Cashless Society Needed for Negative Rates-Gordon Long

War on cash - A Cashless Society Needed for Negative Rates - Gordon LongBy Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomist Gordon Long says elite bankers want and need negative interest rates.  How do they get them?  Long says, “We need a cashless society in order to get negative interest rates.  We have had negative real interest rates for some time.  That’s the whole premise of paying down the government debt by effectively debasing it.  But we have run up against a wall, and we have run up against that wall.  Clearly, quantitative easing isn’t working.”

Long says the bankers are not through distorting the system, and a cashless society is the next step.  Long explains, “We are still early in the second or third innings of what’s to come.  We are trapped in a globalization trap.  With quantitative easing . . . we are bringing demand forward.  Debt is nothing but future demand.  So, we are really pushing at demand, but we can’t bring anymore forward.  In fact, real disposable income is falling.  People don’t have money to spend, and jobs are not there.  The issue now is not demand. . . .The issue is oversupply.  Cheap money doesn’t just allow you to buy something, it also allows producers to produce.”

So, will a cashless society put off the next crash?  Long says, “We have run out of runway, but never underestimate the ingenuity of a trapped politician and central bankers to come out with new policies and new ways to extend this.  We are going to see some pretty violent volatility and corrections.  We are going to be in there guaranteeing collateral because our issue is . . . there is a shortage of collateral.  The Fed sucked all of the bonds out of the market.  There is a shortage of them.  So, we have a major liquidity problem.  That’s the runway we are running out of, and flows are starting to slow dramatically.  Now, that says it’s getting unstable, but that doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end.  It does mean we are going to do something else, and one of those things is negative nominal rates and cashless society.  That’s the reason why we are going to have a cashless society.  You are going to see this (cashless society idea) accelerate in the next six months.” 

Long predicts, “The next crisis is going to be in sovereign debt, and it’s going to be in the bond market.  I think it will stem out of the insurance and pension problem where they can’t fund it.  Credit is going to collapse around muni bonds, who are using this money to pay pensions.  Yes, we are out of runway. . . . We have north of $200 trillion in debt structures.  Right now, it’s paying on average 4% or $8 trillion a year.  The global GDP is only $72 trillion.  The debt is now consuming our seed corn, so to speak.  We are not only eating the seed corn, we are borrowing the money; and at some point, somebody is no longer going to lend you money.  That’s kind of where we are right now.”

So, is hyperinflation what is coming next?  Long says, “It’s coming, but not next.  Hyperinflation is a currency event.  Hyperinflation is not about prices going up but your currency going down, which means things are more expensive to you.  When hyperinflation happens, it is very quick and very short.  It is a lack of confidence.  What triggers a lack of confidence?  All of a sudden, you have an alternative to the debasement in these developed countries. . . . I believe we are going to have more deflation.  We are going to have both inflation and deflation, but we are going to have more deflation first because of this oversupply I talked about.  Excess supply is going to start to collapse collateral values which are going to hurt assets (bonds held as collateral).  I believe, very quickly, that governments will move to guarantee collateral. When that happens, then we get into the hyperinflation.  So, there is a down, then a panic and then we go up.  We could have a Minsky melt-up, but not

Long adds that it will be “2008 all over again, but on steroids.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial expert Gordon T. Long.

(There is much, much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
Gordon Long adds he sees trouble coming with “September options expirations” this fall.  He also expects a “big credit freeze coming that may last for two weeks before mid-2016,” but he’s quick to say that credit freeze could literally “happen at any time.”  Long puts free commentary on  He also offers a paid subscription newsletter that you can see by clicking here.  (Right now he’s running a two month free trial.)

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  1. Buck

    I’m new to this site but really enjoy it. What kind of portfolio is recommended to weather the upcoming storm?

    • frederick

      Gold Silver and ood quality farmland with ample water would be a good start

      • paul

        Good advice Frederick … representatives of the IMF are currently in China right now … in early October (less then 4 months from now) the IMF will hold a vote to determine whether to elevate the Chinese yuan to reserve currency status … the IMF’s plan is to dethrone the US dollar … China’s inclusion will be part of a grand scheme to put the IMF Chief Christen Laggarde in charge of the world’s monetary system … and put an “End to the Fed” … in short the IMF will become “the central bank of the world” with China in charge (as the US has stopped all its support payments to the IMF) … market analysts have calculated that if China backed its currency with gold the price of gold would need to be 50 times higher than it is today (approximately $60,000 per ounce) … this is $10,000 dollars more then what gold expert Jim Sinclair predicted right here on WatchDog … the Chinese could actually announce prior to early October … in order to give the IMF time to evaluate the data … and once the Chinese may make their announcement … the dollar versus the yuan is going to depreciate … sorry Rick (Ackerman) … but we could soon see a 20% to 30% move in the dollar (downward) as the yuan strengthens … Jim Sinclair has recently said his $50,000 gold prediction may turn out to be “laughably low” … and if that is the case … $2000 dollar per ounce silver may also be “laughably low” … sorry analysts predicting $10 dollar silver!

    • Tim

      The only thing that will get you through what is coming is a relationship with Yeshua (the real Jesus). The cashless system will lead to the literal 666 mark of the beast (Revelation 13:11-18). We are at the end of the 6th day of creation when you substitute each day with 1,000 years (2 Peter 3:8). The day of rest is bout to begin when Yeshua returns but first the earth must go through the last 7 years (Daniel 9:27). Nothing is happening by coincidence and it is all spiritual warfare.

      • aussie jeff

        Amen Bro Tim

    • Md4


      Let’s get this guy on more often along with PCR, and Williams of Shadowstats, at least once a month as we start our economic “final approach” for a crash landing.

      Long’s take on PM is similar to the position I’ve advised for the last couple of years: it’s a fool’s errand to stack it. Long says supply will dry up in the face of declining consumption capacity. That’s true; eventually little will be available, as prices rise and demand falls without consumer dollars to spend (or PM).

      However…what no one considers when counseling the accumulation of PM is what things will COST when it finally hits the fan. Prices can skyrocket rapidly, quickly wiping out any PM holder’s stash in no time. For as long as something is still available, price will be whatever a supplier chooses to charge for it…

      I say, but tools and equipment TODAY, while a dollar still buys something. You’ll need the means of making things to trade for sustenance.

      After all, how much PM was laying around “preserving” “The Waltons” wealth (the seventies TV show) during the Great Depression?

      Do you remember what THEY did to make it through?


  2. paul

    I ponder over the fact that we are becoming a cashless society without jobs or cash … if the global elite own all the oil wells, factories, resources, etc. and need to sell their manufactured products to us little guys … taking away our money and our purchasing power is not going to be in their best interest … is it? … and unlike people in the third world … Americans are very big spenders and love accumulating all the products the elite manufacturers produce … so why are American jobs continuing to be sent overseas in these secret trade deals?? … they must know that taking away our jobs and money makes it difficult for Americans to accumulate and save? … so what is their strategy? … I can see how they don’t need us to save money in bank accounts … because banks don’t need deposits to make loans (they just bring loans into existence out of thin air) … but what is the strategy behind taking away more and more of our jobs?

    • Winston Churchill

      The Georgia Guidstones, with automation we are dispensible
      animals to the elites. A burden, no longer income tax slaves for
      them. Deagle(a CIA funded research company) has forecast a 30 mil.
      population for the US by 2025.In 10 years , minus 290m people.

      • NC Gal

        The actual number forecast for the US in 2025 is just under 65 million (see chart at — the US is in row 13). This is the same number as is projected for 2050. Dave Hodges discusses Deagle at length in his article, “Jade Helm’s Role in the 90% Reduction in US Population As Predicted By the CIA and the Obama Administration.” (see

        Hodges refers to the Georgia Guidestones and does the math on the depopulation of the US, per the official project America 2050, in his article regarding the planned relocation of 66 million into 10 megacity regions and the elimination of 244 million in the US alone. (see

        • paul

          And all these millions of people that will disappeared? … are they going to be herded like cattle to slaughter? … have some alien beings (who “seeded” this planet and told us to grow and multiply) arrived back to harvest us? … this Agenda 21 has all the earmarks of a “culling of the herd” … any who resist will be zapped with a taser.

          So this is the future of mankind? … to be made into hot-dogs to be eaten by alien’s at their big super bowl event?? … no wonder they want to take away our guns!!

          • paul

            Was Adam and Eve planted in the garden of Eden to be fruitful and multiply only to eventually be harvested one day? … Or were we supposed to be God’s pets in the garden? … there is a profound difference between the two!! … Who is responsible for writing these Georgia Guidestones ? … the elimination of 244 million in the US alone?? … sounds like “a harvesting” to me … does this mean those aliens “watching” over us are “farmers”?? … if so … we Americans sure as hell better not give up our guns as the rest of the human sheep around the world have already done!! … these aliens are really something … even we humans don’t get some small elite band of lobsters to tell all the the other lobsters to give up their claws … so they can more easily be harvested!

            • paul

              Makes me wonder “who” is really behind the push to clean up the environment?

      • frederick

        Winston that seems a bit overdone but hey they are promoting Jeb and Hillary to get the ball rolling Im voting for Bernie Sanders

      • andyb

        By 2050, Fukushima radiation will have caused cancer in the vast majority of North Americans; the new life span will be immaterial; given the effects on reproductive systems , few babies will even be born. The European gene pool that is found in most Americans will be totally eliminated.

        • frederick

          Andy i think you may be correct very sad what the nuclear industry has done to our planet I fear for the younger generations God help us all

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Paul,
      I believe it will all come down to digits in our bank accounts or whatever name the NWO will want to call it .Their won’t be any need for cash, total control will be afforded to them by forcefully conscripting everyone to join [mark of beast] if you don’t join you don’t work,if you don’t work for them you are not able to buy[eat] sell or get medical treatment.
      Revelation 13:17
      And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.
      The real goal of the NWO is to try and deconstruct a christians faith.REAL christians and those who PROFESS to be christians but are not, will be quickly exposed.Apostle Paul warned us about this very matter.
      1Corinthians 3:11-13
      “For no man can lay a foundation other than the one which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 12Now if any man builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw, 13each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it because it is to be revealed with fire, and the fire itself will test the quality of each” man’s work
      The NWO [The false Kingdom of God] will come into being at a precise time, enabling Satan to ensnare all and sundry,the world will be in such chaos that the majority will be begging for relief,the NWO will look like a Kingdom that will give them their wants and needs as long as they sign up to it.
      This is where a TRUE Christians faith will be tested by fire,the NWO will be against all those who put their faith in Christ,now is the time build our spiritual fortress,encourage and pray for one another.

