All Paper Will Burn-Rob Kirby


By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby has wealthy global connections. He says forget about the recent takedown in precious metals because his sources don’t think anything paper will survive the upcoming financial meltdown.  Kirby explains, “The commentary that I get from people with much higher pay grades than me is that, in the end, the only thing that will stand is physical metal gold and silver. They say all paper will burn.” Kirby goes on to confirm that “stocks, bonds and pensions” will be toast.

When is this going to happen is the trillion dollar question. HSBC just put out a “red alert” to its clients of a “severe fall” coming for stocks.  How does Kirby view this type of dire warning from a big bank?  Kirby thinks, “They want to try and position themselves so they can say hey, we warned you.  They can say we knew it was coming because anybody with a brain could see it was coming.  They can say they were trying to alert people.  Basically, they are trying to sanitize their image before the inevitable occurs.”

Kirby says the battle that is going on in this election cycle is much deeper than a contest of political parties. Kirby explains, “The battle that we see being conducted in America right now is not a Republican vs. Democrat fiasco at all. It is criminality against the good guys. Maybe you call it the globalists against the nationalists or human against anti-human.  This circus that is being played out in a completely bought and paid for American media is taking on comic book type references.  I’ve seen more serious information being disseminated on Monty Python shows than what we are currently getting in the U.S. mainstream media (MSM). . . . It’s almost unbelievable that we are living this and watching it happen.”

Kirby is most worried about global war to cover up a seriously troubled financial system. Kirby warns, “We’ve seen an awful lot of rumblings on the war front.  We recently saw Russia say there is a no-fly zone in Syria.  We have also seen bellicose remarks in return from the Obama Administration about preparedness for war.  I believe that the Royal Air Force (UK) has just been given permission to shoot down Russian planes.  Things don’t look good on that front.  In recent days, we have seen the Obama Administration say they are no longer going to talk to the Russians.  When you have a very loaded ammo hut, maybe the best course of action is not to enter the ammo hut with a flamethrower.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Rob Kirby goes on to say that the 2016 election in the U.S. comes down to a simple theme. Kirby says, “If the Democrats win, we will have nuclear war.  A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.”

You can find free information on Kirby also has a subscription service for $145 per year.  Click here to sign up for a subscription.


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  1. Dan

    Always love Rob – one of my favorites. He may not know it but Rob is one of the 36 unsung heroes of the Alternative Media along with Greg Hunter and many other of his guests; click the following link to view to view the full list:!UxUgWDZD!a98jRTz5UxoXPFmICbHNcg

    Thank you Rob for your courage and honest voice.

  2. Dan


    Dear Rob, I was wondering what you thought about Canadians who own stocks/ETFs within a brokerage accounts in Canada (e.g., XGD, SVR). Are you saying these could also “burn/evaporate” in a financial meltdown?

    I think these accounts are suppose to be covered by a CIPF (Canadian Investor Protection Corporation) for C$100,000 (similar to SIPC in the US). Would such “insurance” cover let’s say a crash/wipeout of assets of the broker (or the ETF provider which offered the securities)? Do you have a brokerage account in Canada and if so are you worried about this?

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts you would have to share.

    • Tin foil hat

      If the dollar collapsed abruptly, all paper will burn – maybe with the exception of the Russian ruble. That is why the world is hoping for a gradual transition into the SDR. That is also why the Chinese and Europeans are hoarding gold in case of a sudden and disorderly collapse of the dollar.
      With that said, I wouldn’t recommend having more than 20% of your asset in gold.

    • FC

      It will make no difference what country we live in, the burn/evaporation will be the same………your CIPF will honor your $100,000, but you may only be able to buy a loaf of Gluten Free bread with it.

    • Kevin

      Lol… about some new info on this site…same people regurgitating the same crap….blah blah blah… my CD….blah blah blah….visit my website….blah blah blah…i predicted everything…blah blah blah….blah blah blah connectionto the elite….blah blah bkah…..armageddon……

      • Tin foil hat

        A section of the mosaic floor was discovered at Megiddo, the biblical city of Armageddon. The glyph for Pisces can be seen as depicting two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisceans often feel like they are being pulled in different directions, making it difficult to make concrete decisions.
        I believe the Age of Pisces is almost over.

      • Paul ...

        Keven … here is something new for you … the neocon secret weapon … the H1B … which was used so they could “dumb down” the American education system and give everyone a passing grade … allow idiots into college to learn 2 + 2 = 5 … make them so dumb they will vote for Hillary and their own nuclear annihilation … but the neocons forgot one thing … all those foreigners building the US weapons of war placed back doors in them … so now their “military superiority” they think they have to dominate the world is a false illusion … see what the Russians did to the USS Cook in the Black Sea … notice how the US most advance fighter plane the F35 can hardly do battle with a rookie Saudi flying a Cessna … the US Military couldn’t even defend its own Pentagon on 9-11 … and General Miley thinks he can bluster and blow down the house of “BRICKS” … the only one getting to the pigs right now is Miley Cyrus!! …

        • Paul ...

          Keven … want new perspective … listen to the first few minutes of the following post … … did you think all blacks would be voting for Hillary (because she said Black Lives Matter)? … Blacks understand things better then most dumb whites in America (who blindly follow the MSM propaganda machine like robots and go to vote for Hillary like the Eloy did when the sirens went off in Time Machine movie)!!

          • Paul ...

            Hey Miley (not the women pig) … the blustering general … think for one moment … it was not you or dumbed down American kids who created all those “American Weapons of War” you brag about to take down foreign nations … it was foreigners with PhD’s who built them for you … do you think they would build such weapons “to be used against their own countries”?? … do you think foreign PhD’s are stupid Americans who are automatically given passing grades and taught 2+2=5???

  3. Dan

    Greg Hunter (or on WIKIPEDIA.

    Has anyone ever wondered why the “real” (or at least more important/significant) Greg Hunter isn’t on Wikipedia? Now we have this guy:

    Also, I’m wondering why a very popular website like isn’t on Wikipedia either. Is there anyone who knows how or would be willing to add such pages? It may help for exposure and further legitimize the credibility of alternative news media sites like this one.


  4. Arthur

    Thanks for bringing Rob Kirby on, powerful stuff!

  5. Anthony Australia

    Your effects are reaching audiences far across the planet. Keep it up please and I know a thank you sometimes is not enough but the good karma you are generating is.

    This is and will be ‘The Greatest Swindle’ in the history of humankind!

    Very intelligent guest.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Your efforts are reaching audiences far across the planet. Keep it up please and I know a thank you sometimes is not enough but the good karma you are generating is.

    This is and will be ‘The Greatest Swindle’ in the history of humankind!

    Very intelligent guest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Anthony for your support from half way around the planet!!! I have never been to Australia and hear it’s lovely.

      • Al Hall


        LOVE YA BRO!

        • Anthony Australia

          It was also said there would only ever be 9 Kings of Thailand.

          • Mohammad



  7. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    What we in Europe say: the USA is a total criminal organization!!. When will the citizens of the USA revolte???

    Or are the slaves of this system.



    • Greg Hunter

      Look at the recent revelations with FBI and the DOJ conspiring with the Clintons and the facts say you are correct. Our US gov. is corrupt and that is for some of the top people in both parties.

    • Faith

      Peter, what are we supposed to do? Show up at the White House with a gun? Oh that would work out well, NOT! People would be put in jail or mental hospitals or both for that kind of public activity! Americans with jobs are working. Other people have opted out of the system for various reasons and are no longer participating. The labor force participation rate is the highest it has been in my lifetime and, with population increases, the number of people not participating in the “economy” is staggering. That number is between 95 and 110 million Americans! I consider myself to be one of the people that has opted out and is laying low, watching, and waiting. Am I a slave? I don’t think so. Am I ready? I hope so! If the banks shut down tomorrow, I will be fine. Will you?

    • Robert Lykens

      Maybe we’re waiting to see whether the European slaves will revolt against the islamization of the EU.
      Kind of hard to revolt without guns though, isn’t it? Maybe they never should have surrendered their rights.

      • FC

        Europeans may have an excuse not to revolt, because of their gun laws, but what is America’s excuse?

        • Tin foil hat

          Okay, I have guns and am not afraid to use them. However, I cannot fight an unseen and nameless being.
          Bush, Clinton, Obama, Soro ….. are mere puppets. If one were put away, another one will be propped up in a nano second.
          Wall St. traders and bank employees are cannon fodders. If a hundred were put away, thousands will be more than happy to take their places.
          50% of Americans are the blind sheeps or useful innocents. Without the uninformed base, the unseen puppet master has no power.
          Good patriotic Americans are revolting by spreading informations , not bullets.
          If you were too lazy to participate in this peaceful revolution, you can always donate to someone like Grey or Donald who are doing it on their own dime.

          • FC

            With all due respect TFH, but you are contradicting yourself, as you are telling me you have guns that you’re not afraid to use, if you knew who to shoot at………and yet you are revolting by spreading information, not bullets.
            We are beyond a peaceful revolution, the Founding Fathers introduced the 2nd Amendment, to arm ourselves against a tyrannical government, which is exactly what we have…………………but to many, the 2nd Amendment means we have the right to bear arms and go duck hunting.

