Financial Crisis Worse Because It’s Global-Nomi Prins

4bGreg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday release)

Best-selling author and journalist Nomi Prins says the next financial crisis will be much worse than 2008. Prins contends, “If you look at the beginning of 2016 . . . it’s indicative of the rest of the year. We are seeing declines everywhere, and they are significant declines. The stock market won’t be a correction, but indicative of more downward spiraling to come.”

So, will the coming financial crisis be worse than the 2008 meltdown? Prins explains, “Yes, it is worse because it is global. What happened in the subprime crisis, and I talked about this in an earlier book, “It Takes a Pillage,” the subprime crisis was primarily constructed by U.S. banks, and then, those toxic assets and bonds distributed throughout the world. For the most, part they were on a small amount of loans in the United States that were leveraged a lot. . . . Now, they have distributed that cheap money with loans on a global basis. That’s why oil contracting and the knock on effect with defaults with oil companies throughout the world has a far greater impact. It’s not just on bank balance sheets, but companies and how many jobs they will have to cut and how many factories they will have to close throughout the world. It relates to a greater economic depression than the leverage of subprime loans did, but it also relates to the very same banks.”

Prins, who was also a top Wall Street banker earlier in her career, goes on to say, “It has started to be 2008 on steroids if you just look at the first two weeks of 2016. If you look at the number of defaults that have come in. If you look at the decrease in the stock market. We won’t see it yet, but when you look at losses with banks throughout the world when they report what’s happening in this current quarter. I do not know if this is 2008 on steroids, but it is 2008 on a global basis. It has the ability to take down more countries more quickly than the subprime crisis did. . . .The world is fragile, and it is a global fragility.”

Prins doesn’t think a global depression is coming but is already here in parts of the world. Prins contends, “I think we are in a global depression in many countries. . . . If you look at Brazil, it is actually in depression, and that’s a big country. . . . That is the largest country in South America and it is in a depression.”

Don’t think the U.S. is immune from trouble. The U.S. is at the center of the black financial hole. So, will the U.S. eventually implode with the rest of the world? Prins says, “Yes, because the U.S. is a trading partner with these countries. We buy and sell products . . . and also, we have an extremely large financial system with tentacles throughout the world.”

When it comes to protecting yourself from calamity, Prins says, “Build a stockpile of cash . . . and look at investing in gold as a percentage of disposable investment income.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author of “All The Presidents’ Bankers.”

(There is much more in the video interview

After the Interview:

Nomi Prins’ latest article where she gives her predictions for 2016 is on the home page of You can also find her latest best-selling book “All the Presidents’ Bankers” on her home page as well.

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  1. Pvt. Mushroom

    Hi Greg,

    I don’t see any way to download the video interview with Nomi Prins.


    • Pvt. Mushroom

      Problem corrected. Thank you

      • J C Davis

        Been there done that. Every Sunday we wait for the new release. I think we are not news junkies we are truth junkies.

      • Frank

        I have been a real estate broker 34 years. SUBPRIME IS A MYTH. Houses
        dropped 40 to 60%. The vast majority of home loans that failed were excellent loans and had good equity. That’s a fact. But, you never interview real estate experts. Jobs are everything. It was and still is very difficult to get a home loan. Liar loans are the biggest fallacy being told
        to this generation as a cause. Had the FED reacted quicker and dropped the
        rates much faster IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED. But, the FED
        could not react faster as the derivatives market would not allow them.
        The FED got trapped.

        • Silence is Golden

          Really Frank !!!!
          So the guys that shorted the Housing market and had the Banks create a CDS explicitly for it…because they believed that Housing Loans were not AAA, nor BBB, not even B…and that the MBS which then later became CDO’s….was all just a Myth. Lehman Going Bankrupt was an aberration and had nothing to do with its exposures to MBS ???
          You had me for a second there. Then reality struck when the FACT that the BANKS were BAILED OUT because of all of that S.H.I.T….and realigned my thinking. Oh and all of that was a myth too I guess ?? Hmmm…!!
          You actually also contradict yourself when you say..”IT WOULD HAVE NEVER HAPPENED”…shut the front door.

          A lot of things should never have happened….but try not to get the narrative confused…
          – Tech Stocks Bubble bursts…stock market crash
          – Emergency interest rates/ Recession
          – Housing bubble created
          – Remember the quote “Every person in America deserves to have a home”..??
          – NINJA Loans revisited
          – Housing mania
          – Bubble Bursts and the GFC is borne.

    • Frank

      If you people started an ETF that faded the bets of Kirby, Dent, Maloney, Hoffman, Calvo, Schiff ….. you would all become rich. Had you started this fund 8 years ago
      Warren Buffet would only be second richest person and you people would be the NWO. You could now buy ABC and broadcast on mainstream media.

  2. Jerry

    Now that sanctions are lifted, Iran is ready to flood the world with cheap oil and put the final nail in the coffin of the Petrodollar.

    Did anybody really think getting Assad out of Syria had anything to do with democracy or deposing a dictator? It was about protecting the house of Saud, and their position in OPEC. In the process they have not only sealed their doom, but ours as well.

    The Iranians will not keep their word to Kerry and his band of socialist misfits. They’ve already struck a deal with Russia and the BRIC nations over a year ago and have even signed defense agreements.

    This is not going to end well for us. As I have stated before petroleum companies have to have $60. a barrel to break even. Right now it is south of $30. and will go even lower with cheap Iranian oil flooding the market. At some point these companies will not be able to take delivery, and the tankers will stay sitting in the harbor. No industrialized nation can survive very long without oil.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post.
      This just shows what a mickey mouse deal the United States did with Iran. Kerry needs to stick to managing his ketchup empire.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        It’s not Kerry’s ketchup empire. His wife inherited a stake from her first husband but has since sold all or most of that stake.

      • rahrog

        Jerry, it looks to me that the deal with Iran is doing exactly what it is supposed to do – flood the world with more oil in order to help destroy the petrodollar so the ruling class fascist scum can move to a new GLOBAL fiat currency. Kerry and Obama are just puppets dancing on the strings of the bankster/gangsters of NYC.

        • SusyQ

          I’m with you rahrog. I believe there is always a strategy behind TPTB economic imbalances. Nothing is left up to chance with them – there is always a contingency plan.

      • WD


        Kerry is a joke, everyone who served with him in Vietnam concurs with that.

        He couldn’t run a lemonade stand much less a ketchup empire.


      • Max Meister

        As the sanctions on Iran have been lifted, Iran is now legally allowed to export as much oil as it likes. By doing so, they do not only hurt the US shale oil industry but also the russians and all the other countries where the production cost is significantly higher with the government depending on oil revenue.

        So these countries are already not amused about the trend and they will be less, if the oil price continues to decline.

        With the clearly deflationary trend we’re currently in, there is not going to be an oil shortage in the foreseeable future, unless a major war would emerge.

        Why should Russia make an energy deal with Iran, if they have more than enough oil for sale. That makes little sense. The deal only made sense when the sanctions were in place. So Russia could buy cheap oil from Iran, pay them in ruble and sell that oil on the international market. Smart idea from Putin, but now i guess that deal is pretty much useless.

        • J C Davis

          Max. The big picture is that deal is key to protect the oil.

        • notyourpatsy

          There are different types of crude oil, light and heavy, depends on which type Iran has and refines, and same with Russia, as well as the rest of the Oil Producing Countries like USA, Canada, etc.

      • Matt

        Kerry is a tool, a CFR member. All is going to plan by the Luciferian cult to create chaos and bring on ww3, imho. 2016 is gonna be a dandy.

    • Macray

      Iran to receive about $100 billion in frozen assets — mostly from past oil sales — that Iran will now control

      In light in what is anticipated April, 1st, Iran may consider adding 100’s of tons of Gold prior to. Just my speculative thought here. Any thoughts?

      Here is a article back from 2011 that sheds some light on Iran’s gold purchases prior to sanctions being imposed by the Bush Administration.

      Iran Bought Gold to Cut Dollar Exposure

    • Faith

      Jerry, I read this article on Zerohedge yesterday. I am posting a link because of a photo of a sign, it is about the seventh photo down that shows some soldiers in front of a sign that has two logos: Visa and Swift.

      • Jerry

        That’s Interesting. I don’t know if “SWIFT” is referring to the current international exchange system or not? Since its next to VISA I would say it is. Its also interesting that Zimbabwe is using the Yuan as currency with the Chinese CIPS international exchange system.

        • Faith

          I am not sure either but the sign got my attention!

          • notyourpatsy

            Note you can almost see the mastercard logo below that sign. So it does appear there is an ‘alternative’ to the major credit cards being used in Africa. Maybe Ms Prins would know having some ‘deep friends’ in banking?

          • Frank DiTullio

            SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and Visa is a participating member in it (as are most banks). There may be competing services to SWIFT but it is the 800 lb. gorilla 😉 for “wiring” money between banks globally.

  3. James Hastings

    Thank you. I turned the volume off for the Carolina / Seattle game to listen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your dedication and support–Go Panthers.

      • Macray

        Congratulations on your Panthers, Greg!

      • your fan in Japan

        bring back Jim Zorn.

  4. oldbones youngmind


    Nomi Prins is among the few great analysts in alternative media space. Her logical, informed opinions are very refreshing and have proved to very accurate.

  5. Country Codger

    Hello Greg,
    Great interview. You were gracious toward Ms. Prins. She has been correct about several of her calls. 2016 will be a high speed slalom. 2017 will be a total disaster. For whatever time available people had better finalize their preparations in 2016. As the year progresses the less likely that preparations will be feasible. Just my opinion mind you.

