100% Fake Recovery-Robert Wiedemer

4By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Robert Wiedemer, best-selling author of “The Aftershock Investor,” says the so-called recovery is “100 percent fake.”  Wiedemer explains, “If you look at the amount our economy has grown last year, our GDP grew 2% or $350 billion, but we borrowed over $700 billion.  That tells you right there that we are borrowing more than we are even growing.  Our entire growth is due to government borrowing . . . it’s a fake recovery.”  Wiedemer, who has totally rewritten and updated his book, goes on to say, “It would be great if we would adjust our economic figures for stimulus.  What would the figures really look like if you took the fake money and borrowed money away?”  It is supported heavily by printed money of over a trillion dollars last year.  We’re not talking about what’s driving the recovery we are getting, and it’s powered by massive money printing and massive money borrowing.  Yes, we are getting some recovery, but it is not driven by something that is sustainable.” 

On the bond market, Wiedemer contends, “The only way you can keep interest rates low is to print money, and you are printing money to buy bonds.  Ultimately, that’s not going to work.  If printing money could do all the things they say it can do without creating inflation then . . . why don’t we get rid of taxes?  We could print the money instead.  The money we are printing, ultimately, will create inflation.”  Overall, the bond market has turned and turned for good, and you are going to have inflation.  That’s really going to be a problem for the bond market.” 

On the stock market, Wiedemer says, “Fundamentally, stocks should reflect earnings, and last year, stocks were up 30% and earnings were up about 3%.  So, we’re way out of line with corporate reality, and we’re way out of line with economic reality.”  What’s happening is the feeling of the Fed’s got my back, printing a lot of money.  Some of that money has to go into the stock market. . . . So, there’s been this feeling the Fed can boost us up . . . yes, the Fed can boost us up, but it is not the basis for long term economic recovery or a long term stock market recovery.  As I say in my book, it’s the basis for a long term huge, huge explosion.” 

On gold, Wiedemer says to not believe the false narrative that gold is a “risky” investment.  Wiedemer contends, “Let’s look at gold since 2000.  Up 12 years in a row, every single year.  That’s risky?  Can stocks say the same thing, you got to be kidding. . . . It did fall 30%, that’s a big drop . . .  we’re still up over 300% from where we were in 2000.  Can we say that about stocks?  No way, we’re now about where we were in 2000 . . . I might add, on the NASDAQ, you are significantly below where you were in 2000. . . . Let’s put this into perspective.  When did anyone in the mainstream media say gold was a great investment?  What you are hearing is a huge bias not borne out by the facts.” 

On the Federal Reserve, Wiedemer says, “You are actually getting negative growth.  The Fed knows this.  They just don’t talk about it because their job is to be a cheerleader.  They want to try to make everybody feel good and that their policies are working.  If those policies don’t work, what’s the Fed going to do?  What are we going to do?  It’s a bigger issue, but bottom line here is I think the banks are safe in the sense the Fed can bail them out, but there will come a point when the Fed can’t and won’t, and that’s when you got a bigger problem.”   

For anyone who thinks we’ve seen the worst of the bad economy—think again.  Wiedemer predicts, “The big one is coming . . . we’re just pumping up the bubbles, and all that’s going to do is make them a lot worse when they pop. . . . You are just putting more gun powder under the house . . . that’s a big mistake long term.”  (There is much more in the video interview.) 

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Robert Wiedemer, author of “The Aftershock Investor.”

After the Interview:  When asked about the war and what it would do for the economy, Wiedemer said, “War is not good for the economy, especially when you are re-inflating bubbles.”  There will be a final update to “The Aftershock Investor” in March; and then in 2015, a new book with the working title “The Big One.”  It’s about the coming global financial market meltdown.

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  1. bob

    another great interview greg. god bless for getting information out to us. some may think its redundant. watch msm, thats redundant

    • Greg Hunter

      The USA Today is out with a front page story titled “Outlook rosy this year after slow start.” I kid you not. The article talked about the unemployment rate going down to 6% without a mention of the “labor participation rate” which is bouncing around 35 year lows. (92 million no longer counted in workforce.) also no mention of extending long term unemployment benefits or record numbers of people on food stamps. Simply MSM spin with zero balance in their reporting. I am so happy I no longer have to work for the MSM. Thank you for your comment.

      • Geo. T (formerly , George)

        ???? Do these people have no shame??? Greg, Keep up the good work presenting fact and reason in the face of a propaganda blitz that would make Josef Goebbels blush. Our ruler, a tyrant who will be reviled by our children, is a man who came to power without accomplishment, who conspires with criminals to big to jail, all the while crushing the life out of the American dream, the American people and our economy.
        Your voice is one of the few orators of truth in a howling torrent of misdirection and malfeasance known as the Main Stream Media.
        Keep up the good work and GOD bless

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Geo T.

      • Stephanie

        thanks for the reporting! I can’t believe there’s hardly any truth in mainstream media!

  2. 02144pomroy

    Hi Greg! I’ve got both of Mr. Wiedemir’s books. Enjoyed them both. I think he avoided telling us what the world/economy/standard of living is going to look like when this stuff happens. I guess he wants us to buy his next book!