      • Don

        Amen brother

      • Chip

        Jeff, i see a revolution in that scenario. There are too many Christians that will not take the mark of the beast. i just don’t see how a cashless scociety would be able to function… Chip

        • A. Hall

          Chip- cashless societies will not work- that’s the plan. you’ll be chipped for total tracking etc. step by step they are bringing it on as planned.
          If you don’t want to be chipped- starve to death, or find the sharp end of the 30,000 guillotines the government has bought.

        • frederick

          Chip you said it This reminds me of the Aaron Russo video where he discusses his friendship with Rockefeller and how he told him that the elite were planning to embed an RFID chip in every human and just deduct from your chip electronically everything you owe including taxes Frederick

        • aussie jeff

          Hey Chip………..the bible does not give every detail as to how things will play out, all we know is that “money” and that being what anyone considers money will become worthless.
          Please read Ezekiel 7:19
          As regards your thoughts on a “revolution” given that you feel their will be too many christians who won’t take the mark.
          Jesus says this…..Luke 18:8 However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?”
          Unfortunately, many today who profess to be christians are just that,a professing christian does not get you over the finish line with a crown in your hand,on the contrary

          Titus 1:16 says …”They profess to know God, but they deny him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, unfit for any good work”.
          Unfortunately lip service to God does not cut the mustard,so from what I have read of scripture their is going to be a great falling away once the REAL pressure of the NWO kicks in.
          Hunger,need of medicine,your children becoming sick,not knowing where one will put their head down for the night etc etc will be unexpected realities of those who find themselves alienated from the beast due to refusing to take the mark.
          Imprisonment,torture and even death will be the norms for all those who will not bend to satan.
          Under such trying times many will be caught out.
          Not sure if this helps ………however its what I believe to be the case.
          God Bless.

          • Chip

            Maybe Jeff. I think alot of folks will die first in your scenario… Chip

            • aussie jeff


    • paul

      Most likely and simplest reason the elites are getting rid our jobs … is just pure greed … its a man vs. machine issue … robots don’t need cash and the elites don’t have to pay for their health care or social security … robots don’t need to buy food or need housing … and robots today have been developed with a deft combination of spacial awareness, focus, and anticipation skills that are quintessentially “human” … so the greedy elites feel they just don’t need us anymore … and hence they propose Agenda 21 … but I ask this simple question of these greedy people … just “who” do you think you are going to sell all your “low cost” manufactured products to??

      • NC Gal


        If the elites own and control everything (which is their goal), they won’t need to sell anything. They will simply take what they want to take because they can. They also plan to eliminate around 90% of the “useless eaters” (their attitude) on the planet and only keep enough in the herd to provide them with the services that robots can’t provide.

    • Jon

      Don’t assume our masters have a long term outlook. Immediate profit is their main concern IMO. Smart they may be but wise they are not.

  3. R Smithson

    There is a much deeper technocratic reason for implementing a cashless society and negative interest rates than preventing bank runs, it facilitates the substitution of money for time expiring credits, a primary objective of technocracy, facilitating elite determination of society’s have and have nots.

    • Big Girl

      Consider that you have not had a permanent money supply in over a century. Do you believe that taxes are necessary for government functioning? They are not. They are a system of credits and debits used to control your behavior. Do you believe that governments are in debt? They are not. Do you know what a mixed economy is? It is a combination of bourgeois capitalism and communism, which is really state capitalism. Would it surprise you to find out that the “government” is the largest shareholder in all sorts of corporations?

      Do you believe that the government lies about unemployment or the GDP? Why do you believe them when they report about their debt? Have you ever wondered why they put the debt clock where everyone can see it?

      Would it surprise you to learn that clever people are manipulating your perceptions?

      The interviewees are not really aware of how things are working on the inside.

      • markp

        Big Girl, are you the former Cryptic Sister in a new persona? You sound like him/her: ask questions, give no answers.

        • JC Davis

          No Mark P she had way to many valid points to be the crypt keeper. We are a corporation nation. That’s why Nomi Prins said the fed has no clue of what is going on. The banks are calling the shots.

        • sk

          Yes, I thought so also.

      • R Smithson

        Currency is not money its a confidence trick of counterfeiting, from which real monetary indebtedness cannot occur, but this trick is the root elite control.

        The control game likely terminates on substantial deficiency of essential goods and services ,thereafter follows hyperinflation.

        Determining when this will happen from historical analysis is complicated by the efficiencies of modern production methods.

  4. Grafique

    I hope everyone can see that the ongoing financial crisis is moving toward the fulfillment of Bible prophecy, ending with the Antichrist’s one-world government.

    “…no man might buy or sell except he that had the mark…of the beast…” Revelation 13:17

    A cashless society is a requirement for the Antichrist’s financial system to be put into place.

    And before the day of the Antichrist, we have to go through “the Beginning of Sorrows”, in which 1/4 of the earth’s population must die (Revelation ch. 6).

    Jesus is seeking you. Please say “yes” to him.

    • Bradley

      Now that is interesting comment. Where did you obtain this information. I am very interested in this. Thanks.

      • Bradley

        Meant this comment for Big Girl…Sorry

  5. southern girl

    Gordon Long sure has a different way of explaining things. He keeps talking about the runway already being gone. I liken it to two C-130’s that have to do a touch-n-go. No runway but they have to figure out their airspeed and how long it will take them to drop down and then count the seconds and pull up. He said they are already planning and I think he is right. He also talks about cyber attacks. I’m with you that I think we probably hacked our own people and tried to blame it on China. I think they are scoping out the situation to see how everyone responds. I believe he is right about that no one will go along with their new plan unless we are forced. Remember if that ATM’s, no cash withdrawals, and maybe even no credit cards. BUT I also think your accounts may be erased either through bail in’s, sighting cyber wars, etc. Remember you will have to prove what you had in the bank and what you have already paid. They will just say, “Oh!, well everything is gone…we don’t know how much you had in checking or savings.” Hopefully, you don’t have ANYTHING in savings in a bank. We pulled ours out a long time ago.
    Gordon Long’s take on gold..he might just be correct…we might be taxed at a very substantial rate when we use the gold. The banksters want a cut of everything. He says gold in US dollars is not rising as it is in other currencies…never even considered that point. He also talks about basic needs and not being able to use the gold to by these things, because of a shortage of supply. The system being disrupted and therefore the delivery cannot meet the demand…..Ding! Ding! Ding! I think that is when those of us who have bought, canned, stored, dehydrated, bought seeds, etc. will be okay for that period of disruption. If energy is disrupted than you will have to be able to heat/cool (if you are in Arizona) your homes. You will have to be able to cook. You will need a fireplace, charcoal, fire pits, propane tanks, etc. Here is hoping all of you have prepared for this this September 13th.

    • jack

      “Gordon Long’s take on gold..he might just be correct…we might be taxed at a very substantial rate when we use the gold.”

      Yeah go ahead and try that and see what happens. Same deal for “cashless”

      • dbcooper

        Jack/etal, If ‘they’ tax PMs then it offers the possibility of an underground black market based on PMs. And … I like the thought that the drug gangsters need cash to continue their trade!! Yours in Faith and Liberty, DB

  6. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Great commentary Grey. However I’m confused when Gordon Long says that a cashless society is inevitable, while Jim Willie on Paul Sandhu show says (c 53 mins into interview) ‘we’re never going to have a cashless society, it’s not going to happen’. Logic says it must happen if the banks are to confiscate our wealth.

  7. joseph

    Very interesting interview. His view mirrors Gregory Mannarino and John Williams in that there will be major supply disruptions when this thing falls apart. He also believes gold will be heavily taxed so it may be futile stacking gold and silver. Martin Armstrong has suggested they may make the buying and selling of gold illegal. If they go to cashless, we are trapped in failing banks. No wonder record numbers of Americans are getting out of Dodge.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your prepping keeps you out of the street. When the masses wake up it will be a chaotic scramble for resources in stores.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        If the public takes as much as an 80% haircut on the revaluation of the dollar as your guest suggests–I am thinking the bankers and politicians are going to be even less popular than their counterparts were during the crash of 1929. How will the citizens then opt out of this endless manipulation, malpractice & malfeasance practiced by the criminal elite without real money? Will their choices consist of being permanently trapped in the ‘game’, and thereby hopelessly dependent on the government dole or will they be harassed and hounded as “financial terrorists” if they try to operate outside the system of zeros and ones. Sure sounds like liberty’s death-knell to this listener.

    • paul

      Joseph … Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill into law on Friday, June 12, that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository … then Texas will repatriate $1 billion worth of bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York to the new facility once completed … and will forbid the Federal Government from confiscating or making illegal any gold held in Texas!

      • paul

        No need now to hold our gold overseas in a foreign country … as Texas has now taken a stand to protect our Constitutional right to own gold and silver as the legal tender our founding fathers wanted for us and protect it against unlawful seizure by the Federal Government … the Federal Government is probably hopping mad … thus Jade Helm??

        • JC Davis

          Paul all states should consider doing what Texas has done. Thanks for the info.

        • Calgirl

          Unfortunately there is nothing in “the bill” that prohibits the state of Texas from confiscating the gold (per Michael Savage, I think). So, you have to trust Texas politicians to resist being bought off like many of our politicians have been. And from the way things are going maybe being “bought off” means you get to continue living!

      • Jared

        Don’t mess with Texas, I’m in Virginia, but I might have to move there!

        • Greg Hunter

          No State income tax Jared!!

        • Kerry

          You will be welcome in the great Lone Star State-just be aware we do not like “Yankee” politics here.

    • jack

      so what are you prepared to do about it? run and hide?

  8. Gloria Sanders

    What an interesting interview. Great questions on your part. Mr Long did a good job explaining his scenario clearly. Now it is a matter of time till the power gods decide what is the next bandaid they will apply. Many thanks, despite being a rather alarming scenario, we are forewarned.

