Pre-Collapse More Dangerous Than Actual Collapse-Warren Pollock

4By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday release)

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says danger for all Americans is here right now. Pollock explains, “Where we are is more important than where we will be because right now, we are in sort of a Twilight Zone of transition between stability and instability. I think this is a dangerous time, and for some, it will be more dangerous than the actual collapse. . . .   The entire system we live in today is one large racketeering engine, and we really have to understand that for us to negotiate around this looting that is going to occur.  You cannot eliminate all the looting from your life, but you can go around it to a certain degree.  For example, you might need a pair of eyeglasses and spend several hundred dollars when someone in China can make eyeglasses for $5 or $10 of the same or better quality. . . . There is no competition in the United States.  There is no free election.  There is no free market.  There is not capitalism.  All of these things that you believe to be in place right now are lies. . . . It’s procedural racketeering.  It is the veneer of a functioning economy or a functional system.  This sort of procedural racketeering is also procedural control and procedural information gathering.  It is dystopia of epic proportions.”

Pollock goes on to say, “Think about your life and how you relate with procedures, and you will find that each and every one of these procedures leads to a destination, and that destination is racketeering. Why don’t we say that these procedures in total are described incorrectly as the New World Order.  The correct way to describe this is the Apparatus, the procedural looting and racketeering apparatus that is systemically present in our political system, our economy and our interrelations between each other.  So, we have this apparatus that is similar to a communist apparatus.  It is similar to a watch with many dials in it and many gears in it.  You are a cog in this machine, and all of a sudden, the gears wear off one of these small components, and guess what?  The thing functions poorly, and then, a little later, the thing stops functioning entirely.”

How do you survive the system going down? Pollock says, “I think for your survival, it is totally essential that you understand where we are with no ambiguity.  We are in the context of racketeering.  The procedures are the tools the racketeers use, and the apparatus is the very large global system where we are today.  This isn’t something to get emotional about . . . We’ve allowed our system to degenerate to the point that people cannot make decisions.  . . . Harry Truman said, ‘The buck stops here.’ . . . In reality, what we are watching right now is the buck stopping.  The buck is stopping, not only monetarily, if you look at M2 velocity of money, it’s stopping in capital formation.  People can no longer take their money and start a productive enterprise.  The buck is stopping in terms of people critically thinking.  The buck is stopping in terms of taking responsibility and having accountability.”

In closing, Pollock says, “The question being asked is when is the collapse going to happen? We are in a worse period.  It’s a pre-collapse period.  This is what happened before WWII.  This is what happened before Rome fell.  It was a period in time where things worked sort of, a sort of function and a sort of dysfunction.  There has always been racketeering in our economy and in our society.  It’s human nature, but here’s the difference.  In a society that’s functioning, the society can survive with some percentage of racketeering.  Right now, racketeering is so pervasive you cannot do the things in society for that society to function.”

(There is much, much more in the in-depth video interview.)

After the Interview:  

There is not going to be a power point presentation for sale for this interview. Warren Pollock is a regular guest, and will be back for another interview, at least once before the end of the year.  Mr. Pollock has no website and nothing for sale.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Greg you are truly remarkable and an inspiration to all that will listen.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you AA!!


    • Julie Tyra

      Your show is AWESOME and I look forward to your guests like an excellent after dinner dessert . Your excitement level is off the charts while waiting for a guests answer to very difficult questions. Of course I’m a woman and we notice stuff like that. I read that the TPP is going to cause VERY REAL HAVOCK with our medications. Bless whoever is leaking info on the TPP, DAMN the evil BUTTWIPES that wrote it. I hope they get whole body shingles and suffer greatly with a long life.
      Although if what the majority of those in the know tell us comes true, none of us will be ruled too much longer because there will be no United States.

  2. glen

    great speech,

  3. Randy0302

    Smart guy! Interesting comments.
    How can gold loose liquidity?
    Last time FED raised rates Gold and Silver went up……fact.
    Buy some NUGT or mining stocks for liquidity. These investments are your money pump to practice self sufficiency, get out of debt etc.

    • Manuel

      What will you trade it for? Fiat currencies? Paper Assets? Paper Debt?? Real Estate where prices have been built up on debt credit? It’s the fact that no one will want to trade it for anything since its value will be so “precious” in relation to all other assets, imo. It becomes illiquid because anyone holding it will not let it go for any thing.

      • frederick

        I will gladly trade mine when I can buy a penthouse inTrump tower in Manhattan for a kilo of Gold but not before

        • allen ols

          It absolutely shocks the conscious, that in a day and age when information is available at the click of a button, that there could still be so many of the smug condescending types, who like to laugh, point fingers, and yell “conspiracy theory,” when issues this serious are discussed. Seriously? It’s almost as if a level of weapons grade stupidity, ignorance, or perhaps both, somehow got released into the atmosphere or something, because who could possibly be THAT clueless? Yet, here we are….

          • frederick

            ALLEN the ignorance and denial of the American public never fails to amaze me I agree with you completely brother

    • Bruce Maclean

      Re: “How can gold loose liquidity?”
      I will not pretend to know, but I can offer one theoretical scenario in which gold could loose liquidity. Let us suppose, if you will, the financial system collapses. The food supply chain would be one of the first casualties, would it not? If you accept that presupposition then let us suppose that I, a victim of a collapsed food supply chain, have a one ounce gold coin but not a can of soup to eat. How can I trade my gold coin for something to eat? As Mr. Pollock implies, it would not matter if my coin was one ounce or one tenth of one ounce, I would trade the coin for the can of soup: thus my gold has lost it’s liquidity.

      • Swami Don

        Focus. A complete collapse? Unlikely as the can of soup example. What’s the point if it’s that desperate what comes after the can is gone. EZ to picture gold losing liquidity in exchange for Fiat Currency but gold always has value and could still be exchanged for useful things of value when nobody has any cash: cars, trucks, houses, land, travel trailers, bribe a Border Guard, establish a business or move to another country, as collateral, etc., etc. As long as society holds together, which seems likely, gold will maintain a relative value.

      • Julie Tyra

        Remember hearing about pieces of eight? Gold coins used to be snipped that way to pay for smaller items. I suggest you but a set of jeweler scales and a kit to do an acid test.

      • frederick

        Thats not a valid arguement for lack of liquidity First of all you certainly wouldnt use a gold coin to buy a food item however you might use it to buy a piece of farmland or a horse You would use a silver coin for food perhaps and the other fact is gold and silver is very easily smelted into smaller denominations For example here in Turkey every jewelry shop sells tenth once coins to one ounce coins for wedding gifts They also have kilo bars available upon request for investment purposes and the best part is it cannot be printed out of thin air by a criminal central banker

    • David

      Ridiculous! Pollock says that the price of gold will go down because the millennials don’t understand it. Are you kidding? The millennials affect the international price of gold? Gold could become temporarily illiquid in some localities if you want to exchange gold for a loaf of bread. Sure. But that will have zero effect on the international price of gold. In fact, I’m not sure that Americans in total will have much effect on the gold price in the near future.

      This makes about as much sense as Dent saying that we can’t return to a gold standard because there’s not enough gold in the world. I believe he said that on your show, Greg.

      • frederick

        Harry Dent if he said that hasnt a clue what hes talking about or is as some believe a disinfo agent of some sort David I think anyone can understand that any commodity used to back fiat needs to be priced accordingly

  4. DL

    Wow, thanks Greg, it is great to have Warren Pollock on the show. His perspective is important to hear; it brings to mind the John Adams quote: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  5. Jerry

    I saved this link for those that refuse to understand that we are in a full blown economic war with China and Russia. China leads the world in manufacturing, while Russia controls the lions share of petroleum and natural gas supplies. We can’t win.

    I challenge anyone to explain to me what the United States has to offer the world economy besides debt. Americans are so broke, they can’t even afford to buy a car without a 0 down lease program. Even Walmart can’t keep its employees working.
    Have you been to Detroit lately? It looks like a third world country. Even I don’t travel to St. Louis without carrying a weapon with me. Chances are you could get car jacked if you venture into the wrong section of town.

    The reality is we’ve been in an economic collapse since 2008. We just haven’t hit the bottom yet. Money printing and market manipulation have allowed the illusion to continue a little while longer, that’s all. The dirty little secret is that the rest of the world knows it. Come October 1st they’re cutting up our credit card.

    • Jerry

      This is actually how China see’s us. They think so much of the United States that President Obama was snubbed when he arrived at the G20 meeting.

      The two hot spots in the world are where? Ukraine and the South China sea. The globalist have moved us into a checkmate position, that could result in war, should they become desperate enough to save their crumbling empire from the collapse of the dollar.

      • Local Reader

        Obama had the snub coming. The US of War has created enemies all over the world by being a bully. The TPP is another way to control global finances. We’ve lost the “war” that US of War loves to wage. In fact, we’ve lost all the wars. The election is a farce. Maybe when the US people bottom, they will begin their personal recoveries that lead to an honest financial life.

        • frederick

          Local from my obsevations abroad the US govt sure has alienated itself from the people of many other countries and sadly its the average American citizen/traveler who pays the price for that

      • Matt In Pa

        That’s the Elites plan Jerry. Bring the U.S. down,rest solved

        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          I agree…people who say things aren’t working are ignoring the point of view of power. For them things are going fine. But the Brexit and Donald Trump have put some sand in the gears.

      • Rob M

        Jerry, I agree with you except for the war part. Although we are constantly at war somewhere in the world, and we have a war on terrorism, our big enemies know that they can buy influence in Washington D.C. Why go to war when you can buy off representatives, senators, Secretaries of State, former presidents with influence, or even presidents with present-day and future influence? Our country was set up during an agrarian period in history and the design of congress was put together with the idea that farmers would come to DC, take care of the business of government, and then head back home for harvest or whatever. It was thought that this would be an un-enjoyable chore and the officials would get in and out of town. Now it has turned into a get-elected-hit-the-lottery affair. We elect people based on their “experience,” and the lack of this experience is used against newcomers by incumbents. We should have had term limits from the start, but the founding fathers just couldn’t foresee that people would clamor to vote for America’s Most Talented and avoid the ballot box. Once in, patriotic duty sits in the back seat and getting re-elected becomes the drunken driver.
        I think Trump could win this thing; that the people see Hillary as a crook. Her followers have drunk the Kool-Ade and crooks cheat. She will get votes from the non-existent and the long dead, so any Republican has an uphill battle. I think Trump has a silent group of supporters who won’t put a bumper sticker on their vehicle or a sign in their yard. I know I don’t want to identify to the Kool-Ade drinkers that my vehicle is a good one to key or my house deserves a broken window or worse.
        As far as Gold not being liquid, that is why I buy silver, too. I wish silver had been a part of the interview. I have friends who say a person should be buying Maker’s Mark booze or something like that, which may no longer be available after the SHTF.

        • allen ols

          rob m
          ” Cliton-trump, we are being ‘clumped’. Gerald Celente.

        • frederick

          Rob Silver is good and I own quite a bit gold as well and am presently looking for a small farm to grow my own food

        • frederick

          War on terrorism ? Thats very funny actually Rob

      • allen ols

        Jerry, I have been out of sight since Thursday, just got back into town, didn’t know if u saw this from holter.

        Post script: Story broke last night that Deutsche Bank failed to deliver gold, if this is true it is game over. We await clarification as to what really happened and will comment at that point.

        Standing watch,

        Bill Holter

        Holter-Sinclair collaboration

    • Greg Hunter

      You are spot on Jerry. Big fireworks are coming. Thank you for all the links!!!

