All Electronic Assets Wiped Out in Fall Crash

Bix WeirBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Financial analyst Bix Weir has laid out a timeline for the next financial collapse that he says is underway. Bix explains, “It’s happening now, and it has been happening since the beginning of the year.  Some of the big things on the time line and one of the bigger things to watch is the Deutsche Bank (DB) implosion.  That’s going to be gigantic because Deutsche Bank is the largest derivative holder in the world.  Their stock is plummeting, and they are begging for tier 1 capital.  It’s all happening right now.  The question is what is the day that Deutsche Bank throws up its arms and says we’re insolvent?  We are many times insolvent, and that would just destroy the European markets.  It will also destroy the U.S. markets because our biggest banks are invested in the sovereign debt of European countries.  That’s how it is going to start, and I believe the end of the end will be the Deutsche Bank implosion. . . .This is why Deutsche Bank is paying huge interest rates now because they need to raise their tier 1 capital.  They have to raise tier 1 capital before they report for the second quarter.  They are in massive trouble.  Their tier 1 capital is being destroyed by all these losses and lawsuits.  Didn’t they lose $7 billion euros last year? . . . They need massive amounts of capital . . . and they are willing to pay 5% interest just to get past the second quarter.  That’s the amazing thing. . . . Deutsche Bank is going to be gone by the end of the third quarter.”

Weir wrote a recent article that said a “Trump/Sanders ticket would galvanize the nation.” A Trump/Sanders ticket this fall for the White House?  Sound crazy?  Weir predicts that things will get so bad “the USA must Unite or Die.” Weir contends, “If Trump wins it alone, you are going to see a revolution overnight.  You are going to see mass rioting in the streets because there are so many people disenfranchised and angry.  Where is the anger going to be placed when people lose their 401-Ks, checking accounts and savings accounts?  The banks and the rich.  You cannot have Trump leading us forward after that moment.  You need both.  You need the left and you need the right.  I think Sanders and Trump have some kind of back deal going on with the people who are leading their campaigns.  They are going to come together when this chaos happens. . . . Any other scenario and you can kiss the United States goodbye in a blink of an eye.  The key is, with these guys (Trump and Sanders), they both love their country.  They approach it in different ways, but they both love their country.”

Weir expects his timeline to hit a financial crescendo in the September/October time frame. Weir says, “The Fed and the Treasury are controlling all markets with computer programs.  I have proved this a zillion times.  They are doing it with the programs that Alan Greenspan wrote in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  It has always been the plan to destroy the dollar and go back to a gold standard.  Everything is on lockdown.  You are not going to see wild swings and crashes until it’s time to pull the plug.  Right now, they are getting everything in line. . . . There are all kinds of things being put into place before they click that mouse and crash the system. . . . It’s so easy to do.  Computers are unbelievably powerful.  They are more powerful than we know. . . . Silicon Valley doesn’t have the most powerful computers.  It’s the Fed, the Treasury and the military that have the most powerful computers. . . .They can end it in a blink of an eye.”

Weir ends by saying, “Right now, the idea is to control it and keep the system going until we get into mid to late summer. Then, the plug is going to be pulled.  Then, the bad guys will be exposed, and then we have a bigger problem.  They are going to force Trump and Sanders to come together for the good of the country because we have to be united going into this. . . .The crash will be electronic.  All electronic assets will be frozen and be wiped away.  Exchanges will not be open. . . . Nothing will be open and nothing will reopen.  We will get rid of the nanny state. . . . There is no way we are ever going to pay off this debt.  If there is a crash in the markets, and all the debts and electronic assets were wiped clean, we would win.  The U.S. is the largest debtor nation in the world.  That was always the plan.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bix Weir founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

There is free information and articles on You can also become a subscriber by clicking here.   Bix is coming out with a new book June 1st.  It’s titled “The Silver Lining.”


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  1. Guest

    “Weir expects his timeline to hit a financial crescendo in the September/October time frame.”

    Here we go again with these predictions. Now it’s this Fall. So, Greg, if nothing major happens this Fall, will Bix and others who are making predictions admit that they were wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      Will you come on and use a real verifiable name and admit you are stupid and heading for a FEMA camp when it happens? Will you admit you were stupid or maybe even a paid troll sent here to spread doubt and misinformation? Will you admit the evidence of a coming financial calamity was overwhelming, but told people not to worry about it was evil and terrible advice?

      • Guest

        You completely missed the point, Greg. I’m not stupid, and I’m not a paid troll. I have known for many years now that this nation is on an unsustainable fiscal path, and I have told others about what I believe is coming. I’m just tired of all these guys making predictions that have been wrong. That’s misinformation, Greg.

        • Greg Hunter


          • bruce

            hey Greg,
            By the way great interview with Bix and all your interviewees. My question is what if we have credit card debt or a house loan, car loan, would these debts still occur in a financial crisis when all the banks collapse?



            • Greg Hunter

              Some people think all debts will be wiped out completely. I say the debt will be re-priced in some sort of new currency or will be foreclosed on. Best position to be in is to hold clear title on everything. That way you don’t have to guess or wonder what is going to happen.

              • rahrog

                All debt would be wiped out in an “Epocalypse”. Of course, all assets would be wiped out as well. For us common folk that means your bank accounts, pension plan/401k/social security benefits are gone. Gardening is fun!

                • bruce

                  thanks Rahrog

              • Bruce

                Thanks Greg

              • Randy


                Can you please show me even just ONE clear title of ANYTHING? Your house, automobile, motorcycle, truck , RV or airplane ALL have clouded titles attached to them, unless you have taken steps to clear the titles by exposing the fraud that ensnared them. And even IF you did have a clear title to anything, how are you going to prevent someone from taking it away from you?

                • Greg Hunter

                  Not true Randy. All titles are NOT clouded. The titles at MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registry System) are probably clouded but with all the refinancing they probably have complete control of the “Promissory notes.” It’s easy to get clear title on a car especially if you pay cash or go through a local credit union or bank.

                • Wayne

                  You might be on to something because there are two types of auto titles…..certificate of title (EQUITABLE or ‘use of) and LEGAL (MSO – mfr . statement of origin of origin). We get to use the vehicle but true ownership resides with the state that the vehicle is registered with. That’s why we have to register & insure the state’s property. I’m fairly sure the same scenario exists with a ‘paid off’ home……don’t pay property taxes & find out who really owns it.


              • jim c.

                Greg, you are a very very smart man, but I ask you, if you personaly have debt and they take your bank account money, take your pension or 401k ,will you easily give back your house or your car when the money they gave you for your house and car was from printed money out of thin air, to me it does not make the car or house any more theirs than your`s, right?

                • Greg Hunter

                  Jim C.
                  I will be dangerous and very ugly. This is why you need to prepare.

              • Leonard Frank House of Harview

                Greg, There is no such thing as clear title. You, me and nearly everyone else owns absolutely nothing. Cars, homes, land, etc. are in trust and until we figure out how to merge from only being a fiduciary into also being the beneficiary, we will continue to be only tenants of these assets. The purported Pope owns allodial title to all land and seas on earth, even though such a claim is wrought with fraud. The oligarchs of the new world order will attempt to totally dominate everything and everyone via a technocratic society (that is, the 200 million or so that are left after their eugenics plan comes to full fruition). All this will be obtained under the law of conquest. As Bix specifies, if we do not come together and start a brutal extraction process like, right now, millions upon millions will perish. We need to follow the foot steps of Iceland. We should also understand that the eugenics planned must be performed indirectly from governments or these governments can not collect on the Cestui Que Vie trusts of the people nor the insurance placed on to them by their purported governments. I could go on and on but, I think both you and Bix know exactly where I’m coming from here. I could sure use your help in exposing the unconscionable injustices of, IMO, the most brilliant man in the world today who has just been sent to prison as a political prisoner. His name is Thomas David House of Deegan and you can research him at Thomas lawfully has the purported Pope in total default and dishonor under trust fraud. I assure you that what I specify here is truth and I am not a kook as some will most likely try to suggest. You have my permission to email me if you would like to obtain further pertinent information.

            • Paul Anthony

              Bruce this is a good question.

              I believe what Greg said that the loan will probably be wiped out or foreclosed on..perhaps revalued in a different currency.

              Here is what was going on in Chicago in the last crisis. People stayed in their homes up to two years. Some.. including me we’re offered an agreement to pay rent to stay there. They (the banks) were tired of angry people being foreclosed on and destroying the houses before they moved out. Sheriff Tom Dart of Cook County stopped sending his officers to enforce notices for the home owners to leave because Dart said… A…… More often than not the paper work was all messed up and didn’t match the home owners.. and B – The Sheriff didn’t have the man power to keep up the “get out” letters.

              Properties have value. Sitting empty the value goes down.. and the property gets run down. I THINK the banks would like to keep them in good condition so they could make money from them in a New system….But since has never happened before on this massive scale – it’s hard to say.

              I think it’s a great question and I think about it all the time.

              • bruce

                thanks Paul

            • Robert Lykens

              Bruce, I saw an article some time back that said all existing debts would be indexed to the existing rate of inflation at the time of the reset. Hope that helps?

              • Tin foil hat

                Robert Lykens,
                “all existing debts would be indexed to the existing rate of inflation at the time of the reset”
                That will work only if all wages, social security and pension payments would also be indexed to the existing rate of inflation at the time of the reset.
                There will be riots if debts were indexed but not the others.

            • Hatemail

              In the Great Depression people lost their bank deposits and the banks foreclosed on real estate. Why would you think it will be any different this time?

              • Tin foil hat

                Great Depression happened because money was real back then. Money was gold certificate.
                We will not have Great Depression since we have funny money generated out of thin air, we will have hyperinflation like Weimar Republic.
                However, the difference between us and the Weimar is that we have a formidable military force which Weimar didn’t have.
                We may be able to pull off a controlled debt forgiveness since the world does not want not to back a hungry 800 pounds gorilla up the wall. I don’t think Hillary can do it, Sanders will give away the store, Trump is the only one who may pull that off.

        • Tracy Welborn

          What a childish comment. You do realize a prediction is a prediction and by its very nature it may be wrong. Everyone has been wrong up until now. Why don’t you do your own research, come to your own conclusions and make your own decisions. Use all of this information that is available through alternative media and come up with your own timeline. I have a feeling you are from a younger generation that has had everything done for them. The younger generations are victims of everything and everyone – including themselves. Constantly complaining. Good lord.

          • Margie

            Well said Tracy!

        • Ross

          Dr Paul Craig Roberts like many others said it should have collapsed years ago but the power of money printing and faith in the system has allowed the pony scheme to continue. The smart ones make no exact predictions in time. Faith in the system is beginning to falter and with the next QE the panic will begin.There are now so many holes in their leaky boat they will have to print lots of money to cover them.I think when there is a major false flag or war,the time will be nigh because they need something to blame this collapse on.

      • Harvey Burns

        Dear Greg,
        I am, and have been for a longtime, an enthusiastic viewer of USA watchdog. Thank you for all you do.
        However I do feel that your response to “Guest” was a slight over-reaction, and perhaps missed his/her point.
        I absolutely agree that the crash is inevitable, but also agree with “Guest” that for years now we have been given dates and deadlines for “THE crash”, none of which have come to pass at those times.
        They have all come and gone.
        If the giving of such a deadline may push some folks to make financial decisions based on such “expert” opinions, there may be a downside – it might not happen then.
        I think that was his point. Not that you are “full of it”, far from it.
        But looked at historically, he is correct.
        So with respect for all you do, I must say your response was over-reactive and rude.
        Thanks for listening.

        Harvey Burns

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Harvey.

        • Guest

          Well said, Harvey. Thank you.

    • Tin foil hat

      When I started stacking back in 2009, I thought I may have to hold it for no more than 5 years. I really believed the dollar would either collapse or be fixed by 2014.
      As of today, I have more PMs than what I had back in 2009. You shouldn’t let the details bother you too much. You should focus on the macro. If the fundamentals are the same as before, you should keep stacking but don’t go all in 100% expecting the reset would happen within whatever timeframe. This thing can drag out a lot longer than anyone of us expected.
      Folks a lot smarter and well connected than us thought the dollar would collapse and replace by euro back in 2000.

      • bruce

        thanks Robert

    • Daniel

      I agree a lot of people I respect and follow have been predicting and failing for this coming crash. Schiff, even Ron Paul. There is no way of predicting, this is sooooo rigged that mathematical models and insider info is not enough. They should focus on addressing the symptoms and laying out the guidance to prepare for the crash but every time they put a finger in the calendar they erode their own “street cred”

      I follow all these guys and take their knowledge to heart but when they say a date I can’t help to roll my eyes.

      • Greg Hunter

        You can roll you eyes somewhere else. What we face has NEVER happened in recorded history. If you can’t grasp that then please move on.

