Another 2008 Around the Corner-Bix Weir

Bix Weir on the Coming Financial Crash and BRIC UpdateBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer and analyst Bix Weir says what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri, is more than just a police action gone deadly.  Weir says, “There is definitely discontent out there.  The press covers so many things up, and the government gives us so many lies on statistics, such as unemployment, about GDP, and you name it, they lie about it.  There is so much bubbling up under the surface, and I do think this is the beginning of something much bigger. . . .I see another 2008 coming right around the corner. . . . The majority of Americans are not doing well. . . .The 99% are saying something is wrong here.  Something is off, and as soon as there is another hiccup with the economy, with more bank fraud, you are going to see a big uprising throughout the United States.” 

So, where does Weir think we are in this downward spiral?  Weir contends, “There are a hundred things right now that could tip us over a cliff.  One of the big ones is the U.S. dollar.  You got China, Russia, the BRICS countries are basically abandoning the U.S. dollar.  They are starting to trade oil in other currencies.  Oil is the largest commodity traded on earth in terms of dollar volume.  That’s why the U.S. requires the world to buy and sell oil in U.S. dollars because all those dollars need a place to go.  It’s the petrodollar, as they call it, and people are backing off of that.  That’s why we went after Saddam Hussein.  He was going to sell oil in something other than the U.S. dollar and we invaded.  It’s all about protecting the un- backed fiat currency.  It’s all about rigging the markets and keeping that dollar safe.  As soon as Russia and China start following through with these deals already announced and trading oil for other things, you are going to start seeing the collapse of the dollar which will trigger the derivative bomb.” 

So, do we have war with Russia and China to protect the U.S. dollar?  Weir says, “That’s usually what happens.  As soon as the economy starts to wobble, the bankers see no way out, and they’ll start a war. . . . They are pushing for war because it has always been their get-out-of-jail free card.”

On the coming financial crash, Weir says, “The crash will start in the derivative market.  The derivative market is a multi-quadrillion dollar market.  It is so big it is beyond comprehension.  The banks that play in derivatives are the large holders of everybody’s money.  The banks that play in this market have been charged with controlling the system for all these years.  When this derivative thing melts down, just like 2008, we were a half an hour from all banks shutting down because they are all inter-related. . . .  It has to do with the snowball effect that they are trying to hold off.  So, yes I do think we are looking at global crash of the monetary system.  What day it will happen, I don’t know, but it already started in 2008. . . . I think they are going to let them crash next time.”

How long can they keep this game going?  Weir contends, “It’s almost exactly like the “Wizard of Oz” and the little man behind the curtain.  He’s sitting in the basement of the U.S. Treasury and New York Fed orchestrating all these players to do what they are supposed to do.  They get all the banks to rig every market to make sure the system stays together.  It’s hit a point now that it’s so big and so unwieldy that they want it to crash so we can move on to something else.”  Weir goes on to say, “There are two groups that want it to crash.  The bankers, because they know they are in trouble because of so many misdeeds.   They want it to crash so they can say who could have helped this.  The whole world crashed, it wasn’t our fault.   Then, there are people in the United States that would love the system to crash because when the system crashes and the dollar crashes, all debt goes away.  All electronic debt and all mortgage debt will be wiped out because these bankers will be bankrupt.  All debt will be gone because that is the biggest problem right now. . . . If all the debt is gone, then all the electronic assets will be gone too because the debt is somebody’s asset, and it is usually the bankers that claim that.  This whole system will shut down.  They have been ready to go back to some sort of gold backed system.  This will be the biggest thing to happen in human history.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Bix Weir of 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Bix Weir says his site,, is part free and part pay.  On the free side, you can get email updates and some free articles.  On the pay side, you have access to the entire site’s content and to the two fresh articles every week that Bix Weir writes.  Weir charges $199 per year for the paid side of the site.  Click here for his signup page for the paid side of  One final note, Weir predicts by the end of this year (2014), gold will be at $10,000 per ounce and silver will be at $100 per ounce.

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  1. K. Barrett

    Putin puts fear of God in New World Order

    avatarPosted by Eric Barlow on March 22, 2014

    In the wake of Crimea’s independence referendum, Hillary Clinton says Russian President Putin is a “new Hitler.” Zbigniew Brezezinski, former National Security Advisor agrees, calling Putin not just another Hitler, but also a thug, a menace, a Mafia gangster, and a Mussolini. The Western mainstream media echoes this childish name-calling.

    • Greg Hunter

      K. Barrett,
      A financial and propaganda war is in full swing. Can metal to metal contact be far behind?

    • wi

      Gee nothing happened 08/14 per the hysterics from this Weir[d] guy

  2. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    What a great interview. I absolutely agree with everything Bix Weir said.

    Like it or not I am going to ‘beat my FED drum” a wee bit more and in spite of the fact that Paul from Indiana is “sick of my lectures”. [his comment last week in response to my post]
    PFI – An outsider suggesting a solution to a problem doesn’t necessarily minimize that problem. Remember the old saying ‘you can’t see the wood for the trees’. Well, sometimes when you are standing right next to a forest you may be the very last person to see the wood and when an outsider points it out to you, you could well be annoyed that you had not seen the obvious yourself. I understand this sentiment, we have all been in this position at some stage in our lives.

    I have taken some encouragement in hearing that I have a like minded group in Germany who are also on the warpath regarding the FED. At least I am not just a lone voice in the wilderness and in the antipodes of the world. Maybe much of the pressure for reform needs to come from many other countries for the US to accept that “their” central bank is a ludicrous, evil and failed model that needs to be disbanded before the economy can even think about moving forward.
    PS I often daydream and try to imagine the progress the US could have already made financially and diplomatically if someone of the intelligence, the courage and the diplomacy, of Ron Paul had been elected as President.
    What an absolute tragedy that you ended up instead with an incompetent, lying buffoon like Obama!

    • Wall Street Main Street_Money&Politics The real poop!

      Bravo Col,
      Shades of Watanga!

      Waitangi Treaty Grounds: New Zealand’s birthplace

      On 6 February 1840, representatives of the British Crown met with prominent Māori chiefs from the northern part of the North Island, to sign the Treaty of Waitangi. New Zealand’s founding document was then transported around the country to allow chiefs from other tribes to sign.

      The ultimate intention of the Treaty of Waitangi, from the Crown’s perspective, was to protect Māori interests from the encroaching British settlement, to provide for British settlement and to establish a government to maintain peace and order.

    • Galaxy 500

      We understand the problem with.the Fed. We understand…but pardon me if I bringing up your equine necrophilia…that is your beating the dead horse

      • Galaxy 500

        And DUDE, Max Kasier is a kook although I am sure that some beleive his words are for god (notice the little “g” and the sarcasm)

    • Saint Lawrence

      You are always correct and in agreement with
      check out his web videos on the secret controlers:


      Federal Reserve

      Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

    • Saint Lawrence

      Half of the United States citizens are on
      the dole:
      Free money, also know as something for nothing, is the way of the new
      US of A.

    • Silence is Golden

      I can sympathize with you Colin….!!
      Getting your head around the “FED” as the problem is a mammoth task. But pointing the finger at them is really only touching the surface.
      Did you know :
      The Federal Reserve Corporation, The World Bank, Bank for International Settlements, The IMF, The Bank of England, The Reserve Bank of Australia are all owned by the same group of 13 Families of International Bankers. They are the majority shareholders who control policy making and decisions of these central banks. Note especially the Central Bank of Central Bankers (BIS) is wrapped up in this wonderful maze of control. Having control of the FED (and therefore the existing world’s reserve currency) gives them unfettered and absolute control.
      Through this mechanism they also control the practice of fractional reserve banking.
      The concept of Fractional Reserve Banking was developed by the Babylonians. Our Banking system is a Babylonian cult. It is the same debt based money system that is used by the Merchants of Venice to impoverish and rule the world today.
      You have heard of the term “The Invisible Government”….well that is what we are all dealing with …they are one in the same. They have the legalised ability to loan at ratios of 20:1 or more, sometimes even without reserve.
      By controlling the banking system and the money supply, these families have at any one time, control over the available resources of the entire world.
      These central banks achieve a means to an end. They facilitate the creation of DEBT. Some of that debt becomes money in the form of currency. Most of it will reside in the balance sheets of the CB or the Government. What is critical is the access to the Debt to allow fractional practices. These practices allow the banks to acquire REAL assets. Note carefully the separation of the DEBT and the ASSETS (who really owns the stocks and the houses). When a BANK goes bankrupt, the DEBT is extinguished (along with the paper assets). The PHYSICAL assets are collected.

      • Charles H.

        Silence is Golden,

        “Our banking system is a Babylonian cult.” And “The physical assets are collected.” Top notch comment – outstanding.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Colin, I was “anti-FED” as far back as 1980, after I read Jerome Smith’s brilliant expose, “The Coming Currency Collapse”. But the fact that Ron Paul made NO headway politically here the past 10 years should tell you something. I may be sick of your lectures, but I still read and ponder on them. Carry on. Best always. PM

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        All good Paul.
        No hard feelings on my account.
        Yes Re Ron Paul making no headway politically does tell me something:
        Besides we shouldn’t agree on everything anyway. That would be way too boring.

  3. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    Bix is predicting gold at $10,000 an ounce by year’s end. Wouldn’t that be a parabolic move which would result in a similar correction to the downside? I don’t buy it. But if it happens I will personally drive north to Oakland and give him an ice cold six-pack of Wicks Beer. “Bix Weir? Here’s your Wicks Beer. And congratulations on your accurate prediction!”

    • woody188

      As priced in USD. Although if the manipulation is as great as Mr. Weir contends, all fiat currencies might be in for quite a shock.

    • 8Ball

      My favorite is: the law offices of: “findem, fleecem, skinum & skip”

      From a 1950’s Uncle Scrooge comic book… Carl Barks was a genius.

  4. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Some of the points raised in this link are very scary to say the least.
    This sort of reckless lies made by Sovereign countries are what can escalate into world wars.

