USA Actually Bankrupt Now-Laurence Kotlikoff

kotlikoffBy Greg Hunter’s

Renowned Boston University Economics Professor Laurence Kotlikoff is running for President with a write-in campaign. He says we need an economic expert, not a politician, to fix our severe financial problems.  Dr. Kotlikoff explains, “Our democracy is in trouble.  We have 14% of the electorate who have chosen Hillary Clinton for us to vote for, and a different 14% have chosen Trump to vote for.  The vast majority of the population realizes neither Clinton nor Trump are qualified.  Just on the economic front, these folks have no idea how fiscally sick our country is.  The fact that we have off-the-book liabilities that make our true debt roughly 15 times larger than the amount the government is actually reporting, so, our true debt is about $206 trillion.  The debt the Congressional Budget Office is telling us about is about $13.5 trillion. . . . We’re short $206 trillion.  The country is 53% underfinanced.  So, the country is actually bankrupt right this minute. It’s not $206 trillion in the future that we owe, it’s $206 trillion today.  It’s our credit card bill, and we’re broke.”

Kotlikoff goes on to say, “So, if you put everything on the books, we’re broke, and we’ve been printing money out the wazoo since 2007 to pay Congress’s bills. That’s the truth about quantitative easing.  We need to have somebody who knows what’s going on in the big picture here and has a game plan to get rid of this fiscal gap, and do it without total chaos.  If we leave things the way they are, people will view the country as leaderless fundamentally and printing money to pay its bills.  Then, the expectation will occur, and that’s going to raise rates, and that’s going to drop bond prices, and that will sink the banks, and, yes, you can have another great recession like Bill Gross is referencing (bond super nova).  I’ve been saying this for decades.  The time for the last straw to drop on the camel’s back, and when it’s going to drop that camel is hard to say.  If you look at the fundamentals, and the fundamentals look like that of an emerging country, we are the most indebted developed country relative to GDP of any country around. We are in worse shape, I believe, than Russia or Greece, and far worse shape than Italy.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, who is running for President in 2016 with a write-in campaign.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Dr. Kotlikoff has ideas to fix health care, the tax system and many other problems as well. Dr. Kotlikoff thinks everything should be redesigned all at the same time.  Dr. Kotlikoff says he has done algorithms via computer models to test out his policies into the future.  Dr. Kotlikoff also thinks that people have to have an incentive to work instead of disincentives.  For detailed information on the Kotlikoff Presidential campaign, and for his plans to fix America, go to

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  1. Dwain

    I like Dr. Kotlikoffs proposal. He obviously will not get elected, but perhaps his strategy is to make his presence known in order to get the new president to consider his economic reforms.

    I don’t think Hillary would listen since her agenda is a two tier country.

    • Brad

      Trump’s insane?

      The professor thinks “he’s got no chance” is not a fact!
      It is a fact. He’s got no chance. Who’s insane now then?

      Look at the heat Trump’s getting. Does the prof really think the establishment will let them take over their play pen?

      He should have joined team Trump and maybe make a difference. Thinking you can go from zero to president without any publicity is insane IMO.

      • Paul ...

        Hillary was heard (talking about Trump to her neocon minions and the prestitute MSM): “If that f — ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!” … so lets do it people on November 8th … lets put every one of the “Christian head choppers” in prision … we must drain the filthy swamp in Washington DC of Satans helpers … they want to kill “all Christians” because we have an “ingrained moral code” which they lack … so they are rushing to import even more ISIS terrorists into America (and make them legal US citizens) before the election so they can also vote for Hillary!!

    • Lee

      Dwain….I basically agree with you…..his economic proposals seemed sound ….perhaps
      he should apply for the Treasurers job in the Trump admin. (Instead of talking to turncoat Ryan). Does he really think the NWO would let him swan in and FIX the problems? LOL. No good criticising Trump who has had the GUTS to stand up to the criminal cabal/NWO putting his personal safety on the line when he didn’t have to…..where was Mr Kotlikoff in the past if he knew things were so bad. But presidential aspirations? Delusional?
      He lost me with the Trump smear.
      An Aussie Trump supporter.

    • allen ols

      dwain pls view the link and below is a teaser; ok

      Montreat College professor William Forstchen says Election 2016 could lead to another bloody civil war.
      Professor Forstchen specializes in Civil War history.
      Forstchen gave warning on the October 25th edition of “The Jim Bakker Show” during their weeklong, “Ready Now Expo Oct. 2016.”
      Forstchen: “I’m a civil war historian.” The U.S. election of 1860 “is the closest I can parallel this to.”
      “And we all know what the price was. When we went to a civil war, they killed 660,000 young men because we became so divided.”
      Forstchen urged voters to turn out even if they disliked the candidates, because of other US congress races and the Supreme Court appointment.
      Forstchen: “I do believe we are at 1860. We are that close to the edge of the debacle.”
      Baptist pastor Carl Gallups then alluded to false Christian doctrine: “The prophecy clock started ticking” when the modern nation of Israel was established in 1948.
      In 1860: Four candidates received substantive amounts of votes in the U.S. presidential election.
      Abraham Lincoln (39.8 percent), Stephen Douglas (29.5 percent), John Breckinridge (18.1 percent) and John Bell (12.6 percent).
      On December 20, 1860 (44 days after Republican Lincoln was elected): Delegates to a convention in South Carolina unanimously voted to secede from the United States.
      Forstchen has co-authored books with Newt Gingrich.
      Gallups, who introduced Donald Trump at a Donald Trump rally in January 2016, is famous because he has used his radio show to give a platform to people who deny the reality of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, according to the Connecticut Post Gallups has also said he believes neither Marco Rubio nor Ted Cruz are eligible to be president because of the circumstances of their births.

    • Westcoaster

      He lost me when he went “3rd person”. Just what we need, another college professor who thinks he has the answer to everything.

    • Carrie Brown

      Dwain, Old Kot just wants the same old same old;

      Continued Corruption Without Interruption!

      Nice bumper sticker, eh?

    • matt lusk

      Left wing nut job from boston. He believes the global warming lie. Believes socialist healthcare. progressive tax unless you are a national socialist. What a loser.

  2. David Morris

    Love the ‘out of the box’ thinking. Still struggle to understand why no one else sees Western Health problem for what it is a FOOD CRISIS. $30,000 Health care for someone with type 2 diabetes or low carb high fat diet and Exercise? , Education and stopping corperate medling in diet advise and food safety. Surely this a more efficient and humane solution.

    • Susa Glenn

      We have been living in a totalitarian state re. medicine research and science research since the 1940’s. The misinformation regarding diet and health is mind boggling. The pharmaceutical industry has a death grip on the medical industry. The government is in collusion with them. They are KILLING us. Intentionally. Make the population sick, milk them for all they are worth, pharmaceutical industry wins. Make the population sick, they are no threat to the powers that be, the government mafia is free to steal the wealth of the country. These evil entities now are even putting DHA in all the baby formula. DHA causes brain damage. Nothing like a brain damaged citizenry to ensure passivity. Disgusting. Health care will not improve until the medical behemoth is broken up and real research is encouraged. Pharmaceutical companies should be forbidden to have any control over the medical schools.

    • Freebreezer

      Here is a great ted talk addressing our obesity and the USA eating disorder. Eat right and eliminate most all Type II diabetes … and stick it to the the big Pharma!

      • Freebreezer

        Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food! Look at all the old woodstock photos … NO FAT people – NONE! This was before big Ag and big pharma took the natural fat out of our foods and added a whole bunch of sugar and carbs!

    • matt lusk

      Education. End mandatory education. Problem solved. Kids will want to learn again, even if their parents can’t offer any help. No education subsidies, they are only being used to enslave and spread propaganda and tax the productive. End occupational licenses, I could give better health care for 1/10 the cost. Just like a better cake decorator, better doctors and better teachers will get paid more; slackers and political hires will be fired. Government intervention screws up everything, from fed crime to local school dictates to forced genocidal vaccines.

  3. Mr Mister

    Before I watched this interview, I knew it, Kotlikoff will use this opportunity to smear Trump. Kotlikoff totally ignored Hillary’s connections with Buffet. Kotlikoff, where have you been, Hillary has threatened to bomb Iran, does that sound like a sane woman? Please Kotlikoff is nothing but a policy wonk. Trump has a record, the man has created 35,000 jobs.

    • OutLookingIn


      With all due respect to Dr. Kotlikoff, his economic fundamentals were learned and ingrained into his thinking at the hands of Keynesian’s.
      The +$200 trillion of debt he speaks of will NEVER BE PAID. Period. Any thoughts outside of this basic fact, is nothing more than rearranging the economic deck chairs on the Titanic.
      At least Trump will do the least harm. HiLIARy on the other hand, is nothing more than a criminally cheap Saturday night handgun, that’s half cocked with a hair trigger, ready to go off in any direction.

    • Robert G

      Mr Mister She threatened to do that only if Iran attacked Israel with nukes. Big difference.

      • Paul ...

        Robert … are you going to believe what comes out of Hillarys “forked tounge” mouth as “absolute truth”?? … the only reason Iran has not been attacked “yet” is because Israel does not want a “two front war” … this is the “real reason” Syria has to be taken out! … but Russia is not going to allow it to happen … so for now Iran will not be attacked by Hillary (unless Syria falls and Russia knuckles under to more stringent US sanctions)!! … but in my opinion Russia backing off has a very very low probability of happening!

