Mr. President: Open the Economy Now – Martin Armstrong

By Greg Hunter’s 

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says shutting down the economy is far worse that the effects of the Wuhan China virus. Armstrong says, “This is just scare mongering, and there is another agenda going on. The WHO is part of the UN, and the UN is for this climate change, and this is what their objective has been: Shut down the world economy, bankrupt everything you possibly can, and then rebuild from scratch. . . . The devastation in the economy is unbelievable. Our computer is very well known. Just about all the intelligence agencies look at it because it’s the only fully functioning artificial intelligence system in the world. It was saying unemployment was going to rise dramatically and retest the Great Depression highs. . . .That’s never happened like that. Even in the Great Depression, it took three years to get to 25%. We passed 13% in the first month. . . . From the very beginning, I said something is not right. Something is wrong. . . . This is really going to push the debt bubble over the cliff. . . . The number that has died is minimal. More than twice that die from the flu. There is no logical explanation to have done this. The study they used was not even peer reviewed.”

So, if Armstrong were face to face with President Trump, what would he tell him? Armstrong says, “What he needs to do is open up the economy instantaneously. I think he needs to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate who started this. All the information I have is pointing to a deliberate and intentional movement to harm the economy. These people are elitists. Bill Gates was in Germany saying everybody should remain in lockdown until he comes up with a vaccine. . . . I put out a forecast a few weeks ago and said after week four, we will start seeing protests, and after week six, it will turn to violence. We hit week four and we got protests already all around the country. . . . Facebook is acting like Stalin. Anybody comes out and says let’s get together and exercise our First Amendment rights, they are removing it.”

Will this backfire in November? Armstrong says, “I think so because . . . the computer shows the Democrat Party will end up splitting . . . . 9/11 the country came together, but not this time.”

Armstrong says the President has the power to reopen the entire country. Armstrong explains, “He doesn’t want to use it, but he actually has the power to open up the entire country. I wrote a piece on this, and it’s called the Commerce Clause (in the U.S. Constitution) which governs. They (the governors) have no legal authority to shut down the economy—period. They cannot do that. The Commerce Claus prohibits interference with interstate commerce—period.”

How about all the Fed money printing and money being spent by Congress in the trillions of dollars? Is that going to destroy the dollar? Armstrong says, “Part of the reason why the Fed can increase the money supply, and we don’t see it here, is because it is being absorbed everywhere else in the world. . . . Increasing the money supply, which is what the Fed is doing right now, is not going to save the day because the amount of money lost on a leverage basis is 20 to 30 times that. It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the wind, it’s going to come right back in their face. They can’t stimulate enough. It’s impossible to overcome this. . . . The only way to overcome this is to open up the economy. We have to get the productive capacity back up, which is what wealth is, and you are destroying that. 70% of employment is with small business.”

On gold, Armstrong says, “Gold has been rising mainly because of foreign demand. They understand the euro can go (away), and 70% of the actual paper dollars are held outside the country. There is such a shortage of dollars in Europe it’s unbelievable. If you are going to cancel the euro, what would you do? You can’t put your money in the bank.”

Armstrong also predicts, “Not many big EU banks will probably survive another 30 to 60 days,”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong.

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  1. MikeT

    please bring Mark Taylor back to the show ! We are excited to learn how Trump, Pompeo, Barr and Mnuchin are draining the swamp.

    • Cassandra calling

      How is Barr draining the swamp? He was in charge of the jail from which Epstein was murdered and now he is blocking the release of 9/11 documents.

    • Rob

      Trump, Pompeo, Barr and Mnuchin are tools to keep the left right paradigm going while the 1% keep plowing forward with the agenda they posted in a field in GA that is scheduled to be fulfilled by 2030:

      Prepare for the last 8 years in a spiritual wilderness that Father has planned for His children to train them to become full grown sons:

      • Cole

        I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, but
        barring a miracle, pun intended, I would have to agree with you.

    • eddiemd

      Romans 1:18-23
      18 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness, 19 because what may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shown it to them. 20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse, 21 because, although they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God, nor were thankful, but became futile in their thoughts, and their foolish hearts were darkened. 22 Professing to be wise, they became fools, 23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man—and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

      Isaiah 45:22-23
      “Look to Me, and be saved,
      All you ends of the earth!
      For I am God, and there is no other.
      I have sworn by Myself;
      The word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness,
      And shall not return,
      That to Me every knee shall bow,
      Every tongue shall take an oath.

      God has shown it to you. You are without excuse. Your foolish heart is darkened. Today is the day of salvation. The wrath of God will be revealed. There will be no escape.

      Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a God of mercy. The time is short.

      • Frankolio

        You can hang out for the Tribulation if you want I suppose but it is the wrath of God upon the earth and the Church isn’t included in that. Many in China, Africa, etc if you were there would consider it the tribulation but it is not. Right now we are suffering Satans wrath because he hates Gods children but it is far different than Gods wrath which will come in the tribulation.

        1 Thess 5:9 For God did not appoint us to suffer wrath but to receive salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ.

        • eddiemd


          Talk to Rob who posted above about that one. I agree with your take. God’s wrath is coming with the tribulation. True believers in Jesus Christ will not be here.

          I believe you replied to the wrong post.

          • Steve Bice

            I believe as you do…

            Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour (time) of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

            Revelation 3:10

        • Charles H


          You make an important distinction – the difference between Satan’s wrath and war against God’s people and the things of God; and when God Hiimself pours out wrath in Judgment. As evil manifests itself worse and worse – many confuse this with Tribulation: it is not. God chastizes His own – and no chastisement is bound in wrath, but love. When the seals, trumpet, and vials are loosed: these ARE wrath set in Judment of the earth. The Believer’s citizenship is in Heaven. I must agree: we are not appointed to wrath.

    • Paul Anthony

      I’ll second that would love to hear from Mark Taylor.

      Martin Armstrong was a great interview.

      Thank you Greg

    • Peter N.

      I 2nd the motion!

    • Sirwm

      The truth about Viruses… MUST WATCH as there’s NO SUCH THING AS A VIRUS!

  2. Mike R

    Martin has the big picture nailed !

    • K. Wayne

      I’m glad MA made the connection with the UN and WHO.
      He didn’t however take the next step and connect the other DOTS….
      That the WHO is owned by the CCP……look no further than the delays, cover ups and obfuscation of the serious nature of the Coronavirus. They perpetuated the CCP narrative and lied to the whole world. They are part of the Communist takeover.
      That the Wuhan Institute of Virology had taken funding from Dr Fauci’s NIH and in so doing worked in collaboration with American Biological Science.

      As for opening the economy NOW…!!!
      Well MA seems to contradict himself here quite a few times.
      The damage is already done.
      Some context……
      The US economy is 70% consumption based.
      Of that 70% is services related.
      What is effectively lost …PERMANENTLY….is almost 50% of our economy.
      It isn’t coming back tomorrow, next month, next year. Its gone.
      That discretionary spending… is folks…..what kept our economy alive.
      MA clearly states that American citizens psyche has been altered. The FEAR factor has altered spending habits now for perhaps a generation.
      Consider too …the 30-60 day window for the large EUR Banks and the impending cascade of defaults on our doorstep. The next financial crisis is literally weeks away.
      As are the riots and escalation of civil unrest. Venezuela springs to mind here.
      Consider the anguish of when a suggested 30 day hiatus on paying debts ends…with little or no capacity to repay at the end of the term. What then ? more defaults. That’s like trying to pay off debt by recycling the debt into another debt. It doesn’t resolve the problem.
      What the Government and the FED have attempted to do is nothing short of delaying the inevitable…..reflect on MA’s analogy …throwing a bucket of water into the wind.

      I can also offer a comment of the DXY.
      Keep in mind what the DXY measures when determining its underlying “strength”.
      It is simply a weighted average of a basket of the worlds currencies….EUR, JPY, GBP, CAD, CHF and SEK (our trading partners). So in essence you are measuring the Dollar in currency terms…….. not REAL terms.
      To put some perspective to the issue around Purchasing Power….consider what has happened to the Dollar’s value over the course of the last 100 years. To achieve a real metric…one must use Gold as a barometer. The secrets of the FED and their ability to create inflation, play into this dilemma. We don’t have HyperInflation yet…that is true….but will only be brought about through incessant money printing ….the result of which will be a flight to safety….in either hard assets, other currencies or Gold.
      Besides all that…the notion of a STRONG Dollar is counter productive… simply makes our Exports……TOO EXPENSIVE. Talk about Killing the Economy. Shutting down business to thwart the Virus is damaging enough…..but the STRONG Dollar is absurdly diabolical. They will need to print on a scale never before seen…until they do get their wish…and eventual RESET.

  3. Gary C

    Greg, really glad you had Martin Armstrong on again who offers a great perspective.
    He certainly has not forgotten the average Joe and makes a lot of research available to the public.
    I have followed him for over 25 years and would NEVER bet against his forecasts.

    • cripes!!!

      what? like in 2019 when he said that he can only see the dow going up into 2021.

      • cripes!!!

        black swans are hard to predict aren’t they?

    • Russ McMeans

      Gary C. : I 100% agree. Martin Armstrong is the Albert Einstein of economics. There is simply very few in this category of wisdom.
      Thank you Mr. Hunter for the stellar interview!

    • Thomas Surguine

      You & me both Sir.have followed Sir Martin 4 just ages! NO WAY CAN SOCRATES BE BEAT! STUNNING, Expat tom

  4. Bob

    This is the best video I’ve seen on the virus, where an epidemiologist discusses the actual lethality of Covid19 and explains the real dangers and what should be done.

    It is very reassuring and dispels all the media fear mongering and Bill Gates lies.

    • Joanne

      Very informative interview video — many thanks for sharing!

  5. Bob

    BTW, you do not need antibodies to fight a virus. For example if you have measles as a child, you may or may not have detectable antibodies but you still have life-long immunity.
    If you have a measles vaccine the antibodies might only last 10 years. Natural immunity is far better, has less risk, and lasts longer.
    The immune system is very complex and antibodies aren’t the only mechanism it uses.
    Even testing for antibodies will not find everyone who is immune to Covid19.

  6. Gina M Mancarella

    It’s called DIVIDE and CONQUER !

    We first divide the good ordinary citizens from all the trouble makers like your guest.

    Then we conquer the landscape on behalf of the good normal people and subjugate the traitors to remote service and if necessary extinguishment !

    • Greg Hunter

      Who is going to do the extinguishing?

      • Gina M Mancarella

        It depends on deployments at the time. Could be National Guard. Could be regular Army US infantry. Could be private security forces such as Academi. Our leadership can put it in motion as soon as Trump is deposed either at the polls in November or through the next impeachment process.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yeah right and Hillary was going to be President. I think you said we all would “Bow down to Hillary.” How did that work out? Your full of crap and you are a psyop to spread fear. You really should seek Christ as your Lord and Savior. You would feel much better about yourself and you could try and actually help people. Seek Christ He will forgive you of your indiscretions and sins.

      • Jacube Ladder

        [DS]/MSM They Know What’s Coming,The Entire Event Is Going To Be Turned Upside Down

        Never forget….the 9 most terrifying words in the English language….
        “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”
        We were told to stay home to “flatten the curve.” Now, we’re hiding under the bed until there’s a vaccine? I feel like we were tricked.
        My wife works as a manager at one of the West Coast’s largest healthcare systems. They are currently using the Hydroxychloroquine & Z-pack with anyone that comes in testing positive for Covid19, and then they send them home! No admission into the hospital, and these people are all pulling through just fine. One LAPD officer had to go on a highly advanced ECMO machine, along with the same drug protocol, and he has now been reunited with his family. Don’t buy into MSM scare tactics and don’t forget the zinc, like the VA did! lol, Giner!

