Asset Prices Can Collapse at Any Time-Axel Merk

Axel Merk: Janet Yellen, Dollar Decline and Asset Price CollapseBy Greg Hunter’s 

Money manager Axel Merk thinks new Fed Chief Janet Yellen can’t do much to improve the labor market even though she claims she’s most interested in helping Main Street and not Wall Street.  Merk says, “Yellen is from Berkley, our neighborhood, and it’s all about warm and fuzzy feelings.  Ultimately, of course, there is only so much the Fed can do for Main Street.  My view is the Fed is the major contributor of the growing wealth gap we have in the U.S.  You have free money, easy money, hedge funds can do great with it, but when lured into credit, you can fall down into the cracks.  Yes, she wants to help Main Street, which conversely means she may be far more interested in regulatory policy to force banks to do certain things. . . . She is more interested in regulation than worrying about interest rates.” 

Merk also points out, “The reason why the Fed wants to boost asset prices is because millions of home owners are underwater, and by pushing up asset prices, they are no longer under water.  The reason why this is relevant is the U.S. economy is very consumer dependent.  Consumers under water in their home are not good consumers.  That’s why they want prices to go up, and, sure, the stock market goes up at the same time.  If you have assets, if you have money, you have done great with this Fed. . . . The reason why they are pushing up asset prices is to bail out home owners.” 

But don’t think the American home owner is in the clear and lives happily ever after.  Merk says, “Home price inflation is not sustainable.  It’s a very fragile policy because it can evaporate at any time.  The moment the ‘taper’ talk started, new home sales, existing home sales deteriorated because, guess what, as interest rates move up, you have to pay more for your home.  Now, interest rates have come down a little bit, but the signaling is out there; and home buyers are not coming, and that is a big problem for the Fed.  It’s one of the reasons why we are not going to see an exit anytime soon.”  Merk goes on to say, “The Fed is not going to reverse course until it’s way too late.  They have already decided to be behind the curve . . . they have agreed and promised to be behind the curve in raising rates if inflation becomes a bigger problem.  The best thing that can happen to us is that we will continue in the muddle through environment.  The worse thing that can happen is economic growth, that we have some of these economic policies succeed.  Look at the Japanese to understand what is happening.  If they are rebuilding Tokyo for the Olympics, if they are going to ramp up military spending, what do you think is going to happen to the bonds over there?  Bond prices will plunge, and it will make it impossible to finance government debt.” 

On the possibility that the economy could suddenly collapse, Merk said, “What could possibly go wrong when the stock market goes up every day?  Asset price inflation means asset price inflation can reverse.  You can have a collapse in asset prices at any time.  You saw it in gold a little bit in April of last year.  There was just no bid out there.  The same thing can happen in the equity markets. . . . Meltdown is an over statement.  I think we can certainly have a crash, but central banks are there to prevent meltdowns.  Central banks can keep the zombie banking system afloat because they can always provide liquidity.  They cannot provide solvency but they provide liquidity.  That’s what happened with the Fed in 2008.” 

On the Ukraine and sanctions from the EU, Merk says, “There is not going to be any significant sanctions with all these different European businesses dealing with Russia.  The one takeaway from the Russia situation is that over time, Russia will sell more gas and oil to the East than the West.  They are going to use the renminbi or other currencies, and it’s just not something that you flip a switch, it’s something that’s happening gradually, that’s been happening.  Think about a frog in a boiling pot of water.  The dollar has been on decline for many, many years, and it’s going to continue to happen.  There are lots of reasons why the dollar could weaken.  It may not happen, but there is a risk that could happen.” 

On the possibility of war in Ukraine, Merk says, “I think this particular incident is going to fizzle out.  Putin shows you how it is done . . . and the sanctions are not going to happen.  To the broader point, I think Ukraine is a symptom of an increased political instability throughout the world.  Ukraine has a problem no matter if they are associated with the East or the West.  They have too much debt.  We have too much debt in most parts of the world. . . . Policy makers never blame themselves, they always blame somebody else . . . and that sort of thing increases instability throughout the world.”  Merk says he holds core assets of physical gold and silver, “mostly gold.”  

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Axel Merk of   

(There is much more in the video interview)  

After the interview: 
Axel Merk said another problem in the world economy is “real wages have been stagnant globally for 10 years.”  He also added there is another risk for having extreme amounts of global debt.  Merk contends, “There is a reason the Great Depression ended in World War II.  We are setting ourselves up for a much bigger problem in the future.”  He did not predict when war would happen, but inferred chances are good there will be another world war.

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  1. Galaxy 500

    Off to bed. I am intrigued by text. Will have to wait to see video.

    • allen ols


      MUST WATCH: Jim Rickards Visits Keiser Report & Exposes Himself as a SHILL For The Establishment, Covering Up CIA Involvement in 9/11 Insider Trading

      by SGT, SGT

      In the second half of Thursday’s Keiser Report, Max interviewed Jim Rickards about his new book, ‘The Death of Money’. Max and Jim discussed the insider trading in American and United airlines stock in the days leading up to 9/11. The 9/11 conversation begins in earnest at 14:35.

