Coup Conspiracy Case Will Get Them All – Kevin Shipp

By Greg Hunter’s

Former CIA Officer and counter-terrorism expert Kevin Shipp says America is facing big internal and external foes. One of the biggest external enemies is China, who has taken a huge economic hit over the virus it released globally. Shipp contends, “Trump is finally confronting them (China) with tariffs, so they are hurting there. They are heading for a recession. Huawei is no longer going to be in the United States. That’s a loss of huge revenue. So, my concern is this: China is going to have to escalate to defend itself. In history, we have seen a lot of wars that have been started during an economic crisis where two nations are fighting and there is some sort of economic devastation. That’s where China is right now. I think what is going to happen is China is going to escalate, and we are already seeing that in the South China Sea. They sunk a South Vietnamese fishing boat, and they are rattling their sabers about their own ships in the South China Sea. . . .China is going to escalate using proxies, and then they are going to start saber rattling militarily against the United States. This is NOT good. . . .They are going to have to escalate not just to save their economy, but to also to try to save their position in the world.”

Shipp, who wrote a popular book called “From the Company of Shadows,” is an expert on the shadow government and the Deep State. Shipp says that is the other huge internal enemy of America. The Deep State failed at a coup to remove President Trump from office. Now, the tables have turned, and Shipp thinks Attorney General Bill Barr and his prosecutor John Durham are pursuing a conspiracy case against the coup plotters in the FBI, DOJ and the CIA. This type of case takes time and why nobody has been charged yet. Shipp explains, “I taught conspiracy law at the university level. I don’t think they will be able to get these people individually. You know, the devil made me do it. I was following orders from Barack Hussein Obama, and there is no intent here. I just went with orders I was given and blah, blah, blah. Where it sounds like Durham is going is conspiracy law. If you’ve got one person coordinating with another person, coordinating with another person, coordinating with another person, aka, John Brennan, James Comey and others, and you have them conspiring to spy on the President and the presidential candidate, then you have one or more persons conspiring to violate federal law. Then you have a conspiracy. What a conspiracy charge does is net everybody involved into a felony charge including people that are on the periphery. I think that’s where Durham is going, and that’s where he has a case.”

Does Shipp think the virus debacle that crippled the U.S. economy will hurt Trump’s chances for a second term? Democrats don’t have much of a message or much of a presidential candidate in Biden. So, the hapless Dems will have to cheat, and even that probably is not going to be enough to deny Trump a second term. Shipp says, “Vote by mail is cheat by mail. We know how easy it is to fake a mail-in ballot, especially absentee ballots. Those have been abused in previous elections. . . . That is the easiest way to do voter fraud that there is. . . . The Democrats are terrified. . . . They are terrified that Trump is going to win because it’s pretty obvious he will. . . . They will stop at nothing to try to overturn Trump and retain their power. . . . If Trump gets elected a second time, the investigations will begin, and this will go all the way up to the Ukraine, the activities of the Democrat Party, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, their lawyers and their corrupt connections to the Soros organization in Ukraine. That, among other things, will all come out.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with whistleblower and former CIA Officer Kevin Shipp.

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  1. K. WAYNE

    These Deep State Luciferians have been working overtime.
    We had the Currency Wars
    Then came the Trade Wars
    We’re in the midst of Bio/Tech Wars
    Potentially we are headed towards HOT Wars….
    The only reason this will be averted is obvious ….Mutually Assured Destruction.

    • K. Wayne

      Some further context to the BioWarfare aspect associated with the COVID-19.
      Newsweek produced an unambiguous piece last week on our very own Dr Evil (aka Anthony Fauci). What has been discovered is his direct involvement in a number of initiatives…. which if each of those were taken separately…. would set your hair on fire.
      Through the NIH (commencing in 2014)…Fauci funded work at the Wuhan Institue of Virology – especially for GAIN OF FUNCTION research on Corona Viruses. That was phase 1. Phase 2 commenced thereafter. He literally bypassed US laws and supported the research of the CHICOMS to further enhance work already completed at home.
      A decade prior he was involved in Gain Of Function work on Bird Flu Virus.
      Fauci has committed a Felony. The research was forbidden.
      He has WEAPONISED a Virus (with GOF) for the sole purpose to infect and KILL humans. That is BioWarfare.
      A Life sentence is insufficient punishment for this creature who is destroying human life which is also playing into the Economic Destruction of the Globe via a Planned Pandemic. Eventually leading us all to the Dystopian world portrayed in many well known pieces of Literature / Movies.
      What a catastrophe in waiting…..Fauci is the White House Disease Expert….as the lead medical expert for America’s Covid-19 task force
      A Criminal Death Cult Scientist giving advice to POTUS. WOW!!!
      Here is the article ….make up your own mind.

      • K. Wayne

        Fauci is campaigning that the Virus did not escape from a Lab. Is it any wonder that he is adopting that mantra… is after all his very creation.
        Chris Martenson in his latest presentation has finally come around and supports what was contained in the Newsweek article…..Gain of Function embedded in the COVID-19 genome. This is only possible in a BSL3 or BSL4.
        Chris reflects on his disappointment and anger at our very own Virologists…..and how they are complicit…by avoiding the truth.

        • K. Wayne

          Back in February I posted a link to Dr Francis Boyle with his Bombshell and Smoking Gun thesis that the COVID-19 was a weaponised- genetically DNA modified- man-made Biological agent.
          Here is a follow up interview with the same professor.
          @ 14.45…….”they aren’t developing vaccines….they are developing weapons and should be shut down immediately”.
          The US Biowarfare Act contains remedies for violations and felonies.

          • K. Wayne

            The issue around whether the Virus that has caused extreme chaos around the Globe with potential to presage a more sinister occurrence (De-population agenda, a Global Monetary re-set, increased surveillance, birth of Tyrannical One World Government, Digital Currency) is for each to decide on their own.
            One enlightening video has surfaced…featuring our very own Former PoTUS…Barak Obama.
            He is so eloquent with his humble demeanor and convincing manner …that on a December day in 2014 in Washington he delivered a speech ….about the need for more funding for Virus research. In that speech he refers to a time in the future being some “5 years ….or a decade from now” ….where we will be exposed to an air born virus…..and that we need to prepare for!!
            Watch it and determine for yourself if indeed these Deep Staters/ Satan Worshipers.. plan the agendas well ahead of time.
            The facts are starting to pile up and all the pieces are fitting nicely into place. The dots are all connected now !!!

            • K. Wayne

              DJT needs to level with the American people…..NOW !!

              • regaleagle

                Rally the American Public behind Trump with bumper stickers now.

                Vaccination is Assassination!!

                Fauci is Fake News.

                Unmask the Truth about Masks.

            • paul ...

              K. Wayne … you left out the important fact that the Gate’s/Fauci developed “gain of function” bio-weapon (the CoV-19 Virus) … is “Racist” (as it predominantly kills Blacks and Mexicans) … as is currently being done at abortion clinics “which is a Fascist racial cleansing program” (hidden under the guise of a woman’s right to choose)!!

              • paul ...

                Fascists believe that killing “is not murder” if it is done to those they consider inferior!! … God never place such an exemption in the Bible … he simply stated: “Thou Shall Not Kill” … !!

                • Monica Craig

                  side note.
                  deep state distruction is fair in our constitution and Gods law. The argument used for not killing minorities is valid. But killing wrongdoers is allowed under this comandment.Exodus 20: 13 word for kill, ‘rashach’ pronounced raw-tsakh,
                  concordance ref; H7523. murder

        • JungianINTP

          K. Wayne, we can pray our way out of potential war.

          The second below prayer is quantum physics based:


          Two Prayers:

          – For the Sake of ALL That is My Self –

          I [ We ] will to know, to do, to be what is

          good and true, for the sake of goodness

          and truth; for the sake All that is my [our]

          SELF. —In Jesus’ Name / Christ Jesus’

          Name / or in the Name of Goodness and

          Truth / or …

          Time-Traveling Prayer



          Past / Present / Future:

          I [ We ] desire, welcome, accept, and embrace

          the joy, love, peace, protection, guidance,

          health, wisdom, and knowledge from my [ our ]

          One Infinite Creator [from G_d or Lord or Jesus

          or…], as remedy for my misperceptions, as

          correction for my misdeeds, and as answer to

          my prayers; from the ancient beginning forward,

          through the present, and into the future; then,

          eternity Inter-dimensionally, infinitely, infinitesimally.

          —In Jesus’ Name / or Christ Jesus’ Name / or in the

          the Name of Goodness and Truth / or …



    • William Stanley

      RE: Mutual Assured Destruction
      I think Mr. Shipp makes a pretty good argument that the CCP is so desperate that they will risk anything to remain in power.

      The CCP cut off travel from Wuhan to the rest of China, but allowed it to continue to the rest of the world. When they did that, they instigated deadly warfare against the rest of the world. (I think you may have made similar observations). The CCP has made it clear to the people of China that they do not care how many of them they have to kill to remain in power; and the Chinese people know that, and hate them because of it. I think it entirely possible that the CCP may actually attack Taiwan in an attempt to draw the U.S. into kinetic warfare in the hope that such will unite the Chinese people behind them. Desperate people do desperate things.

