Crack-up Boom Here Now-Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s

Macroeconomic researcher Rod Kirby thinks the world is well on its way to much higher inflation. Kirby explains, “Some people say there is a dollar shortage in the world. I do not believe there is a dollar shortage. I think we are seeing evidence that there are too many dollars in the world, not too few. Look at real estate prices around the world. In Canada, they are at record levels. In America, they are at record levels. Real estate prices are at record levels in Britain. There are record levels in Australia. They are at record levels in China. This is not what you’d expect in an environment where there are too few dollars. We are seeing the equity markets rally day after day and make new all-time highs. These are not the kinds of things you see when there are too few dollars. In my view, this might be the thin edge of the wedge of a crack-up boom. Money is getting to the street because money is being taken out of dark pools on the dark side of the U.S. Treasury and is being injected into the market place as bonds are being sold off and redeemed. The world is flush with money, extremely flush with money.”

So, is this the reason some of the biggest money managers and investors on the planet are talking about moving money into gold and silver? Kirby, who sources gold and silver by the ton for clients, says, “These people are very perceptive. . . . These people are aware that there are too many dollars chasing too few things, and they realize what they are witnessing around them can’t be happening unless money is being expanded, and money is being expanded around the world. As I say, I believe it’s coming out of the dark side of the U.S. Treasury. This can make things very unstable going forward. If you produce too much money, you run the risk of triggering a hyperinflation. If we do end up in a hyperinflationary event, the price of metals will soar. They will soar measured against anything else that goes up in value as well.”

Kirby also thinks that Trump is meeting resistance from both parties because top people are involved in human trafficking. Kirby contends, “There are emails suggesting that vast, vast numbers of highly connected politicos are engaged in human trafficking and possibly pedophilia. To me, there is enough smoke surrounding the issue that there is very likely something to it. My feeling is the powers that be are trying to cripple Trump. Trump has put these people on notice that he’s going to root out these people in human trafficking and in the sex trade. If the allegations are factual, this would be a reason why both sides of the aisle are showing animosity towards Trump and his agenda. . . . There are some people with good track records who say some very, very big names are going to be consumed with this whole issue.”

On the upcoming debt ceiling and the hard stop on March 15th, Kirby says, “If the debt ceiling is not raised, Trump is going to have a very, very hard time conducting his agenda. Also, many of the higher echelons on both sides of the aisle, who could possibly be tainted by the sex trafficking issue, are going to have very little interest in funding Donald Trump’s agenda, particularly if his agenda is outing them for unthinkable acts. So, there is a motivation in officialdom not to give Trump a clean credit card. . . . In all my life, I have never seen the angst, the vitriol and the hate being expressed towards the leader of your country from both sides of the aisle. There has to be a reason for this, and we are seeing things we have never seen before in the history of the U.S.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rob Kirby of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

Kirby says the silence surrounding the human trafficking issue, where in the last 30 days more than 1,500 traffickers have been arrested, is deafening.

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  1. J C Davis

    Rob why is silver up and climbing? gold is stagnate. What do you make of Trumps speech to congress?
    Greg I cant wait for your wrap up.

    • This sceptred isle

      James Turk predicted a short squeeze in the silver market last week.

  2. FC

    GQ came out with a list of Washington DC’s 50 most powerful people and James Alefantis the owner of Comet Pizza and Ping Pong came in at number 49…………is it because of his secret sauce or his saucy stories?

    • This sceptred isle

      He must be fronting something dodgy to be number 49.

    • Frederick

      FC Alefantis must serve one hell of a nice pie from all the accolades don’t you think?

  3. Andy

    Nice to see Kirby wading into the human trafficking issue, though he seems reluctant to go there with the pedophelia angle. Kirby must be checking in with George Webb’s YT expose:

    We are all waiting for Sessions’ indictments – or is that just a pipe dream?

    • Paul ...

