$21 Trillion in Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says the big elephant in the global financial room, that nobody wants to acknowledge, is the still “missing” $21 trillion from the DOD and HUD. Kirby contends, “They don’t want to believe it. They don’t want to believe that, at least, $21 trillion in extra dollars has been created out of thin air. It is siloed, and I would say it is siloed in dark places like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF), which is the secretive adjunct to the U.S. Treasury. I would also contend that this enormous cache of dark money is exactly what is used to do dirty tricks like rig the precious metals market because that is a very expensive operation to carry out. That is not a sustainable sort of thing. The Fed . . . knew years and years ago that they were going to hit a point where the amount of money that they would need to be put into the system would have to grow vertically. This is why they created and siloed at least $21 trillion extra dollars.”

Kirby also says the extra $21 trillion “missing” dollars has been a well-kept secret. Kirby says, “This is a true secret, and I am going to say a true secret of the Deep State. This is why everybody avoids this at all costs.”

What is the downside to massive money printing? Kirby says, “Is everything going to be okay in America when people really realize how much money there really is in existence. When people realize instead of money supply being “X,” and it’s really 10 times “X,” is everything going to be okay then? I don’t think so. Once there is widespread acceptance that the money supply is not “X,” but it is 10 times “X,” 10 “X” is going to come home to America very quickly. That 10 “X” worth of money is going to be buying anything that isn’t nailed down things, and it might be buying things that are nailed down. We are going to get a hyperinflation. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind. It’s not a question of if, it’s only a question of when.”

Kirby, who is also a broker of physical precious metals by the ton for wealthy clients, says people are quietly panicking. Kirby explains, “If you look at a duck moving across the water, it looks very graceful. But if you take a picture of what’s going on underneath the waterline, you see the duck paddling seriously. In the precious metals space, what we see above the waterline is the reckless suppression of physical precious metals . . . but what’s really going on beneath the waterline is mega, mega money is on a ‘seek and acquire’ mission to secure physical precious metals in amounts that would stagger most people. . . . There will come a point where physical precious metal will be hard, if not impossible, to find in exchange for fiat currency. . . .The amount of money seeking physical precious metals would alarm a lot of people. You are talking stupid amounts of money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com.

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After the Interview:

There is free information and analysis on KirbyAnalytics.com.  To become a subscriber for $145 per year, click here.  Rob Kirby’s latest article is called “Big Money and The Big Lie,” and he’s giving it to you below for free:

Big Money and the Big Lie

The picture below is one of the most important pieces anyone could look at to begin understanding the true nature/condition of our global financial system:

This picture depicts the life cycle of “ANY” fiat currency with compound interest.  This concept is explained thoroughly by Chris Martenson on his web site under the moniker of The Accelerated Crash Course.  I recommend everyone read it.
The important take-away from the picture above is that the US dollar is now on the vertical growth part of its “life curve”.  Naysayers might argue, “money growth is not increasing at a vertical rate because the Fed stopped QE [Quantitative Easing] a number of years ago”.
Perhaps the Fed did “technically” stop QE a number of years ago, BUT, the folks at the Fed are well aware of the facts regarding the life cycle of fiat money depicted above.  They know if the money is not created, the financial system [US Dollar] collapses onto itself.  So what gives?
Connecting Dots
Instead of the vertical nature of the money growth chart above, the Fed would like us to believe that money growth is better reflected by their more sanguine “official” count depicted below:

Do remember folks, the chart above reflect the “officially acknowledged money supply”.  The growth rate does not appear to be vertical, does it?
But what about the fraudulently created, missing 21 TRILLION identified by Dr. Mark Skidmore [PhD. Michigan St.] and Catherine Austin Fitts [former undersecretary of HUD – Bush 1 Admin]?  This money is not acknowledged to exist and IS NOT part of the official monetary aggregate data depicted above.  If one was to “add” the missing 21 Trillion to the 16ish Trillion depicted above – the growth rate would INDEED BE VERTICAL.
So folks, while the Fed may be able to legally claim that QE ended years ago, the REQUIRED monies have been created and they have been silo-ed in places like the ESF [EXCHANGE STABILIZATION FUND].
“The U.S. Exchange Stabilization Fund was established at the Treasury Department by a provision in the Gold Reserve Act of January 31, 1934. 31 U.S.C. § 5117. It was intended as a response to Britain’s Exchange Equalisation Account.[2] The fund began operations in April 1934, financed by $2 billion of the $2.8 billion paper profit the government realized from raising the price of gold to $35 an ounce from $20.67. The act authorized the ESF to use its capital to deal in gold and foreign exchange to stabilize the exchange value of the dollar. The ESF as originally designed was part of the executive branch not subject to legislative oversight.”

The web page devoted to the ESF claims that it contains only roughly 100 billion US dollars but then again, it is NOT SUBJECT TO LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT, so who really knows?  We also know that the ESF was created to protect the dollar.  We also know that 21 Trillion US dollars are unaccounted for.  We also know that money growth matter-of-factly is greater than what is reported – because it MUST BE.  It is not a stretch to figure the existence of this “dark money” is the real reason why US Government Bond auctions have NEVER failed, despite the reluctance of America’s traditional financiers to purchase record amounts of additional US government debt.
So folks, while the Fed may be able to say they are not directly engaged in QE, the US Treasury [ESF] IS and has been for some time – because they MUST.  Additionally, the Fed necessarily was complicit in assisting the ESF in creating the dark money.
This is why the Fed will never be audited and this is also why,
“In an apparent departure from ‘generally accepted accounting principles,’ federal agencies will be permitted to publish financial statements that are altered so as to protect information on classified spending from disclosure…
It’s all part of the BIG LIE, ladies and gentlemen.



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  1. Robert

    If the $21 trillion is suppose to cause hyper inflation, why hasn’t it already?

    • Greg Hunter

      Watch the video.

    • Tin foil hat

      If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound? ESF and dark money are the forest of smoke and mirrors.

      Anyway, I disagree with Mr. Kirby that the dark money will cause hyperinflation. Yes, it will cause hyperinflation if we are not prepared for it but Trump is preparing us for the inevitable. At the infliction point, we need to be productive to the point of completely wean most imports off our domestic market (TV, Autos ….. etc). The U.S. Treasury, hopefully not the Federal Reserve, can then contain the hyperinflation in gold by sucking up the dark money with the gold reserve; I hope they can hold on to at least 70% out of the 8,000 tons of gold.

      Hyperinflation has already occurred in the stock and real estate markets. Trump needs to transfer or spread that around to an asset (it could be moon rocks if China, Russia, Germany ….. were okay with it) which will keep hyperinflation at bay and away from foods and commodities.

      In short, Trump is building us a way out or a Yellow Brick Road from the forest of “Smoke & Mirrors” to the Emerald City of Oz.

      • Frederick

        What 8000 tons? You still buy into that story? Why don’t they allow an independent audit and why aren’t they returning Germaine’s gold if they have so much ? Lots of unanswered questions Foil

        • Tin foil hat

          One of the main reason Ron & Rand Paul’s “Audit the Fed” measure couldn’t get anywhere is because of rehypothecation – you deposited your gold at a bullion bank; this custodian bullion bank could turn around and lend it to another customer, and then another customer …, to earn additional fees. This arrangement suits everyone until there is some shock to the system and there is a scramble to claim assets back.

          Since the Federal Reserve backstop these bullion banks, technically, we don’t have nearly enough gold if there were a scramble to claim assets back. In that sense, you are right, we don’t have the gold.

          I believe an audit will not happen until the reset, many will be disappointed when they are forced or want to claim their gold (before the reset) but get the dollar instead. Thereby, walah, we have the gold.

          They gave Germany a hard time because the Germans were supposed to get screwed with the dollar. Anyway, the Germans repatriated all 300 tons of their gold ahead of schedule last year. I infer squeaky wheel gets the oil.

          After the reset, countries will likely settle trade through a decentralized platform facilitated thru IMF. If a trade surplus exists, a country has the option to “store” that surplus in gold, SDR (a diversified basket of currencies and IMF’s gold) or a preferred currency based upon future trade.

          Nations are preparing for this eventuality by transfering the old casino chips to the new one. The manager of the casino has to make sure all players, including himself, have sufficient amount of chips before the game.

          • Eric

            TFHat Why would rehypothecation be an excuse. If our gold is there then simply subtract that amount from the supposedly rehypothecated gold.
            There is no gold. There is no GOOD reason Not to count it over the last 40 years.
            If we had it we would count it. Rehypothecation my *ss.

            Also there’s the fact that the gold leaving to cover the Comex has to come from somewhere. Not to mention all the gold China, Russia, ect are buying that can’t be accounted for in world production.
            The existence of 8000 tons is just another lie. Our country lies about everything.

          • Tin foil hat

            I don’t disagree that our country lies about many things but that doesn’t mean they are simple. In fact, they are probably the best con artists the world has ever seen; you should watch the movie “The Sting”.

            The Federal Reserve does not own gold!!

            The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 required the Federal Reserve System to transfer ownership of all of its gold to the Department of the Treasury. In exchange, the Treasury issued gold certificates to the Federal Reserve for the amount of gold transferred at the then-applicable price. Gold certificates do not give the Federal Reserve any right to redeem the certificates for gold.

            The statutory price of gold is set by law. It does not fluctuate with the market price of gold and has been constant at $42.2222, per fine troy ounce since 1973, a year before President Ford signed Executive Order 11825–Revocation of Executive orders 6102, which was signed by FDR in 1934.

            Although the Federal Reserve does not own any gold, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York acts as the custodian of gold owned by account holders such as the U.S. government, foreign governments, other central banks, and official international organizations – until Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, gold could be used to settle international trade imbalances. No individuals or private sector entities are permitted to store gold in the vault of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York or at any Federal Reserve Bank.

            A small portion of the gold held by the U.S. Treasury, about five percent, is held in custody for the Treasury by the Federal Reserve Banks, as fiscal agents of the United States. The vast majority of this gold is located in the vault at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The remaining 95 percent of U.S. Treasury gold is held in custody for the Treasury by the U.S. Mint.