    • Al Hall

      Mr. Mister you are correct- smear Trump. I’m a big fan of Greg’s( none bigger), but Kotikoff lost me at approx. 4:40 when he said – our democracy is in trouble right now! That fine except- “we are a Republic”, big difference. I’m tired of these liberals saying we are a democracy! This Massachusett liberal doesn’t even know this, and this collage professor is a PhD? NO WONDER THE younger GENERATIONS ARE TAUGHT B.S.
      Greg: shame on you for putting this guy on your program! I send you people’s names that would be great on your show. This guy is sub-par for you. I will have to struggle to finish this interview maybe tomorrow!

    • John

      Maybe he smeared Trump because he thinks Trump will win.

    • David John Williams

      Just want to say that I found Kotlikoff equally dismissive of Trump and Clinton. I have my scars from defending Trump, I have been supportive of Trump because I understand how dangerous Hillary is. The disgusting bias of the msm and their influence over the herd only made me want to speak out more on Trump’s behalf, even though it is usually not received well. I think the point Kotlikoff was trying to make is that many people are reflexively offended by Trump’s words and manner; many find his behavior dysfunctional. People are entitled to have that very honest reaction to him. Personally I find Hillary’s psychosis much more disturbing and far more dangerous than Trump’s egotism.

    • matt lusk

      Right, to get to the 39% income tax means he’s getting paid over $200,000 a year to spread big government socialism and take a few whacks at Trump. Egocentrism is not an illness unless it’s the Hillary type of diabolical narcissism. Getting paid $200,000 dollars a year to preach socialist party economics is not mental illness either, dope Kotlikoff, it’s a criminal payoff. Beginning around 1900 there was a concerted effort by the monopolist to take over university education for the power elite. The corrupt network is now so extensive it reaches to teacher’s unions and high school and elementary textbooks and cartoons. Parents are missing in action. The Chinese saying goes “where did morality go? Where the dog took a shit.”

  4. Diana Dee Jarvis

    I didn’t hear much about his proposed foreign policy. Has he given much thought to that?

    • Paul ...

      Probably just like Hillary’s foreign policy … a one world “bee hive” where worker bees are complete slaves to Queen Hillary! … the other Queen in England may not enjoy the competition!

  5. Spurr

    Journalism in the US.… For you Greg.

  6. Anthony Australia

    What a splendid and candid interview.
    My sincerest thanks Greg.

    The markets in Australia are ‘tanking’ something rotten. A quet suggestion is that the Trump machine is rolling into the Whitehouse, believe it or not the MSM are staring to flip flop and write articles against HC.

    • Al Hall

      Anthony- I believe you to be correct. My CIA retired friend has told me Trump will win and possibly big! This is a good sign, as he told me Obama would win before Obama even announced he was running for president. The CIA know these things. The elite’s are fighting among themselves over this. This is good for us- the average world citizen.
      Already early voting is showing signs of much larger republican voting. this will be another Brexit turn out!

      al in S.C.

      • This sceptred Isle

        People often refer to the elite as a homogeneous group. Do you or your friend believe that a schism has developed within the elites? Catherine Austin Fitts contends that Trump must be supported by certain elements of the security services as he has got this far in the election.
        The interesting thing about the EU referendum is that Brexit was portrayed as an anti-establishment position even though mainstream newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail, Rupert Murdoch’s The Sun supported and campaigned for Brexit.
        These are usually mouthpieces for the establishment which regurgitate the same old anti-Russian propaganda, discredit conspiracy theories and never fully explain the inner-workings of the financial system.

    • MargfromTassie

      A good interview with Dr Kotlikoff . Thanks Greg.
      Although I’m not a US citizen, if I was, there is no way I would vote for either of the main candidates. They are both arrogant and deceitful liars and you simply can’t believe what they say in the campaign. Clinton is beholden to the powers that be and despite what she says now, would proceed to introduce the TPP. Her attitude to Russia is also quite worrying. Trump’s behaviour, manners and demeanour are disgraceful and he would be a huge embarrassment to the US. It’s not as though he’s got the right policies either. Be in no doubt that he would still protect the interests of the rich like himself , would introduce tax cuts for them and cut essential services and privatise whatever he could. Clinton and Trump are both entirely unsuitable, as are their VP candidates.
      But, if I could, I’d rather vote for you Greg!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Completely agree. Both are deplorables, to use a trendy phrase. What would swing it for me is the keen desire to avoid World War III. I would have to go for the candidate that appears to want closer cooperation with Russia instead of the one that keeps goading the Bear…and we all know what happened to Leonardo DiCaprio!!!

        • MargfromTassie

          Yes, SI you may have a point. Anyway, I’m so glad that I don’t live in the ‘great Ol’ USA.’ At least we don’t have people going bankrupt in Aus because of medical bills. At least we have a decent minimum wage with regular CPI increases and working conditions, including 4 weeks annual leave. And so many other things that the average Yank would envy. I gather you’re in the UK?

          • This sceptred Isle

            Yes. Living in London. Of course the outcome of the US election has a great bearing on UK as we will doubtless get dragged into the next US war. America could probably survive a few nuke attacks but one would wipe us out!

  7. roger

    tks for post

    • PW

      I sadly agree with most of your comments. It is incomprehensible to think we can tweak this mess and get on track to grow ourselves out of it. This, it seems to me, is what Dr. Kotlikff is saying. We can reform or tame this over $200 trillion debt monster? I don’t think so. WE will be reformed, not the debt monster.

  8. Pete

    I do not comment much on this site but listening to this man was just too painful. Mr. Kotlikoff comes on this site and states that Trump is mentally ill, mean, angry, unhappy, 5th rate, corrupt and likely to be in legal trouble before the end of his term, just like Hillary I presume? The vast majority of the population realizes that Trump is not qualified? Trump has not mentioned how sick our economy is? Outrageous statements. He also throws Hillary along under the bus for a little more credibility. It’s Trump he’s really slandering.
    Has Mr. Kotlikoff gone back 25 years to listen to Trump speak about his disgust of our government? Has he ever bothered to listen to the other interviews or commentators on this site to see who he’s lecturing to?
    The billionaires paying more taxes is going to save us? Attack the rich to get the votes, just like Bernie and Hillary. Tax, tax, tax. That will save us. Forget about massive government spending. Taxing the rich went over real well in France, THEY ALL LEFT! Paul Craig Roberts is right, the academics are liars and propagandists just like the media.
    We’re in worse shape than Russia and Greece? That has to be the economic understatement of all time. Russia’s debt is in the billions, ours in the trillions. We’re probably at least a hundred times worse than Greece. We get to print all of our dollars, the Greeks cannot print Euros so I guess we look better, for now.
    The republicans and the democrats are going to be history as soon as he’s elected but then he states that he will work with the republicans and democrats to pass his socialist healthcare measures. How will he work with the parties if he dissolves them first? Who will pay for all this socialism? (Especially since we’re bankrupt.)
    I really believe that Mr. Kotlikoff is running as another form of attack and diversion from Trump for the establishment. They’re really pouring it on us now. How stupid do these people think that we are?

    • WD

      This guy is nothing more than a leftist economist professor…A lot of book knowledge and safely in the womb of upper level education. A man who never took a risk or started business.

      He has a raging chip on his shoulder that he can’t be DJT. Seen this soooo many times

    • Tim

      Great comment, Pete. You made many good points.

    • Al

      You my friend are not up on much of anything for facts- go back to sleep!

    • Brad

      Yes the prof sounds like he thinks we are all dummies.

      Economists are worse than politicians. They are the BS artists in the background giving the politicians all their ideas.

      Trump wants to cut corporate tax to 15%. The prof says that’s a bad idea because he can then be a company. He neglects to mention that it will make no difference to the billionaires who pay no tax anyway. He then says he will go further than Trump and drop it to 0%. 15% bad. 0% good. He is one confusing man.

      He doesn’t understand propaganda. It must be tailored to a 6 year old level of intelligence. Trump says “Build a wall”. A kid can understand that. It is an effective message.

      The prof says “bla bla X + Y – Z = N etc therefore, bla bla bla” which simply gets nowhere. His take home message is, well, I don’t know. He’s not much of a team player.

    • Chip

      You’re right Pete. And Greg I know you try to get different points of view but this was the worst interview ever… Chip

    • Lee

      Pete……you nailed it perfectly.
      Trump 2016

  9. libertarian jerry

    The United states has morphed from a Constitutional Republic into a mobocracy/fascist/socialist welfare-warfare state. Dr.Kotlikoff’s answer to the states’s fiscal problems is to “fix”the system when,in fact,the system shouldn’t even exist. Most of what the Federal Government does today is either unconstitutional or blatantly illegal. It is not the function of the Federal Government to solve the social/economic problems of the nation. Far from it. Dr.Kotlikoff,in his bid for the Presidency,seems to be under the illusion that somehow his world views and policies,if enacted into law( laws which are enforced with violence or threat of violence) will somehow “solve” the problems of an activist government. When in fact the government isn’t there to solve people’s problems by running their lives but for the people to solve their own problems. That is what liberty is all about. The bottom line is that all 10 Planks to the Communist Manifesto(albeit in modified form)has been woven into the American fabric. To have a policy that these planks could be fixed and reformed is misplaced when in fact they should be repealed and dismantled.