            • Tin foil hat

              I don’t get what you’re suggesting. Do you want to start a violent revolution right before the election?
              Give it a break, Putin has nuclear bombs and even he’s putting up with the aggressions of the Bush-Clinton/Obama Crime Syndicate for now. If he could wait, I can definitely do the same.
              War is hell! Especially when your opponents are your fellow Americans!
              Come to think of it, Putin is fighting the Deep State by feeding us informations, not bombs. It seems that Putin has more faith in America than you!

              • FC

                TFH, we need to over throw our governments, I said nothing about a war with Russia or with any other country.

        • Robert Lykens

          That’s a great question. I would answer it by saying that Americans are less slaves than Europeans. The gap is closing fast though. Let’s see what happens November 8.

          • FC

            We are all slaves Robert…………I’m hoping for the best, but I’m prepared for the worst……….a nuclear war is a different matter.

        • Robert Lykens

          I also hope for secession rather than open rebellion. I will gladly move to any state which secedes and outlaws liberalism. I’d probably move to Israel if they would relax their gun control laws.

          • Kerry

            Come to Texas! Just don’t bring liberal politics with you!

      • Tin foil hat

        Robert Lykens,
        Nope, European slaves will remain compliant until the Islamization is complete.

    • Galaxy 500

      Which EU country do you live? Just curious as I see the entire EU becoming a moslem slum where natives, both women and young boys, are murdered and raped by the moslems and the Government calling the rapee intolerant. I mean how dare that 10 year old boy denying those moslems the opportunity to sodomize him in the pool.
      Yes, we are a mess here, but Peter, if you will turn your gaze away from the USA and our corrupt government, you will see your own house on fire and your government is equally corrupt. As I recall, this socialism / communism garbage originated in your neck of the woods. Thanks for that.

    • Al Hall


    • Shadow of Doubt

      When will the American people revolt? The American people are fighting:
      One fourth of our population is busily trying to pull their heads out of their nether regions and are furiously trying to get their first breath of reality.
      One fourth of our population is convinced that this is nothing but an academic exercise and are convinced they can talk it to death.
      And one fourth are fighting equally hard just to stay on “Uncle Sap’s” entitlement train–
      which leaves a relatively small number of Americans to do Freedom’s heavy lifting!

    • Green Rock

      Ha, Ha…Germans have Merkel !!!! Talk about a slave.
      Don’t forget Hollande….another faithful serf.
      Tsipras, Greece, a true sell-out of the people.
      List goes on……..

  8. Pinocchio

    The men on the street do not have any stock, bond, and pension. As long as food stamps and free wi-fi connections (to download hundreds gigabytes of porn videos) are still around, everything else may burn.

    • Galaxy 500

      Hi, just a quick question. How well did the food stamps etc keep flowing in Venezuela? Asking for a friend

      • Pinocchio

        I do not know about food stamps in Venezuela. I just heard that all kinds of reptiles and insects are close to extinction in the whole of Venezuela following the inadequate supply of foods that has been going on for 3 months.

  9. Jerry

    This is one of your best interviews. How many ways do people need to be told to get their financial houses in order? There is no way on God’s green earth that a 120 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities can be supported with a 1.4% GDP.

    Should Hillary be elected and we go to a single payer plan for health care, do you really think that our economic system could handle another 17% of our GDP being added to the deficit ? This whole scenario reminds me of the last time I played the board game “Risk” with my wife. When she realized she was trapped and couldn’t win, she turned the whole table over. As you and Rob have said many times “the central bankers are trapped”. Its just a matter of time before they turn the whole table over.

    • Jerry

      Do you want to see what an economic pulse looks like before it flat lines?

      • JC Davis

        Jerry the real timeline of the banking crises was known in 2007. It showed up in 2008. 2017 will prove to be shocking at best.

    • Jerry

      Just in case you missed it, HSBC Bank is not the only bank issuing warnings.
      Like Rob said, this is a CYA move to their stockholders pure and simple.

      • Colin

        Jerry, what happened to the SDR crash that was supposed to happen on Oct 1st..then Oct 7th when the gold backed Yuan was included?

        • Jerry

          My man. It happened. It just hasn’t made it to your front door yet. But it will. Be patient. It takes three to four months for the loss to saturate our bloated manipulated system.

      • Tin foil hat

        The following is mintage for American Eagle bullion coins 1986-2014:
        Year 1 oz. 1/2 oz. 1/4 oz. 1/10 oz.
        1986 1,362,650 599,566 726,031 912,609
        1987 1,045,500 131,255 269,255 580,266
        1988 465,500 45,000 49,000 159,500
        1989 415,790 44,829 81,789 264,790
        1990 373,210 31,000 41,000 210,210
        1991 243,100 24,100 36,100 165,200
        1992 275,000 54,404 59,546 209,300
        1993 480,192 73,324 71,864 210,709
        1994 221,663 62,400 72,650 206,380
        1995 200,636 53,474 83,752 223,025
        1996 189,148 39,287 60,318 401,964
        1997 664,508 79,605 108,805 528,515
        1998 1,468,530 169,029 309,829 1,344,520
        1999 1,505,026 263,013 564,232 2,750,338
        2000 433,319 79,287 128,964 569,153
        2001 143,605 48,047 71,280 269,147
        2002 222,029 70,027 62,027 230,027
        2003 416,032 79,029 74,029 245,029
        2004 417,019 98,040 72,014 250,016
        2005 356,555 80,023 72,015 300,043
        2006 237,510 66,005 60,004 285,006
        2007 140,016 47,002 34,004 190,010
        2008 710,000 61,000 70,000 305,000
        2009 1,493,000 110,000 110,000 270,000
        2010 1,125,000 81,000 86,000 435,000
        2011 857,000 70,000 80,000 350,000
        2012 675,000 43,000 90,000 290,000
        2013 758,500 57,000 114,500 555,000
        2014 425,000 35,000 90,000 545,000

        Sales in 2015 and 2016 are about the same as in 2013.
        Whatever happened in 1986, 1987, 1998, 1999, 2009 and 2010 are not happening now.

        • Jerry

          Great information. Here’s another warning.

          • Tin foil hat

            Jerry & Chip,
            I bought two random year American Eagles from APMEX in February, I got two 2015 AEs. I bought two more in August, I got two 2012 AEs. I then bought another two in September, I got two 2011 AEs.
            The aforementioned suggests that weak hands who bought high in 2011 and 2012 had sold at around $1380.
            The sales in 2015 and 16 are on a par with 2008 and 1997 which suggests that people are still nervous – the numbers in 2014, 1996 and 2007 are indicative that people were confident. Does that means sales may exceed a million ounces again next year? I don’t know.

        • Chip


    • Russ McMeans

      Great anology Jerry! Trapped and then turning the table over!

    • Charles H


      IF Hillary ‘gets in’ – America will enter into the Dark Ages of Control and Corruption: banks will NOT be allowed to fail; and the State will reshape the country and Constitution – like an abused spouse in a bad marriage.
      Rig the voter election? Blame Russia. (Use NSA)
      Condition the Electoral College? Underway.
      All that’s left – kick-over the table. (Martial Law?)

      • Jerry

        I’m posting this for you. I consider you a long time friend. My son was returning to Phoenix today from L.A. and told me he spotted a military transport train headed west carrying approximately 200 tanks and military support vehicles. Our government is getting ready to go to war with somebody? Make your final preparations. I know I am.

        • Charles H


          You, as with Greg Hunter, ARE a long time friend – though we’ve never ‘met’. My socio-economic status (poverty, or +/- $800.00 a month) limits what I can do: but I’m on your page exactly. I have supplies, water, PMs, lead and all the accoutrements. But being in Mexico – supply-lines to produce and meat won’t be too strained. If electricity holds out, it may be manageable. Border trip coming-up should bring back turkey and hydrogen peroxide (35%).
          I’ve had my share of bad breaks and blessings. In all I’ve lived a great life. And because Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior: eternity is life and meaning with God. That’s WAY more than this poor preacher deserves.
          Thanks for your message. CH

        • Macray

          I think US is looking to do some serious damage in Yemen currently.
          Yemen is a horror show that Obama used to call a success

        • Charles H

          Thinking this awhile… the tanks may be to “lock-down” California, principally Los Angeles. Gregory Mannarino has put out a really dark forecast, which “Dan” near the bottom posted.

        • Kerry

          Saw a transport train go through the edge of my neighborhood in north Houston, with many army tucks, heavy equipment, jeeps, etc. In all I counted over 50 railcars. Then I stopped counting. I have NEVER seen this before, on a track going through a suburban neighborhood, and I have lived in Houston most of my life.

  10. Felicia

    The globalists are demonic; they’ve opened the door to their souls, mind, very being to Satan’s control. But it’s not just the globalists that have opened the door to allow this level of evil to operate.
    Mr. Kirby mentioned numerous things that the globalist could use to reduce the global population. Bayer, the German conglomerate just acquired Monsanto. Why? May be to avoid the lawsuits that Monsanto’s GMO products will/are creating.(remember that shows a huge reduction in the U.S. population very soon. How can that be predicted? GMO effect on people’s health/lives and on the destruction of crop production?) But… while I make myself aware of all this evil, egregious behaviour (and it gives me details for power prayer)…it has only made me stronger in my faith about Who is the greatest and how this will ultimately end. So our greatest weapons against this darkness is God’s Word and prayer. And I say..use them and see what happens in you and around you.
    Thanks Greg for all you do. And thank you Rob for sharing your knowledge. May God bless you both.

