Brace for Volatility-Look for Protection-Axel Merk

Axel Merk: Gold for Protection - Brace for VolatilityBy Greg Hunter’s

Money manager Axel Merk says, “I think no matter what kind of data we are going to have going forward, brace yourself for volatility, and you may want to look for protection.”  What kind of protection is he talking about?  Merk says, “I do hold a substantial part of my net worth in gold because I don’t like anything else out there. . . . It is terrifying to be in stocks in my view, and I sleep much better at night with my gold holdings.”  Merk goes on to say, “. . . Real wages have been stagnant for a decade, but when the cost of living goes up, you have revolutions in the Middle East . . .  you have Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party in the U.S.  That means less political stability and more government intervention.”  For investors, there is some good news.  Merk, who manages nearly a half billion dollars, says, “The only good news in all of this is that policymakers are predictable.  That provides opportunity such as shorting the yen or buying some gold.”   Merk predicts, “The risk is something is going to blow up, but the more likely scenario is that we’re going to just keep our heads spinning . . . and we’ll talk again at gold $3,000, and they are still going to say gold is worthless.”  Merk concludes, “We have less stability in the world.  It is a global phenomenon.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with President of Merk Investments, Axel Merk.

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  1. bob

    he said it best, there is no safe place to invest. i still like gold and silver.

    • On The Beach

      So does Steve Keen, just don’t tell Paul Krugman. They’ve been feuding for years over this. Steve just won the last round!

    • Rich

      Agree bob. It is the only safe place.

  2. J.C.Davis

    Greg, Axel Merk is one of the most knowledgably people in investments. Thank you for getting him on. I can only question how much of his money is in silver ? I think when the dollar fails silver will be way up close to the top. Silver will be a currency again.The world will not stop when the buck stops here . No no the world will boom when the buck stops here, and silver will skyrocket. So says the man in a garage. Gold is fine if you have 500 million yeah buy some gold. If you have 5,000 dollars buy silver. Thanks again.

  3. mohammad


    Very very very brilliant guest, thanks for the interview!
    I will put my self in the shoes of the central planners like he suggested and i will say this:
    EMBRACE YOUR SELVES FOR WWIII and position yourself as such.

  4. Rodster

    He said it best by saying there will be continued Global instability because wages are either stagnate or are going down. The red flag is we are not even looking at a financial meltdown, YET !

    We are seeing more instability around the world and most if not all of it is do to the people’s view of their economic future. Recently we have seen that in Thailand and now Kiev.

    Can you imagine what kind of instability the world will face when the common folk are just trying to get by to feed their family but rather having to go into survival mode because of either some type of crash, collapse or global bail in?

    • WD Deni

      Mohammad, I am constantly impressed by your comments here. You seem to be as much as an expert as these “experts”. Over 15 years ago I travelled a lot and became a frequent listener to Coast to Coast, yes I realize its got a wiggle room, and many times I would laugh at what they would say. Now much of its coming true. It seems that all these pieces are falling into place. What do you think the lynch pin is? What will be that straw that breaks the camels back. Thanks

  5. Squinty

    I wanted a portfolio that would allow me to sleep at night also, but I could not afford gold. So I bought silver. I figured with the flood of liquidity into the market all hard assets would appreciate in dollar terms. I was wrong.
    It dosent make sense that asset bubbles are forming in stocks, real estate, antiques, art, and diamonds. And yet silver and gold has tanked in last couple of year.
    I cant believe that this is a part of a normal correction in the metals market. Some entity must have as an agenda to suppress precious metals

  6. mohammad


    Something is going on here, we are breaking the 80 psychological support line on the USD index down.
    Keep an eye on USD, it is the one who is going to tell the story.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mohammad!!

      • mohammad

        As if those bastards are watching your site, they smashed gold and brought USD index above 80.
        It gets tiring for paper miners holders god bless their hearts, how long can they take that beating, Mr Sinclair’s papers are smashed and he’s got a solid foundation, excellent management yet no one seems to be able to stop those naked position attacks on the PM, i wish some one can come up with a real clear vision on when this crap is going to stop!

      • mohammad

        This is from

  7. Rebecca

    I like Mr. Merk.
    He sounds like a man with a lot of common sense and good reasoning powers.
    Nice interview, Greg. Very nice.

    • Rebecca

      Let me add: I much prefer your “guests” who don’t use theatrics to make their point.
      Sound reasoning wins out over emotional, irreverent rhetoric every time.
      Mr. Merk is good.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rebecca.

  8. Paul from Indiana

    While not exactly germane to the topic at hand, these links (below) are related to world stability. I thought Greg, Mohammad (“Israel will kick the chessboard”), and the rest of the regulars might benefit from two recent pieces I came across. George Friedman, the chairman and founder of Stratfor, the strategic information/analysis company, published this excellent analysis: A second insightful report can be found here: Despite Mr. Obama’s persistent statements to the contrary (imagine that!), it appears that the world is going to have to find a way to live with a nuclear Iran.