      • K. Wayne

        When I say we are facing a Global Communist takeover…that implies that America is complicit. Look no further than what the American Biologist says below in the link I have provided in my sundry comment. She explicitly states the Virus had its origins in Sth. Carolina, Ft. Detrick Maryland and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. As for it emanating out of China…well that’s unquestionable. As was the agenda to ensure its contagion not only in China but across the globe (especially in America). Look to the motive and to those that benefit from the pandemic.
        Big Pharma have taken control at the behest of the those that sit higher up the chain. Big Tech are protecting the narrative. The Governments are promoting Fear in support of the other two. The Hegelian Dialectic is on full display.
        The advantages and the Money will flow to those who have the Patents and also those who control the money supply.
        The US vs China is a political sideshow. It is World Domination that the Communists are after. OWG….OWR…..OWM. Once again they have distracted the masses from the real agenda. Notice the increased animosity towards China over the last few weeks. Justifiable ?
        To put some context to that ….consider the COVID-19. It requires a Global solution…does it not?? Enter the compulsory vaccination program for 7BLN humans. And where will such vaccine come from?
        We have been conditioned to accept that the vaccine is the only solution to allow us to return to normal. Even PoTUS has said that he wants a Vaccine to be administered before the end of this year 2020 for all Americans. Trust and confidence have been destroyed because we have been fed lies incessantly. That has destroyed the fabric of society.
        I wish that I were wrong. I had hoped that this all was a nightmare. It doesn’t go away.

        • K. Wayne

          Apologies Nth Carolina University…not Sth Carolina.

        • William Stanley

          RE: “America is complicit”
          1. I think that you’re painting with too broad a brush. Yes, global-fascist elements within America really are complicit. Those global-fascists — along with global-fascists elsewhere — are enemies of all mankind but, especially, they are enemies of America and of it’s espoused ideals.
          2. I think it would be useful to more accurately label the culprits here: Not even the CCP are really “communists.” They are more properly recognized as fascists, i.e., they are a type of corporatist entity that, in this instance, hijacked the powers and pretenses of government to pursue private interests (that are often contrary to the general interest of “the people”).

          • K.Wayne

            We need to differentiate between the those enemies of America as opposed to those of the American people.
            These Communists/ Fascists /Corporatists (including Government) are working solely for their (Global) agenda. The American people (Constitution and the Republic) are their targets. I want to be clear about the complicit nature of Communism here in America. Its not the good people that make up our country that play any part in that. Moreover it is the Unelected Rulers ….Bankers, Corporate Elites, MIC, Big Pharma and Tech, Media and the American Aristocracy that are at WAR with the citizenry. It is being forced upon us by any and all nefarious means. Biological warfare is but one avenue to bring about this OWG ideology. If they haven’t bankrupted us …they will ensure we are crippled or maimed or even starved to death. Socialism combined with Communism will devastate society to such a point that what we had pre-COVID-19…..what we considered as normal….will never return. That is the path we are now on.

        • paul ...

          K. Wayne … Why does Trump still have Fauci up on stage giving orders to the American people??? … Who is the President anyway??? …

        • regaleagle

          American Bumper Stickers>>>Vaccination is Assassination!!

    • Arthur Barnes

      Maybe its headed to JAD – JESUS ASSURED DESTRUCTION!

      • paul ...

        You know … we live in the worst of times (everyone is out of a job) … and the best of times (the stock market is skyrocketing higher) … we live in a time when we will go to War all around the world “to remove Dictators” … and yet will follow and obey Dictators right here in America (Bill Gates, Dr. Fucci, etc., etc.)!!

    • .Chas

      Kevin Shipp is great.

    • Charles H

      And what if such leaders choose NOT to believe in their ‘mutual’ destruction? The NEXT genetically enhanced disease might have a difficult and specific antidote/vaccine – only obtainable from the country that disseminates it. Madness is at work in the world today.

      • William Stanley

        Good point!

      • K. Wayne

        I agree with this theory entirely.
        In my mind the architects of the Biowarfare agents are quite capable of reverse engineering the virus/genome in order to produce a viable vaccine ….and therefore have capacity to become the superior race if so chosen!!
        This is not a 1 or 2 term plan. It requires vision, articulation and acceptance over a longer period of time ……25yrs – half century ideologies….perhaps centuries in the making.

      • michael

        I agree. I really like the way he explained things and his take on what’s going on is rock solid!!

    • Rob

      “Mutually Assured Destruction” will be attempted during the “day of the Lord” AFTER the church goes thru the 7 years of tribulation:

    • K. Wayne

      Greg and watchdoggers.
      A few weeks back I posted a link to an Epoch Times documentary about the origins of the Corona Virus. For those that missed it here is the link again:-

      Included in that documentary are excerpts from an interview with an American Molecular Biologist…..where she provides her interpretation of the COVID-19 genome sequence.
      This particular Scientist was in fact an ex employee of the Dr Anthony Fauci.
      As it turns out ….her life (not unlike Kevin Shipp’s) was turned upside down.
      In a very revealing interview she now has become the US Health and Science whistle-blower. She has all the inside information on our Health system and more importantly what Dr Fauci and others are involved in… sum….the warning she provides is quite alarming. We haven’t been able to make sense of the chaos and theatre around the Virus until now. She gives clear, precise and factual information. Thanks to a friend of mine up in Canada who shared this link with me I felt it was my duty to share this with others.

      Here is the link to the interview….watch it repeatedly.

      Greg, I implore you to make contact with this whistle-blower Dr Judy Mikovits Phd – Molecular Biologist / Medical Researcher and have her on your show. What she has to say …..every American needs to hear ….RIGHT NOW!! (In the context of the people that are complicit ….I sense they may try to silence her or destroy her life completely).
      Knowing Kevin Shipp’s position with his background and intel knowledge, he has the advantage in taking himself off the grid,,,,because he is any Enemy of the State. Judy has a similar story to tell except she doesn’t have the same capabilities as Kevin. She remains a target. For how long?
      America’s future and our lives are in danger. We need to collectively stop these criminal acts and put away these Death Scientists forever.
      (I have downloaded this video in case it disappears off the internet).

      • William Stanley

        Thanks for putting this all together!

      • Ray

        Great Info K…….thank you.
        Regarding your request for Greg interviewDr Judy Mikovits Phd……why would Greg want to do that?
        It might point too many fingers in the wrong direction (IE: Not so much at China and a hell of a lot closer to home).
        Nup……can’t see it happening, but am hopeful.
        Kind Regards,
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • William Stanley

          RE: “Lap DogNation”
          Exactly whose lap does Australia lie on?
          Ray, you have to know that China poses a huge threat to Australia. Why do you hate Australia so much?

      • Beverly

        K. Wayne,
        Amen!! What you have to say about Judy Mikovits is SO true. Try to get her on your show Greg. She is coming out with the truth, despite the risk to her life!! She knows that Covid 19 can’t just be blamed on China. The United State’s CDC, FDA and so many other big organizations have stopped the truth about vaccines and retroviruses from coming out. This really comes down to the Deep State finding ways to bring down the U.S., just like Steve Quayle said. And the masks—-they cause people to die faster. Judy has the truth! Please get her on.

      • K. Wayne

        At this juncture it may be worth revisiting what was said by former Bank of England Governor Mark Carney at Jackson Hole on 8.23.19
        ….where amongst other issues…..a remark was made concerning the ending of the role of the USD …in which the FED would deliberately trigger a dramatic ECONOMIC DEPRESSION.
        Carney spoke about China …”as the world leading trading nation is the obvious candidate to replace the dollar as leading reserve, however, he notes, “…for the Renminbi to become a truly global currency, much more is required. Moreover, history teaches that the transition to a new global reserve currency may not proceed smoothly.” He indicates that means it often needs wars or depressions, as he cites the role of World War I forcing out sterling in favor of the US dollar”.
        Recognition back in August that the King USD would abdicate …but not without a fight.
        Pleasant reading……
        Coincidentally the Overnight Repo market went into a tailspin in September. Trumps tariff war with China went off the rails soon thereafter(deal…what deal)…… And a little known Virus found its way into the city of Wuhan in November 2019.
        If I didn’t know any better…these events are no coincidence….and at a pinch might be somewhat related to the “King” losing its crown.

        • Richard Dawson

          K. Wayne,
          “Coincidentally the Overnight Repo market went into a tailspin in September. Trumps tariff war with China went off the rails soon thereafter(deal…what deal)…… And a little known Virus found its way into the city of Wuhan in November 2019.
          If I didn’t know any better…these events are no coincidence….and at a pinch might be somewhat related to the “King” losing its crown.” K. Wayne
          No wonder K. Wayne, Trump was so pissed, when the Chi-Com’s blamed us, the US.! Some coincidence of coincidences. I wonder who the delivery boy’s were? They must of got a big tip. I wonder who’s going to get the bill for the Bullitt in they’re heads, ouch! I pity the fool’s and their family’s! Lead is a preciouses metal nowadays, expensive!! WOW, that makes another ouch!
          Armageddon outa here, I KNOW NOTHING! I don’t want my family gettin a Bullitt bill! Where’s Schultz when you don’t need him, to knead him, Bob Crane? Wherever you is too?
          So many unanswered questions??????
          First to Fall at Wuhan? Our Omaha Beach

      • Charles H

        K Wayne,

        The video you linked to – for repeated watching: is now REMOVED. YouTube has become an organ of the Deep State, for damage control.

