Trump Fights to Take Down Bad Guys-Bix Weir

By Greg Hunter’s

According to precious metals and financial expert Bix Weir, what’s going on in Washington now is simply a struggle for control between good and evil. Weir explains, “The left is going nuts.  They say they are not violent, but they are causing all these riots and protests everywhere.  I am convinced that this takedown of the bad guys is going to get a lot uglier.  It will get uglier because the left leaning Obama people have been given so many rights that are not in the Constitution and are not anywhere in a capitalistic society.  It’s more towards socialism, and when you try to take away the rights given to socialists, they get armed.  They go into the streets.”

Weir says Trump is attacking illegal immigration and voter fraud that are the basis of Democrat power. Weir contends, “Basically, the immigration issue and voting issue is all an attack on free will, and it’s a move towards socialism.  They know if they open the borders, they know they are going to get a lot of people coming in who will vote Democrat and vote for the free things they get from society.  Ron Paul has some great ideas about how to stop this, and it’s stop giving away the free stuff.”

Weir says all the political and civil unrest are symptoms of an economic system on the edge of a giant reset. Weir says when the economic reset comes, it will come from trillions of dollars in unbacked derivatives.  Weir contends, “It will destroy all the banks . . . all the banks go when the derivative implosion happens.  That has always been sort of the home built nuclear bomb in the financial system—the derivative market.  Hundreds of trillions of derivatives that are so dependent on third parties staying in business. . . . Once one large derivative holder goes, they all go.”

Weir thinks Trump knows a crash is coming and is getting ready. Weir says, “Trump has the keys to ending this market rigging game.  Once you end the market rigging game, then you can’t support the stock market, and everything has to go to its true fair market value with real trades and no more derivatives.  Trump can do it, but it’s not just Trump.  It’s also the people behind Trump.  I call them the good guys.  It’s people in the Pentagon, people in the military and patriots.  All this goes back to what does Trump want to do.  Do they want to fix things with the bubbles still there and with the Fed still printing money?  Or, does he really want to fix it?  Which means you crash the system first, and then you rebuild.  I think it’s the latter.  I think he’s trying to get people in place, and he will crash the system and then rebuild.”

So, what would Weir sell, and what would he be buying? Weir says, “On the sell side, I’d sell anything that has a third party between you and your asset.  That could be stocks and bonds.  On the buy side, I’d buy Bitcoin with both feet . . . buy a lot of silver, as much silver as you can . . . and buy gold, as well.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bix Weir of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:    

Weir also says that “Trump knows the system is a scam. He knows a crash has to happen to fix the system.” Bix also told me that “half of Congress owns Bitcoin because they know where it’s going.”

Weir has free information on his home page. Weir calls it “RoadtoRoota Public Road.”  Weir also has a subscription service, click here to subscribe.  Weir has a new report that gives a time line for prices of silver, gold and bitcoin in our volatile world.  It’s called “Roota’s Timeline 2017.”  It is free to subscribers, or it can be bought for a one-time fee by clicking here.


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  1. Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

    Many thanks Greg

    Trump is the only one that can do this right and soften the pain somewhat that has been inflicted on us people.
    We have been warned and given as much time to prepare yet all we hear is that things are fine.

    A song for you Bix, a little humour 🙂

    • al Hall

      AA- bix mentioned Fake Obama letting in Muslim’s during his takeover. Most are not aware in the last 6 months he was bring them by the plane loads-ON UPS PLANES LANDING AT SECOND TIER AIRPORTS. why?? EVERYONE NEED TO KNOW THIS INFO- THIS IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN EUROPE BY THIS mUSLIM ON-SLOT! Must listen to the hard facts- in your face- this is what they are doing- TAKEOVER BY POPULATION- WE ARE IN DEEP CRAP- HEAR THIS NOW!!

      Muslims Are Taking Over The World at an ALARMING Rate – MUSLIM IMMIGRATION –

      • Anthony Australia

        We are all Human.

      • Anthony Australia

        We are all Human.

        I have many Muslim friends from Albania, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and Afghanistan and they are lovely people.

        • Tin foil hat

          Anthony Australia,
          They are lovely people as long as you don’t offend their beloved Muhammad. I have no problem with the Muslims who don’t follow sharia laws like the ones in
          Btw, you should watch this DVD and tell me what you think.

          • AA 🇦🇺

            I will Tinny

            Many thanks!

        • Frederick

          Anthony Australia thank you for telling the truth I live on the coast of the Med in Turkey in a small town and the people here are welcoming and very friendly My wife is a secular Muslim and she and her family are wonderful kind generous people

          • Tin foil hat

            Do you know Turkish Muslims are considered bad Muslims by other Sunnis because they don’t follow the Sharia law?

            • Frederick

              That’s OK if it’s true I think they are the BEST Muslims by far

        • William

          Good then why dont they stay there. And you should think about moving also???

      • Anthony Australia

        In Australia they said the same thing when a new wave of people arrive, it’s like a broken record. Each time they cry, “We are being overrun, our jobs and way of life is at stake”

        Europeans immigrated to Australia with more than three million people immigrating from Europe during the late 1940s till the 1960s.

        The fall of Saigon in 1975, the start of migration waves from Indo-China to Western countries, including Australia.

        The fall of East Timor to Indonesian’s troops in 1975, which led many East-Timorese to seek refuge in Australia.

        Dictatorships in South America, which led political dissidents from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay to flee military regimes during the 1970s and seek refuge in Australia.

        The Lebanese Civil War of 1975-1990, which saw many Lebanese refugees come to Australia.

        Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989, as a result of which many Chinese students in Australia were granted permanent residency.
        The Yugoslav Wars in the Balkans from 1991–2001, which drove many Albanians, Bosnian Muslims, Croats, Serbs, to settle in Australia.

        The Jakarta riots of May 1998, which led migrants from Jakarta to trickle into major cities in Australia.

        Currently it’s Africa, China and The Middle East

        • al Hall

          AA- A Muslim friend told me about this site, and has always warned me that Muslims have the basic right to lie to anyone anytime for the cause- world takeover. I never forgot his words- they can lie anytime like our ex- liar-in-chief Muslim Obama- mr. super gay and his husband Michelle( Michael Robinson- who has already left him!

          • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺


            • Charles H

              Muslims actually DO have Quranic permission to LIE – concerning or for their faith. As to Obama?… who knows.

          • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

            Remember AH white man did take over the world. I in Australia and you in America would not have been here now because of that fact.

      • Hatemail

        Fake News

      • Tina Mosher

        It’s called The Kalergi Plan

      • Diane

        Former congressman Dennis Kusinich says the immigration problem was caused by Barack Obama NOT Donald Trump

    • Eric

      I’m addressing this to Greg and all of us……We have long complained of the injustice and what’s happening to our country. Week after week we listen to quests here telling us what’s coming…..
      How many of us feel helpless ? Is it not time to show some action ?
      While Trump is trying his hardest to fight these bastards we need to start a national, organized boycott of these corrupt corporations and politicians. Money is the only leverage we have.
      Starbucks is hiring 10,000 refugees while our people need jobs. They support (financially) gay marriage and abortion. They actually meet dollar for dollar contributions to an organization that PROMOTES gay marriage. This is just one corporation that stands against our American morals.
      I’m serious. Greg must have many connections. We know many similar sites that could awaken this country.
      Involvement is what this country needs as for so long we have felt helpless. Instead of everyone sitting on their hands and waiting for our leaders WE need to make the move.
      Do any of you remember what happened with one event Rush Limbaugh promoted because someone couldn’t afford the newsletter ?
      This could go national and internet crazy IF we stop whining and decide it’s time to control our own destiny.
      Is it time to stop talking ?