  11. randy0302

    2 Questions:
    1. What does “all paper will burn” exactly mean. Will the bond market go down 90% or will it cease to exist. Will most stocks “burn” or will markets close and if so permanently?
    2. Rob says have food for a few weeks. What will be the financial process to re-open grocery stores?

    • FC

      The re-0pening of any business is going to be extremely difficult to impossible, because the majority of businesses today run on credit and once the credit drys up…………the farmers won’t have the money to plant their next crop, the truck drivers won’t have the money for their lease payments and the grocery store owner won’t have the money to purchase any produce for his empty store……………….I suggest in taking advantage of the fully stocked shelves we have now and start growing your own vegetables.

  12. andyb

    Greg: many thanks for having Rob on again. You have been instrumental for many in achieving what I would call a “cognitive revolution” or in simpler terms, an “awakening”. Mine, fortunately, started years ago when the official version of the Warren Commission was belied by so many written exposes. Then of course were the anomalies surrounding the killings of MLK and RFK, and the rationale for the entire Vietnam war. A lot of what was written in the MSM just didn’t make sense. Fast forward to the internet revolution and the “truth” began to leak, first by dribbles and then by floods. How to explain Building 7? Why, on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings, was there an illuminated sign instructing all participants “to sign in”. Why were the photos of the truck in the Nice massacre of 185 steamrolled civilians curiously pristine and devoid of even one drop of blood from the victims?

    Let’s keep the floods coming, and the globalists will lose.

  13. clare doll

    Greg and Rob,
    If the election cycle goes through to completion, a Clinton win will indeed invite a World War while a Trump win will incite a Civil War. Thank you Obama for proving that you are a more divisive and by far worse president than Lincoln — and Lincoln was by true history an a$$!!

  14. Country Codger

    Great interview and Rob is one of my favorites. It is a toss up for Rob, Michael Pento, Greg Mannarino and CAF for me.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please keep in mind that a site like (IE. could not operate inside the borders of Russia.

      • Tad

        You may be right, though some western sites may be allowed in. I don’t know that story. You don’t seem to deny the existence of western propaganda as promulgated by CNN, NYT, etc. Otherwise known as the MSM.

        George Soros isn’t a friend of Russia, and I consider him an unholy global change agent

      • Ed

        Actually, is close enough to be called ‘’ (and thus Igor Boshenko is “Russian Greg Hunter”). There are few videos with english subtitles on Youtube channel Neuromir-TVe.

        • Greg Hunter

          Really!??? and they criticize Putin??? I don’t think so.

          • Ed

            Yes, they criticize Putin, no less than your guests criticize Obama.
   and really have a lot in common: both are talks with (mostly regular) guests, discussing things that are not welcomed by MSM, for audience who like to analyze information, not just consume it.

  15. Mr. Lee

    Mr. Kirby is spot on as usual Mr. Hunter. Kudos to you for brining him and others of this caliber on.

    My take on the war front is that it is a pre WW2 mentality. Have a war engulf a large region of the world which will spark the war economy and presto no more economic and financial malaise. In fact, after the was perhaps there will be large re-building efforts and contracts to go with them. The issue is that this in not the WW2 era. Even a limited war will see casualties in the NA continent.

    Just imagine a tactical nuke going off in NYC or Seattle navel port. If two planes crashing into a couple of buildings caused the sort of emotional and economic pain on 911, what will nuclear exchange do?

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right Mr. Lee because our government is sure not hell bent on peace.

  16. JimRC

    I can’t wait till TSHTF and opens season on tyrants and their supporters in America!

  17. Todd

    Rob Kirby is a great source of reality. He is a reality check. We are like wile coyote and we don’t realize that we have run off the cliff! We need to be out of fiat $ and into real things of true value. All paper will burn!!!!!! I believe essentials will soon be in huge demand. We are living in very uncertain times. The future is hard to foresee. It seems to me that we are about to see a famine of biblical ramifications. We must examine the facts. I believe Greg Hunter has very informed guest that are warning us of the truth. We must be prepared now!!! We must put all our trust in God and His Holy Spirit to guide us. God bless all those who serve Him. Thanks Greg. Todd

  18. Kaiser Sousa

    Greg Hunter for Donald Trumps Press Secretary.
    I know for sure the truth will be told.

    • Colin

      Welcome fellow ZH’er!

  19. Julie Tyra

    I’m scared for the people of this country, many do not listen to my warnings. It’s really too confusing to explain to them in a coherent manner. May God watch over us all and show us a path to get the bad guys. Thank you Greg
    LUCEO non URO

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Julie I hope I will continue to “shine and not burn.”

  20. Diane D.

    Greg, you are one of the leaders of alt-media. Bill Holter on Wednesday, now Rob Kirby… what quality guests!

    The ruling class are drowning us in debt and war and we have basically lost all control of them. Today is Sunday, my favorite day of the week. Our home-church is held in an old Grange building. Every family homeschools their children. They are well aware of what is going on. They are prepared as best they can for what may come in this world, and more importantly they are prepared for the next world. After service we stay for dinner. The older homeschoolers quietly watch the younger ones. The adults love to chat about politics, ham radio, gardening, canning, hunting etc. I am reminded of how blessed we are every time I look around the room. I have never anyone on a cell phone! Yea, such places still exist.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Diane!

  21. Mohammad


    it seems the catalyst is this coming election.
    The theme is already set and out.
    The threat of “clandestine” cyber attack on Russia by Joe Biden is likely a preemptive strike at the election.
    What i think is that it does not matter who wins, the pretext is “ELECTIONS ARE HACKED BY RUSSIANS”.
    If Hillary wins or Trump wins the current administration will say the Russians hacked the machines (the loser – any of them- will cry foul).
    That falls smack in my scenario I outlined before, the current administration will continue for another term after declaring war on Russia.
    You can put all the swift changes in the high military commands happened in the last few years into that context.


    • Greg Hunter

      Even some in the intelligence community think the “hacking” is an inside job and NOT the Russians.

      • Colin

        I agree Greg, it makes much more sense that there is a faction in the NSA that is against Hildabeast being elected and are trying to get the truth out to prevent that in the off chance our votes actually matter.

  22. Matt

    Mr. Kirby uses several important phrases during this interview. He takes it right to the doorstep of what I have asserted here and elsewhere on a regular basis, sometimes to ridicule. There is nothing funny about it.

    Rob refers to the “anti-human movement” on more than once during the interview. He is exactly right. So here it is, once again: Our planet has been discovered by resource explorers who see humanity as a warring tribe that must be controlled to preserve the resources of the planet, which we are depleting and destroying at an alarming rate.

    They represent economic collectives from beyond our solar system who have a deep interest in controlling the resources and population of the earth. For THEIR purposes.
    They do not respect human culture, They don’t care about humanity’s future, and if They gain control of planet earth there will be a population culling for the ages.

    These intelligences (The Intervention) have appealed to the corrupt leadership that we see every single day – who have no accountability to humanity, and are too blinded by greed and drunk on power to care about “the man on the street”. The Globalists have been promised that they will reside over the planet at the end of the coming collapse, when in fact the Intervention will renege on their agreements and take over control of the planet with out firing a shot. We can all sense that something much bigger than what we see is really going on, and Rob Kirby articulates it the best I have seen yet.

    If humanity does not begin to awaken from it’s deep sleep, we will not recognize this planet in 5 years. The Intervention has been involved in this plan for decades, completely outside the awareness of the mass of humanity. Our “space brothers” are nothing of the sort – they are here to subjugate humanity and take control of the planetary resources. Mr. Kirby referred to this as “disturbing and ugly”. And how.

    One simply has to look back over human history to see the destruction of culture and the mass genocide that has occurred when one exploratory race discovers an indigenous race – this time the indigenous battleground is earth, and we are the discovered culture.

    We are all here for a purpose from The Divine. In this case, we are the front line in the fight to save humanity. Please take 10 seconds out of your day to visit

    When you read it, you will know if the message is for you. You will know if in your heart.

    Thank you for the great interview Greg.

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe at least one of these explorers is on our side.

  23. Kevin Willbond

    Greg, always enjoy your interviews. However, all your complaining about the Democrat & Republican candidates and what they offer, you have NEVER taken the time to interview any of the Third Party candidates. I find this vey amusing since you wont take them seriously or at least give them a chance to speak. With your background of reporting I would think you would be more than willing to listen to some rational viewpoints instead of this endless “crap” that Clinton and Trump continually give us. Just a thought.

    • Greg Hunter

      What I find “amusing” is the fact you think they are better? They are not. Jill Stein is a communist and Gary Johnson is anti Christian (I heard a long interview with Johnson on Glen Beck) and anti gun.