        • William Stanley

          A friend of mine thought that would happen. So he immediately downloaded it into his archive and he still has it.
          I sent it to another friend, and he waited until the next morning to view it. He saw what YouTube did, and now he REALLY wants to see it.
          So I’ll get the video from the one friend and send it to the other. He, now doubt, will pass it on to several others. YouTube is actually increasing the demand for the videos that they ban.

          • K.Wayne

            I knew this was about to happen.
            As sure as the sun rises ….. these Nazis have seen to ensure we the people are not entitled to know the TRUTH….about the Agenda behind COVID-19.
            With more than 250K views YouTube abruptly removed the video. Judy is over the target on this.
            So……without any fanfare I made sure copies were available. In my private collection as well as alt sites on internet.
            Go here ladies and gentlemen…
            It wont be removed from here.
            I implore you to share it with all as quickly as possible.

  2. Ronnie

    Back doors !!!!
    CIA FBI spaghetti mob.
    American CEO’s sell out of US jobs. Fraud , greed etc.
    Still waiting for all your predictions about arrests, orange jump suites, Clinton jail etc. Memory hole flush …sooooolll
    Now it’s Hysterical CHINA CHINA what happened to Russia Russia Russia.

    • William Stanley

      Your comment is incoherent to me: I thought it was a different group of people claiming Russia Russia Russia than are now pointing at China as a culprit. Indeed, even the topics are different. Please explain what your point is.

  3. Anthony Australia

    I’m grabbing the popcorn and sit back to watch this all unfold. Apprehensive to say the least. One for the ages!

    • eddiemd

      Any news out of Pine Gap lately?

      How about news from the Area 51 north of Alice?

      I lived in Alice and worked for the Remote Aboriginal Healthcare back in 2008. I used to fly out of Alice to stations all over central Australia. Yuendumu, Laramba, Canteen Creek, Ali Curung, Imanpa, Yulara, Kintore, Haasts Bluff, Titjikala, Mount Isa, Tennant Creek. Interesting places.

    • paul ...

      AA … Watch Plandemic … before it is censored and deleted … which features bio-researcher Judy Milkovits going after Fucci …

  4. JC

    Regarding war with China, check out the latest update at G.A. Stewarts site, The Age of Desolation.

    Here, in Part II, I am putting the war with China prophecies all down in one place. In Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Complete Prophecies of World War III, they are spread throughout several chapters, because I suspect other events will be happening simultaneously.

    In this Update, it will be necessary to deviate several times to show the connection between Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels and China. Clearly, they are at the center of the COVID-19 outbreak.

    The history between the Clintons, the Technology Companies, and China is all very well documented. Also, evidence being uncovered in The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal validates the Chinese connection to the politicians who are most likely members of The Cult. It is not without reason that Nostradamus called them Infidels and Barbarians.

    • JC

      Here is something else to think about that G.A. STEWART has posted about possible war with China. Perhaps in a few days we will know. Will it be May 10th of this year?

      Coinciding with this discovery that I made almost two-decades ago are two important Quatrains regarding a May 10th earthquake, whose location I have determined might be Los Angeles. There is also the possibility that the “trembling earth” that Nostradamus mentions is a metaphor for war. This could be a possibility if the United States goes to war with China.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Another fabulous interview!
    The hair on the back of my arms is standing up; we have now gained the high ground. Our enemies are on the defensive and, yes, that makes them exceedingly dangerous. Nevertheless, the momentum has decisively swung to our side. Therefore, while we need to redouble our preparations for the devastation and brutality that’s coming, it’s now clear: We ARE going to win.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William! I agree.

  6. paul ...

    Err … for some reason the full link did not highlight …×0/filters:max_bytes(150000):strip_icc()/the-great-depression-of-1929-3306033-final-HL-81efaea6e01a47bfbe8b7aa374848239.png

  7. neville

    In war no one is Right,its only whose Left that counts !!!

    • paul ...

      Yeah … all the Right-eous give their lives … so all the commies Left can count (their money)!!

  8. Mike G

    Again more promises of prosecutions after the election, not going to happen. And WHEN is Trump going to dump Fauci? Trump just seems more a false hope as almost all US selections are.

    • paul ...

      As Jesus said: “Judge them by their works … by their works you will know them”!!!

  9. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Coved -19 ( China Virus – call it what you will) has been used as an excuse to shut the world economy down and to curtail liberty / freedom of movement and freedom of association. Millions have been rendered unemployed. An effective and inexpensive treatment has been / is being denied. Bill Gates et al are calling for worldwide mandatory vaccination (I forget, when did Gates obtain his medical degree?). And now, crooked politicians are seeking to impeach President Trump for his handling of the Covid-19 ‘crisis’! President John F Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy were assassinated for challenging the status quo. Robert Kennedy Jr has just done an in depth interview revealing huge corruption within the vaccine industry. It’s a long interview but IMHO it’s one of the most relevant right now . . .
    You will need to input your e-mail address to subscribe but there is no fee.

  10. AndrewB

    Re Robert Kennedy Jr. interview . . . try this:

  11. Self Exiled

    ”The Muslim Brotherhood Comes to the White House”

  12. Jennifer

    This all sounds good like a well written novel. However it also happens to represent a lot of horse dung. This is a very planned conspiracy to take over the world. The cult of finance and the cult of domination are the Deep State. They are the communist planners from over 100 years ago as the reemergence of the Bolsheviks and the Cheka. The King of the world will be Jared Kushner from his Chabad-lubavitch worldwide Tribal Organization. Just as the Bolsheviks took over Russia and Ukraine this time they take over the world. World Domination is their plan, the NWO, their Jewish Utopia. Every Jew a King and every Gentile a slave of the Jew 24/7. This is not a joke. Billions will starve because of this communism, not a fake virus. The elderly are dying because the hospitals are killing them. The Big Pharma are killing them. The cult owns the Big Pharma. The cult runs the doctors and the hospitals! What a perfect system to murder billions is thru a created famine, just like in 1917 Russia.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t give up Jennifer. That’s what evil wants.

  13. Self Exiled

    Just another coincidence? ”Researcher On Cusp Of COVID-19 Breakthrough Killed In
    ”Bizarre Murder-Suicide”

    Maybe we should be asking our selves what agencies in the US have the ability to be so well organized to be able to complete these types of operations for the last 50 years. How many bankers, doctors, and microbiologist in the last 20 years have committed such acts.

    • Cujo

      In my opinion, the researcher that was killed “went native” — that is, was helping America — and the murderer/suicide was tat researcher’s Chinese Communist Party “handler”.

      • Self Exiled

        Makes sense. Those kind of connections [to eliminate] in the US all ready established, or with our help?

  14. Paul in Oz

    Thanks Greg for bringing on a brilliant patriot who has exposed not just internal CIA corruption but, other voices who have less than altruistic agendas … it is so good to hear that he appears optimistic after some past interviews where he was pretty pessimistic … I know you spend enormous amount of effort to vet the information you provide … I spent an enormous amount of time to learn to believe this man, but I do not think there is a more trustworthy voice on the side of right that has credibility!

  15. Elliot Ness

    …Ingraham: Americans are finally seeing the Chinese government for what they are
    • 5 hours ago

    • Greg Hunter

      How long have I been ragging on China!!!!

      • Paul in Oz

        In all honesty, I don’t recall a time when you didn’t!

  16. Tom Thumb

    Trump Responds to Project Lincoln Ad by Conservatives Who Want Him Out of Office: ‘They’re All LOSERS’
    Shane Croucher 18 hrs ago
    President Donald Trump called a group of prominent conservatives who oppose him “losers” and defended his record from the right after they launched an advert attacking his response to the coronavirus crisis. THE GIG IS UP!
    _______________ TRUMP MUST BE STOPPED!

  17. Elliot Ness

    Eisenhower Explains About General Lee (1957)
    British Pathé
    Jason1 day ago
    “It’s hard to argue with victory.”

    • Elliot Ness

      CBS Reports (1964): “D-Day Plus 20 Years – Eisenhower Returns to Normandy” CBS News

  18. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Shipp,overwhelmingly full of information that will be ignored by the slime media.
    Here in the UK the fascist regime is on full steroids and connected to many other corrupt regimes.
    Having listened to this I am surprised the USA is even here in any capacity,
    The emergency powers grabbed by the fascist elite here allows for the siezure of foreign owned assets.Many of these Brexit fascist elite are demanding American and Israeli assets be seized,talk about insanity.
    Huawei has bought its way into our government and establishment,whilst we plebs suffer an awful economy before and during Covid-19.

  19. Nick de la Gaume


    For a dumb journalist you are pretty smart Greg, larf, but more importantly you have both honour and integrity.

    May the Almighty Lord guide you and protect you.

    Thank you Mr Shipp and long may you sail.