            If bank runs in gold occurred in the bullion banks, the Federal Reserve, which is PRIVATELY owned, will either settle the accounts in dollar (pre-reset) or handle it via bankruptcy (post-reset). Our exposure is limited to five percent of the 8,000 tons or around 400 tons of gold.

            Regarding your question of where the gold leaving to cover the Comex has to come from, strange as it may seem, the very first came from a US natural gas producer in 1984 – Peter Munk (Barrick Gold). Later the initiative came from outside the US: Gordon Brown sold half of the UK’s gold reserves between 1999 and 2002, the Swiss picked up the baton in 2002 and sold half of theirs until 2007, IMF had the last massive gold dump, 400 tons, in 2009 and Iraq, Ukraine, Libya ……

          • Frederick

            Good evaluation of the situation There Tin Are you from NY? I’m born and raised in Nassau County and lived for 20 years in Sag Harbor, NY

      • al

        I don’t think that tin foil hat is grounded. It only works if it’s grounded.

        • Tin foil hat

          You may be right, I better have that checked asap.

      • paul ...

        Do you suppose by legalizing pot in the US “real” Americans can be persuaded to do like the citizens of Turkey are now doing? … to sell their gold and silver in order to make America “Great Again”? … joyfully high and doing the patriotic thing for God and Country … taking “newly printed” US dollars hot off the press … even if there are 10x or 20x or 100 times as many of them (as these infinitely printed pieces of paper “are really just like gold” (because they don’t hardly pay any interest) and therefore that fact alone would officially make it “true” money (instead of just infinitely conjured out of thin air “fake fiat”) right?

      • Robert

        Thanks for your responses. On a different note, unrelated to hyperinflation, but related to Manafort and the claim he committed tax fraud in his 2005 tax filings. What I don’t understand is, how did the FBI (not the IRS), go back to 2005? I thought taxpayers only have to keep tax filing data for 7 years. How is that Manafort is being prosecuted for 12 year old tax filings and how is Manafort suppose to protect himself if he probably has destroyed his tax filings from 2005? How did the FBI know that there was wrongdoing in the 2005 tax year? Has anybody pursued how this claim by the FBI has any merit, especially if the review was for a period outside of the 7 year period we are required to maintain our files and supporting data?

        • Tin foil hat

          The following is copy & paste from the IRS web site: “Generally, the IRS can include returns filed within the last three years in an audit. If we identify a substantial error, we may add additional years. We USUALLY don’t go back more than the last six years.”

          Usually don’t go back more than six years implies they can go back as far as they deem fit.

          I think FBI looked into Manafort’s dealings in Ukraine but backed off due to ramification that others may be implicated in that matter – John Podesta and Joe Biden’s dead son. Since the FBI initiated the investigation and uncovered other unrelated crime, they can pursuit the unrelated offense or turn it over to the appropriate agency.

      • Tad

        Hasn’t been real since 1971.

  2. Tad

    Presumably, hundreds of billions spent on gold translate into the same amount not invested into “productive ventures.”

    Do suppose quarterly GDP is closer to 2.1 than 4.1 percent?

  3. Dennis Conrad

    That’s 21 Trillion in only 2 departments. How much in the other government Departments has gone missing? Nobody knows

    • Tad

      Not so much “missing,” as digitally produced. Someone’s pre-approval and more than a few silent voices.

  4. Jack

    It may not be over yet. Since 1980 ,every share market crash has been followed by a rise in real estate. This time may be different because our elites have pumped the share market with their money and very few workers( debt slaves) have bought into the scam. I think real estate will collapse and they will pump the share market higher to suck the workers in, while the insiders exit to buy tangible assets. It has been 10 yrs since the GFC and the masses have forgotten the players and even why it happened. I think a lot of people will take the bait ,sell real estate and buy stocks. This is another reason why the metals are being attacked. $21 trillion can pump up a lot of shares, with FOMO and media hype , shares could easily double again. So be prepared for another 12 mths of shares going through the stratosphere and metals driven into the ground.

    • Donald

      “I think real estate will collapse”

      A huge difference now versus before, is that a lot of real estate was purchased by investment funds (because bonds had no where to go). And should people start redeeming in quantity, the funds will have no choice but to dump into the market. In this case, people and banks are not directly involved. And in this case, prices can fall very far and very fast. This is another unwanted instability. Once prices fall, those who have mortgages will be underwater.

      • Jack

        Donald ,do pension funds buy debt in the form of prime mortgagees and commercial real estate ? Commercial real estate is supported by the inflated share market and purchasing power of the masses. We know they buy so called safe bonds which are promises to repay debt. My point is this has gone on much longer than anyone has expected and the bubble could continue to grow.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Kirby.
    It is somewhat uninspiring to be confronted by the reality that while we work in the real world for money a clique just prints it out of thin air for their collective use.Just think about your daily life,you are slogging away with rough hands and strained sinew whilst a lily-livered hand strokes the keys of a computer or phone and magically produces your annual salary for their use no sweat needed.No wonder Maryland is so wealthy and car dealerships blossom for the money so printed.
    Imagine if the money printed had been used to replace America’s infrastructure ,imagine the wealth that would have really ensued.What a missed opportunity so that a few may drive sports cars over rickety roads,they did not even have the intelligence to build the “ZIL”lane.This is the elite few all educated at the Ivy League.
    Oh well back to my sweating and mopping of floors until I drop.

    • Donald

      “a clique just prints it out of thin air for their collective use”

      Yep. This has been going on for a very long time. And this is what Trump is working to end – private ownership of central banks. And this is part of the reason the media is being used to bash him at every turn. The media, by the way, is owned or controlled by those who own or control the central banks (who also own or control many politicians and world leaders – but not Putin), and on and on.

      • Frederick

        A “clique” that’s very politically correct there Donald and I hope you’re right

    • Gordo McMillan

      Isn’t your name Mary in English?

    • Stephen Miller

      It is Jody and it will! It is called. God’s Kingdom governance. Remember that old saying? It’s about 2,000 years old.
      “Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it’s done in heaven and thats the way it’s done, down in Georgia!” Hip hip hurray you better go the right way! Cause that’s the way it’s d-o-ne in Ge- o -r -gia!¡

  6. Anthony Auatralia

    The view from a humble, honest genius.

  7. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    KWN tells us that an ounce of gold bought in Venezuela at the beginning of the century for 200 bolivars would now cost 300 million.

    • Frederick

      Yup and buy exactly the same amount of goods That’s the beauty of holding gold

    • paul ...

      Do you think the one ounce silver coin I just bought at the beginning of September 2018 for only $14.50 … will similarly grow 1,500,000 times what I just paid for it (as the bolivar multiplied about 10x20x20x20x20)? … imagine my one(1) ounce silver coin being worth over twenty-one million dollars ($21,750,000)!! … all I can say is WOW!! … sadly though … all we can do is wonder what the Venezuelan people are saying today (who didn’t buy any silver when the bolivar had some value) as they eat their zoo animals???

      • paul ...

        Just think of the possibilities available to Chase with their huge horde of silver they have recently collected … they can pay back the $21 trillion they stole with just 1000 silver coins and with an additional 1000 coins pay off the National Debt … but don’t count on banksters being so generous … so it will take 2000 generous Americans to donate “one silver coin each” and we can pay off the entire National Debt and also the $21 trillion that was stolen from us!!

  8. FC

    What did Trump see and hear during that meeting with Obama in The Oval Office on that fateful day for his demeanor to be so somber afterward?
    Who knows, but I’m sure he’s heard it all before but I doubt he’s seen it all until now.


    • paul ...

      Trump probably saw a fleet of Trojan Horses (that Obama and his crew were feverishly fashioning to be used to take down America and install Hillary as “Queen Alice” in a New World Order Wonderland where freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, etc., etc. would have limitations) … Trump is now dismantling all these Trojan Horses one at a time and “the traitors within” are running scared … http://www.321gold.com/editorials/moriarty/moriarty090318.html

  9. Justn Observer

    UP EARLY? —
    9/2 DAMACUS UNDER ATTACK https://youtu.be/uqIKh7dqKns


    • paul ...

      Russia is doing massive military exercise off Syrian coast for a reason … and its not just to stop the Syrian rebels … Russian subs have been brought in which indicates they are there to deflect US (Deep State) navel support of the rebels … reports indicate Russia has brought in advanced electronic jamming equipment that has put all American and Israeli drones out of commission … threat of a major confrontation between the US and Russia would have spiked the price of gold upward in the old days before the creation of “the plunge protection team” … trillions of new dollars are probably being created electronically right now to keep the gold price down … because that extra $21 trillion in reserve is probably running very low!!

  10. H. Craig Bradley

    Actually, this sort of thing HAS been sustainable for many, many years and may continue for a long time, as nobody really knows. Instead, we have only individual opinions. For a real world case study, lets see what actually happens as a prelude to “hyperinflation” in Venezuela, the current case or example:



    Notice that the Venezuelan stock market keeps-up with their (high) inflation when measured in local currency, as long as its not hyperinflation.


  11. Roger D

    Excellent interview. Thank you Greg and Mr. Kirby.

    Ron Paul ran on a platform of true conservatism with a key plank being ‘Audit the Fed!’. But sadly the Powers-That-Be using their globalist-controlled Republican Party took Paul down, and gave us Romney. And now we have Trump who is in bed with globalist bankers. Trump will never touch the fed.

    The PTB play so-called conservatives like a fiddle with their ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop’ and controlled choices. They know so-called conservatives will blindly chose The PTB’s Republicans as the ‘good guys’. They (and conservative principles) have been totally kidnapped. Now we have $21 trillion already baked into the cake to celebrate global government. Kirby knows this. Yet Republicans (except 1 or 2) are silent. Is banker-control Trump going to touch this? That’s a joke.

    • paul ...

      There is no ‘Good Cop-Bad Cop’ when it comes to Alex Jones … they cut off the tip of the spear … little do the globalists know … but we have much more advanced weapons then just a spear … the big artillery is being moved into place right now!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-06/twitter-permanently-bans-alex-jones-infowars

      • paul ...