    • Anthony Pascoe

      Bix Weir? Really? $10K silver when silver can’t get above $20?
      Really thought you were more professional Mr. Hunter than dragging out Mr. “pie in the sky” Weir.
      Year after year pm’s are held down and go nowhere. PM shares stink like nothing else in the market.
      I am absolutely exhausted by guys like Weir, Turk, KWN, Sinclair and the rest. They have no clue or are overwhelmed by the manipulation in the pm sector that never ends, and WILL NEVER END!
      Quit dragging these guys out of their holes. Unbelievable.

    • Galaxy 500

      The Russian Times is a propaganda tool of the Russian government

      • Mason

        At least get the name right. RT are the initials for it’s former name ‘Russia Today’, not ‘The Russian Times’. The Russian Times don’t even exist.

  5. Silence is Golden

    Well fleshed out thoughts in the latest offering.
    “What we need in the world is a real physical silver exchange”….ahem…
    Even here…
    We have a physical bullion market and yet the Comex / LME pricing we see only dictates the PAPER price of silver. Physical prices attract premiums but this does not dictate global pricing…YET !!!

    “The crash will start in the derivative market” …I tend to agree. If not that then it will be from a non-delivery event via a short squeeze in physicals. But we must distinguish between accidents and forced events. Lehman, although being an accident waiting to happen, was a forced event. Vultures and sharks aka BANKERS, will eat off each other. Some entity/sovereign will want to force an event and will pick a target. It will be the one least likely to survive with insurmountable exposure.

    Keep in mind the enormity of the derivatives market. The US Bond market is some $40TLN. The US equity market in some $20TLN. There are at least 5 major banks with exposures of in excess of $50TLN in derivatives each. 4 of which are US Banks. The one least likely to succeed would imho be Deutsche Bank. However if that fails then you could assume the domino effect on all other financial institutions.

    Not all paper assets get destroyed or go away. Stocks in real corporates with tangible assets and products still carry value. Look no further than infrastructure , oil/gas producing, metals mining, agriculture to name a few. People and societies don’t go away and they rely on continuation of supply, albeit at reduced levels perhaps.

  6. Liam Denning

    Aug 19, 2014


    Oil’s New World Order

    Oil prices flow from the barrel—of a gun, that is.

    At least, BofA Merrill Lynch frets in a new report that a rising tide of violence could overwhelm the cushion of Saudi Arabia’s spare production capacity of 2.4 million barrels a day and cause oil prices to spike.

    Merrill estimates that around 4 million barrels per day are currently off the market due to disruptions in regions like Libya and Iraq, around the highest level since the Gulf War.

    Looking ahead, Merrill posits that a combination of war-weariness, fiscal constraints and a growing sense of shale-related energy independence will cause America to step back from the world stage. That could fuel instability as other powers rush to fill the vacuum—raising the prospect of more disruption and higher oil prices.

    Geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan largely concurs in a forthcoming book “The Accidental Superpower,” and actually goes further. A central theme in the book is that of America no longer feeling compelled to underpin many of the security and economic arrangements, such as the role of the U.S. Navy in backing free trade, that have characterized the international order since World War II. He writes:

    “Everything that makes the global economy tick–from reliable access to global energy supplies to the ability to sell into the American market to the free movement of capital–is a direct outcome of the ongoing American commitment to Bretton Woods.”

    Bretton Woods, NH, is shorthand for the postwar order put together under U.S. leadership at a conference in 1944. If that era truly is ending, oil markets, along with much else, could well be in for a rough ride.

  7. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Great interview. Your guest is missing one thing, if the Western (US) big banks goes down together with the Western banking system, how will be the international payments realized?
    I don’t think enough Western companies have back up accounts for payments in BRICS banks.
    So if the western banks goes down the large part of western international trade will halt in a week. This will result shortages in many things. So Argentina’s collapse in 2001 was walk in park compared to what is coming and it wouldn’t be weeks, it will be 2-3 years at best.
    That means preparations have to be done, as you stated.

    Your thoughts

    • woody188

      This could actually be a good thing for working class Americans. Being unable to trade with Asia we would have to start making things here again. It might take less time to set up industry here than creating banking ties to Communist controlled banking systems where you certainly won’t get a fair trade.

  8. Mason

    Bix Weir’s assertion that brokers don’t actually put the stock certificates that you buy in your account, illustrates my point I mentioned earlier that you should register your stocks under ‘Direct Registration’, and not under ‘Street Name’. Most brokerages don’t want to do this, and they will state fake arguments why they don’t do it. Don’t fall for it. If that is the case with your broker, you should change to a broker who actually does this. Another alternative is to get the paper certificate delivered for your stock. This is even safer, because it eliminates yet another counterparty risk, but it is much more cumbersome. The safest way still remains to get your phyiscal metal of course.

    My congratulations Greg for the guest by the way, I have read and seen a lot of (financial) non-mainstream media analysts over the years, but I haven’t seen him before so that was a pleasant surprise. But that’s one of the things I like about your site: although I don’t always agree with all guests or with every point (but who does), you regularly have analysts on that I previously haven’t seen before. That means you are partially tapping from other sources that I do, so that makes it extra interesting kudos for that.

  9. gardener1

    It’s interesting his comment about Occupy Wall St. and Ferguson.

    I’ve been watching every internet livestream of Ferguson, and most of the alternative media covering it are young white people, many of them making references to their experiences with Occupy. I’ve also seen a lot of young white people marching in the Ferguson protests.

    If the poor people of color in this country can accept that young white people are frequently looking at a future as bleak as theirs, this could well be an [undeclared] alliance of serious proportions.

    TPTB should be worried. Very very worried.

    – P.S. My attention has been drawn to an 18 year old white kid from Ohio who has been covering Ferguson as a one-man livestream gumshoe. This kid has moxy and energy and eloquence and marched all day today interviewing protesters and broadcasting on the internet. This is something we didn’t have in 1968 and this is very powerful stuff. Give him a look when he comes back online tomorrow:

  10. bob

    one nice interview, greg. too many twists and unexpected turns that just when i wanted to comment you or bix would stomp that out with another avenue. seed and co. if i have that right, does scare me. bix said that if the dollar collapses its the end, no collecting. but if this company actually holds everything this might usher in something we do’nt see or understand. this gets a little confusing. to add to the confusion if the gov’t saw and new the collapse was coming in the 70’s why the wait to go back to a gold standard or will this be a jim willie scenario of the sheit dollar. is the brics setting up their trade so when the dollar collapses that they will also fall but have the plan in line to make a rather softer landing? maybe we are waiting for them to get themselves ready first, then we crash the system.
    if we we would go to war, say ww3, i’m having a major problem with the world actually using nukes. no matter how you look at it you would eliminate a lot of people but the devastation to the land and water and the fall out would drift around the world to the point that it would not be beneficial.

    • Greg Hunter

      The short story is this is going to be the biggest transfer of wealth in history.

      • art barnes

        …and, the long story is millions of people will never see the long story as they will starve or die of lack of medicine first…

  11. MRPM

    Thanks for having Bix on, I think he’s a great guest.

    SO much to cover, I could listen to both of you for hours more about the DTCC, the Ponzi stock market scheme and the end game.

    I’m not betting that they (banks, the .001%) will just up and cancel our debts (just look at Mexico in the early 1990’s Peso crises- I heard they re-valued debt in the new currency)

    On the other hand, this is the US and global so maybe it will be so much bigger everything will just collapse.

    I think he did mention in passing though that they will be grabbing the bank accounts and in exchange we get to hold our mortgages. I for one am trying to be completely debt free as possible before this house of cards falls.

    • Charles H.


      Previous to 1994, most Mexican banks and Housing Agencies loaned Billions of Dollars for housing infrastructure: they built millions of cracker-box houses. But in 1994, the devaluation hit – and these banks had to repay their Dollar loans with Pesos worth about a third less. The Answer? Make those who signed the loans on the houses to pay the up-charge difference. The Mexican Supreme Court upheld the ruling – and millions of Mexicans lost everything: and a large portion of the nation’s housing was swept into the Banks. I think the Banks then appealed and got new Loan terms from America. It’s almost like Casino House Rules – it always wins, eventually.

      • MRPM

        I agree, the banks and the Fed and the Govt’ can change not only the rules, but the entire game itself.

        I think people are foolish to take on more debt now, on purpose, thinking that all of it will magically be wiped away and just forgiven – not a chance bankers will lose a penny without a fight…

  12. Smaulgld

    Excellent interview (again)
    Bix has a clear grasp on the silver markets
    He mentioned the Comex, LBMA and Shanghai precious metal markets.

    Here is a chart showing the depletion of silver on the shanghai exchange:

    Here is a chart showing that nearly one half a year’s world wide silver production
    is required just to cover the large bullion banks’ short positions on the Comex!

    Here is some background on gold and silver manipulation-why they do it and how it is done: (pt 1)

    Here are some charts on gold/silver sales and the gold silver ratio

    I disagree that silver will eventually be priced the same as gold.

    Clearly the ratio shouldn’t be 65 to one but one to one is unreasonable.

    • woody188

      If you go with his argument that silver is used up via industrial processes versus stored like gold, silver might really be a lot rarer than gold at this time in history. Of course we are seeing recycling re-capture some of those metals and minerals, but a great many are lost.

  13. Mike M

    Listen up people, go out buy the biggest house you can get or that luxury car you can’t afford, run up those credit cards and party like it’s the 60s again.

    Why, because the crooked bankers are going to crash the system and all debt will be erased when the dollar crashes. Then after only a couple of weeks of chaos things will all be sorted out and life gets back to normal.

    Wow. And I thought things were going to get worse instead of better. Shame on me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike M,
      I have the opposite advice and that is to pay everything off and get and stay out of debt.

    • JC Davis

      Mike if you have nothing and want everything fast. I say go for it ! The price for foolishness will never be ignored. Suffering will follow. Hey if you got nothing to lose live the moment at hand. 80% of the world already does this.