  2. FC

    Apparently, The Trump Effect, is beginning to take it’s toll on the State of Arizona, with his immigration policies, as thousands of illegals are now moving abroad to avoid deportation back to their native countries.

    In the small town of Guadalupe, just south of Phoenix, Pedro Eduardo Alonso, is one such migrate who vows to punish Arizona, for the inconvenience of moving.

    As he loads his stolen car filled with taxpayer funded furnishings and belongings, he and his family of ten, try to explain to a local news reporter, through an interpreter, that it’s a matter of pride and principle that he is leaving and that he can no longer tolerate being supported by a State, that treats him and his family like criminals.

    This mass exodus of illegals has resulted in a decline in many services across the State, retail stores are reporting dwindling cases of theft and record low sales of alcohol and tobacco, while many tattoo parlors have either boarded up their shop fronts or are offering 70% off all ink.

    The State Police are currently dealing with an increase of transfers to other States, as boredom slowly sets in, from the lack of criminal activity, that has gripped the area.

    The State hospitals, are also reporting a dramatic decline in births and visits by non-revenue patients to the emergency wards, while The State’s welfare agencies are preparing for dramatic staff cuts, as food stamps and unemployment benefits reach all-time lows.

    Pedro, told the reporter, that he and his family are now moving to Canada, where a Liberal government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, will deliver higher taxes on all hardworking Canadians, to ensure that he and his family receives the dignified support they so truly deserve.


    • Eric

      FC Appreciate your info. Can you give us a link to these facts before I share them ? Thanks

      • FC

        This was written as a comical story that may be true or partly true but definitely embellished.

    • BobT


      Thanks for the updated street reporting. This is awesome.

    • Hatemail

      Fake News

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Here s Georgia we depend too much on the hard work of underpaid immigrants…our agricultural labor, our roofers, our landscape workers, our cleaning crews at night, our domestic housekeepers….all working for contractors at reduced salaries. Crime has certainly NOT burgeoned.
      Crime here is mostly drug gangs and robbery.
      I am angry at the hypocrisy in my church that hires contractors to underpay cleaning crews to clean the Catholic schools…..making me wonder at the motives of all this church support for illegal immigrants. Call me a suspicious old Scot.
      The Mexican workers I know or have met are often receiving government benefits, as are all the non-com soldiers at nearby Hunter where the Rangers are stationed and all lower level employees at Walmart and other corporate capitalist chains. However, lazy and criminal they seldom are.
      Perhaps you live a very narrow life. Get out and meet real people of all sorts…broaden your sympathies. Your wit needs a better target than bigotry.

      • Tin foil hat

        Deanna Johnston Clark,
        I’m 100% behind border integrity but I have nothing against the illegal immigrants. The right thing to do is to bring them out of the shadow so they don’t have to pay thousands of dollars just to cross the border. After we get rid of the criminal elements who mostly exploit their own community, I’m certain Trump will provide the hard working illegals with proper working papers.

        • Frederick

          Did everyone read what Tin foil wrote ” I have nothing against “illegal” immigrants NICE

          • Greg Hunter

            I DO have something against illegal immigrants–They have committed crime to enter U.S. illegally and collect benefits from hard working taxpayers!!!

            • Frederick

              Me too Greg I went through ALOT just to get a green card for my wife and we were married at the time Go figure plus she has a Masters degree and is fluent in English Cost me thousands

          • Tin foil hat

            I’m against anyone who come off the boat legally or illegally just to collect benefits without contributing a single dime into the system.

            • Charles H

              Either support the Laws in effect; or damn any Law you don’t agree with. You can’t play hard and fast with both.

    • oscar brooksby

      My problem stems from the tiime I came to California. After a troubled time and some sucersses (graduate form Taft college) I had a failing history of good job a a mariage and an adopted New born child. And then chaos…
      A divorce, fired form my job. And then only to find the human resourses were only interviewing Hispanics and minoritys. I was out of work homeless and could not qualify for it because Human Resourses were if fact hiring hispanics and minorities. Hense priority gave those Illigals an invitation to become part of California’s infrastructure.
      Now california supports more supporters of unequality in all things. Educational, empoyment and Unionizdd control of California Politics. Born In The Usa. only important if you weren’t but know how to pull the strings.
      Take My Guns Away.
      Even if war, I found that guns were safer if everybody that grew up theme werea a lot saffer than Athorities whom are given to much power to soon. And have to have many too many round clip , Which only increasses the possible moment of mental responsiblity to rationalize if trully this is a rational desision.

  3. Tin foil hat

    Heroin, benso and alcohol withdrawal can cause death. Crashing the system is like DTs. We can rebuild only if we survive in the crash. What we need is gradual change, not crash.
    I hope Donald is not going to touch those keys.

    • al Hall

      WAKE UP. YOU SHOULD START THINKING WHAT HOLE YOU ARE GOING TO DIVE INTO WHEN -VERY SOON- YOU SEE PLANET X IN THE SKIES-COMING LATER THIS YEAR. There is no fix for this happening, no liberal and no republican can help you or anyone. BUT, ask yourself? Why haven’t we heard this because the government has known this since 1983?? The built there underground cities for themselves- but we are not invited??

      • Hatemail

        Fake News

        • al Hall

          You won’t know the truth if it hit you over the head- these stupid people – get a real life! Probably one of obama’s and Killary’s gay friends.

          • Hatemail

            I did not insult you, only your fake and misinformed message.
            Be civil and ask the Lord for forgiveness.

          • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

            Homophobic, prejudice racist and bigotry are qualities you possess and can be proud of in your ignorant world.

            How Greg allows your comments is beyond me, if this is the precedence then I’m out of here for good. Debates are one thing but attacks are outrageous USAWD

            • Tin foil hat

              Anthony Australia,
              Hey, you should pick on someone your own size. Leave the poor mental midget alone or you’ll have to deal with me.

              • AA 🇦🇺


      • Tin foil hat

        al Hall,
        Okay, I’ll crawl under my blanket now.

  4. Peter

    Dear dear Greg,

    You see: this is still a BANANA-republic!

    At first: restore LAW and ORDER



  5. Faith

    I hope Trump kicks over the Federal Reserve system! He can start by asking for an audit of Fort Knox. There hasn’t been an audit of Fort Knox in my lifetime!

    Furthermore, many people don’t have any stock assets. No one I know has a 401K. None of my family, except for one person that got a cushy job, has any 401K benefits. We all work and that is it! I have managed to scrabble together some silver bullion over the years. I would be happy if Trump declaired the US bankrupt! It wouldn’t bother me one bit because I have a fixed rate mortgage and I own PMs.

    I would love to see Trump order the US Treasury to print a $20 trillion dollar coin and declare the US debt to the Federal Reserve paid in full!


    From The Socialista Front Lines

    Next News Network
    Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Chuck Schumer took acting lessons to get the tears that he whipped out on Sunday. He called President Trump’s actions “mean-spirited and un-American. ” for ordering a temporary block on refugees. However, back in November, Chuck Schumer said that Syrian refugees might need to be blocked following the horrific Paris attacks.