        Millennial troops are now “spear heading” a pincer movement against Facebook … with Twitter, Google, CNN, etc., etc. next in line to be counter-attacked by “real” Patriots against the Tyranny of the Demon-rat commie traitors … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-09-06/1-4-facebook-users-delete-facebook-app-millennial-exodus-continues

        • paul ...

          What the commie traitors don’t seem to understand is that “under the provisions of the NDAA passed under GWB and later modified under Barack Obama anyone in the world can be charged with terrorism against the US and incarcerated or killed without judicial oversight” … do you get that Twitter, Google, CNN !! … we patriots can use the very laws foolishly created by Bush and Obama to lock up all your sorry asses … we don’t need Military Tribunals … so to all you evil Demon-rat commies “currently deeply engaged in high treason against the United States … you may just want to re-consider your evil actions … and possibly try for a plea deal”!!

  12. Jerry

    The dominos are falling.

    The ESF may be able to manipulate our markets, but it can’t manipulate the entire world market. As Rob said, the alternate system has been built with the Chinese, and the inflection point is fast approaching. The moment that China cant absorb the losses caused by import tariffs and global bailouts in places like South Africa, you will see the Chinese completely breakaway from the dollar and use their own currency which WILL be backed by GOLD.

    What is there not to understand? The Chinese have their own exchange system CIPS. They have their own PETROYUAN. And they have the worlds largest gold supply.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Improving investor confidence in Zimbabwe isn’t exactly a strong pillar on which to rest a case.

    • Jerry

      The dollar is clearly in the crosshairs of a reset.

      Anyone who can’t see it must surely be blind. Come on folks how much do I have to post before you get it? Rob can’t tell you the whole truth because his biggest gold investors are Chinese. He has tipped his hand in the past though by stating that once the gold is gone they will pull the plug on the fiat Ponzi scheme. We’re now approaching that point when you consider what’s been going on at the COMEX.

      • Diane

        Jerry , ever since I have been reading UWD, you have been what seems to me like rooting against United States currency and our economy.
        It seems you have a major bias for China taking over the world economy and with gold.
        What if China eventually becomes the new world currency but is NOT backed by gold?

        • Jerry

          No rooting here. I only report what the central banks are doing. China just happens to be the one they’ve groomed.

        • Frederick

          You misevaluate Jerry He is just trying to open some eyes and educate the sheep as Greg is doing Its a very noble enterprise and should be encouraged not attacked as anti American in any way

    • Stan

      Jerry: When will you admit you are 100% wrong? How high must the dollar climb? How low must gold fall? How high must employment and GDP go? Wake up and smell the coffee!

    • Thomas Stamps

      Maybe it’s to late to be brought public!

  13. Jodyp

    Well, the house crashed on the wicked witch in the 2016 election, so maybe we’ll wake up from our nightmare that’s coming to a happier ending too.

    • paul ...

      Only after we have gathered all the so called Wizards together … put them in their “hot air ” balloon … and send them off to Peter Pan’s “never ever land” where only Captain Hook can make them walk the plank for robbing the “yellow bricks” in Oz!!

      • paul ...

        The other guy we must get is that Moby Dick or “white whale” that keeps putting his fat fingers on our US dollar printing machine … now the key board is stuck … and we are printing trillions and trillions out of thin air continuously!!

      • paul ...

        Like the Hillary computer disks … the FBI has recovered the “Wicked Witch of the East’s” ruby slippers … https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/04/entertainment/wizard-of-oz-stolen-ruby-slippers-found/index.html … but will any charges ever be brought against her?? … Hillary and Bill should be serving time … if Trump gets personally involved … I can see her dressed in orange forced as punishment to swing a big hammer breaking apart a big pile of computer disks (to remove any gold therein) while Bill plays “Europa” on his sax!!

    • Stephen Miller

      My reply to you some how went up the wrong way. You’ll find it by Maria’s comment.

  14. Jim

    The only reason to create a fiat currency is to finance war. The greenback was created to finance the Civil War. France and Germany went off the gold standard in 1909 and the FED was created in 1913, coincidence? I think not. The FED was created to finance a PLANNED century of war. Gold, silver and copper et.al. are perfectly sufficient for normal commerce.

    • eddiemd


      I have noted the increased presence of the Chinese is Peru since 1996. Peru is one of the largest producers of precious metals and rare earth minerals. The Chinese also invested in oil and gas production.


      The Chinese also control both sides of the Panama Canal. Another strategic assest.

      I suspect that Russia would attack and/or control the oil routes in Alaska. It would not take much to shut down the pipelines across Canada and the refinery in Valdez. I was up there in 1985 Brimfrost exercise as a SF radio operator working with the Eskimo scouts guarding the pipeline and pumphouses. The pipeline has always been vulnerable to attack and sabotage.

      Have we had enough of McCain? At least he served in Vietnam and credit him for 5 years as a POW. I don’t really know for sure what he did or did not do in the Hanoi hilton but it was no picnic. I do beleive that he probably suffered from vitamin and mineral deficiencies and this affected his cognition in his later years.

      He overstayed his welcome in politics and the last 20 years served the deep state MIC. He did more damage than good for the nation. He was obviously involved in the attempted overthrow of Syria and Ukraine and who really knows what other shenanigans.

      There is none good, not even John McCain.

      Hebrews 9:27 King James Version (KJV)
      27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

      • paul ...

        Let’s hope the judgement is some crazy scientist brings him back to life through genetic engineering “so he can die twice” (but make sure this time we keep him in a cage)!

  15. Brad Skiles

    Great interview once again. Isn’t the $21 trillion in dark pools a guess? How do we know that wasn’t already spent or stolen AND another $21 trillion has been created for dark pools. Isn’t it possible our situation is worse than Rob imagines?

    • Tad

      I maintain that the $21 trillion is being spent now, though not in its entirety. It may take a year to two to blow through the digital money.

      I believe the military is now spending the bulk on hypersonic weapons research, the much-maligned Space Force, satellites, and other programs, without much public scrutiny.

      If there was, people might realize and decide dollar-based investments make little sense and look toward gold and silver. So a light, belatedly, turns on.

      No one with “two brain cells” (Greg Mannarino quote) believes government economic statistics and as Rob Kirby mentioned, wealthy individuals are buying precious metals as if there’s no tomorrow. May not be for all intents and purposes.

    • beLIEve

      Brad Skiles……Isn’t it possible our situation is worse than Rob imagines?
      * * *
      $ 9,000,000,000 still missing from the Federal Reserve

      * * *
      DOCUMENT SHREDDING TRUCKS Photographed in Front of NY Federal Reserve Gold Vault

      Christina Sarich October 5, 2016

      New documents have surfaced on the the Internet claiming that the FEDERAL RESERVE Bank BAMBOOZLED OVER $23 trillion in gold IN GOLD in order TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD’$ corporations and MONETARY SYSTEM using the Lehman’s scandal to their advantage. Whether the details of this claim are true remain to be verified, but DOCUMENT SHREDDING TRUCK$ as well as a professional demolition and dismantling service were photographed outside the NY Fed’s gold vault just this past week.
      Documents leaked by US government personnel detail how the 2008 LEHMAN CRISIS WAS FABRICATED as a way TO STEAL 700 TONS of GOLD which were then U$ED to CREATE 23 TRILLION ‘FAKE’ DOLLARS that J.P. Morgan, Chase and HSBC helped to circulate IN ORDER TO BILK even more MONEY FROM an unsuspecting PUBLIC.

      * * *
      Posted by EU Times on May 31st, 2011
      A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by the Federal Security Service (FSB) says that former International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief DOMINIQUE STRAUSS-KAHN was charged and jailed in the US for sex crimes on May 14th after his DISCOVERY THAT ALL the GOLD HELD IN THE UNITED STATES BULLION DEPOSITORY located AT FORT KNOX WAS ‘MI$$ING and/or UNACOUNTED’ FOR. According to this FSB secret report, Strauss-Kahn had become “increasingly concerned” earlier this month after the UNITED STATES BEGAN “STALLING” ITS PLEDGED DELIVERY TO the IMF of 191.3 TONS of GOLD agreed to under the Second Amendment of the Articles of Agreement signed by the Executive Board in April 1978 THAT WERE TO BE SOLD TO FUND what are called SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS (SDRs) AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO what are called RESERVE CURRENCIES.
      This FSB report further states that upon STRAUSS-KAHN raising his concerns with American government officials close to President Obama he WAS ‘CONTACTED’ BY ‘ROGUE ELEMENTS’ WITHIN the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (CIA) WHO PROVIDED him ‘FIRM EVIDENCE’ THAT ALL OF the GOLD reported to be held by the US ‘WA$ GONE’.


      * N.B. Note the reference to SDRs………
      US was STALLING DELIVERY of of 191.3 tonnes of GOLD to be SOLD to FUND SDR$
      IF….ALL the GOLD I$ GONE……..
      WHAT is USA using as “COLLATERAL” to fund SDRs ❓

      • paul ...

        In the mind of the people the Fed wants us to think the US dollar is “as good as gold” … but wait a minute … when Ron Paul asked Bernanke if gold was money “he said NO!” … therefore … if the US dollar “is as good as gold” … and gold is not money according to Bernanke … then the US dollar is not money … you have to hand it to Ron Paul for being smarter then the puppet Fed head … making him essentially admit what we all know to be true … that the US dollar “is not money” … it is a paper IOU from the Fed (it is their debt to us Americans who took their IOU’s for our “real labor”) … now somehow the Fed wants to make us Americans think that “we owe ourselves this bankster debt they created” … let’s not be fooled … the banksters that issued the IOU’s owes us the “real money” their IOU’s represent … we at USAWatchdog know how to get “real money” for the Fed’s IOU’s by trading them in for silver … but the American people in general “are in the dark” and cling to their paper IOU’s printed up by the Fed “like it is money” and store these IOU’s (that is not money but only represents a debt the Fed owes us) under their mattress “like it is gold”!!

  16. Anthony Auatralia

    It’s here and the time is now,


  17. al

    I feel Rob’s fatigue. It’s not easy touting a metal that has been suppressed for years. His analogy of the Todo pulling back the curtain was insightful, an eye opener.
    Why not the Lion, or the Robot, or the Scarecrow of even Dorothy (who’s name means “she knows”)? Dorothy possibly suspected something was not quite right but who pulled back the curtain?