  20. Jerry

    If there is any doubt left that the United Nations, the CIA, and the deep state are all involved with the plan to collapse the United States with the pandemic, go no further than here.

    Take a look at who was involved with event 201. Sorry Greg but this is much bigger than China. I’m not saying China wasn’t involved, but they are just one of over 120 nations who are on board with creating a new world order for the purpose of ushering in the fourth industrial revolution.

    The pandemic is a means to an end. “Lockstep” phase two is about to
    begin. Sometime within the next two months the second wave of the pandemic will hit, and it will be blamed on the governments plan to restart the economy. It will lead to mandatory testing and vaccinations. And guess who will be leading the way? All the main players from event 201. It’s all been scripted Greg. And the worse part is, this event, as well as the crimson contagion exercise, happened under Donald Trumps watch. It’s either or. Either he’s involved, or he’s clueless as to what’s going on. Either way we’re screwed. In my opinion, the master plan that Donald Trump had to drain the swamp, ended with the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Crickets. No investigation. Nothing. Something happened to change the course. I’m not sure what? but ….it’s becoming apparent by the day, that Donald trump is not in control. Fauci is still running around handing out advice and doing interviews. And Hilary? So much for lock her up. The promises made to investigate Benghazi went nowhere. The hour is getting late. Get your spiritual house in order. The trump has been sounded. The king of kings is coming.

    • Jerry

      More proof?
      How about a former CIA director under Barack Obama?

    • Jerry

      More proof.
      Senior Vice President of the United Nations.

    • Stan

      There goes Jerry with another conspiracy theory

      • paul ...

        Stan … you are mixing up “our” Jerry with the Jerry you probably saw in the movies (who you also likely could not understand)!!! …

        • paul ...

          Try to go out and buy a Silver Eagle Stan (for the bankster quoted price of $15 dollars per ounce) … and you will find that you really have to pay $25 dollars for one ounce of silver … now that is conspiracy for you … and it can get “even worse” … the banksters may continue to quote silver at $15 dollars per ounce … but the conspirators could “simply demand” what the Debt Clock is saying silver is worth ($2,558 dollars per ounce) … what could the poor banksters do about it if such a conspiracy was launched against them????

          • paul ...

            Calling all Gold and Silver coin dealers: If all your shops are going to be closed down anyway by order of the Dictators in Washington … and you can’t do business selling coins … why not “simply raise the asked price for gold and silver to be what the Debt Clock says it should be” ($21,208 dollars for one ounce of Gold and $2,558 dollars for one ounce of Silver) … this way … if you make one or two sales per week your business can survive!!

          • Stan

            Paul: The Comex price is the real price – wake up and smell the coffee. I can buy a silver contract at $15 and take delivery and then sell the silver to suckers who will pay $24 per ounce

      • Self Exiled

        What year is the Bentley? I only have a motorcycle.

        • Stan

          My newest Bentley is a 2017

          • Greg Hunter

            How’s that gold short doing?

      • Jerry

        STFU. Nobody rattled your chain. You must work for the New York Post.

        Twelve months ago, you would have posted the same comment. But now look at you hunkered down in your mansion. Ya. Right….probably your mommy’s basement.

      • Charles H

        Jerry – makes points with references: edifies and informs.

        Stan – takes pot-shots with no substantiation: impugns and detracts.

        • iwitness02

          Charles H,
          I agree with your assessment on Jerry and Stan. But, for some reason I always read the back and forth. Especially between Stan and paul… Sort of a tribal thing, I guess.

  21. James

    I’m glad some people are confident in our Justice System yet…
    However, why in the world does this statement by Kevin Shipp have to start with a IF

    If Trump gets elected a second time, the investigations will begin, and this will go all the way up to the Ukraine, the activities of the Democrat Party, Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, their lawyers and their corrupt connections to the Soros organization in Ukraine. That, among other things, will all come out.”

    We have been going over 3 years and no Justice to be seen from a failed coup attempt. NONE. AG Barr says words, words, words, he’s disappointed, etc. Everyone says wait for Durham. Blah, blah blah. I’m no expert, but I can tell what I have seen in the past that seems to work. You indite the lower stooges, and they rat on the guys higher up. Works almost every time, and this could’ve been done years ago without spending years investigating something your average american already knows about.

    • paul ...

      “IF” Trump gets elected a second time … only then will the arrests begin … like four years was not enough?? … we need to wait eight years??? … sounds like double talk to me … like “we should open up our economy” … but I won’t fire our true Dictator (Fauci) who is ordering the entire Nation to be shut down!!!

  22. James Hastings

    Great. Loved it.

  23. Dan Reynolds

    “Off the charts desperate, is why!” If you stand back and glue all of the pieces together regarding certain democrats in office, you will come to understand that one line succinctly! Starting with Obama’s cabinet and behind the scene team, all huddled together, sobbing like spoiled little brats, compounded with 3+ years of attempted tripping up Trump shenanigan’s, to present day Pelosi and Biden’s extreme desperate cry outs for Animal Crackers justice against President Trump! All the while proclaiming future threats to boot, until they remove him from office. An office that they and their pink hatted minions proclaim that he is not worthy of. The very same proclaiming that would slot this wonderful nation in the hands of the globalists controls!

  24. Paul DownUnder

    It’s disturbing to see reports of people defying Covid19 restrictions in the US. The pandemic is real and no good will come from being ignorant, stupid, defiant or angry.
    In Australia new cases and deaths have virtually been eliminated, at
    for now. Folks generally complied with the travel restrictions, social distancing and stay at home orders. The easing of restrictions is driven largely by epidemiological data rather than politics. The danger going forward is complacency, a return to the old normal, which would quickly lead to new waves of infection.
    Australia’s universal public health system coped well with the demands, but preparedness for future outbreaks is vital as the virus will not disappear until there is a vaccine and/or anti-viral medicine. The chances of finding medical solutions in the short term are not promising. Little is known about the virus and there is also a possibility that it may mutate, making the discovery of drugs even more problematic.
    Australia’s health system is widely acknowledged – and by President Trump himself – as one of the best the world. Australia spends 9% of GDP on healthcare versus 17% of GDP in the US – for similar, if not better, health outcomes.
    Beware of the Thucydides Trap as US dominance is challenged by the rising power of China. History shows that in 12 of 16 past cases of when a rising power challenged a ruling power there was a war. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – as Churchill said. Trump with an election looming large will focus on China to divert attention away from his failed promises – the emperor has no clothes!

    • Greg Hunter

      We in America think it is stupid to have your government disarm you on one shooting and destroying your right to bare arms. Now that’s stupid. Only your overlords are to have guns in Australia? Yep.

      • Paul DownUnder

        Only three countries in the world protect the right to bear arms in their constitutions: the US, Mexico and Guatemala. The US is the only country with a right to keep and bear arms with no constitutional restrictions.
        Your overlord, the would be US emperor without clothes, declared in February: “America is great again!” From what I read, hear and see, the US is falling apart at many levels. If the US was a company, it would have been declared bankrupt!
        The devisiveness and discord in the US is also unbelievable.
        Perhaps I should follow the advice of your great leader and not believe what I read, hear and see about him. I must be watching deep fake videos of Trump and the stuff on his Twitter account.
        We certainly have many problems in our imperfect democracy, but I’m glad we don’t have gun toting, misguided fools defying Covid-19 restrictions in public places, including pushing a law enforcement officer into water. And our liberal (conservative) party prime minister would not praise people who defied restrictions which the vast majority of Australians agree with. The PM was initially slow to respond, as he was during the bush fires, but he understood the importance of putting lives ahead of mannon.
        Thank you.

        • Kevin S.

          Here is an unfortunate example of gun toting, misguided fools defying Covid-19 restrictions in public places.

          Security guard, father of 9, shot and killed in Michigan after telling customer to put on face mask.

          • Greg Hunter

            So it’s the guns fault??? What ever happened to crazy? No snow flake, it’s not the gun. This shooter is an insane criminal as we all here would agree. You are a Democrat right? After this Covid lockdown you don’t understand what the 2nd is all about? Don’t insult us with this crap.

    • William Stanley

      Paul DownUnder
      RE:”no good will come from being ignorant, stupid, defiant or angry”
      I think you’re half right:
      YES about being ignorant and stupid. No good comes from that. It leads to passivity and defeatism which helps breed LOSERS.
      NO about being defiant and angry. Indeed, lots of good can come from that when you have been lied to, manipulated, and attacked. In circumstances such as these, anger is a positive and entirely appropriate emotion that helps motivate productive defiance leading to VICTORY.

      • Paul DownUnder

        There is no good or VICTORY in defying the Covid-19 restrictions!!!
        In fact, it shows how ignorant, stupid, misinformed and manipulated some people are in defying restrictions designed to protect themselves, their families and their communities!
        Pray that people obey the restrictions and the adaptations necessary to stop the spread of the virus – and any the possibility of future waves of the infection because of the irresponsible and reprehensible actions of a few.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you stupid Paul? So you have a steady pay check? Right? You think people should starve and go bankrupt? Stupid and a hoax. Just take HCQ at the first sign of illness. In America, the “restrictions” do not cancel our Bill of Rights.

