Headed for a Digital Concentration Camp – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says the central bankers want nothing short of “a complete digital control system.”  CAF explains, “We have what we have been building for the last 20 or 30 years, and it’s getting much more obvious, but it’s been covert most of the time.  They basically want digital control systems through the financial system, through the health system and government systems to implement control.  That control is delivered one person at a time.  You have extraordinary surveillance systems that have been built steadily for decades that are basically tracking everyone. . . . That’s why the ‘vaccine passports’ and ‘central bank digital currencies’ (CBDC) are so dangerous.  It’s important to understand what they are trying to do.  They are trying to create complete transaction control.  If they don’t want you going five miles from your home, your electric car will not work more than five miles from your home. . . . If they don’t want you to buy pizza, your credit card will not allow you to buy pizza.  They are talking about putting in extraordinary digital control systems and literally turning your car and your home into a digital concentration camp.”

How do you fight back to this digital tyranny?  CAF explains, “You fight back by saying No.  Do not comply.  What we are seeing around the world is that the places where people refuse to comply, it’s not working.  The mandates are not working, and the passports are not working where people say no.  You are not going to control me.  You are not going to tell me where I can and cannot go.  I am not going along.  You have to massively not comply.”

One good way to not comply is to use good old fashion cash for every transaction you can.  CAF says, “You need to hold onto your cash because once the system goes all digital, that’s when you can convert to the digital concentration camps.  If the system stays cash and more and more people use cash, the perfect system is part cash and part digital because cash can’t be controlled. . . . What we are looking for is decentralization, and decentralization comes with cash and it comes with coin.”

As far as the CV19 “plandemic,” CAF says, “I don’t think depopulation is the only goal, and that is certainly what has been happening.  The proof that that is happening is when the data started coming in about how bad the deaths and injuries were–they didn’t stop it or change it.  They continued to double down on more and more effort on mandating when they knew the adverse events and deaths are very, very significant.”

CAF says there are many ways to fight back, and she talks about those strategies in the interview that is nearly 48 min. long.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with Publisher of The Solari Report, Catherine Austin Fitts. (1.15.22)

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After the Interview: 

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks so much Greg,

    The MSM propaganda clown show is in overdrive here. The Tennis saga is ridiculous to say the least, makes us look like stooges, not that we need anymore encouragement in that department.
    I’m in a personal predicament and wondered if you had any information on Novavax,
    The noise is tightening and I simply don’t trust other sources. Are they all just made to be kill shots and we are ultimately dimmed?
    Don’t fret as I fear not, now more than ever!
    God speed.

    • Anthony Australia

      The noose is tightening and I simply don’t trust other sources.
      Are they all just made to be kill shots and we are ultimately doomed?

      • IIG

        The noose is tightening around the peoples necks and they don’t even know they are on the gallows with Fauci’s hand on the lever to drop the floor out from under them. Canadian doctor explains in detail how the execution of humanity is taking place. https://newzworldtoday.com/boosters-for-life-a-canadian-doctor-explains-what-the-3-vaxx-shots-do-to-the-human-body/

      • Doug

        I am a registered nurse. I am not anti-vaccine. I typically would get the annual flu vaccine. At this point I wouldn’t trust any vaccine at all related to covid regardless of where it comes from.
        Just my opinion but I don’t trust these people at all because they have been lying since day one.

        • IIG

          Years ago people trusted the government (to a certain extent) … but now (that our government has been seized by globalists) only complete fools would trust such criminals to be concerned about you or your children’s welfare!!

        • Ulysse Kerry

          And you don’t think they have been lying about the flu shots? How many people die of the flu each year without other comorbidity issues? And what do the flu shots do? CDC said the shots are effective from 20% to 80%. And you’re not anti vaccine. You’ve been well conditioned.

          • April

            I’m also an RN. No flu shots here. They have been tracking lot and batch numbers to your electronic chart for years. You’ve been getting secret sauce for a long time. And they’re only 9-35% effective. Oh and I AM anti-vax.

          • Dm

            The ‘flu’ shots are known to cause dementia.

        • Anthony Australia

          I believe the Flu Vax causes miscarriages IMHO

    • Russ 2

      Out of Challenges, Djokovic Faces Deportation after Losing Australian Appeal
      …and he’s gone.
      quote: “Djokovic, 34, had appealed against Immigration Minister Alex Hawke’s use of discretionary powers to cancel his visa. The minister had said Djokovic could be a threat to public order because his presence would encourage anti-vaccination sentiment amidst Australia’s worst coronavirus outbreak.” unquote So kicking this guy out will encourage the Queen’s subjects to get vaccinated?

      So when the world’s #1 player is kicked out of the Australian Open, what does it mean to be the “winner”. New name: The Australian Not-So-Open.

    • Boz From Oz

      Covax 19 is a South Australian vaccine that is true protein based, I suggest you check it out, not approved yet, but it should be considering its background.

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Boz,

        Is this the guy that was funded to conduct tests in Iran?

    • Beverly

      They are all made to kill because of the Graphene Oxide. Do Not take any injection at all. You might have to suffer somehow, but I’m afraid in the last days we are going to have to suffer like some of the people who were translating the Bible and standing up for Christ in whatever way they did. Some of them suffered big time. But, we will be rewarded in heaven for doing so, if it comes down to that.

      • IIG

        The Globalists Marxists who have educated our children to be morons – should definitely consider making this woman (dutifully wearing a mandated Covid mask to protect herself) – the next President of the United States of America!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhvZJ4pmFHE

        • IIG

          On second thought … this “white” woman who was obviously “made to kill” should be considered “a domestic terrorist” – along with all the other “white” people!!

          • Brit

            Some folks just can’t help themselves because they show you EXACTLY who they really are! “Kill all white people” mean while savages running around killing their own with no regard for life what so ever😳 yes that would be a better world to live in! There are good folks walking around in every color , but the deaf , dumb and blind would never know that because they’re stuck on stupid!

    • Adam Burkhardt

      Keep in mind Greg, although it appears Ivermectin helps… It is an antiparasitic number one.
      Those parasites help eat heavy metals. The body needs a way to get rid of those parasites once they’re dead inside the body. Nobody talks about the importance of a full detox cleanse after using that drug.
      Also apparently there were no human trials on that drug only mice…. And it is toxic if taken too much…

      • Breck Breckenridge

        Ivermectin has been around for decades treating malaria, river blindness and many other parasites without any adverse effects. It is one of the safest drugs in the entire world

  2. Boz From Oz

    So frustrating that people go along with the system they’re trying to implement.

    On another note , great to see Novak Djokovic show the world what a shit hole Australia has become, what an embarrassment, to even call myself an Australian.

    As of January 31, life for the unvaccinated in Western Australia will be very difficult, as all the things like cafes, gym, theatres, Zoo, and even bottle shops cannot be visited.

    Greg, I’ve mentioned the great German lawyer Reiner Fuelmich in previous comments, he is in the process of starting court proceedings in Germany, with his case based on the bullshit PCR tests. He would be worth interviewing as he has major victories like VW under his belt.

    Should he win, ramifications will ripple around the world.

    • Trinacria

      Yes, Reiner Fullmich seems to be a good person and he has a big group he has amassed included Michael Yeaden to start lawsuits all over the world. His approach is very interesting . I have listened to several of his interviews on Rumble and he gives me hope. I have relatives in Melbourne, wonderful people, but they are very compliant and can’t believe the government would do anything bad.
      I will now listen to the interview with Greg and CAF.
      Thank God for Greg Hunter and CAF as well as they also give me hope.
      The big question I have is all the collusion that has taken place….I read Greg’s summary and CAF talks about the central banks, but then you have the NGO’s, the big Rx companies and even the Vatican is compliant. Just beyond belief, but they cannot succeed.

      • Anthony Australia

        Hi Trinacria,

        There’s the problem; you are quite correct, most here are sheep that are completely asleep, thinking the Government is their friendly protector and saviour.

        • Kevin Donoghue

          Yes!!!Reiner Fullmich is a yeoman and a scholar. He is determined and full of energy. Please follow and support him! He is pushing for Nurenburg 2.0 in Poland!!! He is the real deal!!!Reiner Fullmich!!!

          Ps. Thank you Greg for all you do! I feel like you are family. You are a determined, kind soul. We look up to you for inspiration and you never let us down! God Bless us All!

      • Warren B.

        I love CAF’s analogy….
        “1st World Countries are run by Governments….
        and 3rd World Countries are run by Drug Cartels….
        they are both Organized Crime…..
        the only difference is that the Drug Cartels don’t force you to take their Drugs”.

    • Anthony Australia

      Boz Mate,

      Been like this for me over the last months and it’s bloody hard.

      “ As of January 31, life for the unvaccinated in Western Australia will be very difficult, as all the things like cafes, gym, theatres, Zoo, and even bottle shops cannot be visited.”

      • wayne reeves

        I am not in Australia, and know little about daily life there.
        I am curious to know if those effected by these lock downs (non compliance/ non vaccinated) are able to meet with each other and network to support each other?
        Your government has become totalitarian is seems and they are only interested in allowing the “sheep” to move around as long as the behave.

        So, if the non compliers can network with each other and meet with each other it may be possible to bring ideas and see if there are ways to support each other and to make life better but different than the life of the sheep while satisfying by replacing bad rubbish with better more wholesome interaction and meaning fellowship amongst brethren.

        I am a Christian, and I left a lot of the “lifestyle” of the lost behind long ago, I have my issues and problems, we all do and will have until the grave, but I have fellowship with the GOD who made me and ultimately His Grace and Love and Forgiveness through Faith alone in one and only in Jesu Christ, and I interact with others who have the same when I can.

        Perhaps a starting point is just to start networking, just to start talking and growing ideas on how to make life not only different but better.

        Better to live in peace and have little material wealth, but be rich in fellowship and love between brethren than to live in luxury that traps you into evil, and into an evil system that controls you like a slave, the truth can set you free.

        • David Gordon Dunne

          Wayne, There is no place to hide. Watch Dr. Zilenko’s pleading with all us now.

        • Anthony Australia

          Hi Wayne,

          I was only saying the other day that one of our outdoor group friendly gatherings for exercise reminded me of a scene in Schindler’s List.

          He walks into Catholic Church, where some black market trading is going on. When Schindler walks in, the Jewish traders scatter. Schindler’s just looking for a business connection, but the Jewish traders are either too frightened or too principled to deal with the man with the Nazi pin on his lapel.
          The young Jewish man leans in and accepts the task of trading with the enemy.

          (I mean no harm or any prejudice from this thought and acknowledge the terrible atrocities that humans can inflict on one another).

    • Rodster

      I 2nd Reiner Fuelmich. He is a courageous individual going against the machine in Germany. He did an interview with Whitney Webb that was spine tingling stuff. Whitney Webb has connected the players and their roles in the Scamdemic. Whitney Webb is another fine journalist who has been interviewed IIRC by Chris Martenson.

      Whitney relocated to England because the Covid noose was tightening around her neck.

    • Art Simpson

      In Christ we are never doomed.
      BUT. At the time of the first trumpet / vial Re 16:2 which follows the 7th seal, those with the mark of the beast and who worshipped his image, shall be set upon with grievous sores. So Biblical prophesy indicates this vaccine passport shall morph into the mark of the beast and Satan worship and the heathens shall take over the world. The 7 seals and the 7 trumpets are the consecutive events that detail the end times like chapters in a book. We are at about the 4th seal war shortly – then persecution – Planet X – fire from heaven and then the 1st trumpet. Pray up.

