Trump Wins By Landslide-Polls 100% Manufactured-Clif High

clif-highBy Greg Hunter’s

Internet data mining expert Clif High says the “naked data” on the Internet shows Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election by a “landslide.” High explains, “You can do a search on YouTube that brings back a list of primary speeches by both candidates.  I am not talking about Fred Smith’s copy of a video he made of Trump.  I am talking about a speech took officially of Trump, and they released it officially.  If you take just those, you can see you’ve got Hillary Clinton on one side with 2,165 views, and Trump on the other side with 775,653 views.  So, that is not anecdotal. This is a very crude level of statistical analysis, but it is nonetheless statistical analysis, and it is very pointed because it is extremely self-selecting.  There is nobody watching you when you choose to watch something on YouTube.  So, there is no peer pressure or external person polling you. . . . It’s what I call a very naked data set because there is no pressure on an emotional level on people.”

How big is Trump winning by? High says, “Basically, when you go through all the analysis and all the other video archives, you come up with a 25 to 1 ratio (in favor of Trump). High says the Trump’s winning vote total will be orders of magnitude greater than Clinton’s.  High uses a program he invented that he says uses the “art of predictive linguistics” to forecast future events.   One of the phrases that High comes up with in his own linguistic data mining program is “Hillary is missing.” High’s data also comes up with the phrase “It doesn’t matter.” High explains, “This is all tied up with one other phrase and that is ‘It doesn’t matter.’  That is a very interesting phrase to come up in our data set because usually they’re not at a hard level making a conclusion.  That’s what ‘It does not matter’ is.  It’s a conclusion.  It’s a conclusion about a set of circumstances or facts.  We rarely get straight out conclusions. . . . It is my interpretation that the Deep State may be so fixated on their candidate winning that it won’t matter how the election actually comes out.  There is another layer on top of that that is seen in our recent data . . . the focus is economic, fiscal or financial pointedness . . . it may be saying the election part does not matter.  If we take that interpretation, we are talking about the dollar and everything else in the economic system.”

High contends the mainstream media polls are “100% manufactured.” High says, “Always look at the source.  All these polls are part of the six propaganda outlets the government uses.  So, obviously, it’s propaganda, and they are manufacturing it.  It’s made for a specific agenda.  It’s propaganda.  They need to have it in everybody’s mind conceptually.   Basically, they are doing mind framing or collective brainwashing, if you want to think about it that way.  What they want is everyone to understand there is very little difference between the candidates, that it’s a neck and neck race.  They will do anything and are doing everything to engineer that perception.”

High’s data also predicts, “The economy in our data set takes a terrible hit on the 9th of November.  That is being forecast straight out.  The kind of hit it’s going to take is going to affect FOREX all the way over to retail sales.  We have a huge amount of things happening leading up to the larger problems we face next March in the economic system.”

So, are we going to take a cliff dive economically speaking? High says, “It’s more like we are in a depression now and the illusion that everybody has been manufacturing and they just give up the Potemkin Village on the 9th of November.  If the Deep State is confused how things are going to occur going forward, in other words, they know their candidate lost, but they are still going to potentially try to engineer things.  That level of confusion on the Deep State’s part is what is going to draw in the collapse component on the other.  That will happen instantly on the 9th because the Deep State is so involved in our predatory cronyism financial structure.”

Inflation is coming, and that will be very positive for precisions metals. High contends, “Gold and silver are going to rise relative to the falling currencies.  Gold and silver in actual purchasing power will also rise.  They won’t be saying an ounce of gold bought a good suit 100 years ago and an ounce of gold will buy a good suit now.  That’s going to change, and it’s also going to change radically with silver.  Also, in our data sets between 2019 and 2024, silver becomes the metal to have. . . . You need to have silver.  The reason being the innovations that will be occurring over those next five years.  Silver will become much more in demand than we can imagine now.”

High also talks about energy, war and the fate of the mainstream media in this in-depth interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Clif High, founder of

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information and Clif High videos on You can also buy reports from Clif High one at a time for $15 every month.  Just go to and scroll down until you find the featured monthly report.


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  1. Dale

    Hi Greg, Are you aware of comments being blocked on your and others channels ?

    • FC

      I have to agree Dale, I have tried a number of times to send the same comment with no avail………..blasphemy of the Clinton name will not be tolerated.

      • Colladeral Damage

        Let’s see if this one gets posted!



        • Colladeral Damage

          And now lets try this. (Watch both of them please)

          I hate to think of what would have happened to her if she had been white. And you know, the divisive black on white predation has been fomented in recent years, not discouraged.

          My three bits of solace in all this?

          1) There is a chance, perhaps albeit a slim one, that the power of good will triumph over the power of evil in a material way in our world in less than two short weeks from this evening.
          2) Thanks to widespread goodness, these atrocities and other atrocities are being witnessed and aired so that the common man (person) in this country and world can see them for what they are (aka. as Catherine AF says [and I am paraphrasing] ‘God says, if we can face it, he can fix it.]), and,
          3) For the first time in my life, I am beyond a doubt genuinely grateful that both of my hardworking, moral, decent parents are dead. What a sad commentary on our world today.

          But just imagine, wouldn’t it be sweet to be able to say two weeks from now, “I wish that my parents were alive to see this!”


          Your friend and fellow sufferer, Collateral Damage


          • Mary

            I would say the same about my parents too and grandparents.

          • Charles H


            I went to vote in Texas – but directions were bad to the first place – so I went on to a second. Come to find out – at the first place, Donna, Texas, had two fights to break out between the party supporters at that site, and police had to be called.

        • Colladeral Damage

          “I don’t like anything here at all.” said Frodo, “step or stone, breath or bone. Earth, air and water all seem accursed. But so our path is laid.”

          “Yes, that’s so,” said Sam, “And we shouldn’t be here at all, if we’d known more about it before we started. But I suppose it’s often that way. The brave things in the old tales and songs, Mr. Frodo, adventures, as I used to call them. I used to think that they were things the wonderful folk of the stories went out and looked for, because they wanted them, because they were exciting and life was a bit dull, a kind of a sport, as you might say. But that’s not the way of it with the tales that really mattered, or the ones that stay in the mind. Folk seem to have been just landed in them, usually their paths were laid that way, as you put it. But I expect they had lots of chances, like us, of turning back, only they didn’t. And if they had, we shouldn’t know, because they’d have been forgotten. We hear about those as just went on, and not all to a good end, mind you; at least not to what folk inside a story and not outside it call a good end. You know, coming home, and finding things all right, though not quite the same; like old Mr Bilbo. But those aren’t always the best tales to hear, though they may be the best tales to get landed in! I wonder what sort of a tale we’ve fallen into?”

          “I wonder,” said Frodo, “But I don’t know. And that’s the way of a real tale. Take any one that you’re fond of. You may know, or guess, what kind of a tale it is, happy-ending or sad-ending, but the people in it don’t know. And you don’t want them to.”
          ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

          • Colladeral Damage

            “Frodo: I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.
            Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”
            ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

            • Paul ...

              When you start “kissing rings” you know you are in the presence of your enemy!

      • Don_in_Odessa

        I have likewise had comments that don’t show up. No vulgarity or base language. I always thought it was Greg just being too touchy. Am I now to believe that someone above Greg is monitoring and restricting comments?

      • FC

        In my opinion, we shouldn’t get too excited over the FBI’s second probe into Hillary emails, as this could be nothing more than a huge distraction created by the Democrats themselves to divert attention away from next weeks so call, huge WikiLeaks release, describing it as the ‘information that will finally put Hillary away’

        With Weiner sexting, Huma’s involvement and Hillary’s emails all rolled into one event……’s going to grab every orchestra MSM headlines and will give hope to every Trump supporter out there, that justice will finally be served, and we will all wait with bated breathe for that axe to finally fall on her.

        Meanwhile, the incriminating evidence by Wikileaks, is swept under the carpet and in the end Comey, will once again find nothing in the emails and Weiner, becomes the escape goat for Hillary’s Presidency.

    • Paul La Croix

      Dale, I realized the same thing. I posted under a different name up to very recently. My previous comments under my former name have mysteriously disappeared. Truth is censored even in the comments section.

      • Frederick

        They cant have any “truth” coming out now can they? Good weekend to Greg and all us deploeables Im on the Belorussian border in Poland in a newly opened 14 th century castle and its amazingly beautiful here Trump 2016

    • Mike cannonie

      I see no way to comment other than to reply.

      Hillary will win in a landslide. Most votes for Trump are being switched to Hillary here in Texas. Texas will go blue. The only thing in doubt is whether Hillary’s Turn in the guns speech will be her acceptance speech or will she wait until her inauguration.

      Oh by the way, that free heath care promised by Obammie the commie just went up 50% for me.

      • Diane

        Sorry about your insurance Mike.
        It’s a terrible thing the Obama care.
        Voter fraud is horriic…but we can’t be afraid to vote for Trump anyway.
        Just ask for a paper ballot and pray your vote will be counted.
        It probably is a good idea in the future to register DECLINE TO STATE, or independent.
        Might make it more difficult for them to cheat.
        Report any fraud if you see it.

        • Green Rock

          My state uses paper ballots & black felt tip pens. And they apologized for being backward!

          Don’t give up until the miracle happens.

        • Roger W Hancock

          As it turns out TRUMP WON ! Cliff High was wrong about the landslide, but was right about the WIN. Of course factoring in the fraudulent vote may have shadowed the “landslide.”
          Hillary Clinton sat on corruption.
          Hillary Clinton had a great fall.
          All the dead voters, and all the illegals,
          couldn’t put Hillary on top again.
          (c) November, 2016 – Roger W Hancock

      • Robert G

        I agree Mike cannonie. Trump will lose by a large margin. No way he will win. Don’t like what’s left. At least the people have made it known that there will not be politics as usual .

        • Robert G

          Wow, FBI is reopening case. E-mails may sink her yet. What a mess, never seen anything like it.

          • Paul ...

            The confusion Clif talks about is all in the Hillary camp … we Trumpsters have no doubts!

          • Diana

            I wish that were true, but I’ve yet to hear anyone talk about the 5 mysterious deaths within a short period of time, of people who could have testified about the email and/or Clinton scandals.
            Every time the Clintons try to get back in power, the body count rises.

            • Margaret Housman

              Very true

        • patrick wilson

          Yep he won – just like I NEW that he would..!!!
          IT’S all IN the linguistics.!!
          never NEVER – FORGET THAT.!!

    • Diana

      I’ve been noticing that too! It seem to start in early October, when Owhatacurse handed over our internet to the UN. Seriously, other sites I frequent are being seriously compromised.
      I posed the same question on Israel Now News, and they blocked that too.

    • Josey Wahles

      OK update on “it doesn’t matter” not about election….. it’s about the FBI reopened investigation, and her skipping town as a fugitive from justice. Think?

  2. Andrew

    Cliff High – absolutely the best guest yet!

    What a great interview. This guy is so knowledgeable about so many aspects of our current dystopia and is able to express himself clearly and without hyperbole. Wish I had heard about him earlier and will certainly be visiting his site:

    Thank you Greg.

    • foggygoggles

      This interview was truly BOFFO! And thanks, for making people aware of Cliff and his work.

      • philipat

        I truly hope that Cliff is right this time but, unfortunately, his predictions regarding PM’s have been way off recently.

      • Steven Starr

        I also found the interview quite interesting, however, I didn’t agree with Cliff’s assertion that there is no danger of a world war or nuclear war. Just because his data searches don’t seem to turn these subjects up in a significant fashion, doesn’t mean they don’t exist or pose a real danger.

        Perhaps the lack of public discussion/data is a function of the blackout of news on these issues? Surely Cliff understands that corporate media does not allow discussion of these topics, just as our educational system does not really teach about them (especially lacking is any study of nuclear weapons and the likely consequences of nuclear war).

        Whatever the cause, I can assure you that both Russia and the US have many hundreds of launch-ready nuclear weapons, which can be launched with only a few minutes warning. The US and Russia have forward based non-strategic nuclear weapons in Europe (7 NATO member states and in Kaliningrad), which are likely to be used if the US and Russia get into a direct military conflict. With Hillary calling for a no-fly zone in Syria, where Russia has *already established a no-fly zone* (by virtue of its S-400 and S-300 defense systems), what are the odds that war with Russia will be avoided if she becomes President?

    • BetterChetter

      Knew of Clif’s work for some time, but got lost in using the data for financial gains … one has to be well-connected, I assume, to know various tangents of markets – though ‘halfpast’ can be a valuable sub-sect of the divination/investment analyses process ~

  3. This sceptred isle

    I don’t understand why they rig polls. Does this not create a false sense of complacency in the winning side and galvanise the supporters of the supposedly loosing side?

    • Travis Snodgrass

      They rig the polls so that when the bogus vote total comes in in favor of Clinton, most people will change the channel and say, “Well, the polls were right.”

