Clinton Charity is Massive Global Swamp-Charles Ortel

ortelBy Greg Hunter’s 

Wall Street financial analyst Charles Ortel has applied the same research skills he does to see if a company has sound solvent accounting to the Clinton charity machine. Ortel has called the Clintons the “Bonnie and Clyde” of charity fraud.  What does Ortel say now that the Clintons are shutting down there so-called global charity?  Ortel contends, “The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) was a fraud from the very beginning.  It started in September of 2005 as an interesting idea that you would convene around the time of the U.N. General Assembly in New York.  You would convene world leaders, former government officials, investors, corporate officers and members of the media in closed sessions where you would talk about high sounding topics, and noble people would stand up on stage and say how much good they were going to do under the guise of charity.  The trouble with that is . . . the CGI was an activity so distinct and so different than the main authorized activity of being a library and being a presidential archive based in Little Rock that it should have sought approval from the IRS . . .  and it never did that.”

How big is the Clinton charity fraud? Ortel says, “I fear what happened here is, this fraud in the very beginning, it wasn’t caught.  It was like cancer.  The tumors got bigger and bigger and bigger, and it spread from Arkansas to every state.  Then, it spread around the world.  It touches the Bush arm of the Republican Party, and it certainly touched the Obama wing of the Democrat Party.  It began to touch different countries around the world who watched what Bill (Clinton) was doing.  Bill was bankrupt, and they walked out of the front door of the White House stealing as much furniture as they could get away with.   People around the world saw how Bill, Hillary and Chelsea used their marque name and their celebrity to garner riches.  Other government leaders started to emulate them. . . . You are creating a massive global swamp.”

Why is the Clinton charity shutting down now? Ortel, who has analyzed the Clinton charity for more than two years, says, “I think, in part, because nobody wants to contribute to it.  That’s one reason.  Unfortunately, they are going to learn the hard way the way charity laws actually work.  You can’t simply shut something down and not answer any questions. . . . The laws are such that before you liquidate, and that is what they have to do here, you must make full disclosure, and they have never made proper disclosures here. . . . Going back to the Clinton Global Initiative, narrowly, what the (Clintons) tried to keep from public view are all the crooked side deals. . . . There are multiple private deals concocted out of the CGI, and every single one of them is what’s called ‘illegal private gain.’ . . . What they don’t seem to understand is, with charity fraud, the burden falls on the targeted charity to prove that it was lawful. . . If you destroy these records, which is what I fear they are doing, you are only compounding your problems. . . . Many countries are looking into this, and I think what you are going to find is a cascading mountain of new evidence. . . .This is a text book case of charity run amuck. . . . I think the case is overwhelming.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst Charles Ortel.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:  

Ortel thinks the IRS will not go after small donors to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), but big donors like Bill and Melinda Gates, who donated $150 million to the CGI charity, is a different story. That amount is “too big not to investigate” says Ortel.  Ortel predicts that the Clintons will be paupers again.  Ortel says, “All of their money will be gone.”

You can contact Charles Ortel via his twitter account by clicking here. You can also keep up with his work on the Clintons at


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  1. Frank

    Hi Greg
    Hell would I love this man down here in Australia,and drop that information to all of us.
    Our X PM donated bit dollars to the Clinton foundation.
    This story would shake some foundations

    • al Hall

      Frank?greg: I have been told by my source that the Clinton’s have stolen over $2. billion via this foundation. Reason for shutdown is because the Clinton’s have nothing to sell from positions in government. I hope Trump piles on to this investigation. These people are scum and they are both murders. If some people do come forward to aid the law enforcement against the Clinton’s- it is not beyond them to murder anyone-anytime!!

    • ross

      The Gillard Govt in Australia donated $300 million to the Clinton Foundation. The present total is $460 million. I hope Trump investigates these crimes , otherwise his statue will be greatly diminished.

    • Concerned american dad

      Yawn………. all great to hear from Mr. Ortel but really just sick of the bs until these criminals are behind bars. None of it matters. Yoour savior Trump has reappointed that same piece if $#i++ who layed out the case and then decided to do nothing about it. On another note, it is infuriating to have been robbed of any interest on savings for the past 8 years. The only way to play their game was in the phony market. Finally after all the dire warnings from your guests about the mathematically cerrain crash coming every two weeks, most of our retirement funds have little exposure to stocks at this point. It is frustrating to watch the celebrating of the rocketing higher and higher and missing out on all the gains. trying to wake family and friends looks more and more foolish every day. THEY are in control.

      • Colateral Damage

        Dear Concerned American Dad,

        The darkest hour comes before the dawn.

        As for your frustration on missing out on the gains in the Stock Market, I remember reading about a father who was a farmer under Mao. He was able to save his family from starvation because he (under penalty of death if it had been discovered) buried a cache of rice under his house. Those are the times that I am expecting that we will see before all of this is over. My suggestion, be grateful for what you have and don’t covet that which you think that you could have had.

        When it comes to your frustration with Trump, keeping Comey on… Trump is leagues better than the alternative that threatened us in November. I thank God every day for sparing us THAT fate!

        Times will be hard, yes, but I believe that Trump knows what is coming and is intent on doing what he can to cushion the collapse for the people of this country.



      • Joe

        “The only way to play their game was in the phony market.”

        Its easy to think that in hindsight, but when this house of cards collapses, the losses will be sudden and all those in the markets will be saying: “It would have been good to have gotten out of the markets earlier”.

    • A Friend

      Hello Greg.

      Thanks for keep following up on this very important story with Mr. Ortel.

      Much will unravel from it. – Very Very Much. Mind – Boggling Much.

      This is a BIG part of it and there is more … we must clean the stables.

      The Clinton Foundation Syndicate Investigation By George Webb.

      In Order from Oldest to Newest

      In Order from Latest to Oldest

      I abhor charity fraud. Many charities do it and I have lost a dear friend over my stance against it. It was the wounded warrior project. Search and see.

      On a personal note, you look like you need a bit of nutrition and rest Greg.

      I understand the toll that facing ugly truths take, but it needs to be done.

      May God continue to bless you, and your watchdog family.

  2. FC

    Corruption, manipulation, and extortion by both Governments and Corporations is now a way of life in today’s society because, we the people except the lies they tell us, by not doing anything about it.
    As long as we remain keyboard warriors by venting our frustration in cyberspace, they will happily continue on unabated in their corrupt ways.
    Remember, actions speak louder than words.

    • Al Gray

      “As long as we remain keyboard warriors by venting our frustration in cyberspace, they will happily continue on unabated in their corrupt ways.”