  3. Poochiman

    She is right, as usual.

    • Robert H Burt

      She leaves out the most important thing: It is necessary to identify the culprits and make it impossible for them to continue their criminal efforts.

      • Coal Burner

        That crossed my mind too! But we already know a lot of them.

  4. Paul murphy

    Seems most repeated word in the discussion Is control .
    We Must defend our freedoms
    Greg your the hardest working real reporter out there. When do you sleep

  5. Trinacria

    Great interview. Two questions:
    1. Can the banksters stop cash by saying that we all need to turn it in as it won’t be accepted after a certain date?
    2. Will this type of heavy handed approach drive a black market and/or a barter system .

    They are underestimating how resourceful many folks can be.

    • Mark Maples

      They will never eliminate cash completely IMO

      The reason for that is the black economy (drug trade with government bribery and grift) needs cash to be viable option to continue grift

      Much more difficult to do if all cash eliminated

      Too many powerful people and entities make big money in black markets through corruption and grift

      • doug

        Cash absolutely will be eliminated and not in the too distant future. Sorry. Paybacks and bribes can be made very easily with bitcoin or other such means of payments without any traces just like they are currently doing already.

        • Mark Maples


          We all have our opinions

          Right now cash is readily available

          We shall see

        • Major Payne

          Cash won’t br eliminated. If they try there will be a black market for cash, silver, and other barter. Bitcoin has it limitations; try using it when the lights go out. And they will.

  6. Daryl Este


    Daryl-here, thank you.


    God’s time

    Greyerz – This Man’s Predictions For The World Are Absolutely Terrifying
    February 17, 2019


    One Of The Most Critical Crossroads In History
    February 17 (King World News) – Egon von Greyerz:  Is a total collapse of the financial system next or will we see the globalists taking control of the world? Either way, the world is now at one of the most critical crossroads ever in history. Shakespeare expressed it eloquently in Julius Caesar:

    There is a tide in the affairs of men.
    Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures.

    One of the brightest minds in finance
    ( http://www.remcmaster.com ) RE McMaster, has summarised the next 25 years as follows:

    • Luther

      Respectfully you are dead wrong. Black markets exist for the purpose of hiding transactions so they are not exposed which could be very damaging to the people making the transactions, however if everything is digitized and tracked their won’t be any need for hiding the transactions by the powerful since there won’t be any danger from you finding out since they will have total control to destroy your life at will if you don’t behave. People don’t get it, if we don’t stop these things that so many people just unquestionably say it’s going to happen no matter what, we are all screwed. It’s checkmate, because even if enough people get angry enough to physically fight back the government will nip it in the bud every time before it has a chance to become any type of threat to them because they will know everything you do. If that happens, it’s all over and not even a total revolution will fix it because any type of uprising that even comes close to resembling a revolution will be stopped before it has a chance to turn into anything significant at all.

  7. George

    Waited all day for CAF good show

  8. Daryl Este

    Greg, reach out to RE, and Richard A. Swenson and see if they will visit with you and your audience. Both are Watchmen on the wall.

    Be Blessed

  9. Tar Heel

    Tennessee home to 3 gun manufacturers now. Problem is, libs taking over Nashville. It’s Blue. Out of 95 counties, we’ll have 90 go red but pockets of blue all over. Knoxville, Chattown-Memphis-Smashville and I think Henderson Co in west Tennessee. Born a Tar Heel but loving TN for 40 years now. Thanks for all you do Greg. I swear I come to this site about 5 times everyday hoping for new interviews. Now that the Vax mandate is gone not sure I’m buying into Rosey financial picture some paint. Still expecting huge fiscal reset and planning accordingly. Thanks again. Stay safe – stay healthy.

  10. D

    Jesus forgive us
    Jesus help us

    Thanks Greg

    • Computer Guy

      The jab mandate may be gone but the fascists are still there. Nike is going ahead with the jabs anyway and I suspect there will be others that do the same despite the scotus decision. Health care workers didn’t get any reprieve either. This is all out war the globalists are not going to give up so easily.

      • John Vilven

        So what happens when heath care workers leave or die. The court has decided that some peoples bodies belong to the government. Obviously they do not believe in liberty for all.

  11. Thomas Wigand

    Greg: Perhaps my best way to convey my respect for your interviews with Catherine Austin Fitts is by conveying my actions this evening.

    I watched the rally by the duly-elected President in Arizona via RSBN on my Roku. I was pondering going to bed but decided to peruse what was new on the Rumble feed – and saw that you’d posted this interview.

    Well, I just finished watching it and am typing this shortly before midnight (EST). You see, once I saw that this week’s interview was with her, I just could not let it wait until tomorrow. I enjoy all of your guests – inevitably some more than others – but consider CAF a “watch right away, and then maybe again in case I missed something.”

    Thanks again for all you do – you were born and called for times such as these, and are fulfilling your calling.

    • DJE

      The Jab mandate isn’t gone at all. This is the problem with our society. We don’t look beyond the end of our own noses. Thousands of healthcare workers are now displaced and going to be forced out of work over the vaccine mandate that isn’t gone. I personally was forced to quit my job, had to declare bankruptcy, lost everything I have as I’m approaching 60 years old while still wallowing in 17,000 in student debt that I have to pay off for a career taken away from me by the mandate that is NOT gone. That was after spending over a year treating people with covid. My life is destroyed and I will never recover from this at this point in my life. So please don’t say the mandate is gone. The mandate is alive and well and the foot is in the door for it to expand the minute the next manufactured crisis rolls out.

      We should be pushing back like the mandate impacted us all instead of breathing a sign of relief over the false notion it’s gone. This is calculated and evil and these people know exactly what they are doing. Forcing vaccines is either unconstitutional or it’s not. What you do for a living and your job taking federal funds shouldn’t play any part in any decision around that so please don’t be quick to believe this is over.

      Don’t forget the big victory we thought we had when we pushed back on the shutdown. Yup we can go out with masks on. That was no victory. People need to step back and look at the big picture but unfortunately that is never going to actually happen.

      • Tar Heel

        DJE. Sorry. My statement was a bit selfish. I am in the same boat – late 50s – 25yr career- worried my company was going to make it mandatory. Yes, the HC worker mandate is wrong. I have read where some are being asked to come back to work and my hope is sanity will come back to those running our health care system. I will pray and double prayer for you and your family. Again I apologize.

  12. Glenn

    at about 8:15 Fitz said she’d had a problem with her payment provider and elaborated.

    Basically they cut off a percentage of her cash flow.

    Was she using and accepting crypto currency?

    No? I guess I didn’t hear that question asked or answered. Of course not, because it would kill her position on crypto (which she lumps all together in).

    • Tom Wigand

      FWIW I assumed that she was referring / alluding to PayPal. Recently it’s been amongst those cancelling patriot / conservative / Christian organizations.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Glenn, Crypto is worth 0 if and they will cut off the internet.

  13. Al Day

    As usual you and your guests give us insight in ways we don’t always think of. I particularly enjoyed the comment regarding the difference between drug cartel and government. Thanks for your desire to uncover the truth and may His hand guide you.

  14. Jet Blake

    I have spoken about this narrative for the past two years and have done multiple interviews. I am a research scientist and have specialized in technologies that reduce and neutralize virus and bacteria contamination. There is a global conspiracy to not allow the public to know alternative technologies are available to deal with pandemics.
    The past two years has definitely been crimes against humanity. I have given presentations to the U.N. political officials and corporations and they do not care

    • IIG

      They don’t care because they are in the pocket of Big Pharma. Start at 4:28 – https://ugetube.com/watch/america-039-s-food-supply-fertilized-with-human-remains-and-coated-with-nanoparticles_NtHQP1o5dXVDesZ.html – The nano-particles the drug companies put in their vaccines can reduce the absorption of iron (needed by our blood to absorb oxygen – which kills cancer) and nano-particles reduce the absorption of zinc (needed to kill viruses). As all the people die at the hands of the drug companies Bill Gates gets access to a cheap source of fertilizer (human bodies) for all the farms he owns. Which brings up another significant question. Are funeral homes – really burying the bodies of our loved ones? Or are they burying empty coffins and trafficking in cadavers they way the government elite traffic in children and the abortion centers traffic in fetuses??

    • Mario

      The UN is a big part of the problem that’s why they didn’t care.

  15. Lightning

    Be advised that the effort to create a narrative that there is a Marburg/ hemmoragic fever variant is likely the narrative they want to instill fear and advance their NWO agenda.
    It has been suggested that the razor blade like graphene compound in the injection can be agitated by directed energy, perhaps broadcast by 5G.
    The effect of this graphene agitation is said to be catastrophic hemmoraging throughout the body mimicking hemorrhagic fever like symptoms.

    • eddiemd

      The Chinese were testing directed energy weapons and nanoparticle injections back in 2019 before covid. A particle beam type weapon.
      Not sure if 5G has the energy to work. Perhaps.

      • Lightning


        Good to see you back. I also had doubts about the power of 5G but I wonder about the phone as a local field effect amplifier.
        The big carriers are giving away 5 G phones so they sure seem to want to make sure debt laden Joe Sixpack has a 5G phone… makes you wonder.

        I’ve even seen video from a Canadian cell phone repairman who said he’s not seen a single 5G phone yet having a 5 G chip. So what’s the 5G network for?!! Again it makes you wonder.

        The problem with anecdotal intel is you wonder if it’s all true. Having some training in this area, I tend to consider and hold it all and try to see patterns or ways to stitch it together as future intel rolls in. It can take you strange places but when the pieces drop into place I generally “ know” it.

        The urgency of 5G installation during the “ pandemic” tells me 5G is critical to them. There is a huge amount of money in infrastructure bill for 5G . Meanwhile our basic electricity grid is 5-10 years past its planned lifetime with almost no reinvestment in the infrastructure bill.. so why the 5G push? ( I can tell you for a FACT that big industry in the USA is not pushing for 5G as a priority)..

        I bet TPTB fear the 2nd amendment less from the populace using on other humans and more on concern that 5G and other cell tower emittersare taken out using small arms fire. It would be easy to accomplish.

        I’m certainly not advocating that but it would be effective to deny the enemy that which they want and seem to need.

        Sorry to ramble on….

        • eddiemd

          I agree on the ability to take out cell phone towers.

          5G is the IoT joined to AI through edge computing, fog computing, and up to the cloud. AI can be used in the fog and cloud. Edge computing is in your browser.

          IPhones are actually edge devices. They have the ability to do facial recognition and other tasks.

          I am taking a class on this stuff now through DeVry university. I went to DeVry to earn an AAS in electronic engineering technology back in 79-82. I used that knowledge when I was a commo man on a special forces team in the 80s.

          Later on I went back and got a BS in microbiology and then the MD in Boston.

          Now I am learning about the antichrist technology that will be used to control the masses. This includes C++ programming, AI, automation, actuators, sensors…all very interesting. It is an informational technology degree heavy on automation and IoT control systems.

          • Lightning

            Impressive background. Especially your continued drive to broaden your already considerable knowledge.

            In my mind it’s almost certain that these injections create an identifiable digital ID. The power of having every human digitally identifiable is already common use through RFID and presumably other technology and used on the battlefield which I’m sure you know better than I. I’m sure that same basic software could be tuned to provide same HMI for military / LEO’s or intel .
            Integrate that info with individuals biometrics, surveillance cameras, driverless LIDAR, etc and it’s theoretically amazing…. But it all needs massive bandwidth to connect.