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    There is an another option, currency reform and then devaluation of the currency.
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    • JC Davis

      Oracle 911 What do you think the real copper penny could go for if it is still called money.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother JC, the black market is a form of rebellion. In a negative-interest rate, cashless, bail-in environment, the black market (currently focused mostly on drugs) will expand to anything and everything, similar to the economy of a prison, which is in figurative sense where we will find ourselves without physical tender (cashless society is the ultimate form of control). The pre-1982 penny, at known and demonstrable content of 90% copper, as well as the nickel ( 65% copper and 35% nickel), the quarter (90% copper) and dime (90% copper but the least net content of the the mentioned coins), will circulate freely as tender on the black markets. Barter will also be common. REMEMBER–negative is the INVERSION of positive. What has been normal or standard in a positive environment will be turned on its head in a negative environment. Pocket change was largely a nuisance, but soon will be valuable. The larger items/transactions will involve the pre-1964 90% silver coins, again because of convenience and provable/demonstrable content. Gold will be the medium of bringing across wealth from pre-crash to post-crash for those fortunate enough to have it and to survive the transition. Best always. PM

        • JC Davis

          PFI My thoughts exactly. Thanks

  10. Tom

    Gordon lives in the real world, the real financial world. He sees things as they are, not how he might like them to be. However, his take on PMs is a contradiction and somewhat foolish. He says he is bullish on gold, but does not think it is the right time to buy it because of price manipulation. HELLO?? Shall we instead wait for a much higher price once the manipulation is ended, Gordy? The 50 and 100 price swings we’ve seen the past few years and continue to see are immaterial. The idea is to own it and hold it NOW. He understands that PMs are insurance but is willing to wait out the arsonists.

    Not me.

    • paul

      Also … how do the powers that be make gold and silver “illegal” when the US Constitution clearly states these two precious metals our nations only real money … and if the traitors simply burn our Constitution … how do they make gold and silver “illegal” in China, Russia, India, etc. … as for not being able to use it? … why wouldn’t a farmer trade some food for gold if he knows that gold could be sold to China, Russia, India, etc. at a profit!

    • Ed Martin

      I prefer the Noah principal. “Better a year early than a day late.”

    • Vincent

      I picked up on this contradiction too. He also said it’s better to be 6 months to early rather than 6 minutes too late…. I think the point he was driving home was ambiguous, but still basically expressed his thought. He probably thinks PM’s are going to take another hit in the near term, relative to the dollar. These could mean further dollar strength, or some more heavy manipulation on PM prices. Take your pick I guess. In all honesty I’d be a buyer of silver all the way down to the floor. At this point I would of course just buy some more, and more and more.
      Cashless society or not. Assets have value which will not fall to zero or “FREE” or “ILLEGAL”. Gold and Silver may be considered in the modern day as “insurance” , but once you get passed the conditioned word styling and lingo many people like to commonly attribute it to, gold and silver are still money, still assets, still collateral, and still wealth measuring instruments…
      Gold and silver will always be meeting the criteria of “precious”, just like always. Popular consensus will never officially change this, never.. It’s just talk… I’m sure one day the next popular conditioned statement will be “too much land is a burden”, just like “cash is a dirty, germ infested nuisance”..

      • paul

        You know years ago silver money was “clean money” and we should be moving back to silver cash … unlike the dirty germ infested fiat paper we use now … silver money killed germs (even the bubonic plague) and was not a carrier of disease the way paper cash is … could the real reason behind the move to a “cashless society” be to prevent the spread of ebola, etc.? … lets get back to silver … it will work just fine!

        • Calgirl

          People used to drop a silver coin in a container of milk to keep it from spoiling…… still works!

  11. Frank

    Another “GOLDPLATED” interview

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank.

  12. David

    Greg, you have had many, many good interviews, but this is the best interview EVER! Wow… what an incredible discussion. Thank you so much.

    • Greg Hunter

      It opened my eyes too on why the low-life elite will push for a cashless society.

      • Jared

        A cashless society, sounds to me like that might be setting things up for the Anti Christ!

        • Greg Hunter

          Agreed. Thank you for the comments.

        • Kerry

          My husband, who has been in banking IT for years was told during a board meeting in the 70s that the ultimate goal was a cashless banking system, and was given a step-by-step program for how this would be accomplished. This is not a new idea-just coming to fruition now.

  13. James Hastings

    I enjoy your guests. Basically all of them state Gold & Silver will rise against the dollar. I agree. What most people don’t understand…can’t quiet grasp…, when it does, as he said, you won’t be able to buy anything. Your paper assets are worthless. Your comfortable lifestyle is over. Your broke. Everybody is broke. You need to think this through, society will come apart. Production will stop. If you don’t have then, your not getting it.

    “Go to the ant, O sluggard, consider her ways, and be wise, …..she prepares her food in summer, and gathers her sustenance in harvest. ..When will you rise from your sleep?” Prov. 6:6

    “Neither their silver not their gold shall be able to deliver them “on the day of the wrath of the Lord”.” (Why, because your can’t find it or buy it) Zep: 1:18

    “They cast their silver into the streets, and their gold is like an unclean thing; their silver and gold is not able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord; they cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it.” Ezek 7:19

    But God made silver and gold as wealth.

    “And the wealth of all the nations round about shall be collected, gold, silver, and garments in great abundance. And a plague like this plague shall fall on the horses, the mules, the camels, the asses, and whatever beasts may be in those camps. Then everyone that survives…of all the nations…..shall go up year after year to worship the King, ….” Zechariah chapter 14

    They have eyes…..but cannot see. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes sir James,
      I say every week to prepare physically, mentally, and above all, spiritually. Thank you for the comment.

    • Robert

      “We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight”

      2 Corinthians 5:7

      Thanks James

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Robert.

    • A. Hall

      James- welcome to the site!! England is nice this time of year!


  14. Ken


    I have a different take on the cashless society.

    How would the Drug Cartels operate? Their customers buy the drugs with cash.
    The net result is putting them out of business…..Not Good!

    This would mean that the Politicos that get a piece of the action to look the other way will loose out on a juicy chunk of change.

    Also the banks get a piece of the action laundering the money!

    As bad as the economy is, this is still a great cash cow! Look at Colorado.

    Look at it this way if the NSA has this super data vacuum that gets phone calls/records,e-mails, bank deposits, bank transfers, foreign bank accounts and on and on.

    Why are the cartels still in business??????

    Disclaimer, I do not know any one in the drug business and I am not a drug user!!!!

    • jack

      The illegal drug business is 10% of world GDP with the Bush crime family sitting at the top. they would be loading up with Gold and silver ( and Tide detergent) now if they smell a non- cash rat. remember the biggest drug lords are sitting right in the halls of power, and they aren’t gonna give up their non-taxable profits. someone should ask Jeb Bush what the “family” what they think about a non- cash system

    • Ed Martin

      All drugs will then become legal to buy.

    • brian

      The funny thing about a cashless society is that it will not abate corruption, nor will it curb the misuse and/or misallocation of monies and resources. In fact it will just make nefarious dealings, such as pillaging the hapless public, all the more easier for a sundry of reasons. And the drug trade……it will almost seem to defy reason by stubbornly existing and thriving in the cashless world, because when cash goes away the guys who organize, manage, protect and extort the drug lords of this world will remain right where they are my friend; that being in places where maximum influence on the nodes of power can be applied for minimal expenditures of effort.

      Depriving the clueless public of even a physical supply of worthless fiat paper, much less failure to restore sound money is just like taking liberty away; in the end it makes us all poorer for the benefit of those few who have decided to place themselves in a position to profit off of failure and misery.

  15. JC Davis

    Question: If gold, and silver is going to be hard to find in the coming dollar demise. What value would copper become?? seeing it has been the poor mans money for centuries. Would it be a insurance policy of a sort ? With all the rebuilding of a economy I think copper / nickel would be sound money as well as gold or silver on a much smaller scale of course.

    • paul

      Correct … and it’s a very good reason to stack up on nickels (3/4 copper and 1/4 nickel) which may turn out to be the only money available to be used for purchases when fiat paper becomes worthless and the powers that be try to declare gold “illegal”!

      • JC Davis

        Paul, I have a few truck loads of copper hidden just for that day. I can see a day when copper will be used by the common man as money. 1 penny may someday buy what a dollar buys today.
        A friend was saying I should sell my copper and buy gold as I have very small amounts of gold.

        • paul

          JC … from my calculations “one penny” is covering about $30 dollars worth of derivative debt … so 1 penny may someday buy what 30 dollars buys today!

    • A. Hall

      JC: Many coin shops carry copper coins- easy to buy and cheap!

      • JC Davis

        Yep Al Hall they sell gold and silver cheap also. Will they still sell it at the same price in a year from now?

        • paul

          JC … The only bad thing about copper is that it corrodes and turns green … that’s why I like stacking nickels instead (3/4 copper, 1/4 nickel) … the nickel prevents the copper from oxidizing … just like adding nickel to iron creates stainless steel and prevents it from rusting! … if all cash is declared illegal … I have no doubt these nickel (tokens) that have “intrinsic value as a commodity” will become an accepted unit for barter! … that friend might have better said “pennies to nickels” as insurance against gold being made illegal! … we stackers have to cover all the bases (and that includes the base metals)!

          • paul

            JC … Each regular (3/4 copper, 1/4 nickel) nickel may someday buy what $150 dollars buys today.

          • JC Davis

            Paul thanks for the comment. I did not know how stainless was made.. I learned something.
            It brings to mind in 1941 nickel was replaced with silver in the war nickels. They used the nickel for armor in the war. In hard times the base metal becomes into high demand. I save in rolls of wire and pipes mostly.

  16. Jerry

    I have posted this before, and I will post it again. The countries in the G20 all know that the reset is coming before the Antalya Summit in November. There is a reason why they have all taken steps to join AIIB and why the Chinese have set the 15th of September as the start date for their swift system. The dollars days are numbered, and as Gordon Long said in your interview, “we have run out of runway”.