    Todo is a small insignificant character in the whole story-line, yet it was this insignificant character who EXPOSED the lie. Then all were SHOCKED!
    Because of Todo the all powerful, all knowing, omnipotent wizard was exposed as a fraud.

    You, Rob, Bill H., and all the others you have on your show are a collective Todo. Insignificant in the current story-line, but the very character that will pull back the curtain.

    Thank you Greg for all you do, God Bless

    • Clare Doll

      Point understood but it truly was Dorothy. Oz was her creation, the wizard was the total creation of her subconscious mind. She knew ALL of the elements the whole time. The dream was simply the means of her mind to show her conscious self what she knew but never had quite put together. In the story, she believes that she has made the connection to what home really is. But the book takes us on a whole other journey that SHE made and Understood by the end.

      • Clare Doll

        One more note,
        Bringing the commentary back to this amazing interview, at one point Greg comments that (paraphrasing) “you know how it is when you just seem to KNOW something is true when you hear it . . . .” Well, why would that be if something somewhere deep inside of you knows it but you just don’t want to accept it? That would be one of the Dorothy themes of conscious vs. subconscious. A universal knowledge of something that is TRUE but we haven’t been able to yet make the leap to accept.

        In the case of Dorothy, she must go on a journey. She will not believe it just because someone tells her. In other cases, people have already made the journey, and are absolutely ready for the truth when it hits.

        What is it that we are so afraid to accept? What is the truth?

        We are afraid of having to admit to the existence of EVIL.

        • paul ...

          Good point Clare … we don’t have to religiously read the Bible or the Ten(10) Commandments every day (24/7) to know something is true or that something is evil … as Greg says: “you know how it is when you just seem to KNOW something is true when you hear it” … why can’t our elected representatives hear these words … “Thou Shall Not Kill Women or Children for Profit or Pleasure”!!

      • al

        You get the point, I’m going by memory from decades ago. I do distinctly remember Toto being a part of the exposure.

        • Clare Doll

          You’re post made me think! and I thank you for that.

          • Clare Doll

            It was when you said Dorothy means “she knows” and everything clicked!

  18. DanT

    “Money is stored labor. Labor is part of human life. To devalue money is to debase life” John Kenneth Galbreth I think said that

    • Tad

      If debase means destroy, I couldn’t agree more. Untold millions, if not billions.

    • paul ...

      Real money can not be devalued … only the pieces of paper the Fed originally printed up saying “they owe you real money” can be devalued … by changing the writing on their IOU to state “they can pay you back with another IOU” … what was destroyed “was the banksters promise to pay us back in real money for their paper IOU’s” … but real money (gold and silver) was never devalued (except in the minds of the people who continue to accept the banksters written pieces of paper that only promise to pay you back with another piece of paper they conjure out of thin air) … when do the American people “wake up” to the greatest Ponzi scheme on planet Earth? … millions of other people have already awoken (i.e. Russia, China, India, etc., etc.)!!

  19. Steve

    another home run Greg ……. The chickens are coming home to roost

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Steve. It’s all Kirby!!

  20. breamrod

    Greg, I think the hyper inflation will start with a collapse in confidence. These midterm elections could be the tigger. Also Our deficits will start exploding next year. Martenson’s chart is correct. Thanks for a great interview!

    • paul ...

      Not so much a collapse in confidence … but in an awakening to the fact that the Fed Ponzi scheme needs a continual supply of new suckers to take their paper debt (with the promise that they will pay you back with another IOU they print up out of thin air) … but “the pool of suckers” is growing smaller and smaller on planet Earth … and imposing sanctions on Nations to accept these “fraudulent Fed IOU’s printed up out of thin air” … or going to war with Nations to force them to accept “Fed Ponzi money” … can work for a while … but eventually every Nation in the entire world will have to be attacked to effect “regime change” so the new leader (for a few million Fed IOU’s in payoffs) agrees to continue to use the Fed’s Ponzi money as the basis of their monetary system!

  21. Razor

    Morpheus and Neo warned us that we live in a phony
    dreamed up consumer driven fantasy world.
    Now we know the financial numbers behind it.
    Thanks for another “Red Pill” Greg and Ron Kirby.

  22. Tom Quinn

    the powers to be know what is going on but if they accepted they truth they would be nobodies like us, Thanks for all you do for us minions Tom

  23. Mike

    Trump has an executive order that will allow him to seize deep state assets all the way to the top globalists. The justification for such action is corruption and other criminal activity. Some people like Jim Willie have suggested that this may allow the debt to be repaid in a global debt reset event. The numbers are huge but so is the duration and criminal activity by globalists. Do you know any expert that could quantify such assets?

    • paul ...

      Since the Fed printed up the IOU’s … it is their debt … “they” owe us the money back (we don’t “owe ourselves” the money as the banksters would like you to think) … so lets use the RICO laws and Executive Orders to seize back all the assets these criminals have stolen from us … these criminals who tell us … “Oh what are you worried about … we’ll pay you back … here … I just printed up another IOU for you” … hey let’s remember the Fed is “a private criminal organization” … they are not our Uncle Sam who moves in and borrows money endlessly … never paying it back!!

      • William Stanley

        Paul . . . , re: RICO
        It’s fun to speculate whether the courts would consider the Fed more of a target for RICO laws than it otherwise would be since it putatively is a privately owned entity. I’d be surprised if the Fed wouldn’t get off the hook (and I haven’t looked into the law concerning it), but deliberately inflating away the value of its debt, i.e., Federal Reserve Notes, would seem to qualify for RICO suits on the face of it.
        The Fed seems to be able to have it both ways: having the secrecy and other immunities and privileges of private corporations, as well as having something close (or superior) to sovereign immunity.

      • beLIEve


        reference RICO…….I just came across this on another site.
        3rd July 2018

        Racketeering Lawsuit (RICO) Filed Against Clinton, Soros, Podesta, Brock


  24. Diane

    Some analysts think it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if the United States ceases to be the world currency.
    They think the US would actually be better off.

    • paul ...

      The US “would be better off” if they printed up their own Treasury currency backed by silver instead of using the fraudulent Ponzi IOU debt note (printed up in infinite quantities by a private criminal organization known as the Fed)!

  25. AL


    • Frederick

      Al I’ve got friends who live up on the ledge as they call it in Glen NH ( Mt Washington Valley) And they told me they get snow in late August sometimes

      • William Stanley

        And just maybe, Frederick, Mr. Kirby has already bugged out to the Southern Hemisphere.

        • paul ...

          So … that must be the reason many world leaders are traveling down to Antarctica … to get Rob Kirby’s advice … and here we thought they were going down there to talk with the aliens!

  26. Clare Doll

    @20:04 “And I don’t know anyone who works for free, Greg, do you?”


    • Stephen Miller

      Good on ya Clare, your a Doll and a smart one at that!

  27. DAvid

    4 years or so ago, the COMEX and LME passed a regulation limiting Ag to no more than $3 a day in price movement. Be interesting to see how the rise in prices of precious metals will come. If they(COMEX. LME) default then there is no $3 a day limit. God’s speed all

    • paul ...

      Actually … this means the Plunge Protection Team can bring the price of silver down to zero in just five(5) days … making silver just like their fiat paper dollars (worthless) … and theoretically we can then get infinite amounts of this worthless silver to haul away in our wheel barrels for free … hey Plunge Protection Team I have a question for you … after we take advantage of your lowered price for silver … and we haul it all away … and it becomes extinct … will it still be worthless?

  28. john duffy

    Off topic but this is astounding!
    If you talk to Catholics who are informed about the homosexual clique who have infiltrated and who run the vatican they are resolute in their rage. They want to clean house and want nothing less than the resignation of the pope and all the clergy involved and even those who knew and said nothing. They want nothing to do with the church investigating itself and want the courts to prosecute those involved with the full force of the law. What is astounding is the lack of coverage by the media. Is it because this pope promotes the favorite agendas of the media?

    • paul ...

      True … it is not so much off topic … but instead of God’s house another small clique have infiltrated “our monetary house” and have stolen not only our gold but have replaced our true money with “fraudulent Ponzi IOU debt notes” called the US dollar … and they continue to rack up more and more debt (stealing away our goods and services) with these “debt notes” they simply print up out of thin air and promise to pay off with newly printed IOU’s!

      • paul ...

        So if the kids the Priests pray on manage to survive to adulthood they then get preyed upon by the Banksters … with so much preying going … an alien might think this to be the holiest planet in the universe … and we have thousands of nuclear bomb craters to prove it!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Protestants accept, and to varying degrees even like “Pope Francis”, because he ratifies people in their sins (in heretical contrast to actual Church doctrine). Hence, the popular media will not openly reveal the criminal perversions, which reach up to and include, in my estimation, this very charm-boy that the Protestant world is so pleased with.

    • Frederick

      The BBC is trash anyway After their crystal ball reporting on 911 building 7 collapse and their covering up of their beloved Jimmy Saville I truly detest that organization in every way

  29. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    One can only conclude that we are ruled by criminals. And no ordinary criminals! These are criminals that are masters of the universe! This is the greatest fraud in history because virtually no one realizes it! When I try to educate people on the missing $21 trillion they tell me I’m a tin foil hat wearing, conspiracy theorist, nut job wack a doodle!

    • paul ...

      If they can tell a lie (that an IOU is money) over and over and over again and again and again … eventually people believe it … and start saving these “paper IOU debt notes” in their mattress … thinking these paper notes (telling you that they will pay you back with another paper note) is real money … the only “real money” they actually own in their entire house is the the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters they have in a jar in their closet … when push comes to shove people will be in shock to learn “what comes out of the closet” is better then what they have in their bed!!

      • paul ...

        The problem is people are married to what is in their bed and consider anything coming out of the closet to be “queer”!

  30. Joe

    0% interest rates are theft, pure and simple. They are destroying savings with their 0% interest rates. They are nothing but criminals.

    • paul ...

      Actually “zero interest rates” is what “real money” like gold and silver pay out … what these criminal banksters are simply trying to do is put “a cloak of respectability” around their fraudulent Ponzi IOU notes called the US dollar!

