Greatest Violations of Nuremberg Code in History – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post 4.17.2021)

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it are more about control than depopulation.  Fitts explains, “I think the bankers are trying to chip us.  Moderna describes their injection, gene therapy as an ‘operating system.’  I agree with them.  I think they are trying to download an operating system into our bodies.  I don’t think it was an accident . . . the man President Trump appointed as head of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ was an expert at Brain-Machine interface. . . . Just like Bill Gates downloaded an operating system into your computer and made you update it regularly because of the threat of another virus, I think they are trying to play the same game with human bodies.  It’s hard for people to fathom if they have not been following the advancements in biotech and to fathom how much money the bankers can make if they can achieve this.  We just saw the Chairman of the Federal Reserve talking about the economy was getting better because the vaccination rate was going up.  I think that’s code for the bank stocks are going up because we are downloading operating systems in more and more people, and our stock reflects that.  We get a pop on our stock for every person we can remotely control with our operating system. . . . If you look at the deaths and adverse events, and the failure to provide true informed consent, we are talking about the greatest violations of the Nuremberg Code in history—now.”

Fitts says don’t believe the hype on the number of CV19 vaccines being given.  Fitts explains, “One of the things I have seen and gotten feedback on is that the resistance is much greater than anything they are indicating in any kind of official statistics.  There are also indications that the deaths and adverse events (from the vaccines) are much worse, and that has to be spreading virally.  If you look at the people most resistant, including healthcare workers and nursing staff, they are seeing the adverse events, and they are seeing the deaths.  So, I don’t trust the statistics. . . . The top doctors I trust essentially say this is an experiment, and it’s true.  These vaccines are not approved by the FDA.  These are authorized under experimental use.  So, this is a trial, a human trial.  The doctors I trust say we won’t know for 4, 6, 12 or 18 months what the real impact is.  These are not vaccines.  It is gene therapy and downloading an operating system.  I would argue that they are not vaccinations, but whatever they are, if it follows the history of vaccinations, what you are going to see is a tremendous diminution of people’s immune systems and a whole world of autoimmune diseases that can be explained away by other things.  I would guess that the leadership’s goal is not necessarily to depopulate, and I could be wrong, but their goal is to install an operating system.  To get that done, they don’t care how many people they kill.”

In closing, Fitts says, “Naomi Wolf was giving an interview about the vaccine passports, and she said this is the end of human liberty in the west, and that’s right.  If those things are allowed, along with the operating system, it is the end of liberty.  We are talking about a slavery system. . . . The greatest navigation tool ever created is prayer.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Catherine Austin Fitts, publisher of The Solari Report.

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After the Interview: 

Catherine Austin Fitts also said, “It’s against the law to lie about bio-hazards (CV19 and vaccines), and that is exactly what they are doing in my mind.

There is much free information on, including the free report called “Family Financial Disclosure form for Covid-19 Injection”

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  1. D P

    ABSOLUTELY crimes against humanity but UNBELIEVABLY humanity is TOO STUPID to know they are being exterminated!!
    God bless you Greg!

    • Paul ...

      You know … Americans are being “slowly boiled like frogs” who have now become too weak to even try and jump away from danger (to save their very lives) … and the cook (Bribe’n) … is now turning up the flames in the kitchen … as part of his “final extermination plan” … whereby he sets the whole house on fire (to be incinerated in nuclear fireball so hot) it will roast even the few frogs that just may happen to escape from the pot!!

      • JC


        Our friend Bill Gates is up to no good…
        In this short video, at :15 a cartoon image of Gates with horns, tells us a lot, don’t you think so?

          • Paul ...

            This wacko nut job is complaining that Gates “is not making enough deadly vaccines to go around” to jab the entire world!! … talk about people being dumbed down idiots!!!

            • regaleagle

              Yeah…..exactly. And not only him but the two media persons also seemed zombied into the idea of “more vaccinations and supply is needed”. Looks like most media outlets and their employed are all brainwashed without clear thinking with the brain that God gave them to use wisely.

              • Warren B.

                There are 2 possibilities for their actions:
                1) They are simply following the narrative to be rewarded with a Job and a Salary.
                2) They are oblivious to the truth, are in denial and have full faith in the Government and Medical profession.
                IMHO, I sense there is a combination of both.
                Can you imagine the repercussions for the whole Plandemic and associated “Vaccine” therapy if those in the media decided to go on strike and refused to partake in any further disinformation and propaganda protocol? This depopulation agenda / sham will be dead in a few days.

            • JC


              Check out the cool old lady in the second video regarding vaccines…

              MARTIN ARMSTRONG:
              The leftist governments are ecstatic. This is the ultimate protection against COVID and revolution, for it prevents freedom of assembly and speech to mass crowds. Face shields and masks have been proven ineffective. I had to laugh. I was in the food store and my mask was below my nose. A guy wearing a mask and shield told me to pull it up over my nose. I looked at him and said, “Stay home. That’s why they have home delivery.” Quite honestly, I have COVID fatigue. Just too tired of hearing about it. This looks like the perfect solution for such panic-stricken people. Just get a bubble!


            • Jerry5

              I totally agree.

            • eddiemd

              More mRNA Big Pharma poison false narrative and now some study on the effectiveness of a mask.

              Social distancing of 6ft was the distance chosen because the oncoming 5G networks can only distinguish spacing between individuals at that distance. Any closer and the 5G systems cannot figure out who is who when they go to full totalitarian control whether it is nanoparticle tattoo, iPhone, or microchip digital currency and “vaccine passport” or other tracking systems. We discussed this almost a year ago when they advocated for the social distancing app trackers which by the way is already inside your iPhones by stealth updates.


              The mRNA Big Pharma poison has been taken by over 100 million people in the USA alone and many more throughout the world. Mass depopulation. Well planned by the CCP using the modified coronavirus bioweapon now with the follow on mRNA poison…all aided by the ministry of truth MSM and the ministry of “health” led by Fauci Mengele.

              Many “churches” have been advocating mRNA poison to their masses and many false prophets also not recognizing the times and deceptions.

              Pol Pot style genocide coming soon led by blm, Antifa, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the radical antichrist lucifer worshippers. Believers, anti mRNA poison citizens, veterans, 2A supporters….these are the first targets.

              Everything will crash at the same time. War, famine, natural events, lawlessness…

              Fear is the factor.

              As Greg has repeated for years…Fear Not. How appropriate that Greg has been telling his listeners this since way before this masquerade.

              • Greg Hunter

                Thanks Eddie!

              • Paul ...

                Eddiemd … Something to keep in mind … if someday you are trying to escape from a drone targeting you … get close to other people (so the drone won’t know who to shoot with the laser beam) … but then … we all know what Obama did … he would kill the whole wedding party to get one man!!

                • eddiemd

                  You are correct. Drones will be used against the citizens in the name of anti white supremacy. They have perfected the use of drone warfare over the past 20 years.

                  The coming takeover will run on AI. All aspects of society. The technology is here for the antichrist to control the west in particular.

                  Not much news out of Africa about coronavirus in nations such as Nigeria, Congo, Kenya, etc.

                  We can see the devastation in Brasil, Peru, Colombia, etc so there must be similar situations in Africa. The CCP began to colonize Africa a few years back.

                  The coronavirus bioweapon was designed to take out certain population genetics. The follow on mRNA poison injections will finish the job at some point. Those not finished by the second incoming bioweapon will show to be those manifesting sores on their bodies as foretold in Revelation 16.

                  Another reason not to take the poison. Take off the mask.

                  • eddiemd

                    General Kill Patient the supposed medical doctor advocating for the destruction of the military.

                    End time delusions will overtake many. Professing to be wise they became fools…and their foolish hearts were darkened. That is a scary prophecy.


                  • Moose

                    There is a video of African children jumping several stories out of school buildings to get away from vaccinators, while yelling out for Jesus to help them. These kids are smart enough to know these vaccines are poisonous, designed to kill them:
                    Gates said, “We will give the cure after 25% have been killed, starting with Africans.” Racist, eugenicist Gates has the cure!

              • Charles H


                I got a Tdap from the VA over a year ago – but the site is still painful. Do you think they could have adulterated that ‘normal’ vaccine with hydrogel, or worse?

                • eddiemd

                  I don’t know.

                  They may have injected the Tdap nearby a neuron and perhaps infiltrated a nerve.

                  I saw a case of a young female soldier back in the late 90s who received an anthrax “vaccine” and developed a severe brachial plexus neuritis that basically paralyzed her upper extremity.

                  This from a lawyer website.



                  I have not seen Tdap related injuries. The older typhoid shot caused a very painful reaction that lasted for a couple weeks. I know, I had this 2-3 times back in the days before the newer oral version and follow on injectable.

                  I avoid vaccines now. I don’t travel and won’t travel in the current state of affairs.

                  • Charles H

                    Thanks, eddie,

                    I clicked the link to the vaccine comp site – and yep: Tdap is there. My injection site always hurts; sometimes seems to ‘weep’; sometimes seems ‘hot. It does affect arm strength. I HATE the idea of compensation. That said – the arm that hurts from the vaccine is my best arm. My right one is suffering from misalignment from a previous injury. I will work till I die – albeit in smaller jobs at a time. Thanks for writing back and posting. CH


        Since MKULTRA-
        MIC/CIA running the show
        Note Senate Intel:

        links >

        Media> report this> Nuremberg II
        CEASE & DESIST > NEURO TORTURE > could be UR BRAIN >ALL data bk 2 victims

      • Jim

        It’s a cook book!

        • Charles H

          “To Serve Mankind”. Pose as a savior; but fill your belly.

          • Paul ...

            If we left our dying world (because we did not want to be exterminated by psychopaths) and traveled half way across the galaxy to find a beautiful blue planet to make our own … would we care about the indigenous life forms inhabiting that new world? … hopefully yes … knowing we came from a world where life was considered of so little value they would vaccinate the entire population with a deadly vaccine … but what of the aliens we will be introduced to a month or so from now?? … “could they be different and encourage the extermination of the indigenous??? … seeing what our politicians and elite globalists are currently up to … it seems they are trying to get a better deal for themselves from the aliens … which means we have a bigger problem on our hands then just fighting off Satanist psychopaths .. .but we do have a clue as to the aliens weakness … they do die … and the guns we own can kill them … “they need to disarm us” before they can guarantee their final global takeover with minimal casualties to their species … so don’t ever give up your guns … it is all we have to protect ourselves from a hostile alien takeover … hopefully … the aliens will turn out to be an intelligent and peaceful species who just need a place to live … but lets not be like the American Indians who were given infected blankets “to kill them off with a virus” … and lets not be rounded up like them “to live on reservations” (and be happy about it) … history shows all colonization’s to be detrimental to indigenous peoples “who had no means to defend themselves”!!

            • Charles H

              This was a Twilight Zone episode… and one of the BEST.

            • Moose

              Good point, Paul. There are good and bad aliens. There’s a true, documented case in a book with pictures of a human-looking alien entitled, “Stranger At The Pentagon,” named CDR Valiant Thor, who came from Venus in 1957. Eisenhower and Nixon both met him. Eisenhower worked out an arrangement with the Pentagon to let CDR Thor live there for 3 years while he worked on ways to help our planet. He offered to help rid our planet of disease but was turned down because the UN was afraid it would put too many people out of work. CDR Thor stated: “There is life on many other planets of which people on Earth know nothing. There are more solar systems than man has given the Creator credit for.” The alien could speak over 200 languages, knew about the Bible and quoted from it. He also had a copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls containing information on Ezekiel in Aramaic that was left out of our Bible that indicated Ezekiel’s “wheel within a wheel with eyes all around” was a UFO with windows. Much to the dismay of the authorities in Israel, the scrolls claim that Ezekiel came aboard the silver bridge… walked over the silver bridge into this craft and sat down and he saw the Earth disappear in between his knees. The author, Frank Stranges, of the book about this visitor at the Pentagon said: We put this on video tape and believe you me, I got 2 calls from Israel and they said I should be put to death for releasing such information.” — From a Coast to Coast Radio interview by Art Bell with Dr. Frank Stranges. Video: [27 mins./49 secs.]

    • rich rozmarn


      listen to this Orange county Attorney on vaccines.
      On another topic.
      Cliff High is stating that the military are about to release the existence of UFO’s.
      Just the messenger. this co-insides with Bo Pony’s timeline of late April

    • DocD

      Absolutely agree!
      It’s not just a matter of not providing sufficient information to make an informed decision; since this remedy is an actual experiment, an agreement and a contract must be signed that explains to all the experiment participants what can be expected and what remedies they have should the experiment go bad. Normally, participants of an experimental study get some sort of compensation and insurance for any bad side effects of the experimental substances and/or processes. I see a great area of possibilities for lawsuits related to this experiment. Unfortunately, President Trump is also guilty in this whole scheme. He, not only helped approve this experiment, he allowed it to be greatly accelerated without much regard for safety and liberties of the (experimental mice) the populace.

    • Robert Hunt

      I think this is more about control. It’s not the mark of the beast, because the mark of the beast will be taken on or in your right hand or your forehead, according to Rev. 13. Thanks Greg. Cheers

      • Moose

        Bill Gates admits that the vaccines are for human depopulation.  Gates is on record as stating “350K people must be eliminated every day to stabilize the planet from carbon dioxide.”  Gates expounded on how we must all consent to a ‘kill the humans’ strategy, to ‘save the planet’ from the carbon dioxide we make, and that VACCINES were the way to achieve that.  Remember Bill Gates’ comment, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive services, we can lower that (population) by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.” To him “doing a really great job on new vaccines” isn’t about saving lives — it’s how many can they eliminate!

      • Moose

        You are correct, Robert. This is only the preliminary to the Mark of the Beast. The New Age Movement has stated in their literature that as part of taking a mark on their right hand or forehead, a person will have to undergo a “Luciferian Initiation” swearing an oath of allegiance to Lucifer. Apparently, that initiation will be the dead give-away of what’s up. In a series of visions over a period of 30 days God warned Dr. Baxter that He will never forgive anyone who takes the coming “mark” of Revelation Chptr. 13. I suspect it is because taking the mark requires this oath of loyalty to Lucifer, a self-appointed adversary to God.

    • Louis Blasiotti

      Thanks Greg. Your a National Treasure!

    • Moose

      David L. V. Bauer, Covid-19 Vaccine Program Director, admits the injection destroys the immune system. It’s really not a vaccine in the conventional sense. It was filed as such with the FDA to avoid legal liabilities for all the harm and deaths that would result. Nice guys, huh? It’s like saying, ‘Here, try this at your own risk and expense, and if it kills you, tough luck!’ God made our immune system able to recognize any virus and mount a defense against it. However, this injection changes it so that your system will only recognize this current virus and no other! That leaves you totally vulnerable to every other virus that will come along. Worst of all, the damage done will be irreversible. Science doesn’t know how to change you back to what you were before they messed with you.

  2. Steve Bice

    “Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it are more about control than depopulation.”

    Maybe. But I wonder. If the numbers are to be believed, the J&J vaccine was paused because of blood clots in six cases out of roughly seven million. There were 26 deaths from flu vaccines last year, albeit from a much higher total number of vaccinations. Here’s the rub: Purportedly there have been over 2000 deaths from the mRNA vaccines and no one has uttered a peep about pausing those.

    Why? Are we being “herded” into the mRNA vaccines? The specter of ADE/VADE looms large in the absence of long term animal and human clinical trials, and the coded insertion of the spike protein into potentially every cell in the body challenges the immune system in never before tested ways. We are running a world-wide…and potentially deadly…human clinical trial.

    VADE may well be a viral Kraken released upon us all…and we will know only in the fullness of time.