      Well, FC, down in the unlikely venue of good old Augusta, Georgia, a group of folks dropped their anonymity to take on powerful forces what dominate there and radiate nationally and internationally. For 2 years we rocked their world. You will have trouble finding out much from the official media because the same forces that have rendered the national and international media into grand deceivers is very much in play. Here one of the principal oligarchs is the media tycoon of east central Georgia and he wasn’t and isn’t going to let the world know events in his very own little playground.

      I was the nucleus of the informal band of online collaborators who used the wonders of real time collaboration, open records accessibility, social media, and blogging to tremendous effect. The major issues that just were on display with the 2016 Presidential election all have amazing correlation with those that we encountered. What might be better is, now that the presidential politics are behind us, there are four major stories here of national importance that bear scrutiny.

      It takes tremendous courage to fight, prevail, and sustain the effort locally, for one arouses powerful forces that are within driving distance of acting in retaliation. However, Warren Pollock had the wonderful idea that he expressed on Greg’s show a few weeks ago when he said that President Trump should go after local corruption and make examples of some of our unexposed criminals. Why wait? Why expect one man to rectify the myriad crimes and suffocating corruption we are seeing across America? Why not emulate the notion of outside intervention that was used so successfully during the Civil Rights era? Lets pick some places and do it ourselves!!!! Here there are some astounding opportunities for 2017, opportunities whose times have come.

      In Star Wars 6, Return of the Jedi, Admiral Akbar ordered ” Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!” If we do the same with some of our more prominent enclaves of corruption, we can prevail.

      Thanks for all you do, and have done, Greg Hunter!


      • FC

        Al, I commend you on your efforts and I truly hope you succeeded in your endeavours, but I believe very little will change, apart from introducing more regulations to better disguise their corruption.
        As you correctly mentioned, Admiral Akbar ordered to ” Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer!” But at no time did I see any Rebel Alliance go into combat brandishing a keyboard.

        • Paul ...

          How about using the keyboard right here in our hands to force disclosure of the truth by our politicians and their not so secret trips to Antarctica, Afghanistan, etc. …

          • FC

            Paul, your video link is very plausible and so is Steven Spielberg’s movie Transformers, but Hollywood decided on the Artic Circle instead of Antarctica.
            Now how do you think the world’s population will react if we were moments (days or years) away from a non-human invasion?…………….there are some truths best unsaid to avoid anarchy.

        • Al

          My point is that I am not a keyboard warrior. I did work for 15 Fortune 500 companies and have a wonderful life. Nearly everyone around me says to give up, but documented truth has never failed me. Besides, it is all uproarious funny, if we choose to attack it that way.

          The corruption is simply biblical and everywhere you turn. Maybe humor will be it’s Achilles heel.

          Or maybe I continue my retreat into the woods with a fatalism like that of Karl Denninger and count on one man, Donald Trump, to save us all. There are plenty of deer and rabbits and my dog does hunt!

          • FC

            That’s correct Al, corruption is at biblical level and only a biblical event or physical force will cleanse this filth.

  3. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Very intelligent man. Thoroughly enjoyed this insightful discussion Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you A A!!

  4. Dezzmond

    The Clinton’s.
    I hope that this goes to a court of law and the Clinton’s
    get the book thrown at them. The snowflakes and cupcakes
    will cry, piss and moan that Hillary is being punished unfairly.
    I say to all those who continue to bemoan Hillary losing ,
    don’t worry you can pick up your participation trophy at
    the end of the line.

    • FC

      The only thing to be thrown at the Clintons will be another bag full of money.
      If the Foundation is found to be guilty of any misappropriation of funds, it will be the building itself to be found liable for the mismanagement and not the personnel…………that’s how it has been with the banks, so why would CGI be any different?

  5. RealityCheck

    The name Clinton & criminal activity are synonymous…

  6. glen charles

    I personally know people whim have befitted from the Clinton charity,
    their lives have been enhanced and made much more pleasant, which has a flow on effect in any community,
    there was certainly no criminal activity involved in improving this small group of peoples lives, and those around them,
    I can only congratulate Ms Clinton for running for president unfortunately the nation was looking in another direction, it was a courageous thing to do against a very powerful history,
    “I love this stuff, this is America!’

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell us all about this act of charity by the Clintons and give a source. This should be made public if nit hasn’t already. Please describe in detail this act of charity and give a source You are also welcome to email me with a phone number so I can call to confirm.

      • Chip

        Greg, he can’t and he won’t because the examples don’t exist. The CGI was pure in your face fraud… Chip

      • Macray

        Glen and Greg
        There is an organization called Great NonProfits, that lists “all” non-profits in the USA. This organization was set up in an effort to provide a platform for community -sourced stories about nonprofits.
        Since I am a Board member for several non-profits in my community, I reach out to volunteers, donors, clients served, etc. to write about their experiences with our non-profits in an effort to share with the public. Obviously, if what is written is positive, I wish to especially share this information with potential donors. If there are at least 10 positive reviews each year, a non-profit can earn a top rated non-profit badge for that year, that also is great to use for marketing purposes.
        But please note that what ever is written. is available at the Great Non-Profits website and never edited or altered.
        Here is what has been written about the Clinton Foundation since September 2005.

        Note – This foundation never earned a top rated non-profit badge in all their years of operation,
        Note – Prior to Ms. Hilary Clinton running for the Presidency in 2016, there was only one review written about this non-profit. And it was written by a volunteer. Not quite sure what this volunteer was writing about, but I’ll let everyone else decide for themselves,
        Note – (4) reviews were written in April 2016, imagine that and none by any clients served. Also, there were no specific experiences detailed in the review,
        Note- (1) review written in May 2016, I’ll let everyone else decide for themselves about that one,
        Note – (1) other review written in November 2016, a day before the election?,
        That’s all folks!
        Glen, I am a bit surprised that you can write about your general experience with the Clinton Foundation here at USA Watchdog, but couldn’t take the time to tell others over at the Great Non-Profit website about your experience with this non-profit.
        Not even Gina or her Father posted a review about the Clinton Foundation over at the Great Non-Profit website. That’s even a bigger surprise.

      • This sceptred Isle

        It would not be surprising if there are a few genuine examples of where the Clinton charity has operated as a genuine charity. This would provide the cover for the more dubious underbelly of the organisation. Same with foreign aid. Most of it is bribes to foreign dictators or payments to multinational companies that don’t benefit poor people. However, there will always be a genuine example of charity work that they can show to the media.

        • Charles H

          What is pushed – something legit: will NEVER equal the overwhelming bulk of fraud. Lay-out the whole Haiti rip-off – how much was collect; and how much made it to it’s purpose and destination?!??

    • Daniel Song

      Is this Gina’s husband?

      • Southern Girl

        Daniel Song,
        Thanks for the thought… laughing my head off!!!

      • Paul ...

        Gina’s husband better get his claim in fast (to get his money back) before everyone else makes their claim and all the money is completely gone!!

