The Political Pope Francis – Man Above God – George Neumayr

By Greg Hunter’s

Best-selling author George Neumayr’s new book is called “The Political Pope.” Neumayr reveals, “How Pope Francis is delighting the liberal left and abandoning conservatives.” Neumayr explains, “The irony with this Pope is that he doesn’t particularly like Catholics. He views devout Catholics with a certain amount of distain, and that’s why the left likes him so much. He see’s Catholics in the same way they do. They see them as ridged and pharisaical, and he’s used those same terms to describe them. In many ways, he is adopting some of the anti-Catholic invective that is popular on the fashionable left, which has been for many decades anti-Catholic. With the Pope on the chair of Saint Peter, who is criticizing Catholics saying they are too conservative . . . the media is eating up this Pope.”

Neumayr, who is a devout Catholic, goes on to say, “I would call him a post-Christian Pope . . . in an age that is becoming less and less Christian. It is becoming more and more focused on humanism and not on God. It’s more on man and man’s political schemes, most of which are left-wing political schemes which this Pope is endorsing. So, in some ways, he is a post-Christian Pope.”

Pope Francis urged President Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. Neumayr thinks, “Pope Francis is more worried about saving the planet than saving souls.” Neumayr also reveals this Pope is pushing global government. Neumayr says, “If you read his encyclicals, there is a section on world government and how the United Nations should have the power to compel countries to adopt these climate change regulatory norms. There have been a number of Vatican officials that have endorsed the concept of world government.”

In closing, Neumayr says, “Pope Francis is promoting every religion except his own, and one of the religions he promotes the most is Islam. He has repeatedly called Islam the religion of peace even as its militant branches grow stronger. He’s made apologies for eruptions of Islamic terrorism. You wouldn’t expect a Catholic Pope to sound like a spokesman for CAIR.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with George Neumayr, best-selling author of the new book “The Political Pope.”

After the Interview:

George Neumayr is a seasoned journalist. He is currently a contributing editor to The American Spectator. Neumayr has also written for Investor’s Business Daily, The Washington Times and the Daily Caller, to name a few.

To keep up with George Neumayr, you can go to his Facebook page by clicking here.
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  1. J. Bullocks
    Posted from comments at page bottom on Jun, 13 2017 @ 07:15 PM
    These are the same attorneys that reported receiving a phone call with voice changer asking for info on their case. The number was traced back to Debbie Wasserman Schultz office.

    Another to follow is @eleebeck. She is getting a lot of flack from all sides now.

  2. Paul ...

    A lot of the Catholic “orthodox” teachings must be modified … like how could man have been created 6000 years ago when fossil records show man was around for 240,000 years … so having a Pope with an open mind is not such a bad thing … now if the Pope wants to save humanity he should be promoting more CO2 production (not less) … more CO2 will provide food for the plant life on our planet and the plant life will thus in turn produce more O2 for us humans to breathe and it will also increase crop yields to feed humanity … it is good that the Pope wants to save humanity but he should get better scientific advice and realize that saving humanity also includes saving the plant life on our planet … if humans produce more CO2 the plants will produce more O2 and this will help increase levels of O3 in our atmosphere and thus heal our ozone radiation shield … the Pope becoming more scientific is a good thing … he just has to promote the correct scientific perspectives … and I think it is a good thing for Christians to do away with orthodox “blood sacrifice rituals” … the goal of the Catholic Church should be to become more like the Protestant religions that don’t emphasize such rituals (leave all the blood and sacrifice rituals to the evil Satanists)!!!

    • al Hall

      Greg: I have sent you info on what this man says for a long time. The pope is a communist- just like the left in this country. That why they agree with each other so much!!! I could have told you what this guy is saying?
      And don’t forget- It is said this will be the last Pope ever!!!

      People need to see the light.

      • Josie

        The pope is one of Satan minions leading millions to Hell. God is waiting for him…

        • ttomm46


      • N F

        I took a class from a scientist who became Christian. He discussed how they would use carbon and other dating methods. They would take a sample and test it five different times. They would get results like this…
        1) 150,000 old
        2)50,000,000 old
        3)20,000 old
        4)5,000 old
        5)8,000,000 old

        Then they would take their preconceived notions that the object in question “should be” about 150,000 years old, so we will use that result. Other than that, old world science is basically giving ideas for the artists to draw up. Find one bone scrap and tell the artist it must have looked like xyz. Scientists of our day have proven themselves again and again to be blinded by greed, stupidity, agenda, or other things.

        Also, there are many geological events that have been observed over a human lifetime that are supposed to take hundreds of thousands of years.

        And all it takes is a nice flood or volcanic eruption for things to instantly change in such a way that a scientist will look at it and say it took thousands of years to happen.

        Just sayin, maybe the fossil record is as trustworthy as the revisionist history of our global warming/cooling/changing temperature records that NOAA was caught tampering with.

        • dbcooper

          NF, Great post, Thanks, DB.

      • Doubting Thomas

        Since the Biblical teaching is certainly not that man was created 6,000 years ago perhaps Catholics could finally embrace the Bible they so studiously ignored when the Church of Rome bent the Christian sect in Rome to their ways back in the 3rd century.

    • Wild Bill

      What kind of God CAN”T create a multi-billion year old universe in 6 days about 6,000 years ago? Answer: Not too great of a God. Mine can.

  3. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Talk about the embodiment of a whited sepulchre – Matthew 23, v 27

    • Tim

      Who, Newmayr or the Pope?

  4. NH Watcher

    This is a very important interview, and I am so grateful you finally did an interview from a largely spiritual angle (or one after so many economic-focused interviews). Even spurred me to donate to your site, which I haven’t done in awhile. If people do not add in the spiritual aspect to the New World Order, they miss what will eventually be the largest aspect in reality. Regimes based on force alone (the Soviet Union, Iraq, you name it) eventually falter in their underlying secularism/atheism. Conversely, regimes which become theocracies (Iran, North Korea even) stay in place and only get stronger internally. The Elite of the world know this well.

    We can also say that the United States has been blessed in the past due to its Judeo-Christian foundation. Will that blessing continue? I think not. And much of Biblical prophecy alludes to the same. Nations which replace an authentic spiritual foundation to become their own gods, eventually die of their own mortality.

    While there is a strain of conservative Catholicism which is rampantly anti-Protestant, just as there is a strain of fundamentalist Protestantism which is fervently anti-Catholic, there is still something to learn from each side, in order to understand this current “Pope” and his role in the New World Order. Again, I am glad you took the time and effort to secure this interview and remind us all.

  5. Elusive Joseph

    Bergoglio (Francis) is an antipope. He is not Catholic. The Church has had several antipopes in the past. The true Catholic Church is in a remnant and eclipse (hidden) by the counterfeit church born from Vatican II Council and masquerading as “Catholic”. To understand the Crisis in the Church, I recommend the following documentaries:

    Vatican II: Council of Apostasy (full length)

    The Communist and Masonic Infiltration of America and the Catholic Church (full length)

    • al Hall

      Top notch recommendations- agree most should see these to understand what’s happening!
      The UN is not and was not set up to do what most people think- people need to wake-up to reality! The left(communist) lie about everything and to many people believe these lies are true! I know many educated people that believe their crap!

    • ttomm46

      You are so right……….

  6. Lucho

    The Pope may be argentina but God is Brazilian 😉

    jorge bergoglio, aka Pope Francis, is well known in South America for his colaboration with the Military junta in Argentina (1976-83). His betrayal of christians should come as no surprise given his unsavory past

  7. Dan

    An excellent interview on a subject that is so important. By all indications Pope Francis doesn’t waste any time mixing church and state ! A parallel between Obama and the leading holy representative is a true connection. The concern here is who in the Vatican voted this Pope in. Are there problems with how business is conducted within the holy city right now !? Thanks Greg with the great work that you do !

  8. Patt Hill

    Good interview. The Pope is a traitor to all who believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. Anybody with half a brain knows the Paris Climate Treaty is a wealth transfer mechanism from America to the rest of the world, just like the ACA is a wealth transfer mechanism from those who worked and built wealth to those who refuse to be productive. This is all part of the New World Order. What amazes me the most are the politicians who are selling out America from both sides of the isle and look the American people in the eye and say how much they love this country.

    • Mr. Byrd

      Perhaps the Pope *is* a ‘traitor to all who believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior’. Certainly there is much about Pope Francis to suggest that he has abandoned some of the principal ideas of Christianity. But to read some of the comments on this page–many written by ‘Christian’ dispensationalists –is a bit much. Francis may, indeed, be a heretic and a traitor to the Christian tradition. But he is no worse than the dispensationalist (zionist) ‘Christians’ who offer comments here. Mohamed is criticized for having viewed Jesus as a mere prophet. However, rabbinical Judaism–which sees Jesus as the ‘son of a whore’ and as ‘being boiled in hell in a cauldron of semen’–is viewed with respect. Doubting readers might consult *Jesus in the Talmud* by Peter Schaffer.

      • Charles H

        Mr. Byrd,

        I strongly confess to being a Christian, and within Biblical parameters – a dispensationalist: but in NO WAY do I consider myself to be a “zionist”; and I RESENT being likened to anyone ” a heretic and a traitor to the Christian tradition.”
        This is simply a ham-handed smear of vile proportions, embedded within a comment bearing EXTREME parameters – rendering the overall context as some kind of a mockery.
        Schaffer, as an author – is a proponent of Jewish Theology; and therefore rejects Jesus Christ of Nazareth as the Messiah, and the Second Person of the Trinity of God. It is this very unfortunate mistake which has set-aside Israel from fellowship and the blessings of Jehovah, God the Father; AND brought the WHOLE WORLD into the commonwealth of Israel spiritually through the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Bible.
        The Tanakh, or Torah – in material, specifically the first five Books or Torah CONFIRM a PLURALITY of God; which the term “godhead” comprises the meaning of the expressed plurality. “And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness…” Genesis 1:26a. “And the LORD said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do (Tower of Babel); and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Go to, let US go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” Genesis 11:7,8. I’m sorry – but unless the Jews have corrupted their Scriptures, as revisionist historians changed or omitted facts: then there is seminal PROOF of the plurlity of God; and a ‘trinitarian’ view of the godhead is virtually acceptable.
        The “triune” nature of God makes Christianity absolutely unique; and differentiated from everything else. The conditions of Salvation by Grace through Faith – also distinguish restoration and blessing of God NOT based upon “works”; but a Divine Perogative, which imputes His OWN righteousness and justification. Jesus Christ made a blood sacrifice on the cross: and because he was and is God the Son, the Second Person in the Godhead – the Old Testament blood of bulls and goats will never put away sin. All the disbelief and denial in the world will never change this. The coming restored Third Temple will be a waste and affront to God.
        The WHOLE WORLD is given but ONE restoration and spiritual adoption to God, in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Son. All History revolves around this figure; and all Eternity is decided based upon refusal or a proper response to the Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. Is Jesus of Nazareth God Almighty? If you hope to know or see Jehovah, God the Father on good terms – He IS. Otherwise: you WILL see God; but in Judgment and eternal condemnation. What God has done: man cannot undo. Not even the Jews. Forget a book written by man: keep to God’s Holy inspired and preserved Word – The Holy Bible.

      • Paul from Indiana

        This pope is a leftist. Deal with it. Given his background and origins, I am not surprised in the least. Mohamed is criticized here primarily for having advocated conversion by force, and handing that tradition to his followers, less for his views on Christ as a person. Best always. PM

  9. Paul ...

    Get ready you tulip, cabbage patch doll, bit coin lovers … in a few hours a new bit coin IPO will be launched called Orocrypt … it will be a block-chain bit coin backed by gold … get your fiat dollars ready to jump aboard … the initial block of bit coin tokens issued in this IPO will be in the amount of $5 million dollars and all these bit coin tokens will be backed by one(1) ounce of gold … does anyone understand what this means? … let me repeat … all the tokens sold in this bit coin IPO in the amount of $5,000,000 dollars will be backed by one(1) ounce of gold!! … get it? … these bit coin block chain gold backed token promoters are currently valuing gold at $5 million dollars per ounce!!!