      Under God’s direction … Trump is rooting out the pedophiles from Government (not only here in America but from around the world) … you pedophiles out there … get ready for your punishment from Trump (death) …just as God rid Earth of evil years ago by killing the warp-minded pedophiles in Sodom and Gomorrah for their perverted lust … Trump should expand the Guantanamo facility to accommodate 90% of our government officials who are pedophiles … and the sign on the Guantanamo front gate should read … NO WOMEN … NO CHILDREN!! …

      • Paul ...

        And why has the American taxpayer paid trillions of dollars to keep the Afghanistan war going on and on and on for the last 15 years? … if you said so as to bring back heroin to our American children (to kill and screw their minds and morals) you are only half right … it is also because Afghanistan is “a child rape paradise” for all the perverts in the military!! …

        • Frederick

          That’s really despicable if it’s true Paul I’m sure the opium part is a fact

        • Paul ...

          The end is near for the evil Satanic global power structure that has been bleeding our country and the world dry … take heart America … and re-listen to the words of our champion … lets help him to defeat Satan … we can’t lose … remember we have God on our side …

        • This sceptred Isle

          Horticulture is very expensive in Afghanistan. Those plants won’t grow themselves!

          • lastmanstanding

            Not when one of the largest corporate/NWO drug companies own thousands of acres of poppies there.

            I spoke with a man personally that has been there and seen them first hand (complete with US Troop security)…guess who he works for?

            Does Glaxo Smith Kline ring any bells?

            As long as weak people keep begging for/ munching down doctor prescribed meds or acquiring them by any means, these fakes will control and profit eternally.

            God gave us everything that we need.

            • Greg Hunter

              Thank you for adding this.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “Three senior British MOD officials have been arrested in Gibraltar on suspicion of trying to hinder a sex offence investigation into a serviceman.
        The arrests – and a series of searches at MOD establishments – were made following a dramatic runway incident involving an RAF jet believed to be flying the serviceman back to the UK.”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Sessions is “being accused” of talking to a Russian!!!! OOOOOOOOOHHH!

      • Frederick

        It’s a witch hunt just like this whole Russia nonsense

  4. Corleone

    Amount of paper US dollar (Federal Reserve Note) in circulation: 1.46 trillion.

    Amount of paper US superdollar (counterfeit Federal Reserve Note made by CIA) in circulation: 1.12 trillion.

    Amount of paper US bingodollar (counterfeit Federal Reserve Note made by FBI) in circulation: 8.2 billion.

    There is no shortage of US dollar.


    • Shadow of Doubt

      “There is no shortage of US dollars”.
      At the open of business today (3/1/17), I was one of the first customers at a large financial institution. Imagine my surprise when I was told point blank, “We have no more one hundred dollar bills”. Cash shortages or outages are happening with growing frequency not only at banks/credit unions but at automated grocery check-out stands and high traffic ATM’s in our region.

      • Greg Hunter

        I think there is a big difference between cash in hand and digital cash or loans. Thank you for your street reporting!!

      • Corleone

        Were you in a USA territory at that time ?

      • Tin foil hat

        Shadow of Doubt,
        There is no shortage of $100 bills in NYC. Is your bank located in a small town in rural area?
        One thing I notice is that all the new $100 bills were printed in 2009. I infer the Fed was expecting a major bank run which didn’t happen. The new $50 bills were printed in 2013 and 2009.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Corleone & Tin Foil Hat
          I reside in Wyoming. The city is mid-sized-its population easily north of 60k- with an economy that is driven largely by our energy sector (namely coal, oil and gas). The size and the scope of the lay-offs we experienced towards the end of last year in that industry were crushing. I am sure this “spill over effect” and money hoarding may explain in large part what I am seeing.

          • Corleone

            Perhaps there is a temporary shortage of 100 dollar bill in the region you live. Sometimes that happens.

            • Shadow of Doubt

              You may well be right. But in my 60 years of wandering the planet, I have only run into cash-strapped banks and/or banks lacking large denominations in the lead up or aftermath of a natural disaster or hand in glove with political or economic shake ups.
              A relative of mine who was a bank president during the “Great Depression” often told us that a bank with an inadequate money supply or claiming to have no large bills–was a glaring warning sign that trouble was already upon you.
              In a world where cash is being eradicated, one can’t help but wonder if this is indeed just a minor glitch in the system or the subtle advent of things to come.