      • WD

        This president gets snubbed every country he goes to.
        He must know this and it must infuriate him….knowing what a narcissist he is!

        • frederick

          Just imagine how Hillary will be recieved probably no better than Obama perhaps worse

      • Jerry

        You’re welcome Greg.
        These are indeed strange times we live in. Look at the recent photos from the G20. Do you see anyone missing in the group photograph? Hint. His name begins with B.

        • JMiller

          Sorry Jerry but I see no one missing in the G20 group photo who’s name begins with the letter B. If you are referring to Barack Obama he is right there in the picture.

    • WD

      Jerry ,
      Maybe you best, most concise post yet. I lived outside of Detroit for a year and would sometimes drive on outskirts of city at safer times…a Chernobyl like city.

      I feel like we are kindred spirits….My question to you is why would Russo/China allow a Clinton victory? I mean they must have more stroke than even we realize?

      • Lee

        No Jerry I think it’s him on Angela’s right?

      • Jerry

        The U.S. is a nonfactor to China. I was told that two years ago at a G20 meeting that President Xi told Obama to sit down and shut up, that the United States had nothing to offer the world but debt. The U.S. delegates promptly got up and left.

        • WD


          They can still fire missiles at them…

        • WD


          I understand….but if US is willing to go to war they are a factor?

        • WD

          Jerry this from Rogue
          Is this the West fighting back?

          New World Currency on Steroids

          “Just when you thought the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan had hit Peak Bond Buying, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund have swooped down and invented a new scheme. Finally! A global currency with no backing and no accountability whatsoever. It’s a Bankster’s dream come true.”

    • Freebreezer

      Jerry – America still holds the raw food production trump card … and when the s#$@ hits the fan around the world, it is actually a pretty good card to hold. Though how the government plays it is an entirely different story.

      • frederick

        The problem there breezer is the US govt is pushing GMOs on farmers because of lobbying by companies like Monsanto so the world is looking to alternate sources of healthier food It could really hurt the American farmer if there are any left

      • Rob M

        Freebreezer, unless the enemy has trained his people to starve while learning how to shoot nuclear ballistic missiles from submarines.

    • jim c.

      Hay there jerry , On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you that gold will be repriced by china this month? The wait is killin me.

    • helot

      Dear Jerry,

      If Greg will allow me, I will indirectly answer your challenge. RE: ‘I challenge anyone to explain to me what the United States has to offer the world economy besides debt.’

      Please start at the begining:

      “… there are never-ending demands from protectionists, who want the federal government to impose sales taxes on imported goods. These demands go back to 17th-century mercantilism. They believe that higher taxes promote economic prosperity. Politically conservative protectionists know that their call for higher taxes will be resisted by other political conservatives, so they do not call these sales taxes “sales taxes”. They call them tariffs. By concealing the economic growth-reducing nature of these sales taxes behind a politically and traditionally acceptable word, they gain support from conservatives who have never studied free market economics, […]

      Here is what protectionists focus on: only about 10% of the American economy is based on manufacturing.

      To understand the importance — meaning unimportance — of this statistic, look at this chart. It is posted here. […]

      What is significant about this chart is this: the service sector has been larger than the manufacturing sector ever since 1840. […]

      Manufacturing is going the way of agriculture. But we are not getting poorer. This has been true since at least 1840. […]

      The main question is where the robots will be located: on-shore or off-shore. Protectionists make their case in terms of American manufacturing jobs. These jobs will continue to disappear under free trade or protectionism.”

      “The fact is, Chinese imports are marginal to the U.S. economy. […] Chinese goods account for 2.7% of US PCE […]

      if a pair of sneakers made in China costs $70 in the United States, not all of that retail price goes to the Chinese manufacturer. In fact, the bulk of the retail price pays for transportation of the sneakers in the United States, rent for the store where they are sold, profits for shareholders of the US retailer, and the cost of marketing the sneakers. These costs include the salaries, wages, and benefits paid to the US workers and managers who staff these operations. […]

      What the handwringers never mention is that the USA is the largest manufacturing nation on earth, with 20% of the world’s total manufacturing output. Wikipedia reports: “The United States is the world’s largest manufacturer, with a 2007 industrial output of US$2.69 trillion. In 2008, its manufacturing output was greater than that of the manufacturing output of China, India, and Brazil combined, […]

      [Let that fact sink in, Jerry!]

      You say that America’s workers need the government to enforce what’s good for Americans? I see. Slavery is freedom. […]

      The problem is not China. It is not India. It is not imports. The problem is the endless call from each special-interest group for the government to Do Something to Save America. The problem is that the government has done way to much for too long, all in the name of Doing Something to Save America.”


      Check out the flow-chart on this page, is this the kind of manufacturing you want?:

      I don’t think you do.

      • Jerry

        That’s a great theory Helot. Here’s reality. The United States cannot pay 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue. QE will go the way of the yack once the dollar loses reserve currency status. Manufacturing was what pulled us out of the last depression thanks to WWII.

        • Charles H

          Exactly – MANUFACTURING. (The Lend/Lease gold didn’t hurt either.) American products, back when, where the best; the world knew it; and they bought them. Today we produce mainly, well, er…. paper products.

        • helot

          Dear Jerry,

          I present you with facts and you call them, ‘great theory’? Whoah. I didn’t expect that from you. I agree with you about the 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities (they simply will not be paid) however; don’t look back to the lies told in the past, World War II did NOT pull the U.S. out of The Great Depression.

          ‘What we hope to show here is that those notions are nonsense.’ …

  6. David Reese

    An interesting and very important contribution by Mr. Pollock.

    Regarding eyeglasses. I am a pediatric ophthalmologist in an academic center. When I see a patient in my satellite office I take care of that child from the moment that child enters the exam lane until the child leaves the office. There are no “stations.” If the child needs glasses, I give the parent a prescription and tell them they may get the prescription filled wherever they wish. For a family with limited means, I suggest optical shops where glasses are inexpensively priced. If the child is unhappy with the glasses for any reason I tell the parents to return promptly, because I am responsible for the prescription.

    As regards “Maths”, I assume Mr. Pollock is speaking of the two alternate ways a prescription may be written, in either “plus” or “minus” notation. Every optician, optometrist, and ophthalmologist can easily do this basic formula conversion, but there is no reason to ever do so. Lenses are usually ground using the “minus” formulation. But if the prescription is written in “plus” format, the company actually grinding the lens will convert the “plus” into “minus” notation to fill the prescription. Optically, there is absolutely no difference in the lens power between these two alternative formulas.

    Finally, patients can now obtain glasses online from a number of suppliers, and huge, huge bargains in eyewear are available to consumers who choose to shop online.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you David for your comment.

    • Local Reader

      We had a local eyeglass producer in our town….family biz, who ground their own lenses. The only one in the state. The HMO’s put him out of business. People want it both ways….you shop at Walmart, you lose your home-grown stores; then Walmart increases prices. Everyone loses.

  7. Collateral Damage

    I just sat down with my morning coffee and my dog on Sunday morning to listen to your broadcast, and as far as I got was the title, “Pre-Collapse More Dangerous Than Actual Collapse-Warren Pollock”, before I wrote this note…

    I agree whole heartedly with Warren on this one. For a good read I suggest anyone interested go to, “When Money Dies”, written about the fall of the Weimar Republic. A comment contained in that book also said that the months/years which preceded the crash were by far worse than those that followed and that the timeframe that it took to rebuild was surprisingly short and marked by significant focused activity and effort to make the economic situation better.

    I recommend that anyone wanting to be schooled in what is to likely to come read this excellent book.

    Because I really believe that we will all soon be collateral damage.

    Keep the faith everyone, ‘for all it’s sham and drudgery, it is still a beautiful world.’ 🙂

    • MCasey

      This is copied and pasted from an Amazon Review of “When Money Dies”
      By A dad on February 13, 2011.

      “….salient points from When Money Dies:
      * The inflationary period was for 10 years, the last 4 being extreme. The end of the inflation was sudden.
      * Government and banks continually reassured the population the worst was over, and people usually were encouraged as a result.
      * To service debt, government enacted many new taxes, even some unusual taxes. But tax collection wasn’t very successful and tax evasion became socially acceptable.
      * Logically, the enormous government debt could only be paid back through inflation. Nevertheless, people were not prepared for hyperinflation.
      * Most Germans had not grasped the draconian terms of the Treaty of Versailles at the time it was agreed upon.
      * Food and fuel prices went up faster than those of clothing and other goods.
      * The middle class in particular was wiped out.
      * Laws were enacted against hoarding fuel and food. Shops were often closed and had reduced hours. For the sake of survival, everybody broke laws concerning hoarding, black markets and taxation.
      * The people were long-suffering. They believed in their currency until almost the end, and they were constantly saying the worst was over when in fact things only got worse and worse.
      * Foreigners descended on the land, buying up and exporting anything of value that could be moved. Eventually foreigners were buying businesses, land and anything that could be sold. Because foreigners got everything at fire sale prices, resentment built against them.
      * The Army, defeated in WWI and starved of funds, revived very quickly. This was a big surprise within Germany.
      * Extremist factions arose. The best paid workers finally couldn’t afford the necessities of life. Riots and unruly mobs became common.
      * When nationalist spirit was eventually revived, out of defeatism after WWI and the great hyperinflation, it was rooted in revenge.”

    • helot

      Oh man, if you liked, ‘When Money Dies’ (which I’ve read and recommend) you’re going to want to check out the more relevant, ‘The Vampire Economy’, by Guenter Reimann (1939).

  8. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    Warren asked you if you believed that the criminals or racketeers would allow Trump to govern. I believe the presidency is a part of that illusion that Warren refers to. The shadow government IS real and a president is either a part of it or it’s stooge. I don’t believe that back in 2004 or 2005 community organizer Obama was plotting to create a new government in Ukraine or planning our support of the nice friendly arm of ISIS in Syria. I believe that he would have had difficulty finding Ukraine on a map. These things would have been planned and executed whether Obama or Bush had supported them or not. Our government is now akin to the monster in the 1950’s scifi movie “The Blob”. It has no operating principles other than consuming everything in it’s path and unlimited growth. It’s pervasive and will grow until it blows up just like the Soviet Union..

  9. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Yes…and we have all been complicit with our greedy shopping and plastic cards, and casual callousness to the horrible supply chains of cheap products. We have taken refuge in magic and fantasy, believing that wearing a cross, or belonging to a political party or something will magick away our stupidities…sort of like the wealthy lady who gives old clothes to the domestic help and thinks she’s a great soul. What Mr. Pollock is saying, in a nutshell, is that we have chosen “stuff” and status over our souls because we fantasized that God uses 2 weights and measures.
    But we do have a great asset…our freedoms. In our system of government we have a treasure. I only fear we have bartered it away for those cheap glasses…and clothes and junk food. Did anyone really complain when Bill got us in bed with Tiannemin Square when we could have used our mammoth consumer dollars to bargain for human rights?

    • C romana

      Most people I know can only afford cheap glasses, and the others use credit.
      The 1or2 % with the mansions are not the majority. And most people work so much they have no social life at all.

  10. Jay

    Once upon a time, I would try to enlighten family members to the harsh realities of our times… but none would have it. Frustrating, but easier to take after hearing that you Greg, experienced the same thing in your family. Nothing’s changed in mine. How about yours? Are they listening to you? I am. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nope. All will know what you know now.

