First Amendment Under Attack at All Levels

By Greg Hunter’s  

Government politicians have gotten things all turned around.  Instead of them working for us, they think we work for them.  People are starting to speak out about the problems bubbling up, and it is not being appreciated by our elected officials.  This is not just a phenomenon for a big global protest like Occupy Wall Street, but it is trickling down to small cities like Pensacola, Florida.  At a City Council meeting recently, members of the community were complaining about a new ordinance that could make life a lot more difficult for the homeless in that area.  Some people were removed from the meeting because they called the ordinance anti-homeless, and compared some of the council members to infamous WWII Nazi’s.  They were deemed “out of order” and removed from the meeting.  At the next meeting, Father Nathan Monk got up and calmly told the City Council, “We have the right to redress our government without fear of being arrested.”  Guess what?  The council told him he was “out of order” too and was nearly arrested.  This is outrageous.  The priest was totally calm and was speaking within his allotted time but was“out of order?”  I hope this is not a sample of what is to come, but I fear this is only the beginning.  You can read more on the story (here), and you can also watch this outrageous display of arrogance by the Pensacola City Council below:

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  1. jay

    Thank you greg.
    For bring to the surface a deeply rooted flaw in (our) part of a republic. The ideal republic would have been for the officers to stand facing the council with hands folded. It would have been nice to see all the other council members get out of there chairs and stand with the rev monk. Or leave the meeting for 5 minutes. In a ideal republic everyone after father monk should have picked up where he left off.Or leave the meeting all together.
    Our only hope of having a republic is to realize we are many..they are few. Be willing to stand up,and stand out.

    • Greg

      I think one Council woman did, but yes that would have been the right thing to do.

      • g.johnson

        one councilman and one councilwoman left in protest of the presidents of the council’s flagrant violation of the speaker’s rights. they told the meeting attendees that they would wait outside should anyone want to talk. kudos to them.

        in a perfect constitutional republic, the right move for the policeman (pensacola chief of police by the way) would be to refuse to comply with the order to remove saying that he is under oath to protect the constitution and then arrest the council president for violating his oath.

        maybe some day, not holding my breath.

        • Liz

          I agree about the policeman upholding the civil rights of the citizens. However, it is easier to pull the “your out of order” card than to rectify the situation. Mr. policeman has to collect a check. We are rewarded for bad behavior today not good behavior. Look at our sports teams.

        • Wayne

          The only people ‘out of order’ were members of the council that approved of removing anyone excercising their right to free speech. Isn’t it funny that people who’ve taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution have no problem trampling on perhaps the most sacred aspect of the BOR. If it were me being treated like that the next day I’d be filing a criminal complaint against the council president and even the mayor….who’s the CEO of the municipal corp.

    • laura tierney

      I am saddened to think that people actually applauded at the end. I salute the council woman that got up and left. Hurray for her. Thank you Father Monk for standing up for the American Constitution and its people. God Bless

  2. M SMITH

    Greg, I viewed this before you posted it, this is SOP nation wide! Greg, what a great piece of proof to show all Americans! I will shut up now before I get into trouble for speaking my mind! I will be back, soon. Merry Christmas!

    • Greg

      Merry Christmas to you and yours M Smith.

  3. Steve

    When asked about his new trend prediction titled ‘Battlefield USA,’ Celente responded, “It just became law. The Bill of Rights in the United States has been abrogated. They passed the new Defense Act and in that Defense Act they have in there, in clear language, anybody can be arrested under the National Defense Authorization Act….

    “They authorized the military to go in and take anybody they feel is an enemy of the state, citizen or not, no charges, detain them indefinitely and without a civil trial. No judge, no jury, no trial, no rights of habeas corpus. This is what the United States has become.

    Put it all together, it’s going on worldwide. The merger of state and corporate powers is, by definition, fascism. Now they have put the laws into place where fascism has become legalized.

    It has began.

    • g.johnson

      yes and no steve.

      they have indeed done all you say and a whole lot more. but these laws are, in effect, abridgements and/or amendmants to the constitutiion. as we all know. this is not the legal way to abridge or amend the constitution. these laws are not legal. do not comply with them. note that anyone enforcing them is committing an act of treason against the constitutional replublic of the united states of america.

      if someone tries to tell you the republic is no more, set them straight. we are being baited into a revolution, not much left in the way of choices.

      it is not the supreme court, but as always, WE THE PEOPLE who have the final say.

      take care with your actions and choose your words well.

      • Wayne

        GJ….excellent post and the way I look at this situation is that we’re transforming into a nation run by ‘public policy’ and not ‘law’. Public policy means we suffer the results of open borders, unendng quantitative easing, policing areas of the world without a declaration of war and on & on.

        Much of what we see happening can be considered ‘legal’ (statutory) but not ‘lawful’ (constitutional) and that’s the problem….under a const. republic we have God given rights whereas in a democracy we can only have civil rights which can be changed at the whim of (alleged) public servants. Until we correct this condition we’re going to continue to have many, many problems.