    • Bill

      Liberatarian Jerry; We are so far from a Constitutional Republic that you cant see it in the rear view mirror anymore. Our Fed Govt has taken over every aspect of our lives. Originally our Fed Govts main job was to field an army, and collect taxes, and now they are so busy doing everything else. Just don’t re elect the bums.

    • Diane D.

      Amen Jerry. Sadly Americans are content being given a choice of two boxes, neither of which will restore our republic. Both Trump and Clinton promise to NOT govern constitutionally.

      In 2010 I foolishly thought succession stood a chance. Then when the Republicans destroyed our Bill of Rights with their NDAA I thought for sure we would fight. We mounted no response. That was 5 years ago. I am surrounded by Trump supporters who parrot, “But Trump will buy us more time”. Really? Like the last 5 years we have totally squandered?

      Chaos is coming. The globalists will control the times, places and rules of engagement. I believe the best case scenario now is chaos leading to Balkanization and the creation of ‘an Estonia’ but with God fearing people. Perhaps Dr. Kotlikoff could help with that.

    • Wiley

      Well said.
      Government today is built on a rotten foundation of aggressive violence and theft, and Kotlikoff simply claims he can do those things better. Until the purpose is to restore a sound and honorable foundation to government, returning it to its legitimate function of simply defending life, liberty and property instead of dreaming up new ways to further restrict liberty, steal and redistribute property, no candidate deserves to be or should be supported.

  10. Paul ...

    It is good to want to fix the tax, health and fiscal sickness in America … but we also need to address the moral sickness in America as Trump wants to cure … things like this …

  11. BetterChetter

    Its great to hear an intellectual rant, to reveal truths unspoken today, as we’ve been kept within a veil of illusion as to what the problems are

  12. This sceptred Isle

    Interesting documentary – HyperNormalisation

  13. This sceptred Isle

    It seems to me America is controlled by corporations on an unprecedented scale.
    1) The US dollar is issued by a private bank.
    2) American food is unlabelled GM and therefore the intellectual property rights are controlled by corporations.
    3) Any serious presidential candidates have to raise massive amounts of funding which can only be achieved by selling your soul to Corporations/mega rich donors.
    4) The American mainstream media is controlled by only 6 corporations.
    The land of the free has been conquered by stealth…

    • Al


  14. William Betts

    All this country needs is an economist to lead. Economist have gotten us in this mess (Greenspan to name one). Economist will not talk about our debt economy of fractional reserve banking. Money creation by private banks, bonds and notes issued to pay for the private issued money. We need immediately to nationalize the Fed Reserve system and bring it into the Treasury. Issue US dollars free of debt, break up the wall street banks and put them on 100% banking ie you can’t make a loan unless you have 100% reserve money. The banks can borrow U.S. money from Treasury to make loans until they are free of fractional reserve crap. The first thing a Scientific Economist will say is this will bring tremendous inflation – wrong. What we have now is money tree for the crooked bastards on Wall Street. Once we have this system in place with money being issued by Treasury for 1.3 trillion dollar infrastructure repair in the USA which we sorely needed now; we can think about how to liquidate the debt. Pay for Social Security, medicare and necessary programs that make us a people that we want to be – not beholden to the bastards on WALL STREET……Betts

    • This sceptred Isle

      It is amazing how mainstream experts do not factor debt into their equations. I think if they did they would have to conclude that it must be defaulted on at some point which would mean the majority of financial assets would be wiped out. In effect they would be acknowledging that a reset is inevitable and risk people losing confidence in the system. The fact that national debt is growing exponentially suggests the end is nigh.

    • Tin foil hat

      I didn’t realize our modern monetary system is a Ponzi scheme for the longest time. I banged my head against the wall trying to understand why everything are upside down.
      When I finally figured out that modern monetary theory is the academia definition of the dollar Ponzi, everything started to make sense.
      Our productivity hasn’t been strong enough to support our entitlements probably since 1971. We have been relying on productivity of other nations which stockpile dollar to support our entitlements for many many years. Hence, our perpetual trade deficits have been around for more than 40 years and it must continues in order to feed this Ponzi.
      Economist will not talk about our debt economy of fractional reserve banking because whatever was taught in Eco 101 no longer applies in modern monetary theory or the current Ponzi/financial environment.
      We do need to nationalize the Fed Reserve system and bring it into the Treasury. However, bring honesty back to our monetary system too quickly, issuing dollars free of debt, may bring about the second Great Depression.
      I don’t know if you remember the sweat shops we had in the 80’s and 90’s. These sweat shops could not compete with the cheap labor in Mexico. In the late 90’s, cheap labor in Mexico could not compete with the cheap labor in China. Hence, we need new cheap labor (suckers), like TPP, to support the dollar Ponzi.
      I believe Trump understands the complexity which this country is facing and has the tenacity and experience to unwind this monstrous financial system which we have. He needs to educate the Americans what to expect when the Ponzi gravy train runs out of new suckers.
      Hillary will do her best to threaten the rest of the world with war to keep the gravy train going. It’s shameless for the talking heads at MSNBC to emphasize that our dollar is back by the world’s strongest military. We should be better than that!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Even if a political leader understood that the current system is unsustainable they would be unwise to try to rectify it and cause the system to collapse/reset. They would be made a scapegoat and blamed for the greatest collapse in history. It would be better to do nothing and allow nature to take its course then step in once the damage has been done.

      • Tin foil hat

        This sceptred Isle,
        Trump doesn’t seem like the type who would think it’s better to do nothing and allow nature to take its course. The damage is more than done, the damage is sparkling bright red in Mid-east and Ukraine. The risk of allowing nature to take its course further is WWIII. The only ones who cannot see that are Americans.
        If we don’t know why we have been waging wars since 2001, you should start doing some research.
        Hint: Petrodollar.

    • Tin foil hat

      Kotlikoff should know our productivity alone, and tax revenue generated from our GDP, is not enough to support over $80 trillion worth of the entitlements.

  15. Billy Bob

    The USA is actually bankrupt now… I mean, like, DUH!!!

  16. Robert Johnsson

    WoW, North Korea?
    Big LOL on that piece of “Intelligent Foreign Policy Propaganda” Huge FAIL.

    Greg, thx for putting this interview up.

    Keep It Up



  17. Concerned american dad

    Hey Greg, i have enjoyed LK’s economic analysis in the past- it was hard to listen after he called this a democracy that we live in- no mention of the Fed nor the dying petro- dollar system…..

    • Frederick

      Hes a member of the family he will NEVER mention the FED and bring the truth about that group Of crooks to light thats for sure Dont look for it you wont get it as George Carlin said

  18. J C Davis

    Professor Laurence Kotlikoff. Are we going to crash no matter what ? I never got the answer.

  19. WK Swanson

    Sometimes even a Democrat can be right about the economy. Maybe Trump should consider hiring him if the Democrats are unsuccessful in stealing the election.

  20. k-in-maryland

    Great interview Greg… you just did the public a service by giving air-time to a great candidate. Kotlikoff had me until he started talking about carbon taxes, climate change and more foreign intervention policies toward N.Korea (oh boy, here we go again. CFR member?). I like the idea of a consumption tax (remember the Neal Boortz book “The Fair Tax Book”) only and closing loopholes for everyone. Another great positive is his willingness to admit the USA is insolvent and our govt has decided to print money to help hide it. Bravo and 10 points for honesty Dr. Kotlikoff! Admitting the problem publicly is our first real concrete step to eliminating the federal reserve system and getting back to honest/sound money system that is backed by true collateral value (silver, gold, property, etc). I hope you get Gary Johnson on for an interview soon? Thank you Greg!

  21. Bill Echols

    Boring presentation. Espousing single-payer (Government) health program. I would hate to sit through one of his classes.

  22. Jerry

    I hate to break it to Mr. Kotilkoff but it won’t matter who gets elected. The globalist have a plan going forward to collapse the current Bretton Woods banking system to install a new one …..and “collapse it they will”.

    Did you really think the Global Initiative was about helping the poor? It was about showing who was going to pony up to get a place at the globalist table. Hillary Clinton just happens to be their spokesman. She takes her orders directly from the “Council of Foreign Governments” and the United Nations.

    Its all rigged from beginning to end.When she was Secretary of State she helped get a 5 billion dollar donation to help the Chinese complete the Silk Road Project which runs from China all the way to Europe. Coincidence? Not hardly. Its part of the globalist agenda for the Chinese to take the lead in the New World order. They’ve even constructed a super highway that runs from the Midwest through Texas all the way through Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Why? So the Chinese can offload their goods into a more direct route into the North American Union. formerly known as the United States. Rigged? That’s an understatement.

      • Kim

        Thank you very much for the article link. It is empowering to know what is really going on. I was hoping that it was true that if Hillary was elected president, Texas would succeed from the United States. Looks like with the super highway in place this will not happen. Jerry, please keep up the good work of posting! Thank you again!

        • Jerry

          Thank you Kim.
          Either way the globalist are going to collapse the system. Its already a done deal. The Rothschild’s and Rockefellers have probably planned for this contingency since 1945. They need a new host to suck dry and the Chinese just happen to fit the bill. The City of London Corporation has been bankrolling the Chinese since WWII.

    • Jerry

      Straight and to the point. Brandon Smith and I are on the same page. He hit it out of the park with this one. The pieces are falling into place for the globalist.

    • Tin foil hat

      When the dollar is no longer the reserve currency, the NAFTA superhighway may be used to export our goods from North America Union to China.