  24. Mohammad


    This is of grave importance and am quoting an Arabic site because of its significance.
    The Russian interviewer is asking Assad to send all males to the front lines in the coming escalation of the war there.
    This is unprecedented, i have never seen Assad before in this position.
    She is telling him and screaming almost at him to send children who supposed to be in schools to the front lines. She COMPARED this coming escalation to what her country had in WWII where she says towards the end of the clip that only women stayed in towns and all males (regardless of their age) went to the fronts. So in essence she is saying what is coming is WWIII….!
    The interview is in english though the page is in Arabic.شاهد-كيف-وبخت-مذيعة-روسية-الأسد-.html


    • David

      During the Iran-Iraq war, the Iranians scooped up young children, teenagers, and young adults and sent them off to the front lines to walk/clear the minefields. They gave each a white plastic key to wear around their neck; it was their key to heaven. On one side, running the length of the key in English was written, “Made in Taiwan”. Assad might want to send those who have been feeding at the trough first. There are plenty of them.

      • Mohammad


        You are looking at a preview of the coming movie.
        You are looking at a preview.


    • FC

      I had to shake my head in disgust over the double standards, when a feminist asks for all males to be at the front line.

  25. Paul ...

    Hillary probably figures (by supporting the “globalists” who are going to kill off 3 billion women) it will improve her chances to get Bill to look at her again … but Bill probably figures (why just have one when I can have them all now before the bankers reduce Earth’s population to only 500,000)!

    • Mike

      I wonder what happens when their offices and factories start to burn ?

  26. eddiemd

    Better get those non-GMO seeds now.

    Idea for building a drone anti-FLIR cover.

  27. Charles H

    “All paper will burn.” Be out of debt; hold title to whatever you need. Prepare.

    Rob Kirby has held himself back, and subdues himself. But as a Straight Shooter – I wouldn’t want to be within twenty miles of him, if he had only a sling-shot.

    Kirby; Denninger; Holter. There are more prominent men and women to come to interview: but within their prospective talents – a clearer understanding could not be gained.

    • JC Davis

      C H . I hope I can buy a new truck for 3 k before it burns. What ever happen to the deflation theory I wonder ?

    • Mike

      +Who signs tour paycheck,Soros ?

      • Charles H


        God does. Then the rest in on my own dime.

    • JC Davis

      Ok Charles what is your plan seeing they will appoint the whore of Babylon ? Greenland don’t sound so bad.. If I can get a microwave to work from solar..LOL

      • Charles H


        I’m stuck in Mexico – living as a lower-middle class Mexican. House, car, motorcycles: all owned free and clear; some food and water stocked – and building a fence all around the roof. All I can do is hunker-down.
        Going “ex-pat” anywhere is a tough pill to swallow. Most people – meaning Americans – don’t take the change; or forcing the difference can be very sacrificial, especially if a new language is required.
        If you are older – you might want to ride it out, if you’re in a survivable area. Family is treasure – and you can’t foresee what value you might have to them. A clear conscience toward God and man is the best bet. CH

        • JC

          Nailed it. I am just going to ride it out with the Almighty Holy One.

  28. Paul ...

    So the British are going to turn their best pilots of the Royal Air Force into Kamikaze pilots ?? … dashing into the Russian “NO FLY ZONE” to take down Russian planes (while dodging S300 and S400 missiles)?? … What kind of crazy General’s do they have over there?? … bet they see “British” pilot recruitment drop off severely … guess they figure they can replace them with all those extra Saudi pilots they trained on Cessna’s at American flying schools to do 9-11!!

  29. Paul ...

    You know … if the globalists succeed in reducing Earth’s population by bringing on Armageddon … there will be no Priests around to teach our children (now living in caves) about “the three persons” in one God … so better prepare now how to explain it to them … for example … you can draw the XYZ axis on the cave wall and tell your children that just like the 3 axis’s are necessary to create one real object in this world’s space … God also has “three parts to him” in our world!!

    • Paul ...

      Eventually the few survivors in caves that are left on our planet will have to teach their children from memory as their will be no libraries (so not only will all paper money but all books of knowledge too will burn) …

      • Paul ...

        Say we have to teach our children math, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc. … we can start by drawing a zero on the cave wall with a chard twig … then say to our kids … in the beginning there was nothing (zero) … then show them how +1 and -1 add to zero … encourage them to make the link that a positive entity and a negative entity can arise from nothing (the Big Bang) … then tell them that in our physical world the +1 (is a proton) and the -1 (is an electron) … and together they make a hydrogen “atom” … many hydrogen atoms massed together gave rise to all the stars in our universe (and so there was light) … be sure to reassure your children that although the entire universe arose from nothing (and they themselves arose from nothing) … they are endowed with “consciousness” … therefore the nothingness from which they arose “had consciousness” … try to make them understand that “the consciousness” within them comes from “the consciousness of God” that was his to give from the nothingness before creation … and to realize that if “we know we exist” … then so does God! (QED)!
        Explain to them further that the globalists who destroyed our world in a nuclear Armageddon did so thinking that … if they destroy human consciousness they will destroy the consciousness of God himself … a NWO plan only Demons of Satan could dream up … then explain who the Demons are who brought our world to an end (the Fed, Hillary, Obama, McCain, etc., etc.)!!!

        • Paul ...

          So go on Demons of Satan … destroy us in your war of nuclear Armageddon … we don’t need bodies to exist and fight you … we “God’s people” … know full well that “consciousness cannot be destroyed” by making us “nothing” … because consciousness always exists even in the nothingness … it is called our “immortal soul”!!!

          • Paul ...

            You can teach you kids “string theory” by making your children realize that their soul resides in the 4th dimension … and the 4th dimension connects to our physical world at the “zero point”!! … the three axii that flare out of the zero point into our physical world (x,y and z) represent “strings” upon which matter manifests … etc., etc. for example a quark along one string (say the z axis) would have a charge of 1/3 … another quark entangling two strings (say the x and y axis) would have a charge of 2/3 … these two quarks will not be seen in our three dimensional world until they entangle all three axii together to create a “real” particle we can observe in our physical world!

  30. john duffy

    Jon Voight’s plea to save America

    • Southern Girl

      john duffy,

      Thanks for the link.

  31. Rock

    Does “all paper burns” include mining stocks?
    Thanks Greg for your fine work. Great interview. Rob Kirby is top notch!
    The Kingdom of God is at hand.

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to physically own the shares or direct register them. If your brokerage goes down a good investment won’t be worth much if your brokerage goes the way of MF Global.

  32. Neil

    Indeed this is another show down between good and evil.
    I am entirely sick of the garbage and propaganda being generated in the press and the on-going abuse and harassment of the Russians to serve their twisted agenda. Seriously I hope the Russians stop excusing/tolerating these psycho jerks and glass over Washington and in the process do everyone a favour.
    These ‘globalists’ and ‘elites’ are seriously sick, deluded and dangerous people who will bring destruction and ruin on everyone if they are allowed to progress any further. The election is key. If Clinton wins then it is clear people need to take matters into their own hands and act decisively. This is not a time to be passive or turn the other cheek.
    We need to compile a list of people for impending arrest and trial.
    There are not many perhaps several hundred ring leaders but as with the Nazi scourge many more accomplices. They should know they are under scrutiny, we are coming for them, there is no where to hide, and justice will be done.

  33. Boo Who? Boo a politician!

    Did God unleash the Donald? Yes. But all credit goes to our deep state corporate, crony capitalist, Wall street Hollywood mainstream media, neo-con warmongering misfits!

  34. AJ

    Hi Greg
    Interesting interview. Also interesting that Mr Kirby would apply such a hair raising tagline to his hypothesis. While I agree the dollar is likely to tank, to say the all paper will burn is inflammatory and not necessarily true. He accurately states that inflation would be the result of a crashing dollar. The bond market would likely tank as interest rates rise. However, when gold reacts and shoots higher, the mining stocks will rise in many multiples of the PM increases. It is uncertain as to whether the stock market would crash up or down (per your interview with Katherine Austin Fitts.)Additionally, any companies that generate global revenue (Apple as example) would see profit margins increasing as a result of the cheaper dollar. Just saying all paper burns smacks of a gold dealer’s sales pitch.

    • Tin foil hat

      ” any companies that generate global revenue (Apple as example) would see profit margins increasing as a result of the cheaper dollar.”
      When the dollar collapse, not a one time 30-50% crash, all other fiat currencies will go down with the dollar. The values of all non-commodity based companies will be questioned. Gold mining companies will likely be nationalized.
      Basically, all paper will burn. Some may burn half way and some may incinerated into thin air.
      However, the dollar may not collapse suddenly as Mr. Kirby expected. The dollar may lose its value gradually within the confines of the IMF’s SDR pie.

  35. Paul

    I remember a Pastor at our church talking about a “One World Government” (OWG) back in the 1980’s.
    As Rob said , “now they call it Globalization ” its just a different term for the same thing.
    Our Pastor said they would cause problems in the world to be so great, and people will be so confused and downhearted , that they will eventually accept anything or anyone that appears to have a solution to those massive problems, and in doing so will unknowingly actually give away their rights and freedoms.
    He said the OWG would be people who would ” say one thing to the masses while actually thinking something else”
    In the light of the latest email dump by Wiki , does that sound familiar ?
    Connect the dots.
    I have to admit, in those days I thought it was just a story to scare us , and it if did happened , I would never see it in my life time.
    Now , I think Rob is right, and we could be on the edge of that process right now.
    Watch for world events that are massive and chaotic and then for the population becoming confused ,downhearted and desperate.

