Collapse Isn’t Coming-We’ve Already Begun-David Quintieri

David Quintieri, “The Money GPS" - Economic Collapse Isn’t Coming - We’ve Already BegunBy Greg Hunter’s 

David Quintieri, author of “The Money GPS,” is so worried about the unfolding economic calamity he wrote a book about how to survive it.  Quintieri says, “There is no other way out but a collapse . . . the collapse isn’t coming, we’ve already begun.”  One sure sign the collapse is in full swing, Quintieri contends, “There’s no semblance of a free market what-so-ever, that’s completely gone.  The numbers you see on TV and newspapers are completely fraudulent.”  So, what do you need to do to prepare?  Quintieri says, “When the collapse happens, those holding real assets are going to be the ones with all the wealth.”   Don’t expect cash in the bank to help you either, Quintieri predicts, “They’re going to go money printing all the way.  But it doesn’t go to the people, it goes to the banks.  And whatever money’s left behind, they’re going to do a bail-in with it.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with David Quintieri, author of “The Money GPS.”

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  1. Troy

    Oh it’s here!

    We will live in denial until we have no other choice.

    Greg, can’t you bring us some good news ;)!

    • Greg

      The U.S. has a growing oil and natural gas business. It won’t stop the fall but it will help bring us back.

      • Dwain

        Greg, we have a fiat debt based economy which is on the verge of collapse. I don’t see how energy production at home will bring us back if there is no economy for it. There is a total of 143 million employed. According to BLS, 50 million work in government, health care and education. 17 million in leisure and another 15-17 million in retail. Professional services are about 12%. Manufacturing is only 10%.

        • Liquid Motion


          When you add those 50mln people on food stamps to those “employed” in govt. then you have 100MLN people totally reliant on a insolvent-bankrupt, corrupt, inept and inefficient/wasteful government. Not what I would label as a “Take it to the Bank” great deal. Having 1/3 of the population dependant on the central planners is a recipe for disaster..OMG!!

      • arizona

        I got news for you greg,water makes better fuel then any kind of gas or oil and its perfectly clean,BUT as far as america coming BACK,hahaha,THAT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN,the LORD says you have KILLED to many of my children,YOU have NOT REPENTED OF IT,so destruction will be your reward,america is being brought to an end,and he said it will not be allowed to RAISE AGAIN………..another words,if you survive whats coming, YOUR GOING TO BE A FARMER the rest of your life……………..

        • droidX-G

          Wow, take a Paxil. Even in the Dark Ages, there were skilled craftsmen. I plan to be one.

        • droidX-G

          And how many Honda’s run on water?watered

    • IamONeofMany

      Renouncing US citizenship is becoming a trend

  2. jc davis

    Greg. I completely enjoyed this interview. Refreshing to see young Noah warning of the coming flood. Thanks.
    ps. Noah didn’t wait for his ship to come in. He built one.

    • Greg

      Thank you JC. I thought David was interesting too.

  3. Anne Elliott

    I totally agree with Mr. Quintieri that you cannot look at the numbers that are splashing all over the news – it’s just another method of crowd control.

  4. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    The 100 year plan is about to come to its climax:

    Here is my view:

    The Japanese Yen collapses from attempting to double their money supply too quickly.

    This will cause an emergency meeting this Fall of the G7/G20 that will decide to remove the US dollar from its global reserve currency status replacing it with seven regional reserve currencies.

    This will be 7 regional currencies comprising of:
    1) the Yuan in Asia
    2) one of the dinars for the Middle East through North Africa
    3) the Russian Ruble for most of the former Soviet Union
    4) the Brazilian Real for South America
    5) the US dollar for North America
    6) the Aussie dollar for the south Pacific through southern Africa
    7) and of course the Euro.

    These seven currencies would then meld into one electronic currency that no one can buy or sell lest they have the mark to activate an account.

    There is much more on this in the oldest book in the world.

    In CHRIST! Rob

    • George

      Based on what I know about history, I am skeptical that a 100 yr plan would be followed by the second or third generation. Doesn’t mean it is impossible but at best improbable. How many people do you know whose parents made money and succeeded in business and when the children took over they crashed it? I know plenty.
      For a currency to be reserve, other countries would have to hold them in reserve and use them in trade. I believe Obama would love an electronic currency but I don’t see the population going along with it today…but then I’ve been wrong before.