    Keep up the great work. I hope that all of us have the opportunity to buy Ms. Prins new book, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  6. Agent P

    ‘Build a stockpile of cash’…?

    Personally, I’d build out a stockpile of tradable/barter-able goods, long before I’d hoard $USD. Despite the conventional wisdom regarding $cash, one must remind himself from time to time, just what gives this cash its ‘value’. It’s a longer word that also begins with a ‘C’. Can you guess what it is…?

    One must also keep in mind that there exists an Eastern nation, that by many respected analysts considered opinions, holds in its possession, somewhere well north of 10,000 tons of physical gold and intends to use it at some point to its advantage in either global trade or as a ‘backstop’ for its currency, both.

    This portends considerable consequence for the United States – on every level; economically, domestically and internationally. Perhaps equally important, is just how fast conditions could change for ‘$cash’, should the Chinese decide to employ their gold reserves in said fashion, smack-dab in the middle of an economic disaster-in-the-making, whereby the Federal Reserve would be forced to implement expansive monetization, while at the same time, Federal $debt would skyrocket to meet widespread rising unemployment and ‘make-work’ projects, such as were implemented in the 30’s to keep the social fabric from basically unravelling.

    • Jerry

      Agent P.
      I agree with you about the importance of real hard asset’s over cash. I think Nomi was referring to having cash on hand for the immediate impact. During Katrina I knew people who said credit cards were utterly useless because there was no power to run computers with. Many would only take cash for gasoline and food etc. How long that would last is anybody’s guess.

      • Linda L.

        You’re right. Immediately after a collapse when the machines are down and folks aren’t able to withdrawal cash, paper money will be in high demand, but most likely for a very short time……Then bartering with tangible goods such as food, water, guns, etc. will follow, with precious metals for the other side of this mess, in order to retain some measure of stability when and if a new system is presented. This is the way I see see it.

      • notyourpatsy

        As someone who lived through Hurricane (Superstorm) Sandy, and witnessed firsthand the TOTAL destruction of what one would have previously considered ‘substantial’ buildings, and the aftermath I have some insights.
        My background had me on the ground during the most severe Hurricanes in the past 20 years up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and Iniki in Hawaii.

        When the power goes down no one really moves around except for emergency services because of the hazards present. Then, 3 days in we start seeing folks getting into their vehicles and ‘taking in the sights’ as we call it, to observe the damage out of curiousity/stupidity take your pick. There are still live wires down yet folks move around as if they are immune to the hazards! It takes at least a week before ‘hazards’ are contained and roads clear enough for regular traffic.

        Stores that open are usually running on generators and accepting only cash for the first few days. Once the electric is back on they revert to credit cards with large minimum purchases until the ‘event’ is over. Having some cash makes sense because it’s what 90% of the population knows and *trusts* from brainwashing. Then it’s their credit cards they use when they run out of the cash in their wallets, because that’s all they’ll have because they don’t read ‘USAWATCHDOG’ as they should have!

        Having a stockpile of supplies makes sense for every single family because we live in dangerous times. Having it at home means you can sit back and use those supplies until the ‘event’ is over, then venture forth and *resupply*. It makes economical sense because what cost a dollar today may cost two dollars tomorrow when you wake up! Build a pantry and keep it well stocked with non perishables, along with cases of drinking water and batteries for things you need like radio and flashlights.

        After Sandy, there were lines for everything wherever anything was being ‘handed out’, I mean ‘distributed’, and every level of economic status was present. I saw a guy pull up to a ‘water line’ in his ASTON MARTIN, a $200,000 car! The guy had no sense to have cases of bottled water at his ‘estate’?! Money does’nt equal brains as I’ve seen this plenty of times. So prepare for hard times and don’t suffer through them. The only way gold or silver will do any of us any good is if we live to see the other side of an ‘event’.

    • dbcooper

      AP, I think the point is to go GOTS … get your cash out and acquire PMs and things that will have value when the ‘ Fecal Matter Hits The Oscillator ‘ … think Dollar Store !!
      FN, DB.

    • Jeff L

      Great response Agent P …….here’s a chart/picture everyone should look at while forming their own opinion…… [ ]

    • andyb

      As Bill Holter has often said, “they” will control us through food. Look folks, the breakdown of all shipping indices portends dire circumstances for the ability of your local grocery store to keep stocking tri-weekly. You must connect these two dots. Yes cash will be important for the first few weeks, when the bank holidays hit. But it will be the next 6 months that the populace will be brought to kneel due to food shortages AND hyperinflation.
      As to timing, I don’t think we have until 2017. The elections are key. If it looks like a groomed puppet won’t make it, don’t discount martial law and the suspension of elections.

      • notyourpatsy

        Andyb, I agree, you have it down almost to the letter IMO.

  7. red

    Nomi has been pretty right about the over all market great you pointed that out. She is one of the smartest people in the world, her public speaking is fantastic! I was curious what she thought about this Dallas fed business and banks to go easy on oil borrowers? I mean gold should be the play but if banks are going to let everyone off well. Nomi is probably right again. JMO

  8. Jerry

    I’ve come up with a Liability Priority Tree that I plan to use as money begins to dry up.
    The most important things will be at the top. Those I plan to keep as long as I can.
    1. Electricity (that includes heating since I have electric)
    2. Water and sewer
    3. Food
    4. Mortgage ( if I had one) still have to cover taxes though.
    5. Car payment ( If I had one)
    6. Health Insurance
    7. Life Insurance
    8. Stocks and Bonds
    9. Investments
    10. Everything else. (Clothes. Trips. Entertainment. Eating out etc..)
    When crunch time comes, unless you’re rich you’re going to have to pick your priorities. It may be different for everyone else, but for me the top level is always going to be food, shelter, water. As the system begins to break down, inflation will hit every category and there is simply no way to maintain the cost of everything we use. So what’s your priority?

    • Mike M

      I can see some logic in the first 3 items but 4 through 10? Really?

      On the other hand let’s get real about this. Where this is headed, everyone’s priority should be getting out of the US – period.

      The end game isn’t going to just be a financial collapse. The end game is to physically eliminate most of you as there is no way to maintain a growing population with mass unemployment/underemployment (plus over 40% of current jobs will be automated within 10 years or less), rising debt at all levels that can’t be paid back, a currency that is headed for collapse in a nation where nearly one-half of the population is already dependent on a government handout and has little or no savings.

      I agree that food, shelter and water are essential during a crisis. But just like the Titanic, none of those items would have done you any good. There was no safe place to hide on this “invincible” ship, the only way to survive was to make it to a lifeboat before the ship went down.

      Your ship has already hit the iceberg. It’s just a matter for those of you with the resources if you will be smart enough to jump on one of those lifeboats while there still is time.

      My guess and a safe bet is most won’t. I will be curious when the day of reckoning comes just what people will be thinking when they realize there was a window of opportunity to survive but they just didn’t take it. It won’t be the first time it happened but it might be the last.

      • Mohammad

        Oh Mike, Dear Mike….

        Do you really think an iceberg sank a ship made to withstand it…..Hmmmmm ….lets throw in some facts:

        —1898 when Morgan Robertson wrote Futility or the wreck of titan:,_or_the_Wreck_of_the_Titan

        —April 1912 the ship “hit the iceberg” and sank.
        It had on it three significant opponents to the federal reserve bank:
        Benjamine Guggenheim.
        Isador Strauss (the head of Macy’s)
        John jacob Astor.
        (a lot of reasonable links to google that is a click of a button away)

        —December 1913 federal reserve bank was established.


        • Mohammad

          Oops i forgot:
          The guy who was contracted to build the ship did not BOARD it though he was invited and CANCELLED in the last minute:



      • Jerry

        I will not be leaving. Running is not in my DNA. My family has spilt blood for this country in three wars, so I owe it to them to stay and help rebuild this once great nation after the reset. The Luciferian banker rule and theft is over!! There will not be a hole deep enough for these SOB to hide when the rest of the sheep awaken and the smoke clears. Those of us who know the truth, and are prepared can help lead the way.

        • J C Davis

          Liked…………….. Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Run under what rock ? Not the free and brave .

        • dbcooper

          Jerry, I concur … we have a vested interest in this country … My earliest family arrived shortly after the Mayflower and we have furniture that came through the Cumberland Gap … LMS … we are GOTS and know how to live without the grid and are functioning with redundant systems. I say bring it on and I Pray to go out with my finger on the trigger. Yours In Faith And Liberty, FN, DB.

          • notyourpatsy

            I’m right beside you guys above me! Hope we can show some of the weaker willed amongst us to ‘stand and fight’. It’s why they took teaching REAL AMERICAN HISTORY out of schools and replaced it with ‘World History’. The American Revolution and Civil War are two areas of study which EVERY family in America should self educate about. I have extensively researched and learned about both subjects through every means possible, books, movies, lectures, participating in historical re-enactments of both Wars. NJ is one of the States with the *deepest* actions of the Revolutionary War; and there are Monuments and Historical Properties preserved throughout the State. Check out Monmouth Battlefield State Park next time your kids want to go on a vacation…..attend when ‘we’ are re-enacting ‘The Battle of Monmouth’, and your family will start studying the American Revolution on their own!

        • Mike M

          Jerry, there is not going to be anything to rebuild. At least not by Americans or to be more precise, Americans that have not be turned into slave workers. The majority of you will be gone and I don’t mean to another country.

          I guess people just can’t connect the dots or wrap their heads around what’s been going on for years now.

          NSA spying on everyone to monitor their every move, FEMA camps being readied, military maneuvers/practice drills to round up people throughout the country, imbedded foreign troops from unfriendly nations, false flag after false flag to get the guns, martial law drills like in Boston and the list goes on and on.