            If they can agitate graphene to cause massive coronary damage… they also have a kill switch on all the vaxxed. Besides the obvious implication, that also has overwhelming control implications vis-a-vis extortion, etc.. i.e. do what we say or your vaxxed family member(s) get eliminated.

            AI tends to make the user base dumb on the physics side. It favors statisticians who see everything as a data point…. Ie data monkeys. So with AI integrating physics and statistics based info it becomes easy for the human expertise to be institutionally lost… that’s also a weakness…

            Best of luck in your studies.

          • Lightning

            One last point… the emerging security robotics ( Boston Dynamics, etc) are beyond scary and like all robotics, it’s getting cheaper every year.

            Add to this the drone advancements and it’s Easy to foresee human soldiers or security details becoming largely obsolete .

            • eddiemd

              Interesting that you bring up the robots by Boston Dynamics. A week ago we watched a video on these robots as part of a class.

              Most of my classmates are all onboard with AI and robots. I mentioned that the basis of intent for the programming of such can be written by rogue nations such as NorK or Saudis or DAESH or whomever. Perhaps such robots will be able to thwart efforts to shut them down.

              It is antichrist controlled.

              • Lightning

                In case you are interested, here is a link to a basic understanding of LIDAR, which many autonomous vehicles use.


                Most people don’t comprehend the impact of having thousands of vehicles in an area providing real time , continuous maps of the surroundings. Cars ( who themselves have digital identifiers and physical identifiers ( license plates) , buildings, people…everything continuously recorded in real time.
                Today, it’s still reasonably possible to travel out in the world anonymously if you don’t have a cell phone, Fitbit etc, and drive an older vehicle, staying off major roads.
                Once fully autonomous vehicles arrive, our world will be continuously mapped and ID’d.
                If you add to that access to biometrics ( like a fit bit or perhaps these shots are capable of providing that info) the system will know where you are, who your with, and your biometric state. Are you happy, fearful, lying , aroused etc.

                Given that biometric feedback is already accepted in a court of law ( lie detector tests)… the level of control over you and others will be essentially absolute.

                In theory no crime would go unsolved and the crime itself would be recorded ( have some level of digital fingerprint) as would all interactions between people.

                In addition to what CAF highlights about the power of digital currencies, this would even provide visibility over black market events.

                It’s a very depressing future and I’ve recently begun to think that the fall of Lucifer is a foretelling of the coming fall of man. As we get access to more advanced technology, we arrogantly believe we are god like. It will lead to our fall from God, leaving us separated from God with only the ability to use our so called talents as weapons of control and misery over the other fallen souls around us.

                The Bible warns us but we don’t appear to be listening.

                There are indeed things worse than dying. We need to embrace that wisdom to screw up our courage to resist this evil.

        • LizaCA

          Trump was pushing 5G early on. I believe Ivanka too IIRC.

  16. gerri

    Greg,will you stop saying that Trump told the people to take the shot, He signed an EO called right to try.

    • Greg Hunter

      President Trump has told people to get the shots. That is a fact. We do not need them and that is also a fact. The entire CV19 is a scam and a planned depopulation event by the globalists. Trump was lied to and he should repent and change course.


      • Rodster

        Trump did an interview with NPR and said he believes the vaccines helps save lives but he also said it should be on the individual if they want to take the shot. In other words he’s not mandating it like Joe Bidet.


        • D

          Then that makes him an IDIOT or EVIL!
          Either way unfir to be President of the USA!!!

      • virginia clark

        One thing i’m encouraged about is that maybe Trump is listening. I’ll bet he got a LOT of backlash over his last 2 interviews where he doubled down on how great the vaccines and warp speed was. In the rally tonight he only said : leave our children alone they have strong immune systems; stop the mandates and leave us alone. ” NOt one mention of the shots etc. It’s clear he got the message from his followers I think.
        It will be interesting to watch the next few interviews and see if the narrative has changed.

        • Greg Hunter

          Go to the poll I put up on the home page of USAW. Scroll down to the lower right hand side. More that 200,000 have taken the Trump poll. I asked if they will vote for him again. The results are stunning. By the way, I have always liked President Trump, but he is wrong on the vax. I still like him and I predict he will repent and reverse course on the vax. It’s so obvious it’s a deadly failure.

          • Mark Maples


            I am going to quote Al Pachino from a movie where he plays satan opposite Keaneu Reeves (The Devils Advocate):

            “Vanity, definitely my favorite sin”

            That is President Trumps biggest issue

            He will never apologize or completely backtrack on shots and virus idiocy

            He is too arrogant, proud and egotistical

        • Judith Patton

          Trump did not mandate anything that came from Joe Biden and the Dumbocrats !! At the time the only information Trump had came from that crook Fauci and his Chinese pals who unleashed this virus on all of us to get Trump out of office and you will never make me believe anything else. In my opinion the FBI was just as deep in the filthy mire !!

      • Tim Bo

        Absolutely 100% indisputable facts. Thank you for always being a bold truth teller Greg.

      • Beverly

        Either Trump is vying for higher power in the world structure by telling people to get the jab, or he was deceived about the effectiveness and safety of them(which I don’t think is the case), or he is playing some kind of chess game with the elitists. I really have to wonder though, if this just isn’t all about higher world power and his position in that structure. Trump IS NOT our Savior. JESUS is the SAVIOR. And, those who rely on the arm of flesh, such as with Trump, are bound to be disappointed because very few men are not affected by power. Turn to building righteous communities, being self sufficient and a Zion type atmosphere. But, I believe that people will only turns towards these things when it’s a must and they have no other choice but to cooperate with each other.

    • DJR

      Trump did tell people to get the shot. More than once. Unfortunately all the good he did was undone by that action. I would not vote for him again as he became exactly what he claimed to clean up, a part of the swamp. He is wallowing in the ignorance perpetrated by the left for the sake of his legacy or to run again. If he actually believes this experimental genetic therapy being mislabeled as a vaccine is safe or effective he isn’t fit to sit in the White House again. I personally don’t believe he’s that stupid nor do I believe he, Biden or any of these other virtue signalers got the actual experimental treatment.

  17. Dwight Branson

    Thank you Greg for bringing us a wonderful, sobering, and actionable interview with CAF.
    1). Pray unceasingly.
    2). Use cash.
    3). Don’t take any jabs.
    4). Don’t accept/comply with V. passports.
    5). Help one another.

    God Bless CAF and you Greg!

    • Barbara

      Thanks for the summary.

  18. Chris

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview with Catherine. Thank you for sharing this.
    I missed it in the interview, but did Catherine mention whether she is vaccinated? While none of my business, I take it she must be, given her frequent international travel.
    Regards from Oz

    • Shirley Thompson

      Catherin has been marooned in the Netherlands since EU travel was banned. Now that the ban is lifted I’ve seen it written and stated, she has chosen to stay with her business partner in the Netherlands for some time.

  19. paul lilliott

    I wonder if CAF is correct on one issue – if the reason behind this depop is to just to cover for the money stolen in the U.S., why is this world-wide? My feeling is that this is a massive eugenics/control effort to lighten the perceived load we place on the planet. What’s more, the more widespread mandates and the Nazi-style control in the rich countries would indicate that the latter are the most important targets because they use so many resources. The need to cover for retirement fund bankruptcy is, I imagine, secondary – though it may have pushed the schedule forward.
    CAF’s remark about Switzerland is interesting – hardly any vaxx injuries! Yeadon et al suggest that the massive discrepancy in jnjuries/deaths between lot numbers shows willful intent. I wonder if they have correlated the lot numbers by State – or even country? In the U.S., did they target Red states/counties? Or age group/health status? If this were the case, the variations would be even more damning evidence of malice.

    • virginia clark

      I think you are right on the depop to cover retirements. The wealthier countries, especially the USA has massive obligations because the democrats always gave in to unions who demanded ridiculously large pension plans. The governments are broke because of years of stealing and mismanaging the money. So it’s not just the space program and all the satellites and military spending and UFO research. Notice how there was a big push to get seniors vaxxed. Especially ones with weak immune systems who are the last people who should be getting a virus introduced into their bodies. Then the hospitals are getting a 100% almost kill rate with Trump’s beloved ventilators.
      You should follow StewPeters.tv or StewPeters on rumble. He has guests on who are way into investigating all the vials and every aspect of this nonsense. Really good info.

    • Russ 2

      I vote for all of the above. There are a number of players in this crime — some want to de-pop so the retirement “funds” will have fewer people needing monthly payments while others want to reduce stress on the planet, be-it over-fishing, deforestation or “climate-change — pick an agenda. I’d bet that Clause Schwab and his gang in Davos believe in all of the above.

      It’s all about control, but if there’s a die-off, the victims will be those who complied, the population that Clause should want to keep. Do not comply.

  20. Shirley Thompson

    At the rally tonight PDJT hit the nail squarely on the head. Republican/Conservatives are nice people – too nice. His suggestion was we start to respond like the Democrats. And employing some of their tactics. While I’m sure he didn’t mean acting illegally or immorally, I do believe he said we need to OWN our freedoms and liberties. So what CAT is suggesting in my opinion is spot on. I’ve never worn a mask, would never accept their jabs and never altered my life in any way other than now to avoid public places as the vaxxd are shedding their variants like crazy. I already just as much cash as possible and have been doing so for some time because frankly I don’t want any of those bastards knowing what I spend my money on. All firearms, supplies, ammo have been all cash. When I buy 5X normal in preps, I use cash. And I always pay cash at the coop for feed. I have always figured my debit/credit card transactions were a window into my world and I simply closed the drapes.

  21. Barbara

    If climate change continues on its current path we won’t be around long enough to have to worry about digital concentration camps.

    • Coal Burner

      Sorry; That is more BS!

      • Earth Angel

        I guess you have never studied the material at geoengineeringwatch.org or listened to Dane Wigignton’s broadcasts. Also I suggest studying the life and works of Nikola Tesla, Bernard Eastlund, Dr. Nick Begich (earthpulse.com) & HAARP, Sr. Rosalie Bertel, a Catholic gnsh (grey nun of the sacred heart) with a masters in Physics who has written on the subject and many numerous other credible sources. Much data can be found right there at geoengineeringwatch.org; perhaps the largest compilation of the most credible data anywhere to be found in one place. I invite you to ‘hit the books’ Coal Burner, you’ll be stunned at what you find.

  22. Michael

    Thanks again Greg. Catherine is so good.
    Mexico is on my radar.
    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko says think of zinc as the bullet and Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as the gun that delivers the bullet. Zinc cannot get inside the cells without the gun to shoot it into the cells.
    Thanks again, Michael from Indiana

    • Computer Guy

      I hate to burst your bubble but there’s no climate change.

      • J. Kimble Allen

        Computer Guy, how can you possibly believe climate change doesn’t exist? Where I live in Florida, almost every day the temperature rises 20 to 30 degrees, then goes back down 20 to 30 degrees almost every night. 🙂

  23. Joseph

    You referenced ‘Brother Vignalo’ I believe but couldn’t find anything online by him.
    Did I get the name wrong?

    • Lynn

      0102-2022- Brother Alexis Bugnolo – We Are At The Great Separation – He Drops So Many Truth Bombs About The Vaccine

      I am the publisher and editor of fromrome.info information and commentary about news from Rome, the Vatican and Italy. I hate to say that I was right, not because I am an expert but because I knew reliable sources of news. I hate the fact that I am right because it means that 2 to 3 billion people are going to be dead within the next 12 months or so.

      The information of what is really in the vaxx has not come out. Doctors, experts around the world have opened up vials, examined the contents and found unbelievably diabolical things that are in these serums. I said in my video in June that when the flu season comes, chaos will break out. This has turned out to be right on point.

