bless you always.

  73. Thinker2

    Greg, The VAX works exactly as designed! It KILLS every one who gets it. Those who don’t die, got a Placebo. Are you and your guest Obtuse?

    The more you pretend the VAX is legitimate, the more people you deceive.

    Tell the truth; the VAX is a Death Jab (Lethal Injection)!

  74. Dominic Cavanagh

    Thank you Greg, Thank you Dr Eads. A very helpful interview. Lot’s of great insight. Very much appreciated.

  75. Barb Melzer

    Dr Eads was brilliant as always….prayers to you both!

  76. virginia clark

    WOOO Dr. Eads (thank you for having yet another great guest Greg) Said something most people do not know. I didn’t. It is the statistic of % drop in the immune system each time you take a shot. NO wonder they keep pushing them. It’s depopulation by slow boil.
    Another thing I think I’m noticing. and this also relates to the annual flu shot, is that we all have DNA genes for diseases like Leukemia or Guillaine Barre Syndrome and other disease but we also have genes that keep them turned off. Some people lack that gene for certain diseases, so as the shots decrease the immune system these genes are let go and become active. I know two people who 1- got the flu shot a few years ago – dead; and another who now has Leukemia after vaccine. Both should never have gotten these diseases. They were perfectly healthy.

  77. LeRoy


    We need a link, or more information on the clay scrub she referred to at the 25 minute mark, so we can get it, or combine the ingredients and make our own.



  78. STEVE

    The hangmans noose is safe and effective against tyrants and treasonous traitors.

  79. Roger Stamper

    tks greg & dr eads

  80. caroline

    Thank you for the upload Greg, Elizabeth! I am grateful to you both for all the hard work you put in for the sake of humanity! God sees it and knows your heart, even as half of the country sleeps. Thank you again and keep up the good fight, evil only wins when good (wo)men do nothing. You are winning!

  81. NANCY


    • Elizabeth Eads

      Ivermectin weight in kgdivided by 2.24 then multiply by .4 x 5 days

  82. Paul

    HIV 400 cases on average [per year] and now over 2,400 cases in the first 10 months.”

    Excerpts from dod whistleblower data that
    Tom Renz has on vaccinated troops

  83. Nick de la Gaume

    May The Almighty Lord guide and protect you, Dr Betsy!


  84. Stephen

    My Covid story. I am sick. Tested positive this week. My Doctor refuses to prescribe Ivermectin and CVS refuses to fill an order even if the Dr were to prescribe it. So I go to Tractor supply to buy a horse medicine, but I can’t, they are out. Tried multiple stores. So I remain sick.
    Think about this evil. We have to circumvent our medical establishment and hunt down animal medicine. What evil is this?

  85. Angela

    Thank you Greg for having Dr. Eads on again as a guest. Her information is invaluable! I have had you, Greg, on my Prayers of Protection list and will add Dr. Eads. These people (as I use that term loosely) who are doing this have made a pact with Lucifer, but they will not be successful. God wins in the end! Blessing to you both and to all those alternative news people and brave doctors/nurses who are standing up and telling the truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Angela!!

  86. Don Conrad

    Dr. Eads. In answer to who they think you sound like, its Catherine Austin Fitts. A great lady. A compliment.

  87. Jeff robbins

    Good interview Greg. Has anyone come out with any numbers for the military vaccines? What brand of shot are they getting, and are they going to boost up- stay up to date? I can’t believe that the top brass would report any adverse outcomes-another layer on the world scene- can’t be the reserve currency without all that fire power. The lack of real news on the mainstream is just astounding. I often think that most folks are so distracted with tech, digital media/entertainment, and the like that we’re being dumbed down. I made it perfectly clear to our kids not to get the shots, and the oldest daughter’s friend who has lived with us for years (they moved out to a rental we have about 6 months ago, our house is small)- she got the shots-2! Her doctor talked her into getting it because she’s obese. Weak willed i guess, so for any of you that fight and argue with your kids, take heart in the fact that they are strong willed and more likely to make their own decisions and not easily led about with lies.

  88. Jeff robbins

    Greg, do you or any viewers remember Mark Taylor and a prophesy he made years ago about military style tribunals? I want to say that was before or about the same time Trump was elected. It really left me scratching my head as to what events would lead to something like that. It may have even been on your show i saw that, if so that would be a great clip to replay.

  89. Garth Alan Bentley


    I can’t get ivermectin in Oregon , can someone so me they way

    God bless

  90. David combs

    That link whatsinmybatch.com doesn’t work I need that link greg , can you please send me that info , thanks Greg [email protected]

  91. Linda

    I very much trust you. That being said, I would like to look into the facts that Dr. Eads sites. I am just not Suzhou to go about it. Any suggestions as to where to go?

  92. Paul

    Disease has been a culling for humanity since man began
    Black Plague, etc

    Thru history Governments used disease ridden front line soldiers to decimate local populations and adversaries to gain more ground

    Meteors and seismic activities did it the
    physics sense

    In the past generally the culled did not have a clue what foresaw them

    We do

  93. IIG

    Why are American troops stated to die defending Hunter Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi’s gas investments in the Ukraine? – that’s easy to answer – because they are already slated to die of the “jab” (so why not put them to good use before they begin to die of heart attacks)! https://goldswitzerland.com/strong-putin-weak-biden-to-trigger-historical-wealth-destruction/

    • The Seer

      Hearing real story is everyone is fighting over a big UFO ship found in Ukraine.
      Never know true reality hidden…..