    • James Stamulis

      No it does the opposite it makes people who want to vote for Trump feel it would be a waste of time and not bother to vote for they feel he has already lost. They did that in Florida when bush and Gore went at it the MSM declared Gore the winner way too early and numerous conservatives did not go and vote because of that. They had no business declaring anyone the victor until all the polls were closed but Democrats use every trick in the book. All one needs to look at is the rallies to see who is really ahead in the real polls and Trump is destroying Hillary.

      • Diane

        Mr. Cliff High is right about the proportions.
        Here where I live….”the people’s Marxist republic of California”
        It appears Hillary will be a landslide winner. SIGH
        Those of us deplorables are behind enemy lines….

        • Diane

          However, the majority of the rest of States are still Americans.

          • Russ McMeans

            Hey watch it Dianne! I’m in Calitopia too. I know a bunch of Trump supporters. We’re not going out in a whimper.
            Also: WHAT WILL A CLINTON PRESIDENCY LOOK LIKE?… I ‘m betting it will be hell for her and the democrats scum. The push back will be enormous and then there is our economic predicament. She will have a stroke dealing with it. Remember Trump is a reaction to corrupt Washington. We’re not going anywhere! Time to kick them in the teeth! Start by not paying for your Obamacare or the f’ing IRS penalty. Show some spine folks.

            • Gary Canuck

              Informal polling from Canada.
              I met 10 Americans at a trade show in Vancouver, all voting for Trump.
              National talk radio show, 19 out of 20, voting for Trump, ex pats etc.
              Family Poll: Arizona & New Mexico
              16 out of 17 voting for Trump.
              Just in from Costa Rica, the whole bar, ex pats, voting for Trump.

        • aussie jeff

          As a child growing up in Australia in the sixties we would on occasion have a local theatre company come put on a puppet show at our school.
          I remember being totally engrossed in the performance,their was usually a villain and a good guy,we would all sit and watch in amazement as the puppeteers bought the puppets to life and had us all believing they were real!!!
          We were all spellbound until of course the show came to an end,the lifeless puppets were packed back into their trunks,and we all went back to class.
          Need i say anymore?

        • This sceptred Isle

          At least you can make a hollywood sequel out of it!

    • john duffy

      They want you to think the race is close, so that when they steal the election, you will not get too upset.

      • Diane D.

        John, exactly. But with each day a Hillary win is becoming a tougher and tougher sell to us Deplorables. Either way can chaos be far away? I think for that reason the globalists will Trump to win, and be set up as scapegoat for the chaos.

    • woody188

      Poll rigging accomplishes two things:

      1. It actually discourages the voters of the candidate that is down in the polls. “Why should I bother to vote, they will lose anyway.”

      2. It sets up a normalcy bias in favor of the selected winner. “This isn’t a surprise because they polled ahead of the opponent before the election.”

      This discourages questions about the pre-determined outcome.

      • Paul ...


  4. This sceptred isle

    The current US bond sell off by China, Saudi Arabia etc. (Reflected in surging bond yields) will surely necessitate a return of overt quantitive easing shortly after the election.

  5. Anthony Australia

    Keep in driving your program forward Greg!
    ‘Aim high and strive to achieve good man’

    I’m in a monitory here with how I view the world and I’m quite reserved particularly in group conversations; to be labelled a gloomer gets a little boring, I’ve gotten over this years ago and seldom offended, rather keep options to myself and share as much digital media as possible.

    The striking thing today was the chit chat tone around the water cooler has changed and the MSM bullshit is starting to wane, losing the grip and effect on everyone. One person turned to me and profoundly said, “surly a woman of 70 that has lost her marbles and in ill health is not suitable to handle the power of a large nation”
    There was not a comeback, throw away line or objection to the statement by anyone.
    If it’s totally rigged Greg and she does get in, then by the time her first term is up she would be ready for the ‘knackers yard’.

    • Russ McMeans

      Anthony; Hillary is already dead!
      If she wins; America will have voted for the first zombie ever! And a female one at that!

    • mellowde

      The Grim Reaper is waiting at the cemetary to receive her into office.

  6. NH Watcher

    Thank you, Greg, for having Clif High on (I believe his first name is spelled with only one “f”). I follow his Twitter feed daily. Some on the Internet find him to be a kook, but no one has been able to replicate his data mining successfully, and his analysis of the results is always provocative. There is so much disinformation on the Internet these days, and so to know which “data set” to value versus which to discount must be challenging indeed.

    Brandon Smith has made a comment to his latest article, indicating that the Elite have so much more to gain with a Trump win, when they take the system down. With HRC, everyone would blame the Elite, since most everyone knows and feels she is lock step with them. With Trump, the Elite can better blame the “right wing” and possibly conservative Christians for the collapse … but that all fits into End Times Biblical prophecy.

    It does make more sense to invest in silver than gold, if you have to choose with limited means.

  7. Kaiwen

    Hello! Quite a lot I liked about this interview, quite a lot that left me wondering & doubting the validity of the data mining claims, especially long-term ones. Why would the trend of the linguistic story have to hold, or why would people’s ideas en masse about the longer-term future necessarily refer to what eventually plays out? With so many variables, how to attain to accuracy or measure probabilities about outcomes months or years in advance? Doesn’t the date more accurately reflect current trends in thinking, perhaps fluctuations in perception, rather than outcomes? And, further, what about accuracy on previous indications using this technology? How well does it perform?

    Also, Cliff High’s comment about enlightenment at the end struck a strongly negative note with me. Enlightenment as a new way of looking at a situation – fine, I concur. Enlightenment as an acquired state of mind thru data mining – no, sounds like delusion & bragging to me. Sometimes, Greg, I wish you would do more cross-examining, as it were, of the claims made.

    Don’t get me wrong. I found the interview interesting, even intriguing at times. I’m glad I listened to it. But the interview raised many more questions than were answered regarding the trustworthiness of the technology and its claims.

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is weird! Maybe it is reading our collective/global subconscious mind which then creates out future to some extent.

      • Paul ...

        The collective global subconscious mind supporting Trump will indeed create our future!

        • Paul ...

          And it won’t be a future where America is “chopped into little pieces” by the globalists … this November 8 we will keep our America “one Nation under God” … soon we will give thanks to God Almighty this coming Thanksgiving Day … that the Globalist Turkey is well roasted … and we eat their flesh with as much delight as they have been eating our children!!

      • Cuzca

        Joe Biden has creamed corn for brains.

        • mellowde

          He has brains?

    • Kiwi joe

      Well put Kaine, I concer.

  8. Dante

    WOW !

  9. Clem

    Great interview Greg, thanks for putting someone on that gives great insight into what is going on. I am so fed up with the msm pushing their agenda. So many lemmings out there believe the mainstream propaganda.

  10. Paul ...

    Perhaps “it doesn’t matter” because the neocons have already carpet bombed America … destroying all our jobs and making our factories disappear … all they need to do now is destroy the civilian population by turning black against white, create unisex bathrooms, have ISIS chop off Christian heads, open boarders, create inflation, etc., etc. … and their goal of destroying America and its Constitution will have been achieved … what Americans can do to reverse the evil neocons plans is first get Trump elected … then Trump has to take over the Plunge Protection Team at the Treasury and Fed and begin to sell all the big neocon controlled corporations short so that any downturn they create to destroy our financial system benefits the American people and the profits from our Nations short position can be used to re-boot manufacturing and jobs right here in America!

  11. Jim

    One note – that’s Clif High – – – only one f in Clif.
    I’ve been listening to him for years, but due to finances was unable to get this months report. If he is still accepting FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) next month I hope to get it!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for the back stop!! Can’t believe I missed that!! Fixed it!!

  12. This sceptred Isle

    Interesting development with British Prime minister and Mark Carney, Governor of Bank of England, in public disagreement over benefits of current monetary policy.

  13. Jerry

    Sadly I’m one of those that think it doesn’t matter who wins the election (provided we have one) because the central bankers have a date with reality.

    We’ve come to the point where Deutsche Bank throws a party and pops the cork off a champagne bottle when a 2% profit is reported. That’s the new norm. The only problem is 2% doesn’t feed the 60 Trillion dollar derivative bulldog. And now they want the EU to pound 133 billion dollars down that rat hole so these jackass CEO’s can keep their Christmas bonuses. Right? Like that’s going to happen. Hello…. American taxpayers? A bill to pay European derivative debt on credit default swap agreements may be headed your way after Christmas.

    • Jerry

      I find it incredibly interesting that most people fail to understand that our Congress is nothing more than a yes man for the globalist. So why wouldn’t they put us on the hook for Deutsche banks derivative debt when pay up time comes at the end of December?

      These same people, still believe that their health insurance premiums are going to drop by $2500. and that they will get to keep their doctors. Right? Figure it out folks. The central banks have nothing left to offer but lies, and market rigging. Or in this case election rigging. Say what you want, but they’re good at rigging. This sham of an economy would have been gone a long time ago if true market principles were really at work. Unfortunately for us, the Chinese and the BRIC nations that were trapped in our rigged system with us, now have one of their own and its just a matter of time before they begin separation. SWIFT has confirmed that over 2800 financial institutions are now using the Yuan for trade, so the transition away from the dollar is in progress.

      • Charles H

        Globalists – systematically consume resources. From the Old World of Europe, then America and the hemisphere – now what is left? What is left to “develop”? And just because Chinese have a different system – it makes no guarantee from corruption. Complete control: anything less won’t do anymore.

    • allen ols

      jerry AGREED
      “Sadly I’m one of those that think it doesn’t matter who wins the election (provided we have one) because the central bankers have a date with reality.”JERRY

      The Lord is bringing a sword against America, we cannot stop it but just be the WATCHMAN AND WARN THE PEOPLE TO REPENT AND BE PREPARED. AL OLS

    • allen ols

      JERRY this is a song by pentatonix called “HALELLUJAH” pls listen

    • aussie jeff

      Totally agree Jerry. …and thanks again for sharing all your research.

  14. DLC

    Kudos, Greg. I spent some time yesterday hunting for an update from Clif High because I found his discussions fascinating. Really surprised when I went to your site, and there he was.

    I thought I was going too far out on a limb by posting him to your site about a week ago. I could not for the life of me explain his methods but I found him interesting — and much of what he was saying very much paralleled what your various guests talk about.

    You did a great job of drawing out of Clif how he comes up with his predictions, which if I understand now are primarily based on chatter/repetitive language.

    I’m always looking for insight in any manner that I can get it. I’m constantly impressed by your open-mindedness and willingness to pursue whoever/whatever that can add another puzzle piece to the con games played by the MSM and the powers.

  15. Noel

    I discovered Cliff and his work a decade ago. I was utterly surprised to see him featured here as a guest. The premise of his work is fascinating. I rely on the Holy Spirit to guide me in all things, and interestingly enough, a few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that HRC is going to flee the USA after the election, which she will vigorously lose, and go MIA. The media will twirl and spin and deflect. I also came to the conclusion that we are witnessing the fulfillment of Luke 12:3: “Therefore whatever you have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed on the housetops.” Wikileaks. More is coming, and from different sources. Uranium One is the tip of the iceberg.

    Disturbing is my conviction that the financial ponzi scheme is poised on a stool with a rope around its neck until the election outcome is known: they can print to control timing. If DJT wins, he will be given enough time in the saddle to allow the major propaganda outlets enough time to make sure the public receives the message that the collapse is his fault, and then the stool will be kicked out from under it. This will be our reward for electing him.

    Thank you Greg for your relentless pursuit of truth. As you remind us, fear not.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Noel,
      Please dont blame the Holy Spirit if what you say does not happen.

    • Dan S.

      If Hillary goes into hiding she’ll probably be with the Bushs’ in Paraguay which has a non extradiction agreement with the US.

      • Paul ...

        We don’t need to worry about some non extradiction treaty … we can do what Obama has taught us … send in drones to get the bad guys … the latest micro-drones the “size of a mosquito” inject lethal payloads …

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        I read the Clintons just moved a billion or more to Dubai, which also wouldn’t extradite them. With Huma along, the language should be fine!!

        • Paul ...

          Seems logical … Dubai is the Capital and champion of womens rights … and Hillary is just putting her money where her mouth is!!

      • Joni

        HA! EXACTLY!!!!! I was thinking about that place and considering moving there myself when Clif started talking about what’s coming down the pike in the U.S.

    • Russ McMeans

      Someday, Noel; the MSM will be silenced. And God will have a hand in it and will see it is good.

      • Paul ...

        We must drain the “entire” swamp including the 4th Estate that is supporting the 4th Reich! … and when God sees what we have done … he will say “It is Good”!!

  16. Robert

    Excellent Greg, you outdid yourself again!

    Thank you.

    Barcelona, Spain

    I’ve watched this interview two times.

    • Petedivine

      Maybe…Paraguay is quiet backwater and pretty much anything goes. Including justice. Paraguay is a small country and everyone knows everything. There really aren’t too many places to hide.