      • The Impossible Dream

        Greg how do you and Armstrong explain Trump criticising the Georgia governor for reopening the state?
        This is my problem with Trump. Now he is siding with the globalists?

    • Clare Doll

      You can have him! Please take Martin Armstrong with you to your lair!

      He plays games with gold. First, relisten to the interview but with the perspective that gold is not dependent upon him, me, foreign entities, the dollar or the other apples and oranges that are currently being thrown. It is not about gold in terms of the dollar but about the dollar in terms of gold.

      The fact that gold is currently rising relative to the dollar means the dollar is devaluing. Anytime gold goes up in value and continues to go up in value, be afraid. Gold is rising in all fiat currencies. It means disaster is brewing.
      Gold doesn’t need anybody or anything and certainly doesn’t need the word of Martin Armstrong!

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        For Armstrong to ignore central bank demand from his analysis of the gold market beggars belief. Central banks are the biggest buyers of gold, not retail investors. Also, central banks can hold gold indefinitely as they are not under the same liquidity pressures of other institutions. Is this intentional?

      • Russ McMeans

        Clare doll: but remember that if you cannot buy food or other goods because our supply chain is broken, we’ll let just say you can’t eat gold for dinner. That’s what gives me nightmares. It’s a store of value. But it’s not a farm.

    • paul ...

      Seems to me Gina that the ones now being extinguished are the “derivative players” (Stan’s Deutsche Bank being the biggest derivative holder in Europe) … … … when it blows … a lot of people will be looking for a safe haven (with a 5000 year history of preserving wealth)!!

  7. Stan

    Hey Paul: I bet you thought you’d never see negative prices for crude oil? Guess what else can go negative? Go ahead, take a wild guess? Ok, I’ll tell you: Silver and then Gold. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Stan stop. You look ridiculous. You say this on a day when DB is down to $6.07 per share and gold is up $30 per ounce. Your trades have sucked and you cannot get around that.

      • Rodster

        He won’t stop because that’s what “Trolls” do. They make comments to generate an emotional response. Mission accomplished !

        The only way to stop a troll is to either ignore that person by not replying or don’t post his/her future comments.

      • GoneWest

        If I may be so bold to offer a suggestion to the commenters.

        Stan, Gina and some others are all trolls. Want to get rid of their trolling for good?

        No, I’m not going to suggest Greg censor them. Let them post all they want.

        Just ignore them. Don’t respond to them. They want you to respond. And they want to hi-jack the thread away from the truth.

        I know there is no ignore button and again, I’m not asking Greg for one.

        Just scroll on by…….

      • Russ McMeans

        Greg; if I had the money I would buy a few super tankers full of crude oil and park them somewhere. The problem is the parking situation -if one were lucky enough to buy the oil for super cheap. Crazy times.

        • Greg Hunter

          Some people are doing just that.

    • paul ...

      Stan … the only way silver will go down … is when you jump off the George Washington Bridge (with a Silver Eagle in your pocket) … because Gold rose to $1850!!!

      • pat

        He’s going to need more than a Silver Eagle in his pocket to fly when he jumps off that bridge Paul! Stan’s stupid comments remind me of someone who WISHES they got invited to ‘that crummy party’ as a child. Guess he waited too long to buy any PMs when he could actually afford them.

        • paul ...

          Well “Dumbo” thought a feather would make him fly!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … if you want to be a Prophet … you first have to make a profit … or perform some miracle (like surviving your jump off the George Washington Bridge) so people will follow you!!!

        • paul ...

          You know Stan … years ago I astonished some fishermen by “walking on water” … little did they know there was a dune of sand out in the bay where I was crabbing and I got out of my boat (and it seemed to them like I was walking on water) … today I astonish people by showing them the price of Silver really being $2,433 “negative” Petro-dollars … and the price of Gold really being $20,167 “negative” Petro-dollars on the US National Debt Clock …

    • JC

      Stan, what did you comment the other day? You’ll jump off the George Wahington Bridge in NY if gold hits $1950? Am I right? if you give us a days notice, I’ll have a friend meet you on the bridge and video your spectacular dive, ok?

      • Stan

        JC: No problem. When Gold hits $1950 I’ll let y’all know the time and date of the jump. One thing though. $1950 will never happen for Gold. You can take that to the bank.

        • Charles H

          Banks fail – you know.

    • Frank D

      Stan, once again you speak and gold does the opposite! Up $48 today and silver up $0.42. Keep going Stan, we love you!

    • DanielSong39

      Paper silver and Paper gold can definitely go to zero! The physical stuff, might as well be zero because it will all be sold out!

      Actually the Bible does support your position as people will be casting silver and gold into the streets when faced with God’s wrath! We need Jesus most of all!

      • paul ...

        DS39 … When Ezekiel/7-19 wrote that in the Bible … gold and silver were money … so lets not take things so literally … the real emphasis should be placed on “their” (the banksters) … and the banksters money is now “paper fiat” … and they are now casting “their money” into the streets (with massive helicopter drops) … but as Ezekiel effectively said: “Their (money) shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD; they shall not satisfy their souls (with paper fiat), neither could they eat and fill their bowels (with paper fiat); because paper fiat debt IOU’s are unclean things that carry viruses … and hence is the stumbling block of their iniquity” … I’ll tell you one thing DS39 … if the banksters were dropping gold and silver coins from helicopters into the streets … a lot of people will be running to pick them up (even if they get a little dirt on them)!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      I reckon DB was pumped up mid February in anticipation of the pending drop. If it hadn’t then March to now would have destroyed the institution.

  8. Anthony Australia

    Nice interview Greg, thanks. No whinging today, trying to remain positively healthy.

  9. andyb

    Greg: a simply amazing interview topped only by the equally amazing letter to the President. This post with Marty will be historic for many reasons, the greatest of which is the acknowledgement that America stands before the precipice of total destruction, and we have very little time left to change a conclusion that has been in the making guided by outright traitors and criminals from the 1860s to the present. We should acknowledge all the researchers over the years who have connected the dots of what were called conspiracy theories that in truth were real facts and exposure of political malfeasance. From the oft misunderstood Civil War, to the Incorporation, by the British Crown, of the US in 1881, to the corrupt installation of the FED and the IRS, to the treason of FDR, the assassinations of the 1960s and to the numerous false flags in the last 20 years all for purposeful unlawful control of the populace.
    It will be interesting if You Tube shows this interview (doubtful) but I’m sure that SgtReport will highlight it.
    Again, kudos from a concerned patriot to another equally aware defender of this country.

  10. Steve

    Brilliant interview- Armstrong is fantastic. Thanks

    • The Queen's Regent

      I didn’t hear much other than common sense. People have been talking about how the elites want to destroy the economy and bring in a totalitarian system for ages whilst Armstrong just said he doesn’t go in for conspiracy theories and basically just says that the economy is going downhill because politicians and central bankers are stupid. In fact everybody is stupid except Armstrong it seems. Well now with the benefit of hindsight he is acknowledging that it is a planned destruction of the economy and therefore there is a conspiracy to enslave us all economically. Why did it take Armstrong so long to come to this conclusion?

  11. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Mr. Armstrong is right and did a great job!

  12. Ronnie

    The Great American Starvation.
    I believe I mention this Greg on your site sometime ago.
    YouTube : a video “Documentary Heinrich Himmler,” the SS Nazi Monster. See how Germany was financially destroyed and the rise of dictatorship. And WW2 ….ending in total destruction.
    Think Green AOC : +militarisation of the police + US General talking openly about a take over of “Democracy USA.”
    Bill Gates from spying through Windows into your home and office, to the Angle of Death. “Vaccine of control and slavery.“
    “AOC “….the front Crazy for the total destruction of America coast to coast.

  13. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Armstrong,a dose of reality which is utterly unpalatable but needs to be said.I pray to God that Mr Trump not only hears this but actually open the economy.Here in the Coup Flu UK,Mr Johnson,our PM,has been in hiding while the headless chickens that remain are flocking around .They and the opposition are unwilling to even read the documents from Mr Armstrong I and many others have forwarded to them,they cannot say they were unaware just not wanting to know.How can a pleb like me fight such ignorance when they do not want to know?This is no longer opinion but serious analysis done by a complex accumulation of information which has not been filtered by bias,still unwelcomed by those here who control the levers of power.
    Again,Mr Hunter I can only thank you from my floor mopping activities here in London,for giving the splendid Mr Armstrong a platform to your wider audience.Mr Armstrong is a siren in a fog of lies,many I decline to link to now.
    You are in my pathetic prayers and may God guide and protect you all for all our sakes.

  14. JC

    Thanks Greg, good job getting Armstrong at this critical point in time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks JC. I hope someone gets this to President Trump.

  15. Doug

    Sounds like we’re going to be experiencing some tuff times ahead. You know it isn’t good when you get that adrenaline rush.
    I’ve been getting it frequently as of late.
    This generation isn’t up to what’s coming..

    • joe right


    • Zero BS

      “This generation isn’t up to what’s coming”

      You mean the crappy mess the socialist baby boomers left them to clean up?

      • Greg Hunter

        The mass boomers left was a bunch of coddled, snowflakes that are disconnected from reality who have never seen hard times. That’s the mess boomers left.. Instead of working their way through college the snowflakes got loans and now these stupid babies don’t want to pay it back. That’s the “mess”!!

        • Zero BS

          well don’t forget it’s those snowflakes that have to bailout the pensions of those boated boomers. Wish every generation could come off a gold standard and inflate a massive property bubble so the next generation can’t afford a house. Yes sir, I live UP to my name.

          • Greg Hunter

            You are not bailing out F All. You snowflakes can’t even handle your own school debt. Go play in the street.

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Just to be clear, there, Mr. BS, what you describe wasn’t a c0llective effort. Some of us knew it was wrong and worked against it.

          • stlonginus

            The older people did NOT have a choice as to whether they would participate in the ponzi scheme known as Social Security & Medicare. Our wages were taxed every paycheck and there was no “opt-out” available. It was legalized theft. In addition, many private pension plans either didn’t pay out at all or paid out only parts of what workers were promised because the companies found ‘legal’ ways of getting out of paying via bankruptcy (PanAm, TWA, etc.) As for housing prices having gone sky high, I had a 19% interest rate on my first home purchase in 1981 under the Paul Volcker regime. If we had an honest economy (has there ever been one?) houses wouldn’t be a ‘store of value’ but simply a place to live and raise a family and then hand down to those children, as was often the case in Europe and even this country during the 1700-1900s. If you were duped into spending oodles of money on a non-producing “degree” you have only yourself to blame for not having done your homework before taking on that debt. If you were even mildly aware of world circumstances you’d have weighed the pros/cons of the various ‘degrees’ offered and whether the probable outcome was worth the price. Now you get to learn a great life lesson: stay out of debt.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter:

        • Thomas Surguine

          Oh oh oh….SirGreg, your reply 2 “Gina” certainly told me really all I need 2 know about you, and it is just simply marvelous! No wonder I am enjoying your site so much! Cannot believe how alike we think…obviously, we left the contrey, 4 good, eill never return…AND…your further comment sbout “boomers” is so, sadly, RIGHT ON!!! Got a brother, now disowned, just like that! SICKENING!! One more reason why we left usa, never 2 return…expat tom

  16. Abundance of Caution

    Congress should appropriate funds to have Marty develop an epidemiological version of Socrates and cut funding to WHO

    • stlonginus

      Unnecessary. Simply have a statistician review the numbers which, if they’re honest, will indicate the numbers to support lock-downs didn’t exist. No private corporations such as the CDC, the U.N., (and its many subgroups such as the W.H.O.) should be involved in telling anyone how to handle their personal health and that of their family. These are all simply bureaucracies which are manned by inter-generational technocrats owned by plutocrats/oligarchs. You see, it’s “All in the Family” just as you were told.