    • Coaster

      I am sorry to say Glen but are you a cast member of the “Walking Dead” zombie ensemble. To believe the Clintons or anyone who has had any contact with these nefarious crooks is beyond comprehension. The CGI is a criminal enterprise and should be investigated under the RICO laws. Just in Haiti alone, it is reported they accumulated several billion in donations after the earthquake but the Haitians only received a very miniscule amount. Even a Haitian parliamentarian is begging the new Trump administration to look into where all the money has gone. Is it only by chance that “Crooked Hilliarys” brother has obtained all the silver and gold mineral rights in Haiti. Is it by chance that Carlos Slim (a multimillion dollar CGI contributor) now has all the Haitian rights for providing telecommunication technology to Haiti. The Clintons have manipulated billions of dollars in Haitian aid and morphed this aid into their own slush fund. They directed these funds to CGI donors who in turn made the Clintons wealthy. Wake up Glen, the Clintons belong in prison.

    • Frederick

      Glen have a listen to the Morioritys on John B Wells show about the Clintons and Libya I think you will change you opinion of them after watching it

    • Linda L.

      I bet the President of Haiti would love to hear your story. By any chance did these people get the Haitians promised share?

    • Joe G.

      “…. it was a courageous thing to do against a very powerful history,….”

      Greg this sounds like a low-paid internet shill/bot, for whom English is a 2nd language….
      it stinks of North-Korean level propaganda…. laughable, at best….

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Joe G. for the analysis and support!

    • Colateral Damage


      “I personally know people who have befitted from the Clinton charity,their lives have been enhanced and made much more pleasant .. improving this small group of peoples lives, and those around them..”

      I didn’t realize that you are a personal friend of Bill and Hilary! I bet their lives ‘have been enhanced and made much more pleasant,’ from the billions of dollars that have flowed into their foundation and have found their way to satisfy their personal desires!


  7. Johnny Walker Red

    Oopsie Daisey! Department of Education cops to massive math error on student loans!
    What a confidence builder, eh? This looks more like a confidence game, though, in support of the Obama administration’s war on for-profit schools. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board blasts the Department of Education for waiting months to disclose that they had made a [ huge] error on student-loan defaults, even while issuing regulations that hammered for-profit schools on the basis of that error
    Truth be known, the justification for the department’s selective regulation of for-profits would vanish.
    The department finalized the regulation in October anyway, perhaps anticipating a Hillary Clinton victory that would allow the repayment inflation game to keep going. Yet now it’s taking credit for discovering and fixing the Scorecard error that likely would have been uncovered by Betsy DeVose, in the new Trump Administration:
    posted at 10:01 pm on January 23, 2017 by Ed Morrissey

  8. Dan

    The Clintons will be prosecuted when the bankers are; that is NEVER! Not that they shouldn’t be.

  9. Jerry

    As I have stated previously, the noose on the dollar is beginning to tighten.

    There is an old saying. “Follow the money”. There is a reason that twenty five countries just joined AIIB (which is essentially the PBOC) putting their membership to over seventy five member countries according to this article. I think in reality the numbers are more likely around one hundred and twenty five.

    The reason? The shift away from the dollar as global reserve currency is almost complete, and they know it. Think about it. China has purchased gold vaults in New York, London and Frankfort for a reason. There is a reason SWIFT converted its system to accommodate Yuan transfers in over twenty eight hundred financial institutions. There’s a reason the Shanghai gold exchange is trading in physical gold instead of paper contracts.

    The final piece to the puzzle? The restructuring of the Yuan currency weight in the IMF basket on April 21st. These are not theories. They are facts for anyone who wants to research them. I advise your readers to pay close attention to how China responds to President Trumps leading up to the IMF World Bank meeting in April 21st. If the IMF feels that China may break away from its organization by not granting them reserve currency status over the dollar, they will cave into their demands once the voting starts.

    • Jerry

      If this trend continues, its just a matter of time before China is forced to reset the gold prices and back its currency with it. They have nowhere else to go.

    • Jerry

      Like I said in my last post, China is going online with SWIFT and CIPS to do high frequency EFT with its financial partners. Now they have a fool proof, hack proof satellite system to do it with. The kind that western criminal banks can’t get access to.
      Funny about the timing?

    • jim c.

      Jerry, Thank you for your words and your research to back up what you say, I have been so depressed lately thinking this criminal world of ours will never see the light of truth and fairness, you give me hope that everything will be brought to light and a new system will lead the way.Thank you for all you do, I put faith in all your research just as much as any one else that is brought on the sight (you are incluided with the handful of great researchers on this site).

      • Jerry

        Thank you Jim.
        Unfortunately the wakeup call for most Americans will be like having a bag of hammers dropped on them. While we’ve been diddling with transgender bathrooms, the Chinese have been working feverishly to replace us and our broken system. The Clinton Global Initiative was just another way for the Clintons to buy favors in the coming system.
        Hillary gave the Chinese 5 Billion dollars to help fund their Silk Road Project.

  10. Harold G

    Charles Ortel -Is an American Patriot at the highest level. Willing to dig to the truth with amazing research, courage to tell the truth and so with that, my hope is he is the ignitor of bringing this rot to justice once and for all. Accountability, truth and just plain seeing done what is right has been a long time coming. So grateful that we have you as a source of getting so much truth out that otherwise would leave a vast majority in the clueless state many seem to insist on staying in.

  11. Deanna Johnston Clark

    I wonder what life would be like in prison for them…I understand Madoff is a big hero there and having a good time.

  12. Brady

    I have a sad feeling your right Dan.

  13. Chip

    Great job Charles and Greg! Chip

  14. Peter

    Charity fraud? Look up Norman Dodd and Reesce Report.

  15. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, this is just another Clinton scandal going back 40 years of many of them, they will get away with this fraud, close the charity, and be extremely rich. This is the way it works with the Clinton’s, they are above the law and everybody knows it. They have so much dirt on the powers that be that they are untouchable. The only thing that has ever stood in their way is Trump & that is because the demogods forgot about the working stiffs out there as they believed they would never stand up again. In any event, look for the Clinton’s to just fade away in history with buckets & buckets of money.