    • Mike R in Naperville IL

      There are more than 2600 deaths (as of two weeks ago) due to mnRA vaccines. Its in the VAERS report by the CDC. The mortality rate with vaccines being taken, and DUE TO THE VACCINEs, is HIGHER than the mortality rate with Covid 19. There is a report out that shows they are close to the same mortality rate, but that report is only taking into account the reported cases of covid. The numbers are something like only 1 in 10 of covid cases have been reported and counted, so that means the vaccines are in fact, MORE deadly than the virus itself. This is no lie, and no joke.

      If this was a legitimate ‘trial’ of vaccines, BEFORE it was EUA, the trial would have been stopped dead in its tracks, upon even 1 death. Now there are more than 2600 deaths due to the mnra vaccines, and nobody (in MSM or our government) is uttering one lousy peep.

      Since the Big Pharmas, only even agreed to supply these IF they were given total waiver on ANY liability, and got agreement they could not ever be sued, you know they KNEW these deaths were going to happen. In fact, deaths have happened in EVERY SINGLE Trial of every single attempt, over many decades in trying to find a corona virus vaccine. Before this it was deaths in animals, like rats or mice. Except in the case where they attempted one on the military, under so called ‘informed consent.’ (actually they were under informed and really MIS-informed).

      So lets dispense with all the BS about these vaccines being allowed under an EUA, and prosecute Fauci, and on down the line within the FDA, and CDC, including EVERY PERSON at every big pharma, involved directly or indirectly in dispensing this vaccine, and including every single doctor and nurse injecting these vaccines, for 1ST DEGREE MANSLAUGHTER. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

      THESE C-VIRUS EUA’s MUST UNEQUIVOCALLY BE REVOKED IMMEDIATELY. This is far worse outcome than ever envisioned by folks who participated in the Nuremberg trials. THESE PEOPLE, THESE CRIMINALS, AT EVERY BIG PHARMA, and including especially the demoncrats pushing all these masks, lockdowns, vaxes, etc, and ESPECIALLY Fauci, have ZERO morals, zero ethics, and need to be imprisoned for LIFE. These people are literal monsters, and they are getting away with murder. Potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions of deaths. Again, NOT from the virus itself. But what they are all doing in response to the C-virus existence.

      • Warren B.

        VAERS reporting is deficient. The number quoted for Deaths/Adverse reactions is pathetically low. This is done intentionally.
        True numbers for deaths from Covid Injections would be more correctly recorded as being 100,000-200,000 and adverse reactions other than death would be horrendously over the 3Mln mark (just here in America). Any other drug on the market causing even 1 death – would be instantly removed from the market and the Pharma Coy shut down. There is no other way to describe this other than a planned Genocide of the human race. As with the financial world, the Scientists and Medical /Pharmacological /Biotech do not have the required independent bodies to oversee, govern and prosecute their actions. More importantly this should be seen for what it truly is – that they are a Law unto themselves. They are given this degree of latitude by those in control – who are the ultimate architects and engineers of this diabolical plan. Who are these people – good question. It starts and ends with the Aristocratic families of the World.
        Unless they are stopped, the world will become a very dark place to live for those that survive.

      • Moose

        Dr. Montagnier, perhaps the world’s top Virologist, projects the life expectancy of all who have taken the kill shot injection is only 2 years.  Per the projections…only 99 million Americans will be alive by January 2025 …that’s just 3-3/4 years from now. Plus, world-acclaimed Immunologist, former Pfizer VP, Dr. Michael Yeadon, says, “It is now too late to save any person who has been injected with any COVID-19 vaccine!  Survivors have a life expectancy of two to three years on average, but this is decreased with every ‘top up’ or booster injection.  We need God now more than at any time since WW2.  May God save us!”

        • Greg Hunter

          He did not say that. He did say death tolls follow the start of the vax.

    • Moose

      In a video on line Gates is seen telling the CIA how a way was found to, in effect, deaden the part of the brain that is associated with fanaticism which he intended for use on jihadists in the middle east; such as, al-Qaeda. This capability is in the mRNA vaccine. A woman associated with the medical community reported that after taking the mRNA vax she no longer had any desire for God, prayer, religion. The New Age Movement stated they are using environmentalism as a banner to rally around the New World Order, hence the “green movement,” because they could not get people to agree on religion or politics. They stated they hate the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Evil though it be, Gates is helping their cause by ridding people of any bent for a belief in any god other than Lucifer whom the New Age Movement followers worship. They see Lucifer as “the illumined one.” God warned Dr. Baxter in a series of visions over a period of 30 days that the coming “beast” of Revelation Chptr. 13 would have a “mind eraser” he would employ to make people serve him like zombies. Science has already admitted they have this ability. It could be that whoever heads the UN will be the beast because they are on record mandating that the whole world be microchipped by 2030.

  3. John

    The only show on Fox I watch is Stuart Varney. He’s a true conservative, polite, and entertaining.

    • Gregory R

      You are 100% correct. These are Crimes Against humanity. No more No Less. I will NEVER comply to this agenda or to being injected with this shit. Only 1 to 10% of adverse effects ever gets reported so the deaths from MRNA could concievably already be in the 10s of thousands in the USA. And there are 100 or more TERRIBLE adverse reactions for every death. There ARE worse things than dying and the MRNA injections can and do make those things happen. RESIST as though your life depends on it. It Does!!

    • Marti

      once upon a time I felt about Stuart Varney the way you currently do, however after the Fraudlection of Nov. 2020 Varney showed his colors like most of the other FAUX personalities. These are excerpts from what I wrote to FOX as Varney blamed Trump for low Georgia voter turnout.
      “Today was “IT” in terms of a host whom I have respected. Stuart Varney during the 10 AM portion of his show was utterly disgraceful and has gone the low down dirty road of most of his FOX peers and the lame stream media. He was interviewing Tim Murtaugh and was absolutely rude… If Stuart was trying to get to truth, he shot himself in the foot royally as it was impossible to tell what Mr. Murtaugh’s opinion was after being hit with a cannon ball roaring out of Varney’s mouth. Varney talked over him, silenced him and was an utter disgrace.. .Murtgauh was not screaming at him; Varney knew what he was doing and chose to be a horse’s behind in this interview. I will gladly let the door knob hit me as I exit Varney.”
      This is the clip which I believe was edited because on the broadcast Varney was apoplectic:

    • Mark Heuer

      That is a point that I have made on different sites, there is just no way of telling how many people have already had this C virus (THE YEARLY FLU VIRUS), and the 99.4 to 99.7 figures (according to the CDC), are total BS in the first place! Not to mention how many elderly who were INTENTIONALLY EXPOSED through the likes of Coumo, and the the ineffective treatment by hospitals and doctors. And then they categorized practically every death as a COVID DEATH, agajn, pure EVIL BS manipulation of these virus figures. Now how many actually caught the flu last year and this year and either no affects or the affects were minor,, we will never know, but I imagined at least 50% more actually caught this “FLU”! It really sickens me how so many people are being deceived about this COVID BS!

      • Moose

        o CDC Caught Deleting 150,000 Vaccine Death Cases From VAERS Website-
        Vaccine Genocide | Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch (
        o Dr. Harvey Risch of the Yale School of Medicine calls out CDC for committing
        large scale medical fraud and hiding covid cases among the vaccinated.
        o Inventor of mRNA technology fears he might be assassinated for blowing lid on
        plandemic –

  4. Susan Brown Mahon

    Excellent interview with Catherine
    Very informative

    • Rev+Andrew+de+Berry





    • Greg Hunter

      I am doing all I can man.

      • Mike R in Naperville IL

        You are indeed Greg. Everyone should pray for you, and everyone like you, taking these huge risks, to fight back against these global elite, repressive monsters. Ultimately, God is going to ‘take care’ of these diabolical monsters, and protect his people. The elitists perpetrating these pure evils, will all be held accountable.

        • Paul ...

          Mike … God (through the actions of each one of us) will take care of these diabolical monsters … it is so simple if we act “as one” (just like the one God who defeated Satan many years ago) … just boycott everything the Globalists sell and put them out of business (this includes selling any shares you may own of these Globalist companies out of your stock accounts)!!

        • Marti

          thanks for the reminder to pray for Greg and his co-laborers in the ministry of Truth. I sometimes forget so thanks again.

      • Tom C

        Greg, we cannot thank you enough for all you’re doing.

        God bless you and thank you.

      • Jim

        Greg, will you ever acknowledge trumps role in all of this?

        • Greg Hunter

          I have and why is that important unless you are troll? That said, I am clearly on the record here and saying I disagree with President Trump and told people repeatedly DO NOT TAKE ANY VACCINE. I have no idea what is going on behind the scenes and who is counseling him.

      • Dyan

        Greg ,thank you for all you do… illegal surveillance, disease causing smart a.k.a. digital whatever you wanna call them water, gas and electric utility meters ,along with 5G, covid ,jabs all are part of agenda 21 . Excited about the type of Nuremberg 2 but with all the countries that signed onto agenda 21 is it possible that we could pierce through this agreement and actually file crimes against all involved in these crimes against humanity and the environment.

    • Marie+Joy

      While Christians are taught to turn the other cheek, Muslims and Jews are raging with revenge. Christians are going to have to be taught that saving yourself, from genocide, requires you to move away from your TV, games, and distractions. Man up, America.

    • Ashton

      I think it is the SPARS PANDEMIC 2025-2028. It will apparently be targeted more
      towards children and pregnant women, and the vaccine they are going to be pushing
      will cause brain inflammation. At present it is another “hypothetical pandemic” just
      like the one in 2019 that coincidentally manifested as the Covid pandemic. According
      to the literature that I have read regarding the SPARS PANDEMIC (which will last
      three years 2025-2028). They will also be taking down the power grid somewhere
      in the northwestern United States. Google it, that is how I came across it.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Every time I read a post that is entirely or mostly in capital letters, I find my self imagining it being stated in the elevated, monotone voice of the ship’s main computer aboard Star Trek’s “Enterprise”.

  6. Country Codger

    Greg, Ms. Fitts excellent report.
    Lo Iyrah!

    • Miranda J Miranda

      If the so called “christians” in our country actually obeyed the commands of the Bible we would have hope of God fighting for us. Look around in churches and at those who claim to be followers of Jesus. Hardly anyone cares about submitting to the dictates of Jesus. No wonder God is not for us. False teachers, preachers, priests and bishops pushing a counterfeit “jesus” who makes no demands on his followers. FAKE christianity.

      • C. Young

        you see things clearly. Not much time left for the false “Christian” religions in the USA.

      • Neville

        Absolutely correct in your comments.Just to add to that ,the number of pseudo churches that have sprung up in AAcrime and indeed around the world are nothing short of money making rackets.We of the CHRISTIAN FAITH will have a hard time in the end days BUT these utterly GODLESS cretins that roam and and rule the world will be up for a roasting in hell.
        Stay safe believe in THE LORD and the return of of his SON JESUS CHRIST who will be with us at any ungiven time. So be prepared.
        AAcrime has paved the way for the Prophecies to come to pass ,so each and every day I pray for all the people of PEACE AND GOODWILL to survive THE DAY OF PUNISHMENT …..


      • Charles H

        One cannot disqualify the True, because one looks at the false. It all starts and ends with the Holy Bible. If you really believe that it is God’s very words: you heed it. If you don’t: then there is all the wiggle-room you look to find.

    • Chris

      I don’t see many “Christians” turning the other cheek . In my life, I’ve found more Buddhists practicing that teaching than Christians or any members of Abrahamic faiths.

    • Sarah Davie

      It will be no coincidence if this happens in this timeframe. All of this BS we are seeing in 100% engineered to control the planet and the human race.

  7. Steven Fishman

    The 1988 law did not amplify or expand protections to VACCINATORS, or workers who do NOT work for the Vaccine Manufacturers who inoculate people with the toxic vaccine. This loophole in the law enables us to stop it.
    Do you realize that within five years, up to 95% of those inoculated will die and will suffer unfathomable pain before death?
    The worst of all are the prions, causing mad cow disease in humans. What only a handful of epidemiologists realize is that Messenger RNA recombines [as a recombinant protein through nanocrystals and nanocrystal technology which Bill Gates has a patent on] into DNA, so that anyone vaccinated slowly becomes someone else — literally a “new species.”
    But the new species, as in all animal trials and in all 453,000 African children Bill Gates experimented on with the “vaccine” all DIED. The irony of this is that psychologically, the eugenicists have figured out an ingenious way through the media and the corrupt politicians to create an artificial demand for the vaccine by the very victims who are going to be killed for it.
    It is analogous to the Jews in World War II begging the Nazis to put them into death camps. As ridiculous as this sounds, that is precisely the mechanism being thrust upon the entire world right now. A total deception calculated to kill, and the motive, punch line, is far crazier than the plan to depopulate, but thoroughly provable.
    There is something else you may not know. Bill Gates is a proponent of Precept One of the Georgia Guide Stones, whereby the population of the world must never be allowed to exceed 500 million people.


    According to 42 U.S. Code § 300aa-22, “No vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death associated with the administration of a vaccine after October 1, 1988, if the injury or death resulted from side effects that were unavoidable even though the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.”

    However, this immunity does not apply to health care workers, pharmacy employees, grocery store and discount store workers [like Wal-Mart] because they are not employees of the vaccine manufacturers.

    In other words, immunity protection is not extended to anyone who is not working for Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, or Moderna.

    The health care workers, pharmacy workers, grocery workers, and mass distribution workers [Wal-Mart] [collectively referred to herein as “vaccine inoculators”] are liable if they failed to obtain Proof of Informed Consent by each and every person that has been vaccinated/inoculated.

    The lack of Informed Consent exists when the recipient of the vaccine has not been informed of the risks to health and life and has not consented to receiving the vaccine despite being told of said risks.

    In the case of the COVID Vaccine, the risks that would have had to be communicated to the person prior to being given the vaccine are:

    1. Known injury and deaths from Messenger RNA prions, which in the case of cattle, results in “Mad Cow Disease,” and in the case of human beings, results in the manifestation of brain dysfunction and hysteria;

    2. Known injury and death from anaphylactic shock resulting from the infusion of Messenger RNA through the vaccine;

    3. Known injury and death from toxic lung, heart, and brain paralysis resulting from the infusion of Messenger RNA through the vaccine;

    4. Known injury and death from toxic blood clotting resulting from the infusion of Messenger RNA through the vaccine; and:

    5. Known injury and death from toxemia arising from infertility complications resulting from the infusion of Messenger RNA through the vaccine.

    The Informed Consent must contain a signed acknowledgment by the person before vaccination occurs, agreeing to being vaccinated in spite of the risks presented by the vaccine inoculator (administering the vaccine).
    The lack of Informed Consent is a violation of the HIPAA Act, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1966, Codified in the Code of Federal Regulations at 45 C.F.R. Part 160, Subparts C, D, and E.
    If a person administering the vaccine fails to obtain a Signed Informed Consent at the time of inoculation, he or she has no immunity and can be sued for various crimes and torts, including deliberate indifference and willful negligence, and attempted murder.

    The vaccine inoculator has liability, and can lose all of his/her assets, including one’s home, automobiles, investment holdings, and personal property.
    It is my humble opinion that once said liability is made known by and through the filing of the first in a series of class action lawsuits, vaccine inoculators will think twice before administering any further vaccines.
    While the vaccine manufacturers have immunity, the vaccine inoculators may easily seek remunerative compensation indemnification/relief by further suing their own employers [hospitals, pharmacies, etc.] which will ultimately create an upward chain of liability that is not covered by vaccine manufacturers’ immunity.

    I suggest that we contact the most media-recognizable spokespersons against the Vaccine Holocaust, including Mike Adams from the Health Ranger; Pastor David Sorensen from “Stop World Control,” and of course, Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Catherine Austin Fitts and Judy Mikovits.

    • Richard Hunter

      BRILLIANT! VERY well informed. I’m not a lawyer, nor do I pretend to be one on TV, and if you AREN’T, you ought to be. But you already know that, I’m sure…

    • Paul ...