        • allen ols

          greg Daniel;

          Conundrum ; Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free. (Think this one over and over…makes sense!)
          “A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.” b
          The definition of the word Conundrum is: something that is puzzling or confusing.
          Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America :
          1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.
          2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.
          3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.
          4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.
          5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.
          6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.
          Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century. Makes you wonder who is doing the math.
          These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment:
          1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.
          Funny how that works. And here’s another one worth considering…
          2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money ! What’s interesting is the first group “worked for” their money, but the second didn’t.
          Think about it…..and Last but not least :
          3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.
          Am I the only one missing something?
          “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato

          • vegasrob

            Very poignant Allen.


          • da diz

            Yes, great insight.

            • allen ols

              vegasrob and dadiz
              I stole that fair and square from someone in a back alley as he stopped to take a wiz. seems he had way too much to drink, as his bank account was wiped out. I made it my very own so thanks. al ols

          • angelo

            I will print these out and hand out to everyone I know. It may sound obtrusive to some but truth hurts and reality bites.

      • Margie

        I understand what you are saying Daniel, but not everyone feels the same way you do.

        For a few years now, I listen to predictions made by people who are involved in various markets. I plan accordingly, Like last year end of summer I asked my sister (who I work for) if she could give two months advance payment. I got a bunch of stuff done “just in case”. I was glad there was no sudden collapse, but had there been, I was more prepared.

        People make predictions all the time, about the stock market, the weather, etc. And predictions often don’t come about. For me, I use them as a method of putting myself in a stronger position, and if nothing happens, I am no weaker and very relieved at the extra time we all have.

        So “chill” it’s a prediction that may or may not happen and you can use it to bolster your position.

        • Tracy Welborn

          Well said Margie:-)

    • tom baumann

      its not a matter when, cause its gonna happen, and we know why, thanks greg, always watch you

    • David Brace

      the Con Game is almost over. The Federal Reserve have lost billions in Gold they were holding for other nations including Germany. Germany wants it’s Gold and The Federal Reserve keeps Stone Walling them with excuses. Same with the rest of the World. The Federal Reserve also refuses to allow German Officials to inspect their Vaults in N.Y. to see if their Gold is even there. So yea,,, I believe The Federal Reserve would crash our economy if congress pushes them for an audit as they have to find a bigger closet to hide their skeletons in

      • frederick

        David wonder why the Germans dont get so angry that they threaten to leave NATO and go over to Putins sphere of influence? Seems to me they would be better off with the export potential of Asia at their eastern doorstep anyway Maybe they are being held hostage either through the financial system or militarily But it sure seems like a dangerous game we are playing with our allies dont you think?

    • Robert Lykens

      Guest, yes, it’s true that many have made predictions and given dates that didn’t pan out, and Mr. Weir’s may be one of them.
      But I think you’re looking at it in the wrong way. When such a prediction is made, as that date draws near I pay a little closer attention to the news and top off any preps I may have used. When the date passes, I still keep my eyes open for myself.
      It’s hard to battle “prepper fatigue”, but if you believe that a collapse will come in your lifetime, it must be done.

      One of these days someone’s going to be right.

    • mike williams

      Christian could blow Bix Weir away in a debate. Christian has been the most
      accurate forecaster for the last decade. For guys like Weir
      say anything about an honest professional like Christian ? Bix has
      absolutely no credibility. He has never called anything right.
      If you listened to him you lost all your money.

    • Curious

      What i don’t understand from Weir is if the plan all along was to go back to a gold standard as he contends, why is the USA not accumulating vast amounts of gold using their pretend money?

      • Lance Elliott

        The clandestine services with their voyeuristic apparatus maintains surveillance of where the financial assets that the executive orders cover are located. The inventory is then available to the “government”. In the mean time, the economic activity by preppers benefits the current system. The government then needn’t acquire the materials and store them, liberating their resources to other use in the mean while.

  2. paul ...

    Trump and Bernie … America for Americans not Neocons … lets do it … and make America Great Again!

    • paul ...

      Do you think perhaps there are some “enlightened” people in government ,,, that know a collapse is inevitable … and have prepared for it … the way Joseph did (in Genesis 41:49) … and have storing up 7 years of grain for us? … so there won’t be a mad max “every man for himself” collapse of society??? … just a thought … but knowing the greedy Neocons (who are only out for themselves) the probability of an “enlightened few” doing the right thing is likely very small … !!! (especially since no government officials speak of such a program publicly to put the public’s mind at ease) … in Joseph’s day everyone knew the government was doing things in the best interest of society … today we have Neocons doing the exact opposite trying to create chaos, mayhem and WWIII!!!

      • paul ...

        Imagine the world looking on at the United States of America (the bread basket of the world) having “no food storage supplies” for its own people?? … where the Neocons in charge have forced the American people to eat their own pets and garden weeds (the way people are now doing in Venezuela)? … these supposedly “exceptional people” would go down in history as the most extraordinary “laughing stock dumbbells” of all time!

        • paul ...

          I wonder what Obama’s response would be if some MSM reporter asked the question … “Mr. President does the United States of America have a seven year supply of food stored away like Joseph did in the Bible for his people in Egypt … just in case some catastrophe strikes the US like for instance a California earthquake, a Yellowstone eruption, an economic meltdown or WWIII???

          • paul ...

            He will likely say … “The American government has no need to store away emergency food supplies for its people … as I have ordered 310 million rounds of “hollow point ammunition” and have distributed it to the IRS, Homeland Security, Police Departments, etc. throughout the United States … to fear food riots is silly… all such riots will be handled in a very expeditious manner”!

  3. Robert Lykens

    Considering that Katrina, the great tornado outbreak, 9/11 and many other disasters have been the result of efforts to divide the land of Israel, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Weir’s prediction came to pass.
    There is currently a new push to divide the land of God’s people, and the international conference is scheduled for sometime this fall – just when Mr. Weir says it will all come apart.

    • Tin foil hat

      Robert Lykens,
      I’m beginning to miss Muhammad!!

      • DBCooper

        Never, DB

        • Allen Starr

          DB send me an e-mail. My hard drive crashed and I lost everything. Al

    • Pvt. Mushroom

      “Gods people”?

      • Greg Hunter

        That would be the Jews as stated in the Bible. You an atheist too?

        • Kevin

          I am…..can you prove 100% that the virgin Mary didn’t fib about her pregnancy? If she did? the whole thing is a sham….was someone documenting her every move after her first mensrual cycle? Lol No!!!! If a woman made that claim today she would be put in a straight jacket? Even if a virgin birth happened it doesnt prove the off spring is omniscient.

        • Keith

          Greg, the jews as stated in the Bible are a very small minority in Israel. The ruling zionists are not religious, they are functional atheists. Most are khazarian and ashkenazi jews that simply adopted the jewish religion en masse during the 8th century – at the direction of their leaders because the people were so vicious and morally decadent. They continue to claim to be “jews” to gain advantage as victims and claim to be “God’s chosen people” – just not chosen or of the same bloodlines as from Abraham Isaac, and Jacob. Like the chief priests and pharisees that demanded the crucifixion of Christ in that day, the current leaders of political zionist Israel are IMPOSTERS filled with demonic, antichrist goals of world dominion. There is a remnant of semitic jews in Israel, just as there is a remnant of true Christians here in the US. But the federal governments of Israel and America are FAR from being truly jewish or truly Christian from a spiritual standpoint. Quite the opposite. They/we are setting up the one world antichrist government’s fascist police state – using the military and technology of the US, and funded by the US taxpayer.

          • Greg Hunter

            As soon as you mentioned “khazarian and ashkenazi jews,” you lost me. First of all the”khazarian jew thing is a myth–total discrediting tool myth: Stop, just say you are a Jew hatting anti-Semite, and I’ll have more respect for you. The Bible says (God) Israel will have an everlasting name. Jews are his “elect.” Please Don’t comment again on this subject. You are not reading your Bible.


            • Norman Taylor

              Greg, the Bible says there is neither Jew nor Gentile . We are all one in Christ Jesus. If you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. By the way, Christ, means Messiah. If not too bad so sad.

            • Karl

              Are you saying then that the ones organising the NWO have god on their side then? They are all predominantly Jewish.

              • Greg Hunter

                You got to be kidding me. Don’t come here anymore.

            • RichM

              Yes my understanding is that the seed of Abraham are the covenant people. From this seed comes Israel or Hebrews. These are not only the Jewish people but also the Gentile nations who accept Christ and thus are adopted into this same covenant of Abraham. The covenant is that God will preserve and protect his people if we keep his commandments and repent when falling astray.

            • Ray

              Greg……my dear and respected fellow.
              God The Creator loves all of us in equal measure. Any book……bible through to comic, that claims that any one people is loved or elevated more than another IS NOT a writing from The Creator.
              Full Stop.
              Blessings and warm wishes to you.
              Ray in Australia.

            • Keith

              Greg, I am a born again Christian, I am not a jew-hating anti-semite. I love the jewish people. I love catholic people. And I love muslim people. All with God’s love and strong desire that they would come to a saving knowledge of Christ. But the leaders of the the zionist government in Israel, and the leaders of the Catholic church, and muslims like the ruling Sunni class in Saudi Arabia – are all antichrist. You are too good of an investigative journalist to paint an entire group with a broad brush and refuse to acknowledge the huge distinction(s). Finally, – citing Haaretz as objective is like citing the New York Times, or ABC, CBS, [C]NBC, or CNN as objective, able to correct historical facts as what they would call ‘myths’. They have all also been happy to correct the ‘myth’ of Christ’s death and resurrection. Thanks for your work.

              • Greg Hunter

                Did you read the article? If you want to keep on believing the Khazar myth, go ahead. If I want to find out about Hebrew history, then I look at Hebrew sources. This is from a top Hebrew University Historian: You are being misled and it you are a born again Christian then READ your Bible and see what it says about Israel. Let me help you: Please note, the first reference is in Genesis! This is how important this is to God the Father–1st chapter. Again, you have been misled–read your Bible. Remember what Jesus said to Saul? “Why do you persecute me.”
                Your Brother Greg

            • Mark

              TPTB are Luciferian/Satanic. If you need proof, look up Albert Pike quotes, where he admits he is trying to destroy all other religions to bring in what he terms as “the pure light of Lucifer”. TPTB also have a sophisticated disinfo machine to confuse people, part of which is to pay people to go to websites and spread disinfo about who’s responsible, or dupe others to spread it.
              They will try to convince people to blame group X or group Y to get everybody fighting each other, but not the real string pullers, TPTB.
              Hope that helps.

              • Mark

                I’ve also found using the terms Bankster or Globalist to describe the TPTB connects with people who are just learning about what’s going on best.

              • Greg Hunter

                Spoiler alert, the NWO doesn’t do well in the end.

                • Mark

                  Maybe you’re right now but we can’t just sit back and say the bible says the nwo will be defeated. We have to fight the santanists every inch. It is our duty, it’s mankinds’ only hope.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I agree. “Fear Not.”

            • RichM

              To back up what I was saying about the Abrahamic Covenant… here is some info for those who are interested.

              Abrahamic Covenant
              Abraham made covenants with God when he received the gospel, and when he was ordained a high priest. In these covenants, God promised great blessings to Abraham and his family. These blessings, which extend to all of Abraham’s seed, are called the Abrahamic covenant.

              Additional Information
              Among the promises made to Abraham were the following:

              His posterity would be numerous (see Genesis 17:5-6.
              His seed, or descendants, would receive the gospel and bear the priesthood.
              Through the ministry of his seed, “all the families of the earth [would] be blessed, even with the blessings of the Gospel, which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal” .
              A person can receive all the blessings of the Abrahamic covenant—even if he or she is not a literal descendant of Abraham—by obeying the laws and ordinances of the gospel (see Galatians 3:26-29; 4:1-7

        • Norman Taylor

          Gods people are men and women who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ Nothing more.

          • RichM

            Yes and the Jewish people will be delevered from utter destruction in the last days and upon the mount of olives, they will be given a chance to accept Christ as their Savior after He returns. He will show his wounds in his side, wrists , and feet to them and state…. I am the one who was killed in the house of my friends. They will accept Him. What a touching scene that will make.

        • frederick

          Just because you dont believe in that does not make a person an atheist Greg havent you heard that there are alot of agnostics out there?

          • Greg Hunter

            Both groups are lost in God’s eyes.

      • sk

        Greg probably considers you an Amanita phalloides! LOL! I think of you as a Boletus edibus! Colonel Boletus!

        • Chip2

          But, Greg, how can this verse be explained?

          Revelation 3:9 (NIV) – “I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars–I will make them come and fall down at your feet and acknowledge that I have loved you.”

          The bible is saying that there some really bad apples masquerading as Jews. Being the synagogue of Satan, they are involved in the worst of the worst. These people are here, now, in our world, making it a confused mess. Good is evil. Evil is good. Such characters would certainly sit atop the pyramid of political correctness, would they not?