      Rather than revealing the TRUTH about 9/11 insider trading, Criminal Foreknowledge and Insider Trading leads directly to the CIA’s Highest Ranks, once again Rickards makes the following hallow, water boy-for-the-establishment claim:

      “This was insider trading BY terrorist associates, I want to be scientific and rigorous about the evidence, and separate this from some of the crazy theories out there that somehow the US government was behind 9/11, that’s all nonsense. And again I want to separate myself from that.”

      To Max’s great credit, at 18:00 he calls Rickards out on this very transparent argument and specifically cites trading firm Alex Brown and Buzzy Krongard as being directly involved in 9/11 airline stock put options trading:

      “We know that these trades were done at Alex Brown, which is a firm not too far from the CIA, which was run by Buzzy Krongard… he then took a job as the Deputy Director of the CIA under George Tenet DURING the events of 9/11. So here you have a firm, in Baltimore, where the trades were done, that was run by the guy who is now the Deputy Director at the CIA. Your thoughts, your comments.”

      At which point Rickards totally exposes himself as an establishment, Bankster-CIA shill.

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. But you need consider this Tweet: (it is in Russian, use a translator) CDB want provide to BRICS countries loans denominated in RMB. This single fact (among others) means the US dollar game will end soon and the whole financial system will go down.

    Your thoughts. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Oracle 911,
      The dollar as a reserve currency will end much sooner than most think. At the very least, the Yuan will be a major competitor.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Yes, more likely a competitor, perhaps even a dominant one. We have a $16+ trillion economy (GDP) in a world economy of +/-$63 trillion. There will always be some international trade in dollars. The world can’t just throw away 20% of its economy. Nevertheless, the days of our chicanery with foisting our costs off onto others via dollar machinations is coming quickly to an end. Best always. PM

  3. bob

    great interview. germans are very smart people. inflation is already here. i fear what prices are going to be in the near term, let alone a year from now. am i not wrong, but this started with clinton an the free trade act during the 80’s when things were booming.”is this not part of kick the can down the road, where we are now looking at all the jobs are across the pond”? nobody saw that coming. we are rome all over again,

  4. Milan Markovich

    When Axel said no conspiracy, you should have asked him then why no audit of US gold in Ft. Knox since the 50’s. I’m sure it’s all there – NOT! That’s why this will all come crashing down eventually, when there is no more gold to use for that.

  5. Jerry

    Greg this was another interesting interview. Axel Merk is much more optimistic about our economic outlook than most of your guest are. I am somewhat skeptical about his 10 year timeframe he mentioned several times in the interview. I think the fuse has already been lit, as many of the worlds economies are now pushing away from the dollar. Internationally I think it is recognized that the debt we are carrying is unsustainable, and that congress has no intention of controlling spending with the removal of the debt ceiling. Ten years ago the emerging east economies were not strong enough to make the transfer, to a new exchange system without the dollar. But they are now. Japans recent Gold buying frenzy clearly indicates the lack of trust in the dollar, and it is just a matter of time before they accept the Yuan as new reserve currency . If that happens who does that leave to buy our bonds?

    • JC Davis

      Jerry. One word I have …. Excellent.

    • smaulgld

      ” If that happens who does that leave to buy our bonds?”
      Forced conversion of retirement accounts to US Treasuries, touted as safe, guaranteed
      There is no other buyer. The fed has been buying 70-90% of the newly issued treasuries, if they are serious about tapering, you are right China, Russia won’t buy them.

  6. Petedivine

    Axel sounded exasperated when discussing PMs. I would really like to know which deep monied entites are buying all that silver. I wonder if said entity is buying physical silver and using paper shorts as a hedge. If that were the case then one could argue that there isn’t any manipulation in the silver market. However, buying a physical asset to hoard or to consume while pushing the price down with paper that symbolizes wealth seems like manipulation to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      My reference was to the sale of Silver Eagles at the mint compared to Gold (1oz). That is a physical market and running at about 300 silver ounces bought for every one ounce gold eagle. So sorry If I didn’t make that clear.

  7. Galaxy 500

    If you want the physical, its a buying opportunity.
    Nice interview Greg. PUTIN shows you how its done. MSM here makes fun of Putin but let me tell you, he’s a doer while Obama is a talker who is marketed as a thinker. All you can conclude is that the “thinker” is thinking about destroying America but cause all his actions and/or inaction damage the country in one way or another.
    In photo ops, Putin wears military fatigues while Obama rocks the houses in mom jeans. Obama draws red lines in the sand; Putin goes where he chooses and laughs at red lines. Obama talks, Putin does.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you 500. Axel is the man!!

  8. Galaxy 500

    I hear that when Obama touched them to hand them to Pelosi, his hand burst into flames and when Pelosi touched them… well, have you seen a recent photo of Pelosi? I mean damn….
    And in other news, followers of the religion of peace kill those who disagree. The only way to deal with these “Peaceful” followers of Islam is with high speed lead poisoning.