      Excellent Steven … It is time to both boycott and legally take down Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. … … for not only being in violation of the HIPAA Act … but for being in violation of the Nuremberg Code!!

      • regaleagle

        Please let us all boycott ourselves from doing any further business with these mega corporate entities that don’t deserve to do business in a wonderful free republic like America. WE the people are America……not the politicians, corporations, bankers, and their elitist overlords. And certainly not Bill Gates the Demoncrat Autocrat Selfcrat RAT.

    • Sherry D

      I understand that by definition Covid19 is not a Vaccine. Can you address this? If this was the case, would this stop the pharmaceutical companies from receiving immunity?

    • Marti

      interesting that you bring up Mad Cow Disease (MCD). Rick Wiles over at TruNews mentioned a tie between Covid 19 and MCD and wonders if it is really a form of COVID that was released early.
      In terms of MCD, I was stationed in Europe during the time that it broke out and anyone in Europe during the hey day of MCD is not allowed to donate blood in the US ever again. I worked in military medical commands most of my career and that is what we were informed. When I went to a blood mobile and informed them of my dates in Europe, it was NO-GO for donations.

      • Paul ...

        Once the “experimental” vaccine gets injected into your blood (producing prion proteins and other robotic messengers) … you are “tainted with all the diabolically evil stuff Gates put in it” … for life”!!

        • JC


          Hmm… now why would they not want to take the vaccine?

          ‘NY state adds new COVID vaccine rules for nursing homes as workers decline jab’

          “There are healthcare workers who are afraid to take the vaccine, period. How do you convince them that this is in the best interest for themselves and their families? It’s something that everybody is still trying to figure out.”

  8. Rich

    It’s a good thing Trump does not support the vaccine.
    Its a good thing Trump does not support operation warp speed.
    It’s a good thing Trump only supports HCQ, Zinzc, Ivermectin.
    It’s a good thing Trump is playing 4d chess.
    “Trust the plan.”

    • Eileen

      Ouch. I guess you read my thoughts Rich. I just don’t know why I am wondering about the same. President Trump tried the non-vaccine route, “contracted” the Fake Flu and claimed he doing just fine.
      He was shut down over and over again in the FAKE NEWS who twisted and turned his every suggestion of the cures available into a subject of ridicule. There was NO SHAME in denouncing him.
      I cannot surmise or imagine the SCREWS BIG PHARMA had or may still have President Trump under. When I become the President of the United States dealing with a National Crisis of a FAKE FLU flown in from CHINA, a multitude of “people” in the FAKE NEWS and Special Counsel scrutinizing and criticizing my every thought word and deed; the US Economy Collapsing, and A RIGID ELECTION against me, I’ll let you know what’s it’s like to juggle all of those while really wanting to rally the Country I was elected to serve, as well as the greater world the US is a part of, while at the same time doing my best to have a marriage and raise a young child I’ll be the first to let you know how it all turned out.
      But I will always do my best to let you know the reasons behind my actions. Even if I don’t have a Twitter account anymore. And just like Greg Hunter, had to go underground platforms just to have our voices heard.

    • L.C.

      Rich, you have mastered the sting of irony.
      1–Trump’s recent defense of J&J over Pfizer/Moderna is worrisome. Free enterprise for me is not the overarching issue. Our unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness IS.
      2– Then Ivanka has to chime in with her pubic promotion after she gets vaxed like a TV ad.
      3–Finally, both Melania and he say they got vaxed with which not sure but regardless I assume he of all people has informed consent and still got the jabs.
      Putting this all together, I sense he’s not running again 2024 and he may be pulling his punches for turning 2020 around.
      Like the mRNA is controlling him already.
      Hope I am dead wrong because who else will lead us back from this precipice?
      Don’t normally sound so black pilled but these recent signals are so out of character for our fighter President.

      • Paul ...

        And CAF said … “Trump hired a “mind control expert” to run his Warp Speed vaccination program??? … was Trump simply “a Trojan Horse” allowed through the “Gates” … as Trump had his State Department directing funds to the Gates Foundations “Global Alliance Vaccine Initiate” (GAVI) via USAID … where upwards of $2 Billion Dollars was given directly to Bill Gates (now was it because Gates was “a nice man” … like Hillary was “a nice lady”??) … and today the Clinton Foundation now stands to make billions helping illegal aliens under the Bribe’n Administration!! … how do we expect America to survive … if it is built upon shaky “Foundations”???

        • AndrewB

          Paul …
          I was heartened when Trump withdrew US funding from the World ‘Health’ Organisation, however, one of my daughters pointed out that while Trump took with one hand, he boosted funding to GAVI with the other! This was very unsettling news but I still kept the faith – that is until Trump’s endorsement of the C19 ‘vaccination’ program. No matter what advice Trump received, or from whom, no one capable of critical thinking (which he certainly is) could in good faith advise their 80,000,000+ voters to submit to being injected with an experimental biological agent. Trump had a chance to educate the public and to set the globalists back on their heels when asked if his followers should take the shot. He let everyone down. His (former) supporters, like me, want there to be a plausible explanation – ‘The time was not right’ or ‘He’s playing 3d chess’, they say. Considering these gene altering ‘vaccines’ are lethal, one must ask, how many of Trump’s supporters will die or be maimed as a direct result of his very public recommendation?!

          Yes, the 3/11/20 election count was rigged. Voters were defrauded. Justice demands the result be overturned. But, after Trump’s inexcusable recommendation, trust has been lost. IMO, the election should be rerun, but with NEW candidates.

      • Marie+Joy

        I was a rabid Trump supporter. Because of the things, you mention, I am having second thoughts. I think Trump gave us 4 years without communism and an obvious, active genocide agenda but, beyond that, I cannot support his pro-vaccine agenda. His about-face, on this vaccine, breaks my heart.

      • Jimw

        Remember, the President does not have time to read millions of articles each day. He MUST depend on other people to inform him. If he is miss-informed then he may do the wrong thing. As I believe he did with the “vaccine”. Many of the screw-ups during his time in office can be traced back to the people informing or miss-informing him. Yes, he did get rid of some of those people and others should have been gotten rid of. All he could, or can, do is work with the information he has at the moment.

        • Warren B.

          False logic. You are so far off the mark !!! Even a monkey throwing darts at a dart board has a better chance of hitting the bullseye than you do.

        • Charles H

          That Trump was surrounded by those who became traitors; his SCOTUS pick(s) turned out bad; and the stance he took on the vaccine should all be considered in the same basket. He went from a Boardroom to a Swamp. When he should have chosen his appointees like a Navy Seals Team – he just asked around and looked at ‘qualifications’; which was fatal.

          • eddiemd

            You wonder what he was thinking when he picked Bolton, McMaster, Rex, Mattis, etc.

            They were all dark side traitors in drag.

            I am not sure what he was thinking when promoting the mRNA poison injection. I believe that his family was threatened and that he had to make a choice.

            These people running Biden are evil. Obama and his demonic minions are out in force all around the world.

            Interesting that Obama received the “Nobel” peace prize for doing nothing. Now he is back in power in the shadows running Biden. All Obama’s minions are in key positions both nationally and internationally. All controlled by demonic princes and principalities.

            This is spiritual warfare. Lucifer must recognize that time is getting shorter. Many will perish not recognizing the peril that they are in.

    • Marti

      While I have been a very strong Trump supporter and voted for him a second time in 2020, I also have had the nagging question in my mind as to why the President moved forward with Operation Warp speed. I understand he was surrounded by snakes at every turn but just like us who have no advisers, political leaders like us regular folks are supposed to have common sense. At some point in time a leader looks at all the facts presented and combined with his own common sense comes up with a final decision. I had questions about the vacines, the contradictory information given, etc. I have to wonder did he have the same questions and why not consider that this was a total experiment, not a therapeutic treatment. Something just never set right for me with this picture.

  9. Jim Yost

    The only things that are more worthless than the Coronamania charade (i.e. the face diapers, the lockdowns, the vaccines, the social distancing, etc.) are the people who thought it up.

  10. Ken

    Tucker Carlson SOLD OUT, period! I canned cable and the only time I’ve turned on my tv since is to watch DVD’s. I advise people to grab all the silver they can buy.
    Arm yourselves all you can, while you can. Grow your own food and may
    God Save America!

    • D P

      The USA is under judgment God has turned us over to a depraved mind! Focus on you and your family and the people that still have eyes to see and ears that hear, help save who can be saved and forget about the country, it’s OVER!

  11. Karen Bracken

    Depopulation is definitely part of this. Gates, Collins and their buddies are eugenicists and driven to depopulate. Those that make it will be merged with technology. It is easier to control 1-2 billion, which is their goal, than it is to control 8 billion. These whacks think they are the only people that deserve to walk the earth and everyone else is at the disposal. They are Godless and devoid of conscience or soul. Believe me depopulation is a huge part of this and many will become sterile or women of childbearing age that get the shot will miscarry and never give birth. Depopulation is at the top of the agenda.

    • andyb

      Karen: if you want to connect even more dots then think about the CIA connected website Deagel which predicted, several years back, a USA population in 2025 of merely 65 million and inferred that the loss of such a great amount of population would be as a result of a pandemic.

    • greg sabourin

      I agree with Greg, Tucker is the very definition of controlled opposition. He speaks the truth sometimes but by leaving out the important issues he makes them seem irrelevant.
      Bill Whittle is another one of these type of people.
      Thank you Greg for all you are doing!

    • Warren B.

      William Henry Gates III … & always was … a tool for those who wield the ultimate power. He is the face of those hiding in the shadows ( aka…..the chosen member of one of the Wealthy families to front another Government construct). He doesn’t possess any special talent other than following the cues.

  12. Dan Goebel

    I agree with Catherine Fitts about Tucker doing what he can within the system he is in. If he were to have taken on the Voter Fraud issue he would no longer have a job at FOX. He does do some good. As Fritts pointed out, he interviewed Naomi Wolf and she was able to state on his show that Liberty was endangered of being a thing of the past if the people do not react to the Technocrats manipulations of the people.
    I do not go out of my way to see Tucker’s show, but I do see some of his better stuff second hand through other sources.
    Indeed, we must not reject others because they are not fighting the fight which we think is most important. We must be happy that they are fighting some good fights, and support them when they do the right thing.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have zero time for controlled opposition. That is what Tucker is–period. I talked about election fraud and got banned from YouTube and lost lots of $$$$$. What the heck makes Tucker so special and me and USAW expendable? Please keep in mind you are not hearing this on his show.

      • Jon

        Greg I love you but step out of the R vs D paradigm. Trump is promoting vaccines. Trump endorsed Rubio. Trump didnt use the option Flynn left him.

      • JC

        Corrupt Mainstream Media is an Extension of the Deep State!

        G.A. STEWART:
        I attended a luncheon with former Presidential candidates Ross Perot and Jack Anderson. Both men tried to crack the corrupt system that is American politics by running as third party candidates for President and both men were easily defeated. That was an an eye-opener. Ross Perot was a Real Billionaire and a Real Corporate Leader.

        My notes on that luncheon that launched Ross Perot’s Presidential campaign led to my second published article in a major newspaper. My friend was so inspired by Ross Perot and Jack Anderson, that he ran for Congress but failed to even make the ballot.

        I tried to tell him then that the fix was in; I had figured it out after I watched Ross Perot go down in flames, made to look like an idiot by the corrupt Mainstream Media that is an extension of The Deep State. That was nearly three-decades ago. How many times has that scenario been repeated in these intervening years giving us the same political leadership from both parties?

      • Marti

        After the Selection of 3 November the masks came off FAUX news personalities. The only 2 I can think of that held true faith and allegiance were Lou Dobbs and Judge Jennine (I don’t catch her every show so maybe I am wrong on her). Lou Dobbs refused to be controlled and they sent him on a sabatical for several weeks with no explanation for his absence and then-mercy me- they finally got the guts to actually cancel him a few months after his return from the desert. I no longer watch FAUX Business or their other channel. The Tucker Carlsons who go along to get along are traitors and not to be trusted. I believe FAUX’s plan is to try to hold onto Trump supporters by giving them just enough of the bait to keep them hanging on and thinking “a little truth is better than nothing” and that FAUX is their only option. WRONG on both counts!

        • Greg Hunter

          I would have to agree on both. Keep in mind Dobbs was taken off the air at FOX Business. He was the #1 show on that channel and that speaks volumes about him wearing a snow white hat for We the People”!!

          • Charles H


            If Tucker Carlson is still on YouTube: it is because they still want him there. Your surmisal of “controlled opposition” is correct.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Charles. I am sure Carlson is a very nice guy, He’s got a family and protecting a paycheck but I don’t want people to think that is real news because–it is not. Real news does not leave big stories out, that is too stupid to be stupid.

    • Paul ...

      Dan … Wasn’t Trump just like Tucker? … “doing what he can” within a controlled system?? … that is not what we want of a true leader of men … Tucker is simply a pretty Trojan Horse … you can admire him from afar … but keep him out of the Gate … as he can at any time “turn on you” at Warp Speed … as he works within “as controlled opposition”!!

  13. Barbara Lyon

    So, the theory is that the injection is not a vaccine but a form of gene therapy designed to control humans. Could it get anymore sinister? Scary world we live in.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is in fact mRNA that sends messages to you DNA to change or modify it. You can see it for yourself on the home page of the Moderna website: You can hear it for your self from Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna who explains on a company video that “mRNA Alters DNA.”
      This is not a “theory” but medical and scientific fact from the Vaccine makers themselves.

    • Paul ...

      Barbara … Once the Globalists vaccinate more then half the US population(and they are very close) … their mind control computers can tell the American people “who to vote for” and tell the American people to give up their guns … the Globalists care now very close to being able to put any candidate they want into office in 2024 without having to hack any election machines (like in the recent election putting “commie” Bribe’n into the White House)!!

  14. ken

    The whole thing is a psyop. Nothing is real, its all to spread fear. The virus has not been isolated, never laid eyes upon. Its genome sequence made up by a computer. Its clinically verified by the PCR test which can easily be manipulated. Since no ‘real’ vaccine could be made the injection must have some other purpose. Depopulation for most is my guess, making bot out of the rest also sterilizing the children.

    There is no way the ones in control are going to manufacture a virus that could take them out as well. Way too much risk! Vaccines rarely reach 30% effective. This 95% effective covid shot is bs. All you have to do is look at how they come up with that figure. No,,, they’re not that stupid.

    The deaths from the shots will be their new virus or covid variant. Easy to do as they control all information. People will freak out and demand more vaccines. A dog chasing its tail until most of us are exterminated.

    A pastor gave me some good information concerning vaccines. So far there have been 2,800 admitted deaths. From 2010 to 2021 there were about 2,600 deaths from all vaccines. So it appears this covid ‘vaccine’ has killed more in three months than all the other vaccines have in eleven years.

  15. Paul ...

    As CAF effectively says: “We must weaponize our minds to become free of evil doers… and begin to break away from the immoral Satanists” (i.e. like avoiding the Big Banks and using Credit Unions instead) … it is time “to take action” against the Banksters, Big Pharma, etc., etc. … before your are either physically killed or maimed … or enslaved (both physically and mentally)!!

    • Jula

      Great point! I totally agree. You must gird your mind with the truth.

  16. Donna t

    Wow ! What a great interview!!
    People have to understand the deep state wants you dead or a slave!
    The END!

  17. Jerry5

    I almost didn’t post anything. CAF pretty much covered it all.
    My suspicions began when I saw that DARPA was involved with the development of the vaccines.

    The goal is absolutely global domination by the technocrats and their overlord Lucifer. The destruction of agency “ WILL” lead to Devine intervention. Count on that. In the coming weeks you will see a vaccination propaganda campaign to the likes never seen before since prewar Nazi Germany. The globalist are on a schedule. The clock for the reset is winding down.