    Next News Network
    Even the religiouse police cant stop this guy!

    Next News Network
    Deep State Chuck Todd’s Alter Ego & White House Nemesis

    Next News Network
    Spankings in order for the Bobsey Twins!

  7. This sceptred isle

    I appreciate trump is taking on corruption in areas such as the pharmaceutical and vaccination industry but why is he sucking up to big oil? Big oil has been guilty of buying up America’s rail networks and allowing them to fall into disrepair as well as suppressing innovation in renewable technologies. Much of the illegal wars have been fought over control of oil reserves.

    • This sceptred isle

      There is a reason why cars still use petrol and not electricity. The technology has been suppressed by oil interests.

      • Chip

        FAKE NEWS. Do you realize how much petrol goes into the production and maintenance of an electric car? For one example cars have rubber tires that require tons of oil both as ingredients and fuel to produce. You will NEVER eliminate oil/gas without going back to living in caves… Chip

        • Chip

          Seven gallons of oil per tire, five as feed stock chemicals and two for energy needed to produce the tire… Chip

          • Deanna Johnston Clark

            Thank you Chip. Most people hate reality.
            How many abortions of Chinese girls go into the making of Hobby Lobby Christmas decorations?

          • Zak

            Chip – stop drinking the Kool aid.

            Don’t do it!

  8. Frederick

    Biz mentioned Stanley Fisher Isn’t he an Israeli citizen and WHY is a foreigner in charge of our Treasury Isn’t that unconstitutional?

  9. dlc

    Just sent this interview off to a nephew and a neighbor. I had just listened to Joseph Meyer before checking this site. Even Skousen was somewhat upbeat this evening.

    Can anyone remember McCain ever lecturing or insulting a Democrat? He did not discuss issues at all when he got re-elected, no talk about our VA, no discussion about the border. He did remind us once again of his military service, however, kid you not. I think we have enriched this traitorous crook enough for his service.

    My feeling is that Trump is so unliked by both parties and playing nice will gain him nothing. His fall back position should be — when they think you’re an SOB, no matter what you do, just do the right thing as you perceive it.

    Trump did support McCain in the primary as opposed to the real conservative choice. McCain never returned that favor, an example of playing nice and gaining nothing.

    Bix is so correct. Involve the people, tell them the truth about both partys’ dealings since JFK. If nothing is disclosed and the economy collapses, I think people are going to react like they’re in the ballroom of the Poseidon — everything from flipped out panic to raging fits.

  10. Scott Miller

    Edge of a giant reset! When and where have I heard that before? Oh yeah! Right here!
    Hey sheeple! Yeah you bloggers! Buy bitcoin! Buy silver! Buy gold!
    You can’t have enough!

    The secret nasty commie socialistic derivatives that will bring ruin to the banks! Oops!
    We had that already! The banks were ruined in 2008! Mr. Hunter said so. I heard it here.

    Oh wait! Others write I am crazy because I keep pointing out no reset is imminent!
    Enjoy the stock market. Celebrate Trumpland! Don’t worry! Be happy!
    Fear NOT!

    • Charles H


      Repugnant and annoying finger-pointing teasers, like you: are no different than the kids on the playground yelling – nah,nah,nah,nah… do… do! – except for the age.
      You are not crazy, Scott – except you just “exaggerate and obfuscate” from your own, narrow vested viewpoint.
      If you do come to ruin – just be man enough to come back here and eat crow. Yeah, sure.

      • Scott Miller

        There won’t be any here if I am wrong.

        The reset destroys everything we knew.

        • Charles H

          The Reset will CHANGE everything we know. Destruction of everything seems too close to hyperbole.

      • Silence is Golden

        Patience is a virtue.
        But in saying that….I am prepared to wait for as long as it takes.
        We cannot envisage what lies on the other side of the reset. Fascism …removal of freedoms with deterioration in living standards…extinguishing of the middle class and a New World Oder with a One World Currency. A world away from where we are now. I’m in no hurry to advance to that dark place. I’m sure that there are many who would agree….and yet there will be those that want this to be over and done. Death by a thousand cuts….so it shall be.

        • Charles H

          Neither am I in a hurry. I’m in about the only state in Mexico that isn’t burning and protesting over the 20% gasoline hike. I was told in Mexico City, protesters are trying to block the main downtown thoroughfare, Avenida Reforma. The descent into chaos by way of corruption is unstoppable.
          Trump has to preside over economic and societal dissolution. It won’t be pretty. Still, I think there will be a wall, or trigger – where the dam breaks, here and there.

  11. Oracle 911

    I said it once, and I will say it again, without adequate replacement (it don’t have to be 100% finished) the current fin. system won’t be allowed to crash, because Bhopal and Chernobyl, period. So, they will build a skeleton for financial system and then the crash will happen. But this can’t be done without participation of Russia and consent of Putin. Which means in this was also discussed in that call. And also means Yalta 2 is under way (doesn’t matter how it will be called) and the crash will happen after that.


    so people like me on disability and those who live day to day will go hungry and die. or is there hope for survival for us poor folk who can not afford silver or gold?

    • Greg Hunter

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Hard times are coming–prepare the best you can.

      • al Hall

        Bix interview was one of the best information interviews ever. Very good my friend- more like this!

        You know I’m in agreement with everything he said!!

      • Doug Krause

        Hello Thomas…. let me give you some hope. There is hope for survival whether you are rich or not, that hope comes in the Lord Jesus. Invite Him in to your heart and your life, seek Him out in the Word and find out who you are in Him and the benefits that are yours when he is your Lord.
        There is divine protection and provision when Jesus is the Lord of your life…. but it is sad that our main stream churches are not preaching this and are no more than a place to have a bake sale and to blow a few hours Sunday mornings… maybe Greg could bring a full gospel preacher on to enlighten his followers on how to live the victorious Christian life with no fear….yes there is hope. Cheers Doug

      • ross

        Greg I don’t believe this good verses bad guys rhetoric .It has always been about power plays and Trump will be no different. Trump to me is a man of contradictions. He is making good and bad decisions. I just can’t work out who is backing him.Give Anthony Australia a cold shower and put him down the food chain as he is lowering the tone.

        • Tin foil hat

          If Trump supported the SDR, he is most likely back by the BIS.

    • JasonTomporowski

      Thomas, I am no financial expert. But I believe in being prepared. For you, I recommend starting with basic food staples, Rice dried beans, oats, salt sugar, flour, Other staples like buy a few extra canned goods each time you shop. Put them up so you have them on hand. If you have any medical conditions, make sure you have some extra meds, aspirin, etc. Start small on the food. build it slowly. First work up to 3 days worth, then 3 months, etc. Just make sure you rotate your stock. (FIFO) first in, first out. I hope this helps. There is plenty of information on preparedness online and plenty of Preppers on you tube. Their videos are a wealth of information. Prepared mind, Viking preparedness, Southern prepper one are a few that come to mind. Good Luck.

      • Hatemail

        Yea, Pastor Joe Fox is the Man!