      • andyb

        Greg: I see the cognitive dissonance around me every day. but it is understandable. The millennials around me are all struggling; nothing left after the basics of food shelter and medical are paid. Their thinking revolves around basic survival. They have no clue of the issues at stake with this election cycle. Many are not even registered to vote. When the crisis comes, they will be totally at a loss. Although I have compassion, and I fully understand their predicament, I realize that those that cannot connect the dots or listen to reason are doomed, but no amount of persuasion can force people to have, for example, 2 weeks supply of food or an extra $500 in handy cash, if their economic situation is that tight.

    • S & K

      I to have been trying to talk to my family for several years. They think I am crazy!! It really is normalcy bias. They just can’t believe that this could happen. Mother in law a huge Hitlery lover . Can not say anything to her otherwise. It really is unbelievable and frustrating!!!

  11. Jallen

    Warren gave a most provocative interview! My suggestion to Warren follows;
    Always follow the money. Always find the root cause. Two ways of looking at a problem;
    Top down and Bottom up. Most of all, Pray for guidance.
    Warren, read the Bibical Book of Revelation, you will not be able to buy or sell without the MARK OF THE BEAST. The ultimate racket is the power to create money out of thin air and therefore control society. Central Banks are a stepping stone to a one world
    bank in control of a one world government. Warren, want to guess, who the ruler of the world will be under this system, it is all in the Book of Revelation, foretold about two thousand years ago.

    • frederick

      Warren probably wouldnt give you the answer that we all know is true anyway Jallen

  12. me

    Thanks for getting Warren back. More often would be nice.

  13. charlie2dogs

    Mr. Pollock everything you said is true but americans are too dumbed down to understand, thank you for your work and your effort.

  14. Jason

    Interesting from a philosophical/sociological perspective. But, for all his being ‘absolutely clear’ he offers no practical steps. Nothing actionable. Just theories about what the Western World has become.

    • Charles H

      If you accept his premises, concerning corruption – you get to an unusual perspective (think like a criminal); which could allow judgment to alter into areas never before tread. If you ‘see’ things differently, and change your criteria for decisions – then you are going to have a lot more latitude for doing things than previously.
      His point is valid – but unconventional, or even unacceptable. “Change your thinking” – I believe was his point. You can’t diagnose everyone’s situation.

  15. Tad

    After listening to Warren, Russia looks better and better as a post-collapse destination.

    Comments on Hillary: Considering her health record and inability to remember items as secretary of state and unable to work full days, I’m concerned about her critical thinking skills and a hair trigger response vis-a-vis a Russian nuclear scenario.

    Gina M. might assail this thinking as criticizing a woman’s change of life.
    I’m concerned that Bill Clinton might run the show while Hillary partially imitates a character from Weekend with Bernie.

    I’m not sure when the transition might have occurred, but the United States is an absolute racket. A capitalistic ideology and/or democracy probably
    never, really took hold. Absolute rule of law would have asserted itself somewhere.

    Your recent interviews with Denninger and Pollock have been two favorites.

    • BLT

      I think Gina M is only bombing the articles that have Hillary in the title as it is much easier to find for a troll. Met an extremely sweet older lady and Hillary supporter here in the great beaver county PA that had no idea the southern border has been moved 50 miles inland from the real “line.” She was dumbfounded and hadnt been to the south or just Houston to see for herself that it pretty much IS MEXICO down there nowadays. Thank God for the fact that the Mexican people are not typically freeloaders and most do not want to think of themselves as welfare recipients even as they are signing up their non-citizen children for Medicaid. Trying to explain to my Mexican/Cuban/Salvadoran/Guatemalan/Honduran/Costa Rican/Columbian/Brazilian friends that Medicaid is a form of welfare would be impossible if I had to answer the question: “Okay Brian, how else am I ever going to afford health insurance in this country whether I’m legal or not?”…. because even I as a citizen my whole life can barely afford it anymore. If Mexican people all of the sudden took the view of say…the sham Black lives matter, we would have a real problem on our hands. If this election goes to Hillary somehow it will be because no one in the North has the time to come to the south and see what this place has become. Rock on Greg. Thanks.

    • Jad

      Warren is saying you have to be able to think on your feet. The situations (mostly difficult) you will be facing during the days, weeks, months, and years to come will require real time problem-solving ability.

      If your are going to survive you will have to be crafty.

      Therefore, Warren is saying you have to invest in the way you think about potential problem and the way you decide to handle the actual problems of daily survival under a corrupt system.

  16. Alyce

    Yes, every day our twilight zone society gets more ridiculous. Every single day I meet someone who is just dumbfounded by the craziness we all have to deal with. I’ve learned to survive, I guess, by thinking like a criminal. I buy new cars that have been “salvaged” by a guy with his own tiny dealership, who is Hispanic, employs illegal aliens to do repairs and body work. The cars are new, expensive and run perfectly, yet I pay hardly anything for them. I want Trump to win, but I profit by illegals anyway…Tough. I survive and will always find better alternatives. I haven’t shopped at malls in years. I’ve learned to get around as many systems as possible. My daughter in her 4th year of college has zero debt, there will be no student loans..she will work in the medical field in a job that has future growth. I have gold, silver and Bitcoin. But what I’m more proud of is that I speak up and stand up for freedom and common sense whenever I have the chance. Recently, the big chain gym I go to, instituted a new rule that no “politics” can be discussed anywhere in the gym, even if between 2 friends privately. If it is discovered that you are talking “politics” your membership will be revoked. (Of course, it’s okay to talk about gun control, however) Because of me, 5 of us quit that gym….if I wanted rules like that, I’d move to Saudi Arabia. It’s a small difference I made, but it’s good enough for me with 3/4 of my life behind me. Maybe that little bit of power I feel helps keep me going. A lot of people are losing it these days, look at all the murders, riots. Don’t let the twilight zone get to you.

    • frederick

      Alyce I know exactly how you feel and have lost some friends over their political correctness and my lack thereof I would never pay dues to a place that felt a need to stifle free speech Isnt that unAmerican?

    • Southern Girl


      Good for you…you go girl…I totally agree with you. Who the hell do those businesses think they are. That is the same as saying you can not think for yourself.

  17. DBCooper

    Wow Greg, Listening to WP is like trying to lasso a thunderstorm!! It’s like the thought process travelling around inside his head are making me dizzy trying to keep up!! WP’s statements about racketeering remind me of GM’s statement that EVERYTHING is functioning in fraud … we have tried our best to be ready for whatever happens … just hope we can hold them off at the gate !! Yours, DB.

  18. mjmikey

    Great interview as usual. You are provide a great service, to the average person, by presenting information that the MSM won’t Just been informed by my London educated daughter, that maths is the study of mathematics in jolly old England.

  19. DBCooper

    Robert Lykens, Thank you for your last post on the WNW for Friday 09/03/16. Hence our thought that one should cut the head off the snake if one expects any hope of killing the serpent. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • frederick

      You too huh Cooper ?

      • DBCooper

        Mr. Fredrick, My grandfather was known to say …’ pig says huh … pull his tail and he says uh huh’ !! What’s your point? Still DB.

    • Robert Lykens

      Thanks DBCooper. The leftist/socialist Democrat Party, combined with their Party Mouthpiece/MSM has everyone so frightened of being branded an “islamophobe” that we’re willing to live with terrorists in our midst.
      Islam is indeed a serpent. We will either cut its head off or live with a viper in our midst.
      I vote for cutting its head off.

  20. Southern Girl

    Mr. Pollack is right on track about the PROCEDURE of policies. I recently had to go to the doctor because I dislocated my shoulder. Now mind you I have been in that office at least 4 times. Every time I come in it is the same thing…they print a paper and say….please sign this copy…Okay what is it??? Have you changed your name, address, insurance, etc. Finally last time I went in she shoved the paper in front of me and I said NO! This is redundant. The woman was in shock…she kept starring at me…she is probably thinking..did I hear her right. She asked again and I said NO. She gets up and goes back to talk to someone. Later comes out and calls her boss on the phone in front of me. They talk and the woman said, “She says it is redundant.” She finally writes on the form…she refuses to sign.

    Guess what I am going to do the next time. Take the paper and sign…THIS IS REDUNDANT….find someone else to play this game. Also went in about the 3rd time and wasn’t feeling well and they took a photo of me….when I realized what had happened I asked what that was for…Oh! The doctor probably wants to know what you look like. WHAT the HELL kind of answer is that…just another mindless procedure.

  21. The Downes

    We know your a religious man, so if you read I Samuel 8, God clearly tells us
    why this is all happening, we did not want Him to rule us, so this is what we
    have, as He told us. Thanks for all you do, we watch religiously!!

    • Diane D.

      Yes, 1 Samuel 8 is very pertinent.

      America wanted a king and got one. Even worse, they re-elected the king four years later. This November we have essentially two choices. While they are both much different, both promise to govern as kings. God gives people the government they deserve.

      I believe the quality of life in America is going to continue declining and become much worse soon. The scope of suffering may be Biblical.

  22. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Racketeering….the pervasive system.
    In “The Book Thief” movie a poor handyman supporting a wife and foster daughter in wartime is offered help by a Gestapo officer . The officer says, “You know…if you’d just join the Party many more work offers would come to you.”

    The whole story is about the price of saying NO. Not the price of getting shot or killed…but of dragging on with honor.
    Lots of food for thought. The Christmas scene is a masterpiece.

  23. Southern Girl

    Mr. Pollack is also right on about critical thinking skills. As a retired educator I taught this to my college level classes as just part of the coarse. I think a great part of the death of critical thinking came in with the calculator. How was the calculator good for elementary students???? They did not have to think…just punch in the button…add, subtract, etc. NO THINKING IS REQUIRED. Gad Zooks we are in deep do do folks.

  24. Al

    W. Pollock is one of the first in this alt arena I can remember, he does date back to the early 2000’s. His commentary and interviews were stellar back then and now. I remember thinking about much of what he said back then was unfathomable and remotely possible… yet now here they are staring at everyone’s face.


  25. francis m reps

    Greg, Mr. Pollock restates the ” obvious “. Sound money and the practice of strong religious faith is vital to healthy national life. The establishment of the Federal Reserve bank in 1913….following the impoverishment of Great Britain by the International bankers…and the need for a new place for the parasites to feed,{ the USA} was the beginning of the end for western civilization. Our founding fathers stated unequivocally that only precious metals should be money. They understood history. We must not lose sight of the fact that each and every one of us has a ” Personal Destiny ” , and we must do our best to live by the golden rule. What is coming our way; is no different than what has happened to humanity over the past many thousands of years. Live by the rule to help your deserving neighbors and avoid or destroy those who are dangerous to you. His mention of Ann Barnhardt as a martyr is misplaced. She is a bright commentator whose obvious flaw is her belief in the merits of fractional reserve banking. { which is largely responsible for the mess we are in }. francis reps

  26. Millicent

    In addition to ‘When Money Dies’, this novel is a good view of hyperinflation – The Black Obelisk.

    • Millicent

      ‘When Money Dies’ is factual – didn’t mean to imply it was fiction.

    • Alyce

      Sounds like a good book, ordering it today!