      • Galaxy 500


      • kLONDIKE.

        Yes JC and everything is on sale now, compared to whats lurking around the bubbels out there and while the system is up and running the price of everything will rise exponentially, tagibles especialy, but watch out below when everything comes crashing down like the housing bubble crash of 08.

      • Paul from Indiana

        JC, Mike’s deal works well, IF the crash comes soon and quickly. But if it’s a Catherine Austin Fitts slow burn, the kind of burn I get when I think of Karen Hudes and General Yamashita’s gold stash in the Philippines, Mike won’t make it. And there’s the rub: no one knows when. Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          Paul we are currently in the slow burn. Just as a pimple slowly forms and suddenly burst. The electrical grid will be the start. In two weeks. 50 % of Americans will be dead or looking to someone to surrender too. 1/4 of China will be dropped into this country. This will be more then the left over Americans. The greatest threat to America is the unprotected power grid. Time is short no matter what you plan of action is. Russia and Canada have already been in agreement with martial order when this happens. N.D.R.P.
          C. A. Fitts is Very smart in a free society yet she is wrong in thinking all will be smooth. Hudes is well connected but , I have NO confidence in her sanity. She needs medical help.

          • JC Davis

            In two weeks after the grid is down.

            • Paul from Indiana

              JC, I got that, meaning you think it will take two weeks, not that it’s coming in two weeks, but that’s possible, too. Just as the majority are in denial now about what is happening and coming, so proportionately will be the chicken-with-the-head-cut-off reaction, society-and country-wide. I think your allowance of 2 weeks is possibly too generous. Best always. PM

              • Kerry

                2 weeks is way too generous ever been in a major city after a major hurricane? think Katrina-only MUCH worse

    • Galaxy 500

      I think Bix is wrong on the bankers/system allowing you to keep that you’ve paid little on…unless things go Mad Max. I also think tis folly to believe that when the crash that wipes out the system will be put back together and restarted in a relatively short period of time.

    • Jerry

      Yes. Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Sage advice. I’ve never heard that one before.

    • MRPM

      I hope your comment is sarcasm. Do all that at you and your family’s own peril…. Banks/govt make the rules and the game.

      “Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers.. because of a debt they never knew about — often a debt incurred by their parents—the government has confiscated their check.”

      Read more:

  14. George Vassallo

    Greg – One of your best interviews ever. Bix was wonderful. Scary but lucid. This is the interview that ALL Americans should sit down and listen to. Our financial system is a deck of cards that is facing a game of 52 pickup.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Scary but lucid.” Good description. Thank you.

      • Charles H.

        And I liked – “52 pickup”!

  15. allen ols

    GREG; this is my first time to hear Bix Weir. SPOT ON!!!!!! He has the “actual,” firm GRIP on everything i believe!! You nailed THIS INTERVIEW. Bonus support check on the way. I will follow this guy now, to see what he is saying on other sites. Cant say enough how I AGREE, W/HIM.

    al ols

  16. JC Davis

    Another great interview. Question? If the collapse happens by dec 14 how can gold be 10,000$ if dollars are no longer used ?
    A Christian friend as me why was I so concerned about what is happening to the country? He is a man of faith and just throws his hands to God for his future.
    My answer is, It is my job to pray and do things that promote Gods kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. I see my preparing as a work of God for those still here even if I am not. I am sure many of you see it the same .

    • Galaxy 500

      God gave us brains and a book of rules, wisdom and salvation…the Bible
      I believe that preparing for the future is what God wants us to do just like I believe that its suicide not to protect yourself from harm when you can. Keep.the faith. Noah…the real one not the recent movie…did much the same that we are doing…God is guiding us to prepare just like he guided Noah. Keep the faith, vote Republican, and prepare

      • JC Davis

        Bravo Gal 500. Love you brother. I still want to know your name.

        • JC Davis

          Just 1 time tell us who you are. If its Geraldine I am good with that. Just that I cant take anyone seriously if they cant give there name. Or any name. make it up if need be.

    • kLONDIKE.

      JC Davis 08/20/2014 •

      “A Christian friend asked me why was I so concerned about what is happening to the country? He is a man of faith and just throws his hands to God for his future.
      My answer is, It is my job to pray and do things that promote Gods kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. I see my preparing as a work of God for those still here even if I am not. I am sure many of you see it the same” .
      Out of the mouth of babes. . .◄ Matthew 21:16 ► New Living Translation

      They asked Jesus, “Do you hear what these children are saying?” “Yes,” Jesus replied. “Haven’t you ever read the Scriptures? For they say, ‘You have taught children and infants to give you praise.'”

      Because as you said JC it’s all a sure sign that soon through Gods kingdom, things will be done on earth as it’s, done in heaven!

  17. woody188

    Today is the day (8/20) Christine Lagarde referenced in the infamous numerology speech based on the lunar calendar. Fingers crossed!

    • woody188

      Nothing happened other than the 70% increase in auto subprime defaults.

  18. Sam Banbury

    Great stuff Greg thanks.Does this mean that we should all invest in the biggest mortgages possible so that following the crash we will simply own the property outright with no debt?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim Sinclair say NO. The banks will re-price the debt when the time comes. This is very risky. Owning your stuff is the least risky thing you can do in my humble opinion.

      • Jim

        If debt is repriced I doubt it will not be in the debtors favor. Might wind up being similar to “shadow pricing” in cattle or what commodity people refer to as slippage in your account or contract. The people who bring us the game I don’t believe will let the debt evaporate unless it is their own. If the system of usury completely collapses without being reset we’ll have a lot of trouble besides financial.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Sam, as many long-time participants here know, I do not trust the government to respect property rights in crunch time. Yes, owning outright any kind of asset is best in a game with rules. A thought that needs consideration is this: will the rules be in force? Even in “normal” times, the government’s attitude toward individual property rights is shaky. I see property as a big part of the coming bail-in, on which, I believe, government will rely to keep itself propped up and in control. Either way, own the property outright as soon as and as long as you can. Best always. PM

  19. allen ols


    ….OK, I am on my 3rd listen, and I am astounded, for some reason, his verbal explaination was very understandable to me, I GUESS, ….or I am on drugs. Cant emphasize enough, “best interview since Rob Kirby” a while ago. Mannnnn. I will pass this on to others in my circle of influence.

    tks muchly!!!

    • Gerald Storm

      how can they reprice contract deat I understand interest rate changing. And are the banks going to get off free and clear and not the rest of us ?

      • JC Davis

        Under martial law the rules and laws are irrelevant. If you OWN IT, it is harder for it to be taken. Not saying it to cant be taken.
        Hell what am I saying? We no longer live in a Republic. The LAW thing

  20. vincentg

    Mr. Weir is thinking the same as I am.
    A crash will happen this year – I think it will be October
    It will be a market correction.
    We can see the market is heading for a new high which will bring us to the edge.
    But I don’t think this will be the big one.
    That’s a ways off.
    I expect the big crash to follow one or two large market crashes.
    You will have a false sense of security as after the market does it’s first nose dive you will think it’s safe to jump back in.

    We may have already seen the first dive when the market dropped some 700 points.
    The next one will be bigger.

    Looks to me like the market is running out of steam a bit sooner than expected.

    Don’t expect them to fix anything – they will not do it.
    What they will do is what they have been doing.

    As far what happens to houses after the big crash.
    Everyone but a very few will loose them.
    The property taxes will be the main cause of that.

    Back in the great depression a horse named Seabiscuit lifted people’s spirits.

    I believe a mission to Mars maybe the thing to do now.

    The system is shot there is no doubt about it.
    We might as well go out with a bang.

    • art barnes

      “You will have a false sense of security as after the market does it’s first nose dive you will think it’s safe to jump back in” that is called a “bear rally” and yes, very plausible. At 17,000 the large bank projections are starting to mention the Dow is out of range of reality, surly this market will commence the slide of the dollar.

      • art barnes

        I meant to say that after the first nose dive it will start to settle then go up again when they jump back in for awhile is a “bear rally”.

    • Alarmed

      If your going to guess a date, try dates that are “celebrated” by people who worship the dark side.

  21. Felicia

    I wonder if this collapse & complete bank failure ties in with the Shemitah year as well as the Jubilee year mentioned in the Bible and…what Jonathan Cahn is saying is coming. hmmmm…

  22. allen ols


    LOL, I am on my 5 th listen, wow, dtcc, flooded the vault, then burned the paperwork, lol wow this guy bix is just wonderful. I can believe I have never seen this guy. shocking!!! but great, trust me, all my planning has been for this event. now, he said in 2 weeks (casually) they will have another plan or something like that, NO!! It will take months of pain and misery, I plan to eat good. Today I order a case of yoders canned bacon, and One magic heat. al ols

  23. NC

    I saw two videos on YouTube of some note yesterday. The first was a guy in the mid west who filmed a large convoy of trucks carrying UN vehicles?
    The second is more creepy. In Georgia filmed his friends land which has been rented by the government to stage 100s of thousands of black plastic coffins. WTF?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please Post the videos.

    • JC Davis

      Alex Jones. documentary (The end game )had a article on the coffins. It was debunked when they were bought as liners to hold coffins. N C. I am not saying your not on to something.

    • Galaxy 500

      The coffins BS is thoroughly debunked as BS…ans most likely the other one is BS, too. Do you understand that just because someone puts something on the net saying its true doesnt mean it is

      • allen ols

        exactly, just because u post this bs doesn t mean it is true. eat your own words, DUDE!

      • JC Davis

        Galexy 50 You enlightened me to this. I remember it clearly. Thank you.

    • woody188

      The UN trucks are largely made here in the US. Government/military contracts are one of the only customers for US manufacturing at this time. We are major arms suppliers for the entire world. The video is here:

      This could be a BAE Systems vehicle I’m not familiar with. The other major theory is these are reconditioned surplus vehicles coming from the Anniston Army Depot that the UN has purchased.

  24. allen ols

    KWN richard russel old investor.