      • Diane

        Good advice Jason
        Everyone should have a plan A, plan B, plan C scenario…ready to follow.
        No knows for sure what will happen from day to day.
        I don’t exactly agree with Bix….but…he could be right.
        Just cover all bases best you can and above all….believe in Greg’s favorite saying. Fear not. GOD the Father is in charge.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yo tambien, Thomas!
      Possibly we little ones who still know how to cook and peel potatoes will fare better than the millions who don’t even know the directions to their kitchen and, to paraphrase Will Rogers, would starve with no microwave oven.
      Will made that joke about the can opener….how we could use him now! For can opener read ‘smart phones’ or a thousand other toys.
      I’m suspicious of the gold rush online. What actual good is it? It is static and useless stuff, except for pretty jewelry. Static wealth has always been the sin of the idle rich. God bless you and all of us having to put up with the subject ad nauseum to find a grain of advice about the economy.

  13. Dan

    Dear Bix,

    Overall, a pretty good analysis. However, there are 2 issues that you should support/back more for this audience here on

    1) You mention a new monetary system backed by gold. Having worked at/for GATA, you should be the first to know that the gold IS NOT THERE. So how would this work exactly?

    2) Trump is a businessman and trade is paramount. If he were to establish a new US currency, it arguably wouln’t be worth (exchange rate) nearly as much as the current greenback. This would devastate trade and hence the US economy. Why would he risk doing this?

    If you have the chance to answer these that would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for the wonderful interview.

    P.S.: Happy Lunar New Year of the ‘Fire Rooster’ everyone. Accordingly, this will be the year of “Truth Bombs” and “Mass Awakening” (as per the rooster’s loud crows). This is our year guys! Let’s enjoy the dues we’ve been paying since 2011. We will be vindicated!

    • JMiller


      I can answer number 1 for you. According to Bix, the U.S has a lot of gold. At least 100,000 tons. It is called Yamashita’s Gold which is also what Karen Hudes believes.

      • Dan

        Thanks JMiller. He says that the Shadow Gov’t uses this Yamashita gold to fund their operations. Consequently, the only way Bix can still be correct (of a new gold-backed dollar) is if the shadow gov’t (i.e., the “bad guys”) issues such a new currency – which I think is not likely (since the last thing they want is honest money, as they could no longer plunder). So, I still think his theory on this is dead wrong.

  14. Jerry

    For weeks I have been posting about the importance of the upcoming IMF, World Bank meeting on April 21st. Those that fail to see the importance of this meeting need to read this document.

    With the downward pressure placed on the Yuan by the dollars extensive QE buyback program, I expect the members of this organization to begin to unwind the dollars influence with a series of depreciations that will culminate into an SDR currency.

    Before anyone rushes to judgment that this is bogus idea, they should revisit the “Plaza Accord” agreement (see attached link) that was implemented between 1980 and 1985 which culminated in the dollar losing 50% of its value.

    Since 1968 when the United States went off the gold standard, the IMF and the World Bank have been essentially orchestrating a controlled collapse that will culminate with the creation of the SDR currency and a one World Bank. How much of that will be implemented on April 21st? We’re about to find out.

  15. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Bix Weir is always interesting. He gives an interesting perspective on Trump’s cabinet fight and he may very well be right, get his people in place and then crash the system early so Trump has time to start the rebuild on a solid foundation before the next election cycle starts. That sorta kinda makes sense. OTOH, while I’m with him on the derivative bubble and a “controlled” system crash, I do not get Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam to me. We shall see — interesting times.

    • Russ

      I just read a short but interesting (there’s that word again) article on ZeroHedge.
      “Trump Drives A Wedge In The EU”
      One quote stuck out as germane to the Bix Weir interview: “… The elevation of Steven Bannon to a full seat of the National Security Council tells us that more outrages are now very likely. We noted this Bannon quote, as relayed by the New Yorker. … “I’m a Leninist…Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” …”

      Crash everything and destroy today’s establishment. That’s from a Trump insider and a member of the NSC. Stand by, things will get ugly before the sky clears.

  16. This sceptred isle

    It is a bit simplistic to talk about good guys versus bad guys like it’s star wars, especially when big oil is supporting trump. If think when the big crash hits America will not have a problem with illegal immigration…

  17. This sceptred isle

    By the way bix thinks alan Greenspan is one of the good guys! More like the emperor…

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, agree totally with your guest about the left & their anger, the illegal voting, socialist agendas, etc. Also, he is right on about stopping all the entitlements and the immigration will slow to a near stop. His statement that the “left leaning Obama people have been given so many rights that are not in the Constitution and are not anywhere in a capitalistic society” is an astute understanding of the problem and or anger out there. “Those people” are simply hooked on free entitlements and feel entitled by all the socialist coddling for decades now. The rest of us, the working class, who are paying “their” freight so to speak finally have a champion in the White House who understands their condition. As for a crash or reset I can’t speak but Mr. Bix Weir gives plenty of food for thought. Thank you for having him on Greg.

  19. Paul ...

    I think physical Silver is the better bet … Bit Coin is computer based … and in a Mad Max world (when banks close and accounts are frozen) anyone who believes Bit Coin computers will still be up and running seems way to optimistic to me!!!

    • This sceptred Isle

      Also what happens when they invent a better crypto-currency? Bitcoin is a pioneer and pioneers usually end up outmoded at some point.

    • Hatemail

      What could possibly be more “third party” than an internet connection standing between you and your money.

  20. john duffy

    CIA whisleblower tells all:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for posting this John. Now you know why Trump went to the CIA as his first stop.

    • David

      He’s a fake.

    • Paul ...

      Trump is fighting to take down the CIA bad guys (and Obama helped??) …

  21. Colby's JFK_Revenge

    Death of a CIA Director
    An economic and political threat stemming from the highest level insiders in Washington D.C._Exposing Deep.

    • Paul ...

      Hang in strong Patriots … the neocon counter-attack begins … seems pedophile Satanists at the Vatican have already hired 30 Mexican Drug Cartel snipers … and sent them to the US to try and take out Trump!! …

  22. Mark

    My question is:
    Does Bix consider stocks held in DRS at a transfer agent an electronic holding?

  23. Bill

    Bitcoin. Half of Congress.
    Dumb. Dumber.
    Bad idea. Worse idea.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bitcoin may be the next best thing, but it really has no track record. (Especially a track record under extreme financial stress.) Gold, silver, land, a clear title house and car do have track records and I’d be placing my bets there.

  24. Tom Gregory

    What happens to my Mortgage, Car, Credit Card and Student Loan Payments???

    • Hatemail

      Personal and consumer debt will remain. We don’t get a free ride.

      • AA 🇦🇺

        I’ve been meaning to ask that very question, thanks for the answer mate.

  25. David John Williams

    I’ve never wanted someone to be right more than I do Bix Weir.
    Thank you Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      no matter how it works out it is going to be violent and very messy. There will be a lot of losers.

  26. Carl Bergquist

    Hello Greg,

    Greetings from down here in Brazil. Thank you for your honest reporting, your pointed questions and for putting out one of the best “real” news programs on the internet. USA Watchdog could be called World Watchdog because of the global relevance of almost every guest you have.
    I had to laugh during today’s interview when Bix started talking about all the free stuff immigrants get. It reminded me on the spot of that song from Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” where the Puerto Rican girls are singing :
    “I want to be in Ameeeeerica,
    Everything free in Ameeeeerica!”

    Please keep up the good work.