          You might think it’s heroic to stick around but anyone with common sense doesn’t get in a fight they can not win. Especially when that fight ends in your demise and that of your family. Wake up, move on and live to fight another day. Otherwise your fate will be no different than those that stood their ground at the Alamo thinking help was on the way. It’s wasn’t and it won’t be this time either. Adios

      • Faith

        Mike M: actually there was a way to survive the sinking of the Titanic without a lifeboat. I had a sociology professor that was obsessed with the Titanic and Pitcairn Island (where the survivors of the mutiny on the Bounty hid). He said that he did this test in real life with a rescue group in order to verify that it was possible to survive using this method. The survival method included using items that were readily available on the Titanic: lard from the kitchen, strips made from sheets, a life vest and time. The method involved stripping and then slathering lard over your body and wrapping the linens around and around and another layer of lard, linens, lard, linens. Life vest on top and people could have survived immersed in the water until the rescue boats showed up in the morning. The lard acts like blubber and insulates the body from the cold water. It wouldn’t be comfortable but if it meant you lived to see another day that is enough.

        • J C Davis

          Faith . Lard from the kitchen ? The girls today would say kill me.

          • Faith

            JC: I suppose it depends on how badly you want to live.

            • J C Davis

              Nope by the time the common sense to survive kicks in there dead days before. How many are able to live one week without electric, water, or food ? .01 % at best.

        • dbcooper

          Faith , I appreciate the possibility of surviving that way …but … the chances of much of anyone actually doing that seem to be slim to none !! Just saying!! DB.

          • Faith

            DB: I think the experiment with the lard / sheets in freezing water shows what is possible when you think outside the box. My sociology professor did this experiment in real life with some buddies as a test and they were surprised to find out it really worked.

          • J C Davis

            Right DB Today a lady friend refused to use a toilet because it needed flushing. She asked me to go flush it for her. Yes I did.

      • aussie jeff

        Great post Mike,the masses for the most part are memorized and immersed in a system/lifestyle that revovles around instant gratification!
        They have been pulverized into a mental submission of sorts,their perception of life’s goals has deteriorated into nothing more than the dog chasing its tail syndrome.
        In general, unsuspecting populations of entire nations have allowed themselves to be entranced by a forced feeding programme(by the elites who control everything) based on greed,me’ism,and materialism.
        These selfish pursuits have completely blinded their minds,they are unable to reason,their intellect is saturated with a superficial ideology,they no longer have the ability to search out,enquire,or question!
        Millions of people have fallen prey and are held captive to an insidious lie,………that they are answerable to no one except themselves.Yet the reality is that they have become unsuspecting prisoners to an evil system that owns them.
        I thank God that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Notice that the two main countries in the south pacific both have banksters as PMs.

          NZ….John Key…ex Merrill Lynch and member of the Foreign Exchange Committee of the New York Federal Reserve Bank from 1999 to 2001.
          Key enthusiastically embraces TPP [surprise surprise] and once said it was “difficult to go through every single sector” to show New Zealanders what was involved in the agreement.

          Aus…Malcolm Turnbull …ex- Goldman Sachs….oops not actually ex GS at all…more like current part owner of GS.
          This man welcomes TPP as “a gigantic foundation stone”…of course he does!

          Coincidence……probably Not!

          • aussie jeff

            Hi Col,
            Thanks for highlighting those facts,think your on the money regarding our bankster pm’s.
            Turnbull is riding the wave of popularity at present but most of that is still being driven by the “phew factor” …………..tony Abbott,his legacy is our embarrassment!!
            Given time Turnbull will show his true colours .
            Your neighbour across the ditch!

    • lastmanstanding

      No electricity, no water and sewer. Those of you connected to some type of municipal infrastructure are in serious trouble. Sewage will be backing up into your home in extended grid down scenario. They could do this just to flush you out. ( pun intended) How long until? It is very hard to tell. It is a big math problem. If your staying put, better have some cement to plug your sewer line before it ends up in your home. Therefore, you better have an alternative.

      For us, only electricity is a worry at the moment. We can live without it but the things that we take for granted will require a hell of a lot more work.

      If things tip over in the worst way, there will be no car payment, mortgage, insurances, eating out , etc. to worry about. If the bastards at the top want to cull the population like they have stated, they will blow the grid and get it done.

      On the other hand, this slow burn could continue for many years. You have to admit, they have been pretty patient so far…slowly nudging complacent sheep into a peaceful slavery while letting them totally enjoy the ride. Globalism, how fulfilling!

      No need to be pissed, angry, depressed or any one of similar adjectives since they will only be recorded to be used against you at a later date. Just leave the tyranny of their system the best that you can.

  9. Jerry

    Yes things are rough all over. EXCEPT in China where they just launched AIIB yesterday, shifting the balance of power. Gold Price Fix coming April 1.

    Lets see what did China do in 2015?
    – Create AIIB
    – Create CIPS
    – Gain Reserve Currency status.
    – Buy massive amounts of Gold (soon to be re-priced)
    What did the United States do in 2015?
    – Sign a crummy nuclear deal with Iran.
    – And draw a red line in Syria …………………………things are rough all over?

    • Liz

      I thought it was strange when I saw that the AIIB will be loaning in USD. What are your thoughts?

      • Jerry

        I thought so to. But then I realized its just another method of inserting the Yuan needle into the dollar jugular vein. The transition will be seamless once the instruments are in place.

      • Mohammad


        You will find out the US/China are not foes.
        The Russian Bear will get a nasty surprise from the Dragon east.
        Germans are already devastated with the immigration that is only the beginning of the tidal wave to come from Africa through Libya they themselves removed its keeper Qaddafi that was holding it back.
        The German/Russian alliance is kissed goodbye.


      • JMiller


        It is doubtful that China is going to go away from the dollar completely any time soon. It was expected by some that the AIIB would use the dollar at first. Which they are. Later on the AIIB would use a basket of currencies including the dollar and Yuan.

        And that article you gave supports that.

    • Mohammad


      Very important to know that the Rothschild are deep to the bone with the new gold fix.

      Did you notice Jerry that NON of the immigrant waves made it East bound…..????

      Think about that…..!


      • Jerry

        Brilliant find Mohammad.
        It makes perfect sense. The Rothschild’s have been heavily vested with the City of London Corporation since the beginning. The City of London Corporation were the first western traders to do business with the Chinese in the 1700’s. Developing China as a superpower has been a life long dream for them.

        You are correct about immigration to. The Chinese would probably kill most of the immigrants that we’ve taking in. They’re not big on religious or political diversity.

      • matt

        Good point Muhammad.

  10. your fan in Japan

    Greg and Watchdoggers
    Here is a little man on the street news. My father-in-law (a Japanese busineesman), on Jan 15, attended a conference on the direction of the Japanese economy The keynote speaker was a Mr. Noguchi, a university prof, but described by my father in law as one of the top three economists in Japan. Here are the points he made:
    1. Due to the weakening yen, corporate profits are up and stock prices have risen. However, 2014 GDP was down. This was attributed to higher prices at the consumer level limiting consumer spending.
    2. In 2015, falling oil prices prevented consumer prices from rising. Thus, the Bank of Japan was not able to meet its two percent inflation target.
    3. Future direction depends much on the exchange rate. The yen is weakening more as the US has stopped its QE. The US can stop its QE because the US economy is strengthening. Taking 2007 as a 100 base, US GDP in 2015 was 111, Germany 106, and Japan 101. If QE were continued, it would expand a bubble in resource prices.
    He went on to describe changes in the global economy since 1990- including the internet, and industrialization in China.
    New Developments in the American economy
    The high-level service industry will see growth-especially between manufacturing and service industries. This is causing a leveling out in the division of labor globally. Apple’s value is twice Exxon’s. Google is also worth more than Exxon. Paypal is worth as much as Mizuho Holdings. Uben and Aribnb are examples of new services.
    Japan’s economy peaked in the mid 90’s. Since then, growth has been flat. China’ s economic activity has become the same as Japan’s. TO RAISE WAGES IN JAPAN, JAPAN’S ECONOMY MUST BECOME LIKE AMERICA’S.
    (this is my translation from the Japanese of the paper that was handed out as the conference. )
    My father-in-law, regarding the comments on Apple, said, Japan needs to make companies that have enormous market cap but don’t actually own any factories, etc. This is the thinking that is being spread here as we start 2016.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Fan.

    • dbcooper

      YFIJ, It was the New Lost City Tavern I think … just off of the Kobe Moto Machi (SP?). A fellow named Kenji was the proprietor and he had toured the US playing bluegrass banjo … it was pretty cool and strange !! DB.

      • your fan in Japan

        new lost city tavern?

        • dbcooper

          Yeah … believe me it was out of place but it was totally cool to find this bluegrass bar in Japan ?? And when playing music in the street outside the bar the locals would walk past and try real hard not to notice anything out of the ordinary … it was a hoot. Yours, DB. (Circa. 1977)

    • Jeff L

      “The high-level service industry will see growth-especially between manufacturing and service industries. This is causing a leveling out in the division of labor globally. Apple’s value is twice Exxon’s. Google is also worth more than Exxon. Paypal is worth as much as Mizuho Holdings. Uben and Aribnb are examples of new services.” ………. With all due respect you are describing the very companies that have stratospheric PE’s that have little income and will be obliterated in the future. Do you remember Tech 2000 ? Sorry if this is your #3 professor of economics. Might be why you’ve been in a 20 year deflation. But keep printing those Yen.
      Your “top” economist continues to believe more debt will solve the debt problem. Your country will collapse like all the rest because of this “educated” professor.
      Ask the Swiss and Belgium banks, and others how they are feeling investing their countries money in companies the likes you describe (Apple, ect-the fangs).They just lost $23 BILLION …….. and it’s just beginning…….
      If I sound harsh it’s because we have the same type of “educated” idiots running our country. They will be the death of our country while taking the world down with them.