    Today it finally happened: I received an advertisement from a firm featuring a scare I’ve been waiting for. There are two ways for the government to handle its outrageous debts. The first is reneging, as per Argentina, but this is unthinkable. The second way is via inflation — inflate enough and your debts appear to shrink.

    Ah, but there’s a third way, and it’s confiscation of wealth. Don’t think this is impossible, because governments will do whatever they have to to remain in power. How about confiscating all individual wealth above $200,000, for which the government will give you stubs which will say IOU. This will be a switch on the 1933 confiscation of gold. This time it may be confiscation of cash. Finally, something new to worry about.”,_Terrifying_Confiscation_To_Worry_About.html

  25. HTC

    Man… This is awesome. Could this really start this year??? I’m very excited today! I’ve heard people say that it’s not smart to accumulate lots of debt but I’m kind of leaning the other way. Take the paper now and turn it into physical assets. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • Paul from Indiana

      You just described the QE scam. Best always. PM

  26. Joanna

    Wow! Great interview Greg!
    Thank you!!

  27. john

    That is one hell of a prediction for gold and silver. If that happens everybody will be a happy camper. I am not as bullish on the metals as Bix is. For the immediate future I see gold heading to $1200 and silver to $18, a good entry point for those who don’t have a position. The reason I say that is because oil is beginning to move lower, which leads me to believe the commodity sector is bracing for a deflationary collapse while the stock market is seeing hyperinflation in our future. I see gold at $1450 -1500 and silver at $22-23 at the end of this year. Barring any catastrophic event, that is how I see this unfolding. In the long run I am bullish on gold and silver, big time.

  28. art barnes

    Greg, the Obama Administration is setting up to throw money in Ferguson to appease the black community (once again), just wait and see, there will be a “rider” bill attached to a bill of general sorts sending in millions to rebuild and distribute fresh blood if you will to calm the masses. The President could have a great opportunity to stand out and discuss black community issues, fatherless homes, generational welfare, teen pregnancy, work ethic, drug use, crime laden attitudes, and rejection to authority to mention only a few. All those things exist all over America but are exemplified by multiples in black communities. Instead the President gave a tone of “understanding ad excuse” which is inexcusable. Sending black agenda government justice department heads down there will only be seen by the black community as validating police brutality & give other minorities of other community the green light to melt another community down such as Atlanta, Detroit, Philly, etc. the next time a teen gets shot by the police. For a President who was the President of Black & White America, Red & Blue America, he sure hasn’t done crap for the basic working man white or black, but to his credit he is a strong 6 off the tee.

    • JC Davis

      Good one Art Barnes. Obama is sending the criminal gun runner to the rescue. Eric holder should have been locked up with Lois Lerner.

      • Galaxy 500

        Funny JC…Holder doesnt have time for the IRS, Bengazi, Fast & Furious, VA…ad infinitum but the man has time to go to Ferguson? What about the black woman that was murder in front of the White House for making a wrong turn? They didn’t even release a report on her murder?

        • JC Davis

          G 500 Lois learner and Eric Holder are criminal’s. That should be locked up. Reread my post. Lois learner tried to cover illegal activity of targeting people . Then when close to being caught she tried to get rid of the evidence. Congressman Gowdy is all on top of her.

        • JC Davis

          G 5
          Our government is sooo full of criminal’s The supreme court is helpless.

  29. Marcelo Ruiz

    Very interesting interview. I tend to think like Greg about the banks: the system is made so they never loose. I don’t think they’ll happily forget their claims on your house: after all, the law says you’re an unsecured lender if you deposit money in the bank. That is more than clear.
    Also, who know who will own the right on that mortgage? Chances are that they already sold, or will sell at the edge of the collapse, those rights to a different corporation (maybe another bank, maybe not) who will have the claim. Will they forget your debt? I don’t think so…

    • JC Davis

      Marcelo you are correct. When you owe money on your home you don’t own your home you own the mortgage on it. They can hand you freshly printed 100,000 for your 70,000 dollar home and sell it off on the world market for gold, or other goods. Point is it is just printed paper without controls. Sadly most people will gladly sell there homes for the printed paper only to pay it to the land owner they rent from. One months rent.

  30. Moe

    Weir has been around for years. Has some non-conventional views that are worth investigating.

    But his timeline prediction for year-end precious metals’ values is rash: not because it improperly assesses their true values, (who knows?), but because this market has been impossible to time since its beginning in 2000. Bix is courageous, but foolhardy in getting out on a limb like this: it merely challenges the credibility of precious metals aficionados.

  31. Stephen Bobkin

    Dear Greg:

    I have followed you for years since Jim Sinclair put me on to you a while back. Your guests are articulate, well informed, and are not right or left wing fanatics. So what is my question?
    Based on all that is being said, can’t this party of corruption, fraud, etc. go on for ever? How is the little man in the street going to be able to fight back with the police militarized? How can someone disprove notwithstanding the complete idiocy of what a Paul Krugman says when the elites and their political, financial and higher educational institutions say “Nobel Peace Prize Winner”! He must know what he is talking about.
    Anyways, I remain ready for the “whatever happens” but it does feel like a lonely path!

    Take care and keep the good work up. I believe people like you and Mr. Sinclair have paid the price telling the story for it really is and not some fairy tale.


    • HTC

      I don’t really care what the police, the military, the UN mercenaries or anybody else who wants to come and take what I’ve worked for are equipped with. I will not willingly be led out into the streets to face certain death, nor will I willingly be led into any sort of “temporary” holding camp to again, wait for my number to be called. Fly under the radar, give to those in need and send some lead downrage to those who come to harm you. This is not advice given for a victorious outcome. This is what you do to die standing up and by the grace of God share the gospel and share what wealth you have to those in need. And remember, you never know when you might be entertaining angels.

      • mark

        I just e-mailed a friend and brother in faith of our Lord Jesus Christ concerning a video post of the American journalist who was recently beheaded by ISIS. I did not watch the video posted on youtube, but the photo which I believe was widely published showed Mr. Foley, clothed in an orange outer garment kneeling in front of his hooded ISIS assassin. I was reminded of the apostle Paul’s own words he wrote to Timothy in his first letter where he describes himself as being formerly a “blasphemer and a persecutor and an insulting person; but I was shown mercy because, being ignorant, I acted in unbelief. And the grace of our Lord superabounded with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Faithful is the word and worthy of all acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am foremost. But because of this I was shown mercy, that in me, the foremost, Jesus Christ might display all His long-suffering for a pattern to those who are to believe on Him unto eternal life. Now to the King of the ages, incorruptible, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen” . . . For to me to live is Christ and to die is gain.” (Phil. 1:22-23). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit HTC.

        • HTC

          Appreciate the comment Mark. My post was mostly about doing things that I want to do. As we both know, the Lord takes us where he wants us. As for Paul being the chief of sinners, I’ve always believed that I have and continue to give him a run for his money on that claim. But thank God that he is faithful to forgive us our sins. I cannot wait for the day that I am released from this body of sin and death, that much I know for sure.

          • Mark

            Amen brother, Maranatha!! The Lord comes!!! See Hebrews 9:24. and 9:28. His appearing now before the face of God For us is the basis of our eager expectation of His appearing TO us a second time, APART FROM SIN (that has already been dealt with) unto SALVATION!!! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit HTC! amen.

    • art barnes

      It is designed to go on to infinity or at least until the middle class has been totally elimated & their wealth transferred to the elite which is moving faster now. By the time you read this another 100 or more American families will have lost their home, a long term job, and their hope of America as to caring and or helping.

  32. Russ McMeans

    Wow! …. Nice! This Bix interview was fun! Thanks Greg for your ability to root in the forest duff for tasty mushrooms… They’re a bit hidden- under the maple leaves of life… All that news chatter ya know.
    I forwarded this to family/friends and clients, of which most will ignore this great interview…. It’s just not as shiny and pretty like that big, bold HD LCD TV screen news channel…… We know nothing!

  33. henry

    We’ve learned from former guests that owning gold and silver ETFs does not mean that you own the gold or silver. Now we learn that the stocks that we think we own may have other owners. Does this mean that unless you have the printed stock certificate, you don’t own the stock?

    His comments on the cancellation of mortgage debt is also interesting. It is difficult to comprehend that the debt holders will not claim to own the real estate that is backing the mortgage.

    Gold and silver are not investments. They are a store of value. They pay no dividends. If the average person can not get clear title to stocks, a new dark age will arrive. If the banks fail, and the only thing that can be used to buy food is physical gold and silver, not only will the stock market crash, the economy will crash. I think this means that, for the period of transition, America will not be safe to live in.

  34. Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

    Bix is predicting gold at $10,000 an ounce by years end. I don’t think so. Parabolic moves like that to the upside have to balance out. But if he’s right I will personally drive north to Oakland and hand deliver a six-pack of Wicks Beer to him. “Bix Weir? Here’s your Wicks Beer. Congrats.”

    • JC Davis

      Lodch. You posted this twice. I will split the gas bill.

      • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

        OK. Sounds good, JC But what will gas cost if gold gets to $10,000? Food for thought…

        • JC Davis

          What will gas cost? LOL 3 Tomatoes, 6lbs okra, 1 lb of squash.
          This is what I think. If you grow watermelon I want one too.

    • Charles H.

      Snappy – with a Big Smile. That’s rich!

  35. G. Joseph Fondren

    Greg, this may be the best interview you’ve done; it was certainly the most interesting to me, possibly because I hold a heavy (For a man of modest means) position in physical silver. As to whether debts will be erased, I think it’s plausible that the banks will be protected by .gov “indexing debts” at least the ones owed to banks. Which means that whereas you owed $10, now you owe $100 for the same debt since you are now able to service your debt with semi-worthless dollars. Bix doesn’t seem to think so, and I hope he’s right. Also, there is the “alleged” paper authored by the Prez of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston wherein he writes that money on deposit and debts to banks will be gone, then something new will be issued to each person depending on how much he has paid in to Social Security. I wonder if this will be derived from the IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDR) whatever. What are your thoughts?