  18. Paula Davis

    Only one negative comment about this interview, It wasn’t long enough! CAF is a beautiful godly woman who unselfishly shares her wisdom for all. Thank You, Greg!
    I’ll share two links:
    Dr. Mike Yeadon Pfizer Chief Science Officer: a-way-that-could-lead-to-your-death
    Blackstone Intelligence on the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR),

    • David Gordon Dunne

      I agree with all of you as you all are spot on and Greg is the GREATEST Patriot in my mind. As a religous figure told me not long ago, “For 2000 years, We have been in an Age of Christianity and now are in the Age of SATANISM.” The EVIL is all around, seems to be in control positions. When God cast out Satan and a 1/3 of all Angels, it took them a long time, but now it may well take Jesus’s Second Coming to right this foul ship now.

    • Self Exiled

      Hillary Clinton use to refer to the CFR as the mother ship. ———–”Clinton Military Tribunal: Day 5 CONVICTION!-” ———–Can we believe this????????

      • JC

        “Self,” it sounds to good to be true.

        • Paul ...

          JC … This is likely more Trump supporter hog wash … why do I say that? … because the Clinton Foundation just received a multi-Billion dollar contract from Bribe’n Administration to relocate all the aliens coming across our southern border!! … now … if Hillary Rodham Clinton is hanged by the neck until dead on April 26 … Bo Polny’s prediction of something “Biblical happening” will definitely be fulfilled!! … only 8 days to go to find out if we are simply being played again … but I’m not waiting … I’m boycotting the Globalists … Right NOW!!!

  19. tom price

    Excellent interview. Bravo

  20. Linda

    I cannot believe Dr. Dershowitz thinks we have to submit to forced vaccination…. what do you think is his mental block????..!,…!?

    • andyb

      He is scared to death of the potential outing of Epstein videos in which he is a willing participant. Notice that even though a life long Lib, he took Trump’s side on many issues, after Epstein was finally incarcerated. But he will always be an elitist Lib and follow the party line.

  21. Rod Brumley

    No Shot for Me!!!

    • Fred Daake

      The legal industry, which includes Dershowtiz, has named it “Stare Decisis”. I call it “The evolution of natural rights.”

      There are many people, including most judges, who falsely believe that Supreme Court decisions are the law of the land. The theory assumes that politically motivated opinions by imperfect, unjust minds are higher then God’s natural laws. Hence, all of the courts make their decisions based on the precedence of mans laws rather than the rock of Gods law.

      Here is the cool part that the devil likes. The judges, lawyers, and law schools get to interpret those decisions in a manner that represents their own biases, thereby converting absolute matters into spongy facts. The result is that truth can be converted into fiction and vice versa.

      They call it “Stare Decisis”. I call it “The evolution of natural rights.”
      They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen
      Romans 1:25

  22. Ron

    OUTstanding report Greg and Catherine,….you guy’s are spot on. I just hope this goes to people in need. Too many are still entrenched with the liberal lunatic media, most of our families are “shooting up” and it’s very sad.



    • Paul ...

      John .. Good post explaining how Gate’s Company (Moderna) that never developed a vaccine before came up with one in two months and every human (they never used animal studies) they tested it on had a bad reaction … their Lucifer-ase vaccine also has the ability to connect us to the cloud and messages can be sent by the Globalists to control both our bodies and our minds … so even if Lindell succeeds in having us use “just paper ballets” in 2024 … the Globalists can send a message to everyone’s mind to vote for their candidate … they can tell you to sit down and shut up … or they can tell you to burn down cities … or become an Atheist … granting such power to Globalists like Gates … by taking their vaccines … is total capitulation to Satan … and the end of humanity as created by God the Father!!

      • Paul ...

        I bet Gate’s devious plan is (once he connects all of us to the “mind control” cloud) to simply “tell people to commit suicide” … and thus … achieve the extermination of humanity “by our own hands” … which should put a big happy smile on his disgusting eugenics face!!

        • Paul ...

          With the side benefit … that everyone who commits suicide … goes to Hell … furthering Satan’s cause and power in the after life!!

  24. Robert Olin

    The mind entrainment is fascinating. Sometime I feel like the guy with the dark glasses in They Live.

  25. Eric M.

    No one in our Government, both Republicans, and Democrats, ever asks any real questions. That’s the problem, both parties do not represent us!

  26. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    CAF gets better and better – great interview, thanks!
    In particular, CAF places the responsibility, for the world’s ills, firmly on the central bankers – NOT on nation states. I agree. The bankers have programmed us (is it by lifelong entrainment?) to readily blame countries – Russia, China, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea, et al – for all that ails us and thereby, to camouflage their culpability. Countries are more easy to identify and to feel threatened by than faceless banking-cabal-family-dynasties who live in the shadows. These are our real enemies and ‘we’ need to learn how to fight THEM. ‘Russia! Russia! Russia! – China! China! China!’ are, IMHO, merely distractions. George Orwell described the obligatory ‘seven minutes of hate’ that had to be aimed daily at Big Brother’s villain de jour. People should have been hating Big Brother but their hate was distracted . . .

    • Allen+Starr

      No matter if there is a financial collapse or a war, the people responsible for this must be hunted down and eliminated as there will never be any peace in the world if they are allowed to survive. Do not worry about the future as there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming as the people controlling the US could care less about the people and they will do exactly what they want to do. Even with the best vaccine in the world, the Russian people will not take the shot so they will survive that problem. Russia, China, Iran, and some other countries will not submit to the US and the rest of the West and that is the reason for this financial war now being raised. The battle to the death for the dollar has just started to get nasty as Russia and China are now fighting back as they will not help finance the US war machine any longer. The US isn’t strong enough to push the Russians out of the way in a war either. The neocons have been able to push the Russians because Putin has done everything he can do to avoid a war up to this point but I would suggest this has just changed and the bear should not be poked any longer. Russia and China are quite formidible together and you wouldn’t believe all the large projects they are working on together. China has the money for the infrastructure and Russia has the resources and they are able to agree to who owns how much of the project. The future should be very rocky.

      • Tin foil hat

        Russia is definitely pushing back against the NWO but I’m not so sure about China. I think China will side/partner with both and try to be the last man standing.

        • Freebrezer

          So True!

          • Tin foil hat

            Watch Clint Eastwood’s “A fistful of Dollars”, the Japanese version “Yojimbo” is a classic.

            Come to think of it, life really does imitate art. It’s always the dollars.

  27. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Crimes against humanity seems to suit teh situation, but what court of any weight will take the case?

    “Globalists Will Need Another Crisis In America As Their Reset Agenda Fails”

    Way too many people are calling BS on the scare tactics. Your “Fear Not” slogan could not have been more appropriate to Covid 19.

    • Rick

      That crisis could be WW III? It appear s’ Biden is biting at the bit to start one with Russia.

    • Marti

      the one court I know for sure will take this case on is the Court of Heaven and on THAT day, there will be no legal wranglings, technicalities, delays, etc. The Just Judge will make no errors when He hands out justice.
      I just wish I had the patience to wait and not complain. I also periodically ask God to loan me one of His lighting bolts so I can handle stuff for Him in a more expeditious manner. LOL

      • Paul ...

        Marti … Boycotting the evil Globalist corporations … is a “Mighty Lightening Bolt” to wield!!

      • Charles H

        Lightning bolt; spontaneous human combustion; smite with worms (Pelosi) – yeah, I get the same ideas.

  28. Dr. Joseph

    All I do is shake my head and try to understand how the people allowed themselves to be controlled and do nothing. Great show Greg, love your guest,

    • Rick

      Saying to Dr. Joseph, What people believe sends them to Heaven or Hell, I heard it said but don’t have to confirmation, “97 % of the people whom have ever lived will wind up in Hello, it makes sense too.” 3% of the people (God’s Sheep) hear His voice. Heaven is not going to be a crowded place.

      • Paul ...

        Rick … Perhaps instead of getting rid of the words Mom and Dad as the Demon rats want our children to do … we should instead get rid of the word these Demon rats have us using to greet our children and friends … and begin saying Heaven-O to greet each other (rather then Hell-O)!!
        Note: [As for the Atheists “who are elastic in their religious beliefs” and don’t believe in Heaven or Hell … they should say something like Jell-O upon greeting each other]

        • Paul ...

          You know … there are many greetings we can use other then Hell-O … the American Indians used the word “How” (probably not understanding how they lost their country) … the Italians “Chow” (as food is a big part of their lives) … etc., etc. … many people say High? (probably referring to the price of gold) that the banksters keep holding down down down … as these Demon Banksters make Hell on Earth a very big part of their lives!!

  29. Louis

    Great Program !

  30. Joshua Spencer

    It’s about time people are waking up, Thank God!

  31. Kevin Tatanka

    Re your discussion of Tucker: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

    • Greg Hunter

      You point is well made and well taken!

  32. Richard Hunter

    Haven’t seen the video of CAF yet; wanted to read the comments first; will go watch video, as soon as I post this comment. Been a fan of hers ever since she appeared on Aaron Russo’s video ” America: Freedom to Fascism”. As I recall her words then, she said, “…if we can face it, God can fix it”.
    Regarding the “vaccine”, as I recall, didn’t the supporters of abortion justify their position with the phrase “MY body, MY right, MY choice!”? I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER hearing that…. Well, HOW ‘BOUT THAT??

    • Self Exiled

      ”if we can face it, God can fix it” Oh how true, I needed to hear that. It seems no matter how old I get I still have what I call a ”crises of faith”.

    • Paul ...

      Good Richard … Let’s scream it out loud and clear to “the Walmart, Starbucks and Amazon goons” as they try to vaccinate and kill us (in Violation of the Nuremberg Code) … My Body! … My Right!! … My Choice!!! …

  33. Caesar

    Nuremberg Code – Patients are able to exercise free choice without force, deceit or duress.

  34. Jim Ledyard

    They have weaponized the health care system. The Covid Passports are the real goal. The passports will be used to control travel, employment, banking, food, shelter and the right to assemble. i.e. “Complete Control”

    • Paul ...

      Only if we allow them “to mark us” Jim … we will remain “out of their control” if we have the will “to reject” their Mark of The Beast that hooks us up to the cloud “and their mind control computers”!!

  35. Eileen

    Dear Greg and Catherine,
    I cannot count the years I have had you as the people I go to for enlightened views. I am a subscriber at Solari and a supporter of USA Watchdog. I love when you two get together for an interview, and LOVE seeing how your relationship has grown so much deeper and stronger over the years. You are both great lights in my life: mind, body and spirit. May you and all of who listen to your voices THRIVE.

  36. Robert

    People who could make a difference see what happened to Assange, Snowden and now Gaetz.. Even people in the FBI and NSA know something is terribly wrong but need a paycheck.

    • Paul ...

      Assange and Snowden being left to rot … was “another reason” for my doubts about Trump playing “six degree” Chess … or “six six degree” Chess … or … you get the picture him playing footsie with that Demon Gates and his Lucifer “mind control” vaccine)!!

  37. Steven Farnsworth

    Great show Greg! Did you here about Toronto lockdown?

    • regaleagle

      Canada has always been an easy pushover…….try that in Texas and see what happens……just sayin’!! You’d get a double barrel of game load up your butt if you ran fast enough to live from it.

  38. Robin Adair

    Greg, I’m a long time subscriber (since 2013 or 14?). During that time I have missed very few of your broadcasts, both your weekly news wrap ups and your weekly interviews.

    One of the attractions of USAWatchdog is the eclectic type of guests that you interview. I enjoy almost all of them. All of that being said, though, CAF is “hands down” my favorite guest! Just look at her record over the years. She is a brilliant, Christian lady and I really look forward to each of her visits! Robin

    • emma portman

      Contacted a friend in Toronto. Order is real but no one is complying. Cops are not arresting anyone or stopping them to ask what their business is.

  39. Derek Sinclair

    I agree with Catherine here Greg. I know Tucker Carlson has his limitations and has failed badly on several important issues but he is constrained by his contract. That said he provides a great deal of truth to huge numbers of ordinary Americans. That is better than providing the whole truth to a much smaller number of Americans if he started his own channel. We have all experienced how difficult it is (impossible in many cases) to convince your fellow citizens of the truth, in the absence of a platform on a national news provider. It is worth noting that lots of things Tucker does say are couched in such terms that the listener can easily read between the lines and fill in the blanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Well Derek,
      Just remember you don’t hear any of what we talked about on his show–and you never will. If you wish to continue to try to figure out what Tucker is leaving out and how he’s constrained, keep watching. That’s your prerogative. You do realize what you are telling me is a bit insulting after I just got bounced off of YouTube for NOT leaving things out. Now, I am scrambling to replace the money I lost, so I can keep providing free content. Tucker probably has a staff of 25, and likely makes well over 100 times what I make for being the controlled opposition, and there is no doubt he and everybody else on FOX is controlled. He walked into a multi-million dollar contract years ago, with a fully staffed and fully funded show. Good for him. I cashed out of my 401-K to fund and lived on it for 5 years while I struggled to start this site. So, forgive me if I am not a fan of the controlled opposition.

      • tim+mcgraw

        Greg I agree with your position regarding Tucker Carlson.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks and to be clear I do not begrudge him making a good living. I just don’t want people to think they are getting good unconstrained information. They are not.

    • Self Exiled

      I think both Catherine and Greg are correct in their assessments and have accurately have described the situation. Tucker is operating with in certain boundaries so as to keep his voice; and as Greg says he is constrained. Tucker I think has had his life threatened so if we could get him alone we might be surprised what he actually believes himself. I can’t imagine as articulate as his thinking is that he has not made some surprising discoveries. God’s underground citizen army is working in ways that He directs and we have no knowledge of. I meet a published missionary who worked in Columbia who invited a young man on his team who’s theology he said and I quote ”Made his hair stand up on the back of his neck”. The missionary felt convicted by and moved by God to allow him on his team. So he put him to work building radio towers with the natives, turns out that the young man with hair raising theology had a talent for bring people [plural/many] on his crew to a born again relationship with our Lord and Savior.

      • regaleagle

        Let’s say it like it really is…….Tucker ain’t doing Americans anything righteous. What he IS doing is playing the role he is being handsomely paid to play. If you want to listen to that crapola he spouts that is sugar-coated, then good luck to ya.

        • Self Exiled

          Okay; I’ll say it like it really is. I get sick of the US cult way of one sided thinking that can not distinguish between black or white thinking or all or nothing thinking. This all or nothing attitude is exactly what we are fighting and guess what the result will be [violence]. I suspect you are looking forward to it. I never listen to main stream media because I’ve seen it metamorphosis for the last sixty years and all it has produced is people who can never open up enough to see the other side of humanity as being possibly deceived and not given the same mental and spiritual chances/gifts that the condemning righteous people [Sadducee] sure seem to think they have. Through their great main stream type of thinking they seem to think their knowledge is the absolute truth, and so willing to share it freely; condemning and knowing that they are absolutely right about every thing. I suspect your knowing everything about people and the dynamic they must cope in; and your willingness to share it has a tendency toward harsh inflexibility. Don’t fly to high regaleagle your wings might melt. Oh and the term your relating to yourself [regal]: and promoting; is the term regalism which means: the doctrine of royal supremacy especially in church affairs; real enough for ya.

          • regaleagle

            I have my relationship with God Almighty and am here as a Christian Soldier in these last days for any and all believers. Whatever you might want to spout about me is your business, but you are dead wrong about me. For your information…..Regal does mean kingly, sovereign, royal……as in our Lord Jesus Christ. But it just goes to show how you see things that suit your perspective…….my perspective is very clear and I see things very clearly thanks to my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen. I hope you are on the side of those that do see very clearly also.

            • Self Exiled

              Thank You for your come back. I respect your temperance of comment. Also I agree that you and I both have clarity of vision because of our Redeemer. Yes my perspective is skewed but I see everybody’s as skewed and changing with age and experiences. I do feel sorry for the woke generation who have been so deceived and who promote and will whole hardheartedly follow their destruction by their masters. My hope is that the pain to come will bring many to the Knowledge we both share.