    • Lois

      Paul, I tried to register and it looks like you can’t buy if you are a US customer. At least that is what it told me.

      • Paul ...

        Lois … Just wait … and a day will come … when “you can’t sell” … because you are a US customer!!

    • Justn Observer

      Hmmmm – add all the currency, bonds, treasury bills etc.. in the world by the ‘real’ amount of gold to see how much it would take to back them? As for another crypt- likely will be many to speak to however amount of people, their interests, nationalities or national interests to draw people into the digital currency meme…then consolidate the many via M&A mergers… and who knows…they may pull it off and actually get a gold back system. Who are they? Not sure but maybe there is a clue for ya here-
      one can see the massive linguistics floating out there … and as late Western Union also joining into the fray and will as banks, large corporation for payment transfer systems to use more interconnected and internationally… Which ones will be settled on? But then we all remember when people asked… ‘ the internet- what’s that !’ That said those that think they are ‘sidestepping’ the grasp of the BIG BANKS etc… however might be surprised to see who is really behind the move into BLOCK CHAIN payment transfer systems… A good time to get up to speed on this ‘movement’ and use of this technology? Your call…!
      Members of the Ethereum alliance include Accenture, BBVA, BNY Mellon, BNP Paribas, BP, Cisco, Credit Suisse, ING, Thomson Reuters, and UBS. Also joining is IC3, or the Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts, an academic group consisting of researchers from universities such as Cornell University, UC Berkeley, and Israel’s Technion.

      Several representatives from alliance firms cited the energy surrounding Devcon2, Ethereum’s fall developer conference in Shanghai, as the focal point that led to their collaboration on this effort. Despite multiple hacks on Ethereum-based applications and a controversial splitting of the Ethereum network, enthusiasm in the network has apparently not diminished.

      J.P. Morgan is responsible for developing the basis of the blockchain tech for the alliance. Called “Quorum,” the bank’s code has been designed to add privacy protections into the mix, among other tweaks.

      The partners will help each other develop the foundations for different use cases, such as post-trade settlement, payments between banks, and supply chain tracking, while competing on applications and services built atop the networks. The top priorities for the alliance now include ensuring scalability and security.

      The other founding members of the alliance are BlockApps, Nuco, AMIS, Andui, CME Group, ConsenSys, Fubon Financial, brainbot technologies, Chronicled, Cryptape, The Institutes, Monax, String Labs, Telindus, Tendermint, VidRoll, and Wipro.

      Soooo whacha think Paul….think you may have to join the tulip, cabbage patch doll , bit lover crowd? And if it goes that way… you going to get ahead of the trend or are you going to run to catch up? Yeah… a few years out and we’ll likely look back at those saying….’ bit coin whats that?’ Like those days….’ internet what’s that?, email, whats that?’ Time will tell….

      • Paul ...

        JO … the fact that the banksters are heavily involved with these bit coin tokens gives me pause … these bankster “pretenders” are dyed in the wool crooks of the first degree … only intent on our economic enslavement … what “they” like … I want to avoid … what “they” don’t like (gold and silver) … I want to accumulate … a few years from now the banksters will not be printing “paper” fiat anymore … they will be typing “electronic” fiat … but their game will be the same … defraud the general pubic by any and all means and steal their wealth … so as you say “time will tell” … but I’m prepared and have already set aside some space on the shelf next to my tulip bulbs and cabbage patch dolls for these bankster bit coin tokens!!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      Paul, If I miss the Bitcoin Express, it will be just another in a long line of trains I have missed, and much to my amazement and the chagrin of many, I’m still here among the elements, primarily silver, nickel, copper, lead, and yes, I still bring the car home with a full tank of gas. And if Jerry is reading, I will miss all the Chinese razz, too. Best always. PM

  10. David

    Great interview! I will read the book. Thank you.

    • Lois

      Paul, it looks like cash isn’t safe either. Are you investing in anything else besides precious metals? Or is there anything else that you would suggest?

      • Paul ...

        I do hold cash Lois … not Fed cash (US dollars) but Treasury cash (coins) like nickels for instance … I consider nickels to be valid “bit coin” with a real commodity backing and private unlike most bit coins and nickels don’t need a block chain to protect it from hacking nor are they affected by EMP … buy a box of them for $100 dollars and put them under your bed … in an emergency when the internet goes down and the banks close you can open the nickel box and buy some precious food … however in that box of nickels you will find at least one(1) “silver” war nickel … it is like a cracker jacks prize that will be worth $100 dollars (the entire cost of the nickel box) when silver reaches $2000 per ounce the way bit coin has … so the old saying that nothing in life is free … is just another lie!!

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, And interesting departure from the more normal geo-political, financial, economic angles…which rightly should include the ‘ideology’ used or mis-used to shape and control thought throughout the world.
    Just who are the ‘they’ or ‘deep state’ President Trump might be dealing with. Likely a wider concern rooted outside the U.S.? That they seem so concerned about Russia at this time…suggests the age old rivalry between the west and eastern split in Roman Empire which few realize still exists… and if you add what Mohammad offered months ago…concerning the lineage of those controlling Saudi Arabia…it might be more apparent as to the machinations really going on in the 3D chess game being played out… consider the House of Windsor’s ties to Hitler’s rise and that of the Bush family history, the Germanic connections of bloodlines long ago crossed with the migration from the lands of King Bulan , the flux between those insiders of the United Kingdom wishing to remain in the EU while the ‘people’ of England and Erin wanting out… led by players like Rothschild and Soros and other European banking families and historical alliances that too, have infiltrated the U.S. since it’s ‘supposed’ independence. (another story)…add the internal coup within the western church by the Jesuits, and their coupled history with the Templar and Freemasonry, why is it so inconceivable that one side of a ‘supposed’ Christian church is so intent on taking down the country of another Christian religion ( a Greek Orthodox Russia ).
    Of course, the bible is full of text warning the people to be warily of a great pretender, is it not ?
    This link offers a more historical point of reference few consider…
    and then with an interesting and more current analysis offered here by Ph’d Joseph Farrell….
    along with his earlier piece:
    is it not curious where we find ourselves heading here in the U.S. today –
    only further is the meme advanced by a consideration of other more recent observations shared on Caravan to Midnight by John B. Wells.
    and if you do not suffer to go through these links without blinders on…you likely will never become aware of long laid plans for your economic enslavement…and confined to thinking the market tanking out of nowhere was not planned to lay down national sovereignty and meld them thru a one world controlled currency !
    Should you come away with an anti-Jewish view…you’d be wrong… the wolf covered the sheep cloth are better viewed as descendants of Khazaria and less any of religion they may use or hide within. To not see the wider view is to have become entrapped by their divide and conqueror strategy. See them for the wolves they … shepherding the people towards a NEW WORLD ORDER , symbolized by a U.N. flag curiously with the world firmly held with the grasp of the Roman crown of Caesar.
    Should President Trump prevail in returning some semblance of recovery for the United States economic ‘debt’ problem…and wrestle back from the grip of these globalists and their traitorous brethren our Constitution and the rights therein, that they have been doggedly determine to make off with since before the writing of Albert Pike…it may only be by the vigilance, efforts of those like Greg along with the others guests speaking out that have found voice and their way to this site…and the future actions of the viewers that might not only preserve not only the TRUE teaching of Christ, but this land that was to offer, support, and defend those un- alien- able God given rights…some have hoped to supplant with the lessor mere edicts of Roman ‘civil rights’. Thank you Greg and George Neumayr. The awareness grows daily.

  12. Chip

    RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the only evidence that we have of obstruction happens to be Loretta Lynch’s attempt to obstruct the investigation into Hillary Clinton. The only evidence we have of an election being rigged is the Democrat primary.

    Greg and fellow watchdoggers, this must be repeated and yelled from the mountain tops OVER AND OVER. The Russian “thing” is being used to deflect from the above FACTS and we must not let that happen… Chip

    • francis m reps

      Just An Observer is a pseudonym . Normal people are comfortable using their real names when making comments. Greg Hunter is not a stage name.

      • dbcooper

        FMR, For the purposes of OP SEC We choose to use a Nome de Gare. I trust that this is not too much of a problem with you !! FN, DB.

      • dbcooper

        PS, We are not living in “Normal Times”. Yours, DB.

  13. Tad

    I see the not-so-hidden hand of George Soros. Does the Pope think Catholics are so charmed by his intellect that an advocacy for Muslims will magically reverse?

    I don’t think so.

  14. William Chandler

    Why have the Bishops not DEFENESTRATED that POS?
    pope JUDAS ISCARIOT tried to compare Trump to nazis …… Well …….
    The nazis were wiping out Jews ……
    and pope JUDAS ISCARIOT is wiping out CHRISTIANITY
    So I would have to say pope JUDAS ISCARIOT is the NAZI.
    Not a PEEP out of the pope about that Priest’s Crucifixion. Pope Judas Iscariot was washing and KISSING the feet of mooslums while his priest was crucified by MUSLIMS in Syria.
    pope JUDAS ISCARIOT? Where is his “Call to Arms” for Christian Soldiers?OH! pope JUDAS ISCARIOT is busy washing the feet of muslums.

  15. Frank Tate

    Re: Neumayr interview
    To understand these times, you must read “The Whole Truth about Fatima”. You’ll need to read this for yourself. It’s all there.

  16. Craig Mouldey

    Thank you, Greg. This was a very important interview. This is all terrible and sinister to observe. In my journey to find the ancient church I arrived at Rome in the west and eastern orthodox. I chose eastern orthodox as the one holy catholic apostolic church because they essentially never changed. A good read is “Two Paths:Papal Monarchy-Collegial Tradition” by Michael Whelton.

  17. David John Williams

    Religion is about control of the masses who lack authentic insight and spiritual understanding, religions simultaneously create division and conflict because they foster zealotry and bigotry. We must rise above this nonsense and instead foster basic goodness and decency that people of all belief systems can relate to… like not killing each other or stealing from one another. I’m not trying to knock your faith Greg, some of my most cherished spiritual guides such as Thomas Merton and CS Lewis share your faith. The most profound testament of spiritual understanding that I have yet come across is Dietrich Von Hildebrand’s book “Transformation in Christ”. However….the paths to God are many…it is NOT true that the only way to God is through ‘Christ the only son of God’. We are all sons of God and must realize and cultivate ‘Christ’ consciousness in order to know God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry David, but you are wrong.
      “King James Bible
      Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

      This is clear cut in the Bible. All the best in finding Christ.

      • David John Williams

        Sorry Greg, but you are wrong. Communion with God is not an exclusive privilege for those who simply repeat.
        “They have eyes and see not: they have ears and hear not…they have hands and feel not” (Ps. 113:5-6)
        Habit may lead us to consider blessings as if they were due to us.
        And yet…
        “Behold the birds of the air, for they neither sow, nor do they reap, nor gather into barns: and your heavenly Father feedeth them” (Matt. 6:26)

        • Bill

          D J Williams: You can believe that the moon is made of green cheese, but just because you believe something, that doesn’t make it truth.

      • oneno

        Please Greg,

        Explain what is meant by “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” so there is no doubt!

        Clearly Jesus/Jmmanuel is bringing a message of Creational Law that man must strive to comprehend by reason and by action to free himself from the bonds of ignorance and to make progress to the Creational truth in his living of life.

        “With light there is truth and with truth there is love and all three can only exist in logic.”

        • Greg Hunter

          If you do not believe in Jesus Christ, You cannot get into heaven. It is that simple.