          • Read and learn

            Good point !

          • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

            Chip2, “those who claim to be Jews, but are not”, refers to the people who claim to have replaced the Jews.

          • RichM

            People can fall away and follow the adversary… they can choose to due to free agency. They may continue to or decide to repent and come unto Christ. It is not recommended to go this route… falling so far away from Christ in the first place. Still many will but realize it and return through repentance and calling wrong the Lord and the Atonement of Christ. I think of the song… Amazing Grace”. If I recall, this was written by a man who had fallen so far away but found a path to return to the light.

            • RichM

              calling UPON the Lord… not calling wrong the Lord…. typo

    • Arthur Barnes

      Obama would love to do it for the Muslims, of which he a closet one, but we all know what happens when you curse Israel; “I will curse those who curse you and will bless those who bless you”. Don’t believe it, study the history of Israel and just watch the news; Israel is still standing!

      • Robert Lykens

        Thank you Arthur, you’re a breath of fresh air!

    • Robert Lykens

      My point is that the attempt to divide Israel, coming this fall, would coincide with an economic collapse, as stated by Mr. Weir.
      Other recent attempts to divide the land of God’s chosen people have also ended badly for those making the attempts.
      The definition of insanity is…?

      • Brad

        … “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”, right?

        That’s the definition of practice, actually.

  4. Robert Lykens

    A Trump/Sanders ticket would be the worst idea in the long history of bad ideas.
    You want to unite the nation? Proclaim a conservative, fiscally sound economic platform with solid ideas, not some socialist/populist hybrid-from-hell union with someone who’s even more of a leftist than Hussein Obama.

  5. Pogo

    Bix is wrong here. A merger of Left and Right is the status quo. If the Left wants to riot after the crash, they will simply be targets of opportunity for the better-armed and -trained Right. After that, maybe we’ll have the golden age Bix foresees.

    • Robert Lykens

      An age without the Left!

  6. Russ McMeans

    Never thought I’d hear a Trump-Bernie ticket from anybody. But I kept thinking about it for the past few months. On the money/ bank front; I’m simply a broke debtor so I don’t have to worry about that. No secured loans either. I have tools and stuff to fix things though, and a truck to camp in. Blackberries and squirrels and deer, maybe that’ll be what’s for dinner if Bix is right. I don’t know about Americans uniting though. That’s a tough sell. In smaller homogeneous towns-yes. But bigger cities with mixed race, I don’t think so.

  7. Shadow of Doubt

    A New Petrodollar??
    The U.S. is apparently trying to get Venezuela to utilize our dollar to stabilize their economy. They would use the USD in their economy and in return we would get their oil. As reported by the on 5/22/2016.

    • Robert Lykens

      Sounds like Citgo’s in an enviable position.
      I won’t trust Venezuela till Maduro and the left are out of power and someone with more sense is installed.

      • frederick

        lykens says “till someone with more sense is installed” perhaps we could send Victoria nudelmann down there to find some tribesmean to “install” like she did with Porky and Rats in the Ukraine seeing how ell that has worked out. “İnstalled” what kind of arrogant statment is that anyway? People like you wont be happy till everyone in the world hates us

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          Frederick, a hateful comment from a hateful mind.

        • sk

          LOL . Sometimes the real agenda slips out unintentionally. Godliness incarnate (sarc). How arrogant does a person have to be to go around “installing” other nations’ governments?LOL

  8. Darren

    Great interview Greg…I can listen to Bix all day…..Bix has said on a number of occasions that those who have the most debt will be the real winners because everything will be wiped out…Greg, what are your thoughts on that? Thanks….:)

  9. Faith

    WOW! This was one heck of an interview! I think this is the first time I have heard anyone just come right out and say “this is what is going to happen and why” in such a direct way. I have thought for some time that the system is inherently unstable and that there would come a time when there will be no payments, to anyone, of any kind. If you can’t touch it you don’t own it. My grandparents grew up with that point of view, but they have been dead for many years. I heard about how hard life was in northern Maine before WWII. The skills that my grandparents took for granted have been largely, not entirely, forgotten and are no longer taught to young people unless they purposefully go out and seek that type of education. I grew up being taught their work ethic which was left over from the Great Depression and WWII, when food was scarce and so was money. Some of those maxims are no longer taught. Many of peers were not raised in the manner that I was raised. Most of my peers are fifty-ish or sixty-ish, comfortable, overweight, and complacent. Not all, of course.

    Some of the maxims I was taught, and heard repeated over and over again I will post for those that were raised in a different way.

    No one owes you a living.

    People will judge you by the manner of your speech and how you dress. (Our speech and manners were corrected from a very young age up until the time we left home).

    Soap and water, a needle and thread are cheap. Wash yourself, wash your clothes, and even if your clothes are old, mend them and behave in a dignified manner.

    Respect your elders.

    Respect anyone that is working, no matter what type of work they are doing. Having a job gives people dignity and pride and it is not for you to take that away or humiliate them for being dirty, or sweaty, because of that job. That is why people have soap and water, so they can get cleaned up at home.

    Never lie. Your word is your bond.

    That is about it. My grandparents were humble people. They were incredibly strong. My grandmother cooked and baked (almost everything from scratch, including bread and biscuits and pie) and she kept chickens that she butchered on Sunday for Sunday dinner even after they moved to California.

    I deeply regret not asking more questions, not learning how to make lye soap from wood ashes mixed with fat. (There was no Tide laundry detergent for sale in Aroostoock County back then).

    Take care everyone, stay safe, and be smart!

    As for Trump and Bernie joining up and being on the same ticket? That would be brilliant. Absolutely brilliant political move, for both of them. What is that old saying, “politics makes for strange bedfellows.” Indeed.

    • da diz

      Thank you. Good job.

    • Jackie

      Thanks for posting that. I agree with you and it is nice to know kindred spirits!

    • DBCooper

      Faith, Good post … very germane … As I have posted in the past I started prepping when I was about 14 y/o and my wife and I wear many hats and have many varied skill sets, … as per J Sinclair’s recommendation we are Totally GOTS. I heard a rumor recently that Trump was financially supporting Bernie’s campaign and I thought that was brilliant … but … if Bernie gets the Dem. nomination then he cannot be Trump’s running mate (correct my if I am wrong) and it would still be a tough swallow to vote for a Communist for anything short of expulsion from the country.
      In regard to bug out … IMHO … head East over the mountains to the redoubt … the corridor is too dangerous and there is still relatively cheap land to be had. We will help if we can. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

      • Faith

        DB: thank you kindly! It was wild to hear Mr. Weir talk about a Trump / Sanders ticket! Think about it, they are two sides of the same coin. I love it! I am glad Mr. Weir brought this up first, as a plausible event, and a way to unite this country. It is a challenge to wrap your head around the idea, but, Trump and Sanders are both renegades, in a way. Outsiders.

        I appreciate your offer. I fear I may be a disappointment but this is the time to make plans and get ready in a very serious way for what lies ahead. I look forward to hearing from you and your wife, take care! Chin up!

        • DBCooper

          Faith, Thank you and guaranteed my chin is up (today!!) and my dance card is full!! I am working on a cut out so we can communicate directly. DB.

    • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

      Faith, what a ray-of-light post. My father grew up in ME too, but after WWII. Both he and my mother came from do-it-yourself stock. My grandma on my mother’s side had what would be considered an “urban garden” around her CA about 1/4 acre, and she fed four children and later the church food bank from it. Her values are exactly as you described, with a healthy dose of German Protestant work ethic mixed in. There is an article today on Drudge out of Britain saying that an entire generation of gardening knowledge has been lost because the Boomers either failed to learn or did not teach gardening to their children. FYI, if you want to learn to make soap with lye and kitchen fat, you can easily get this info. I believe the blog Little House in the Suburbs has a recipe. Or maybe just print it for later. 🙂
      My son came home from Kindergarten with a list of things he had written about his mom. (Me.) I had to laugh when I got to “My mommy doesn’t like…” He wrote: “My mommy doesn’t like to buy things for me because she says I have my own money.” I felt a strange mix of pride and embarrassment, wondering what the teacher thought! But some of us are trying to pass it on to the next generation.

      • Faith

        Snow, thank you for the kind comment. My mother’s parents were very simple people. They lived their lives with honor and dignity and passed that on to their children and me, a grandchild.

        I suppose the odd thing is that I learned to never apologize for being poor. That you could be poor and still live a dignified life.

        I recently heard about a neighbor yelling at the landscaper and demanding that he she up immediately and trim her shrubbery. The good news is that the landscaper actually did show up. What that neighbor didn’t realize is that young man is a partner in a business that is worth around $2 million dollars He has a 20% share which makes him worth $400,000. I can tell you that house next to mine is not worth $400K. Not even close!

        By the way, that house is up for sale. Who is the real person of worth? The person selling that house or the landscaper that has a 1/5 share of a $2 million dollar business.

        I have to say when I heard about the person that owns the house next to me berating the landscaper, I lost all respect for them. You can’t buy respect. You earn it based on your actions and behavior.

        My landscaper guy was a little sad recently. He went to a big fancy wedding, said they paid $30K for it. Said some of his friends had some nice fancy pick-up trucks and his was old. I shared some of my financial experiences and I was honest that I learned the hard way to pay cash. That having a big party and a nice vacay is great, if you can afford it. I told him I thought his friends would be selling those big trucks, cheap, in the future, all he had to do was wait.

        The thing that sent me over the moon for my landscaper was when he said he got it in writing, meaning a legal contract, about his share of the business.

        As for the person that is selling the house next to me? I wish them all the best. Good riddance!

  10. Tad

    Where does the US plan to acquire the gold for the standard Bix is referring to?
    If he thinks we have at least 8,000 between Fort Knox and other US locales, I think he’s dreaming. I think GATA and other feel likewise.

    Whatever was there has since been hypothecated a few times over. Much of it is in Asia.

    Should the time comes when said gold standard is discussed, pronouncements using 50-year-plus old newsreels and claims that, “It’s in the ground,” will demand substantial proof from the few Americans left alive to witness it.

  11. The Mohawk

    Greg, I have advocated for quite some time (I even wrote to David Stockman about his situation quite awhile ago) a few crucial steps that must be taken. Maybe your guest has some thoughts on this.

    1.) Complete repudiation of the debt-we owe nothing to the banking sector or their agents in crime. Honor our foreign debts after a forensic analysis and they are deemed legitimate. ~$5.7 trillion
    Why? This debt was created based on fraud as was the entire Federal Reserve System it is therefore illegitimate. Usury must also be a part of this investigation.

    2.) Seize the assets of the perpetrators as they are fairly well known. All assets, hard assets, securities, real estate holdings and personal assets including their homes and personal belongings down to their shoelaces. Special Forces to be deployed to ascertain assets and their location and the multiple escape routes of these individuals. This is and has been an ongoing criminal act and clearly a case of crimes against humanity. Hundreds of trillions of dollars is the estimated value of these stolen assets. Obviously these individuals must face trial.

    3.) Deal with the clear acts of multiple treason committed by our so called representatives. Arrests, trial and prosecution for Treason, Grand Larceny and in some cases possibly murder (in regards to wars of aggression based on lies–imminent danger is the key component here in most of these recent wars). These acts are still being conducted today and no representative has come forward (That I am aware of) and taken any action besides the acts of ignoring clear acts of treason and funding these acts against the Will of The People.

    4.) Crimes Against Humanity trial. This should be large and broadcast to the world. Nuremberg Part II.

    5.) Any foundation, organization or corporation working at behest or on the behalf of a foreign nation need to be shut down, thrown out and a trial ensued. It’s operators/members arrested and held for trial. These are very dangerous organizations in that they are merely tax avoidance schemes combined with social engineering organizations to be used as the owners see fit. Many of these individuals are extremely dangerous (not always working on behalf of a foreign nation but rather, a domestic agenda replete with foreign implications) and immoral individuals who tend to focus their “‘charity’s” on population control and the take over of education, pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Most are proponents of eugenics and are very open about that fact.

    6.) All future money to be printed by our treasury and will not be IOU’s to a private corporation. Treasury Bills as has been the practice in the past backed by an asset whether that be gold or other commodity. These are interest free bills and we will not be compelled to pay interest on them.

    7.) Love One Another and ask our Lord for his assistance and blessing.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mohawk, I’m okay with 5, 6 and 7.
      1,2 and 3 are too messy since most of the acts were legalized crimes. As far as I’m concern, all lobbyists in Washington DC should be shot. However, retroactive punishment for past crimes is as bad as PreCrime in the movie “Minority Report”.