  94. Andres

    Thank you very much for the great journalism you courageously provide in these times of evil, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andres for all your support.



  96. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg, great interview — good questions & good answers.

    Regarding AIDS associated with the jabs — I’ve read it referred to as HIV Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome AND as Auto-Immune Disease; it may be both. HIV inhibits your body from combating disease, cancer, et al, through one mechanism; while Auto-Immune Disease causes the body to attack itself, like when spike proteins get into the heart muscle triggering your body to attack the heart >> myocarditis.

    Both types of AIDS may be caused by the jabs and both are bad. It would be good to hear one of your medical guests discuss that as some clarity would help.

    Thanks again.

  97. Jerry

    The next round of the pandemic is at our door. BA.2 is on the way.

    It appears that the globalist will keep launching these variants until someone stops them. Who that is, is still up for debate, but know this, eventually the globalist will hit on a combination that will kill the people who have compromised their immune systems with the vaccine bioweapon. The time to stock up on ivermectin is now. Do not buy into the notion that this pandemic is going away anytime soon. Agenda 2030 is not that far off and the globalist have a schedule to keep. Any propaganda that gives you a false sense of security is there to keep you pacified so you will not do anything until it’s to late. If I’m wrong show me? Name someone who’s been arrested or faces charges because of this genocide and I will admit I’m wrong. Doing nothing is not a plan….period.

  98. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Dr. Elizabeth Eads on again. She is a heroic fighter and researcher. For way too long, I’ve been investigating this “thing from hell” and have a stack of notebooks piled up on my desk. I send prayers for protection to you and to Dr. Eads. God bless you both.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Merry for your Blessings!

  99. ken

    I was surprised to hear the doctor mention Omicron as (if memory serves) she said the Sars 2 virus has not been proven to exist.
    Aside that probable misunderstanding on my part, a good interview.

    You say you do not understand why the hospitals and doctors are actively killing people. My theory on that is biblical in nature. The shot removes the soul which reduces the person to a zombie that has no empathy toward another human. They just do as their told. Their soul now belongs to the evil one.

    If you are not religious than the shot may have a detrimental effect on the Lateral Frontal Pole of the brain which some believe contains our conscience.
    This would explain the negative and cruel actions of most receivers of the injections.

    The virus HIV is another virus that has not been isolated or purified. Just thrown out there to scare people. It was the medication that killed people. When they stopped the medication that was killing people, they had a ‘vaccine’ to take its place. Of course not taking the killer meds reduced the deaths and made the vaccine appear to work. Pretty sly.

    Dr. Eads explained the loss of a percentage your immune system after each shot… that would mimic what they call AIDS.


  100. Catherine

    Can someone tell me if covid 19 will also cause cancers etc. Also is any data available for the omicron or other variants that gives spikes that will cause cancers? I realize most say the bio weapon is really the kill shots, and they really do kill. But the covid is also a BIOWEAPON and even the “variants” may be too
    So given that information I am wondering after having had a very mild omicron recently will I be looking to medical problems like the vaxed in the next 5 years.

    • Jerry

      I’m going to go out on a limb and say that COVID does cause cancer.
      When I was hospitalized with covid back in October they found a tumor in my lung next to my heart. Covid is designed to attack your respiratory system, so I have no doubt it played a role in my case. I have not smoked for thirty years and I’m not exposed to any toxic chemicals, so there really is no explanation for it? Even though there is no evidence to support the idea that covid causes cancer, I find it interesting that the oncology clinic I go to is full to the brim whenever I go for treatment. The nurses tell me it’s like that everyday, so it’s almost scary to see people lined up out the door. I know for a fact that
      the vaccinations make cancer worse and cause death. The case study’s coming out of Switzerland have pretty much proven that by compromising your immune system with the vaccines, it causes cancer to come back with vengeance. I had a close friend who just died because he took the jab while he was in remission with cancer. His cause of death was listed as stage 4 cancer. Imagine that?

    • Warren B.

      I am not a physician……
      …..but from what I understand….. is that catching the Sars-Cov2 virus (Omicron Variant ?) helps your innate immune system (assuming you haven’t been poisoned with any of the Covid Clot Shots) develop anti-bodies which then strengthens your immune system against future exposures. Your system (assumed healthy) can generally deal with foreign (spike) proteins entering your system and usually can efficiently destroy and flush them out.
      Spike proteins in the vascular system (via the Injection protocols) are opportunistic and have the mechanism of entering cells/nucleus – thereby causing DNA damage to numerous bodily organs. Cancer being the resultant of either re-activation or development through damaged cells.
      Cancer is a product of oxidative stress. The body’s Oxidative Stress Inhibitor is your Glutathione levels. Glutathione is depleted in the system of those in mid-age/elderly, more readily when required to work on viral matter. Dormant Cancer cells will become more active if your body’s armor is failing/failed.
      Although someone who may have been infected with the “Omicron” variant may have developed anti-bodies, this does not preclude any dormant cancer cells from becoming active. As a precaution one would need to ensure high levels of Glutathione are readily available – this can be achieved either by supplementing Glutathione directly or via NAC – both prophylactically.

      • Jerry

        Warren B,
        Here is the latest research.