    • art barnes

      Galaxy, you got “religion of peace” figured out. The term was coined during the Bush boys years, it was a farce then, and a farce now. An inactive, passive, but a closet supporter of a movement are the real dangerous ones because they give the active ones respect which they crave so much for doing what they themselves don’t have the balls to do but would like to. Islam was, now, and in the future will never be a “religion of peace”, its not in their written, spoken, or their custom(s) to be peaceful in making converts; convert or die, not there is a peaceful choice, ironically speaking. I always enjoy your comments on Greg’s blog. ab

      • JC Davis

        Art Barnes. How I would like to see inside your mind. Every post you send I must read 3 times.
        “they give the active ones respect which they crave so much for doing what they themselves don’t have the balls to do” Are you Andrew Jackson from the grave. That was wonderful.

      • Galaxy 500

        Great point. Thanks

  9. Galaxy 500

    McCain’s buddy Charles Keating died. He stole billions and went to jail for a while. Why has no one ton to jail over the theft and fraud of trillions

    • Greg Hunter

      He pled guilty to 4 felonies. He is a convicted felon and all of the “Keating 5” should have gone to jail!!!

  10. Galaxy 500

    7.1 million signed up for Obamacare. …hahaha HAHAHA
    How many paid?

    • Galaxy 500

      So in NV, only half that selected a plan have actually paid. Why would NV be so different than the rest of the country? How many of the seven mil are Medicare? You know…free? They cancelled six point two mil policies and how many got Obamacare. Except:
      “As of Saturday, 40,500 consumers had selected qualified health plans through the exchange. Of those, 24,000 had paid for coverage, the Associated Press reports.

      Callister noted that the lawsuit is not an attack on the Affordable Care Act or the state’s insurance exchange.

    • art barnes

      Most of the ones who signed up don’t pay much! I have acquaintance who just signed up and is only paying about $50 a month, and whats more, her hospital stay of last month prior to signing up (over $50,000) is going to be paid; go figure.

      • Galaxy 500

        What about the $12,500 deductible?

        • lastmanstanding

          If she has no money, no assets, no nothing…they will write it off. If she has anything, they will seize it.

          That’s how aca works. That is why it was nothing more than a bridge to get to the “ultimate system”.

          Govt sponsored single payer system. That is what all commies want for you.

          • Ugly

            That is what everything is coming to. If you have any assets and are paying $20,000 a year in healthcare premiums and cannot make the monthly payments for your heart surgery, well there goes the house. Lets use math, and say some pays an average premium of $18,000 a year for 25 years and then suddenly needs to use his healthcare on some cancer issue. Well he pays (18000 x 25) $450,000 in premiums and still needs to cough up the deductible. There goes the assets….

            There is good news though. There is no way America will survive by the time this becomes implemented. We will collapse before then….

      • JC Davis

        Art Barnes. I qualify for free Obama no care. Am I wrong for not taking the government for a ride? I don’t want a doctor that will agree with a system of thieves. Yet I am getting older. What should we do. Not looking for a fix. just your thoughts if you will.

        • art barnes

          Its complicated, but in the whole world nothing is free if its a commodity or service one obtains in the market place. I’m getting older too, but free has, and will always be unproductive and can’t be sustained long term. That is all l meant. J.C., you should get your health care under the new law and if its low cost so be it, you can bet somehow, someway, it won’t be a “ride”, or if it is it may be one you may want to get off of later. Thank you for your kind words about my mind, maybe Obamacare can use it as a study of opposites.


    We seem to be suffering a MAJOR perception problem today, because several speakers, writers etc. are warning of a market meltdown potential; while Jim Rodgers has written that this equities market could triple, because it’s still considerably undervalued. Obviously the market can’t go both up and down simultaneously and how can investors KNOW which way to expect the equities to go?

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke, Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

    • Galaxy 500

      So the market is undervalued? Thats damn laughable…and demonstrably false. Look at earnings…P/E are well overvalued. The market is going up because of QE. It sure ain’t earnings.

      • Liquid Motion

        RS has a point and a good one if you look at the equation through a different lense.
        In nominal (USD) terms your response may be true. But thats false economics/analysis.
        As an option though, consider bringing some reality to the S&P or The Dow Jones indexes by representing the index in a “real” sense. Value the indexes according to real money ie. Gold ( & not in USD terms).
        You will see that both indexes are very poor performers and extremely undervalued when valued this way. This is what I believe Jim Rogers refers to.
        With currency debasement as the mantra of the CB….and expectations of higher inflation and concurrent gold prices, one could expect to see substantially higher indexes.
        Weimar Germany is a very good example of the benefaction in higher stock prices resulting directly from money printing. As money volumes increase you would expect higher prices. Monetary inflation accompanies price inflation. A hyperinflation scenario could cause serious anxiety and discomfort for those who do not adjust their metrics.

      • lastmanstanding

        or volume.

