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The 2.5% GDP Growth Spin Job

By Greg Hunter’s  Last week, the government announced the economy (gross domestic product, GDP) grew at a 2.5% rate.  The mainstream media (MSM) hailed this as some significant turnaround. reported, “Buoyed by a resurgent consumer and strong business investment,

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.28.11

By Greg Hunter’s   Stocks soared this week as the EU agreed on a deal that will address its sovereign debt crisis.  The Dow was up nearly 340 points to 12,200, but is the debt problem really fixed?  NO WAY!!!  There

Is the EU Sovereign Debt Problem Really Fixed?

By Greg Hunter’s  When I first heard of the deal to fix the European debt crisis, I thought, “Is the EU Sovereign Debt Problem Really Fixed?”  This is a complicated solution and mainly addresses sour Greek debt.  Bankers are supposed

Unknown Territory

By Greg Hunter’s  I was surprised to see the Dow only off a few hundred points yesterday considering all the problems European Union finance ministers are having getting a sovereign debt rescue plan together.  A 200 point loss on the

Inflation Up Globally

By Greg Hunter’s  The meeting yesterday in Europe to come up with a plan to stem the sovereign debt crisis turned sour.  Zero was accomplished, except to put even more fear into the world over an impending financial meltdown that

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10/21/11

By Greg Hunter’s It only cost one or two billion bucks to get rid of Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi.  Was it worth it?  He pled for his life, but was killed anyway.  Did NATO want him dead?  Would a war crime trial embarrass the

The Age of Bank Failures

By Greg Hunter’s  The U.S. stock market surged yesterday on news the European Union (EU) would deploy a two trillion euro rescue fund to help get its sovereign debt crisis under control.  This news was so good even battered Bank

Should There be a Public Option for Banking?

Things are not looking good for European banks or, for that matter, U.S. banks.  Bankers are cutting expenses and laying off workers in droves as their profits go up in smoke.  The bankers got what they wanted years ago—almost all regulations

Everyone Now Identifies With Protesters

By Greg Hunter’s  What started out as a little insignificant protest that the mainstream media tried to ignore (or at least downplay) has turned into a global phenomenon in a little less than a month.  One of the many headlines

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.14.11

By Greg Hunter’s  The alleged Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador in Washington D.C. has put everyone on edge even though it was foiled.  Secretary of State Hilary Clinton says it is a “dangerous escalation.”  The U.S. government considers

Republican Debate Focused on Economy and Cain

By Greg Hunter’s  I don’t know who won the October 11, 2011 Republican debate last night, but Herman Cain sure got a lot of attention for his 9-9-9 tax plan.  That’s short for 9% tax on business, 9% tax on

Where is Occupy Wall Street Going?

I have to applaud the “Occupy Wall Street” movement even if their message is a little disjointed.  I think the message will sharpen in time.  I hope the main focus continues to be the ongoing market manipulation and crime that has gone


By Greg Hunter’s  When?  That’s the question that is on the minds of people following the economy.  When will the “you know what” hit the fan and we start another global meltdown.  I am not going to string you along. 

Weekly News Wrap-Up 10.7.11

Greg Hunter’s The big financial story this week comes from Europe.  To print or not to print, that is the question.  The answer is the EU will print money to bail out their banks.  Now Chancellor Merkel and Germany are

What was Steve Jobs Secret to Life?

By Greg Hunter’s The passing of Steve Jobs is like losing the Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison of our day.  He was truly brilliant.  His thoughts and inventions changed the way we live.  What was his secret?  Is it something we all could