        • David John Williams

          What it means is that no man shall know true communion with the Creator without dying to the egoic self. We must experience the same authentic transformation that Christ underwent and taught.
          “Amen, amen, I say to thee, unless a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3)
          Unfortunately most Christians do not engage Christ’s message of transformation, and instead believe they will be saved by merely repeating words; as if Christ will do the work for them.
          They do not understand that “He who created thee without thee, shall not justify thee without thee” (Sermo 169.13)
          They do not say with Michelangelo “Lord, take me away from myself, and make me pleasing to Thee.” Instead most shirk responsibility and expect salvation by default. Further, they have the nerve to think they will experience Divine Sanctuary before people of other faiths who may actually be living more Christ-like than themselves.
          Strict adherents of all religions suffer the same hypocritical delusions and untold millions have been murdered in the wars and crusades caused by this ignorant zealotry.

          • Charles H

            Mr. Williams,

            Extra-Biblical content for faith automatically forfeits being upon the ground of Truth. “Sermo 169:13” is NOT of the Bible and not of God. Those who ARE true Believers are not obligated to recognize such falsity.
            As with all those who are not in the confines of true, born again, Christian belief: looking from without and through the colored glasses of doubt, or criticism – always renders a distorted view.
            Christianity is not even a “religion”: it is a belief system based on a unique criteria – salvation by Grace through Faith. ALL other belief systems incorporate “good works” or doing something to help God out; and so can be categorized, fairly, as “religions”. So you are wrong to lump it in with everything else – when it is NOT like anything else.
            Also, just for clarification – Jesus Christ, God in the flesh was PERFECT: and had NO need for any transformation.
            I have spent MOST of my adult life refusing to participate or endorse the ‘repeating of words’ or ‘praying a prayer after me’ type decisions. True Christianity begins with a quality of heart; incorporation of Biblical Doctrine; and an honest, whole-hearted dealing with God in the matter of Sin, Repentance, and Salvation directly with Jesus Christ. Many are Christians in name only because they want to be nothing more. Some are misled to believe they are Christian and are not; being held close to the Truth: but never allowed to enter, being held captive to a system of “works”. But there IS a true, spiritual reality that God Himself set forth and has respect to. Some – make it in. Apparently you have not found it. You have mucked through all the falsity: but do not be mistaken that there is no real thing. As sure as you are alive: there is a real, true Christianity. Do not cast arrows at something you do not understand.

            • David John Williams

              “As with all those who are not in the confines of true, born again, Christian belief: looking from without and through the colored glasses of doubt, or criticism – always renders a distorted view.”
              It is also true that those who are in the confines of Christian belief must look through the same colored glasses of our inherently limited embodied condition and see with an equally distorted view.
              No one is exempt from this trial.
              “Christianity is not even a “religion”: it is a belief system based on a unique criteria – salvation by Grace through Faith.”
              A religion is by definition a system of ‘belief’ and though Grace and Faith are certainly powerful and real, they will not help the indolent any more than the contrived “good works” of the belief systems that you view as inferior.
              “Also, just for clarification – Jesus Christ, God in the flesh was PERFECT: and had NO need for any transformation.
              I have spent MOST of my adult life refusing to participate or endorse the ‘repeating of words’ or ‘praying a prayer after me’ type decisions.”
              Firstly, you do what you say you do not.
              Secondly, the flesh, as with all material existence is ‘naught but the journey-work of the stars’ and is/was in the Creator’s perpetual transformation. God in flesh? There we can agree, but the vehicle became worthy of rapture by gradation(transformation). Physical form cannot withstand such Grace without gradual tempering. We are all here to reconcile our flesh with Spirit, and it is between each man and the Creator. It is not for you to presume what I or anyone have or have not found. What arrogance to declare “some make it in” as if that is for you to judge…you delude yourself.
              Who is it that casts arrows?

              • Charles H

                Mr. Williams,

                Religion is: ‘a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe; formalized by institutions or not; and may include devotional or ritual observances. Under these criteria Christianity can be characterized as a “religion”: but my POINT was – specific tenets differ in such a way as to distinguish Christianity as fundamentally DIFFERENT from all other religions. Salvation by Grace through Faith, to the complete exclusion of ‘works’ is what separates Chritianity from ALL OTHER religions: because every other ‘religion’ includes some component of ‘WORKS’. So I, from person preference, like to emphasize that uniqueness. And I am not wrong or inacurrate to choose to define Christianity as a “belief system”, in order to highlight a distinction.
                As to Christians having colored glasses: they certainly do not. Knowing the Truth sets one free; and having the Divine Record as THE mental context to judge by is as good as man can get. For you to infer Christians have colored glasses – is a matter of you projecting your faults upon others in order to assert no distinction. From your comment : “Instead most shirk responsibility and expect salvation by default.” – is positively criticism; and and cause to ascribe a colored viewpoint.
                I never said, in any part of my comment that any other sytem of belief was “inferior”. You obviously read this into my comment and the wording simply isn’t there.

                Multiple times it is written in the Bible that man cannot ‘add to’, or ‘subtract from’ God’s Word. This simply means nothing outside the Bible can be legitimately mixed with it. You post an extra-Biblical reference (Sermo 169:13). Beyond that: you propose esoteric ideas which are not found in the Bible (gradation(transformation)). Jesus Christ, as a child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him. All this describes NATURAL development: NOT transformation. Jesus Christ was a SINLESS, PERFECT sacrifice for Sin – meaning NO CHANGE could ever have taken place from this sinless nature. Here, again, is an interjection of a suggestion which is NOT Biblical. And the overload continues… : ” the flesh, as with all material existence is ‘naught but the journey-work of the stars’ ” – is NOWHERE FOUND in the Bible.

                Listen – MIXING esoteric ideas with the Bible is just confusion: and God is not the author of confusion. Agreeing; disagreeing; interjecting; refuting; turning things around so that I appear the bad guy – it is all pointless arguing for arguing sakes.
                Christianity takes the Bible as THE Authority for Faith and practice. You, by adding into it such esoteric teachings or ideas VIOLATE the whole premise of being a Believer; and are treading against God’s own warnings. Based upon these facts: you either don’t understand; or you are not a true born-again Believer. True born-again Holy Spirit indwelt Believers are led by the Spirit toward agreement with the Bible and Biblical context: you do not evidence anything of this condition in your comments. I can only judge from what you provide.

                “Enter ye at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” Matt. 7:13.14. Few make it in: that is God’s description. You are shooting the messenger here: but your real argument is with God.

                • David John Williams

                  Charles, you are correct, I am not a believer and that is precisely the difference between you and I. Belief is acceptance that something is true whereas knowledge is awareness gained by experience. The Creator’s presence is unmistakably palpable in my life. I turn to the Great Literature for contemplation, inspiration and confirmation; but I do not cast those words at others like stones, I let them perform the alchemy of assimilating my actual experience of the Sacred.
                  There is a story of how the devil and a friend were walking down the street when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up?” “He picked up a piece of Truth,” said the devil. “That is very bad business for you then” said his friend. “Oh, not at all,” the devil replied, “I am going to let him organize it.”
                  Don’t preach Charles, Realize, Realize, Realize.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Christ is real and what he did was real and scientifically documented. You are fact resistant even though you say you are open minded. The Movie “The Case for Christ” is a real life story of an atheist, award winning investigative journalist (Lee Strobel) that set out to prove Christ was false and proved it to be a true well sourced and documented story. According to you we both believe in nothing and one of us is wrong. Spoiler alert: It’s not me or Charles.

                    Source for The Case for Christ according to Strobels work and reporting:

                    The book is divided into three parts, preceded by a Preface: Introduction: Reopening the Investigation of a Lifetime
                    Part 1: Examining the Record 1. The Eyewitness Evidence: Can the Biographies of Jesus Be Trusted? with Dr. Craig Blomberg
                    2. Testing the Eyewitness Evidence: Do the Biographies of Jesus Stand Up to Scrutiny? with Dr. Craig Blomberg
                    3. The Documentary Evidence: Were Jesus’ Biographies Reliably Preserved for Us? with Dr. Bruce Metzger
                    4. The Corroborating Evidence: Is There Credible Evidence for Jesus outside His Biographies? with Dr. Edwin Yamauchi
                    5. The Scientific Evidence: Does Archaeology Confirm or Contradict Jesus’ Biographies? with Dr. John McRay
                    6. The Rebuttal Evidence: Is the Jesus of History the Same As the Jesus of Faith? with Dr. Gregory Boyd

                    Part 2: Analyzing Jesus 7. The Identity Evidence: Was Jesus Really Convinced That He Was the Son of God? with Dr. Ben Witherington III
                    8. The Psychological Evidence: Was Jesus Crazy When He Claimed to Be the Son of God? with Dr. Gary Collins
                    9. The Profile Evidence: Did Jesus Fulfill the Attributes of God? with Dr. D.A. Carson
                    10. The Fingerprint Evidence: Did Jesus – and Jesus Alone – Match the Identity of the Messiah? with Louis Lapides, M.Div., Th.M.

                    Part 3: Researching the Resurrection 11. The Medical Evidence: Was Jesus’ Death a Sham and His Resurrection a Hoax? with Dr. Alexander Metherell
                    12. The Evidence of the Missing Body: Was Jesus’ Body Really Absent from His Tomb? with Dr. William Lane Craig
                    13. The Evidence of Appearances: Was Jesus Seen Alive after His Death on the Cross? with Dr. Gary Habermas
                    14. The Circumstantial Evidence: Are There Any Supporting Facts That Point to the Resurrection? with Dr. J.P. Moreland

                    Conclusion: The Verdict of History: What Does the Evidence Establish – And What Does It Mean Today?

                  • Charles H

                    Mr. Williams,

                    The cadre of fallen angels, with the Coveing Cherub(im), Satan – who is titled “the god of thi world” – embody and effect Evil in the world. Just like the contest between Moses and Pharoah’s magicians, where the magicians could duplicate some, but not all the miracles: these forces and power are at work today/. These beings – not bound by death or time have extensive knowledge of language and human history. This augments their inter-dimensional and supernatural prowess. And they are STILL in the BUSINESS of fighting against God and destroying His Creation. Sure the Astral Plane and supernatural powers are real: but they are DAMNING. Ultra-clever philosophy is ‘out there’ to distract and waste time. Enough time in this stuff and one becomes inured.

                    There is only ONE God , Who has placed – the Way, the Truth, and the Life before mankind. Everything else defaults into the realm of fallen and usurped authority. Self-empowerment is a trap; a lease who’s interest cannot be paid. Only through Jesus Christ is THE solution given from God Himself

                    “Knowledge’; ‘experience’; ‘realization’ – but from what source, and to what end?!?? You are a little fish in a big ocean, with virtually all the other fish bigger than you, and you’re cool with it? Amazing. Maybe you better study the topic of “Food Chain”. Because, outside of God – you are only a tool; until no longer useful.

      • David John Williams

        I misjudged you Greg, I thought you would have the integrity to post my reply. How cowardly of you. I say that because it’s a fact, not because I have any ill feelings toward you.

        • Greg Hunter

          What reply?

      • Paul ...

        Greg … Something doesn’t sound right … doesn’t God the Father have any say in the matter? … say God the Father wants to save some atheist who did good deeds all his life … why can’t he do it??

        • Greg Hunter

          I can’t answer that. All I know is what Christ said clearly in the Bible: New International Version
          Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

          I didn’t write the Bible, I am just telling you what’s in it.

          • Tin foil hat

            Jesus didn’t write the Bible either. Constantine had no proprietary rights of the Gospel via the Council of Nicaea.

          • Paul ...

            Greg … when I read what Jesus said all it says is that if you want to get to heaven follow in his footsteps … meaning act like him in all things and follow his teachings … seems that sinners “who don’t act like him” think all they have to do is “believe” in Jesus and they will be saved … it takes more then that … one must “do” in life what Jesus did in life … like tell the truth … the MSM has not learned this lesson … and the deep state must begin to act with a moral code … otherwise they are unsavable!