    • foggygoggles

      Debt forgiveness is gaining support in some serious quarters. The other day, I listened to a Max Keiser podcast with Steve Keen. Professor Keen is the Head of the School of Economics, History and Politics at Kingston University in London. the interview starts around 13:30 in. At this point in time, Donald Trump may be just the person we need to negotiate writing off private debt. I don’t see how this would be any worse for our reputation than Nixon closing the gold window in ’71. I’m also a fan of hedge fund manager, Bill Fleckenstein. He discussed the issue with Eric King, in connection with an article by Jefferies economist, David Zervos, a couple of weeks ago. Economist, Richard Duncan, also has an interesting podcast on, ”
      “What the history of monetary policy tells us about our future” I think there are solutions waiting for us outside the box. Our real problems are learned helplessness and a lack of imagination.

  12. Ltzblades

    What happens to personal debts (auto, mortgage, student etc) if all government debt and all electronic assets (equity ownership not held in certificate form) are wiped out?

    • Can

      Personal debts are dishonorable debts as no money was lent.
      The so called “loans” were no more than a digital finger click into existence.
      Existence is a poor choice of words as the debt was phantom/physically invisible, the loan was “seen” as a loan only by the person making RE-PAYMENTS.

      The repayments were …EXTORTION of ones HARD EARNED salary.
      The repayments were regular and….UNLAWFUL INCOME…for the LYING THIEVING BANKSTERS i.e. those who lied to “borrowers” by telling them they had borrowed money.

      EVERYONE who has ever serviced a loan has been extorted and is lawfully entitled to obtain redress from the thieves.
      Best course of action may be to …issue commercial liens….to the perpetrators.
      Repayments will have to be…REPAID by the BANKSTERS……..RATschild & Co-CONSPIRITORS… lawful money i.e. in gold/silver at a rate of exchange in play on the day(s) each “repayment” was made………. WITH INTEREST.

      How did this situation occur ?
      Scum entities “acquired” …UNLAWFUL POWERS……to print money.

      The depth of this perfidious situation and the genocidal nature of these….EXTORTIONS….is far greater than simply……..debt serVICE ing.

      It would be wise for people to familiarise themselves with the difference between the terms ….LAWFUL…and ….LEGAL.

      LEGAL describes the …..vindictive thieving obstructive oppressive bullying…..ACTs statutes codes regulations etc …….that emerge from the malevolent minds of the UNLAWFUL SCUM who possess ….NO LAWFUL AUTHORITIES……to oppress mankind.
      When the words ……it is legal….are uttered……it simply means some …..VILE.. a***hole……has taken quill and parchment and bequeathed a whole load of BS to an under educated and impoverished populace.

      Mankind was born free.

    • Pete

      Keep dreaming

      • Pete

        Please disregard

    • Californiawoman

      Good point. I can’t see private debt being cancelled because debt slaves are needed in the NWO. That is why I question Box Weir’s theory.

    • The Mohawk

      Thanks Foggy but I’m not referring to “forgiveness” in any sense of the word (unless you are referring to soley private debt….i.e. mortgages, auto loans, usury based credit cards/accounts etc.)but rather acknowledge that the National debt is illegitimate as it is the result of an ongoing criminal act. It may seem I’m being to picky but I’m really not trying to be. My concern about Mr. Trump “renegotiating” the “debt” also leaves me somewhat cold as it could be simply seen as legitimizing this illegitimate debt. That could be one big Trojan Horse even if he means well. Say he propose “Okay, we’ll pay you .60 on the dollar and we’re square”. If he does that WITHOUT eliminating The Fed (or any other private central bank) we’ll be in the same situation in a very short time given we borrow .46 cents on every dollar we spend today and must continue to borrow to pay anything down. Spending must be reduced to a percentage of GDP (I figure about 17%) even if we pay no interest on debt. There should be no national debt. My proposal would be more like “Okay, we’ll not pursue Capital Charges if you are cooperative in our investigation”. Thats about as far as I’d go. Thats my “compromise”. The national debt is zero save forensically audited and verified international debt should be the policy Mr. Trump.

      Thanks for the links and I’ll watch the video. I’m familiar with Max Keiser and he does some good work.

      The most obvious proof of an ongoing criminal act AND organizations is that many of the major players (banks-HSBC, Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutche Bank,-among others) have been found guilty of fraud and deception, money laundering for drug cartels and other organized crime organizations yet NOT ONE (save a few lone small traders such as the London Whale guy) have been sentenced to prison and had their assets seized. I’m referring to Dimon, Blankfein and a number of other individuals. They merely had to pay many billions in fines. Who ends up paying that? We do but way of increased fees and further bailouts. Baloney.

      In the comment above you my comments are likened to “pre-crime” Minority Report style punishment. I maintain this is and has been an ongoing crime, not hypothetical nor in the past. While I appreciate their sentiment I also find it absurd as it has been acknowledged as criminal behavior by the courts and only required to paid for by fines, not prison time and asset seizure. The lobby industry must be stopped dead in it’s track right now and prosected—that I’ll agree with.

      Mr. Corzine and a whole list of others have never been punished while these bankers and traders have been allowed to give themselves billions in bonuses even as they were bailed out by the American People. That is obscene as is the usury rates being allowed to be levied on the average person.

      May I suggest —America:Freedom to Fascism. (DVD)-Aaron Russo

      Be well,

      Love One Another

      The Mohawk

  13. ScottL

    I doubt there will be a Trump/Sanders ticket. The problems of this country will not be solved at the ballot box. It’s too late for that. The financial system will implode (pick your time frame) and the impact will be far greater than 2008, exacerbated by unfettered immigration, internal terrorism and external pressures from Russia and China, primarily designed to weaken and eventually collapse the dollar’s presence overseas. To regain the country (meaning a constitutional republic) will require engaging in that event people don’t like to consider – a bloody revolution, as unorganized as its carrying out may be. Anything short of that will simply not cut away the cancer of progressive leftism and an insatiable warmongering government. Living side by side with the purveyors of such ideology is no longer an option. The recovery will take years.

    • Russ McMeans

      There’s another scenario that’s unlikely but would be great. China and Russia take out DC with icbm’s. Just DC and maybe NY. That would be really merciful of course. The monster would be crushed. A rainbow would appear and we would be free. Just think, the states could keep the taxpayers money and not ship it off to the dragon. No more blackmail by the Feds… Wishful thinking here. IV heard rumor that in the end, the Romans greeted the invaders, knowing Rome was worse.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are talking about mass murder. Are you an idiot?

        • andyb

          Greg; Fluoride proven to cause dementia, brain damage; yet 1/2 of municipal systems are fluoridated; vaccines containing neurotoxins have been linked to autism; expected to affect 50% of male births by 2025, versus 1 in 10,000 pre mandatory vaccinations. Chemtrails are proven to contain aluminum and other neurotoxins, causing brain damage. Then there’s Fukushima radiation and all the Tritium known to be leaking from US plants. Less than 1/3 of Pacific marine life exists today relative to before Fukushima. Helen Caldicott estimates 1/2 the US population will have life threatening cancers within 10-15 years because of Fukushima. Just the ingestion or inhalation of one cesium particle will cause cancer within 10 years. We are already marked for mass murder/extermination.

        • Russ McMeans

          Then the monster will eat us. I’m just looking at history. The government is slowly murdering us. Just look at the decrees coming out of Washington on a weekly basis. It’s evil.

        • Russ McMeans

          Also: the United States could function just fine without a big overpowered central government. That’s the way it used to be and how our founding fathers wanted it. Besides, last time I checked, we don’t seem to have but a handful of friends in DC. Our predictament is dire..

  14. Max Meister

    Well, now it’s September, last year it was October or better said, it ought to be. The next crisis seems to be always just around the corner. I just heard similar forecasts too many times during the last couple of years and i wouldn’t be surprised to see this year ending like the last one, with nothing spectacular happening on the financial markets.
    We’ll see in a couple of month.

  15. Dwain Decell

    Again, the economy is dependent on bank printing presses and debt. In the U.S. 65 million work in government, education, health care and spin offs. How do these sectors get funded without bank printing presses and debt? This is the heart of the problem that not one person will address. This is why anyone in office or who is elected, regardless of rhetoric to solve problems, will cave to central bankers who in reality, run the show. In this light, Trump cannot solve anything.

  16. Tommy

    One thing is sure. It will be a good season for squirrels. There is a bumper crop of nuts.

  17. Jerry

    I noticed “guest” was bagging on Bix Weir’s time line for collapse. Greg what else do these morons have to offer but denial? I’ve been hearing about this so called “recovery” much longer than anyone here making a prediction about a collapse. Every since 2008 I’ve heard nothing but, “things are going to get better”. “We’ve turned a financial corner” . “We’re almost out of the woods”. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Eight years of QE and TARP and what did we get? A whopping 0.3% GDP last quarter. Hooray happy days are here again!!

    If its wasn’t for the ESF, and reserve currency status of the dollar, this thing would have collapsed along time ago. Its a no brainer, you can’t sustain 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue. No one in recorded history has produced that level of debt and survived, and we are no different.

    Do you really think the rest of the world is going to stand by and watch their own currencies collapse in order to keep the dollar propped up for trade? If you do, you’re not living in reality, or paying attention. As soon as the gold is gone out of the LBMA its game over for the dollar no matter what the ESF or the Federal Reserve Bank decides to do. You can print money out of thins air all you want, and you can manipulate digits in a computer, but you cannot reproduce a hard asset like gold.
    That is reality.

    • Jerry

      Take a close look people. Do you see who is missing at this conference? Over 125 countries have signed on with AIIB.

    • Jerry

      Still think we’re irreplaceable? Look what the Chinese have planned now.

      • Jerry

        Can anyone say Petro Yuan? Friends its coming. The Saudi’s are like everybody else. They always go where the money is. Right now China holds the winning card. No us.

        • Jerry

          I can’t keep up with all that’s going on. Just in case you missed it, the Chinese bought the largest gold vault in London from Barclays, to along with the gold vault that they purchased from Deutsche Bank in January.

          Can anyone doubt that they are going to take over the market from LBMA and reset the gold prices collapsing the dollar? The timing is all that we have left to discuss.

          • The Mohawk

            They also purchased the vault in Manhattan from Chase about 3 or 4 years ago. The largest in the world I believe.

        • Gary Canuck

          Jerry, “When the nose of the Camel is in the tent, the rest of the body will surely follow”

          • Jerry

            Precisely Gary. Everyday we get one step closer to having the dollar kicked off its perch. True to form, it won’t be a problem for most Americans until its up in their grill.

    • Greg Hunter

      They basically temporarily saved the system last time. Next crash, we get a new system. Anybody attached to the old one will be wiped out and I mean totally and completely wiped out.

      • Jerry

        I totally agree. Its like an old wore out computer. You can keep putting parts in it to keep it going, but at some point its going to crash forcing a reset. Lets just call a spade a spade. Bank derivatives have totally overloaded our current economic system beyond repair. The only way out of this mess is by wiping the slate totally clean with a crash. The Bankers know it. Why else did they help the Chinese fund an alternate exchange system by smashing gold prices? Its as clear as day. Deutsche Bank and the western banks are in it up to their eyeballs. That’s what these bloodsucking scum bags do. They’d rob their own mother to make a buck. Just my opinion.

  18. tulip

    this is really good …. sanders trump ticket…

    • paul ...

      Tulip … I thought I was way out on a limb with the thought of a Trump – Sanders ticket … but your Sanders – Trump ticket even makes me laugh! … do you think Trump will accept the VP spot??? … anyway … lets do all we can to confound the Neocon enemy … and take back control of our country!!

  19. R. Stephen Dorsey

    I have several comments related to the interview and some of the comments provided by others:
    First, getting rid of the nanny state is an extremely volatile concept. I am not the first to notice that civilization begins to break down after the populace misses three meals – or sooner depending upon such things as opportunity and ethnicity. I think that a cold turkey halt to social security checks, EBT benefits, pension checks, and similar entitlements will cause an explosion in urban areas and will be reflected to some degree in all less-urban settings. There just won’t be time for a new, enlightened government (or local governments) to get their coping plans together. In this, I think Mr. Weir is naive about how much time America would have to become self-reliant. I believe Russ McMeans would agree with me. What I fear is coming is the basic conflict of haves vs. have nots.
    Secondly, while the Mohawk is right that justice should be done, if it is done along the lines of Nurnberg (yes, that’s spelled correctly) it will be a farce – just like the original. Nurnburg was a feel-good, catharsis exercise for a world just savaged by WWII but touched just the tiniest tip of the iceberg while the participant governments vacuumed up Nazis of all types for their espionage, medical, military value and paid back many with quiet relocations and new lives in, especially, the West.
    Thirdly, I question whether the US has any gold of its own and I agree with Bill Holter that the world will not accept paper IOUs for future transfers of goods and services for green/peachbacks. What would our federal government offer up as security? A hill that we say is full of unmined gold? I’m sure China or Germany would be open to that especially when Germany is still trying to get their gold out of our hands.
    Fourthly, Mr. Weir made the assurance that the US has been using other countries’ raw materials rather than use our own (by trading coloured paper IOUs for them for years), thereby saving our resources for the rebuilding that he sees taking place after The Fall. Reputable, resource-related literature should disabuse him of this opinion. Writers such as Michael T. Klare, John Michael Greer and Richard Heinberg, have researched and written at length about the increasing problem of energy returned vs. energy invested as well as scarcity of MANY common as well as relatively rare natural resources. And, I might add clean water to the list. Simply, we haven’t been resource independent since the early 1900s though we have been blessed by some resources in abundance.
    I’m glad Mr. Weir had a chance to present his hopes and opinions but I think that Bill Holter and other interviewees you have had on your website are much closer to the truth with their fears.