      According to the British government studies those who are getting vaxxed are losing percentages of their immunity week by week so that by March of 2022 those who have been death vaxxed in the spring of 2021 will have lost all of their immunity. This means they could die from any kind of flu or cold. They will be equivalent to people who have AIDS, not because they have HIB but because their immune system has been destroyed.

      But what is more horrible is that most of them will die is that this is being done for a very malign reason, not just to kill them, to reduce the world’s population, but to select those who will live through it and to suppress their natural immunity so that they can be genetically engineered while alive by the globalists using dose after dose of the vaccine and eventually some sort of 5G or cell phone technology.

      I have notes on the whole recording if you want a copy of them.
      just email me at [email protected] and request them.

      here is a sample of what you find in my blogs:
      Posted on January 6, 2022
      Dr. Robert Malone-Censorship…Stew Peters and Dr. Jane Ruby-Deadly Vax Lot Number Identified…Brother Alexis-Separation of Humanity…Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi-Auto Immune Self Attack by Killer Lymphocytes

      • J. Loughran

        See OXITEC (note the partners) for the insect analog … “We have also designed our insects so that we can turn off the self-limiting gene with an antidote called tetracycline. This allows us to breed our insects at a large scale without the need for any additional genetic engineering.”

    • Pete+only

      Joseph, here is the link to see his 10 minute podcast that warns people of what is coming, unless they organize. Please pass it on to others.
      If you couldn’t locate him on the web, it is probably because he is being censored at the moment, and will try to be discraced at a later time frame.
      This is why we need an alternative form of internet; a parallel system, complete with our own alternative wikepedia definitions.
      We need to have a contest to write up alternative wikepedia descriptions for the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros and Clause Schwab and the New World Order among other things.

  24. Mike Murphy

    Greg –
    Ivermectin apparently has at least three mechanisms of action: binding to both the spike protein and angiotensin site in the cell surface thus blocking the virus from joining with a cell and entering it for reproduction. At the same time Ivermectin inhibits protease which is necessary to cut and splice the reproduced viral proteins in order for a new virus to be assembled. Thanks you Greg and Katherine,

    Be Well,

  25. virginia clark

    Oh man yea! Always look forward to CAF. !! Thanks Greg
    I think a large majority of people are being harmed by the totally wrong protocols in the hospitals.
    So interesting she pointed out that to justify the stolen/space money they have to depopulate.

  26. Anthony Australia

    Classic deception at play.


    • D

      I and other coworkers watched 16 people die, all while we were wearing N95 mask, they don’t work either!!!!!!

  27. Rusty

    Wow, really disappointed at about 34 minutes when Ms. Fitts asks some basically unknowledgeable questions about Ivermectin and has a kind of uninformed look on her face. After all this time and news of the efficacy of Ivermectin, that seems terribly odd. Greg, you are well informed, Ivermectin can be aided by other therapeutics, however it is the basic drug for this disease.

    • The Ogs

      Rusty, “this disease” is inoculation damage! There is no Omicron per se, or at least nothing that will make one terribly ill (as long as one is un-injected).
      Don’t believe the nonsense. Healthy people require neither injections nor Ivermectin!
      Have no fear. Nobody with an immune system actually dies from Omicron.
      And the sure cure for Covid is to turn off the television…

    • Frank D2

      “really disappointed at about 34 minutes when Ms. Fitts asks some basically unknowledgeable questions about Ivermectin and has a kind of uninformed look on her face.”
      I agree Rusty, that shocked and disappointed me too. I still don’t understand how someone as “plugged into things” as CAF is, wouldn’t know that Ivermectin totally turned around the plandemic in India, Japan and other countries too. WTH?

    • Tar Heel

      Rusty – I think she’s more a finance expert.

      • Greg Hunter

        T H,
        Money and politics go hand in hand in hand.

  28. FC

    I had a good laugh when I first read this and thought, we could all do with a good laugh.

    An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said….”do you want to talk? flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger”

    The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger….”what would you like to talk about?”

    “oh, I don’t know,” said the atheist. “how about why there is no God or no heaven or hell, or no life after death?” as he smiled smugly.

    “Okay,” she said. “Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a question first, a horse, a cow and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that?”

    The atheist, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence….thinks about it and says, “hmmm, I have no idea.”

    To which the little girl replies, “do you really feel qualified to discuss God, heaven and hell, or life after death, when you don’t know shit?”

    • The Ogs

      Haha, good one FC.
      I was an atheist for my first 40 years or so, then I got wise.
      I realized I was over-impressed with my own importance, and that it’s totally possible that there might be something or some things that are entirely beyond my comprehension.
      And that science and religion are NOT mutually exclusive, but science is in fact the study of the Lord’s work.
      Sexual reproduction, meiosis, random selection and crossover, genetic variability and selective pressures are all real – and Darwin only studied them and observed (they were certainly not his invention).

      • MCasey

        The Ogs
        “…………… science and religion are NOT mutually exclusive, but science is in fact the study of the Lord’s work.” Love this.

    • IIG

      Does the Fed know shit? They will be raising rates to slow our economy just as supply chains are shut down by China!! … https://www.bloomberg.com/news/newsletters/2022-01-12/supply-chain-latest-china-s-covid-fight-risks-more-supply-turmoil

      • IIG

        As the supply chain problems with China became more persistent “the deflationary impact” of offshoring labor by US corporations will diminish (as the cheap products just simply can’t be obtained) putting a stop to the profits US corporations have enjoyed between high revenue and suppressed labor costs for the past several decades. This will result in “persistently higher average wage inflation” in the US as manufacturers are forced to produce locally. Thus over the coming decade look for pressure to be put on US corporate profits “and their equity valuations” while the Fed now begins to step in to fight that inflation “by tightening their monetary policies” thus compounding problems for US corporations by removing the liquidity that has been propping up their equity valuations and their ability to raise cash by selling their stocks to the public. As foreign money managers demand for US dollars falls (as they flee from falling US stock valuations) the US dollar will fall in value (and foreign wealth will move into safer stores of value that tend to rise when the dollar falls)!!

  29. PersonaNonGrata

    Mass civil disobedience of ALL Covid mandates!
    Gandhi proved it works. Time for a reprise . . .

  30. Randy

    Is Cat’s notice to employers for objecting to the vaccines effective? I can’t believe that my work is ignoring the SCOTUS ruling and wanting to move forward with vaxing or weekly testing, then in July mandating mandatory vaccines. 😡

  31. Lynn

    Hi Greg, I’ve been telling people to use the Wim Hof method in my blogs and videos for over 2 years. I do the breathing method twice a day….and guess what….I can get my oxygen level to 99%. This is especially good since the streets are all icy this time of year and getting out for walks can be a problem. I use the method when doing my daily stretching exercises and then again later in the evening.

    One other thing….I have the plasma energy of ivermectin in some of our combinations such as Super Immune Support. A single vial will act as a ‘battery’ to change your filtered water in a living water that holds the memory of the energies. This is helpful when you cannot find things readily such as ivermectin.
    We did the same thing with fenbendazole when the information came out about using it for cancer relief. A large farm supply store was ordered by ?? to remove all the pill form of fenbendazole off their shelves after that information came out.

    The following is for your information…I don’t expect you to do a ‘commercial’ for me…i just want you to know…•
    • One tenth of the ingredients in Super Immune Support include: humic acid, surfactant blends, citric and ascorbic acids, Vitamins C and A, magnesium, Elderberry, zinc, gingko biloba, Vitamin B1, Siberian Pine Oil, Osha root, hydroxychloraquine, fennel seed, chaga mushroom, ivermectin, lemon, cinnamon leaf, Moroccan rosemary, cloverbud, eucalyptus, grapefruit, teatree oil, bergamot oil, lime oil and
    • Fenbendazole, shungite, C60, Silver Gans, epazote, green tea, star of anise, nutmeg, milk thistle, C60 plus more energies found in Clear Mind, Anxiety Relief, Peace, Detox, and Parasite Relief and Lung Support and certain flower remedies. Also included are energies from muscadeen grape seed.

    Super Immune Support is a one time purchase of a vial that is used to change your drinking water whether you use filtered water, good quality well water or distilled water. It is meant to support the body. The body will use what it needs from the plasma energies provided at any given time and ‘ignore’ the others. These ingredients are in the plasma energy state and not the ‘matter’ state. It takes anywhere from three to six months to get the energies into the plasma energy state.

    The unopened vial will be placed in or on a large clear glass or plastic container filled with distilled or filtered water. Add the distilled or filtered water and let it charge overnight and just continue to add filtered or distilled water when the container is down 1/3rd of the way so you never run out of your supply of Never Ending Plasma Energy Super Immune Support.

    And by the way, once you have set up your Super Immune Support water you can put some in vials or small jars and give it to other family or friends. They will set theirs up the same way as you do. This is a perfect way of reaching out to others as you and Catherine talked about.

    We have to think and act outside of the box. thanks for all the great interviews you are doing, and all that you do…

    • Mel

      Where can I find more information about this stuff? Where can I buy it? Thanks!

    • Computer Guy

      The fascists are still in power, states and private companies can and are imposing these stupid mandates.

  32. David Showers

    I believe that this digital monitoring and control is a precursor to the arrival of the Anti-Christ who will not allow us to buy or sell without first receiving the mark of the beast. As Jesus said, “When you see these things occurring, look up for your redemption draweth nigh.”

  33. Marie Joy

    Who are ‘”They” who want me dead?

    • The Ogs

      LoL – you can tell who’s paying attention by good questions. And this is one!
      The ones who must pay your pension for years and years (decades) after you ‘retire’…?

  34. Randy Hitt

    The decentralized financial system is here. There is zero chance that CBDC will take over. Yes the central planners wish to implement the nightmare CAF details, but the Bitcoin/blockchain can’t be stopped, can’t be subverted, can’t be replaced, can’t be used as a surveillance apparatus.

    The central banks are toast, along with all centralized government control. Mass adoption is already happening and the crypto lobby is much too powerful. Any attempt to shut down the crypto markets will only strengthen the resolve of the revolution much like attempts to force vax everyone.

    The way to put the kebosh on the central banksters totalitarian schemes is to put some of your money into crypto now. Get some skin in the game and let’s beat these digital dictators.

  35. Stephen Woenker

    So depopulation is deflationary ????

  36. Rob

    One word to describe Catherine: GENIUS! She is a true humble servant of God and humanity. Thank you, Greg, as usual for your amazing interviewing style and TRUE journalistic integrity. God has His mighty hand on you, brother.
    God Bless!

  37. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Dr Fitts.
    What awaits us .if we are foolish enough to go that way,is a digital prison.In 2009 I was foolish or brilliant enough to but BTC via PayPal and then became bored with it,until Dr Fitts started warning about digital prison along with Martin Armstrong and many others who have conveniently disappeared now,and quietly dumped it the tax man here in the UK had a field day.
    The Davos and UN elite are after our lives and what little wealth we have left as they have been the thieves Dr Fitts has been warning us of.Interesting to see Glenn Beck agree although he calls them “21st Century Fascists”.

  38. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a stellar interview with so much to learn from Katherine.

    I am writing from Cape Town, South Africa.
    The Government has extended a state of National Disaster for yet another month, making it almost 2 years now. A small number of people dictating to the nation what we may or may not do and the people in South Africa are very very tired of this.
    This has caused much suffering to the people economically, with very little if any government assistance. Some of the people receive a grant of R350 per month (about US$20). The fear of hunger and poverty is a graver reality to most here than the fear of Covid, that is why so many people want to get to work and earn a living in South Africa.