          • Jerry

            The doctrine of Christ is as follows. First faith in the lord Jesus Christ. Second repentance. Third baptism for the remission of sins. Forth receiving the gift of the holy ghost by the laying on of hands. And Fifth enduring to the end by keeping the commandments.

            • Greg Hunter

              While this is part of Christianity, and you make a good point here, the five pillars of the Christian Faith are” Christ was Son of God, He was born of the Virgin Mary, He died on the cross with a blood sacrifice for our sins, Christ rose again on the third day, and He will come again to judge the living and the dead. Those are the five pillars of Christian Doctrine.
              Saul/Paul basically said that the 10 commandments did not save the world and wash away sin. The death of Christ on the cross and His Blood Sacrifice took away the sins of the world. That said, you still have to follow the laws of God.

          • Uma

            Dear Greg,
            with utmost respect – I am a roman catholic.
            As Jesus says: “I am the way ..”

            My understanding is that he doesnt mean his
            Ego, but all teaching, not by words but by his deeds and example.
            I am the way = look at the example I give you to live
            I am the truth = if you are willing to live after my example, its truth and rightful
            I am life = strengthen your soul due my example and teaching, it it will never die.

            If one is not blind and deaf and brainwashed, one can understand Jesus teaching in pictures very well.

            His life and love is the example dor the path which leads to God the father.

            That believing thing with force, or you will be damned is the missteachings and stems from the supression and opressing times of the catholic church…

            Apollogize for my English …

            • Greg Hunter

              No apology needed. We got it, and it was good!

        • Donald

          “doesn’t God the Father have any say in the matter?”

          At John 5:25-30 it says that God has given full authority to Jesus to determine who will be granted life or not. Then, Jesus goes on to say what he is looking for at John 5:39-46. Note there are many other scriptural references as well. Simply having head knowledge isn’t enough – one must demonstrate and keep working on those qualities. The book of James provides some good comments on what one should do. And the trouble is that right now the time to grasp and apply these things is very limited. This limited time is evident in what is happening in the world right now and right here in the US. As to what is coming, Jesus touched on it at Matthew 24:21-22. What he said there and elsewhere is evidence of just how well he understood the scriptures and prophecy – particularly for the time we find ourselves in. From personal research, I have come to appreciate just how intelligent, capable and knowledgeable he was. He was also very adept at not letting on just how much he knew.

        • Frederick

          Paul I agree totally with your theory My father was not very religious but he was a good person treating patients without the means to pay for free as a dentist who was in a MASH unit in Korea as a naval officer I have to believe he went to heaven for living a moral and giving life On the other hand we had a neighbor who was connected to the mafia and got a mass in the Catholic Church because he donated a new Lincoln Continental to the priests Evidently he believed he could buy his way into heaven The hypocrisy in this world truly amazes me His dealership was in Seaford Pride Lincoln Mercury Maybe you knew it on Sunrise Hwy just west of the SOBExpressway

          • Paul ...

            Will have to look next time I pass by Fredrick!

        • JCD

          Paul because Blood contains Gods breath of life from the beginning. Only blood given freely back to God can be excepted as his. The man was from dirt, and must return to dirt. The spirit separated by the blood of Jesus returns to God. What man can not do, God sent his son to do. Jesus is the only way to God the father. Without this teaching Christianity would not exist.

          • Paul ...

            JCD … I would like to see humanity mature to the point where “blood sacrifice” is finally done away with for good … if the Satanists want to make stew with it, and bathe in it, and drink it, as they rip out and eat the very hearts of children (like the Aztecs did) I wish them Hell … we moral humans should be above these perverted rituals!!

            • Greg Hunter

              I was for our team. That is part of what the blood sacrifice of Christ on the Cross was all about.

        • Paul from Indiana

          In Christian terms, He can but he won’t. It took me a long time to understand the difference what God CAN do, and what he WILL do. In Christian terms, God is consistent and will not go against the system He has ordained. If there were any deviation, in the Christian mind, there would be no point to following Christ. In Christian terms the Plan of Salvation is available to all, but it begins and ends with Christ. Don’t attack Greg for the tenets of Christianity; he did not invent them. You are free to believe and do as you will. Best always. PM

        • Charles H

          Paul …,

          Because we are made in the image of God – having intelligence and Free Will: God is not going to over-ride that Free will and make a non-Believer a Believer.
          And because God made Salvation a singular way – your adoption of His Word or testimony for Faith, so that Grace can be entered into: to vary from that universal, same level playing-field for all – suggests it is not good enough or perfect; when all His works are done in righteousness and are perfect. Certainly God could do anything. But for Him to open-up an avenue for someone who never looked or wanted to know – crosses a line of where would it stop?
          Finally – being “good”, or doing ‘good works’ all one’s life does not justify someone to God. Sin – the original rebellion of disobedience, communicated to all mankind in human nature, borne in the flesh, is THE issue to deal with; not what we consider being good may be. HOW Sin may be atoned for, and the penalty for it paid – God Himself set forth. This is WHY a Biblical Faith brings us into the Divine Counsels and Perogative of God Almighty Himself. He saves sinful man – but only if and when we meet the conditions He set forth.

          “They that are whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Mark 2:17. Us ‘being good’ is still only self-righteousness, and connot compare with what God has done. Before honor is humility: and man doesn’t begin to approach God until he realizes that sin has eternally separated himself from God.

          • Paul ...

            Charles … hopefully one day I’ll be in Heaven … and it will be nice to have a few “naturally good men and women” up there with me instead of being surrounded with “former sinners” … if they are good people I really don’t care if they were once atheists on Earth because once in Heaven they will see the light … if God’s business is to save souls … lets be fair and save a few good ones along with the bad ones!!

            • Charles H

              Thank you, Paul. It is always refreshing to entertain a civil response. Please consider that true Christianity is a “know so” proposition. Being adopted into God’s spiritual family; and indwelt by the God the Third Person, the Holy Spirit, so that divine counsel can work in the Conscience: is something not left to chance. I understand you have a problem with blood sacrifice. In some instances, it IS used perversely by evil people for the wrong thing. But also, conversely – it is a PROOF there IS a LEGITIMATE example to detract from, and try to pervert the meaning.
              I would love to see every soul I make contact with – get to heaven; but that is not up to us directly. Every man has to respond for themselves. And the cart can’t be placed before the horse – to get to heaven, one must first see the light of Truth; not get there and then see. No one can change the terms God has set forth.

    • Donald

      “religions simultaneously create division”

      To me, more than anything, stupidity, narcissism and psychopathy are the underlying elements of division. Just look at the divisions MSM is creating. No religion here. Stupidity is closely intertwined with mental laziness, narcissism promotes one’s ideas and self as superior to all other even to the point of using violence to do so, and psychopathy removes conscience from one’s actions. You see all of this in MSM and elsewhere. The Middle East is full of people like this, hence their relentless and never ending violence. And now this mentality is popping up like mushrooms everywhere in the USA and elsewhere. Sensible, kind, hard working, generous, humble people have no problem understanding and following the Bible. Greedy, lazy, self serving narcissists, and so on, simply can’t. In fact, they even wind up hating the Bible because it exposes them for what they are. And remember – a narcissist is NEVER wrong (in their own mind). If you should ever prove or even accuse a narcissist of being wrong, you will have a life long enemy.

      • Steve

        Just another perspective on the King James Bible….re. D.M Murdock
        A Brief History of the Kings James Bible

        King James BiblePrior to the discovery of the most complete, ancient Greek manuscripts of the New Testament – the Codices Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus and Vaticanus – we possessed only much later copies in Greek. One of the most important translations of the Bible, the King James Version, was based not on these earliest manuscripts but on the later Greek texts, as well as on the preceding English editions such as the Tyndale, Great, Geneva and Catholic Bibles, the latter of which was in turn founded upon Jerome’s Latin Vulgate.

        Claimed by many Christian fundamentalists to be the only inspired and inerrant translation of the Bible into English, the King James Version, also called the “Authorized Version,” possesses an interesting history, in that it was composed over several years from 1604 to 1609 by six groups comprising upwards of 40 translators. Each translator’s section was edited by the other members of the group, then passed around to the other groups, and so on, until a finalized version was accepted and was subsequently published in 1611.

        “This complex history provokes several questions, including why the Holy Spirit needed so many minds and hands to work on God’s Word.”

        This complex history provokes several questions, including why the Holy Spirit needed so many minds and hands to work on God’s Word. Wouldn’t it have been much faster and less fraught with the chance for error if only one person infallibly inspired by the Holy Spirit had translated the texts? Common sense indicates that only if the individuals involved were relying on their own intellectual faculties and erudition would there need to be a committee of the sort used in the translation of the King James Bible.

        Concerning the KJV, New Testament scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman remarks:

        “…The King James Version is filled with places in which the translators rendered a Greek text derived ultimately from Erasmus’s edition, which was based on a single twelfth-century manuscript that is one of the worst of the manuscripts that we now have available to us!…

        • Donald

          “This complex history provokes several questions, including why the Holy Spirit needed so many minds and hands to work on God’s Word.”

          I would say you are over analyzing things. The scripture quoted above is clear and easy to understand. It pretty much reads the same in most translations. Whenever you translate from one language to the next, its impossible to do a word for word translation. If one is that particular, then the best option is to learn ancient Greek or ancient Aramaic, and then you will be as close as possible to the original writing. That said, the English translations available today are quite good. In my experience, the only place I have had difficulty in understanding something is in the figurative application of a word or phrase. Everything else is straight forward and easy to grasp. Note that the Hebrew language relied on the physical world to express thoughts as opposed to the abstract world introduced by the Greeks.

        • Charles H


          If being faster or easlier was a consideration to Almighty God – He might have produced Jesus Christ right at the Garden of Eden and sealed the breach then and there! Why wait thousands of years and give a Progressive Revelation through generations and generations? What a false fulcrum of logic you set forth!
          By the way – the King James council had more Bibles, AND texts, AND sources assembled than at any other convention. They CHOSE out of it ALL – what God inspired and LEAD them to use to produce.
          And to the quote you supply: “This complex history provokes several questions, including why the Holy Spirit needed so many minds and hands to work on God’s Word.” – only amounts to a simular, subtle injection of doubt equal to the original: ‘Yea, hath God said…?’ Man proposed, by King James – the form and function of the council; God disposed the results, as it pleased Him to use it. The WHOLE of Revealed Truth in the Bible covers 4500 years; written over a period of 1600 years, by 44 authors; arranged into 66 books – all following divine progressive revelation. WHY wouldn’t God use a number of men over a number of years? The pattern is consistent. Here again, is another occassion to cast doubt and dispersions upon the most blessed and used Bible in history.
          GO AWAY and stir the pot of controversy somewhere else. Either God has produced a PERFECT work in each language; or He has not. Man, for sure – is NOT going to be judge over what God does. And isn’t that what you are doing here? – suggesting that ‘educated’ man is THE authority to decide? Baloney.

    • Tina

      Acts 4:12 – Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

      I can see how one could say “many paths to God”. Some believe from a sermon, or another from a personal revelation like Paul on the way to Damascus. Some grow up in a church, fall away, and find their way back after life and sin have beaten them.
      But there is NO OTHER way of salvation except through Jesus Christ. That is the bold claim of Christianity, as stated by Jesus; there is no other.

      • Paul ...

        Tina … it is all well and good that “sinners” can be saved through Jesus Christ … but what about a “non-sinner” who did only good deeds all of his life (but just happens to be an atheist) … why can’t God the Father save him? … being saved is not the exclusive right of sinners … and I think that is what the Pope was trying to express when he said “atheists can be saved”!!

        • Paul ...