  17. Rumplestiltskin

    I have been purchasing Clif’s reports for a few years now. But, I do take them with a grain of salt because his analitics can be twisted by what I call a mental virus strain which can sweep through a population skewing those analysis. Clif does try his best to keep up with those changes so the Algorythms do not twist what comes in on the spiders into an unrecognizable mess.
    Go to his site; And read how the information is gathered and what percentages of true hits he can expect from what the bots/spiders bring in.

    Clif High is not the only one producing this type of data, but I believe he was the first to produce a report on his findings.

    • Russ McMeans

      There is a phenomenon that occurs in liberal prog brains- including my mom and aunt. It’s a mysterious disconnection of the brain’s synapses so that reality and make believe are confused ……. we could have pity for them, it’s ok to to be mad/ crazy….. but for the fact they are allowed to vote….. oh by the way: Michael Savage wrote on this in ‘LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER ‘…

  18. DLC

    Hillary’s Amerika.

    Be sure to vote (DJT). It counts like never before.

  19. Ken Russell

    It is impossible for Hillary to lose for the exact reasons stated by Cliff. They are cheating in many ways and not just with close polls to keep us hapless villagers from revolting. Here is why she cannot lose:

    1. Illegal alien and refugee votes in critical purple districts and rural red districts.
    2. Prison votes
    3. Requiring picture ID made illegal by federal judges.
    4. Every federal agency; DOJ, FBI, DHS supporting the cheating INCLUDING the GOP.
    5. Media news, entertainment, and education supporting Hillary and destroying everything Trump.
    6. Soros controlled voting machines.
    7. Fake polls.
    8. A majority of Mark Dice video star voters, clueless to what is happening to them while they worry more about creepy clowns, drawing Mohammed, lions hunted by moron dentists, and Beyonce’s cellulite issues than their criminal lawless government.

    I hope I’m wrong but the evidence supports that I am right. Yes, I’ll vote but I am preparing myself for worse lawlessness which is responsibility without consequence from this criminal oligarchy.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Prison votes??? The prison factories are a Clinton effort…

  20. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Just another terrific interview. Well done Greg. Your star continues to rise!! A

  21. Colin

    Do you really think the DoJ, the FBI, and the WH went through all the trouble they did to allow for a Trump win? I could be wrong, but I have 0 trust in the legitimacy of the electoral college. As always, hoping for the best, but prepping for the worst.

    • Colin

      Greg, can we get an edit button on here? I meant to say …the trouble they did keeping Hildabeast out of prison….

  22. Jeannie Ingaran

    Fascinating interview

  23. Bill

    GREG; When Mr High speaks of the Deep State, who or what is he referring to?

    • Greg Hunter

      The secret government of America. It was referenced in the FBI investigation on Clinton.

  24. Bruce Maclean

    Latest Joke
    Hillary Clinton goes to a gifted-student primary school in New York to talk about the world. After her talk, she offers to answer questions from the kids.
    One little boy puts up his hand. Hillary asks him what his name is.
    “Kenny,” he says.
    “And what is your question, Kenny?” she asks.
    “I have three questions,” he says. “First — what happened in Benghazi? “Second — why would you run for president if you are not capable of handling two e-mail accounts? “Third — what happened to that six billion dollars that went missing while you were Secretary of State?”
    Just then the bell rings for recess.
    Hillary tells the students that they will continue after recess. When they resume Hillary says,
    “Okay, where were we? Oh, that’s right, question time. Who has a question?”
    A different boy — little Johnny — puts his hand up.
    Hillary points to him and asks him what his name is.
    “Johnny,” he says.
    “What is your question, Johnny?” she asks.
    “I have five questions,” he says. “First — what happened in Benghazi? “Second — why would you run for president if you are not capable of handling two e-mail accounts? “Third — whatever happened to that six billion dollars that went missing while you were Secretary of State? “Fourth — why did the recess bell go off 20 minutes early? “And, fifth — where’s Kenny?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Imagine if Trump had used that one at the charity dinner…

    • Paul ...

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Deep State was working for the American people … and spent all that missing $50 trillion dollars to build a Star Ship … so they could send Hillary, Soro’s, the Fed, etc., etc. out of our Milky Way galaxy … to the other side of the universe … where all the Dark Matter is!

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks for the laugh!!!

    • Lynn

      This was a classic, taken I am sure from South Park Kenny, always Kenny gets the bad end of the deal. Forwarded it to many. Live in CO and travel many miles up and back to mountains, Ihave never seen a Hillary sign there are only Trump signs for miles. This guy has nailed it. I say 70 to 1 odds…not good for the hidden rulers.

  25. J C Davis

    WOW ! I am blown away.
    Greg as you know I love the WNW, but this was better. So much knowledge to chew on over the weekend. Thank you so much. I cant wait to read what other watchdoggers have to comment. Wonderful interview.

  26. Robert E. Salt

    I heard a truck driver who drives all over the country say that she sees nothing but Trump bumper stickers. Look for MSM to back away from Hillary. Nobody wants to put their money on a dead horse. The Bush family is probably on their way to Paraguay right now. Hasta la vista Bushes!

    • woody188

      I believe that is the biggest take away from this election, how the Bush family attempted to help Hillary by releasing Billy Bush’s conversation with Trump and which Republicans immediately denounced Trump. That list was like a who’s who of NWO supporters on the Republican side of the aisle. All of them should be immediately tossed as they serve only themselves and the globalists.

  27. Carrie Brown

    Continued Corruption Without Interruption!

  28. Spurr

    Now we know why Soros bought $500M of puts on the SP500!

  29. Al Myrie

    Cliff High should definitely speak to Dr. Louis Arnoux and the Hill Group. I believe these gentlemen are hitting on the same note. Perhaps it would also be an excellent idea to try and get Dr. Arnoux on your show to speak about the Thermodynamic Oil Collapse!

  30. vic

    Great interview Greg. I have been following Clif for some time now. His interpretation of the data he collects has improved over the years.

    There is a citizen journalist on YouTube call JSnip4 that documents Clif’s work with what his followers call web bot hits. They are becoming a daily occurrence . Jsnip4 (Joe) also does monthly web bot report summaries and lots of research on precious metals, financial and economic topics. You may want to get him on for an interview. I call them both the Batman and Robin of truth. Thanks again for having Clif on with his very interesting work.

  31. Ron Lyng

    We are going to get Deflation before Inflation…..

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yes, they will need a crisis to justify more abnormal monetary policy. It’s Buzz lightyear economics – To infinity and beyond!

  32. 55 gallons of fun

    Wow,wow,wow “I love this guy!!”. Incredible interview!!!!!

  33. Aurele

    Great interview Greg. I think you would have needed another 10 hours to cover everything Cliff has to share.

  34. Diane D.

    My eyes glaze over when I hear dates. That said, Cliff High’s analysis of Trump VS Clinton support is objective and much more credible than all these polls marching to the same drummer. I believe that the only way Clinton can win is via severe voting count fraud.

    The whole interview was very interesting. Thank you Mr. High and Greg.

  35. MCasey

    When the polls turned Texas “pink”, it confirmed something was up! And now there are voting “glitches” in Texas so when Texas comes out for Clinton, everyone will just think the polls supported it. There is voter fraud. Watch your vote carefully.

    • Paul ...

      How can it be possible for Texas (the state who believes the most in the right to own guns) ever vote for Hillary who will take away their guns?? … if Hillary wins Texas by fraudulently fixing the Soro’s voting machines (which can be proven by exit polls) Trump should ask to re-do the vote for the entire state of Texas … where voting take place using paper ballots only!

      • Charles H

        I went to Weslaco, Texas to early vote. Woman in the parking-lot yelled-out – vote for Hillary! – as my wife and I turned to go into the building.
        Probably a teacher, come to think of it.

        • J C Davis

          Charles H in Tennessee we would harmonize in saying bless her heart.

  36. John Devereaux

    Cliff High is the best intervewee and I agree with him regarding Mr. Putin, he countermoves … I am interested in his deflationary / inflationary timeline which he mentioned November – Early FY17. Good job again Greg on getting him on.

    • Paul ...

      With regard to Putin … the US is trying to play nuclear poker with the Russians … in the US hand is a pair of duces (Obama and Hillary) … while the Russians hold four aces (the S200, S300,S400 and S500)! … the US most advanced fighter (the F-35) can be taken down with a fly swatter and our most advanced warship taken down by an “unarmed Russian plane! … so in this game of nuclear poker being played by Obama and Hillary we live only by the grace of Putin … then we have General Miley antagonizing the Russians threatening them with war when he knows the US can be incinerated by Russian nuclear subs in one minute! … seems the goal of all these evil neocons is to try to do their best to get Russia to launch “nuclear Armageddon” upon America so as to be done with us (as it is to hard for them to take away our guns)!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Unlike Americans with Russia, Putin and most Russians love Mark Twain, James Fenimore Cooper, Jazz, and everything “western” like Wild Bill Hickok’s dead man’s poker hand. (2 8s and 2 aces). Also unlike us, they have long memories with WWII very fresh, and our great help bringing food and arms through the treacherous North Sea.
        I believe in my soul the Russian people would revolt if anybody there resolved on attacking the American people.
        If they set Wall Street on fire, most Americans would only say, “FAN IT!”

      • Gary Canuck

        Paul, Unfortunately, I agree with your whole post, however
        the Neocons seem to think this can be contained via Nato to
        Europe only.

        • Paul ...

          This is why NATO is now breaking away from the US and will soon join economically with Russia and China!

  37. Mohammad


    One of the best i have heard on your channel for a while.

    Mr High,
    What an amazing info you put, but allow me to carry it one step further and please correct me if i was wrong:
    Trump’s camp: Too much emotions leads to too much confusion when that camp is hit by the Clinton’s win.
    However that is not unintended consequence, actually it is exactly what TPTB wants.
    It is called: SHOCKING THE MEDIUM.
    So either they will cram our throats someone we do not want, or they will deprive us from someone we do (Kennedy) or a combination of both which will have a magnified effect.
    I saw it in Syria:
    Obama came out saying Assad must go.
    People went to the streets only to be killed and the effect was magnified by keeping Assad and “choking the medium”.
    Same game, same finger print, same play is happening here.
    The hint?
    They allowed Trump to go thus far, otherwise the hopes and emotions your data shows will not build among the populous had he been moved away from Hillary’s path early on.
    Same happened when they “shocked the medium” of the democratic party when they stole Sander’s vote, worse off , Sander’s medium was YOUTH and youth carry less wisdom more emotions.
    So the purpose is CIVIL WAR.

    On the gold front what you say can be true IF THE HUMAN BUBBLE DOES NOT POP. But when the human bubble pops with the financial bubble then gold/silver will be back to buy you a suit for an ounce of gold.

    Dire but nonetheless true.

    What an excellent interview Greg, really you hit the mark and raised the bar.


    • Diane

      What do you think of this?

      • Diane

        Oops…sorry wrong link

        • Mohammad

          I always follow him and requested many times here an interview by Greg to no avail.
          I have been screaming what he just said for years.
          Israel is the only beneficiary from all the chaos you are seeing now and they plan on being the only superpower after they collide major players with each others. they already surrounded themselves with the best of the art tech. protection (iron dome) they are still working on improving it, they already put their hands on Euphrates and Tigris rivers through there puppets ISIS and now working on the Nile (ISIS in Libya).
          Once all the dust settle you will realize TOO LATE that this Darling had sucked the money and the blood out of you to nurture itself to a super power at your expense.


          • Frederick

            That “iron dome” wont protect them from the fallout and the nuclear winter though I imagine theyve thought of that and are preparing for every eventuality with our tax dollars

            • Mohammad

              It will Frederick, it will.
              They sucked all US technology and making the best of it as we speak.
              All their wars in M.E. were just testing ground for the most difficult things like short range crap that could be thrown at them, once they master that the long range shit will be fried in the air before it gets to them.


          • Gary Canuck

            Mohammad “When the nose of the Camel, is in the tent, the rest of the body is sure to follow.
            Israel comes out on top, hey notice ISIS is not screwing with Israel.

            They will pick up the pieces after the next war in the Middle East.

          • Mohammad

            More and more people are seeing what i have been screamed at for saying years back on this blog.
            I guess they are feeling now how this darling little state had screwed them all the way, but they realized TOO LATE.
            Nothing to be done now other than pray and hope for the best, money is looted already, factories are moved out already, and the same Israeli friends in our beloved federal reserve bank is doing to us here as much damage as much their puppets in M.E. is serving them cleaning the land from river to river.

            I guess people here deserve what they cherished before and now they are seeing the ugly nature of this “weak” state they defended all along.

            But like they say : You ain’t seen nothing yet.

            Prayers my friends, prayers for the coming “spring” here in US visa vi Arab “spring”
            Watch the preview there to see what is coming to the theatre close to you.

            Prayers prayers are the best.

            Nuph ranting on the subject, am out


          • Robert Lykens

            More ignorant blaming of Israel for the problems caused by the entire rest of the world.
            Grow up, people, and take responsibility for yourselves.

            • Mohammad

              Not ignorant, rather it is well informed.


  38. James G.

    Awesome interview with Mr. Cliff High. Keep up the great work, Greg.