  27. Joanna

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Greg! I’ve been waiting a while for Warren to be back on and it was well worth the wait.
    I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible but the timing of you having him on and the weekend I just had couldn’t have been better!
    I’m from New England and am currently in Florida due to a death in the family.
    First thing, the point about political correctness Warren makes is spot on. I can’t even have a conversation around family members (that I typically don’t see) due to the fact that they all so brainwashed and ignorant!
    Second: I had a check with me that I needed to cash. I only do business with a credit union and the only one available was a half hour away so my brother offered to cash it for me at his bank, “Bank of America!” He came out of the bank waving me to come in as they wanted to see my license. I thought, “sure, no problem!’ Well, I get in there and they not only wanted my license, they wanted my THUMB PRINT!!!!! I grabbed my license and said HELL NO and walked out using some choice words that I will not repeat here!! I was horrified. Come to find out, these banks have been doing this for a few years now. I had no clue! To Warrens point, THIS type of system is an apparatus. An illegal one at that. What right does a bank have to obtain my fingerprint. They made me feel like a criminal. It was beyond creepy. I feel it is an invasion of my 4th amendment right!! The fact that they’ve been doing this for years tells me that people will go along with anything. They don’t care about their constitutional rights!!! To think, I can not “cash a check” without them obtaining my finger print?. What’s next, my DNA? We are living in an open air reservation where our air, food, water, vaccines, etc are all poisoned and these banks and corporations are getting more and more powerful. It is an apparatus of power, control, extortion and eugenics!!
    I pray Trump is the man we all think he is and saves us from this tyranny!
    Thank you Greg for all you do and bringing on these extremely intelligent critical thinkers!
    Sorry for the length.
    Frustrated and horrified in Florid!
    Can’t wait to get back to NH!!!!

    • Southern Girl


      Thanks for the post. The people at the bank and other businesses don’t know how to question a policy. They just mindlessly follow directions….people have quit thinking. They let their smart phone do that now.

      As a side bar…I had to be fingerprinted to renew my teaching certificate years ago….talk about feeling like a criminal…it did make me feel awful. TOTALLY UNCALLED FOR.

    • The Seer

      DMV now requires a thumb print via a scanner device.
      The agent says, “press down hard.”
      Don’t and pretend with only a half press to save yourself
      From this idiocity and insanity that continues to devolve our culture!

  28. Don

    hi Greg, I am sure I am not the only one who could not understand a single word he said or what the hell was talking about

    • Freebreezer

      Don – My simple take away was learn to work with in a rotting system or get buried and destroyed. Kind of like the advice per a snow avalanche … fight it and you will get buried and die. Or you can take Rett Buttlers advice from Gone with the Wind … “I told you once before that there were two times for making big money, one in the up-building of a country and the other in its destruction. Slow money on the up-building, fast money in the crack-up. Remember my words. Perhaps they may be of use to you some day. “

      • Charles H

        That was good.

    • foggygoggles

      I’m with you. Life’s a racket–is there anyone over the age of 35, who hasn’t figured that out? I graduated in philosophy with honors, so I developed the capacity for critical thought many years ago. I endured this interview twice trying to follow some logical train of thought, but Mr. Pollock was all over the map. Since predictive capacities are Mr. Pollock’s strength, I would have preferred that he share his thoughts on what he expects to happen, and let us use our own critical thought and common sense to strategize our way forward.

  29. Pvt. Mushroom

    Lotsa ideas here to ponder – but also lotsa jittery kaos.

  30. Lynn

    I always look to see who the guests are and usually sit through the presentations and think about the point of view presented. I may or may not agree with the presenter or their premise but it can stimulate critical thinking, voiced as valued by Mr Pollock.
    In this case, I heard a lot of conceptual thought conveyed passionately. In this passion I failed to find anything of value to act upon or stimulate further learning.
    He, as I, thinks the system is a racket. I get that. So what. It has always been so in every society and economic system. He is bugged that eyeglasses are too expensive. Did he go to China to save money or found a website that resolved the problem or he met someone who knows somebody that knows a guy.. ? He never said what he did or made this experience of useful relevance to his audience. He got herded into a basement when a fistfight broke out and complains that there is a process. If he doesn’t like the process why would he allow himself to be herded into a basement? He failed at working around it as espoused in the interview.
    Speaking of ‘interview’, he should drink decaf on presentation days.
    Mr. Pollock will join a very short list of Greg’s quests that I choose not to endure in the future. My time will be reserved for the likes of Holter, Mannarino, Kirby and their ilk… And I do sincerely thank you, Greg for those guests.

    • frederick

      Lynn I think he was using the eyeglasses as an example of what a racket the system has become Theres no doubt he is correct and most of us on this site already were well aware of that fact

  31. RSteve

    Good but frigthening interview.
    Thanks Greg for your continued dedication to the truth no matter how bitter that pill may be to swallow.

    What about the fact that the dollar is a DEBT-based currency?
    Surely the fact that the FEDERAL RESERVE is private and provides a 6% dividend to its owners since 1913 should be brought up?

    What percentage of the US economy and others is owned by the FEDERAL RESERVE private owners?

  32. 8Ball

    This video will not play in the country where I live… No big surprise as they are a totally sold-out US puppet state. There are ways to get around this and I managed to watch the interview.

    Obama and the Obamaton entourage got their hats handed to them at their G20 arrival. Obama was probably asking if there were ways to send drones to attack the meeting after that but most likely he just wanted to go and play a round of golf. I suspect that he is just a drugged-up zombie that can read the script when needed.

    America is indeed in deep doo-doo.

  33. cmore

    Perhaps the very reason Bernie Sanders was popular with the millennials was exactly the idea of a handout. Its not just there aren’t jobs many just don’t want to work, They want to play on their phones or play on their x-boxes. I work in healthcare and we are so short help as the boomers retire. The new nurses start and then quit once they realize this is work and not a handout. What was said above is very true. U have to think on your feet. But what does the hospital do? They hire a supervisor a supervisor I wouldn’t trust with a potato gun much less be in charge of running a code. Why hire her. Maybe they want someone too stupid to question flawed protocols and procedures. Sound like our presidents and “elected” officials? But as long as I can stay healthy, go to the gym, work extra hours to buy up all that cheap silver and maybe figure out which mining companies to invest in I will be able to rest a bit and spend time with my remaining blissfully ignorant teens.

  34. cmore

    Party now my millennials, and credit card debt laden generation X. My son and his wife both work, have a Cadillac SUV, rent a house valued higher than mine. Guess who is watching their kids today as they work? My son tells me if everything crashes he will give me credit for being right as I prep for the worst and hope for the best. I told him not to come over empty handed when it does happen.
    That stuff from rent a center u are leasing, that shiny new car u over paid for and that 2nd mortgage you took out just to get more “stuff” will leave u with nothing. Do u not realize as a country we produce absolutely nothing but yet believe this “service based economy” can maintain the status quo? I see cohabitation in my neighborhood as several families are beginning to share one home just to survive not living in slums aka section 8 housing. Oh and I made a mistake on our manufacturing base. We export terrorism and war.
    At the very least get ur cash out of the bank as soon as ur paid. Please realize that money in the bank is a loan to the bank and u very well know what happens when some one defaults on a loan.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      I’ve been raising yuppie orphans for years, including family, and believe me, the bad part is if one dies. I saw their first steps, their new teeth, nursed them when ill, bought them bigger shoes when their feet were sore. All the parents ever thought about was THE FUTURE. Well, the future is not guaranteed. When one of my ‘kids’ died in a car crash, I had all the memories at her funeral. The parents all have boats and antiques. Believe me, they didn’t choose “the better part”. I would not have done it at all except the situation was inexorable. By the way, I never asked money for my own family.

      Why doesn’t anyone on this site write about people like me and others on SS who don’t even need to file taxes? Why are we so invisible? Many of us are the enablers for the “American dreamers”.

      • frederick

        Deanna if you are on SS you dont need to file a 1040 I had no idea please elaberate for me

      • Charles H


        Bless your heart. “People are more important than things”. Most just don’t get it.

  35. Steve Sullivan

    Greg, awesome interview. Besides Mr Pollock’s timely comments on thinking for ourselves, which most of us gold bugs do on a regular basis, his last comment was very insightful. “I hope you can make it thru the next 2 years” !! I hope viewers picked up on this ?? Thanks Steve

  36. gldgtr

    I agree about the comments about the Bernie Madoff society we live in. However, his examples have flaws.
    A 17th century Satsuma/Imari vase/bowl has liquid value if you know who collects it. Just taking the easy way out and consign it to an auction house or antique’s dealer for a 40-60% fee is just plain lazy or uninformed. Just try buying one in Japan in a shop on the Ginza specializing in porcelain. I think you would be pleasantly surprised! (assuming it is not a fake-many out there). Besides, how much did the person with the estate buy it for in the first place?
    As far as gold is concerned, the banksters may take the price down temporarily from time to time, but in this climate to recommend that gold is going down is just plain bad advice. I say this because I store metals abroad and have gotten several emails front storage facilities asking if I am going to store more. Would they ask this if gold was going down? Gold is in short supply and to suggest it has no value/decreasing value just because the MSM says so is ridiculous. In Asia with negative interest rates, it is hard to get gold-all safes are sold out for months and storage in Singapore and Hong Kong are full.
    Lastly, if teachers accumulate 2 million in a pension, more power to them. They work hard dealing with kids today. Do you think they will ever see it with a 0.5%-1.5% return like with the CalPERS pension fund? By the way, if someone saved 600k over a lifetime in a pension fund and had a career of over 30yrs or more in investing time, I hope they would be a multi-millionaire! It is still a mediocre return for an deferred tax investment in my opinion.

    • Southern Girl


      I am retired educator who paid into the pension system. Thanks for the kind thoughts about teachers. I was granted a disability retirement about 3 months early. I had been threatened by two different students in my high school. One was a black male the other a white cheerleader. The administration let the white cheerleader go and only after I put my foot down did they follow procedure with the black male. Funny thing…the black male student threatened me in a classroom in front of mine while a black female teacher was present, the vice-principal was a black male, the principal was a black female. They were about to refuse to do anything when I pulled the RACE CARD…Finally a white female who said if you don’t follow procedure I will file a racial discrimination case against all of you. Long story short..the black male pulled something else before we went to court. Hello jail time.

      Most people don’t think being a teacher is tough…try it. It is like being in combat.
      I had a Masters plus 45 hours and 28 years in and still did not make much as far as salary.

      • Charles H

        S G,

        I stood up to a bully in 10th grade, way back in 1969. I backed the kid down – but there was a bigger kid they sent after me. That kid broke my leg in the classroom, with a kick I never saw coming. Boom! Fourteen weeks with a full cast and crutches.
        Turns out – if I had learned in that class and followed mechanical training – I’d have probably made a really good mechanic. Instead, I went another way.

  37. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Well, it seems that Warren has had an epiphany. In the words of Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard, “Welcome to the party pal!”
    Mr. Irwin Schiff ((Peter Schiff’s dad)) was a fine man. He stuck his neck out for all of us but so few people have ever heard of him. I learned a lot from him. He will be missed. And, Ann is not a martyr yet. Remember, that brassy lady is qualified with her AR so good luck Mahmoud, intimidating her.
    Keep up the great work Greg.

    • 8Ball

      Irwin Schiff exposed the criminal system that runs the world… Aaron Russo did also.

      Both were brave men. WP needs to ask himself when he should go on the offensive and take the fight to the next level. Sitting around, talking and waiting for the “collapse” is an excuse for inaction.

  38. Robert Lykens

    With all respect, I fail to see how “pre-collapse” is more dangerous than “post-collapse”. I suppose it all depends on what you perceive the collapse to be. I personally believe the collapse will be brought on by nuclear war, without an economic collapse first. In such a scenario I think any reasonable person would agree that post-collapse would be more dangerous than before the ICBMs rained down.
    But even without a nuclear war to “touch it off”, surely a collapse of economy is more dangerous than a functioning economy.
    Now crops are harvested. After? Certainly not so much.
    Now delivery trucks still roll. After? Sporadically at best.
    Now food, clean water, good medical care, gasoline are easily had. After? Probably not.
    Mr. Pollock seems to be saying that the lack of “critical thinking” is what’s so dangerous. Am I missing his point? At 58, I’ve dealt with the lack of critical thinkers my whole life. There has always been a segment of the population with which one must be patient and explain their jobs to them step-by-step.
    Again, if I’ve missed his point, I apologize, but I didn’t catch a glimpse of how we are in more danger pre- than post-collapse.