      • your fan in Japan

        Jeff, don’t blame me. I just translated the material my my in law was given- FWIW to watchdoggers. I know we are toast over here.

        • Jeff L

          YFIJ I was in no way blaming you. Just setting the record straight. These guys are dangerous.

    • red

      Japanese mainstream economist’s seem very similar to Western mainstream economists. In the word of a man that managed Elvis Presley “snowing” seems like your getting plenty of snow in Japan …

      • your fan in Japan

        red, 100% in agreement. This is what people are being told. The people are not thinking. I pointed out numerous counter-arguments to my father in law, ex. if GDP is down, why is the stock market up? One would not expect investment, ie stock increases, in a decreasing production environ. I have my answer, but my father-in law- when questioned could make no response. People just believe what some higher up tells them- without thinking at all.

        • Jeff L

          The stock market has been rising because your government is using your father-in-laws retirement to buy stocks. How does anyone think that will end ? Those stocks mentioned by the professor will drop 90%.
          So instead of collapsing from the sheer weight of your treasury debt they have piled on more debt purchasing high flying stocks. The idiocy of this astounds the mind.

  11. Galaxy 500

    She is spot on so far

    • J C Davis

      G 500 Tic Tock said the clock.

  12. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Priorities? Faith, Hope, and Charity…the Golden Rule…
    Turn your safety and money over to God!! Our plans are always a joke anyway. We are His children. What other kind of security is there?

    • Diane D.

      There is our God-given right to self-defense.

      Question: Take for example, that your loved ones are being brutally attacked, about to be raped etc. and I am armed. Would you want to intervene and do whatever is necessary to stop their attackers?

  13. A. Hall


    This Is It. Collapse Is Here. — Bill Holter
    Sunday, January 17, 2016 16:29

    • Jerry

      Thanks Al.
      A margin call had to come, because the drop in equity was so severe from the markets that the banks had no other choice. Liquidity is officially frozen. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess, but I would say either a bank holiday or negative interest rates are on the horizon. The interesting part is, its an election year, and the democrats will do anything to hide the truth. But this muddy elephant has nowhere to hide.

      • Mohammad

        Cheap oil at the pump will offset it.
        Remember Jerry,
        “Controlled” chaos is the order of the day, they never lost it for a second.


        • Mohammad

          “Cheap gas at the pump”

          • Jeff L

            Cheap gas will not offset it. We already have cheap gas ($2). A drop in the bucket compared to the change in healthcare costs.
            Every penny saved by the consumer is another $40-60K/yr job lost in the oil industry. Add the knock on effect thru out these oil districts. Not to mention the banks going under.
            Oil services jobs were some of the best and they accounted for ALL the jobs growth created since the recession.

    • Faith

      Thanks for the link! I like Mr. Holter very much and respect his opinion. Excellent interview and worth watching.

    • Russ

      What a great day — Thank you Greg for bringing Nomi Prins back on and thank you to A. Hall for the link to Bill Holter’s interview. Greg, you should see if you can squeeze Bill in for a follow-up, as this melt-down accelerates there will be more. We’ll need to wait for tomorrow to see if there’s any follow=through or if the dead cat bounces. Watch those falling knives. Janet Yellen seems to be taking Damocles seat under the sword — “with great fortune and power comes also great responsibility”, or is she the sword held over us. The message in a metaphor sometimes escapes…

      One other thing (really important 😉 I switched to a ceramic filter holder to hold the filter and what a diff… Okay you got me, I can’t taste the difference, but the coffee was as usual really good.

      Thanks again for the interviews.

    • Jerry

      If anyone needs confirmation of what Bill Holter is saying here it is.

      I would take this as you’re last warning. Anytime a major bank comes out and warns its stockholders to run for the exists, you know its going to be bad.

      • J C Davis

        Jerry at some point people will see the week that changed America, or see that gold pushers will say anything to make a sell. Time will tell. With all that is changing both could appear true. This is the first time Bill said this is it.

      • JMiller

        Actually it was only Andrew Roberts, who is RBC’s research chief for European economics and his interest rate research team that is warning clients that the stock market could fall 20 percent this year. Not really RBS, itself. They recommend to sell everything except high quality bonds, like U.S. Treasuries.

  14. Spanky

    This comment doesn’t have anything to do with your interview with Nomi Prins, and I apologize for the diversion. A while back, you covered a story about a bank that issued a statement informing depositors they might not get their funds (or the desired amount) when they need them. Would you please direct me to that piece? I tried to locate it, but failed. Thanking you for your assistance in this matter.

  15. Gina Mancarella


    There’s a whole lot of gllom and doom in the world mainly in the financial sector and all these so called experts saying that our economy is going to crash. So Okay, we know that Obama left a lot to be desired when it came to getting the job done in terms of making our economy boom and yield the hefty gains that we all have been looking for. However, the election is coming soon and we need to be ready to elect a President that can and will set the tone for the next 50 years. Thats where Hillary comes in. Here is a lady who has been in government for nearly 50 years. She knows what it takes to bring back the good times. To bring back abundance. To bring back a bounty in our harvest of American prosperity. Hillary understands what people are going through. She feels for people. She wants to help all of us. She loves each and every one of us. She loves the children and by extension all the children of the world. Red and Yellow Black and White, they are all precious in her sight. Hillary loves the little children of the world. Most of all, she loves all that it means to be truly American. Let us all celebrate Hillary and get out the vote. Lets get out and stand up for Hillary. By the way, many of you might be interested in the latest insight into her personage and her ideals and beliefs and background. Without further adieu, please watch Hillary at her best in this interview ….

    • Greg Hunter

      They did not ask about her expanding FBI investigation. She will be charged and Obama will destroy her.

      • Matt

        Hillary walks, but I think Bernie (Free Everything) will get the nod. If she does win, Free $#!& Army types of all kinds will still vote her in. Just like Marion Barry after the crack pipe.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Did you notice that Hitlary seemed to be doing a fair bit of greasing up to Obama in the latest debate.
        I wonder why?….not!

        • Greg Hunter

          I think she knows time is running out and she has to try to make peace but it is too late. Hill will be chjarged. Obama wlould never trust her to play nice after she was President–NEVER.

          • Grafique

            Gina –
            So Hillary loves me and my kids, huh?
            Well, I’m a right-winger – a little to the right of Rush.
            Hillary blamed her cheating, unfaithful husband’s problem on me and my kids.

            That doesn’t sound like she loves me and mine, does it?

            Hillary for prison 2016!
            Cruz for president 2016!

      • art barnes

        Love the think you may be right, but WHEN? I ask because the Iowa elections looms near, and if you wait to long, a lot of people will be outraged at the timing (but, of course not I).a

      • Mohammad

        Clintons are deeply connected, she may make it to the white house if Jeb did not.
        She is second to Jeb.


        • J C Davis

          Only if they flip the vote. There is no honest election in the world of machine’s. I know you know but for those that don’t know I post the link.

          • Mohammad


            She already has her trojan horse Trump winning.


            • J C Davis

              Mohammad, anything is possible in this crazy mess.
              Trump may be the evil deception that takes down the remaining stability in this country. Either way Jesus be praised.

    • Tin foil hat


      Hillary will help us like she did Christ Stevens. You should go see the movie “13 Hours”.

    • frederick

      Mancarella if you think Hillary cares for anyone but herself I have a bridge for sale over the East river in NYC

    • Jerry

      You said..
      “She loves each and every one of us. She loves the children and by extension all the children of the world. Red and Yellow Black and White, they are all precious in her sight. ”

      Does that include the children aborted by Planned Parenthood to? Thirty years ago I would given anything to have whatever it is you’re smoking. It must be really good!

    • RTW

      Do yourself a huge favor and read the book titled ” The Clintons War on Women” by Roger Stone. It will level your slanted view on hillary. Afterward, you won’t sound so silly trying to defend her. Just looking out for you. She is an evil person and when her time on earth comes to an end, the devil should be very worried.

    • Linda L.

      You’re right. Immediately after a collapse when the machines are down and folks aren’t able to withdrawal cash, paper money will be in high demand, but most likely for a very short time……Then bartering with tangible goods such as food, water, guns, etc. will follow, with precious metals for the other side of this mess, in order to retain some measure of stability when and if a new system is presented. This is the way I see see it.

    • Linda L.

      Maybe you better Google “the Clinton body count”. “She feels for people”? Are you serious?

    • anymouse

      Hilary is a card carrying member of the Council on Foreign Relations who have given us this mess. Obama is the protege of Soros, CFR, and his watcher is Biden, CFR.
      Your presidential vote means nothing…let that sink in—all candidates will be CFR or under their control…

  16. freebreezer

    Greg – Great information, though 29 minutes is just not long enough with Nomi P. Her understanding of the banks/economy runs real, real deep. I wish you could interview her for an hour + … this interview flew by like it was 5 minutes! Thanks!

  17. Berky G.

    Reuters US | Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:20am EST Related: U.S.

    New York police say assailants chanted ‘ISIS’ while beating man

    New York City police were investigating on Sunday an assault on a man who was pummeled by suspects shouting “ISIS, ISIS,” leaving him with bruises on his head and face, authorities said. MORE BELOW;

    • Tin foil hat

      Well, it was bad and stupid but he didn’t lose his head. What happened to him is nothing in comparison to what had happened to the Christians in Mid east.