    Personally , I’m getting right with God.

    Thanks to Rob for letting us know the latest developments.

    And thanks to Greg for true journalism .


    • Tommy

      One world government, new world order, globalism….sort of like global warming to climate change and liberal to progressive. They have to constantly change terms to make it seem new or more acceptable. Crippled became handicapped became disabled became physically challenged became person with a disability, etc. Education is famous for this. Think of how the word “exceptional” has changed through the years. It used to mean someone who was outstanding or far above the norm. Today it means just the opposite. I believe Orwell called the “newspeak”. 1984 was about 3-4 decades early.

  36. Jerry

    If anyone needs further convincing of where our economy is headed, look no further than the ” Cass Freight Index”.

    The Excuse that retail sales were down has always been blamed on the elimination of box stores by online companies. But even Amazon has to use trucking to deliver merchandise. Greg the government trolls that visit your site fail to recognize that without sales, there is no tax revenue, and without tax revenue they have no job.

    But hey, if it makes the government trolls feel better believing that they can continue printing money after eight years of QE with zero percent interest rates, be my guest. I’ll step over your rotting corpses as I leave town.

  37. Manny

    Nuclear Bombs?
    Nuclear bombs are so yesterday. Why the Russians and
    Chinese are hesitant to start a nuclear war. The U.S. has
    advanced weapons like the “Rod Of God”.
    Here is a brief description on you tube.

  38. Faith

    This was another great interview! I really like Rob Kirby. Your previous interview with Mr. Holter was also excellent. Also kudos to you and USA Watchdog for mentioning other sites like the X22 Report (I watch that channel every day!), the SGT Report, Infowars who has the motto “YOU are the resistance!” Another show I have been listening to is Caravan to Midnight with John B. Wells. (It is not free but you have access to the archives upon subscribing, fee is $5 a month or $60 for the year).

    I said the same thing, on this site, about six months ago, that I thought the present time until the new president is inaugurated would be extremely dangerous. The US military has been weakened and world leaders know we are weak. If I were the leader of Russia or China or Iran I would certainly be thinking about taking advantage of this weakness, probably via a proxy. There was a big cyber war test in Europe last week. The US Navy has been firing cruise missiles into Yemen. Some Russian customs and border agents got into a shootout with a North Korean ship that was fishing illegally in Russian waters. What is going to kick off the next war? I don’t know. A ship being sunk, a plane being shot down. I hate to say I see it as inevitable. War is profitable for the globablists. More proof that they could care less about the every day person. We are nothing but cannon fodder to them. Sheep to be herded and fleeced.

  39. Mike R

    Stunning admission by the Hillary Camp: Axelrod is now using the excuse to skip the debate, with Trump stooping so low as to submit to a drug test. There could be no more damning comment than that, given that HRC is probably in a rapid progression of declining health, and advanced debilitating side effects of both meds and P.D. The admission is basically confirming that she barely made it through the debate. As usual, Trump may be blunt, but he is probably 100% right. He could smell and see her first hand, and sense the energy draining right out of her on stage. She walked in front of him intentionally, so as to not have to bear his stares, and so as to not disclose her failing health to him.

    Whats great about Axelrod over the years, is he always telegraphs the truth. (even though he can barely say turthful words.) He can’t help himself. He knows she is dying, and in grave health. Guaranteed. Him suggesting a debate skip, the last one, is such a tell, that I would not be surprised one iota if she does indeed find a reason to not show up or get it delayed, and then delayed yet again. Her public appearances remain few and far between. Think about it folks.

  40. Bruce Maclean

    Greg. Ron Kirby mentioned the the Russians refer to Americans with the disdainful term “mutants.” When the Chinese talk among themselves they refer to Americans as “talking dogs.”

  41. Justn Observer


  42. Mike R

    Running statistics on the polls, are showing that, the volatility is being suppressed by heavy poll biasing, by all of the major traditional firms. This election, more than any other, has a heavy polling bias toward one person – HRC. Also, they are attempting show it will be a landslide to HRC. The problem here is, with the biasing, and running statistics, the more likely truth that’s being covered up, is that Trump is most likely winning by a landslide in the minds of the voters who ARE ACTUALLY going to show up to vote. Meaning not only is none of this being captured in any mainstream polling, but its more likely that the HRC camp has no clue this is going to happen, from any of their own internal polling. What that means is, the public is so distrustful of media, government, and especially HRC, that they are hiding that they are going to vote for Trump. They are not telling their friends, their own families, NO ONE. No amount of polling will ever elicit the truth, in this year, and this situation, bc our politics are too far gone. This is the exact same phenomenon that occurred with Brexit. Nobody, especially the press, can handle this truth. Nobody, when the real vote happens, will actually believe it. They’ll all in the media, and from pundits, say that Donald or the Russians (or fill in the blank) rigged the polls. Statistics being run on all of these polling data sets are showing this election will in fact not be close. But everyone is thinking its HRC in a landslide. The truth is just the opposite. Trump knows this, which is why he doesn’t care, and is using the shackles off approach, and scorched earth. He can make himself out to be a total horses pitoot, and more people will still vote for him, than people will vote for HRC. It’ll be enough to offset the demoncratic voting fraud, and the millions of fraudulent dead voters they are already ringing up. If you want ample evidence, just go around your community and tell me how many HRC signs are out on the lawns. Trump signs will be few and far between too, but thats to be expected, bc Trump isn’t actually spending much money to have those made, and he is not a career politician. But Hillary is, and they are spending hundreds of millions on this PR crap, but there are very very very very few of her signs. That is a horrid alert and warning signal for HRC’s campaign. She’ll probably have the record for most money ever spent by a candidate that lost.

  43. Peter

    The Democrats and Hillary are preparing us for a war with Russia. A few years ago the democrats wanted to be friends with Russia but Obama couldn’t get along with Putin so now the dems blame everything possible on Russia. I don’t buy the democrat BS though.
    The latest Wikileaks emails allude to Hillary Clinton’s health problems.
    The Hillary advisors did not bring up Bernie Sanders health issues during the primaries as they were afraid he would expose her health problems.
    If the US elects a sick and corrupt Hillary Clinton then it’s game over for the US economy and the country and right now the polls suggest Hillary may win. Owning precious metals may not help you either as Hillary would likely confiscate every last ounce and outlaw any trade in Gold, Silver.etc.

  44. Diane

    Oh no……..
    Russia Advising its citizens How to Prepare for Nuclear War Warning US Intends to Attack | Armstrong Economics

  45. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Love Rob Kirby, but something was supposed to happen in the next couple weeks back when the LIBOR fix was exposed. Deutschebank is fine now. I thought that derivative mess was going to unwind? At one point, we weren’t going to make it out of September………..2015. This shit is going to keep going and going. It’s a joke. and the joke’s on us.

    • Colin

      Pretty much what I think too.

    • Bill

      Concernedamericandad: You may be right, HOWEVER, is it not the smart thing to be a boy scout and be prepared for ” Whatever “

  46. Ramuses III

    Kill the head and the body will die.

    When will we take out the Rothschilds in their castles? It’s time we think deeply about this …

  47. Kim

    My son is a Marine and just turned 20 yrs old. He was deployed Friday with thousands of others. Fear not, God is in charge.

    • Greg Hunter

      I pray God the Father gives him, and his fellow soldiers and sailors, divine protection.

      • Kim

        Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot! God bless!

    • Tin foil hat

      Nobody should risk a single hair on his body for the Bush – Clinton – Obama Crime Syndicate. I hope Trump will win for the sake of peace.

    • Robert Lykens

      Kim, I pray also for peace and safety for your son. At 20, he’s already a great man.

  48. Coalburner

    Dear Clare, Doll, I almost laughed at your comment about Civil War if Trump wins. Newsflash, you won’t here a peep about that if Trump wins, Civil War is much more likely if Clinton wins. If the Libturds want to commit suicide when Trump wins , it will be better for the country. LOL! I got 50, million armed brothers that will stand with me. How many does a lowlife criminal war monger have?

    • mikemm

      I Love this!
      I’m with you brother!

  49. Coalburner

    Did anyone see the video of Obama campaigning for Hillery the other day. Did he sound like a loser, whining , crybaby, that knows his little bit of power is about to be gone forever . He failed in his mission to destroy us and now he whines like what he rally is, a spoiled do nothing that had the biggest chance of all and failed. His master George Soros won’t even need him now. What a loser!

  50. francis m reps

    Mr. Kirby is a decent, intelligent man. I think that if it appears to the elites that Hillary will NOT be able to insert herself into the presidency ; They will start a major war with Russia. If it looks as if Hillary WILL insert herself into the presidency; God help us all. Our media { all media } always serves the power structure. Hillair Belloc made this point many many years ago. THAT POINT IS STILL VALID.