          Sinners must face the hard truth … they are not going to be saved just because they “believe in Jesus” … they must “act like Jesus” to be saved … all the MSM liers, the evil pedophiles and the women and children murdering Deep State are all going to Hell no matter how much they say they “believe in Jesus” … for them to get into Heaven they must “act like Jesus”!!

          • Paul ...

            And the sinners must “act like Jesus” over 65% of their lives to just barely squeak into Heaven… otherwise they fail and go to Hell … they can’t just do “one good deed” at the end of their lives and think God will let them in!!

            • Greg Hunter

              It’s not about doing good deeds. It’s about believing in Christ and accepting him. Look no further than the story of the “Good Thief.” Christ assured he would be in heaven with him for accepting him while he dying next to Jesus on the cross. That is a very important story to reflect upon in the Bible. That said, you cannot accept Christ and go on sinning. Acceptance should coincide with repentance.

              • Charles H


                You encourage me. That thief on the cross ALSO made a confession of guilt and deserving punishment: the initial part of Repentance. By casting his faith upon the dying Savior – his change of heart was complete and Repentance fulfilled. It is the Object of our Faith that justifies our Faith. That man, that DAY went into paradise (Abraham’s Bosum): not for anything he did – but for WHO he believed in.
                “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;” Titus 3:5

                • Greg Hunter

                  Charles H,
                  I got that from my preacher Danny. It really hit me. So many layers in the Bible. Every single detail has a lesson or meaning. Thank you for your comment and support.

                  • Paul ...

                    So bad deeds like ISIS chopping off Christian heads doesn’t matter as long as they believe in God??… and say “yukca ackqa bar” as they slit our throats???

                  • Charles H

                    Paul …,

                    You miss the point of God being able to do exceeding above all that we ask or think.
                    “Wherefore He is able also to save them to the UTTERMOST that come to God by Him (Jesus Christ)…” Heb. 7:25.
                    You are not giving God credit, to reach even the vilest person; or the condition of Grace, which removes man’s deeds from the picture. Man HAS TO come to God – God’s way, His terms and conditions. Facing Sin, Repentance, and heartfelt Faith is not what most people are WILLING to do. Nevertheless – it is what must be done.

    • dishy

      David, thanks for your wise words. Although I agree with very little Catholic orthodoxy [I am fully recovered], I think the Pope is a mensch. It will all work out in the end. Greg will be in his heaven and we’ll be in ours. Ours will be more fun, I think – Sufi dancing, Jewish mothers, Buddhist meditation, Syrian chefs, a gazillion Hindu gods and goddesses, a bunch of atheists, recovering catholics and Jesus will be there, too!

      • Greg Hunter

        There is only One heaven.

    • ttomm46

      Thanks for promoting New Age crap……”Christ Consciousness” is a Age Term and not Christian…

  18. francis m reps

    A very soft spoken and gentle criticism of Bergoglio by your guest. Bergoglio is working hard to diminish the moral authority of the largest Christian organization in the world. Protestant churches will fall like autumn leaves ; once the Catholic church becomes irrelevant. A globalist agenda to reduce the bulk of humanity to simple ciphers needs the elimination of a ” Higher Authority ” { God } in order to control all aspects of their existence. Bergoglio is their willing agent. As a practicing Roman Catholic….I am simply moving to the Orthodox Christian Church…..which also has the legitimacy of Apostolic Succession.

    • Justn Observer

      As a point of reference for those that have never bothered to check the underpinnings of where they chose to assemble…

      Much of the Protestant churches are already won over since 1846 and formed the
      World Evangelical Alliance by the Freemasonry in London …now headquartered in NYC.
      As for the World Council of Churches…the Roman Catholic church is a non-member…
      WCC member churches include most of the Orthodox Churches; numerous Protestant churches, including the Anglican Communion, some Baptists, many Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian and other Reformed, a sampling of united and independent churches, and some Pentecostal churches; and some Old Catholic churches.
      ((( as above noted))))
      Many churches who refused to join the WCC joined together to form the World Evangelical Alliance.[

      • Charles H

        Justn and francis,

        God the Creator has always worked in the framework of a minority; a remnant; a spiritual lineage. Man, by sinful nature, will corrupt EVERYTHING: including Divine influence and proofs. Human organization is almost a guarantee to turn, twist, and subjugate Divine prerogative to a human authority – which it has no license to do. Two things stand out: the Person of God; and the Word of God.
        In Jesus Christ: God took no altered or disguised form – The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. His life was sinless; His ministry, perfect; and His blood sacrifice, or atonement: absolute. As much as the act of Creation: in Jesus Christ – this is God’s ONLY redemption. NOTHING is more demonically fought, than this historical fact.
        That which gives man the testimony, and revelation of God’s work; and material for Faith: is His divinely inspired and preserved Word, the Holy Bible. Next to the identity of the Person and work of God: nothing else is more perverted and fought against in this world. WHY? Because the transmission of this revelation is also a work of God Himself, in the Person of God the Holy Spirit. This is WHY there is NO Apostletic Succession: no authority can be made over the Word of God. Human agency CANNOT enter into Divine Authority or Perogative to Save: NOT with Peter; and NOT with Mary.
        To be lead away from either of these two great issues: is to step into a lie; and begin the journey away from the Truth. It is man who adds or subtracts from God’s Word: and God isn’t having any of it.

  19. Mr. Lee

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo Mr. Hunter. Spot on. Let me say on the outset, I am not a religious bigot and do not harbor any ill will towards any other faiths. That being said, I am a devout Catholic pre Vatican 2 and firmly believe in the divine mission from God to what we call the Western World. The West is Christian and must remain as such, these collectivists in West are trying to force a mass abandonment of the foundation which created the West. I say no…..yes, yes, the dark ages and fall of Rome and Black Death. Heard it all before, however compare to what the Collectivists would do, the aforementioned would be but a pail comparison.

    May all mightily God bless you good Sir and keep up the fantastic work

    • Greg Hunter

      Mr. Lee,
      Thank you!

  20. Flattop

    GREG:: Pope Francis is a Jesuit, and they have pretty much always been a far left group . In the past the Pope has reined them in at times, but now what???

  21. Jonathan

    Conversely, Jonathan Falwell, chancellor at Liberty University stated at their recent commencement:
    “I do not believe that any president in our lifetimes has done so much that has benefited the Christian community in such a short timespan than Donald Trump.”

    Interesting the religious aspect is playing a key role in a battle for our future.

  22. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I enjoyed this interview even with the background noises. It just proves that somebody is still working in this nation. I have never heard of Mr. Neumayr but my wife has. I will look for the book.

    Tom Horn wrote a book about Pope Francis called Petrus Romanus and had even prdicted that Francis would become pope about a year before it happened, going so far that Benedict would retire.

    Don’t forget there are elements of Catholicism in Islam and that is because one of Muhammed’s wives (Khadija) was a former Catholic nun.

    Keep up the great work.

  23. Jerry

    As far as your current topic, the only thing I can say is read “The Third Secret if Fatima”. There is a very good reason the Catholic Church has never allowed this document to be seen by the general public.

    As far as the dollar collapse, this is where we are now.
    As I have previously stated, the global banking reset is happening now in real time.
    Here is another prime example of banks preparing to transition to a new exchange system by selling off U.S. treasuries. 500 Million does not really reflect the amount of U.S. currency that is being backwashed by private banks and lenders. Its much more than that I can promise you.

    • Jerry

      The domino’s are falling one by one.
      Meanwhile instead of preparing to address the budget issues that will most likely implode this government in less than 60 days (taking into consideration Congress is in recess most of August) congress is content to continue to drill down on the Russian issue. So far all they’ve hit is sand, and layers of bovine fecal matter.

    • Jerry

      I’m hearing from my sources that AIIB is on the verge of releasing a new world gold backed currency though its affiliate banks namely HSBC, and PBOC. Evidently some of the western banks (IE Chase. Bank of America etc.) that are controlled by the cabal are trying to block the release through their redemption centers. If this information is correct it will drive a wedge between the World Bank (which is western controlled) and AIIB. In all likelihood the Chinese will go ahead and release to AIIB’s member countries anyway sometime after the board of governors meeting on the 18th. The only difference is the western exchanges will not have access to it. What impact that will have on the dollar is totally unknown, but I would expect out of desperation that the western cabal will collapse the system before they will hand it over to the Chinese. Look for the attacks on Trump to intensify the closer we get to the reset. The fat lady isn’t singing yet, but I can hear her clearing her throat in the nest room. God bless.

  24. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the Religion of Peace has the “deep state”, including the Pope, brainwashed as to their real intentions. Clearly the left here in America want tolerance even if it means their own demise, frankly its alarming how many Americans don’t believe they will ever be subject to persecution from anti-Christian elements; sadly, they are greatly mistaken, history tends to repeat itself; what we are witnessing has happened before, the Moorish invasion offed many heads who would not be subject to its demands is just one example; there are many more. The current Pope is just another example of “tolerance at any cost”. Its not that I am supporting war on Islam, its that I cannot sit back and be brainwashed into believing Islam wants to live side by side in harmony, the fact that its leaders do not speak out against the terror is telling & until they do the Religion of Peace will continue to march on the West unabated.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art, I’m still here and as cantankerous as ever. My guiding principle is “don’t let others do your thinking for you.” It cuts both ways, left and right. Keep on keepin’ on! Best always. PM

    • Charles H


      Si vis pacem, para bellum. Pacification is and always will be a false concept. To rise up to the height of those who would impose crime or tyranny – is the only avenue of Freedom. Everything else defaults into a form of surrender, and digging yourself a hole deeper – whether ideologically or physically. From a hymn – “and strength to strength oppose”. I wish it were otherwise.

  25. Jim

    Greg, I am a proud Catholic and have listened to your show for just about as long as you have been on Youtube. You provide a great service and thank you for that. I do however disagree with you about many of the things you say regarding the Pope and the Catholic Church and its teachings. I think like many you tend to take the Pope’s comments out of context. That context would be the tradition of the Catholic Church throughout the ages and its Social Teachings. I think you would be well served to spend some time reading and listening to what scholars like Bishop Robert Barron and many others have to say so that you have a little more balance in your opinions when it comes to the Catholic Church. Here is a link to a short commentary by Bishop Barron as a starting point:

    Thanks again for all you do in trying to bring us a little more balance in the news.


    • Greg Hunter

      I am a former Catholic (Still a Christian). You simply cannot dismiss what the Pope says and writes as “being taken out of context.” It is what it is and no other Pope I have heard has said and written the things Francis has. Thank you for your comment. By the way I like Catholics and have many Catholic friends. Also the Five pillars of the Catholic religion are spot on. I just have a problem with the Pope. What he says is NOT in the Bible.

    • john duffy

      Bishop Robert Barron preaches heresy when he says that almost every one goes to heaven. The vast majority of Saints say that most people go to hell. If everybody goes to heaven, why bother going to church or worry about sinning.

      • Karen Reardon

        Dear John,

        I also am a devout Catholic and have gone away from the church in my youth, but have returned and you are spot on when it comes to Bishop Robert Barron and many others like him. We have been warned by God’s Holy Mother at Fatima, Akita Japan and La Sallette of the coming chastisements first for the church gone wrong since Vatican II and all of humanity. The financial collapse will most likely be the first of many to come and it’s all going to be very bad!! Also their is a doctrine that is never preached by the church anymore and it is called: The doctrine of the fewness of the saved. After I listened to it on youtube I will never believe the heresy of some of our so called church leaders. I stay close to the church’s teaching on morals & faith and of course the most Blessed Virgin Mary in these dreadful times.

        God Bless & Protect us all

      • Paul ...