  5. Curt

    Wow great interview with Rob K, he really knows his markets! I thought they had to plop down a lot of paper gold to depress the gold market on the Trump election victory, but three years worth of global production great golly. Just think how much ESF dark pool they had to pull to bring the DOW back from the grave that night, talk about hypoth-city. I’m guessing Dow/Gold ratio reaches 2/1 D30k/G15k for starters, G/S 30/1 Ag=.5k someday sooner or later probably after the pizza gate to hell finally opens all the way. Outstanding work you do Greg. Thanks so much!!

  6. This sceptred isle

    I believe a lot of the excess money has found its way into the sporting world as well. Ronaldo must get at least 500,000 dollars a week! We live in a society that creates money out of nothing and distributes it unevenly. This is the main cause of growing inequality.

    • Sam

      The Sceptred isle,
      Interesting that you too have made that sports connection.
      We do analysis at my place of work and a couple my co-workers
      and I were looking at the contracts that many pro athletes are signing.
      We are told that corporations and media outlets are the primary fuel
      to provide the teams dollars to spend on athletes contracts. The numbers
      do not make sense. Look at the numbers above that Corleone posted and
      you begin to get a sense of how worthless the dollar is. We are all being
      played for suckers and dollar value is an illusion.

      • This sceptred isle

        If you pay someone 500,000 dollars a week what will they spend it on. Most of it will be spent on luxury cars, luxury housexs and financial instruments such as stocks and bonds. That is where most of the inflation is.


    Mr. Rob Kirby is the best.. Pizza Gate, how high up will the arrests go? Maybe, not far enough. Weather, here in Michigan and the Midwest. 60 and 70, degrees still, going on 2 weeks with these types of temperatures, including thunderstorms and tornadoes. Of your last 3 guests, and all of them great, Dane Winington, D. Stockman, R. Kirby, the immediate outlook, not good and the 10 year planetary outlook, maybe worse. I’m typing this at 4:00 am March 1 under extreme thunderstorms and a tornado watch for the metro Detroit area. My God, this is the 5th or 6th thunderstorm this winter going back to mid December 2016. I could give a crap about L vs R politics on Global warming, climate change or whatever its called. People, this is wrong, very wrong. I was born and raised around Detroit and never, and I mean never, have we had weather like this, except last year and even worse this year. The last 2 years no ice on much if not all of the Great lakes, even Lake Superior water temps 38 degrees, unheard of….

  8. R scott

    Always the same old stuff from Kirby,tired and bored to death. How about some fresh blood not someone who has been wrong as long as I can remember

    • Alanon

      I agree, a different point of view. Although I have brought up before the people on here can’t accept that they may be wrong. Que the attacks…….”go back to sleep” “back to your cult”…etc. BTW DJIA over 21000!! 95+% on here said that would never happen…for years now. But…..But……But…..

      • Petedivine guys should sell. It’s a great contrarian signal. When this ship goes down you’ll either have a seat in the life boat or you won’t. Please sell..your the real sign that the market is waiting for.

    • Concerned american dad

      Yep/ starting to get sick of all this bs too. First it was the exposure of the Libor rigging that was going to turn the tide…….. Sinclair and Holter have said two weeks away from calamity multiple times……. ‘been a few weeks away so many times my family thinks i’m nuts for talking about it…….. and of all of us i’m the only fool missing out on this explosion higher due to the fact that i’ve headed all these warnings- i’d be willing to bet at this point that Stickman’s march 15th prediction will come an go too….

      • Scott Miller

        You’re not alone.

      • KBH

        Yep … me too. Bought back into the market a while back, and doing nicely. Martin Armstrong is one of the few who seems to know what is going on.