    This is not hard to figure out. If you were an emerging economy like China or India, why would you continue carrying the debt for another nation who is devaluing your own currency? There’s no logical answer, other than you have no choice. Well guess what? The BRICS have created an alternative, and the currency swap agreement between Russia and China is just the beginning.

    China gave the United States 7 years to get its financial house in order when they loaned us trillions of dollars back in 2008. Well guess what? That never happened. And all we did was debase our own currency with QE, and drag their economy down in the process. A persons word may not many anything here, but you can bet your bottom dollar (that’s soon to be worth less) that it does in China. You now have roughly three months.

    • Robert

      “This is not hard to figure out. If you were an emerging economy like China or India, why would you continue carrying the debt for another nation who is devaluing your own currency? ” Central bankers are a clubby lot, but how does CB A feally know how much fiat CB B is surreptitiously printing up in his basement? The answer, as the failed Euro experiment has demonstrated, is that thay can not. That in fact is how the much abused gold standard arose: it kept people honest. And its return today is more feasible than ever; instead of Mylar, convert the nations’ reserves into a thin holographic gold “security strip” in money. There are plenty of nations that will have nothing to do with a “cashless society”

    • Jerry

      Still think Jade Helm 15 is just a drill? More proof this is the beginning phase of martial law.
      We have a lot of smart people on this site. Please someone tell me the last time the American people were used as props for a military drill? Who is the military preparing for? Certainly not ISIS, they don’t live in an urban environment. How about Russia? Do you really think we’re going to attack Russia? We backed down in Ukraine. We backed down in Syria to. How about the middle east? Oh that’s right we’re letting the Iranians attack ISIS with the Iraqi’s.

      Folks this is all about the United States honoring agreements signed by Secretary Kerry with the United Nations to disarm American citizens. Look the documents up for yourself if you think this is tin foiled hat material.

      • Kerry

        I saw a train (long one) going by my house about 4 months ago loaded with army trucks, jeeps, heavy equipment (like bulldozers), all painted army green and with the army star on the side, car after car, over 30 of them. I never saw this before in my neighborhood. I thought it odd, but this was before I knew about Jade Helm.

  17. lynn

    Loved it, he is a great person to be able to understand. I got no matter what we do or don’t do it cannot and will not be stopped. Wish he would have said what he did to prepare. I think he thinks your name is Craig, but we all know you as Greg. Thanks for a great interview.

  18. J David Sites

    Bankers wanting a ‘cashless’ society’ is just the final act of establishing a Dictatorship over the people. A person can be made penniless in seconds for even speaking against this new world order. This will solve nothing! The Bankers/Super-Wealthy are the problem with their bought and paid for President/Senate/House/Judges.
    Trillion have been transferred to the Banks under Obama. The Federal Reserve Bank have corrupted Washington and the dollar is now worth around 2 Cents since they took over around 1914. And Gordon thinks a cashless society will solve our nations ills.
    It is time to follow the Constitution instead of crooked politicians and bankers.
    By comparison in he hundred years before the Federal Reserve Bank, we had a gold /silver money system and witness to the Industrial Revolution and rising living standards with little/no inflation.
    It’s high past time to do away with the prevailing corrupt system and dictatorial ideas presented by Gordon!!

    • markp

      JDS, I think you mis-interpreted GTL. He doesn’t want a cashless society, he’s saying that the banks and governments NEED a cashless society to continue to kick the can down the road, or else total chaos will break loose.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Friends JDS and MarkP, Total chaos breaks out regardless. You don’t think there will be physical riots, perhaps even revolution, when the citizenry figures out the bail-in and its implications? The ex-Harvard guy Summers has discussed the cashless option, as he believes it will help money velocity. That’s not a bad point, as people will be in a frenzy to spend their electronic money before it disappears. It’s a “use it or lose it” situation. Either way, you have no legal tender in a cashless situation, as physical “money” will be illegal. (Negative is inversion–cash was good but will be bad.) The government can bail you in whenever, wherever, or it all gets dumped. Either way, they get what they want: total control. Best always. PM

  19. Charles H.


    Forget About Gordon Long hitting the nail on the head – this man IS the nail-gun! They don’t come much sharper. And how he precisely ties the bigger picture together is marvelous. There is very little I can say against all of what he said; though with gold he seems to still ‘be in the game’ – and he better not be six minutes late.
    On another note – KWN put up an interview (Sunday) with Michael Pento, who puts up a chart of the S&P from 1996 to today. This corresponds to Gregory Mannarino’s
    S&P chart from 1993 to today – the “Run Forrest Run chart” you featured at about 13 minutes on your WNW 194 on FRIDAY. It looks like you are leading the pack here, my friend.
    I thought Gordon Long and you BOTH did a good job, and just shone. Good interaction and playing back and forth. Wow.

    • Charles H.

      What everything will boil down to is this: who claims and exercises authority to declare what “money” is.

  20. Jerry

    Greg. Here you go. The first domino has fallen as Greece is set to default.
    This is where fantasy meets reality. If you were an investor, or another country, would you loan Greece any money after this debacle? Even if you were trying to save the derivative market, it would be like pounding sand down a in a rat hole. Default is the only way out, and somebody is going to take the hit. Most likely us.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Jerry, one of these days, the world will look back and say, “This was all crystal clear, right there in front of us, and it proceeded logically. How did we miss it?” Best always. PM

  21. Laura

    Thanks Greg for all you do! I needed to post this somewhere, as Tuesday is coming up quickly… sorry it’s off topic.
    It’s about the TPP. Watch the short video to find out more about this secret trade deal.

  22. Thomas justin Harmon

    Good interview Greg’s , that Hole thing about Christine Lagarde very interesting I never heard of that before she was the boss of 2700 attorneys people should take note of what she saying and that’s what I got Out of it , I don’t know where you get these guests but they’re very very smart thank you Greg Hunter for keeping us awake . Thomas

  23. Johnnie

    For the last few years, central banks have stepped up the buying of bonds as no one in their right mind would be buying them, what with their meager yields. This will be even more so as some sovereign bonds now have nominal negative rates. There is no way ‘smart money’ is going to hold this junk. The only parties that would buy this stuff are being supplied the money to do so. I wonder if a few decades of negative rates is the only way out for the central banks to whittle down and evaporate the massive debt pile they created in the first place. Make it disappear from whence it came! I wouldn’t put it past them but it sure would be a painful process, but probably not much more painful than things are now. Just a matter if society could handle it. This international race to bottom can be ‘won’ if your society doesn’t crack first. Which nation is going to crack first?

  24. WKSwanson


    Great interview. Gordon seems to confirm what you have been saying for some time, namely that everything is on sale right now. I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly, and this is exactly what his reference to dwindling supply lines was all about: If you don’t have it by the time this thing goes south, then you will be Surely Out of Luck!

    For the average schmo to have gold in a relatively safe, non-taxable place, that means a foreign country. That is a big hurdle…but sad to say, he is probably right on this score. The government will try to tax PMs both because of the incompetence of government, as well as to punish people with any foresight. Same as it ever was.

  25. Allen Starr

    Great interview. Some new ideas to digest for the coming catastrophe. The only easy way out of this is the devaluation of the $ as the BRICS and other countries aren’t going to agree to anything else after getting screwed in 2008. The Russians are still pissed about their losses in 2008 which in no way was their fault. I’ve known for some time that I would eventually lose my US pension so all my money is in Rubles and invested at 19%. We also own three apartments, garage, and a dacha. Good thing I like potatoes and we harvested 1,000 kilos last year and only need a little over 120 kilos for eating for the year. We also grow many other fruits and vegetables so we will probably survive. The thing I need to worry about is being nuked by the lunatics running the US Government. I know exactly what is going on in Ukraine as their are many Ukrainian people living in Russia and it is easy to access information. The West will never give out the truth because it will show they are nothing but thieves and murderers. It’s just unbelievable what the West is trying to do to the Ukrainian people.

  26. Red

    Why buy a bond at negative rates? Some big money
    moving into a deflation play here? The MSN is not
    telling people that! Gordon is so switched on, I think
    he didn’t want to state the obvious here.

    Gov and Central banks extending and pretending
    Spot on! I would have loved to know if
    Gordon had heard anything about HSBC and
    Deutsche Bank. Some rumours floating around the
    interweb. Theres been a lot of web chatter particularly
    on ZH.

    Another great interview Greg!

    • paul

      Red … you say:
      Why buy a bond at negative rates? Some big money
      moving into a deflation play here?

      The Fed wants to discourage the buying of Treasury Notes by keeping interest rates low so “they” can buy them up “and lock them away” on the Fed books to prevent inflation.

      However the Fed has gone too far … John Williams says “production contracted in first-quarter of 2015 and second-quarter production contraction is now a virtual certainty” … this means to me that the Fed will soon implement QE4 … the Fed will not ever allow the economy to collapse … they will extend more credit to consumers to keep the bubble inflated and keep businesses solvent … by printing trillions more fiat dollars out of thin air.

      The Fed knows that putting more money (credit) into the system is inflationary … so they will use some of the QE4 money they print to buy Treasury Notes to keep inflation in check … by the Fed keeping Treasury Notes on the Feds books (forever) they in essence cause a credit contraction (which is deflationary) … so the Fed’s moves are a skillful balancing act similar to watching a tight rope walker in the circus.

      If the Fed errors by buying too much Treasury debt … we will have a deflationary collapse!

      If the Fed errors by creating too much fiat money credit … inflation will raise its head!

      I think we gold and silver bugs can rest assured that the Fed will always error on the side of creating too much fiat credit … thus gold and silver will always have a positive bias!

      • paul

        You know China has the same problem the Fed does … because the entire world is on “a fiat credit money system” … and China (just like the Fed) must print more and more Yuan in order to keep the wheels of commerce turning in their country … but they can’t like the Fed can simply lock away Treasury Notes on their books to quell inflation … so they are “locking away” gold … however as the supply of gold is limited … and the supply of paper yuan is unlimited … to quell inflation … in a world of ever increasing fiat money credit … the price of gold will have to rise!

  27. Cole Davis

    Greg, I am thoroughly blessed by the interviews you do. So often I quickly grow tired of websites. Not so with yours. This interview was one of the best because of his unique insight and perspective. He has fed my need for material to meditate on before the Lord.
    Thank you.