  25. paul ...

    Note to all investigative journalists by Dr. Cris Martinson: Ask the lying virologists where the 12 nucleotide insert came from in the Corona Virus (mutations don’t put and entire “Furin cleavage site” sequence into viruses … men do)!! …

    • paul ...

      As for the vaccine the criminals are promoting (don’t ever take one) as explained here … … all vaccines weaken your bodies ability to fight off viruses!!!

      • paul ...

        These Deep State Luciferians are working overtime to kill us and get rid of Trump!!

  26. Rodster

    Greg, I think now is a good time to have John Williams from to discuss how bad our unemployment and inflation numbers really are.

    • Rodster

      …and how bad are things really going to get wrt unemployment and inflation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Working on that.

      • Rodster

        Thank you, looking forward to the interview. Greg, can you bring up the subject of a Global Depression? Pento and Celente think that’s where all this is heading.

  27. andyb

    Greg: regarding voter fraud. Try to get J Christian Adams who is somewhat of an expert on voter fraud, and has many proofs of it. There are too many examples, notably in Ohio and the cities of Philadelphia and San Diego where the total ballots cast are considerably in excess of the number of registered voters. There is a push by the GOP to purge state voter rolls of dead people, duplicates, and those who have moved to another jurisdiction. I just love the case in Illinois where a man had consistently voted since 1876.

  28. Baja

    Obamao,Little Joe Bribem, big Mike, speaker Piglousy……what a crew, all professional felons, now Americans await Lady Justice, a gubmint that destroys Patriots like General Flynn and the Boy Scouts won’t work long…..

  29. Stan

    Hey Paul: So when can we expect this huge surge in the Gold price? Will it be a surge upward or downward? Awaiting your detailed response 🙂

    • paul ...

      Where have you been Stan??? … at the beginning of 2019 gold was at $1,281 dollars per ounce … by the end of 2019 gold was at $1,509 dollars per ounce (a 17.8% percent gain) … one month later at the end of January 2020 … gold was up to $1,583 dollars per ounce (pushing my gains up to 23.5% percent) … today May 6, 2020 gold is about $1700 dollars per ounce … giving me a net gain of 32.7% on my money since the beginning of 2019 … we’ve already had a huge surge upward Stan … but 32.7% on my money so far “is chicken feed” … with the Fed currently printing now as much money as they created in all of QE1, all of QE 2 and all of QE3 … “every week” … to bail out bankrupt Corporations, bankrupt Banks, bankrupt Wall Street and bankrupt Main Street … a huge upward surge in the gold price “is guaranteed” over the next few months … now look at the Debt Clock Stan … … on April 6, 2020 the gold price was listed as $17,873 dollars per ounce … today on May 6, 2020 the gold price is listed as $21,208 dollars per ounce (up $3,335 dollars in “one month”) … this means the Fed has expanded the money supply by 18.6% in “one month” … this means on a yearly basis the Fed is expanding the money supply by 223.2% … so to answer your question Stan … a huge surge in the gold price “is just ahead” (as it dawns on people just how much fiat the Fed is creating … and how much the Fed has already debased our currency … Stan … I guess you didn’t hear the Fed boasting “that they have no limitations on the amount of currency they can create out of thin air”!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: The US Dollar is as strong as ever. I don’t see any debasement

      • paul ...

        Stan … the Fed hasn’t been asleep at the wheel (the way you seem to be) … since 1913 they have been destroying the value of the US dollar (by continuing to print more and more fiat out of thin air) … our dollar once worth 100 cents (is now sadly worth a few pennies) … … so the gold price has been surging for well over 100 years Stan … is that detailed enough!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      There’s this crazy, antiquated way of thinking called “fundamentals”.

      And, there’s a lot of money out there that doesn’t want to get NIRPed.

      • William Stanley

        RE: “NIRPed”

  30. Russ

    Thanks Greg — Excellent interview, timely with everything relevant. A number of apparently distinct issues are tied together. Is this a matter of not allowing a crisis to go to waste, or was the crisis allowed to happen just to lock down the economy, attack President Trump and force vote-by-mail?

    A conspiracy case concerning General Flynn and the coup attempt is overdue. The conspiracy itself is fairly obvious, proving it in court is another issue entirely. Time is getting short.

  31. Thomas

    Gina where are you, when we need you. To to be arrested?
    I know, every Jot or little tittle. .
    A phrase that means a very small amount. … The passage is in Matthew 5:18, quoting the King James Version: “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.”
    Yes, were sure. You and your band of cut-throats, are examining every little Jot or tittle, crossed t or speck, period, on the pages of We don’t suffer fools gladly. You will rig the election, you may win. But mark my words. . ..You will all not be to big to jail😪
    Whether Thomas Jefferson said or wrote, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny,” Only one source attributes this quotation to Jefferson in The Federalist. It doesn’t matter. Better your ilk, be in fear. We the people , be happy and free!😑
    Going To A Tea Party!
    Liberty always wins in the end🦅

  32. Dave

    The Durham report is set to be released in late summer. Perhaps September? Right before the election. The most inopportune time possible. It will be seen as partisan with Trump supporters cheering it but the rest of the country, including independents, giving it a yawn. If The Democrats retake the Presidency the report will essentially be deep sixed. One has to be suspicious that Durham and Barr kept pushing the report out. And especially as suspicions of Ray are now confirmed by the Flynn case.

    IMO Mr. Shiff is off in his assumption Trump wins big. Trump’s approval numbers have dropped to 42/43 percent. The black vote will be solidified for Dems with a black female VP candidate. If it is Michelle the Dems could see their highest support among blacks ever. The polls show Biden winning in key battleground states. For all those who want Biden of the ticket be careful what you wish for. He is a weak candidate but is still outpolling Trump. The House will remain in Democrat hands and polls now suggest the Dems will pick up 6 or 7 Senate seats and take control.

    As to voters leaving the Dems over the shutdowns? Not likely to happen. Voters will vote with their pocketbook. They are upset with the bailout of Wall Street and polls indicate they support things like UBI and an increase in the minimum wage. The Dems are/will running of those key economic issues and that will attract many middle class and lower middle class voters to them.

    Finally, Trump will likely move left. He is already OK’ing loans to states like California to replenish their underwater unemployment funds. He may end up signing a bill that bails out pension funds. Pelosi is demanding a raft of things and, if the past is any indication, the GOP and Trump will move in her direction. The more Trump moves left the more he will lose his base. Dr. Michael Savage who was the first radio host to support Trump just said that, if Trump signs a bill bailing out the states, he will not vote for Trump. Michael Di Giorno, a talk show host and previously strong Trump supporter, says that he is losing confidence in Trump. Particularly how Trump has allowed Faucci and Birx to control the response to the virus (including shutdowns) for far too long. DiGiorno said that at first it made sense but that Trump should have replaced them after the first few weeks. Minuchan is another Trump pick who should never have been appointed. He is a big government Hollywood guy and a liberal.

    No one can say for sure what happens in November but IMO one can say that Trump will not get a big win.

  33. notyourpatsy

    COMMIECRAT NY GOV’R CUOMO is on ‘local tv’ in the NY area now Wed/6may2020 (12:13 EST) telling people that the CHINA VIRUS ‘did NOT’ come from CHINA?!! This guy is trully a COMMUNIST sympathizer and a danger to the Republic! He is also telling people that, “absentee ballots will be the ‘go to’ method of voting in the Fall Presidential Election”. The COMMIECRATS intend to try and steal this coming election and their ‘playing their hand’ right out in the open virtue signaling for China’s help in crushing The Republic of America.

    Mr Shipp always has great info for your readers Mr Hunter. Thanks for having him on again. Current information is exteremely important during these times.

    • paul ...

      You know … half the Corona Virus cases in the US are in NY … so why are small businesses in the other 49 States being shut down?? … to eliminate competition??? … why has Walmart been given an exemption by “Dictator Fucci” to stay open????

  34. notyourpatsy

    Did you see on Brent Baier’s Fox News report on Tuesday 5may2020; that President Trump is saying that,”all States should be repairing their roads, highways and bridges (infrastructure) during this period due to low traffic volumes. Like I mentioned a few weeks back, without the traffic getting backed up, and hindering road repairs, that it was the right time to get the job done. The President is asking for an ‘Infrastructure Bill to be passed quickly’. Let’s hope it does’nt get ‘pork barreled’ to death by the Commiecrats in the House of (NON) Representatives.

  35. JAM

    How about Cisco a few years ago having these backdoors on their hardware????????????????? that they sold to China????????????

    • paul ...

      Jam … What we should really be concerned about is “back doors” being put into the Bill Gates Corona vaccine … to shorten or end our lives (as these globalists want to do) as publicized on their Georgia Guidestones!!!

      • paul ...

        These Luciferians think that if they give you “fair warning” … it “absolves them of the crime of murder”!!

    • William Stanley

      Good point: Backdoors are real and have been used in the past; therefore, we need to protect ourselves from them.