        • Warren B.

          Thanks Jerry,
          That supports my understanding of the nefarious nature of the Covid-19 Clot Shots.
          It doesn’t mention anything about what catching “Omicron” may do in terms of triggering Cancer. My thoughts on this are as per what I said in my comment above. If your Immune System is at peak performance – your capacity to deal with foreign proteins (catching Flu/Omicron) is very high – your Armor (in the form of Lymphocytes/T-Cells/Macrophages) do the necessary work to suppress, kill and dispose of the foreign matter very efficiently. This is only true for those who have not been complicit and taken the Shots x2 or x3 – i.e. have suppressed or immune dysfunction….with potential undetected Cancer cells residing in the system.
          I recall listening to a Dr Judy Mikovits interview early last year or in 2020….she had a very strong emphasis and belief that VACCINES in general were poisonous and caused numerous Cancers….they have been designed to negatively impact the Immune system – they were very much opportunistic for the many dormant viruses that were either present in the human recipient system… allowing for recombination/reactivation ….. or they were introduced via the Vaccine in many different forms/types. Perhaps both.

          Very High Dose Vitamin C IV (Intravenous). Consider that as an option for any cancer treatment .

    • Jeff robbins

      There have been researchers that theorized that most cancers are the result of viral infections. Like they do damage when they invade and replicate.

  101. Daryl Este

    Mr. Greg Hunter, is it time to worry. …


    Answer: only if one is not Born Again, see John 3

    Be well, and remember You are LOVE-dje

  102. Daryl Este

    Global Trend Integration
    Since 1982, Dr. Swenson has spent 30,000 hours integrating trends, data, and experience with a global reach. In a popular sense, this might be illustrated as assembling a gigantic jig saw puzzle with 50,000 pieces. Or, perhaps, connecting a million dots on earth by flying over at 30,000 feet.


  103. Steve McDonald

    Wonderful interview ! Thank you. Many thanks to you and Dr. Eads.
    May God watch over you and protect you !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve!

  104. Sean

    If you got the VAX by choice or coercion then you can fact check the HIV theory by getting tested for it. Remember at the beginning of the jab distribution their were reports from Australia saying it was inducing “false hiv positive tests.”
    So IF the vax is giving aids then it is 100% known by the cabal. Which means you can throw all laws out the door and go anarchy on the globalist minions for their depop intent would be undeniable

  105. Dave

    Curious – the argument now is that the vaccines while not preventing one from getting Covid, decrease substantially the chances of dying from Covid. That is the line in liberal as well as conservative media. Levin, Hannity and others tout this benefit of the vaccine. I think conservative media does this to protect Trump. They dare not acknowledge that the vaccines and Warp Speed were a failure as the buck stops you know where.

    That said, are there studies that show this? That one is much less likely to die of Covid if vax’s as compared to not being vax’d? It seems everyone has accepted this new narrative. Next time you have Dr. Eads or other medical professionals as a guest ask them about this.

    • Coal Burner

      70% of people in the Hospital are fully Vaxxed. That is proof that the shot does not reduce deaths. In fact the Statistics show deaths are increased. A British Agency slipped up and put out the data that proves that.

  106. Daryl Este

    My promise to you, you will hear the TRUTH.
    Pastor Jeff Schwarzentraub

    Global Church on-line:

    Plan on going Sunday’s


    Live 9am and 11am

    Be Brave.
    Or in-person
    Brave Church
    3651 South Colorado Blvd.
    Cherry Hills
    Co 80113

    Sundays 8am &

    Everyone is Invited !

  107. Rob marks

    I just want to say that I gave this doctor full respect until she said someone has a bath that can get the metals off your skin. If these are in your body they aren’t washing off your skin. I’m no doctor but it’s common sense. Greg please question her further on that because I don’t think it’s possible.

  108. David Lionheart

    Now that the Covid psyop insanity is undeniable, and now that we all know that the death jabs are designed to exterminate as many Americans as possible, it is high time that we all openly acknowledge and admit that these are the final days of end times Bible prophecy. If you do not know Yahushua the Messiah and if you do not obey the commandments (will of) Yahuwah (God) you are eternally damned. It is just this simple. All lies are rooted in the devil, the father of lies and the destroyer.

  109. Steve

    Watch “Thehighwire.com” this week and they have a graph of data on Israel that will blow your mind demonstrating extreme negative correlation from vaxxed to subsequent illness. This backs up what is presented here.

  110. jim

    exceptiionally well-done interview!
    thank you both for your courage and sincere efforts!

  111. Afshin Nejat

    What is more likely, everyone? That the war powers procured on behalf of various nefarious powermongers who really run the show on a massive, systemic level, engineered all of this over the last, say 100 years institutionally but over the last 20 they were able to really ramp this up due to lawfare and technological amplification of these processes? Or that this just popped up because of a few greedy cliques in an otherwise “decent system of democracy”? What is more feasible, that an entity “like” the CIA could pretend to shut down its massively perverse experimentation against people in order to learn how to “hack” the human mind by degrees, and yet continue them as part of a cabal’s interest in controlling society, leading to a massive assault on societies worldwide (especially in the Land of the Free), so that they could just lead people like lemmings into one heinous disaster after another, or that this is all just “politics as usual”. And “as usual” where? In a world like you think it is, or one which you have always pretended only tin foil hat-wearers have any business considering? What I’m saying is that every Boomer and older is massively in arrears as to facing reality. You are ALL insane now. Do you understand that? You are ALL schizophrenics, paranoiacs, conspiwathy thhhhheowiths…..