    • woody188

      SDR’s will be for international settlements only. We’ll have a regional currency for North America like what was once referred to as the “Amero” a few years back.

  36. windcatcher

    I have a novel idea, it may be to far over Americans heads to grasp it though: Bring the criminal banksters and their corrupt legal system and their bribed and framed Congress to Justice!
    Oh No, we will not bring the criminals to Justice, we are helpless victims that are hording our gold and silver with the hope that we will survive in the future. Brainwashed stupid Americans are not any different than the millions of Jews that lined up for their own execution. Ha. Ha.
    All of you dumb-asses are about to witness the greatest genocide on earth. Everyone will have a front row seat, but before you go, remember you could have brought the criminals to Justice and prevented the genocide.

    • JC Davis

      Windcatcher What court room will we the stupid Americans take them to? ? The supreme court? LOL not a chance of happening. We the people have a finger on the pulse of this country. Make no mistake when the time is right, and the plan it righteous AMERICANS will stand up.

    • Galaxy 500

      When the AG is a criminal.conspirator.with the criminal bankers, the.only.power.the.people have is at the voting booth

      • allen ols

        …right vote for the criminal democrats, or republicans, or tea partiers, as they can be bought with alot of money, boycott i say.

      • JC Davis

        G 500 the Voting of old is OVER. I like you remember whe our vote ment freedom to control who gets elected. It don’t anymore. The vote is controlled electronically. And PROVEN TO BE Rigged. Mr Curtis went to congress and explained what program he created to rig a election

        • woody188

          You aren’t old enough to remember when voting counted. None of us are. The last free men in the United States fought in the Civil War. The chains have only gotten shorter and tighter since then.

          • JC Davis

            Woody you nailed me on that one. I should have said there was a time we thought our vote counted.

            • woody188

              I truly wish it was not so JC Davis. I can remember the first time I voted. I remember thinking how important it was, and how I thought I was contributing to our republic. I became thoroughly disillusioned in 1999 with the Florida debacle. After doing more research, it was clear voting is merely a control mechanism to keep the masses placated.

  37. brian

    To put it simply, if you are going to get burned in the coming crash, you certainly will not be part of deciding what comes next. The people in charge are not going to extend a hand out to the people they just wrote off by letting the system crash, especially when they have been lying to and exploiting these same masses of people for a century.

    Unless you are part of the club running the show right now you can expect to be treated as an outsider at any point in time in the future, if even you are lucky enough to survive what chaos is certainly going to be unleashed….and the chaos will not just last a few weeks, look around you, take an honest look at yourself, your neighbors, the people in traffic, are they prepared for anything of any significance? Do they even know how the world operates? Do they even give a f#ck?

    As I write this I am watching my neighbor, who has a live in daughter, a live in grand daughter and is the primary care taker of an infant great grand son dump about 2500 gallons of fresh water on her freaking lawn, which is over-shaded and dying anyway….that pretty much sums up the situation here does it not?

    • Russ McMeans

      The lady and her lawn Sums it up!

  38. dchayden

    The DTCC information is new to me…wow. Great interview Mr. Hunter !

  39. Margie

    How realistic is it what Bix Weir is saying about mortgages?

    I have been really worried about my brother and sister in the USA who both have mortgages, as I always thought that when you buy something with a mortgage, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s till it is paid off. And that if there is a crash, they are stuffed.

    Now I am wondering, if there is indeed a crash, and my brother and sister both make sure they have copies of the title deeds, plus copies of statements that they are paid up to date until so called crash, – would it still be possible for the Cede and Co. to claim their properties? Does anyone of you know about this stuff?

    My concern about Bix is that I did do a bit of online checking and he seems to have been off the mark about timing on many occasions so I’m not sure about him as a source, although I found his information interesting and he seems very likable.

    • Ugly

      Here is the problem. All property is on ground that has a value called property taxes. Therefore, you may own your home but you really do not so in city limits because the city can tax you and you must pay, or else. I paid off my house, but it was one of those MERS loans. I never did get the title or deed, just a letter stating that I paid my obligation.

      Here is my take. This collapse of USD won’t be your ordinary collapse. It will be that all assets also go with the debt. Basically, confiscation.

      Our debt is so high that it will never be paid. America will have a new owner….

    • Paul from Indiana

      Margie, a mortgage is not just a loan, but also a contract. If the “crash” comes, and your relatives can still hold up their end of the contract, meaning make timely and correct payments, and pay taxes, then the holder of the mortgage, or the government, can not LEGALLY take possession of the property. Should a massive “crash” occur and no one have “money” and mortgagees everywhere default, the sheer volume of distressed properties will create such a logjam that your relatives should be able to squat for quite awhile regardless, but that assumes that the social environment allows them to stay in place. If social unrest is bad, as we assume, then they may not be able to stay, whether they own the property outright or not. No one really knows at this point. All luck to you and yours. Best always. PM

  40. Larry

    Bix, makes the future clearer than any of your other guests. . I like how he puts complicated ideas into clear reasoning that you can follow. His thinking that all debt will dissolve and only recognized assets like gold and silver will be a true expression of your wealth. The banksters have steard the world into a false belief system that ends with
    complete and total failure but one that will allow the banksters too walk away without
    paying for their crimes. I think the citizens will know once and for all their is no real justice, only the justice you can get away with.

    • allen ols


      your definition of Justice is different for bankster type Just-us.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Al, thanks for the chuckle! Best always. PM

  41. jane smith

    I own my mining shares through Vanguard, so you are saying that I really don’t own them? I’m also guessing that it’s dangerous to own JNUG etf’ too?

    • Tommy

      You need to have physical possession of your PMs so that instead of your paper simply vanishing the PMs can be confiscated by the government or in the event of complete anarchy, the thieves can relieve you of it.

    • woody188

      I think “ETF” (Electronic Trading Fund) means it’s not real, just a derivative product based on something else that is real. Having the actual stock certificate in your possession for a mining company would be worth something so long as the mining company has valid claims and assets. The problem is so many things have been “over-leveraged” meaning sold more than once, in many instances 30, 40, even 50 times by these banks that when it collapses and everyone thinks they own that one asset it will take year of litigation to find the actual owner if it’s even possible to do so.

      I think this is why Bix contends the mortgages will become null. There will be no way to determine the financial owner, so squatters rights will prevail. I don’t think this is the way it will happen, but Bix clearly thinks so.

  42. Oregon Patriot

    I’m not sure I buy that all of the debt will get wiped out and we all essentially get to “start over”, at least that is what I am interpreting from hearing this pundit. I think it is a very real possibility that the PTB will get to clean their slates off, but the folks down at the ground level are not going to have their slates wiped clean. Sounds wonderful in theory, but doubtful. I suspect that if this does happen, we will be in the midst of WWIII so it won’t really matter as I doubt our creditors will be OK with having their loans unpaid without demanding some sort of flesh (a pound or more).

    In a perfect world, we all get our debts wiped out and we get to start over. Many would go right back into debt but I think most of us would have learned a very good lesson and will not be ready to repeat it. Live within your means.

  43. allen ols

    Greg; This is how the Swiss People would handle the “Fergeson Missouri Issue”

    • JC Davis

      Leave it up to you Allen to make my day. I have to ask did they rob the local food store afterwards.

    • woody188

      Wow, now that is how to defend one’s rights!

  44. Jose

    People are sensing that something is wrong? Now lets see:

    • A country with no jobs
    • Virtually de-industrialize
    • Runaway inflation
    • Police state
    • Lawless government
    • Criminal Investment Bankers and other elites
    • Immoral kangaroo court decisions

    Could any of these qualify?

    I can’t believe we are this f*****-up

    I will pray for you Greg and all the decent human beings that are going to be devastated in this coming tragedy. May God have mercy on us all.

    • Oracle 911

      Hi Jose
      I assume you are a legal immigrant, so you ran out of luck:
      You came from banana republic to another one.
      If you are not legal immigrant, then your parents made a bad choice, Canada would be much better alternative.

      PS: Outside of Germany EU is not in better shape.

    • art barnes

      Jose, believe it, and its planned for a military Russian type government, aka martial law & an elected dictator.

      • JC Davis

        Ditto Art Barns. In this fallen dollar there will be no law. The Republic has fallen. It is OLIGARCHY rule now… NOW, as in today. We are in the front row at USAWATCHDOG.COM. So mike as jerry said eat drink and be merry. For debt will and unpreparedness’ will cause your death. I do not retract. Get ready for the power grid to go down.

  45. Diogenese

    Wow ! freakin wow
    My hair stood on end , so there are no records of who owns your property debt , the whole freakin thing is a con game !
    I want to ask a question , Catterpilar has seen sales drop for 20 months showing the world economy is in trouble yet their share price is a record highs because they are buying their own shares , who does this benefit ? apart from the CE o ,s bonus ? WM is also loosing sales yet they are not in trouble what the hell will bring sanity to the market ? or is it all a scam , all lies and deception ? is the entire market a fantasy like war hammer or some other purile X box game ?. Is the entire system just a giant video game .

  46. Jerry

    2008 + 7 = 2015
    Genesis 41: 29-30
    Behold there come “SEVEN” years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt. And there shall arise after them “SEVEN” years of famine: and all the plenty shall be forgotten in the land of Egypt: and the famine shall consume the land.
    A coincidental stretch ? Maybe. But if the domino’s continue to fall , it may very well be true.

    Greg the United States has been economically isolated. I can’t think of a single country that is still standing behind us. Russia and China are creating the greatest exchange system the world has ever seen. Russian with natural resources , and China with manufacturing. The United States has nothing but debt to offer. Our manufacturing is gone, and the government blocks every move by private industry to extract any of our natural resources. I honestly don’t see any other way out of this other than a total reset.

    Like I said before. Ukraine will decide the timeline of the collapse. War with Russia in Ukraine will spell the end of the dollar as reserve currency, and then its downhill from there. Like Bix said, the globalist need a way to cover their tracks, as they lead us into a new exchange system, and Ukraine fits that bill.