  36. notyourpatsy

    JC, Thanks for that ‘homestead Exemptions’ website you directed me to under the reader’s comments section of last week’s ‘Pension Bailout’ article. I realize that Nj is not ‘habitable’ in the ‘tax sense’, but I stayed for the climate. I own my farm free and clear for the last 15 years. I’m in zipcode 07716 if you look at the weather we get it’s very ‘San Diego like’ versus the harsher weather of New England, where I spent 25 years. Winters North of Long Island are brutal once you’re over 50 years old IME/O. Other than Superstorm Sandy (Massive Hurricane!), the weather here has been very livable. That said, I’m ready to sell and move on. Problem is, if you view the weather that is going on across America on the Weather Channel today you’ll see extremes on the West Coast, New England, etc. Portland Oregon is hotter 85f today than Key West FL?!! Now check my area, typical cold wet May.

    Hey Stan, since you live in my area, why don’t we set up a meeting so I can let other readers know you’re not a millenial living in your parents basement. You can catch the Seastreak over to Atlantic Highlands from your big NYC job and meet me. Just putting it out there for you Stan.

  37. notyourpatsy

    The last couple of weeks in my posts I referred to many of the things that, Mr Quayle mentioned in his recent UWD article, ‘America is Under Attack’. Christianity has been under attack since ‘The Church of Nicea’ came to be. Find a hard copy of the book, ‘God’s Final Witness’ by Ronald Weinland, published in 2006.
    Here are a few more books that I have found worth the time to read;

    ‘The Last Lobster’ by Christopher White about the coming of the State of Maine’s economic collapse.

    ‘The Little Book of Pandemics’ by Dr Peter Moore, who also wrote ‘Superbugs/Killer Germs. Both WORTH buying in hard copy, and leaving out in your home to educate all family members. READ ‘L’ B’ of Pandemics’ and discuss it in your home. It is VITAL to you and your families coming survival. I bought my copy back in 2007, and have read it just about every Fall (flu Season) since. It’s on my ‘most read’ bookshelf, along with other books that are information dense. I apologize for not posting the title here earlier than now but I have been extremely busy since Nov2019 myself.

  38. iwitness02

    What a mess we find ourselves in. I reject the notion that it is our fault. All of the criminal activity is above and beyond the capability of the overtaxed, overworked, over regulated citizens of this country. We are forced to us debt notes instead of sound money. Common sense is overruled by dirty politics. But we sure as hell will pay the price. We will get more of everything we don’t want. We have no voice in our own government. It is obvious now that complete obedience is our only option, or we go to jail. Good thing they are letting criminals out of jail so there is enough room for the citizens that just want to go to work, but are instead put into jail. I guess our wicked government is not so dumb. They are making room in jail for the innocent.
    “They hate us for our freedom.” Yeah, right. Send in the SWAT team! Someone is working without permission!!!!!!!! COVID19! Murder Hornets! Mail in ballots! Famine! Plague! The greatest depression! Fear! War! This is quite the problem, reaction, solution moment. Can’t wait to see who writes the history on this one.

  39. Robert

    Grehy, youve got to watch this video before they take it down. She worked with Faucci and Redfield from the CDC. This is about vaccines and conflicts of interest..very informative and scary

    • Greg Hunter

      Too late Robert. Thanks for trying. If you find it someplace else please post it.

      • AndrewB

        I think this is the video Robert was trying to post. Taken down on YouTube after over 1m views! Now available on BitChute . . .
        IMO, the revelations in the video will make your blood boil!

      • AndrewB

        P.S. it takes a short while for videos to load up on BitChute, so please be patient. Worth a little time to see the content that YouTube et al don’t allow you to see . . .

  40. notyourpatsy

    Mr Hunter, the next time you interview Mr Kevin Shipp, please ask him about the website, ‘asia’. The articles there would (and should) STUN most Americans! One titled,’Why China is not your Friend’, by Spengler 10/2019. Love to see you interview Mr Spengler for UWD Mr Hunter!!

    Articles about ‘intellectual property theft by China via hacking’, ‘plas-J-20 Fighters Use Stolen US Tech Report’, how China hacked Lockheed Martin! 10/2019

    ‘How Risky are US Nuclear Bombs in TURKEY’ (!!!) 10/2019

    HSBC= Bank of China essentially, DO NOT USE!! they collate your personal and financial information. JUST like they do to CHINESE citizens, and use this against you in AMERICA when you apply for ANYTHING!

    “Quantum Communications is UN Hackable’ (5G) is so powerful that ‘TBTB’ can intergrate ‘QC” into ordinary 5g com’s and make it ‘standard’, essentially sending ‘sensitive data’ in the open yet unseen!!

    How ‘Huawei’ is actually a CHINESE IMPERIAL COMPANY run by the Communist Chinese Government *NOT* a privately held company! Our President Trump beat them at their own game and refused to allow the COMMIECRATS to pollute AMERICA with Huawei 5G!! We have our George Washington in charge when we need him most!

  41. Open Eyes

    COVER UP: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose “expert” advice to President Trump has resulted in the complete shutdown of the greatest economic engine in world history, has known since 2005 that chloroquine is an effective inhibitor of coronaviruses.

    How did he know this? Because of research done by the National Institutes of Health, of which he is the director. In connection with the SARS outbreak – caused by a coronavirus dubbed SARS- CoV – the NIH researched chloroquine and concluded that it was effective at stopping the SARS coronavirus in its tracks. The COVID-19 bug is likewise a coronavirus, labeled SARS-CoV-2. While not exactly the same virus as SARS-CoV-1, it is genetically related to it, and shares 79% of its genome, as the name SARS-CoV-2 implies. They both use the same host cell receptor, which is what viruses use to gain entry to the cell and infect the victim….

  42. Coalburner

    I voted No on your Poll!
    Everything Trump does a chess match with his enemys. He will not fire them. Fauchi will be moved out because the president now knows he has been funneling NIH money to Wuhan Lab. As of the Poll, Dr Brix is still known to be a straight shooter. She came up through Military and I doubt has become rich on the tax payer. I know many of those people. It would be highly unlikely for her to be taking Chinese money. But Faucchi?????? The rumors about his connection with vermin like Gates and Foundation, Soros, other demented and evil super rich, the answer is still out! Globalist sneak; same!

  43. paul ...

    Kevin Shipp knows America is facing big internal foes … like Dr.Fauci who got Trump to shut down America!! …

    • paul ...

      It seems almost too obvious to me that Fauci is working with Bill Gates to bring the global economy to a dead stop (in order to trigger a mass starvation event) that will clear the world of what the elite view as “excess population” … and like sheep Americans have been happily running ignoring what is going on around them … but now their time has come … the sheep are being herded and manipulated to the slaughterhouse … the elites hold ordinary people in low regard (they consider them worthless and expendable eaters) an expendable infestation … and the two main methods the elite plan to use in their “final solution” is: 1) Create a mass starvation event (by collapsing the economic system) … but done in such a away that it does not lead to too much widespread chaos and destruction (which would actually erode the elites’ power base) … so $1200 checks are being issued to people and trillions in bailouts for the big corporations … and 2) Likely use compulsory vaccination to sneak in mass sterilization chemicals into vast swathes of the population (thus greatly reducing the birth rate) … or just use a more direct approach and put a “back door” into the CoV-19 vaccinations “to promote an early death” … but to work effectively the elite must make vaccinations “compulsory for everyone” … so under the cloak of it being “for our protection” as promoted by Bill Gates … it is a way to achieve the goals as outlined in the Georgia Guidestones!!

  44. jimmy

    still no indictments. been hearing for the last 3 yrs they were coming. LOL

    • Greg Hunter

      I think this is the nature of building a conspiracy case. At least I hope it is.

    • paul ...

      jimmy … It’s like a chicken who knows how to play the sax being elected to be put in a cage with one hundred foxes … think he is going to blow his Trumpeted position (trying to put ankle bracelets on all of them)??!!!

  45. Bob

    Just more far right talk same old stuff deep state you name it.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a very stupid lefty Bob.

  46. notyourpatsy

    I forgot to add in my post regarding NY State COMMIECRAT Gov Cuomo. He made it a point to have both, the NY State and USA (corp) flags, with their ‘gold’ fringes, behind him during his daily ‘comrade briefing’ for His ‘serfs’! ONLY a COMMUNIST would spend taxpayer money to build a new bridge, then name it after his father!!

    Another reason I always enjoyed being here on this particular farm in NJ is it’s history. Literally, George Washington rode his horse across this farm as he fought the British army back to the NJ Coast and back to NYC!! There’s a 20 acre forest in the NE corner that I have never touched because it is ‘original ground’. I’ve walked through there over the years at different times and could imagine what that battle (of Monmouth) must have been like. There is a re-enactment every year of this Battle of Monmouth.

    Still, the weather around the Country today, Wed 6may2020, is dynamic everywhere but here in NJ. Hail in SC, Storms in GA, TX, Heatwaves in Oregon (?) and it’s not even Summer yet?!! New England getting SNOW today!!

    • susan

      nyp, so is Montana. It will freeze and the garden will have to wait as usual. You have to garden “smart” in Montana.

  47. Tom Wigand

    Noodle on this:

    A “research paper” like this takes quite some time to gather material and write (even if the outcome / conclusion was preordained) — likely a year or more.