  20. Don

    Wow, Mr. Weir has some views that are unusual compared to others, though he to no’s the system is going down, he holds some pretty extremes. I read some of his views on metals and the system, and though I can understand the logic, a silver price of such extreme which he calls for in his writings are far above all others. Being part of GATA, he should have metal market insights, and market history. So I guess its wait and see for me. I am certainly not an authority on it. I can see a much different picture play out if Hilary was president, even though its something I don’t want to think about. I do believe Mr. Sanders, though a socialist, and Trump, are patriots, and the country will be in far better hands with one of them. I do hope, the police state disappears, and the globalist loss and are exposed and jailed. Good job Greg, and an interesting interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Don,
      Many years ago Weir was on the cutting edge of claims of manipulation in the gold and silver markets. That means he was on the cutting edge of “tin foil hat” criticism from the beginning. He was right and they were wrong. Nobody is 100% but no way is Weir going to be all wrong. Thank you for your comment.

      • David Brace

        too many experts screaming from their rooftops
        that this crash is inevitable. all of them can’t be wrong.

      • Gary Canuck

        Greg, another great interview with Bix, he puts a timeline on it, a gutsy call, because he put a timeline on it.

        Right now there are a lot of little fingers stopping leaks in the Dam, eventually it will burst, when “No one Knows”
        What I do know is that Bank Bail In Legislation has been enacted by the G20, “Why, if that is not a TELL than I do not know what is.

  21. Ross

    Can they continue to print money and prop the system up? With the next QE faith will be lost and money will seek are havens outside of the system. Already MSM is slowly revealing the truth. Cannot see it going on much longer.

  22. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Bix is definitely a contrarian but, Ben Carson suggested to Trump to take on a Democratic vice-president. One, I do disagree with Bix on is that the President and the Secretary of Treasury are helpless and depend on Congress, but rather each one can pass any legislation without Congress’s approval. To understand this you must read the entire article. I have had many legal scholars, Naomi Wolf and others, agree that this article is fundamentally correct by law, which doesn’t make it legal but it is by law. Legal and lawful are two totally separate issues.

    Keep up the great work.

    • DBCooper

      CC, Read your article and while much of what you write we have seen/read and studied before it is refreshing to see this and you have a fine writing style … Thanks, DB.

      • Country Codger

        Thanks DB,
        Hey, what did you do with all that money after you bailed out? LOL.


        • DBCooper

          Yeah, I like that …”All that money!!” … Took a buy-out, Created a contract IRA trust, paid off the mortgage, bought silver @ $30 (LOL) and am waiting for the market to revive!! How about you?? DB.

        • DBCooper

          CC, … Sorry to be a numbskull!! I had a rough landing along the Columbia and had to leave some loot behind … I heard through the grapevine that I died a few years ago in Lake Stevens Washington State … that’s all I know and hope the FBI doesn’t come knocking on the hacienda door!!
          Yours in Faith /Liberty and mirth, DB

  23. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the timeline of Sept/October is in line with a martial law & cancellation of the election by B. H. Obama. I for one would not put anything past Obama, he could use that vast executive power for invoking his anti-Christian, anti-gun ownership, pro Muslim, etc. agenda he didn’t have time to evoke during his time in office. Can’t believe B. H. Obama would sit idly by and such an opportunity slip by. If you guest prediction timeline comes to tuition Trump or Hillary will never be President, although Bernie may get Biden’t job should old Joe give it up.

  24. David

    A Trump & Sanders ticket? I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this one. However, the cartoons would be hilarious. If it does happen, I give them two days before they butt heads and roll around the rose garden like two ferrets in a love dispute.

    • susan

      President Trump could relegate Sanders to a nothing, but funeral attendee, etc. as has happened in the past.

  25. Daniel

    Greg, I do not agree with a lot of your perspectives in socialism, being from a socialist (at least historically not currently) country and having had a decent opportunity at education, health and retirement benefits thanks to the people that paid for that before me, now as an adult I am glad to return the favor to new generations.

    That being said I do admire your job and relentlessness. Every day I check your site for new content. Keep up the good job even if I do not agree with all your perspectives.

    Best wishes to the US, I sincerely hope the people to regain the control from the fascism that currently owns it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money. Then, it fails and people die. Socialism is failing all over the globe. Look a Argentina, Brazil, Europe and Venezuela. They are eating cats and dogs there. Look at Puerto Rico, it too is socialist. (which is a notch below communism.) The Nazis were the National Socialist Party. Look at Detroit (Run by socialist Democrats) another big failure. IT DON’T work man. You can’t live life large by taking other peoples production and assets. YOU got to work and save and the world owes you NOTHING.

      We don’t have capitalism right now, we have “corporate socialism.” It hates individual rights just like socialism. Go do your own work, save your own money and don’t sponge off society so you can live above your means. That’s what I believe and what I have done. I was the son of a blue collar worker. I paid my own way to college. NO LOANS and NO GRANTS. NO FREE blood sucking off from society. I did it on my own. I did without, struggled and worked my ass off. If this view is too politically incorrect for you, then, tough.

      • Martel

        Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

        Yes….Maggie Thatcher echoed what you said Mr. Hunter.
        We do not live in a market Capitalist system. We live in a Corporate Socialist slash Fascist system of command and control. Collectivism is Collectivism whether it is right or left does not matter.
        Low taxes, free markets, small government are the roads to prosperity….history has proven this and will prove it again….the founders were right plain and simple.

      • Marcelo


        Could you please tell me where in Argentina, Brazil and Europe are people eating cats and dogs ? Where did you hear/read it ?

        • Greg Hunter

          I said, “Look a Argentina, Brazil, Europe and Venezuela. They are eating cats and dogs there.” I should have been more clear. Socialism is failing in “Argentina, Brazil, Europe” and they are eating dogs and cats in Venezuela. Fact is Socialism always fails and the countries I just mentioned are failing.

        • Jerry

          What do you have against eating dogs and cats? A Chinese restaurant not far from where I live was closed down a few years ago for serving cat meat. I probably ate several dozen. Unknowingly of course. It was pretty good. We laughingly referred to it later as “cashew kitty”. Most Americans are so stupid they think hamburger comes from McDonald’s. 🙂

          • DBCooper

            Jerry, I was in a Chinese shipyard a few years ago for some weeks and I figure most of the chicken I ate there was the best rat I ever had … probably true … LOL, DB.

            • Marcelo


              I still remember when 30 years ago I saw in my local newspaper in Argentina a picture of the police closing down a chinese restaurant and leaving the place with cages full of rats

          • sk

            Hamburger grows on the hamburger tree, Jerry! Or….is it hamburger bush? Kan’t remumber…

            • Greg Hunter

              Didn’t I get rid of you once before? If you want to contribute, then do it. If you want to harass people, then get lost.

              • sk

                Comic relief, Greg! Even good Christian men must laugh a little….

            • Jerry

              Don’t be so hard on SK. He’s doing the best he can with what he has to work with.

          • Marcelo

            I have nothing against eating cats or dogs, in fact I was in North Korea a month ago and once we ate dog soup for lunch. But Greg said “eating cats and dogs” in a different sense, not in the “Asian” sense.

        • allen ols

          I caught gregs fu-pau, but knew what he meant and gave him a pass.

      • Karl

        Very well said Greg.
        That’s the problem now as people blame the problems on capitalism when no such thing exists. We have kleptocracy or crony capitalism at best. Socialism and communism invented by the Rothchilds. (Karl Max was married to a Rothchild ) is theft ie yiu take from someone 1ho works and give it to someone who doesn’t. How any one with morals or brains can be a socialist I do not know. It is certainly not a Christian concept as some people think as it’s theft.

      • Gary Canuck

        Greg you hit the ball out of the park.

        ‘We don’t have capitalism right now, we have corporate socialism” that’s exactly what we have in North America and
        it is not going to change.

        “I will trade you one Cow for a better Cow”

  26. jack

    I want to ask you something very important Greg. Do you really believe that the Saudis had a role in 9-11? or are they the dupes for another other interests that wants to now throw them under the bus .? it is an absolute fact that 9-11 was engineered by the CIA and with help from another tiny middle eastern country , with the Saudi’s left holding the bag since they are no longer useful to the Anglo “axis” There is absolutely no way that the Saudi’s had the ability or the access needed to pull off such a complex operation.

    I request that other people give their opinions on this most important question

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, they clearly had a roll, but there were many players, especially in the inside of our government. There is no explaining building #7

      • jack


        Do you think that Israel may have had a role in 9-11?


        • Greg Hunter

          Nothing could have happened if the highest levels of the U.S. government were not involved. No way to explain Building #7:


          • da diz

            Darth Rumsfeld

        • paul ...

          Jack … Israeli “Neocons” definitely had a role in 9 – 11 (as they were in charge of “security” at the Trade Center) … so now sadly with the ability to sure the Saudi’s it now opens up the possibility for Israel to also be sued … these damn Neocons are out to destroy Israel … in the same way Neocons over 2000 years ago conspired to kill Jesus !!!

    • Diane D.

      Jack, it is natural to ask, ‘Who was responsible for 9/11?’ But before we determine ‘Who’ was responsible for the collapses, we need to know ‘HOW’ it was done.

      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth represents 2,500 degreed architects and engineers who have risked their careers to demand the truth about 9/11. There is now hard evidence that the three skyscrapers were taken down by planted explosives in controlled demolitions.

      Once Americans learn that the skyscrapers were taken down by planted explosives, they will demand to know ‘WHO’ had the capability and access to do it.

      Please support them by signing their online petition ( to reopen the investigation to address this hard evidence.

    • sk


      • sk

        The above ‘bingo’ was to Jack.

        • jack

          We don’t need to ask who. If you look at motive, opportunity, and technical ability the answer is staring you right in the face

    • frederick

      of course you are exactly correct about that Jack There is so much evidence as to what really happened it just seems for some reason or reasons noone cares to look İt is truly astonishing to me how people can live with themselves doing nothing about such an atrocity Perhaps some are Lykenslike and others feel powerless but its very sad and pathetic The whole world knows the truth by the way

      • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

        I live rent-free in Frederick’s mind, he’s obsessed with me!

      • sk

        Once every 100 years a truly vivid adjective gets formed – “lykenslike”. I can just see the history books of 2050: “….and, unfortunately, too many Americans became lykenslike, so that a war became inevitable. All of the former Middle East is radioactive and uninhabitable, as are large portions of the North American continent. China occasionally is able to send food to the remaining inhabitants.”

      • Tin foil hat

        “İt is truly astonishing to me how people can live with themselves doing nothing about such an atrocity.”
        Most Americans don’t know. I never bother to look into building #7 because I trusted Bush. I didn’t see the light for more than 14 years. As far as what I’m doing about such an atrocity, I’m voting for Trump even if he picked Sanders as his VP.
        Trump will make the call on whether to open the can of worms. I know the mastermind is not the Saudis, Israelis, Clinton or Bush. They are mere co-conspirators.

        • JC Davis

          TFI I don’t believe the two party’s will be merged into one. We are controlled by a oligarchy that has millions believing we are a democracy, others believing we are a republic. some even believe we are socialist. My point is they use separation as leverage to keep the world under their hidden agenda. No one knows what the oligarchy will do. When it is done we still will never know the next move.

    • Jerry

      I have not formed an opinion either way, but I find this footage disturbing. Black op helicopters flying away from the twin towers prior to the explosion that took them down.

  27. Donna

    I do not believe anyone embracing Trump would embrace Bernie and visa versa.I do believe if the banks try and cheat people of their money there will be trouble.No one in the US will be Greece ‘d and take it without a revolt

  28. BernieS

    Bix is an intelligent man with a good heart and so is Greg Hunter. I agree with a previous poster that the outcome will be chaos. Sure, maybee some coalition can be stapled together but the world we’ve know will be gone. We’re at the brink of world war right now. The US government will not negotiate or give up its dominance to do the right thing or to save lives. The people in power crave power. Look at Hillary – greedy, deceitful and cruel – she is the mainstream of US political thought. Greg, I’m prepared for the worst – really prepared – and I hope I’m very wrong.

    • Tin foil hat

      I believe Putin is waiting for the Trump presidency to avert war. Putin is ready to negotiate with an outsider like Trump, he would be amused by a wannabe commie like Bernie.