    So how do you answer this within yourselves? How will you face the consequences of your actions and inactions. More denial? More projection? More delusional fantasies?

  112. Donald

    Was Trump a hapless victim/dupe of the CV PsyOp or the key co-conspirator who initiated the whole panic by declaring a national emergency and going along with every horrible piece of legislation that re-enforced the narrative as well as Warpspeed?

    People need to withdraw ALL support for Trump ASAP…he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…

    Remember the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”? I’ll give you one guess who’s New York highrise condo was prominently featured in it…

    • Dave

      Trump is disrupting the GOP primary process. Endorsing corrupt candidates in Texas and Missouri and not endorsing true populists like Vance in Ohio. In Georgia Trump is pushing Vernon Jordan to run for Congress instead of the governorship. Trump’s pick Purdue is a RINO. Pence and Trump are telling different stories – whom do you believe?

  113. Gerald Benton

    When do you know that you are dealing with evil? I write down several quotes from different authors. This one I do like: When dealing with evil do not be surprised when you hear, “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up!!!”

  114. Sean

    Hi Greg,
    Excellent interview, thank you.
    Dr Eads said 5% got the lethal dose.
    Ok, but what about the other 95%?
    What about people we know who took 2 injections + booster?
    Are they all safe if they were not in the 5% lethal dose?
    Or did they all get spike proteins and adverse things are happening in these people but just slower?
    Not sure what the percentage estimate is for those who got placebo.

  115. Jeannie Ingaran

    I am so grateful that I listen to your show. My husband tested positive for COVID January 2022. He had the symptoms of COVID with the cough, fever etc. He had the aches and pains. He had lost 20 pounds and had intestinal issues. We went to the ER at the VA. I was not supposed to stay with him but did because I told the nurses he could not communicate his medical issues to them. So they allowed me to stay until they took him back into the ER treatment room. So I was there when the PA listened to his lungs and told us he was not concerned about the COVID. His lungs sounded clear and he was going to test for intestinal and kidney issues. The ER doctor was concerned about his weight loss and his kidneys and wanted to admit him. The hospital admitting doctor told me that they were going to star him on remdesivir. I told him no that they could check out his kidneys and do whatever needed to be done but he was not to be put on that medicine when there was no reason for it. He argued with me. I told him I had not heard good things about the drug. Then he started questioning me about what I knew about it. He was very rude. I told my husband to allow testing but not to let anyone put him on that medication and not to let them scare him into using it. As it turns out, the new doctor he saw the next day agreed with me. He did not need that treatment. Thank God. I am going to file a formal complain with the VA about this issue. I can only wonder how many patients he needlessly gave this drug to. Thank you for all the information you provide. If I hadn’t listened to your show my husband may have become another COVID fatality. He’s home now.

    • Greg Hunter

      Praise God! Don’t thank me, thank Jesus. I just did what I was told. Greg

    • Robert K

      Sounds scary Jeannie! I’m glad your husband is okay.

      I wonder how many souls that quack of a “doctor” killed off by administering remdesivir without patients needing it at all? May need to look into this doctor under a microscope.

  116. The Professor

    Hi Greg,

    I left two comments yesterday. Neither of them are here. Plus, the person I responded to, their comment is gone as well. It seems like a free flow of commenting is not happening here. Did someone say something or is this a new uptick in moderation aimed at framing the general tenor of the comments here?

    It seems like a lot of comments have been removed. And I don’t recall any of those being worthy of removal. What is going on? 1A should ring string here, of all sites.

  117. The Student

    Hi Greg, I left two comments yesterday, and neither are posted. Also, for one of the comments I had responded to a person, and their comment is gone as well. It seems like a lot of comments are being removed, which is not a good sign. It seems like 1st amendment rights should be a high priority here. Maybe it’s just a glitch, but something is not right here. Can you make a comment about what is going on? Thanks,

  118. john+duffy

    Trudeau reveals his slimy self

  119. Stephen Weber

    You need to cut the head off the snake!

  120. Matt Kaatz

    Greg, Dr. Eads mentioned the NIH data about ivermectin but I couldn’t find it at the NIH website. Do you know of a link? Thanks for all you do. May the armor of God protect you and your family.

  121. Tim Parsoneault

    I well be praying for you Dr. Eads. Thanks for all you do. You’re the best!

  122. Steve Bice

    I don’t know how many of you read David Collum’s annual “Year in Review” missives, but they are worth the read. He covers a lot of ground.

    One quote I thought was interesting that may be a catalyst for last days events that could be on the near horizon: “My best guess is that the virus was a jailbreak but without nefarious intent. I also would not blame the Chinese; every major country is screwing around with stuff like this.” (Demon in the Freezer describes Russia’s frozen time bombs.)

    ~ 2020 YIRref 24

    Consider the illegal and deadly pathogens squirreled away in freezers around the world…and what could happen when societal breakdowns extend beyond the supply chain collapse to grid collapses and rolling blackouts. The pestilence of Revelation may well arise from the hubris and evil in the heart of man…and release the pale horse of death upon humanity. Insanity…

  123. The True Nolan

    Here is a very good interview about how much the schools and hospitals are being paid to enforce the COVID standards.