  51. Gina M Mancarella

    Fellow Americans, If Paper burns it will only be temporary. Anyone who is hoping for such an event because they have metal will be disappointed when the gold is repatriated to central bank control where it belongs and their unpatriotic activities are rewarded with detention at one of the regional camp facilities. In just over 3 months time, major refreshing changes will be under way. Although, Hillary is the de facto current presiding commander in chief, she will officially be elected president in just over three weeks. We will celebrate like never before before the major changes are instituted. No longer will reckless conservative capitalism ruin the lives of Americans. We will temper the economy with gentility and equality not previously known before and blacks, lesbians, transgender and all other minorities will share a stake in the type of nation we all would like to see..

    Regarding foreign nations that threaten the sovereignty and supremacy of the United States, we will burn them down and turn their nations into a living hell. General Mark A. Milley has made it clear we are going to war very soon so America needs to get ready for the fight at hand. The fighting ahead will be deadly …. and brutal. But the light at the end of the tunnel will be well worth it. We will be free to act as we wish anywhere in the world. Freedom is expensive, but the fruits of supremacy and leadership will allow the United States to create our own Utopia. Be proud to be an American.

    You can watch General Milley’s speech here on Youtube…….

    • Mike R

      G.M. that is some fantastical fantasy you got going there. Linguistically, your credibility level is of someone who writes at the level of a 20 year old, or younger, and your IQ more than likely is below 120. If somehow you happen to be older than 20, your life is obviously clearly rather shallow and incredibly naive. May God bless your life, and cleanse your mind of the filth that has been bestowed upon you, in the hope that eventually you grow up, and can develop the maturity of true adult, with real responsibility, and a far better understanding of how our country works. In the meantime, I pray that you never have kids of your own, because I fear it would be a disaster for you, and them both.

    • Anthony Australia

    • David


    • Hatemail

      I too am proud to be an American. Hillary will take us to war with Russia and we will grind them into dust. I will sacrifice my life and my children’s lives to the cause and make America great again!

    • Pinocchio

      I do not understand why you just mentioned lesbians and transgenders. How about reptilians, zombies, and goblins ????

    • Paul ...

      General Milley (like the big bad wolf) blows hard but Miley Cyrus takes the Nobel Piggy Prize! … and why did they gave the “piece prize” to Obama … seems Bill Clinton should have won the Nobel Piece Price!

    • JC Davis

      Gina I hope you will fight for your belief / Hillary. Tell all your communist friends the front line is the safest place to be. Be there or be square.

    • Old Dog

      This is for you, Gina.

    • Macray

      I have been listening to Dolly Kyle’s new book, Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir!

      With about 3 weeks to go before the election, I am sure that Gina would love for you to have Dolly on as a guest!!!

    • Irice Hogan

      [DONALD J. TRUMP]_________ FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.
      Dobbs: The Clinton cartel will do anything to hide the truth

      Gina Mac. We need a hero! & Donald J. Trump,WE HAVEN’T DRUNK THE KOOL-AIDE!

      Maid Marian is found helping Robin and answers for it in King John’s court. She has a few choice words about the whole thing.

      Olivia de Havilland as Lady Marian Fitzwalter

      Familiar situation, but she brings conviction and honesty to the part-who wouldn’t slay 50 tyrants to rescue her? [more so Lady Liberty; the USA?]
      Warner Bros was one of the few studios to speak out against the Nazis, who were trying to bring back medieval barbarism and brutality, when this classic swashbuckler was made…

      She was like a lily made of steel and still is at 100 years of age! Yes even today, you cant fool or scare an honest and strong woman!
      Donald were still counting on you! Thankful and loyal more than ever for all you’ve done so far and counting on you to finish the job!

      New Living Translation
      Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God. [2 Corinthians 4:4] Donald you’ve opened our eye’s, were no longer blind.

      (Everything You Do) You Do It for Us
      Bryan Adams
      Look into my eyes, you will see
      What you mean to me
      Search your heart, search your soul
      And when you find me there
      You’ll search no more
      Don’t tell me, it’s not worth tryin’ for
      You can’t tell me, it’s not worth dyin’ for
      You know it’s true
      Everything I do, I do it for you
      Look into your heart, you will find
      There’s nothin’ there to hide
      Take me as I am, take my life
      I would give it all, I would sacrifice
      Don’t tell me it’s not worth fightin’ for
      I can’t help it, there’s nothin’ I want more
      You know it’s true
      Everything I do, I do it for you, oh yeah
      There’s no love, like your love
      And no other could give more love
      There’s nowhere, unless you’re there
      All the time, all the way yeah
      Look into your heart
      Oh yeah
      Oh, you can’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for!…

      Hogan’s hero! We can win Donny boy!

      Swear To Fight To The Death Against Our Oppressors!

      Never give up on us, Donald J. Trump!

      You can beat and starve
      us Saxons now…
      …but when King Richard escapes, he’ll
      take you by the scruff of the neck…
      …and fling you into the sea!
      From; The Adventures of Robin Hood 1938

    • Jerry

      Its mindless socialist zombies like you that think that walking into a wood chipper is a good idea since it makes sawdust to grow plants in. Quit posting this crap and go buy a bag of rice while you still can.

    • David S

      So Gina you are admitting dissenters will be going to camps and the US military will attack yet more countries!! USA sounds like Nazi Germany.

  52. Getonwithit

    As appreciative as we are of your efforts to bring or highlight the truth of what is / or may be truly happening, nothing was said in this interview that we didn’t already know.
    As much respect as we have for Rob Kirby, he said absolutely nothing today. 3 or 4 months ago he made a bold statement that something severe would unfold in “2 weeks” or something like that, but today you both speak in generalities. I personally feel that we are at the most critical stage prior to some drastic life event for all humanity and this interview speaks in generalities that we are all aware of – all of us that look for information outside of the MSM thank you for your time, but we were not enlightened beyond the information that we already had after this interview. I would not be so critical if I did not think we were at a critical stage. If these folks are in the know, then tell us what you know, but don’t tell us what we already know. We are at that stage where we want to hear something critical that we have not heard before. If people in the pay grade above Rob Kirby are stating that “all paper will burn”, then they are paid too much. we all know that….when??????? give us something new that we have not heard since 2008.

    • MCasey

      Getonwithit, Congratulations on being so informed. Can you remember a time when you were not? A time you were “awaken” and you began your search?

      Thank goodness people are waking up; they are trying to make their way along the same path you did. They are beginning their search and this information may be NEW to them. Someone who just found this website for the first time. Be patient. Not everything will be geared for you. Be patient and be glad this information is there for those following behind you.

  53. Paul ...

    So now we have Biden (never even elected by the people) declaring war on Russia?? … Declaring war “Is the Job of Congress” (who are the only people allowed to declare war)!!! … and what excuse is Biden giving us? … while it is perfectly alright for the NSA to hack into every Government and corporation on planet Earth … if the Russian’s dare do any hacking back it means nuclear war??? … come on Joe … don’t you realize the neocons are psychopathic lunatics that have not tightened even one of their 911 loose screws ??!!

    • Paul ...

      At the time of “your choosing”??? … who elected you Joe?? … war must be declared by an Act of Congress!!! … don’t you even know that yet??? … where were you in American History class??? … I know some of our teachers don’t know who the President is … but I’ll tell you … when you get our teachers nuked … the ones that remain will sure know who you are! … an UN-elected VP … who thinks he has the power to start a nuclear war all on his own!! … hey people … you have only 23 days left to save yourselves from neocons like these who want to bring you nuclear Armageddon!!!

  54. BILL

    Nothing said about US Treasuries. I have my total investments in gold, real estate and a money market account of US Short Term Treasuries bills. Can you give me your opinion on owning treasuries vs gold. I don’t want to have all of my eggs in one basket as I need some liquidity. Are Treasuries my best bet?

    • Greg Hunter

      Stanly Fischer (#2 at the Fed) and others are saying that interest rates are “too low.” If they go back to where they were in 2015 2.35% (plus or minus) long bonds will be killed. You’d be better off holding some cash in my opinion. I am not a money manager or investment advisor.

  55. Billy Carson

    Mourning the loss of another saint, Susan Sanders. Franklin Sanders, your wife is home in glory. As with all the saints, her works here on Earth shall abide to the glory of Christ. If anyone is so inclined, please send memorial contributions to

    Christ Our Hope Church
    Box 195
    Westpoint, Tennessee

    with “Susan memorial” in the memo line. Memorials will be used to provide Reformation Study Bibles to jail and prison inmates in Tennessee. Susan loved the Church’s jail ministry and was deeply involved in it.

  56. Arthur L Barnes

    Greg, America is in decline, even Trump can’t make America great again, the people are just not my fathers people any longer, simple as that. A few million hold outs & hard working with traditional values just can’t stand up to the MSM & their “it takes a village” globalist open border policies of the elite. Sorry to have to be a realist on your very positive site but that is how I see it. Basically, to be redundant, to much water in the ship now and the bilge pumps can’t keep up. Too bad too, America I will miss you!

    • Justn Observer

      Arthur…..IT TAKES A VILLAGE was co-written by Jean Houston a NEW AGE guru in California…a long time spiritual ‘guide’ of Hillary… Hillary is a Methodist? LOL
      Hillary is know to ‘channel’ Eleanor Rossevelt…and is ‘trained’ in her new age views that all are god’s and can find that within themselves and thus bring forth ‘enlightenment’ and awareness for others without that ability from ancient leaders of the past !