  3. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    I will try to make my post a bit shorter than my earlier ones. Trouble is this is a big subject.
    Once again I thoroughly enjoyed your interview with yet another awesome guest. Some of his points gave real perspective as to how risky the whole situation is becoming. The point made about recent QE compared to the total amount of money printed in the last 100 years should scare the hell out of anyone with half a brain. This massive QE has all but killed any economic reality throughout the whole economy. It is even more alarming knowing that much of this QE and its resulting inflation has been exported all over the globe. What happens when the reset begins and the resulting flight out of US currency starts?

    Greg – I hope I don’t sound presumptuous in suggesting that it could now be timely to have some guests on that could enlighten us on some ways to start fixing some of this enormous financial mess from the point of view of tackling it as components.
    When a problem is this big it usually helps to break it down into its bits before you can even think about how to remedy it. I would suggest that the components although interrelated could be broken down as below;
    #1 The Fed being owned by private banks – this is crazy stuff. Start here. Get rid of it in its present form. It is fundamentally unconstitutional anyway. But how do you do this? It takes a brave man to challenge this institution.
    #2 TBTF banks. The moral hazard issues here are just ridiculous.
    #3 The bipartisan political system that has rendered itself ineffectual.
    #4 Way too many ‘bought and paid for politicians’ to the stage where the US is not really by definition a democracy any longer.
    #5 The US and global problem of mainstream media feeding the masses a constant mixture of misinformation and propaganda.

    I would love to see some guests interviewed that could perhaps look at some new or existing models that could displace the broken status quo.
    One model that immediately springs to mind is the State Bank in South Dakota. The TBTF banks can be progressively disenfranchised if more state and cooperative banking systems are commissioned.
    Another one on a more international level is the non-bail out of the Icelandic banks and the criminalisation of some of their fraudulent staff. Iceland as a country survived this and are now moving forward financially.
    I can think of two obvious successful models so there must be dozens out there.

    There is already a very powerful tool for the man in the street to play his part in taking away the stranglehold of the big banks. I believe we should all support and use Cryptocurrencies as much as we can. They are a huge threat to the banking establishment especially from a transactional point of view. My personal view is that these new currencies will go down in history as the greatest advance in money revolution of all time. I think that there will be a few of them [ much like there are a few major international credit cards ] that will dominate and many others that will be successful on a more localised basis.

    I think we should all educate and empower ourselves by following and supporting the likes of usawatchdog.
    People like Greg are courageous -they are the real heroes of the coming financial revolution.
    It is not all gloom and doom. The models and the tools and the people to fix this mess are out there right under our noses. The US and the world CAN be prosperous.

    • Jerry

      If there was a way to turn back the debt clock and avoid the collision course we’re on I think many of us here would be willing to do it. But the fact is that horse has already left the barn, If you put pencil to it, you would see clearly there is no way in our lifetime to pay our way out of this debt bubble. The crony socialist in power, have bailed all their buddies out and left us with the bill. And when they are done draining whatever wealth is left in this country, they will let it collapse. As depressing as that sounds, that’s reality. My advice.
      1. Get your money out of the banks.
      2. Pay off your debt.
      3. Prepare while you still can.

      • Galaxy 500

        The way out is default. It’s the end that’s coming…an inevitability. The only counter to mass over produced money is destruction of said money. It’s a simple exercise in systems; all systems tend toward equilibrium.

    • brian

      The first step is to get enough people to acknowledge the problem, only then can a situation work itself out or otherwise become apparent, tenable and acceptable to enough folks for it to be implemented…we are facing a problem here that is just too convoluted, huge and involving the vested interests of too many, to conceive of, much less create, a workable solution to, without anything less than a huge degree of commitment from an obvious and overwhelming majority….those who are profiteering off of our current problems are safely gambling that this will simply not happen.

      The only thing that can really be done right now is to get as many folks to realize the dire situation we are really in and do so despite the best efforts of society in general to deny that there is anything wrong at all.

    • 1914"100yr's"2014

      I totally agree, hope springs eternal ! ! ! !

    • Galaxy 500

      Colin from Kiwiland,
      Keep the well thought out insightful post coming! They are well worth reading imho

    • Galaxy 500

      If one reflects upon the facts, one sees that the Fed has robbed not only our future but most of us have sold our children and their children into debt slavery to sustain our lifestyles. Regardless of liberal theory and the Obamanation, the concept of “free lunch” is a myth. It’s a widely believed myth but nevertheless fiction. The great USA allowed it’s future to be stolen by CEOs sending jobs overseas just to make a few more dollars the next quarter. A country that doesn’t manufacture anything doesn’t create wealth. America has extended its earn prosperity built on its manufacturing might with a obscene mountain of debt that will enslave us all. God helps those who help themselves. If you love your family, make preparations while you can…The fuse is lite and can not be extinguished.

  4. 1914"100yr's"2014

    They tried to take the World Trade Center in the early 90’s and we caught them, but were unprepared for the big one in 2001. When they are Saying “Peace and Security” then sudden destruction will be upon them. (1 Thessalonians 5:3) That will be the really big shoe. Stay A W A K E !