  39. CG

    Great Interview! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!

  40. Kaiwen

    Wow, 18 commentaries posted after mine was initially submitted & still awaiting moderation. Why is that?

  41. andyb

    Greg: I don’t disagree with Cliff; the anecdotal evidence is there for a Trump victory. However, and this is a big however, Soros has bragged that even though he thinks that Trump will win the popular vote, the Electoral College has already been purchased (bribed) for a Clinton victory. Then there’s the case recently exposed in Broward County Fl, a heavily Dem area by 2:1 registration, although there are at least 1/3 Independents in the mix. It appears that Hillary met with the Supervisor of Elections in a closed door meeting for two hours. Then it transpires that they found a glitch in ballots already sent to heavily Dem precincts. Did they swap them out for correct ballots? No, they sent another ballot and let the recipients keep the old one. The only difference in the ballots is a separate page question on Medical Marijuana. So both ballots can be sent in and COUNTED!!!!!! I live in Broward County. My informal surveys show little support for Hillary; a lot for Trump, even among Blacks and especially Haitians who despise the Clintons. Broward County, as well as Dade (Miami) are what Dems pin their hopes on to offset the remainder of Florida counties which are heavily red. So in a legal counting, I believe that Trump is far ahead.

    Re: Cliff’s comments on the PMs: I have long maintained that eventually, silver may be more valuable than gold. First, it is the most strategically important metal (far more than gold) for electronics. water purification, macro- and microbiology, and for 1000s of other uses. Secondly, the USGS predicts that the planet will run out of silver long before gold disappears ; probably within the next decade.

    • Paul ...

      Silver more valuable then gold!! … this means according to Clif that silver will be worth more then $125,000 dollars per ounce … meaning that just eight(8) one ounce silver coins will make you a millionaire … so to all you fiat paper diehearts (stacking paper dollars under your mattress) … you can become a millionaire by spend just $136 of those US dollars!

      • Frederick

        The theory is that silver is consumed and totally essential for many industrial applications whereas gold is not so eventually silver could become more valuable through a out of whack supply and demand situation but its just a theory for sure

  42. Donna Gilio

    Wow! Greg you do the best interviews! thank you for another stellar interview!
    Catherine Austin Fitts, Mike Maloney, this guy! the most informed intelligent people
    in the financial world! thank you!

  43. Wayne

    Greg, I discovered Mr. High a couple of weeks ago and honestly I was thinking that I would love to see you interview him and low and behold! Literally just two weeks later here he is. Amazing that! Another great interview Greg!

  44. brian

    I guess what really scares the shit out of me is that Mr High is proposing to all of us that this deep state is fully aware of how miserably unsavory and subsequently hopelessly unpopular Clinton is; and yet despite this the deep state still openly promotes her, flaunting their ridiculously inflated expectations of her victory. The conclusions such a situation lead one to are pretty bleak in regard to the severity of our problem here.

  45. Chuck Rogers

    Thank you !
    Been following Clif for more than 10 years. Good job on both your parts.

  46. vincent_g

    But wait a second – according to the news all is well!

    Wall Street Journal
    US Economy Roars Back, Grew 2.9% in Third Quarter

    There you go nothing to worry about.

    As far as the election goes after beating the heck out of Donald they are now complaining he throwing the election!

    Donald Trump isn’t opening his checkbook to save his campaign
    CNN – ‎5 hours ago‎
    Washington Post

    Not even Donald Trump thinks Donald Trump is a good investment these days, apparently
    Washington Post – ‎3 hours ago‎

    They just can’t understand why he would do such a thing.
    How terrible that he would let everyone down like this by not spending the money needed to beat Hillary.

    And to make it worse they feel his taking a day off to go to the Hotel Grand opening is unforgivable

    Donald Trump to Dana Bash: That’s ‘a very rude question’,d.amc

    Seems like the news is suffering from schizophrenia.

    Anyone know a good doctor we can recommend?

    • Paul ...

      I hear Dr. Strangelove can make them feel normal again!

  47. pat the rat

    I have notice that any time usa watchdog talks about Clinton my timing is off , the voice is behind the video.

  48. Steven R

    I don’t think the elite who own clinton will leave her being “elected” to chance. You only have to cheat in a few areas to guarantee an electoral college win for hillary. What the leaked emails have proved is the elite control everything including our FBI. The media will guarantee the cover story with their fake polls and biased news reporting. I plan to vote Trump so when Hillary asks how bad was the real vote she will know she is a hated president…

  49. Linda L.

    Impressive, interesting interview (thank you both!).
    My thoughts and hopes are that things will somehow work out (worry so much for those I care about). Personally, I’ve seemed to have lost complete faith in humanity as a whole. Humans never seem to learn the most important lessons from history’s past, with errors/corruption getting more profound with time.

    Only realistic option… Trump:

  50. John M.

    Excellent choice in Clif as a new guest, I’ve been following his work for about a year.
    Although I’m college educated, I also pride myself in being self-educated especially with understanding fiat money and real money(gold and silver). I’m also a martial artist like Clif.
    Clif explained the situation perfectly, that America is currently living in a giant illusion and “Potemkin village” , and definitely not in Hillary’s “It takes a Village” bunch of deep-state nonsense. Wait until the veil is soon lifted about all the lies and fraud we have been constantly crammed down our throats for decades. Our money is a big lie. Our wars are constant lies. Our elections are frauds. Our news are scripted Psy-Ops to control the sheeple.
    I still maintain Trump wins in a landslide, unless war or personal injury happens first.
    I would not rule out a major war, even nuclear.
    If nothing else, I would become ecstatic and overjoyed to see the MSM completely ruined and not existing in America any longer. May Alternative News live long and prosper, especially USA Watchdog!!!

  51. James Brown

    You Rule!!!
    Cliff can sound crazy and brilliant.
    Great interview.
    I hope Cliff is right about the good things and wrong about the bad things.
    My man Kennedy Gammage used to say, “Those who predict the future will likely end up chewing on the pieces of their broken crystal ball”.
    It takes balls to make these forecasts.
    I love you like a brother.

  52. Justn Observer

    Great ‘out of the box’ interview !
    Noticed that ‘certain’ states have ‘outlawed’ selfie pictures of you and your vote which would be another form of trying to ‘prohibit’ any possible – verifiable – vote count of sorts…especially if they all ‘sent’ those to a data collection point to use to verify precincts counts with those area codes…?

    Also noticed no attention in the media about the BURNS, OREGON /AAMON BUNDY group being FOUND NOT GUILTY ! but immediately hauled off to another prison in Nevada for ‘further charges’ ! One does wonder now how they will spin the killing of Lavoy Finicum for engaging in doing nothing wrong except his reaction to his unlawfully being detained for ‘not doing anything wrong?’ Does not look good for Oregon Gov. Kate Brown now eh! And just who’s directives was she taking to ‘deal with those protestors that were against the grab of lands which the Oregon Geographical Surveys themselves shows have extensive gold and uranium… and that even Oregon’s newspaper of record the Oregonian in 2005 showed leases where let out to foreign interests to a group . ?
    Wonder if WIKILEAKS has any emails from Hillary on the Gold and Uranium issue in Oregon and ties to the Russia and the projected mining operations?

    Maybe your guest could data mine for more info on that topic as these captured in subsequent posts and comments in You tube commentary…

    Andrew Bentz and Andy Gaudielle of Calico Resources USA stand atop an estimated 425,000 ounces of gold in the bowels of Grassy Mountain south of Vale. The company hopes to win over environmentalists and get permission to sink mine shafts into the mountain to claim the rich lode, which geologists say could include an additional 500,000 ounces of gold.
    This post contains my rough notes along with my comments in parenthesis from video linked below by Professor Doom 1. BTW, the Grasty/BLM thing appears to be a family affair. PD1 found Grasty’s brother, Brent is also listed as a BLM agent on the Vail, Colorado office website.
    Uranium One is posting a lot of content related to events in Harney County and are concerned about “planned developments” in the area. (I did find in the minutes of the County Court meeting that Steven Grasty mentioned that they wanted to put “a wall around the development.” Why would they need to do that? So people can’t see what they are really doing?).
    Former Nevada rancher of the Pine Creek Ranch Wayne Hage, Sr. reveals that ranchers sit over the majority of water resources in the Western States and international corporate interest in owning and controlling water is one of the key drivers behind putting ranchers out of business. Hage says the Forest Service and BLM laid claim to his water rights and then put him out of business using a ruling called the “Riparian East Doctrine” over “Prior Appropriation Rights.”
    A barrel of fresh water is worth more than a barrel of oil (especially now with oil prices bottoming out!). (Now maybe we can begin to understand why the Saudi’s and Freeport-McMoRan and others under shell LLC’s are buying up all the water rights and farmland in the Southwest?) Hage says organizations like the Nature Conservancy will come in an buy these lands and water rights for pennies on the dollar then turn around and sell it off to whomever they want.
    (This is exactly what happened with the Saugatuck Dunes Case in Michigan. Before he became Governor, Rick Snyder was on the BOD of the Nature Conservancy at the time when they purchased the land and water rights. And it just so happens this land sits over one of the largest drift aquifers in the State. They knew this and used environmental concerns to cover up the real motive for controlling the land. Next a Cabal front shell LLC development company came in with plans to put in a development adjacent to the aquifer. They illegally forced the local planning commission to change the zoning so they could gain access to the water and even went so far as to try to disguise their architectural and engineering plans enclosing a large pumphouse).
    In a court ruling in Reno, NV., the 9th Circuit Court went around the jurisdiction of the local judge and sided with the BLM over Hage. The Court took away Hage’s water rights and turned them over to the BLM. History on this goes back to the Sagebrush Rebellion in 1979 where Nevada filed a lawsuit against the Federal Government and the BLM due to their overreach. In 1980 Ronald Reagon, siding with the ranchers promised to turn the lands back over to the States ,but that is not what happened. Secretary of the Interior James Watt loosened regulations so the lawsuit was dropped.
    Who owns the mineral rights and what does that mean? The people are supposed to own those rights, however in 1916 the Mineral Rights Act was enacted stating that landowners do not own rights to the minerals on their land. That ruling was further clarified in 1982 defining minerals to include water.
    How do geologists define a mineral? There are five basic characteristics. It must not be made by humans. It must be organic. It must be a solid. A limited number of physical compositions and have an ordered atomic structure. Water and oil are not a solid but the BLM has redefined what is a mineral and is now treating water as mineral.
    Mr. Hage talked about “Fees and Fee Simple.” In most cases the government owns the minerals. Now with the new definitions BLM decides who, or when you can use the land. For example the American people paid for this land just like the Louisiana Purchase and Alaska – so why do we not have access to it? The Federal Government did not pay for anything. We did! The Government has been taking these lands away from all of us in an unlawful manner.
    Property owners like Hage owned both property and mineral rights which is known as a “Fee Simple Estate.” “Fee Simple” is the most basic type of ownership which means you own the surface and the subsurface and can lease your rights and receive royalty checks. What is happening is the BLM is extorting people from their land and then leasing it out to corporate interests either to pay off debts or to make money for themselves.
    Mr. Hage’s case centered around the “Prior Appropriations Doctrine”, gave Hage the right to forage. Under the new doctrine the BLM has denied the use of those rights. The BLM claims they own the land and the rights. Ranchers are finding themselves surrounded by BLM land grabs that are putting them out of business. BLM grazing permits are being denied and that exacerbates the situation in which ranchers are increasingly finding themselves.
    The Hammond’s ranch was identified by the BLM as “high potential for Uranium mining.” Water is now more valuable than oil. (Harney County apparently is now a major source of water along with Uranium and other valuable minerals. This corresponds with the previous documented studies I sent you that they are now trying to refute and cover up.)
    Documented Studies:
    Malheur County targeted for gold, uranium mines:

  53. tom

    one of the worst interviews ever. just because you use big words and convoluted sentences does not make you a genius. i did`nt even make it all the way thru. and i am quite smart if i might say. smart enough to know when to tune out.

    • Robert Lykens

      …but not smart enough to know when not to comment.

      • Kim

        Good one Robert!

        • Charles H


      • Frederick

        Calling the kettle black again huh Grafique?

  54. Diane

    Jim Rickard may be right.
    I think a lot of Democrats may not vote.
    When the news just broke that FBI reopening fraud cases again Hillary and even the MSM is started to have to reveal it…..the Dow was up and son as news broke started to sell off….gold jumped. So did silver.
    People hate the politicians and the media…in other words…..STOP LYING TO US!!!!!!###

  55. Chip

    Well Greg I am such a fan of your WNW but just have to say WOW about this interview! Long but I’ll be listening to it at least twice… Chip

  56. 8Ball

    Predictive programming… perhaps it has some merit, perhaps not.

    “Man looks at the outward appearance, God looks at the heart”

  57. MCasey

    Re-opening Clinton’s email server case looks like Clinton, FBI and the Obama Administration have conceded she will lose; so rather than have Trump prosecute her and put her in jail, she is moving ahead with Plan B so Obama can pardon her. And the FBI trying to save their backside before Trump becomes President. Apparently, messing with the polls was their last chance; but that with voter fraud will not override Trump.