    • Oracle 911

      The crash was in autumn of 2007, but you are right. The “American spring” is coming.

    • wd


      It seems they keep pushing Russia, other web sites I read and respect keep saying that Putin has many alternative plans. He has out-flanked them constantly. Europr is dead and getting worse with Russian counter sanctions. Germany is getting pummelled economically ( GDP contracted recently). There must be a point when they say enough, its about survival now.

      I cant imagine this is going to be an easy winter for the EU, Bulgaria just shut down gas line production on Russian pipe line. I dont see any other move than for EU to bend eastward, what els can we do for them?

      Thanks… “The Harbinger” very eye opening!!

    • Galaxy 500

      Another prediction…of.the many…at least you.gave up.on your secert sauce….I mean source. And what did you go to, mysticism.
      In the bible it say no man knows the.time of the coming, not even the son. I believe if Jesus doesnt know, you dont either

      • JC Davis

        Hey G man. GOD told me when the end is near. At the time you think not.
        You gota love it.

      • Jerry

        Nothing has changed, but the timing about my prediction and the aftermath in Ukraine. Genesis was just playing around with numbers nothing more. Galaxy I’m worried about you. Are you prepared for what is mathematically going to happen? If not, you have bigger problems than articulating your posture.

  47. Pinto

    I researched the concept of street name and the dtcc several years ago. I subsequently stopped transactions in brokerage accounts. there are several stocks i accumulate. but i go directly to the Transfer Agent now and purchase then take physical possesion of the certificate. contrary to popular myth, there is no charge for certificate issue.i use computershare, but there are others.

    • Jerry

      This is what the main stream media isn’t reporting about Ukraine.

      It is progressively getting worse by the hour, and it is just a matter of time before Putin pulls the trigger. When he does, Obama will again show the world how weak America has become, and Germany will dissolve the EU by leaving it. The void in Europe has been created with this rift with Russia, and the Europeans don’t see any reason to continue U.S. hegemony by cutting off their gas supplies.

  48. JM

    Greg, there are now too many voices that agree that a crash and reset will happen. Therefore, we must start believing that it will probably happen in the not so distant future. The big question now is when! Let’s take a look at this simple question from a different perspective. What exactly are the things that TPTB need to secure before it happens? Obviously, they are currently reworking the metals exchange markets. What other items would TPTB want on their wish list? I think this line of thinking will give us a better idea of when the big day will occur.

  49. maxed_out

    “derivative bomb” lol, where does this stuff get concocted from. My investor would have adviced me of a “derivative bomb” when I spoke with him last Monday, and believe me he would know. All of my investments have my dividends rolled back into my investments and my dividends from my other account pay my mortgage……. “derivative bomb” guy must be a comedian!

  50. Jim Taylor

    Great Interview Greg. I am still unclear of his answer to your excellent question about real estte. It seems he believes that they will not come after homes after taking bank accounts. So would that mean buying a home with a large mortgage now is smart no matter the payment and after the crash assume full title? I have more agreed with you and others such as Jim Sinclair that if they still hold the title to the home they may let you live there a while, but evetually will say its not yours, pay us in new revalued currency if you want to stay in your home.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think that is more reasonable to me and when that happens what is your income stream going to be. Will it be interrupted or cancelled. You got to own your stuff. I think that is the safest play, but what do I know. I am a reporter an investment guru. Thank you for weighing in here!!!

      • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

        Greg? You are an investment guru? I did not know that, I did not know that!

        • Greg Hunter

          I am NOT an investment guru.

        • JM

          He is but only in the alternative save your butt while you can market.

  51. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Light
    O.K. you have battery lanterns. You have oil lamps. You have propane lanterns. All of those require refueling. How about a lamp that can go 8 hours on a solar charge that doesn’t require batteries, and has a bulb that will burn for 10,000 hours all for $15.00 ?

    I’ve tried all types of lights, and for the money, you can’t beat these. Here’s to lighting up your night.

    • JC Davis

      Jerry how is the electricity stored without batteries. ? I gota search these.

      • JC Davis

        The SHS includes a compact battery and control unit packed with power and a battery indicator that shows the system’s charge level, so customers never have to worry about being left in the dark. Nice tool to have .

      • Galaxy 500

        It has internal batteries

        • JC Davis

          Yep G 500 correct. I did some research at 4 am. Before life interrupts me. Hey here is another great invention exposed.

    • woody188

      I like candles. The wax is reusable. Only requires new string. Readily available materials. Can last for days. No toxic chemicals. Generates some heat. Can use to cook small items with if need be. Not the brightest light, but probably the most versatile and economical.

  52. Michael Shadid

    excellent interview with Bix Weir….. right up there with Jim Willie interviews

  53. Sam Grant

    Hey Colin – farmer from NZ. Ignore everyone. I will never get sick of anyone railing against the Fed. We must be constantly reminded of it – especially the newbies who are just waking up and don’t know who the real perps are. Keep on banging your drum about the FED. You must! It is so crucial. It and all central banks(ters) are the roots of all evil in the world for the last 200 years and have created all conflicts, wars, assassinations, coup d’etats, booms, bubbles, busts, stock market manipulations and crashes, currency debasement, genocides, mass murders, financial experiments (communism, socialism), inflation, deflation, stagflation, starvation, slavery, etc. Imagine the world without all of the above!. People don’t want to fight, they want to trade! There’s nothing that can’t be settled by negotiation. But the banksters make huuuuuge profits financing both sides of a war and more importantly, it changes the society completely so it can be manipulated by the central bank led globalist agenda. So please – I urge y9u – keep shouting about the Fed.
    Greg: Bix was superb and he has a really different take on things. To hear him say they actually want to bring the system down gave me chills up my spine. Keep on stacking! .

  54. Mike M

    So who else agrees that the currency collapses, everyone’s debts get wiped out and after a couple of weeks of chaos, things get back to normal? On top of that, we go back to a gold standard because the government has been stashing and hoarding huge amounts of gold to back up the new currency.

    I’ll go along with the collapse part, but everything else I think he is out in left field on. Then again, there seems to be a lot of people who will concur we’re heading for the abyss but can’t seem to get a realistic grasp on just how bad things are going to get.

    • JC Davis

      Mike everyday I wake up wondering if I am still alive. Then, and only then can I plan my day. It never happens to be what I planed for. So Hands To GOD I give him my cares.

      • Mike M

        You made it sound like you were telling me to get real. The comments I made were quite clear. Yours were not. I basically said all hell is going to break lose when the SHTF, unlike the views of some of those that give interviews here. If you are anywhere in the US when the big event occurs I doubt you will think it is just another bump in the road as many assume. You will all be in a fight for survival and God is not going to help you contrary to what some think.

        • JC Davis

          Mike . Please forgive me if I took your post lightly. I sometimes do that. Everyone on this site knows the collapse has happened. It is a slow process. or some call it slow burn.
          You are correct we will all be in flight for survival, Yet GOD will (help) those who listen and prepare. Make no mistake it will not be easy for any. When troubles occur I would much rather have faith then doubt. No offence intended.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Don’t worry! THAT’s what General Yamashita’s gold stash in the Philippines is for, right? What a crock. The “crash” itself will happen quickly, but the aftermath will hang on for a long time. No in-and-out deal here. Best always. PM

    • woody188

      There is a collapse, debt isn’t wiped out, but the initial crisis period will only last a few weeks up to a month. Reason is those in control want to implement the new system and that is less likely the longer the crisis is allowed to linger. After two weeks most American’s will be willing to accept whatever deal they are handed. The rest will be rounded up and “re-educated” to accept it or perish. At least that seems to be the plan.

      And there is the rub. If enough Americans, at least ten percent, want to fight the new system then we will have a longer period of instability and a possible re-direction towards a more free and fair system based on individual freedom and liberty. The problem being only maybe ten percent are actually aware of what is happening and even fewer have actually prepared. They will be quickly demonized by HDTV media as hoarders that are sick and need “help” to fight their mental disorder. Those that last a little longer will be deemed terrorists and enemies of the state to be hunted down and executed.

      What will most choose?
      Starvation and possible death with a small chance for freedom?
      Accept a meager ration and enslavement to the hive?
      What will you choose?
      Do you dare state it with the NSA logging your every post to the Internet?

  55. reader

    I would not worry about the dollar or the brics. Let us at least WAIT until the EURO fails before going there. as for losing reserve currency status plus let’s keeping real!!

    • reader

      I mean pls lets keep it real. lol.

  56. Hugo

    Hi Greg,

    Great interview for sure thanx Greg

    Two things mr Weir says dont make too much sense to me (the big majority of things he tells make tons of sense so dont get me wrong)

    He rightly so states that silver is soooo usefull. If one is a ”believer” in peak oil then its more then logical reason alone that TPTB want a move into solar pannels. One can observe that even. China will unleash the biggest program of rolling them out as far as I know. There are many more countries on that track. They all have thus an incentive to keep silver prices low. Say a tad above production costs.

    On the other hand we have gold. Horded for millenia and well, hardly used for anything besides that. Mr Weir makes the point very clear, if silver is hoarded there are no pc’s, mobiles, solar panels etc. To me that makes a great argument to not hoard silver but gold since besides hoarding and jewels mostly it wont hurt our way of life. And if one believes in peak oil, make the crash just a bit less harsh. Central banks have gold only and no silver…. They agree? Here in Holland (the country) we have 21% VAT on silver, 0% VAT (no typo) on gold. Guiding the herd maybe?

    Energy, fiat and baninking are more tied then one sees. A great 11 min video explaining that It is well documented that oil producing countries untill bretton woods broke received physical gold payment for the oil as well, The MSM even reported on that in them days. Dig mostly in history about money. And no, not only in tbe century the FED exsists. Same shit, different denominator exists since milennia. The question is what is the denominator? Salt, sea shells, tally sticks, gold, silver, the US dollar.