    • Charles H

      T T N,

      The devil tempted Jesus Christ – “shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power (wealth and authority) will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it.” Luke 4:5,6. Jesus Christ being sinless and God refused: but the offer was no jest. What the God-man refused – mere humanity has little resistance. To be sure the kids the destroy will not be theirs. Such a small price to become truly rich.

  124. Pete+only

    Please listen to what former Black Rock executive Edward Dowd has to say about the current state of affairs in financial markets. It is dated February 2nd of this year.
    “Under the cover of Covid, they were able to print 65% more money to keep things afloat…”, and he goes on to say that his take is a new financial system will be set up to try to keep the New World Order in control when the shit hits the fan…likely digital only transactions…going forward and also a means of the general public from taking things out on these evil people.
    It is only a minute in length. My guess is that thi person Edward Dowd still has some kind of a moral compass of some kind.

  125. Michael Mazur

    The category of persons who are to be hung for blocking ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine should include politicians.

  126. Tim


    Will it take another two years and 30 million deaths (US) for the remaining jabbed to finally realized that they have been poisoned?

  127. Richard J. Johnson

    In 1776 from Lexington and Concord, it was the “the shot heard round the world” In 2022 from Canada, it is “the horn heard round the world.”

    Honored to share a continent with my Canadian brothers.

  128. Steve

    Question for Dr. Eads,
    I might have missed it if you said it in the interview, but what can people do who have gotten the two Covid shots? Any options out there that will rebuild the immune system and start to remove the vaccine from the body?

  129. Pam

    And a time for every purpose under heaven…………….What is happening?
    Injections full of every cocktail one couldn’t even imagine………..So far a lot of maimed and dead people……….
    And if these injections are housing different cocktails, what are we going to be looking at down the road? The Moderna did say the shot was an operating devise…….Possible 5G and blutooth linked? Just thinking……Parasites, Graphene Oxide, ect.
    No one in their right mind should or would have said, “Hey…..I want one of those!!” But………..Worldwide humans have……………..All concocted by fear………First came the fear and then the unleashing of the true Covid disease. In the injection………….
    We have no idea, long term, how individuals are going to react to this horrible act on humanity…………….No idea…………

  130. jon

    Hi Greg, Thank you for the interview. I am 67 my wife 68. We have never taken vaccines let alone the mrna concoction. Recently we both got what appears to be the Omicron flu.
    We both have religiously taken the Dr Zelenko protocol and the Clif High Chaga tea and NAC recommendations. My wife had symptoms for about 5 days. Very mild, almost transparent. I had 2 days of symptoms. First half day was feeling poorly. Next 24 hours very bad, No respiratory problem, but headache, fever, chill, muscle and joint pain. Subsided after 12 hours and then instantly gone! Yes quite sure this was Omicron….. Best guess, we would both be in terrible shape if we did not pay attention to Dr. Zelenko and Clif high!

    • Charles H


      Visiting in-laws – a new and very sick individual came into the house coughing terribly: it only took four days for symptoms to start. Wife is mild, but I was hit hard and the very bad part is still not over – only improving. I slept eighteen hours straight on Sunday. Night sweats receeded. Whatever hit the lungs covered the whole, working from top to bottom: but no severe involvement so far. Minimal flem; just weak as a kitten. NAC, C, and horseymectin – with rest, I think I’m over the hump now.

      • Greg Hunter

        Everyone needs to have Ivermectin on hand and lots of it. You need treatment with Ivermectin now.

  131. Marie Joy

    Any org that mandates, should be sued. That said, when everybody sues these traitorous orgs, they will go out of business.

    • Sean

      How do you know it is specifically omicron ?
      Because media and doctors told you?
      No one knows.
      They are unable to tell differences in variations.

  132. Marie Joy

    ZH says, “It begins”.

  133. SkeptiSchism

    Thank you for interviewing Dr. Elizabeth Eads again, she’s a real patriot.

  134. DJ

    Interview TOM RENZ, his whistle blowers from the Pentagon are recording huge spikes in myocarditis, cancer, miscarriages ect. You might also want to read “Unrestricted Warfare” published by the communist party. They talk about “Removing Limits” of moral and ethical restraints on warfare (CH 7). For the Chinese spending a few billion dollars by bribing key people in CDC, FDA ect and teaming up with the globalists to wipe out the US military is cost effective. BY THE WAY…… General Nadja West of the US Army medical command approved this poison and then went on to take a job on THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF JOHNSON AND JOHNSON…..

  135. Justis Chase

    In response to Dr. Eads and her question about CAF , I believe they were referring to Catherine Austin Fitts ………

  136. jon

    Greg, I mentioned earlier about Dr. Zelenkos protocol and Clif High Chaga and NAC helping my wife and I beat Omicron quickly. I forgot to mention lots of Garlic daily should be considered.

  137. Leethal

    WOW! Never heard it like that before! More and more things are being revealed. Hopefully soon enough before it’s too late.

  138. Marie Joy

    Fernando interviews Matt Bracken on TheModernSurvivalist on YouTube, February 6th, 2022. They agree the tide is turning. Recommend.