        • Gary Canuck

          Out of all the guests who have appeared on this site, Martin Armstrong has nailed it. “Why” because he tracks capital flows.
          While the vast majority of readers on this site are American, being a Canuck, I just lost 39cents converting the Cando to the US Dollar yesterday on 150,000 dollars worth of Chinese product from our plant in China, exported to Houston, then exported to the Oil Patch in Canada
          Just think about the exodus of money coming out of Europe, it is going into the US Dollar and Blue Chips.

          A s Jim Dines said 20 years ago The US Dollar is the “Least Ugliest Horse In The Glue Factory.

          Out of all the annalists Marty, has been 100% accurate, I would like to see Greg get Larry Eldeson
          on for a interview, he is projecting a 30,000 Dow, short term Marty is projecting 23000 Dow, and he made that call when the Dow was at 16000.
          Disclosure: I subscribe to both of them, and BOTH are predicting a TOTAL collapse of Government, re a sovereign debt crisis, after the world capital flows to the US IMO and the rest of the world goes bankrupt, for holding US debt, and their currencies go to crap, then Donald Trump “If he is still alive”
          will devalue the US Dollar: hey he is a expert at bankruptcy , anyways just my two cents.

          PS I pray that he does not appoint Sarah Palin as the new US Ambassador to Canada, sure she can skin a Moose, but not John McCain.

          After the Dow gets to 23000, Im heading for the hills, although I will ride it up, and continue to buy physical gold & silver, “along with other tangible assets, that I can leave to my kids.

          When Americans have to pay 16.00 for a package of cigarettes, and 28.00 for a bottle of rye, like we do their will be anarchy.
          Ron Kirby made another KICK ASS post, this guy “Tracks Capital Flows” anyone who can move a ton of gold, knows what the end game is.

          Once again I have to commend Greg Hunter for providing a FANTASTIC SITE :
          PS I f you do not hold share certificates in stocks, you own nothing, whether in Canada or the US.

      • Alex

        “i’d be willing to bet at this point that Stockman’s march 15th prediction will come an go too….”
        Sure thing it will, I never thought of it being an insurmountable problem for the US economy – they will simply raise the debt ceiling.
        Most of the guests here have been wrong for years – first of all no one knows the exact time of a collapse, and second some of them have a personal interest in selling gold and silver (they trade in precious metals). Hence they have, more or less, recommended buying gold and/or silver and shorting the stock market. However a further analysis into the correlation between gold and stocks would make it obvious that they were wrong – have a look at both indexes for the last 15 years. Most of the time (except for the last 5 years) gold and stocks go hand in hand – they both enter bear or bull markets more or less at the same time. The last five years have been an exception and gold entered a bear market, the stocks made new records. However, gold is also now in a short bull market and might even spike before the end of the year. If there are no geopolitical tensions (USA-China mostly) and if Le Pen does not win the elections in France, gold will be under more pressure due to the Fed raising rates (for example the chances of a march hike are about 60 percent according to many analysts) but in my opinion gold might still be in a slow bull market for the rest of the year. As for the stocks, I believe we are nearing a correction. Not that doom and gloom correction everyone on here has been talking about, but something like 10 percent down (if it happens, it should be soon). The stocks should go up again after that.
        This is just my opinion, it is not an advice on how to invest your money.

        • This sceptred Isle

          If they keep pumping money into the system you are probably right!

          • Alex

            I am almost certain they will pump more money into the system – I don’t see other way for the one trillion infrastructure plan to be executed. Then the Dow could reach even 30 000.

            • Charles H

              And the economy could go nuclear. Selective consideration here amounts to blinders on horses.

              • Alex

                Eventually the economy will go nuclear. But when will it happen? Who believed back in 2011 that the Dow would be more than 20K just six years later? The petrodollar still rules the world, it is a fact. Generally speaking, until the rest of the world believes the US army is powerful enough to protect it, the American economy will most probably do better than her rivals’.

                • Charles H

                  Respectfully, Alex – it isn’t a matter of ‘rivals’; but more like cut-throat king-of-the-hill control. WHEN America is handed it’s hat on the world scene – all the imprudences and errors of the past will catch up like a bill-collector.