    • 8Ball

      I think the answers to your questions lie here…

    • Country Codger

      Hi Robert,
      What I took away from it was that pre-collapse every minute you waste is much worse than post collapse, when there is nothing you can do to prepare. Once the curtain falls there is nothing you can do to prepare, yet, every minute you waste pre-collapse is endangering your family and loved ones. Maybe I got it wrong but both my wife and I kind of agreed on that.
      Don’t know if this helps or not but hope you and yours are well prepared.

      • Robert Lykens

        CC, we are indeed prepared – as much as one can be for an event whose timing we don’t know. But I do see the “event” drawing closer, with Russia, Iran and others on Israel’s northern border.

        For you and everyone else here, when you see those countries crossing south into Israel, that’s it! Get home to your loved ones and prepare for hell on earth!

    • Pinocchio

      If you do not want to sell your gold, you can lease it and spend the rest of your life in Disneyland. You know exactly what I mean.

      • Pinocchio

        Sorry, that is a reply for Manuel. I clicked on the wrong place.

    • helot

      Dear Robert Lykens,

      RE: ‘I fail to see how “pre-collapse” is more dangerous than “post-collapse”.’

      Lots of people are like that and have been throughout history. They get caught off guard and pay the price. Consider these two examples: you’re an outlaw in 1938 Germany, you’re an outlaw in 1946 Germany. Which time period is more dangerous for you, not as a person, but as an outlaw?

      If you are thinking about Anything on this thread, you are an outlaw, today. “Pre-collapse”. You are a threat to those in power. At the top and at the local level. Mafia’s are funny that way.

      Another example is, people who could read and/or who wore glasses as Pol Pot rose to power. “Post-collapse”, things were different. Get the drift?

      • Robert Lykens

        Sorry, no, I don’t. We don’t yet have that level of persecution yet. We have seen illegal activities by the IRS, but no roundups of Tea Party conservatives.

        The Bible describes conditions during the “collapse”, which it names as “The Beginning of Sorrows”. During that period, 1/4 of earth’s population dies.
        Now that’s dangerous.

    • Hatemail

      In the pre-collapse you have to get your act together. Get prepared or you will get flushed with the rest of the poor suckers when SHTF.
      Warren is warning you not to get caught up and trapped in the rigging. Many of you have been entrapped for a long time so there may not be much hope.
      But do what you can, it may be life or death when it all falls apart.
      Start thinking critically.
      If SHTF in January and the gas is cut off, how will you survive? Draw up a flowchart. One failure leads to another and before you know it you are in the same situation as a million other unprepared people.
      This website has been ringing the alarm bell for several years now. Most of the people here are critical thinkers. Now it is time to become a critical activist.
      I used to think of this site as entertainment, now I use it for motivation. I have a chalkboard with critical tasks I need to accomplish. It feels good to cross each one off as they are completed.

  39. Bruce Maclean

    Thank you Greg for your invaluable public service, and applause to Warren Pollock for his brilliant and thought-provoking description of contemporary Western societies. Here is my attempt to state his thesis: “Society has accepted racketeering as the primary method of social interaction.” Mr. Pollock points to the many “procedures” as support for his thesis. Are these procedures not ritualized acts of racketeering? We citizens are bombarded daily with procedures that are acts of racketeering: the debit card machine that asks you how much of a tip you want to pay, the 5 lb. bag of potato culls that is marked a “Grade A1, the clerk at the hardware store who is obligated to ask if you want to donate two dollars to the latest charity event. The list of racketeering procedures is endless. Again, my applause to Mr. Pollock for sharing his perspective, and my gratitude to you Greg for your essential service to others.

    • Pinocchio

      The federal government is a gigantic racketeering system founded on a forced distribution of fiat currency and various divide and conquer political entertainments. It can only be deconstructed (dismembered) through Secession.

      Secede !!!!

  40. john duffy

    Charlie Johnston modern day prophet:
    “I have told you two things that are definitive: that after Barack Obama failed to finish his full term the next stable national leader would not come from the political system and that the Rescue will come late in 2017 after all have lost hope.”

  41. ross

    I don’t think Warren has a full grasp of what is happening. The elites are losing control . They would still have the price of gold at $900 oz if what he says is true. Add into the mix the Shanghai Metals exchange, the looming end of all fiat currencies due to all new money being created as debt, the collapsing real economy, the bond bubble, share bubble, property bubbles, derivative exposure , growing inflation and debt that cannot be repaid ; they are not going to juggle all these plates in the air for much longer.

    • frederick

      Ross they crushed Gold from over 1900 so I think they are still very much in control considering how much the money supply was expanded Look at how much stocks are up since 2009 compared with precious metals

  42. Charles H


    Here’s a really good read from KWN:

  43. Dan

    Thank you Warren for this great lesson to the sheeple. This more than anything, I think, is what is needed to better wake the masses.

    If you guys liked this type of awakening video on how the system is corrupt and made to trap and loot people, I strongly suggest you listen to a recent similar one:

    X22 Report – The New America Is Going To Be One Giant Sweatshop For The Rest Of The World:Dex

    It’s the first time for me hearing this Dex guy. At first his message in the video seems a bit far-fetched; but if you listen to it all the way to the end, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Basically, I feel like it’s an extension or another take on what Mr. Pollock is getting to but actually carries it into the future when they flip the switch and make the transition to the new financial system. In short, those who are unprepared and have no critical thinking and “adaptability” skills as Mr. Pollock mentioned will have no choice but to become slaves in the new system by accepting a micro-chip or “tattoo” as Mr. Dex mentions and then be trapped even deeper in this system of looting and embezzlement. Powerful video. Must watch, as it complements this one very well.

    I would even encourage Mr. Pollock to view it, as it extends his notions even further.

    Mr. Pollock did us a service. I think we need to to him and ourselves a service by forwarding his message to people around us.

    Bless you all.

  44. john duffy

    Warren is a very bright man. He has so much information with an urgency to it that he almost comes across as incoherent. There are so many people in different elements of our society now sounding warning alarms that people need to be prepared for the worst!

  45. Jim Thomas

    I could not make any sense out of what Warren Pollock was trying to explain. Making none sensible statement such as Star Bucks is giving away free coffee and this is making them happy??????? Warren Pollock talks in circles. It amazes me that none of the comments posted at this point have not mentioned that this guy sounds like an idiot that has been drinking too much beer.

    • Karen

      Thank you. I thought I was losing my marbles. I got zero from the interview. Nothing he said made a lick of sense to me. I mean compare this interview to any interview Greg has done with Andrew McGuire, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter, Egon von Greyerz, Naomi Preis, or Jim Rickards. These people are crystal clear in their comments and arguments and have a great way of communicating their thoughts and theories. Sorry, but this interview was a rambling mess that I could not follow for the life of me.

  46. mark

    Gold liquidity/fractionality can be remedied with a good set of tin snips.

    The observation of the “scam economy” is the truth. Every where you look,
    it’s pretty much corrupt.

    An excellent and productive interview by all concerned.

    • C romana

      …tin snips! Exactly. Smaller coins would be great to, but I only see half ounce, and hang on to the gold jewelry.

  47. gregd

    I’m guessing I just don’t get it but I just listened to the interview and I got nothing out of it. Yes, we know that the Politicians are corrupt. We know that things are getting worse and we know that there is nothing really different between the two parties. They are supposedly for this or that, but they fight for nothing we the people want.
    Now if he called for a military coup, or to empty the jails and fill them with all the politicians, bankers, the 1 percenters and the MSM I could understand it. Or, for a real revolution, that would make sense.
    But all he said was, be aware that it’s all a scam, and think like a criminal. Don’t buy gold till they crash it. And even then you may not be able to sell it for its worth.
    I got nothing out of this, no ideas or possible solutions. I guess we’ll just wait with our small stacks of $20’s and see what develops? I’m not being a jackass. WP is a very smart guy. Someone clue me in here, if we’re supposed to read between the lines I completely missed it. Lost in Toledo.

    • Old Dog

      Lost in my neck of the woods, too.

    • frederick

      I wish I had this guys advice during my divorce Evidently my ex wife was getting that kind of advice and she benefited.from it Every time she stole money or violated hrt promises it seems she got away with it and the legal system was useless As a result she basically robbed me blind sort of what WP is saying He is letting us know not to think like we were raised to think because if we do we will get slaughtered financially Its hard to fathom for law abiding people but its reality in this new normal economy Very Sad

  48. Charles H


    Holy cow – what pushed this guy over the edge? Not that I’m saying he is wrong in anything – it’s just that I’m surprised he hasn’t headed to the mountains, and reclused himself in a well provided bunker.
    And at Sam’s – $200.00 PER LENS on new glasses. Never again.

    “Think like a crook”!?!! Well, flip my switch! I find it hard enough to try and keep my thinking straight.
    I think I see your future in Warren’s eyes, there Greg. Reality will finally overcome the viewer. The whole system; soup and nuts – Warren really is going all over the place. What frightens me is that I agree almost completely. Mr. Pollock “spilled” an awful lot of good information.
    I wish he would have elaborated on rotating an IP Address and Mac Addresses, though.
    Kudos, Greg.

    • Old Dog

      Thank you, Charles.
      I needed some humor and you provided some!
      “Think like a crook” flipped my switch, too.

  49. Mark

    Hi Greg,
    Warren’s comments give us a lot to think about. This interview is worth a repeated playback. When I hear Warren say the lack of critical thinking skills is what sets people up to be looted by racketeering schemes of a systemic nature and become victims of their own poor decisions due to underdeveloped reasoning processes being overridden by emotions as in a panic, I am again reminded of Paul’s word to his young co-worker Timothy in which we read “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”. (2Tim. 1:7). So, to those whose faith rests in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, a word of encouragement can be found in the Sacred writings because while it is true that “the whole (systematized) world (racket) lies in the evil one and is under his control, (1Jn. 5:19) the Lord Jesus has “spoken these things” that “in Him we may have peace” even though “in the world you have affliction”. “Take courage”, then:” I have overcome the world” (John 16:33) and “greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world” (1 Jn. 4:4). Not only so, but as our beloved brother Paul wrote, “our citizenship is in the heavens from which we eagerly await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ who will transfigure the body of our humiliation to be conformed to the body of His glory, according to His operation by which He is able to subject all things to Himself. (Phil.3:21). Indeed, “Christ in you is the hope of glory” (Col.1:27).
    Now with respect to Warren’s recent experience in getting his eyes examined, I would only say that what we see in a lot of today’s businesses is what I believe I remember James Howard Kunstler calling “the low cost solution” which seems to be the natural outcome with respect to the quality of materials used when manufacturing goods for consumption in the interest of keeping costs down, as well as the competency of those employed (many of whom are hired part-time only to again save on cost) when our system of banking and credit has been corrupted to the point of being nothing more than a racket, or a scheme of debt leverage which resembles an inverted pyramid.
    As to having two pair of glasses made from an Rx which has a distance correction and additional power indicated for near point, simply do the math of adding the indicated near power add to the distance spherical power and you will have your total reading power.
    As to glasses “from China” for $5.00 versus the $500.00, I would say we are comparing what we can get in, or from China for $5.00 with what we can get here in US for $500.00 and I would say that determining the value of something is not just it’s price, but the quality of what is being purchased and the service provided after the sale. As an optician, I have seen and handled glasses “bought online” which I didn’t believe to be worth even the $5.00 which was paid for them and likewise I have seen and handled $500.00 glasses which I believed were worth every penny of what was spent. Eyeglasses are a highly personalized item which hold a varying degree of value based on how badly one needs them and how much improvement in vision can be achieved by their use. Included in this value is the quality of the materials used in their fabrication together with continued service after the sale.
    Likewise, the value of a nation’s currency is determined by what it is backed with and as President Nixon stated when he closed the gold window in 1971(?) that with respect to this “bugaboo of inflation” there was nothing to worry about as long as “Americans bought American”. That was before NAFTA and GATT made the way to send all our manufacturing jobs overseas.
    As to how long this all can continue before a breakdown, or reset, of the system takes place, or as Greg Mannarino says, a “return to fair value”, Jim Willie reports in his latest interview with Craig Hemke that since July 1 of this year, our banking system has already had eight instances of near Lehman type events which were averted only by mass infusions of cash from narco funds.
    So to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post I say “the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit”. “For God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind”. (2 Tim. 1:7)

    • Gordo

      Your Fighting Corruption With the Sword of the Spirit Man!