      • Frederick

        Usuary it’s called and was once frowned upon right? Not so much now unfortunately for the little guy

  31. Kevin

    Kirby truly cares about us…his pockets getting lined is just a coincidence if we follow his deeply caring advice…..

  32. Fred

    Greg,,,,, People do NOT care that there is $21M or more missing. People only care that they are making obscene amounts of money in the stock market and do NOT want it to end and could care less about ESF , Fed and other officialdom corruption at the highest levels. As long as people are profiting big time in the stock market, buying vehicles, houses, vacations and anything else they want – why would they want this great lifestyle to end? They don’t. The people are also drunk/drugged on the three headed entertainment monster that is given them: movies, music/concerts, sports. That’s all people care about. When is this corruption going to end? Who really knows. What about the drug running from Afghanistan too. I could go on and on but why?
    Ultimate respect to Rob Kirby.

    • paul ...

      Perhaps these people will wake up if we put a chicken (feathers and all) in the pot they are smoking!!

      • paul ...

        Once they start caring about the “chicken in every pot” joint they roll … it may cause a trend change … and these “chicken-pot” guys may start caring about other things in the world that are important … like that their unborn children being killed in the womb by abortionists, little children being killed in churches by pedophile priests and adolescent children killed in continuous non-stop wars by warmongers!

  33. Mr. Lee

    As a fellow Canadian, I congratulate Rob for the work he does. Kudos to you as well Greg.

    As for our PM, Mr. Trudeau. Where do I begin. While he is busy legalizing pot his is also busy “studying” the idea to ban semi automatic rifles and hand guns. Why you may ask……because a felon from a Middle Eastern back bround shot and killed 2 Torontonians in a rampage. The gun, get this, was illeagally sourced from the felons brother who is a drug pusher. The felon was also an ISIS sympathizer……ergo why a “study” of a gun ban.

    Not to mention Mr. Trudeaus’s inablity of disinterest to get a oil pipe line built along with a host of other assinine issues.

    I reside in the Province of Alberta, just north of Montana. It is time that my province seperates and lets the global/collectivists bask in their self made perdition.

    Happy Sunday to All.

    • paul ...

      Canadians elected a man named True-Dough … and now their Treasury is absent all its gold … next time you guys should elect a man named Fake-Dough and perhaps it will result in getting some gold back in the Canadian Treasury!

  34. Rick Hester

    Do you suppose when “Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned”, it meant they were all burning a joint?
    Great interview with Mr. Kirby. It leaves me shaking my head.

  35. Jeffersonian

    Really enjoyed your last several guests as they centered around economics. Hard to disagree with anything they said–emerging markets crisis, dark fiat currency, ridiculously low interest rates, bubbles everywhere except in precious metals and certain commodities.

    For all you haters and naysayers that pooh pooh the seriousness of the emerging market crisis and its impact. We grow hazelnuts for export. Turkey produces roughly 90% of the world hazelnut crop. Since the lira’s crash, Turkish farmers are renegotiating contracts in US dollars for a much lower price than first agreed to. Hence crop prices are dropping significantly.

    Add on top of that the Chinese, who buy are product nut in shell, have stopped buying due to US tariffs. Hence we are scrambling to find new contracts at most likely substantially lower prices. As a result no new equipment for us this year for obvious reasons and all other major purchases on hold indefinitely. This will have some negative impact on companies that sell to our industry. Whether we like it or not the world is inextricably intertwined. When China sneezes we feel it.

    And last, according to my real estate broker, the housing market in our area is quickly cooling. No more biding wars, house sales no longer at asking price and time on market up to 30 plus days from 15.

    People always ask when will things crash as they always do. I tell them, I don’t know and I don’t care. It will crash when it crashes. I also tell them just be ready: be liquid, have 1 years supply of food, energy and water, defense systems in place and neighbors who trust each other and of course a strong faith in God.

    ps: you have some intelligent people who write posts and quite frankly I look forward to reading their posts as much as I do listening to the guests. Keep up the good work my man.

  36. Jeffersonian

    Greg I made a grammar mistake in my post it should be “who buy our” not are–paragraph 3. I was in a hurry thanks Jeffersonian ps probably other grammar mistakes too–make it look pretty.

  37. Sylvia Sterling

    Another winning interview. Must agree with it all. I would just love to see the Federal Reserve either go away or better yet fall in complete disgrace.

  38. beLIEve

    It “appears” that the…..Fed & IRS & Treasury…..are ALL PRIVATE BU$INESSE$ !
    * *
    2018 Supreme Court Case


    Petitioner on February 27, 2018, filed an amended motion to dismiss with prejudice which asserts that, because NEITHER the so-called SECRETARY OF the TREASURY NOR his underling, THE COMMISSIONER OF INTERNAL REVENUE, IS A COMMISSIONED OFFICER OF the UNITED STATES: (a) Neither is a government officer, (b) BOTH ARE PRIVATE-SECTOR WORKERS, (c) the organization over which each administers and which issued the subject IRS administrative summons, i.e., IRS, IS NOT PART OF the GOVERNMENT, (d) IRS I$ A PRIVATE-sector organization (BUSINESS), (e) the only cause of action A PRIVATE-SECTOR BUSINESS SUCH as IRS could bring against Petitioner is for breach of contract, (e) THERE IS NO EVIDENCE of ANY CONTRACT BETWEEN IRS and PETITIONER, and, therefore (f) the government’s case must be dismissed under Rule 12(b)(6) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted.
    The US ATTORNEY had until March 20, 2018, to file a response in opposition to this motion, but REMAINED SILENT, whereupon Petitioner on March 21, 2018, filed a notice of the US attorney’s FAILURE TO OPPOSE said motion and request for dismissal with prejudice of the case.
    The US attorney’s failure to respond to this case-dispositive motion is his representation that he does not oppose it and sufficient ground for dismissal with prejudice of the case.

    To provide evidence that IRS is NOT PART of GOVERNMENT, Petitioner on March 1, 2018, SERVED United States Secretary of State REX W. TILLERSON (custodian of the Great Seal of the United States) with two subpoenas COMMANDING HIS PRODUCTION, at 10:00 A.M. on March 22, 2018, OF THE COMMISSION AS AN OFFICER OF the UNITED STATES, in effect as of May 30, 2017 (date IRS administrative summons was served on Petitioner)—bearing the signature of the President of the United States and Great Seal of the United States—OF (1) current SECRETARY OF the TREASURY Steven Terner MNUCHIN, AND (2) former COMMISSIONER of INTERNAL REVENUE John Andrew KOSKINEN.
    The 10:00 A.M. March 22, 2018, DEADLINE CAME and WENT, with NO WORD from Secretary of State TILLERSON.

    * * *

    Under cross-examination by nationally prominent tax attorney, Lowell H. Becraft, Jr., Ms. Jeu (expert IRS witness) conceded that the IRS USES a SECRET CODE to classify people. Mr. Long (the DEFENDANT ) WAS CLASSIFIED BY the secret CODE of the IRS AS NOT LIABLE TO FILE A TAX RETURN…OR…PAY INCOME TAX.
    — Recent landmark…TAX CASE LO$T by IRS





    * * *
    “Taxpayer” vs. “NON TAXPAYER”

    The Free Exercise of the Constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT TO LAWFULLY acquire property (earnings and other compensation) by lawfully CONTRACTing ONE’S OWN LABOUR to engage in lawful, innocent and harmless activities FOR LAWFUL COMPENSATION CANNOT BE (and therefore has not been) TAXED for Revenue Purposes, and therefore, an individual who is only engaged in lawful, innocent any harmless activities is NOT subject to any “Income Tax” or any other Revenue Tax, AND THEREFORE IS NOT a “TAXPAYER” as defined by law, AND CAN therefore BE properly and ACCURATELY DESCRIBED AS a Non Taxpayer!

    United States courts have ruled that:

    “The REVENUE LAWS are a code or system in regulation of tax assessment and collections. They RELATE to taxpayers and NOT to NONTAXPAYERS. The latter are without their scope.

    NO PROCEDURE IS PRESCRIBED FOR NONTAXPAYERS, and no attempt is made to annul any of their Rights and remedies in due course of law. With them [nontaxpayers] Congress does not assume to deal, AND THEY [nontaxpayers] ARE NEITHER of the SUBJECT NOR OF THE OBJECT of the REVENUE LAWS.”

    Long v. Rasmussen, 281 F. 236, at 238 (1922).
    Economy Plumbing and Heating v. U.S., 470 F.2d 585, at 589 (1972).
    (Emphasis added.)


    * * *
    The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment
    To The Constitution For The United States

    * * *
    The Commercial Lien Strategy – Background

    Faced with corrupt lawyers and judges, NO LITIGANT CAN EXPECT TO WIN IN COURT by simply playing defense. To beat them, you must be able to scare them. You must be able to make them respect you, and that means you must be able to take the offense — attack them personally.

    HOW DO YOU SUE an IRS agent for violating your Constitutional rights? Only with great difficulty.
    As a practical matter, private citizens CAN’T SUE the President of the United States, a Governor, judge, or even an IRS AGENT FOR FAILING TO OBEY or enforce the LAWS. If we try to sue in court to compel our government officials to obey the law and perform their lawful duties, the judges routinely ignore our petitions and laugh us out of court.

    …….WE SELDOM COUNTER-ATTACK against our antagonists, largely because WE THINK THERE ARE NO LAWFUL WEAPONS to do so. However, it appears that A POWERFUL OFFENSIVE LEGAL WEAPON MAY NOW HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED, tested, and proven for common Citizens — THE COMMERCIAL LIEN. We don’t try to sue a government official for failing to perform his lawful duties. Instead, WE SIMPLY FILE A LIEN THAT ENCUMBERS THE OFFICIAL’S PERSONAL PROPERTY and credit rating like a ton of bricks UNTIL HE VOLUNTARILY satisfies our demand to PERFORM HIS LAWFUL DUTY, and we, in turn, voluntarily agree to excise the lien.

    * * *

  39. Hockey Puck

    Thanks for having Mr. Kirby on your show again, Greg. It’s always helpful to consider the issue of money creation, fraudulent or otherwise, from multiple points of view.