    Another point Mr Weir makes is that hyperinflated currency will be shredded. That is not always the case. The hyperinflation in Argentinia in 2001 (ish) was like that. When the hyperinflation ended the still standing debts were renominated in the new currency. Thus back under control. Ofcourse in Zimbabwe they were destroyed.

    • allen ols

      hugo; u said,

      The hyperinflation in Argentina in 2001 (ish) was like that. When the hyperinflation ended the still standing debts were renominated in the new currency. Thus back under control. Of course in Zimbabwe they were destroyed.

      remember Hugo, the argent. re-al’ was not a world wide currency connected to all central banks, and barrels of oil traded exclusively in the argent. re-al’. The impact is different, and the collapse of the dollar will be felt world wide, and the collapse of the re-al, was felt very slight.

      • Marcelo

        “the argent. re-al’” Argentina´s currency is/was the Peso. Real is the Brazilian´s currency.

        • allen ols

          thank you, as I was posting I wondered if I had confused them, but the point is the same, but still tks. al ols

  57. Wall Street Main Street_Money&Politics The real poop!

    More people in US. on government dole, than all people in Russia!

    CIA World Factbook says there are 142,470,272 people in Russia. So, the 150,026,000 people getting non-veterans federal benefits in the United States at the end of 2012 outnumbered all the people in Russia.

    We need more gas stations, like they say, Russia’s just one big gas station!

    • Paul from Indiana

      There are more Mexicans in the US now than there are Canadiens in Canada, too! Numbers like this are practically unimaginable, so you can get an idea of how staggering the problems are and how big the “crash” will be if/when it arrives. Best always. PM

  58. Judge Roy Bean et al

    Michael Savage, Walid Shoebat on ISIS, Iraq & The Muslim Sisterhood

  59. vincentg

    Ending the Glass Steagall act allows the banks to loan out money as a broker.
    They issue a loan and pass it over to Wall Street.

    If you don’t hold the loan why would you care if the person can pay it back?
    You would just grab the commission and run.

    I don’t understand why people don’t understand how important the Glass Steagall act was.

    Still in place is the FDIC which now can never cover a big bank failure.
    When they created the Glass Steagall act it was in two parts.
    Part one was the FDIC
    Part two was laws that keep the risk to the FDIC low by controlling the banks.

    Because of this Act there has not been a run on a bank since it was created.

    Seems in this country we create things that don’t work and claim they do work.
    But things that do work we claim they don’t work.

    We created the Fed to prevent bank runs.
    It never did and never will.
    We created the Glass Steagall Act to convince people that now the banks are safe.
    After the 29 crash who would trust a bank?

    So the Glass Steagall Act which did solve the bank run problem was removed and the Fed which didn’t solve anything was and still is praised.

    No wonder this country is so messed up.

  60. HTC

    Greg.. as far as oweing money to the bank on a home or car. If 95% of Americans are facing eviction who is going to just pick up and live on the streets? Lol, things would be crazy and if they come to my home they will literally have to drag my dead body out. I am fully prepared to defend myself and family using lethal means. Who will enforce this??? Jerry said drones and foreign mercenaries, I will fight and I will die that much I know. I can’t imagine how long we are talking before banks redo their debt and by the time it’s refigured I’m guessing it’s gonna require the mark to buy or sell anyway. That does not apply to me. Am I thinking crazy??

    • woody188

      Drones and mercenaries for known terrorists, ie those refusing to accept the new system. For those being evicted it will be the local county sheriff or magistrate as it is today.

      I used to talk with my grandma about the Depression. She claimed initially people were forced from their homes, but that after a time, there was a moratorium when it became known that a large majority could not pay. But, I did watch a show on the Dust Bowl made a few years back and those “Okies” got no quarter from the banks. I guess the disaster has to be nationwide if there is any hope for salvation from the predatory bankers.

  61. Eddie Laidler

    Extraordinarily thought provoking interview.
    My spider senses are telling me that all hard assets that we little guys own after the crash will be taxed in a new way. Paid for.
    The interview thread could have gone much deeper in that area but these are questions that will not be answered till the fat lady sings.
    Somebody will profit from the fact that the paper trail to my home is broken.
    Will it be a new socialist government agenda where social equalization is created through asset owners paying down to the non asset owners through the government?
    Oh yeah we are already doing that 🙂
    So much to answer.
    Great work Greg.

  62. Glen

    Bix Weir has been around for awhile and most of the people in this business( pm analysts and newsletter writers) know about about Bix and put up with him. Bix is a nice guy and is very knowledgable about gold and silver markets. But, his conclusions are “Pie in the Sky”. He has made rediculous predictions that never come true for years which make Bix irellevant. He always has a prediction to pass out that is incredible. He never apologizes for being wrong and he is always wrong. You have a lot of listener’s that have never listened to Bix. I advise that they go back and listen to Bix’s older work. You will see what I am talking about. He is borderline crazy with his predictions and conclusions. Yes, there very well could be a crash coming in the future. Could be many years away from now for all anyone knows. No one knows the future.

  63. Marie Ginloffenberg

    Greg, I don’t think there will be a collapse and a crash. TPTB know everyone’s preparing and looking for the crash/collapse. I suggest it will be more of a halt of the markets and a re-distribution of confiscated equities after an extended bank holiday. I can hear it now, no crash here folks, just move along. Stay calm. We’re protecting all your investments. You’ll get them back in time. Just sayin’…

    • Galaxy 500

      Oh really….

    • Silence is Golden


  64. archivesDave

    I’d just LOVE to see a debate between Weir and Harry Dent.
    They both make considerable sense.
    That should draw some serious attention!

  65. Joseph

    All very interesting but if folks think their debts are going to be wiped clean when the big re-set happens, well, good luck with that!

  66. Wayne

    Yet again another great interview! I disagree with the whole debt forgiveness issue. I believe more along the lines of your replies. Pay off that debt and get ready. I am working on my home equity loan now. Hopefully this avalanche will hold off long enough to get it done. On a different note, it would be nice if at the bottom of these comments there was a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down” that we could click on to agree or disagree with others. Just a thought. Thanks again Greg for all you do…

  67. allen ols


    The Official 911 Story is for the braindead, the morons, the fools in the crowd. the jackass

  68. allen ols

    From the dollar vigilante

    Before we delve into what is about to happen let’s just take one last look at the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 by one of the great freedom-minded investigative journalists on the planet, James Corbett … because this theory is about to evaporate in front of our very eyes: – See more at:

    • JC Davis

      Al There is no way to win the war on propaganda. It is truly a sad thing to see. as one once said a lie circle’s the earth while the truth is still putting shoes on.

  69. Charles H.


    What I suspect – is that the Banks are playing a field on a a full-court press – on TWO SIDES. The One is conjuring money out of nothing in loaning it into existence; the SECOND is re-hypothication of Derivatives, which are bets upon bets. My feeling is what started as “Creative High Finance” got out of control and such fast-n’-easy greed was letting a Genie out of a bottle. The absurd proportions or amounts out there seem to indicate a ride to insanity (re-hypothication to infinity) for as long as it lasts. And being the MSM has their back covered; and Hollywood has Dancing With The Stars – I sort of wonder if most of America won’t wake-up until they are kicked to the curb. Not only is this an uneven contest: most people don’t know they are being gamed.
    Bix Weir was great.

  70. Enda


    Thanks for all the great interviews lately. I rely on your site for some real news and I get it. You are absolutely right on debt: get out.

    I don’t think debt will be cancelled in the coming meltdown. The gov’t owns a huge swath of the mortgages and all the school loans (btw, did you know you have to sign up for the draft to qualify?). I doubt they’ll be giving us a pass. Who knows what else they own, what debts are being held by them. Do you want to find out?

    I looked over Mr. Bix’s Road to Roota. There’s no provision for what our enemies will do when economic chaos breaks out. These terrorists are now everywhere, thanks to the porous borders. God send it’s ‘only’ conventional terrorism and not nuclear or EMP.

    Also no mention in my quick scan of the reaction of the Globalists, who cannot control everyone’s finances if they aren’t computerized. People owning metal and trading among themselves will not be something they’ll stick for long. Almost every essential industry now is owned by a handful of people. When you own the big food conglomerates, why not just buy the farms…own the farms, why buy farm equipment, fertilizer, etc., just buy the companies that make it. Processing plants? Those, too. I used to joke one guy named Smith in a New York high rise owns it all and calls it Acme Industries. Now I know his name is probably a secret and he owns a dozen high end homes, including a private island. You will never see him even at the most expensive restaurants in the world – his kind have their own private clubs. And yes, Virginia, about a dozen of them control just about everything.

    Gold is nice, silver is good, a small farm is better.

    Speaking of terrorists, has anyone noticed that Christians worldwide are now being slaughtered? And that Christmas is a favorite time for bombings and attacks?

    Picture your typical American church. No security. Lots of strangers, the C & E crowd coming out for Midnight Mass or Candlelight Service. Everyone bundled up in coats and scarves. Kids home from school with the ubiquitous backpack they shove under the pew, then disappear. You want terror? Forget the malls. Think Christmas Eve.

  71. Dan

    While I believe that gold will EVENTUALLY go up & perhaps to as much as $10,000 an ounce. Predictions of such by the end of this year are not only tiresome, but ridiculous!

  72. robert

    There is going to be an economic collapse and it will happen soon. How in the world can the stock market be doing so good when unemployment is through the roof and nothing is manufactured in this country anymore and one of our big concerns is whether the Washington Redskins should change their name. Pay attention to what is going on all over the world. Ferguson Mo. is just another little distraction. This is nothing new what’s happening there. White cop shoots black person and it’s a big deal. Black man kills a white cop, not so big of a deal. Black on Black murder is an epidemic in Chicago and does anyone outside of the city limits even know what’s going on or care for that matte?. Of course not. That’s because it won’t take anyone’s attention away from what is really going on. The dollar is in big trouble and the US doesn’t have the clout it once had over the rest of the world to ensure it’s survivability. If anyone thinks for a nanosecond that we could even think of engaging in a war with either Russia or China much less both of them combined, treat that day like the end of the world, because it will be. You can forget about a ground war, so that only leaves tossing nukes at each other and we all know what that will produce… the erasure of two thousand and fourteen years. So think hard of what’s happened in the last 51/2 years and get out and vote for a change…..We can only hope.