                  • Alex

                    No doubt, Charles. Hence the geopolitical tensions lately – the USA empire begins to lose ground and a new multipolar world is about to be born. But I think it will take some time before China and Russia challenge financially the USA – the dollar especially.

  9. Deanna Johnston Clark

    People are aghast at the pedophilia issue and rightly so. But debt slavery and trafficking in labor also often includes sexual abuse and coercion. This can also mean child abuse.

    Women who can afford nail salons need to check out the background of the oriental girls who often do their nails. There are clothing sweatshops in the US that make very high end labels. If you want to sleep well…the sleep of the just…you need to stop supporting such cruelties.
    I would hate to see the pedophilia issue corner all the moral indignation. Especially since the labor conditions can include that crime as well.

    • Frederick

      Do you really think most of the bimbos getting their nails done really care about those so-called slaves doing the work? I bet most of them could care less and only worry about how much it’s going to cost them Same thing with landscapers My neighbors all look the other way when the illegal crews come to do their lawns and service their pools

      • Bard

        And if they told the illegals to go away, you’d probably call them Trotsky’s made up agitprop word “racist”. Is there any pleasing people like you?

    • Bard

      Well how do we address this problem? For a start, all those Chinese shouldn’t be in the US. It was expressly established as a White man’s republic and there is no valid reason for it not to have remained so.

      Multiculturalism is just a code word for genocide. So what if a few Chinese work in sweat shops? It’s only temporary. At least their posterity has a future and a viable home. At least they will have a posterity for that matter.

      Stop supporting genocide by immigration if you want your descendants in 50 years’ time to have any sort of life. To hell with the Chinese. I’ve got zero sympathy for them. They have zero for me as they completely flood what used to be my country. I’m not hypocritically invading their country. I just wish they’d all go home.

  10. nathana

    Same old story… is manipulated and nothing can be done. The Dow has been propped us along with the USD dollar and money moves into these markets and out of gold. We need to stop peeing against the wind. Go along with the big boys and buy the DOW. You would have made allot more money if you did over the past 2 years.

    • Beligarant

      I feel like I’m the movie Ground Hog for the past 10 years. Once again the DOW is a rocketship as the metals performance is lackluster. Silver broke $16 in 2008. Here are a decade later and silver is a whopping $18.41. At this point, outside a hyperinflation correction, the long term damage has been done to the silver community.

      I’m still an advocate of the metals but Kirby and the rest of this clan should really preach hard to only put 3% or 5%of a portfolio into this market otherwise you could get slaughtered. As I’ve learned the hard way, mining is one of the areas where money goes to die..

      • This sceptred isle

        The irony of mining shares is people buy them to avoid inflation of fiat currency only to find another form of the inflation – new share issues which dilute the value of all the other shares!

      • Mike R

        They just slammed Silver again today. And gold. Heavily manipulated markets. Who the heck has 2 months of all annual silver production to dump into these markets, and what idiot would try to beat down the price on his own portfolio ?

    • This sceptred Isle

      You are fully entitled to do what you want with your own money.

    • Frederick

      Nathana No thanks I will stay the course

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg. The whole human traffic & pedophilia issue is naturally avoided, no one wants to talk about it. But without being discussed it’s allowed to continue. They get away with it because no one wants to believe it’s true. The perps of this vile act and those who support them by looking the other way rather than calling them out need to dealt with harshly and out in the open. The truth will out. There’s a level of hell reserved for pedo’s.

  12. George

    The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (Corporation) operates on a debt-based centrally planned monopoly monetary system. Every single day, every single week, every single month, and every single year the debt must be larger than before. Perpetual debt is designed to never be paid off, only serviced.

    The World is progressively and in larger numbers no longer using the Toilet Paper Reserve Note. When those worthless green colored toilet paper sheets aka Federal Reserve Notes, come back to these shores, the inflation will be devastating to the unprepared. Wiemar Germany will look like low prices, compared to the prices that will be inflicted upon the American people.