    • mohammad


      Throughout time I have learned that most important articles and columns will put the best at last, in the very bottom.
      Here am quoting from the same column you referred to “strafor”, …. last line:

      “But his response must remain measured because Israel has less influence in the United States than it once did.”

      Cornered Israel is a dangerous one!

  9. Rebecca

    One last note:
    These economic times remind one of the biblical Last Days and the Lord’s return.
    Many also want to know when “that day is”.
    The Lord says it’s not you to know, but then He gives signs to watch for that will let mankind know that the day is drawing close –– “Even at the door.”

    “Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near. So, you too, when you see all the things (the signs of the Last Days Jesus gave), recognize that He is near, even at the door.” (Matthew 24:32-33 NAS)

    The signs of an economic collapse have been here for years now, especially since 2008. The government’s reckless spending is not a new event, this fiscal nightmare has been unfolding for years. We would like to know “the day the Collapse will happen,” but that too is not for us to know.

    From what has been said by some of the experts on this site, the process of the decline into Collapse will go slowly until the end when the Collapse will seem to “explode” on everyone. Reminds one of the biblical Last Days as we watch the signs slowly unfold before our eyes and we watch and wait for the Lord to “suddenly appear”. For those not watching, it will seem as though the Lord returned as “thief in the night,” but to those who have been watching the slow process unfold through the years, it will be no surprise. Hopefully, the wise and prudent will have wakened from their sleep to light their lamps (Matthew 25: 1-13) and put their spiritual houses in order, even as these experts tell us to get our financial house in order for these chaotic economic times.

    Those eager for the Lord’s return may think He tarries too long and grow impatient in waiting for the “big event.” Since the scenario/expectation for the Collapse seems to mirror perfectly the scenario/expectation of the biblical Last Days, perhaps the admonitions in the Holy Scriptures about the Last Days is also fitting for those looking for the Collapse:

    1) Be prepared to suffer.
    “Alas, you who are longing for the day of the LORD, for what purpose will the day of the LORD be to you? It will be darkness and not light, as when a man flees from a lion and a bear meets him, or goes home, leans his hand against the wall and a snake bites him. Will not the day of the LORD be darkness and not light, even gloom with no brightness in it?” Amos 5:18-20

    “Near is the great day of the LORD, near and coming very quickly. Listen, the day of the LORD! In it the warrior cries out bitterly. A day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and thick darkness, a day of trumpet and battle cry against the fortified cities and high corner towers. I will bring distress on men so that they will walk like the blind, because they have sinned against the LORD, and their blood will be poured out like dust and their flesh like dung. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them on the day of the LORD’s wrath …” Zephaniah 1:10

    2) So don’t be in a hurry for it to arrive.
    There is a scripture that I unfortunately could not find that states (I’m paraphasing) — Man should not be in a hurry for the day of the Lord to come, because each one of us individually do not know how we will fare in that day or what our end will be.
    Instead …

    3) We should consider each day the Collapse is delayed to be a blessing from the LORD.
    “Regard the patience of our Lord as salvation …” II Peter 3:15
    Each good day (or as good as it gets these days) gives opportunity for one more person’s eyes to open, one more family to see the need to prepare for the Collapse, one more day to prepare what one can … one more day to get one’s spiritual house in order.

    For when it comes, it shall be bad.
    It is not ours to know when the collapse shall come; it is ours to watch the signs unfold and prepare spiritually, emotionally, physically and if possible, financially, for the terrible consequences. It may be the collapse is all part of the Lord’s Last Days scenario.

    “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up. Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness …” II Peter 3:10-11

    4) The LORD’s protection is the best we can trust for.
    “Seek the LORD, all you humble of the earth who have carried out His ordinances; seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be hidden in the day of the LORD’s anger.” Zephaniah 2:3

    This is what Followers of Jesus have been taught from the Holy Scriptures in regard to the Last Days, which shall come one day. We expect to see it in our lifetime because of the unfolding signs we see.

    It would seem to be sound advice for those looking for the Collapse, too.
    Indeed, the one may lead to the other.

    • Anna

      Read Daniel Chapter 12, he fills in the details, specially the wise awakening from their sleep in the dust of the earth (flesh). That’s when the carnal (fleshly babe) christian awakens to the spiritual meaning of Christs words; the “darkness” (carnal misunderstanding: applying everything to this world) becomes Light (understanding and applying everything to heavenly places). It’s a spiritual journey, Rebecca, not a carnal (fleshly) one. Flesh and blood will not enter into the kingdom of God, the kingdom is within you. “Heaven” is where you have a “meeting of the minds” with God. Your natural body is “of this world” and “made of dust of the earth”. When you See (perceive) the Spiritual meaning, then you will find the Way.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Anna.