  12. Jerry

    If things weren’t bad enough, then we decide to go Bear hunting with a switch .
    Folks, JP Morgan for all intensive purposes is owned by the Dragon family of China. This is going to have major repercussions for the dollar as the Russians seek retaliation through their influence . This is happening at the same time the Britton Woods Committee meets this week. Forget the NWO conspiracy theories, this is happening right now.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry I never heard that one. Im still laughing. Bear hunting with a switch.

  13. JohnM

    Good Interview with a straight shooter…

    I’m not trying to sell anything but thought silver buyers may be interested (if you haven’t seen this before) in the latest Royal Canadian Mint is offering. I just ordered their new $50 for $50 silver coin (you can order 3). It’s classified as Non Circulating Legal Tender (NCLT) here in Canada which means if you don’t have a coin dealer nearby you can take it to a bank and get your face amount of paper currency in return. They also have $20 for $20 and $100 for $100 (limits apply).

    Since I’ve retired, buying bullion is financially difficult but picking up stuff like this where you have some “government” guarantee is doable.

    To bad the US Mint doesn’t do something similar.

    • Ugly

      Canada has a good system on their silver coins. I wish US Mint would have silver rounds with $5 face value….

  14. JC Davis

    Greg and friends. My brother sent me this link to Hitler finding out he cant keep his doctor under obamacare.

  15. JohnM

    Guess I should have added the website 🙂

    • Galaxy 500

      Glad you put the disclaimer that you’re not selling them. These coins are half an ounce and for about ten or twelve dollars more , you can get two US silver eagle one ounces coins. Not worth it to me to have a buy back.

  16. Jeff

    “No bid for gold ” ? “There is not going to be any significant sanctions” ? “This particular event (Ukraine) is going to fizzle out” ? Sorry, wrong in all counts.

    • Galaxy 500

      Jeff he said lack of bids is what cause the price of gold to crash a year ago. Happened. ..past tense so that makes it a fact

      • Liquid Motion

        What market has a “Bid” for Gold at 4.00am ?
        Hardly a lack of bids…more like paper dumping at inappropriate times volume… ensure a price smash. Intentionally driving the price lower (shorting) to allow for profiting on the spread.
        Observations are subjective. Context is helpful.

  17. Ugly

    And the madness continues. So raise the value of homes so that the underwater mortgages will be reduced due to value of home if they need to sell and escape. But that is not how human nature works. If the value of the home goes up, well then why not get another home mortgage loan for that badly needed vacation or motor-home? Bad habits continue to begat bad habits….

    Rising home prices will only increase bankruptcies. Most people cannot afford homes that exceed $180,000. That is because that is a monthly payment of at least $1,600 per month. Rising home prices will only raise new home price values, thus reducing their sales. I know what these folks are thinking. That is eveybody has to live somewhere and also eat, therefore raise the inflation on homes and food–people will adjust right?

  18. allen ols

    Bernanke denounces Keynesian Economics, to author book supporting Audit the Fed – Campaign for…
    At an emotional press conference this morning, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, strongly rejected the Keynesian economic…

    • JC Davis

      Unfortunately, not every day is April Fool’s day
      Good one.

  19. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    I think every Christian should study Job chapters 1 and 2.

    The Most High God(Father) owns the board(earth) and all pieces:
    1 Corinthians 10:26 for the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof.

    Father assigned His Word who is His Son Jesus over the white pieces as himself the King and His major and minor pieces being controlled by their obedience to His Word:
    1 Peter 1:22-23 Seeing ye have purified your souls in your obedience to the truth unto unfeigned love of the brethren, love one another from the heart fervently: (23) having been begotten again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, through the word of God, which liveth and abideth.

    Father assigned satan over the black pieces as himself the king and his major and minor pieces being controlled by their flesh and its lust for power, money , and fame:
    Ephesians 2:1-3 And you did he make alive, when ye were dead through your trespasses and sins, (2) wherein ye once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the powers of the air, of the spirit that now worketh in the sons of disobedience; (3) among whom we also all once lived in the lust of our flesh, doing the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest: –

    There are spiritual forces over the game used by Father to control the final outcome of each of us:
    1 Kings 22:19 And Micaiah said, Therefore hear thou the word of Jehovah: I saw Jehovah sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left.
    Ephesians 6:12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    Putin, Obama, and all the others in the G20 are fully bought and positioned by satan through his bankers all being major black pieces who are called the beast in this game. The G20 meet behind closed doors and are told what to do and to appear as adversaries among the pawns who are the masses so they can move the whole game toward the scripted outcome of a NWO against the Christians like Job.

    The whole game has a final outcome and the winner has already been decided by Father:
    Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat upon the horse, and against his army.

    It pays to make sure we live on the right side of this chess board every minute of the day:
    Philippians 3:18-20 For many walk, of whom I told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: (19) whose end is perdition, whose god is the belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. (20) For our citizenship is in heaven; whence also we wait for a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:

    For the eternal outcome will be decided by how we chose to live:
    Revelation 21:7-8 He that overcometh shall inherit these things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son. (8) But for the fearful, and unbelieving, and abominable, and murderers, and fornicators, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, their part shall be in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.