    Of all topics today, the very cause of every problem in America, and around the world, is the Federal Reserve’s existence.
    Lincoln issued Interest Free United States Currency, and the Central Bank shot him in the head. JFK issued Interest Free United States Notes backed by Silver, and the Central Bank shot him in the head.

    So, all of you future Presidents remember to never attempt to issue your own nation’s currency interest free from the bank, or you will most certainly get a bad headache from the Bank!

    • This sceptred Isle

      At least the Wiemar Republic used to back their notes with paper and ink. Now money is just digits on a computer screen!

    • andyb

      George: you are one of the very few who can properly connect the Red Shield with Presidential attempted (and actual) assassinations and those many others who dared to create sovereign money outside of the control of banksters. In addition to Lincoln and JFK, the list would include Jackson, Garfield, McKinley, Reagan, and internationally Ghaddaffi, and many other African rulers.

    • Sam

      Dow Jones 50,000 by December.
      Loaf of bread $10,000.00 Fedbabwe Dollars

      • Charles H

        People are really catching on, it seems.

        • dbcooper

          Pastor Charles, I want to thank you for replying to my query in regard to Zion, it was articulate and helpful. I am pretty sure that I would be proud to be a member of your congregation.
          Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

          • Charles H

            Thank you db – and I heartfeltly mean thanks. I’ve been ostracized and brought to relative poverty: because I haven’t followed the Staus Quo in missionary endeavor. I’ve refused to report “numbers” of converts; abandoned the generally accepted “Roman’s Road” approach to evangelism; and instead have fashioned my own approach – one that is extensive and gives an unbeliever ALL the information and foundation for faith and preparation to deal with God. Whether I win souls or not: my intention is to give the lost THE best chance of getting it and getting in. My wife and I live in Mexico on less than what one ministry couple on the border pay for healthcare per month alone.
            But I differ from my peers in that I have worked, and worked hard all the time to make of an empty shell of a house, a livable home. Wiring, plumbing, carpentry, masonry, painting, welding and fabricating – you name it. We are completely out of debt, and I’ve set aside ‘tangible’ assets in case I die suddenly.
            My congregation mainly consisis of my wife and an occasional visitor – as my church is in my home, or living-room. My ministry goes out to the streets and homes – to reach the Deaf and hearing with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you were to be apart of this: you would get the right Bible as straight as I can convey it.
            Ironically – as I see signs and problems increase in America: churches are beginning to struggle. Soon, I fear, many will leave-off supplying funds for missionaries; and even have to close their doors. I believe the future will see churches revert to being in the houses of Believers, just like in Apostle Paul’s days. If this happens – then the direction I’ve taken – will not be so looked-down upon. CH

      • Greg Hunter

        You would have to find a way to factor in the massive manipulation the Deutsche Bank plead guilty to last year. The price was suppressed. So, I do not think your article would give a fair comparison.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Fair point. I also think the dynamics of the silver market have changed since silver was demonetised and the onset of the electronic revolution.

  13. Jay Logo

    I agree with Rob. The initial markets reaction to Trump’s win was the correct direction. Trump win was not the status quo as it would be recognized by the market as a destabilizing event due to his political inexperience and ability to disrupt the establishment. So many insiders would have been caught long the markets. They were rescued.

  14. Teeter

    Seems like we’ve heard this before, more opinions and little fact. Jerry, please keep us updated on facts within the world currency/gold/BRICS/yaun/petro/China/US reserve currency happenings, nobody else really covers it. Thanks

  15. Jerry

    I agree with everything you and Rob said. The central bankers can extend this Ponzi scheme as long as they want with their rigged markets, but the problem is the rest of the world isn’t buying it anymore.

    Here’s a prime example. A few weeks ago I heard from one of my sources that the DOD was gearing up for some sort of EMP attack. At first I chalked it up as some type of fear mongering and then this came out.

    As much as Gerald Celente irritates the crap out of me, I think he may be right on this one. When the central bankers see their Ponzi scheme slipping away, they will take us to war. At this point in time, we are in no position to be playing financial chicken with China by moving the THAAD defense system so close to their borders. UNLESS….. its an intentional act of provocation by the powers that be. I have heard President Trump say nothing about this, but yet there it is.