  28. Todd

    Greg, Awesome interview. Have you ever thought that the $ may be the number 666 talked about in revelations? When the dollar was constitutional money it was a true wealth, but now it is a wealth distortion. It is always losing value. Who in there right mind puts it in the bank at 1% interest when true inflation is running at 8%? You are losing 7% before taxes. The con game is running out!! Never in the history of the world has one nation got itself into this much debt, (bondage). This nation created 1/2 the worlds wealth under capitalism. Now we are consuming 1/2 the worlds wealth under crony capitalism. I just finished reading, The financial crisis and the free market cure by John Allison. I highly recommend this book. We must understand that unless we turn back to God and the free market and individual rights we will consume our seed crop. First we must turn back to our creator. Second we must have food storage. Third we must look at ourselves objectively and search for the truth. Fourth we must remain calm when the economy crashes! May God Bless America if she will return to Him!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Todd.

  29. pat the rat

    Dodge is a hard place to leave, Canada is right next door if need be . The fed did have a meeting a few months back it was about gold, closed doors? What are they planning?

    • CrazyCanuck

      Pat — I wouldn’t throw up Canada as any sort of safe haven. Our govt unfortunately is run by a politician easily pegged as a neo-con wannabe , pandering endlessly to the White House’s wishes. Should things start going south in the US, we will eagerly accept our orders on how to ‘support’ them.

      • SRV

        If we don’t rid ourselves of that neocon puppet (he was a nobody until the year after his first Bilderberg Meeting… nuff said) Harper (the closet queen) this fall I’ll be researching alternative retirement destinations myself.

        At least there seems to be SOME resistance to the TTP in America… nothing but crickets in Harper’s Canadian Corporate playground… not a word, except for fear mongering (we’ll miss out if we don’t join) in the corporate media… sad!

    • frederick

      Pat its not nearly as hard as you think i am doing it in July and very happy about that

  30. ulrich sherry

    Long brings up some good points, and logical. A cashless society puts the banks in the driving seat. Thanks for one of your most informative interviews Greg.

  31. susan

    Okay, does this mean that the cash I keep in my safe for the first few days of the “crash” has no value? If we will have a cashless society, where do I put my cash?

    • Greg Hunter

      As I have sais many times “cash will work really well for a short amount of time after the crash picks up speed. Is that three weeks or three months? I do not know, but it will work well for a short time. You also need to stock up on–everything, and I mean everything. Food water new tires for your car, new battery if it is close to 4 years old–everything. Do it now.

      • Paul from Indiana

        I bought new tires last Friday. Bring all your cars home full every night. Invest in a generator, a battery charger and a spare battery or two. Rotate your battery periodically. A voltage invertor is also nice to have. It will power a computer or a lamp. Yes, this is a pain, but you will be glad on that special day when you wake up, and the world is different. Best always. PM

      • JC Davis

        Greg. I took your advise on tires. I bought new tires and rims both. I don’t want to have to go find a machine to have to change my tires with. Good advice.

      • A. Hall

        Greg: You and I have talked about the car thing before. Note- the price of gas when this collapse happen will explode higher- $10./gal
        Especially if Gerald Celente is correct and Yemen attacks Saudia Arabia’s oil fields.

        • paul

          Gerald Celente seems to be connecting the dots … by remembering how Saddam was attacked when he said he would no longer sell his oil for dollars … ditto for Iran and Qaddafi and Syria … well the Saudi’s have been getting cozy with China … and now all a sudden Yemen (with captured US weapons) is about to bomb the Saudi oil fields?

  32. paul

    The Grand Plan by the Fed since 1913 was to make our cash less and less valuable … they have succeeded in getting the value of our dollar down to 2 cents (so it is now in fact just about a “cashless” piece of paper) … to get rid of that last remaining 2 cents they will now declare paper cash to be illegal … in its place imaginary debt money credited to plastic cards with “zero value” will now be our official money!

  33. Ignatius J. Reilly

    Crashes never occur in the summer because 1) the banking elite are on holiday and 2) it is much easier to riot in the warm summer air then the bitter cold fall and winter. So if they plan to let it fall apart, then generally fall/winter time frame would be best suited.

    I don’t understand what he refers to the 2nd or third inning? On what scale is this ball game? Do we start at 2008 with that financial crisis? Or 2001? The bailout of LCTM in 1998? or the Asian financial crisis in 1997? or the latin american debt crisis in the 1980’s? or the 1979 oil crisis? or the 1971 breaking of the gold window? Or the Bretton woods agreement in the ’40s? or the great depression of the 1930’s? Or the emergence of the federal reserve banking system from a Jekyll Island in the 20’s?

    This ball game surely did not start 7 years ago, nor will it continue for another century. This too will die, but it sure has lived much longer than 1/3 of its lifespan.

  34. BramstAr

    Hi Greg,
    I’ve been appreciating your work from the UK for a few years now and in my humble opinion, your guests are of a very high quality. Pleased you interviewed Gordon T. Long as his message is always clear. I would love to see you interview Mike Maloney and Richard Daughty (Mogambo Guru) as they would both make interesting viewing. The information you and your guests provide is truly priceless and they are ALL saying the same thing. I have been storing food, precious metals and seeds for sometime now in preparation for the coming collapse. Thank you for all of your hard work in bringing REAL news to the public.
    Stay Blessed

  35. Captain Mary Jane Bligh USS Enterprise NCC-1701

    From; Mason 06/12/2015 • USAWatchdog weekend wrapup

    “While the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has become well known in recent months in the United States, the TISA is the larger component of the strategic TPP-TISA-TTIP ‘T-treaty trinity’. All parts of the trinity notably exclude the ‘BRICS’ countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. ”

    The BRICS > Excluded From And Target Of , “The Evil, New World Disorder”

    Should be the headline throughout the Earth, yet the Anglo-American media and most of the western populace is brain dead, being lead to the slaughter, but not USAWatchdog. Greg Hunter you have a great responsibility and a jolly good fellow you are. Cheers Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Captain!

  36. Newbloomfield

    A cashless society is the ultimate in fascist control. Of course the fascists running the country would like to implement this.

    However, an attempt to remove cash will also remove what little legitimacy remains in the system. People will not accept this, and if they try it, then it will destroy all confidence in the system.

    This can only come at the point of a gun. Of course, they have been busy distributing lots of those to the militarized police and the unconstitutional “security” agencies that have been set up in the last ten years.

    • Chip

      Agree, can only come at the point of a gun. And IMO there are not enough LEO’s with guns to suppress all the gun owners in the US…

  37. Mike from the North

    One has to be a moron to not believe that Western Governments are absolutely desperate to continue the Extend and Pretend concept.

    For all of to us that follow the stories from a position of not accepting the MSM point of view, we realize that ALL IS NOT WHAT THEY WOULD LIKE US TO BELIEVE.

    Unfortunately with power often comes greed and arrogance.

    The harder we push back the more they seem determined to take steps to find a control mechanism against us.

    We can choose the normalcy bias or we can choose to question.

    I take my role as the paternal leader of my family seriously. I will continue to prepare and can only hope that my family comes around before it is too late.

    To be alone can sometimes feel like an outcast. To not prepare is to plan to fail in protecting the ones you love.

    I am a believer that history tells you much and MSN tells you lies.

    Some by design and the rest bu ignorance of the facts.

  38. Mike from the North

    This guest also seems to be believe as I do.

    Over the next couple of months until summers end GOLD will continue to be manipulated.

    By fall the cap on gold will be destroyed for ever.imho

    Comex and LBMA will likely become dis-functional and the physical market will control the price with a return of the law of supply and demand.

    If you follow the work of Andrew McGuire you will understand what is about to happen.

    Barter will soon become a valued mechanism again and to survive you will need a stable of friends to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.

    • JC Davis

      Mike this is why we need to focus on building networks of trustworthy folks today. More valuable then gold to me.

  39. Snorky

    … and in the meantime, Drudge Report is pushing “The Third Bush”. We’re freakin’ doomed.

    • frederick

      Drudge would do that doesnt surprise me in the least I havent visited that site in 3 years

  40. Joanna

    I would highly recommend your readers watch the Aaron Russo interview by Alex Jones. I know most are not a fan of Alex Jones but you don’t need to like the messenger. The message is what’s important!
    Aaron Russo (once awaken to what’s really going on) did a couple of documentaries that some of your viewers might have seen. “Mad as Hell” and “Freedom to Fascism.”
    Aaron Russo was a very respectable man that had a moral backbone and came out with the truth of what Nick Rockefeller confided in him after they had become friends. The full interview is very informative but here is a short clip where Aaron discusses the plan of the elite to make a cashless society and why!
    I love this man and wish he was still alive today but just like most that speak out, he conveniently died of cancer.

    • JC Davis

      Joann. I have the same feelings about MR. Russo. He is a image that lingers in my mind. What would he have to say today if he were alive. RIP Aaron. A beautiful person.

    • A. Hall

      Totally agree- he spells it all out and who they are!! The elite’s have so many ways to quietly kill you

    • frederick

      JoAnna I too loved Aaron Russo may he rest in peace and yes many people believe he was silenced and his cancer was induced into him which supposedly is feaseable These people are pure evil

  41. Tony

    Hello Greg, Would you ever consider your own program on RT News , people need a guy like you-Now more than ever. Great guest inverview – this guy is reading things right but I am sure he understands that tbese so called experts are in uncharted waters and they just hit the proverbial economic doldrums- their debt based economic system is toast and China and their good ol buddies know it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Only if I get to criticize Putin when he messes up. Oh, we know that will never happen on RT, so ,NO. I have my own deal hear. What do I need RT for?
      Thank you for your kind words and suggestion!!

      • Josip Broz

        Greg, I’m waiting for the day Putin criticizes you and Obomber in fact!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Josip Broz,
          He’s free to do that. We still have free speech in the U.S. Do you think I would be allowed to give any criticism to Mr. Putin on RT or in Russia as Of course not, and that is my point.

  42. Mark

    Some thoughts…

    High taxation on gold will create a massive black market for gold. That might just be why none can be obtained on the open market.

    I would like to think that gold is like guns. It should never be taxed away or given up without a fight. The European Jews hopefully learned that lesson… Probably not though.