  5. Doug George

    Hi Greg
    Your guest was a very fluent speaker. Easy to listen to with all of the facts.
    His only problem maybe the “Big One” book coming out in 2015.
    It might have happened before then.

    • Anne Elliott

      That’s exactly what I was thinking!

  6. Merc

    So Greg Hunter thinks J Sinclair is “one of the most knowledgeable and one of the best gold advisors” in the world, or words close to that…well Greg JS has driven over the cliff long ago and crashed his investors with his “sociopathic-like” personae. Now he says get out of the system, and he has got that right, I think. He has a good heart, but the Fed and the Gang fooled even JS with their deceit and the criminality of their actions.

    • mohammad


      I am among the very very very few that are still betting on JS, and am not coming from a passionate corner in this entrenching in his camp, rather from deep study and thoughts.

      He will be proven right when you sell the last physical ounce of gold and silver you have (not you personally but i meant your camp of thought) and then you will bite your hand and kick yourself in the rear why you did not listen to JS at the very same moment when gold/silver appreciates by the action of the same corners that are putting PM down and flipping at the same time to the other side of the trade!

  7. Jerry

    Greg, your interview with Robert Wiedemer is just another fine example of what other financial experts such as (Gerald Celente, Rob Kirby and others) that you have had on are are saying. The collapse is coming.

    He hit the nail on the head with this statement .
    “On the bond market, Wiedemer contends, “The only way you can keep interest rates low is to print money, and you are printing money to buy bonds. Ultimately, that’s not going to work. If printing money could do all the things they say it can do without creating inflation then . . . why don’t we get rid of taxes? ”

    The fact is our government is operating under the principles of crony socialism instead of free market principles, where they determine winners and losers based on political affiliation. Under this type of system there will never be any type of economic growth, without artificial stimulation like QE printing. What else can the Fed do but lie, cover up , borrow and print money? They’ve killed the free market system with their manipulation, and now there is no turning back. We have 47 million people sitting on the sidelines with no hope of returning to the workforce, and that many more living off the government for their daily existence. Like Margaret Thatcher said, ” the trouble with socialism is, eventually you run out of other peoples money”. Well that’s where we are now. Hoping foreign investors will continue to buy our Bonds and carry our debt. But guess what? Its like playing blackjack. The dealer may tell you that he hopes you win, he may even buy you a drink, but in end all he really wants is your chips. In this sense, we have played by the dealer, and his name is China.

  8. Rodster

    Solid interview Greg. I am most interested in his next book “The Big One”.

  9. mohammad


    Great interview as always!
    Speaking of his new coming book:

  10. mohammad


    If any one thinks that charming smiles exchanges between Hassan Rouhani and Barak Obama is going to sit well with Israel then think again:


  11. Jerry

    You know Greg now that we’ve established that there’s a major crime going on in the Banking system, what this country really needs (especially in Washington) is a better class of criminal like this one.


    At least he’s out in the open about it.

  12. Geo. T (formerly , George)

    Great interview. I just ordered the book off Amazon. Some of these business gurus keep talking up the market. I saw Maria Bartiromo on The OReilly Factor last week and Bill said he didn’t make any money in the market in the last twenty years and she said ,”Oh you made tons.” First of all, if you look at the indexes, you can tell you didn’t make any money. Secondly, while I disagree with Bill on many things, he is sharp enough to know if he made money or not. Bartiromo is one of the many talking heads that push the stock market to the unthinking, gullible masses. As Mr. Wiedemer contends, the market is not moving on fundamentals. Its moving on the money the Fed is pumping AND it is being blatantly manipulated by the Wall Street crowd to steal the last centavo from the last saver in America. As in Dante’s Inferno, GOD has a special place in Hell for unscrupulous bankers and money changers.
    Greg, have you thought about having a “Book of the Month” club? Many of your guest have written some good ones. Not that I believe or agree with everything in all of them but they are worth reading (I don’t expect everybody or even ANYBODY to get everything right in such a complex system as the current crop of thieves in Washington is running. its impossible to know it all). There is one thing all of these guys and gals agree on and that is the we have bubbles and bubbles POP. Just a though.
    You have to love the liberal, anti-gun crowd!! They are stanchly antigun meaning that everybody but them has guns. If I carry a gun, it is legally AND is a LEGALLY obtained gun. IF you need a laugh, read below:

    A Buffalo, N.Y. community activist who is well known locally for pushing for a highly restrictive 2013 gun control law has been arrested for — wait for it — carrying a gun illegally at a public elementary school.
    The arrested gun-control advocate, Dwayne Ferguson, caused quite a scene at Harvey Austin Elementary School, reports local CBS affiliate WIVB.
    At about 4:15 p.m. on Thursday, police acted on a pair of anonymous 911 tips. A battalion of cops quickly swarmed the school. The brigade included over a dozen squad cars, the SWAT team and K9 units. The Erie County Sheriff’s Air One helicopter and what appears to be an armored vehicle also turned up.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/02/10/gun-stun-gun-control-activist-swears-he-forgot-he-was-carrying-gun-while-visiting-school/#ixzz2sw8xdRK3

  13. Ugly

    The popped bubble won’t be good for anyone, including the prepper. Nothing makes sense anymore from the USA economic reporting. How can there be a recovery when they frequently need a debt ceiling raised in the trillions now? Did one in October, one in February, and probably another one will be needed this June. That is alot of credited $T needed in a recovery. Keep getting ready folks. When the bubble pops or starts to melt at a faster pace, the days of getting ready then will be nearly impossible. Rice and beans don’t sound great now, but they will later….