    • Pinocchio

      After their visit to Chicago, Puerto Rican girls are singing: “I want to Antarcticaaaa. I want to get abducted. I want to disappeaaaaarrr.”.

  27. Jerry

    Another one bites the dust.
    The list is growing bigger by the day, of countries selling off U.S. treasuries in return for either gold, or the Yuan. For every dollar dumped, the fed has to replace it with QE that puts even more pressure on foreign currencies. Its truly a broken system that has outlived its purpose and the ESF knows it.

    • Matt In Pa

      That’s why you see the CIA focus on Iran. How dare you threaten the all mighty dollar. Just ask kadafi.

      • Pinocchio

        The enscription on Qadafi’s tomb stone: “In God we trust. The rest are only digital numbers.”.

    • JC Davis

      If Trump plans to bring the jobs back to the USA, and the world is dumping the dollar the only bargaining chip would be consumption by the American people. That said the economy is saturated in debt already. I don’t see how he plans to make America great again.

  28. flattop

    I believe Mr Weir has good insight . The msm has been wolves in sheeps clothing, but since The Donald came on the scene, they have taken off the sheep skins and exposed themselves to be wolves they have always been. This is a good thing since there is now a clear line of separation in the media.

    • Paul ...

      Trump is launching an “all out attack” on pedophiles … no matter how much it damages the government or political party’s … saving children’s lives is his number one priority!!

  29. Hill

    Please investigate George Webb’s investigative youtube series that covers far more corruption, private militaries, child sex trafficking, DynCorp, CCC, State Dept, Libya, Haiti, Syria, Ukraine, Sudan, CFR, Carlos Slim, Giustra, Podesta, Clintons, CGI, IHRC, Neil Brown, Monica Peterson, Eric Braverman, “Brownstoning” ops, Andrew McCabe, FBI, CIA ….way, way deep into the rabbit hole farther than anyone has gone before. 50-60 hrs of compiled vids.

    Start with: “Day 53: Where is Eric Braverman?” by George Webb

  30. Sylvia

    Greg: Thanks for having Bix Wier on. He is easy to understand,
    yet very knowledgeable.

  31. Drake

    When the Rothchild/Jesuit pedophile satanist Banks go again, it will be time to BAIL OUT the American People with their OWN currency and their OWN printing of that currency. Then these satanist bankers ALL need to be imprisoned or executed. ALL contrived trillion dollar debts are FRAUD, created by Banker INSTALLED /owned-and-operated politicians. Nothing America needs to pay …ever. They contrived the FALSE wars to create these debts and make profits for themselves. This is MURDER. They and their concubines need to feel the same end Mussolini felt, for their evil upon the innocents and powerless they have robbed and murdered. …Anything else is UN-ACCEPTABLE.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Bada- boom!

  32. Charles H


    In the movie Miracle on 34th Street (new one) the summation in court goes like this: which is better – ‘a truth that brings a tear; or a lie that brings a smile’. It is classical reversal of true morality: calling evil good, and good evil. This is tied to the ideology of: “the end justifies the means” – and it all boils down to getting what one wants (selfishness).

    I don’t care if California kicks the table over: let her – bad behavior, threats, and manipulation to gain concessions NEVER SERVE TO A ‘MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD’ SOLUTION: if it doesn’t bring everyone to their side, or closer toothier goals – they won’t have it. Obama took the nation’s rudder and slammed it completely Left and kept it there. And no, after having their way for these years – they aren’t giving-up or giving back ANYTHING. So IF ( and Bix Weir may not be right in this point) that California would burn-down the world because they can’t have their way: let them.
    CUT-OFF ALL Federal Funding; cancel the EBT Cards; Housing and Food subsidies; Unemployment Compensation – and EVERY Federally-funded Freebie: then put NEW offices and personelle to VET everyone again. If they throw a tamtrum and destroy records: treat everyone like they just crossed the border. Don’t buy the threats and the Blackmail. After Los Angeles and San Francisco are left smoldering ruins by the very people they want to ‘protect’ – they might wake-up: but I doubt it. Blame anyone but yourself for mistakes, huh?

    The time for living by productive work, and carrying one’s own weight is overdue. A little less than half of Americans are paying for WAY MORE than themselves (probably 1 for 2 or 3); and the rest is ‘monies’ conjured out of thin air – that either future workers must pay back or it will never get paid back at all! This is total fantasy! The time to “live within your means” is here. It’s either THAT; or let America bleed to death, and become a Third-world country on the way to the funeral.
    Sometimes, you have to draw the line, put your dukes up, and fight – rather than submit to tyranny. The Rule of Law is made for the lawless. No wonder is has been set aside. I think we should return to it; lest everyone become a law unto themselves. Before America tries to fix anything in the world: it should fix itself.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      You want to cut all the poor off completely, no matter who or where or what?
      Even the Vietnamese, who got on their feet in amazing time, got food stamps or housing sometimes.
      This is a big cultural mess. Families used to help each other and stick together. Men who abandoned pregnant girlfriends were excoriated and cut off from decent society…now they want Uncle Sugar to pay for abortions. The entertainment industries have been brainwashing Americans for decades to cause social rot. The work ethic and religion are ridiculed…no longer does personal and financial honor count much….and WHO do you think set the bar so low? Our celebrities and aristocratic power elite.

      • Charles H


        If new people were there to vet LEGAL immigrants, and those who are justifiably poor: sure help them. I have a father-in-law (age 79) who deserves Food Stamps. He works two days a week at an old job – which makes the difference between starving and keeping his nose above economic water: but he is white – so they won’t help him.
        I watched a YouTube video of a Mexican commenting about the thousands of blacks that we brough to Mexico and couldn’t get into the United States, so were stuck at the border. Those illegals there were clamoring for food and clothes, schooling, and pocket money. He kept saying Mexico couldn’t afford that! It was so ironic the shoe was on the other foot and intolerable. Yet the USA has no problem at all!
        My point was that we aren’t even taking care of our own; and millions are getting what they don’t deserve. Where there is REAL need: help. Where people are being enabled and abuse the system; cut the tumor out.

        • Frederick

          Charles In a sane world your father in law would never starve assuming he has family That’s how it is here in Turkey Homelessness is unheard of here as well Family NEVER abandons its own in times of need PERIOD

          • Charles H

            This, Frederick, is where Western culture has failed. My wife and I have a spare room, to make into a bedroom, if needed.

  33. Eric

    Where does one go to buy Bitcoin ?

  34. firstamendment

    I’m putting my faith in our basic institutions, the constitution, as well as the White House Physician and his team.

  35. conrad

    Bingo, the gimme people took illegitimate and illegal authority and now they don’t want to lose what was never really theirs in the first place, (all the devil wants is a little spot eh?) There’s no need to wonder where your trillions went, and it is no wonder this will take some cleaning up, but that is why Trump was elected. Let’s keep holding his arms up.

    • susan

      conrad, I gotcha. Good analogy.

  36. Diane D.

    Excellent interview. Makes sense to me. Thank you Greg and Mr. Weir.

    For years I’ve thought secession was the way to go. I am humbled to admit that it never dawned on me that the Marxists would be threatening it. I’ll be watching them self-destruct from fly-over country.

  37. mushroom

    Thanks Greg. This is one of the best interviews I have ever heard with a huge number of basic economic facts and a large number of interesting explanations…

  38. The Downes

    WOW!! Awesome!! I could actually understand what he was saying through and
    through, Great interview. Thank you Greg!!