    Please read the whole chapter of where each of these passages came from to more fully understand what each one of us are up against :o)

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • Curlly

      Dear ROB,
      Before the statute gives birth to anything, before the day has passed by like the chaff, before there comes upon you people the burning anger of Jehovah, before there comes upon you the day of Jehovah’s anger, seek Jehovah, all you meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably you may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger. ZEPHANIAH 1: 2-3

      [PROBABLY?]: Consequently let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall! 1 Corinthians 10: 12

      Oh and by the way ” The meek shall inherit the oith” Psalm 37: 11 I’m from Joisy!

  20. 8Ball

    The American “financial” system has been a fraudulent enterprise ever since 1913. The primary goal was to shift the US off of the Gold standard and on to a totally fiat money system.

    “The one aim of international financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debts. ” Henry Ford

    on the subject of PM manipulation:

    • art barnes

      Yet Henry Ford’s dealerships had finance plans for their Model A’s, buy on time as they called it then.

      • Galaxy 500

        Credit is not evil. However living beyond your means on credit is.

        • Liquid Motion

          Credit is evil when it is extended from Nothing and when it is used with Usury. Credit perpetuates and supports the essence of the financial system and all business models. Without it we would not have inflation.

    • Charles H.


      Good quote. Henry Ford nailed it.

  21. Galaxy 500

    Obama is so evil nothing is too outrageous for him or his minions

  22. Galaxy 500

    Jamoo a liberal talking head is defending the indefensible. She is saying that Morel told the truth when it is transparently false. Bull Shiite. It just like mary barra the head of GM has this smug grin answering about the cover up on the Chevy Cobalt that killed thirteen people. This is a criminal conspiracy. NHITSA and GM covered this up in the bankruptcy. The govt sold their stock right before this came out. The scumbags at GM that put $0.57 ahead of people’s lives should go to jail for the rest of their lives just as the dingleberries at NHITSA who covered it up should go to jail. There is a lawlessness that the wealth and the politically connected enjoy that us little people will never know. And NOBODY should be above the law. Its hard to teach your child to be a law abiding citizen when they see the scumbags getting away with murder.

    • Charles H.


      This is the situation in Mexico – the rich and politically connected get away with Murder: and literally murder. I live in Mexico, and it grieves me to watch America go down the tubes. Soon it will more than mimic a Third-world country: it will become one.

      • Galaxy 500

        A local police officer sided here due to a shooting. At least the price shot and killed the perpetrators. I didnt know him but a friend says he was a good guy. I see the deterioration in our society. Its amazing to see people who have no shame and a sense of entitlement that comes from generations of freebies.
        I saw a man complain about having to pay for liquid Tylenol for his sick kid ( the prescriptions were free compliments OR us) saying it all should be free and he didnt have the six dollars. As I reached in my pocket for some cash to pay, he asked for a pack of cigarettes and pulled out a twenty. What a wonderful world we live in where the father doesn’t care enough about his kid to spend six dollars.
        And as I am leaving they drive by me in a Cadillac Escalaid. Can some one tell me what I am doing wrong? I dont have Cadillac, I dont get my drugs for three dollars like he did BUT let me tell you I do have…six dollars to buy my kids drugs if they are sick.
        we are paying for generation after generation of criminals to be bred and we will pay the a bigger cost in violent crime.

        • Ugly

          That goes on everywhere. Some people really need the help and are working and trying, but I have seen many myself using foodstamps and then putting their food in a nice SUV. That is what healthcare is about. That is me paying annual premiums of $20,000 with $50,000 deductible just so others can pay zero. And if I don’t pay, well I may lose my house–who knows? If that day comes, then I will live like a Central Banker and that is run up mega debt. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we shall….

          • Paul from Indiana

            You, and others of us, are in that situation, because those that instituted this cockamamie “system” know that your vote can’t be bought. That’s the shame of it; it’s all a political sham. Best always. PM

          • lastmanstanding

            Ugly, if we quit or give up, there is NO hope for anyone else.

            When it burns/collapses, no one will be coming for your home, etc. from the US gub. I can’t speak for the rumors of “others” who have been promised or pledged our stuff.

            One thing I know for certain…I won’t be bothering or asking anyone for anything.
            I will be standing my ground without fail.

            You have mentioned that you live in a “suburban” setting with few like minded and that your note is paid. Have you considered selling and relocating to a bit more rural, friendly spot. It is spring and primetime to list and sell RE…and get to a better place. It may be you last chance to sell at a descent market value.

            Just a thought. Take care brother.

      • Liquid Motion

        CH & G500,
        Given the obvious observations, surely the powers that be wouldnt let this get to that point……. UNLESS there is a sinister plan in place…..that the sheeple havent woken up to.

    • Curlly

      Power corrupts, Super Car and absolute power corrupts absolutly!

  23. Rodster

    Here you go Greg !

    “What About The Dollar: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal”

    No $USD being used in this deal.

    • Greg Hunter

      More dollar negative news.