        Many people don’t bother going to church anymore because their bible is in their hearts … they know right from wrong internally … and don’t need to read it in a book … or hear it from a pulpit … not to say that official religious organizations are useless … a congregation of good people can do wondrous things to make our world a better place … many sinners without a conscious and who do evil things to children like pedophilia hide under the cloche of religious organizations that officially stand for peace and goodness … look at ISIS chopping off Christian heads and claiming they do it for God … look at the evil people in Commissions that knowingly cover up great evil like 9-11 … the people with evil hearts are going to Hell and they know it … so they do even more evil and flaunt it … then these sinners revise the words of Christ to mean that everyone can be saved simply by “believing in Christ” … when “true believing” is more then just saying the words … sinners must “act as Christ did” and follow his example and moral teachings in their own lives to eventually get into Heaven … and sinners doing one good thing in their life doesn’t cut it with God … they must display a preponderance of goodness to qualify for entry … like Trump is now requiring of those entering the United States!!

  26. Bill Jordan

    Greg, thanks for this program concerning this Pope. The Bible informs us in the last days a false prophet will come upon the world scene. He will promote the Antichrist and his NWO. This will come to pass after the Church is Raptured. I believe we are very close to a world wide major disaster, the Church disappearance and the revealing of the of the Antichrist. No need for long term retirement savings plans. Stand by.
    GOD IS firmly in charge. May God continue to Bless you and USA Wahchdog
    All my Best Bill Jordan

    • Charles H

      That’s the way I see it too, Bill. Believers have been thinking the Lord would return for nearly two thousand years – so I’d still plan on having something for the wait; just in case.

  27. David H

    Good interview on an important topic. The Roman Catholic Church and what direction it takes has huge geopolitical significance for the world. I appreciate your willingness to discuss this topic.
    David H

  28. john duffy

    The most outrageous scandal is not the perverts and criminals like Clinton and Cosby, but the people around them who look the other way and enable them. And that includes all of Washington and MSM and Hollywood.

  29. Flattop

    GREG: We are becoming a very sick society. When we turn to violence. attempting to exact our own justice with a violence, which seems to be occurring frequently now. There is a serious need for us to pray for our nation.

  30. Russ

    Interesting topic you’ve chosen Greg — religion and politics in the same breath. I rarely discuss religion as it’s a personal issue. I was raised Catholic but can’t claim that as my religion today; I have no issues with the Catholicism. That said, leading the Catholic church has been a political position going back centuries. The medieval rulers in Europe received their divine authority to rule from God through the Pope — politics. That said, in a church, politics should stay within the upper levels of the hierarchy and not be obvious to we peons. Vatican politics have become too obvious and observable. Perhaps in an age in which the royals are more figureheads than political leaders, the Vatican is attempting to stay relevant on the world stage. I don’t know.

    Pope Francis has taken Vatican politics to another level. On one hand I initially liked that he forced some humility and accountability on the Cardinals and Bishops, but I look back on that now and wonder if that was real or just for the cameras, much like his riding around in a small Fiat rather than something more bomb-proof. Regardless, my gut tells me that something happened (sex abuse/molestation/cover-up?) in the Vatican under Pope Benedict XVI which caused Benedict to leave early rather than die in office, making way for Pope Francis. I suppose a question is whether Pope Francis is the ailment of the church or just the latest symptom of a deeper problem? Perhaps Pope Benedict was also a symptom but chose another path by retiring early. Perhaps the NWO was deep within the Vatican before Pope Francis and is just now becoming more vocal. I don’t know.

    I’ll be putting “The Political Pope” on my kindle, maybe there is some insight of the issue in the book.

  31. John Devereaux

    Greg, why are you surprised? The Harlot is the Catholic Church .. it is the only geographical location where the 7 hills are used as an identification. The Catholic Church has to embrace Islam and remember Pope John Paul II brought in snake worshipers and other religions saying – we worship the same God. This is the apostasy that is to come that was prophesied by John, Paul and Jesus – who spoke to the mustard seed and how it grew unnaturally. Clim989o9ate Change is a tool to penetrate governments with control of their economies. Christianity – real Christianity is going to soon be underground and will be very unpopular because it goes against the ‘greater good’ of the world. Great interview.

    • Charles H

      John D,

      ” Christianity – real Christianity is going to soon be underground and will be very unpopular because it goes against the ‘greater good’ of the world.” I couldn’t agree more.

  32. Ron Spoonemore

    The Vatican has chosen sides.

  33. Eagleeye

    Thanks for having this guest on. Mr. Neumayr is as straightforward and spot on about this pope. I am troubled by all this pope’s political rhetoric even when he visited here in the US last time. You are correct about his role as supposedly the representative of Christ but it should be clear to all Catholics now that this scumbag is representing someone or something else (not even worth mentioning).

    I would say that the brainwashed Catholics should wake up before it’s too late. Don’t be like the people who missed Jesus when he walked among them.

  34. Roger D

    Sad but true. Thank you Greg and Mr. Neumayr for having the guts to get the truth out however unpopular it might be. Pope Francis is to the Catholic Church as Barack Hussein Obama was to the country.

    I grew up in New England in the early 50’s. I was Catholic. Everyone I knew was Catholic. The few who still practice that faith are blind to what has happened in the church as well as the country.

    • Lois

      Eagleeye, how do you wake them up? I have facebook friends, including family, that think this Pope is the bees knees and I try to educate them about what he truly represents but they just don’t see it. I think I will just let go and let God along with a few prayers.

      • Eagleeye

        Resignation and apathy is the enemy. John 14; 6 clearly indicates who we should pledge our allegiance and life to. Do not stop preaching the Word of God to those who would listen. Let God’s word work on those you feel you can’t reach. Do not diminish His power by not speaking out. Be the salt of the earth.

    • Karen Reardon

      Dear Roger,

      I have to disagree with you, to leave the church that our Lord Jesus founded is not the answer either. All who have left the Catholic Church have also lost as well and the devil wins!, cause he knows the church belongs to Jesus. And our Lord is allowing the horrible chastisements on the church because of her disobedience, read the whole truth of Fatima and learn something. The church will never totally die but in the future it will seem so, but once on the other side of this storm will emerge the true Catholic Faith and everyone will believe then, I can promise you that even though most of us will not live to see it. I would advise everyone to get their spiritual life in order because then these calamatys start to occur you may not have time. Read about Fatima and believe, hold on to the faith of the early church and pray for wisdom to discern the lies and heresies being preached now a days. Jesus won’t let his church or this world go on like this much longer, too many souls being lost for all eternity.

      • Eagleeye


        The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the enemy a long long time ago. The early church you were referrring to has been diluted with dogma. The only important thing to have is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you miss this, you can have the most “thriving” church known to man but still fall short of what God wants us to be.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please remember some of the harshest criticism of Francis is coming from inside the catholic church. Neumayr is a devout Catholic.

  35. Scott Rice

    Wow what a stunning revelation on the beliefs of the standing Pope. I did realize he had some left wing views, however I was not aware he was so political in his doctrine. Great interview hope you have him on again for a more in depth interview.

  36. MIlton Welch

    June 14 1966, per wikipedia;
    Index Librorum Prohibitorum

  37. Tracy Welborn

    What an awesome interview. I’m sending links to my entire church small group.
    I walked away from religion back in 2004. I abide only in Jesus now. There is no teaching, no doctrine, no awakening that can save you. Our situation is hopeless – UNTIL, we open the door Jesus. You’ll be amazed at the plans he has for you:-)

  38. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, this Pope is not a Christian leader but a political leader, his ideologies are political in nature which does not square with a Christian nature, in fact, the two are diametrically opposed. The good news if there is any is that He is in control and the apostasy of all the Christians churches including the Catholics has been foretold. What we are experiencing now is the results of apostasy, we all worship the same God, etc.; its here now, just let your ears hear their words of apostasy, let yourself hear. Our religious & political leaders are practicing a new religion, THE RELIGION OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

    • Paul from Indiana

      You know that Leftism is its own religion. Best always. PM

  39. Flattop

    GREG: Today is Wednesday, by Friday the MSM will have figured out a way to blame Pres Trump for the shooting of the Rep Congressman

  40. Barn Cat

    It’s worth noting that even orthodox Catholicism is a betrayal of the Christian faith. We’re saved by faith alone in Christ alone guided by the Bible alone. Not by infant baptism and obedience to the man made rules of the church. Jesus paid it all by His death on the cross. It’s blasphemy to say that additional suffering is needed to qualify you for Heaven.

    You have to consciously accept what Jesus did on the cross as payment for your sins. You need to accept Jesus as your Lord as well as your Savior. If you follow God with your whole heart you’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit and God will change you into a better person.

    If your faith isn’t the most important thing in your life then chances are you don’t have a saving faith.

  41. Lois

    This man is spot on Greg. Thank you so much for interviewing him. I actually already knew what he said to be true because this is what I have already learned in Irvin Baxter’s teachings. You can find him at This is all bible prophecy. And we went over the encyclicals in one of his teachings. The last several popes in their encyclicals have pushed for a One World Government and a New World Order. They love the United Nations. Matter of fact, I just got back from a prophecy tour where we visited the vatican. This globe at the vatican is the same globe that is located at the United Nations. Keep up the excellent work!! You are one that I will always follow.

  42. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Firstly, the separation of church and state has been defunct since 1776. Basic history lesson. Several big churches, including Mormon and Catholic, work closely with power elite, schools, and intelligent services. Why do you think John Kennedy had to ban Cardinal Spellman from the White House?
    Secondly….many devout Catholics…I mean those who obeyed Humanae Vitae and made real efforts with Church teachings…are often NOT conservatives at all. We are somewhat liberal in many ways. So lets not confuse those things.
    I gave up on Francis with his first seductive grin to the press…a sure giveaway, just like his hand hidden inside his jacket. He doesn’t care to hide what he is at all.

    • Lois

      Greg, I also thought it was high time I finally donated to the cause so I sent a little your way today. Thank you for what you do!! 🙂

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Lois!!

  43. al Hall

    Greg: I have sent you info on what this man says for a long time. The pope is a communist- just like the left in this country. That why they agree with each other so much!!! I could have told you what this guy is saying?

    People need to see the light.

  44. Neville

    The pope fell three times which is a stark omen and he blessed the united states of america in the senate …That did it for me when he blesses the country that has caused just about all the trouble we have in the world today.

    I like you Greg am a catholic but what this pope has done whilst in the Vatican is beyond reproach……..But all the indications are there and that he is NOT FOCUSED ON THE LORD AND DOES NOT UPHOLD THE TEACHINGS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST…..WHO WILL COME AGAIN TO JUDGE THE LIVING AND THE DEAD

    • wondrouscat

      Looks like he lied big time on his resume alright.

  45. WC

    Interesting comments on this interview. Personally, I tend to follow George Carlin’s views on religion, but even the blasphemous Christoper Hitchens admitted a belief in a higher being was never going to go away.

    Greg is being very clever to bring this subject up at this point with the obvious controversy concerning the Pope. If we look back at Greg’s interviews over the years there is a common theme of economic collapse leading to some dramatic change in the social and geopolitical order. Assuming this is true, and simply math and historical cycles would tend to support this view, what emerges from the ashes, so-to-speak, would need a common belief system that people wouldn’t fight over. Given that the whole globalist concept is about unity, in political, social, economic and religious terms (given the vast number of believers, many of whom would gladly die for their beliefs) how do you mold all of the world’s religions into one common view that they can all agree upon? This is an important question, and key to solving the world’s problems, because even if the political and economic problems are solved, religious turmoil will tear the social structure apart.

  46. mark

    Dear Greg and all who come here to read and post,
    I am posting a link to an article by Hugo Salinas Price, which I myself just received, because of its relevance and timeliness.
    As always Greg, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit and with all who receive the testimony which God the Father has testified concerning His Son, for “All authority has been given to Me (Jesus) in heaven and on earth” (Matt.28:20) and “God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim 1:7). Therefore, “go forth” and “Fear not; I am the First and the Last and the Living One; and I became dead, and behold, I am living forever and ever; and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” (Rev.1:17-18). Fear Not! Pray, Praise and Give Thanks! Fear Not!