    This revisionist (I would say fabricated) history is quite startling in its audacity — the 1918 Flu Pandemic set the stage for the rise of the Nazi’s — and then falsely declare it a “right-wing extremist” party? (They were National Socialists — they would immediately recognize and feel kinship with the “Green New Deal.”)

    It is produced by the NY Federal Reserve (the Federal Reserve is actually private, and the identity of its owners kept secret).

    It is ready for and released now, in the middle of a “pandemic.”

    What are the odds — as to choice of topic, and release date, and sponsor?

    Politico covers this Federal Reserve “academic” article.

    How convenient.

    Meanwhile, the social media gestapos are purging material that questions the official narratives (especially those of Chinese Communist sympathetic, if not controlled, WHO).

    Gee, it all kind of makes one wonder if this isn’t indeed a “Plandemic.”

  48. al

    Trump keeps saying “They’re after you, I’m just in their way”…
    We The People say “no Mr. President, sorry but you are WRONG… We were after them and you in the way” … in other words, a real Revolution was about to start in 2017

    If anything happens to Trump or he doesn’t win, there will be no power to grab for the left. This is just an astute observation. Either way they lose their power or their heads, which will it be?

    As for cheating, they went all out in 2016 and SHE LOST!!! How can you lose with all that cheating unless you are a real lame headed narcissistic two time loser.
    All the Enemy Media BS, Fake Polls, Fake pre-election results, TV coverage, Magazines with Hitlery’s picture on it saying “congratulation madam president”, Brenda Snipes and the gang rubber stamping D on every ballot they can get their grimy dirty little hands on, Soros voting machines rigged, etc… AND SHE LOST !!! SHE LOST!!! The DUMB-o-CRAPS WILL LOSE AGAIN ! It’s a given, so please don’t say “IF” Trump wins… it’s a given… 2 terms or else

    Shipp is always a great guest Greg
    Thank you for bringing him on again

  49. lightning

    I really hope arrests happen and their is some semblance of the rule of law restored.
    I am not optimistic, frankly as I suspect they will drag their feet until their is an administrative change. This way they can play to both sides of the aisle .

    Meanwhile , a Maryland Man was purportedly shot in his bed at 4:30am while he was sleeping as a result of the red flag laws. His pregnant girlfriend was shot too but she survived. He was a computer geek living with his parents.

    Evidently he posed such a threat to the heavily armed and body armored SWAT team that he needed to be executed in his sleep. His sleeping and pregnant girlfriend was no doubt equally dangerous to the well being of society.

    Meanwhile Democratic Governors continue to release violent sex offenders and
    murderers to protect “them” from covid-19 (even though the death rate for people catching it under 60 years old is less than 1%).

    Why are innocent Americans targeted and convicted violent felons released?

  50. Sofie Rizzo

    I hope Justice will be served. However, following the lawless trend of our Country I fear NO-ONE will be incarcerated. One remedy, however, would be a declaration of Martial Law by our President and then the Military Tribunals will mete the punishments for TREASON.

  51. Ronnie

    New York is the Economic engine of America. (No less)
    Biggest industries, bars, hotels, restaurants and the real …biggie Is Retail.
    Some industry some economic production …”not”
    China China China did it……LOL old spooks gotta make a living somehow I guess. Like they say in the Broncs “ never give a sucker an even break.”
    Last call America …the new nutty Moon – NATO weaponisation by The Donald. Is Gods asteroid moment.

  52. paul ...

    Bill Gates and his crony Fucci really screwed up our future … just as we were on the verge of going to the moon to mine Helium-3 … now we have to worry about the Corona Virus infecting workers on the Moon … … mining Helium-3 on the Moon can generate enormous amounts of “pollution free electricity” for humanity without the need for boiling water reactors turning generator turbines (which are only about 40% efficient) … using Helium-3 to produce nuclear fusion can generate electricity at a 70% efficiency level because the charged particles it releases (protons and electrons) can be turned directly into electricity through use of solid-state conversion techniques … just digging a patch of lunar surface roughly three-quarters of a mile square to a depth of about 9 feet should yield about 220 pounds of Helium-3 … which would produce enough electricity to power a city the size of Dallas, Texas for a year … even though considerable lunar soil would have to be processed … the mining costs would not be high by terrestrial standards (especially if automated machines are used) … the Helium-3 isotope is not difficult to extract … just heating and agitating the soil releases the trapped gases which are then cooled to absolute zero which separates the various gases present … then special membranes would separate the Helium-3 out from ordinary helium … the total estimated cost for fusion development, rocket development and starting up lunar operations would be about $15 billion … which is chump change compared to the Trillions the Fed is now printing out of thin air to counter the effects of the Gate’s/Fucci Virus imposed upon the world!!

    • JC

      paul… Martin Armstrong says…

      Personally, I think Gates has just proven he is a psychopath. He just admitted that 700,000 people would die from his vaccine and that’s OK, its collateral damage I suppose.
      I will publish a piece on Gates in two days which is personal. I do not like to attack people on a personal level. I think that is unprofessional. Unfortunately, this seems to be a war we are clearly in for the lives of our families as well as ourselves and our communities.

      • paul ...

        Good JC … Hope Armstrong tears him apart … it fine for Gates to be a psychopath (as long as he does no harm to others) … but this high school drop out wants to vaccinate the entire world with his deadly “Gain of Function” pathogens … clearly … we have to take a stand and fight for our lives and the lives of our family members from being hurt and killed by this Fascist Globalist (who wants to reduce Earth’s population down to 500,000 people)!!!

  53. al

    PS: I meant the comments for the naysayers out there not you guys.
    Awesome interview.

  54. Heinrich

    Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker: The Endangered Peace
    It is remarkable what Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, the older brother of Germany‘s former Federal President, wrote in his last book over 30 years ago (!):
    Von Weizsäcker’s last major work, “The Threatened Peace” in 1983 predicted the decline of Soviet communism within a few years (it was laughed at).
    His forecast of the level at which wages would drop if communism no longer existed was shocking. Weizsäcker describes the effects of the onset of globalization (although this word did not yet exist at the time) as he expected.
    1. Unemployment will reach unprecedented dimensions worldwide.
    2. Wages will drop to an even lower minimum.
    3. All social systems will collapse with the state’s bankruptcy. Pension payments first. The trigger is a global economic crisis of enormous dimensions, which is triggered by speculators.
    4. About 20 years after the fall of communism, people will starve again in Germany.
    5. The risk of civil war rises dramatically worldwide.
    6. The ruling elite is forced to maintain its own privacy protection.
    7. To assure their rule, these elites will create an early, total surveillance state, introduce a worldwide dictatorship.
    8. The devoted handlers of this money are corrupt politicians.
    9. The capital world promotes wiehundje, a still nationalism (fascism), as a guarantee against a possibly growing communism.
    10. For the purpose of maintaining power, the world population will be reduced to a minimum. This is done using artificially created diseases. Here, organic weapons are declared as diseases, but also through targeted famines and wars. The reason is the realization that most people can no longer finance their own food, now the rich would be forced to take aid measures, otherwise they would have a huge, dangerous potential for conflict.
    11.Upstanding the possession of raw materials and the maintenance of power, major powers will wage wars with nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
    12. After the decline of communism, mankind will experience its most unscrupulous and inhuman system like never before, its Armageddon.
    The system responsible for these crimes is called “uncontrolled capitalism”. C. F. von Weizsäcker said (over 30 years ago) that his book, which he described as his last great work, would certainly not be understood by the population and that things would take their course!
    The only solution that Weizsäcker offers is hope: that after this inevitable turbulence this planet will still be habitable. Because the fact is, the small clique to which this world already belongs is dominated by the simple but clear
    Motto: “A world in which we do not have the sole say, it will not be necessary to continue to exist in the future.”
    As mentioned above, Weizsäcker did not expect to be understood. When asked a journalist what would bother him the most, he replied: “Having to talk to a stupid person.” Quote end.

    • Greg Hunter


      This was fantastic and scary considering it was written in 1983. Thank you for posting it.

  55. lightning

    Just a sobering thought for me:

    President Trump has had many opportunities to declassify information to allow the public to see what’s going on. Frankly, time after time after time.

    For example, all of the information on General Flynn or all the FOI requests that Judicial Watch has made to the DOJ and others…… and President Trump himself even occasionally throws it out that he should declassify specific information…. but never does.

    Given that its impossible for the DOJ & FBI to actually hold to the law, can anyone give me a reason why he wouldn’t declassify more , rather than ZERO documents? The truth can’t get him in trouble.

    For the record , I am a conservative, rule of law , constitutionalist Christian….so at this point there is no way I’ll ever vote Democrat….problem is , I’m getting quite convinced that the Republicans are as much of a problem to getting reasonable rule of law and fiscally responsible government. They never actually do a damn thing and more often than not , cave to the Democrats. What a Joke.

    • AndrewB

      Very disappointing that Trump did not release the JFK assassination docs when he had the opportunity to do so. Locked up for a further 25 years! When is the general public going to be trusted with the truth?