    • Fraser

      With respect, that old (but not oldest) book needs a total rewrite… Because I have tried stoning to death my neighbour when he works on the Sabbath, but the police won’t let me! Nor for some un-godly reason can I capture a foreign tourist as my slave. Indeed, there is evidence that everyone should get stoned!

      But there are (surprisingly) three useful lines:
      – Don’t kill
      – Don’t steal
      – Don’t lie
      Hardly original, but if we could all just agree to that, the world would be a much place!

      • George

        Your book has a mistranslation. Mine, a translation from original Greek and Hebrew, says “Thou shalt not MURDER.” God does not contradict himself.

    • SoftwareGuy

      Pronouncements like this about a new world monetary structure, any structure change, fail to mention is that this will require reprogramming ALL the worlds financial computer systems, massive global interlinked realtime systems that handle 100% of the worlds transactions with 99.99% reliability and redundancy. I was involved (retired software VP of financial software company in Boston with all the TooBigToFail client list) in both the Euro conversion and Y2K conversion. Both went smoothly but required YEARS of reprogramming. What is suggested in the above post is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE larger software effort. So if this is all ready all planned out. I really haven’t heard that anyone in our industry has gotten a start on this….somebody needs to get going on the specs.

    • apprentice

      They are already in ownership of the electronic batton, and are currently hoovering up all papaer fiat that has created the TTT and stagnation of the global hegemoney. One is called Bitcoin and there are others currently running in Germany and Switzerland, all electronic exchange for your physical labours.

      One the change over comes it will be final for the global and prison planet curfew to begin, it is not a future we fear, but a past we wre already living in.

  5. Brandon

    Sounds about right to me. I just told a friend who is waiting for the collapse the same thing. It’s in motion, it’s been in motion.

  6. Marcel in Florida

    Interesting how all of these multiple catastrophes are coming on the heels of gay marriage, a kind of welcome to hell for the reprobates.

    The wicked forget the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah and will reap the whirlwind of destruction,especially here in America where we were once blessed more than any other nation in history and turned away from God to evil.

    • jc davis

      Marcel: You make a point everyone should consider. No country has ever fallen with good morals.

  7. Jerry

    Greg this is one of the best interviews you have done to date.
    I recently talked to a friend of mine who is very wealthy (200 Million class). I was joking with him about moving his money overseas to South America or some place else, if things got really bad. He looked at me dead serious and said, ” most of the people I know have already done that”. You can connect the dots. People who have inside tracks already know what’s coming. The vast majority of the public out here live in total ignorance choosing to believe whatever fantasy they need to believe in to get by day to day. Its a tough thing having to go make a living each day, knowing in a few months it could all be gone. I live by the Boy Scout Motto. “Be Prepared”. In that I prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Thanks for the Real News Greg. You are the light on the hill.

    • Greg

      Wow, ” most of the people I know have already done that”. Great quote! Thank you.

  8. Cathy Downes

    Thank you again!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you Bob and Cathy.

  9. Bob

    Great interview Greg as always…I think he nailed it when he said this will be a slow death until the Collapse comes…I only hope he is right so we ALL have more time to prepare…Thank you and take care…

  10. AndyB

    The biggest clue that your guest is right is the spate of totalitarian EOs issued by Obama, and the ramp up of the police state courtesy of DHS.
    “They” know what’s coming; it’s a shame that too few of “us” recognize the signs.

    • droidX-G


  11. Al

    I must tip my hat to David Quntieri for writing a book just to warn others of this collapse. He’s having the same problem as others in trying to open eyes. I myself have given up on that. People will respond if you point out they have a flat tire. They can see that for themselves but don’t want to hear [refuse] about their coming poverty, let alone any preparations. When a storm warning is issued and a large hurricane is coming, store shelves get emptied within 2 hrs. But when these same people are told a severe financial storm is near they do NOTHING to prepare. This just doesn’t make sense to me. Thanks for another fine guest report out of

  12. ken

    if gold goes down to $400 just like what David said, it would be better to hold on to dollars, right?

    • Greg

      if they don’t revalue the currency and that has happened in the past. My advice, have some of everything.

      • jc davis

        For gold to hit 400 the dollar would have to be gone to no return land.