    Our income tax system is due for a change as are all the politicians that have lost sight of their purpose in government. They are like children continually testing the populace to see what they can get away with. They will continue until a strong hand is applied to their rear end.

    • JC Davis

      Mark. The problem with a black market trade is they know there operating in secret, and evil deeds happen in secret. I don’t see a day I will trade with the shady black market. To the rest of your comment I say right on. They will continue until a strong hand is applied to their rear end…

  43. SJWO

    Great interview!

    I would be interested in hearing what you and your guests think the “morning after” might look like.

    For example: Consider that John Q Public puts down his “plastic” to buy a new Ford F350 for $40k, and takes out a $250k mortgage on a new home in a new subdivision. Then JPM bundles a bunch of these, blends in some of their secret derivative formulation, and sells their concoction to a Chinese investor and/or the Chinese government.

    If an 80% currency devaluation comes-to-pass as Gordon Long suggests, then a new Ford F350 will be priced at $200k, and the price tag on a new home in a new subdivision will be $1.25m.

    So, at the “morning after”, I assume that John Q Public will be conserving cash to try and pay for the basics, and as a result US GDP will take a serious hit and the number of applicants will outnumber the jobs, and masses of John Q Public will be in default on their “plastic” and mortgages. Also, at this point, JPM’s investment concoction will have appreciated nearly 5 fold.

    Now, what would happen if the management of the JPM investment concoction decided to distribute a windfall profit to their investors in the form of a slightly used Ford F350 and a slightly used home in a newer subdivision?

    Many thanks for your great service!

    • JC Davis

      Sjwo In a bond crash JP will be invested in AIIB, CIPS, and all changing markets. Never think we know something they don’t. When it happens it will be controlled by Oligarchy control.
      It will not be a accident that no one saw coming.

      • sjwo

        I believe that the events we are discussing are part and parcel of a system that is flawed from inception. Paper Money is nothing more than a game, and for the last 100 years, the US has dictated that the game be like that of Monopoly. If you consider the game comprised of 100 players, at the start they are all equal, but those that are at the end of the starting line will be at an extreme disadvantage. The end game will be comprised of 5 players that own the board. The governments roll in the game is to create some semblance of fairness by redistribution. And, for the most part, the inevitable game reset will put everyone back on an equal footing.

        Human nature being what it is, there will always be those that abuse their position of fortune, but in the end, peace of mind will be worth more than all the wealth in the world.

        I give thanks to you, the other forum posters, and Greg’s guests and program for the mental adjustment.

    • frederick

      SWJO if we get an 80% devaluation in the dollar the only people who will survive that would be those holding real physical assets in their posession I would imagine things would get pretty ugly and pretty quickly

      • sjwo

        “… things would get pretty ugly and pretty quickly”

        That’s the part I am interested in getting a handle on.

        Seems that the “morning after” will likely be an extended period (in terms years).

        If we just consider the issue of the determination of new hourly rates for the various occupations, one can start to comprehend that the US will essentially be uncharted territory. For instance, what minimum labor rate will allow John Q Public the means to purchase a new vehicle or house? In a closed system, setting the new hourly rates at 5 times the old hourly rate would significantly reduce the “morning after” duration, but the problem is that most countries do not operate in a closed system, and those that do, are currently inefficient by comparison. Will an auto dealership be willing to keep or hire sales people at the new hourly rate? Will John Q Public even be able to afford to take his/her vehicle to the repair shop? Will the repair shop be able to pay the new rates for the various licenses and taxes to even remain in business? If the government does not increase rates for the various licenses and taxes, how will they be able to afford to pay public servants the new hourly rates? Will the government be able to continue to provide for those in need?

        Given the current currency rates of 6.207 Yuan = US$1.00, lets assume that the new Ford F350 will be priced at 150k Yuan vs 248.3k Yuan prior to the “morning after”, and the price tag on a new home in a new subdivision will be 4.66m Yuan vs 7.76m Yuan prior to the “morning after”. So, from the perspective of a Chinese citizen, it will appear that the US is having a sale.

        So, as you seem to be well aware, the combinations and permutations are infinite, and I would agree that the odds favor that which you say, that “things would get pretty ugly and pretty quickly”.

        Seems that from a financial perspective, the most anyone can hope to do at this point is to put away some assets according to their needs, and in other respects, one needs to recognize the game for what it is, and prepare themselves, their family, and others mentally as best they can, for the game reset.

  44. Mark


    I’m glad you brought Gordon Long on this week since he’s one of the brightest minds in finance I’ve ever heard. His interviews provide needed insight that allows the everyday person to comprehend the disaster that is unfolding and how it will affect us. His monthly discussions with John Rubino are very revealing to say the least! His take on the critical issue with bond collateral is one I’ve been hearing about from many analysts lately. I see Gordon as one of the “good guys” in finance who can be trusted like John Williams, James Turk or Dave Morgan. I wanted to share a similar article on the “war on cash” from Charles Hugh Smith who also sees the danger.

  45. joseph

    If they tax gold heavily or ban it’s sale and purchase as some are saying, where does that leave silver? Anybody have any thoughts on silver? Since they left it alone in the 30s maybe it will fly under the radar. If so, maybe buying gold is a bad idea. Would like to hear some of your guests comment on this. Thanks, Greg, for your tireless efforts to help.

    • JC Davis

      Joseph. You make a good point. I don’t think they will make gold illegal, but if they tax it 75% they have made it irrelevant to everyday usage. On the other hand silver is like copper used in many ways. There is no way to keep a track on all the copper and silver used daily. That is what I am going with. Love the question!

    • JMiller


      They also confiscated silver in the 1930’s.

  46. Ross

    Your show keeps getting better Greg. Nomi Prins has also told Gerald Celente that Banking powers have not a clue of what they are doing. very astute and extremely articulate.

  47. dave

    Hi Greg
    All good stuff but a wide difference of opinions.Confusing at times to be blunt.IMO.You should entertain an interview with Rand Paul.I think if you petition him he would come on.This would be a win win for you and him along with our country

    Thanks for all you do

    • JC Davis

      Dave I have sent him several request. He seems to cater to a larger audience.
      If we all send for his request maybe. Greg. I would understand if you do not post this, but Rand should show up on this site.
      [email protected]

    • A. Hall

      Dave: that would be a waste of time- as my CIA friend has told me- the president is “selected” by the elite’s and owned by them, and Congress is at least 95% bought and controlled. Paul is one of these! Greg would be wasting his time and picking a side he probably doesn’t want??
      Paul can’t help us – JFK tied and you know what happened-elite’s had him taken out, and daddy Bush was there to see it!!

  48. paul

    This is interesting … US Pentagon released this week the Defense Department’s first “Law of War Manual” … culminating a multi-year combined effort to compile the legal principles governing warfare … I wonder just how the Pentagon’s “Nuclear First Strike Doctrine” fits into this legal principle of warfare? … perhaps it will say nuking and killing one million people at a shot is deemed morally acceptable!

    • paul

      This is like Jeffery Dommer writing the rules as to how many people he can kill (and eat) without it being a crime!

  49. NC Gal


    Thank you for having Gordon on. You did a great job with your questions and I’m glad YOU understand what lack of liquidity means. That one’s hard for me to grasp, but I think it spells stagnation.

    I found this interview very difficult to listen to, in part because of the use of terms I don’t really understand (like “carry trade”), but primarily because of all of the people I have heard speak on this site, the way Gordon Long describes what he sees is absolutely chilling. While others I like (such as Rob Kirby and Bill Holter) don’t mince words when they speak about the criminality of those running the show, Gordon reveals just how depraved, merciless, and totally unstoppable the elites currently are. This interview brought home to me (more than any other I had heard) just how truly DARK and uncaring these people are. I had known that intellectually, but this brought it home to me emotionally, and it hit me hard.

    I can only hope for a quick resolution, however that comes about. The idea of this dragging on for years is just too depressing to think about. Gordon is certainly unafraid to call a spade a spade! I took a look at his site, especially the section called “Financial Repression,” and he nails it, in no uncertain terms. His courage and intelligence are inspiring and yet the picture he paints is very unsettling in terms of how he says it will go.

    • Josip Broz

      NC Gal ,

      I think it spells stagflation, the best of both worlds!

  50. Gert


    Traders were greeted with a sea of red on Monday after debt discussions between Greece and its European creditors collapsed, pushing Athens closer to a debt default that threatens its future in the eurozone. With both sides refusing to soften their long-held bargaining positions, talks on Sunday broke down after just 45 minutes. Many officials now see a Eurogroup meeting on June 18 as the last chance for Greece to secure a deal on an agreed list of the economic reforms. Athens’ ATG stock index -5.5%.
    The Greek situation will also take center stage at Mario Draghi’s quarterly update to the European parliament today. The head of the ECB will give an update on the bank’s quantitative-easing efforts three months after beginning a trillion-euro stimulus program, and will likely face questions regarding falling bond prices, after recently announcing that investors must get used to more volatility.

    Saudi Arabia’s $560B stock market opened to foreigners today, giving international investors direct access to the Middle East’s largest economy for the first time. The move comes as Gulf leaders look to diversify their economies away from a dependence on oil by boosting the private sector. Some restrictions on trading will still apply: Foreign investors must have a minimum of $5B in AUM, at least five years of trading experience, and will only be able to own 49% of a single stock

    The raging battle over the Trans-Pacific Partnership is expected to resume this week after President Obama’s request for “fast-track” authority was rejected in the House of Representatives. The bill would have granted the necessary rights to complete negotiations for the TPP, restricting lawmakers to a yes-or-no vote on the finished agreement. House Republican leaders say they will try to hold another vote on the trade legislation by Tuesday.

    The World Health Organization said on Saturday South Korea’s MERS outbreak was “large and complex” and more cases should be anticipated, but it saw no sign the disease is spreading in the community. On June 11, the Bank of Korea lowered its key rate to a record 1.5%, calling MERS “an imminent risk to consumption.” Two days earlier, Goldman Sachs cut its 2015 growth forecast for South Korea to 2.8% from 3.3%, partly because of the potential impact of the virus. MERS has infected 150 people in South Korea and killed 16 of them since it was first diagnosed on May 20.