    • Mike R

      Clintons are EXTREMELY clever in how they set things up, so what they’ve done is tie so many big shots into their web of evil, that they possibly can’t be taken down, without all of the big shots going down as well. So its virtually impossible to prosecute something this big and intertwined with CGI, without the big donors themselves, having enough money and power to completely come down hard on the CIA, FBI, and even our own government. The Clinton’s have completely co-opted the entire government, which is why Trump has had to tred very lightly now that he is in office. IF, and its a BIG IF, Trump does decide to blow this wide open, he’s going to have to expeditiously build a team of equally powerful people, that haven’t been co-opted by the Clintons. You know Obama has been snaked into their web, but its rampant and endemic throughout many levels of our government. Trump’s got his work cut out for him,but if anyone is going to bring down the Clinton’s, its got to be him, bc he is outside the system, and outside the elitist ring of Bushes, Reid’s, Pelosi’s, Buffet’s, Koch Brothers, Silicon Valley CEO’s, WallStreet, and so on. Could take him years to uncover and then snuff out all of the internal traitors, who previously had their allegiance to Obama or the Clintons. the web of CGI corruption, is deep and entrenched, and very dark, and also international at the highest of levels. Heck, Trump might even need Putin and the KGB to ferret out who can be trusted, and who can’t, bc there is no doubt Russia has hacked the hell out of the CGI, and has known for years what the Clinton’s have been doing. We in the American public are barely scratching the surface of knowing what these crooks have been up to.

  16. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    One word WOW!!!
    In response to glen charles suggesting that the CF stood for anything remotely good, another word: Haiti.
    This global outrage WILL be exposed, and rock the neo-cons for years to come.
    Thank you Charles Ortel for your sublime courage. Or as Solzhenitsyn put it
    ‘One word of truth outweighs the whole world’.

  17. Russ

    Greg – Thanks for the update on the Clinton fraud. Similar info as was in the previous interview, but now that we have President Trump and (soon) AG Sessions, the investigation & prosecution of this crime should get some traction. Time will tell.

  18. DLC

    The Donald will be impeached before you will see justice for the Clintons. David Brock will be president before Hillary makes good on a lifetime of corruption.

    I thought this woman was seriously ill. Was that just a ploy for sympathy votes and going easy on her in regard to thoughts of prosecution? The Clintons will both die of natural causes before we see them pay for decades of greed and treason.

    Trump’s task to undo decades of mismanagement and intentional sabotage is daunting and he may just run out of time. Good that he hit the floor at a gallop.

    Howard Kuntsler went nuts on Trump in a Zero Hedge piece. Even he calls for efforts at a Trump removal. I see a week-by-week gladiator battle on endless fronts with more than one Brutus surprise.

    Call me cynical, and that’s okay, but I expect the voters to continue the pattern of electing monsters (after Trump) until the day their particular gov’t palm greasing peters out — and then they will likely opt for a full-tilt dictator. I do hold out hope of being surprised though.

  19. Jerry

    Straight from the horseheads mouth. A “RESET” is needed.
    It may be worth noting that the IMF board of governors only votes every five years.
    The next one is when? April 21st on a Friday. The next day is? “Earth day” ( a globalist celebration).

    • Kim

      Thank you for posting the Christine Lagarde interview. I got the impression from her mention, that countries of the world are so interconnected economically, that a reset is the best option. How will a reset effect us? Will gold and silver go to new highs? Please forgive my ignorance on this issue. I greatly respect your research. Thank you!

      • Jerry

        I’m not a gold bug by any means, but the Chinese have been buying gold and gold vaults for a reason. Will the new gold backed system work? I have no idea. But one thing is for sure. When things go terribly wrong people usually want hard assets like, land, food, jewelry, gold or silver. That is unless you get a government chip card and are willing to report to a local government facility for processing and relocation into a millennial city. I have never liked standing in lines, and I’m not about to start now.

  20. Diane


  21. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks so much for the illuminating Ortel interview ! !
    I will be sending this one far and wide. Especially to all those unhappy, cry baby
    poor losers who were Hillary supporters. I always thought Bill Gates was more intelligent than to give these two crooks hundreds of millions of dollars. Which
    goes to prove: Rich people aren’t always intelligent people.
    Can’t wait to see both Bill and Hillary in yellow suits staying in the ‘cross bar’ hotel where they belong.

  22. More ABC Fake News

    ABC News Apologizes After Editing Former Bush Spox’s Praise of Sean Spicer to Sound Like Attack
    by Alex Griswold | 4:41 pm, January 24th, 2017

  23. Horse with no Manners?

    keith2 months ago
    them crooks see their way of life disappearing, so their going to do whatever it takes to elect one of their own. DRAIN THE SWAMP!

    Professor: Networks should stop interviewing Conway

    This video show’s explicitly. The dirty, big, not so secret, plain to see by all, but never discussed or put into words. The emperor has no clothes scenario, now being openly discussed. Our main stream left wing media openly exposed as to what they really are. Self righteous thugs and pompous prigs that they are! Watch Rachel MadScowling, the left wing propaganda high priestess of self-righteousness, who’s poop doesn’t stink like the rest of us! Especially Donald Trump and his ilk, us the American people, the ones who own the airwaves, not her bosses at comcast. Don’t believe were the American people? No? The people in New York and California are? Like the other little supposed left wing enclave in Detroit right next to Macomb county Michigan that gave the Donald the country. Yes Macomb county Michigan. 100% blue, yes blue, blue collar. The same ones who voted for Barry Obama, two times and flat out did not want Hillery, yes and even in the D, big bad black [you’ll never go back] Detroit. I’m sorry I let my subservience, slip. I meant Barrack Obama. I didn’t mean to be so informal and call our president what his friends and family called him his whole life. Were not worthy. Yes and don’t call me Cindy, its Cynthia!

    Too bad they didn’t recount the democratic strongholds of Chicago, New York and California like the democratic enclave of Detroit. . . .. Sarcasm off: the only surprise is that the democrats lost a rigged election! Now THAT is a mandate for Trump!

    REVEALED: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES
    More bad news for Democrats—
    Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s Michigan recount unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal.

    Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit, Michigan _Rusty TV
    Ballot Box Fraud Caught On Video (New Hampshire)
    Can we STOP the Insanity of the world ?

    North Carolina stuffing ballot box for Hillary Clinton! How? Through Motor Voter voter fraud. All you have to do is show up and say you registered via motor voter and they HAVE to give you a “PROVISIONAL BALLOT.” Illegal? No problem!

    Voter Fraud – Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing

    We must give equal time here; RUSSIA!
    Massive ballot-box stuffing in the elections to the State Duma | Russia | Elections 2016

  24. Bill

    It seems as each day passes, the swamp keeps getting bigger and deeper. Draining this swamp , aint gonna be easy. The Prez is smart to keep Comey since he knows the history of the Clinton crime family.

  25. Horse with no Manners?

    Missing first link from above of massive voter fraud Detroit;

  26. pat the rat

    I think that Trump told the Clinton’s to shut it down or go to Jail.

  27. Jenny Kobash

    JoAnne and James Moriarty would be great follow-on guests in the Clinton saga. Just found out about them in a post on the previous guest’s interview. True American heroes. Bless them, they went from successful business owners to poverty & near homeless-ness to expose Hillary “the Libyan butcher” as she is called in Libya.