    In light of the above, your interview raised more questions for me than it answered. So I’d like to ask them here in the hope that brighter minds can comment and clear up the confusion:

    1) How do you “silo” $21 trillion USD… really? Do you physically print it and store it in some military silo? Playing around with this question, I did a few calculations, just to get my head around this picture. It comes to 210,000 palettes of $100 bills, each weighing 1 metric ton. To get a visual, here’s a cute website to look at: http://www.pagetutor.com/trillion/index.html. It’s an ungodly amount of money.

    2) Doesn’t make sense, does it? So if this money truly exists, it has to be digital, somewhere, on some bank’s balance sheet (or off balance sheet?) If you take the 10 largest banks in the USA you have total assets of around $12 trillion. So the question is, “How do you hide $21 trillion in the banking system?”. Is it in the US? Is it all offshore, in numbered accounts?

    3) I went back and watched your interview with Mr. Skidmore (Incredible interview by the way). There are 2 flows: 1) the money flows IN, 2) the money flows OUT. So who is creating this money? It can’t be the Treasury, unless they are printing paper. It has to be the Fed! Right? Furthermore…

    4) If the money is flowing out, it has to be flowing through the Fed into some agency’s bank account, presumably a military bank account. Yikes! Are we alleging that there are criminal elements at the highest echelons of the Pentagon? Be careful! The last thing we need are unsubstantiated rumors and false allegations. That’s what makes “conspiracy theorists” sound like total idiots.

    5) It’s hard to imagine this $21 trillion being “siloed” and being “in the system” at the same time. Let’s not forget. Mr. Skidmore researched accounting inconsistencies going back to 1998. That’s 20 years. If the military has been spending that money on some “secret” program (i.e. star wars), then that money is already spent, isn’t it? How are you going to get engineers to work on some super advanced weapons program without paying them a salary? How are they going to work without buying food and paying off the mortgage? I don’t know. It could be that a huge chunk of this money is already in the economy, is already accounted for as part of the money supply and if it hasn’t created hyperinflation to date, it won’t.

    Sorry to ask the ugly questions. I just don’t get it. Help!

    • Hockey Puck

      It’s often hard for any of us to conceptualize numbers like $21 trillion. So I did a few more thought experiments:
      1) Annual paper consumption in the US 90 million short tons (81 million metric tons) per year. That’s roughly 700 lbs or 4 trees per person, per year. So 210 billion $100 notes (i.e. $21 trillion) is roughly 2.5 years of total paper consumption in the USA, or 1.3 billion trees. Mind-boggling!!!
      Backup research: http://www.wastefreemail.com/faq.html
      2) Another metric which is interesting is that the Treasury, last year printed 6.6 billion notes (i.e. $1, $5, $10… etc.). If they stopped printing the currency we use every year and turned their attention to printing $100 notes, it would take 31.82 years to print up $21 trillion. Mind-boggling squared!!!
      Backup research: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Currency/Pages/edu_faq_currency_production.aspx

    • Hockey Puck

      I’m sure you’ll all think I’m nuts, but I couldn’t get this question out of my mind today. So here’s a third metric.

      The standard gridiron in the US is 360 x 160 feet. The standard palette is 4 x 3.3 feet. So a football field (including both end zones) would take 4,320 palettes at the base, 49 rows high to equal 210,000 palettes or $21 trillion in $100 bills. That’s about 200 feet high. The famed Houston Astrodome is 208 feet high. So imagine the whole football field covered in $100 bills, all the way up to the ceiling to get an accurate visual on what $21 trillion is.

    • William Stanley

      Hockey Puck: You’re on the right track. I’m pretty sure that at least one sizable black operation was funded directly out of an account at the Fed. But that was a long time ago — and, no, I wasn’t involved.

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks, William. I appreciate the feedback, especially after the great insights from last week.

        Another very simple explanation of the $21 trillion that is missing is that the wars in the Middle East and around the world have cost a lot more than has been reported. I don’t know. Who am I? I’m just some guy sitting in the bleachers trying to make sense of all this. But given Mr. Trump’s allegations during the election that $6 trillion had been misspent on “foreign entanglements” since 2003, half of which could have completely rebuilt America, it’s not unthinkable that the real number is closer to 2 or 3 times that amount. Either way, it’s probably already in the system, not in somebody’s piggy bank somewhere and given that it’s largely in the hands of the 1%, it’s already creating hyperinflation… just not the kind we think of… hyperinflation in the bond market, the stock market, real estate, etc. There are, after all, only so many hockey sticks you can buy with $1 trillion.

  40. Theta Lion

    Wayne Jett: Project Insignia Reveals Deep State Trillions


    More “silos”…..massive amounts outside the EST and fed book keeping….like the Phillippine hoard, I don’t think these funds are going to be flooding back to the US. However, once the DOJ is cleaned up, Executive Order signed by President Donald Trump on December 20, 2017 may become implemented seizing these funds for the US Treasury. Sure wonder about Powell and the private FED. Their days numbered?????

    • John

      Yours is a well thought out analysis on the missing 21 trillion! I agree with you that this money has already been “allocated” – having been spent on wars, military contracts, the housing crisis, precious metals manipulation, supporting the bond market and propping up the stock market as well – all over a period of time for which who knows the time frame involved but probably really ramped up around 2008. It is not too hard to see the rock and the hard place in our current situation: Raise rates and destroy the bond market, the stock market and stall the economy or keep rates low and blow more bubbles with easy credit, destroy pension funds needing higher rates of return and essentially lock out private investment in American debt as who will invest long term when inflation exceeds the yield. Who will keep loaning money to a country becoming deeper and deeper in debt? There is simply no easy solution to our main issue – debt. We need to go back to a Gold standard but this time we need to get the price of gold correct – $ 174,000/ounce?

      • Hockey Puck

        Thanks for the additional insights, John. Perhaps the next stage to this discussion is to have Catherine Austin Fitts opine on this issue. I know from interviews dating back a few years ago that she felt this money could be recovered. Who knows?. Maybe this money is sitting in some huge bond portfolio somewhere?!?

  41. GrandsonOfLiberty


    Rob Kirby & Bill Holter are two of my favorites; they will be vindicated soon enough.

    On a side-note, here’s a little compilation of a century of misdeeds & treason committed by the US Congress – all laid out in one clear and concise 2-page document. Think your viewers will enjoy this one. Links below.

    The Declaration of Congressional Incompetence


  42. Hoosier river rat

    If president trump could direct that 21 trillion into capital projects , roads ,bridges, public buildings and not gov.give aways it would really stimulate the economy . Then as the money comes back to the treasury as tax revenue it can be exstinguished and avoid inflation . Just saying.

  43. Hoosier river rat

    The true definition of inflation is issuing money into the economy without a corresponding increase of goods and services. Money is the blood of the economy and when economic activity increases you must inject money to facilitate it. Just saying again.

  44. regaleagle

    Unforntunately for John Q Public…….he will be left holding the bag when the unraveling becomes mainstream. Those crooks in Washington all deserve to be stripped completely of their wealth and have it redistributed into a National Trust Account for the American taxpayer……..this in addition to whatever other punishments that should be levied individually on a case by case basis. You think the MSM might start changing their tune then??? It won’t solve our financial woes, but it will be a good start toward a newer and more honest America that the rest of the world will acknowledge.

  45. JW

    I’m doubtful we’ll ever see hyperinflation here. The difference between this country, and the whole list of countries that have hyperinflated their currencies in history is that none of those countries were the GLOBAL, NUCLEAR, TERRORIST SUPERPOWER that WE ARE. Before the US Dollar turns to confetti the entire world will literally be on fire. Which, hey……………could happen.

    • paul ...

      When ants look up and see giants (humans) with a blow torch in hand they know whatever currency they use (inflated or hyper-inflated) really doesn’t matter … they will soon be toast … perhaps similarly the banksters look up and see giant aliens with advanced death rays and know it really doesn’t matter if they inflate or hyper-inflate as humans will soon be toast … but just like there could be good moral humans who won’t kill and murder innocent ants with a blow torch … there could also be good moral aliens who will not wipe out humanity in a fire or flood … it is for this latter possibility … we should continue to strive to reestablish a non-inflationary gold and silver backed monetary system instead of the wack-caboodle Ponzi IOU a debt system we have now!

  46. Gary C

    Greg, fantastic interview, Kirby is the best when it comes to Gold.
    As Jim Rodgers said.”Give me a trillion dollars and I will show you a real good time.

  47. Stephen Sadd

    According to Gregory Manarino, the missing 21Trillion has gone to the Central Banks, to prop them up for what is taking place today. Makes sense to me.

  48. Last Man

    -In Case You Missed It!
    USAWatchdog.com Linda 08/29/2018 •
    General Flynn said our economy was in deep deep trouble in this interview but the big mind blower in this interview, which was done just before the election that changed everything, or lots of things so far, with Donald Trump becoming president, is the fact that Flynn says Hillary Clinton let China read emails!!!!!! Not hacked, “let”. This is a great interview. Linda
    What Lt General Flynn told John B Wells in Aug 2016

    During a July hearing with FBI official Peter Strzok, Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas pointed out that the government watchdog had found that nearly all of Clinton’s emails were sent to a “foreign entity,” adding that it was “unrelated to Russia.” He further said that the ICIG presented the finding to FBI agent Strzok, but that the latter had apparently swept the valuable information under the rug.

    With concerns over attempts by foreign adversaries to influence the American political system at a fever pitch — notwithstanding that in the case of the president, the commentariat’s charges of certain treasonous Russian collusion have grudgingly been downgraded in slightly more sane quarters to dubious alleged campaign finance infractions — that the story of a Chinese spy in Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office has seemingly died is simply stunning.
    From the start, this was a story the media had no interest in covering. Now it is apparent that our political class has no interest in probing it.