    • 8Ball

      Yes Mr. MCasey, damage control or “janitoring” as Hillary referred to it in her rant about Matt Lauer asking an unscripted question…

    • IMNAHA

      Perhaps you are right but I smell a little “payback” after all the work that the FBI underlings did on the first case was basically “scrubbed” (bleached?) by Comey. This will throw a well deserved spanner into the Clinton machine, and I’m sure there are agents out there laughing their asses off.

      • Paul ...

        What we need now is for the Justice Department to throw a spanner … “a Special Prosecutor” … at Hillary!!

        • Paul ...

          Breaking News: Congress is going after the top e-mail architect of Hillary’s illegal server … he is now in contempt of Congress (that “immunity” given to him “in regard to Bengahzi” will not be allowed to be used to save his sorry ass)!! …

  58. Country Codger

    Very good interview and a great guest. Keep up the great work.

  59. Southern Girl

    FASINATING!!! Love to learn something new everyday…it is what keeps me going.

  60. Southern Girl


    Reporting on the ground outside of Little Rock, AR….in a smaller town I tried to go vote 3 times but the early voting had limited spaces for parking…people exercising, poll takers, etc…does not leave many spaces to park. Polls open at 10 so I drove up and stood in line for 30minutes before….only 5 people when I got there and maybe 25 by the time they let us in.

    CAF was right about people being more verbal about voting…younger people talking about how they were voting for Trump…don’t think there was a Hitlary fan in the bunch. Took me all of 10 minutes to vote…I made sure when I selected Trump that the paper ballot on the left-hand side said Trump.

    I hope he nails her butt to the wall.

    Guess since silver is still such a bargain will need to keep buying.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SG for your street level reporting.

  61. Paul ...

    With regard to gold going to $125,000 dollars per ounce … silver (even at a 25 to 1 ratio) will sell for $5000 dollars per ounce … so why would anyone want to play around in the banksters manipulated stock market or put their cash in the banksters banks at zero percent interest??? … when they can buy one ounce of silver at $17 dollars and see it rise to $5000 dollars per ounce … that’s 294 times your money!! … people who owe $5000 dollars on their credit card should buy one ounce of silver to pay it off and become debt free!!

    • Paul ...

      And those who don’t have $17 dollars to buy themseelves one ounce of silver … should simply charge the $17 dollars to their credit card … because the rise in silver’s price will become our “Debt Jubilee” … sadly those who don’t act to own a few ounces of silver will not be so jubilant!!!

      • Frederick

        18.50 today. Paul

  62. Colin

    Greg, just a thought, this would be a much more interactive site if you didn’t moderate real time. Why dont you just open it up then remove any posts that you feel are really that inappropriate. Kind of like ZH. Anyway, thanks for your hard work!

  63. Da Yooper


    Greg you hit a grand slam with this interview of Cliff

    good job

  64. Tommy

    Can the democrats still get Biden on the ballot? After today it looks like the wheels are definitely off the cart. Even Lynch is pleading the fifth in the Iran ransom payment debacle.

  65. D2

    One of your best interviews and guests to date, Greg. Bravo!

  66. Nam Marine


    • Frederick

      I will second that sentiment Nam Marine

  67. Jo

    Greg, Around minute 24:45, Clif is explaining two types of bonds (NIR and PIR) and their fiscal outlook, but didn’t finish his statement. Any ideas? Bonds are still a big draw for world/American investments. Thanks – great interview!!

  68. Nick-Dog

    Fascinating interview from the always intriguing and brilliant Clif High. Some summarizing thoughts of several of your last guests:

    1.) Mike Maloney argues we will have deflation first than massive inflation as the banks print.

    2.) Greg Mannarino says that when things go South, it will be a massive resource issue.

    3.) Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair and all of the say gold and silver will go to the moon, if they are to be had at all (Holter repeatedly says there will come a day when they go no offer).

    4.) Even Catherine Austin Fitts corroborates that time is short for the current system.

    5.) Clif High provides a timeline for the above, and confirms much of what the above guests have states, as well as you Greg in your weekly news round-ups for the past several months.

    Thank you for successively awesome guests who provide the absolute best intel on what is really happening, Greg. You are da man! Have a great weekend!

  69. Linda L.

    Thought I was done with comments on this particular segment, and just heard that Hillary is back under investigation with the FBI. If a quick/speedy process of terminating a guilty verdict is done prior to the election (can’t really see this), I guess elections would be delayed for a time and Obama would remain President? Could this have been the plan all along? If no determination is made prior to the election, wouldn’t this scenario of questions draw tremendous amounts of votes from the undecided populations away from Hillary to Trump, which the elite wouldn’t want? How can she permitted to run under such circumstances? Or “it doesn’t matter” as your interesting guest mentioned because one way or another, the whole process is predetermined/rigged? The whole world must be laughing/mocking the US right now at the absurdity of this entire situation, and the prolonged time that this country has spent ineffectively dealing with such an obvious criminal.

  70. Julia

    Great interview! Thanks. Great quality.


  71. John

    Great interview. I could have watched 3 hours of this guy.

  72. Jerry

    I’m sure by now that you heard about the FBI reopening its investigation on Hillary Clinton so I won’t go into detail.

    The question is why now at this late date? I speculate that there is a bombshell getting ready to out with wiki leaks and the elites have decided to throw her under the buss. Should that happen, the elections may very well be postponed, and we may veer into total anarchy. Keep an eye on this one.

  73. Westcoaster

    Glad you discovered Clif High, Greg. Great interview. BTW if you would like to follow up on the topic of the “Breakaway Civilization” then you should look into Rich Dolan’s books at and perhaps bring him on for an interview. I think you and your gang here would like him!

  74. Arthur L Barnes

    Never under estimate the power of the “Deep State”, thank you for having him on Greg. We shall see how the newest story of “mailgate” will change the present polls, seems old naked shirt Wiener is making news again; maybe this may be the first time that the “Deep State” got taken by surprise. Trump!

  75. Lynn

    Greg, Greg, Greg, no one better, a wonderful hidden secret was this wonderful man who is self taught, are you kidding me (take that all you Harvard and Princeton intellects)? God bless him for the wonderful talent and skill he has been given and for sharing it with all of us. He needs to come back next week. I could just not get enough of him. How did you ever find him?

  76. Dave

    OMG! Greg, you really knocked it out of the park with this interview. You & and guests just keep getting better & better. My wife & I sat spellbound listening to Clif. I can’t wait to read more from him.
    What a wild Friday! I’m retired and spend a lot of time on the alt-media sites trying to stay informed ahead of things. Things are moving so fast and it’s hard to keep up. TRUTH is so elusive!
    Thank You for your dedication and your hard work. I can’t thank you enough for what you do. God bless you!

  77. Bradley

    Wow Greg, I have been following Cliff”s work for a very long time. What a great guest. Fantastic interview.

  78. Bill

    GREG: Possible scenario. Clinton wins the election. Trump, through private investigators comes forward with proof that the election was rigged. What will be the next action of the fed govt?

  79. DEBTcurrency

    Resource issues? Population Control ?
    I will only say this much: Why is CURRENCY issued as a DEBT to private shareholders?

    Don’t you guys think maybe, just maybe that is the problem ?
    Your guest is very good at NOT discussing this FUNDAMENTAL ISSUE WITH ALL WESTERN WORLD COUNTRIES: Private Debt based Currency.

  80. Jannut

    I would love to hear what he says about this new information about the FBI opening the case.

    • Bill

      Jannut: Just because the FBI continues to investigate the Clinton crime family,doesnt mean the investigation is going anywhere as long as comey sits in the big chair.

  81. Sayonara

    Absolutely fascinating guest and interview. I found Clif High’s data mining fascinating in that he is looking at pure information statistics. If there are 25 people looking at Donald Trump for every 1 person looking Hillary Clinton in a pure raw data collection, that tells you everything you need to know about Trump’s popularity- Except that Hillary and her colluding mafia will rig the election and she ultimately wins. This women scares the bleep out of me and when she is elected she will be the female version of Joseph Stalin on steroids.
    Clif High is correct that we will experience an incredible economic event right after the election. He is also correct about silver about to become an exponentially more valuable resource as it is and will be critical to evolving electronic and biological technologies.
    And now the FBI is reopening the Hillary email scandal just days away from the Presidential election?
    Wow we are about to begin an epic wild ride of our lifetimes. Cannot make this stuff up!
    Thanks Greg as always for what you do.
    It is a scary wonder why the rest of country has not tapped into your site for the what is really going on. Then again, I had to explain to someone yesterday, the problem we have is that at least half of the American population are the stupidest human beings that have ever roamed the planet Earth in human history. Such a pity.

  82. Silence is Golden

    With all due respect ….The last time the USA Inc. had a President, who had grandiose ideas about changing the status quo by pushing hard up against the Establishment, he bought himself a ticket to a permanent resting place where he gets to lie down all day and night… he got himself shot ( three times no less, once in the Shoulder, the Neck & the Head)…..and killed. Ref. 33rd degree Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
    If Trump gets in he will attempt to force change. Those who have been impoverished and have seen their standard of living deteriorate will applaud Trump. He has some good intention and it will resonate with a vast majority.
    His time on office will be limited however. What may seem and sound like a conspiracy is actually one contrived by the Self Appointed Rulers. A conspiracy to give the people exactly what they wish for….and then terminate that with an untimely death. Problem, reaction…solution. Who will then replace Trump is where the focus should be. For then, only in hindsight, will we be able to decipher their masterful plan. To maintain control by stealth.

    • Global Grist

      I think that the shadow rulers sent a message to all future Presidents and politicians in Dallas that day…tow the line with us, or else. The first item on the agenda for installing a new President is to show them the Zapruder film and say “Do you understand?”

      • wondrouscat

        I am quite sure I detected a notable change in appearance (expression wise) in both Dubya Bush and Obama immediately after taking office, at their first press conference perhaps it was. They looked very grave, very serious, almost scared straight so to speak, after being briefed once President. They are either threatened, or enlightened about something shocking (aliens etc.) – something that changes their whole world. If Trump makes it I will look for that same expression, and be worried for him. Hillary is an insider, and already knows.

        • Silence is Golden

          The taking of the Oath of President is a sight to behold.
          Note where it takes place, the direction the President is facing and what structure in particular, is directly in front of the President. Alignment and symmetry is critical as is the timing.

          • JC

            SIG. how good it would be to pick your brain for a few hours.

  83. Dan S.

    Greg ,
    Trump wins in a landslide!
    So the only 2 cards left to play for the Dems is to say that Putin rigged the election and to declare the election null and void. Obama stays in office. Or create a major false flag and cancel the election. Obama stays in office.
    If I am completely wrong and Hillary wins/steals the election its WW3 within 6 months to a year.

    Greg your friend Greg Manarino is very worried about the sell off of 10 yr bonds, they now yield a wopping 1.8%

    Great interview Greg

    • Paul ...

      Dan … perhaps 3 cards … rigging by Putin, a false flag to start WWIII or a “contrived alien invasion” that supposedly launches an attack on the US from outer space!

  84. Coalburner

    Justin Observer; thanks for the report. I never heard about the not guilty verdict. That does create a problem. The Oregon governor and the controlling hunta’ in Portland is criminal Dumocrat all the way. I wondered who pushed the arrest and why. I figured it was Harry Reid and I bet it is still. It does stink of the Clinton Crime Family now with the Uranium she sold to the Russians for her pay to play operation. Like I said the other day, she and Obumdumb are playing like nukes dont matter anymore. And I figure that it’s true since she said 4 minutes to launch in her debate breach of the highest level of security classification and it probably only takes 5 seconds to fry that rocket. Remember that twosome has screwed up everything they have monkeyed with, to wit the whole ME is on fire! They are tooo dumb, stupid, ignortant, foolish to consider tactical nukes and the damage they could do. As porous as our border is they are probably already in place. I always say down here in New Mexico, as long as they promise to go on the DC we won’t mess with them. If Trump wins we may have to change that rule or he could stay at his new hotel.

  85. Coalburner

    Linda, I used to know some FBI people. I know there are high numbers of patriots there. It is still the highest best professional law investigation outfit in the world. They have to be angry. Add that Comey by know knows the place leaks to Wiki like a seive and that Trump is looking like a winner. Comey knows his butt will be on the spit making chicken dinner for the boyz down at the big pen. He is hunting for a way to save himself and his number two. That means everything. Watch the next week as the cock roaches start running for the exits trying to avoid prosecution when the Wicked Witch and the O Puppet cannot protect them anymore. If you are reading this Donald, The day you are sworn it you need to grab Soros and give him to Putin. Make a good no return deal then tell the IRS to track down and freeze every dollar he has doing evil that you can confiscate it through out the Western World.

  86. Kim

    Thank you for the concise summary. I appreciate the time you took to put this together. It gives an overall insightful perspective. Well done!