    • Galaxy 500

      FYI…recall on 5 & 25lbs bags of uncle Ben’s flavored rice. They have toxic amounts of niacin.
      I hate beans and rice but I have some as they have good shelf life and hold decent nutrition. Like the Spartans said, “Let hunger be seasoning for the food”

  14. Chip

    Great interview Greg. definitely going to get a copy of his updated book. one question that would have been good was your asking him about a time line given that his new book “the big one” isn’t coming out until 2015. i think a “big one” could happen any time given the right catalyst. although if it doesn’t happen until after 2015 i will certainly use the time to continue putting my family in a better position to weather the coming storm. thanks again for what you do… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      The may end up putting that book out much sooner than they plan. I agree with you.

  15. WD Deni

    I realize this year they “tweeked” the GDP by adding new parameteres to it to make it look more viable and more growth oriented…more phony numbers.

    What exactly did they start including to “boost” it up?


    • Greg Hunter

      I know GDP does not accurately take into account true inflation, but as for the “tweeks” I’ll have to ask someone like John Williams at Shadowstats.com.

  16. brian

    Robert Wiedemer seems conflicted to me and he is certainly not alone in this regard. I say this because on the one hand he makes an assertion that the current state of affiars and the actions being taken to address them are entirely unprecedented, but after making such an assertion he then, like many others, juxtaposes it with several statements of a luke-warm reconciliatory nature towards the status quo that step back from the brink and unwind things more than just a little bit–I guess if I wanted to be unfair I would say he is trying to have his cake and eat it too, but more truthfully its probably just a natural pattern that people follow when they both want to protect a hard earned reputation and say something they know to be true but that is also (as he did point out) simply not acceptable to anyone for the fact that it opens a door that cannot be closed again.

    Sadly, it is this general attitude of wanting to be moderate in our recognition of something so truly disastrous that we ensure that we will sustain the maximum amount of damage that the consequences of this unfortunate situation has to bear as it unfolds.

  17. John S

    Jim Willie would probably bite this mans head off. This interview was all books and no substance. Sorry Greg this man did not impress me at all infact i don’t think he said anything that was news and what he did say was again all optomism.
    Not someone i would call back especially if people want some real news.

    • Galaxy 500

      Perhaps you think this guest has no value and Jim Willie is the be all and end all. I disagree. JW has as many detractors as followers and I don’t agree 100% JW or Weidemar but that doesn’t mean that neither present valuable insights.

  18. John

    For those who haven’t read Robert & David Wiedemer’s books here are some bullet points.
    There will not be an economic collapse, but rather an economic decline which will result in a cyclical down turn in stocks, bonds, and real estate.
    Gold and silver will reach higher than we can even imagine but will also reach bubble territory and deflate to a price lower than we can imagine..
    Those that contend governments actively manipulate gold and silver are mostly paranoid.
    The easiest way to own precious metals is through exchange traded funds.
    Instead of civil unrest and rioting. We should expect social apathy, increase of depression and use of anti-depressant, alcoholism, family violence, and obesity because of availability of cheap high carb junk food.
    I certainly have respect for the Wiedemer brothers and enjoyed reading there books. However I am more in the camp of Paul Craig Roberts when it comes to the topic of manipulation of precious metals . And I would never hold gold or silver in an ETF.
    Thank you for letting me vent

  19. James Brown

    Thank you for another great report.
    Catherine Austin Fitts says they won’t let it collapse.
    I expect another 2008/9 type crash followed by “austerity”.
    My definition for “austerity” is what civilians had to do during WWII.
    I work as a consultant and I interview with CFOs often. Many companies I deal with have 2-300 employees here in the USA and 1-2000 in other countries. Bring those jobs home. Bill Gross calls it the new normal, it’s Obama’s America, but, “It’s about the jobs, stupid” (to paraphrase Old Bill). God Bless. Jim

    • Anne Elliott

      Not a big fan of Obama, but truth be told it’s still Clinton’s America under NAFTA.

  20. allen ols

    Joel Skousen, taken from S.H.T.F. site;

    The trigger event has to be North Korea… North Korea is the most rogue element in the world and yet it’s been given a pass by the U.S… We don’t do anything to stop its nuclear progress, unlike Iran.

    Russia and China… it’s too early… they’re not ready to go to a third world war over Iran…

    When you see a North Korean launch against the South… and they do some minor military attack every year, so you’ve got to be careful not to confuse those with a major artillery barrage on Seoul. If this ever starts you know you’re days away from nuclear war. People ought to get out of major cities that are major nuclear targets.

    There has to be a reason why North Korea has been preserved… It can only be because the globalists know that they are the puppets of China and that they will be the trigger.