    You may have seen the levels of violence and destruction caused during July 2021. On 2nd of January 2022, only a day after Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s funeral, the South African Parliament Buildings have been destroyed by fire shocking the nation.

    Historically speaking most people in South Africa are distrustful toward the government and during the past three decades the levels of corruption and decay are more pressing on people than ever. In our daily lives this means higher food prices, energy prices (increasing transport costs) and lower standards of living across the board.

    The South African President said in February 2020 that they will not make the vax mandatory in South Africa, but they are changing their narrative. The people do not like being lied to or being forced to do things against their free will by government. The vax rate in South Africa remains lower than what the government desire, in spite of a constant and daily barrage of propaganda by government and media, to persuade people to take the jab. Legal action has been instituted to be tested by the South African Courts.

    In the South African context the vax-pass is viewed as ad-kin to the “Dompas” that the Apartheid regime used to limit people’s freedom of movement, which is still despised by a majority of South Africans as the government infringed on people’s rights in the past. The previous regime ruled by fear – they used death squads to torture and murder – as evidenced during the Truth and Reconciliation hearings, which is still fresh in our living memory. As South Africans we do not want to go back to that level of control and oppression.

    Talking to friends, family and community members one gets an idea of the true effects of the jab on people’s health and adverse reactions. Dr. Shankara Chetty has been interviewed recently and this may address a lot of concerns https://www.bitchute.com/video/7cKRraLYiz46/

    Do look into the Silver Kruger Rands as they could be cheaper than the Silver American Eagles. In terms of the South African Reserve Bank Act gold Kruger Rands are legal tender, the value of each gold coin so tendered shall be equal to the net amount at which the bank is prepared to purchase that gold coin on the day of such tender thereof. It is well known that this is a good investment in South Africa to retain the purchasing power of your savings and a hedge against inflation that is too real here.

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you and your family.

  39. Jim Ledayrd

    Thanks Greg. Whenever I see an interview with CAF I always listen. She always has her finger on the pulse of what’s happening.

  40. Jerry

    Here you go. The future of grapheme interfacing.

    CAF was brilliant laying out the future of digital technology’s , but the truth is that is only the surface of what the technocrats have planned. There is a reason that the vaccines contain graphite oxide whose components are linked to 5G. Yes it’s all about control for credit scoring, but that’s only the beginning. In essence the technocrats running this reset not only want tracking activity monitored and uploaded to a global cloud, they want control of your biological functions as well. That way if you pose a threat to the NWO, they won’t need to waste time sending a drone over your house, they’ll simply cut off your biological functions. Sounds crazy? Do the research and you’ll know what “ build back better” really means.

    I believe that even some Christian leaders have fallen prey to the idea that a world without violence could be a better place. For example if Jerry steps out of line and becomes a threat to his neighbor or his community, he can be taken out ( but not to lunch ) without even putting law enforcement at risk. The problem with this ideology is the moment the walls of this matrix are completed, you will no longer have free agency to make choices for yourself, and Lucifer will have complete control of your life in his one world government. For some a world totally controlled by someone else making decisions may be worth the cost. But for others, like myself, I would prefer not to live in a world were freedom no longer exist. But that’s just me.

  41. Sylvia Sires

    First I want to say, I DO NOT POST SPAM INFORMATION! I voted for Trump the first time but I did not vote for him the second time nor did I vote for Biden. One of the goals of the New World Order IS depopulation: 3.5 years of peace coming. however, “For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them” Thessalonians 5:3. I had watched a 5 hour video that proved Trump is a member of the World Secret Religion (a secret society that JFK warned us about) this film changed my life! I gave you that video to watch. Recently I watched another video from the Malaysian President from March 9, 2015 who gave explicit details of the goals of the New World Order that was another eye opener for whole world to know! Trump is not who you think he is. A perfect candidate for the New World Order goals! The whole world was deceived using Trump.

  42. Don

    Very good points Cathrine makes, that all need to follow. Control, control, control, is truly what their after, and always was. I call that, the practice of witchcraft, as also the bible does. Control freaks are everywhere in our society. Obama administration was bad, but Bidens, is flat shameful. Thanks Greg, your the man.

  43. Randy Avera

    Would using cash to buy a favorite restaurant card be considered using cash?

    • Coal Burner

      I always tip in cash. And after a few times I am remembered. Well!

    • Florida Prepper


  44. Sylvia Sires

    New World Order: Our own President putting sanctions on the US (my personal opinion)
    From the Gateway Pundit: It’s Coming: Biden’s Latest Irrational Moves Obliterate the US Economy About 2 Weeks Out According to government figures U.S. goods and services trade with Canada totaled an estimated $718.4 billion in 2019. Exports were $360.4 billion; imports were $358.0 billion.
    Canada was the largest goods export market in 2019. Canada was the United States’ 3rd largest supplier of goods imports in 2019. U.S. goods imports from Canada totaled $319.4 billion. 70% of that trade is moved by truck.
    In about a week the Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate will mean around 30,000 cross-border truckers will be forced to shut down. Starting January 15, truckers will be forced to show proof of vaccine.

  45. Mark Lanctot

    We kill rats in the same manner. The poison is disguised so rats do not associate the poison with rats dying. We are being treated like rats.

  46. Clyde Cates

    When I open your page this is what I get: “This page has been blocked by an extension”. I wait a bit & your page shows up.

  47. Clyde Cates

    Ment to say when I open your video this is what I get: “This page has been blocked by an extension”. I wait a bit & the video starts.

  48. Tommy

    What happens when the government calls in the currency and says it will be worthless unless you turn it in for digital money?

  49. Ron

    For years I was told new drugs needed years of tests and trials. when covid medicine was introduced so fast and all liability on the manufacturers removed I knew I should stay away.
    I also think we are seeing depopulation for the reset. It’s about controlling people.
    This period in history will be remembered as being one of evil people killing off vast swaths of the world’s population. How history books record this should be interesting. Remember there are only so many officials and enforcers in our population. Don’t listen to the Government’s fear and drug pushing.

    • Florida Prepper

      Go buy silver and gold with it.

  50. Mark

    Greg, I am quite pleased to see that you have Robert Kennedy’s Book “The Real Anthony Fauci”. Now after you read it please get him on as an interview. You do the best interviews and your listeners will be appreciative.

  51. George+Eddleston

    If you read LaRouche publications you would have known the most of this information since 1972 and even earlier. New Solidarity, New Federalist, EIR, Fusion Energy, 21st. Century, Club of Life, Schiller Institute and dozens and dozens of special reports and a half dozen or so Presidential Election attempts.

  52. GrizzlyMac

    Greg, Dr Arivana Love proves on Stew Peters that what we are dealing with is a Chimera or microbes not a virus! Get her on she is really smart & good.! Thats why Ivermectin & Hydroxy works!

  53. Jerry

    Excellent interview. You get the best, relevant guests.

  54. Jack Phillips

    Hey Greg.
    I recently discovered that the Sheriff is not the highest law enforcement officer. The (CLEO) Chief Law Enforcement Officer in every county is actually the District Attorney. The DA has the power to arrest and prosecute.

    • Greg Hunter

      The sheriff is elected and does not have to listen to the DA–period.

  55. John Pick

    Lab Manipulated Bio Engineered Hydra Vulgaris was identified by U.S. Doctor Madelj and S. African Doctor Botha.. Stew Peters interviewed both of these Doctors.

    I have been using the Doctor Jennifer Daniel’s (M.d., MBA) health program with heretofore unbelievable personal success.

    Like Bro. G earld Celente always preaches “Do your own research, use your head and think for yourself..”

    Thank you Greg and Catherine for taking us to school.

  56. Tom

    Great interview. Phil Godlewski got 760,000 viewers in his “Six Three” livestream (link https://rumble.com/vsjdrt-six-three-january-13th-2022.html) and it would be outstanding if you would interview him. In this interview he states that the SCOTUS ruling proves patriots are in control and ALL markers (events in an event-driven scenario) are now complete to go forward with Disclosure including who is really in control of the US. While I disagree (there needs to be a stock market and currency crash before moving openly to an asset-backed system) I think it is high time you had this gentleman on your show.

  57. Jeff robbins

    Two family topics: Everyone should think about some kind of food they can grow- for me currently I’m getting closer to a making a family fishing pond. Was also thinking about trading or selling fish at the farmers market when i retire. Second, there’s a lost art to being able to barter and I’ve been talking to my kids about barter. It’s interesting really, that two people can interact without taxation, know your neighbor, all that. On a note, there have been some incidental findings with some of the ivermectin studies with cancer survivors. I don’t understand everything i read, but if there is another ray of hope, it’s that when this is over and data from all over the world comes in and ivermectin goes from zero to hero, we may have a cheap and potent cancer treatment.

  58. Deb

    Great interview! We’ll have to watch/listen again, and maybe take notes. We still have issues watching on Rumble, with the video stopping multiple times.
    I was surprised when Ms Catherine seemed to not know about Ivermectin. Thank you for sharing that life saving information! But where are people able to purchase it now? It is “not available” and “not on allocation” at the online vet supply where we were getting it to use as heartworm prevention for dogs.
    Did Ms Catherine say she lives in Hickory Valley, TN? That’s in west TN, not far from enough Memphis? We thought that most folks were headed to east TN, where property prices are increasing like crazy.
    Thank you for all that you do and for spreading the truth!
    Best wishes! Prayers for your good health & safety.

  59. Rich Milford

    Hi and thanks for all Greg,
    CAF was asking what it was about the anti-parasitic value of Ivermectin and you diverted the conversation to other uses, etc.. I am only thinking of seeing videos with the Hydra organism being discovered in some vaccines…..maybe this is related? Great Revelatory Show on many accounts!

  60. Vernon Tart

    Behave, Obey, get your Central Bank Digital Controlled Currency Today.

  61. matt Brinck

    Catherine is always so enjoyable to hear. She speaks with so much knowledge and insight! I love her!

  62. Riverman

    Greg it is time to go to all paper. Use cash or write a check. This is what I have always done and never gave into the banks online plastic cover up program. Now go paper when you file your taxes. Only 6% of the population files their taxes by mail. Could you imagine what would happen if that number was 30%. The IRS systems would collapse. Just file a proper W4 so people are not allowing the government hold their money until tax filing. The best part of using paper in this way is that it is perfectly legal and would send a message to those in power that decent is building to a critical stage. Thanks for what you do. Riverman

  63. pbd

    Questions about countermeasures to the Covid shot:
    Ivermectin is a countermeasure to Covid-shot-spike-protein toxicity/poisoning because its mechanism of action (among others, I think) is to neutralize near-term toxicity by both binding to host receptor cites and binding to the spike protein – which derails the toxic biological activity of the spike protein – so that the attacked host system has time to detox the poison. Covid shot spike protein is a “protein” macro-molecule that like other proteins can be taken apart – via host system proteolytic enzymes. As we get older our detoxing becomes weakened – i.e. pancreatic output of important proteolytic enzymes drops. Unfortunately, the programed medical orthodoxy incorrectly myopically believes that pancreatic enzymes are simply limited to a part of the digestive system for processing food in the G.I. track to facilitate nutrient absorption – and that is why the same has no clue about how a host system fights cancer or detoxes from infections.
    Best of luck all.