    Hong Kong is gearing up for a vote this week on a contentious electoral reform package backed by Beijing, with a weekend poll showing public support has shifted against the proposal. Police are not taking any chances this time around, setting up patrols and barriers, following the sometimes violent clashes during demonstrations last year against the package. More than 100,000 people took to the streets during the height of the protests, bringing key areas of the city to a standstill and taking a heavy toll on GDP.

    According to data compiled by Bloomberg, stocks with primary listings in China are now valued at $10.05T, an increase of $6.7T in the past 12 months. Many consider the heavy expansion as worrisome. No other stock market has grown as much in dollar terms over a 12-month period, valuations are now their greatest in five years and margin debt has climbed to record highs, all while the economy is mired in its weakest expansion since 1990. Putting it into perspective: The size of Japan’s stock market is $5T. The U.S. market is valued at almost $25T.

    Fracking is likely coming to the U.K. after Lancashire County Council planners recommended the approval of gas exploration company Cuadrilla’s application to frack at a site in north England. The step comes as the U.K. moves from being a net exporter of oil and gas to a net importer, as supply in the North Sea dwindles. A final decision on whether the controversial gas extraction method will be permitted will conclude on Friday.

    Alibaba is planning to build China’s version of Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and HBO (NYSE:TWX) via a new service called Tmall Box Office. “We want to create a whole new family entertainment experience,” Alibaba’s (NYSE:BABA) Liu Chunning told reporters in Shanghai. TBO will launch in about two months, with content bought from China and other countries, as well as in-house productions. NFLX -0.6% premarket.

    The record $9B fine levied against BNP Paribas (OTCPK:BNPQF) is presenting U.S. authorities with novel legal questions, after morphing into a fight over whether terrorism victims should get any of the money. BNP pleaded guilty to violating sanctions in June 2014 by funneling billions of dollars through the U.S. financial system for clients in Sudan, Iran and Cuba. Now, a group of terrorism victims is asking the DOJ to compensate them with funds from the BNP settlement, attempting to draw a connection between the French bank’s misconduct and terrorist acts overseas.

    U.S. authorities are also examining payments made by Nike (NYSE:NKE) under a 1996 soccer sponsorship with Brazil for possible evidence of wrongdoing by the company or others, WSJ reports. Nike has not yet been formally named or charged with any wrongdoing, but allegations of corruption around its $160M deal are discussed in barely veiled terms in the Justice Department’s 161-page indictment of FIFA officials.

    • Rambos Monster

      So reading this would be like an additional cumbersome interview with no validity. PASS.

    • aussie jeff

      Gert I gotta tell ya …………..your long copy and pastes do test me at times.
      Why not for a change a couple of lines of your own thoughts instead.

  51. dee garmon

    Another great interview. I am looking forward to seeing Dave Kranzler, David Stockman,
    Michael Hudson and the like!

  52. Diane D

    Greg, awesome interview with Mr. Long. Thank you.

    If there is one certainly about a forced cashless society it will be fuel an exponential growth in barter. Just a reminder that Brandon Smith (past guest on USAWatchdog) is dedicated to helping groups set up their own barter systems. Brandon’s web site is

  53. Mike from the North

    The entire system seems to be now deep into corrupted territory.

    Only those without a moral compass seem to be able to survive within the system now.

    The USA will crumble from within as soon as the world exits from their stranglehold.

    I leave nothing off the table that they will do in order to keep this hidden.

    When the truth gets told and it always does many naive to the truth will revolt or perish in the aftermath.

  54. Charles Dowson

    Re: Cashless Society Needed for Negative Rates-Gordon Long.

    I seriously suspect that the reason a cashless society has taken so long to implement is because the technology does not fit within this present societies ability to cope. The technology is there but is so far advanced that it will create a lot of questions and suspicions and not just about the negative uses of a cashless society and it’s serious implications. Questions about where this technology has come from, how long it has been around,and how to employ the system, who to hire and educate in the uses of the system and what other technologies exist that have been kept from the people of this world. The problem is not just with the sudden use of this technology regarding everyone’s ability to adapt physically but the mental capability of understanding how to cope with the massive changes and possible corruption of such a system. Unless the system has virtual fool proof back up systems built in that are as secure or more secure than the cash and transfer systems already in use a cashless society will be forced aside by ordinary barter and simple refusal to co-operate simply by boycotting of products and services. People are already preparing to avoid such a cashless society for the long haul by stocking up and whatever is needed. Implementing a cashless society and government assigned bank accounts on the people will be an obvious act of war on society. I pity them.

  55. JC Davis

    Greg thanks for your work. Gordon is a great guest. He don’t see the view worldwide, but for me a great deal was learned. I look forward to his next interview. hopefully in a month or so. ..Creig…LOL

  56. Daniel

    Greg. This reference you made to the dollar vigilante story of there being no gold coins available for sale in europe is utter nonsense. I live in the UK. There is plenty of supply and plenty of choice from multiple sellers. A small amout of research would prove that. One UK dealer I use is A German and UK based dealer that supplies to most countries in europe is and it’s sister company A quick look at just these sites is all that is needed. Where does this disinfo come from and why?……..and why doesn’t the alternative media check their facts first because this sort of thing undermines confidence in them. I am just about to order another one ounce gold coin and haven’t come across any problems with supply………yet. Thanks for your website and the guests you bring us.

  57. Nickname

    I wonder if you are advancing the agenda by talking about it and putting in people’s mind?

  58. Jerry

    Greg I would urge your readers to take this information seriously. Time is of the essence.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think time is approaching of some heavy selling of the USD.

      • Jerry

        I’m getting reports (which I can’t confirm) from some people I know, that several large churches (I prefer not to name) are moving their liquid assets into the Bank of China. If this is true, it sends a very ominous signal that we are approaching the end game.

  59. paul

    Just wondering if anyone heard anything from the Main Street Media on the condition of John Kerry? … they can talk up a storm over irrelevant things … but not even “one word” about John Kerry’s condition??
    Jim Willie is now saying Kerry was shot in the chest and leg … and came very close to death!! … can anyone confirm this??

    • Daniel

      @Paul This story about John Kerry being shot during a meeting with ISIS members seems rather unlikely given this article dated 13th June 2015 in the Daily Mail. A quick search will find other similar ones. He looks pretty healthy to me and a long way from deaths door. Seems the alternative media is either being fed some rubbish or they really are not investigating the stories they publish deeply enough. That is very worrying because it is the lies and misinformation in the MSM that disgusts many of us and sends us to alternative sources. If those alternative sources appear to be just as lax and bringing just as biased an agenda to their reporting then we are truly lost. Anyway here is the article

      • paul

        Thanks Daniel … guess Jim Willie doesn’t have totally reliable sources!

    • Jerry

      He gone.

  60. Coalburner

    I live in NM, cashless is not impossible here but dead banks could be. All the illegals would have to go home! Commerce would not stop and the banks would not be used. If you live here you have to be able to use something besides bank transfer of money today. It is downright funny to watch outsiders come here and have to learn a whole new system to operate. I dont mean that in a negative way. It is like going back 60 years for high tech kids. I have watched some very close to me change and they like it. They get to spread around the money to lots of people and make lots of allies. There old Grand Parents thrive on it. Too much lettus in the garden give it too the allies. Come fall you get back peaches. Cashless, no problem, commerce goes on. People will make up their own cash. Hunger Games all over again. MockingJays are everywhere.

    • WD


      I do work with some construction companies here, many illegals here are leaving. They know whats happening, believe it or not. We see less and less in this area. I spoke with one who works like a dog ( yes he is illegal but I respect him) he told me he is sending family back to Honduras in the fall. Didnt say why but I think many of these people know a storm is brewing….

  61. George

    Hello Greg, great commentary! Keep it coming… Say, it would be good to hear
    from Karen Hudes on the show again or maybe later this Summer. If she is successful in her mission, this could be a viable answer to end the money scam. Jim Sinclair is another good one to bring back , can’t be more honest than he has been – no fault to him but timing of this no one can predict. I’ll keep listening and will donate again,
    G Papp

  62. Gert

    Kurds cut road to IS ‘capital’ in battle for Syria border town

    . AFP By Bulent Kilic with Sara Hussein in Beirut 6 hours ago

    Akçakale (Turkey) (AFP) – Syrian Kurdish fighters on Monday cut a key supply line to the Islamic State group’s de facto capital Raqa as they battled to seize the jihadist-held border town of Tal Abyad. MORE BELOW;

    Kurds Fighting and Dying

  63. dbcooper

    Another fine interview, Off topic but I heard that Slick Willy is the grandson of a Rockefeller; An Arkansas senator?? Any truth to the rumor, anyone? FN, DB

  64. Charles Dowson

    I suggest everyone listen to this.

    Catherine Austin Fitts-Major Turning Point Comes This Fall

  65. David B.

    China appears to be dumping US Treasuries as quickly as possible. Belgium is the conduit.

    • Greg Hunter

      David B.

      Why do I keep getting the feeling that this fall is going to be very ugly? Thank you for the link!

      • David B.

        I would think the Russians would follow suit. Perhaps they are.

        If I were Putin- with a preference to avoid physical conflict- I would have begun this program at least two years ago yesterday.

    • Jerry

      Thanks David for the link. It looks like the lever is getting pulled for the reset in September. Economic shifts usually trail about three months behind. With China dumping bonds now (there not the only one) the RMB is on schedule for reserve currency status.

  66. Matties

    You Christians need to contact each other.

    September 2015 The beginning of the sorrow of Jacob or the last 7 years of the earth. Take down of the financial realm. For a few months nothing happens. No decisions internationally are made. All economics are frozen. famine breaks out everywhere. Elections will never be hold. Obama is to be. Utter chaos en infectious deceases are spreading. First undeniable sightings of planet X.

    Contact each other and prepare. Pray.

  67. Bo Bryant

    This guy really sounds like he knows his stuff. One of the better interviews on here.