  73. Jim

    I occasionally need some relief from all the flashpoints waiting for an ignition source around the world. Unbelievable our varied long list of entanglements. Remember the song by the 70’s group Chicago. America needs you “Harry Truman.” My dad said things were pretty good for him under this president here on the farm. His great uncle was a steel salesman and said after World War II he could walk any street in the world because no one would harm an American Citizen. What the hell have our leaders done? Even with a few problems maybe we should move towards a Switzerland type model of government. In spite of neutrality stance they do business all over the world.

  74. Rudolf

    I just wanna post what Bix had to say in october 2009

    Don’t delay because as this reality begins to show over the next few weeks I doubt you will be able to get that physical position you’ve been putting off for those increased silver returns from your mining stocks, options and derivatives.”

    The next few weeks are over (actually almost 5 years) and that means he
    was wrong.
    Excuse me, I´m a silver bug too but dont trust nobody´s predictions!


    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Rudolf he was. Some extreme measures have been taken to prop it all up but that doesn’t mean it’s all fixed. What they did made it all so much worse that it is hard to comprehend. We are not talking about investing or making a return. We are talking about how to survive. Hold your metal this is all unsustainable. That is the only thing you can count on. Thank you.


    • woody188

      If you bought in Oct. ’09 it was USD 18. If you held it less than 2 years you could have sold at 47 USD. He was wrong about the collapse but one could have made a tidy profit in less than 2 years. Also, I’d never go 100% in anything!

  75. NCWatcher

    Hi Greg,
    I had an idea and I wanted to bounce it off you and your readers. It relates to this news item here

    On September 25th 2014 in the USA, 1st of Tishri in the Hebrew calendar (read the Harbinger) the Shanghai gold exchange will start trading a gold contract priced in Yuan in the free trade zone. If gold is priced higher on the Shanghai gold exchange than the COMEX won’t that create an opportunity for an arbitrage?
    If US companies want to purchase Yuan they use the official Yuan USD exchange rate, which is of much contention to the US Treasury, but if the Chinese government wants to devalue the Yuan couldn’t they price gold higher on the Shanghai exchange? US companies would buy gold contracts on the COMEX and stand for delivery, and then they would sell the gold on the Shanghai exchange for more Yuan than if they bought Yuan with the US dollars they used to buy the gold contract on the COMEX. The Chinese would get the gold they want and a de facto devaluation of the Yuan. Then the US Treasury couldn’t complain because the official exchange would be the same.

  76. Chaban

    I have followed all those guys for five years. This whole time they have been wrong.

    But I believed them. I have been out of equities since 2010. The result? I have missed out on one of the greatest bull runs in history.

    Meanwhile, the sheep that watch mainstream media have made a killer.

    I know it’s all rigged, but those people did ride the wave while I did not. And they can use gains from the rigged casino to buy hard assets.

    So who got screwed?

    Have you guys seen Q2 results? They came way above the expectations of Paul Craig Roberts, John Williams and all those guys.

    Home Depot sales were up nearly 6% year over year. SIX percent!

    Sales of existing homes are way up.

    This shows we are nowhere near a recession.

    At some point those guys, and you Greg, must admit you were wrong.

    I know it’s all artificial, but at this point the central planners are winning: equities are way up, treasuries are at record lows and the dollar is actually freaking strengthening. That’s right, the currency that is supposedly on the verge of collapse is strengthening….

    I wish I had not listened to the gloom-and-doomers five years ago.

    • JC Davis

      Chaban. If it makes you feel any better I did the same thing. Cashed out my stocks and lost 6 k. for me its about principal of moral. Will I except a government hand out? That is what the stocks have become. For me I don’t fully know if I did the right thing, but I know I don’t want a freebee from this corrupt government. There are strings attached. These FOOLS that are taking the government handout are entering a moral contract. To there demise. My advise is stop investing in rigged games even if you loose when you walk away.

    • Dan

      I’m with you. I wish I had been in stocks instead of silver the last few years!

    • Charles H.


      I bought silver at 32, after the peak of 48 – believing it was going to keep sky-rocketing – following advice of a guest and commenter here. You win some; you lose some. But – what I do have: I have. The problem with playing the Market is the same – once “in” you are polarized to believe in it. Most will just never see anything else, and never get out – and they will burn with the crash. Hard times; hard decisions – instead of lamenting over unrealized speculation: you should be anchored to a sure security. This Bull Run will be followed by one giant helicopter crash – that few survive.

      • Mark

        Sage words of wisdom. Thank you Charles. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit!

    • Silence is Golden

      Hindsight is a wonderful gift my friend.
      Reality has a habit of fixing that.
      When it strikes, you won’t be one of the ones saying …Oh Gee why didn’t I take my money out when I doubled it ? I should’ve, could’ve or would’ve doesn’t cut it in the real world. Oh I forgot, your a sophisticated investor who has ensured his/her downside is limited by putting in place stop loss orders or put options over all stocks held…hmm!
      Have a plan and stick to it & trust only what you know….best free advice you’re ever going to receive.
      BTW…USD strength is a misnomer. But you knew that right ……!!!! 😉

  77. wd


    I agree with you on the debts we have ( pay them off) but Dimitry Orlov echoes exactly what Bix says about debt.

    Furthermore, when I was in wholesale lending…if those banks would hav been allowed to collapse as determined by free market forces. Many people would have been able to keep their homes for 30-50 cents on their loan value. Or at least have had tremendous leverage!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your perspective.

  78. fred

    greg recently there is a real “buzz” on the net regarding the ridiculous government story of 911 could you please have a guest on that would discuss this taboo subject as it will have a huge effect on everything else going forward

    • Saint Lawrence


    • JC Davis

      Fred we the wake people have been trying to expose what really happen on 9/11 for years.
      The biggest conspiracy theory is produced from the commission to study what happen .
      Jesse Ventura Has the best perspective I have seen on 9/11.

      • JC Davis

        I don’t agree with his Atheistic attitude to God, But hey full grown people should be allowed to disagree. His pints on 9/11 are heard world wide.

        • allen ols

          u said pints, Have u been dipping into that fine, boysenberry wine u gave me the other day?

          • Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham, & Howe

            I enjoyed a pint of Wicks Beer while recently listening to Jesse Ventura.

          • JC Davis

            You know me too well Allen Ols.

      • JC Davis

  79. HTC

    Greg, I do have a serious question regarding paying off debt. I am not advocating maxing out credit cards and taking massive loans from the bank. I do however have a mortgage with about 26 years left to pay on it. I know very few Americans who are debt free in this country. So my question is… Who is going to evict 200+ million from their homes or repo your car? EVERYONE will be in the same boat. The local sherriff will not be homeless going door to door to hang notices. Am I overlooking something because to me it doesn’t look like it’s going to matter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Owning something clear title is the least risky thing. Who knows what will happen because what is happening now has never happened in recorded history.

      • HTC

        Ahh I see. I guess I was under the impression that everyone knew something I didn’t. Being free and clear is the best option, but one that isn’t possible at this point in time for me. thank you for the response.

    • Alarmed

      When it comes to real estate, no one is debt free, nor do you own your property or house even when you own the title. Skip a small amount on your property tax and you can lose a lifetime of savings. Pretty nasty in my opinion.

      • JC Davis

        I am Debt free. and will kill any who tries to take it from me. If you have debt and want out of it the fed will just print it up and your free to rent…from me.

  80. Alarmed

    Who would have thought that Lego’s are as good as cash? Bummer! I have a large tub of legos leftover from my kids for the grand kids to play with…but no boxes or sets!!bHL4nl

    • JC Davis

      Don’t be so Alarmed, At least you didn’t have worthless paper. Become a thinker. Those Legos can make something. Enjoy.

  81. HTC

    Jerry not sure if you’ll see this or not, but I read an article on zero hedge earlier today that said Putin announces Russia will not invade Ukraine. In lieu of that, stocks… S&p perhaps? Shot up quite a bit. just curious what your take on that might mean. At the same time… It probably wouldn’t be smart to broadcast your intentions to the world either lol.

  82. Silence is Golden

    It needs to be said again (my recent blog found an untimely death) !!!
    “Where are they investing now” was the question posed….to which Bix replied “Into physical assets”.
    The power elites have been moving their fortunes from paper instruments into control of the crucial commodities of food, fuel, and minerals essential to mankind, and which they regard as a hedge to see them through the coming crash.
    Mention of a “crash” was made several times in this interview and has become par for the course or commonly accepted as a given for “those in the know” and those who are following the modelling of public perception. Who first brought up the idea or expectation of a “Crash” ? My question is are we being subjected to clever social engineering using words and data processed as silent weapons, that are gradually encroaching upon our lives, restraining our options, causing us to conform to a profile programmed into a computer. YES we are IMHO.
    Taking it further, the intention of the powerful moneyed elite is to collapse the system to facilitate absolute legal control over raw materials and property. That is essential to their long term plan. When that exactly happens …no one knows except the chosen few.
    It is therefore by no coincidence that a shift of wealth from paper to physical has been taking place. Not for the reason of safety though. It is much more sinister.

    • Judge Roy Bean et al

      Yes it is much more sin mister, it’s called stag flation, a deer in the headlights moment, despite a wrecked kaput e “con”omy, the world does not rush into dollar’s,
      but out, leaving the US. behind and the world in bankruptcy and the only safe haven’s are tangible asset’s and tangible economy’s.
      Ignorance will no longer be bliss!

  83. jade

    Here is my prediction for silver and gold prices at the end of 2014
    Silver $20.60 Gold $1320
    Read on Dec 31 2014 and see how accurate this estimate is

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