        Please give your understanding of verse 7 in Daniel 12.

        • Anna

          your answer is verse 10.

      • Rebecca

        “Heaven” is where you have a “meeting of the minds” with God.
        Some scriptures to support that concept would be nice.

        • Anna

          Exodus 29:42
          This shall be a continual burnt offering throughout your generations at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the Lord: where I will meet you, to speak there unto thee.
          Exodus 30:36
          And thou shalt beat some of it very small, and put of it before the testimony in the tabernacle of the congregation, where I will meet with thee: it shall be unto you most holy.
          Numbers 17:4
          And thou shalt lay them up in the tabernacle of the congregation before the testimony, where I will meet with you.
          Revelation 15:5
          And after that I looked, and, behold, the temple of the tabernacle of the testimony in heaven was opened:
          Luke 17:21
          Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.
          Revelation 21:3
          And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men,

          Exodus 25:22
          And there I will meet with thee, and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat, from between the two cherubims which are upon the ark of the testimony, of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the children of Israel.

          Do you understand the ark of the testimony, Rebecca?

          The Bible; both testaments, bear the testimony of Jesus. It is the Logos word of God. It is only by receiving God’s Word that anyone can come to know God; rather; be known of God. There is no other way. Only by receiving God’s Word as he is, can anyone receive the mind of God into their own mind. And only by submission to God’s Word can we become like him, even as Jesus submits willingly to his Father. The Kingdom of God is the Father who is the head of Christ, Christ who is the head of all men, and man who is the head of woman. The Helper; the holy spirit; is to God as the woman is to man; an helpmeet. And it is by willing submission to your head.

          The word of God is preserved in the ark. There also is the manna which never spoils, the Rod of the High Priest, and the Law.
          Open your bible to that great divide between the two testaments. Listen to the two witnesses, whose wings stretch out over the mercy seat, who both witness to each other and to Christ the High Priest; and tell me what you see.

          • Anna

            PS: With your bible opened, and your head reverently bowed down as you look into it, it may help if you take the index finger (the number one finger) of each hand and touch your temples. Remember: The two become One. That is the miracle of “relationship”!
            And may God bless you in every step you take towards him; in Jesus Mighty Name!

  10. Rich

    Well Greg. Another good one. Another golden (no pun intended) nugget in there. Blessings to you and your family as always. Merry Christmas to all on this board.

  11. Fraser

    Thanks Greg…
    I agree with everything said and I think that our path is now clear:
    [1] Government QE prints money, which is stored in the Big Banks
    [2] Zero Interest Rate Policy pumps up asset bubbles fueled by Public Debt
    [3] Markets then crashed, destroying asset prices, leaving only Public Debt.
    [4] Great Deflation of Assets occurs as Public Debt unwound.
    [5] Big Banks use stored cash to buy all Public Assets
    [6] New World Order

    • Rebecca

      And to you, Rich.
      May you and yours have a Joyous Christmas.

  12. Harry, Not Larry, Not Jerry

    Greg – great guest. I like guests like this guy Axel. No nonsense, no ulterior motives. No moronic ideas like some of the guest spew out. Thanks Greg!

  13. Ugly

    The best advice he gave is to evaluate your own personal situation and risk assessment levels. There are no safe have investments anymore.

  14. Rodster

    I’d thought you’d like to see this Greg !
    Zheng Gang: China prepares for financial warfare

    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

    Gold researcher and GATA consultant Koos Jansen today translates into English and publishes commentary written in June by Chinese financial management executive Zheng Gang about what he considers a financial war being waged against the world by the United States.

    “The strategic ‘game’ to preserve the U.S. dollar’s global status is now the focus of international political and economic activity,” Zheng writes. “The U.S. makes a new kind of non-military offensive against developing and transforming countries derived from her ability to set favorable rules, an ability she possesses through dollar hegemony.”

    Zheng’s commentary is titled “China Prepares for Financial Warfare” and it’s posted at Jansen’s Internet site, In Gold We Trust, here:

    CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer
    Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rodster!!

    • mohammad


      It started already when dr. David X Li busted the market with his formula. in 2008

  15. tsuki

    I had to listen a couple of times, he speaks quite rapidly. But, he is one of the best guest that you have had on.

    He is correct. If you did not begin to prepare in the 80’s or 90’s, it is too late. There will be no “Black Swan” event. Things will just keep slowly deteriorating until we hit bottom.

    I wish that I felt differently. I remember on my brithday in 1996 saying to a friend that in 20 years we will be manning the barricades.

    I still feel that way.

  16. JJ

    I think gold/silver are the places to be… but not just yet. I see a taper… followed quickly by a major market meltdown… the sheep will flee (again) into the dollar… which will (again) take gold/silver down hard with everything else… THEN it will be time to load the boat with gold and silver, and the quality miners!! Just my opinion, guys…

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