              • regaleagle

                I am in total agreement with this perspective and am presently on course of doing all that is in my power under present circumstances to alert and play the watchmen for those that do not see so clearly……esp. the younger generations that have been misinformed and brainwashed in our schools and universities.

  40. Robert

    Just what is our military protecting us from these days and who do they see as the enemy?. If the military is in place to protect the transnational corporations and act as the enforcement arm for the CIA. And if china is the new darling of the elites, are we the people of western culture the enemy now? Are all aspects of our government i. e. the politicians, the courts, the policing agencies, the military, all so corrupted by the globalist ideologies that there’s no turning back now? Who is leading the opposition? Nobody! Thats why nobody takes to the streets like the left. Because there’s nobody leading on the opposition side.

    • Self Exiled

      This comes to mind————- New Living Translation——–
      ”The foundations of law and order have collapsed. What can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

      • Paul ...

        SE … Psalm 11:3 … “When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? … I know what I’ll be doing …”Celebrating” when the Clinton and Bill Gates Foundations are destroyed … and I will Celebrate even more … when boycotting the evil Globalist Corporations brings them down also!!

        • Self Exiled

          I’m looking forward to being healthy, completely calm, with people I love. I have long given up on this world. I too will celebrate when all you mention has been dealt with and justice prevails. I suspect this verse applies to the globalists foundations and corporations.

          Violence has grown up into a rod of wickedness; none of them (Israel) shall remain, none of their abundance, none of their wealth; neither shall there be preeminence among them or wailing for them. Ezekiel 7:11

      • eddiemd

        Worst translations of the Bible.

        The NLT is an updated version of the “living Bible” by Ken Taylor.

        Get yourself a new Bible if you own any listed.

      • eddiemd

        Worst translations of the Bible.

        The NLT is an updated version of the “living Bible” by Ken Taylor.

        Get yourself a new Bible if you own any listed.

        It is interesting to note that a website promoting itself as a prophecy website uses versions of these corrupt writings all the time.

        • Self Exiled

          Which one do you use? I know you have noted it but remind me, or which ones. I think after reading the article about the best translations— the one I’m using now would be classified as a [I suspect] thought-for-thought that ”just takes the perspective up a level from word-for-word”. The Amplified Bible, copy write 1987. I have used all the ones listed except The Interlinear Bible. I noticed through the years God used different translations to compliment his soul work for my benefit. I love his persistent push for knowledge of Him for our benefit.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … It is best “not to have leaders” who can be taken down … but as “anonymous individuals” working in concert to boycott the Globalists products … we can attack the enemy asymmetrically … and they will find it very difficult to counter our offensive!!!

      • Paul ...

        And buying Gold and Silver should be “part of our asymmetric attack” on the forces of evil (to increase our power of the purse) …the banksters have increased the world debt to 2.3 Quadrillion already and are growing it even larger with every passing day … to back up just 20% of all this debt “with real money” (Gold) would require a Gold price of $175,000 dollars per ounce … and Silver at the current Gold/Silver Ratio of 68 would then sell for $2573 dollars per ounce (at a more reasonable Gold/Silver Ratio of 40 … Silver would sell for $4375 dollars per ounce (which is more in line with the US Debt Clock figure of $5120 dollars per ounce for Silver on March 24, 2021)!!

        • Paul ...

          Many Mints around the world don’t have physical gold and silver on hand to meet current demand … just keep the pressure up on them … and prices will begin to rise!!

          • regaleagle

            Paul……you forgot to explain the worst part! The debt they create every hour is not THEIR debt, but the debt thrust upon of the everyday citizens of the world. Those that create debt out of thin air can steal everything we have in the form of higher costs to live. These are those that have the gold(and silver) and therefore make the rules! So Paul is correctomundo………gold and silver is our best ammunition and our best investment.

            • Paul ...

              And of course … “Hold on to Your Guns” … for whomever our enemy is (human or alien) … they are deathly afraid of an armed population (who have the courage to use them to defend themselves and their families)!!

  41. Robert Coleman

    The American and World of Humanity is being duped into believing all will be well in obtaining the Covid Experimental Shot. How ridiculous to believe Big Pharma or Politicians who only care for Money and Power at the expense of Humanity. They should all meet the same fate that those who received justice at Nuremberg in 1946 for their blatant disregard for the Nuremberg Code prohibiting this Experimental deception being implemented World Wide.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bravo, Robert–I totally agree. This is a textbook “Crime Against Humanity”!!!

  42. Vicki

    Honestly, this felt like a strained interview. I love Greg and CAF and totally understand Greg”s frustration. This time we are in is very unprecedented and it seems universal (from the other recent interviews I’ve heard today… seems that others are sensing it too, like a witches brew… any one of the various events could bubble up to the surface. This helped me today…

    “In your patience posses ye your soul.”
    ~Luke 21:19

    To me, He let’s us know there are times that require our patient endurance for saving our souls to the end, which scripture assures us those times are real for His people, and our patient endurance will be needed. Free will is a bitch Greg, we are all having to accept others choices that may lead to pain. How must God feel?

    • tim+mcgraw

      In y0ur patience possesses ye your soul. Luke

      Patience is a value few Americans have. For Americans it is all gimme it now!

      Patiently enduring God’s choices for our redemption is tiring. I’m almost seventy and life makes no more sense to me now than when I was seven.

      Free will? Sometimes I wonder how much free will we really have.

      • Paul ...

        I believe we have been (their) patient long enough … it is time to begin to act in our own interests … and boycott evil (where ever it is found)!!

    • allen ols

      Patience is a latin word for suffering

      • Paul ...

        A …We have been patient (suffering) long enough!!

        • tim+mcgraw

          Oh, Paul, suffering is the human condition. Once in awhile we find joy, humor, love, compassion, beauty… I remember the Garlic Lady at the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market. She was thin, white, spinster, didn’t even own a TV or computer. The Garlic Lady was a local truck farmer selling her produce in town.
          Once my wife and I were at the Farmer’s Market on a sunny Saturday morning. I could see the Garlic Lady at her booth. She seemed agitated. No doubt a customer was being the usual dummy.
          Suddenly the Garlic Lady shouted, “Where is the Truth? Where is the Beauty?”
          I’ll never forget it.

      • tim+mcgraw

        LOL! Well, allen ols, waiting is suffering for Americans.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        But, not “suffering” in the current sense as it is understood today.

        In the KJV, how is Jesus’s response to John the Baptist phrased, when John didn’t want to baptize Jesus? “Suffer it to be so now… .”

  43. tim+mcgraw

    Perhaps CAF is right. The vaccines are operating systems put into our bodies to make us slaves to the elites. What can we do about it? We don’t take the vaccines.

    Simple enough solution. If the elites push it and say, “No vaccines, no food.” We push it and say, “End this bullshit or we all go on strike and no food for YOU!”

    • Thomas Surguine

      Meantime, over in Europe, many folks are heading 2 HUNGARY & RUSSIA 4 vax ONLY FROM RUSSIA, “Sputnik V”, as its”record” is nothing short of “SUPERB”, 20 MILLION SHOTS of Sputnik V are on a plane right now, heading 4 Manila, as Putin & Duterte are on the best of terms, in as much as the Phillipines send MANY MANY of their world class SUPERB NURSES 2 RUSSIA, along with many of the worlds BEST tropical fruits, & produce! PUTIN, being “” is especially pleased with the “connection”,as is Xi, in China. Both countries which are “loading up” with GOLD!!! “A word 2 the wise?” Expat tom

      • Coalburner

        Hey Ex Tom, please give us an update once in a while!

    • Rick

      “Give me liberty or give me death”

      Patrick Henry

    • Paul ...

      Tim … We need to counter-attack … by refusing their vaccines … and boycotting their products … otherwise … we lose (like a bunch of idiot frogs in hot water who think they can enjoy the relaxing dip … but soon become “to exhausted” … to jump to safety)!!

    • Diane

      Tim…Great plan….love it

  44. L.C.

    Heard that CDC plans on starting vaccinating 12 year olds and up in 2022.
    Is that to wait and see how many adults die beforehand?
    Will RFK jr, his Children’s Health Defense group, and Freedom Angels Foundation challenge yet another vaccination added to US children’s 24 injections schedule by age 2?
    Will anyone take the children’s vax issue to the World Court, forget SCOTUS as is?
    I sure pray so because manipulated children are the ultimate guinea pigs.

    • Paul ...

      LC … If it were up to the Luciferians Bill Gates and Big Pharma … they would have our children taking 666 vaccines by the time they are 2 years old (along with completely castrating both sexes at birth)!!

  45. Randy Best

    Gerald Celente has predicted this for years. He says all the time we are living in a neo-fudal society where we are all workers on the plantation of slavlandia.

  46. Self Exiled

    And we must remind ourselves————-For the perverse are an abomination [extremely disgusting and detestable] to the Lord ; but His confidential communion and secret counsel are with the uncompromisingly righteous [those who are in right standing with Him]. Proverbs 3:32 Catherine reflects this. So we must listen————– But who so hearkens to me [Wisdom] shall dwell securely and in confident trust and shall be quiet without fear or dread of evil. Proverbs 1:33 and the result of such ————— He shall not be afraid of evil tidings, his heart is firmly fixed, trusting [leaning on and being confident] in the Lord. Psalm 112:7 and the outcome ——–And He will turn back upon them their own iniquity and wipe them out by means of their own wickedness; the Lord our God will wipe them out. Psalm 94:23

  47. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Austin Fitts.
    Think for yourself, I remember a duster,does anyone else remember these, being thrown at me for not thinking for myself at the ripe age of nine years old? The teacher involved was exasperated at the lack of originality as we read Julius Caesar , she was disheartened to say the least at the dullards who peppered her class. It did awaken me to the reality that the written material was not even close to the truth no matter how much it was revered.
    Today we are engorged with lies and deceit so nicely dressed and the huge maw of humanity guzzles it down. Thinking for yourself is verboten today it seems even in science.

  48. JC

    CAF: “We may be saying that we don’t like China, but we are buying more every month.
    Our dependence on China is rising, it’s not falling.”

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  49. MJ QUiNN

    Dear Greg,

    Very well done ! CAF is doing a great job, too !!

    Dr Ryan Cole, Boise, Idaho, is still best on virus

    Physical Health his best maintained by AVOIDING physical efforts during defecation, simple uncomplicated first labors and avoiding unnecessary surgery, etc All of which may injure your autonomic nerves or your “system” that holds you together (See Wiki)

    MQ, MD LLM
    London, UK

  50. Roger Stamper

    tks for post

  51. Mark Brewer

    Time now for new tools for our tool box. Catherine mentioned an article of the steps to “Coming Clean”. This is the best article for a new start, time is our greatest asset and how we spend it.

    This will make you fell good, thank you Greg and Catherine.

    • Paul ...

      MB … CAF effectively says these wise words: [One tool is “prayer” … the other tool is “our actions (and transactions)” … if we boycott evil corporations (like the Big Banks, Main Stream Media, Google, Walmart, YouTube, etc…. etc.) we have the power to shift energy away from those who misuse power … and move it to ourselves … and to those who are worthy stewards of our planet’s wealth and our children’s future]!!

  52. chivas bisset

    Hi,thank you for all you have done & do every day.i came across a extermly important info that i like to share with you & your viewer.watching Dr Christian Bogner on effect of Adrenochrome on human mind was simply terrifying.we all have known that Cabal member are all indulge in taking this drug .what we are not told is what is really does to one’s mind!effectively not only it is highly addective it renders taker as clinicelly insane.yet world is run by these people that at best can be compared to a herion addict-whom have lost all rashenal & reason.if you look at all their directives re corna or banking in past 12 months or upcoming war with Russia:not one makes any sense or even serve their own agenda.these are rantting of a lunatic.yet they have all the power.scary indeed…………….

  53. Ranlar

    Everyone carries a part of society on his shoulders; no one is relieved of his share of responsibility by others. And no one can find a safe way for himself if society is sweeping towards destruction. Therefore everyone, in his own interests, must thrust himself vigorously into the intellectual battle. No one can stand aside with unconcern: the interests of everyone hang on the result. Whether he chooses or not, every man is drawn into the great historical struggle, the decisive battle into which our epoch has plunged us. ~ Ludwig von Mises

    • Paul ...

      R …It is everyone’s responsibility to join the battle … boycott evil wherever it shows its horned head!!

      • JC


        Get ready for Plan B…

        HAL TURNER:
        They realize the only way to de-populate the earth is via either a massive and deadly disease outbreak; which they TRIED with their COVID-19 nonsense . . . and failed. Or, a war.

        Having failed to “cull the herd” with their COVID-19, the globalists will now go underground and then start a war.

        Their goal is millions dead.

        In order to achieve that goal, this war will go nuclear.

        Russia can’t win a conventional war against NATO or the US. We will poke that sleeping bear a little too much, soon.

        • JC

          I earnestly hope each of you has preparations in case the unthinkable takes place. Emergency food, water, medicines you need to live, a generator for temporary electric, fuel for that generator and for your vehicles, flashlights, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, portable radios with batteries, Communications gear (CB, HAM, or GMRS).

          Time to prepare appears to be up. For weeks, I have told my radio audience that I expect this war to commence on or before May 2. With the developments this past weekend and even today, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it starts within the next 48-72 HOURS!

          If the SHTF, the general public is likely to panic and they will do what they always do in an emergency, panic-buy and clear the shelves of food and supplies. If you wait to prepare, you may find you waited too long and there’s nothing left.

  54. Jerry5

    It’s time for people to understand what the vaccination program really is. It is part of operation “ Oden” in which your biological functions are uploaded into a government cloud to be monitored.

    Do you realize what I just posted? The end of personal freedom, and if you pose a threat your life. Once 5G and the star link satellite system are turned on, the matrix will be complete. They won’t need a police force anymore to maintain order. Technology will do it for them.

    Greg, CAF is absolutely correct when she says the general public has no clue how far technology has come. Nanotechnology and biometrics have give the global elites the power to overcome personal liberty on every level. Before you issue me a tin foiled hat, just know they are already using parts of this technology in the health care industry with diabetic monitoring devices ( chips ) placed under the skin. But when it comes to vaccines, hydrogel in the payload has replaced the chip, by making you entire body part of “ the program”. Think about it. Why haven’t more people died from the injections yet? Two reasons. One. It takes time for the mRNA to penetrate every cell of your body. Two. They are waiting for the vaccination program to be complete before they turn the system on. Make no mistake. Those who have not been vaccinated will become a target. Hard choices lie head.

    • Self Exiled

      When they turn on the 5G what will it do to me if I have my tin foil helmet on [I used a little extra tin foil]; also what about all the nano silver I took when I thought I had coved. As I typed this I was thinking of this humorously; was lol, but as I set here thinking the smile is fading from lips humorlessly, and now I mean it; seriously.

      • Paul ...

        SE … It is a bit funny … but “to be free” of 5G and 6G “we must lock ourselves up” in a Faraday cage … whereby “freedom” becomes synonymous with … being “imprisoned”!!

  55. Earl Thornburg

    I always appreciate Catherine’s research, she’s a very intelligent informed person. Good information. Thanks, Greg and Catherine!

  56. Jerry5

    Is there any doubt left about who’s in the global drivers seat? This prediction was made two days ago.

    Look at Bitcoin today. 04/18/2021

  57. Virginia

    CAF never appeared more serious than she did in this interview. It was a great concise view of our sad situation. God helps those who help themselves.
    Thank you for the WHOLE TRUTH once again.

  58. James Quagraine

    I believe the entire United States congress is a criminal enterprise.

    • Paul ...

      JQ … And the reason they won’t get rid of the Income Tax (and just print up the money instead) … is because they want us to all become criminals like them and “cheat on our taxes” … this way … they can point their moral finger at us … and without guilt … say “they are just like us” … but simply “better crooks” then we are!!