    • Dee Garmon

      Indeed, give Soros to Vladimir and let them settle the score man to man.
      Does anybody bet Soros will last more than five seconds?

  87. Kim

    Love this interview! Thank you!!!!

  88. Rob

    Great interview today – such interesting point of view. Mr. High’s method of predicting future events is just as valid as anyone’s since, it is the future and no one knows for sure. As I write this comment , Comey has reported that he is re opening the investigation on Clinton. It is entertaining to watch CNN squirm and try to spin this in some positive way ! It’s the only reason I’m watching CNN right now – to watch them twist in the wind for a while.
    People question if election would need to be postponed etc of Hillary dropped out, convicted etc. Why wouldn’t the election simply proceed witn who is left. There are still three candidates left – Trump, Johnson and Stein ! If Stein pulled out they wouldn’t stop the election. So, if something happened to Hillary, so what – the democrats simply would lose their candidate. Where is it written that in any ejection there ‘must’ be a Democrat or Republican for that matter ?
    Does anyone know the answer ??!

  89. RTW

    Hey Gina,
    You out there? Looks like the queen of the underworld has been vanquished by her “best buds” husband. How apropos that another Clinton has been done in by a wiener.

    • Frederick

      Wasnt that the Hillbillies demise last time around that he couldnt keep the cocktail wiener in its blanket?

    • Paul ...

      I bet when Hillary, Bill, Wiener, etc. attend their Perverts Anonymous Meetings every Saturday … they don’t serve coffee and donuts for dessert … but young children!

      • Paul ...

        Can anyone confirm that some Chinese Catholic Priest ate a baby during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?? … and what did the Pope have to say about this???

        • Paul ...

          If there is proof that Satanic Demons have taken over our Church (the way they have taken over our Government) then people must begin to shake their heads and realize that our Almighty God (that is inside our hearts) has no need of such “mind-control” liturgical rites and rituals … and any Church or faith that practices “the sacrifice of childen at mass” should not be attended or get any monetary support from true Christians!

          • Paul ...

            Once Priests turn into child molesters it is a small step to human sacrifice … is the Vatican just going to cover this up (by paying a fine like the banksters) as they move in lock step with the Globalists to create a One World Religion?

  90. Bob from mo.


  91. WD

    I pray Cliff is right!!!

  92. wayne price

    Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly improve your excellent show.

  93. pat the rat

    Poor mans gold valaurum .com 1/10th of gram gold $10.00 1/4 gram $20.00. The art work is great too.
    The web bot is like our subconscious,the word overlord came out in the London paper just before we invaded Europe.

  94. Paul Anthony

    Unbeliever things happening since this interview! I think they are getting ready to throw Hillary under the bus and jam someone else in their for a candidate last chance to win the election and control the presidency — panic! Maybe .. maybe not … but their game plan has changed for sure – Obvious

  95. Heather

    Great interview, Greg and Clif. I’ve been following Clif since 2009. Very talented and smart mind.

    Greg, hope it’s OK for me to post this info. If not, completely understand. It’s time we learn about everything the establishment has been lying to us about. Might as well not stop with the economy/finances/central banking systems.

    For those of you who want to learn more about the breakaway civilization’s black budgets and why it matters, CA Fitts has given thought-provoking presentations (that will probably anger you) at all three of the annual Secret Space Program Conferences that started in 2014.
    Title: The Black Budget: What Does It Mean to US Federal Budget, the Economy and You?
    Are financial fraud and market manipulations actually mechanisms for financing the black budget and centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy?

    From 2015:

    I highly recommend you watch all of the presenters, Jim Marrs and Joseph Farrell in particular.

    • Kim

      Thank you for sharing this! I have had a paradigm shift in how the government is bleeding us to fund space programs, satellites, weapons etc. It makes sense in a strange way to explain the blatant corrupt behavior of the politicians’, banks, controlling of the media, etc. of where all of the trillions of dollars go! The elite have their own agenda and this fits in perfectly, even though it sounds a little crazy. It is always amazing and weird to me how truth can resonate even if it rocks my world.
      Would you please have Catherine Austin Fitts or Joseph Farrell on, regarding how the space program effects our economy? Thank you!

      • Greg Hunter

        Good ideal Kim. I should have Dr. Farrell on too.

  96. Neil

    Your guest brought a refreshing perspective on the situation.
    I am a little worried now that the FBI have reopened their investigation that Hillary is being sacrificed/scapegoated to save deeper scrutiny, her controllers having worked out how far behind in the results she is likely to be, and being alarmed at the possibility of lynch mobs on the loose. If people focus on ridding themselves of corrupt Hillary and their anger is satisfied then we wont get to the real problem.
    Remember we must take the full opportunity to clean out the deep state and shadow government. We want Soros, Kissinger, Brzezinski, etc. all the scum behind the curtain.

    • Diane D.

      Neil, and there is the problem. Most of Congress should be tried for treason. When GW Bush was elected conservatives went back to sleep. For 4 years Republicans controlled the Presidency and both houses. Was one unborn saved? Was the Warfare State and its continuous wars of aggression stopped? They destroyed our Bill of Rights, built the Surveillance State and Police State. Was there a revolt? If Trump is allowed to win, I see us continuing to kick the can down the road.

  97. Neil

    BTW it seems obvious that Trump is now to be handed the poison chalice of the financial collapse leaving the New World Order to ride in and save us with their prepared scheme. Rather than follow this trap it might be better to do as I suggested in a post a few guests ago and have the people retake control of their government with their own interim caretaker government drawn from good people. That is beat the New World Government saviours at their own game by supplying our own administrators/fixers first.

  98. Chip

    Greg and watchdoggers, watch this, almost 10,000,000 views. Keep the faith… Chip

    • Paul ...

      Trump has been for America from the beginning … and felt he had to stand up for us … because evryone … everyone else … was just a crooked polititian!!

  99. Anthony Australia

    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the Wicked Witch is dead.

  100. MCasey

    The 33,000 emails which Hillary “deleted” were her documentation of her “business deals”. One DOES NOT delete these. They are somewhere. Maybe there were saved to Huma Abedin’s server?

  101. Mohammad

    You cannot makes this up folks, can it get any lower?


    • Frederick

      Mohammad its pathetic actually

  102. Diane

    As much as we all hate the propaganda press….give a thumbs up to the New York Post.

    Hillary – Weinergate – Abedin New Scandal – Indictment Now? | Armstrong Economics

  103. Diane

    Compare the NYP page to this propaganda rag
    DISGUSTING! !!!!!!!!

  104. Rod deJel

    I do not see any track record for “Cliff High”. Statistics are wonderful, but Mr. High’s ability to tell people what they want to here without really giving rational for much of what he says (“It says…”). I’m sorry to say that I suspect he sells single reports, because people might want their money back as soon as they suspect (or possibly realize) that he is not scientific. I would imagine that some of your most logical and educated guest would not pay for Mr. High’s reports. I won’t be surprized to see some of what he says be correct, but I fear his tract record is not so admirable.

  105. Robert Dotson MD

    Greg… Thanks for having Clif on! He is one of my heroes – have followed since the late 90s… Keep up your good work!

  106. Larry Galearis

    If Clif High has a credible system, I am certainly cheered by his election projections.
    Note that if Trump is allowed to win, he must be very loud about “shadow government” assassination dangers or they absolutely will kill him. He seems to be doing this right along with warning the criminals about his reforms.

  107. Mike R

    The appeal of someone like Clif, is that certain people are desperate for the truth, and also very anxious about their future. People have ALWAYS wanted to ‘know’ the future, as it’s an ingrained trait for the need to survive. The internet gives us a vehicle to fan the flames of turmoil, so someone like Clif can get into your pysche and tell you things that your brain wants to hear, as a measure of confirmation. We actually seek confirmation bias. No one here will likely seek websites that are a repetitive onslaught of ‘all is rosy’. But I also suspect a lot of people visiting this web-site are people who are not happy with their lot in life, nor are they likely fulfilled at work, and most probably are not busy doing work or living life to the fullest. I meet with new people every day, who are decision makers involving their buildings and properties, both industrial and commercial. By and large, these people are busy enough, that they wouldn’t have time to visit a web-site like this, nor would they even give a guy like Clif any level of attention or credibility. I find Clif’s work fascinating, merely from an entertainment standpoint, to see how far out there, people like him are willing to go in terms of audacity. There is perhaps some grain of truth in what he does, or attempts to articulate, but remember too, it’s one person’s interpretation of life, the world, and his own environment. He’s trying to take the easy way out, and sell some subscriptions, and some e-books, banking on someone to find what he has to say being of some sort of value. I mean, isn’t it sort of everyone’s dream that they don’t have to ‘work for the man’, and to generally do what you want, and maybe work a little here and there, and still get paid an income to keep living ??? So be honest with yourselves when you listen to a guy like Clif. Ask some validating questions, and whether what he says could actually be plausible. The really intelligent and smart people I know, who are actually accomplishing something in life, don’t come across like Clif does in pretending to be smarter than everyone else, and have some magical data sets. He might turn out right on some things, but he might also turn out wrong on a lot of things. If you want to check for yourself, check out his prior forecasts here at his youtube channel. See how many times what he has said has turned out as he said.

    • Chip2

      Mike R,
      I know a lot of ‘smart’ people, too, who manage large assets and businesses, and must make a lot of decisions. With rare exception, these people are pragmatists who remain decidedly ignorant about important matters, such as debt-based money, contrived wars, the lying MSM, etc., because it doesn’t usefully fit into their paradigm. Most of them are favorable towards things like the TPP because they think it will be good for their business. Their nation’s sovereignty doesn’t even register. These people, to me, are materialist bores who can’t be bothered about God, the abstract of good vs. evil, or truth vs. error. You seem to flatter yourself by your associations with them, as you share in their mess of potage.

  108. Herb

    The 25-to-1 Trump/Clinton ratio derived from analyzing YouTube views comes from what percentage of voters? I’m guessing that most voters don’t give a rip about politics, can’t tell the difference between a computer and a hot rock, and will vote the way that the MSM tells them to vote, the way their parents voted, or by a coin toss. How has Mr High’s approach dealt with these?

  109. c davis

    The only issue I would have, is that this measures ENTHUSIASM of the voters and not votes. It’s one man, one vote and level of enthusiasm doesn’t count. There are more Trump supporters on social media, just as there was for a guy whose name you may recall from long, long ago…Ron Paul– and Paul didn’t even get 10% of the Republican vote in the primaries. Hillary Clinton’s voters are low-information voters, and they are default voters, and they are traditional democrat voters, and they are anti-Trump voters (sometimes they’re fake voters, but that’s a different issue LOL). In any cae, enthusiasm isn’t measured by election results; so the fact that Trump has a huge social media following, which he actively uses to his advantage, or the fact that he gets thousand upon thousands of fans showing up at his rallies instead of a couple hundred, or the fact that he gets more small donations from Americans than large donors, isn’t relevant. He has to get more VOTES to win than Hillary Clinton, period.

    • JC

      c Davis I can only say now is the time to stand on principal regardless of what law stands between. Pitch forks are no match, but standing in numbers makes a statement that will be remembered.

  110. Charles H


    Late to the party here… voted and shopped Stateside.

    Language is the paramount distinction of human intelligence: our whole function, whether close on to truth and effective; or far into error and ineffective: can be traced to the purity and cohesive-ness and contextual development of language. Language that has not changed will produce good results; language that undergoes constant revision and re-definition will produce – well, our dumbed-down youth of today. This is not only the genius of Clif High, but his correct assessment of focus to resource from.
    ‘And in those days, knowledge shall increase’ – a result of technology – science, so called.
    UFO-ology is directly from the fallen-angel realm. Reverse-engineering Nature is the carrot that that higher realm (fallen spiritual, now supernatural) has offered to man, to become progressively more god-like. The ‘glory’ of riches and power in this world; rather than restoration to God through Faith (again, language in it’s finest use) by Grace (God’s terms for Faith): is always the draw away. It is easy to see how tangible, selfish benefit should appeal over sacrificial benefit toward others, nearly every time. It marks the difference between immaturity and maturity. But power and technology will NEVER solve the problems which soul-ish society of mankind must address: that answer comes only from divine wisdom, and one source – which this whole world is gearing-up to deny and refute. Such fallen angels are smarter than Einstein; whisper in the ears of globalists: and they think it’s all good, and all theirs to enjoy and promote themselves with. But – a short work God will make upon the earth: and choosing which camp one is in has never been harder, or more important.
    The “Election” – is the Deep State and deception versus how awake and pro-active the majority of Americans can be. I think the Democrats WILL steal the election: no matter what the landslide might be. Whether they can make it ‘stick’ – is the issue. If Trump actually wins, but the machine throws it to the other side: America should go up in flames to right it. Except for pockets of protest, which will be extinguished quickly – I don’t think America has the collective will to fight and throw-off the corruption in place now. The fate of this nation and the world is NOT in man’s hands. It never was.
    Brilliant. Timely. An important piece of the puzzle.