  13. tonyn

    It’s Not About Obama… this is a really good read !!!!!!

  14. tonyn

    Heres why the DOW is Crashing !!!!!

    These links will tell you why the USA is economically in peril ,

    Create distrust in the fiat currency system is Underway !!!

    This link has a ton of links with info on what Overwhelming the economic system with distrusting misinformation that kills faith in the markets free and fairness .

    • Chip

      faith in free markets and fairness is already history tonyn…

    • jc davis

      Thanks Tonya . Just the link I needed to show my stock investor

  15. Bill

    What happens to financial instruments such as universal cash type insurance policies, whole life cash value insurance policies, annuities. what do we need to do to protect this.

    • Greg

      I think tangible assets are what David Quintieri said will retain value. I personally would not hold much paper except some cash. I am not an investment advisor and I do not give financial advice. This is my personal opinion. I hope this helps.

    • Liquid Motion

      Look at who/what issued the policy. If its a financial institution then they probably have counter party risk. Anything with counter party risk is potentially worthless because of derivatives. The OTC derivatives outstanding far exceed the global GDP. Another disaster on the horizon. Put Simply…the insurer/issuer wont have the collateral/capital to settle claims. When the party is over and debts are called in, there will be massive naked positions….lots of bankruptcies. Jim Sinclair refers to this as the “Great Levelling”.
      You get yourself some hard assets in the form of Precious metals…they are THE BEST insurance policy “fiat” money can buy. If you can hold it in your hand, you know someone else hasnt got a claim on it. You are free and safe.

  16. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Great reporting and thanks .Here’s a great article on GOLD SHORTAGE

    Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and link.

  17. Dwain

    Greg, I don’t think it will happen slowly. 9/11 and 08 happened in similar fashion, suddenly and without warning. Im thinking these events are foreshadows of whats coming. Government is creating similar conditions now and playing down warnings through media just as before.

    Still think storing commodities is better investment than metals. You can’t eat gold. When we have a dollar/banking collapse, grocery store shelves will become barren.

    Look at Japan. It may be the trigger. John Mauldin’s article is scary. Need to do a report on this.

    • Greg

      Good point.

    • Liquid Motion


      “You can’t eat gold”….sure but when was the last time you ate a greenback? Hmmmmmmm !!! Gold my friend is tradeable for anything including necessities. Case in point history..see how people survive financial crises. They didnt build up inventories of perishables….those that saved their (extended)families..had adequate gold holdings. Read the book “When money dies” …factual account of the Weimar Republic in 1920’s. You will be much more wiser and extremely humbled by it I can assure you.

    • jc davis

      Agree 100 % The fall of the dollar will be the fastest exchange ever seen. No one could have seen it coming.
      Otherwise there would be no one in control of it…We should all know by now there’s always someone in control.

  18. Melville1977

    There is one good thing about collapse—you get to start over : )

  19. M.Smith

    Greg, the best I have watched in a while! He said that many of family members bought his book, but getting them to see the trail out of the deep forest is another subject that is hard to get across when they have known the same all their life! The dive in fiat keeps coming as the system get closer to, well you know, down & out! May be 1% of Americans have insurance that will never go to zero, the rest is a slave to the state. The pattern has been the same, no matter what you say, but never give up trying to prepare because it’s coming, there is no way to save this broken system!

    Next will be folks with insurance policies that will not pay, the OK tornado who policies are not paying off, congress has a hand in this! So all need to check out what they think they have, the fine print is where they hide the facts!

    The best you Greg, Thanks again for doing the MSM Job!

    • Chip

      Thanks again for doing the MSM Job!

      So true Mr. Smith…

  20. Nathan

    This is absolute non-sense . There is no collapse coming . The mainstream media would be all over it if it were true . The stock market is 1200 points over the 2007 record high of 14,106 . Europe has settled ALL of its economic troubles and has a booming economy and Japan also has record highs on the Nikkea . Plus the Middle east situation will probably just be solved with Paper-scissors-rock or a big pillow fight . All is well . -SARCASM- .

    Great Job as usual Greg .

  21. Fraser

    I am a bit older and can only remember there being one song book – “pump and dump”, which people call “inflation and deflation”. That said, the waves are definately getting bigger! The next one may indeed be a tsunami, but history shows that the process will continue until the rich insiders own everything. Then they set up a police state to protect themselves, but are eventually swept away by revolution. The best you can do is keep your job and sell the current pump and buy the current dump, and I’ll leave you to decide which is which!