    It is no secret that major financial decisions are coming down the pike that concerns not only us, but the overall well being of the global economy. But this time around the Chinese and the BRICS nations have a backup plan. The extent of what role that plan will play will be decided on April 15th when the world bank and the IMF meet. Like Rob said the ESF can mop up treasuries until the cows come home, but at the end of the day the decision of where the dollar will be is out of their hands.

    • Jerry

      The IMF has its hand so far up the gold puppet shoot that not even howdy doody could wiggle his ears.

      • Greg Hunter

        I know I have been saying this for a while, but this has to end badly and quickly.

        • gregd

          I can tell you when the PM’s manipulation will likely end.
          It’ll be the day after I capitulate and sell my PM’s.

          • Greg Hunter

            Never give up!

        • Ronald Smith

          Jerry and Greg, Nothing is ever a straight line forever. Born in 1951, lived a wonderful life in Florida. I wish for only the best, but a sane and reasonable person should be able to see that what you both say is absolutely true. Everything is in such deep sh**, it simply cannot go on. The dollar and debt and USA problems are all unsustainable….. something has to give…… sadly, probably war at first….just the way it has always been for us.

    • Hugo

      Hi Jerry,

      It is not only the BRICS that have a back up plan. Most of the world already has a back up system! in place. Iam totally amazed that no one is openly discussing it. The reason the Euro gotten so much flak is they created an alternative to the US dollar reserve currency status.
      How the system works / worked is that the non reserve currencies are issued once enough US treasuries were bought. in short, the European countries paid gold to America for rebuilding after WW2 but they were expected to accept US treasuries in return when the countries were rebuild. Well, some did not take that lightly. I kid you not, the French, under de Gaulle (a true French patriot btw) has send an armada to exchange US dollars in exchange for a fixed price gold after the America started printing big time.
      The solution the EUropeans came to realise was to not issue currency and the basis of the US treasury but *gasp* gold. That also solves the Triffin dilemma btw. Just as the flaws of the gold standard and the concept of money we have. Now the savings of a saver are the debts of a debtor. If the debtor defaults, the savings are destroyed. Thats why to this day, the debtor and saver can be at eachothers throats and can even lead to big wars. Many countries including, but not reserved to, the BRICS adopted this new financial idea. Know what this entails, whole countries can fail but the monetary system will keep working.
      The member central banks of that system will mark their gold reserves to market. You can see it for yourself by visiting the site of the ECB, their number 1 asset is gold and sadly still gold claims. This thus finally recognises that our current money concept is corrupt. Only took 500+ years of reserve currencies failing to realise this officially.
      To me it seems clear that the ROW (rest of the world) is ready to try to channel hyperinflation in currency, that already taken place, into gold once the stampede takes place.
      Sadly the US cannot take this route, this since America defaulted on its gold obligations under Nixon. There are tons of claims outstanding and considering how much America supported to still wanting get paid on defaulted loans….. it will cost them once the gold card is played out.
      Hope this helps a bit. I know, a big theme and way to short a post to explain it but I need to write a book to state it all. lays out the case very well. Oh and also includes oil as well (smile). Grant Williams did some great work on it as well.

      Regards, Hugo

    • Jerry

      Tensions are getting high in the South China Sea. Now Taiwan is getting into the act. This is going to end very badly if something isn’t done.

      • JC Davis

        As much as Trump want to secure the USA he needs to order congress to harden the grid against a EMP blast. Should have already been done.

  16. Concerned american dad

    Dow’s above 21000 this morning guys. So who’s in charge!? I guess by “soon” mr kirby may mean within my grandchildrens’ lifetime. (And no- there are no grandchildren yet)I can’t say i’m happy i took all of your guests end of the year warnings and lessened out exposute to this ramp up. Not only are we being screwed out of any interest income on our savings but our 401k’s are not spiking with this contrived market. When is Trump going to start prosecuting the cruminal Clintons.? All BS!