  56. Eins

    Ok so now after 4 years of not going after the Clintons and Obama, the Trump campaign suggests Trump is going to go after them in the second term?
    Republicans and rust-belt citizens turned into suckers.. if the decent people of the US are this gullible, we deserve what is coming to us in the next 4 years..
    The only thing holding up this once great republic is not the constitution for it is just a piece of paper, its the men and women willing to stand up for the idea of the constitution and to call BS for what it is.. those men and women seem so few and far between these days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have you been living in a cave? We had the Russia Hoax prosecution with Mueller cause by that traitor Jeff Sessions. The impeachment hoax and now the Wuhan virus and constant attacks from the MSM and President Trump is still in 0ffice!! He’s done well and he will most likely get reelected. You “BS” is braid dead.

    • Dave

      Spot on. The GOP has done squat for conservatives in decades. The Democrats on the other hand keep moving the ball in the progressive direction. Pelosi is writing a new stimulus bill with all kinds of progressive goodies. Including not just UBI but UBI for illegals. She knows she won’t get it all but will get a fair amount of it. She does that with each bill. The GOP? No proposals are made to tie the stimulus to conservative issues. Like defunding sanctuary cites, restricting immigration and such. All the GOP wants is liability protection for large corporation. Not a conservative issue. Trump will sign the final bill and you can bet it will contain some items from Pelosi’s wish list but no conservative items. This is why the progressives are winning big time.

      The Democrats bad, the GOP good? Please. The GOP is not a conservative party and Trump is not a fiscal conservative. Controlled conservative media has been part of the scheme to prevent the emergence of a true conservative force for decades. Controlled conservative media has done everything it can to keep their listeners on the plantation – in the GOP. Opposing any effort to establish a conservative party. Too many conservatives are not critical thinkers. They still believe the GOP is fiscally and socially conservative. It is obviously not. Many decent people are indeed gullible. If the Dems have a wave election this year these folks will be shocked at the rapidity with which Democrats will establish a progressive country. And they will realize, far too late, that they were had by the GOP and controlled conservative media. Nothing conservative was accomplished during the first two years of Trump’s term when the GOP controlled it all. Other than a tax break for upper income folks and corporations and a budget busting spending spree that led to the highest deficit to date at that time. Oh, that 4% growth Trump and Kudlow and Steven Moore promised – it never came close to happening.

  57. Robert Dziok

    Yes, the stakes are high for the Satanic Globalists, Deep State, Desperate Dems and Globalist Controlled Hypocritical MSM Propaganda Machine! Some 164,00 sealed indictments since October 2017 ( An increase of 7,000 since last month. Durham recently adding additional investigators to enhance his investigation. Two FAILED soft coup attempts via BS Russian Collusion and BS Impeachment – TREASON/SEDITION. They know GITMO is their future and will try ANYTHING to avoid such and retain power. However, “Q+” (President Trump) has just posted Q post 4095 (May 3, 2020) posting facial picture of himself with wording ” STAY WITH ME DEPLORABLES. YOU’LL LOVE HOW THIS MOVIE ENDS “. It is signed “Q+” at the end. As Q has posted on a number of occasions “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING! NOTHING!”.

    • Robert Dziok

      Should say 164,000 sealed indictments. Typo error.

  58. D. Havelock

    Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Fly Together Over New York City – Extended Compilation •Apr 29, 2020
    This flyover was dedicated to the frontline healthcare workers.
    USAWatchdogger’s, we also are all in the fight of our lives. Against the Covid-19 Bio-Weapon attack of the US. DeepState Chi-Com CDC Bill Gates Vaccine attempted stranglehold, of Truth, Justice and the American Way!

  59. Elena Simmons
    OZZY reflection
    WOW! prep’s thinkin ahead! ARMAGGETON OUTA HERE!

  60. Jerry

    Here you have it. What we knew all along.

  61. lightning

    Maybe you could include this in your weekly wrap up. Your wrap ups are a breath of sanity in an insane time.! Thank you.!

    Having Covid-19 and then surviving, PERMANANTLY disqualifies applicants from joining the military.!

    If most people are going to get the virus , and it will be mild (and important to developing herd immunity)…how can the military limit what’s already a poor pool of applicants to only those that have NEVER had covid-19?

    ….. answer…… Vaccinations!

    This is the first step in the military to create conditions essentially requiring a vaccination in the young.

    Given the awful economy….many folks will willingly do this if it gets them in.

    BTW, I would think we should demand that all kids that get the covid-19 should be exempt from registering for the draft . No point if they are permanently banned from serving!

  62. Jerry

    Confusion reigns supreme.

    Partly false claim. Isn’t that like almost having sex? Living in this global police state is like being a moving target in a shooting gallery. Every state seems to be making rules as they go along. All for naught. The second wave is on the way, with enough blame to go around.

  63. Self Exiled

    Is it to late for the United States, are our leaders still nibbling on the cheese of Satin while caught in his trap.

  64. Tim


    Love your Mary Barra example. Keep outing these slime balls.


  65. D. Havelock
    Top Ten Nurse’s Tik Tok Videos Revealed
    To much Time_ To Little To Do_The Devil’s Workshop

  66. Jose Gallardo

    I say this as someone who is not a big fan of Trump, blaming Trump for the Covid-19 whatever crisis or hoax, is not honest criticism or journalism.

    The C0vid-19 crisis panic is either a hoax, or a result of the Chinese government cover up, this has nothing to do with Trump because Trump has next to nothing of an impact on most of our lives and he can’t be blamed for an outbreak anymore than Obama can be blamed for Ebola.

    I am not even a Trump supporter and I have to sit here and defend him because of the liberal media who indeed are the enemy of truth and thus the enemy of the people, are reporting propaganda branded as need instead of real news, this is why the mainstream media is fake news, because what they report is not real news, it’s propaganda Masquerading as news.

    Look at this propaganda, blaming Trump for a pandemic, deflecting attention from the true places we should be looking for blame.

  67. iwitness02

    It has been out for several weeks, but this is the new Froglegs.

  68. notyourpatsy

    I heard Scott Minerd speak on tv a few weeks ago. He is a Founding Partner and Investment Officer of Guggenheim Global. He seemed to know what he was speaking about when quesyioned about World and USA economies presently. Take a look for him Mr Hunter and maybe get him on UWD.

  69. DJ

    Pay attention the draft is coming back and war with China is coming.

    Another great interview.

  70. Rodney

    The ROTHSCHILDS CABAL have been shaping China for decades, and the LAB in Wuhan, was part owned by GATES the WHO and the CDC, as USA told Gates he couldn’t make lethal bio weapon in USA so he went to his other lab.. this little weasel needs to be prosecuted, let alone let him dictate what vaccines we will mandatory have to have,, I THINK NOT..
    All the CABAL puppets took their businesses over to Chins just to make more profits for them and sod the USA people and their lives, ALL this lot need rejecting..

  71. Rosie T. Riveter

    “This is what the love of God means, that we observe his commandments; and yet his commandments are not burdensome.”​—1 JOHN 5:3.
    DO YOU love God? If you have come into a relationship with God, your answer surely is an emphatic yes​—and rightly so! It is only natural for us to love him. Our love for God is really in response to his love for us. The Bible puts it this way: “We love, because he first loved us.”​—1 John 4:19.

    God has taken the initiative to express his love for us. He provides us with a beautiful earthly home. He cares for our physical and material needs. (Matthew 5:43-48) More important, he looks after our spiritual needs. He gives us his Word, the Bible. In addition, he invites us to pray to him with the assurance that he will hear us and will give us his holy spirit to help us. (Psalm 65:2; Luke 11:13) Above all, he sent his most precious Son to be our Ransomer so that we might be delivered from sin and death. What great love he has shown to us!​—Read John 3:16; Romans 5:8.

  72. Mimi

    I just watched Greg and Kevin’s commentary and agree with them whole heartily!
    Nothing shocked me because——-

    I’ve been tweeting to the higher-ups, for quite awhile now that—
    China and the DEMS have done this all on purpose! They LIED about how vicious it is!
    Mainly to get rid of Trump
    The timing is too suspect!
    This virus didn’t accidently **ESCAPE** from the lab there!
    It was sent here but Trump stopped travel from China so they went to other places but mainly to Italy and THEN TO HERE landing in NY City. that’s why it was so bad there and to places like NO, LA as the Gov. didn’t shut down Marti Gras—-huuummm!
    The statisticians were wrong, 2.2 MILLION dead, or LIED to Pres. Trump so he would shut down the country!
    My bet is they lied—China–the Dems. the WHO have LIED to us all!
    The Globalists are cheering this on as this is what they want too–Trump gone and this country, as we know it, as well!
    It will all come out and I think it’s already starting to dawn on people what really happened and why!

  73. jewek, without prejudice

    hi greg,

    thank you for the interviews you bring to we the people. lots of truth breaking through which is desperately important to all living beings. i wondered if you would consider interviewing dr. judy mikovits on your channel. i am enclosing a link to a current documentary being released in parts. this documentary is entitled ‘pandemic part i’. such an important aspect of the criminality committed against we the people.
    in gratitude for all you do,

  74. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. All so very true.

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