  17. paul ...

    OK … Armstrong says “open the economy NOW … and give everyone a 30 day period where no bills have to be paid” … but … when the economy opens (based upon what happened in China) everyone is going to be so traumatized … no one is going to go to restaurants, movies, gyms, etc., etc, etc. and all the Mom and Pop businesses that represent 70% of the productive capacity of our service economy … and they will still go bankrupt … when people wake up to the fact that opening the economy “has not gotten things back to normal” … confidence in the morons running our State and Federal Government will collapse … and violence will erupt in the streets … likely put down with force (by the same moronic government officials that collapsed the economy in the first place) … engendering even more “lack of confidence in government” (i.e. the Demon-rat Party could split apart … the EU could come apart, etc., etc.) … and people are going to turn to the fiat currency of a Nation printing trillions and trillions of dollars (day in and day out to stem the tide of bankruptcies and defaults) for safety?? … when physical gold (and silver) is no one else’s liability … and has been a recognized store of value for over 5000 years??? … Armstrong is wrong … we won’t have to wait until 2022 for gold to rise … precious metals will rise this year as riots and a loss of confidence in our political leaders takes hold!!

    • paul ...

      If it is true that the State of New York is charging truckers bringing food into the City … a $100 dollar toll (both ways) to go over the George Washington Bridge … food delivery’s will stop and millions of people will be rioting in the streets of New York … seems the dumb Demon-rats are leading the blind Trump haters … they have no problem destroying a once great civilization to achieve their psychotic goals … not long from now summary executions of these dumb people in government will take place … just like what happened in France years ago when the guillotines where rolled into the streets … to publicly display to everyone … that even the rich and powerful can be brought to justice for their crimes!!

      • paul ...

        Yes … lets hack the bastards behind this criminal conspiracy to destroy the US economy (to get Trump) and spread a deadly contagious bio-weapon upon all the peoples of the world … this crime of the century must not only be exposed … but the people behind it put to death!! …

        • paul ...

          Let’s use our God given brains … there are 7 Billion people in the world … and in 100 years “all of them will be dead” … that averages out to 70 million people dying each year for the next 100 years … and the world never shut down the economy for “old age” … so it’s a “Hoax” to be shutting down the world economy over a virus that is killing 25 to 60x less people (then what is lost by simple “old age”) … so where is Big Pharma’s vaccine for “old age” that is even more desperately needed??? … we will never get it … because it will put Big Pharma out of business to make us healthy enough to live beyond 100 years old … why do you think they are taking the seeds out of our grapes (that prevent cancer)!! …

      • J.

        Paul, New York has been charging absurd toll rates for many years, this is nothing new.

        Here is the link to said toll rates for 2020.

    • JC

      paul… take it easy…calm down … we all understand, but stay calm.
      Don’t forget the day will come that Americans attack Fort Knox! I’m sure you will lead the charge!


      • paul ...

        No JC … that would be like Santa Anna directing an attack on an empty Alamo … or Don Quixote blindly attacking windmills … or you buying paper gold contracts at the Crimex … my attack is more focused … I’m directing the troops to look here for the true price of gold … … and to take appropriate action!!

  18. Anthony Australia

    People can be fined $1652 if they leave home for non-essential reasons and businesses face a $9913 fine if caught doing the wrong thing.

  19. BJR

    Great Guest Gregg … Martin Armstrong has always impressed .
    The guy must have about a 250 IQ.

  20. Fredrick Getzschman

    Trump’s enemies beat him with the massive closure of the economy on the bogus charting of 2 million dead from covid-19. The un-employment is going to kill more Americans then covid-19 ever would. If you ever watch U.S. public pretenders you will notice that the least capable Americans rise to the top, the competent men and women are pushed aside to make way for incompetents, I think that is called the kakistocracy. If Trump had any power he would have already arrested his coup plotters who are mostly government employees and others, since he is not capable of prosecuting the plotters he has no government to command, he is a figure head with no real power, his government employees and appointed stooges all thumb there noses at him every day and know he has no power to govern. By the time Trump’s enemies finish bringing America to its knees the solution proposed will be a global tax for global citizens, you will be taxed by authorities in far away places in which you can not contact or appeal which is no much different the the U.S. Government as they all hide away in their hidey holes from the masses as the nation falls to Trump’s enemies. Another round of popcorn is in order to watch this whole bunch of morons collapse an entire nation. More than gold or silver you will need guns and ammunition to survive the collapse and protect what you do have which is your life. Over here in Iowa the beef, pork and poultry plants are operated by infected covid-19 employees who will be fired if they do not show up for work wether they are sick or not, they have been forced to show up and work with covid-19 or be fired. The choices are not good for them, no job or no place to live. Of course the politicians will get on the tel em A vision and say all is well, sick employees can stay home, front line workers are tested blah, blah blah. Same old lies from the same old public pretenders.

    • Russ F

      Fredrick, I tend to agree with you….
      Trump has no real power.
      If he did, he would not have allowed this to happen.
      He is s business man, so he clearly knew what was going to happen if everything were shut down.
      So, who’s side is he on, and does he have any power?
      He “authorized” the killing of the Iranian commander? Or did our military tell him what they were going to do?
      JFK was murdered because he tried to tell our military what to do (not go to war in Vietnam).
      Why has Hillary not been prosecuted? Why was Epstein murdered, and that whole story buried? on and on…..
      With every passing day with this virus ordeal, I lose more faith in President Trump and his authority. Let’s see how he fares against the Governors as he urges the states to reopen. I highly doubt NY and CA will comply. Again, no authority or power.
      The deep state runs everything; if Trump were to challenge that, he would end up like JFK.

      • Fredrick Getzschman

        I don’t believe Trump has any real power. The employees run the whole show. In what world does a President have a coup implemented against him while he was a candidate, then the coup continued after he was allegedly seated as Pres. According to evidence gathered so far, there are hundreds involved in the coup plot and not one is in prison or charged with anything. Donald Trump appears to be President in name only. The bankers, the real owners order Trump around like a wet noodle slave and tell him what he will do and will not do. The United States of America was conquered by bankers with the consent of Congress in 1913. Congress gave away their rights to issue money, regulate the value thereof 107 years ago. Americans are slaves on a plantation that has 50 administrative subdivisions under the control of the bankers and all the bankers foot soldiers. I researched voting back in 1994 and 1995. I concluded on my own after research that placing your signature on voter registration documents have ramifications that most Americans are unaware that you are pledging allegiance to the “res” in trust of the municipal corporation known as State of Iowa, Pokey County, etc all., and that said act was without knowledge or forethought that I would be forfeiting all God given rights by voter registration privileges, including but not limited to forfeit of rights Secured by the Organic Laws if the United States of America. I learned that placing your signature on voter registration documents would forfeit my dejure status as “Citizen of the United States of America” and place the registered voter under Martial Rule as a Federal Emergency citizen/person/resident; and that voter registration would make me a “citizen of the United States a federal corporation by United States Code. And that voter registration makes each registered voter subject to the jurisdiction thereof, as defined in the 14th Amendment to the Federal Constitution. That you can revoke your voter registration for legal cause of fraud, mistake, duress, coercion or bankruptcy. The government attorneys that crafted the voter registration scam really suckered all of voting America with this bit of word art and trickery. Did you know that as a registered voter you are agreeing to be surety for all the money the government spends, wastes and steals. Government of any kind has no need to balance a budget, be frugal with taxpayer money or spend wisely, there incentive is to burn all the money they can by doling it out to their buddies and billing the registered voter slaves. Pretty neat financial scam and they own the scam. I personally un-registered to vote in 1996. I commanded the election commissioner to expunge the “permanent voter register” , any duplicate thereof, any electronic version of said register, and any and all other and further records at any location; of information containing my name, date of birth, identifying numbers, addresses, districting, or any other or further information concerning me. I also make the command to the election commissioner to see that any and all records given to the clerk of the United States District Court for the State be and become expunged from said records of that court. Do I believe any President has any real power, I would say no. Trump can not even round up government employees that are coup plotters, I think that falls under treason and apparently treason can stand against even the President. Anyway I did an affidavit, notice of revocation of signatures and command to expunge records for lawful cause of fraud, mistake, duress, coercion or bankruptcy. If you notice the Secretary of State is desperate to get the young to volunteer into voter registration so you have the opportunity to vote in their elections for their representatives, their judges, their governors, their senators, their congressmen. If you are a registered voter you have representative unless you have a lobbyist that you employ and said lobbyist lobbies personally for you. If you have no lobbyist you have no representation at all. Oh yeah, in exchange for allowing you to vote in their elections they give you the opportunity to vote and for that privilege in their State and Federal voting franchise you agree to be surety for all their debts, costs and expenses no matter how large that bill is, you get the bill for it all. My personal observation is this, if voting actually mattered the corporate government employees would have outlawed voting long ago. Politicians allow you to do things that do not matter and have no effect. Over near the beginning of the republic men where electors, not registered voters. Essentially the United States corporation allows you to live here to serve as the guarantor and specific surety for all their spending. I do not believe that Trump has any power at all, it’s all stage managed and the thing calked United States Government is a fiction, it does not exist, what exists are owners that are the big bankers and the government is the bankers employee. Any American alive today has lived under emergency rule their entire lives, that is the very reason that no rule of law exists in the United States, it operates under endless executive orders which is no law at all. The U.S.A. is exhibit A in a nation run by men with no consideration for any law of any kind. Government employees make it all up as they go along and most Americans will remain willfully ignorant and spend their lives being entertained by the system.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Wow. Take a breath, there, fella.

        • stlonginus

          If you haven’t visited the YT channel “Best Evidence,” I think it may interest you.

  21. tim mcgraw

    Greg, great interview! This is why I watch and donate to your site. You did an excellent job of questions and staying quiet. VERY WELL DONE! Thank you!
    And yes, I think the Socrates computer is right. Violence is coming. JFK said that if you stop peaceful protests (which is happening in California), violent protests follow.

  22. Evert

    Good interview! Thanks!
    Starvation will come as well due to a colder climate, harvests will be halved, there will simply be not enough food for the world. Starting this year as well?

  23. JC

    I would say that Satan is enjoying the show, don’t you think so?

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 55:3
    By the means of Satan, Infernal Prince, so many evils will be committed that the entire world will be found undone and desolate.

    • paul ...

      Your right about that JC … clearly the Bill Gates Event 201 on October 18th, 2019 was the practice drill for the release of the Corona Virus the following month … there’s nothing coincidental about it … it is a recorded historical fact … and it shows “clear intent” by an International Cabal of practicing Satanists to bring about an act of world-wide genocide and the sacrificing “of millions of children” to a vaccine that kills, parallelizes or maims their brains!!!