    • Justn Observer

      Mark, Great article…thanks for sharing !

  47. al

    All you have to do is watch the movie “First Blood” from a few years back. My Wife wanted to see it and I got hooked with the vampire/warewolf/VATICAN connection. That’s all I have to say.

  48. Icarus

    GREG, Fatastic piece. I applaud you for going there, because it’s vitally important material that we all need to think about and discuss!
    I was a strict practicing Catholic for 63 years. Last November, when this “Pope” visited Cuba and lauded Socialism and Communism and then spoke to our Congress and had NOTHING but criticism for Capitalism and our countries policies, that was the end for me. No more money. No more time. No more Church. He is the antichrist, (some say illegitimate) and is basically spitting in the eye of Jesus and all of his teachings. Jesus NEVER mixed politics and spirituality and told his followers not to do it either! “Give to Rome what is Rome’s and Give to God what is God’s “. I cannot worship at a place like defies the teachings of Jesus….And neither should any other God fearing Catholic. These two things just don’t go together. THINK ABOUT IT! Don’t be a robot and defend the Church because that’s what you’ve always done.
    Jesus Christ NEVER mixed spirituality with politics. This man institutionalizes it!!!
    In addition to what has been mentioned above:
    — This pope Mandates teaching of Global Warming to all new priests. And requires them to preach on it Sundays.
    — Advocates Communism and Socialism. Two political systems that MURDERED over 100 million human beings last century (and I’m not talking about wars I’m talking pogroms!). What would Jesus say about that?
    –Continues to make excuses for Islam. A religion born in war. A religion, and more than that, a way of life that is totally incompatible with Western and biblical values. The Koran itself was written as a war manual to motivate Muhammad’s fighters! Because they were getting their butts kicked.
    This is the story of our time!!! Thanks for bringing it out in the open.

  49. John M.

    I’m a conservative/libertarian in my political and economic views, I’m also a conservative/traditional Catholic in my faith.
    My country has been going on a radical leftist trajectory for quite some time, which greatly saddens me with each day. The list is long: unending taxes, govt spending, regulations, environmental nonsense, fraudulent money, etc. etc.
    What saddens me even more, is the Catholic Church, which is supposed to have spiritual values that transcend this passing, material earth. To be fair, my Church has been sliding down the slope of perdition since Vatican II (no matter who the pope) as it has been infiltrated by communists and traitorous antagonists — undeniably, just like our country has been.
    Pope Francis has been interjecting way too much of his politics on the world stage for my liking, which smacks heavily of Marxism and Liberation theology. I find his views on Climate Change to be especially alarming, as that’s definitely a back-door sneaky weapon that the Globalists also use.
    Some of us far-looking and prophecy-studying Catholics have a strong suspicion that Pope Francis may be the “false prophet” as mentioned in Revelations and other places. It is the false prophet that lays the spiritual groundwork and proclaims the coming of the infamous “Antichrist” , who may or may not be currently on the world scene.
    It seems a world-wide economic collapse and a terrible world war prefaces his arrival, along with his one-world economic system, currency, and one-world religion. Maybe it all happens simultaneously.
    Got to think that good Americans and good Catholics will be persecuted greatly in the days to come, needing special spiritual protection from our Savior and his holy mother the Virgin Mary.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      An old Orthodox prophecy says that when the west goes down from choosing materialism over Christ, the one left standing will be France because of the love there for Mary, His mother….Othodox call her Theotokos, God-bearer.

      People need to grasp that outside of Jesus Christ all religions are about WORKS…say, Hinduism, which believes in self improvement through many lifetimes until one “attains” salvation. Always one is striving with anxiety, seeking, climbing… trying to become ‘spiritual’. Millions of books and millions of dollars on ‘spirituality’ when God came here to us….and stays with us.
      Only Christianity gives the glory of salvation to God, the Savior and Redeemer. Christianity is about unmerited grace. Christianity is above all COMPLACENT with confidence that God is here, on earth, with us…not in the sky. Any good we do is actually a GIFT from God, the gift of opportunities. We attain nothing for ourselves.

      I don’t say this to claim non-Christians are not saved….God has mysterious ways within the soul of each child of His. And Christianity has been so discredited with hypocrisy and bad example, we must keep the angels on the night shift sometimes.

      • John


        I have to respond – faith and works are parts within a circle – the debate on this is clearly seen in the letters between Paul and James. The leader of the early church was not Paul but James – the brother of Christ. James clearly places value on action whereas Paul leans towards faith. The letters of James predate those of Paul. Jesus (Yeshua) was not a Christian – he was by most accounts a Torah observant Jew and leader of the Nazarene sect – one of several sects within Judaism at that time. The theology of Christianity relies heavily on the writings of Paul who was the messenger to the gentiles – “Christianity” having lost its early Jewish roots via the destruction of Jerusalem and its message of both works and faith as prerequisites among spiritual followers of Yahweh as defined by Yeshua Ben Yosef – the Mashiach. In short, works count as does faith – you need both. Works are a physical manifestation of your spiritual faith and walk with God – the understanding and true nature of God having been shown to us by Jesus (Yeshua) by going beyond the law and to the heart. Jesus affirmed the Jewish laws but called us to go deeper than its superficial construct. I have faith that Jesus and the Father are “on the same page” in all things spiritual and physical and I try to act accordingly. Of course, we all miss the mark and that is where its nice to have the gift of grace. Just my view.


        • Deanna Johnston Clark

          The works of a Christian are the fruits of love, not ambition or fear. I was talking about the dead works of ambition and fear…which are the result of ignorance about God’s nature.

  50. Derkong

    Every church I have ever been involved with I eventually left disillusioned…

    • Tim McGraw

      Every religion/church is a creation of man. The universe is a creation of God. The Pope as a Vicar of Christ has always been problematic. Look at the history of the Popes.
      But as the old Catholic Priest told Roddy Doyle, the foul mouthed and somewhat anti-Catholic Irish writer:
      “If it wasn’t for the Catholic Church, you’d have nothing to write about.”
      And perhaps, Doyle would not know how to write. I am a product of Catholic Schools myself.
      It’s complicated. I do not have the answers.

      • Charles H

        A ‘Church’, or the gathering of believers as a social proposition to fulfill human needs – is still subject to sinful influences and even corruption. That said – Church is only the outside manifestation of the inside spiritual reality. I never expect to find a perfect Church; but in Jesus Christ I find a reasonable faith and a happy, eternal ending. A local gathering of Believers, with a pastor, or elder, or preacher IS ordained by God. Getting too big, like government – seems to be the main problem. Don’t give up.

  51. Sayonara

    This Pope is an extremely dangerous man as he is a committed leftist. He ideals communism which is the most evil ideology the world has ever seen as it is directly responsible for the deaths of 10s of millions of people. This Pope does not believe in God, he believes in tyranny.
    The left is extremely evil and they operate under the guise of the “ends justify the means”
    Just look at what happened DC today by a devout leftist.

  52. Mike R

    My prayers go out to the victims, their families, in the shootings today both in Arlington, VA and Travis AFB.
    Times are VERY tense right now, and it just seems like so many more incidents of rage are occurring against innocent people, much of which seem to be political at their roots. Have the democrats in particular fomented and incited this rage ? I truly don’t know, but it seems like the divides and fissures are occurring on so many different levels, that something has to give. A lot of people worried about martial law occurring under Obama. I think bc people felt he would do it for his own personal reasons. But now, I’m wondering, if President Trump might actually be forced to implement some form of martial law. Especially if violence keeps escalating, particularly on soft targets.
    These are more troubling times now, than at the bottom of the ’08 financial crash, if you ask me. Ironic, as stock market keeps hitting new highs on almost a weekly basis. The economy is supposed to be doing really well right now ? Isn’t it ?

    • Justn Observer

      Mike R.,
      STRONG SUSPICIONS now that it was an attempted assassination of Rep. Steve Scalise push and sponsoring a bill to go after PEDOPHILES ! MSM not reporting all the facts ! And as Ph’d Farrell suggests the shooter again is conveniently dead leaving the question suggested by Newt Gingrich and wondering how this nut traveling from Illinois knew where the obscure, unreported field the GOP was practicing baseball was? And with the massive FUSION CENTERS …the prior run ins of this crazed idiot…and his obvious tweets and posts…how could the police have overlooked this guy—AGAIN !

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R,
      ” if President Trump might actually be forced to implement some form of martial law.”

      Hopefully, he would do that only after something happen to Chucky or Nancy.

    • Charles H

      Mike R,

      The Mainstream, Leftist/Liberal ‘News Outlets’ are passing a high watermark in the broadcast of their poisonous propaganda. Combined with the artists, playwrights, rappers, and comediennes: the message suggested in more in line with anarchy and formenting of home-grown terrorists. As petulant children: they will push until all patience is long gone. They refuse to understand what they are causing; or stand to be responsible for what they do. By doubling-down on their lies – they pick up speed, careening and running-over anyone who differs. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It looks like we are about, to the place – where we are not going to stand anymore.

  53. Jodyp

    I was raised Catholic since my birth.School and church,six days a week,early sixties through early seventies.This Pope just ain’t right.I felt it from the get go.

  54. Rick Hester

    Thank you for bringing to light the leftist, political, humanist, anti-Christian bias of this Pope. I have been critical of him for some time. I was raised in the Episcopal church, but I now refer to myself as a “Christian”, believing that Christianity is not a “religion”….it is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    • Charles H

      And you are right.

  55. DanielSong39

    As far as I can tell the Pope spends more time talking about global politics than he does about Catholicism. This is probably not a good sign…

  56. JCD

    Greg off topic. The London tower has burned itself out. The building structure is still standing, yet they had no functioning sprinklers. Building 7 must have been made of wood. Let us never forget the 911 deception.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point and I have never believe the “official” story. You cannot explain Building #7 with the official story.

  57. Linda L.

    George says that the pope would rather save the world than save souls. This pope is more interested in POWER than saving the world or souls. I believe that he has been appointed to bring all religions together into a world umbrella of religions, which would fit the NWO agenda that is being pushed down our throats. For those who know biblical scripture, this pope is an abomination.

  58. Roger D

    I wondered how fellow WatchDogs would react to this bold (but truthful) interview. Wow, they get it! Thank you again Greg for standing up for truth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roger D.

  59. Kim

    Good thing God is in control!

    The world seems so mixed up. We are blessed to have this sight to get different perspectives.

    Awareness is everything now.

  60. Tommy

    The problem is with all Christianity. There are more leaders spreading falsehoods than leaders teaching the truth. And unlike decades ago, those false teachers don’t stand out with stringy, greasy hair, cheap polyester suits, sweat pouring down their face and ranting and raving. Today they are slick salesmen who twist the gospel with their silver tongue and make it sound like the Bible is saying something that is 180 degrees out of phase. We are most definitely coming to a point in history that will be cataclysmic.

    • Charles H

      God didn’t give the Bible exclusively to preachers. I am a preacher: and if what I say in message doesn’t fit with, align to, and agree with the Bible – I’m to be called out for it. What you describe is the Apostasy. God will ALWAYS reserve to Himself a remnant of faithful Believers, who have not bowed the knee to Baal.

  61. Frederick

    Greg I just read that the govt is going after Booze Allen Wasn’t our friend Treadway working for those guys ? I think he was

  62. JC

    No one wants to work for anything anymore. Just sit back type on a computer and let the easy life roll in. Someday life will meet the illusion you think is life. Don’t piss in the kings soup and the try to call it special sauce. Never works that way.

    • JC

      Question is who is the KING over America .. Answers please

      • Paul ...

        Right now it is the evil Serpent swine and his minions living in the swamp that must be drained … we must put a spear in the Serpents heart the way they did to Christ … and lets do it on a cross of gold (forget bit coin)!!