    The Clinton empire is unraveling by the day. I bet Billy Boy has turned already and is singing like a canary. Keep hammering them America!

    • Frederick

      Yup I’d love to see Greg interview those two patriots too Jenny

  28. Michael

    Fantastic interview!

  29. Rock

    Thank you for having this interesting guest on. He is very knowledgeable about the CGI and it was enlightening to hear about the details of this corrupt bunch.
    I fear for Charles’ well being now. People that know stuff that can hurt the Clintons have a way of having heart attacks, unexplained accidents or committing suicide. I hope he has security.
    Thanks again.

  30. PTG

    In the near future, “The O bomb ya foundation”……..

  31. Jim Ledyard

    Hi Greg, Warren Pollock said Trump must stop the continuous shark bites if he wants to survive.

    George Webb is doing some amazing investigative reporting on Youtube re: the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) , which includes crimes of loan sharking, sex traffic, organ harvesting, and pedophilia. Webb, like Waren Pollack, says that Trump MUST publish all 650K Clinton Emails asap if he wants to survive the shark attacks. We have only seen the tip of the iceberg with the Clinton Crimes.

    Thanks Greg for all you do.

  32. Doug

    Greg, just think about it for a moment before you don’t post this. What’s the old saying, “A fool and his money is soon parted.” You can say, “The fools, Bill and Melinda Gates ,and their 150 million were parted by a couple of slick , con woman ,” Hillary” and man,” Bill”. I don’t feel sad for them, They should know better when they are being con. But an $150 million, I hope they can not take it off their taxes. I questioned the Bill and Melinda Foundation myself and I question the people they are conning into giving half their wealth when they die. I can think of one person, but they will be nameless , but you know the one. For the governments that gave money to the CGI ,and all those other wealthy people that were coned , to bad.

    • Bill

      Hey Doug; There are those who have been taken advantage by the CGI, who will want to satisfy their anger. If I were bill and hill I would be looking for a safe house as soon as all is exposed.

  33. Trugli Vartna

    Big thanks from Canada for your choice of interviewees. Integrity seems to be a trait that’s a scarce commodity in the human game arena. How good it sounds from people like yourself and Charles.

    I have a feeling that the Clinton Foundation and CGI are just blatant enough examples of breach of trust to have opened such a huge entrance to their rabbit hole that no self respecting prosecutor could fail to find his way to the bottom, taking innumerable lesser and greater rabbit holes with him in the process.

    Thank you Gregg and Charles.

  34. Alanon

    The Dow over 20,000 and I have been out for some time now so when is this big “CRASH”?

    • Arthur Barnes

      Sooner rather than latter, when the band stops playing, when they run out of booze, when the American investor realizes the emperor has no clothes, when they inflate the money so it can’t buy much……. when the working poor stops working….. when the party is over and they turn out the lights, sooner rather than latter! Timing, who knows, but down it will turn & just about the time YOU think it won’t is my best guess. Remember what Mr. Charles Dow said, yes the guy the Dow Jones Average was named for, “beware the bear rally…”. In the meantime enjoy your electronic portfolio profits while they last. As for me and mine, we like the feel of gold, lovely little bright soft metal with 5,000 years of value.

  35. andyb

    Greg: there is another issue regarding the CGI and the Foundation; what has happened to Eric Braverman, the former Foundation president who has been missing since early October? There are rumors that he has sought sanctuary in the NY Russian Embassy or that he is in an FBI safe house. It should be noted that in the Wikileaks dump of Podesta emails, Podesta outed Braverman as a potential mole. Soon thereafter, Braverman went missing. He was (is) a Princeton professor, hasn’t been seen there, and his course has been cancelled. Another victim of the Clinton Death Squad? Who knows, but Braverman’s case certainly adds another dimension to the fraud.

  36. Jan

    Glad you had Mr. Ortel on. He connects all the dots!

    That said, though, I have a hard time believing the Clintons will ever be paupers for very long. They will always find someone with deep pockets to lure in or someone to sue for financial gain. Look over at Dennis Hastert–he’s now suing one of his sexual abuse victims to repay him his hush money! Disgusting!

    No wonder Americans who were turned off politics filled Trump rallies and turned “flyover” country almost all red! They don’t give a fig about “Russian hacking” or “Weinergate” and Comey’s investigations–the things the Democrats blame Hillary’s losses on.

    They’re fed up with politicians who forgot about them and went on to enrich themselves like the Clintons or like Dennis Hastert. Only Trump–not beholden to ANYONE’s bank account–promised to drain the swamp! Only Trump put to put the American worker first and protect American jobs. Plus Trump, like all Republicans, promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with healthcare.

    Now look at him go! He didn’t even wait until his inauguration to start bringing jobs back home. And the CNN and their pals think Trump is the one with the credibility problem?

  37. Jim Ledyard

    George Webb claims that the Clinton Global Initiative gave away cell phones in Haiti that had micro-loan applications loaded on them.

    When the people could not pay back the loans at $175% interest to the CGI, they would be offered the chance to donate a kidney to pay off their debt.

    Webb says that the CGI and their globalist partners not only stole money but like a pork producer, the used everything except the “oink” when in came to fraud opportunity.

  38. Jon

    Please invite Martin Armstrong to articulate the true trends in place.

  39. Mimi

    The Clintons have been *dirty* since Slick Willie was Attorney General of AR and continued through out his governorship of AR and his presidency. In AR he was bringing in drugs by the plane load thru Mena AR–made boatloads of money–kept up the dirty dealings while Killary was a Senator and then SoS!
    They need to be investigated of where all of the money the good people of the world gave to the relief fund for Haiti when their country was hit by an earthquake–even Killary said it was 33 BILLION dollars–the Haitians say they DIDN’T receive but a small fraction of that money! I think it went in the pockets of several people including the Clintons–I hope their Foundation is shut down–assets frozen–then investigated to the max and if somebody (s) need to go to prison–so be it!!

    • Arthur Barnes

      Mimi, keep dreaming, its a pleasant dream but when you wake up the Clinton’s will be, as always, given a pass on their traitorous behavior and be richer than before. The Clinton’s are above the law because they know where the bodies are buried by the elite. They have got the goods on all the players of our government. Wish I could dream on with you, but I can’t get back to sleep so the reality has set in again; Clinton’s come out smelling like a rose even though they are, in fact, dirty smelling foul turds.

  40. Jeannon Kralj

    I have always greatly respected and admired Mr. Ortel. When he tells the whole truth about the Clinton Foundation from a highly knowledgeable perspective, I feel a glimmer of hope in the system.

    But I see after all these months when there is a mountain of evidence of gross fraudulent activity and law breaking by the Clinton Foundation that still there are no charges filed. I listened very carefully to how Mr. Ortel answered Mr. Hunter’s very clear and direct questions, and I felt that there was continued vagueness and nothing concrete offered as to when a real charges will be filed.