  139. Robert Coleman

    Greg, My Friend and his Wife in Israel has had 4 shots of Pfizer and he just told me last week that his wife now has Covid – the Shots do not work. Tried to educate him yet in Israel the government officials are worse than the Nazi’s they fought against in WW2.

    • Greg Hunter

      They need Ivermectin now, and DO NOT take Remdesivir!!!!

      • Doc

        Yes !! Great Interview … spreading it among all my Friends … The Lie is Slowly Unraveling …
        Love what you do Greg … and FLCCC Website .

  140. Coal Burner

    Greg: I have been under twice in the Hospital system for problems not Covid. I am suspicious that I could have been given the shot while under. What kind of testing can I do to find out it that happened?

  141. Justn Observer

    Greg, More proof of Dr. Eads ‘Whitecoat Mafia Tyrannical ops’? =
    Dr. Lynn Fynn’s Science Enlightenment Channel & Stuff
    Direct from UK Lawyer Anna De
    FDA document admits “Covid” PCR test was developed without isolated samples for test calibration, (which I pointed out in March 2020., effectively admitting it’s testing for possibly something else, like common cold.)

    A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples, but rather with what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus.

    In the FDA document, it is clearly stated that ordinary seasonal flu genetic material was used as the testing marker in the PCR test kits because the authorities knew that many people would test “positive” for it, thus allowing them to use these results to create the “Covid” narrative.

    It is somewhat of a lengthy read, but have a look for yourself and see the deception in plain sight. There is no legitimate test out there that accurately identifies the presence of SARS-CoV-2. From the document:
    “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV were available for CDC use at the time the test was developed and this study conducted, assays designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full-length RNA (N gene; GenBank accession: MN908947.2) of known titer (RNA copies/µL) spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium (VTM) to mimic clinical specimen.”
    Another revelation in the document is the admission by the FDA that test results are “pooled” together to produce numbers that are inaccurate. The FDA is quite literally manufacturing data to support a false narrative.
    We are now at a crossroads worldwide. The time is upon us to decide if we are going to allow this type of medical fascism to persist, and impact upon the futures of our children. Or if we are finally going to say no to tyrannical government policy.

    Again, I highlighted this in 2020 in the EUA Docs, but no one wanted to listen.
    You can DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT HERE: https://www.fda.gov/media/134922/download
    http://www.fda.gov (http://www.fda.gov/)
    fda.gov (http://fda.gov/)
    http://www.fda.gov (http://www.fda.gov/)
    fda.gov (http://fda.gov/)

  142. Judy

    Dear God, please Doctor Elizabeth ask the angels, Jesus, to put white light around you. Every morning and every night so that the evil ones will not kill you. I will pray daily for your protection. 🙏🙏🙏

  143. al

    WHITE COAT MAFIA… Perfectly said.
    According to my Doctor, I was a good candidate get my gallbladder removed. It was swelling nightly, I wasn’t sleeping, but noticed that in the morning the pain was gone and no swelling, but it started a few hours after I ate… there’s a clue.

    Normally, I would go to the killing field / Hospital to get my gallbladder out. I decided not to put myself through that literal garbage, even though I’m protected as a the horrible un-“vaxxed” Patient that I am in Florida, thanks to DeSantis.

    I cured myself. Yes CURED! I fasted and detoxed for 7 days. I am now taking 2 TableSpoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of orange juice every single day.
    It’s been 1 Month, no pain, no swelling. I have to watch my fat intake where before I ate what I wanted (big problem), but guess what? I’m slowly losing weight and the pain and swelling is gone.
    Plus, my body is now slightly Alkaline, which is a powerful detox.

    I’m not a Doctor but I prescribe 2 tablespoons of ORGANIC Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass of Orange Juice once a day. Preferably before you go to bed. Why was this not prescribed by my Doctor? It’s Money over Wellness. Perfectly said by Dr. Eads.

    Here is the web site she mentioned. Very interesting info on the “vax” death shot.
    Dr. Robert Malone is involved in this site. There’s a spreadsheet in there that shows the batch number and the amount of death it causes.
    If any of your readers of this post got “vaxxed”, you may want to look at the Excel file on the site.

    Greg, you seem much better with your cough. Prayers do work.
    Now let’s pray for Cherub-like protection for this wonderful Lady.
    Cherubs are the Angelic Warriors who make any demon shake and shiver.
    Cherubs look like body builders and carry flaming swords which can cut a boulder in half with one swipe. Not your typical depiction of a baby with a bow and arrow.

    God bless you and your Family

    PS: I call it “Humiliation Resources”, designed to keep the Company, not you, safe and profitable.

  144. Paul

    My prior posts have had metaphorically to many storms in the subject. Sorry, from now on its hope and heroes.

    Greg you and dr. Eads do that.

  145. Elizabeth Eads


  146. Diane

    Please everyone! Pray for this brave lady.
    She is valiantly fighting for everyone!

  147. Mary Sue

    Can’t someone please give us the lethal lot numbers. Everytime I TRY to go on whats in my batch, it freezes up and won’t give me the information. Tried different days of the week, different times of the day, to no avail. I’M SURE THERE ARE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE THAT WANT THIS INFORMATION. WE ARE SCARED AND WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ASAP……….THANK YOU GREGG

  148. Fred Daake

    Here is your big chance, Greg! Rumble just offered Joe Rogan $four million to leave Spotify and move his podcast to Rumble. Rumble said that they would have zero restrictions (never any need to apologize for content like he does with Spotify). I know that you do not have eleven million downloads per show like Rogan, but this might be a model that you can use – instead of being one man band for broadcast and delivery, you can provide your content to someone else who will pay you to distribute it.