      DO WONDER WHY ….The Donald….does not bring it up …sure it will not go well with the ‘deplorables’ and ‘irredeemable’ ! I suppose this explains why they wanted God out of their DNC platform…and dislike people who ‘stick to their bibles and guns ! “Bibles to study GOD’s word and guns to protect themselves and families… Yes- truth stranger than fiction…any wonder why Bill was ‘pre-occupied’ looking at other women? Sometimes crazy starts to make sense?

      • Arthur Barnes

        Observer, your reply was well taken, I just meant simply that America has been lost to the “village”, open borders, entitlement for all, etc. Sorry that America’s best years are behind her, but no nation can stand without borders and common sense. Hillary is everything that is wrong with America, never ending wars, fiat money, banking elite, wall street do make nothing, do nothing, produce nothing mentality and digital money that loses its value daily; lets not forget secret deals. Observer, as you discussed, Hillary a Methodist, I’ve known a few, she isn’t one at least on anything but paper LOL. For me now its hold on to my guns and bibles and the village be damned.

    • JC Davis

      I agree Art. Tic toc said the clock. Even if trump wins there are too many factors against him, or the chance of stopping the globalist. At least we may have a right to keep our guns.

  57. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Slowly, the good General Milley’s words spoken recently about Russia’s provocative tone have gained traction in the media to the extent that everyone is waking up to understand the great Satan that confronts the United States, which is Putin’s Russia. It is comforting that Obama has given Madam Secretary Clinton the authority to strike Russia should tensions escalate. I expect based on output at the munitions depots that we will be brimming with bunker buster bombs during the first hundred days. If it escalates past conventional then the nuke missiles will fly and then every man for himself foe a while. The least of your worries is paper or gold metal for that matter. That said, we will overcome in the end as we begin the task of rebuilding.

    • Tracy Welborn

      You know what Treadway? You’re a jerk. These are human beings we are talking about here – Russian, American, Middleastern, whatever. Gee you’re so cavalier in discussing the end of humanity.

    • Colin

      Your a fool!

    • Paul ...

      Hey Treadway … did anyone tell you that you would be one of the 500,000 people left on Earth after the Globalists “take care” of everyone??? … if not you are promoting your own death by promoting their war … however if you are one of the 500,000 do you think you will be at the top of the food chain? … or working your fool ass off as a grunt!!! … singing the praises of these neocons (that will either kill you or make you a grunt) smacks of being a psycho loony tune running around with 911 screws loose!!

      • Macray

        Appreciate all your comments. No disrespect here, but I am not sure I can see the Globalists possible plan of reducing the Earths’s population down to 1/2 billion people actually being achieved.
        Russia and China will be all in should the nukes begin to fly. My understanding is our Earth will then be uninhabitable for 10’s of millions of years from the fall out, give or take a few million.
        Unless the Globalists already have a place already picked out off planet, I believe they, along with everyone else will no longer exist afterward a WW3 scenario. Wikileaks is doing a pretty good job of proving that the Globalists are insane, so I don’t disagree with that they may give it a try.

    • Frederick

      Anyone who declares war with Russia is indeed a fool Hasnt history taught us that? Remember what happened to Hitler and Napolean when they tried it

    • David

      The Greatest Generation (WWII) is all but gone. We lose a generation of people who lived it, and gain a generation eager to repeat it. War is easy in the abstract. Reality is always the arbiter, and the two seldom reconcile. Good luck.

      • Charles H


        I watched a YouTube video on Germany’s Women during WWII. They bought it hook line, and sinker – even did their very best. But in the end their homes and cities were destroyed; and when the Russians arrived – 100,000 women in Berlin alone were raped. The unintended consequences of War were horrific. And the country lost a generation of men.
        Anyone who is gung-ho for war has never known it.

        • David

          Charles: I agree completely.

    • Constance Crumbey


      Listen closely to Richard Dawson’s Message. God bless all the children in this world. A wonderful message to us all.

      It doesn’t matter who we are and what we stand for, we are all put on this earth for a reason. We all should be loved and treated equally.

  58. Jerry

    The blackout of the Russian news agency (RT) has begun. One can only wonder what is behind this campaign?

  59. Bill

    GREG; When Rob Kirby says ” paper will burn “, might he also be referring to our currency. ( Fed reserve notes }??

    • Paul ...

      Yes … she should be tested for drugs … like heroin … she has probably taken so much (for her quote “pain”) that now she probably has a brain tumor the size of an orange that is pressing on the motor sections of her brain making her fall … and this same tumor is likely pressing on her cognitive functions that push her to lash out and want war with Russia (who has recently taken actions to clamp down on her heroin supply lines from Afghanistan)!

      • Paul ...

        Poor Afghanistan … their country robbed and made to produce heroin so the elite could support their criminal banking system … and for what reward? … well President Regan tried to dedicate the launch of the Columbia to Afghanistan … but I guess the neocons wanted to send them a “different message” … … 15 years of unending war!!!

  60. Larry W. Bryant

    == Do One-Hundred-Dollar Bills Burn Faster than the Lower Denominations? ==

    The other day, I visited a local branch of a major financial institution. My mission: to withdraw a sum of cash in mostly one-hundred-dollar bills. “Sorry,” chirped the teller, “we’re out of them. Would you like to take the entire amount in fifties?”

    I chose the fifties option, suspecting that this may be my last chance at escaping what may be a widespread run on cash-short banks.

    Can that shortage be attributed partly to the mountain of moola recently transferred to Iran?
    — Larry W. Bryant (17 Oct 16)

  61. Donna from AR

    Bayer just bought Monsanto and all its EVILS!

    • Paul ...

      Lets hope they weed out all the immoral stuff Monsanto has already done to our planet!!

      • Paul ...

        And if not … we go after them!!

    • MCasey

      Donna, They actually are two of a kind… surprise they merged.

      Bayer Role In Holocaust

      “The Bayer aspirin company has finally apologized for the inhumane acts of its parent firm including using Jewish slave laborers during the Holocaust. Bayer’s parent company, Bayer AG, was part of the German chemical conglomerate.

      G. Farben also had a significant investment in a company that made Zyklon B gas, which was used to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews at Auschwitz….”

      If you research this, Bayer did a lot worse than what they skim over in this apology. But, to their credit that they did apologize.

    • Mohammad

      Did they really bought it?
      Or it was crammed down their throat?
      What a better way to spread Monsanto in EU than camouflage it with Bayer especially after refusing Trans pacific crap?
      Is it the reason why the gun to the head (DB fine) while may be buying DB stocks back by the same gun holding entity is postponing bringing DB to the knees until the merger between Monsanto and Bayer is finalized?


  62. Mike R

    Here is the essence of what voting for Trump means, articulated by some blonde females who you would never expect to support him:

    ‘Trump is many people’s protest vote. If you tell people NOT to vote for him, people will do the opposite,’ she said. ‘No one likes to be told what to do.’

    ‘Both parties spent millions to campaign against Trump, yet he won. The people have spoken; that’s true democracy.’

    She said the Republican is ‘independent of any special interests’ and has ‘the best tax plan.’

    And ‘in a PC world of policing “political correctness,” Trump breaks all [the] rules and still wins. That is a leader, not a follower.’

    As far as Hillary goes:
    … ‘some got a taste of how Hillary failed her position as secretary of state in saving Americans in the 9/11 planned attacks on Benghazi.’
    Four Americans died that day, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, when armed jihadis stormed a State Department building and a nearby CIA annex, firing mortars and driving the Americans out of the city.

    Clinton publicly blamed the attack on a spontaneous protest inspired by an anti-Muslim Internet video produced in California.

    But privately she told family members and foreign leaders that it was a pre-planned military assault by Ansar al-Shariah, a regional affiliate of al-Qaeda.

    Shane Barbi said she and Sia are most proud of the military men who took gunfire to buy time for their countrymen to escape.

    ‘Our number-one heroes are the Benghazi heroes,’ she said, naming Kris Paronto, John Tig and Mark Geist.

    ‘Every American should watch the “13 Hours” movie,’ she added, and ‘ask themselves what would happen if they were stuck in a country like Libya and were begging for help.

    ‘Which candidate would come and help, and which candidate already failed that? Which candidate lied about those pleas and said it was a video?’

    (we all know deep in our guts, the answer to that. HRC would NOT come to your aid – she has never come to anyone’s aid – not even a 12 year old girls, who’s rapist Hillary defended instead. HRC has no soul, no humanity, and is only and ALL about HRC. Its about her, not you. That is the furthest one can be from the definition of a public servant. She truly is the last person who should have ever pursued a career in politics. She is not a model for anyone; not for women, not for children, not for people who want to be ethical and choose the moral path; not for people who want to be of service to others. She is the anti-thesis of a positive human being. )

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Paul ...

      Mike … this bears repeating … “HRC has no soul, no humanity, and is only and ALL about HRC. Its about her, not you. That is the furthest one can be from the definition of a public servant. She truly is the last person who should have ever pursued a career in politics. She is not a model for anyone; not for women, not for children, not for people who want to be ethical and choose the moral path; not for people who want to be of service to others. She is the anti-thesis of a positive human being.” … bingo Mike … by willingly cutting her connection to the 4th dimension (cutting her connection to God) … she has willingly forfeited her only means to “life after death” … all those “without a soul” who worship at the Alter of Satan “really die” when they pass away in this 3rd dimension … there is no “life after death” for them … when they die (they are dead) … it is as simple as that!!!