    China has made McConnell a very rich man

    China Was Bill Clinton’s Russia
    President Trump campaigned as his own man, refusing money from special interests. That position came in handy in the Russia investigation. Those investigations didn’t go the way of the FBI’s 1996-98 inquiry into Chinese attempts to influence U.S. policy directly by funneling money to Bill Clinton’s re-election campaign!
    Business World Columnist Video of Holman Jenkins Jr. on the ’90s-era China scandal and lessons for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    Clinton Foundation scandal echoes Clinton-China controversy from 1998
    Hillary Clinton has been accused of giving donors to her family’s foundation special access to the government when she led the State Department — charges that echo a similar scandal from nearly 20 years ago, when President Bill Clinton was accused of ignoring U.S. national security to please a Democratic donor.

    In 1996, a U.S. company gave China vital technical information that boosted its missile program, an incident that President Clinton’s own national security team said was a major mistake. But instead of punishing that company, Clinton rewarded it by approving the sale of another one of its satellites to China, and dismissed national security concerns as he took that step.

    Because of the love of power over love of country, China can put an ICBM down your toilet! They had the the bomb and the missiles, but they couldn’t figure out percision targeting till we gave it to them and they gave it to Kim Jung Une! Beware it may be your last flush!

    Country Crock of fake butter!
    Another president said, Bill. Ask not what your crock can do for you. But ask what you can do for your country!

  49. Paul P.

    Greg, always learn something from your interviews. Mr. Kirby says the amount of money his clients are willing to spend for his sourcing gold is stupendous. And he only sources large amounts of gold. So this puts a large demand for the metal. Wonder where he is getting his gold. Comex delivers very little. COT structure for both Gold and Silver setup is the most bullish in years. The Commercial Hedgers( smart money) are NET LONG Gold for the 1st time in 25 years . Indian demand for gold now entering it’s strong season, Russia and China have a veracious appetite for Gold and if Kirby is right ( and he is) the very wealthy are herding into gold, then something has to give price wise. On top of this we have blow ups in EM currencies , trade wars, geopolitical events all conditions which should support higher Gold prices. Dark money and Cartel control are winning – for now. Also next week ( Sept 8th) KINESIS gold/silver backed crypto launches it’s ICO ( yield bearing gold/silver) as referenced by Andrew Maguire and Tom Coughlan. A good time to have them on as guests. Keep up the great work and God Bless all you do!

  50. Barny Google with the Goo Goo Googley Eye's!

    Published on Sep 2, 2018
    Prep Looks at the current Australian Mortgage Crisis and also the rise of China’s Military
    ABC ARTICLE – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-09-02

  51. Diane

    Wake up call on steroids today


  52. foggygoggles

    Exchange Stabilization Fund–BINGO! How many years have I been pushing back against guests who have predicted imminent collapse, while completely ignoring the ESF? No way to know how many dollars have been printed out of thin air, especially since ’08, but my guess it’s completely beyond comprehension. Best we can do, is lay in a supply of the essentials, the means to protect same, and keep on stacking.

  53. andrew

    How do we know that the $21 is not already cycled back into the normal economy? If $21 is missing, why are you saying that it hasn’t been spent already?

  54. Michael

    I will need to disagree with Rob Kirby on this one
    1st this Fiat Money was created from 1998-2015
    2nd China, Brazil, Europe, in fact, everyone is creating x to the 10th power fiat currency out of thin air.
    There is no way they are going to rat out The USA when they themselves are creating fiat out of thin air.
    3rd The American public is incredibly illiterate. Example: The majority of the American public cannot identify N Korea on the map.
    Why do you think Jerry Springer has been going strong for 30+ years?
    The American public believes anything you tell them.
    This insanity has been going on since 1913 and will continue into the future.

    Believe me, these guys have pulled many tricks out of their hat for 100+ years.
    Never underestimate their abilities.
    Eventually, this will fall apart but not today

  55. U, Tang

    In 2005, Comey left law enforcement for the defense industry, joining money-in-politics powerhouse Lockheed Martin. As senior vice president and general counsel he earned more than $6 million in compensation in his last full year with the company.

    Lockheed Whistleblower — When I faced James Comey
    This is my view as a Lockheed Martin whistleblower who faced James Comey.

    Ex-officials actually use security clearances to get rich
    By Peter Schweizer and Seamus Bruner August 22, 2018

    Comey and Muller caught funneling over $100m to Lockheed Martin

    Inside Ike’s Farewell Warning: The Military Industrial Complex
    With just days until he would hand over the reins of power to the young JFK, Dwight Eisenhower was faced with one final mission—to send his country forth with the proper guidance.

    Bret Baier
    01.16.17 12:15 AM ET

    Ike’s warning about the “unwarranted influence… by the Military-Industrial Complex”:
    Jump to 8:41___Or If you got 8 minutes. . .

    The Next Revolution w/ Steve Hilton – Sunday, September 2
    Sep. 03, 2018 – 40:42 – Steve Hilton discusses all the big issues this week including: the economy Midterm elections, big tech and China; and finally, the deep state plot against President Trump.

  56. iwitness02

    The Lamp of Freedom.
    During our introduction to life,
    what do we seek, and what do we find?
    If we find Jesus, we find freedom.
    To the extent of our Faith in Jesus,
    we receive freedom from
    Satan’s will and influence in our lives,
    and forgiveness for our sins.
    The greatest of gifts in our
    introduction to life.
    We find a miracle.
    Forgiveness for sins!
    Let Freedoms’ Bell Ring!
    My thoughts expressed above are foolishness to many, but forgiveness is more precious than gold or silver in the long run. Something to think about in these spooky and uncertain times. Trust in the Lord and do good.

  57. Jennifer Ohman

    Hi Greg,
    As the Fed controls the printing press and since they can print money at any time, this capability is, in effect, a “silo” on demand. Whether money is parked in secrecy to defend the banking system or will be created in the future to defend it, should not be of any surprise, since this is one of the primary functions of the Central Bank.
    As Murray Rothbard, famed Austrian economist, had said many years ago, and I quote…
    “The Central Bank was privately owned, at least until it was generally nationalized after the mid-twentieth century. But it has always been in close cahoots with the central government. The Central Bank has always had two major roles: (1) to help finance the government’s deficit; and (2) to cartelize the private commercial banks in the country, so as to help remove the two great market limits on their expansion of credit, on their propensity to counterfeit: a possible loss of confidence leading to bank runs; and the loss of reserves should any one bank expand its own credit. For cartel’s on the market, even if they are to each firm’s advantage , are very difficult to sustain unless government enforces the cartel. In the area of fractional-reserve banking, the Central Bank can assist cartelization by removing or alleviating these two basic free-market limits on banks’ inflationary expansion credit.”

    • Jennifer Ohman

      An added note… Dr Skidmore discovered $21 Trillion in missing money. That does not mean that it is debt. It’s true that if the pubic knew of and factored this information into the market, that gold would most surely rise substantially, because it is inflationary. But it is a mischaracterization to add it to the U.S. debt figures, thus totaling it at $42 Trillion.

    • William Stanley

      Jennifer: Excellent points!

  58. Gregory Mannarino

    The issue with printed/digital “money” missing or not will (in almost any amount) not manifest itself until the velocity of money, (the rate at which cash is moving through our economy begins to move). We here in America are near historic lows with regard to money velocity, we also have a labor force participation rate less than that of the financial meltdown. For now, the engineered environment of risk is pushing cash into risk assets, stocks, but this will change as we have seen this before. There will be a point when all this cash, missing or otherwise, will chase the same amount of goods, and you do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what that means for the price of everything based in US dollar units…

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Mannarino: Agreed.
      IMO, understanding the issues surrounding the fall in the velocity of money (and its inverse, cash balances relative to nominal GDP) is key. Something I don’t understand very well is happening here. It could be misstatements of financial statistics or fundamental changes in the nature of finance and economic activity, e.g., the creation of money that doesn’t doesn’t support economic activity (and just sits in bank balances). Or an increased use of dollar-denominated near-money substitutes to support economic activity. Or something else. This requires more attention.

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Mannarino: BTW, I used to occasionally play golf with a retired “rocket scientist” (NASA launch director, no less). He, also, was as mystified by some of this. LOL

    • Sayonara

      Your knowledge of primordial organic economics and statistics is second to none.
      The question is always and has been When. None of us has a crystal ball and I continue to be amazed and astonished at how the economic czar elites are able to kick this can down the road.
      The best we can do is be prepared and vigilant.
      We will find out in short order that is not nice to fool with Economic Mother Nature.

  59. Lois Petersen

    If this is true Greg, can you help get the word out? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyHh6hHFffQ

    • William Stanley

      Lois: Thanks for the link, very interesting!
      In addition to a few YouTube sources (some right here), I’ve heard a very little of this from a different (though credible and possibly knowledgeable) source. I dismissed it because it was said in a passing manner, mind-blowing, and lacking in detail and substantiation. You have me reassessing.

    • Jodyp

      Lois, with this kind of info, it makes me wonder if people watching this will just say, can’t be, we’ve got the guns. True. But how many gun owners have the ammo needed long term? I’d say a very low percentage, same as people that have extra food, water, and supplies on hand. Big problem.

  60. Pretty Boy Floyde

    “Boom” is that thunder?
    609 views prepaussie
    Published on Sep 3, 2018
    Prep Looks at the current monetary problems of Argentina, and also the Immigration debate in Sweden, Germany, and Europe as a whole.
    Dr Steve Turley – Nationalist Right Poised for Big Wins in Sweden Election!!!! https://youtu.be/hb-Ce4Woe4o
    TradingEconomics – https://tradingeconomics.com

  61. Pretty Boy Floyde

    ABC News (Australia)
    Published on Sep 3, 2018
    The ABC’s Sarah Ferguson speaks with political strategist Steve Bannon, the man who helped get Trump elected to the Whitehouse and is now attempting to stir a global populist revolution. He says he believes Australia is ripe for a working-class revolution as the influence of China grows.

  62. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Every WDer and American needs to see this post!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      In fact, the whole world needs to see it.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        A quote from the above link…

        “Because if it’s up to the bastards who rule us currently, they’ll happily keep shushing us into polite silence while continuing to march us along our current ecocidal, omnicidal trajectory until it gets us all killed. They’ll make saints of warmongering empire loyalists and uphold their murderous lives as exemplary and virtuous, and if we say we want to move things in a different direction we’ll be shouted down with buzzwords about heroism and decency until we shut up. If we leave it up to these pricks, we’ll become the first species to go extinct due to politeness.”