  59. Dan Reynolds

    Greg, Your USAWatchdog sight online is a true haven for clear thinking. Thank you for your Brave Heart courage and guiding light!

  60. Don Parker

    No Ms. Fitts, the covid shots are not the “mark of the beast.” The mark of the beast, when it manifests, will not be an something people accidentally take. It will be a fully recognizable rejection of the Christ and allegiance to the antichrist. Preach al you want against the shots. You may be right about the effects down the road, I honestly don’t know. But please don’t mix your misinformed belief that it’s mark of the beast in with it.

  61. lightning

    As I listen to CAF and think about alternatives, here’s one speculation/scenario of “the plan”

    1) mRNA vaccinations alter DNA and provide control / operating system as per CAF

    2) 98% of mRNA vaccinated will suffer massive health consequences/die

    3) remaining 5% now are controlled breeding stock for future downloadable/upgradeable serfs/slaves. Their DNA is permanently altered and they have the constitution to accept future DNA programming changes

    4) At some point after the healthy unvaccinated help support the USA through the 98% vaccinated culling, the NWO releases bio-weapon to kill off unvaccinated. Alternatively, they could use conventional means to marginalize or put into encampments. Unvaccinated will not have access to digital dollar/financial system, health care, etc.

    5) END of USA and ALL Freedom

  62. Don Conrad

    Steve Fishman. I read your reply start to finish. Excellent! Near the end, you commented that someone needs to contact the people you listed. With you knowledge and great ability to explain the information, I ask on behalf of millions that you lead that charge. This may seem like a lot to ask, but often the reason people don’t pick up the ball and run is because they don’t feel they are educated enough on a subject to correctly fight-the-fight. Please take this into consideration.

    Thank you,

    Don Conrad

  63. Coldfoot

    If you have not yet seen this article, it’s well worth your and your reader’s time.

    Thank you for

  64. Allen Sachetti

    Great Interview Greg qnd I qgree witth you about Tucker Carlson, he is qn evil weasel who betrayed us. Catherine is being way too weak minded in her assessment of him.

    When you are in a Fight there is NO compromise and there can be no compromise with those who are supposed to be with you.

    It’s funny that Catherine mentioned Brave Heart who was killed by COMPROMISE, but she cannot see it in herself. Don’t get me wrong a nice lady but you cannot support someone who is harming millions by lying qbout the election.

    About Covid 19 has anyone asked what would have happened if we did not lock down, mask or LIE about Hydroxicholoquine, Ivermectin and othrr treatments? Well what would have happened is that MORE PEOPLE WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY and our Economy would be greater. Stupid, just stupid.

    People are stupid to believe in masking, distqncing or lockdowns. Not to mention what about Elmhurst Hospital, the so called epicenter of the epicenter where they put every patient on Paralytics and Sedatives to let them die. Check out The Army Nurse Erin who made an under cover recording on this.

    You should report on that too Greg

  65. Jerry5

    Heads up,
    Cyber polygon is in the works.

    Klaus has said it will make the pandemic look like a Sunday school picnic. In advance they will be taking the markets down to prepare for the reset.

    • Warren B.

      This “Cyber Pandemic” has been planned for some years now. When the Cyber attack occurs it will be a global catastrophe – taking down the internet and all electronic communications. The Energy grid will go down. All of this affects all forms of business and banking for what is a planned 21 day shut down….until they come up with a solution. In effect shutting most people off from a job, income and access to money and to groceries/food/health /education- the list is endless.
      They will exploit a weak link in the global supply chain network, which in turn will bring down the entire system. This plays directly into the Great Reset where the old system is burned to the ground with a new one being supplanted.
      You are correct – the Covid Plandemic is the precursor to what is scheduled next… which is magnitudes greater (in destructive forces) than what has been seen to date.
      No where to hide. Not even the Elites can shift their wealth off-planet.
      Just as Event 201 predicted the Covid Sars 2 Virus, so too will Cyber Polygon be correct in anticipation of what is to unfold at a future date.
      St Nick (aka St Klaus Schwab) is proving to be far from being a Saint (in the classic definition).

      • Paul ...

        You know … what proves that the “Master Race” (who pride themselves on being superior to all others) are really just a bunch of “psychopathic loony tunes” … is that they keep trying to exterminate themselves?? … …and in the process “Swab” and exterminate the rest of humanity along with themselves … all to make themselves happy??? … if it is death that makes Shwab and the Globalists happy … lets do to them what Russia did to Hitler and bring them some joy … … now … sadly for the American people … Bribe’n seems intent on getting some of that joy of death also!!

  66. Malinda Midzenski

    WoW! Where have I been? It was good to hear CAF talk about entrainment. Now I know what happened to me. I would never willingly take the Covid vaccine (or any vaccine for that matter), but just yesterday I was walking around the house thinking: “I better go and get the vaccine.” I had to catch myself and wonder “where did that idea come from?” In fact, that idea keeps popping into my mind. I have to fight the thought logically and intellectually. I am praying to God that He will remove these thoughts from my brain.
    Thank you Greg for all that you do.

    • Paul ...

      Malinda … And the mind control computers “can modify your dreams also” (when your conscious mine is asleep and you can’t easily fight back) … so if you dream of taking the vaccine … don’t let that dream affect your actions when you are awake and in control again!! … all of us may all need to sleep inside a Faraday cage once they roll out their 5 &6 G Sky Net (to get some restful sleep) and avoid the evil tormenting dreams they can impose on our minds!!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Malinda,
      My sister-in-law just got the shot despite telling everyone she was against it?! I don’t ever think about getting the shot and neither does my wife. Perhaps we have avoided entrainment by: not buying / reading any MSM newspaper since 2014 (triggered by false narrative about Ukraine), not watching any MSM television ‘news’, not listening to any MSM radio ‘news’, not watching any MSM television soap operas / documentaries / docudramas, muting the sound to all television and radio advertising. These steps may seem extreme and, I guess, we did not adopt them all at once. In particular, our friends cannot believe we gave up watching popular soaps – but this is where much entrainment takes place. Like any drug, you need to withdraw gradually. Anyway, as a result of our extended extraction from the ‘MSM propaganda matrix’ we die not feel deprived – we feel liberated!

      • AndrewB

        ‘We do not feel deprived – we feel liberated!’

  67. pbd

    Hi Greg,
    Recently there has been massive fall-out from increased chemtrails in NM – I am sensitive to both aluminum and barium. I recently watched 2019 interview of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt by Dane Wigington. Very interesting – I already knew about Dr. Klinghardt in the context of alternative integrative medicine re. hard to treat persistent infections.

    Here is a link to the video interview:

    Just a thought – it would be GREAT if could get an update interview with Dr. Klinghardt – I bet he would have some interesting things to say about Covid/vaccines – and the very serious consequences of chemtrail poisoning . . . of everything!

    All best,

    • Paul ...

      pbd … Excellent … Excellent …. Excellent … this German Dr. Klinghardt may have just saved “all of humanity” and every other living thing on planet Earth from “a Holocaust so Insidious and Evil” that it goes beyond comprehension by ordinary people “who believe in goodness” … listen well to this man who has taken a stand against the Evil people who mix up aluminum, glyphosate and fluoride … into the air, foods, water and also in the vaccines they administer to us “to destroy the brain God gave to us” … in 6 to 10 years all life can be gone … it is incumbent upon we ordinary working people sitting in the offices at Google, Facebook, Walmart, YouTube, in the Military, in the Main Stream Media “to revolt against the Corporate Chiefs” now preparing our passing (likely thinking they will be rewarded with immortality as a robot) … this assault on humanity and all Gods life forms by an evil immoral elite group of Globalists must be stopped by us ordinary people … remember … “we” were “Commanded by God” to take care of “all his creations” … and “we better act quickly as a group” against the Evil Demons … who are now moving at Warp Speed to annihilate us all!!

  68. Mikhail Kalashnikov

    This is great work you’ve done, Greg. The worse things get, the more we’ll need you and your efforts. Thank you.

  69. Rick Hayle

    Greg , The Declaration of Arbroath was a “letter” sent to the pope by a group of Scottish Chieftains saying they would never again be subject to tyranny by the English . April 6th , 1320. We just had the 701st anniversary . Our “DECLARATION” is modeled after that document .

  70. Rick

    I am with Catherine all the way, “I agree this IS the mark of the beast”.

  71. Diana Brown

    We all need to spread this far and wide Greg. I appreciate your perspective and invitation to Catherine Austin Fitts to address us. She is an inspiration with a grounding we all need to consider.

  72. Fred Dakke

    A major problem began when the voting public gave drug pushers the monopoly on everything related to health. After several years of mesmerizing the public to accept their overpriced, mostly useless, sometimes dangerous “solutions”, they accumulated enough money and marketing ability to control the world. I hope that exposing the COVID fraud is only the beginning of a process that breaks open the entire modern drug care fraud.

    • Paul ...

      Fred … It’s time to needle them back … jab them (by not buying J&J Baby Powder) … rope-a-dope them (by not buying Neosporin) … knock them down and out!!

  73. Dave

    Greg….thank you for all that you do. The link to the Guidebook to the Global Pandemic leads to a page where there is nothing to open or download except a “family financial form”. Can you provide a working link or explain how to get the guidebook from the linked to page?

    • Greg Hunter

      I made a mistake Dave. Fitts was only giving away the form. I have since corrected this.

  74. Rick Hayle

    To me , it all means that JESUS WILL BE COMING FOR HIS BRIDE SOON . Then , GOD ALMIGHTY will begin dealing with the Jewish people & we will be at the marriage supper of the LAMB , praising & worshipping our GOD & waiting to come back to the earth with the LORD at Armageddon . Then , the ” government will be upon HIS shoulder… and of the increase of HIS GOVERNMENT AND PEACE THERE WILL BE NO END …FROM THAT TIME FORWARD , EVEN FOREVER.”ISAIAH 9:6-7 NKJV Greg , you will probably be a ruler in some area , possibly the area you grew up in . Who knows . GOD is mysterious & mighty in things we can’t see . PRAISE HIM FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eddiemd

      That means you must witness and give testimony. Pull people out of the fire.

      Don’t worry about what is coming. Be like a tree planted along the river of living waters.

      Bear fruit. Fruit that remains. And bear it abundantly.

      Otherwise you will be cut down and thrown into the fire.

  75. Marie+Joy

    You can give blood, IMMEDIATELY, after having your covid jab. Just in case you wanted to know. Coming at us from all sides.

    • Tom C

      You make an excellent point, Marie+Joy. Thank you!

      • Self Exiled

        Yes our blood supply is now contaminated. Also was reading a health forum and a women was commenting how she had had sexual intercourse with a man up until 2 months ago that had had both his coved shots[she failed to mention if she knew which shot he was given]. She believed that this experience is what has led to her last menstrual cycle lasting 20 days. Other women who had the shots were also commenting and giving examples of menstrual cycle problems.

  76. J in Europe

    Fabulous interview Greg
    I’m an MD. Worked in one of Harvard’s top immunology labs. Published widely on cytokines and interleukins. Viral mRNA transfection in adult humans has failed for years. Temporary protein expression at best. Tried in Insulin dependent diabetes to produce insulin and never worked. This isn’t a vaccine. Covid deaths are vastly over reported. It’s the first shot. I agree the entire thing doesn’t pass the “sniff” test. Keep taking the white pill (hope) and not the black pill. God bless you and thanks so much. J in Europe

  77. JC

    A Bridge Too Far is a 1974 book about Operation Market Garden during World War II. It is a story about lofty military goals and reality.

    None of what people are reading about Russian aggression in Ukraine is true. From my perspective, this was all planned, most likely when Donald J. Trump was still in office

    Many blogs are writing about The Great Reset, but this has been part of The Plan since George H. W. Bush announced the arrival of The New World Order on September 11th, 1991.

  78. JC

    Get ready…
    Bo Polny said something wwill happen in April that changes our world forever!

    It is the history of events before Adolf Hitler’s birthday that intrigued me and seems to suggest that the April 19th and April 20th dates are connected to some unseen evil force in history.

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART:
      There are many people who might be expecting the war to start based on the Orthodox Christian Easter on May, 2nd, 2021. That is generally not how wars work out, but I expect that fighting could start at any moment and increase very quickly. This is why I have concerns about April 19th, April 20th, and April 23rd.

      April 23rd, 2021 is St. George’s Day and this appears in a very important Nostradamus’ Quatrain.

      • Michael

        Given the relentless repetition by mainstream media/academia of Hitler’s “evil,” I think it’s safe to assume he did something they did not like.

        Prof. Hilberg claimed for many years that Hitler ordered the extermination of Jews. When questioned under oath, he had to admit he had NO source to support his “historical” claim. He words were, “I am at a loss.” He now claims it was all organized by a “meeting of minds” hence the total lack of documentation of the very large logistical effort required.

        The mainstream media/academia are not capable of truth on important issues.

  79. Richard harvey

    This might be a little off topic, it’s about the South China Sea, the Chinese have already taken over part of the phippines islands in the South China Sea, and fishing area, they have over 200 fishing ships in this area patrolled by the Chinese coast Guard. I know because I listen to the Filipino news channel. There is a military buildup of allied forces planes flying into Clark Air Force Base which is in the Philippines. I’ve heard from another source that we have two carrier battle groups in this area with one carrier from Britain hopefully you can have somebody on soon to talk about this topic. Thanks for your time

  80. Julia

    Great interview! I always love it when CAF is on the show. I know of numerous Pastors who are warning the vaccine is the mark of the Beast. Greg, have you heard of Peggy Hall of The Healthy American? She is putting together freedom classes on how to fight this stuff in each state. Very encouraging for people. Greg you would love her! Here is her site:
    I always appreciate your asking CAF what people can do. We are not helpless.
    Again great interview. It went so quickly!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Julia!

  81. Farmer Ron

    Mao Tzsetung said: “Revolution only come from the barrel of a gun”. The American Revolution is proof of that.

    The Constitution of the U.S is the greatest document ever created. The second amendement is the key to the survival of the Republic. Americans are at WAR with its own Government. Be it the elected one, or the CCP/ Deep state that controls it.

    More than 150 million Americans own firearms. Most of them Republicans and Trump supporters. It’s time you and your fellow countrymen took your pledge of allegiance seriously.
    You now have neither freedom, nor justice and you are once again divided. It’s time to overthrow this tyrannical government. It is not just your right, but also your duty.

    It’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

    Don’t be fooled by would be saviours.
    Just like Tucker Carlson, the Q /Trump phemomemon is controlled opposition aimed at keeping you docile and subdued.

    The second American Revolution is staring you right in the face. Will you, like your forefathers, take up the challenge? Or will you cower and continue to ramble until you have lost ALL your rights, freedoms and country? Boycotting left leaning anti conservative corporations will do nothing for the cause of freedom. Taking to the streets with your God given passion is the only way to let ( the powers that be ) know that you WILL NOT go quietly in the night.

  82. Marco Segura

    Divide and control

  83. Bill the Cat Guy

    It was a good interview. It’s worth noting that she’s talked at length about cryptos and how they’re a trap by the Deep State. The vaccine can’t be the Mark of the Beast because those who receive the Mark lose their salvation. The true Mark of the Beast must involve renouncing your faith in Christ and/or renouncing your salvation.

    • Paul ...

      Bill … You say: “The vaccine can’t be the Mark of the Beast because those who receive the Mark lose their salvation. The true Mark of the Beast must involve renouncing your faith in Christ and/or renouncing your salvation.” … you are completely wrong Bill … once this Covid -19 vaccine hooks you to the cloud … Gates’ Satanic mind control computers will get right into your religious centers of the brain and tell you “to renounce your faith in Christ” … and thus “make you renounce your salvation”!!