  64. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. I agree with you 100 percent about Ivermectin. Read about Uttar Pradesh, the state in India that finally handed out kits containing Ivermectin. Dr. Pierre Kory talked about it. It completely worked, but nobody’s talking about it. In addition, Dr. Robert Malone, talking to Joe Rogan, said that FakeJoeBiden went to India and talked with the Indian president. The next day the Indian government put out a statement that the kits had worked. But they wouldn’t say what was in the kits. Joe Rogan exclaimed that to not publish a potential cure in the midst of a pandemic is nuts! He’s right. Who would be so evil as to withhold information of a cure in the middle of a pandemic? I guess Creepy Joe would.
    Anyway, I bought a bunch of Ivermectin on Ebay last summer, when it was available there. I had tried calling the FLCCC to get some pills, but they never answered my call. They’re probably overwhelmed. So I bought the horse paste. A local hardware store also had it, there being ranches in the area. I took it once when I felt like I was coming down with something. Whatever it was disappeared the next day. Read the directions for how much to take. Dr. Eads on your show said one possible side effect is diarrhea. The horse paste is like petroleum jelly in a toothpaste container. But it has a notched plunger. It’s not hard to figure out the right dose. So, I figure it works. It takes away the fear, which is great. Fear, not hate, is the opposite of love. Hate causes fear. We should not hate, but we must not fear. “Fear not,” said Jesus more than once.
    CAF asked how Ivermectin works. There’s a Dr. John Campbell in England, who has a YouTube channel by that name, who explains how it works. Apparently, it takes up too much room for the spike protein to enter the cell. It doesn’t chemically interact or anything like that; it just block the path.
    When are we going to go on the offense? I’m reading SunTzu’s The Art of War. He had a lot of good ideas. I’m reading that and Kennedy’s blockbuster. The enemy is anyone who is trying to get us jabbed. That includes nurses, security personnel, doctors, politicians, and bureaucrats. Ultimately, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds are to blame. They either ordered it or have done nothing to stop it. But we can’t reach them. And I’m pretty sure they have advanced weapons like 5G, robot police, drones, and robot soldiers. It’s not like we can take down the government any time we rise up. They’re probably waiting for an uprising. Protests have their role, but they’d better remain peaceful. However, each of us can resist in our own way, in our own time. Don’t get caught breaking any laws; take no unnecessary chances. But resist. And if someone assassinates a nurse, or better yet, a politician, and we’re on the jury, we can vote “Not Guilty.” This won’t stop until they fear for their lives. And if we do turn this around, we should take every penny of the billionaires who helped perpetuate this scam/genocide. You need defense, but you score on offense.

  65. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    I first want to say that your skills a journalist are exceptional. In addition your business integrity is top notch. Keep doing Gods workl.

    On a side note, even if Cliff High (and many others) is only half right, then over 600 million will die globally and over 25 million will die from in the US just in 2022 alone.
    That’s pray that more people wake and stop taking these death jabs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim. Clif High has a habit of being freakishly correct on many occasions. You are correct, if he’s half right it will still be awful.

      • Tim

        Sorry for the sentence structure, my iPad has a mind of its own

      • Donald

        Will we be treated to a Clif High interview soon?

      • Breck Breckenridge

        I asked before. Tell me Greg, did High’s program detect a lot of “buzz” over the word “COVID” before 2020? I bet he didn’t.

  66. pbd

    AIDS and Covid-shots:
    Others have already propounded/speculated that Covid-shots can induce a form of AIDS – but have not really explained what they mean in more detail or distinguish it from HIV-AIDS. AIDS is the acronym in medical literature that stands for “autoimmune deficiency syndrome” the disease that is putatively caused by infection with the HIV (human immune-deficiency virus) which results in both severe depression of the host immune system (of T-cells) and auto-immune disfunction (of T-cells). Covid-shot induced AIDS (CS-AIDS) works (I think) by a similar but different mechanism and pathology.
    The Covid shot via action of the Covid-spike protein also causes depression of T-cells (CD8+ and CD4+ cells) AND auto-immune disfunction of the same (self-attacking-self by e.g. aberrant recruitment and activation of CD8+ cells).
    For those that care about potential details:
    The shot-spike-protein binds ACE2 and increases angiotensin II which increases TF (Tissue Factor) which causes hypertension (as well as blood clotting) – note however it is important to distinguish that the initial acute effects of spike-protein toxicity is hypotension. CD8+ cells sense the TF induced hypertension (blood pressure) and are recruited to those locations being attacked by the spike protein (i.e. ACE2 in heart tissue). The net effect is to on the one hand deplete and pull CD8+ cells away from beneficial immune system activity and on the other hand repurpose them for detrimental auto-immune attack in the host tissues (e.g. the heart).
    If CS-AIDS is similar to HIV-AIDS disease, then for example we should see increasing cancer and infections (linked to depressed CD8+ and CD4+ T-cells) – which unfortunately the emerging evidence seems to be bearing out. So far, I have not seen it reported yet, but I would also expect that like untreated HIV-AIDS patients, some of the immune-compromised Covid-shot victims will potentially present with CMV (cytomegalovirus) retinitis which can cause blindness if untreated.
    The reason CS-AIDS should be classified as a genocidal attack on the public is that the literature is replete with information and evidence that viral spike-protein based antigenic vaccines do not work and actually are harmful to the host (see vaccine development for RSV, SARS, MERS) – but the powers-at-be some how have convinced many of the sheepeople zombies that this time with the SARS-COV2 coronavirus spike-protein-based-vaccine development that it will be different this time and furthermore we can simply by-pass or ignore animal model testing and disregard the initial clear human morbidity and mortality data and keep jabbing folks. Really?! (see my post above re. ivermectin based countermeasure to the Covid-shot)
    Best of luck all.

  67. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having the extraordinary “CAF” on once again. Your closing comment was awesome, “Thanks for coming on and taking us to school”. Wowee Zowee!!

  68. Frank Stiles

    I’m planning on getting a couple Ivermectin paste tubes from the local farm supply store.
    They sell it in a ‘single dose’ (for a horse) push tube. Calculating my weight compared to the average weight of a horse, I’d be able to divide that single horse dose into enough for the 5 – 7 doses recommended by Dr. Zelenko’s protocol of Ivermectin prescription pills, for use in the event of the onset of COVID symptoms. So much for the “neigh” sayers.

    • Coal Burner

      Not as cheap but Pushhealth.com
      Fill in the forms, get a prescription and the Iv comes in the mail.
      about $200 for a five day dosage.
      Second choice. Go too Mexico and save a little money!

      • Breck Breckenridge

        I got my 5 day for $150 via same sort of mail order source. SevenCells.

  69. MC

    Feeling very sorry for Mr Pillow who wasted all that many investigating 2020 election fraud. Trump has set his sights on the next election without ever fixing what went wrong with the first. Trump used to do the same sort of thing to the contractors who built his buildings. They would do all the work, then he would leave them holding the bag and go focus on new projects.

    //…. “This is the year we are going to take back the House, we are going to take back the Senate, and we are going to take back America. This is so important,” he told the crowd that responded in loud cheers.

    “This is maybe the most important election we’ve ever had. I do believe that 2024 will be even more important … In 2024, we are going to take back the White House!” he added. …. //


    Trump has had divorces from women with whom he had children. He’s gone bankrupt a few times. Trump abandoned the patriots who attended his Jan 6 rally; they have sat in jails without due process for years but Trump ignores them. …………………. However, the thing Trump has steadfastly supported is the toxic death vax. He never wavers in that.

  70. Boswell

    I was kind of surprised by her lack of awareness on Ivermectin!?

  71. Shelly

    Problem is you can’t pay bills with cash and cash only lasts so long…you also can’t patron places using cash if you opt out of everything…and that will get worse. Until places accept crypto and the only thing i see there working are privacy coins, we’re screwed. Of course all they can focus on us cracking those codes….a very sick and twisted system.

  72. Mandy

    New Zealand is an absolute sh#t show. Us unvaxed are barred from restaurants, cafes, gyms & any shop supporting the Vax passports. The self righteous vaxed have turned on us thanks to the bought out msm. The roll out for kids starts today & is going to create outrage! Ardern is now the most hated PM in the history of our nation. Even many vaxed have turned on her. On a funny note…Ardern was holidaying in a little town called Tairua. She went into a butchers shop with her security and the butcher told her to get the hell out of his shop. She then went to a cafe and the owner said “you’ve destroyed businesses all over NZ we are not serving you”…people sitting in the cafe clapped & cheered. 😂 Thanks Greg for another great interview!

  73. Reuben Glass

    Catherine Austin-Fitts is without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable people and excellent guests you’ve hosted now for years Greg. I always learn from and gain more understanding from her insights, and her background and CV is substantial. She can take what would otherwise be complex issues and topics, and break it down to the bare essentials, making it easier to not only understand, but also has sage advice on how to prepare. God bless you both, you are doing the work that is desperately needed in this day and age!

  74. Walter Ambrosch

    I wonder…
    Are there tests to tell IF you were vaccinated and if so can the tell you the exact meds injected?
    Can they detect the specific vax in our blood?
    I know the antibody test will tell us if we have antibodies from having had CV.
    This would be the real science down the road.
    When people are sick or dying… what is/was in their blood?

  75. Pam

    This planet we grace is so awesome. It’s about 19 degrees out and a busy cardinal is hopping on the porch, scooping up birdseed. How does something, as tiny as that, survive the below freezing temp.
    We are the only species that has to dress for the weather, buy a house to live in, drive a car, buy food, pay taxes just to walk on the earth and we wonder why we’re in such trouble?? No other species, I can think of, even comes close. It makes me think humans did not originate here.
    I do try and sift through the chaos of todays troubled world but when it overwhelms I turn my eyes to the beauty of the Universe and today it was that little red cardinal. “Hope springs eternal”………….

  76. Mark

    A proposal for orderly collapse!

    • Mark

      Oops Wrong link. Moderator please substitute.https://markgresham.substack.com/p/a-modern-jubilee-to-prevent-the-enslavement

    • Computer Guy

      It’s really tough to live like they did in the 1800s west. Being self-sufficient, growing your own food, making your own clothes, chopping down trees for firewood, hunting, fishing or having animals. 99% would starve to death, we are all used to modern conveniences, grocery stores, clothing stores, cars etc… Who wants to live like a caveman?

      • susan

        Computer Guy, they did not live like cavemen. My mom and dad and their families homesteaded in eastern Montana. They worked hard, true, but they also enjoyed life. They celebrated holidays much like we do. They went to dances and visited others quite regularly, My dad worked with cattle in the summers to pay for his college education. He also played football at college. Not as bad as one might think.

  77. Robert says no

    Unexplained increase in deaths of 18-49 year olds. States investigating.


    I have to remember to use my new name to not be confused with the other Robert

  78. M M

    specifically, ivermectin keeps the virus COVID and related from dividing by preventing the H2 receptor from combining with the spike protein to further spread it.

  79. ChronoBear

    Greg, thanks as always for the interview. Catherine is a consummate analyst and her macro analysis, however dark, is always astonishingly accurate.

    However, her dire predictions are rooted in her previous life in The Establishment and often times give them far too much credit (the fact that she has been hiding out in Europe since 2019, disconnected from the American social sphere, notwithstanding).

    The vaxx pass agenda in the United States is an utter failure outside of specific urban environments. There’s absolutely no way it goes forward without significant financial hardship, moreso than we’ve already experienced.

    This leaves our self-proclaimed Central Bank overlords with scant options, as even Jerome Powell thinks Carstens and the BIS are moving too quickly with CBDCs: Namely, they have to lay the rails for digital payment censorship WITHOUT having the biosecurity state fully in place. This may work in Australia, Austria, or Germany, but it’s guaranteed stillborn in the States.