  18. Tony

    I think we’ll have a political event before there’s a major financial crash. Perhaps even a coup. Several weeks ago we learned that the military was sharing intelligence with the Russians and Iranians in Syria and bypassing Obama. A couple days before the Iran sanctions were to expire, two US navy craft are captured deep in Iranian waters. They were near a Republican Guard military base. Those guys are the far right wing of Iran. Clearly, some higher-ups in the US military wanted to provoke an incident to stop the sanctions from being lifted. Were those guys navy or CIA? Then this past Friday Jeb Bush with only 3% in the polls is publicly endorsed by neocon Lindsey Graham. CNN carried it live. Graham is to the right of McCain. That was a message to the military that Jeb is on board with Graham’s agenda. Jeb was one of the original signers of PNAC – the crew that planned the first wars and probably were involved with 911. The neocons won’t capture the Republican nomination and Hillary, also a neocon, will likely be indicted. Therefore, the only way they take control of the government is via a coup or a targeted ‘accident’ of someone in power. I think something big is going to happen.

    • frederick

      Tony have you heard about the socalled “white hats” which allegedly is a group in the military that plans to take back the country and reinstate constitutional law? perhaps something like that would be the catalyst

      • notyourpatsy

        no comment, could stop my gene pool….

    • art barnes

      Interesting, if not down right possible! Got dangerous times?

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I agree….something big will happen because the neocons are losing control of the presidential race. The top three contenders are all completely problematic for their evil agenda.
      #1 Hitlary will be viewing the election through jail bars.
      #2 Sanders is now on a huge roll, and in spite of his age is even capturing a lot of attention from the young voters. He challenges the establishment on every level…….the neocons can’t have him!
      #3 Trumpet is totally out of control and will stay in this mold. It would be tantamount to them trying to control a drunken sailor in the white house…something needs to happen to take him out of the race.

      The dream come true for the neocons, Bush, is looking totally pathetic and the other warmonger GOP contenders are not getting any traction at all. JMO but the entire Republican side of the race looks extremely problematic from a neocons perspective.

      On the democratic side of the ledger, it looks very much to me like if Hitlary is behind bars and they find a way to hobble Sanders then the neocon lobby will slide Biden into the fray. If this gormless moron gets his foot in the door of the big old house then god help America…..and the world!

  19. Zoey

    Mary Casey,

    Thanks for kindly sharing how you recovered from cancer and about the Spikenard Oil, I’m looking it up as well as what Ken suggested about Cannabis Oil which is derived marihuana. Cannabis Oil seemed quite promising, and various states are passing laws legalizing medical marihuana use.

  20. Zoey

    Tsunami is at our doorsteps, and its time to finish up the last minute preps. I would recommend the waterBOB if you didn’t get one yet. You can store up to 100 gallons of fresh drinking water in the bathtub. I really appreciate this since I am an apartment dweller.

    Wholesale pack of disposable cigarette lighters are cheap and great to get for bartering. I heard Bic lighters were some of the very sought after items during the Croatian War.

  21. Diana Dee Jarvis

    The problem with stockpiling cash is where and how to stash it safely. Don’t burglars check under matresses these days? Also aren’t TPTB trying to move to a cashless society? What happens to the cash stockpile then? Sweden is moving toward cashless, and I’m sure other countries will follow suit. If TPTB think people are stockpiling significant cash, they’ll likely go cashless even sooner.

  22. Mike R

    I’m really surprised by so much doom and gloom. If we are lucky, we will see a 1987 style crash to get things over with early in the year, but all this market is doing is correcting to its 7 year cycle low. Either way, the lowest we might see would be 1500 on the S&P. If we are not lucky, this will drag out until May, but the market simply is not going to ‘crash’. This is a correction that has been needed for some time. That’s all folks. Nothing more. There are simply far too many people calling for a crash, and when so many pundits ‘see’ a crash coming, it NEVER happens. Crashes are very few and far between in markets. With Oil so cheap, and commodities in multi-year low, its making everything that much less expensive for Americans. The dollar can continue strong for some time. Even if the FED does not raise rates as fast as it wants, that still doesn’t mean the world is going to end anytime soon. Just watch and see. By July, if the market is below 1500, I won’t post here ever again. Except to say I was wrong. Now if Gold is above 1200 by July, I will really be shocked. It has a better chance of being at 800 to 900 by then.

  23. Derrick Michael Reid

    Nomi is wonderful!!!

    Major Systemic Problems

    1) National Insolvency 20T$
    2) Fiscal T$/yr deficits
    3) Opaque Administration
    4) Decimated Middle Class
    5) Shrinking Economy
    6) Decimated Manufacturing Base
    7) Uncontrolled Immigration
    8) 10m on food welfare
    9) 100m unemployed
    10) Labor Participation at 40 year lows
    11) 50B$/mo Trade Deficits
    12) Counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes
    13) FED-Congress-Banks/Corps Corruption
    14) Infrastructure deterioration
    15) Systemic Racism
    16) Federal Welfare Socialism
    17) Pandering Electioneering
    18) Currency Debasement
    19) FED Targeted Inflation Theft
    20) FED rigging of Bond Market
    21) FOMC rigging of Stock Market
    22) ESF rigging of Currency Market
    23) CIA Web Trolling
    24) FBI Cam Surveillance
    25) NSA Phone Tapping
    26) DHS Marshal Law Force
    27) Federal Totalitarianism
    28) Gov-Banks-Corps Facism
    29) Taxation of Wages
    30) Wealth Transfer Private to Gov
    31) Wealth Transfer 99% to 1%
    32) Toxic Dumping
    33) Intolerance and Disrespect
    34) Ignoble Foreign Policy
    35) Judicial Fiat
    36) Totalitarian Tax Oppression
    37) Socialistic Moral Hazards
    38) New World Order of Totalitarianism
    39) Income Inequality
    40) Home unaffordability
    41) Monetary Inflation
    42) Price Inflation
    43) Stagnant Wages
    44) Stagnant Productivity
    45) Low Monetary Velocity
    46) Social Strife
    47) Deforestation
    48) Nuclear Waste Disposal
    49) Specie Extinction
    50) IRS Bank Monitoring
    51) Geoengineering
    52) Unlimited Congressional Terms
    53) Deteriorating Republic States Rights
    54) Unconstitutional Executive Powers
    55) Financial Asymmetric warfare
    55) Unconstitutional Congressional Acts
    56) Unconstitutional Currency
    57) Depositor Bank Bail INs
    58) FED QE ZIRP and Bankster Bail OUTs
    59) FED Financed Stock Buy Backs
    60) FED Financed Bankster Reserves
    61) Regime Change Foreign Policy
    62) Banking Transnationals Gov Control
    63) Global Petro-Dollar Hegemony
    64) Monopolistic Monetary Transfers
    65) Debt Based Currency

    I can fix it all.

    Very Truly Yours, in Liberty and Freedom,
    Derrick Michael Reid B.S.E.E., J.D.,
    2016 Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party,
    Engineer, Patent Lawyer, Military Scientist,
    Market Analyst, and Geopolitical Analyst.
    PO Box 1584, Laguna Beach, CA 92652
    Contact Email: [email protected]
    Skype Account Name: derrickmichaelreid

    • JMiller

      These definitely need correcting

      8) 10m on food welfare
      More like 50m on food welfare

      9) 100m unemployed
      The unemployment rate is not any where near 50%
      More like 40m unemployed

      57) Depositor Bank Bail INs
      Uninsured Depositor Bank Bail-ins

    • Faith

      I will pass based on your web name. I don’t need a totalitarian to fix anything. A totalitarian democracy sounds like communism to me. You can keep it.

    • James Hastings

      I keep hearing the “Door’s” playing in my mind…….”This is the end”. I really enjoy the interaction of USA Watchdog fans. Everybody has some input…. Boy,
      are we in for a reality check. 🙂

      • Matty Waltzing

        A Day’s Wages For A Loaf Of Bread?
        Thursday, September 4th, 2014 End Times Prophecy

        Hope this won’t sound frivolous. During the Tribulation; it will take a day’s wages to buy a one day supply of food. How will people be able to pay for their other expenses? (Rent, mortgages, utilities, gasoline, etc.)

        Everyone who studies the history of Germany in the 1920s learns about HYPERINFLATION in 1923 during the days of the Weimar Republic, including how the Germans had to carry wheelbarrows full of paper money just to buy a loaf of bread.

        But WHY did this crazy situation happen? Interested in finding an easy way of explaining it?

        In fact, the explanation is in many ways very complicated, but underlying those complicated parts of the story is a very simple one. Check it out below!

        Finally, what about prices during ancient Bible times? One Bible commentary states: “Prices naturally fluctuated through the centuries, and it is difficult to ascertain how much a particular commodity may have cost at a given time and place.” Still, information from ancient sources, including the Bible, shows that even back then, prices were subject to inflation. For example, slaves were commonly traded in antiquity. Joseph was sold for 20 silver pieces, which may have been shekels, probably the average price for a slave during the 18th century B.C.E. (Genesis 37:28) Three hundred years later, the price was 30 shekels. (Exodus 21:32) By the eighth century B.C.E., the price was 50 shekels. (2 Kings 15:20) Two centuries later, during the Persian period, prices went as high as 90 shekels or more. Apparently, rising prices are not just a plague of modern-day life.

        “The recession and economic turmoil is creating a new class of casualties: Married couples who can’t afford to get divorced. In these tough times many people are finding it’s cheaper to stay together, even when they can’t stand each other.”—THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, U.S.A.

    • Randall


      Any comment about this article?

      Project Monarch did exist.

      I would like to see some balance to all this doom and gloom mantra constantly bleated about.