  29. Scott

    I don’t doubt Bix. However, I seem to remember Sinclair saying “we don’t get through September without a big crash,” back in August of 2015. No disrespect intended to Sinclair, by any means.

    My point is that, according to the fundamentals, this entire debt-ponzi should have imploded already. I went ahead and sold every last thing before the FOMC meeting in December, 2015, after I had recovered most of my summer losses. Am I upset with Sinclair? No Sir, not at all. He’s right, Kirby is right, and Bix is right.

    We don’t know is “when” it all goes off, but implode the system shall, one day very soon. Better to take heed and act on the warnings Weir and Sinclair and others are giving you, then ignore them and make a fuss about what they’ll do say or do if they turn out to be wrong.

    Believe them I say, and take heed. If they’re off by a few months or a year, well, praise the Lord for more time to get ready. I hope they are wrong, but am bracing myself for what happens if they’re right. One day when you least expect it, they WILL be…

    • Greg Hunter

      You said “this entire debt-Ponzi should have imploded already” This is precisely why things are so dicey and fragile now. The financial system is very weak and when it goes it will go at internet speed not 1929 speed. Get ready and stay ready.


      • Robert Lykens

        “Internet speed, not 1929 speed.”
        Quote of the month.

      • Scott

        Agreed completely, Brother. 100%.

    • foggygoggles

      One of the reasons the prognosticators have been continually wrong is that they’re only looking at the public balance sheet. There are TRILLIONS of dollars off balance sheet in black budgets, deep state shenanigans and axis loot from WWII. Catherine Austin-Fitts Dr. Joseph P. Farrell good sources for information about this. Although subscriber based, both have a great deal of free information. Although I have to say, it’s the best money you will ever spend if you do subscribe. I continue to be at a loss as to why people continue to insist on only looking at a small piece of the puzzle, when there’s much more going on beneath the surface-confirmation bias writ large I guess.

  30. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Back in in the late 60s, us early computer nerds used to say: “To Err is Human; To Really Foul Things Up Requires a Computer.” You know how far computers have evolved since then. Things are really going to be messed up.

  31. Mike

    It’s interesting to see the political bias in the comments. Partisanship is a very hard thing to give up. Many folks have been so propagandized to believe the other party, ideology is the problem. If we just had a fiscally sound Conservative things would get better .. Yada yada . It’s a lie. How would being fiscally “responsible” benefit you in a Debt based monetary system? You have to spend to create more debt than the previous year . Period ! People STILL just don’t get it but they will soon enough..

    • Robert Lykens

      In a 100% conservative economy, we wouldn’t have a debt-based system, we’d have a merit-based system. If you earn $100, you spend $100.
      You have to think outside what you’ve always been taught by the Left.

      • frederick

        Taught by the left NO taught by the banksters and our “owners” as George Carlin called them Aaron Russo called them out in his great documentaries This is not a left/right issue both are corrupt and thats the problem We keep fighting amongst ourselves and the parasites keep draining us of our wealth They love it that way and encouage it and people are too dumb to see the “real” enemy

        • Robert Lykens (formerly Grafique)

          Sorry Frederick, I study much more learned and wise people than George Carlin, lol!!

          • paul ...

            And because they are more learned and wise they are still alive … but you won’t get the whole truth from them!

            • Robert Lykens

              Paul, you have no idea who I’m talking about. FYI, you have no corner on the Truth Market yourself.

            • frederick

              İ guess Lykens didnt like George Carlins brand of humor much because he did a skit about religion Carlin and Russo were both true American patriots and they both died of cancerMay they both rest in peace

  32. Paul Anthony

    “There is no way we are ever going to pay off this debt. If there is a crash in the markets, and all the debts and electronic assets were wiped clean, we would win. The U.S. is the largest debtor nation in the world. That was always the plan.”

    I would expect some angry nations to lobe a nuke at us if we intentionally wiped away our debt with a click of a mouse.

    But I pray not.

    I hope Bix Weir is right that we band together and take the country back in the fall…. or sooner.

    Hope he’s wrong that it takes two years to get a currency going — who knows how many millions would die through that.

    Good Interview!


  33. richard beers

    There is going to be mass suicide and maybe thats what the people running this place want. After listening to this I was really depressed it seems we are doomed. All that I worked for will be lost and the gold and silver won’t help at all.
    Allmy mining stocks will be gone b ecause I don’t have the share certificates. I will try to get this before all is wiped clean. I don’t see anyway to protect yourself and he wasn’t real clear on what to do.

    • Robert Lykens

      Richard, whether it happens this fall or twenty falls from now, your best protection will be spiritual. The Father wants more than anything to secure your eternal future.
      Please say yes to him.

    • R B

      Richard, take heart in the love of God ,in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly.Our hope is eternal life through Jesus Christ.

    • Tin foil hat

      richard beers,
      I think you need to take a vacation. The way I see it, you don’t know what your money would worth next year but you do know exactly the worth of the money you spend at the present. Spend it and enjoy the moment.
      Regarding mining stocks I would sell the gold miners at around $5000/oz before they get nationalized. I would keep miners like HL and SWC.
      All that we worked for will be lost only if we chose the path of socialism. We have to be strong like the Russians. They didn’t sit around and blame Putin for the sanction. They rolled up their sleeves and produced whatever goods which are no longer imported themselves.

  34. Jamison moore

    Thank you as always for you interviews.

    I have following you for years.

    May I suggest you ask you interviews what they are doing? What exactly are they doing to prepare? I never hear you ask that question.

  35. r.j

    Greg Obama is in vietnam right now.Didnt the u.s kill 100s of thousands of them to iradicate the red menace.Yet they welcome him with open arms.Do they see obama as a brother in political ideoligy. Help me out here.

    • Tin foil hat

      Believe it or not, the VC didn’t embrace communism from the get go, they were going to build their country in accordance to the vision of George Washington. That’s why they sought supports from the US against the French who attempted to re-colonize Vietnam. I was amazed by the fact that the indigenous people of Vietnam were initially assisted and trained by 600’s Japanese soldiers who refused to surrender to fight the French troops as they waited for our support.
      We were the new kid on the block and not considered a superpower back then like the Great Britain and France. I infer we didn’t want to offend the French and denied assistance to the Vietnamese who later turned communists to get military supports from the Soviet Union against the French imperialists.
      We stepped in later to stop the Soviet expansion.

  36. Eduard Tiltson from Idaho

    I am sorry Mr. Hunter. “Return to a Constitutional form of Government.” The Fed instrumental in collapsing the banking system????? It was the banks that formed the Fed in 1913, then are the share holder. Why would the Fed collapse its owners. As for returning to a gold standard, with what gold? The gold that China has purchased…..remember how far auditing Ft Know went. Besides, even if there was a significant amount of gold to back the USD, then the manipulation which has made so many rich would have to come to an end. I do not think that the players who became very wealthy in the current system are too eager to see their wealth and influence disappear……say a Mr. Soros et al.

    Mr. Weir states that the welfare state will whither away, well then how can Mr. Sanders be okay with that as part of a unity ticket. Mr. Sanders has called for more welfare state intervention.

    I do not know Mr. Hunter, sounds a bit like Jim Willy to me.


  37. Laura

    I just want to pipe in to say this: Don’t be paralyzed with fear! It would be so easy to just do nothing, but you can do this!
    Do something today to prepare!
    Take stock of what you already have.
    Plan a week’s worth of meals, double the amount needed and go shopping.
    Buy some bottled water.
    Here are a few favorites (Add yours)
    sound advice:
    my favorite homestead book:
    Long-term food storage:
    Garden Heirloom Seeds:
    Here’s a link from Thursday’s Trunews radio:

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Laura. We all need to take note of this message.

  38. Jan

    I fail to see how a Sanders/Trump ticket could possibly work. There’s hardly anything those two men (and their supporters) agree on! Trump and his supporters would like to a lot of things that Sanders and supporters repudiate: build the Wall, deport illegals, create tariffs on imports to protect American jobs, and temporarily disallow immigrants from certain Muslim countries. Trump wants America to win wars beginning with ISIS, wants to reinstitute waterboarding and, and above all, not be predictable. Sanders, however, is anti-war and against harsh measures like waterboarding, and is quite predictable. Trump wants competitive health care plans that will be affordable and available across state borders; Sanders wants one socialized healthcare system (like Canada, U.K., Scandinavia). I could go on, but the bottom line is that these candidates are like oil and water, and they will never mix!

    Sanders must win California and Hillary must be indicted for him to have a shot at becoming the Dem. candidate. I will always respect him for his guts and determination to refuse to cave to the political establishment or Wall Street interests. Today he made clear he wouldn’t reappoint Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

    • paul ...

      Jan … some soap will make oil and water mix … the “soap opera” going on with Shillary with regard to the Secret documents on her unsecured server might be just the lubrication needed to “join Trump and Bernie together” to remove Shillary’s “tar like” Neocon hands from the taxpayers till!

  39. DLC

    Greg, you were the typical model at one time. I grew up around the self reliant who did not trust gov’t goodness. My grandparents, the Yugo ones, would never dream of approaching gov’t on any level. Freedom and privacy meant everything to them.

    I remember a local radio personality once remarking: “SS made it possible for the generations to tell each other to go to hell.” With the cumulative programs since SS, families do not need each other. You can break all the rules for survival and there is a safety net for every stupidity and depravity.

    I once asked my father for a political job and his answer was: “If you want a job, go run for something. I refuse to HAND you anything.” As a Democrat, he always told me in private: “Go to gov’t for nothing. Do it on you own or do without.”

    My father started working at GE in Schenectady, NY, and figured out real quick that answering to a whistle all day was not for him. He worked for Avco Aviation during WWII after he got his engineering degree, and that was the extent of his working for others.

    I was only 14 when he first got cancer. No benefits, no disability. He was self employed and my oldest brother filled in until dad could again manage the family business. I was not raised by quitters or slackers.

    Like you, he came from less than nothing. My Irish grandfather was your stereotypical Irish immigrant drunk. My hometown is the result of the family car breaking down in that town during the Great Depression when dad was looking for work with that engineering degree.

    My Yugo grandparents were hard working, religious family people but nonetheless completely broken in spirit and with multiple health problems, thank you to the Eastern European people’s paradise.

    People have a very warped notion of life’s bounty thanks to gov’t. When it all falls apart, many will be like the toddler on that beach as the tsunami was headed inland.

  40. DLC

    Your outburst on socialism was spot on. The examples are right in front of people’s faces and have been since Lenin and Uncle Joe. People have experienced the enticing side of socialism. The last chapter always reads the same.

    • Greg Hunter


      Socialism = Failure and Tyranny. Thank you for your support.


      • Ray

        Socialism “BAD”
        Capitalism “PERFECT”
        = the current state of the planet……the evidence is everywhere.
        Greg talks a lot about God, and that’s great.
        As I understand, God says we should share.
        I don’t see Capitalism (or Socialism, to a lesser degree), providing much sharing…….again……look at the planet.
        I think the books of Neale Donald Walsh……especially his second book, come closest to solving the current problems, but that’s just me.
        Anyhow……in the interim, we go on……CAPITALIZING upon one another until the bitter, bitter end.

        • Greg Hunter


          Socialism fails every time in history and it fails in death and disaster. There is a big difference between willfully sharing and being forced to do it. 2 Thessalonians 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” KJV



          • DBCooper

            Greg/Ray, What we do not hear these days is Free-Enterprise … and it has been said by someone much smarter than me (Madison?) that without morals and principle our free system is doomed. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  41. Keith

    I agree with Bix on one point – there is a controlled crash coming. However, the aftermath will be so chaotic that there’s no way there could be an election afterwards. We will be the United States of Venezuela. No food, medicines, etc. for several, if not MANY months. Millions of seniors in hospitals and nursing homes and neighborhoods will die. The stench from decaying bodies will reek to high heaven. There will be two choices – FEMA camps or Walking Dead style survival. To think the US could “start over” (with everybody’s job gone, and retirement wiped out, and welfare payments halted) – a return of a ‘normalized’ society like nothing happened is pie in the sky optimism, and frankly just unimaginable.

    • Marcelo

      ” We will be the United States of Venezuela. No food, medicines, etc. for several, if not MANY months.” I think you are comparing apples with oranges. Although a collapse is certainly coming, the US stilll produces food and medicine which is not the case with Venezuela. Venezuela produces almost nothing and it has been living just from oil for the last 80 years. It has to import everything with hard currency.

      • DBCooper

        Marcelo, We beg to differ … when the trucks stop running we will be in the US of V in a very short time. Our industrial infrastructure is for the most part gone to elsewhere and the average American has less than three days worth of food in the house … How’s that going to work out? Personally we are prepped and ready to pull the trigger. Yours, DB.