  68. prepper

    Greg you should read “The Alpha Strategy by John Pugsley. His advice seems to be in line with your thinking. Thank you for the great interview

    • Gerty

      John Pugsley would be a great guest, I heard he’s hiding out in the Caribbean. He’s been prepping since the 80’s! You can find his books on Amazon/E-bay and garage sale’s.
      John contact Greg, we need you, or anybody out there that knows his whereabouts?John if your out there, I know the guy that met Clinton at the campaign were he grilled him on inflation and in turn Clinton grilled Greenspan and he credits you for the knowledge he passed on to them both which in turn kept this old world order together till now of course. Clinton could have been Obama before Obama!

  69. Tony

    I thought you would say that Greg and it only confirms that you are True North. Mr Long is certainly a very bright mind – but he like many other experts and of course the select few pulling the strings are all in unchartered waters- the combinations of and the speed in which this unholyshit storm happens is guess work at best now- things could get very ugly very fast.

  70. Jerry

    The title says it all.

  71. Gert

    Russia to get 40 new intercontinental missiles this year


    Associated Press
    1 hour ago

    MOSCOW (AP) — Russia’s military this year alone will receive over 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of piercing any missile defenses, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday in a blunt reminder of the nation’s nuclear might amid tensions with the West over Ukraine. MORE BELOW;

  72. aka_ces


    This is the best discussion I’ve seen so far on this relatively new cashless subject — appreciate it. The overall quality of your guests and interviews is always quite good, and in recent weeks it’s been outstanding. Thanks!

  73. Gert

    WEAPONIZATION OF FINANCE: Russia is turning to the Chinese yuan

    . Business Insider
    By Elena Holodny
    2 hours ago

    See Ya Dollar

    Russian institutions, energy companies, and banks are increasingly switching over from the dollar to the Chinese yuan, according to The Moscow Times. SEE BELOW;

  74. Gert

    Greece’s Tsipras says he rejected new austerity demands

    Associated Press
    1 hour ago

    ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told skeptical lawmakers in his left-wing government he had rejected demands from creditors to impose new austerity measures worth 1.8 billion euros ($2 billion), as the country’s financial fate continued to unsettle world markets.–finance.html

  75. Gert

    Zimbabweans trade in old currency for peanuts

    Trillions and trillions of old Zimbabwe dollars bring just a few cents for annoyed residents

    Associated Press
    By Farai Mutsaka, Associated Press
    2 hours ago

    HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) — Harare resident Alice Mhandara spent a U.S. dollar to take the bus into town to answer the government call to trade in her old Zimbabwe dollars, but she left the bank in disgust when her 90 trillion in old currency wouldn’t even cover the bus ticket home.

  76. Gert

    “the internet has become the main battlefront for struggle in the ideological area.”

    China has taken up Russia’s deepest fear;


    Business Insider
    By Linette Lopez
    June 15, 2015 11:59 AM

    • Gert

      ‘don’t know how that happened, but will continue’

      President Xi Jinping wants his people to know that the greatest threat to China is an insidious export from the West — ideas that could lead to a color revolution.

      The question for us is, does the president of the US. feel the same, with “Net Neutered Reality?”

  77. Don

    Dear Greg, good job as always my friend. Mr. Long seems to have a pretty good handle on present economic conditions. Deflation and inflation at present with deflation winning at first, until liquidity freeze up, then inflation, or due to more actions by central planners to cover collateral. The push for a cashless system. As I read some of the comments, as always the knowledge of some from scripture is present. In which I always look for. As you always say know fear, a reminder every once and a while is a good thing, for the times in which we live. The reader has to keep in mind, that, whatever these politicians and bankers an so on, do. Is only fulfill that which already is written. I think a word of encouragement may be in order. To those who are eagerly waiting for the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. In II Cor. 1:8 says he will confirm us to the end, that we may be blameless in the day of Christ. We truly may be seeing the end of the age come upon us, but in II Thess. 1:5-10 Paul tells us it is a righteous thing with God to inflight tribulation on them which troubled or inflicted his church. So whatever may happen the believer will find God faithful in the days ahead and at his own time will judge the unbelievers, who have persecuted his the true believers. We need not fear or be overwhelmed with care. Thanks Greg for what you do, and the many believers who, have found your site to be a comfort, in these times.

    • aussie jeff

      Nicely said Don…………..Our God is merciful and is extending His hand to all and will not let us down in our moment of need.

  78. Clint Bower Sr.

    This weeks Gordon long is Really hitting the nail on the head.This game can’t go on for ever. Someday in the not to distant future ,we will all be in for Surgery over the mess they have put us in.Gordon does not mention what his thoughts are on the down side effects on the real estate market ?
    Thanks for your reports.
    Clint Bower

    • paul

      Clint … Goldman Sachs just came out with a report that the Fed may begin to raise rates in September (but possibly could delay until next year) … when rates do rise (if significant) they will have an adverse effect the real estate market … but in order to implement higher rates they can’t have the bad economic numbers John Williams is seeing … so the Fed likely will have to drop the dollar before hand to help American industry exports and also have QE4 well in place and operating before they begin to raise rates … the dollar index looks to me to be making lower highs and lower lows … … where the lower high will likely be contained by the 50 day moving average at (96.24) and the lower low by the 200 day moving average at (91.92) … so that part seems in place … now all we need is QE4 and an end to the Fed buying Treasury Bonds for its own account!

  79. Josip Broz

    Some here may criticize Ron Paul that he’s trying to make money off the impending catastrophe were all facing but I don’t think so. The man is old, spent over 20 years in congress, if he was a crook he would have made his fortune in those twenty years. Heck, even Alan Greenspan is sounding the warning. It’s only natural, they see the storm clouds approaching. Soon it will be every man for himself, like on the Titanic and were all beggars now and cant be chooser’s, time is short, batten down the hatches, praise the landlord and pass the freeze dried Guacamole!

    Found on the net;
    We’re at a turning point in America.
    Despite the stock market hitting record highs in 2015 and despite declining unemployment numbers, the dangers lurking in the economy today are greater than at any point since I started in Congress back in 1976.
    We’re no longer participating in a free market economy. And we’re no longer using sound money. Asset prices move up and down at the whim of the Federal Reserve.
    It’s a sad fact that Washington now runs our economy and our monetary system.
    By making trillions of dollars of credit available, it is conducting the largest monetary experiment in American history. Despite what the politicians say, they have no idea how it will all turn out.
    You can ignore that ugly fact. But I hope you do not.
    I hope you seek to neutralize the threats our dangerous monetary system has created. What you do will determine the fate of your family’s financial future.
    For your sake and the sake of our nation, I hope you choose to take action.
    You can protect yourself from the catastrophe I see coming. People are losing faith in our currency.
    Prepare for the dangerous times ahead.
    You’ll find the knowledge you need to understand what’s going on… and the ideas, techniques, and strategies you need to protect yourself and your family.
    See the truth about what is happening in America today. I hope you take this message seriously.
    Best regards,
    Dr. Ron Paul

    • frederick

      Ron Paul is not a crook in any way shape or form That much is for sure

  80. Coalburner

    One more result of Cashless. The police at state, local and agency level could not steal by highway robbery anymore. The Treasury would get it all straight from bank accounts. That would upset a lot of police departments that live on legally stolen money from people whether it was illegal or not. LOL!

  81. Don

    Greg, I’m writing this on Tues. 16th, and a warning from Ron Paul was on TV this morning, telling people to get out of all stocks and bonds. He has warned of a collapse in previous interviews but there seemed to be an urgency to his message this time. I also received a email from Linsey Williams who said the elite were planning the collapse in Sept. or shortly after. As there is so many voices crying out recently about the collapse, people need to be reminded to stay calm and prepare for whatever may come in whatever way they can. As you have always reminded, above all spiritually. For any who may be seeking, Paul the apostle tells a person how to be prepared spiritually in I Corth. 15 chap. starting at verse one. I hope to send you something soon. I tried to use paypal but for some reason bank didn’t approve. Will probably have to send it through mail, but anyway, thanks my friend.

  82. vincent_g

    6 die in Calif. balcony collapse; victims were Irish

    Can you explain why it was important to state that those that dies were Irish?
    Also wouldn’t you say victim is a strong word to use?
    I know that it is acceptable to use that term for an accident but why use it if it’s more commonly used to describe a criminal act.

    Is USA TODAY somehow trying to say that this building was out to kill Irish people?

    Or is this how they try and sell their trash paper.

  83. David B.

    Deals with issues broached by Lord Monckton. Also a primer on depopulation.

  84. JRA

    How would the printing of the new ten dollar bill scheduled in 2020 fit into the scenario of a cashless society?
    Could this be the harbinger of a currency recall or reset.
    What good is gold if the government taxes the hell out of the profit or makes it illegal to buy sell or hold
    Where is a reasonably safe place to invest extra cash right now?
    I missed the days of CDs and money market accounts

  85. Derrick Michael Reid

    Did he answer the question? Why cashless necessary for US NIRP.

    I will try to answer it. FED want money in banks, to have citizens “bail-in” the banks. People wont deposit if they can have cash in hand. Why take cash in hand and put it into a bank for a forced bail in to lose money. So, to perfect financial repression of NIRP enforced bail in, cash must be removed from society.

    We dont make it there. People will rise up. System implode before US NIRP enforced bail ins.

  86. End Time Survivors

    My friends and I are reaching out to let you know about a new article we recently published which we thought you may find interesting. The article has been printed in several places and we would appreciate you considering it for inclusion on your site, in order to help get this urgent and important message out to as many people as possible. If you wish to include a shortened version with a link to the full story, that’s fine.

    The article title is:

    “How To Resist Conditioning For The Cashless Society”

    The article explores five ways in which people are being heavily conditioned to accept the cashless society – through rhetoric, reason, ridicule, repetition and, lastly, through reality itself. And it concludes with what we need to do in order to take a stand against this.

    You can access the article at the following link on our website:

    We have also produced a related documentary, which you can view here:

    If you decide to publish the article, we would appreciate it if you would consider embedding the documentary on the page at the end (just before the references).

    Warm regards,

    End Time Survivors


    End Time Survivors is a hub for various individuals and groups, where we can share with one another some of the things we have learned in our own search for answers about where the world is heading.

    For more information check out our youtube channel at: or visit our website at:

    • Greg Hunter

      I will allow this only if you promote the legit Bible (for example KJV version) and do not sell people a bunch of junk they do not need. Greg

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