  24. Sue Robinson

    Thanks Greg and Martin. I stayed up to read and listen to Mr. Armstrong and Greg tonight. I was not disappointed. I hope you two can see the standing ovation we are sending over cyberspace!
    We are being tormented by left wing bureaucrats and elected officials who want to control everything while at the same time they want to destroy everything. And the MSM is playing its truly evil part in the ghastly drama.
    Not a single one of the so-called experts ‘models’ has been even close to correct and not a single one of the self-centered idiots creating them will lose their jobs, their homes or their hopes because of the carnage they are inflicting on the rest of us. They have not even seen fit to apologize or even acknowledge their horrendous ‘mistakes.’ Of course not. Because they do not care. They just don’t.
    Just for example, our schools are closed out here in the Pacific Northwest. Have any students contacted the virus? NO. Died from it? NO. Our colleges and universities are closed. Have any students or faculty members sickened and died from it? NO. How dare these ‘expert’ tormentors inflict their shutdowns and their social distancing on these innocents. Not to mention the rest of us.
    I see frightened people everywhere. This is not their fault. This is a complete and completely avoidable damned tragedy. None of us did anything to deserve this oppression and incidentally this total erasure of the human and civil rights I thought God and our Constitution had given us. And just by the way, “lockdowns” are used to describe measures taken to control prison inmates.
    Finally, here for everyone in our community, is a quote from the late great English writer C.S. Lewis: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive…..those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
    May the pitiless, nasty creatures who created the virus, along with their evil Marxist handmaidens – yes including Fauci and Big Nurse – all rot in Hell.

  25. Alex Mac

    Basically it boils down to combat between the globalist elite vs. the Constitutionally free US citizen . As Catherine Austin-Fitz labelled it …the Plandemic .
    BTW , having a couple of 1/10 ounce gold coins , and a few pre-1964 silver quarters to barter for potentially scarce food , along with spiritual preparedness , helps me retain internal peace .

  26. Self Exiled

    Self destructive economics and no dollar crises even tho we have negative oil prices. Okay.

  27. Jerry

    Listen carefully.
    Highly Offensive™ (@OffensivelyHigh) Tweeted:
    Well now this is cursed — hot mic 🎤
    sound on 🔈

    What does this sound like to you?

  28. Mitchell Bupp

    If you look closely at the corporate bailout terms you will realize these 1% loans do not have to be paid back if “most” is used for payroll, rent, mortgages utilities, and more… turns out it will be a “grant” which does not have to be paid back!

    • paul ...

      Mitchell … All this stimulus money being handed out is effectively “a debt jubilee” … with “the added benefit” that getting rid of the debt does not decrease the debt dollars in circulation (that would have happened if debts were simply forgiven) … thus preventing a depression!!

      • Mitchell Bupp

        LMFAO, Paul how can it be a jubilee? Sounds more like trickle-down chump change while billion-dollar corporations get bailed out!

  29. JungianINTP

    Never let a swab of mucus (( pseudo-testing for the bug )) or sample of blood (( pseudo-testing for bug-built anti-bodies )) go to waste, say the Tyrants/Globalists behind the (non-)Intelligence Community’s curtain of Distraction and Disinformation, as our DNA samples are collected and stored and, then, recorded in that Deep State, Utah-based, info-purposed storage facility: Attention Trump & Team’ s LAW-enforcement people—DISMANTLE that anti-constitutional C R I M E scene! )).

    Greg, Google or Bing or DuckDuckGo, “Bill Gates setting the stage for the Mark of the Beast” (( linked below—but soon-to-be erased? )).

    An excerpt: “ Fouci serves as a member of the Leadership Council for the Global Vaccine Action Plan developed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the [ Marxian ] World Health Organization, [ Marxian ] UNISEP and Fauci’s own [ Marxian ] NIAID—the plan calls for a decade of vaccines, to spread far and wide, all around the globe [[ Note: Today, April 21, Fauci remarked on ABC’s GMA: ‘a vaccine is the only way to protect the public and defeat Covid-19’; and, for some more character-insight about him, Twitter-search ”Dr. Judy A. Mikovits,” whom Fauci & Company had destroyed, for her having refused to hide a newly discovered – in his laboratory – cancer-causing virus—possibly a vaccine-transported one ]]. Bill Gates has a multi-million dollar relationship with Dr. Fauci. Suffice to say the connections between Gates and Fauci are extensive. ”


    P.S. Keep in mind, the growing list of microbiologists dying by questionable/odd circumstances—from the early Nineties forward.

    • JungianINTP

      All that you must know
      about Gates & Company,
      linked below—in Sardi’s

      Bill Sardi introduces Oracle: Helena


      • paul ...

        So according to this Chinese General … the Corona Virus attack on the US … is payback for America “using germ warfare” against the American Indians (who were of Chinese decent) … giving them blankets infected with small pox, malaria and measles!!!

    • AndrewB

      Great link. Explains why now, 2020, and proves that this virus scare has been in the works for many years . . .

  30. Ellen anderson

    Michael Moore just released his latest film on YouTube. Planet of the Humans it is called. Could you have him on?

    • Greg Hunter

      He’d never agree to come on USAW.

  31. Self Exiled

    Coronavirus’s ability to mutate has been vastly underestimated, and mutations affect deadliness of strains, Chinese study finds.

    • DanielSong39

      Coronavirus is mutating fast, however it’s mutating into the common cold!

  32. donna s.

    It is so unreal to me everything that is happening right now. They are virtually picking the winners and losers and killing the middle class. There is such a transfer of wealth right to the big companies and seems no one notice. The smaller businesses (mom and pop ) are told to close ( clothing stores, shoe shops etc.) but target and walmart are open and allowed to sell these things so they are getting a increased volume of traffic from the small businesses. Even if less people are getting out when they do there are not a lot of options. If they truly believed keeping our distance and staying out of shops as much as possible was a must then they should have roped off those sections considered non essential rather than let people walk around shopping for those type of items. Shows and theaters closed so amazon and net flex subscription soared. Also so many more people ordering things online. So to me once again the elite and their buddies haven’t gotten hurt ,only the small businesses and individuals. I have heard a few of my coworkers that had there hours cut in half or more have applied for food stamps . So much for the reduction if food stamp recipients under Trump. This is definitely historical and I have to agree with Martin. This was planned and exploited to benefit a few and bring President Trump down. I do think the virus is real but not the numbers and severity of the disease. We are supposed to be politically correct and not call it the chinese virus or the wuhan virus but yet I have never heard anyone complain about the names German measles or the spanish flu. We got the SARS and Coronavirus which started in China and they want us to ignore this. China has gotten to powerful in the United states weather it be 5G or pharmaceuticals or technology and especially a platform to spew there propaganda. If nothing else I do hope this has caused millions to now wake up but am afraid from so many comments I hear at work it has not. The most powerful thing I heard Armstrong say was a investigation into those who started this should occur. Start with the likes of Bill Gates, Soros and there buddies in congress and pharma.
    This is more than I think I have posted in years. Thank you Greg for all the hard work and getting great guest.

  33. Dan Reynolds

    “He needs to open up instantaneously, to do an actual appointed prosecutor to investigate who started this. All the information I have is pointing to that it is deliberate liberal movement, to harm the economy.”
    Thanks Mr. Armstrong. My sentiments, EXACTLY!

  34. DanielSong39

    -$37 for a barrel of oil, looks like Bo Polny’s 4/21 prediction came true after all! As for Martin Armstrong, look for violent civil unrest in a couple of weeks!

    Your guests are on fire, let’s keep it going!

  35. CAJUN

    Greg, what about the “DOUBLE TAP”? These bastards work while we sleep!
    Stay strong…Grab’em by the nose…. Kick’em in the ass! Thank you, Mr. Armstrong.
    I concur!

  36. Self Exiled

    Are Coronavirus cases more predominate in the Democratic blue states?

  37. vincent_g

    I have written the President with the same suggestion on the following:
    Stop mortgage payments, Rent and loan payments for the duration of this lock down.

    I sent this to the president on 3/23

    Yes it is common sense that the average small business or household can not survive well with little to no income and still be expected to pay all these bills.

    Looking forward I fear we have hit the point of no return.
    The recent oil news of negative price per barrel is very bad news.
    If oil remains at a price so low then there is no hope.
    We will be heading into the worst crash the world has known.

    In order for the price of oil to normalize Russia and the middle east countries will have to stop pumping oil.
    I somehow doubt they will do that.
    Governments tend to be brainless.
    I suspect they will keep pumping oil even though they pumped it into worthlessness
    Much the same as what took place long ago which drained the Aral Sea.

    • paul ...

      Think of the connection of the Dollar to Oil … a negative price for oil suggests the petro-dollar is also negative … so instead of the US dollar being worth 2 cents … it is probably worth “negative 2 cents” … wait … let me calculate something … if oil is “minus” 32 dollars per barrel and about 15 gallons of gas can be made from a barrel of oil … then a gallon of gas should be about “minus” $2 dollars per gallon … to pay for a -$2 dollar per gallon of gas with a dollar worth – $0.02 cents … means a gallon of gas should cost a $100 dollar fake Fed bill … this is how we get inflation out of deflation of the dollar!!

      • vincent_g

        I don’t see inflation taking place.
        The deflationary forces outweigh inflationary.

        A key bubble is the housing bubble.
        Housing prices will drop more than 50%
        This virus has just wiped out millions of people.
        There will be a glut of houses for sale with again no buyers.

        The only inflation I see going forward is on food.
        The longer we stay shut down the higher these food prices will go.

        There is no demand for anything else at present.
        We may again see door to door salesmen.

  38. TJZ


    “Globalism has no future” President D. Trump.

    Those directly involved in this plot have explicitly exposed themselves in their actions and in their lies against humanity!
    God bless us!

  39. Myrna

    Timely and most needed perspective from Martin Armstrong, Greg! Sentient and rational people know that keeping a vibrant USA economy closed will result in an economy akin to Venezuela.

    • The Impossible Dream

      All those people criticising the Venezuelan economy must be wondering how the whole world turned into Venezuela.

      • paul ...

        Guess this means we also will soon be eating our dogs and cats!!

  40. Jason

    The Covid-19 virus has cured every other disease known to man! No one is dying of anything else! The Mark of the Beast is next. BTW in Boston and I expect in other large cities, $1200 might cover two weeks of apartment rent.

    • paul ...

      Obviously … we need a lot more then just $1200 dollars in “debt forgiveness” … most Americans have debts of between $10 to $50 thousand dollars on average … so if “debt forgiveness” is the objective … we should at a minimum be getting $1200 dollar checks every month for a year or two!! … the politicians running our Government need to read the Bible on the subject of “debt forgiveness” to re-set the economic system!!

      • JC

        paul… Politicians/Satanists could care less about The Holy Bible.

  41. Russ

    Thank you for bringing Martin Armstrong on to bring his analytic skills (even if his computer & model does the grunt work) to the “pandemic” discussion — I agree 100%, yes, open it up. We need to get the economy rolling again — sure, protect the elderly and those people with underlying conditions who are known to be susceptible to the coronavirus, but for the rest of us (most of us) open it up.

    I’m one of the over-60 folks and never felt threatened. I don’t smoke, my heart & lungs are in great shape — other than age (which is BS) I have none of the underlying conditions. I’d love to take an antibody test but for some reason the medical community is dragging their feet — they don’t want us to know who has already had the virus.