  39. Anthony Australia

    I always felt the entire lot of them were in on the game.
    The more the merrier and it’s easier to execute the plan.
    So what if you look like a bad guy but end up a billionaire.
    Makes my stomach turn.
    I want to know what period in someones life do they go from a human being to a human demon.
    Is the pursuit of money and power such a great attraction and satisfying.

  40. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Isn’t it right to assume all the “free stuff” is to cushion globalization and the loss of American jobs? It has backfired somewhat…many Americans prefer honest work for a living wage to Uncle Sugar. At the same time, Uncles Sugar needs to do a lot more to encourage family unity and protect the savings and benefits of the elderly from predation.

    It’s almost as though crazy people are running things…

  41. Abby

    In the final comments Bix mentions that anything with a third party should be sold. That includes gold and silver that is in storage,right?

    • Greg Hunter


  42. Scott Miller

    Bix is one of the easier guests to take down. He bases his theory on multiple conspiracies you can pull off the internet in less time than it takes to get through this interview.

    Once again selling bitcoin, silver and gold, yet never mentioning how much you actually need if the amount of metal he says there is actually existed. Then there is the Alan Greenspan invented a computer program to control the markets. Total nonsense based on who Greenspan went to high school with. Next comes the good guys bad guys theory about who is in charge based on the results of the election. Soros owns the voting machines is another. The list goes on and on.

    Did you hear California is separating from the USA? Listen to Bix. The plan is being executed. Listen to Bix. He knows what goes on behind the scenes. He makes it sound so simple but he doesn’t really know the details. It’s just more rambling on. Once again jumping from one topic to another as if it is all a cohesive web.

    It is a web — of lies!

    I would think after spewing this nonsense for so long, the speech
    Would have improved some. To an ignorant ear, Bix comes across as a “knowledgeable guy” but I have heard this crap for too many years. It’s national enquirer entertainment from the men in black newsstand.

    Seriously, the bloggers here will take Bix’s stories to heart and agree with him. However, nothing he tells is actually reality.


    • Greg Hunter

      Well Scott,
      Either you are just a liar or you do not hear very well. You said, “Did you hear California is separating from the USA? Listen to Bix. The plan is being executed.” Bix clearly said that “California may vote to secede from the Union.” This is a legit story posted on news Bix also said he did not think California would secede You are welcome to your opinion here but you are not welcome to your own facts. If you think this site is full of “lies” why do you come here? Have to expose what you wrote as mean spirited lies makes work for me, and I do not appreciate it. By the way, what do you know anyway? Give us all your experience, where you work and a way for me to verify who you say you are. That’s what Bix does, and that’s what I do.

      • Anthony Australia

        Why is he on here Greg?

        • Greg Hunter

          A A,
          Why not?

          • Anthony Australia

            True, opposite options are great but time is short and he seems to criticize everything you post.
            He should follow what he believes rather than waste his time on things he does not agree with.
            “Listening to crap”, as he says seems ridiculous doing it for so long and to say listeners are ignorant only highlights the deficiencies of themselves.
            We are all entitled to listen to whatever we want but will not be swayed or influenced into what we think is true or not by comments from others. I will not have anyone evaluate news or propaganda for me.

      • Jerry

        Whatever you do, please let Scott continue to post on your site. His ignorance is truly breathtaking……but entertaining. He clearly fits the stereotypical mold of people who watch MSNBC and think its real news. LOL.

        • Jallen

          When it comes to Alan Greenspan, Scott is correct.
          One of Alan’s nicknames is ‘MR. BUBBLES’ and well earned as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Did not the Queen of England Knight him (What master does Alan serve)! Greenspan inflates the dollar as chairman of the Fed and now is sells / supports gold. Alan (which way is the wind blowing) Greenspan was on SIXTY MINUTES bragging how he obfuscated congress about financial matters as the Federal Reserve Chairman!!! Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing!!!
          BIX WAKE UP!!!

          • Jerry

            The game is over. The central banks have primed everything they’ve had into a broken pump over the last eight years in hopes the liquidity would return. It hasn’t. Scott misses the point. There are no more tricks in the bag, unless you want to count bitcoin, which will never work in a third world country.

      • WD

        My cousin lives in San Diego. She thinks very much like we do here.
        She has told me that Calexit is becoming a very big deal and she thinks that it will happen.

        By the way Cliff High has reported that the US will be unrecognizable in a few years.

        • WD

          I have been watching Calexit for the past few months and I think they do it… They are driven by rage. This is why it will happen.

          • Paul ...

            Calexit is a good thing … let this “safe zone for Trump sniper teams” pay for all the illegals they welcome in … and once they exit … turn up the HARP machines to increase their drought and turn the entire illegal wacko state into a complete desert!

          • Diane

            I live on the Communist state of California.
            I don’t think it will happen….
            1. They lose all their Electral votes …no more Democrat wins.
            2. No more Federal grants or aid.
            3. How will they pay the huge inflated pensions.

            No…too many problems.
            I believe they would fail big time.
            That said it would be interesting to watch.
            If it does pass….please set up a go fund me on facebook so I can move to north Florida!

      • JC Davis

        Greg. Scott would be a interesting interview. A true practice in patients.

    • Justn Observer

      Surely Mr. Weir needs neither a defense nor your ‘accusations’ or smearing … but then that is what those that have no argument do …spew hate and defamation! Is that your MO towards all you dis-agree with?
      I will offer you then another that has considerable insights who might better win over your sensibilities as to what, how the system has been operated – manipulated for some time…and then maybe you will return and as generously with time and words apologize to both Greg Hunter and Bix Weir and the rest on here for the waste time !

      STOCKS TO BUY IN 2017 part1:
      At least start at 29:55 & at 38:20
      We are on here to inform and learn from each other… We might not agree but insults, defamation, and slander are not necessary…. Just state your case – not your ‘hate’ and move on ~ Please !

  43. Mme. Hedin

    Ridiculous. Peaceful, non-violent protests are the norm in Socialist countries – they aren’t into carrying guns. . I know, I live in a Socialist country – France. Does anyone on this site even know the difference between a Communist and a Socialist? No? Didn’t think so. In a Communist country, the State owns everything – no private ownership. In a Socialist country, private ownership is predominant, but people actually care enough about their fellow citizens enough to allow their tax dollars to pay for such things as health care fore all, free or low cost higher education for all, paid maternity leave and other social benefits, which Americans can only yearn for. In other words, Socialist country citizens actually CARE about their fellow citizens, they don’t try to argue, outcompete or even shoot them for disagreeing. Socialists also don’t think they need to spend 57% of their country’s budget on the military, because the only aggressive, life threatening country around these days is America, patrolling the globe with drones and Spevial Forces! Are you Trumpsters understanding this, or do I need to write it out in all capital letters?!?!?

    • Greg Hunter

      You have to be a paid troll! So for the people who do not want to pay for other people’s free stuff, can they just not pay??? No, the French government comes and puts them in jail. “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.” By the way, the French government is broke, (just like US) and the French banks are in deep derivative debt, (just like US) and thus, in deep financial trouble in the next crash. You folks would be speaking German if the US would not have interviewed TWICE in the last century. The Graves of US soldiers are there in France to prove it. (I love France, but trolls like you, not so much! Go Le Pen!!!!)