      • Jerry

        That’s so true. Its hard to think of Americans being cheap labor for the Chinese, but it sure appears that is where we are headed.

        • Frederick

          Jerry like they say on Zerohedge “Sum ting wong”

      • Tin foil hat

        We don’t have to be cheap in order to be competitive. We have enough resources here to be self sufficient.
        The million dollar question is, are we going to revert to what we were like in the 70’s. I remember we made brand new cars which required regular visits to the repair shops. Zenith TV was garbage right out of the factory…… More recently, Chrysler UAW workers were caught on film consuming liquid lunch and smoking pot again and again a few years back.
        We don’t need to be cheap, we need to be good. The last thing I want is slave labour in America.

  23. Jay

    Very interesting interview. But I have to tell you, when ever someone throws one of those baseless attacks on Trump, I cast a weary eye on that attacker, and shut them off. Makes me feel like they think I’m too stupid to form my own opinion. These pinheads will never learn. You were absolutely right to call him out on that unfair comment he spewed. A drastic miscalculation by the prestigious professor. I won’t give him another thought in terms of being a legitimate presidential candidate. He should reach out to the Trump campaign if he truly has anything positive to contribute. Thanks Greg, you are a bright light in this dark, murky world.

  24. Dan

    With all due respect Dr. Kotlikoff, there are paramount issues that you (and ALL candidates) are overlooking and fail to address which I will mention below.

    You seem to have some very sound ideas and proposals for the economy, healthcare, etc. Unfortunately, the way you (& other candidates) speak about your action plan is very UNREALISTIC. Why? Easy.

    Firstly, it is not the President who makes laws – it is all the members of Congress (hundreds of individuals). Not that easy to get ideas through Congress, as usually each member is coerced, bribed, etc., etc. to get their vote.

    Secondly, you seem to underestimate the power of the Lobby Groups representing the behemoths that are the Pharma, Military-Indsutrial-Complex, Energy, & Corporate industries. There are tens of thousands of laws that have been “baked in the cake” so to speak over the last 40 years which have made it virtually impossible to implement changes as you would propose.

    Thirdly, you didn’t mention anything about abolishing the Fed and returning the power to the Treasury to issue currency as well as removing the power away from the huge banks (which the five biggest alone account for 55% of US GDP). How much power do you really think the President has in this regard? Such acts to reverse the damage would, once again, require members of Congress to vote on this – and sorry but the big cartels have way more bribe money the POTUS does. I see no indication that they would change their ways.

    So, regardless of the candidate and his/her sales pitch, plans, and ideas, if you’re not going to address HOW to resolve these realities mentioned above, then it’s just more of the same smoke being blown.

    I am pretty sure you will be reading some comments here as it is both good for obtaining feedback for your campaign and it is human nature. Therefore, I personally challenge you to at least mention how you go about dealing with the tremendous hurdles (mentioned above) in the implementation of your proposed policies. If you were able to do that effectively then you would have my confidence and vote.


  25. Tommy

    I like Kotlikoff but like so many he calls Trump mentally ill and an angry man (btw, if you’re not angry you are mentally ill) yet Hillary exhibits sociopathic behavior and is an obvious liar and has no regard for the law. Add to that her apparent physical and mental deterioration and I’ll take Trump any day. I would challenge the mentality of anyone who would support Clinton over Trump. Like Michael Savage says, “liberalism is a mental disorder”.

    • Paul ...

      He calls Trump mentally ill? … who did Trump ever murder?? … yet Obama gets very excited over his use of drones to murder people … and Hillary thinks nothing of shipping Saran gas to murder people … and Kotlikoff thinks they are sane (compared to Trump)?? … Kotlikoff’s logic seems a bit impaired if he doesn’t think “murder is a mental illness” ???

    • Frederick

      Bravo Mike You are spot on about the anger part Only a liberal could smile as the powers that be bend him over right?

  26. andyb

    Greg: thanks for having the Professor on. His ideas have a lot of merit and would work if allowed to be implemented. The rub is that implementation would require a consensus among the members of Congress and between the two parties. That aint gonna happen. Our politicians have passed the line of no return on corruption. They are bought and paid for to preserve the status quo, not to dissolve it. Nothing will change until the Second American Revolution has occurred and all the traitors, including all the still living ex Presidents, have been hung, shot or guillotined. Unfortunately, the odds of this happening are much less than nuclear armageddon.

    Btw, caught your interview by Holder and Sinclair. You were on fire, man!!!!!

  27. Doug

    Greg, I love his ideas re what he would do to fix the economy. I cannot however vote for him due to his positions on abortion and 2A/”assault weapons” (see his website). I just cannot pull the lever for someone who supports Roe v. Wade, even if it means sacrificing the fixing of our economy. That is how important it means to me. Too bad. Take care. Doug

  28. George Lenz

    Hello Greg,
    Your guest raised some good points. However, he appears to have spent too many years in academia. You can’t implement ideas without some scant approval from congress. You also cannot fix everything at once. As it stands it will take many years to reverse the policies from those that have put us in this position. Congratulations for calling him out on Donald Trump(great journalism). While Mr. Trump has his share of baggage, I don’t believe he is mentally ill. I do believe he is wound very tightly, and perhaps that’s a good thing at this time in history. Keep doing what you are doing. You are a beacon of light.

    Best Regards,

    George W. Lenz III

    • Tin foil hat

      George Lenz,
      I think the fact that so many actually believe Trump is mentally ill is one of Trump’s biggest asset.

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg, but I can’t vote for Professor Kotlikoff simply because he has no chance of actually beating HRC. His plans might work if he had a chance, but at this point in the cycle? Nope, not happening. At least with Trump we have a guy who might do the right thing.

    • Brad

      He should offer to help Trump as an economic advisor if he can’t be president. Surely helping Trump is the best he can do under the circumstances.

      Who is all the debt owed to? Maybe the US should just shoot those people. How can a country as powerful as the US be enslaved except by its own choice? Can the professor answer this? How many people would the US have to shoot to erase the bulk of the debt?

  30. francis m reps

    He is an Academic who has been feeding on tax payer dollars his entire career. He might be like Merkel of Germany { another soft voiced academic who is in the process of ruining Germany with her hair brained scheme to import a 1,400 year old ” Scourge of Humanity” into her country } . Come on Greg ; Soft spoken egomaniacs who have been coddled all their lives in Academia have no place in government. This country has too many right now. Was it Ghengis Khane who said .; ” If you want to ruin a Province ; appoint an academic to to rule ” over it ? ” This interview is a PASS.

    • Charles H

      Reading these comments – I think you’re right. I won’t watch the presentation.

  31. MSC

    He had me until he said, “Trump is crazy.” Too bad, as a political outsider himself, he should have known better.

  32. jim c.

    Greg, I am so very disappointed that you would let him ramble on for so long about him running for president, no one know`s who he is , if he is truely on the ticket he won`t even get one percent of the vote`s , and for him to say trump is mentally ill , discredit`s him even more. I was really looking foreword to another great interview by someone but he was a waste of your airtime.

    • Chip


  33. R scott

    Never have this idiot again!!Please

    • allen ols

      sorry, but L. K. is a dumb@$$!!!!!!!!!

  34. Muzzle Blast

    Escalation of Failure:

    “When someone tries to use a strategy which is dictated by their ideology, and that strategy doesn’t seem to work, then they are caught in something of a cognitive bind. If they acknowledge the failure of the strategy, then they would be forced to question their ideology. If questioning the ideology is unthinkable, then the only possible conclusion is that the strategy failed because it wasn’t executed sufficiently well. They respond by turning up the power, rather than by considering alternatives.” – Steven Den Beste

    All I heard from Lawrence turning up the power with taxes, taxes, taxes, government programs, electronic records, etc. Sorry, but it’s all a big “NO!” from this frustrated white male that is ready to go on strike … they can stick a gun in my face to get their taxes but they (at least not yet) cannot stick a gun in my face to make me work.

    • Charles H

      Great quote! Excellent summation and comment. Really good.

  35. Linda L.

    Good information, but at this point in time and with so little exposure, a 3rd party vote for Lawrence is really a green light for Hillary. Guess this wasn’t figured into his algorithms. Vote Trump.

  36. Michael Harris

    Some interesting ideas from Professor Kotlikoff however, does he realize he is running for President and not for Emperor? As President he cannot “fix” anything without the support of Congress. Any executive orders he issues will most certainly be overridden by a Congress united in preserving their power. Even if his policies were to pass, Congress could simply refuse to fund them. Same goes for any veto on his part. Congress would unite to override his veto.
    A write-in vote is a waste of time. It does not send a message to the elites who control the government. In our winner take all “first-past-the-post” election system winning by a single vote enables that candidate to declare they have “mandate” to govern, even though an equal number of the electorate oppose their platform.
    Greg, great job in exposing the corruptness of the MSM. Here’s to hoping to sending a big “na-na-noo-noo” (a.k.a. “F@#% YOU) to the MSM on Nov 9.

  37. Michael

    Greg, A couple of thoughts on Dr Kotlikoff-
    Running for president requires a platform much wider than economic based ideas although I somewhat liked his approach. He did not vary much from one thought.
    He did not answer your question regarding economic collapse.
    He didn’t mention ” balanced budget ” or perhaps that’s not very important at this stage of the game.
    One of the prominent “contrarian” voices around claims that economists are the cause of all our problems. So where do we go?
    Greg, Thanks for bringing so many thought provoking ideas on your site.