  4. Hoppe

    Something similar to this occurred in the Texas Hill country a few years ago during a discussion at a city council meeting about establishing a central water authority. The speaker was thrown out. He successfully sued for a civil rights violation.

    I hope this priest sues this council,. I would support him.

  5. norcar survivor

    This is a very scary time in our countries history. I often bring material from other news sources and yours to peoples attention on Facebook and sometimes the responses are good and sometimes they’re not many. One of the most disappointing ones I received recently was from a cousin who said “Politics are fun and all but there’s no place for it on facebook. How many people stick their heads in the sand when they hear uncomfortable news? You must be ready to pull your hair out at the end of every post man. I posted a photo in my profile picture space of Obama with a shredded copy of We the people draped around and extended middle finger because that is what I get from this administration. We need waking up and now. You can cut the tension and frustration in peoples lives with a knife. Christmas has been a great distraction but I think it is the American public’s way of saying I know it’s over so this Christmas we’re going to pretend everything is alright. January should be interesting

  6. Armistead Garrett

    Hi Greg, This was the first I heard of the priest in Florida. Just utterly shocking but after thinking about it, you are right, this is just the beginning. I like to watch and read about history, and this is a variation, but similiar to the people (intellectuals, media, middle class) of Nazi Germany accepting Hitler for whatever reason, until it was to late. I am not comparing anyone today to a Hitler as this is so over used in the political spectrum, but from the depths of the upcoming depression, who knows who will come to power.
    I enjoy your website very much, but did want to mention I disagreed with you last week in your seeming agreement with Cameron breaking away from the European Union. I firmly believe this break was only to protect the City of London. I dont think most people realize the connectiveness of our banks to the London banking unit. AIG and MF Global could not have been perpetrated without the City of London. New York and London are the center of the banksters and work in perfect harmony together. The Anglo Banking Cartel will go down in history. Keep up the good reporting. Armistead

  7. william chase

    Obama just signed the NADD. What time is it? Germany 1939.


    These attacks we are seeing only justify the fight to keep the Constitution alive and well, the unbelievable lies coming from the left is all they have to keep whatever positions they are defending, it certainly is not due to the good jobs they have done that makes them so defensive. The intrusion by big government and consistent degrading of tradition, culture and history has reached a ebb, the tide is now changing and the left is losing big battles now, hysteria is taking over and they are lashing out out anyone who opposes their agenda, I believe they smell the acridity of defeat coming their way.

  9. droidX-G

    They are slowly steadily taking our liberties from us. By the time most of us get off our behinds, it will be much too late. We need to get active and address these morons now…we are reaching the point of no return.

    • Greg

      True that bro!

  10. Bruce Stebbing

    This was all forecast in George Orwell’s 1984, novel about a futuristic, corrupt, facist, police state, which is where we are now. Everyone should read it, because it describes the USA.

    Tell the religious people that Heaven is not a democracy either.

  11. Fnpmitchreturms

    Listening to you and Alex Jones right now, thanks for your voice. We are making progress and waking the American people up as we step into the police state.

    • Greg

      Thank you for listening and for your comments here!

  12. Michael R.

    In Novato, California, on September 16, 2010, a citizen was arrested at a city council meeting for addressing audience rather than city council. His action were in no way threatening to the city council members. The contsitution is an annoyance to most elected officials and they act accordingly.

  13. Agent X

    We have lost the Republic…. It will only get worse from this point out….

  14. Davd Stanley

    A most excellent piece of investigative journalism.
    It past due date for the American people to get off of their knees and stop acting like slaves.
    upon the blood of every mother son don’t let them take it all away.

  15. Pierrot

    I am a french speaking Canadian (Québec). This winter I am going to Florida for the first time as what is called a snow bird. Everything is already arranged, so I guess I’ll have to go. To tell you the truth, I am starting to really be afraid. I really dont know if I’ll be going next year yet, but if this thing about being held by the army without cause, no court hearing, etc. does not go away, many people here in Canada will also start to get scared and then you can say goodbye to your tourism ! To us, it will be like going on a vacation to Egypt or Lybia. Not a good thing !

    • Greg

      We are a bit freaked out about this new law too. Thank you for the international perspective.

  16. Suzan

    Local police all now trained by Homeland Security and will to provide brown shirt functions for just a little bit of money.

    And those who love them some order are still appauding.

    Thanks for the oversight!


  17. Just the Facts

    The ‘rule of law” and open government are definitely under assault on all fronts!
    I recently came across an American Legion article that touts that the US will be ceding eight Alaskan islands to the USSR. This supposedly is being pushed thorough by our State Department and Hilary Clinton. I wonder just how many of our citizens, as well as the Alaskan politicians are aware of this development?

    • Greg

      Just the Facts,
      Is there a source for this. I do not doubt you but I’d love to read more on this. Thank you for the info.

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