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Ireland Is Not Iceland

By Greg Hunter’s It is official.  Ireland was bailed out yesterday by the European Union with a financial package totaling more than a $112 billion.  This money bails out Irish banks but coincides with steep cuts in the Irish budget.  

What Is Really Behind QE2?

The article you are about to read is from Ellen Brown.  She writes a good post here, but I disagree with one of her main points.  She says Quantitative Easing (QE) will not cause inflation because of “$15 trillion in write-downs

Is the TSA Out of Line?

By Greg Hunter’s When I Google the phrase “TSA outrage,” I find 2 million search results.  I can only view this as a black eye for the Transportation Security Administration.  I know these folks have a tough job trying to

Banks Should Face Bankruptcy, Just Like GM

Greg Hunter’s General Motors started trading publicly last week in what is being called one of Wall Street’s most successful Initial Public Offerings (IPO) in years.  The automaker took in $20 billion selling newly minted shares of this iconic American

As Banks Go, So Goes the Economy

Greg Hunter’s FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair gave a speech to the securities industry in New York City this past Wednesday.  In her opening remarks, she said, “Now, as a tentative economic recovery continues to build, and as the earnings of

What is America Thinking Coast to Coast?

By Greg Hunter’s   I was on the nation-wide radio show, Coast to Coast AM, for 3 hours early Monday morning.  Ian Punnett filled in for the regular host, George Noory.  Punnett is a pro, and he guided me through many

Insanity or Ingenious?

By Greg Hunter’s What is happening in the economy is signaling enormous changes for the U.S. and the world.  The scale of what the Federal Reserve is doing is unparalleled in human history.  No country has ever produced so much

G-20 Worries About Everything But What It Should

  By Greg Hunter’s   The G-20 kicked off in Seoul South Korea this week.  It seems to me everyone should be talking about the U.S. defaulting on its obligations by massive money printing.  Instead, the group of twenty finance

Foreclosuregate Could Force Bank Nationalization

The piece you are about to read is from our friend, Ellen Brown.  Her posts are on the long side, but heavy on detail and fact.  This is what I love about her—she backs up her work.  This piece is a

The Feds Biggest Fear

By Greg Hunter’s Last week’s decision by the Fed to start another round of Quantitative Easing was met with only one dissenting vote by the Federal Open Market Committee.  That does not mean everybody in the rest of the world

Gold Smells Blood

By Greg Hunter’s One day after the Federal Reserve announced a $600-$900 billion second round of Quantitative Easing (QE2), gold and silver hit fresh all-time highs.  Yesterday, the yellow metal surged more than $40 an ounce to well over $1,390

Back to Reality

By Greg Hunter’s   Now that the mid-term elections are over, it is time to get back to reality.  Just because House Minority Leader John Boehner is taking over for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House doesn’t mean the economy

The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

I love the article you are about to read because it is very much in line with some of what this site is about. is neither “Democrat nor Republican, liberal or conservative.”  I just want to connect the dots and find