The Biggest Story Not Covered in the News

By Greg Hunter’s

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve lost a big decision regarding it’s transparency.  Bloomberg, a financial news organization, filed a Freedom Of Information Act  last year  to get records  to find out where the Fed spent trillions bailing out big banks in the financial crisis.  When the Fed refused the request,  Bloomberg sued and  now won.   Every American should want to know what the Fed is doing and who it is helping by printing trillions of dollars out of thin air.  After all, the Federal Reserve is ultimately responsible for the value of every dollar you save and spend.  Look for the Fed to fight giving up it’s secret information to the death!   I predict it will appeal the case.  This story is not being covered today in the mainstream media. Not covering this type of important story is part of the reason why the public is in the dark about what is going on with their money.  More about this case and why the mainstream media is not fully informing the public in “The Soft Truth” posted below.  Meanwhile, here’s more on the Fed losing it’s case to keep you in the dark.

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  1. highmountaindrifter

    I want to know were the money is going.

    • Greg

      High Mountain,
      Me too!

  2. Skip Moseley

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for all the effort put into sharing the real truth. There are so many ‘spin doctors’ hired as advisors in our government, that the average citizen can not discern reality in our economy. Most the talking heads on CNBC are telling us , “Now is the time to invest” , after the market has made a 500 point move up in the S&P 500 last year. I agree with the high potential of a double dip. Commercial and Retail real estate seems to make that clear. I have been in Retail Management for 30 years in the Southeastern states. These once common “service oriented jobs”, have become scarce, with many college educated people re-inventing themselves at less than $10 an hour. Long term debt with no excess spending money, spells tough times ahead for American retailers. North Carolina unemploment is marching towards 12%….is the worst behind us?

    Mr. Concerned , North Carolina

    • Greg

      Thank you for your kind words and insight!

  3. F R England

    Thank you Greg, I just love the 2017 Predictions for MSM, Markets and Gold-Gerald Celente , Gerald like you. always deliver’s truth and facts, GOD bless you and all your wonderful guest and pod casts . Maybe the sleeping giant has finally waken, after years of steady doses of lieacain, and libercrap. Mr Celente really told it like it is. Trump would be wise to bring him to the white house to identify and category slimy slugs in the swamp.

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