    Many of us feel very disappointed at this time when we should feel greatly relieved that the right candidate won and we are not now exchanging nukes with China and Russia and we are all still breathing. I just feel a very deep loss of hope in the system at the very time when I should feel there is hope in the system.

    There is deliberate non-enforcement of our laws and this pervades all levels of government and that is how massive graft and corruption and money laundering is allowed.

    • Frederick

      Same as 911 Nobody has been arrested even though anyone with a functioning brain can see it was a massive false flag/treason Wonder why that is?

      • Hatemail

        Ask Dick Cheney why.

  41. Mike R

    Nice to see that Google didn’t inadvertently ban your site as ‘fake news’. Not that I’d ever consider it that, but these left wing whack jobs tend to go overboard on everything, or use stuff like this as a brickbat to squash news that doesn’t ‘agree with their political views.’

  42. ken holden

    Last few guests have been incredible! You have set the new highest standard for investigative journalism! Thanks for everything you are doing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken.

  43. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Dow over 20,000!
    Next guest Gregory Mannarino 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      A A,
      Soon come man!!

  44. Gary B

    Greg: I am an ex-MO boy and I can honestly say that you are one of the TRUE JOURNALISTS that Columbia has produced. I would go as high as to say that you are now a true U.S. Statesman. Wear the badge well… deserve it!!!!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gary. I have a confession. I tried to take classes in the U of M School of Journalism and the told me that I was “not J-School quality.” I graduated with a Liberal Arts degree and started working full time my last year in college at a TV station doing local news. Thank you for your very kind words of support from a fellow “Show-Me State” brother. Go Tigers!! (and Cards).

      • Jerry

        I grew up in Columbia and my mother worked for MU. The Missouri School of Journalism is as about as liberal as you can get, so its no wonder you didn’t fit in there. Hang around any coffee shop on the stroll way and you will hear Marxist propaganda spoken freely by the students that go there. I won’t even go into the “Black Lives Matter” movement on campus that killed the funding by the alumni.

  45. Galaxy 500

    Wow… I want a trial for Hildabeast, Bill, and Chelsea.

    And here are some actions of the man, Trump, that evil doers call racist, antisemitic or misogynist.
    4 hours ago
    Alti Robert49 ✓Trump 2016 • 5 hours ago (Gateway Pundit)

    Indeed. I used to post this list during the election. Afterwards, I added the story you mention. But I’ve read many more stories that I never got around to adding:

    (1) In 1986, Trump prevented the foreclosure of Annabell Hill’s family farm after her husband committed suicide on the day of the auction. He personally called to stop the sale and gave Hill $77,000.00 to pay off the mortgage. Trump decided to do this after seeing her pleas for help in the news.

    (2) In 1988, a commercial airline refused to fly Andrew Ten, a sick Orthodox Jewish child with a rare illness, cross-country for medical care because he had to travel with an elaborate life-support system. His grief stricken parents contacted Trump for help and he didn’t hesitate to send his own plane to take the child from L.A. to New York so he could get treatment.

    (3) In 1990, Ryan White (18), died of AIDS. Trump called his family at home after his death.

    (4) In 1991, 200 Marines who served in Operation Desert Storm spent time at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina before they were scheduled to return home to their families. However, the Marines were told that a mistake had been made and an aircraft would not be able to take them home on their scheduled departure date. When Trump got wind of this, he sent his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami to safely return the Marines to their families.

    (5) In 1991 Trump saved a man from a mugging. He told his limo driver to pull over and he confronted the mugger, who was beating the other man with a baseball bat. After that, the mugger recognized Trump and ran away.

    (6) In 1995, a motorist stopped to help Trump after the limo he was traveling in got a flat tire. Trump asked the Good Samaritan how he could repay him for his help. All the man asked for was a bouquet of flowers for his wife. A few weeks later Trump sent the flowers with a note that read: “We’ve paid off your mortgage.” http://www.thepoliticalinsider

    (7) In 1996, Trump filed a lawsuit against the city of Palm Beach, Florida accusing the town of discriminating against his Mar-a-Lago resort club because it allowed Jews and blacks. Abraham Foxman, who was the Anti-Defamation League Director at the time, said Trump “put the light on Palm Beach – not on the beauty and the glitter, but on its seamier side of discrimination.” Foxman also noted that Trump’s charge had a trickle-down effect because other clubs followed his lead and began admitting Jews and blacks.

    (8) In 1997, Trump & Mel Farr teamed up to help young Detroit artists appear at Carnegie Hall.

    (9) In 2000, Maury Povich featured a little girl named Megan who struggled with Brittle Bone Disease on his show and Trump happened to be watching. Trump said the little girl’s story and positive attitude touched his heart. So he contacted Maury and gifted the little girl and her family with a very generous check. (YouTube Video: “Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease #Must Watch #MakeAmericaGreatAgain”).

    (10) After 9/11, Trump sent over 200 of his own people to look for survivors in the wreckage. (YouTube Video: “Donald Trump TV Interview at Ground Zero on 9-11-01 (FULL VIDEO)”).

    (11) After 9/11, Trump “learned about Clyde Frazier Jr., who ran the Harlem Hoops tournament in the inner city and was killed in the 9/11 attacks” and “searched down the family and donated the money to keep that tournament going.”…,


    (12) In 2007, Trump sued the city of Palm Beach for fining him for having a tall flagpole w/ the American Flag. The case settled. Trump donated the $100,000 settlement proceeds he received to Iraqi War Veterans and his local VA hospital. [Trump also let military members use his Mar-a-Lago resort for free every Monday].

    (13) In 2008, after Jennifer Hudson’s family members were tragically murdered in Chicago, Trump put the Oscar-winning actress and her family up at his Chicago hotel for free. He even hired extra security for her – he said: “She’s a great girl. And we’re protecting them well. They are very safe.”

    (14) In 2008, Ed McMahon’s house went into foreclosure. Trump purchased it and allowed Ed to continue living there.

    (15) In 2011, Trump & his siblings gifted $1 million to a hospital that treated their parents.

    (16) In 2013, New York African-American bus driver Darnell Barton spotted a woman close to the edge of a bridge staring at traffic below as he drove by. He stopped the bus, got out and put his arm around the woman and saved her life by convincing her to not jump. When Trump heard about this story, he sent the bus driver a $10,000 check simply because he believed his good deed deserved to be rewarded.