    Here’s how I think it’s going down. I think there will be an attack against South Korea. The North Koreans have over two million troops… 20,000 artillery… they can level Seoul in a matter of three or four days. The only way the U.S. can stop that attack is using tactical nuclear weapons.

    And that would give China the excuse to nuke the United States. U.S. is guilty of first-use, the U.S. is the bully of the world, Russia and Chinese unite to launch against U.S. military targets. Not civilian targets per say. There will be about 12 or 15 cities that are inextricably connected with the military that are going to get hit that I mentioned in Strategic Relocation… you don’t want to be in those cities.

    You may have two days notice when that attack in Korea starts, before China launches on the United States.

    And if you ever see everything blackout, because both Russia and China will use a preemptive nuclear EMP strike to take down the grid… before the nukes actually fall… anytime you see all electricity out, no news, nothing at all… that’s the time you need to be getting out of cities before the panic hits.

    al ols fopusawd

  21. Tim van Lier

    great interview!!! read the book but great to hear from the man in person, thank you for bringing this great intelligent people in front of the camera…i advised my mother to buy gold and they say but how can you believe these people and i say because they predicted the crisis of 2008…if yu were lost in the woods and most people pointed you in the wrong direction and just a few pointed you in the right direction…so now that we are lost again in the woods who do you want to believe?

    • Galaxy 500

      Great analogy

  22. Liquid Motion

    Solid interview with RW.
    While I agree with all of his points on false recovery, artificial markets, financial repression and gold there is something lurking in the background which has me more concerned than the insolvency of the world’s largest banks.
    Sovereign nations (esp. USA) are insolvent.
    The issue going forward is one of the capacity of the CB’s to continue to print in order to sustain markets whilst avoiding the debasement of their currencies.
    When the CB’s realise that to continue with their mindless printing will ultimately lead to loss of confidence in fiat currency, they will revert to another source of funds/wealth to assist with the bond buying/ deficit supporting program. The wealth of the middle class and the rich will be fodder that is confiscated through nefarious taxes. This is the most worrisome aspect of the post-GFC world…we are all led blindly to slaughter. An example of this is occurring in southern Europe, where the majority of wealth resides in real estate and not in cash in bank accounts. It is now becoming clear that wealth will be extricated from those that have houses. This is what James Sinclair refers to as the great levelling.
    We now have an clear Chinese Economic and Political view that the world needs to “de-Americanise”. This combined with the view of a former world bank economist (Chinese) that the “USD is the root cause” of the world’s financial turmoil. Its very clear that the BRICS are fighting the Anglo-American Bankers, while concurrently the Anglo-Americans are doing the hard yards against the Euro-Vatican cartel. All this and we have the Banker insiders/whistle-blowers disappearing likes flies because of the threat of exposure and of their knowledge of fraudulent foreign exchange and derivatives dealings and of the enormous scale of money laundering through the global financial washing machine.
    This is not something that can be de-constructed through changes made to economic or monetary policy, nor is it likely to be eradicated through impeachment or any other judicial process.
    The issues are vast and are systemic. The game from now will be won and lost on the sovereign stage. We are merely the bystanders and the collateral damage.

    • Greg Hunter

      B I N G O !!! My friend. Nailed it!!

    • mohammad


      Real estate in southern europe or for that matter any where in the world is NOT WEALTH!
      Real estate is the easiest way to create false GDP.
      If i want to create GDP that is real it will take cycles of years to train working force to have real manufacturing jobs or create real farming jobs that produce, cycles as such that take long years do not appeal to CB’s, they cannot BORROW on it quick.
      However if you start pouring cement and steel and build buildings like mushrooms (google ghost towns in China) then it is the easiest fastest way to create FALSE GDP that will make the saliva of CB’s drool for 0% interest loans that they flip around in the markets into OTC’s, eventually loans are the weapons of mass destruction that are used to attack one sovereign after another for control, the ultimate goal is one sovereign and US is the biggest obstacle in the face of this plan. It will be used to destroy strong opponents in the east and then it will weakened from inside out to yield way to the new global structure that is centered in ISRAEL.
      That is the plan in nut shell.

      • Liquid Motion

        Thanks for your esoteric view on wealth.
        Last time I checked “Houses” constitute assets. Assets that have value or worth, therefore make up “wealth”. Regardless of the nominal values ascribed through debt mechanisms or the financial instruments that are created upon them, they have some intrinsic value. This is what the elite want , because after all, if they cannot confiscate money (currency) in bank accounts, they want the physical assets that remain in the hands of the middle classes (or what’s left of them).
        Totally agree on the “Sovereign” comment. In fact I said precisely that in my last sentence…..”The game is now to be fought on the Sovereign stage”.

        • mohammad


          WE RENT.
          You do not pay property taxes your house is up for sale.
          YOU DO NOT OWN CAR.
          You have only the certificate of title, when your car is loaded on the moving truck the TITLE goes to the government from the factory.
          We need to reassess what we think we know as far as wealth.
          Every thing bought with a paper born into debt is a debt.
          WE DO NOT OWN A SWAT!
          Harsh reality but they are masters at keeping us living in a fantasy of owning false wealth and assets.