    The two restaurants I frequent are still in business for take-out/To-Go orders. Chinese was always take-out, but now I take my breakfast To-Go and eat in my truck. Once the lockdown is over I will go in, place my order and sit down with my morning coffee. It will be nice to get a haircut. It will really be nice to sit down with a friend of mine for dinner and a beer (awesome micro-brew).

    Thanks again, I’m liking the way Martin Armstrong thinks.

    • Russ

      BTW, in keeping with the idea of doing stuff before it becomes critical, bought new tires for my truck. The old tires looked okay, but besides tire wear, age is a factor — the rubber breaks down. In depressionary times, stuff might get cheaper but at some point it also becomes unavailable — it might be cheap to buy, but it might not be cheap to produce, or with a pandemic scare running rampant, they might close the factory and reduce supply — which could increase price even in a depression. Preventative maintenance is a good thing, do it while you can.

      • paul ...

        All you will be doing is looking at those new tires … if we are kept in a State lock-down (not free drive anywhere we want)!!

        • Russ

          Why so negative Paul? This is a good thing and actually overdue. Unlike your’s, my truck regularly leaves the garage: Grocery shopping twice a week, Chinese restaurant for take-out, French pastry shop for breakfast on occasion and sometimes I even drive to work. Yeah, I’m still working so it’s good to have a vehicle with good tires.

  42. Chip

    Awesome, awesome, awesome interview!!! Chip

  43. Mike

    Martin Armstrong is right on target with his forecast and identification of the criminal elites who fabricated this crisis. I hope we recover like the 1920-21 depression but everything being done by government will give us another great depression lasting for a decade.

    • paul ...

      Actually the Fed’s computers are capable of printing as many “new free dollars” for us as is necessary (to cover the destruction and elimination of the two Quadrillion “debt dollars” we current have outstanding) … so if they hand out all this free money (that is not a debt to us) … they “can” prevent a depression!!!

    • SJ

      Yes but Armstrong did not predict a stock market crash of 30% this year. A big miss surely!

  44. Virginia Conway

    Wow! The people who are screaming close the economy would certainly change their tune if POTUS said he would suspend all payments of the mortgages, rentals, car, student loans, utilities, etc. because people are being denied the ability to work and the exchange of commerce is being hindered. The very thought is mind-blowing. Banks and big business would go nuts! The possibilities are endless and I’ll try to wipe the smirk off my mouth!
    Thanks, Greg the interview was most informative.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Virginia.

    • paul ...

      But Virginia … all the free money being handed out (if done on a monthly basis with UBI) will make it possible for people to pay their mortgages, rentals, car, student loans, utilities, etc., etc. and our economy … so there won’t collapse into a depression!!

  45. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    I suggest that you look into these regulations passed by the South African Authorities. This may show you what could be coming down the pike in the USA, it was in place within days. Remember these agendas are first tested in developing countries before implemented in the US and Europe. As to your question about gold, well it the dealers are not listed as an essential service you would have trouble obtaining any: SA Mint site . Regarding the price, here is a list of historic prices in ZAR (South African Rand) to give an idea how fast the prices can rise. Now the issue of debt. Well, if the courts and sheriff’s are in lockdown, who will enforce the payment of obligations or evictions if prevented by law? Needless to say, these are unprecedented times as our countries globally are under siege. Here is president Ramaphosa’s (also Chairperson of the African Union) speech last night addressing some of the measures Dr Armstrong mentioned : – Locally the shops are open and we have food on the shelves, but there are lines to the stores due to social distancing and limiting the amount of people in the stores at one time. However, the ban on Alcohol and tobacco sales is a contentious issue: This is a speech by the Minister of Police, now you may better understand as to who are enforcing the laws and in which vain. I hope that after viewing these videos, that there maybe a greater appreciation by Americans for president Trump during these times.

  46. Marie Joy

    They are, purposely, creating a famine, in America, and the world.

  47. Jak

    Hi Greg,
    Martin’s a smart guy but he’s not a medical expert. I’ll take my advice from an expert- Dr. Chris Martenson. Armstrong compares this virus to the flu. This is not the flu.

    • Greg Hunter

      Armstrong IS a data expert who is in demand globally and that is a fact. The data does not justify shutting down the global economy. That is also a fact based on data. I guess you have got a government check coming in?

      • Rodster

        Chris Martenson sells subscriptions to his website and the Coronavirus has been quite good for both Martenson and Adam Taggart. Chris Martenson has been behind the hype and hysteria regarding Covid 19.

        I agree with both Marty Armstrong and Gerald Celente that the data doesn’t justify shutting down the global economy.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Rodster, and on top of that the MSM is ignoring, downplaying and outright attacking the cure Hydroxychloroquine in a dangerous and evil propaganda move. The MSM want people to die–period.

  48. Wim

    Hi Greg, thanks again.
    Loved to hear an experts confirmation of what I have been saying… long confidence holds they can print what they want to maintain the status quo.

    • paul ...

      Giving everyone a UBI check every month should maintain the status quo and hence maintain confidence … the question is … will the government implement such a “debt jubilee UBI program” … they are effectively doing it now for big corporations and Wall Street … but if they get chincy cheap helping small Mom and Pop business and ordinary working people … they will have a revolution on their hands … which according to Armstrong can begin in 2 weeks!!

  49. iwitness02

    Martin touched on something that really makes me mad.
    Politicians and bankers NEVER look at the “other side.”
    Bail out corporations and screw the people. Every single time.
    The coin only has one side. Not helping the people is to stupid to be stupid.
    It is deliberate. I’m tired of it. Our economy gets destroyed and goverment and banks strip the people of everything to make themselves whole and gain more power over the people. Every problem is solved at our expense. None of the problems are caused by us. But we are punished for every problem that they announce to the world. When will my frustration spread to the rest of the people on this earth?! I sat and wondered.

    • JC

      “Every problem is solved at our expense.”
      Anybody want to argue with iwitness?

      • paul ...

        No argument … we simply have to roll out the guillotines!!

  50. Rev Andrew de Berry

    A superb interview once more Greg. Thank you both.
    I believe that your president has everything in hand but is using brinkmanship right up to the edge with which to ensnare the Deep Staters Also agree with Mike T about getting Mark Taylor at the earliest opportunity.
    Here in the UK I remain appalled at how dumbed down everyone seems to remain along with their wholesale disinterest in precious metals. However the Brits also have their threshold where without getting folk back to work pdq civil unrest won’t be far away

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rev!

    • Gary C

      Unfortunately society will have to sink to the level of what France did where the rich got richer, “bank bailouts” business bailouts” and voila Off with their heads, The French Revolution.

      Armstrong through his private blog indicates that society and governments must crash and burn before real change can happen, Politicians should never be allowed to serve
      more than one term, prevents them to a extent from being bought off like 98% of them..

      Who is making money from the bailouts of small business , directing the money to publicly traded companies, why the Banks, ie JP Morgan , same ol, throw the peasants a couple of crumbs, 1200.00 and they will be subservient while the public purse gets ripped off.

  51. Alfy

    I thought the interview was informative. The part about what is gold going to do, I wish he was instead asks to give his views on oil going below zero in price.

    • Greg Hunter

      The short long story is demand has been cut in about half in USA. I heard one oil analyst say today on FOX we are using the same amount of gasoline as we did in , wait for it . . . . . . . . . .1968!!! I should have asked about oil though. You are correct.

  52. Self Exiled

    Deeply concerned, as I asked before what might the NWO elite globalist do next if they do not get the desired effect from the Covid 19.
    And where are the elite now?
    ”The name of the Lord is a strong tower the[consistenly] righteous man [upright and in right standing with God] runs into it and is safe, high [above evil] and strong.

  53. Diane

    Amazing report.
    Grim, but we need to know.
    One thing Greg has always stressed…and Martin tells us in this interview…….

    BE PREPARED!!!!!

  54. David T

    It seems like you and some of your guests hold to a “virus is a hoax” or “it’s no worse than the flu” kind of ideology, from comments Armstrong and you made. Interestingly, Mike Adams of made the point that yesterday marked the total number of flu deaths/year (approx. 34,000) in COVID-19 deaths (approx. 35,000)–but in 17 days!
    The lockdowns have devastated our economy yet were necessary to stop the exponential growth of this virus. Other protective strategies can now be utilized by the populace so that people can return to work. I would ask you to please interview Mike Adams and get his perspective on the math and science aspect that non-experts like Armstrong cannot really speak to.
    Thanks for your website and for the terrific guests you interview!

    • paul ...

      David … As I stated in a previous comment … why wasn’t the economy shut down because so many people are dying of old age? … with 7 Billion people in the world (all of whom will be dead in 100 years) … means on average 70 Million people are currently dying each year of “old age” … yet we don’t shut down the economy … but because 60,000 have died of the Corona Virus we have to shut down the economy? … even if one million die of the Corona Virus this year … another 69 million will also be dying “of old age”!!!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      You do realize, do you not, Mr. T, that if someone who has symptoms of the Covid-19 virus is shot to death, their death is counted as being due to Covid-19?

  55. Eric litz

    Greg, I suppose you know that Mr Armstrong was put into the slammer for 10 years by the Feds. Ron Kirby writes about the tangled web of corruption and deadly threat he was involved in back in the ‘90’s. Here is the link to the Daily Coin article by Mr Kirby.

    • paul ...

      This is probably why Armstrong will not “push” gold in any way … and tells us we have to wait until 2022 to see gold rise … yet he tells us that we could see a revolution in the streets in two(2) weeks … which should decrease confidence … and greatly increase purchases of gold!!!

  56. Justn Observer

    Greg, Have a idea who the guy walking thru the vid is? LOL So if this is true, and ‘they’ all have been vaccinated’ and it is a hoax, is this all a school play to cover the bank and ‘hot spot’ states and cities unfunded liabilities out? Imagine, knowing that it is a hoax as they prep for the corona virus news update to feed more FEAR PORN to the people!

  57. Russ F

    Thank you Greg, excellent interview…..
    In theory, Martin’s idea of relieving debt for a few months as the government has forcefully taken away employment makes sense.
    BUT, what about those of us who actually put enough money away in savings for emergencies? Most financial advisers will say that you need 3 to 6 months of emergency savings.
    IF most Americans had done so, they could likely survive this “emergency”.
    BUT, almost no one has done this. Most have spent everything they have, everything they earned, and gone deep into debt (new cars with 6 to 8 year loans, student loan debt, etc).
    SO, sorry, but should they really be bailed out of their expenses?
    i don’t think so.

    • paul ...

      So what happens when “you” run out of your emergency money in 3 to 6 months Russ and join the idiots who never saved a dime??

      • Russ F

        That won’t happen.
        Are you saying that everyone should be bailed out?

        • Darren

          If you believe anyone is getting “Bailed Out”, come down to South Louisiana and I’ll sell you some Swamp Land, CHEEP.
          After Hurricane Katrina, the Big Boys were so kind to “Forgive” Mortgage payments. Only to add them to the end of the loan with extra interest and penalties.
          Pay what you can, while you can. You’ll be that much ahead of the game.

        • paul ...

          Yes Russ … if we are going to have a “debt jubilee” (by handing out free checks) it should be “for everyone” … not just the Big Corporations and Wall Street!!

          • JC

            paul… it won’t be “for everyone,” therefore…

            Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
            The supporting common people will rise up and chase out the adherents of the legislators.

            TRANSLATION: Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 32:1
            The common people will support the poor that rise up, and they will chase out the corporate lobbyists that have corrupted the legislators.