      [Mark, you.] “Put on your new nature, [personality] created to be like God–truly righteous and holy.”—Ephesians 4:24.

      AT ITS height, the Roman Empire was the greatest human administration the world had ever seen. Roman legislation was so effective that it is still the basis of the legal code of many countries. Despite Rome’s achievements, however, her legions were unable to conquer one insidious enemy: corruption. Finally, corruption hastened Rome’s downfall.

      The apostle Paul was one who suffered under corrupt Roman officials. Felix, the Roman governor who interrogated him, apparently recognized Paul’s innocence. But Felix, one of the most corrupt governors of his day, delayed Paul’s trial, hoping that Paul would give him money to secure his release.—Acts 24:22-26.

      Instead of bribing Felix, Paul spoke to him frankly about “righteousness and self-control.” Felix did not change his ways, and Paul remained in prison rather than try to sidestep the legal process with a bribe. He preached a message of truth and honesty, and he lived accordingly. “We trust we have an honest conscience,” he wrote to Jewish Christians, “as we wish to conduct ourselves honestly in all things.”—Hebrews 13:18.

      Such a stand was in stark contrast with the morals of the time. Felix’s brother Pallas was one of the richest men of the ancient world, and his wealth—calculated at $45 million—was accumulated almost entirely by bribery and extortion. His fortune, however, pales into insignificance when compared with the billions of dollars some corrupt 20th-century rulers have hidden away in secret bank accounts. Clearly, only the naïve, [low-information mob] would believe that today’s governments have won the war against corruption.

  50. pat the rat

    I own a home on paper it is worth quite a bit of money, no credit cards, can’t rent a car the buck stops!

    • JC Davis

      Pat. I have owned a home 1989 without land to work rent will be useless. So I got 19 ac of oak trees with a spring fed creek as a plan to exchange for rent. Good thinking ahead.

  51. Tony

    Health care is a racket. Try to avoid the stock market and they give you negative rates on your cash. They tax you for not buying health care insurance. We get it. The only way to avoid the rotten system is to stop paying taxes by under reporting you income. Then you get cheaper healthcare for being broke. He’s right about eyeglasses. Sears wanted $250. I went to eyebuydirect(dot)com and got a great product for $30. It comes down to the old ways. Don’t be an employee. If you can’t be one of the looters then lie and cheat the government at every turn. Hard to do as an employee but you can start a phony side business and take deductions. Go on vacation and deduct all the expenses. In other words work the system not for the system. But I already knew all that. Overall, this guy sounds like he’s on meth and has been up for three days talking to himself.

  52. Dee Garmon

    No wonder people ask him to come back. A system of education that employs more administrative employees than teachers and a health care system that has more non-medical staff than that of medical and consumes %15 of the GDP. If this is not racketeering, I do not know what it racketeering!

  53. coalburner

    Greg: This week I had to get my Mom a new gas range. At the same time I read Zerohedge about Hanjin shipping going into limbo. So, hi ho, off to Lowes I go. They have a range that suits Mom, but not one in the stock. I get the nice employee on to their computer. One store of several in the city had four. Oh great when can you get it shipped here. A week away, uhm. Hi ho, hi ho I decide I am not going to wait till they are all gone and get the oh, they sold them all. Now Lowes is pretty good and these ranges are made in the USA , well, sort of! An hour later I am loading one in my truck. And next day installed. I think I am skipping the procedure Mr. Pollick is talking about. And it was sort of the twilight zone since the range was no more than twenty miles from me all along. Well, chuckle the gas pipe was wrong and I had to go back to my local Lowes to get one that would fit! Smiles here, Hope you doggers are grinning too.
    Found out Kia, and most of Walmart Christmas is on those boats (Laying off how many thousand?) and the sailors only have about two weeks food and water. How much food and water to you Doggers have???????? Smiling! Love your work Greg!

  54. DLC

    From a site that I tend to take with a grain of salt. I read it through though and it made me queasy.

    “W” made a recent remark that DC needed to be totally circumvented, that it was just too corrupt top to bottom to expect any change. The actions of the press and the decades long entrenched politicians cannot help but leave you suspicious. When things don’t add up, there usually is a really good reason, a criminal reason in this case.

    One way or the other, we soon will hit pay dirt on the truth.

  55. Paul Anthony

    Hi Greg:

    Do you think that any of the Criminal Cronies/Politicians and or Bankers/Elites will ever go to jail even after the collapse?

    Also, maybe it’s a good question for some of your guests. Or perhaps I’ve messed their answers.

    • 8Ball

      I think what you are trying to say is” “will they be held accountable for their actions?”
      Most likely not in this current continuum…

  56. mickey byrnes

    Something is very wrong in America. Whether left right WE KNOW THAT. All of your hard work has exploded the myths of the empire. Pour a cup of coffee and think of where we are but more think of where we could be. We are a country that has lost all perspective. Our world our planet is incredibly beautiful think think think.

  57. larry koepke

    Greg, thanks for all you do. You are one of the few people that tell it like you see it. I just wanted to say that I have watched Warren Pollack many times on your show. He is usually so insightful and sharp. This by far was his worst interview. We all know the world is corrupt, kids have no critical thinking skills and the world has been dumbed down….. but your listeners are far past these mile-markers on this road to the end of the system. In all his ramblings he never hinted to timelines, actions to take, inside ways to beat the racketeering, how to benefit/apply ideas from his interview………. vanilla, it seemed. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  58. Ian

    Great show Greg.
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mr. Pollock. He hit the nail on the head.
    Please bring him back for part 2.

  59. OutLookingIn

    “enlighten family members”

    At a recent well attended end of Summer family BBQ, I had to make a promise to “she-who-must-be-obeyed” that I would not “preach” economics to any of the family. A promise I found easy to commit to since these past few years, I have been mostly shunned by the family because of my “coo-coo” ideas.

    I had previously made up my mind not to say one thing, even remotely connected to the economy, finance or the state of the country. I was very civil and contributed to the small talk about kids, the aches and pains of getting older, the foibles of the younger generation and who’s smart phone plan was the cheapest with the most free apps.

    At the end of the get-together I was complimented on my attitude and that it was nice to see me getting back to “normal”. I left with a great sadness even though smiling. Even the oldest family member there, a respected Uncle, asked me about the economy. I looked at him and asked; “Do you really want to here the ugly truth”? He slowly smiled and began laughing saying no, not really.

    Now since I’m back to “normal” I have been informed by “the chief” that we have been invited to an evening of bridge at my sister-in-laws. ARhrrggg!!! I think I will gently steer the conversation around to Mr. Pollock’s “start critical thinking” because of what’s coming in the world. That should take care of anymore “bridge nights”!

    • JC Davis

      OutlookingIn. That was good, Loved it.

    • Charles H

      Nat King Cole sings…

    • Diane D.

      Many of us can relate to your situation. I was ‘unequally yoked’ for many years; ‘was’ being the operative word.

  60. Angie

    I have been sensing that something is so very wrong but have not been able to describe it — HE DID! It is as if I am in the Twilight Zone at times. A complete lack of people skills, communication skills, inability to think or make decisions, and acceptance of substandard in everything is the new way. Combine that with the extreme corruption and look are where we are. The complete corruption and theft of our local government is beyond excessive. I have been trying for over 10 years to wake people up to the corruption of our school district and things have only gotten worse. The parents are not millennials but are deaf, dumb, and blind to what is going on. I have given up! There is only a handful of us who give a flip.

    Oddly, this made me feel better as I know we are not imagining this overt corruption.

    • frederick

      Angie Misery loves company as the old saying goes

    • Charles H


      Few people possess the character, the self-possessing confidence to stand-up on their own, against a majority and be ostracized. Most would rather compromise and lie to themselves in order to find comfort in mindless agreement – which they take for being right: and they are really wrong.
      No matter how small our own circles become: that, in itself, doesn’t make us wrong.

  61. Paul ...

    If you believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution … our species will mutate into higher and higher forms of evil … if you believe God created man … there is hope that good will overcome evil! … however the Darwinian’s are removing God from every fiber of our Nation and Christian Heads roll as the evil creators of ISIS further their attack upon God and Country! … we can do something about it in 58 days (vote for Trump)!

    • Bill

      Paul, We also need to get rid of the career politicians. They are our BIG problem. Don’t need term limits legislation, just don’t re elect them. One term and one term only

  62. Jeff B

    You are such a good interviewer. Thank you for what you do. I like it when you ask “what does this look like to the man on he street?” Warren gave a powerful and very unique look at where we are, but I would have liked to hear more detail on what we are going to see and how to navigate it as he said only certain people will make it. I feel he was also alluding to confiscation of materials or prison for those who believed in patriotic things, but maybe I am projecting my own thoughts. Thanks gain. Jeff

  63. C romana

    Thanks for the good interview, and here are some things to consider. I never made much money, but own a home. How? Sacrifice. People want everything right away. Think! N. Hill said it. 2. Don’t support the medical Industry, use homeopathics and complementary approaches. 3. Grow Your own food. 4. Men, build your own home. 5. Use cash and forget about the points, it’s a way to enslave you 6. Stop the lattes until you are financially free. Etc

  64. C romana

    7. Get on a spiritual path. 8. Give thanks for your health and the beautiful world 9. Make your own preserves 10. Plant fruit trees 11. Go to church 12. Practice an Art to become creative. Eurythmy is best.