    (17) In 2014, Trump gave $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tamoressi after he spent 7 months in a Mexican jail for accidentally crossing the US-Mexico border. President Obama couldn’t even be bothered to make one phone call to assist with the Marine’s release; however, Trump opened his pocketbook to help this serviceman get back on his feet. http://www.thepoliticalinsider

    (18) In 2016, Melissa Consin Young attended a Trump rally and tearfully thanked Trump for changing her life. She said she proudly stood on stage with Trump as Miss Wisconsin USA in 2005. However, years later she found herself struggling with an incurable illness and during her darkest days she explained that she received a handwritten letter from Trump telling her she’s the “bravest woman, I know.” She said the opportunities that she got from Trump and his organizations ultimately provided her Mexican-American son with a full-ride to college.

    (19) Lynne Patton, a black female executive for the Trump Organization, released a statement in 2016 defending Trump against accusations that he’s a racist/bigot. She tearfully revealed how she struggled with substance abuse/addiction for years. She said Trump and his entire family loyally stood by her through “immensely difficult times” and helped her keep her job.

    (20) Trump has allowed a homeless black woman to live in Trump Tower for free for 8+ years.

    (21) “Exclusive — ‘American Comeback Story’: Watch Unbelievable Story of How Donald Trump Changed Boxer William Campudoni’s Life”,

    (22) “QB Jim Kelly Tells Story on How Trump Helped Him and His Family”,


    – Trump helped Maytag keep some of its stores in the U.S. by buying items from them that could be used in his hotels.

    – Trump saved an ice skating rink in Central Park by taking over the project, and finishing the rink by Christmas time for free. He was two months ahead of schedule, and $750,000 under budget. He also operated the rink for a year, and donated all profits to charity.

    – Barbara Res, at 33 years old, became the first women to ever be put in charge of supervising the construction of a skyscraper, when Trump hired her in 1980.

    – Trump donated $100,000 to a large Christian ministry after Jerry Falwell Jr. told Trump the ministry needed help.

    – Trump has donated his money to several health organizations including the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and many more. http://www.insidephilanthropy

    • Robert G

      Galaxy 500. Maybe my computer is acting up but 90 % of your links go no where. What gives? Dead ends? “Sorry can’t find the page your looking for” is what I consistently get.

    • john duffy

      The one thing you can’t teach is integrity, and you have it in spades, Greg!

    • Fred

      In 1997, Trump & Mel Farr teamed up to help young Detroit artists appear at Carnegie Hall.…

      Hey 500, here in the D Mel Farr is Super Star! His used car TV commercials were international.
      The media here is getting around to loving Trump simply because he’s giving us so much media attention. We were in his INAUGURAL addressee. He’s always mentioning us and comes around every so often, several times during the campaign!
      Have you noticed the different Old English D’s? Where did the iconic Detroit “D” come from, long before Magnum’s Tiger cap and Dallas’s big D?

      • Charles H

        Mel Farr – that is a name to conjure with. Sir Graves Ghastly and Soupy Sales were great too.

  46. Mme Hedin

    Sigh. Clinton is a non-subject now, Greg, though I appreciate new guests. Trump has already said he’s not going to prosecute Clinton, that”she’s been through enough”. This is basically to keep her wuiet, so she won’t respond to Trump’s own “swamp”, i.e., his business dealings with Russia, huge, huge conflicts of interest.
    Where is the outcry demanding Trump’s tax returns? Every Presidential candidate for the past fifty years has provided them, including Clinton. Trump , IMHO, is hiding something – somthing big. Per New Yorker magazine, May 19, 1997 issue’s profile on Trump, he was already talking about making deals in Moscow/Russia. Twent years later, don’t you think his tax returns will reveal plenty of real estate partnerships completed with Russia/Russians?!? That’s a “yuge” conflict of interest as President of the United States! If we need to threaten to bomb Moscow, will he hesitate because his properties and partners are at risk? What about us Americans in this scenario, are we second priority?? Carter had to sell his peanut farm to be President. Trump should have to outright sell his businesses as well , or resign.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Sigh,” I disagree with all your paid troll crap.

      • Mme Hedin

        Oh Greg, not all of us are from NC. And I’m NOT a paid troll, for the umpteenth time. I’m a native Californian and we just think differently fom you NC and red state folks. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on our politics. But I love your guests in general, because I’m vitally interested in economic trends and previous metals, like probably the majority of your viewers. I could do without the more political-focused guests 😉

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes, you think like a communist, which is what the Dem party has turned into. You are the party of NWO, open borders, who defines working Americans as “deplorable.” The elite are your peeps now, and incase you have not notice, you have lost your old base as unions are backing Republicans like Trump who want to give them a job instead of an EBT card. The Dems cheated to put Hillary as their candidate (which is why the Head of the DNC stepped down in shame.) So yes, we will just have to disagree on our politics. I just call it the way I see it, and Dems have selective vision. Thank you for your support, even though we disagree on everything.

          • Mme Hedin

            If you think Republicans are the new buddies of the average American worker, I have some swampland in Florida to sell you. Trump is a salesmen – he will promise you anything to make “the deal”. Check with many contractors and subcontractors whom he has screwed out of paychecks on many , manu of his construction projects…he has over 3,000 lawsuits currently outstanding against him right now, because he is just–plain–NOT–trustworthy. You can call me all the names you want, Greg. But facts are facts. Do your own research and you will find out that I am right.

            • Greg Hunter

              Well we know the Democrats are not. We are “deplorable” according to the almost Dem-in-chief. Dems. 3,000 lawsuits? Please source that with a legit source. This is “Gina” right? Or ,did you take over her job?

              • Mme Hedin

                My source is USA Today
                Or would you call USA TODAY “false news”,

                • Greg Hunter

                  Mostly, Yes!!!, and if you watch the wrap-ups for the last several years, I have documented the fake news and propaganda of USA Today.

              • Mme Hedin

                My correction – Trump’s had over 3500 lawsuits against him over the past three decades, but there are 75 lawsuits currently outstanding against him. That is a phenomenol amout of lawsuits anyway….but for the President of the US? Who is Gina? And who the hell would pay me to “troll” your site, Greg?!?! Ridiculous.

                • Greg Hunter

                  So, your point is that Trump is illegitimate? Dream on. He’s worth a reported $11 billion. He has thousands of tenants and has won the majority of lawsuits started by him and put against him. To all that I say, So what!!! You didn’t seem to be worried about a criminal candidate (Hillary)that used private servers, to take treasonous bribes, to her global charity fraud, that is not being shut down. Oh!! That’s how you lying, cheating, commie Dems roll-right??? That’s what I call “Ridiculous.” I still think you are a troll. You Dems never give up the con.

                  • Mme Hedin

                    No, my point is that since Trump has had over 3500 lawsuits brought agaist him in the past thirty years, it becomes clear that he makes enemies easily. That is NOT a good characteristic to have in a U.S. President!!!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    That is your opinion that you are stating as fact. You opinion is NOT FACT. You are a paid troll. If not give me your Facebook page and a real name. Not “Mme” which is your paid troll name. You liked the traitor with a global charity fraud that she is now shutting down!!!