  58. Russ

    “The Real COVID-19 Mortality Rate Is 25-60x Less Than Governments, Media Claim.”
    In this survey, we demonstrated the researches and approaches of about 100 eminent scientists from around the world. In general, they agree that the current statistical data does not reflect the actual state of affairs, and the publicly distributed media estimates of the mortality rate are at least incorrect, and do not correspond to the actual picture.

    The actual number of people with SARS-CoV-2 infection or people that already passed through COVID-19 early-stage or without symptoms is several dozen times higher than the public numbers show.

    This is primarily due to the approaches and scope of testing. The public numbers have little to do with science. This is, to a greater extent, either media or politically motivated data. You should also consider the factor of a special picture of the course of the disease, which affects medical statistics (RKI Epidemiological bulletins).

    Accordingly, the real mortality rate from SARS-CoV-2 is 25-60 times less than the figures presented to us by MSM and a number of governments.

    Science and medicine have been politicized and think they should be in charge of policy. Governors are picking the winners and then we all lose. “Politicians” like Dr. Anthony Fauci think they know what’s best for us, but in his case his blinders allow him to see only a very narrow window and he specifically doesn’t want to see unintended consequences because they would interfere with his agenda. A medical doctor should not have a political agenda, but he does, hence he’s a politician. Trump definitely adheres to keeping his enemies close.

    MA is right, the locals are getting restless and soon they will get violent — keep your larder stocked.

    • paul ...

      Keeping Fauci close … is like Trump being “buddy buddy” with Jeffery Dohmer … you can see how difficult it is for people to disassociate themselves from Jeffery Epstein (people know “birds of a feather flock together”) … so what is Trump doing to himself???

  59. truthseeker

    Thank you again for another extraordinary interview. You keep knocking them out of the park!! Wanted to share with you and your readers a brief excerpt from Joel Skousen’s latest newsletter edition of World Affairs Brief on who is receiving big money FOR EACH of the Covid 19 patients: the numbers are astounding:

    “As I pointed out in prior briefs, one of the reason why doctors are all on board the hype about the claimed high death rate of Covid 19 is that they are all listening to mainstream media and CDC reports of coronavirus deaths, which have, since February, been attributing almost all deaths with flu symptoms to Covid 19. But even the CDC admits that almost everyone who dies of the Covid 19 list died from chronic disease or immodeficiency, with “complications of the Coronavirus.” But even the latter isn’t true, because of the false positives that are so common with Covid 19 tests.
    Another reason for the inflated numbers is that the degree to which states get federal money from the government bailout package depends on how many Covid 19 cases they report —thus the rush to test. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin reported on Thursday,
    Now we learn that medical professionals, most of whom are employed by hospital monopolies, have a personally vested reason to participate in the dishonest practice of fudging corona numbers upward. States are being given government (read: taxpayer) stimulus dollars for each corona case reported.”‘”
    “In Florida, the State receives $132,000 for each reported case of corona. In Nebraska, Minnesota and Montana, the State receives over $300,000 for each reported case of corona. The difference in the amounts received is based on some weird government bureaucrat-created voodoo Medicare formula. The point is, hospitals are being financially rewarded for identifying people as contracting or dying from corona—whether they actually contracted the virus or not.”
    “A perfect example of perverse incentives to link more deaths to this coronavirus. Another perverse incentive involves Medicare patients. Dr. Scott Jensen reported that,
    “Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [don’t have an] impact on what we do…”'”

  60. Tom Wigand


    Great interview – and two particularly brilliant observations by Mr. Armstrong (more on that below).

    As a preface, keep in mind that many of us opined that once the “Russiagate” and then impeachment failed, that the last ditch of the Deep Staters could be a 2008-like financial crisis prior to the election. This was always plausible given the leveraged fragility of the world’s fiat / fractional reserve banking / central bank triads. But it also carried with it “blowback” risk, as the public post-2008 would not look kindly upon even bigger bailouts of the financial titans ($1200 shiny objects dispensed from helicopters notwithstanding).

    The “repo market” interventions in the fall may have hinted at a plan being readied, or merely that their hand was forced. In any case …

    Then came Covid. Methinks the most likely scenario is that it leaked out of the Wuhan (bioweapons)Lab, and the Chinese attempted to cover it up by pointing to the seafood market. And then the Deep Staters saw a way to exploit it to consummate the financial crisis they wanted – THEIR version of a “reset” to dispense with Trump and to impose a green / globalist financial regime – with Covid providing cover by being blamed as the catalyst for the financial distress prerequisite to THEIR desired “reset.”

    And the two brilliant observations (keeping the above in mind)?

    First, that a special prosecutor (or other credible investigation) regarding both the origin(s) AND subsequent proceedings of the players – from China, to WHO, to the CDC, to the financial oligarchs. If there is only a scintilla of what we think underlying this, Trump could pull a political jujitsu and “reset” their plot against him into mass public indignation accruing to his favor. (And if Barr / Durham fulfill their duties re: the rest, even better – not that I’m holding my breath for that.)

    Secondly, Mr. Armstrong’s mention of the Commerce Clause. Recall that FDR warped the original intent of the Commerce Clause and used that as the means to impose the Progressives’ unconstitutional New Deal and leviathan federal government upon the country. Wouldn’t it be a delightful irony if almost a century later that same Commerce Clause was employed to help deconstruct the damage of Progressivism and begin restoring us back to our Constitutional Republic roots!

    • AndrewB

      Hi Tom,
      Like your thinking – with one caveat. The banking families who really run the show think long-term, strategically. Like decades in advance. Your theory may be correct, that they took advantage of an unplanned leak of Covid-19 in Wuhan, but IMHO the whole scenario was more likely planned many years in advance.

      • Tom Wigand


        Anyone who’s read “Creature from Jekyll Island” or is familiar with Carroll Quigley’s work would not dismiss what you’re saying out of hand. I certainly do not — particularly with what keeps emerging about WHO and Bill Gates.

        My reticence about an intentional release arose from smart people presumably anticipating that such a release could spiral off in unanticipated ways, perhaps with deleterious consequences to their plans.

        BUT, as we learn more, and the virus seems much less dangerous than first presented, it makes an intentional release — accompanied by hyping of the danger — much more plausible.

  61. Jay

    Keep an eye on Bill Gates and board members like Fauci. When they go underground then you know they have released one of Gates patented viruses for real. That’s when people will start dropping like flies. If we all go back to work and Gates can’t keep us buffaloed with fear, that’s likely when he will release the real diseases that the globalists plan to reduce global population with. Until then Gates and fellow globalists will just keep the wealth transferring from our pocket into theirs.

    • paul ...

      Like in Tales of Old … Trump like Perseus … must chop off the head of Medusa (the Deep State) … in order to save all of humanity from Gates’ ultimate “viral child” … the Kraken-20!!!

  62. MichaelD

    “That guy that came up with this theory we should be locking everything down”
    Which guy? What is his name. Vague…again.

  63. paul ...

    WHO cares who’s bio-weapon lab started the viral pandemic … “all bio-weapon labs” around the world “need to be shut down permanently”!!! …

    • paul ...

      When kids point to one another (as to who stole the cookie out of the cookie jar) it matters not to the parent who proceeds to empty the cookie jar … when kids play with matches and almost burn down the house … responsible parents remove the matches and punish the kids … so what is Trump going to do to Gates, Fauci and Big Pharma?? … reward them??? … with Trillions of dollars for burning down the world and killing millions????

  64. Sir Manly Robinson

    still no mention that central banks are the biggest buyers of gold – why?

    • Greg Hunter

      If you are a regular visitor to USAW then I have said this many times and even held up charts showing missive increased buy of AU by CB’s since 2012. What are you talking about??

      • Sir Manly Robinson

        The comment was aimed at Martin Armstrong who consistently states gold is not bought by large institutions, only by the small retail investor. What are central banks if not large institutions? Why do the issuers of Fiat currency by gold if they have faith in their own currencies? And why have Eastern central banks purchased so much gold? Has this massive flow of gold from west to east escaped Martin’s notice? If so what good is his analysis?

        • Greg Hunter

          Got it. Armstrong is funny about commenting on gold and I don’t know why.

          • JC

            Maybe it’s uncomfortable for Armstrong to talk about gold coins because of all the stress he has been put through in the past.


          • Gary C

            Greg, Armstrong does give the numbers for
            movement in the gold price up or down , re
            reversal patterns bullish or bearish, but you
            have to subscribe to Socrates.
            The Bloomberg article is false, no client has ever laid a charge against him, he was held in contempt of court, courtesy of the New York Fed
            who rigged the system, no one wins against the New York Bankers, who own the Judges.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for the clarification. I do realize Armstrong served most of his time for contempt of court. I think it a record or close to a record.

  65. Gary

    These two articles are pertinent to Mr. Armstong’s comments about the economy and climate change:

    U.N. chief says there’s a bigger threat than coronavirus

    On Earth Day, pope says nature will not forgive our trespasses

    An important question: Why are they doing this? Beyond the human struggle for power and control, there is a larger spiritual war for control of humanity and this world in progress. We are witnessing the beginning of Satan’s “Yorktown.” Events will culminate with the return of Jesus Christ to rescue His people and put an end to the enemy’s rebellion.

    Short of an unnatural death, all of us now living will be witnesses to these events. So, what is Satan’s goal? To have us follow after him in rebellion against heaven. That is the point of “the mark of the beast” — acceptance of another authority over and about the Creator.

    Climate change will ultimately push for a day of rest for the planet and families, which I also support. However, God was very specific about which day men should honor when He wrote the Ten Commandments with His own finger:

    Exodus 20:8-11:
    8) Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
    9) Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
    10) But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
    11) For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

    Through tradition, which is the central pillar of the Papal church, men have come to keep the first day of the week as a sabbath rather than the day God sanctified.

    The struggle is about worship and allegiance. God has provided a simple test, just as Adam and Eve were tested in the garden. Will we follow the Commandments of the Lord or will follow the commandments of men?

    “Sunday is a Catholic institution, and… can be defended only on Catholic principles…. From beginning to end of Scripture there is NOT A SINGLE passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first” (Catholic Press, Aug. 25, 1900).

    “Protestants do not realize that by observing Sunday, they accept the authority of the spokesperson of the Church, the Pope” (Our Sunday Visitor, February 5, 1950).

    While God’s angels are sealing “the servants of our God in their foreheads” (Revelation 7:3) the enemy is leading others, either through deception or outright rebellion, to reject the Seal of God for the mark of the beast.

    Daniel 7:25-26:
    25) And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
    26) But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.

  66. Andrew

    Thanks so much for your interview with Mr. Armstrong. His perspective is certainly worth a listen and consideration.
    I agree that the political agenda in this crisis is becoming more obvious.
    His thoughts on inflation and currencies make a lot of sense to me and help me with trying to envision where this is going, as well as how to position for a seemingly crazy future.
    You’re a national treasure Greg, and the information you bring is so appreciated in this time of propaganda, fake news, and dis-information.
    God Bless you Sir.

  67. King Creol

    Mr. President: Open the Economy Now – Martin Armstrong
    By Greg Hunter On April 22, 2020
    “The devastation in the economy is unbelievable. Our computer is very well known. Just about all the intelligence agencies look at it because it’s the only fully functioning artificial intelligence system in the world. It was saying unemployment was going to rise dramatically and retest the Great Depression highs. . . .That’s never happened like that. Even in the Great Depression, it took three years to get to 25%. We passed 13% in the first month. . . . From the very beginning, I said something is not right. Something is wrong. . . . This is really going to push the debt bubble over the cliff. . . . The number that has died is minimal. More than twice that die from the flu. There is no logical explanation to have done this. The study they used was not even peer reviewed.”