  65. Annie Running Water

    Greg! Warren Pollock! THANK YOU to you BOTH! EXCELLENT Awakenings!!!!
    And I must say that I have been keeping a little mental list of what I observe so frequently now — I don’t have a name for it yet — where the system has become a circular definition: Here’s one: a friend told me that she called her bank to re-issue a stolen credit card. They bank told her to call the credit card company. The credit card company told her to call her bank. I asked her: How Much Time was spent on this? (hours? over days??). Another: I was enrolled in the ACA (now am on Medicare). I signed up on line but it didn’t go through correctly so I contacted the Marketplace via phone. Months and Months later I needed to supply yet more income justification to them, so called them. They said it would be easier to do this Online. OK: I play along and go Online. My (screwed up) account says: You need to respond via the email we sent you. Well…that was how long ago? Months and Months? And there WASN’T an email then that I saw…..I called the Marketplace — perhaps they could just help me get back Online with my account, just needed that one little piece…..Nope, it couldn’t happen, they didn’t know how to do THAT nor did they know anyone within the system who could help with that…. More Hours over More Days with No Cure. Currently, I am grappling with a brand new middle-range well-known brand computer that won’t function properly when I add my trusted software. Also, the software I use for my business isn’t acting just right…. I wonder what Productivity would even look like at this point in time!!! So we have: John Galt: Stopping the Motor of the World (Thanks, Ayn Rand!) ….and Mr. Pollock says that same: The Buck Stops. Indeed it is all so true. I’m truly no longer angry really, but I am looking to quietly remove myself from the nonsense as much as I can…if I can….and there are many many others who cannot…..
    If “they” have intended to build “Planned Obsolescence” into our entire system they are geniuses of the worst kind.
    Very Best to You Both and Much Gratitude

  66. eddiemd

    Situational awareness.

    It is a concept that was drilled into my head when going through SF training in the army. Always be aware of your surroundings and always have a plan for escape and evade. There are certain environments to avoid at all costs. Stay sober. Analyze the people in the environment.
    My team sergeant told one time that we don’t fight to fight in a situation such as a bar fight. We fight to kill. In hand to hand on the street we aim to disable or kill. There is no second chance.

    The rackets exist in every sector of society. I see it in the medical field everyday. It is a fixed game. Remember the IRS is in charge of the healthcare system. It is population control at its best. It is not healthcare. Wait until there are forced vaccinations with who knows what they are injecting. Electronic health records (EHR) allows for the government to instantaneously access your records.

    In the education field it is about control. School principals have their little fiefdoms where they control the education and especially control the teachers whom they hire. Teaching programs at the university level select student teachers who are not allowed to think outside the regimented system put into effect by No Student Left Behind. Either you tow the party line or be eliminated. No free thinkers allowed.

    The court system, especially the state family courts, feed at the trough of federal dollars. Garnishment of wages gets the states kickbacks from the feds for every support dollar they can get to the detriment of the father and access to his children. The destruction of the family is the goal in the name of protecting the children and stealing from the family. The system is corrupted by attorneys that collaborate with corrupt state attorneys and the judges. They are enemies of the people.

    The coming cashless society will result in the completion of the totalitarian state. It is coming very soon. This will be the coming of the mark of the beast foretold 2000 years ago.

    You are right. It is not just a racket, it is the sell out to the Luciferian one world order. People believe that they deserve to rip off their brethren; in reality they have sold their souls to Lucifer.

    • DBCooper

      Dear Doctor, Thank you for this post. It is very powerful. DB

    • Joanna

      Excellent post eddiemd.
      Aaron Russo warned of just these things you speak of and many years later we see them “slowly” coming to life. The slow conditioning of the people is intentional as to not spook them. Like cattle into the slaughter.
      We’re so screwed!

  67. Jack-G

    Disappointed. I usually enjoy what Mr. Pollack has to say. This time, it was an incoherent rambling of what seemed to be an unprepared individual. The few things I did catch were items we have known about for, dare I say, years. I guess we are all entitled to our off days, God knows, I have plenty of my own. In addition, the interview prior to Mr. Pollack’s would be a hard one to follow for anyone. Keep up the good work, Greg!


  68. Hatemail

    I had to laugh because what Warren said is so true.
    I work in a very technical environment. This week I have to attend a corporate meeting 8 hours long on SOP’s ( standard operating procedures ). Corporate wants no independent thought or problem solving. Always refer to the SOP. The corporate geniuses have not thought through every possible problem that could occur. What good is a SOP when it becomes a POS (piece of shit)?
    Warren is right about new college grads. They are all afraid to make decisions, think outside the box, or take corrective actions. They freeze up and power down in fear. They have minds that run on a railroad track.
    I’m an older guy. I have to step in and push them aside and fix the problem. This type of situation occurs at least once a week.
    What good is a college education if you can’t think?

    • JC Davis

      Hatemail I often think the things I know today should be taught in grade school.

  69. cf

    Hello Greg,
    I thought the premise of this interview was interesting but that Warren’s assertions – even if they are likely accurate – are presented very abstractly. If you have him on again, would you consider asking for more concrete examples of what he’s talking about? I actually found it hard to understand what he’s trying to say (maybe I had too much college 🙂 although it seems like he’s saying things that are insightful.

  70. tom

    I mostly agree with those who say that this was a bad interview. Don`t get me wrong. There was some truth here. Truth that most everyone on this level is well aware. For instance the “health care racket.” I now intend to stay away from my doctor if at all possible. This may lead to a shorter life but at least i may have some pennies to leave to my children. If this interview was a meal it would be desert. But where is the meat and potatoes??? And i too got the impression that mr. pollock had too much coffee or worse. My advice for all americans is to get as far into the country side as you can and when there to keep as low a profile as possible. (2nd home – bug out) (no driveway/not visible from the road!). And food will be the weapon of choice for the future political racketeers. So buy now while it is on sale.

  71. Tommy

    Greg, this is one of the most thought provoking interviews I have heard. Pollock really cuts through the fat and gets to the meat when he talks about the way things really are today. We hear the fairy tale every day and it has lulled most people into a sleepy funk. He is right when he says most people will not want to hear this message but you do so at your own peril. I will definitely listen to this interview again because it really is a lot to take in on one listening. Thanks, Greg and Warren.

  72. Rock

    Thanks Greg, great interview… Hope you have Warren back soon and get him to get specific in details. He is one of my favorite guests that you have on. Above all, keep your eyes upon Jesus…

  73. Bruce Fadem

    Thank you for bringing Warren Pollack back. His presentation was not what I had expected. My first reaction to it was that it is so depressing. From what he was saying in effect was that there is no hope for a solution. A concept with which I have extraordinary difficulty. I get he is saying that you have the choices of avoid and evade together with a few thousand in $20 bills to get by. Along with critical thinking to each new situation the system puts you in.
    I listened to the interview a second time (something i rarely do) and I found it less depressing but no more hopeful. There was a great sense of urgency in Pollock’s presentation. Is there not a strategy of like minded people getting together to assist each other thru this critical period? Should we not resort to being generous with the less fortunate to help them thru this difficult period? Should we not spread the “word” by Pollock and others although it may subject us to ridicule. What do we really have to lose?
    To do nothing and bemoan the present and future, is such a self-defeating attitude. I for one will seek to find solutions for myself and as many others as I can help thru these problems. It is up to us to find our way thru these enormous impending failures of our system. In almost all disasters there are always some survivors. I get it that not everyone will make it. It is our duty to ourselves and our families and others to be in the group that does make it.
    All the best to everyone who embarks on this epic Odyssey.

    NC Yankee

  74. Robert Lykens

    Posted last WNW –
    In case anyone missed it and wanted to see it –

    Five awkward facts about Islam that deceitful politicians and the media would rather you didn’t know.

    “1. Warlord Prophet – There are many unpleasant, violent stories about the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, and most unbelievers are completely unaware of them. Brainwashed by the “Islam is peace” mantra, they naively believe he was a holy prophet like Moses and Jesus; a man of peace dedicated to serving God. In fact, Muhammad was a mass-murdering warlord who waged brutal wars against unbelievers. He also tortured criminals and enslaved women. In Islam, Muhammad is regarded as “the ideal man, the perfect example” and every Muslim reveres him.

    So let’s ask: If Islam is a peaceful faith, why does it have such a violent prophet? Also, how can any Muslim who reveres his violent “perfect example” be regarded as moderate? Could I be described as moderate if I revere the examples of socialist mass murderers Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong? Islam the peaceful faith with a violent, murdering prophet makes as much sense as Christianity the violent religion with a peaceful, loving messiah.

    2. War Zone – Islam divides the world into two houses: The first is Dar al Islam, the house of Islam, the lands where Islam is dominant. The second is Dar al Harb, the lands of the infidels, the house of war. It is the duty of every Muslim to strive to make Islam dominant in the world by conquering the lands of Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam. This is commanded by Allah in Surah 8 ayat 39 of the Quran, a verse so important Muhammad recited it on his death bed. Such a division is clearly not a sign of peace and amounts to a declaration of war on all non-Islamic faiths.

    So how do Muslims obey Allah’s command? By waging…

    3. Holy War – Islamic jihad has several forms involving the struggle of the individual to become more spiritual. But it also involves the fight to conquer Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam until religion beings solely to Allah. Islam calls this fight: “Jihad al kuffar wal munafiqeen,” the fight against the unbelievers and the hypocrites. History shows that Muslims have waged this holy war against unbelievers from all faiths almost non-stop since 622.

    This holy war of conquest involves more than terror and violence and includes building a mosque, attending the mosque to give worship, wearing the burka, establishing Islamic customs such as halal food, sharia banking, prayer rooms, washing facilities, observing Ramadan and celebrating Eid.

    Any action that enables Islam to flourish and become dominant in Dar al Harb is jihad. Additionally, jihad is obligatory – fardh – on all Muslims, you simply can’t be a Muslim and not be a jihadist. This leads to a little-known core aspect of jihad you will never, ever see or hear in the mainstream media…

    4. God Be Praised – When people in the West think of worship, they believe it involves visiting a church or temple, kneeling to pray, singing hymns and performing rituals such as vigils and Holy Communion. Worship in Islam involves much more. Any act that furthers Islam is considered as giving worship – ibadah – to Allah. All of the actions mentioned previously are considered ibadah.

    But here’s the crucial difference: Muslims who gang rape infidels, who beat up and steal from unbelievers, who lie to infidels about the nature of Islam also give worship to Allah. Devout Muslims waging war in the way of Allah – jihad fisabilillah – who kill unbelievers by beheading them, bombing them, stabbing them, shooting them, mowing them down in cars and trucks are giving worship to Allah. Furthermore, they also believe Allah is acting through them. Meaning it’s actually Allah who is doing the killing, they are merely his willing instruments.

    5. It’s The Law – Let’s imagine for the sake of argument that holy war is not a core tenet of Islam. No suicide bombings, no mass murders, no rape and enslavement of infidel women, no lone wolf jihad attacks. Could Islam then be described as peaceful? Unfortunately not, because Islam comes with its own legal system, the sharia.

    This legal code is based on how Muhammad practised his faith and it controls all aspects of a Muslim’s life. Under sharia, the punishment for apostates and homosexuals is death. Adulterers face being thrashed within an inch of their lives or even stoned to death. Female rape victims unable to provide four male witnesses to their violation are criminalized and thieves will have their limbs amputated.

    As you can see, even without the horrors of Islamic terrorism, it still wouldn’t be possible to describe Islam as peaceful.

    Which raises the question: Why are all Western governments importing millions of Muslims, enabling Islam to flourish in the West and deceiving their own people about its true nature? In doing so, they’re endangering their own people and it’s innocents like Mia Ayliffe-Chung and Tom Jackson who pay the ultimate price. They’re not the first to be sacrificed to Islam and they most certainly won’t be the last.”

    • JC Davis

      Robert the answer to number 5 is without fear of their laws their religion would not exist. A lie must have fear to hide itself in, or be exposed by the light of truth.

    • DBCooper

      Robert Lykens, Thank you again for his post … it seems that it is hard to see the forest for the trees with so many horrors confronting us … I did enjoy my time in Turkey but the reality is that as an American and non muslim/Caucasian I would always be an outsider and hence either have to live as a slave or lose my head. We are dying the death of a thousand cuts and I refuse to willingly submit to fascism in any form. In my opinion islam is hardly a legitimate religion but is rather a fascist ideology.
      Yours DB.