  111. Global Grist

    Is this where we have gone in this great country? We are at a point of making a person with a CRIMINAL MIND the chief executive officer in this nation. That is INSANITY. Are there really that many mentally defective people in this country to elect this miscreant? I wouldn’t vote for her to be the dog catcher in some backwoods Arkansas county let alone the White House! Only the deranged would vote for the deranged (or rigged voting mechinisms).

    As Hillary Capone said during her Matt Lauer explosion — If Trump wins we all hang from nooses! That, more than anything is while they will pull out all the stops to force her into the WH.

    Hillary’s slogan…

    S he’ll
    T rounce
    R ights
    O nce
    N WO
    G ets
    E lection
    R igged
    T aking
    O bama’s
    G overnment
    E dicts
    T o
    H igher
    E xtremes
    R adically

  112. Dano

    Thanks Greg for your unwavering effort to bring us “a freight train of high value interviews-just one after another”. I have been checking out Clif’ High’s work for years. Even though Clif’s system may be still in it’s infancy-he comes thru with some good hits. In my mind, his degree of accuracy qualifies his work as a “must read” source of thought provoking information. I have seen some connection between some of Clif’s predictions and my own intuitive thoughts.

  113. Phil

    Cliff needs to get up to speed on abrupt climate change and global warming.

  114. Therocksbelow

    I remember when clif predicted poll flip and narrowed in on complete devastation of USA and told us of that twit David wilcox would be found on a rock in Hawaii after everything flooded. Also I remember when he said an alien who looked as a human who had been in prison would be released and the truth of aliens on earth would be known. I remember when he said the financial collapse to end all would happen around 2012. And on and on and on. I think his bots are just chatter of trump over Hillary at 25 to 1. Which would be correct. Trump is just a bigoted womanising egomaniac flush with greed and revenge. As proven. With her it’s more of the same, for sure but he is a dangerous little pig surrounded by some of the worst evil little henchmen in the history of us politics. You think they are not trying to ride him in like the big orange Trojan horse, intent on pushing him out to the golf courses and kitch glamour events with all the hot chicks while they ride buckshot over the entire country. Any fucking man or state that thinks they can tell a woman what to do with her body is in for a big fucking shock Any racist pig who thinks he can don his pointy white hate in secret and rule is dreaming. The reason your bots are faulty is because woman are not on social media tweeting about this prick…. They are at the schools and kindergartens and offices and streets talking about this. Sorry. But regardless of polls which certainly are not all rigged, obviously, this guy will be lucky to get to 250. So I say… The bot misses out way the hits enormously and spectacularly …. And everyone with minimum intelligence can see the greedy horrible little brat squatting in the fat orange lump with the cat hat. That he even picked pence for running mate with HIS track record is unbelievable. Ie: women should be forced to have Christian burials for abortions and miscarriages. WTF.

    • da diz

      Nice rant.
      So what do you have against testosterone?

    • Warren Currier

      So, rocks below, how did it all work out for you thus far? Are you still pretty much on-target with your predictions?

  115. joe Very accurate Greg

  116. Mike R
    Hillary will be fleeing the country quite soon, along with Obama. She transferred $1.3 BILLION to Qatar on October 12th. Email evidence in the 33,000 supposedly deleted emails, shows that obama and HRC were planning to incite WWIII with Russia. So Anonymous has these 33,000 emails, and Wiki-leaks has them, and its part of the same cache on Weiners laptop.

    Folks, you will not see HRC ever again in the flesh, unless it happens to be in an orange prison pant suit, where photographers will capture her being led to a federal prison. Certainly it wont be as POTUS.

  117. Mohammad


    Is any one with all the noises around this weird elections noticing the bond yield spiking up on 10 y treasury ?

    If the yield is up which means the bonds are down in price and the market is flat so where the hell money is going???????

    What do they expect in the coming days so they are hoarding Cash????


  118. Dee Garmon

    Jolly good show, he needs to come back right away before the elections.

  119. Old Dog

    Interesting interview.
    It should be noted that missing from Mr. High’s data-mining statistics is a sizable segment of society, e.g. senior citizens and others, who do not consider the Internet to be a source of reliable information, and therefore, do not surf it for news.
    Some statistics report that over 53% of Internet users are ages 15-34; 20% are ages 35-44; 14%, ages 45-54; and 13%, ages 55+.

    I concur with Kaiwen that data-mining “more accurately reflect[s] current trends in thinking, perhaps fluctuations in perception, rather than outcomes.” But is it reflecting mostly the “thinking” of people ages 15-44 (approx. 73% of Internet users)?

    That would explain the absence of World War 3 from his outcomes.
    Younger generations who have grown up with regional wars always fought somewhere else — who have not experienced the reality of world war — may be less apt to grasp the potential for regional conflicts in Syria and Ukraine to spiral out of control. The missing senior citizens in High’s data-mining would intuitively be concerned that Syria and/or Ukraine could ignite into WW3. This age group would also have concern over the “nuclear” factor, having lived through the Cold War era and its nuclear-war rhetoric.

    His data-mining emphasizing environmental concerns (earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) would be another age-marker for the data-mining, as Global Warming/Climate Change have been the “threat” and “rhetoric” the younger generations have grown up under.

    Being an Old Dog, I grew up watching Hollywood’s World War II movies starring Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne and the like.
    My sons grew up with the Dark Empire of Star Wars, so understanding “Deep State” and “Shadow Government” comes easier for them. Many in my generation still do not know of their existence. It would be a truth many would refuse to accept.

    In essence, Mr. High, is telling us that a large portion of the younger generations support Mr. Trump, at the same time that they believe “it does not matter” (Is that not an ideology of the young?) because Deep State is going to put into office the person they want.

    Perhaps there is another explanation.
    The political fighting between Trump and Clinton remind me of Greek mythology’s “warring gods”.
    Perhaps both Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are both Deep State, but each representing different ideologies (nationalism vs. globalism).
    That would explain Mr. Trump’s audacity and tenacity. Who else but someone with Deep State ties would politically and personally attack her with such fearlessness and relentlessness?
    Perhaps the Deep State ‘gods’ are warring.
    The best we can hope for is that “nationalism” wins.

  120. Aussie Clive

    While listening to James Comey’s master class in prevarication and equivocation while under cross examination by the formidable Tey Gowdy, I sensed that while he was an expert at deflecting any direct hits from Gowdy, his heart was not really in it. He looked like a man who, against his convictions, was forbidden (by his superiors) to provide any information that would damage his boss, Loretta Lynch, or the Clintons.
    So why would he reopen the Hillary Email case 11 days before the election in direct defiance of Loretta Lynch?
    According to YouTube ( earlier this month, Trey Gowdy was reopening the case and had denied James Comey’s request for immunity.
    I feel that James Comey is between a rock and a hard place. Gowdy must have found something (no doubt information from disgruntled FBI agents) which would have seen charges laid against Comey. But Gowdy presented Comey with an ‘out’ that not only gets Comey somewhat off-the-hook, but at the same time restores the tarnished reputation of the FBI.
    That ‘out’ was enacted last Friday when the FBI announced that it was reopening the Hillary Email case due to new emails found on Anthony Weiner’s computer which was also used by Huma Abedin.
    So what evidence would Comey have that would allow him to defy Loretta Lynch?
    Obviously he would have to have something on Lynch.
    My guess is that Huma Abedin had incriminating information on Weiner’s computer in regard to her meeting with Bill Clinton prior to the ‘Innocent’ verdict for Hillary.
    Thankfully the MSM can not ignore this like they have the WikiLeaks emails.
    The next 9 days will be very interesting.
    By the way, our MSM in Australia seems to be doubling down even harder on Trumps indiscretions. The Courier Mail news paper didn’t report the new FBI investigation until page 30.

    • Paul ...

      Seems strange that the Australian MSM is so pro-Hillary … I bet Hillary made some lucrative underhanded deals to sell “Australian resources” to China the same way she sold American uranium resources to Russia!!!

      • Paul ...

        The way Hillary wanted to make sure Russia had enough uranium to completely destroy the US and its Constitution that stands in the way of the Globalist plans to destroy all Independent Nation States (that won’t take orders from Soro’s) … she has probably made sure China will also get all the resources they need!

        • Paul ...

          from Australia!!!

    • Anthony Australia

      Clive my man.

      The Age newspaper has turned into garbage in Melbourne!

  121. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Please always remember how much the internet has changed our perceptions of news and history. People have learned appalling facts, double checked, and left churches, charities, political ideologies, and on and on.
    In times past we were spoon fed what the powers wanted. We imagined we had good journalism. It was so censored, however, that only half truths and cliches made it through.
    If the net is controlled like the press of old, much of the history and evil exposed in films and accounts will vanish. Some already is. In America this is usually due to powerful lobbies of many sorts.

  122. Gina M Mancarella

    Machts Nicht. Nothing has changed. Hillary is your next president. We have got it in the bag ! IN THE BAG ! Now Top That !

    • Paul ...

      Hey Gina … your buddy Hillary is telling our military she wants our nuclear missiles launched at Russia within 4 minutes of her determinining that Russia is interfering in our election … but says nothing about launching nuclear missiles at Soro’s for interfering in our elections with his “fixed” voting machines stationed in all the critical States of our Nation!! … Machts Nicht (nothing has changed with Hillary’s warped logic) … once Trump gets in you can have her in a bag … and that bag in nice “orange colored” bag will be placed behind bars!

      • David S

        Gina yeah you have the election rigged so Hitlery can win. Why bother with the pretense of an election?

        Greg it would be great if you could have stephen cohen on. I think he has a more honest opinion on Russia than the usual neocon nonsense you read in the msm

    • Anthony Australia

      Top this Gina

      One for you;

    • sk

      Bodybag? LOL

  123. Don_in_Odessa

    Well this is all very convenient. Cliff says Trump wins by a 25 to one margin, yet we may never know it due the counters of the votes. Nice way to keep some folks who aren’t in the habit of thinking tuned in.

  124. Lana Banana Turner

    Clive, W O W ! Or better yet considering your locale, [Crikey mate!]

  125. Joanna

    This guy is my new favorite!
    Hope you have him on again soon!
    During your interview you said, “I hope everyone else is in to this because I am.” I was shaking my head up and down! YUP!!!
    Thanks Greg for introducing us to Mr. High!

  126. Mike R

    Here is why, Hillary, Huma, Lynch, and even OBAMA are pure toast.
    Courtesy of Sir Weiner…
    1. Everyone involved in the original email investigation said that no other devices on which such material would be found existed. That is, THEY ALL all stated under penalty of perjury and under oath that they had turned over all such devices they had possession of and access to.

    2. If any of those emails are classified then there is a separate and distinct offense involved from any original offense because said device was not in any way authorized to have such material on it, was not under control of the State Department (either directly or by proxy), was not managed under same and in fact it was claimed to not exist by everyone who testified they had turned over all devices on which such material did exist.

    3. At no time had Weiner been given classified access by the State Department or any agency clearing people to work with Hillary’s information; while he was at one point a Congressman (until 2011) since that time he has been a private citizen and, it appears, had no legitimate clearance of any sort whatsoever. While he probably can’t be prosecuted for that anyone involved in placing it there sure as hell can be and ought to be!

    4. Making the issue far more serious,Weiner has been involved in multiple sexual escapades and the current investigation involves potential federal criminal sexual conduct. This makes the presence of such material even more troublesome because one of the primary reasons to restrict classified information and why persons who receive clearances are vetted before clearances are granted, is that conduct such as this exposes the person who commits such acts to blackmail as a means of compelling them to release said information to our nation’s enemies!

    There are people raising hell about the FBI “releasing” this information 10 days before an election.

    The better question is why the people who clearly lied about turning over everything in the original investigation are not at this instant under ARREST for both perjury and obstruction of justice, including but not limited to Huma and Hillary herself!

    That Lynch apparently tried to run interference and block release of this information and so far has refused to issue a warrant for the data, if reports are to be believed, is even more outrageous as that refusal implicates not only herself in attempting to cover up a criminal act but probably implicates Obama as well.

    Oh by the way, if the device was seized pursuant to a lawful warrant (and it almost certainly either was or was voluntarily turned over by Weiner) and the original search was for “evidence related to sexting” then anything in a place or device that could reasonably hold evidence of said sexting is fair game if found by accident, so Lynch is almost-certainly out of luck here. (Update: There are now news reports that Weiner gave permission to search said laptop. If true then there’s nothing Lynch can do to block it, like it or not….)

    Yes, it is outrageous that the FBI was basically backed into a corner and forced to put this out in the public, but consider their position. There are probably a whole bunch of people in both the FBI and the NYPD who know about this; they were investigating what they believed was nothing more than a pervert trading dick pics with a 15 year old girl in North Carolina and none of them were in any way expecting to find, nor were they cleared to investigate and have access to classified information generated from the Secretary of State.

    Yet that’s what they found and it didn’t happen by random chance — it happened due to the intentional acts of concealment of those in the Hillary camp including her top personal aide.