          • Liquid Motion

            If I have TITLE …..I own it.
            Taxes are the government’s means of wealth confiscation.
            That is the point of my original comment.
            They (TPTB) will make it nigh on impossible for those that “have a title”….. to keep it, through the nefarious taxation mechanisms.
            That is how it works my friend. All land, as we know, is Crown or Sovereign. In most western countries however, having title to the land gives you control in perpetuity. The last remaining vestiges of the middle class wealth…..Real Estate….will be confiscated.

    • Joey Romanus "Johnny Utah"

      “Anglo-American Bankers” ,,,,,,, Wow, I did not know the past 3 Fed chairmen were Anglos. Furthermore, I did not know the new vice chairman of the Fed, Stanley Fischer, is an Anglo-American, considering he is a dual Israeli-American citizen who recently quit his position as Governor of the Bank of Israel, in order to assume his vice chairmanship with the U.S. Fed. 😉

      • Liquid Motion

        Context my Friend…Context !!!
        Do not embarrass yourself any further.
        You are seeing but your eyes deceive you. What you are reading is but half truths.
        Look not who are the faces , but moreover focus on the Controllers.
        The chain will lead you right to the pinnacle. It is here that you will discover the unholy entanglement and the web of deceit.
        It has always been that way. The Alliance remains intact. Without it the City loses their power and control….over the entire globe.

  23. Jim H

    Happy Monday Greg and friends.
    Is it just me and a few friends or do others feel to measure a nations (any nation) health using things like GDP, GNP, interest rates, stock prices, gold prices, profit margins, currency values or any other (many times bogus) easily manipulated figures is like examining the moon to find out why people on earth have cancer? Might it be more accurate to use things like inner peace, ability of people to work together toward a common goal, reduction in illnesses, reductions in incarcerations, reductions in starvation, technological advances for the good of mankind rather than to profit a few or anything else that should matter?
    We have been using the first set of measuring sticks since long before I was born and at best the masses feel safe shorter and shorter periods since we allowed them to be used in the first place.
    I wonder what would happen if we refused to allow these bogus, easily manipulated “facts” and figures to tell us how well we are and just discussed the second set of measurements to see where we stand?
    Which would allow us the better picture of how well we are as a species?

    • Liquid Motion

      Jim H
      Correct, it should never be all about the financial aspects. They are only the symptoms/markers of the economic malaise we are led to believe consitutes a recovery.
      While you’ve got your measuring stick out why not considering putting some quantifiable meaning to:
      – Deprivation of Liberty, rights and freedoms (NSA)
      – Reduced standards of living
      – Being constantly subjected to a world of fabrication – where so called “good” news is the “best” news for everyone and the truth never gets an ear. Sure you can switch off, but that only helps TPTB to control you even more.
      – The fact that those in power (politically) are supported by and supportive of those that live off the state meaning that power and control are synonymous.
      – A world in which counterfeiting is considered a necessary evil but not punishable by law for those that control the (fiat) paper system
      – A corporate mantra where making money by whatever means is the primary objective and crony capitalism is essential for existence
      – Living in a world where the concentration of 80% of the world’s wealth resides in less than 1% of the population. The divergence between rich and poor is increasing/widening NOT reducing. Meaning the masses are not improving their god given position on this planet.
      If you have a good paying job (or sufficient means) that allows you to provide for your family on a daily basis, then count your lucky stars. There are literally 10’s of millions across the country, 100’s of millions across the globe, that cannot achieve even the most basic of necessities for your so called “how much better we are”. REALLY !!!!

      With all due respect ….an adjustment to the calibration on your measuring stick is required. If a nation is not healthy, how can the people who collectively make up the nation, be healthy ? The nation has already been admitted to the ER. Signs are critical. Failure is imminent.

      • Jim H

        Thanks Liquid motion

        Much food for thought. If I can learn which reply button to use, maybe those to whom I reply will be reached.


  24. Jerry

    Just in case anybody is paying attention, you might want to keep an eye on this.

    If it gets much below 80.0 things could get interesting real fast. We’ll see how well the PTB can juggle, the dollar, the bond market , world banks, and emerging markets, all at the same time.

    • Greg Hunter

      The DXY and the 10-year Treasury are the yin and yang of the financial world. They my both be destroyed. Good stuff man!

    • Jim H

      Thanks Liquid motion.
      Much food for thought. Perhaps I should have written health of a world rather than nation which is really what I meant.


  25. John M.

    I see that Joel Skousen has been quoted by allen ols above . I’m not sure I agree totally with Joel Skousen on everything, but to me he sure seems to be one of the sharpest guys when it comes to geopolitical strategy. I think that the logical direction for your website would be to get the perspectives of experts in that field as we are clearly moving beyond just the popping of dollar and bond bubbles, and buying food and gold for survival. We must start thinking in terms of world war and how our world will change in the big, big picture. For instance, will the Western banking establishment continue to dominate the world economy, or will China and Russia challenge much more than just our U.S. dollar hegemony? Is America being perceived as a big bully in by the world in addition to printing too much money?
    Just a suggestion, as maybe the collective brains on this site could attempt to connect the dots and make sense of what is really happening. I think he can be easily contacted.