  24. dbcooper

    Greg. I have to say that what you are doing here is pretty awesome … not only are you bringing information and True News to folks that are paying attention but you are also networking folks who are like minded and from vast varying venues. Personally I will bring to your site our view from ‘the homestead’. Today we had a fatality … yes, one of our steers suffered sever and sudden lead poisoning … you might ask … DB? … what the heck happened? Well … fair question … Lead based paint ?? / Wheel weights ? / Plumbers Lead ? … no, in fact it was a case of the onslaught of the Ruger #1 in a 45/70; Hand cast/ paper patched/ 405 Gr. lead bullet which was dispatched without torture or torment. He then proceeded to the locker to await processing in our homestead meat shop. We desire to have a homestead/community facility that certain folks can access to assist or process there own meat. Yours from the homestead FN, DB, Yours in Faith and Liberty.

  25. Coal Burner

    Good Interview.
    Did smeone bring up the recent Jim Rogers interview? I just watched it. The funny thing is none of the Fox business interviewers seemed to be listening. Something you would never do. I think a lot of Jim Rogers and he is making money.

  26. Silence is Golden

    I agree with Nomi on her assessment of the “Global Depression” being evident in many nations across the globe. The pure BS being espoused by the MSM and the Political propaganda machinery….is just so overwhelming challenged with reality ….it would seem that the Elite are finally showing their hand and are petrified of what is occurring. The curtains are about to open…and we will all see what they have been doing behind them in secrecy.
    Whilst this is alarming and portends for a much wider and deeper impact globally….what is concerning me even more is the degree of silence….on the losses being sustained in the Energy Sector space. We have been well aware of the impending bankruptcies and derivative losses resulting from the plunge in Oil price (down from $140 to sub $30 = an 80% fall). Margin calls should have pushed many of the futures players to the point of bankruptcy…no entity in that sector can withstand that price pressure. Producers and their associated Debt should all be busting at the seams and having the flow on effect with those that held the debt (Wells Fargo comes to mind).
    I said this late last year and its worth repeating again…there is untold “HIDDEN” QE being executed to save those who have sustained what would otherwise be destructive, non-recoverable, unsustainable losses. We are not being told that there are and continue to be, secretive Bailouts to avoid a cataclysmic derivatives time bomb from imploding the system.
    Where are the bankruptcies? Where are the Bank/Hedge Fund failures? This should be front page news of the NY Times. The stock market rout is symptomatic of the whole system. Its very sick and there is every likelihood that its only just the beginning of the great unwinding which has been long overdue.
    I would not be taking Nomi’s advice of slowly moving into physical Gold. China cannot acquire it fast enough. You should follow China and do what they do. Buy it with gusto.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good points SIG!
      looks to me events are picking up speed and so should your speed of preparation.

    • Jerry

      QE never ended. Check “Currency Creation” on the U.S. Debt clock.
      It is the only thing holding the system together right now. Fourth Quarter GDP for 2015 was 0.6%. There isn’t enough tax revenue to match the money being created. The death blow will come from China.

      • Silence is Golden

        The last time….. we saw the Banks screw the investors with their MBS crap..(which was then shorted by some very clever people)….
        This time around…the Banks have screwed everyone. The Shorting being perpetrated is in the CRIMEX and paper PM’s.
        The LIC (BHO) is promulgating that everything is fine. Reminiscent of Bernanke and that other Criminal Paulson when 2008 struck and they said the Banks were very sound/safe.
        I know full well the system has been on life support. Hidden QE and secretive Bailouts…no one is permitted to go Bankrupt….Lehman was an example of how interconnected the system really is. From SIFI to TBTF….its a complete disaster…now unfolding.

  27. Frank Cooper

    Donald Trump: Ted Cruz ‘Acts Like Robin Hood’

    MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — GOP frontrunner Donald Trump said that fellow GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) “acts like Robin Hood” he added, [it] “doesn’t work that way.”

    ABC NEWS VIDEO; Trump with George Stephanopoulos “Say whatever you want,” Trump said in response to the boos. “He didn’t report his bank loans… And then he acts like Robin Hood.”

    We Need Robin Hood Desperately; He’ll End The Corruption!

    Watch Out Donald Their Closing In

  28. Dwain

    We have been in depression for over 8 years. Im tired of rhetoric that we are close to recession, blah blah blah. The government is rigging numbers and statistics to manipulate GDP, employment, markets, bonds, etc. We are in depression folks. Whats coming is hyper-depression.

    • frederick

      I agree with that Dwain Unless you work for the govt or are a professional things have been very depressed generally speaking

    • dbcooper

      Dwain, I agree and I refer to todays debacle as” The Greater Depression”, DB.

  29. CAK

    Any USA Watchdoggers in North Dakota? That could post here and provide some “real world” perspective on the ND Oil Industry, which I imagine is imploding now. I grew up a few years in ND, late 1970s and early 1980s. I remember the state well, and had to learn ND geography in elementary school (the most boring subject possible then, because it could be summed up in one word: flat). I know that the recent oil boom has brought many to the state, but now with the bust, what really is going on? I believe ND is a harbinger for the rest of the country, if not the world. My prayers are with any from ND who have lost their jobs, as of late.

  30. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    I don’t know if you would have listened to the entire Democratic debate but I certainly pricked up my ears when I heard this from Hitlary, and I quote:

    “There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too powerful to jail”

    I am certain these words will come back to haunt her in the very near future.
    I damn near fell out of my chair hearing this one.This creature is an absolute piece of work!
    PS…. am half way through listening to the entire debate but I think Sanders acquitted himself admirably in spite of the obvious bias showing through in the NBC questions

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Later in the debate, Sanders pointed out that Hitlary received $600,000 from Goldman Sachs in speaking fees in one year alone. She did not try to challenge this statement yet she pretends that she is making a stand against Wall street.
      This women’s brazen hypocrisy is absolutely monumental.

      • Linda L.

        Yes, Hillary attempts to appeal to the poor/folks who obtain assistance in order to obtain as many votes as she can. And it’s quite obvious that she could care less about Americans (if she did she would do everyone a big favor/save our mounting taxpayer dollars with all these investigations) and drop out of her race to the WH. It would be interesting to know what her personal wealth is about now (bet it’s quite substantial).

  31. Evan J

    Hello Greg,

    FYI, I can’t see any of the interviews on your site, just a white screen where the interview should be; same thing even with ones I have seen already (Hoffman, Morgan etc.) on the same device. Don’t know if it’s me or whether something else is going on but wanted to pass that along. Thanks.

  32. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    The real crisis is all the terrorists and rogue nations out there that want to do us harm while we have a weakling for a president in office who is hesitant to take action. We need a commander in chief with balls and the confidence to let us get after it and do our jobs. We have the most advanced and most formidable fighting machine anywhere in the world. As the worlds only superpower nation, We need to start acting like it.

    • dill mann

      Does this apply to the U.S. built 2 trillion dollar plane that wont fly or shoot bullets?

      What about the state of the art destroyers that keep braking down on their maiden runs?

      Why does Russia keep making a fool of this military, president and this country?

      Maybe we should put you in charge>>>>

    • James Hastings

      Thank you for serving. As I posted in the past, I served 10 years. My Uncles served during WWII, my father served during Korea, my mother served, my uncles served in Vietnam, I enlisted at 16 in 73, my son-in-law serves now, my son serves, my greatest grandfather severed at 15 in the war of 1812…Simeon Lee Hastings. I am a great patriot….but as I got salty over the years, I’ve learned, politicians don’t care as much as we do. What I want to help you see is…………………we need to be choosy about the fights we pick. Then we need to end them quickly with extreme violence (decapitate the snake at the head). Sometimes we just need to let people kill each other. Your a great asset. Thank you for serving.

  33. Frank Cooper

    The Secret Stupid Saudi-US Deal on Syria

    The Sad Case of Dumb and Dumber

    The Kerry-Abdullah Secret Deal & An Oil-Gas Pipeline War – See more below;

    What a stupid way to destroy and bankrupt the world as we know it!

    We should never have gotten rid of the insane asylums. These guys need more than drugs. Where’s ah mental institution of basket weaving when you need it?
    Kerry & Abdullah should be making baskets and belts, not running the world! Their bona-fide basket case’s. God help us all!

  34. Mohammad

    Here is a new TAXATION heading our way:–business.html


  35. Mohammad


    France is declaring an economic emergency:


    • Greg Hunter

      The U.S. will be the last to go and timber is falling around the world.

      • WD

        I saw two great quotes on socialism:

        1) The goal of socialism is communism. Lenin

        2) When a society chooses socialism, it has chose self destruction, and you can start count down until that destruction. Unknown.

        Here we go!!

        • dbcooper

          WD, Thatcher: “Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.”
          Churchill: “Trying to tax yourself into prosperity is like standing in a bucket and trying to pick yourself up by the handle.” Yours, DB.

  36. brian

    Ha, sounds to me like Miss Prins would have us believe that the “banks” and other financial service sector hobgoblins are merely victims of “Fed” policy and just naively running amok in an effort to survive and serve their trustees……what load of crap, sorry Greg, its all I can say.

    • lastmanstanding

      The banks can’t take a crap without asking the fed. I know people high up in the banking industry in my community and the “fed” audits them yearly.

      The fed is now telling them to loan money.

      Many local banks still want to believe that they can loan money, “the old fashioned way” with them getting adequate collateral to protect themselves. The local banks are approaching clients/borrowers attempting to get them to consolidate loans at a better interest rate for much longer periods of time. Extending debt further into the future. Most of these borrowers attempted to do this previously (who hasn’t in an attempt to cut costs to stay in biz) and the local banks wouldn’t even consider this.

      Soon, the locals will run thru their existing collateralized clientele. They will then be forced (by the fed) to make loans in any way shape or form…which in the past, they have never done. Coming to your small town…if it hasn’t already.