      • Rodster

        More Negative $ News, Greg !
        “Lawmakers call on oil and gas producers to ditch ‘dirty, bloody dollar’”

        “The dollar is evil. It is a dirty green paper stained with blood of hundreds of thousands of civilian citizens of Japan, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Korea and Vietnam,” one of the authors of the motion, Mikhail Degtyaryov of the conservative nationalist party LDPR said in an interview with Izvestia daily.

        Degtyaryov also said that Russia already had a bilateral agreement with China allowing payment in national currencies and this proved that such step was possible.

        • Rodster

          You can add this Quote from the article:

          “Our national industrial giants will not suffer any losses if they choose to make contracts in rubles or other alternative currencies. Russia will benefit from that. We should act paradoxically when we deal with the West. We will sell rubles to consumers of our oil and gas, and later we will exchange rubles for gold. If they don’t like this – let them not do this and freeze to death. Before they adjust, and this will take them three of four years, we will collect tremendous quantities of gold. Russian companies will at last become nationally oriented and stop crediting the economy of the US that is openly hostile to Russia,” the MP said.

    • art barnes

      Yea, 20 billion here, 20 billion there, sooner or later it will add up to real money!

  24. Jerry

    For those of you who didn’t understand my last post, let me illustrate it for you. ( JP Morgan Chase is the Coyote, we are the bomb)

    The fuse is now lit.

  25. Ugly

    I’m glad silver coins are out selling gold coins 300:1. It tells me that many in the middle class are finally waking up. I hope those same people have a modest food storage as well. The more the merrier.

  26. Ugly

    On rising home prices for asset creation? This is no more than for increasing property taxes. You know if your home is valued at $180,000 and are currently paying $2,200 per year, we’ll raise home value to $240,000 and increase taxes to $3,000 per year. Just more stress on the middle class and more subsidies for the ultra wealthy and the so-called poor….

  27. Albert TEsla

    Yay a realist!

    “Meltdown is a over statement”

    Indeed it is…. I hate to say it(no blame towards you greg), but many interviewees on this site have a tendency to over hype things…For example Karen Hudes (name spelled wrong possibly) and Gerlad Celente fit this category. They say these drastic “hollywood” like statements with little information to back them up.

    It’s as if they are using some main stream media tactics to gain popularity.. Hype, over exaggeration, etc.

    at 13:30 he is right on the money…Ukraine with the west, or with the east, is still in $^%#.
    No offense to that country because they do have a rich history it’s sad to see, but its just what it is. Ukraine’s top export is probably female prostitutes and their “revolutionary” leaders are thugs wearing Baltimore Raiders hats.

    • Greg Hunter

      Famed investor Jim Rogers (Roger’s net worth is $300 million and he’s a best selling author.) says “What is going on today has never happened in recorded history.” Rogers was referring to the economic and monetary situation the world finds itself in today. The BIS came out recently and reported the global debt now stands at $100 trillion. That’s 40% higher than before the 2008 meltdown. Those are not “drastic “Hollywood” like statements with little information to back them up.” There are many other negative facts out there if you are willing to look. Thanks for the comment.

      • Albert Tesla

        On Jim rogers – I’m going to be blunt, i don’t know much about him. But when i get the free time to thoroughly research him and his works I’ll do so.

        “What is going on today has never happened in recorded history.”
        Eh, history repeats itself. Ancient Egypt for example during a certain period had to freeze all forms of trade due to financial confusion.

        Does the BIS include the “underworld market” of drugs, fraud, and all things criminal related? I don’t think so.

        I read recently about a middle of no where town in the middle of Romania. Hackers flourish in this town. Teens cruise in BMW’s and Mercedes’ with gold adorning them head to toe. I’m sure if you were to look up the “official” finances of the town, they would not reflect the actual standard of living at all.

        Colombia is broke on paper….but go tell that to the cocaine lords

        Afghanistan is considered a failed state, go tell that the natives who hold opium fields

        etc. etc.

        you said – Those are not “drastic “Hollywood” statements
        I’m not saying everything is “exaggerated”, but i think all information should be taken with a grain of salt with vigorous questioning.

        Karen Hudes comes on here and says the Vatican is the Don Corleone of the banking world with nothing to back up… She also “warned” us of the resurfacing of the dark ages lol? That to me is hollyw0o0o0d.

        • Greg Hunter

          Albert Tesla,
          You are focusing on one guest? Well on the part where we could return to the dark ages she was spot on. This is why Warren Buffett said derivatives were “financial weapons of mass destruction.” Oh and by the way, there was no global currency or $600 trillion in derivatives floating around in Egyptian times. Please stop, you are showing your limited grasp of what is going on in the world.

        • lastmanstanding

          All you need to know about Rogers is that he and George Soros started the Quantum Fund…together.