  149. Anita

    The beauty of Christ shines on that woman. Thank you both

  150. The Seer

    Just asked nurse at givebloodcbc.org big van by my gym if she discerns taking blood from jabbed v non jabbed. She said no and further stated if you need blood you need it! She also said there is no test.
    I showed my amazement and said there is the
    d-dimer test to show the coagulation and inflammation
    levels. She said she would tell her doctor.
    A friend donated blood who had 2 jabs and November booster in PA. Still active not sick or dead yet.
    We can’t get a blood transfusion anymore.
    Drive very very careful!!!!!

  151. John

    Great interview. Stay brave. Keep up the good work! Joe Rogan just tapped out after not feeling an ounce of pain. He said spotify wouldn’t censor him when he moved over. Right away they deleted a bunch of videos. Now they deleted 113 more and he apologized, accepting guilt for something he didn’t do. They captured him with the 100 million contract bait and he caved. Joe surrendered. Like Joe says some fighters can’t recover after a loss. Lets see if he can. I doubt it. He can’t beat caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and his weed addiction so there’s not much hope. Show your children what you’re made of Joe!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks John!! I am not tapping out–ever.

  152. Yet Another Dr.

    As a preamble:

    “There is a part of the Sun in the Apple, A part of the Moon in the Rose,
    A bit of the Flaming Pleiades in everything that grows.
    Out of the Vast comes Nearness, For the God of Love of which Man Sings
    Has put a little bit of His Heaven into every living thing.”

    – Frater Achad – Melchizedek Truth Principles

    Folks, a very dear friend shared the above quoted words with me about 30 years ago. Subsequently I found and bought a copy of that book. The book is not very long or difficult to read, thus I have read it through cover to cover several times since then. (If I knew how to do so I would underline the book title inasmuch as I am aware that that is how it is ‘supposed’ to be done.) And so, Dr. Eads reminds us of how ‘Doctoring’ also is ‘supposed to be done.’ Because taking the “Money Path” was not and is not how Doctoring is ‘supposed to be done,’ it seems that she ‘gets it’ (mostly.) As it pertains to what I have seen, heard, and read about this current dilemna – The ‘Spike’ protien found in some of the ‘vaxx’ (JabZ) and the messenger RiboNucleic Acid (frequently identified as mRNA) found in other ‘JabZ’ did Not “Grow” naturally. Thus, there is very little that appears to be ‘natural’ involving this entire debacle! Already – thousands have suffered and far too many have died. And, probably millions will suffer the same, or continue to do so for the rest of their lives. Along with those who directly suffer, many millions of others who are their family and loved ones will also suffer. All the same, those ‘persons’ involved in the creation of the debacle presumably did ‘grow naturally.’ It would not help for this commenter to express how I truly feel about the entire matter. (Suffice to say that a considerable amount of profanity would be included.) Nor does it seem to me that presenting a whole bunch of concepts, ideas or theories as to what people ‘should’ do, take, eat or whatever would really be undeniably valuable. “Jumping to conclusions seldom leads to happy landings.” Therefor, what is any genuine Doctor (Teacher) to suggest? It does seem that all of the basic advice – such as eat healthy food, take some vitamins and minerals, do exercise regularly and get outside into the sunshine whenever and as much as possible (within reason of course) – is applicable and wise. Even more so – do your best to “Keep it Positive” beause maintaining a positive mental outlook just might be the one most special and important factor over which we can exert our influence.

    All the same, remember that God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit are in charge.

    • BonnieB

      Yet Another Dr, those quoted words are one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Brought gentle tears.
      Thank you.

  153. Paul

    The road that is built in hope is more pleasant to the traveler than the road built in despair, even though they both lead to the same destination.

    In a room where
    people unanimously maintain
    a conspiracy of silence,
    one word of truth
    sounds like a pistol shot.

    Alot pistols going off lately

  154. Pete+only

    Canadian Truckers are now blocking the Ambasador Bridge across from Detroit, and in border crossings in Western Canada, one south of Calgary, and the other south of Winnipeg, as well as what is still going on in Ottawa.

  155. rv

    Already starting in New Zealand serve documents to arrest their Health Minister Andrew Little… saw it several days ago.. https://iamamalaysian.com/2022/02/04/kiwi-citizens-serve-documents-to-arrest-nz-health-minister-andrew-little/

  156. Beverly

    Elizabeth Eads is amazing! Thank you for having her on again. When she said all she asks is that families pray for her, I about fell off my chair!! What a woman! What a doctor! This lady is truly one of God’s chosen daughters to be here in the last days. I know that she knows exactly what she is talking about when she talks about parasites and HIV being infused. Also that the injections are made to depopulate and kill. Great interview, Greg

  157. Bodych

    I can confirm that ivermectin horse paste WORKS like a charm! I’ve been ill for at least two weeks (cough, headache, malaise). I bought several tubes of horse paste months ago…but was apprehensive about using it.

    One tube produces about 6 doses. I put a dab on a spoon with yogurt…easy. Not awful tasting. No side effects whatsoever.