    The last major handover of a world reserve currency, the Pound Sterling to the US Dollar, was hardly a “normal” handover. The US held most of the West’s gold after WWII and significant lengths were gone to by British intelligence to effectively allow the US to inherit the Empire without further bloodshed.

    CBDC is an entirely different proposition with far more moving parts and opposition from liquidity providers abroad. It’s a dangerous proposition, to be sure, but far more fraught with the ability to fail outright and virtually requires an economic collapse in the US to cajole consent.

    As an aside, Mexico is a lovely country and in many ways is significantly more free than the US. But Mexico requires all babies born there to be vaccinated and all major urban environments are heavily networked with subsidies from Huawei. There’s nowhere to run, only time to be bought with managed retreats.

  80. oneno

    Vaccinee Autopsies: Killer Lymphocytes Invade Vital Organs, Drs Sucharit Bhakdi & Michael Palmer

    This video contains a talk with pictures of blood and organ damage by the body’s lymphocytes. This is evidence of genocide by world governments against their own people.

    Reminder of Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 3

    • J. Kimble Allen

      oneno, based upon my research, your statement, and link, to wit “Reminder of Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 3″… appears to be false information.

      Could you please provide relevant, material, factual evidence, that proves Nuremberg Code Article 6 Section 3, exists … and states what you have purported it states?


      • oneno

        Can download the UNESCO 2005 Records of the General Conference (33rd session – Paris, 3-21 October 2005 – Volume 1 – Resolutions)

        On page 77 of the PDF see Article 6.
        Section 3 of Article 6 states:

        3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent.

        • oneno

          If do a search on the bolded words will find a lot of related articles.

      • oneno

        The Nuremberg Code from the nih.gov site is here.

  81. Cheryl

    Yes, Wim Hof !

  82. Barb

    Ivermectin is anti parasitic, as she said. And it has cancer fighting potential.
    And there is some information that cancer is a parasite.
    Fenbendazole is also an anti parasitic, with cancer fighting potential.
    Both are anti viral. I think HCQ is anti parasitic, and doesn’t the clot shot have some type of parasite…?
    Thanks for bringing us Catherine Austin Fitts, Greg!
    Cliff High has an interesting take on Trump’s opinion of the clot shot. He talks about it, and Fenbendazole, in his Quack Up Woo video.

  83. travis moss

    law that is common to i: a man; bring forth the claim i have caused a trespass
    bring forth the claim that i am your property.
    i ask:what kind of government did they give us, a republic if “you” can keep it

  84. Greg Morrissey

    There is trouble coming so lets get to Know God. So we can all be with him in the end. Jesus his son quoted form the Book of Deuteronomy more times than another book in the Bible . So partake in a study of the book of Deuteronomy, Get to know the Lord .


    • Old Dog

      Mr. Morrissey:
      Jesus quoted the prophet Isaiah more times than any other scriptures in the Bible.

  85. Paul murphy

    I relay your comment
    Sometimes better view outside the box
    Peter Schiff
    James Colbert
    Jim willie
    Dollar vigilante
    Jim Rodgers
    Courage is staying on the horse knowing
    Your going to battle

    Her view is mimicked in prior podcast
    With James Colbert 7 months ago
    Pretty certain

    • Ulysse Kerry

      It is not Colbert, it is Corbett

  86. Sean

    Never forget. The FIAT money is worthless and is used as a tool to steal your TIME, LABOR, AND SKILL and FREEDOMS for their use instead of your own.

    • Warren B.

      FIAT is very useful in acquiring real assets. Follow the actions of the Wealthy Elite. They have billions in wealth – predominantly in REAL assets. It is a means to an end.

    • travis moss

      1993 bankruptcy speech from james trafficant

  87. Bruce

    Every time I speak with my friends neighbors and co-workers about COVID, I get so depressed. Whole families who have taken this ‘clot shot’. Grandparents, parents, children. Whole families that potentially will end in a short period of time. What kind of world will this be if and when it happens? What will happen to us who remain? Will we be able to hold it all together? Will we be able to defend ourselves against those who did this to us or others who try to take advantage of the situation? So many questions and so few people even asking them. I guess all we can do is prepare the best we can and pray, pray, pray for a miracle. Thank you Greg, for all you do to keep us informed.

  88. David Gordon Dunne

    I don’t agree with Katherine on several points. You can’t go hide now as there is no where to hide. The only solution is to stand up and take our freedoms back and to the gallows with all the Globalists and Communists. Say no is good but time is running out as if they can implement their Global tracking and GREAT Reset, currencies will be worthless and their end game of killing all of us will get full steam. Cutting off the Internet, no money so no food, no water and Mad Max will look like a mild place to be.

    • Warren B.

      You can also add that most peoples’ money is lodged in bank accounts. If you dont have it in hand …then you dont have it to spend…when they close the window. Cash is good while it is available….then after that you need to revert to a barter system.

  89. helot

    If true, this bit above seemed rather significant:

    ” In terms of the South African Reserve Bank Act gold Kruger Rands are legal tender, the value of each gold coin so tendered shall be equal to the net amount at which the bank is prepared to purchase that gold coin on the day of such tender thereof.”

    The next time a financial guy is on this should be a topic as sound money is one of the ways to resist tyranny.

    Also, in the CAF interview she seeks an army, yet doesn’t say where to sign up and what that means. Imho, starting a Thursday night club is a good first step towards making America free again:


  90. James

    Another excellent program, Greg. Thank you, sir!

  91. Raymond Jensen

    She is right that shutting down businesses is deflationary. Killing people off with the jab is also deflationary.

  92. Michele

    One element in the vaxx are the “Hydra” that have been examined under microscopy and were witnessed to be moving on their own towards the edge of the glass slide!
    This a perfect example of a PARASITE.

  93. Marie Joy

    RINOs should be primaried. PLEASE, run for office.

  94. Alfy

    I believe her old associates who told her about the how they planned to steal all the wealth, including killing off pnsioers, thought that was the plan. that they were going along with this plan to make themselves even more rich and powerful. but it is looking to be they themeselves were played. the only thing that fully adds up is the actual plan is to kill nearly all humanity. not just the pensioers, but all ages. The actual plan looks to have fallen short, and gues who is going to be left holding the bag- her old associate. and if anyone thinks that a handful of people who on paper have stolen all the wealth are going to get a pass from the billions of people they just tried to murder. her old assocates are the biggest fools this world seen in a long time. as far as the unknown folks in the shadows who planned out and tried to kill off humanity, they might slip away. like they have done manytimes before.

  95. Marie Joy

    VOTE in person, if possible.
    I expect the left will stop the 2022 election any way they can.
    Please, become politically active. Apathy isn’t working.

  96. Neil Currie

    Greg and Catherine, thanks for a wonderful interview. I was particularly pleased that Catherine talked about all-cause mortality.

    • Computer Guy

      Life is never going to be normal again, the only way it can ever be like it was is if these tyrants are forcibly removed from power and treated like mussolini. Elections are not going to fix this. Let me ask that murderer how he thinks life is going to normal when the Biden administration is sending everyone n95 masks and there is going to a new shot for the omiscam variant.

    • Computer Guy

      Voting accomplishes nothing, in person or by mail it’s irrelevant. The globalists can and are rigging all elections. The globalists install their stooge at every turn, look at New York city and state the replacements are just as bad as the mayor and governer they replaced. How did Justin (Castro Fidelito) Trudeau get re-elected? How did grandma fetish Macron get re-elected? How did Newsom gruesome in CA get re-elected?

      • Greg Hunter

        Tell that to the folks that cheated their way into power at the White House. Voting (over and over again by fraud) worked for them.

        • Computer Guy

          Greg, I meant it doesn’t work for us. Obviously the dems cheated and have been cheating for a long time. But realistically one party is only slightly better than the other. The corporations and globalists can install whoever they want.

  97. Marie Joy

    IF America is to be saved, it will have to come from WE, the people. Patriots wanted.

  98. Justn Observer

    Greg, Any questions where Biden’s crew is headed ? LOL LOL LOL
    A cute young commie collaborator or
    was this like’ Harry’s Nazi halloween costume?
    Inappropriate for a U.S. White House spokesperson to run around wearing? lol
    Probably no more problematic that Anita Dunn’s reflections on MAO?
    or Obama campaign centers touting posters of CHE… LOL
    Still, it amazes to see people do not see where this nation has been being pushed for how long now?

  99. Marie Joy

    democrats pictures put kamala in front of Brandon. Expect brandon to leave office.

  100. Michael Scott

    Thanks for the great information coming from your work. I listen to all you guest and
    I am so glad their is an outlet to hear the truth.

    Good bless you

    Mike Scott

  101. Skip Havely

    Greg, Another incredible interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She provided real insight into what is really happening with the Central Bank and the virus.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Skip!!

  102. Susan R

    I listened to your interview with Catherine a few times and also listened to many referenced sites in the comment section. Greg, for some of the most prescient points we need to understand, I am more aware than ever, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Susan!

    • Computer Guy

      Life is never going to be normal again, the only way it can ever be like it was is if these tyrants are forcibly removed from power and treated like mussolini. Elections are not going to fix this. Let me ask that murderer how he thinks life is going to normal when the Biden administration is sending everyone n95 masks and there is going to a new shot for the omiscam variant.

  103. eddiemd

    I was in two local grocery stores here in Phoenix named Bashas and Safeway.

    There are a lot of empty shelves. This includes food, dog food, other supplies, and household goods. It was very noticeable.

    The prices are way up in these two stores compared to when I was in a Walmart last week.
    I believe that Jan 19th truck drivers will be required to have evidence of covid injections to cross the Canadian border.

    General Milley Vanilli has covid. And he already had the booster.

    • Tim

      Hi Eddie mad, I also live in the Phoenix area. Thanks for the postings


  104. Larry & LeAnn Wood

    Considering a move to Tennessee and need an experienced and like-minded real estate agent covering the Nashville/Brentwood/Franklin area, please go to mywoodteam.com

  105. Randy

    The Connection is where ever there is G5 there are Covid Deaths. In Africa, its very clear. In Canada very clear, also in USA if G5 is in the State or City cases of Covid are off the charts.

  106. Donald

    It’s too bad that the conservative version of Trump Derangement Syndrome (this version has people deluding themselves that Trump is a “good guy” who cares about them & America) causes many of my posts to be censored here.

  107. J. Kimble Allen

    Greg, have you considered running for a U.S. Congressional seat?

    Or, do you believe you better serve the U.S. Citizens in your current capacity?

    Or … maybe … you could do both?

    • travis moss

      a U.S. Citisen is a 14th amendment SLAVE
      american nationals are free by birth

  108. eddiemd

    Crazy world.

    Hawaii really wants to destroy the tourism.

    At least Big Pharma is happy about the profits.


    What happened to Paul… and self exile?

    • Self Exiled

      I’m still here: watching, observing, waiting, taking notes. Silently considering the things of The Most High. Waiting for His Will to play out in my life. God Bless you for asking and thinking of others. I’m waiting to meet you.

    • Stan

      I miss Paul. I got so many laughs from his posts.

  109. Ulysse Kerry

    Why is ivermectin being pushed so much now? It wasn’t in prior years for seasonal flu and Covid 19 is just the seasonal flu re-labelled. Why else would the seasonal flu have disappeared? It seems like people who don’t buy into this BS still give it legitimacy.

  110. eddiemd

    Inbound 5G IoT.

    I am taking the course in IoT, 5G, AI and machine learning.

    This week are covering the cloud, fog computing, and edge computing.