  26. Dan

    Jim H.,
    LOVED your comment so much that I just HAD to leave my FIRST reply (indeed, comment) ever. With enough like-minded individuals, we CAN change the future! Unshakeable OPTIMISM in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Thanks & NAMASTE, Dan H.

  27. Coalburner9

    Greetings Greg
    I was happy to see Weidmer and suprised by his reserve in the interview. I am guessing he thinks the Fed, bankers, Government may somehow hold off the inevitable much longer than we all think. I also guess and hope considering the alternatives that LQ Motion will be closer to the right scenario. My old friend from the depression would say it came to a point where you did not spend any money especially if you had some because you thought you would never get it back. His people had some and did not spend it. They were never able to change either because it became so ingrained but still died millionaires by holding on. Much of the middle class was wiped out much like LQ Motion discusses. Of course property values fell low and it took 25 to 40 years and WWII to get to recovery and that is the number that will sicken us all who lived through better times. The details of the destruction will decide who does better and who doesnot. I do believe one thing is different this time, the 500 year cycle that we are rolling over. Again I refer you to the movie Appocolipto(sp). And reference David Scarika, also a student of Sir John Templeton. Also Greg, I believe all these guys live in the Bahamas. GOTS like Jim Rogers, way in advance!

    • Jim H

      Thanks for taking the time to truly think outside of the box and for the kind reply.


    • Jim H

      Thanks for entertaining a new discussion. here is a link to a talk that really messed up my hard core thinking. Would love to know others opinions on this.

  28. Merc

    Oh the Yanks want to expose this, then that , thinking they are doing freedom’s work. But they cannot even come to grips with 9-1-1. They are useless until this stain is dealt with. Americans can never, never be free until Building 7 becomes a nationally understood FACT. And then the arrests, and then comes the freedom, but you are dolts, “useless eaters” until then. Gone to hell.

    • Greg Hunter

      Some back up material for your comment:http://rememberbuilding7.org/ This has been on the USAW site for years. Please don’t blame the U.S. people mate, blame the MSM for lying by omission. Your point is well made and well taken.

  29. smaulgld

    another good one! Read Robert’s book recently back. People don’t care why there is a real estate recovery as long as their home price is rising. Or why there is GDP growth. Robert points out why it matters

  30. farmboy71

    How will the housing bubble play out when it burst? Will house values crash or will it just be our goverment bailing out more bank’s. I have children that I have been advising to get their money out of banks and stock’s and now they are looking to buy a house.

    • Greg Hunter

      Only buy a house if you intend to live in it for a long time. You will need a little of everything and that includes some cash at home. Cash will only work for a short time but it will work and buy you some time.

  31. Ken

    Hello Greg, the absolute corruption and direction in the finance and banking industry is already in full view for anyone who is willing to admit our debt is irreconcilable. Mr. Wiedemer in my humble estimation is overly optimistic that he has the time to write the “Big One”. I believe it will occur just like when Henry Paulson along with George Bush abruptly announced with no advanced warning, that the US banks needed a 700 billion dollar bailout to prevent an economic meltdown caused by hundreds of billions of dollars in bad debt stemming from the subprime mortgage criminality.

    I’m sorry to be a bit skeptical as after five or six years of transferring $3 to $4 trillion of mad banker bad debts onto its balance sheet and overseeing a 65% increase in the US national debt, the Fed wants us all to believe that a few more one last heave hos are still required….to the tune of $65 billion each and every month. More of a tapeworm than a taper, I’d say.

    Will we wake up in time to cushion the fall? One sliver of silver lining is the article in the New York Times:

    Lawsuit Challenges Government’s $13 Billion Deal With JPMorgan


    It’s going to take the American public to take back our country and re-legalize our constitution. Either that or divine intervention. We can’t go down with out a fight!

  32. Diane Ryan

    Great interview Greg. Thank you for getting the truth out.
    “printing money to buy bonds”… What could possibly go wrong with that? And yea, if it is so great why bother with taxes! That’s a good one! I am with
    Jerry who wrote:
    1. Get your money out of the banks.
    2. Pay off your debt.
    3. Prepare while you still can.
    The first two are straightforward. The third is one means many different actions to different people. A reader mentioned Joel Skousen whom I do follow. He would be a great guest if he does interviews.

    • WD Deni

      Diane, So many of us are barely employed…almost no chance ofpaying off debts. ITs a very sad situation for millions of us…….

  33. Galaxy 500

    We had the second set for a hundred years. For the good of all…For the good of mankind. It’s called communism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a store of wealth and very risky. This is what I have been saying all along. The powers might fix it but it is very risky but they will have to control it.