    • Liquid Motion

      “Meltdown is an over statement” ……..Whiskey Tango Foxtrot !!!!
      Solution is the ability to provide liquidity ..but not resolve INSOLVENCY ? Hmmmm!!!
      If anything it is Understated …but its OK for you to continue thinking all this is just noise & HYPE.
      Your comment smacks of arrogance and a few shots of ignorance. Sorry…but that’s reality.
      Maybe …just maybe your lack of interest or enthusiasm for understanding the mechanics of the implication of TOO MUCH DEBT has caused you to err on the side of the FED and other central planners, who by coincidence are also getting it WRONG every day.
      btw….Ukraine is not unlike Greece, Italy, Spain being supplanted with Western (non democratic) elected heads of government to resolve their Sovereign debt issues (and hand over Sovereignty to the ECB/IMF). If you care to look ….common denominators are present…..not only in the physical presence of these enablers and financiers but also in their agendas.
      Re-adjust your rear view mirror before it bites you in the backside and remove the rose colored glasses adorning your face. Otherwise just put the headphones on and turn up the noise.

    • Jerry

      We’re not to far away from putting your theories to the test. We will see how far this will go when the petrodollar dies (which it is giving a death rattle now) and the world dumps the dollar as reserve currency. The proof in the pudding will be whether our economy will be able to stand on its own legs without being propped up by the G20 nations. Ah….. I’m saying NOT.

  28. JC Davis

    Greg. I have never seen such fear gripping the hearts of my friends. I am seeing weakness in the (strongest) of men. I am reminded of a scripture .. Men’s heart failing for fear. Obama care is more then a wrong direction . It is criminal.

    • Greg Hunter

      Agreed JC!

    • art barnes

      J.C., that’s because the main street media, aka the American Pravda, has politically corrected our men into to boys who are afraid of dark shadows. We can’t say this, we can’t act as men as its too aggressive, we have been “politicized corrected” and “feminized” to being a mass of modern day “metrosexuals”, not men as was intended by the maker. That is why they are scared as real men don’t scare easy, the only ones left in the late great United States who the government are concerned with, they don’t line up real well and get into box cars even at the point of a unconstitutional welding paramilitary police weapon. Your strong men are losing the battle for their manhood by the new laws & customs of America, pure & simple, its slipping away.

    • Jerry

      My favorite is II Peter 3: 3-4
      Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers walking after their own lust. And saying. where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.

      Haven’t you heard it here before? The scoffers arguing with Greg. Prophesy fulfilled.

  29. Galaxy 500

    Why are Dems so anti voter ID? DEMS say no need as there is no fraud. Here’s a simple study where they compared voter registration in states that share it. 155,000 (unsure of number) double voted…voted in NC and another state. No fraud???

  30. Éric

    Washington is using the Ukrainian/Crimea situation to deepen and “lock in” its presence in Eastern Europe with NATO forces. The creation of this new irrational fear that Russia could invade Eastern Europe (which is completely ridiculous) is used as a way to cement their alliances against Russia and the emerging BRICS monetary/financial system. Maybe I am over speculating but it seems to me that the whole Crimea situation is used as a way to justify the implementation of economic and financial sanctions against an important member of the BRICS. The Crimea situation is the justification to “shield” the Western Europe away from the emerging BRICS movement. Maybe this is the real justification behind Washington’s recent violent push in Ukraine.

    The West knows that the USD is in trouble. They know damn well that the BRICS are actively developing a parallel system (the BRICS Development Bank, their own undersea Internet cable with a BRICS – SWIFT like wire system). The clock is ticking and the time is running out.

    This coming April 10th G-20 Bretton Woods meeting in Washington is all about reforming/democratizing the IMF, the use of USD as world reserve currency and the inability of the US government to put its fiscal house back in order. Some analysts view the coming April 10th meeting as a negotiation deadline on those important issues. The deadline was set all the way back to 2010 when this round of negotiation started. Since 2010, the USA have refused to modify their position and nothing has advanced. So April 10th could prove to be a decisive date for the emergence of a BRICS parallel system.

    We know that in the last year Washington has been trying very hard to sign TTIT and the TPP “free trade” agreement with Europe and Asia as a way to lock these nations into using the USD as their trade settlement currency for several decades to come. So far these “Free Trade” agreements haven’t been signed and the outlook for the TPP isn’t clear at all as several major players are dropping their interest in it (for obvious reasons). Those so called Free Trade Agreements would turn signatory nations into Vassal States of an all mighty Washington which is itself acting as a stooge for what really is a supranational US Corporate Power Grab.

    I think that all these events are related in their attempt by the power that be in Washington to firm their grip over vast territories and secure the dominance and use of the USD for decades to come. I don’t think it will work though. There already is a deep power struggle within Germany between the industrials and the fascist financials, the industrials being against economic sanctions against Russia.

  31. smaulgld

    Alex is another good guest. Here is my prediction what Yellen will do to “create jobs”- she will require banks that she funnels money to, to loan money to businesses that will hire workers.

    She will get her inflation this way as new money on the side line will enter the market.

    She will get her inflation but we won’t get our jobs because the strings attached on getting the money will probably result in the money going to company’s that will not be sustainable (think green energy, low income zones etc)

  32. smaulgld

    Here are the stats on sales of silver vs. gold at the U.S. Mint:

  33. jknbt

    The fed is owned by the big banks. They have printed trillions of new money out of nothing. They loaned it to themselves, and then used it to buy stock. That is why the dow is as high as it is today. This is called the “PUMP” phase. They will sell everything when the market won’t go any higher. This is the “DUMP” phase. Then comes the “CRASH” phase to reset the value of the dow down to what it should be. They know they can only make money in a rising market. So the market has to be reset to its minimum value. This is the “DEPRESSION” phase. After enough people who bought high have panicked and sold low, the banks and the fed will start the whole process over again.