    • droidX-G

      Check out how well the rich faired in the French Revolution.

  22. droidX-G

    Thanks for putting this on. All one has to do is look at the facts

    • Greg

      Thank you DroidX-G for the comments.

  23. Vertex

    Greg, if they control the markets in PMs, equities, commodities, etcetera, then how will the common man be able to protect himself from the coming collapse. I do not disagree with David, but I cannot see a situation in which the government dose not make owning gold and silver illegal, at least in any worthwhile amount. Real estate is the same thing. Simply raise the property tax until the property reverts to the government or the banks. Am I missing something?

    • Greg

      What we are seeing has never been in recorded history. You are simply better off with physical assets that with paper assets. Who knows how this will all play out.

    • Liquid Motion

      Investment/speculation in gold may attract the attention of the government (as it did in 1930’s). However they excluded “collectors” of precious metals. Subtle but important difference.

  24. therooster

    Real simple. Gold is money, but unlike fiat currency it’s a debt-free currency. If employed as a grass roots movement, debt-free gold and silver , now that they float and trade in real-time (as they should), can save the economy. This must be a bottom-up market process, however. Don’t look for an implementation from the power apex. It cannot happen this way and it has nothing to do with intention. A shift from debt-money to asset money must be an organic process for the sake of rate-of-change. When debt-free currency supports liquidity, it allows debt-based currency to be withdrawn and retired.

    Follow the “script” and realize that God has placed some “necessary evils” within the “script”. Give thanks.

  25. Robert23

    America is like a flower, a flower of humanity on earth. When a flower dies it does not come back.

  26. g.johnson

    for those of you who live basically hand to mouth and cannot afford to stalk up on future “assets”. best thing to do is to develope a tradable skill or expertise that will be indespensible to those trying to unerstand life without an iphone.

    heading for the forest will most likely be a bad idea as the forest will be crawling with tens of thousands who had the same idea.

    keep a level head and a personable attitude and you may well do better than survive.

  27. southernpatriot

    Great article!!Always en-lightening to read the articles on this site. Thank’s Greg.If I wasn’t already sick,I think I would cry.We have allowed this great Nation to be destroyed from within. We are borrowing to much money. spending is out of control.Our debt is somewhere near $17 Trillion and climbing. Were printing money. Someone needs to take the credit cards away from those politicians who think our taxe dollars can be spent on what ever “they” deem necessary.Look Greg,I’m just an average John Doe,just like my “Old man” was. He showed me a good work ethic,and how to take care of the family.I’ve done the same thing with mine. Been married for 35 years and raised 3-kids. My Dad showed me that I had to work for a living,nothing was Free! We paid our taxes,stayed out of trouble with the law.Went to school,if I got in trouble at school,I could just about figure on getting the strap when I got home. Oh Yeah ,there was homework too. If I remeber right,just about every night I’d sit at the table and do homework. Also,a report was do on Monday,so that meant working on the weekend. I could read,write,and do arithmetic when I graduate high school. Many of our young folks are having trouble in that area. We need to fix that. When we could afford it,we might go out for a burger and fries at McDonald’s. Burgers cost about 12-cents & 15-cents back then. We kids had to earn our money to go to the movies or to buy a soda. Soda bottles fetched 2-3 cents when you turned then in for the deposit money. We would go around the neighborhood and ask our neighbors for there empty bottles.When I got old enough,I sold the weekly paper,kept my tips and gave the rest to my parents.We used that money to put food on the table and a few gallons of gas for when the car was running. Dad was in and out of the hospital,but when he was home, I can remember the old saying “you better find something to do,before I find you something to do. That always meant work. Then there was Church on Sunday’s.We don’t have any gold or silver nor any stock’s an bonds.I do have a pension and some of those monies are invested in the stock market. But, when I hear that the government wants to take away any private pensions or take money out of our bank account,then it’s time to give “Pink slips” to those Yahoo’s in Washington or our State Capitals,who think they know what is best for us. You might remember an old saying “to big for your britches”. I’ll go farther than that,there are people that want nothing more then the total destruction of this country.I’m kind of funny,I believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I want to keep our Liberty and Freedoms.I say the heck with fundamental changes.I love this country,but feel that many of those ‘Elected leader’s” lied to us when they took an oath to protect and defend the United States from foreign and domestic enemies.So help me God.Well,I’m probably on some list for exercising my 1st amendment rights.I’m remembering the past while I still can. All we can do is “Be Prepared”.Stock up on what you can. Remember, you can barter if your short on money. Neighbors will have to stand by there fellow neighbors and help one another through what’s coming our way.Appreciate you Greg and what you do for America.Sincerely,Southern Patriot