  38. 8Ball

    This smells like a plan to pull votes away from Trump…

    • Paul ...

      You got it 8Ball … I wonder if Wikileaks will soon be releasing e-mails between him and the DNC instructing him to call Trump metally ill (so the MSM can have more unfounded dirt to blast it over the airwaves just 2 weeks before the election)??

  39. Hatemail

    Laurence is not a politician. Politicians are dirty, filthy and corrupt.
    Therefore; he lacks the credentials to run for office.

  40. Mohammad

    He is kidding, isn’t he?


  41. john duffy

    A serious message for all Christian voters!

    • Paul ...

      I wonder if Kotlikoff thinks God is “mentally ill” for forgiving people who commit abortion, murder, chopping off Christian heads, etc., etc.? … not if God forgives these people by putting them in “a special loony tune mental hospital” … called Hell !!!

  42. Dave Grogan

    Hi Greg….really love your show and much kudos to you for challenging your guest who still appears to be living in the matrix. if only you had given him another twenty minutes or so as he did not seem in touch w.ith reality and you started to tease out his lack of appreciation of the bias of the MSM. The idea that 206 trillion of debt was manageable within the system, including influence of the dark side, was extraordinary. I was not impressed. We certainly need more of debate between opposing sides. That,s not to say you regular guests are anything but a delight to heat….but you versus Hillary? send her an email (marked confidential, of course).

    keep up the good work

    Dave Grogan

    • James Hastings

      Dave Grogan…..We are dysfunctional as a country. We are sliding into collapse, as Britain did in 1940. We are dominated by sheltered outcasts who play on our good nature. We have become morally and psychologically weak as a nation, manipulated through correctness and a need for acceptance by the bullies we bow to. Our dollar is worthless, manipulated and soon to be destroyed. We are loosing our will to fight for righteous causes and burdened with by losers who corrupt justice.

      Thank you for your distant response. As a proud Scot in America since 1793…..”We who are about to die, salute you”. Spread the word…..If Hillary is elected, we all die, including you and yours.

      • Frederick

        James I am having trouble with your comparison of England in 1940 They were fighting for their lives at the time against an aggressive potential invader Cant really understand how the US today is like them Please elaborate Thanks

  43. Lars

    Different point of view. Kudos to Greg.

    Laurence is in a bubble, just a different one… the academic bubble. He needs to start a business, then get back to us. Studying business and operating one are two different things.

    And the problem with going after the rich is the government gets to decide what rich is…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lars.

  44. Bill

    GREG: The good Dr must be smoking something???

    • Charles H

      Rarified Air – and it smoked him!

  45. Henry

    Just doing a quick calculation…

    if my (quick) math is correct, and we took the estimated $206T of debt and covered it by a revalued amount of Gold, which the US claims to have (8,200 tons), then Gold would be revalued at ~ $785,061 per Oz……ouch!

  46. Henry

    Maybe LK is really *running* for a Treasury, OMB or a Fed post when Trump wins as he has 0 chance of being elected as POTUS.

  47. mushroom

    The great global reset is coming and with it the destruction of the (petro)dollar. The multiple hardships that ensue in the US (no food, no jobs, no hope) will make it easy for our global masters to establish SDR’s which uneducated Americans will assume is only to save Americans. NOPE!,,,,,,,SDR’s will be a worldwide endeavor which, of course, will enable a single global management bank to take charge such as the BIS/IMF. Following this it will be easy for the master of the worldwide monetary system to buy their way into establishing a SINGLE worldwide political structure to control/subjugate all of us who survive the reset.

    Like it or not – this is your future….

  48. Nick-Dog

    This guy is partially brilliant, partially clueless. I think his run is either based on shameless self-promotion or ego. Honestly, I couldn’t listen to the whole thing, for reasons the other commenters mentioned, mainly that he is still living in the matrix. I don’t think taxing billionaires ad nauseum for their luxuries is going to save us. the top 2 percent already pay 70 percent of the taxes, though they still get rich. Anyway, i am in agreement with your other guests that paying off a 206 trillion dollar debt is an economic impossibility. The only way out of this is an economic reset and new system, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Kudos to you Greg for giving him a hard time when he needed it and for allowing us to vet his ideas by giving him an interview.

  49. Oracle 911

    If Kotlikoff’s proposal was published by NY Times or Financial Times then there is high chance for implementations of his proposals one way or another.

    Last time I mentioned interest groups behind Trump the New-Yorker and Hillary the C. and this has do something why I think Kotlikoff’s proposals will be implemented.

    Behind Hillary the C. are the most crooked entities of the world, they main goal is making money and through money control the world. And they know they era is ending so they are trying provoke a huge regional war.

    Behind Trump the New-Yorker are the “rule-makers “, their main priority is holding the planet or rather the biosphere together and then rule over it. The reason why I call them rule-maker is simple in most of cases they are making the rules and in most of the cases upon these rules the laws are written. This not just also means for them billions or trillions are just a nice bonuses but also why I know the bloody perestroika or 2nd civil war in the US is coming and Mr. Kotlikoff’s proposals will be implemented (they either will scale down their consumption or they will do in a manner where they minimize the consumption taxes). This is also why Putin have so much space for his maneuvers.

    BTW the main media outlets for group behind Trump the New-Yorker are NY Times, Financial Times and Sudetdeutsche Zeitnug and agencies Associated Press, Associated Free Press, Reuters and Bloomberg. Because if they want make something public and announce the new line of action or party line then they will use these outlets. This is also why I know why have Putin so much space for his maneuvers (who did the last interview with Putin for Bloomberg-that guys biography) .

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  50. Don_in_Odessa

    A consumption tax? Seriously!!! A real good way to stifle consumption of the very few goods this country produces on it’s own. The Fed creates out of thin air as much money as they want for their cronies and criminal banking enterprise that run this country. How about no Federal tax on individuals at all. The money the Government collects now on individual taxes is a mere molecule of a drop in the old revenue bucket relatively speaking. This guy thinks we can pay off Government debt with taxes. LOL! It will never happen. The only solution is a reset and not just a US reset, a world wide reset, a Jubilee. Because we have infected the entire world with slavery to debt.

    Eliminate corporate tax!!! Ha! Ha! this guy comes up with this idea with a fellow from Berkley? LOL! A more socialist institute of “higher” education, there never was.

    Next joker on your presidential candidate list please.

  51. rwmctrofholz

    Remember everyone, the massive increases in deductibles and premiums from Obamacare aren’t hikes, they are “glitches.”

  52. Mark


    You did a great job on calling him on his Trump bashing, and lack of honesty about our countries problems. He thinks we might be one of the most indebted countries….. Really and just who might be ahead of us in the ” Broke as can possibly be country”? And for all of the make America Great folks Ive got news for you we have a CRIMINAL vs A CLOWN and the possibility of getting this all fixed by a human is like trying to cool off the Sun with a water hose. Get real people we have been weighed and found wanting, 60 million dead and counting on the abortion front and as if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face of our Creator we are now calling good evil and evil good and making it law. God have mercy on us is all I can say, and if He doesn’t and judges us…. well we deserve everything we get. America fall your faces and repent I know that the majority of you will poo poo this as so kind of Christian fundamentalist ( and you would be right) others of you however will repent and seek His face. God Bless.

  53. GoneWest

    My grandfather taught me at an early age to listen to what people say but also watch what they do and see who the associate with. Go take a look at Mr. Kotlikoff’s resume on his web site. Page down and look at his list of Professional Associations and Activities, you’ll find the IMF, World Bank, OECD, and others. You will also find no business experience whatsoever.

    Personally, I have had enough of the politicians, lawyers, and academics who don’t have enough real-world experience to understand the unintended consequences of what they propose/implement or who understand those consequences but do them anyway.

    Also, thanks Greg for calling him out on his slur of Mr. Trump.

  54. foggygoggles

    I f I wasn’t able to stand 28 minutes of this guy, I sure not going to waste my vote on him. An academic and an economist–aren’t these the source of many of our problems? SGT Report had an interesting guest on last week–Louis Cammarosano from . I think he has an interesting take on things and would make a great guest on your site, Greg.

  55. John

    Greg, you said he has both liberal and conservative views, that’s for sure! After checking out his website and finding out that he supports and doesn’t support abortion (fence riding) and that he supports gay marriage, I would never vote for him. How can American ever get back on track when we have laws that defy God’s laws?

  56. Hill

    Has Kotlikoff ever owned his own business? Doesn’t sound like it. What are thoughts about the Federal Reserve?
    I agree that we don’t need an income tax. Carbon tax? Sounds like his peers have brow beat him into buying into a pseudo science!
    I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 52 yrs ago and he’s telling me I have to pay an additional amount for a disease I did not choose? Oh, I see, he says I’ll get a voucher, you know, like a diminutive discount on parking! I was already taxed an additional, non refundable 6% by the state of MA on pharmaceuticals for 6 years by short sighted politicians similar to what he’s selling. That was enough of collectivism for me, Greg. This man sounds too much like an entrenched Keynesian academic. He is a complete fucking asshole and thank god he won’t get anywhere near the levers of power.