      • William Stanley

        Colin: I, too, was fascinated by the “hijinks.” And, yes, my first reaction was that the whole thing was choreographed ahead of time. Then I began wondering if they were that clever. However, choreographed or not, it was revealing of the same thing, if in a slightly different ways: just attending the ceremony, sitting together, and displaying camaraderie showed allegiance to the deep state and each other and animus toward President Trump. You also have to wonder about the mindset of “no name’s” children in turning their father’s death into a week-long political rally.

        • William Stanley

          I had a similar reaction when Daddy Bush was standing next to President Clinton when Bill was soliciting funds for “Haiti.”
          It didn’t ring true, and it set off alarm bells that are still ringing.

  63. Jerry

    As I have posted, this one you might want to bookmark.

    Essentially there is a push inside congress to end stock buybacks which in all reality according to some, is what’s driving the stock market. If the Democrats can flip the stock market before the November elections they will do it in a heart beat. The settlement date of September 10th was mentioned in this press release. Wel’ll see what happens?

  64. Gordo McMillan

    Herr Roberto Mueller’s conspiring with others in the Deep State to take down Donald Trump as President. The way their doing this is, in fact, to prosecute absolutely everyone around him to compel them to give false evidence against an individual. That is the standard operating procedure in how criminal cases are brought.

    The talk behind the curtain is that Mueller will not only target all of Trump’s companies to try to destroy his empire and pass info to the Southern District of New York to bring charges as he did with Michael Cohen, but he will most likely indict Trump’s eldest son for even meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. That meeting was to brief Trump’s son on the Magnitsky Act and that it was a cover-up for the US attempt to take over Russia and control the 2000 elections. This was the Bank of New York case, blackmailing Yeltsin, who then turned to Putin for help in return for making him the head of Russia. This is what Putin requested to interrogate in the USA in return for Mueller to interrogate Russians. The USA has rejected to allow Putin to question any American official.
    Another of Trump’s friends, Roger Stone, has also gone public stating he expects Mueller to try to indict him in order to testify against Trump. The only way to stop him is to go to the Supreme Court to seek a mandamus to confine his jurisdiction to the purpose of investigating ties to Russia and stop prosecuting everyone who knows Trump for anything he can possibly charge them with. Mueller is acting way beyond the authority of his appointment yet if Trump fires him, the Democrats will call it obstruction of justice. It is time to go to the Supreme Court!!!!!

  65. Gordo McMillan

    Herr Roberto Mueller’s conspiring with others in the Deep State to take down Donald Trump as President. The way their doing this is, in fact, to prosecute absolutely everyone around him to compel them to give false evidence against an individual. That is the standard operating procedure in how criminal cases are brought.

    The talk behind the curtain is that Mueller will not only target all of Trump’s companies to try to destroy his empire and pass info to the Southern District of New York to bring charges as he did with Michael Cohen, but he will most likely indict Trump’s eldest son for even meeting with the Russians at Trump Tower. That meeting was to brief Trump’s son on the Magnitsky Act and that it was a cover-up for the US attempt to take over Russia and control the 2000 elections. This was the Bank of New York case, blackmailing Yeltsin, who then turned to Putin for help in return for making him the head of Russia. This is what Putin requested to interrogate in the USA in return for Mueller to interrogate Russians. The USA has rejected to allow Putin to question any American official.

    Another of Trump’s friends, Roger Stone, has also gone public stating he expects Mueller to try to indict him in order to testify against Trump. The only way to stop him is to go to the Supreme Court to seek a mandamus to confine his jurisdiction to the purpose of investigating ties to Russia and stop prosecuting everyone who knows Trump for anything he can possibly charge them with. Mueller is acting way beyond the authority of his appointment yet if Trump fires him, the Democrats will call it obstruction of justice. It is time to go to the Supreme Court!!!!!

    They call him FLIPPER!

  66. Gordo McMillan

    A pair of the leading Government Accountability Institute researchers has revealed that two former FBI Directors, James Comey and Robert Mueller, took advantage of their government contacts and security clearance to enrich themselves.

    READ MORE: https://neonnettle.com/features/1500-comey-mueller-caught-funneling-billions-in-fbi-contracts-to-lockheed-martin
    © MuellerComey & associates

  67. Justn Observer

    Greg, Have you talked with Dr. Janda or Bix Weir lately?

    • Justn Observer

      hmmm – Bix Weir source says U.S. MINT OUT OF SILVER AND NOT SUPPLYING SILVER EAGLES… apparently that violates the law?
      Anyone have Steve Mnuchin’s phone number? lol

  68. Anthony Australia

    Plenty of your guests have said things will turn in the Fall, (Autumn)


  69. Jerry

    The first chart that Charles Hugh Smith posted is breathtaking.

    I must admit that I haven’t been following the Chinese Stock Market the past several years. It is crystal clear to me that we are on the edge of a global currency reset. The major difference between the Chinese Stock market and ours is that the PBOC is propping up the Chinese markets with currency injections, while ours is being held together by corporate stock buybacks being financed by the federal reserve bank. Nothing is real. We are literally sitting on a ticking timebomb.

  70. Jerry


    Dr, Dave Janda has posted a warning off of a recent executive order given by President Trump on 08/31/2018. Dr. Dave connected all the dots from executive orders given on 12/02/2917, 03/01/2018 and now 08/31/2018. Emergency preparedness month.

  71. Dan

    Heh….some of us don’t have dementia out here.
    You have this guy come on every month and say the SAME FREAKING THINGS over and over and over….and you “act” each time as though a NEW “revelation” has been gifted to us from the mountain top. Geeeeeezzzzzzz.

    To make matters worse, you let this clown go on and on and on about “hyperinflation”, which is the same thing as saying there will be a currency collapse. But the jerk never says WHEN he forecasts this will happen, and you never follow up to find out.

    Worse still, you NEVER mention the FACT that there is an enormous amount of FOREIGN debt denominated in USD (the “synthetic dollar shortage” that Sinclair refers to in his most recent “missives”) which will need to be REPAID or DEFAULTED upon, in which case a DEFLATIONARY collapse will occur.


    Here’s something Thomas Jefferson is attributed to have written (regardless of whether he did or not, it still rings true to this very day):

    “”If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

    Looks like good ole Tom is on the side of DEFLATION being the FINAL outcome. You argue with him, ok ?

  72. WD

    A little off topic…There are photos of Hillary and Chelsea wearing necklaces with upside down crosses.
    I checked it out and its there. That symbol is like spitting in face of Christianity. It is pure evil….Not sure if you have seen it yet.

  73. Stephen Miller

    Bob Woodward tries to pin the wizard’s curtain on Trump to no avail. Thank you Todo, you exposed the real wizard of Oz and it ain’t Trump, cause Trump is Todo and exposed the cabal of which Woodward belongs. It’s to bad Bob didn’t have the guts in his old age to stand up for the truth!+

    Journalist Bob Woodward’s upcoming book, “Fear,” the latest to offer an insider’s look at the administration of US President Donald Trump, reportedly includes an episode in which Defense Secretary Jim Mattis threatened White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

    Mattis has previously denied that Woodward’s portrayal of him, or quotations attributed to him, are accurate. On Tuesday, in response to other excerpts leaked from the book that claimed the secretary called Trump “an idiot,” Mattis issued a statement rejecting the claims and calling Woodward’s book “fiction.” Other members of the administration have done the same. MORE;
    Mattis Rejected Spicer’s 2017 TV Invites in No Uncertain Terms – Woodward Book

  74. Frederick

    Even Wolf Richter Of Wolfstreet fame has jumped on the gold and silver bandwagon with his two latest posts on the subject Looks like he is a visionary afterall

  75. Diane

    In regards to the NYT opinion article .
    Bookmakers are posting odds. ..
    Mike Pence is the favorite.
    Hate to think that’s the one.. ..but maybe he is.
    If they get rid of Trump….Pence will be the President, and in good standing with the bad politicians
    Remember LBJ?

    • Chris in Arkansas

      It is not in Mike Pence’s character to do something like this. He would destroy his own testimony as a Christian by undermining his president in such a manner. It’s someone else. I have no doubt the Op-Ed author will be ferreted out and my bet is on a non-player a few levels down who has no real influence.

  76. Justn Observer

    Appears Potus Trump knows more than some think…including who in the MSM is part of the ‘resistance’ and mockingbird crew bad actors ? NSA WHISTLEBLOWERS HAVE BEEN ON BOARD AND TRACKING SINCE TRUMP TOWERS… $MILLIONS PAYED BY U.S. GOV’T BAD ACTORS TO INFILTRATE TRUMP CAMPAIGN? WHO IS CS?
    Big part of takedown being run is to get the media along with those inside Gov’t!
    119 intel whistleblowers on board to expose all in Sept.?

    • Justn Observer

      @ 19:30 Flynn’s own attorney may have thrown him under the bus and more? Federal Judges , NSA Whistleblowers, FBI , DOJ, and more now going on the record and exposing the ‘weaponiziation ‘of intel and justice agencies’? FISA AND DOCS. WERE FABRICATION to get Potus Trump… anatomy explained?

  77. Justn Observer

    Bix Weir confirmes….NO SILVER in U.S. MINT?

    • Chris in Arkansas

      Wier states in his video demand is up and supplies of silver eagles have been exhausted but price is low and this is the result of a rigged market. He fails to state the obvious – demand is created by lower pricing and there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary when a producer responsible for forecasting sales demand and production requirements (including raw materials supply, manufacturing capacity, labor and distribution) at least a year in advance runs out of supply because prices have dropped to a level that makes the product very attractive to buyers. It’s simple supply and demand economics. There are enough manufacturers of silver bullion products out there to fill the gap for now. Once that supply is bought out then we should see prices increase. I guess putting that in some YouTube video doesn’t drive as many shares and views as it’s not sensationalist enough.

  78. The Legal Illegal

    Look on the bright side Greg, at least the illegals will go home. With any luck you might join them on their way out.

    • Greg Hunter

      No I won’t and you are a troll.

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