  84. Anna

    Please explain the operating system that’s gonna be downladed to those around us that did get vaxed so we know what to expect and how to handle those people. Or point us to inf. Great interview with Catherine as alwsys!

    • Greg Hunter

      This is from the Moderna Chief Medical officer Tal Zaks:

      • Paul ...

        Notice what “slips under the radar” as this “nurse” explains the difference between a regular vaccine and their body changing “experimental vaccine” … a regular vaccine injects “some” virus particles into your body for your body to fight off … but their “experimental vaccine” has your cells “constantly producing virus particles that your body has to constantly fight off … what that does is … it puts your body into “a constant war mode” … producing “a storm of white blood cells and macrophages” … that can clog your heart and brain arteries … producing fainting, heart attacks and dementia … all these idiots (who call themselves doctors) have to do is use their God given brains … to realize that what they are doing “is totally wrong”!!

  85. J in Europe

    Don’t usually post second comment on this forum, I’m an MD. I did a lot of research on sepsis and the immune response to a second hit in major injury. I worked in one of Harvard’s best immunology labs (albeit a few years ago). The big issue here for me is “priming” the immune system for a second hit. It would take a long time to explain but essentially most patients with major injuries succumb to sepsis (normally pneumonia). The immune system is primed by the initial injury and the second later hit (usually infection) becomes incredibly dangerous and fatal in a lot of cases (not normally fatal but becomes fatal after the immune system is primed). My worry here is the “vaccine” will prime the recipient for a second hit. You can see the numbers in older susceptible patients. Imagine if all our immune systems were weakened to the same extent as patients in their 80’s. It wouldn’t take much to knock off 50% of the population. I hate posting this but one of my patients brought me a book called “The Fuzz Factor”. Unfortunately it’s all outlined there. Place all your faith in the man above! God bless you all. J in Europe.

    • Paul ...

      At least you J and a few other doctors realize the danger of “over priming the body” to fight off a virus or infection … which is what these “experimental” Covid-19 vaccines do!!

    • Charles H


      There is a lot of things happening at the same time: Guidestone depopulation; scientific over-reach – but ridding the greater stage of the older and costliest members: is a big advantage to governments. They are also the most familiar with the REAL foundations of work ethic, morality, honesty, rule of Law, etc. So much gets swept under the rug at one time!

  86. C. Young

    Evidences of the coming COVID Vaccine die off:
    One evidence of this die off is the timing. From comprehensive Biblical timing studies, the latest I can see Babylon (The USA) being destroyed is early Summer 2023. So the Summer/early Autumn of either 2021 or 2022 is possible.
    The second evidence is the way people that took the vaccine are acting. The level of civility in the community I live in has taken a signficant dive in the last month. I never have seen so many act so badly where I live. I believe this incredible decrease in civility in such a short period of time is due to the COVID Vaccine going out.
    The third evidence is that a potential death mechanism for this genocide is present within the COVID Vaccine. By increasing the quickness and severity of the antibody/antigen reaction, this vaccine can easily set up its recepients for a cytokine storm occuring within their lungs. This will be certain death for 99% plus of those who took this vaccine.
    Fourth: I see the Lord preparing my brothers and sisters in the Lord for what is coming. Some of those preparations are others coming to a realization of what is coming and removing those things that are weighing them down.
    Fifth: I have been informed that the COVID Vaccine has aborted fetal tissue therein. If this is the case, then everyone taking this vaccine have their hand with abortion. This in itself spiritually places a curse of death upon its recepients.
    Sixth: The rumors regarding COVID could be considered to be the rumors of Jeremiah 51:46. If so, then a die off followed with the end of the USA could be soon.

    These evidences present enough evidence of what is coming for me to believe that the COVID Vaccine death march is not too far away.

    • Paul ...

      You may be right Young … Jeremiah 51:46 (My Version): Violence is in the land as Ruler Bribe’n goes against Ruler Putin … and rumors of war are heard in the land as our hearts go faint (due to the “experimental ” vaccine)!!

      King James Version (KJV) 46 And lest your heart faint, and ye fear for the rumour that shall be heard in the land; a rumour shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumour, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.


    Greg: You are my favorite, so please accept this out of admiration. Your interviews with Catherine are your most emotional/passionate interviews…and I don’t see the topic as particularly emotional. I think Catherine is one of my top 3 for “insider” information.

    • Greg Hunter

      You don’t see the biggest violation if the Nuremberg Code in history and the mass killing as emotional??? Ok–I do. We will have to agree to disagree.

    • Marie+Joy

      You/We are being, first, controlled, then genocided. Everyone, you care about, is on the chopping block.

  88. Andy Camp

    Greg – Just listened to you and Catherine, she mentioned prayer as a communicator, it helps me feel connected. A few years ago you printed the Lyrics to a song my partner and I wrote called “Hold ON”. We just finished producing it and it is now titled: “River Of Hope”. We are under extreme lockdown here in Ontario and the sadness and feeling of loss is overwhelming a lot of people. We wanted to get this song out as a little relief for the days ahead. All I have to give the world is my music. Please pass this on if you think it may relieve some stress for others to know we’re all in the same boat. These times are nuts but as you know, it was all predicted quite accurately some time ago. It’s my hope we will make it to the other side of this transition with our freedom intact.

  89. allen ols

    greg, Here is the link for this mornings preaching, Greg Locke gives a report of Tulsa, at different parts of the sermon titled, “It is time to stand

  90. Robert K


    Mary Berner of Cumulus radio, which has over 400 owned and operated radio stations across 85 markets across the nation, just released a memo, effective immediately, if employees want to return to the office, they MUST have the “vaccination”. This is for ALL EMPLOYEES, across the nation…

    The “vaccination” that kills babies, causes miscarriages, blood clots, alters your DNA, strokes, palsy, paralysis, causes untold numbers of death and a plethora of other negative reactions, now MUST be taken in order to return to the radio studios….
    What about informed consent? Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t medical providers supposed to comply with the HIPAA Privacy Rule AND the doctrine of informed consent??? Is this not applicable to employers? I understand “at-will” employment, which the employers could set the working conditions, but this seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Additionally, the liberals and left has a 1-hour special tonight for the “big covid special” with obamas and other “celebrities” promoting the vaccine… yawn, no thank you. Furthermore, the left and the scumbag weasel MSM know most Republicans and conservatives are not taking the vaccine, so now they have pumped billions of dollars into advertisements and PSAs for beer commercials, commercials during NASCAR races, the TV show Deadliest Catch, and country music television….

    Sounds like they’re pandering to a certain demographic to me…… Flipping ridiculous!

  91. Jim

    Greg thanks for having Catherine on again. I have been keeping up with her since her experience with Hamilton and the Military Industrial Complex. So much of what you discuss with her is very important. What I am seeing more and more from Catherine is a Child of God who has learned to not give darkness a place to reside in her Soul. This is so important to us listening to her truth. I’m sure there was a time during her battles, she would awake in the morning filled with fear that would follow her to bed each night. Or maybe I’m the only one. People will hear a peaceful Soul. There is much to change but it’s better done calmly and confidently. You sleep much better too. Thank you Greg for your tireless effort to keep us informed and thanks Catherine for your calm.

  92. Maurice Vachon

    Can you James O’Keefe from Project Veritas on?

    He might be a good fit…

  93. Rod Shott

    Biden Warns Russki’s
    If Navalny Dies it’s Curtains!
    Wow, shazam! They better keep that guy on 24/7 full regimental guard. Like poor old Jeffery Epstein, if that guy is Arkansided our gooses are cooked. We’ll. all be nuked and I don’t mean by microwave!
    We must not let Hitlery and her compatriot VicHoria get there mother of all wars, with mother Russia!

    • Monty Ward

      Navalny’s on a hunger fast. Fasting is good for you, as long as you don’t starve to death. Dick Gregory made a living out of protest fasting and said he got so healthy, he went on tour, for the virtue’s of fasting. I think the guy’s like 105!
      Oop’s, 84, close enough.
      Went to see him give a talk at Wayne State university 15 years ago, I fasted for 9 days. A friends girlfriend, put a strawberry smoothie in front of me and my fast was abruptly over. I felt like I was as light aS A FEATHER FOR DAYS! After ending the fast! During the fast, you actually feel heavier and move in slow motion. But when your off it, wow! You just felt like 100, then after eating, 20 years younger than your real age.
      Legalese disclaimer; Do not attempt a fast before seeing a Russian doctor and booking a prison cell in Siberia, preferably in summer and say hi to Ken Star for me from Rod, he’s the guy in the mink coat, selling potatoes and strawberry’s! Nasdrov’ia!

    • J. Smithson

      Al Jazeera
      Will Russia attack Ukraine?
      Duration: 24:35 2 hrs ago

  94. Health-Seeker

    I was not referring to enduring Gods choices… he has given us the end of the story to understand and what simple criteria is required for a soul’s salvation, but our nation’s and individual collective poor choices (or lack thereof to push the red button as CAF says) have allowed this technocratic tyrannical slavery for total control thing to be now put in motion; national repentence and revival, or judgement as a Nation, which I believe we are under now.

    The patience I spoke of is to endure our own positions of choice to save our soul and if necessary to restate it over and over if necessary, while also allowing others to make their own choices even when injury or death is probable for them and pain for us.

    I am in my late 50s and, for me, things make waaay more sense to me now than ever in my life. Scripture states that if God did not intervene in the final days, on His “remnants” behalf (which He does), there would be no human flesh left alive.”

    I see things clearly now more than ever what is upon the world. Hang on to your hats, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. We certainly do live in interesting times. Yes, Patience is not easy but it is and will continue to be required. I feel the test of it every day now.

    It is in my own challenging persistent patience I will need to have to endure to save my soul all the way to the end. If you don’t have it, learn to mustar it up, we will need it, He tells us so.

    It was comforting to me to let go of others free will that choose otherwise; painful and sad, but God gives us the freedom to choose even if not to choose Him…

  95. eileen bailey

    I dont understand why no one is bringing a case of nuremburg code being violated in so many ways.

    1. there is no virus..lots of evidence to that ..exists in name only see below
    2. viruses are not contagious anyway . lots of scientific evidence of that too see below
    3. the gene therapy jabs..are jabs. not vaccines and it may be that immunity is only given for vaccines..supposed to contain virus material (!)
    4. they are man made in a laboratory… and patented. that means they are illegal bioweapons.
    5. no informed choice stating the facts and giving adverse effects and deaths known and to come and signing a consent form
    experimentation through vaccination is a violation of the nuremburg code.

    6. The CDC changed their website to ‘a cold’ instead of pandemic and at the same time UKs website changed to ‘not highly infectious’ three days before uk was locked down for the first time last March so there was no pandemic.
    7. There were therapeutics that could have been used for the usual colds and flu which uk government are now saying covid is..
    8. All deaths were marked down as covid deaths frightening the populace to get jabbed with daily death figures published in papers and on tv.
    9. shops etc would not allow admittance without a mask on apart from those exempt for medical reasons.
    10. hospitals were emptied and left empty while people died at home .
    11. The PCR tests are fake and phony.. run at over 30 cycles they produce false positives..but positives of what? there is no virus so again this is fake and false.

    12. Governments lied about the chinese bioweapon.. The patent for coronavirus covid is held by lord pirbright Pirbright institute UK ..he is a rothschild and the patent for trace and track is held by Richard rothschild.. obtained 2015, adjusted 2017 and then again in usa to be issued 2020.
    13. brainwashed 24/7 ..nuremburg code calls this torture.. with hysteria causing figures and lies to panic people into jabs.
    14. hospitals were closed ..being saved for covid patients.. they were mainly empty while people died for lac k of medical attention.
    15 .most deaths were marked as covid deaths to boost death figures from covid.
    16 .no autopsies permitted to see if deaths were covid or vaccination.
    17 John Hopkins university shows evidence that masks and swabs contain vaccine shot.
    18. no informed consent of what was in jab and whether it had been tested, its history and adverse effects and injuries and whether any further problems could be encountered. no signed consent form
    19. no prior testing done to determine if a vaccine was needed as ex vice president of Pfizer is testifying that one is needed otherwise jabs can be very dangerous
    20. not told jabs will cause people to be infertile or cause miscarriages

    So what it comes down to really is people being brainwashed 24/7 by tv and press etc about a lie..i.e. a chinese bioweapon .. being forced to wear masks for a non existent virus wearing masks injuring health forced to take pcr tests to go to work etc and being jabbed with illegal bioweapons : experimentation through vaccination and blasted 24/7 with brainwashing and hysteria to panic people into getting these illegal jabs without informed consent and acknowledged by signing a form.

    Nuremburg code calls this brainwashing torture and being given an illegal jab with no other purpose but to kill and maim and exert control over people is surely murder.

    Horowitz is in court with Pfizer because of Pfizer no revealing transhumanism agenda in vaccines.

    If a lawyer cant do a class action on these grounds something is very wrong!

    There is no virus.. it exists only on paper.
    videos germ theory v terrain

    the virus was never isolated.. so much evidence of this CDC PH England Wuhan China etc. other countries all had to admit under FOI there is no evidence of an isolate..

    Dr Lanka in a German Court was successful in his claim that there is no evidence of a virus for german measles. From Dr Lankas evidence no one can isolate a virus and gives very clear evidence why this is so.

    Health passports were being discussed between countries long before the fake pandemic and is to bring in total control of movement and even buying food etc.

    This video is about Dr Reiner Fuellmich who is suing the world over this fake pandemic and fake pcr tests . He is in Germany but was called to the bar in california as well..

    if anyone has suffered financially or healthwise due to this fake virus you can join his class action law suit the biggest in history…He and 1,000 international lawyers are doing class action the biggest in history..

    He has taken Norway Govt and WHO and other agencies to court re these violations of the nuremburg code. experimentation through vaccination is a violation and medics have to know it is illegal to do this.

    • AndrewB

      Thank you Eileen, that is a great report!

  96. RodShott

    Post-pandemic boom poised to get smacked with severe shortages

  97. wayne hardin

    So lets do a little brake down how many people would walk away from their job if their boss told them not to talk about something .
    Just like the people going to heaven very few .
    I cant tell you how many people i have heard talk stone cold trash about their boss being a A// and they get up everyday and go to work for a pay check .
    Like i have said most people will do anything for a dollar look around .

    That is the truth if it has ever been told .

  98. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you for having Catherine on. She is a genius and so gracious. The bottom line of what we are experiencing is the separation of the wheat and tares in EVERY aspect of our lives i.e., financial, educational, family life, food, media, medicine/healthcare, religion/spiritual. Choose this day whom you will serve because the tares are going to be bundled and thrown in the fire. When you see these things happening, look up for your redemption is near!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree on all points Nancy!

  99. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Mark. Thanks!

  100. Robin

    Well done with the lighting and colors, Catherine.

  101. Linda Majors

    In this interview, Catherine claimed that the “biggest story is the Financial Coup.” However, I agree with you, Greg. The biggest story in history is the theft of the 2020 election. If we don’t get the election reversed and get those frauds out of power, we will become a Communist country, ruled by the Communist Chinese, the Corporate Oligarchs, and Davos. We will lose our Constitution, Bill of Rights, everything. It will be over for America. That is a BIG STORY!

    • Wendy

      I remember before 2009 an awakened (not “woke”) friend bemoaned the fact that we had already lost our Constitutional protections (a la Patriot Act). Then Snowden, Assange and Manning, among others, sounded the alarms about those who are “defending” us. Now folks are commenting that elections have been bought and paid for for ages. When our frog has been boiling for so long, how can we point to a moment when we were totally cooked? We sinful humans can never get ourselves out of this swamp–only the LORD could.

      • Warren B.

        Unfortunately there is no time in the historical past that serves as a reference point for the commencement of the loss of freedoms and rights. We have been slaves to their world since the human race was created and Kings ruled the Earth. What you see now is merely a continuation of the facade.