  57. Da Yooper

    Kotlikoff …….it figures

    a Boston University Economics Professor who has in no way built as many companies or EMPLOYED as many people as Donald Trump & he has the nerve to say Trump is not qualified to be president .

    he is just too funny

    another over educated fool who has no clue & disparages a man who does

    epic fail Kotlikoff …epic fail your over educated no real world experience kind are a YUGE part of the problem

  58. PW

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for the lengthy interview. I was particularly interested in hearing Dr. Kotlikoff because I’ve listened to him several other times on US economics. I think he understands the numbers and the actual severity of the problem better than the Republicans or the Democrats. My mind was open to listen to him as a presidential candidate, but after reviewing his website on his social views I cannot support him.

    I find it very troubling that he brings God, the Creator of life, into his thought process about abortion. (For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13) He then denies God his creation by claiming that a woman has the right to deny this child his or her right to live (?).

    Secondly, and unfortunately, I believe our Republic is in such disarray that it is going to require someone much more headstrong and combative to take down a corrupt system of elitism and establishment pollution. The swamp will not be drained easily. I do not see anything on Dr. Kotlikoff’s site that indicates a warrior, a fighter for the Republic. And that is what is needed in these times.

  59. Paul La Croix

    Laurence Kotlikoff is a waste of time. What did he really say other than being a stats theorist? He’s a milquetoast shill jabbing at Trump. This Kotlikoff has no real leadership qualities or desire to stop the invasion of the U.S by illegal foreigners…. bring real jobs back to this country and end outsourcing…. stop ISIS…. protect the Second Amendment…. appoint pro-life, pro-human and pro-liberty Supreme Court Justices… etc. Instead, he sounds like the typical east coast college professor with no real world resolutions while being out of touch with real Americans.

  60. Pinocchio

    For the men on the street, off-the-book liabilities are not an important factor. This country can only be declared as bankrupt only after the food stamps are no longer distributed.

  61. By Design, Over Time


    If I’m being honest, I was disappointed that with two weeks to go before the election you would have LK on–regardless of him running for POTUS or not. It was a waste of precious time. We are at a crossroads of history in the cross-hairs of truth and we had best be focusing on the truth.

    For me, this election comes down to war or hopefully a way to avoid war. No one knows, really knows Trump, but I’ve gone back to review some of his interviews from 20 years ago. I actually think he would try to talk with Putin. I believe he knows that Putin is not an existential threat to us much as these US neocons are to them.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts ( always has the hammer squarely on the head of the nail. Go to his web site and read his perceptions about this topic. By the way, I would have been thrilled if he had been the guest today. He has been working tirelessly to educate the public as to the realities of our situation in America–much as Greg has.

    I see the strain in his face and the intensity in his voice as he devotes his entire being to voicing the truth. God Bless him. I would urge you to support his site and Greg’s site–and by support I mean send $5.00 or a Silver dollar or a dollar. Support is support and sometimes just the envelope in the mail with a 1964 Kennedy half dollar sends the message that you’re getting through!

    How in God’s Holy name did we get here? There are mountains of empirical evidence that The Clinton’s are Criminals of the highest magnitude. I’ve seen nothing to that effect with Trump.

    I want you all to go to and read the Clinton Body Count by Michael Rivero–Chapter and Verse. I would imagine its up around 90 by now.

    The Veritas Tapes, the Wikileaks, where now we have it that two lead attorneys of that organization have recently been murdered, and the concerted and coordinated efforts to demonize Trump are all beyond the pale. We are now living in a lawless society and folks, as depressing as that may be, we had better wake up and do it quickly. They are trying to steal America and they are going to use the concept of Radical Anything to do it. Trump can’t stop them–only you and I and aware, educated people can. Time to step up.

    They have been intensely “spraying” California. (no rain) , GMOs, Childhood Vaccinations are causing autism, and the government has made open pledges to kill you by one means or another. The Fraudclosures continue, the “judges behave like the media as they are bought (see and the economic collapse is right around the corner.

    People when someone is out to kill me, and my loved ones, I take exception to that.

    The other thing I would mention is that Greg you’ve often said you have the smartest people on the web visiting your site. The comments above, well, they just substantiated that–at least 85% of them have anyway.

    My contribution to your continued success is on its way.

    You are special–one bad decision does not a career make–and that is just my opinion.

    I’m still working through the Catherine Austin Fitts Interview which was marvelous. This is Rob Kirby on You Tube who has been a guest on your show. I do believe he speaks the truth.

    ABC (Anybody but Clinton)

    As I say to all by best friends–Love you dude!


    • Paul ...

      By Design … the MSM professes they are concerned about Trump for some words he uttered about women yet they completely ignore the fact that by supporting Hillary they are putting a serial rapist in the White House! …

    • Charles H

      Good on you, D, OT.

  62. Rock

    Most likely he is smart and may even mean well. Without a doubt, he is naive and clueless about the real world he is swimming in. Thanks Greg for your continued fine work during these difficult times.

  63. James Hastings


  64. Guadalupe Lynch

    I’m SO disappointed that you published this interview.
    What a coincidence that Dr. K. is voicing his views on your site TWO WEEKS
    before the election.
    I can see right through this b.s.
    The establishment will do anything to get a puppet to be a Write-In to take
    votes away from Donald Trump.
    Yes, very disappointing indeed.

  65. erv

    I do not trust this guy. He dishes Trump for cutting the corporate rate down to 15% and indicate he could just become a corporation and pay the 15% rate. Yet, later in the interview Kotlikoff proposes a 0% corporate rate? What is up with that, maybe I misheard what he said? Also, he wants many new taxes, including a carbon tax. A carbon tax will greatly hurt the middle class and the poor. He sure sounds like a liberal to me.

  66. Bill

    This is a confidential email for Hillary Clinton, taken from the book of wisdom in the bible.
    You kings, you rulers the world over, listen to what I say, and learn from it. You govern many lands and are proud that so many people are under your rule, but this authority has been given to you by the Lord Most High. He will examine what you have done and what you plan to do. You rule on behalf of GOD and his Kingdom, and if you do not govern justly, if you do not uphold the law, if you do not live according to GODs will, you will suffer sudden and terrible punishment. Judgement is especially severe on those in power.

    • Bill

      Sorry Greg, I omitted the reference. Book of Wisdom, Chap 6, verses 1 thru 5

  67. S. Little

    If he is such a great economist, wonder why he did not mention the trillions missing from the budget like Catherine Austin Fitts did. I do like the idea of a consumption tax. We will never be out of the clutches of the globalists as long as there is a Federal Reserve and an income tax.

  68. Bill

    Kotlikoff is another liberal. His shell games won’t fix anything. Caveat emptor.

    • Charles H


  69. Len Penzo

    I went to this guy’s campaign website. Looking at his retirement and healthcare plans, he clearly thinks government is the solution for what ails us. I’ll pass, thank you.

    Amazingly, he also calls for price caps on healthcare — you would think an Ivy League economist would know that when price caps are imposed on products and services the end result is always shortages. Then again, considering the Federal Reserve is littered with the same Ivy League economists, maybe not.

    • John


  70. Macray

    Jack Lew Headed to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Oxford Union
    Some serious global plotting is ahead for the Treasury Secretary.

    Going to visit SA to discuss combating terrorist financing?

    • Macray

      Perhaps Lew as been sent to hold one on one meetings with US False Flag partners less than 2 weeks before the elections? IDK, but I am not buying the Treasury’s planned narrative with the exception he will address the Oxford Union.

  71. Kim

    Thank you for having LK on. It is outstanding to know that there are great thinkers out there that care. I do not know if he has done the hard work of campaigning state to state the other candidates have done. I did enjoy hearing a fresh perspective. I would have not heard of him unless you did this interview. LK is lucky to have you interview him!
    To have a strong will, maintain focus! Go Trump!

  72. Al Hall

    H.– don’t give up man- not sure if you have seen this- a true story from 4/28/2011. Believers must hear:

    Trump Chosen by God To Stop America’s Destruction – Astounding 2011 Prophecy

    You know- some PhD’s are fools!! He is one!

  73. Ted


  74. mike

    We need a Molotov cocktail, not a feel good candle that has a wick too short

  75. Macray

    Hey Tread
    Here are a few articles for you and your sidekick Gina! I know you can read : )))
    First one was written back in 12/2015 and the other one yesterday by Pepe Escobar.
    Article back in Dec. 2015
    Russia Calls the War Party’s Bluff

    So Tread, what do you and Gina think?

  76. helot

    Word to the wise, heads up:

    Hate Speech as a Weapon: Reporters Are Charged for Covering Disturbances – October 26, 2016

    ‘This is part of a larger effort to conflate reporting with “doing” – and marks a virtual revolution in the way journalism is conducted.

    In the future, if this tact is pursued, it will be government and law enforcement that can decide what’s going to be covered, depending on the interpretation of the coverage. […]

    the reporter can face legal consequences as grave or graver than the individuals actually performing the actions. This amounts to virulent censorship.’

    Foreign Affairs Confronts Trump’s ‘Populism’ – October 26, 2016

    ‘This is a broad and ringing affirmation of globalism, which as we recently pointed out, is at root a religion.

    It is an evil religion however, proposing the gathering together of the world’s population under a single ruler (or group or rulers) who will have near-absolute control over the world’s billions. […]

    You may wish to consult the Georgia Guidestones for the human costs involved.’