    Folks, seriously, this cannot be allowed to blow over. Citizens, especially Democrats, should be DEMANDING that HRC step down immediately, and also put into hand cuffs.

    Its terribly unfortunate, that the press, and nearly everyone in government, do not get the significance of this. The LAST THING, HRC should be allowed to get away with, is personally attacking or berating Comey. Who is protecting Comey ? Where are the handcuffs, that should be on Lynch and Obama for illegally interfering with an FBI investigation, and tampering with the election ????? And yet they want to blame the Russians or Trump for interfering with the election ??? Gimme a freaking break !!!

    I’m so SICK and TIred of all the lawlessness under the Obama regime. Every American has a chance to rid DC of this crap with one single vote.

  127. A. Hall




  128. Peter

    Trump is the the only decent choice for president on 10/30/16, so I hope the guest is correct in his prediction.
    Hillary Clinton lies, abuses people and delivers poverty and despair.
    NAFTA was here husband’s doing which she supported and it has
    eliminated so many jobs in the US,. It’s a shame that Hillary isn’t in prison for the financial harm she and Bill have inflicted on families across America.

    If the FBI doesn’t find Clinton guilty of violating the espionage act then it’s just a corrupt organization no better than the Clinton cartel.

  129. Gina M Mancarella

    As it turns out Huma Abedin lied to Hillary Clinton and betrayed the greatest hope for humankind in the world. Huma should be hung up on her fingernails and blungeoned to death for her betrayals and Hillary might approve it if not at least a droning. This is completely awful how Huma has betrayed America in this way by hanging out with Anthony Weiner in the first place who although has been a faithful liberal has disgraced himself beyond belief by being a sexual predator preying on young girls and women. He should be shot in his balls! Dont judge Hillary by this absolutely crazy betrayal by the Weiners !

    • Anthony Australia

    • J C Davis

      Gina how did they betray Hillary ?

      • JC

        Waiting for a answer ? How in the world did people around Hillary do her any wrong and live too talk about it
        Greg maybe this should be your poll. Who has wronged Hillary and lived to tell it?
        Has Hillary committed murder?

    • David S

      what about hitlery hanging around with and enabling the rapist bill clinton?

    • Charles H

      “It turns out”, Gina – that the whole , Liberal, Democratic party is a sack of lies; along with the MSM. Your proposed draconian punishment is a good indicator of loyalty in the ranks. Do a good job? Doesn’t matter unless you stick. Absolute, and inescapable allegiance: no self-determination allowed. Sounds very mafioso.

  130. Gina M Mancarella

    The DOJ is going to shut this shit down. Comey is going to be in prison ! You hear me mother#$#@#
    ! Prison bitch ! Thats you ! In prison mother#$##@ ! You want to fuck with Hillary !!!!!!!!! You broke the law ! You broke the Hatch Law Mother$%$##@# ! Janice told you your orders and you decided to #%^# with it ! Burn in Prison Comey ! #@$% You bitch ! #$#@ You Huma ! Traitor and your pervert husbamd Weiner! #$@% all of You ! We still win !

    • Anthony Australia

    • Hatemail

      Billy Boy Clinton and Weiner are partners, sexual predators of children. The wives of each of them work together to accept, cooperate and facilitate their perverse criminal behavior.
      And you are angry at Comey?

    • Charles H

      Goodbye, Gina. You lost my reader subscription: not even for giggles. Keep you foul language for your own acquaintances.

    • JC

      Gina get a job cleaning toilets. Your just so out of reality.

  131. Gina M Mancarella

    Contitutionally, Hillary is already President ! F$%# all you haters. The IRS is ready for all of you ! Donald ! You are going to jail bitch ! No #$#@!@# joke bitch ! JaNICE lYCH GOT SOMETHING FOR ALL YOUR ASSES ! sHE GOT SOMETHING FOR ALL YOUR ASSES !

    This is Greg Hunter. Decaf coffee is almost just as good as the real stuff without all the caffeine.

    • Jerry

      Where’s all the love? I thought socialist pukes like you were into diversity and lollipops and rainbows? What a hypocrite!

    • Anthony Australia

    • David

      Somebody, please get Gina a glass of warm milk. She’s having a meltdown.

    • wondrouscat

      Uh oh, hit another nerve.

    • Colin

      Thank you for displaying the symptoms of the disease that is liberalism.

    • DanielSong39

      Gina M Mancarella, count me in as one of your fans. Please continue to post.
      While I disagree with you on every single point, your posts do reveal how the Deep State works, and from that vantage point I find them very insightful.

    • RTW

      It’s quite apparent that Gina is cracking under all the stress of being an avid supporter of such a flawed candidate (as well as a despicable individual). She has come unglued as evidenced by her hillary inspired rants. This is exactly how hillary reacting at this very moment berating her staff with profanity laced, incoherent tirades. No surprises here.

  132. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Take a close look at this. I saw this link of an FBI agent talking to members of Anonymous about the depths of treason involved in the Clinton Foundation, the corruption of the Department of Justice, and their fear that this scandal could lead to a foreign attack once the true scope is understood.

    Look at the conversations that are highlighted especially. Just click to zoom…

  133. vincent_g

    Correct me if I’m wrong but to me it looks like the government is coming apart.
    The justice department is severely compromised and the FBI is under attack.
    Criminal activity all the way up to the white house.

    The New York Times
    Asian Shares Mostly Lower as FBI Probe Raises US Uncertainty

    If law and order breaks down I fear a military take over is just around the corner.

  134. Spurr

    Gina… her Hitlery is dying of parkinson… do you get it! You’re a paid trol for a soon to be guost! Do you really want that farce of a man Kaines to be president? If you do you’re sicker in the head then you Hitlery!

  135. Donna from AR

    I have read that we are to expect violence regardless who wins the Presidency. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. I cannot get my children to get on board though. It is just killing me too. I have told them for years to make sure to have enough food, water, toiletries, medicine….etc. I am afraid it is getting closer to chaos in the US.

  136. Donna from AR

    I also just read to get all of my money out of the bank, but if the IRS is watching anything being pulled out over $5000.00, that’s not going to be easy to do. I did close an account in one town and moved that money to a local bank where I now live and nothing has been said or any letters received from the gov’t. It was $90,000 plus too. So, now I do not know what to believe. Leave in the bank or close my account??? HELP!

    • Charles H


      This is ‘grain of salt’ territory, you ask here. JSMineset just re-broadcast a 2013 USAWD episode – detailing any bank can close and keep your money. The decision to GOTS (Get Out of The System) would have you hold your money OUTSIDE any bank. But to do that you have to really ante-up. It is like stepping to the plate of self-defense, and owning a firearm – you have to train and be prepared to use it. If you decide to just keep a couple thousand to deal with bills in the bank and keep the rest at hand: there is increased risk from robbery or home invasion. A serious safe, something weighing hundreds of pounds and not a Home Depot carry-off or break in three minutes – is a legitimate investment. (Three hour fire-proof) But even that should be hidden in a false wall (if you own your home), or cabinet: and never be disclosed you own it. The situation is really one of ‘lesser evils’. Your deposits in banks make you an “Unsecured Investor”: and if they “bail-in” all deposits – it just all goes away to the irresponsible banks. If you keep the bulk at home – there is risk of a personal nature; but security on a financial one. Do some homework. It’s a big step of self-reliance, or courage. (Original Safe and Vault – good product and still family owned, to orient)

      • JMiller

        Charles H,

        A good safe is not determined by it’s weight. Many cheaper gun safes and some home safes weigh several hundred pounds but have bodies that are only made with 12 or 14 gauge steel. Some have cheaper locks, bolt work etc… There are a number of things to look at when determining if a safe is good or not.

        And there really is no need for a safe that is fire resistant for 3 hours. Most good burglary fire safes have 1-2 hours of protection which is enough for most home fires which are rare any way.

        Here is one good place of info for those looking to buy a safe.

        • Charles H


          I know the difference between safes. I bought one and then rebuilt it myself – just as the professionals do; re-establishing a re-locker (punch attack) and reinforcing weak areas. You are correct being weight alone is not the criteria; but papers which are irreplaceable I wouldn’t want toasted. Burglar safes DO have more plate steel and special materials to foil entry generally on the face, but can be lacking in the rear – so bolt-down placement is important too. And a gun safe isn’t usually a ‘good’ one. I just wanted to set the tone to investigate. (The company I suggestedI know first hand.) The link is good info.

      • Tom G


        I agree with J Miller, you can’t base the quality of a gun safe purely on weight.. However it does help. Obviously, the thicker the steel, the more secure the safe, but the quality of locks, bolts, etc.. will have a massive bearing on the sturdiness. There is a lot of information at if you’d like to read up more. I’ve checked a few facts on it and it seems pretty decent.

    • Edward Blocker

      This site is eye-opening:
      Literally exposes a lot of gun safe myths, many of which have been repeated in this thread. 
      Gun safes aren’t as safe as you think. And any “rating” entirely depends on who’s assigning the rating.

    • Steve

      As others over here pointed out the importance of a good gun safe, I agree with them completely but you need to be sure which one fits for your requirement and I think rather than searching everywhere it is better to find a decent source of information on that. I found some good guides over here : . Hope you will find the one which fits your needs.

  137. Colin

    Robbie, if thats legit, its pretty crazy! “is it time to buy a gun” FBI Agent-“yes.” I got the chills when I read that. The only thing is its from July…

  138. truth seeker


    Brilliant programmer uncovers how the elections have been stolen and how this one is being stolen. In conjunction with Bev Harris’s phenomenal work: Black Box voting


    How America’s Elections Are Hacked, Missing Link Discovered

  139. Robert Lykens

    New fuel pipeline break in Alabama. Top off now.

    • JC

      Robert I did , but the price never raised, and the lines were easy in TN. I needed gas anyway. Thanks for the heads up. Eyes Wide Open.

  140. vincent_g

    I am glad to hear the President’s spoke person say that he has faith in Comey !

    What we don’t need is one part of the system at odds with another part.
    Very dangerous water.

  141. Mohammad 2

    Millions of people will watch a Train Wreck video over a Cute Kitty Kat. It doesn’t mean they want that to be their Reality.

    • JC

      LOL DOC good one! FB can be a chore to work with.

    • Mohammad


      This is not me who put the comment here.
      You ought to differentiate in your blog the signature name if it has (same name different email) so people who read it will attach the comment to the person in their mind.

      At least give him an initial of his last name or give me an avatar or what have you.
      But this “Mohammad” comment is not mine.


      • Charles H

        Happened to me, Doc. Infiltration of impostors? Probing or simple disruption? There OUGHT to be a field-link scan to associate screen name with DNS/IP identity, so that no two names can appear the same; and new ones MUST differentiate from established ones.

        • Mohammad


          I have been on this blog for years.
          Greg knows from my reply this already.
          The new blogger posing my name should as you said be differentiated by an initial. And Greg has not done it after he knows for sure that the email address of this blogger is different than mine.
          That tells me it is a COMPLICIT action to water down my remarks that are hitting some cords.


  142. CJ

    Sadly to say this guy is wrong. War World III is coming. It is going to be a Nuclear War. Also, there are no people reverse engineering “alien aircraft” aliens do not exist. This is a lie that Satan would want people to believe.

  143. richroz

    Awesome interview Greg, Halfpast human has nailed it for years.

  144. DJ

    It is interesting that time and time again the lack of security being taken seriously amongst government officials, and citizens in this country shows that it has consequences. Many people are very sloppy with both their cyber security as well as the physical security of their personal property. Many do not realize that using extremely basic passwords or leaving physical doors unlocked is basically asking to become victims. The point being made is that the story of Hillary’s emails being hacked and leaked is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to security breaches that could have easily been avoided. Same goes for people who are victims to burglars but do not keep their firearms or valuables locked in a safe.
    The bottom line is that security needs to be taken a little more seriously.

  145. Jack Wilson

    you can’t base the nature of a weapon safe simply on weight.. Be that as it may it helps. Clearly, the thicker the steel, the more secure the safe, yet the nature of locks, jolts, and so forth will have a monstrous bearing on the toughness. There is a great deal of data at on the off chance that you’d jump at the chance to peruse up additional. I’ve checked a couple of actualities on it and it appears to be quite not too bad.

  146. stuffoholics

    Can someone please elaborate the term “Naked Data” a bit more? Sounds weird but wanna know about it.

  147. David Watson

    5 Differences Between China Steel And American Steel In Gun Safes

    1. American Steel Is 3 Times Stronger Than Chinese

    2. American Steel Has Lower Oxidation Levels

    3. American Steel Is Tamper-Resistant

    4. American Steel Is Often 8 Times Thicker

    5. American Steel Is Made With The Environment In Mind


    All things considered, American steel has such huge numbers of preferences contrasted with Chinese steel that the choice is an easy decision. When you are searching for the best firearm ok for your needs, go for one made with American steel over Chinese. The best firearm safes are made with this stuff!


    This information is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find out more?

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  150. ADSN

    I am a Trump supporter.

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