    Are We Now Officialy;”One Step Beyond”
    Night of Decision

    • paul ...

      Armstrong says: “The number that has died (from Corona Virus) is minimal. More than twice that die from the flu” … and I say: More then 1000 times that number “die of old age” each year!!!

      • Kevin S.

        Funny how 6 weeks ago you stated that the Coronavirus was more deadlier than the common flu and even the Spanish flu.

        “Stan can claim he is right … that the Corona Virus is not “as deadly” as the common flu or the Spanish Fl …*** It Is More Deadly*** !!!

        Now you say the opposite.

        • paul ...

          I’m not saying the opposite Keven … the Corona Virus “is more deadlier then the common flu” … what I’m saying now is that the Corona Virus is less deadly then “old age” … and therefore … shutting down the whole economy “may be a bit too much”!!

          • paul ...

            Bottom Line Keven … as stated in this Zero Hedge article … “In the end, roughly the same number of people will get sick and roughly the same number of people will die (no matter how the pandemic is managed)” …

            • Kevin S.

              Bottom line paul… back then you were stating how more deadly the coronavirus was compared to the Spanish flu. I stated it was not. I was correct. Sorry but no where near 60 million will not die like they did during the Spanish flu.

            • Kevin S.

              And what Michael Snyder said was false. Many less people would have become sick and many less would have died if the pandemic would have been managed better. That should be obvious to everyone who knows anything about taking preventive measures.

  68. Dave

    The coronavirus bailout was a bailout for Wall Street and not Main Street. Manuchin, Kudlow and Trump made sure the Wall Street “big boys” got the lion’s share of relief. Initially the Administration did not want the names of companies getting relief to be made public. The Dems fought that and won – thankfully. It’s how we found out about Shake Shack, Ruth Criss and others.

    As to the state bailouts, that is coming in the next package as Trump indicated yesterday. Along with a massive infrastructure program. Illinois is pushing for a bailout of its pension in that package. Given Trump’s openness and the willingness of the GOP to deficit spend as much if not more than the Dems a pension bailout is likely. Look for efforts to forgive student loans. It will be an issue in the fall campaign and Trump/the GOP will have to move left on this and other economic issues given their failure to help Main Street. Small businesses are fuming at the high jacking of the relief bill by large corporations. Trump is starting to lose support among small business owners over this.

    The possibility of Michelle Obama being chosen for VP is rising. Some in controlled conservative media are protesting too much that she’d never take the position. That tells me they fear her and they should. If she is the VP nominee the Dems win bigtime across the board and the Obamas can continue their goal of transforming America. Trump has set things up perfectly for that – accidental? Maybe, but I am more convinced over time he was a plant from the start.

    • Keith

      Dave. I have some bad news for you regarding Michelle Obama. Michelle is not what you think she is. CNN and the American media have been telling you porkies about michelle. Michelle dances with ellen and shows her stuff. Youtube.

  69. Sylvia

    Thanks for having Armstrong on.
    Finally a person with real basic common sense, as well as expertise on his subject. Also his articulate ability to explain himself and give us all the big picture.

  70. Jerry

    The window of preparation is closing, along with meat processing plants nationwide.

    The cracks in the food chain are beginning to show.

  71. AndrewB

    Backlash begins in earnest with challenge at the High Court in Dublin, Ireland.
    Hope the link works – I have had to type it in as unable to copy / past link.

    • AndrewB

      Sorry, I tried the link immediately after posting and Facebook have taken down / censored the video. It depicts two plaintiffs outside the High Court in Dublin, who are calling a large crown to action in defence of the Irish Constitution and against the ‘unlawful’ curtailment of freedom of movement and association. One of the plaintiffs is Gemma O’Doherty and you can find her on Twitter @gemmaod1.1d
      Well worth the effort to locate this video . . .

  72. Coalburner

    About the Poll Greg;
    I am not planning to take Gates Vaccine under any circumstances. He is a liar, huxter and has experimented on African kids with awful results. Let some real professionals try to find a vaccine in the next five years. I was a guinea pig for Polio vaccine, the side effect was plainly visible to me. The needle was bent in my arm after it was worn out on a bunch of other kids. Thankfully we did not have HIV back in the 50’s. We were cheap hillbilly guinea pigs. Bill Gates and his kind can rot in hell. I erased the remainder of this message it was all down hill!

  73. Pointe Grosse

    I have been following Martin Armstrong since he was locked up he is simply the best thank you for having him on.

  74. Coalburner

    I cannot object to reopening now but we will have a new surge and up and down we will go. Look at China, they are re-surging. Not sure there are any choices.

  75. H. Craig Bradley


    When Martin A. Armstrong says the deleveraging of assets and such in our economy is 20X-30X the amount of money the FED is conjuring-up out of thin air, he is not kidding. The FED can not stop overall asset deflation for very long. Certainly not another year. Everything from stocks to real estate is going to be discounted by double digits before this deflationary wave is over. Its a monetary crisis from Hell.

    The credit balloon since 2009 has finally ruptured and its a long ways to the bottom, as yet. There is no hiding it so do NOT buy the dip. Martin knows this if you listen carefully to what he is saying in your interview here, as I did. Martin Armstrong did say briefly in passing that “gold will be going down again” and he is not the only one.

    Harry Dent said so himself the other day. Harry Dent thinks we are in a thrall of a deflationary wave for the next couple of years and it will take gold down to the cost of production, or possibly even lower eventually. That means ( $900-$1,000/ounce). So, if you want gold it would be real smart to heed the advice of such experts and not buy at current high prices with premiums imposed for small amounts of coins. Buy low, not high.

    • Disgruntled

      I have been listening to years and years as Dent talked a load of BS about deflation in assets. Have you missed his calls over years and years for the Dow and gold to crash? What gives him credibility now?
      Martin Armstrong has been more accurate but that is not saying much. He called for the stock and bond markets to peak in 2015, which clearly never happened and mentioned nothing about a 30% plus Dow crash this year. Also gold has continued to rise. Why didn’t Martin Armstrong predict that?

  76. Rolf Royce

    Fireworks thrown at police, vehicles set on fire.
    Paul Joseph Watson | – APRIL 22, 2020

    • Gary C

      If you want specifics from Martin Armstrong, re timing you have to subscribe.
      When he is interviewed publicly he gives a general view and perspective, but NOT specific
      on the timing re gold, and the stock market. it would not be fair to his subscribers who pay anywhere from 20.00 to 25oK. 500K and up.

      At the last Orlando conference he nailed the top in the Dow six months before it happened.
      I had a hedge fund manager and a farmer sitting beside me and would swear that every investment bank in the world was at this conference, which is why they sell out. I know for a fact that the Canada Pension Plan had several people attending, plus Goldman Sachs big time, the guys from Goldman show up in jeans and try to look like the average joe..

  77. Rolf Royce

    Prep Aussie
    Addressing why they keep showing pictures of overrun hospitals and or funeral homes while citizens keep exposing that tents, refrigerated trailers and hospitals are empty…. they have closed down most and send them all to a few. infact most of their hospitals have let staff go or sent them home because there is nothing to do. this is why there are alot of tic tok vids of nurses.. they are bored out of their minds with all elective surgeries canceled. (but abortions are still carried out, let that sink in). a funeral home would have to have certain accreditation to handle infectious diseases… so if you are positive then they will tell you which hospital to go to and if you die you will go to only a limited amount of funeral homes while other hospitals and funeral homes are nearly empty. then they go to the ones they intentionally overload to create the appearance of a pandemic. they done the same shit during the H1N1 “pandemic”.. they were found out then and people were uploading vid of empty hospitals.. it is now widely known that it was completely overblown and they want you to forget about it. p.s, more people were killed/injured by the H1N1 vaccine and they had to withdraw it and pay out millions.. but shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Show less

  78. Survivor

    “The number that has died is minimal”? Armstrong just lost his credibility with this one. Right now COVID-19 is killing people faster than the flu on a deaths per time basis – even with the lockdown. Before it has finished, total deaths will be more than the flu this year.

    Also, this virus is causing permanent damage to even those who survive. Permanent kidney, liver, heart, and blood chemistry damage is emerging in many patients who have “recovered”.

    Finally, the spread of COVID-19 is particularly insidious because this virus is shed into the public by carriers who don’t know they are infected.

    Anyone who thinks doing business is more important than protecting their health is more worried about their wallet than their families and neighbors. Healthy humans will always find a way to engage in trade. Those who have lost their health or their life cannot engage in anything!

    • Greg Hunter


      “Right now COVID-19 is killing people faster than the flu on a deaths per time basis” What is your source on this. You do realize the medical community is running up the death totals buy counting any and all deaths “presumed” to be caused by the Wuhan virus. That is a fact.


      • AndrewB

        Thank you Greg.
        More info on this subject . . .

      • Survivor

        Granted, I did not count those deaths myself. But the same could be said for regular flu deaths. Even if the reported COVID-19 deaths are somewhat inflated they will easily exceed flu deaths by the time the COVID-19 curve reaches bottom because at ~50% on the curve we already have 48,000+ reported deaths. According to the CDC, flu deaths run 30,000 to 55,000 for a season.

      • Mike R

        Yeah, New York is throwing every person that died into the count, without even testing for Covid 19. Its absolutely despicable that they play politics with dead people, and deceive the world on something as serious as this has been. Of course a Dem governor would do that.

  79. Paul A. Mitchell

    I hope I am not out of place for asking a dumb question. Greg, just delete this REPLY if you think it’s inappropriate. Here goes: if we compare the planet’s total area of land with the planet’s total area of sea, we compute a relatively confident ratio. Now, we know how many volcanoes are active on land during any given calendar period. Can we use that ratio to estimate the number of under-sea volcanoes that are also active during that same calendar period? It appears to me that, between known fluctuations in the sun’s energy output, and the amount of heat that is injected into the oceans by under-sea volcanoes, a fairly good picture could be painted of the contribution which active volcanoes do make to heating ocean water. I submit to you that CO2 is not only an essential nutrient for trees; its effect on changing ocean temperatures is negligible compared to under-sea volcanoes. p.s. If anyone can point me to defensible studies of under-sea volcano activity, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks, everyone! /s/ Paul

    • Paul A. Mitchell

      p.s. I was responding to the “climate change” crowd. Be well / stay well : everyone!

  80. pat

    Update, I had to go get some elderly neighbors groceries and meds, vs 8 of them getting out to shop. In my travels I came across no less than 3 ‘road construction worksites working’ within the 15 miles I travelled today. Which I guess proves my point that ‘road work’ should be done while their is minimized traffic on the roads. It must be a State issue vs Federal funding to do so, but I am surprised that it’s going on in NJ! Probably since the quarentine started in March, since all of the potholes on the roads I normally travel are nicely filled in. At least there’s going to be less roadwork road closures once things open up. And, all of the road crew workers were wearing PPE and somewhat social distancing on the jobs. At least now the boss knows who’s essential and who’s not! No more 3 guys watching one guy work!