      • Charles H

        Mme uses half-truths to launch the propaganda platform, filled to the brim with criticisms. At some point – political education lays waste to intelligence.

      • Diane

        Thanks Greg

      • Mme. Hedin

        I don’t mind one bit having my tax dollars in France go to pay for maternity leave for its young mothers, or for free higher level education for its kids. I care about the wellbeing of all my neighbors, of all of France’s residents/citizens. That’s called a civilized society, whom I would gladly defend. I find it very sad that many Americans only care about themsleves, their spouse and their family, and to hell with everyone else.

      • Mme. Hedin

        You are right about France’s debt level being too high ( thanks to the ECB, and the lack of a gold standard thanks to Nixon) and the French banks’ derivative debt (originated by American banksters and bought by greedy French banksters). None of this is the fault of the French people. Maybe Le Pen will win. We shall see what happens then. The French people are still extremely grateful and friendly towards Americans because of their assistance in WW1 and 2. But frankly, it may be the French military bailing Americans out from under (potential) dictator Trump in the future.

      • Mme. Hedin

        Greg: And you think if you don’t pay your American taxes, you won’t go to jail?!? At least my taxes n France don’t go so much towards a horrendously bloated military budget…

      • Diane

        Good God , yes!
        Did our Gina M. move to France?

        • Mme. Hedin

          Diane, do you honestly only believe there could be just ONE person – named Gina – who doesn’t believe the same thongs that you do, but who is also a fan of Greg’s website to listen to his guests talk economics and previous metals? Honestly, you Trumpsters can be just looney tunes sometimes!

          • Greg Hunter

            You backed a criminal, traitor, cheater with a global charity fraud that is now shutting down. Who is “Looney tunes”???

          • Frederick

            I have to agree with Greg here Mme Hillary is a horrible human being and how on earth anyone could support someone like her truly eludes me

    • Joe

      “Socialist country citizens actually CARE about their fellow citizens, they don’t try to argue, outcompete or even shoot them for disagreeing.”

      Sounds like a nice theory. In the United States, the self proclaimed socialists are the most violent, argumentative, unlawful, divisive, extremist, close-minded, unreasonable, corrupt bunch going. They also tend to be lazy (mentally and physically) and many of them expect, even demand, that others look after them. This is a characteristic of narcissism. If you don’t agree with them, they will lash out at you – even to the extent of being physically violent, Yet at the same time they proclaim that they are peace loving and open minded. This of course is a form of insanity closely linked to narcissism.

      • Mme. Hedin

        Where’s your proof/verification of this, Joe? Or are you just creating some new “alternative facts? I would guess you live in aa Red State, somewhere in the center of the country. But hey, everyone needs a boogeyman to scare the children with, right?

        • Joe

          Nope. I live in California. The proof is everywhere. The arguments of a narcissist are always the same. They start with some insignificant hypothetical situation and turn it into fact (in their minds). If someone disproves it or disagrees with it, they attack the character of that person. First the insults are minor and then they escalate. Lastly, they resort to violence in some form (verbal or physical). No amount of reasoning can ever get a narcissist to change. Why? Because a narcissist can never be wrong (in their own mind). This is total mental illness. Do some research on the subject.

          • Mme Hedin

            Sounds exactly like Donald Trump to me – or haven’t you noticed his narcissism yet?!? Everyone else has..

  44. Mme. Hedin

    Furthermore, I own my own home in this Socialist country called France, with about half the property tax that I paid in America. . Gee – who of you knew one could do such a thing in a (gasp) Socialist country?!?!

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure you can because the US protects Europe with NATO, France does not contribute much. If Europe had to pay the going rate of protection then your taxes WOULD BE MUCH HIGHER. It’s the “other people’s money” thing again.

      • WD


        She is a liar. Property tax in France is brutally high. There is no real industry in France anymore.

      • Andy

        Hi Greg, another great interview as always. I wondered if you could possible ask one or two of your guests about when this crash/reset happens and they lock down the bank accounts, what does that mean for your mortgage payments? Will you still be able to put money in your account from other accounts using online banking so that it covers the mortgage payments or do we need to have sufficient amounts in our account prior to the collapse to cover a period of time during the account freeze? And if your day to day account that is used for settling mortgage payments has little money in it what would happen if you can’t top it up to satisfy the payment requirements for such things as mortgages?
        Many thanks

        • Greg Hunter

          Will do. Thank you for your support.

          • Andy

            Many Thanks Greg.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank YOU Andy!

    • The Seer

      Sorry to object Mme. Hedin.
      I was in France two years ago to research for a second home there.
      The capital gain taxes, property taxes, realtor commissions, and income taxes are outrageous. The Muslims come in and only rent. They do not buy and do not blend in.
      There is really no freedom other than to go buy food at the market. Look at your cost of gasoline to just drive a car, your excessive and numerous toll roads, your health system and your huge debt burdens your country holds and that the other EU countries hold of your worthless bonds. Increased violence and rapes with police not protecting the public. The huge attacks with trucks and in your bars and all the homeless (mostly filthy immigrants) camping on your streets killing tourism and locals safety! France is not Utopia. Wake up!

      • Mme. Hedin

        American gasoline prices are subsidized, that’s why you have the “freedom” to guzzle it in excess. The French health care system is fantastic – I know, I’ve used it. The number of “attacks” here in France of any kind pale in comparison to the U.S. Did you know the U.S. has FIVE times the number of homicides per capita as compared to France?!? Freedom to peacefully protest, for the press not to be censored – France has many more freedoms than the US. You guys are the boiling frogs, in actuality. That’s okay, pick another country than France. We won’t miss you.

  45. al Hall


    • Charles H

      Wait and you might get the whole isalnd.

  46. mjmikey

    President Trump is foregoing the $400,000 salary; but opt for $1 /a year.

    Gregg you asked Bix some very pointed questions.

    • JC Davis

      Good point MjMikey. Is he the first in our life time ? I think so.

  47. al

    BITCOIN? No thanks, it’s not a currency. Anything that goes from a few pennies to over $1,000 in a few years is a commodity not a currency. No currency has ever been “sought after” as such. The only thing I like about Bitcoin is the blockchain technology which can be used for voting and such. It can be an indestructible public ledger, but not a currency.
    Precious metals are backed up by blood, sweat, tears and lots of energy condensed in a beautiful and very useful metal package. Bitcoin is backed up by your desktop left on for a few months figuring out a math problem, after that you can print out your solution on PAPER!!! PAPER, to be “safe”. I love Bix’s work and agree with almost everything he says except for this point. When countries are ready to use a crypto-currency, take it from me, they will create their own and outlaw any other.
    It didn’t make sense when I looked at it at around 60 cents and it doesn’t make sense to me at $1,000. It’s a digital commodity experiment and doesn’t pass the True Money test.
    Take an ounce of silver and sell it now, you get something for it. Step in to a time machine and go back 20 years, take that silver out and you get something for it. Go back 200 years! Same scenario. Try that with a Bitcon.

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺

      I’ve always wondered how to put Bitcoin in a gumballl machine. Would it be like tap and go payWave?

  48. James Hastings

    I just don’t buy the scenario, where 50 people sit around and determine the outcome of elections. I realize big money tries to influence the future. But by and large, it’s a pin-ball game where they can influence to a degree, but don’t control the world.