  42. notyourpatsy

    Right in front of everyone’s eyes the potus is ‘asking’ congress for $2 BILLION dollars to ‘fight’ the newly created (by whom???!!) zika virus transmitted by mosquitoes!!! Where does everyone here think that $2 BILLION dollars will end up? Certainly not for more ‘studies’ which is Liberal speak for political contributions!! It’s HIS exit plan for HIS family while the rest of us are screwed!!

    When news first broke about the zika virus I pointed out that it would disrupt the economy this coming Summer by causing outdoor type activities to be curtailed or cease all together. Now watch the Summer kids programs be unattended, the used boat market is a free for all buyer’s market like nothing I’ve seen in 45 yrs of owning boats!

    It’s Elmers glue holding all of this together NOT super glue folks! Dig faster and deeper every day you have left! There is no time left to prepare THE DAY AFTER, until then keep at it and we’ll get to the other side of this calamity and right the good ship America!

    • JC Davis

      notyourpatsy This zika virus is the biggest false report ever. Strange how money can be tossed at a problem like this. A mosquito lives 24 hours, and breeds millions in a cup of water. If this virus were from a mosquito all the money in the world could not stop it.

  43. wondrouscat

    “Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.” Lucy Parsons (1853 – 1942)

  44. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Bix Weir raises some interesting points, yet I fear he lets what he would like to see happen affect his judgement of what will happen.

  45. vincent_g

    Again I think your guest is wrong.
    I think he’s wrong on how bad things will be if we have another market crash.

    Lets look at the facts.
    Will we have another crash? – most certainly we will.
    Will it be this year? – I am surprised we got past last year.
    Will they ask for a bail out? – no.


    Nope – no bailout will be needed.
    Because under the law you gave the Fed the ability to bail them out.
    They are the lender of last reserve and they don’t need permission now to bail out the banks of any kind. It doesn’t matter if it’s Merrill Lynch or Chase Manhattan.

    Now when it comes to the Auto Companies that is a different story.
    And they will be back for help once more.

    Banks will not be shutting down but the market may shut down to stop the sell off.

    Unless the day comes that the US dollar has completely failed will we have a bank shutdown.
    A failure like severe inflation could shut the banks down.

    Other than that it will just be a lot of people being knocked down a few pegs.
    A lot of people that will no longer be considered upper class or middle class.

    The problem with many is they keep looking back in history.
    They don’t understand there has not been anything like this happen in the past.
    You can’t judge what you think will take place on what has taken place before.

    As I remember what took place in the last crash the Fed wanted more power.
    How much power was afforded them?
    I’m sure they got what they wanted – they always do.

    There was a law passed in 2010 called Dodd Frank.
    I will be surprised if in that or some other legislation there is no new powers given to the Fed.

  46. Angie

    Bernie and Trump ticket!? Both groups love this county?! NO! Many of Bernie’s people just have their hands out and there is no middle ground with people like that. His political analogy is extremely lacking. News flash; the controlling factors do not give a tinkers damn about this country in fact “they”have done nothing to help county. They want us to fail economical and socially as well! Way out of touch.

  47. Carl Boone

    1000 Years of Peace on Earth Near? Lets Hope So!

    Do you know the Kingdom of God is a heavenly government. It will replace all other governments and will cause God’s will to be done in heaven and on earth. The news about God’s Kingdom is good. Soon God’s Kingdom will satisfy man’s need for good government. It will unite everyone living on earth.—Read Daniel 2:44; Matthew 6:9, 10; 24:14.
    A kingdom must have a king. God the father loved us so much he appointed his Son, Jesus Christ, to be King of His Kingdom.—Read Revelation 11:15.
    His Son is the ideal King [MARK 1:40-42.] because he is kind and he is firm for what is right. (John 1:14) Also, he is powerful enough to help people because he will rule over the earth from heaven. After he was resurrected, he ascended to heaven and sat down to wait at Gods’s right hand. (Hebrews 10:12, 13) Finally, our Father God gave him power to begin ruling.—Read Daniel 7:13, 14.
    A group called “the holy ones” will rule with Jesus in heaven. (Daniel 7:27) The first holy ones chosen were Jesus’ faithful apostles. He has continued to select faithful men and women as holy ones until now. Like Jesus, they are resurrected with a spiritual body.—Read John 14:1-3; 1 Corinthians 15:42-44
    Jesus’ first action as King was to throw Satan and his demons down to the earth. Satan became furious and began causing trouble throughout the earth. (Revelation 12:7-10, 12) Since then, mankind’s woes have severely increased. Wars, famines, epidemics, and earthquakes are all part of a “sign” that the Kingdom will soon take full charge of earth’s affairs.—Read Luke 21:7, 10, 11, 31.
    By means of global preaching work, God’s Kingdom is already uniting a great crowd of people from all nations. Millions of meek people are becoming subjects of Jesus. God’s Kingdom will protect them when it destroys the present wicked system of things on earth. So all who want to benefit from God’s Kingdom should learn to be obedient subjects of Jesus.—Read Revelation 7:9, 14, 16, 17.
    And as mentioned here over the weekend, during a period of 1,000 years, the Kingdom will accomplish God’s original purpose for mankind. The earth will become a global paradise. Finally, Jesus will hand the Kingdom back to his Father. (1 Corinthians 15:24-26)
    Whats next? Stick around, i’m sure a 1000 years will fly by! I’ll give you a hint, someones going to be getting an out of jail card. . .

    If you cant wait and keep in mind, Bible prophecy is better understood in hindsight. So this is somewhat speculation, but sounds good enough fer me!

  48. Clyde Crashcup

    Patriots at the gate: The Americans preparing for battle against their own government
    The Washington Post Kevin Sullivan 1 day ago

    The Ben Armstrong; Why You Should Love Trump?

  49. Dan


    – Douche Bank is going belly up. CHECK

    – The Fed trading desk can (and probably will) “pull the plug” when they want to which will crash the equity markets. CHECK

    – Trust is key and it will be lost by the markets. CHECK


    – Trump-Sanders ticket. LOONEY. He didn’t specify under which legal platform or party they would run. He didn’t mention who of the two would cede the Presidents position. Nor did he specify how things would happen in Congress if this pair becomes elected Prez & Vice-Prez. Last time I checked in the US *most* laws are set up and enacted by the legislation body (Congress). So how the hell would all the current Republicans and Democrats vote? This theory doesn’t make any sense at all. Doesn’t hold water.

    – Return to an honest money system/new dollar backed by gold. LOONEY. For a supposed GATA guy who should be working with facts, does he really think the Fed/US still has 8,000 tons of gold. No way in hell. What ever they have left has been leased multiple times. Like the Fed vaults, Fort Knox hasn’t been audited in over 50 years. The gold is very likely gone. Where are your facts Mr. Beir?

    – To the last point: he makes mention of the new system being put in place but never alludes to exactly how the other countries of the world would accept a new dollar for payment. Remember, the US imports most of the goods it needs; hence honest money is crucial. If new money is not backed by gold but by cow dung, how will it be accepted on the international markets.

    – Shanghai Gold Exchange / Fix disappearing along with other electronic system wipe-outs. YEAH RIGHT!

    While I’m grateful that most of Greg’s guest make some sound allegations and predictions based on fact, I’m a bit tired of guests making such outrageous/unfounded/not based in facts allegations and speculations such as the ones listed above. Thus, in the future please back your sh*t up. Us WatchDoggers are highly educated and sophisticated and have taken in a lot of false promises and predictions. So get it together please. But still appreciated you being on the “good guys team” Thanks

    • Jerry

      I kind of like the idea of Bernie Sanders with Trump. Its kind of like Daffy Duck with Goofy. The question that should be asked is “will it really matter”? I think the U.S. is toast either way.

  50. Tommy

    Trump/Sanders? LOL. What we need is to separate into at least three countries. Let the socialists have their own country, the corporatists can have their own, and the rest of us who want to be left alone can have ours.

  51. ROY

    I do not know if this financial collapse/reset will happen this summer, this fall or this time next year. It will not matter if you are white, black, asian or a martian, if you are a christen, a muslim or do not believe in anything. I do know this financial global reset is a done deal. It will effect everyone. It will bring unbelievable chaos as social systems/ monetary systems collapse. These social support systems will not come back. We never could have afforded them in the first place. The only thing that will put this financial reset off for a few years, is war between United States/NATO on one side and China and Russia on the other side. Once this war is over, financial reset will no longer be required. Social support system will no longer needed , as only 10% of the population will be left. “THE POWERS THAT BE” will not go quietly into the night, they will rather take all of us peasants down with them, than lose their power.

  52. Bill

    GREG; When the wheels come off our economy and they confiscate our savings and checking, will there be a restitution of our monies when the new dollar is issued and the economy returns. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Hope it goes that smooth. Thank you Bill.

  53. vincent_g

    It’s interesting that Alex Jones used the same words I used to describe Glenn Beck this past Sunday.

    I said Glenn was a Judas which I don’t think many others would use to describe Glenn.
    He pretty much described Glenn much the same as I did in a prior comment.

    Does Alex read your comments section?

    • Greg Hunter

      He might. Thank you Vincent. Beck has been acting out of character I wonder why the sudden change.

      • JC Davis

        Greg, Beck was sure heart broke when Cruz stepped down. Maybe he was promised some favor. He became a BIG Trump basher.

      • vincent_g

        Looks like a melt down to me.
        Word is he’s in trouble – suffering from a slight case of my funds are low.

    • Tommy

      I’ve always felt that Beck teetered on the edge of sanity. I believe he has fallen off that edge completely. The other day he was talking about voting Libertarian. Now, I have a huge libertarian streak in me, but Beck? Every position he has is 180 degrees from the L position. Donald Trump has been living rent free in Beck’s head for so long and I think The Donald has completely trashed the place.

  54. Wayne

    You should have asked Weir how he’s playing the coming crash. He should be loading up with Puts if he believes in what he’s saying. I want to know if he’s putting his money where his mouth is, otherwise with all due respect, he can spare me the predictions.

  55. Justn Observer

    For those with concerns about the missing papers… involvements in 9/11 and such…as to who, how… few have mentioned this woman’s point of view and research…so will add here for those that many not have heard of her…

    CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT EPISODE 369 Methodical Deception :

  56. Casey

    Hi Greg, with everything I’ve read and watched including the new Time magazine article titled “Saving Capitalism”, people like me are screwed. I am a fifty two year old veteran of dessert shield. Recently (almost five months ago) I was let go by my employer because I can no longer function on a day to day basis because of Parkinson’s disease. I filed in April for disability (I should get an answer in four to six months) anyway older, sick, broke with tens of thousands in medical debt.
    How are we supposed to make it through day by day when this happens?

    • Greg Hunter

      It is going to rough but please do not give up. Do what you can to store food and water. That will be a big help to you and it is cheap. I appreciate your service to the country.

    • Robert Lykens

      Hi Casey, I hope I can encourage you. Just know that if you’re in Jesus, this world is the only hell you’ll ever know. If you’re apart from God right now, remember the Father in the story about the Prodigal Son – when the son decided to return home, his father was watching for him, hoping he’d return. While the son was still a long way off, his father ran to meet him and “fell on his neck and kissed him.” That’s how the Father feels about you.
      Run this race with patience. Those in Christ have an eternal destiny of glory.
      I love you my brother vet.

    • susan

      Casey, I don’t know if this will help you, but you can get whatever medications you need from Canada even without prescriptions. If you wish to stock up on meds this might help you. I get mine at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

  57. Larry

    We’re headed for civil war. The Republicrats have succeeded in segmenting our society so much, we can’t live together anymore.

  58. Pinocchio

    Electronic assets on Too Big Too Fail banks:
    – wordprocessor
    – web browser
    – adult videos
    – adult online games
    – adult short stories
    – adult comics

  59. Oxfarmer

    Keith you don’t believe in the Virgin Birth? Goes to show what you know about marriage customs of the time. But there was that little matter of her Son rising from the dead, the most well-documented event in antiquity. After that, being omnicient is rather eclipsed by the ultimate proof of Jesus being God. When you rise from the dead I might listen to you.

    Sanders and Trump have nothing in common. Trump will pick a VP who compliments him and will help bring in votes.

    Where I grew up, if you signed for a debt, you were morally obligated to pay it. How does anybody decide to take out a mortgage or student loan or swipe yheir plastic and later say they shouldn’t have to pay? It sounds great until you are the one holding the loan.

    Bring prepared is a lifestyle, not a reaction to someone’s predictions. You know it’s all doing down, so you position yourself for the least damage. Getting out of debt was no walk in the park for me, but now I can’t be controlled by my debt. In countless ways big and small, detatch yourself from the culture, the system, the dependence. Act like every trip to a store might be the last. Learn from natural disasters and power outages. Be prudent and you’ll have less time to complain about people’s predictions.

    • Robert Lykens

      Hi Oxfarmer, nice post. Sounds like your most important prep is already in place – the spiritual one. Sure a crash is coming, but there’s no crash like death, the Big Crash. How many millions of people know it’s coming yet refuse to prep for it?