      • Geo. T (formerly , George)

        We had 8+ inches of snow here and we are not in an area where snow falls often. Except this year! Eastern NC has been hammered. The global warming aristocracy around here doesn’t like me to confuse them with facts. Its laughable and they are pathetic. They want the industrial world to go back to horse and buggy while China, SA and Africa burn all the fossil fuel they can. Is it just me or does anyone else see a flaw to this suggested course of action. Al Gore is pushing it because he has ownership in an carbon future trading company. In 2008 AL predicted that the Artic Circle would be ICE FREE. Like many other Climate Alarmist predictions, not only was AL wrong, he was laughable wrong. This year we had an increase in Artic ice to record levels, about a 50% increase. Sorry I got off topic…
        I am not a fan of a “net” currency. Obama and others have an internet kill switch. Paraphrasing the bible, “What does it profit a man to gain millions in BitCoin, and lose the internet. I do like the idea of a currency independent of central banks but I think that’s already been invented, its called precious metals. I’ll pass on BitCoin until I can have it on my cell and pay at most places with it. Currently I see a lot of BitCoin “bankers” like Mt. Goth are under concerted cyber attack. I think the world governments don’t like it and they are seeking to kill it. If anyone has any, I’d get out while you can. That is IF you can.

  34. Galaxy 500

    I have heard you says,”Too stupid to be stupid”

    Is the latest delay of ObamaCare regulations politically motivated? Consider what administration officials announcing the new exemption for medium-sized employers had to say about firms that might fire workers to get under the threshold and avoid hugely inexpensive new requirements of the law. Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. How will the feds know what employers were thinking when hiring and firing? Simple. Firms will be required to certify to the IRS – under penalty of perjury – that ObamaCare was not a motivating factor in their staffing decisions. To avoid ObamaCare costs you must swear that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs. You can duck the law, but only if you promise not to say so.

    [“That’s the good thing about being president. I can do whatever I want.” –  joking about getting a restricted-access tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.]

     With millions of insurance cancellations and workers dumped from employer-based policies due to ObamaCare, a relatively narrow exemption for medium-sized employers might sound like a trifling thing. But to Obama Democrats desperate to hold the Senate in the face of simmering anger over the botched rollout and false promises of the law, any little bit helps. And having the IRS serve as the talking-point enforcer for businesses tempted to speak out about firings under the law will sure help message discipline. Remember, the administration wants to focus on Americans being “transitioned” to ObamaCare not dumped from existing policies, and “freed” from having to work in order to get insurance rather than quitting their jobs in order to get free coverage

    • Greg Hunter

      Bravo my friend. Nice comment and analysis with source link. This is what makes this site good-people like you commenting.

  35. allen ols


    just in from silverdoctors.com

    Sadly, most Americans don’t even realize what is happening. These comments by a top adviser to the Chinese government should have made front page news all over the nation. I had to go to China Daily to find the following excerpt…
    The World Bank’s former chief economist wants to replace the US dollar with a single global super-currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system.
    “The dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises,” Justin Yifu Lin told Bruegel, a Brussels-based policy-research think tank. “The solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency.”
    Lin, now a professor at Peking University and a leading adviser to the Chinese government, said expanding the basket of major reserve currencies — the dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and pound sterling — will not address the consequences of a financial crisis. Internationalizing the Chinese currency is not the answer, either, he said.
    And this is not the first time that we have heard these kinds of comments coming out of China. For example, Xinhua News Agency called for a “de-Americanized world” back on October 14th…
    “It is perhaps a good time for the befuddled world to start considering building a de-Americanized world.”
    That particular news agency is controlled by the Chinese government, and if the Chinese government did not approve of that statement it never would have made it into the paper

  36. tony newbill

    I believe we are in a period of time similar to a 100 years ago when the world mainly the eastern block countries were experiencing major durable supply shortages that had been evolving with population growth that was leading to conflicts , wars and genocidal activity .
    The currency wars are just a sign of this beginning as the International Cultural Hegemony , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_hegemony , is running the Bureaucracies of Governments as they are holding back supply expansion while they are fighting within their structural environments to either zero growth or see future supply expansion is possible , like was the case back in the USA in the 1930s and going forward when supply expansion was being realized with Technology and Industrial advancements .
    Heres a Link that talks about the way many 1 percenters are seeing the worlds future and what they are doing about it , http://www.peakresources.org/about-us

  37. veronica lewis

    Brilliant interview. Really appreciate you getting this information out to us. I have one question, who can we ask for real advice on how to weather this more. Someone said they are cashing in their 401K so not to loose too much, does that sound right?

    • Greg Hunter

      This is a deeply personal decision and cashing out a 401-k usually means you have to leave your job and I would not recommend that.

  38. Mary Quitecontrary

    I have a 50K SEP IRA, and am self-employed but paid as a 1099 employee. I have 40K+ in bank accounts. I am a single mother of two small children. My home is in foreclosure due to a divorce and husband not working. I make decent money 10K/mo. I am worried about the economy. Does anyone ever suggest to take it all out in cash and sit on it?

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to comment on the most recent post. I am putting up something tonight and you can ask the group. I think you need to secure housing as the first thing you do. Not necessarily buy a home but rent something you can afford no matter what. If you really wanted to conserve money you could move in with your parents for a while until you get your bearings. You also need solid transportation with good tires and good gas mileage, and get the title when you buy it. (Don’t get into debt.) I personally would not sit on all cash but some gold and silver and yes some cash but the allocations are up to you. (I am not a money manager or financial expert.) Ask the group and see what they say.

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