  77. Ron

    Thanks for cutting off Kotlikoff’s Trump smear. Although I think a consumption tax instead of an income tax is a good idea (the only good idea Kotlikoff proposed), the rest is fantasy land. I can’t believe he has actually ran the numbers to determine if his plan would increase or decrease the national debt and repulse vs entice companies to move production to the USA. Furthermore, upon visiting his website he espouses a carbon tax. No one seems to realize that increased CO2 is GOOD for plant growth and results in greater plant growth which INCREASES the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. I would love to see a graph of C02 production vs oxygen production by plants, trees, etc. Carbon dioxide is transparent to light and therefore does NOT decrease the albedo (reflectivity) of the earth and does NOT lead to global warming. Our sun is what causes global warming and cooling. That is easily verified by plotting the sun’s output vs Earth’s ice ages and warm periods. We are very fortunate to be in a warm period at present. Global warming due to carbon dioxide is a popular misconception promoted by Al Gore to make millions of dollars for himself.

  78. WD


    Not my favorite guest, but thanks for bringing him on as we can see how those think out there.

  79. Donna Stone

    Jihad Watch

    Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts

    How many American politicians do the Saudis own, besides Hillery?
    By Robert Spencer

  80. Stewart Ritchie

    Mr Hunter,

    It appears to me that your countrymen need an alternative as opposed to the two main, absolutely terrible, alternatives.

    Remind the people and Mr kotlikoff, that ‘we the people’ must stand as one. The people make the change not our rulers.

    If it’s God’s will, Mr kotlikoff will be elected, but the people have to choose God.

    Change will come, through people’s correct choice or at the chastisement from God.

  81. pat the rat

    A trillion here a trillion there, and pretty soon you are talking some real money! The only real question is how will this system last? After a while it just becomes a number on a computer screen.

  82. Donna Stone

    Whitehouse petition to remove Soros voting booths hits 77K

     October 25, 2016 Q

    We the people ask congress to meet in emergency session about removing George Soros owned voting machines from 16 states


    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

     October 26, 2016 

    Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

    Submitted by Joseph Jankowski of Planet Free Will


    ISLAMIC Militants Cut 9 Christian Children In Half With Chainsaw In Accordance With Sharia Court Verdict

     October 25, 2016 Q


    BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Server Company Got Almost $1 Million In Gov’t Loans After Wiping E-Mails

     October 26, 2016 
    K. J. Gillenwater was the primary researcher behind this story.


    HILLARY HAS MASSIVE MELTDOWN: this could be huge!
     October 25, 2016 
    Hillary is afraid of the gallows if Trump wins. She was interviewed by Matt Lauer and went off in a tirade of cursing. Hillary said: ” If that f – – – ing bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!”

    Doubt James O’Keefe’s Latest Videos Are Legit? WATCH THIS. Smoking Gun Proof that the DNC was connected to the Okeefe Operatives. MUST WATCH!!

     October 22, 2016 


    New emails show Obama (“POTUS”) lied when he stated that he didn’t know Clinton was using a private email address

     October 25, 2016 Q


    VIDEO : Tim Kaine Florida Rally Draws Crowd of About 30 People


    Russia’s New Directed Energy Weapon – ‘Unrivalled’ electromagnetic warfare system – Video Report

     October 22, 2016 


    Google Has Quietly Dropped Ban on Personally Identifiable Web Tracking

    Putin Issues US Election Theft Warning, Orders Military To Protect Trump “At All Costs”

     October 21, 2016


    •Mr. Assange is still alive and WikiLeaks is still publishing. We ask supporters to stop taking down the US internet. You proved your point.
    • Did Clinton Press Secretary Get Caught On Tape ‘Rigging’ Media Questions?
    • Shocking Footage: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton’s Ongoing Looting Of Haiti
    • Wikileaks exposes the Assassination of Scalia and it could bring down the Clintons and the Democratic Party

    Read them all at at

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your passion and links but this is way too long.

    • Paul ...

      With all Hillary’s concern about Russia rigging the election … she speaks not one word about Soro’s owning the voting machines in all the critical States … where he can simply flip all the Trump votes in his machines to Hillary … no wonder nothing phases her when she has the MSM and Soro’s working for her!

      • Paul ...

        Trump should get a court order to invalidate all the votes from Soro’s electronic voting machines … all people should demand a paper ballot!!

  83. Philip

    Yes Dr kotlifkoft understand s. A lot more than most people but his chances of winning are extremely slim therefore it would mathematically help the wicked witch win to vote 4 him.

  84. Oxfarmer

    Kudos to you, Greg, for having people of differing opinions on.

    Reading the comments I see that people, when they truly understand what this man stands for, will not vote for him. Not too long ago I was given an article by a religious leader who said he couldn’t vote for Hillary or Trump, so he was going to the moral high ground and voting for oe of these ‘also ran’ guys.

    My opinion is, that it is moral cowardice not to do the research to determine which of the actual, electable persons are best for the country and cast a vote accordingly.

    It is far easier to sling mud than to truly understand and vote on the facts.

    Trump’s latest speeches should be required reading. He does not present well on TV, but he is the best choice for those who are pro-life, favor a smaller government, want tax reform, etc, etc. And Trump will not be afraid to appoint experts to help him.

  85. Michael

    I don’t really know the point where Academia embraced the perversion of logic but it has. Kotlikoff has no answers for the problems caused by his fellow academics but plenty of solutions to magnify them.

  86. Peter Harris

    You really have become quite delusional, haven’t you.
    Dr. Kotlikoff was quite correct in calling Trump a psychopath.
    But true to form, you defend this megalomaniac, and God knows why.
    You keep reminding everybody that you worked for the commercial media, and how you are different from the commercial media, yet you display incredible bias yourself.
    If you were truly independent, and truly separate from mainstream media, then you’d be very critical of BOTH, Trump and Clinton.
    Oh well, I liked Dr. Kotlikoff, but we wont see him back again will we.
    No no, we can’t have anybody criticising Donald Trump, on Greg Hunter’s website.
    I’m proof that.
    Just pathetic.

    • Greg Hunter

      There is no comparison Peter between Trump and Clinton. On one side, you have a not (so experienced) brand new politician that says mean things and on the other you have a politician that used private illegal unprotected severs to take treasonous bribes to a global charity fraud. Read the top of every page and you’ll see I “Analyze the news. . . ” This is my analysis and it disagrees with yours. Idiot Clinton also blurted out in the final presidential debate that “It only take 4 minutes to launch US nuclear weapons.” Oh and by the way, STUPID and disqualifying thing to say by Clinton. The fact that you seem to be good with all of this is what is “pathetic.”

      • Jerry

        Don’t be to hard on Peter. He’s been conditioned by the best social engineer’s money can buy. As has most Americans including journalist. This is what the globalist want. Sheep. The only thing that separates them from the rest of us is a gun barrel. Should Hillary get elected, she will solve that problem, and put a chips in us just like Gina said.

      • Peter Harris

        All you’ve managed to do is, rhetorically turn the word “pathetic” around at me, without addressing the substance of my point. Good work Greg.
        I’ll repeat one more time to you, and that is Hillary Clinton is extraordinarily bad, I’m not denying that.
        I’m pointing out that you, can somehow, see very bad in Clinton, but not Trump.
        Trump does more than say mean things.
        Just one example, that made the Australian news.
        When he built his Taj Mahal casino, he “stiffed” (as you Americans like to call it) he’s contractors. And why?? So he can exploit a loophole in the taxation law, and double-dip on his tax claims. So this guy, rips off he’s contractors, in order to rip off the taxpayer. As we say in Australia; What a scumbag, and a dog!
        You amateurishly avoided my talking points, using non sequiturs, and if that doesn’t work, you ban my comments altogether.
        Now is that pathetic?
        No, actually it’s pure cowardice.

        • Charles H


          And HOW do you determine Trump to be a “psychopath”?!?? Unsubstantiated opinion. And did you not begin your comment with a non sequitur? So you resort to the same tactic you accuse Mr. Hunter of doing – turning the point around?
          From a certain standpoint – you are intelligent: but it does you no good. Dealing or ignoring the points you make – do not qualify the name-calling and intellectual dishonesty you employ here. Mr. Hunter may or may not be privy to the information you share about Trump: which may or may not be true if vetted – but you condemn Mr. Hunter with it. You know there never was a dishonest Contractor employed in all America history, don’t you? And the Australian News has NEVER printed a smear, Yellow Journalism article against an unpopular candidate? (The which are usually the fabric of Lies.)
          Your whole comment is one smear after another – like arriving at a foregone conclusion. If you are ever banned – it would be because you are a natural insulting jerk. But after this – nobody will read you: so blow as you will. Hunter won’t ban you and you get your ‘martyr status’ – an immature and self-centered goal at that: just a passing space to gloss-over, that’s all.

    • Tin foil hat

      Peter Harris,
      “They didn’t like him. To be more precise, they thought him an extremist, un-electable, an ultra-right wing NUT, dumb, ignorant and, more to the point, not one of their crowd.”
      Trump or Reagan??

    • Paul ...

      Hey Peter … when Trump gets in and starts to drain the swamp you better hold on to the weeds you’ve been smoking that has made you delusional … that great sucking sound you hear won’t be our jobs being sent overseas by Hillary … but crooks desperately trying to cling to their weeds as they are sucked up into prision cells from all levels of government … the few weeds still in their hands will be their last joint … in the joint!

      • Paul ...

        Peter … you talk about being delusional? … you better get your head on straight … this is what is going on in the real world !!

        • Peter Harris

          What nonsense!
          Some ratbag I have never heard of, offering money for salacious tales.
          Is that your best?

