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We Are All Trapped-Alasdair Macleod

4By Greg Hunter’s  

Finance and economic expert Alasdair Macleod sees a fragile global economy with many ways to crash.  Macleod starts in Europe with the euro currency, “We are looking at a currency which, at any moment, triggered by Greece or triggered by a butterfly in the jungle, could begin to unravel.  I actually think the lack of any history behind the euro is probably the worst thing that it has.  People can go off the euro incredibly quickly. . . . That is one area where it could happen. . . . Look what’s going on in Japan.  They are printing money, and its hyperinflation.  It is monetary hyperinflation which, at some stage, is going to be price hyperinflation.  It’s only a matter of time. . . .  I can’t find what’s good in the world.  (more…)

Next Crash Already Started-Bix Weir

bix_weirBy Greg Hunter’s 

Financial writer and analyst Bix Weir predicts, “When we have our next crash, and it is coming, I believe it will be here this year, and that’s my final conclusion.  I am looking around September, but I believe it has already started.  When it does come, people will have a different mindset because they have learned so much.  It won’t take too many people to stand in front of an ATM machine and not get their money to be really angry at these people who have rigged our markets and basically stolen our country over the last hundred years.”


WNW 182-Netanyahu & Coming War, Fed Confusion, Drought in West

4By Greg Hunter’s  3/20/15 

The big story this week is the election win of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, and the implications for the Middle East.  I predicted that the meddling Obama supporters were doing in Israel would backfire, and it did–big time.  Netanyahu won, so now what?  A Palestinian peace deal has moved to a back burner.  Some in the press have reported Netanyahu has cancelled the so-called two state solution to form a Palestinian state.  That is not really accurate. (more…)

Financial System Will Collapse Just a Matter of When-Laurence Kotlikoff

4By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned economist Laurence Kotlikoff recently testified at the U.S. Senate about the runaway U.S. budget.  How bad is it?  Kotlikoff says, “I told them the real (2014) deficit was $5 trillion, not the $500 billion or $300 billion or whatever it was announced to be this year.  Almost all the liabilities of the government are being kept off the books by bogus accounting. (more…) is Experiencing Technical Problems

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When Artificial Debt Buying Stops Things Will Come Apart-Nomi Prins

When Artificial Debt Buying Stops Things Will Come Apart-Nomi PrinsBy Greg Hunter’s

Best-selling author and former Wall Street investment banker Nomi Prins says no matter what you are told, “For all practical purposes, quantitative easing continues here as well as zero interest rate policy, and capital is available.  The ECB (European Central Bank) has just announced their next version of quantitative easing (money printing) . . . of course, there is the fear that, at some point, there is just no powder left in that gun, and at some point, it will go down.  The volatility you are beginning to see is indicative of that coming apart.  There is nothing else that has been propping up the market, and when there is nothing left to prop up the market, the markets are going to come apart.  It still hasn’t happened yet, but the enhanced volatility is a sign we are moving in that direction.”


WNW 181-Ukraine & Middle East Closer to War, Clinton Emails, Economy Sinking

WNW 181-Ukraine & Middle East Closer to War, Clinton Emails, Economy SinkingBy Greg Hunter’s  (Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.13.15)

The war situation in Ukraine continues to ratchet up.  The U.S. is sending more military hardware to the region and pushing for a fresh round of new sanctions.  The Russians, according to, are hinting at deploying nukes in Crimea, but the Russians have “no plans to do so.”   As the situation heats up, Germany is getting more worried a wider war will break out.  (more…)

We Are Headed for War Because There Is No Truth-Warren Pollock

4By Greg Hunter’s

Wall Street analyst Warren Pollock said six months ago that the “damage control (about the bad global economy) was going to start to wear off in 2015.”  What are the signs the spin is wearing off?  Pollock says, “Go to your super market, and that is a sign the damage control is wearing off.  Prices are going up, and the quality of food is going down.  The numbers of ounces on each package are going down . . . This is the damage control wearing off.  (more…)