    After three days, symptoms are gone. I routinely take vitamin D and a multi-vitamin, but the horse paste really did the trick.

    Greg’s reassurances about it are what compelled me to try it. So glad I did. And I’ve got several tubes on-hand for the future, if it’s needed (got them on ebay, by the way).

  158. Seymour Clearly

    Sunday Live: Freedom Convoys Worldwide Derailing Great Reset, Globalists Are Panicked — Braced For Plan B, War!
    The Alex Jones Show February 6th 2022, 3:58 pm

    Sunday Live: Freedom Convoys Worldwide Derailing Great Reset, Globalists Are Panicked — Braced For Plan B, War!
    The Alex Jones Show February 6th 2022, 3:58 pm
    Globalists are using all options, from cutting funding to weighing using military, following the classic path of tyrants throughout history — tune in and share this critical link everywhere!
    The good news is, from Europe to the U.S., official criminal investigations have been opened by major governments into the Davos group’s role controlling the Great Reset via the COVID crisis.
    Alex Jones breaks down how the fires of liberty are igniting across the planet as Freedom Convoys spring up throughout Europe, Australia, and the US while some governments double down on their unscientific COVID tyranny.

  159. O'CANADA! We LOVE

    Freedom Convoy Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb.7, 2022 | IrnieracingNews
    83,531 views Premiered 3 hours ago
    This is the most well-spoken, dignified, compassionate, “protest” I’ve ever seen.
    “O Canada”—All four verses!

    The Bully’s Just Wont Give Up!

    A Fight Over the Right to Repair Cars Turns Ugly
    In the wake of a voter-approved law, Subaru and Kia dealers in Massachusetts have disabled systems that allow remote starts and send maintenance alerts.
    Aarian Marshall Business Feb 3, 2022 7:00 AM

  160. S.J.

    Hi Greg, This was the first time I heard Dr. Eads so I went back and listened to your previous interviews with her. She is now be on my must hear list. Her knowledge is both deep and wide-ranging. It is rare to find someone who gets both the intricate details and still sees the big picture. What she said things that corroborates closely with other experts who have been proven correct. Those who question what she says haven’t been following what other experts throughout the world have been saying (and I believe people should question and prove things). And by experts I don’t mean msm, politicians or corporations. I look forward to hearing from her again.

  161. REALIST

    At this point, let those who want the shot too get it, the DIE OFF is coming, kinda like Pharma Darwinian Theory, lets get on with it!

    • Greg Hunter

      Lead the way Real.

  162. REALIST


    • Greg Hunter

      I’ll take the other side of that bet.

  163. C.W. Kates


    Check this guy out. Tons of info with plenty of contacts;


    I’ve listen to some of the interviews he’s done and I think he’s very informative.

  164. JAC

    Really appreciate this interview. Her conviction is so refreshing, no hesitation in how she ties everything together. Love your guests & videos.

  165. Lois Douglas

    Has anyone discussed what the vax does to dementia patients? Any research?
    My Mother in law in 10 months has gotten so bad we are discussions end of life care!
    She’s boosted as well and it’s beyond heartbreaking. Any research or researcher would be appreciated. Thanks

    • Elizabeth Eads

      Frontal lobe dementia
      And prion disease

  166. Luke Thymes

    All this detox stuff is great. Prophylactics’ are good.
    But Dr. Noack, a graphene and carbon technology expert said there is “Graphene HYDROXIDE” in the shots. GHO is not bio-degradable and so NAC, Zinc, Glutathione and other anti-oxidant treatments will not work.
    Dr. Noack died suddenly after announcing he had found Graphene Hydroxide inside the shots. Comparing “The Jabs” to injecting tiny razor blades, that cut up the epithelial lining and causing internal bleeding.
    The only solution is Jesus Christ. I believe in God’s power of protection, and prayer.
    But sometimes people die. Especially when they’ve been poisoned.
    Luke 10:19… I believe it’s up to God. Many people were blackmailed into taking shots.
    God is gracious, and merciful. Romans 8:28

  167. Seb

    Another lunatic who believes in the gas chambers.
    Remind me who discovered the so-called “death camps” ?
    Oh yeah, Communists.
    She probably ignore that they were 150.000 Jews in the Wehrmacht.

  168. curlyhair baby

    There’s no website with the words:
    Or anything similar…
    Does anybody have info on this?

  169. John

    How can I get in contact with Dr. Elisabeth Elads. Battling a hospital for my moms life, need her help. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      I forwarded her email to you and put you both together. Tell them NO Remdesivir. If she is getting it stop it ASAP is what Dr. Eads would tell you. Dr. Eads said this on USAW.

  170. Chloe

    Jeremiah 17:9. King James Version … The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

  171. Christopher Martinez

    Me to I need her mail⁹

  172. Stan Odesse

    Instead of sticking the swab up your nose for getting a sample of mucus for the Rapid Antigen Test why not just blow your nose into a plastic bag and then rub the swab around in the mucus excreted in the plastic bag. That should work just as well, after all it’s the same stuff.

  173. Steve

    Greg, can you ask the doctor about blood donations. If for instance I (a pure blood) am in an automobile accident and they give me blood to help me stay alive, if the blood is tainted with Covid vaccine, 1, 2 shots maybe 3 with the booster, do I need to be worried? Have there been any tests on people who were pure bloods and then received tainted vaccine blood?

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