      Regarding your comment about debt, I totally agree with you. A debt is something to be paid, not something to be forgiven or abandoned. That’s why I didn’t like Mr. Weir’s comment that in the event of a crash, America would “win”. Defaulting on a legal debt is not winning. It’s losing, no matter how you look at it. If America defaults on its obligations, it loses its honor in addition to its trustworthiness. The national debt could be paid if the arrogant politicians would humble themselves and put their minds to it.

  60. Karl

    I like your site and agree on almost everything you post so it would be a shame If I was not allowed here amy more.
    Are you really saying that the architects of the NWO ie the Rothchilds, kissinger, soros are not Jewish?

    • Greg Hunter

      Really Karl? You hate Jews so much you swallow a false narrative? Is the Bush family Jewish? Cheneys? Clintons? Obamas? This is pure Lucifer evil, not Jews or Christians. If you want to continue a conversation on this, Please go somewhere else. I will not post another comment on this. By the way Wikipedia is not a legit source. It is full of inaccuracies and sometimes lies. I was never allowed to use Wikipedia as a source when I worked at the MSM for that reason.


      • Robert G

        Greg, I didn’t know that about Wikipedia. What source
        can one use that is reliable?

    • Jerry

      What’s you obsession with Jews? The Jews have interbred with every race on earth. My mother was Jewish. My father was French Canadian and Native American. What does that make me? I’m 100% American mutt. There are no pure races anymore. Most of the European nations are descendants from the northern tribes of Israel. Even the Arabic tribes are descendants of Abraham through Hagar. The race thing is a non starter for economic discussion. Banking linage? That’s another matter.

    • frederick

      Karl İ certainly agree with you that many of the perpetrators of the 911 attacks were Jews however as Greg points out there were plenty of patsies involved as well and facilitators like Bush Cheney and Rumsfeld İ would prefer NOT to use the term jewish as İ happen to know many good people who are jewish. İ prefer to use the illuminati or the new world order(whoever they are) People like Silverstein must have been complicit but so were people like giuliani in my opinion. The fact remains it was the work of satanists and the people involved in it MUST face justice or else we have no hope for a prosperous future as a nation İMO

  61. jeff leaich

    Please include Gary Johnson when discussing presidential prospects. A Sanders/Trump ticket will never happen.

  62. Dave Keller


    What has happened to Bix and his recent thinking as presented in the latest interview?
    You do such an excellent job in getting those who you interview to nail down their position as best they can. However, Bix’s last interview left me puzzled , nothing seem to matter except Donald and Bernie and everyone coming together. All heck will break loose before that happens. My impression of Bix’s position is that we are finished. Even his comment about holding silver if you need to be on the move. What happened to sell you gold and buy silver. It is hard to imagine that Bix could have been more negative than what he was during the interview.

    Please keep up the good work that you provide those of us who are trying to understand the situation we are facing.

  63. pat the rat

    Not sure that 1929 speed and internet speed are that munch different, computer are instant people are not.It takes people time.

  64. Sayonara

    Wow, the Bix interview certainly Bixed things up on this series of comments. A lot of anger and viciousness here. But it all makes sense, because what we are witnessing is absolutely unprecedented in human history. Most people who view and participate on this site are significantly more economically and politically savvy than than average American. The frustration is that everyone sees and knows what is going on is not going to end well period. The degree of anxiety in the posting of recent weeks is clearly obvious. I to am frustrated that things that are obvious are not YET materializing. It just seems that informed people become increasingly anxious when they know terrible things are about to happen, they become increasingly frustrated that they have to remain in an extended state of anxiety and cannot move on to deal with then known impending events.
    This is how macro manipulation works. We know WHAT, we just don’t know WHEN.

  65. Jerry

    The countdown on Deutsche Bank has started.

    • Silence is Golden

      ……June 7 2015, Deutsche Bank co CEO’s resign…..
      Amazing how long this process can take.
      DB really is the last straw that will break the camels back (monetary and financial systems). They are frantically holding it together. In my mind it is beyond insolvent….the derivatives are worthless and the debt exposure will cascade throughout the entire global financial system. There will be no place to hide.

  66. Gina Mancarella

    All this gloom and doom talk helps noone. It is time to have a serious dialogue to layout a plan to bring the nation together in unity. Unfortunately, we are bombarded daily about Trumps plans to shake things up, but the last thing we need is a shake up. Hillary wants to rebuild America and revitalize the social fabric of America. She wants to build an America that is all inclusive, a nation that doesn’t discriminate on Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Social Status or Economic standing. No longer do we need to cultivate the prejudices of the past and the proclivities of ignorance. Hillary is preparing a homecoming for all Americans when we elect her the first woman president in the history of our great nation. Take hold and be filled with faith in a new beginning not unlike the scourge of slavery that we rid of from ourselves just 150 years ago. Together, we must be brave and do what we must to build a fairer and more just economic order so that all Americans may share the bounty of our God given nation. That is right. We need to give God the glory for what he has given us in this country.= in this day and all others that will be a part of our lives. God Bless America and God Bless us all.

    • Greg Hunter

      The weaker Hill looks the more chance she will be indicted. She looks pretty weak to me. Hillary = Criminal = indictment.

    • Jerry

      Gina baby.
      Where have you been the last eight years? We’ve already tried all of the wore out socialist ideas that Hilary has, and they haven’t worked. 0.3% GDP last quarter. Hilary has nothing to offer. If anything she needs to take ownership of this piece of crap economy she has put her runner stamp on. I used to think Bill was the lying king, but she takes the cake.

    • Donna

      Gina do you see what Hillary is?Her and Bills demonic credentials?Hillary must be prosecuted for treason,corruption and murder. Then Bill.No more free pass on rule of law.Pray Trump will hand her over to a real investigation next Leavenworth cleaning toilets.

    • paul ...

      Gina … Sadly you are placing faith in a “new beginning” with a known Neocon who has no qualms selling America down the drain with her criminal “money for favors” shenanigans … and you are voting to keep the Soro’s/Rothschild Neocons in control of our military … .. the same Neocons that provide most of the funding for incidents like 9 -11 (that killed so many Americans) in order to advance their global agenda … don’t you understand that to have a “new beginning” … we Americans must rid ourselves of the Neocons controlling our military and making them fight endless wars … resulting in the killing millions of women and children!!

      Gina … we will never have a “new beginning” until the Neocon cancer infecting America is eradicated and halted from spreading their malignancy of war and death to every part of our world!!

      • frederick

        İ totally agree with you Paul and everyone needs to ignore this Gina as that isobviously a troll

    • Jerry

      Do you really want to see what Hillary is worth? If you have the guts read this article. If you’re as faithful a follower as you say you are, then you have nothing to lose.
      After you read it you will realize that this woman is nothing but a high priced globalist whore, and cares absolutely nothing about the United States.

  67. frederick

    Paul Craig Roberts just did an interview with John Wells on “Caravan to midnight”

  68. diane s.

    Check this link out I found on Solari Report
    A Harvard MBA Guy Is Out to Bring Down the Clintons

    Sorry Gina , your Hilda beast is going down.

  69. Colin

    Banjo Pat, check these links out…

    The large majority of bible prophecy students do in fact believe the inception of Israel in 1948 did in fact start the prophetic countdown. This is an extremely important part of that as well..Matt 24: 32-35 “32 Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. 33 Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it[e] is near, right at the door. 34 Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

    The fig tree is Israel…Yeshua is saying that the generation that sees the birth and maturing of the nation of Israel will not pass away until all of these signs come to pass. The most accepted biblical time period for a generation is 70-80 years. Read the entire chapter of Matt 24 for the signs He gives and you will see we are in the last of the last days.

  70. diane s.

    This is from a friend who has been in the Peace Corps in Albania for the past few years

    C.Pierce’s article about the use of Saudi money to spread Wahabism is right on target. What is going on in Kosovo has moved into Albania as well. They are building mosques all over Albania with free schools in an effort to convert the society here as well.
    As an American aid worker I am starting to see the effect. Last month the Secular government had tried nine immums for sedition and preaching the over throw of the government.
    This has never been mentioned in the western media, and is turning into the next battleground. The US and EU will find themselves embroiled in another civil war, and we will end up with another hostile country of fanatics unless we pull our heads out of the sand and deal with it before this cancer is allowed to spread.

  71. Rex

    Hey Greg,
    I noticed you usually ask your guests what they think about gold and silver. I wonder if you could sometimes ask your guests what they think about big ticket items like real estate and cars. These two big-ticket items are probably in a bubble now. I expect the prices to come crashing down when the market crash happens. It should be a once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity of epic proportions. Then after some time, I *think* the prices will start to up fast as the dollar continues to plummet. I would like to hear about buying strategies like this, and other ways we can take advantage of the coming collapse. Cheers.

  72. notyourpatsy

    Here’s some eyewitness testimony for other WDer’s. I’m in TaxJersey and attend 2 local flea markets as both a buyer and seller on Friday/Saturday. The first is a run down smaller 50 table place where a table is $5 or $10 depending upon the day. In walking the place for the first hour or two that I am there I see what is on other people’s tables. I especially notice the tables with ‘bullion/old coins’ on them, and usually I set up my table across from one of them. I have noticed the majority, 75%, of people shopping/browsing this flea market do not even give the ‘bullion/old coins’ a second look, or stop to inquire, as if it’s not even there! I watch the dealers at these tables sit there in what appears to be amazement that people just glance down and walk on by. Meanwhile they see me selling whatever it is I am selling like hotcakes…antique kitchen gadgets, old books, sporting gear,etc. I generally buy old garden farm gear at this flea market. Now there are probably 5-9 tables out of 50 with ‘bullion/old coins’ on them throughout the place, yet nothing seems to sell!?! I see people spending money on what I think is ‘junk’ like they are completely unaware of what is transpiring in the larger/Country/World economy!?!!

    The other flea market is medium sized and about 100 tables plus ground vendors who spread their truckloads out on tarps like industrial garage/yard sales. This place I do the same and speed walk the whole thing before I setup across from a table with ‘bullion/old coins to watch. Here though there are dealers with more current bullion in both gold n silver for sale and they seem to have somewhat regular buyers. But again, 75%, of the crowd strolls on by carrying junk bought with dollars. Most seem not to have a clue as to the value of the silver and gold coins on the vendor tables?!?! I know some of the vendors selling after 25 years and they all say the same thing, folks want to buy at ‘spot’ price’ because that is what they see on tv and *believe* the price to be for in your hand bullion?!! It just amazes me that folks have an opportunity to buy what their local coin shops don’t have in inventory, yet walk on past!

    Sure the vendors are buying from the bigger national dealers and trying to flip/resell to folks who either don’t know where to buy or can’t afford more than a coin at a time. Just a head’s up from what I’m seeing for the past 5 years at local flea markets in Central TaxJersey. What’s it like where you are Jerry? Oxfarmer? Guys in the Great Divide/ JWR areas?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Not” for some good street reporting. What state is this?

      • notyourpatsy

        It’s New Jersey, Central NJ to be more clear Greg. What astonishes me is the complete crap that people ARE spending their ‘dollars’ on at the flea markets. Rather than buying something more tangible and valuable, they opt for anything but ‘old coins/Bullion’ from what I have witnessed the last ten years . Now I have been going to these and other area flea markets for over 25 years to source things for the farm, but it’s only really been since 2004 that I’ve seen an increase in vendor tables selling ‘old coins and Bullion’ openly.

        I want to know what other WD’ers in other states are seeing at their own flea markets with regard to this situation. No joke, I’ve seen over $5000 worth of Silver bullion on a table at a local flea market with hardly any buyers!?!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you “Not.”

  73. Karl

    We may need that Sanders trump ticket quite soon. Isn’t it amazing how the left is always the most violent

  74. don

    Trump and Sanders will never unite….never….it’s a delusion to think otherwise. Yes, if Trump wins there will be problems in the streets. Newsflash…there already is. If the economy implodes a Trump-Sanders ticket will not stop that. In the short term the country will fracture, states will take on more responsibility and control, masses of people will move like they did during the depression, crime will skyrocket in some areas – mainly where people do not have guns.

  75. John D

    Bix Weir predicted in an August 20, 2014 interview that gold would be at $10,000 an ounce and silver at $100 by the year end.
    Need I say more?

  76. Ed

    Bix Weir: “After the crash, they will return to a gold-standard after the dollar hyper-inflates” (to become virtually worthless).

    (FROM OTHER SOURCES: One gold-backed dollar will be exchanged for a large number of old dollars so that the people will have only a small fraction of the wealth which they previously had.)

    From Ed: this may be a “good time to sell” up to half of your precious metals because after the new currency is backed by gold, the price of precious metals may be reduced relative to the new gold-backed currency.
    So immediately after you sell during the “good time to sell”, pay off ALL debts and prepay some future bills such as forthcoming property taxes.

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