  28. Kenny the K

    The death knell for the dollar will be when the petro dollar collapses from other countries accepting other forms of currency for their oil. That is why Iran is such a threat as they are selling oil to China in exchange for gold. I think the following sums things up rather nicely

    The Socio-Political Continuum
    From Jesse’s Crossroads Cafe

    A credibility trap is when the regulatory, political and informational functions of a society have been compromised by corruption and fraud, so that the leadership cannot effectively reform or even honestly address the situation without impairing and implicating, at least incidentally, a broad swath of the power structure, including themselves.

    The status quo tolerates the corruption and the fraud because they have profited at least indirectly from it, and would like to continue to do so. Even relatively honest reformers within the power structure become susceptible to various forms of soft blackmail and coercion.

    And so a failed policy and its support system become almost self-sustaining, long after it is seen by the people to have failed, and in failing become counterproductive. Admitting failure is not an option for those who receive their power from that system.

    The continuity of the structural hierarchy must therefore be maintained at all costs, even to the point of becoming a blatant hypocrisy.

  29. Kenny the K

    So how did you go bankrupt?

    “First gradually, then suddenly”

    Ernest Hemmingway


    Hi!, Patrons Of Et Al:

    Please allow me to state some random thoughts that may be helpful over the longer haul, as the world plummets towards geting back to geting its’ act together socially/plitically/spiritually and economically:
    For one idea someone wrote stating that they knew of a man who handed over $30,000 to a banker, as the banker was leaving they figured for the day but thinking that the next day the $30,000 would show up in their account as a new deposit but the next day the bank was found to be closed and the $30,000 was NEVER seen again. Do you trust the banks in a pinch?
    A co-worker and I purchased some K-rands several years back. After we took delivery, he began go show them off and the results of that was that one of the people he attempted to impress ended up stealing his K-rands. If you have precious metals U are storing; keep it to yourself. You don’t need to impress anyone nor share your plans for economic survival with anyone else either. Be humble and stay safe.
    Governments that behave the way we see them today bringing on economic collapse and hardship are not OUR friends which means trust yourself to take care of U and forget about the government taking care of everyone. The gospel tells US to love OUR neighbors as ourselves and so we need love and trust restored between individuals in OUR communities and let the governments downsize themselves on the austerity they are proving they are bringing about onto themselves over time. Greg’s speaker in my opinion brings home the point that we shall prevail when the END arrives for everyone and he’s 100% right in my mind to give US this sense of security over the BIG picture. Also, the gospel tells US to overcome evil with good and so; the more evil that attempts to prevail, the more good we will be capable of utilizing to overcome it eventually.
    We should each of US have a very greatful heart for all the service to mankind Greg is providing each of US. How many of US will be or become far better off, because he has taken the time to care about US and OUR country? It’s a shame that he like Ron Paul doesn’t represent US within the hearts and minds of OUR President and OUR Congress isn’t it? Greg makes me feel also thankful to those who in his upbringing taught him to stand firm on such issues; until the job of reconstruction of OUR Country is completed properly and righteously.

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]


    Hi!, Patrons Of

    Another point to share here is that someone at another blog wrote the other day that the world functioned on a gold standard; until President Nixon closed OUR Gold Window on August 15, 1971. For those who question how OUR world could function in the modern world on a gold standard, this writer makes the point that it already has. The world was turned upside down in every respect, after President Nixon took US off the gold standard and now we the middle classes worldwide are fighting inflationary prices in everything we need for OUR daily living. Though OUR various governments may be in denial regards the present inflation rate, let US continue to listen to what we know to be the truth; whenever we use OUR wallets to pay. I think it was a statement from that explained that the present US inflation rate is runing @ 9.5% and not zero.

    RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
    [email protected]

  32. SidDavis

    I believe the problem is much bigger than I gather from listening to this interview.