  63. Jerry

    This is for you.
    I hope you have a heat source to keep you warm where you are. The elites are probably going for maximum damage once they see where the election is going and when freezing temperatures are within reach. (IE Russian winter style) That’s how these maggots think.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is looking like DB will not make it out of 2016 and maybe not out of October?

      • JC Davis

        Greg its not the powder that makes the firecracker work. It is the wrapping.

  64. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, bet the farm this election will be stolen by the Demogods, rigged, & after-which drinks and laughs all around by the elite. Hope I am wrong and you own another farm, a.b. – P.S. not a large one cause I can’t find any organic non-GMO seed to plant for next spring LOL!

  65. Diane

    Charley Jones of KRLD Texas Overnight
    has a good idea for the NFL and ESPN…..

    No mention of Kaepernick until the comments.
    Just rename the NFL the “ESPN
    Social Justice League” and be done with it.

  66. Diane

    Social justice is just the code name for Marxism.
    First it was the atheist acedemics…destroying education. Now the mainstream media and the cronie corruption class of politicians are trying to take down America.

  67. Steph

    Greg, I am very grateful for this exposure to Rob Kirby who I respect a lot. Please forgive me if this is the world’ stupidest question but when he says everything but physical metals will go I just need to clarify that he is saying that precious metals stocks will not do well either? I ask that because so many people who follow Austrian Economics and are aware of derivatives blithely feel that precious metals stocks will go astronomically high. When I see the numbers for values of derivatives by firms such as Deutsche Bank I cannot make sense of things staying intact. Would be so grateful for a comment. Grateful to you for your care of the American people. Steph

    • Greg Hunter

      What Kirby is talking about is hyperinflation. It is a destroyer of all paper, and yes, that includes stocks.

  68. Dan


    Spot on! This seems like the most feasible outcome scenario – a way for them to continue the Ponzi Debt Monetary system (as a form of “Helicopter Money”) to prevent it from imploding.

    Brilliant guy and brilliant delivery. MUST WATCH!

    • Charles H


      This is about as dark and ‘negative’ as Gregory Mannarino has produced and aired. And as Greg Hunter and Mannarino talk by phone weekly – I wonder if Hunter is aware of this broadcast.
      Universal Basic Income is a form of Helicopter Money.
      Working FOR the government, means the criteria of pay-scale, productivity, and
      elimination (abandonment) is Death Panel determined.
      Loss of Freedoms…
      Capital Controls…
      Universal Healthcare…
      Pretty bleak.

    • dadiz

      Thank you for the link.

    • wondrouscat

      If Gregory Mannarino thinks this is what is coming, and I believe he sincerely does, then why isn’t he getting out of Dodge? Especially since he says Hillary was long ago selected so there is no hope for Trump, and at the end that there is nothing any of us can do about it – we are all doomed to live under our socialist masters with no freedoms, not even, he says, in our choice of clothing. Why isn’t he exiting as fast as he can? He’s done his best to warn the masses, he can leave the country with a clean conscience. Perhaps at the last moment he will.

  69. Dan

    Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

    Another must watch video. Quite disturbing folks.

    • 8Ball

      Most everything is “rigged”… Talk about “pay for play”, most all alt-media websites solicit “donations” from the usual suspects that they promote on a regular basis. You ever wonder why these guys are continually kept in your face?

      The watchdog is one of the few honest ones left.

  70. Linda L.

    We’re at defcon 3 thanks to our fearless leader and his pack of cronies (and to think that Obama was actually awarded the Nobel Price Prize). It’s interesting that China and Russia have made provisions for bomb shelters for their citizens, but no such facilities here in the US except for those at the top of the food chain. What a crazy, insane world we live in:

  71. Tommy

    In the 4/14/16 interview with Mr. Kirby, he said that the dollar was going to crash. “I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks.” He said there would be a bank holiday and massive devaluation of the dollar. It is now 6 months later and he says it’s “imminent, any day”. Like the preachers predicting the end of the world, some day it will happen, but naming the date has proven them wrong every time. He also must think that there will be some form of law and order after the implosion and that the government or thugs will not steal his gold.

  72. Tad

    Don’t know if you’ve read this somewhere else, but this strikes me as extend and pretend.

  73. Diane

    Yet another TOTAL OUTRAGE BY CNN

    CNN Shows it’s Bias Warning People it’s Somehow Illegal to Possess the Hillary Emails | Armstrong Economics

  74. Mohammad


    Shutting down the “enemy’s” voice is a major part of the PR warfare before the shooting war:


  75. Mohammad

    After Syria and Russia agreed to cease fire in Aleppo and they did, the “rebels” kept on the shelling of the Aleppo’s part under the Syrian/Russian influence dealing the peaceful hope path.
    They will not stop, as long as the (out)house of Saud are still funding/arming them with the wahhabi’s terrorists that are killing moderate muslims in Syria.


  76. Hot Air

    ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi [McCains buddy] ‘escapes’ Mosul minutes before US-led coalition airstrike
    Alex Christoforou 1 day ago 11 545
    Al-Baghdadi is one lucky guy, or he is one well tipped off terrorist.

  77. Hot Air

    NSA whistleblower says DNC hack was not done by Russia, but by U.S. intelligence
    Alex Christoforou
    NSA has all of Clinton’s “deleted” emails.

    • Paul ...

      And Biden is telling us what??? … “If the Russian’s dare do any hacking … it means a First Strike Nuclear War at any time of our choosing.” !!
      The clear and overwhelming evidence shows that the NSA is currently hacking into every Government, Corporation and Individual on planet Earth !! … come on Joe … we do have “some brains” you know … if you want to start a nuclear war you better come up with a better excuse then Russia doing exactly what we are doing!
      Which leaves open the possibility that Hillary not prosecuted for leaving her computers “open to hacking” … because Biden needed to have an excuse to start World War III with Russia “on his own” without an Act of Congress??

  78. Hot Air

    The Real Reason Obomba Risks Turning New York City into A Glass Parking Lot?

    China rolled out red carpet for Vladimir Putin at G20. Obama forced to exit Air Force One from emergency door
    Alex Christoforou

  79. Hot Air

    Hillary Clinton strategist says “kill” Julian Assange, because “a dead man can’t leak stuff” [Video]
    Alex Christoforou

    CNN Host says the way to deal with Julian Assange is to “Illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

  80. Hot Air

    Leaked memo shows how George Soros planned to overthrow Vladimir Putin and destabilise Russia
    Alex Christoforou

    DC Leaks documents detail how dangerous the Open Society and George Soros were to the preservation of the Russian Federation.

  81. JimH

    Tim Cooks Apple- Next Goal Is Killing Paper Money Once and For All

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign considered Apple CEO Tim Cook for vice presidenthttps
    TIM Cook from Apple choice for VP for Clinton

    Cheryl, Robby, Jake, Huma, Jennifer and I also did a first cut of people to
    consider for VP. I have organized names in rough food groups.

    Javier Becerra
    Julian Castro
    Eric Garcetti
    Tom Perez
    Ken Salazar

    Tammy Baldwin
    Kirsten Gillibrand
    Amy Klobuchar
    Claire McKaskill
    Jeanne Shaheen
    Debbie Stabenow
    Elizabeth Warren

    Michael Bennet
    Sherrod Brown
    Martin Heinreich
    Tim Kaine
    Terry McAuliffe
    Chris Murphy
    Tom Vilsack

    Steve Benjamin
    Corey Booker
    Andrew Gillum
    Eric Holder
    Deval Patrick
    Kasim Reed
    Anthony Foxx

    John Allen
    Bill McCraven
    Mike Mullen

    Mary Barra
    Michael Bloomberg
    Ursula Burns
    Tim Cook
    Bill Gates
    Melinda Gates
    Muhtar Kent
    Judith Rodin
    Howard Schultz

    Bernie Sanders

  82. Mohammad

    It is a full pledged PR war especially when it gets to the Simpson’s Homer voting.


  83. Coalburner

    Dan been staying up with the Wiki Leaks Clinton email, they are caught hating on Catholics the worst I have ever heard, they hate Christians of all sorts and and actually want to infiltrate the Catholic heirarchy, the evidence about them using organized sophisticated people to disrupt every Trump rally is unbelievable but on video tape with email backup. Must see. Also enough to make an investigation of Justice Scalia’s death as a murder investigation.

    • Paul ...

      Just look at all the Christian heads that rolled under Obama/Hillary/McCain, etc. … lets roll out the vote for Trump Nov. 8 !!!

  84. Justn Observer

    Confirmation of things just keep popping up about Hillary’s world wide PAY TO PLAY coups for international trade buddies !
    Very pervasive everywhere it appears…likely where all the money CAF disclosed as ‘missing’ in the budget….

  85. Brad Winnekins

    This interview took place on 10/16/2016. At 18:40 Kirby says “I’ll eat my shirt if there is not a major dislocation by the election.” Of course there has been no dislocation.

    If Kirby decides to eat his shirt I think you have him do it on your show. It would be great for ratings!

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