One-on-One with James Howard Kunstler

By Greg Hunter’s  

If you want a no-nonsense look at the world and where we are heading, you talk to a journalist who has seen it all.  James Howard Kunstler began his career in the 1970’s at Rolling Stone magazine.  Thousands of articles and 11 books later, you have a writer with the experience to decipher a very complicated world.

The big story of our generation is the financial calamity we face, and Kunstler writes about it almost weekly on his site, He thinks “the global banking system is broke,” and world powers are “trying to conceal it.” Kunstler says, “All the loans are bad and we are pretending they’re not.”   

The world is heading for a “lower standard of living,” and the only question is “how disorderly will that process be.”  Greg Hunter goes one on one with James Howard Kunstler.

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  1. Michael

    Exactly! Western civilization economic implosion is imminent. That is reinforced by the fact that the DHS secured conracts to provide them with 450 million rounds of 40 smith & wesson and 175 million rounds of 223 ammunition. Economics always drives the politics. And the politicians are setting up to survive. WASS = We Are So Screwed!


  2. Barry Snook

    Greg –
    More of a question than a comment. How safe do you think 401K holdings are with these banks that are teetering on insolvency, especially for those who are close to retirement? I would like to hear some comments on that. Thanks.


    • Greg

      At one time I liked them but we live in dangerous times. I would, at the very least, cut back to only what the company was matching and nothing else.

  3. Marcel

    One thing that James left out is that the most evil Globalist, CFR rat are intentionally destroying the middle class as a prelude to their population reduction agenda.
    The old axiom ‘Order out of Chaos’ which they are bringing is now in play right under our naive noses.

  4. Saq

    Nice job Greg! I must be a glutton for punishment because I watch all these videos about the economy and they are all doom & gloom. I wish more people would wake up. Things are going to get rough, but prepping can help many. I just don’t get why the masses are still sleeping. It makes me wonder if I’m paranoid or delusional.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your support and comment!

  5. Ambrose


    Thanks for sharing another great interview with us.

    Two days ago Bloomberg reported “Dollar Shortage Seen in $2 Trillion Gap Says Morgan Stanley” ( It gave the Fed one more excuse to print more money.

    Today Wall Street is anxiously waiting for the Fed’s decision on the $600 Billion QE3. Either it will be QE3 or $600 Billion; I don’t think Wall Street will be disappointed. I expect that the Fed will buy more toxic assets from the banks. It has nothing to do with helping the economy – it is only a plan to stimulate election contributions.

    By the end of the day, the Big Bankers will get richer and the American economy will be in a deeper mess. When will the government realize that the real dollar shortage is in the bank accounts of average American families and not their Wall Street buddies?


    • Mitch Bupp

      Yes, the FED buying toxic assets is nothing short of dumping the loans off on the taxpayer.

      • Caden

        Thinking like that is really amziang

  6. Nathan Hale

    @13:15 “reality has other plans for us” If someone in the MSM said this they would be stoned. The truth is just unbearable I suppose.

  7. art barnes

    “The world is heading for a “lower standard of living,” and the only question is “how disorderly will that process be.”” Answer, depends on who gets the lower standard of living, if its regular working people, not very disorderly, just beans instead of meat. However,if it is the elite who gets a low standard of living, then a war is in order, which will be very disorderly. I’m betting on beans instead of bullets.

  8. Joni Carleton

    Great interview! The situation in the U.S. is pretty bleak. It’s like having a car that has all 4 flat tires and not one spare, while the driver(s) just sits on his hands and whistles ‘Dixie’!

  9. archivesDave

    Re Kunstler and his ‘peak oil dogma’..
    I fear Kunstler is as much an obfuscator as Glenn Beck and Mike Ruppert.
    About a year ago a noteworthy report was published in journal Nature
    referring to the universal distribution of methane which Russian
    scientists have been alluding to for many years. Kunstler must be aware of this research indicating some of the gas/oil is abiotic.

    This entire media coverup reminds me of how the public has been duped time and again by ‘science’ proving beyond a shadow of doubt that cigarettes do NOT cause cancer, high fructose corn syrup and silver (mercury) fillings are NOT deleterious.

    • Richard

      Response….should I activate my creative writing skills and and tell that the follow is absolutely true? Why not. Yes the following is absuletly true. Everything the general media writes is the absolute truth. You should believe everything you here and follow all of their following instructions without reservation. See that lemmming? Follow it over the cliff. You will not get hurt.


    • gillyf

      Glen Beck an obfuscator? Really,…I never saw anyone who was able to connect the dots re Obama and his cronies, backers, and Marxist fellow travelers. Over emotional at times, but a great American.

  10. slingshot

    Hey Greg,
    I sure enjoy the interviews with people who have the credentials to back up what they say. Right from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. What I would like to hear are the views of someone who believes just the opposite. I think it is time to go on the offensive and put these people on the spot for what they communicate to the public. It is time to close the gap between truth and lies, fantasy and reality for I want no doubt as to who to point the finger at. The ones being respondsible when things go south. There are those who want to extract thier pound off flesh but the collateral damage from an event such as a bank holiday would be horrendous, should social upheaval precipitate afterwards. The indications are that, there is an attempt to postpone any event till after the elections in November. The question is, will we make it that far. Even as Greece has voted to stay in the Euro, Germany is not happy and I am sure that the American Taxpayer, through the IMF will be paying to support Greek Lifestyle. How long does the the next bailout of Greece last and then return to the same point of its exit of the Euro.
    I would like to know why after the bailout of GM, that it plans to build plants in China for its new cars and not in the good old USA. Do we not have the engineers, designers and workers here, ready to go to work? Why do we allow electronic trading which transacts at lighting speed, to influence the markets. To me it is no more than inside trading at its best. We allow those who where affiliated with Goldman Sachs which holds 70 percent of the deriatives to be seated in powerful positions to influence the direction our country. Why are we incapable, if we know how we got here, to turn our country around.
    I apoligise to those who read my comments as I tend to rant.I feel it is the only justification. That is an attempt to clear my conscience and prepare and do accordingly for what lies ahead.

  11. M SMITH

    A friend sent this to me, if true, it’s a blession that I hope spreads fast. My 1st visit to this site, but some of the stuff makes sense as in all the strange crap poping up in the USA & world. The gov with all of it regs & new bull crap laws reminds me of a song yrs ago. It was Titled ‘Signs’ covering up the land scape blowing my mind,can’t you read the signs?

    Great work on the interviews. Thank you Greg!

  12. Mitch Bupp

    James is correct when he talks about the bubble which imploded. I still believe they are still trying to pump air (money) into the bubble.

    Secondly, I think that because of the change in bankruptcy laws regarding hypothecation/rehypothecated paper that the person who holds the physical asset of the hypothecated paper can immediately seize the asset. And the card house come tumbling down….

    The banks traded their crap to disguise the asset in a never ending hole.

    The EU bailouts are just milking the system for as much as they can before everyone faces reality … “the hole is too big to fill”

    I wonder if the money pumping is more about trying to give the economy a softer landing ….. an epic fail!

  13. chris1

    Thanks for a great interview with a sensible person.

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