    I think we are at the end of the industrial age for want of resources, particularly energy resources, to fuel it. The reality is shown in compound growth curves. Whether it is the human population, debt, or cost to acquire energy and other resources, compounded growth rates describe what is happening.

    Human population 400 years ago at the dawn of the industrial age was 3/4 of a billion people. Today it is 7 billion, having exploded in a hockey stick fashion. Think about that; it took all of a very long human history to reach 3/4 of a billion, basically relying upon renewable energy, and then with the exploitation of energy stored in the form of coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium, our numbers exploded.

    Look at oil. In 1930 it took the energy in one barrel of oil to get back 100 barrels. Today it takes the energy of 11 barrels of oil to get back 100. This is a compound growth rate of about 3%, which doubles the cost every ~23 years. Each year, it on average takes more energy to get back a barrel of oil, leaving less and less to fuel economic output. In ~23 years it will take 22 barrels, and then in another ~23 it will take 44 barrels.

    Now we know that interest compounds, and so does debt. Just look at the charts of federal government debt to see the characteristic hockey stick growth. Debt is paper so it has little limit to its growth, but the real economy has limits in terms of physical availability of resources. But in order for the debt based monetary system to function, the real economy must grow as fast at the growth in debt, else the debt cannot be serviced. This is where we are today. The economy is dying from lack of sufficient resources and the huge number of humans relying upon its output to survive. Those in power are first in line to collect the output, and for the majority the standard of living is in serious decline. We are on the precipice. The financial system can’t survive, and its failure will further cause economic contraction, which in turn will bring down governments, most particularly the federal government.

    Those who will survive are those least dependent upon this failing system.

  33. John Doe

    This was a fine interview with David Quintieri!

    David seems to have a calm and well-thought out way of explaining himself and if that is how he is, his book might really be worth reading. It must have been disappointing to him that those close to him who read his book were more impressed by all the effort he put in writing the book than by the message the book tries to get across.


    1. Thanks for asking him about his view on the nature of the collapse (deflationary, inflationary or both). He had an interesting remark regarding a deflationary outcome: “If they engage in deflation, they can use that to hold us hostage.” He basically explains that it gives the TPTB the option to remain in control.

    2. It might be interesting to invite Nicole Foss (from to your show, because she is outspoken in her deflationary view and she even believes that there actually is no other outcome possible at all than a deflationary collapse.

    The advise of David Quintieri to try to hold tangible assets is one of the best advises one can get. On a larger scale, it is called the “asset grab”, which, for example, happened and is happening in Greece, where the “euro gold standard” and the treatment by the troika, enforces a deflationary collapse on the Greek people and state.

    • Greg

      Thank you John.

  34. Will Swanson

    SidDavis, all of a sudden I have had an epiphany. You have summed up a
    a concept that is visual and to the point.

  35. Sierra Dave

    IMHO, when the bank holiday happens. The stupid, panicky, and entitlement crowds will loot the food distribution centers. The panic will spread and they will be emptied in a day or two.

    Truckers will be stranded all over as they cannot refuel with their plastic cards. Those with fuel will hear about the food riots on their CB’s, Cell phones, Talk radio, Internet and turn around and head home. Odds are truck hijackings will go stratospheric.

    America functions because of the ease of financial transactions. Take that away and the whole system comes to a grinding halt.

    They might try opening the banks and/or issuing a new currency. But the damage will have been done. You don’t jump to 4th gear and 70 MPH instantly.

    Stock up on food and water while you still can!

  36. Matt

    Greg, thanks for the great interview and work you do.

  37. Fleendar the wise

    This is what happens when a nation turns it’s back on God and his laws. Just as what happened with the golden calf while Moses was upon the Mount, the same is happening once again. People have turned away from, and ignored the laws of God and have created their own “golden calf” to worship. That golden calf being money, power and control, and gaining MORE of it at the nation’s expense. We have grown fat, lazy and complacent on America’s riches, and in doing so have become arrogant. We have history to look back upon only to see the obvious. EVERY wealthy nation or empire that has ever existed and turned away from God has *collapsed*.
    Take it as you see fit. However, those who prepare and get right with God will be the ones who have the best chance to survive.

    • Greg

      Fleendar the wise,
      Amen brother!!

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