      Where have we seen them lend to those with “no skin in the game?”

      How did that work out?

      • brian

        Yeah I get that, but we should also consider how it is that this “banking industry” is populated with a bunch of unprosecuted fucks who have taken it upon themselves, or shall we say, have been “directed” to commit a dizzying and seemingly endless battery of fraud involving everything from the forex, the comex, libor, systemic forgery, inside trading, money laundering and probably murder, possibly human trafficking and perhaps even pagan ritualistic chicken whacking rites as well.

        I mean somebody is committing all these God damned crimes, and yeah, I’m sure it ain’t the guy who likes to golf every Monday afternoon and owns a three chain bank in Smallville USA, but like I say, somebody is committing all these crimes….and the courts just can’t seem to figure it out can they. I wonder why that is.

  37. Max Meister

    I’m not so sure whether the Baltic Dry Index is a very reliable indicator for the world economy. This index is volatile and it reflects supply and demand for shipping. Some analysts argue that the supply side was exploding during the last couple of years, so that combined with a stagnant or just slightly rising demand has lead to the price drop of for container shipping. It is hard to prove to what extend that is the case.
    However, have a look at the China exports data:

    Here we see that there is kind of a seasonal V drop happening every year around January. After that it rises again to new highs. As we are exactly in January now, this is probably not the best time in the year to check how chinese exports are developing. So far there was no decline on an annual basis in Chinese exports.

    For US exports we see a decline though, the first such decline since 2008.

    This is rather an indication that the US economy might be in trouble. I would recommend to follow this chart closely for the months ahead.

  38. Frank Cooper

    Report: Islamic State Beheads 150 Civilians in Syrian Massacre⚑
    BREITBART; by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.18 Jan 2016

    In one of their most gruesome slaughters to date, Islamic State militants stormed the city of Deir al-Zour in eastern Syria over the weekend, reportedly decapitating upwards of 150 people, including women and children, and abducting hundreds more.

    “At least 150 people were beheaded yesterday by ISIS in the massacre of Deir al-Zour, including dozens of women and children,” reported the Italian ANSA news service, citing local sources in Syria.

    State officials in Damascus place the number of deaths at 300, of whom most were women, children and elderly. Some of the victims were allegedly crucified.

    See also the comments section/ Some of the comments;

    Western governments, and their obsequious media lackeys, decided back in 2011 that Assad was the villain despite the obvious fact that he was facing jihadist maniacs. Being utterly unable to see reason, or even to engage their brains, they have stuck rigidly to this ludicrous stance and have as a consequence found themselves supporting such delightful people as Al Qaeda. Indeed they are directly responsible for the rise of ISIS [gun running thru US. embassy/Benghazi] those whom they supplied with arms became ISIS. Even today although they claim to be opposing ISIS they are very half hearted about it, and would much rather remove Assad even though this would inevitably put ISIS in power.

    Islamic State Beheads 150 Civilians in Syrian Massacre

    280 including children in other reports. But who will care? Its ISIS.
    You know those friendly neighbourhood terrorists Cameron welcomes home and can’t get enough of.
    Swept under the carpet by the compliant news media.
    But listen to the howls of outrage against the Syrian Army and Assad.
    The Syrian army is besieging a pack of ISIS in Madaya – and some people are, we are being told repeatedly, starved.
    No calls for ISIS to surrender and stop using this ‘starving’ population of Madaya as human shields. Oh No!
    The Syrian army are the villians they should allow the ISIS terrorists to walk away and slaughter another 280 innocent Syrians some where else.
    The protection of ISIS by western governments and the MSM is getting to the stage that even the dimmest reader must be picking it up.
    ISIS has starved many, and brutally murdered 100,000s.
    Collectively there has never been much concern compared to the anti Assad headlines as we get from the town. What hyprocrisy..




    remove Assad even though this would inevitably put ISIS in power.

    As they have in Libya Knowingly. An excellent article on this from Zerohedge.

    More about Madaya. Soros involved. Surprise.

    Citizen of the World > EmilyEnso • 2 hours ago
    Hey, you can always blame it on the Jews.
    Works every time!

    Emily, don’t forget those evil Syrian [so called] Christians⚑

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      The only thing that I would add to PCR’s narrative is that the Fed operates with no mandate whatsoever since both employment and inflation statistics are completely manipulated fabrications!

  39. WD

    To all on this site: When the Prez said this:“Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

    They are trolling the internet, that is why this idiot addressed this issue…they are watching sites like this at all times…remember that.

    The above quote just shows that the White House is aware that this is a sinking economy, and its all over the internet and that they are scouring the internet. Because they know its bad.

    Take care all..

  40. Laura

    Hi Greg,
    I listen to all of your interviews and greatly appreciate your work to bring us the information. I am wondering if you saw the latest from Bill Holter. I am adding a link to his latest interview. We are out of time I think.

    Kindest Regards. God is in control.

    • J C Davis

      Laura. The latest Holter interview is shocking. I am amazed to hear him say this is it. The big collapse that he has talked about for some years now. Kind of makes me question what time of this month should I take my cash out of the bank.

      • Stan the Man with the SHTF Plan

        Did he mention anything about gold going to $100,000 an ounce?

        • J C Davis

          Stan. sorry I just got your post. I have had eye problems this week. I don’t think he said anything about the price of gold knowing without dollars as currency the price can not be guestimated. You either have it or you don’t.
          Personally I think a gun will be of more real value.

    • Jim Taylor

      Dang yeah that was intense!

  41. dbcooper

    Greg, ET Al, I listened to Bill Holter this morning and he used the term Margin Call ( I think) and while I did research the meaning I am not totally sure how it works in todays over indebted and illiquid scenario on the world economic scale. I am asking if anyone can explain this to a simple farmer ??!! Thanks a bunch, DB.

    • Faith

      DB: You can buy stocks on margin which is a loan and is highly speculative.

      You spend $1000 of your money to buy a stock and you also get $1000 from a broker, on margin, to spend on a stock. As long as the stock you purchased maintains a total value of $2000, you are fine but if the price of the stock drops you owe the difference to the broker. $2000 worth of stock drops to $1500 you must pay the broker the difference of $500. Usually payment is expected immediately and in full. Nothing will wake you up faster than watching a stock purchased on margin go down in value.

  42. Zoey

    On January 14, Jim Rickards sent an email to subscribers to Daily Reckoning this message: “Soon — perhaps just weeks from now — I believe markets will be hit by the third and biggest currency shock since the currency wars started in 2010. It’s going to be a hard stab in America’s back by one of our closest “allies”. Absolutely no one is expecting this… Yet, when this sneak currency attack hits financial markets in the next few weeks… Stocks could flash crash by over 10% in a matter of minutes, causing a selloff… Oil prices could crash even lower than $35 per barrel… Some financial institutions might go bankrupt, taking savers money with them… The U.S.’s most powerful financial weapon will be destroyed… America’s biggest “frenemy” will gain the world’s #1 financial advantage… And a full scale war between a region’s two biggest powers could explode. The U.S. might even get dragged into the fighting… ”

    Jim also said that an announcement will be made next Friday(1/22/16) that will set off the media. One of the commentors on Lindsey Williams’ website received this email and posted it. He also said in Jim’s live video stream, he said they expect Saudi Arabia to de-peg from the dollar in the coming days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Zoey for posting this. I will be talking to Mr. Rickards in the next few months.

      • notyourpatsy

        With all due respect Mr Hunter, if what Zoey posted above your post is coming to fruition within the next few weeks; dare I suggest that you “talking to Mr Rickards in the *next few months*” will be a bit on the tardy side of things? I hope there is more urgency then that on your part (for your readership)to find out if what Zoey is posting is correct. Thank You for your work, Pat

        • Greg Hunter

          I try to get the best people when they are available. I am going to keep plugging away.

    • Mohammad


      Jim is BS ing.
      look my post down about Rockefeller’s.
      They knew this in 2014 and sold their Exxon shares at the top.
      it sent the oil down to 60 from 100+


      • Silence is Golden

        What (referring to JR’s thesis) …that the House of Saud is about to kiss the petro dollar system goodbye ????
        Saud needs Oil revenue to keep up the extravagances. USD receipts are deteriorating. New world agenda is about to be sprung. JR is right.
        Rockefeller’s attempt at killing Oil to push their environmental agenda doesn’t hold swing with the need for Oil sales to continue for the ME countries. Green energy is the Death of the ME….uprisings galore not to mention WWIII.
        Saud and China are in bed.

        • Mohammad

          Keep in mind this please:

          12$/ barrel Sauds break even.
          30$/barrel Iran breaks even.
          70$/barrel US breaks even.

          You can see from here who is going to go bust first.


          • Silence is Golden

            Stick to the point please. I don’t need distractions.
            You believe Rockefeller is destroying the Oil market (fossil fuels). Quite possible given they are part of the Environmentalist group….who want control over the Globes Raw Materials, Fuels, Food and Water (aka Global Warming agenda). Besides he has done a great job so far in crushing the US Shale Oil Producers. AND for that matter added tremendous pressure on an already fragile system by increasing the debt default and triggering derivatives across the sector. Quite handy work….pushing the FED to extremes.
            So if the House of Saud caught wind of that…wouldn’t you think they would do everything in their power to thwart the attempts of the Communist Corporatists ?
            What better way than to take away their strength and ability to control prices than to remove the dollar from the equation. Ramping up production only kills the competition but it does compensate for the price /barrel drop.
            The stab in the heart from the close ally will send a massive tremor through all markets. Sneak Currency Attack….hmmmm….and then some.
            Oh….and the other reason Rock baby got out of Oil…..the players in that sector said enough was enough…..shut up shop and pulled their commodities divisions. Libor, rate rigging, currency manipulation….on and on and on… got them nervous. Regulators on the warpath and all. Yeah. BF. 😉

            • Mohammad


              He is buying the dips….i bet my money on it.