    Just make prudent preparations and the rest is up to God. It’s all written, weather you believe or not.

  49. flattop

    Being a Californian I was interested in Weirs comments on this state. Many Sens and Reps in the Cal govt are Mexican. Their plan is to secede from the union and take California back to mexico, since they claim we stole California from them originally. A solution is for Trump to declare martial law move the US military in and clean this mess up.

    • WD

      They will secede this movement will grow driven by rage….Some polls have it at 75% approval. I truly believe it happens…..

      • Dan

        Well if polls say it, it MUST be true, just like Hillary won the election – HAHA! Aren’t you the one that said that Obama would declare martial law & still be POTUS?

      • Mike R

        Would a CA secession be such a bad thing for the rest of the US ?
        That’s gonna be a very LONG wall, they’ll need to build. And imagine the export taxes the US will need to charge them for all the water they get from the rest of the nearby states, and electricity as well. Could be a nice little money maker, and the newly former welfare, medicaid, and social security costs would easily drop by a fourth for the nation, of not more.
        Clearly, these proponents of ‘leaving’ have no clue how much of a disaster it would be for their new hypothetical ‘nation.’ And Democrats would never win any US election again. (yeah!)

        It is amusing entertainment however, to watch how inane people can get when it comes to politics.

    • Hatemail

      This is seditionist rabble rousing. This is what happens when you allow illegal aliens to infiltrate your country and incite chaos.

  50. dlc

    Austin Fitts/Rense interview as of 7 p.m. EST regarding Trump and the new realities.

    • Anthony Australia 🇦🇺


    • Diane

      I live on the Communist state of California.
      I don’t think it will happen….
      1. They lose all their Electral votes …no more Democrat wins.
      2. No more Federal grants or aid.
      3. How will they pay the huge inflated pensions.

      No…too many problems.
      I believe they would fail big time.
      That said it would be interesting to watch.
      If it does pass….please set up a go fund me on facebook so I can move to north Florida!

    • Diane

      Thanks for this new interview.
      We are subcribers to Solari Report.
      Urge everyone listen to link dlc posted.
      Excellent information.

    • Kim

      Great interview! Thank you for sharing!

  51. Joe

    “They know if they open the borders, they know they are going to get a lot of people coming in who will vote Democrat and vote for the free things they get from society.”

    There is another reason. The open border makes it possible for the free flow of drugs – something Hollywood depends on as well as many that support the democratic narrative. As for the one funding all these protest groups, one name keeps coming up again and again – George Soros. Now why would George Soros, who supposedly makes his money investing, be so interested in open borders? Some have speculated that he is involved in laundering drug money, and that a big part of his wealth is from this activity. So he needs open borders to keep up profits for the drug cartels, so that he can get a cut of the action. This is the real world. One could write a series of books on George Soros and those like him.

  52. Silence is Golden

    Immigration is a very big issue not only in the US of A but across the globe.
    Closing of borders under new immigration policies brings forth episodes of deja vu.
    The Elite and their agents always have an MO and an Agenda.
    To the public, the new government’s agenda is about keeping unwanted refugees out.
    Perhaps the underlying theme is to keep everyone contained within.
    Then commence with the mastermind plan to foster the civil unrest through anti- immigration, racism and cleansing.
    We have witnessed this scene before.
    This is a plan that has found its origins centuries ago.
    Social upheaval followed by economic turmoil.
    Trump is not the solution. If he was to demonstrate any integrity in fighting for the people….he would remove the FEDERAL RESERVE forthwith. The he would call in all US Armed Forces abroad and break down the fortress that is Washington DC. A pledge to re-build America is not built on the premise of killing off the world economy. It requires participation and acceptance by every nation on the planet. To do otherwise will again repeat history and world war will ensue. Guaranteed !!!
    If he doesn’t provide solutions….he is just part of the problem.
    This year 2017, will demonstrate if he has legitimacy or he is merely siding with the Industrialists and Bankers….all part of the Crony Capitalistic State that we all reside in. The move to full blown Fascism is ever present.

  53. Bill Sulcs

    Thanks for another great interview. There was mention made of Fox news being a honest news carrier. I have heard it said on a few occasions, that was the case. I have serious doubts about Mr Murdoch and his intentions regarding the news. There was mention made regarding the current clash of good verses evil. I read an article several years ago about Rupert Murdoch and his business’s. I believe it is a real eye opener. The title is “Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Remphan”. Check it out.

  54. glen charles

    its getting exciting, very exciting,
    trump was elected to shake things out,
    will we here ‘mission accomplished’ on this new frontier, ?

  55. donatella

    Boycott the violence and vulgarity -Turn your TV off during Halftime – #TVsOFF – #boycotthalftime -Don’t provide a platform for Gaga and Advertisers to diminish us & this country anymore. Stop listening. No platform. THEN they will hear us. It is time for all of “US” to speak up now.

  56. William Betts

    This crooked system we have in place in America has been around for 103 years. It is a wonder to see how this terrible system was put in place by a bunch of crooks like J P Morgan and Nelson Alghridge who was Rockefeller’s son in law from Rhode Island, He no less was a Senator. The fool Woodrow Wilson signed the thing into law. This Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has kept America from being a great place. We could have all these years been a place that had an Economic Democracy without poverty and no unemployment. No Booms or Busts. Greed and evil ruled these SOB’s. Trump will pull it off or we are finished as a country Betts

  57. R B

    Dear Greg, You are the watchman on the wall ,blowing your trumpet loud and long. No one will be able to say when this system goes down,that they were not warned. Thank You RB.

  58. ivan kruger

    First Trump is going to pump a trillion dollars of the banker’s fake money into our economy and get everything up and running before he allows it to collapse . No one in there right mind would use real hard earned money to purchase something when they can get it for free . He is going to get everything into place first ,so that when the crash occurs there will be a soft runway to land on :thus ,I believe a crash is probably still a couple of years away .

  59. flattop

    There is a list of companies that someone wants us to boycott because of Trump. Two of those being Walmart and amazon. I don’t think that’s going to work anytime soon.

  60. Rock

    Thanks Greg. Great interview and very helpful. I just do not get the Bitcoin strategy though. A flip of a switch and you got nothing. A hack and you got nothing. How is it valued? By whom? Who is at the core of this? Just leery of it.
    These unchartered waters are interesting times. Looks like turbulence is ahead of us.
    Keep praying.

  61. Mr Mister

    I don’t the elites are going to crash the system they rely on. I am not an expert on history, but when the system collapses, a worse system follows, then the nation hits rock bottom, and it takes at least twenty years before there is a return to prosperity. If the Dollar crashes, will we fall into Communism, or a SDR fascistic system backed by carbon taxes?

  62. JJ

    I listen to this guy quite a bit I had no idea he was such a snowflake. Pres. Trump has been in office a couple of days and all he sees is his own little world. Too many talking heads out there to waste time listening to someone wish such short vision. Don’t misunderstand me we need dissenting opinions but I don’t like listening to shortsighted whiners.

  63. wondrouscat

    Trump is too patriotic to ever let California leave the union. Hollywood – yes (JK).

  64. Bill

    Might Scott Miller and Gina be one and the same. They think similar

    • Frederick

      Just two snowflakes of different genders is all

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