  75. Mike R

    This coughing fit is bad. She’s not going to make it through the debates, if she even lasts that long. I bet she cancels at least 1 or more. She’ll concoct a false flag of some sort, accusing Trump of something outlandish, so she can refuse doing any debates. (because she knows her health won’t allow it). There have been so many of these coughing fits now, with this most recent one in Cleveland, you really have to wonder how close to home Dr. Drew hit, and how threatened he was before being dumped from CNN’s sister co.

    MSNBC cut her coverage, it was THAT BAD ! (they’d never cut coverage if that was Trump, and probably the reporters would root on his demise if he ever coughed that way) MSM is just plain disgusting in how they totally, without any level of shame, endorse and favor Hillary.

  76. Bill

    GREG; Might you be able to explain to me why we hear sooo much about Deutsche Bank, but we hear nothing, zero , zilch, about the Bundes Bank.???

  77. henry

    I was in a beach town a few years back and I bought some sweets. The price, with tax, was $3.72. I gave the 20 year old $5. He gave me back dollar and a quarter. I told him that that was not the correct amount. He gave me another quarter. I told him that was too much. I had to tell him exactly how many coins would be the proper amount. He could not make change. I asked him what he does when he is not working at the beach town. He informed me that he was going to the university studying history. What the system is doing to that generation is a crime against humanity. Dumbing them down and getting them chained to massive debt with few skills and a diploma of dubious value.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good street reporting Henry!! Thank you.

  78. Kim

    Jim Richards has predicted that the dollar gets destroyed on September 30th at 4pm. I got this information from a paid for subscription site. Either Jim has inside information or crazy courage to predict a day and time!

    • Greg Hunter

      Rickards is brilliant–that’s why he’s an insider. I have heard other analysis and information saying similar things. I have heard also a 30% to 50% devaluation in a very short amount of time too. Remember the Swiss franc lost 30% in a matter of minutes a few years ago? Could happen to any currency including the $.

      • Agent P

        Greg –

        The next time one of your top guests comes on (Rob Kirby), ask him about the ‘brilliance’ of Jim Rickards…

    • JC Davis

      Kim that is when the government will run out of the budget money, Now the demopublicans don’t want to extend the budget funding past December 2016, some don’t want to extend it at all. The window for prepping seems to be ending.

  79. WD

    As always thanks for posting this guest.
    This the gist of what he said:
    – The system is corrupt & fixed .Got it
    – Prepare. Got it.
    – Millennials can’t think out of box. Got it
    I knew this info before.
    But to say this is worse now than when collapse happens is just ludicrous.
    I think Mr Pollack likes to analyze and reanalyze to death.
    After a while it was circular nonsense that seemed completely contradictory.
    My reply to Mr. Pollack is a huge Huh!!!!!!!

  80. WD

    Making a donation to show my support.

    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you very much WD for your support!!!

  81. helot

    A number of people have asked, ‘what to do’ and some have asked about how to prepare. For some of them, I would suggest this online course (Preppers University) the instructors are top notch and are pretty well known, it seems worthwhile:

    The new session starts in one week. Here’s a sneak peak at what they offer:

    [I have No affiliation with them. I just want Freedomista types to survive so as to maybe increase my odds of surviving, too.]

    Anyway, I finally got to read the rest of the comments on this thread… interesting stuff.

    I changed my perception of the world around me a little bit as a result of this interview, the way the word, ‘Apparatus’ was used made an impact. The change was in my understanding of how others react and behave towards,… (as ‘MAL’ said above) The Blob.

  82. Gina M Mancarella

    Lets wish Miss Missouri well in the Miss America pagent.

    • JC Davis

      Swallow a elephant, choke on a fly.

    • gregd

      Shut up Gina!

      • Mike R

        Fortunately, no one took Ginerd’s bait. (s)He was hoping someone would make a snarky comment about Ms Mo. being a lesbo. Tonight’s the nite where Ginerd’s prison heroid gets wiped off the podium. 1st of 3 K.O.’s by Trump. Go long cough drops, lozenges, and body guards w/ Epi-pens !

  83. Charles Turner

    Racketeering could become my new favorite word!
    The question I have is, ‘has racketeering got worse than communism’.
    My wife was born in a communist country. And in the last 25 years this country has migrated into capitalism and is now migrated further into racketeering.
    My wife’s great grandfather died in a concentration camp and her relatives are a fairly hardy bunch. It is interesting getting the views of some of the ordinary, hardworking older people aged 60 to 70. these are people that have worked all their lives. The vast majority now believe they were more stable and better off under communism.
    I do wonder how history will treat this migration from capitalism to racketeering and Central Bank control. I suspect it wont treat it any more kindly than communism. On both system it is the people at the top that benefit and the vast majority suffer

  84. Gordo

    Corruption is destructive and wrong, since it benefits the unscrupulous to the detriment of others. Some progress has undoubtedly been made in that direction. James Foley, former U.S. deputy secretary of state, said: “We all recognize that the cost of bribery is high. Bribes undermine good governance, harm economic efficiency and development, distort trade, and penalize citizens around the world.” Many would agree with him. Back in December 17, 1997, 34 major countries signed a “bribery convention” that is designed to “have a major impact on the global fight against corruption.” The convention “makes it a crime to offer, promise or give a bribe to a foreign public official in order to obtain or retain international business deals.”

    Bribes for winning business contracts in other countries, however, are just the tip of the corruption iceberg. Eliminating corruption across the board requires a second, much more difficult step: a change of heart or, rather, a change of many hearts. People everywhere must learn to hate bribery and corruption. Only then will graft disappear. To this end, Newsweek magazine said that some feel that governments should “encourage a general sense of civic virtue.” Transparency International, an anticorruption lobbying group, likewise recommends that its supporters “inject a ‘seed of integrity’” into the workplace.

    The fight against corruption is a moral one that cannot be won by legislation alone or by “the sword” of legal penalties. (Romans 13:4, 5) Seeds of virtue and integrity have to be sown in people’s hearts. This can best be achieved by use of what the apostle Paul described as “the sword of the spirit,” God’s Word, the Bible.—Ephesians 6:17.

    Gina put this in Hillary’s next speech!

    Just two good ole boys, Never meaning no harm. Beats all you never saw, been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born.
    Makin’ their wayyyyyy, the only way they know how. Well, that’s just a little bit more than the Deep State, will allow. Wouldn’t change if they could. Fightin’ the system like
    two modern day Robin Hoods. [Yee-haw] That’s why the Deep State system loses every time! THEY HAVE NO SENSE OF HUMORE AND THATS HOW
    Welcome to Sherwood, Hazzard county. . . .

  85. pat the rat

    Gold is base on weight and not number printed on the note.One oz of gold for one loaf of bread not a good trade, one 1/10 of a gram of gold for a loaf of bread munch better.Valaurum .com 1/10 gram of gold $10.00 ,1/4 gram of gold $20.00 and the art work is great too.

  86. wondrouscat

    Thank you Greg for letting Warren talk non-stop. This interview is one for the record books, and the head on shot of him wearing the headphones is classic. You are the best interviewer on the planet as you are not controlled by anything or anyone, or controlling, and have no big ego to feed, and are not biased or judgmental. I would compare you to Ted Koppel whom I miss. My only question for Mr. Pollock is: How/where can I buy a new taxi for 2/3rds off retail? ( I’m sure there is a long procedure for that.) Last word – everyone should watch the 1984 ( I believe) Terry Gilliam (director) movie Brazil at least once in their lifetime. A real eye-opener, and so prescient.

  87. Linda L.

    If Trump really wants to drive the point with Blacks regarding just how little this Administration has done for Black American Citizens, Trump could run a short TV commercial that shows illegal immigrants roaming American Cities with their backpacks and cell phones, and then quickly switch over to visuals of cities in Detroit where blacks are killing one another in the ghettos (not a word needs to be said). They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I bet because this would be so effective in driving the point home, mainstream media/hacks probably wouldn’t allow this approach.

  88. ralph k

    great interview. i understand the drop in gold price only in terms of the continuing negative velocity of money, i.e., increasingly, people have less and less of it. the decreasing velocity of money equates with deflation. in deflation everything goes down in value. some things more, some things less. gold is a anti-government hedge against the value of the dollar. europe will tank in the near future, and with it the euro. money will flee to the united states causing bond yields to drop, the dollar to increase in value, and creat havoc for all countries that borrowed dollars in the past. eventually the dollar/united states will be seen as truly bankrupt, result in a crisis of confidence and then and only then will gold rise, no counter party risk. a very tangled web. tangibles of any sort, in addition to precious metals make sense. avoiding the criminal government is the game for everyone. as warren says, essentially, you have to think it out. stay out of the limelight. i love his one line, “think like a crook”. just don’t be one. would be great to hear from rob kirby now.

    great work greg.

  89. Agent P

    Painful interview…

    Alas, this is what happens when you wake up one morning with an ‘Ah-Ha!!’ moment, realizing you have just landed on the ‘answer’, and become instantly wedded to it… You then wrap yourself fully in an obscure concept with esoteric terminology, and within 5 minutes of the interview, eyes begin to glaze over…

    Compared to Pollock’s previous (lucid and informative) interviews, this session was downright bizarre. I get what he’s saying (the message), but the wires of delivery got crossed somewhere… Oh well.

  90. Faith

    Another excellent interview Mr. Hunter!

    Have not commented recently due to being in the hospital. WP’S views on healthcare are spot on. I have been stuck in limbo while my local hospital tries to deal with the VA. The VA system is a huge scam and provides little to no healthcare to veterans. The only people getting good healthcare at the VA are employees. Government unions ensure generous pensions, generous healthcare benefits, and protect bad employees from being fired.

    When the system implodes I wonder how people will react when they have no pension and their 401K or IRA Has been seized as the government assures people it is for the good of the country and will stabilize the economy.

    Zerohedge had an article today about the IRS saying that people should not store gold at home under a self-directed IRA. There was another article about the possibility of the government implementing a profit windfalls tax on gold if the price increases to a high level.

  91. Manny

    As always, really enjoyed the interview!

    I haven’t heard many people touch on this and I think Mr. Pollock did when talking about processes early in the interview but, to me, it seems that nothing works anymore. People don’t seem to know how to do their jobs anymore as nothing ever seems to get done right the first time, it always seems to require multiple phone calls/interactions to get something accomplished. I’m often surprised when I get the same answer from 2 different people.

    Now, instead of waiting for the inevitable ‘screw-up’, I’ll usually call back the next day or day after that to find out if it was done properly (or at all)

    Has anyone else noticed this?

  92. Mr Mister

    That was a fantastic interview, I had to watch it three times. Warren Pollock was on fire, trying to warn the people about the complexity of modern society. Be aware and alert, don’t be afraid.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank You M M!!

  93. Ricardo Picardo

    I guess I fall into the “Millenial” category based on age. However, I think it’s not productive to divide people based on age like Pollock does. There are smart critical thinkers at every age and people that are mainly followers too. Young people, of course, lack experience. But you were that age once too. Let’s get away from ageism shall we. Remember, Ron Paul won the youth vote within the Republican primaries in 2012. I guess the older guys are less critical thinkers? Or just more ingrained in the “procedural control.” Anyhow, liberty rings the bells at every age. Remember that.

  94. Dan The Man

    Wow! Mr. Pollock just articulated what I have been thinking for a few years now, however, I have been unable to put into words!

    Yet, another great interview Mr. Hunter!

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