    These are components of the coming antichrist systems. Totalitarian control linked to the necessary vaccine passport. The great reset and switch to digital currency.



    They can use your iPhone as an edge device. They could also go to chipping people at some point. I will have to further research digital tattoos.

    The blindness of disobedience.
    Isaiah 29:9-16

  111. Jay Jordan Cardone

    hold the line in 2022
    2,500 views Premiered Jan 15, 2022 prepaussie

  112. Robert Theobald

    Hi Greg
    Please speak slower.. I had difficulty following you at times.
    Thank you.
    Robert Theobald , Dorset, England

  113. Jerry

    More smoking gun evidence we’ve been had.

    Conspiracy theory? I think not. It’s only theory until it’s a fact. By the way 5G goes live tomorrow. I’m planning on a nothing burger, because the central planners have to do the transition in stages to keep the sheep from stampeding when the bodies start piling up. Look for a few targeted cities to be first. Probably blue states.

  114. Marie Joy

    The intent is to destroy you, me, America, and the dollar.
    Is there anyone who doesn’t see that?

  115. Justn Observer

    Greg, Speculation about 5G goes to a new level? = 33 to 60 gz same as microwave ovens? What to think of it at this point? The injections a BAD idea on so many levels….
    5G Death Towers Activated:
    Flu-Like Symptoms Will Follow
    AT&T and Verizon are scheduled to deploy new 5G service this Wednesday but the CEOs of Delta Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, UPS and others have sent a letter to the Biden administration warning that C-band 5G radiation disrupts airplane instruments that could make “huge swaths” of the US fleet unusable and cause the nation’s large airports to be under 5G-related flight restrictions from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
    These frequencies interfere with altimeters and can significantly hamper landing the aircraft, which is the most crucial and dangerous part of any flight.
    The CEOs say their deployment near airports will result in thousands of cancelled flights and strand hundreds of thousands of passengers and packages. “To be blunt, the nation’s commerce will grind to a halt,” they said.
    They are urging officials to prohibit 5G from being implemented within 2 miles of affected airports until the FAA can determine a way for airliners to fly safely to avoid a “catastrophic disruption” to passenger flights and to the supply chain.
    “Immediate intervention is needed to avoid significant operational disruption to air passengers, shippers, supply chain and delivery of needed medical supplies,” they wrote in a letter to White House National Economic Council Director Brian Deese, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, FAA Administrator Steve Dickson and Federal Communications Commission Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel.

    Sean at SGT Report asks, “Imagine what might happen to people who have graphene oxide flowing through their veins because they took the experimental mRNA Death Shot?” referring to a CCTV video published by Dr Ricardo Delgado at the La Quinta Columna last week of someone on a bicycle, when we clearly see a signal glitch in the video caused by some kind of electromagnetic pulse, which simultaneously knocks the cyclist to the ground, apparently killing him.
    Is what we’re seeing in this video related to the thousands of reports of those who “died suddenly”, including the 300+ international soccer players who have collapsed on the field or have suffered heart attacks, with five dying over the Christmas holiday It’s not as if we haven’t already had predictive programming about a “Kill Switch”.
    Sean then asks his guest, attorney Todd Callender what he thinks about the connection between 5G and the ill effects of the vaxx and he says, “Charles Lieber, who was just convicted in Federal Court, for supporting the Chinese in their development of all this stuff. He was famous for atomically welding transistors into these nanoparticles, thereby turning them into nanobots.

    “The reason why he did that was to make them responsive to cellphone signals, radiation signals, just like the ones we’re talking about with 5G, 33-66 GHz range, as I understand it. What’s also interesting is, as you mentioned, in Wuhan, when they turned on their 5G network, it was 10,000 transmitters all got turned on October 30th, it was Halloween Night, if memory serves, 2019 and within a very short period of time, people started falling ill and dying.
    “It also so happens that, at that particular range of frequency – and we’ve done the studies to demonstrate this – if it’s intensive enough, if you’re close enough to the transmitter, that frequency is sufficient enough to separate the oxygen from the nitrogen molecules [in the air] and they can literally suffocate somebody in place. That person might not even know that they’re being suffocated, because they’re breathing nitrogen and they’re not getting any oxygen.

    “So, 5G is by itself a weapon system…Active Denial System, the military and the Army use it. You got a big dish on the top of a Humvee, they aim it at people, it makes people feel like they’re getting burned-up. That is the 60 GHz signal. They are microwaving people. That’s what we’re talking about.”

  116. Steve Bice

    From a Zerohedge Article Today:

    “The CDC announced that ‘loosely woven cloth products provide the least protection.’
    Who would have known? That’s only been common knowledge since the very beginning of the pandemic.”

    Umm, no. Since the 1980’s. See Airborne Precautions…


  117. Doug

    About 36 minutes into the interview, you talked about the “ICE MAN”, the next time you talked to her, talked about that a little bit more, about two years ago, one of my knees started to have a “SHARP” pain that would not quit. The “SHARP” pain lasted about a month. The pain was so bad, I, I wanted to cut my own knee off. I thought, that, this is why people get knee replacements ? BUT, from day one, I iced that knee every chance I got, including nights, in about month , that “SHARP” pain was gone. If my whole body starts to ache, I might do a polar dip, they do have plenty of those here in Minnesota.

  118. David Jordan

    I truly love to watch USA Watchdog and all its guests, but CAF is always interesting and always so depressing. I can only watch her interviews in small bites. It’s amazing how spot on she and her organization and information are. If it was not for my faith in Jesus Christ. I simply could not stand to watch how the evil in the world has become so bold and, in your face. It can be overwhelming at times. I am so thankful that all your guests profess their faith as the only true solution to the situations that we are up against.
    Keep up the great work and may God bless you and the work that you do.

  119. Robert says no

    Why is CAF bunkering in Europe? She’s been there for quite a while? Does shee think it’s safer there than here?

  120. The Rev

    Last night God impressed on me to ENCOURAGE everyone. We are on the WINNING side here. So get EXCITED about the future! Fear nobody and nothing. God also said to remind you about when the Jewish people had their backs against the Red Sea. The Egyptian army was closing in, Moses stretched out his hand and God parted the waters. It was a MIRACLE! (Exodus 14:21) The Jewish people crossed over on dry land. Next came the Egyptian army, but the water closed in on them and they all drowned. Listen to me! Our enemies WILL also be destroyed. God will not be mocked.

    Many of us realize this is a spiritual war. So keep on praying every day. We are God’s prayer warriors. Prayer is the key to our VICTORY! Oh, by the way, expect GREATER MIRACLES in the weeks and months ahead. God soooo BLESS you! Keep looking up, because like Greg says, “Jesus is real.” He IS soon coming for ALL of us who love Him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rev. I agree, we are on the winning side.

    • IIG

      Not by physical might, nor by intellectual debate, but by standing firm with our God given Holy Spirit [that knows right from wrong] will we completely defeat the evil immoral psychopathic anti-human Globalist Marxists!!

  121. DR

    I suggest that your guest, and others, vist Ann Barnhardt’s website at http://www.barnhardt.biz if they want to get educated regarding Ivermectin; Ms. Ann has been on top of this issue since day one; she has an entire section on the subject. Thanks!

  122. Warren B.

    These are the CRIMES being committed by the Government / Congress / Health / BIG Pharma / MSM / All Servants and those holding Office in any of the the above in relation to a FALSE PANDEMIC and the injection of a TOXIC substance known to cause harm / kill in the form of blood clots, heart /organ damage/failure , neurological diseases and degrade the immune system….. against the human population of the planet:
    Misfeasance in Public Office
    Misconduct in Public Office
    Conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm
    Conspiracy to Administer a poisonous and noxious substance to cause harm and death
    Gross negligence manslaughter
    Corporate manslaughter
    Conspiracy to commit Murder
    Crimes against humanity
    False Imprisonment
    Multiple breaches of Human Rights
    War Crimes
    Multiple breaches of the Nuremburg Code 1947
    Multiple Breaches of the Human Rights Act 1998

    The COVID Death Shots will cease.
    The False Pandemic will die.
    Those implicated in the Crimes described above will be held accountable.


  123. Tarey Reilly

    I’m shocked that Catherine is not familiar with game changing Ivermectin! It’s the gold standard that I have used successfully on 2 occasions, and I have a strong immune system. She needs to explore this and the vaccine harm cases on Timcast on Bitchute. Devastating!

  124. Steve Bice

    Steve Bice
    When the obvious becomes the inevitable…or is it the other way around? Israel is at the leading edge…

  125. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  126. Mike A.

    One small thing: There is no virus.

  127. Trudy

    It seems racial social justice demands the extermination of all white straight males by 2030, and the white straight women soon after.

  128. Breck Breckenridge

    Greg, you say take ivermectin prophylactically, to basically start taking it regularly. Well guess what? I can’t get ivermectin in that quantity. It’s cost me over $150 just to get TEN doses. And I had to jump thru hoops to do that. Whereas down in Mexico (loved Catherine’s “joke”) they are giving it away for free in kits just like they did in Peru, and other nations. Just so you’ll know…

  129. liz

    I really do NOT think ivermectin is anti viral. It’s an a worming medicine. That is what we know. Don’t listen to the mds who do NOT know any basic science. This illness they call da coveed I suspect is a cleansing reaction–cold and flu-like which is a continuum–due to low vitamins C and D which happens wherever there is not enough solar radiation and fresh fruit and veggies. C&C support the liver in detoxification.

    There is NO virus. No one has isolated/purified it and analyzed it. It’s all a psyop. That means there may be no natural spike protein. Mds talking about the spike protein are just repeating baloney they’ve heard. They have no hard evidence.

    Show me the evidence. Show me the gram quantities that have been isolated and analyzed. What’s the size, what’s the sequence of amino acids, what’s the structure? Where are the animal studies showing it’s toxicity?

    This is all made up in the service of fear porn.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot Liz and Ivermectin is indeed anti-viral. That is a fact. It is also anti-inflammatory . Your thoughts are NOT facts.

  130. Sandy

    The most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to RE-learn is that psychopaths typically are not physically violent crazy-looking maniacs but always stealth predators (exploitative deceivers, which explains why the public has been fed a MISLEADING understanding of psychopaths).

    And then… the most vital urgent and DEEP understanding everyone needs to gain is that a network of manipulating psychopaths ARE governing big businesses (eg official medicine), nations and the world (the evidence is irrefutable) and that, therefore, the Covid Scamdemic is a VERY DESTRUCTIVE WAR AGAINST NON-RULING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE — you and I (see “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” at https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html ). But that’s only ONE part of the equation that makes up the destructive human condition.

    It is NOT just a matter of “draining the swamp” at the top and we’re back to our former (sick) “normal.”

    The true, WHOLE, but “politically inconvenient” and “culturally forbidden” reality is more encompassing because “the swamp that needs draining” on a psychological and behavioral level is over 90% of people anywhere (see cited source above).

    Without a proper understanding, and full acknowledgment, of the true WHOLE problem and reality, no real constructive LASTING change is possible for humanity.

    One of the ways psychopaths show their hate for the public is by rubbing the public’s stupidity in their own faces. Eg with the letters of “omicron” an alleged Covid variant you can spell “moronic”… And indeed most of the public NEVER recognizes their own stupidity as the believe, trust, and follow any explanation or demand of the psychopaths-in-power..

    And further speaking of stupid herd people not getting the glaringly obvious truth/ie not getting the constant onslaught of BIG lies of the official authorities……

    “2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

  131. timothy

    Great interview! We never give up. We never surrender to tyranny.

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