      • Peter Harris

        Some nice colourful metaphors, but not much of an argument.
        I regard myself as a pure anarchist.
        That’s why I dislike Trump and Clinton.
        Both represent pride, power and avarice greed, and display no altruistic values.
        That’s why dislike them, pure and simple.

    • Frederick

      Peter Harris you shouldnt shoot the messenger Greg is correct about Trump being a better candidate than Clinton for the people and I truly believe Greg cares so why would you criticize him for that Granted Trump has his share of problems but Hillary is just plain scary so lighten up

    • Tommy

      Trump a psychopath? I doubt it. HRC a sociopath? I have no doubt about that. Huma Weiner will soon be finding out what it’s like to snuggle up to one. Hillary has a long history of being a very evil, calculating person who cares only about herself. Add to that her obvious mental and physical decline and now we could be electing a president who is an insane sociopath. The only good thing about Hillary is we will always know the truth; the opposite of what she tells us.

      • matt lusk

        Hillary has one thing going for her: warped scents of Huma.

  87. Vanesssa

    Love this website, I feel it actually informs people of the reality our country is in.

    Quick question, if there is going to be an economic crisis, in what industry or sector do you recommend to invest in ? I don’t want to lose my money on the market 🙁

    Thank you very much for your time and all you do!

  88. Andy Johnson

    That’s funny. A professor who has probably never actually run a business says a billionaire successful man is unqualified. As impressive as his cv is and working with Reagan, does not compare with the real world knowledge you get from actually doing it. I have a business, very successful, and manage a large apartment complex on the side. I promise you Lawrence would not have a clue if I handed them over. Trump would be awesome and be growing both businesses, no doubt. That really is humorous.

  89. Linda L.

    Have you been to Steven Ben Nun’s website, In many ways, Mr. Ben Nun reminds me of you (honest, extremely informative, willing to share the truth). He’d make a great guest for your show. Have a peaceful weekend.

  90. Paul ...

    Breaking News … illegal aliens are voting in numbers in all the critical States …

  91. Coalburner

    John Duffy, your link posted was excellent. And you are right for a thousand reasons , voters should think about what he says. Not a catholic but if I were in a church with this man, I would be proud.

    Greg, I am all for you bringing on new people to interview, this was good for making us think about where we stand. The Doggers made alot of great points of discussion.

  92. Andy

    The problem is “Cognitive Dissonance” people have been conditioned to believe something and WON’T accept anything else because it would make them look stupid!
    A couple of friends first introduced me to the concept that Money is not FIAT currency 12 months ago, because they thought I was acceptable to the concept. I was the first person who had understood what they were talking about for 10 years! They had been telling other people previously about this & all the other stuff goings on, but no one wanted to know!
    So to summerise, we’re all ok, ie, those of us who know what to do, but everybody else is useless & only good enough to be a slave because they can’t think for themselves!
    You can only put the case forward so often, at the end of the day, you’re pushing at a closed door so fuck’em! Can’t believe I’d ever say that about my fellow man, but they’re stupid as fuck! And because of that I’m devastated & despair for the future,

  93. Coalburner

    Donna, of all those link names, the one that struck me was “Unrivaled Russian EMP ….”. You must get out and read what is in the public domain more. I am sure Russia doesn’t want to be more than a nusance with their EMP on their fighter jets. They won’t want to piss us off for real! Why would the clowns Onumskull and Hitlery be killing our neuclear program? uhm!!!! 4 minutes for a nuc and 5 seconds to fry their world. Enough worry about the Russians. They will avoid war but shove around Owimp all the can. The prefer Trump because he doesn ‘t want war like Hillery does. I like Trump because everybody gets hurt in war somehow. My one concern, suitcase nuclear bombs and traitors like Clintons and Obamas and their Muslim, murdering Goat …… farmers!

  94. 8Ball

    Knowledge vs. Experience…

    A friend of mine recently underwent surgery for his varicose veins. I asked him: what hospital did you go to? Here is his reply.

    “It’s not a hospital. It is a privately owned Clinic. The guy who treats Me is the best in the business, and used to be the head vein guy over at Straub Clinic & Hospital for many, many, many years — He’s 88 now! Steady as a rock and sharp as a tack. Straub still calls him when TSHTF.

    I guess the Old guy has finally decided to retire, and I will be one of his last patients.

    Yesterday was classic. His staff must have been busy, so he answers the phone…
    The staff asked him, “what are you doing answering the phone” because His reply was: “I work here”. (Keep in Mind, He owns the place!).

    He then goes on to say, “Well, I just got through emptying the trash so I thought I’d answer the phone”.

    As you can see, he’s quite a character.”

    So is Donald Trump

  95. Rob

    Aside from economics, which is very important, the main concern in this election is how close we are to nuclear war. Hillary Clinton will take the USA to war and that war will turn nuclear.
    Donald Trump had stated he favours talking to Putin – no first use of nukes. Therefore if you don’t want to be vaporized then you’d better vote Trump !
    Here is a link to a “MUST HEAR’ interview of Dr Paul Craig Roberts.
    It can be found on Tube Tube on the site of ‘Minds Renewed’ out of Britain.
    He explains how current US policy is leading us directly to nuclear war.
    When will people wake up,and start listening to voices of logic and reason of people such as Dr Paul Craig Roberts ????

  96. wondrouscat

    Wouldn’t it be great if the corporate media had to announce, much to their screwed-up astonished faces, an overwhelming win late in the evening of November 8th – that some guy named Laurence Kotlikoff, an unknown, to them anyways, write-in candidate from Boston University, won the election. What could be finer.

  97. wondrouscat

    Anyways, went and voted Trump/Pence today.

  98. helot

    Did you guys see this video which shows HRC using what looks like a stylus, and seems to be reading from an electronic device hidden inside her podium, during the last Presidential Debate?

    Seems pretty obvious in this short video that HRC flat-out cheated her way through the debate and now you’ll know why she always demanded a podium before speaking to reporters:

  99. vincent_g

    I do not see anything here at all.

    What a Vat tax is the answer?
    At what rate?
    20% or 30%
    You have to add the state sales tax on top which is another 8% or so.
    I am firmly against sales tax of any kind.
    I for one don’t like the idea of a government forcing people to collect their tax for them free of charge and worse facing penalty if mishandled.

    Not one thing said about the true cause of our problems which is the Federal Reserve.
    Not one thing said about the Glass Steagall act.

    There are two types of people in the world.
    Those that by control believe they can fix everything.
    And those that by freedom believe that all things will settle to a normal natural balance.

    If we move to a VAT tax they will spend to the limit and add all the other taxes back one by one.

    You can’t fix the problems of the current system unless you change the system itself.
    We as a people have to adopt a monetary system that is either backed by gold or is issued by the government debt free.
    Once we make that change and we choose the right system then most of the problems will be solved.

    You choose not some University Economics Professor!

    I wish Greg would bring here the two that have a case for each.
    Bill Stills and Mike Maloney.

    Banks are not a normal business and therefore can not be treated as if they were.
    The Glass Steagall Act. solved the problem of bank runs which plagued our country from the day of it’s birth till the day of the inception of this Act into law.

    From what I have seen University Professors have been the problem.

  100. Bill Howland

    Mr. Hunter you are to be commended for having an alternative voice on before the election. That said, this guy is just on his own ego trip, and while USAWATCHDOG has provided the ‘most fair’ coverage to this man, after the interview here, there is nothing really more to say about this guy.

    He’s obviously not too bright if he wants ‘Carbon Taxes’ which I view as basically a tax on sunshine. I may have solar panels and electric cars but I still view coal as my favorite fuel. I’m in good company because George “Save the Planet” Soros is the world’s biggest coal owner. Trump’s position on this (even though there haven’t been details) is the best of any candidate in that he will keep the miners working.

    Calling Trump insane is just insulting – Trump is a counter-puncher and is not a Casper Milquetoast personality. I’d rather see someone as they are rather than Hillary with her dual ‘public’ and diametrically opposed ‘private’ stances.

    Trump is looking much better since McCain disowned him – now if he would only get rid of that traitor Rudy G, he’d be unassailable.

    The other thing, is this guy is woefully uninformed regarding geo-political events. Economically, Trump has the much better plan here also in that he wants NATO countries to pay for US armed forces services. Right now, the big banks are ganging up on Russia (nothing new here), and of course, those behind them that are pulling the strings.. Forcing the countries to pay for ‘military adventurism’ will cause a lot less of it since they’ll not want to pay for more then they absolutely need.

    So, these eyes see this dude as a rather Dim Bulb, whatever his Economics qualifications are. I always viewed these PhD dudes in the social sciences (its not hard classical science, after all) as being much less intelligent as a group since they basically just spout what is in vogue.

  101. Frank Brady

    Trump will crush Hillary. Here’s why: http:/ The establishment media have outslickied themselves.

  102. John Doyle

    The monetary sovereign USA can NEVER go bankrupt in it’s own currency, unless Congress passes laws to bankrupt it. So Kotlikov needs to rethink what he says
    We also have the idiocy of Obama saying the nation is broke. More rubbish!

  103. matt lusk

    Wow, he didn’t highlight any big government spending cuts, guess it’s not in his power elite model. Nor did he offer to give up his $200,000 per year bankster subsidized “professors pay.” I say a little less professing and a little more sweating. Has the hack ever pushed a law mower or flipped a burger?

  104. matt lusk

    This boston boob is a real joke, an economic expert would never say the country is 53% under financed.

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