  102. Scott

    I am a health care provider and have supported the prudent use of vaccines for my patients. That being said I do not support the universal application of these experimental vaccines. They should be dispensed on a risk assessed basis just as we suggest any other therapeutic intervention. The elderly, the diabetic obese, and other high risk groups alone should consider them. That being said, I am currently dealing with a father who is experiencing vestibular palsy that began 1 week following the second moderna vaccine and an uncle who developed scattered micro cerebral emboli following his vaccination, still awaiting the specific vaccine info. There are no benign interventions regardless how safe they appear in the lab.

  103. Lady Au Stackers United

    Makes me wonder about all the redistribution of migrants around the globe. And are these migrant children getting inoculated with the very new and indeed in the early stages of clinical trials with the FrankenVax? Hidden from view in the large holding facilities in Texas and possibly being subjected and injected with perhaps another mRNA FrankenVax? Then given their travel documents so whatever sinister corporate group of scientists and world government can “follow them” as a database. Well, for those of us born in our own countries and for those legal immigrants who emigrated from elsewhere and possibly now for those illegal immigrants, I guess we can truly say, Freedom Isn’t Free anymore. Excuse my wild imagination. Let’s give it the 5-year rule and see what happens to those who received the FrankenVax and those who did not.

  104. Malcolm Naylor

    yep. if this is allowed it is the end of liberty in the west.

  105. tim+mcgraw

    I’m finally getting around to watching the video. It’s been a busy week. 90F here today in Hburg. Too hot too soon!
    CAF mentions “Braveheart” at the beginning of the interview. I took my daughter to the premiere of “Braveheart” at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. We had great tickets on the first row of the balcony. Look up the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle. It is gorgeous and designed to copy the Throne Room of the Imperial Palace in Beijing/Peking.
    When I went to pee, I literally ran into Mel Gibson in the lobby. His big black bodyguard took one look at me and saw I was no threat. Just had to pee. Mel is short. I was 6’1″ and Mel is maybe 5’8″.
    When Mel entered the theater from the back walking down the main aisle a man yelled from the balcony, “Two men enter! One man leaves!”
    “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ” had come out a year or two before.
    Mel had hired a bagpiper to play to the people in line for the movie. It was a beautiful day in Seattle. Sunshine and no rain for a change.
    Good memories.

    • Thomas N. Argyle

      Didn’t Mel make a movie, called Tim?
      I met one of Mel’s daughter’s a few years ago at the Detroit auto show. Very pretty and she didn’t want anybody to know who her famous dad was. She was a working model, together with another model for Ford and they were representing Fords self-driving car concept vehicle. Because of my own knowledge about the self-driving concept and my feelings it’ll never work for me and the fact I worked with New Zealanders and Australians surveying roads in Samoa and Hawaii, we all talked for over an hour together. Her friend and other model reveled to me, when Mel’s daughter was answering another patrons questions, that she was an Australian and Mel Gibson’s daughter. When she returned, I gave it my best Aussie twang and said, I sure would have never known she was an Aussie, talking like a Yank and then we talked about her growing up in Sydney, the beach life etc.
      The next day I made it a point about giving here my card with instructions on it to check out and if she would give it to her dad when she saw him and assured her he would like the site and she agreed!
      We’ll about three months later, having forgot about it mostly, reading the comments here on USAW, somebody made a comment posting Mel Gibson. At first I thought, ya right, Mel Gibson? In unbelief. Then at just the same moment, in a sort of juxtaposition, in my mind. I remembered and thought, it is him and maybe he’s acknowledging to me he got my message and he took the time to check out and his daughter, she was his daughter! And she did deliver the goods!
      We’ll I’m sure to comment. Mel agreed, is worth following, in these uncharted waters we all find ourselves in. Here on good ole mother earth and we do all have an opportunity of a future, of man and womankind on it!
      Thank You and a shout🍺 out to Greg Hunter and your better half, the misses! Who make USAW possible, on a wing and a🛐!
      Also a shout out to Mel and daughter🍻 wherever you may be.
      Hope to see you all one day soon or on the other side of Armageddon.
      Or as cookie, ole Vernon Locke in Oz TV’s Wanden Valley, used to say. In real life, Sid Heylin. [Armageddon? I’m ah geddon outa here!]😉

      • tim+mcgraw

        Hi Thomas, thanks for the great Mel Gibson story. Fascinating! You have struck a blow for freedom. Thanks again.
        I have a friend in the Midwest who knew Mel Gibson’s parents. Seems that Gibson’s parents won a lottery and that gave them the money to move to Australia.
        Mel’s a great guy.

        • Thomas N. Argyle

          Your welcome Tim, you too are a sliver of light out there in this cold dark time were in. Alas a new world is promised in the Bible in this time and space, so hang in there despite the propaganda and Greg and wife are there for us all, fighting the fine fight of the faith!!!

        • Luciano Granie

          I met Mel Gibson at the Panama Canal’s visitor’s center a few years back. He was there with his family including a person in a wheelchair. When he realized I was looking at him he tried to get away from me—You are Mel Gibson, I said—He said..- Yes…I told him that I liked some of his films and he said Thank you…We shook hands and I left him alone…He did not want to be bothered- I wanted his autograph…I did not ask for it….That is my story with Mr. Gibson.

  106. tim+mcgraw

    9:13 CAF mentions that she doesn’t trust the vaccine statistics. All I know is my own family. Mom & Dad (89) both had both shots. Younger brother and wife (62) both had both shots even though they already had Covid. Younger sister and husband (67 and 72) ready to get the vax when they return from Australia.
    My daughter will get the vax. My son will NOT. My wife and I will NOT.
    So it’s 7-3 vaxxers vs. no vax in my immediate family.

  107. Wendy

    Ms. Fitts should call “Coming Clean” “Detoxifying”. I haven’t read the article yet, but it should include unshackling from social media with all its fear porn or hope porn (false hope fiction). Have you noticed how the doom is always several months/a couple years away? Or how things must get a whole lot worse for a popular uprising or PM’s to break out skyward?

  108. tim+mcgraw

    23:40 CAF talks about how the nano particles are the mark of the beast that no one can see. St. Paul writes about this in the Bible. He writes that Satan will be hidden by the forces of Good until God wants the evil revealed. Satan gets his hour. God gets his day.
    This is all in the Bible.
    Fear not!

  109. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks Greg. Great interview!

  110. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  111. Duke Nukahama

    BREAKING:US backs Japan’s plan to release radioactive water from Fukushima despite pushback from South Korea, China, and Russia
    [email protected] (Cheryl Teh) 3 hrs ago
    Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian gave a snappy comment that went viral on social media site Weibo (China’s version of Twitter), where he dared Japanese finance minister Taro Aso and other officials to “drink the water first” to prove that it is safe, calling Japan’s move “highly irresponsible.”
    Zhao’s comments came as hashtags including “Fukushima water could destroy half the Pacific Ocean in 57 days” and “Japan is inflicting a disaster on other nations” trended on Weibo, with some calling for a boycott of Japanese seafood.
    ☢ceanfront property anyone?🗾🌫🌊🌫

  112. chloe

    Catherine Austin Fitts is one of my sheros. She’s always so calm, factual, sophisticated in her intelligence and delivery. And I love that cover!

  113. Tom Ranger

    The U.S. Is NOT trying to start a war; the New World Order is trying to start a war and blame it on America.

  114. Cathy

    so if the download of gene therapy is being done….does this get passed down to new generations? If so I must remind you this is not the first time our government has tampered with genes of Americans.. Recreational drugs was one MAJOR experiment to weaken the minds of Americans…three generations later we have a major amount t of health problems ranging from all sorts of learning disability and homosexuality.
    The amount of birth control that was introduced in this country has led to major amounts of breast cancers and uterine cancers. Of course the testing of the Atomic Bomb out west led to fallout as far as NYState….I have friends and family who were upstate NY during the fallout dates and all developed problems with Thyroid cancers. Some died from it.
    So if you follow this train of thought and awareness you will know this is NOT new.

  115. Red Como

    Rick 04/18/2021 • /comments
    That crisis could be WW III? It appear s’ Biden is biting at the bit to start one with Russia.
    Sir Rick,
    Beijing Brib’em, Jim crow Joe Biden’s handlers, Hitlery & Vic’whoria included. Have been biting at the bit for World War III, ever since Putin stopped bribing monies to them, traitors!!
    McEnany torches liberal media’s ‘heinous’ coverage of Russia bounty story

    Economic Front;
    China softens tone on bitcoin, calling it an ‘investment alternative’ after years of cracking down on crypto
    [email protected] (Isabelle Lee) 50 mins ago

  116. RedComo

    Russia, Hualan Biological Bacterin agree on production of Sputnik V in China
    11 hrs ago
    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s RDIF sovereign wealth fund said on Monday it had agreed with Hualan Biological Bacterin to produce more than 100 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine against COVID-19 in China.

    Why Is Dogecoin Skyrocketing But Bitcoin, Ethereum Are Tanking?
    Shivdeep Dhaliwal 19 hrs ago


    It would be dangerous going on the national media.

    Even here there is danger, if this if true.

    Not sure how this can be handeled locally. Once medical melfeasance or murder is established this is war. Eventually they will make a mistake….

  118. Jeffersonian

    In our immediate family 1/8 got jabbed and as a first responder he felt obligated over my objections

    Regardless hard to say exactly how many Americans have got the jab and it doesn’t really matter as it’s personal choice

    Hey Greg I believe Bo said a world changing event was going to occur on April 19 or maybe just sometime in April please keep us posted on this development and keep up the good fight. Indeed Greg you are a relentless warrior

    Ps down here on farm kale and collards knee high asparagus coming on strong but honey bees are well below seasonal numbers and the powers to be continue to spray our skies with heavy metals— morning sky starts blue then turns to a hazy white by mid afternoon. Last daily highs have been 80 plus degrees with dry northerner winds already irrigating which is very unusual this early. Indeed the climate is changing more erratic dryer and hotter and windier. Hard to say the cause but surely geoengineering ain’t helping

  119. Self Exiled

    Another comes to mind——–And He will turn back upon them their own iniquity and wipe them out by means of their own wickedness; the Lord our God will wipe them out. Psalm 94:23

    When my anxious thoughts multiply within me,
    Your comforts delight me. Psalm 94:19

  120. Jerry5

    I got your thank you card. I apologize for the snail mail but right now I’m being cyber tracked by gutless internet goons. Once again I’ve had post blocked and my devices attacked. Kind of makes you wonder who’s in control, doesn’t it?

    Apparently it’s not Biden. The Q nut jobs think it Trump? I personally think it’s the deep state being orchestrated by the World Economic Forum. Crazy Biden actually thought he got elected? What a joke! He’s just a paper cutout figure head.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Weren’t you going to be “going dark” soon, anyway?

  121. Jerry5

    Watch this before they take it down.

    The globalist have a big problem.

  122. Hugh Bowles

    Bill Maher breaks silence on Vitamin D deficiency CRISIS in broadcast
    636 views•Jun 15, 2020
    Lets get these views higher!
    How often do you get to see Bill Maher worried about us peons!😀

    Trump slams Biden’s border failures in ‘Hannity’ exclusive
    552,213 views•Premiered 9 hours ago

  123. H.Bowles

    Philippines to start clinical trials on ivermectin, other drugs for COVID-19 8 hrs ago
    MANILA (Reuters) – The Philippines will begin clinical trial of several drugs, including the anti-parasite medication ivermectin, in patients with COVID-19 to determine their efficacy in combatting the coronavirus, a senior government official said.

  124. Homey Comeski

    Johnson & Johnson said blood clots have been reported with all Covid-19 vaccines. The author of the study they cited says they’re wrong
    By Elizabeth Cohen, CNN Senior Medical Correspondent 16 hrs ago
    When news broke that Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine might be linked to blood clots, the company responded by pointing a finger at Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines, issuing a media statement that said a study showed there were reports of blood clots with their vaccines as well.

    Global Reflation Trade Gains New Momentum From China’s Yuan
    Masaki Kondo 3 hrs ago (Bloomberg) —
    China’s yuan is overvalued, and that could end up stoking global inflation.

    Woman Swallowed by Python as She Checked on Her Cornfield
    The Editors 21 hrs ago

    Given a media pass, Biden blinks before [killer?]Putin
    Tom Rogan 18 hrs ago
    Some in the media might have a slight double standard when it comes to judging Donald Trump and Joe Biden on their respective policies towards Russia.
    [The Trumpster didn’t wet his middle finger, to feel which way the wind blows! Come-on man, he didn’t call his rivals killer or even enemy either. The man was a genius or just a man of peace who carried a big stick!

  125. HomeyComeski

    The U.S. Strategic Command Just Casually Tweeted About Nuclear War
    Samantha Lock 2 hrs ago
    The U.S. Strategic Command has suggested its adversaries may consider nuclear use in a bizarre tweet released in the middle of Monday night.
    You don’t bully a guy with a gun [hypersonic nuclear weapons]. Especially If you don’t got one! Da…..
    First strike capability, owns the air.
    You catch more flies and bear with honey, scare crow Joe.

    • Paul ...

      As Bo stated … we could be into “Biblical End Times” very soon …
      USSTRATCOM Posture Statement Preview:
      The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option (
      — US Strategic Command (@US_Stratcom) April 20, 2021

      • Paul ...

        Everyone knows what happened to the Confederate Dollar (when they lost the war) … what do you think will happen to the US dollar when it loses the war (and not necessarily to the Russians) … what if its Satanic aliens that take our world?? … at that point … all the world’s governments fiat paper monies “will become worthless” … the only wealth you will own is the gold and silver you have in your possession … so gold and silver will represent money when the governments of Earth no longer exist … and I bet (considering the fact that the Annunaki prized gold) the Satanic aliens who take our world would accept gold in payment for any goods they choose to provide!! … so to survive … stock up on food … become as self sufficient as possible … own firearms … precious metals “and pray” … pray for some “good alien” named Jesus to arrive out of the heavens to save us from the Satanic Demons in control of the Earth!!

  126. Carole

    It is worse in the UK Greg.
    This was reported yesterday.
    A woman was held down by three care home staff and a nurse forced the vaccine into her through her clothes against her will.

    A disgusting breach of human rights!

  127. Roger Hubbard

    Thank you Greg, it was a great interview. Families are divided on the vaccine, mine included. This helps bring clarity to the situation and helps me model my Argument not to have the vaccine.

  128. James Smith

    Great, honest, and authentic reporting – a rarity in the current world.

  129. John Shipp

    I like most of my Countrymen have been supporters of the USA, from support in war to the Iran hostages in President Carter’s time. Today a Police officer was convicted in completely spurious circumstances of intimidation.
    Effectively a Police Officer, Veteran, university graduate with 19 years active police service, has been preferred to a drug taking, violent, convicted felon, who has harmed people and spent many years in Gaol.
    The Incident remains in real doubt as to the actual cause of death, and the Police Officer may have acted incorrectly but I am sure killing Floyd was not his intention. In any event the USA is finished, forget being a rule of law nation, forget about being a great nation, the US could not fight a war with anyone, let alone win. The moral integrity at all levels, is finished. I am truly sorry that this has occurred, the Police officer should perhaps be punished in some way but he is not guilty of murder.

  130. RK

    Greg i am 100% with you. Tucker Carlson showed his true colors on election night. he is PART of the problem. its high time we recognise fakes and rinos.

  131. Luciano Granie

    I love Catherine Austin….She open the eyes of those who listen to her.
    Good work Mr. Hunter.

  132. Bill Wyler

    Another great interview and comments. I learn something every time I listen to her speak. Thank you for having her on again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for all your support! Fitts is always a great interview.

  133. Chris

    What’s being missed by nearly everyone are realities that are “right in front of us” but CULTURALLY AND POLITICALLY forbidden “conveniently” blocking nearly everyone’s recognition of the true reality about Covid and other atrocities. It’s not just that crazies rule, that’s only ONE aspect — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at

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