      • Justn Observer

        • JC

          Justin Observer that was informative.
          Greg, have you had Jeff Neilson on ? I searched youtube for your interview with him with no success.

  63. any mouse

    Does anyone have any research as to the Pope’s high position in the Committee of 300? Dont see those people mentioned much but they seem to dictate to the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute on Foreign Relations –the top .1% who seem to like ruining the rest of everone’s lives…..

  64. Joe

    Greg, CO2 is not a pollutant. It is plant food. The CO2 levels fluctuate naturally over time. For instance, hundreds of years before the industrial revolution CO2 levels were much higher than today.

    You are right that global warming is a scam.

    And what’s with this Pope? Not only is he a communist and new world odor dupe, he is loonie. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he told us to prey to the flying Spaghetti Monster.

  65. Juia

    Mr Hunter,

    Lots of comments. Must have hit a cord!
    Have you read Jame Perloff’s book “Truth is a Lonely Warrior”? Very I opening and based on this interview people might like it. Have you ever had James Perloff on the show? He puts alot of pieces together.

    • Tim McGraw

      LOL at “flying Spaghetti Monster”.
      You must be Italian. Ha!

  66. Tim McGraw

    I enjoyed this interview. What your guest says about the Pope using his office to promote this man-made global warming nonsense is absolutely correct. As the Irishwoman said, “What’s this got to do with the price of fish?”

    What does this man-made global warming theory have to do with religion and God? What does this Algorean scam have to do with our souls?

    Next thing you know the Pope will be buying a soccer team and selling sports crap for Jesus.

  67. susan

    Maybe that is why we have so many Catholics coming to our Evangelical church.

    • ttomm46

      Global Warming(Climate Change) is all about control..

  68. Kaddi

    Sadly….the left is run and controlled by George Soros….and most people have never heard his name! He controls the majority of what we read, hear and watch. He’s behind most of the liberal rioting. He came from a Communist family investing millions and millions of dollars to transform not only the USA… but the world.

  69. Donald

    To all here – a topic like tends to be one that can easily bring out strong negative emotions, and while there were some comments with strong emotions (we all have them), ALL maintained a very nice and respectful demeanor. And this is the way it should be with all people. So this is what I enjoyed from this forum – good show!

  70. Kevin Wright

    I challenge any religious person to watch this video and still justify their belief in God….

    • Donald

      I watched a bit of the video and the man in it has no understanding about the Bible. His whole idea of “God” and “religion” comes down to what one believes. If one happens to believe the right thing, they have God’s favor and if they happen to believe the wrong thing, they don’t. Yet the example Jesus provided primarily revolves around the person you are – not simple what one thinks or believes. There is not a single scripture in the Bible that says all you need is a proper belief in God, and you will lead a charmed life. The reality is that people have come up with this concept on their own – such as the man in the video seems to think is how things work. Does Bible knowledge work? Absolutely – but only when applied. Can one be forced to apply it? No. Does reading the Bible automatically cause one to apply it? No. Does claiming to be a Christian automatically transform one into someone who is acceptable to God. No. Does knowledge of the Bible transfer to someone by osmosis? No. The Bible has to be read again and again. It is most effective in revealing what is truly in one’s heart. It is not a book for those that want or expect God to be their Mr Fixit. Seriously, this would be totally inappropriate. That man’s view (the one in the video) is that belief in God proves itself true only if God comes in and fixes everything for those that believe in Him. This is exactly like the scribes and pharisees of Jesus day who thought the Messiah should come in and free them from Rome and Rome’s taxes, as well as praise them for how great they thought themselves to be. They were the least bit interested in Jesus and the Bible’s message. All that mattered is how they could benefit themselves (wealth, comfort, prominence, pleasing self, etc.). So they totally missed the point. As for belief in God, there is no other way to explain the existence of this universe and life in it. Take a “simple” thing such as human vision. How is this possible? Each eyeball probably takes in on the order of at least 100 million bits per second (if not substantially more) in full color and transmits it near instantaneously through each eye’s nerve where one’s brain somehow reconstructs this information into a 3D full color moving image. This is mind boggling. Further, color is a concept that only exists in one’s mind – based on how light frequencies are being decoded by one’s brain. Seeing the sky as blue or plants as green is not the product of a random event. There is no other way to explain something as complicated and sophisticated as this other than it was created. But there is much much more.

      • Kevin Wright

        Wow!!! What a bumch of jibberish…the bible lost me at talking snakes and the burning bush….taking a bite of fruit caused the fall of man? Wtf? How can you believe any of that?…..I take it you beleive word for word in deuteronomy? It is a barbaric piece of nonsense…funny that I never hear preachers reciting any of that????.. Nothing will change my stance that the human race will be better off when religion goes extinct…wont happen in our life time but it will happen.

        • Greg Hunter

          I suspect you are an atheist? So why get so hot and bothered? According to you we all believe in nothing. Don’t come here is you don’t like Christians.

        • Donald

          “the human race will be better off when religion goes extinct…wont happen in our life time”

          Listen, your the kind of person that no amount of reason will ever reach. That was a fairly simple example. There are much better ones. Clearly, reason doesn’t work. So, be happy believing what you do. As for being better off without religion, that depends. The only reason people in the USA (and for the most part the Western world) enjoy the kind of freedoms found here is due to the constitution and legal system of the land – one which was set by the Puritans that came from England. In fact following the English Civil War in which the Puritans prevailed, they went about introducing a constitution and legal system based on Christian principles. The Puritans that came to the USA copied this model. Although today many are working hard to corrupt that model. As for false religion going extinct, that is in fact a prophecy in the Bible. You will see this happen sooner than you realize.

        • ttomm46

          When Islam goes extinct……Christianity is here to stay……And your literal take on Scripture is laughable..

      • Kevin Wright

        How does the complexity of the human eye equal the bible is true? What a huge leap of faith that is….2000 years ago everyrhing was a mystery…illness..volcanoes…atmoshphere…earthquakes etc etc etc…now we can explain all of that….and as time goes on we will explain even more ..

        • ttomm46

          You read but don’t understand……!
          The fool says there is no God…….
          Fact..There has always been something or We wouldn’t be here…….Matter didn’t spring from nothingness……

    • JC

      Kevin. the first 20 seconds lost me. He asked what is wrong about spending eternity in hell ? Until one becomes a believer they understand nothing of God.

  71. David John Williams

    Greg, I never once said that Christ was not real and you leave me quite perplexed that that is your incorrect perception….for that matter, I never said that I was open minded either, however in this regard your perception is correct. Are you open minded? As with most belief dependent religious people, I suspect not, which is why I spoke up in the first place. I embrace Christ, I do not embrace Christian dogma. We have no time or need for religious intolerance, it is time for decent people who love the Creator and Creation to unite on a basic foundation of love and respect for their fellow humankind. I know quite factually through my own direct experience that I am embraced by the Creator, I am not perfect, but by Grace I am embraced none the less. I would embrace you as my brother because I know you are a good man, yet you would not embrace me because I will not confine my faith. I am certain the Creator cares more for the language of men’s hearts than their words. I am also certain it is so with Jesus.

  72. Paige Barent

    People must understand that Francis is a follower of the Vatican II Sect–which is not, I repeat–is NOT, the Roman Catholic Church. It is a manifestly heretical and apostate Counter-Church which has rejected a large portion of the dogma and traditions of the Holy Roman Church. The Church has always maintained in its infallible teachings on faith and morals that ANYONE who deviates from Catholic dogma is automatically severed from the body of the Church without the necessity of a formal declaration of excommunication being issued. (See Pope Leo XIII encyclical Satis Cognitum #10.) As such, it is incorrect to honor Francis with the title of Pope because it is absurd to maintain that one who is outside the Church can hold authority within the Church. Furthermore, Pope Paul IV issued an entire bull called Cum ex Apostolatus Officio that addresses the issue of what to do with a “canonically elected pope,” bishop, etc.,. who falls into heresy, apostasy, or schism. In this bull Pope Paul IV tells the faithful that they “….shall be permitted at any time to withdraw with impunity from obedience and devotion to those thus promoted or elevated and to avoid them as warlocks, heathens, publicans, and heresiarchs (the same subject persons, nevertheless, remaining bound by the duty of fidelity and obedience to any future Bishops, Archbishops, Patriarchs, Primates, Cardinals and the Roman Pontiff canonically entering).”

    Lastly, people need to keep in mind that this type of manifest heresy, apostasy, and schism has been going on long before Anti-pope Francis was elected to the papal office, most notably–and, most notoriously, in the words and deeds of Anti-popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

    If anyone would like to learn more about the manifest heresy and apostasy of John Paul II and Benedict XVI see:

    If anyone would like to read Satis Cognitum see:

    If anyone would like to read Cum ex Apostolatus Officio, I believe you can find a copy of it on the website.

    Best regards,

    Paige Barent

  73. dachsielady

    Francis is not Catholic therefore he is not the Pope. The one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church established by God, Jesus Christ, still exists and will until the Lord returns. There have been long periods of time when there was no Pope. Now is one of those long period of times.
    Suggest visiting the video channel of Rev. Anthony Cekada who has done several videos about Francis. Also suggest WCBohio channel for many excellent interviews of Rev. Donald Sanborn.
    What a Catholic must do is strive as much as possible to worship God in the true traditional Catholic way. That means not attending local mass in many places of the USA, and indeed the whole world, because the words of the consecration of the Eucharist were changed.
    Our Lord said

    This is the cup of my blood which will be shed for MANY [the elect] unto the remission of sins.
    At consecration of the wine part of the mass
    In the novus ordo English mass they have changed the word of our Lord to …

    This is the cup of my blood which will be shed for ALL unto the remission of sins.

    Also suggest finding article where “Cardinal” Kasper admits that the wording of the documents of Vatican II were deliberately crafted and made vague and easy to interpret in various ways. Find article titled

    Musings of a Pertinacious Papist: Shock admission: Cardinal Kasper in L’Osservatore Romano: Vatican II deliberately unclear!”

    Christus vincet. Christus regnat. Christus imperat.

    • Paige Barent

      It’s not just that the Novus Ordo Mass is invalid due to the change in the form of the consecration; one must also understand that the new rite of ordination for Novus Ordo “priests” is also invalid for a similar reason. Furthermore, because these “priests” either agree with the heresy and apostasy of the Vatican II Sect, or are “going along to get along–they are also implicated in the manifest heresy and apostasy of the Vatican II Sect. Consequently, traditional Catholics cannot partake in the Novus Ordo mass because #1) the eucharist hasn’t been validly consecrated, #2) the Novus Ordo “priests” aren’t validly ordained, and #3) Catholics are forbidden from being in communion with heretics, apostates, and schismatics.

      Furthermore, these Catholic principles also apply to the sacrament of confession. One must receive both sacraments by a VALIDLY ordained priest–(i.e., someone who received his ordination prior to 1968). To complicate matters further, any validly ordained priest who recognizes the authority of the Vatican II Sect anti-popes (etc.,.)–is, in fact, a heretic and an apostate as well; this means that, although one can receive these two sacraments from them, one cannot listen to them give a homily and cannot support them financially. That means one must attend a weekday Latin mass and sequester oneself from the rest of the congregation in order not to be in communion with those who believe that the Vatican II Sect holds authority within the Holy Roman Church.

      I have listened to several interviews conducted by WCBohio and I would encourage you NOT to listen to these men because they are leading many people astray by their lack of understanding regarding Catholic principles, Canon Law, and established Catholic dogma. As far as I am aware, Most Holy Family Monastery is the only religious community that is correctly guiding people on these grave issues; however, please note that, as a consequence of their tireless work, they are constantly under attack by the Vatican II Sect and false traditionalists.

      You may want to review this document which discusses where to receive the sacraments (etc.,.):


      Paige Barent

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