              Sell at 100 and buy at 27….yeeeehaaaaa

              Wake up.


              • J C Davis

                Rockefeller has enough money/currency. He will not go back into oil unless he has to start from scratch. Oil money is gone.
                The next currency based in whatever it is will be what Rock will start up. bet !

              • Silence is Golden

                Re read my comment before making ridiculous statements Doc.

  43. Mike R

    Major bottom in US markets likely occurring now….

    And when gas price wars in some po-dunk town in Michigan occur, to the tune of 46 cents/gallon, you know the extreme pessimism that is occurring with it, means we are about to witness a rip your face off rally in the markets, meaning all is well in the world. (at least from US perspective).

    Its always darkest before the dawn.

  44. WD


    On Jim Rickards website he stated : ” Today, the US has about 8,000 tons. We haven’t sold a significant amount of gold since 1980.”

    And :

    “A lot of people think about gold as a percentage of a country’s total reserves. They are surprised to learn that the United States has 70 percent of its reserves in gold. Meanwhile, China only has about 1 percent of its reserves in gold. People look at that and think that’s an imbalance. But those are not very meaningful figures in my view.”

    And that the world is allowing China to buy gold to “catch up”..?

    Now I am really confused….

  45. Mohammad


    putting some dots together and you may see some kind of a picture Nomi does not talk about:

    1- Rockefellers put pressure on Exxon to accept climate change.

    2- Exxon refused:

    “The company was blindsided. David Henry, then head of investor relations, was “stunned” at the family’s concern about climate change, according to Goodwin’s recollection of events.”

    That goes back all the way to 2004 ….!!!!

    3- Rockefellers Divested from Exxon Sept. 2014:

    Oddly 4th quarter of crude 2014 had a big decline from 100+ to 60…Hmmm where did i see that before?

    Then the deal of the century struck in 2015:

    That deal coincidentally matching a perfect positioning of the Rockefeller’s for the alternative energy after they bailed out of fossil fuel.

    Exxon will kick and scream :

    “Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General”

    Only to see the oil going sub 30 to bust fossil fuel and allow the positioned green alternative global warming TTIP secret deals to roll in.

    Just a rant …..


  46. Daddy Long Legs

    God’s Kingdom—A Government With No Corruption

    “At the end of the day, public officials are still citizens and we are all a product of society.” So stated the chief auditor of Nicaragua when explaining why he felt that government corruption was impossible to eliminate.

    Would you agree that if human society is corrupt, then any government that is a part of it will inevitably be corrupt? If that is the case, then a government free of corruption must come from outside human society. The Bible describes just such a government—God’s Kingdom, the government for which Jesus taught his followers to pray.—Matthew 6:9, 10.

    God’s Kingdom is a real government that rules from heaven. It will replace all human governments. (Psalm 2:8, 9; Revelation 16:14; 19:19-21) Among the blessings that the Kingdom will bring to mankind is the elimination of government corruption.

  47. Laura

    There is something bad about the link that JCDavis attached in a reply to me. I saw an article about that link. I can’t remember what it was but I think you should be warned.

  48. Jerrod

    Hey Greg, letting you know the PACK OF LIES the c.e.o. of citigroup dimon said on CBS news this know the banter that his bank is stronger then ever and that the U.S economy + his bank will mow on through this slump and or survive unscathed….also more on how he’s a “good or honest citizen” in the banking world, and proud of his bank……you mention that Obama is under the state of disillusion, check out this dude! I wonder if he practice in the bathroom with the mirror before the morning interview.why won’t they admit the truth of the incoming collapse? Unbelievable, hubris if he thanks his “to big to jail/bail” bank will survive without bail ins or taxpayer$$$….

  49. notyourpatsy

    Ironically, there seems to be a very large disconnect as to who still has money to spend. Here in Nj where the other half is a book keeper for a custom home builder, it seems there are plenty of high upper middle class and plain rich people who have no trouble spending large on remodels and new builds?! From what she told me the other day her company is getting ready to start construction on a high end sub division on property the custom builder co owns?! It’s the Middle class down that have nothing to spend, unless they are using a credit card from my observations when out in stores. Lately, here in Central NJ I have seen stores (ususally stand alone Mom & Pop types) sprouting signs on their counters near their registers that read ‘ CASH ONLY NO CREDIT CARDS’. I take that as only one thing, these places are staying open by a VERY thin cash line to their suppliers. Also, their suppliers could be reducing ‘terms’ from 90 days net to 30 days net now. Plus credit card processing fees eat into the small business margins.

    (Greg, I posted this same comment at the bottom of the previous topic, hope you’ll excuse the double post for this time.)

  50. Jerry

    Is there any question, that China is preparing to break from the dollar? They have a full court press going forward on all fronts. Including Saudi Arabia.

  51. Charles

    You mean the banking system could be brought down ? “Yes it could be brought down FROM WHERE IT IS ..yes .” , Come on already , that was the biggest hedge of the YEAR ! At least she said she was wrong about her prediction on raising interest rates in December. But Hey buy her book and you’ll understand a lot more !

  52. Mohammad

    Here it comes:


  53. Galaxy 500

    Looks like 2016 is not going to be a fun year doesn’t it? DOW headed down after opening higher, NYMEX below $29 a barrel.

  54. Galaxy 500

    Here is an article about where ISIS is getting its guns.

  55. Gord Higham

    Good advice about buying gold, if you’re an American….

    In every single other currency in the world including my Canadian Dollar gold (and silver) has absolutely sparkled, in fact it is getting very close to record highs. When the BOC continues the devaluation of our Loonie by dropping the BOC interbank rate to .25% , then zero bound and eventually into negative rates gold will soar ever higher as the Canadian dollar collapses into an inflationary death spiral.

    So go ahead Amerika, ignore gold at your own peril, accumulate slowly if at all because once the inflationary monster completely wipes out even ‘ 1st world’ countries like Canada there won’t be any gold left to buy. At a 309 to 1 ratio of registered gold to outstanding futures contracts there will be only 2 options the COMEX will have to settle

    Default in a force majeure or raid the eligible and allocated reserves to bail out their speculator friends, I think the latter.

    Either way there will be 0 gold available to the 99.9 % of Americans.

    Good luck asking the Chinese, Indians, Russians, Turks, Kazaks or Iranians for any.

  56. Mohammad


    China and Saudi Arabia has SIGNED 14 deals to …listen what:
    SECURE SILK ROAD.السعودية-والصين-توقعان-14-اتفاقية-ومذكرات-تفاهم.html


  57. Mohammad

    It is odd that after this visit the market rebounded oil on CHINESE demands and stabilized a bit….Interesting timing.


  58. Linda L.

    Alarm bells/info. from Bill Holter:

  59. Seaman Dick Headway

    British schoolgirls who fled Bethnal Green to join Isis in Raqqa are feared dead after families lose contact

    The Independent John Hall

    Shamima Begum, 16, Kadiza Sultana, 17, and Amira Abase, 16, all of whom attended Bethnal Green Academy in East London, ran away from home in February last year, purportedly after being radicalised by Isis propaganda distributed online.

    They travelled to Isis’ “hellishly dangerous” Syrian stronghold of Raqqa and are understood to have maintained contact with their family while living under the terror group’s control.

    The familes of Kadiza Sultana, Amira Abase and Shamima Begum had travelled to Turkey in a bid to retrace the missing girls’ movements.

    But a lawyer who represents the families of Shamima and Kadiza has revealed that all contact with the girls was lost in mid-December – around the time British, American and Russian warplanes stepped up their bombardment of Raqqa.

    “They are in Raqqa, or were there certainly up until a few weeks ago,’ Tasnime Akunjee told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He added that as the city is “hellishly dangerous”.

    “Contact has been lost with them for some weeks now, so to be honest we have no idea what their status is at the moment,” he added.

    Speaking of the girls’ families Mr Akunjee said he could not find the language to describe what they are going through, adding: “Bombs are being dropped in the close proximity of their children.”

    “When you have that warzone strategy in front of you, what can parents halfway across the world do to communicate with their children?” he went on to say.

    Warplanes have laid siege to Raqqa since the families last heard from the girls shortly before Christmas. The air raids have taken out numerous buildings operated by jihadis and their supporters.

    Last July the Guardian reported that at least two of the girls had married Isis fighters, although at the request of their families the newspaper refused to disclose which of the girls had wed.

    A new website called Educate Against Hate will advise parents on how to tell if their children are at risk of being radicalised and flag up any potentially extremist leanings.

    Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t!

    “Karma means I can rest easy at night knowing all the people I treated badly had it coming?”

    “Live by the sword, die by the sword” is a saying of Jesus quoted in the Bible, to the effect that if you use violence, or other harsh means, against other people, you can expect to have those same means used against you; “You can expect to become a victim of whatever means you use to get what you want.”

    Context; Might makes wright? No, wright makes might!

    Jesus’ Betrayal and Arrest
    …51And behold, one of those who were with Jesus reached and drew out his sword, and struck the slave of the high priest and cut off his ear. 52Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. 53″Dont you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?… ◄ Matthew 26:51-53 ►

    LIFE IS FRAGILE/HANDLE WITH PRAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Grafique

    As long as we’re doomed economically anyway, I’m rooting for a “helicopter money drop” stimulus.
    I’ll pay down debt and buy more PMs with it.

    PS – Nomi’s a total babe.

  61. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Okay, how do some people (other than Greg) have avatars? I don’t see a button to upload one.

    • J C Davis

      Web sites.

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