      • Jerry

        Listen to Mme. She is confirming what I’m hearing from my sources. The globalist next assault on President Trump will be tied to his business dealings in Moscow. These people will not stop until impeachment proceedings begin. The congressional boycott during the confirmation and the marches last weekend were setting the stage for what is coming. The globalist control both democrats and republicans, so when push comes to shove President Trump will be on his own just like he was during the primaries and the elections.
        My advice. Prepare. They’re about to wrap the economic noose around his neck, and pull the trap door.

        • Kim

          2 Chronicles 20:17 NIV
          You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions; stand firm and see the deliverance the LORD will give you,…

    • Frederick

      Did you say she has been through enough? Tell that to someone from Haiti Libya or Syria who has lost everything including their children Or Maybe to Ambassador Stevens loved ones Greg is right you MUST be a paid troll to post such nonsense

      • Mme Hedin

        No, I quoted Trump. Trump said, I quote, “she’s (Clinton) bern through enough”. He’s not interested in prosecuting her (Trump used to be friends with Bill and Hilary, they attended his last wedding), He just wants her to shut up and not bring him down. He’s got enough people after him at this point.

  47. larrythelogger

    Thanks again Greg. I’m glad you DID NOT graduate from the Marxism school of journalism in MO (I used to live in Clarksville across the street from the Mississippi). You may have been turned into one of the left’s propagandists as it seems that’s the only kind they turn out.
    About this CGI fraud, I’m looking for Ft Marcy Park type suicides from anyone the Big Impeached He thinks might turn him in. A few accidental slips off 50 story buildings to intimidate will keep the rest in line. Plus, the MO journalism school grads will make sure the story is always about far right extremists hating children if they report at all about any investigation into Mr and Mrs Clinton or blame the Russians for hacking CGI servers.

  48. Tommy

    Excellent point Greg on why Trump did not ask for Comey’s resignation. In fact it makes so much sense it’s no surprise that the MSM and politicians haven’t mentioned it. We need to get to the bottom of the Clinton scandals if for no other reason than to prevent such activity from occurring in the future.

  49. Al

    Greg. No matter who you have on about this subject you will always have your Hillarites and Clintonistas always denying the facts. No doubt they lack math skills where facts and logic prevail.
    Jail time? Just a political ploy against the left… LOL! Even Hitler had his followers up to the end. So did Stalin… what did he call them? … OH YEAH! “Useful idiots”… LOL!!!
    Awesome show again. The NEW MEDIA is taking hold very well.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are correct sire but I got to follow this incredible story. The MSM not covering this is “too stupid to be stupid.”

  50. Southern Girl

    WOW!! 2 years worth..he does know what he is talking about.

    BTW I live in Arkansas and really everyone over 55 knows how crooked the Clintons are…there are too many people who were involved in bad dealing when he was Governor…too many were paid to look the other way or were involved.

    I also think that all of this crap about them not giving up on Hitlary is they are just stuck in Normalcy Bias or just plain STUPID.

  51. Bill

    Please, please, please, for the safety of you and your family, and many many watchdoggers, Go to TRU NEWS and listen to the 26 Jan 17 interview that Rick did with John Casey. It is EXTREMELY important in my opinion

  52. Gadfly


    These social events are often where the (wealthy) donor classes hobknob. Its a social event for them and one in which they often develop a variety of personal relationships. Its precisely how Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff networked and prospected for his clients. It would appear that the Clinton’s did similarly with their target group: high level heads of state and the international political class, as well as some well-endowed domestic Foundations, as well.

    Now, all charities are potentially contaminated due to inter-connected donations and social relationships. Some of them may prefer to remain confidential. Sorting it all out is indeed a swamp if you can even “get your hands wrapped around it”. It may indeed be near impossible to untangle this web of global corruption without disturbing too many skeletons in the closet. ( A potentially dangerous or fatal pursuit).

  53. mushroom

    The Clinton’s mischievous activities will all be swept under the rug.


  54. Diane

    FNN ( fake news network (former CNN)
    is on life support.

  55. Patiently waiting

    Wow, what an interview ! Thank you Mr. Hunter for that enlightening interview. I believe Kharma always come to those that are devious.

  56. Ronald Helms

    Hi Greg, perhaps it is incendiary and beyond normal bounds but I wonder if there is anything to the assertions making their way on the internet that the Clinton foundation is part of a very sophisticated human trafficking syndicate. I am not in a position to know or even reasonably evaluate the stories. But I recently discovered a person named George Webb who has been posting about the questions: where is Eric Braverman and who killed Monica Petersen. These apparently open source investigations have advanced links between the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and global human trafficking. I bring this up without asserting that these assertions are either true or false. But since it does not come up in Charles Ortel’s inquiry I wonder if there is a particular reason why this line of deep corruption has not been a part of the investigation. For purposes of reference and without vouching for the validity of any of the references or inferences contained therein I offer the archive of videos by George Webb:

    At one point he asserts that what he has compiled is probably about 80% factual and 20% inference. This is a huge story that has the potential to alter the public consciousness and so I wonder if you are aware of this researcher and know anything about whether his work and ideas have credibility. Truthful or not, he has courage. Thanks for the work you do. I don’t really mean to have my comment posted publicly but did not immediately see any other way to communicate my question. In any case, the corruption is deep and the evil at the heart of it all is seemingly pure. I wish you the best as you continue to work to expose truth through this medium.

  57. Bob


    I know you are a bigwig and I am just a nobody so you can take this message for whatever you think it’s worth.

    First, congratulations to you and Ortel for not letting this issue die!

    Second, please keep pressing on this. If we don’t keep pressing the D.C. Swamp Creatures will make sure the Clinton’s escape justice and will keep the hundreds of millions they’ve received by breaking the law.

    We must hold Trump’s feet to the fire on his promise to bring justice in this matter!

    • Greg Hunter

      This site is all about you and everybody wanting some honest perspective and news. YOU are the BIGWIG here and I am just a analyst/reporter that needed a job and started a site. Thank you for your comment and support.

  58. Garth Harris

    Dear Greg,
    Congratulations and a great job by both you and Charles Ortell for exposing this type of ‘global fraud’ , which is even worse when done under the pretense of ‘charity’ !
    This story has also had some press down here in Australia, with excellent journalist, like Andrew Bolt, asking some hard questions. He is someone that Americans would greatly appreciate too, perhaps you might consider doing an interview with Andrew Bolt?
    Here are a couple of links to the story he ran on this & a recent one on the USA & leftist protestors against Trump:

    As another ‘Aussie’ who goes to your site for ‘real news’, keep up the good work.
    All the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Garth!

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