    Someday the voters will demand that the fed and the big banks be nationalized like they did in France in the 80′s. The net result was that France stayed in the depression phase until the government sold the rich people back their banks. You can’t win this way.

    P.S. HELLFIRE is waiting for the rich maggots that control & ordain this whole process.

    • Ugly

      Good analysis. I am going to cash in another mutual fund this 2014. And then my biggest one in 2015 due to tax purposes. I will keep my life insurance….from now on most investment monies will go back to my business, which had a better return anyway….

  34. Jerry

    I cease to be amazed of not only the state of denial of some of the people on this site, but the Bank puppets in Washington who can’t see the writing on the wall. When I read this headline you have to ask yourself why the dollar is continuing to climb in the face of its final end that is coming?

    You see Greg. Russia doesn’t need Iran’s oil. They are already the worlds largest producer. So then you have to ask yourself, why make this deal? Its simple. In the face of the Saudi’s low production, they intend to flood the worlds market with cheap oil outside the petrodollar, and collapse it. Denial is not a river in Ohio, but yet stocks keep advancing, and the brokers keep dancing. Eat , drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.

    • Greg Hunter

      I wondered why Russia would trade in oil when they are the world’s biggest producer–Bingo man!!! I think you nailed it.

  35. Charles H.

    Ladies, Gentlemen, and Mr. Greg Hunter,

    I just want to express my pride and appreciation to all of you. There are so many regulars here to mention, so I will not mention any by screen-name – but just about everybody on this site shows remarkable intelligence and decent fair-play in their comments. Beyond the First-rate venue of interviews, Greg Hunter has done magnificently in constructing the platform to contribute; AND in monitoring and guiding this VALUABLE portion of his Comments Section. In that he has allowed more than a few “pot-shotters” to post here is to his credit. But what I have recently sensed is that a real community has formed – ones who value each other; and who are actively helpful and polite. Even in the area of being defensive – where comments are sharp, offensive in tone, or even attacking: the responses have been directed to address the facts and not attacks returned ‘in-like-kind’ to the originator. (Which is hard to do!) Folks – this distinguishes you as the Best. (And if Greg is to be believed: some of the smartest too!) If you will accept this from a nobody … I am proud of you all. And to Greg: you’ve come a long way – and are doing well. Teaching is ONLY by example – and USAWD sets a pretty good bar. It ought to – it is being read the world over.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Charles H!!!

  36. Coalburner9

    Thanks Greg, for another thought provoking interview. I enjoy your site and the interaction of your readers like a good grilled burger. If anyone doesn’t get it , I like it a whole lot. Earlier on JC and Art were talking Obama care. I read that they (ACA) are going to have live access to our bank accounts for ACA. Does anyone know when or how that will work? Better yet how to defend against getting wiped out in one big visit. With that kind of power, ACA< IRS will inflate the bill when money is found to cover the derelicts. I want to act like a derelict before I am one? UH??

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Coalburner9 for your kind words and support!

    • Ugly

      Coal burner….
      You really can’t prepare for a bank run because ‘They’ are one step ahead and have the technology to do so. But if the near future of this happens then we may need an account at several banks, not just one. Also may need to have one account in your name and the others in your kids. Also may need some cash and PMs and just know where to hide them. Also, have at least 3 months of storable foods and get a garden going. In today’s environment, everything is a risk….lastly, keep reading and take notes….

  37. Rodster

    Greg, any chance of doing an interview with James Corbett of The Corbett Report? 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Sure, but I am backed up right now. I guess that is a good problem to have.

  38. Coalburner9

    Smaulgld is right about the part that Yellen cannot get the money to the people through jobs. There are so many Regulatory restrictions , no one will try to start any work that will have lasting jobs. You cannot turn a shovel full of dirt with out three years of EPA jerking you around. If you can last through that, pray that USFWS doesn’t think there was once an Endangered species in the same state. If so your upfront investment money is down a rat hole the business will create zero jobs. Remember Obama and “Shovel Ready Jobs”, the first time I heard that I knew he was ignorant as a street rat.

    • mark

      Actually, I like a term I learned from my cousin, a practicing MD specializing in allergy and nutrition. He called it “shovel ready health care” with holes dug in the ground for all those who receive “care” under this new system.

  39. Rodster

    Welcome To The Jungle… Guns N Roses !

    We are heading close and closer to War. US Politicians are absolutely insane. These psychopaths are going to get us all killed. 😈

    “U.S. warns China not to attempt Crimea-style action in Asia”

    • mark

      Actually, I like a term I heard from my cousin, a naturopathic MD who specialized in allergy and nutrition. He called it “shovel ready health care” — with holes in the ground for all those receiving “care” under their system.

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