  81. J in Ireland

    This is one of your greatest yet! My two top webpages are yours and Martin Armstrong. We are lucky to have brave people to call things as they see them. I am a surgeon in the front line in a big European hospital. Yes, this is a severe illness and no I would not like to get it. However, our hospital is empty and all the adjacent hospitals are empty. People are becoming restless. We can’t continue with high unemployment and massive costs because of the frozen economy. I have to say I fear violence will erupt if we don’t wake up and call this for what it is – a massive over reaction! I have suspected for some time that certain people believe the world is over populated and would be happy to see a massive reduction. History is replete with examples and let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass – stay safe and thank you both

  82. Bob Clayton

    I like listening to Martin,a very intelligent and modest man.Cagey on coming out with buy Gold,probably due to advising Governments,etc, but reading between the lines you could tell that was what he wanted to say.A great interview Greg and many thanks for your continual good works in a bad world.God Bless Bob,Manchester,England.

    • Kyle J


  83. Chris

    Great interview, Martin is a great guest and always an excellent source. Why can’t we get him in front of President Trump.

  84. Michael214

    With all due respect, Greg, I been visiting your site since you started, I remember the days of you giving Kitco Metal price updates…😊

    I don’t comment as often as I used too, but you may remember I wrote on your site in 2013 that Silver would hit $13 before it bottoms when it was trading at $23 (check your site, I took a lot of grief). At this point, I just want to say that all one needs to do is look at your archives and see that Martin has been saying the same thing about Gold’s lack of performance since then as well. However, please look at the true performance of Gold over this period of Government Dollar debasement to see the truth. IMHO, he continues to dissuade people that it is not time to own Gold…. Just look at Gold’s performance as a true store of wealth since he has come on, compare it to anything, it has absolutely has done what it supposed to do “Store the value of your Labor/Wealth”!!!!

    He is suggesting you wait until the real “$hit hits the fan”, to buy some, well if you take that advice you probably will not have the opportunity to buy anything! Just look at what’s happening now when trying to purchase precious metals with the government is trying to keep people convinced at all is well, 6 Trillion printed this month! NOT MANY SITES HAVE METALS FORSALE…..

    “If you spend all your time worrying about what others think, you will eventually forget how to think for yourself.”

  85. Merry Piper

    Greg: Thank you for having Martin Armstrong on. Altogether now….open up the economy. It’s not about politicians. We the American people can make this happen by our non-violent choices if enough people take a stand. Time will tell, the dark history of tyranny does not have to repeat. God bless.

  86. Dwayne Lynch

    Greg, I want you to know how much my wife and I appreciate your guest. Your interview with Martin Armstrong was outstanding. The conversation brought a balance I needed, as I have tried to navigate these rough waters economically in making decisions for my family’s future. I’m an 87-year-old man hoping to guide my wife, children, grandchildren, and a few great-grands. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will give perfect wisdom and guidance and good health throughout all your interviews. We desperately need voices of truth. Thank you from Lubbock, TX.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dwayne! All the best Brother.
      Brother Greg

  87. truthseeker


    EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Rashid Buttar BLASTS Gates, Fauci, EXPOSES Fake Pandemic Numbers As Economy Collapses

  88. Mike M

    People wake up. The game is over. The USS Titanic has hit the iceberg and there are no lifeboats to get on. Day after day, everything is imploding and there is no end in sight – only an end and a final one.

    Whatever you have, whatever preparations you made are immaterial. This will go on until the US and most of the west are totally destroyed – economically, financially and physically. You have no one to blame other than yourselves as this has been planned out for years and they have actually telegraphed what they were doing.

    No you are not coming back or recovering from this. Your fates have been sealed and there will be few if any survivors. It may be weeks or months but the day of reckoning is soon approaching. Stay close to family and friends if you can and pray the suffering is not prolonged as this is now the best you can hope for. Over and out.

    • lightning

      Mike M,

      Calling for panic is what fools and cowards do.

      There are always things we can do and we will come out of this stronger if we do those things. If you want to give up, do it…but don’t incite panic …its not helpful to those of us who need to work to get through this and get to a better place.

      Winston Churchill said “Americans always do the right thing….after they’ve done everything else first”.
      So our history, even during the greatest generation, says we are slow to move in the constructive forward path. But we will ….but we have to pull on the rope in the right direction or the “bad” people will pull it their way.

      So I suggest you start pullin’ in the right direction bucko


  89. Hilde

    Armstrong is one million percent spot on.

    • joe right

      Yes the global economy has shut down = economic freefall. Brilliant!!!

  90. Hilde

    Brilliant interview. Armstrong is saying it just as it is. The ridiculousness in this whole lockdown is beyond belief. If anything good comes out of this completely insane situation, it’s only because of the little guy who has to work his butt off and get some smart ideas on how to survive at all and get food on the table, in spite of the elitists doing all they can to give him the final knockout.
    Armstrong is one of the very few who has talked about the little guys. He’s so right about small restaurants not being able to survive more than a month without customers. And curfew in India, like, are you kidding me?
    People have got to start to read up on facts themselves. Statistics about deaths from flue in general. From malaria. Heart disease, traffic accidents, typhus, etc. Not to mention deaths from side effects from medications. Boy, is this ever a planned takedown from the elite.

    • Zero BS

      Yeah he is so kind thinking about the little guy.

  91. Self Exiled

    Critical News Alert: In the provincial Capital five kilometers from here, the police and military have collected approximately 100+ fly objects during the lockdown. Arrests of the criminals flying these objects is 0, due to some sort of sophisticated unknown alert system. I have seen 5 of these colorful fluttering objects myself, 2 of them at an altitude of ten feet going down my street emitting sounds similar to children laughing. When authorities arrive at the crime seen all that is found is a is a fishing line attached to street signs, car door handles, fences ect. All that I can surmise is “such is the Kingdom of God.

  92. Rolf Royce

    133,810 views•Apr 21, 2020

  93. lightning

    The government and the media (past and present) has created an environment where the smartest, most able citizens now question the validity and truth of everything. Without some level of reasoned consensus , we have nothing more than chaos…..which is apparent now.

    Just a couple of logical things people need to act on.

    1) Studies show that there is 70 -100 x the number of people infected with Covid-19, so its far less deadly than portrayed by the media.

    2) #1 above means its essentially everywhere….so there’s no stopping it and its all around us already.

    3) #1 and #2 mean that its all over our food system , our mail, etc…. if you want to look ANYWHERE….you will find it using the tests they use.


    5) The vast majority of us have already been exposed to this and its not a death sentence for 99% of us. Starving and the associated riots and violence that comes from that could!

    5) You are only as safe as your neighbor. The community, your state and the nation matter. Help out your fellow man.
    (I heard Chris Martenson say that and its a great way of thinking about the importance of the community and law and order).

  94. DavidC

    A superb interview Greg, many thanks. I liked the one with Michael Pento, he’s always brilliant as well.

    I haven’t seen one with Greg M. recently, any chance of getting him on soon?

    All the best from England,

  95. Dave

    Initial tests on hydroxychloroquine show it is of little help. In some cases mortality increased. Dr. Michael Savage warned about this a month ago. He had a physician as a guest who runs an institute dedicated to the dangers of the drug. The drug has its uses but has side effects that can be severe. To the heart for example. The problem is the never Trumpers oppose anything Trump says and does while the always Trumpers support anything Trump say or does. They are tearing this country apart. It is tribalism brought to you by CNN and MSNBC on one side and Hannity/Rush/Levin on the other. That this study has import – though follow-up studies are needed/ in the works – is shown by the fact that Fox and Hannity and Oz and Levin and Limbaugh are suddenly silent on the matter. Containing to peddle potentially false medical information could leave them and their sponsoring corporations (Fox, Cumulus) open to massive lawsuits.

  96. Chris

    Hi Greg, I posted your interview on my facebook page as I thought people should see it and all I am getting back is how he ended up in jail for 11 years. I have been looking for articles that support his findings but having a hard time. Do you have any recommendations on where I could point people to on his model and the predictions he has been proven right on? It appears the search engines I am looking in only are reporting how he was arrested. Thanks

    • JC

      Chris, people should realize by now that a lot of innocent people end up in jail. Try to see the film “The Forecaster.” Here is something for you from Armstrong’s site.

      “It is really ironic that they threw me in prison to get the model and to shut me up. The ONLY government attorney with integrity was Dorothy Heyl of the SEC. She left the SEC in the middle of my case. However, before she left, she stood before the court and said that this contempt should end. The court refused to honor the request of the SEC because Alan Cohen, then on the Goldman Sachs board, said no. The court overruled the SEC and Dorothy Heyl. So who controls the courts? It was obviously not the government that day.”

  97. notyourpatsy

    People take note, this time of year fishing crews are ‘supposed’ to arrive from around the World to NW and Alaskan Ports to arrange employment. China Virus restrictions are having an effect upon this travel. Thus, it will have further implications on this year’s seafood prices.

  98. notyourpatsy

    Here’s another note of interest….Some major airlines are preparing to fly some basic routes between the USA and ‘Europe’ (London?) starting 20May2020 and 1June2020. Subject of course due to ongoing, changing China Virus politics. Must be some ‘high level talks’ going on regarding ‘precious cargo’, ya’ think?! Otherwise, no way would President Trump even be considering this type travel which could very well create re-infection of the US population. So there may be gold moving in order to satisfy Comex demands?

  99. Drew

    Hi all
    Best interview with Armstrong I have seen, he is a smart economic leader.
    Covad 19 is becoming a lot more dangerous than ever thought.
    High rise in strokes among 30-40 year olds reported by this Neurologist on the Australian news.

  100. Jeffrey Decaso

    This guy after being released from jail has always made me feel uneasy. Not sure I can trust this person. As well, he just wants nothing to do with precious metals. He gives me the same feeling as Rickards.

  101. Saint Lawrence

    Thank you for calling 911
    due to the city and county and state bankruptcies
    nobody is here to answer the phone.
    the trash and water has been turned off for a short time.
    the electricity is going on for one hour a day for a while.
    wait in your home because there are only closures in this
    city, county, state, nowhere to go.
    this is not a drill.
    we are looking for a buyer.
    (Martin was right)

  102. Mama, Bear

    Those of you who are selfish, who don’t care about anyone but your family and friends, yes, you can go out and get yourself infected…that is your “right/freedom”. But this virus doesn’t show any symptoms at all for five days or more, but meanwhile you are a carrier. .So you can think everything is fine, but in those five days you’ve also infected your family and friends. Then it can turn deadly…for you. Last year’s total flu deaths were about 40,000 for the whole year. Coronavirus has killed 49,000 Americans so far…in a month. This is a much, much more life threatening then the normal winter flu. Stay inside, or stay 6 feet from others/outsiders. Be a little more considerate of other people. The world does NOT revolve around you!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      So you are getting government check or pension? Why don’t you donate your check and have zero money coming in like all these laid off people and businesses and we will see how you feel about opening up the country again?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Of course, annually more people are injured by accidental poisonings, by a full order of magnitude, than have been sickened by this virus.

      So, of course, you have removed all of the injurious chemicals from your home, haven’t you? Such as your bleach, furniture polish, kitchen cleanser, and the like? If you haven’t, then you should “be a little more considerate of other people. The world does NOT revolve around you[r ability and expectation to live a normal life]!!!”


      • Occasnltrvlr

        Correction: That should have been “died” from the virus, not “sickened”.
        My apologies.

  103. Matt M.

    Greg, Thank you for having Martin Armstrong on for an interview. He cuts right to the economic bone and offers simplicity in a world which politicians create disconnected chaos. I really do appreciate your efforts and Mr. Armstrong’s grasp of the current situation.

    Greg, you are incredibly important. I’ve been following you near the beginning. Thank you!!!

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