Debt Bomb Going to Explode in September 2015-David Morgan

David MorganBy Greg Hunter’s

Renowned precious metals analyst David Morgan is out with a new book called “The Silver Manifesto.” In a chapter called “The Debt Bomb,” Morgan lays out the biggest problem and the biggest reason to own precious metals. Morgan contends, “Basically, the United States have exported our inflation to every other country. So, for them to stay competitive, they are required to weaken their own currencies for what is called competitive advantage. It simply means if they don’t print . . . their currencies would become too strong, and they would not be able to export. In order to keep trade flowing, these other countries are basically required to do what the U.S. government does, and that is export a great quantity of un-backed paper promises that are impossible to pay back. That’s the crux of “The Debt Bomb.” It’s going to explode. (more…)

WNW 180-Netanyahu Iran Nuke Crisis, Hillary Clinton Emails, Obama Care & Supreme Court

4By Greg Hunter’s (Weekly News Wrap-Up 3/6/15) 

Clearly, the biggest story of the week was the speech Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to a joint session of Congress.  Netanyahu’s speech can be summed up with this Associated Press headline that reads “Israeli leader: Nuclear pact a bad deal.”  Now I know why President Obama did not want him to talk to Congress.  Netanyahu had one standing ovation after another from both sides of the aisle.  (more…)

World Headed for a Meat Grinder-Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby

Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s

Rob Kirby gives what he calls “proprietary macroeconomic research” to people around the world with billions of dollars to manage.  What are his connected sources telling him?  Kirby says, “People whose opinions I respect the most tell me that the world is headed for a meat grinder, and that is putting very bluntly.  This does not make me happy to say this, but we are headed for some very, very difficult times.  The people that are in charge of and are maintaining the status quo of dishonest commerce in our world today are extremely committed to the program.  (more…)

Fed will be Forced to Punish the Dollar-Gregory Mannarino

4Greg Hunter’s

Trader and financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says, “I think things are looking very bad in the immediate future here.  Just this month, the ECB is going to start their Japan style quantitative easing, and that is going to make the U.S. equity market look a little less desirable . . . . I think we are going to see some cash leave the U.S. stock market.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “What’s even scarier . . . I think these games we have seen in the dollar could take off parabolic from here, and that is not good. (more…)

WNW-179-Netanyahu Iran Drama, War in Ukraine & Middle East, Global Warming–Not

4By Greg Hunter’s  2.27.15

Next week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address Congress on the deal the Obama Administration is trying to do with Iran to curtail its nuclear program. No doubt, Netanyahu will warn a deal that will eventually allow Iran to get nuclear weapons will cause big problems for the world.   There has been increasing friction and drama with President Obama over this address.  All the drama surrounding Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress can only mean one thingnegotiations with the U.S. and Iran to curtail its program are not going well.  Likely, there will be, once again, no deal at the end of the current deadline, which is the end of next month.  Some Democrats are threatening to boycott the address, and members of the President’s staff have clearly said they are not happy with Congress for inviting the Israeli Prime Minister.  I predict this will be resolved one way or another this year. (more…)

A Great Shaking and Collapse is Coming-Jonathan Cahn

A Great Shaking and Collapse is Coming Says Jonathan CahnBy Greg Hunter’s 

Best-selling author of “The Harbinger,” Jonathan Cahn, is worried about America. Cahn, whose new book “Mystery of the Shemitah,” warns, “Everything is converging around this time (which is based on 7 year cycles).  I believe we need to be ready, and that’s why I believe I had to write the ‘Mystery of the Shemitah.’  I believe a great shaking is coming.  (more…)

Obama Makes Dire Strategic Mistake in Ukraine-John Browne

John Browne - Obama Makes Dire Strategic Mistake in UkraineBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial and geo-political expert John Browne was an advisor on Russia to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.  So, does he think the war in Ukraine is a dire threat?  Browne says, “Oh yes, I think it is dire particularly because President Obama has had the wrong end of the stick, and he follows a strategic mistake.  When President Reagan and Secretary of State Gorbachev, with the assistance of Margret Thatcher, achieved an end to the cold war, in other words, the colder part of Second World War in the mid 1980’s, it was agreed, if not in writing but tacitly, that neither side would try to poach on the old buffer states of NATO and the Warsaw Pact.  (more…)