    • Charles H

      To reinterate the point – the break in markets, which means the mani[pulation also, will happen WHEN FORCES OUTSIDE THE USA leave the table. Looking only at the symptoms of America alone is enough to conduce to madness.
      Cataclysmic events are in store, including massive civil unrest for the US. Interest on Principle will then be the least of your worries. Generally – faith in that a levy will hold is kept right up to the point it breaks. Lots of waters are rising…

  17. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, everything is going up, not just real estate, food, basic consumer goods, services, so inflation is here now, therefore, I agree with Mr. Kirby that there are too many dollars out there. Frankly, I would like to see deflation but the facts are the facts, hyperinflation may well be on the way. The only thing that might stop it is a debt ceiling long drawn out government shut down causing a downturn making dollars hard to get. As to the human trafficking I wouldn’t put anything past our esteemed leaders to do any despicable acts, they for the most part have no values or ethics, or patriotism for that matter, their egocentric narcissist nature is clear if you just let yourself see. Seems the dark side is alive and well in Washington D.C., including, but not limited to the MSM as well. This country is in worst shape than the vast majority of Americans have any clue of.

  18. Mike from the North

    I have a planned trip to the USA coming in April and at this point I wonder if the USA will be a safe place to be in a few months. In my view the USA is a powder keg of emotions that is about to blow.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      As Bogart told the German commander in Casablanca, “There are certain sections of New York I would advise against invading…” The US is lumbering along fine…just avoid the usual suspects.

  19. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    I always like Rob. Sometimes he just has a plain Jane way of saying things that resonates with me. Keep up the stellar work and congratulations once again on your David Stockman interview going viral.

    p.s. Greg, I know that this is not your cup of tea so to speak, but I wanted to caution people about revelations coming out of Antarctica, Mars, Bosnia, Ecuador, Peru and other places so that they will not be deceived:

  20. Roger D

    Thank you Greg and Mr. Kirby for this interview. Wow… what a sobering message. Our Founders in their wildest nightmares would have never pondered pedophilia and sex trafficking (slavery was bad enough) by members of Congress. Such is the fruit of a fallen people. Yet we are literally Hell-bent on saving this evil system which is intent on destroying us. Why? By doing are we not complicit?

  21. David Clumpner

    By jove, I think he’s got it, Greg.
    FINALLY someone is into a little current reality…
    I see the market is going bonkers today after last night.
    All that said, it’s still quite possible this year for a drastic hatchet job to the dollar to be performed. Either that or Bernanke’s ‘Helicopter Money’ thesis enacted.

  22. Roger D

    Off-topic but perhaps some welcome humor. I was looking at comments on Yahoo re. Trump’s State of the Union yesterday. Came across a funny comment by a guy named Jason.

    “If President Trump walked on water this afternoon, the headlines on the Liberal media networks and newspapers tomorrow morning would be screaming, “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM!”

  23. David John Williams

    Hi Greg, did you see this article by Jim Rickards?: Jim essentially makes the counter argument to Rob’s suggestion that the world is awash in dollars by arguing the world faces a massive shortage of dollars. I deeply respect the experience and intelligence of both Rickards and Kirby, so it is difficult to reconcile their opposing views. As much as I am amazed by Rickards intellect, I can’t help but feel he has an agenda of selling perceptions and subscriptions whereas Rob just strikes me as a straight shooter without an agenda. I’d love to hear more discussion about these contrasting views and their implications; does Rickards place undue importance on China or their situation a moot point with regard to US dollar liquidity? What are your thoughts?

    • FC

      I agree with Rickards, haven’t we all released yet it was the lack of liquidity that caused the 2008 crisis and we still haven’t learned our lesson making the next crisis even greater because of the lack of liquidity.

    • Ron

      Rickards promotes the physically impossible government BS story about 9/11. Since he is probably not a fool, he therefore has no respect for truth and instead says whatever makes money for him and appeases his owners.

      • Frederick

        If Rickards supports the official story then he is definitely controlled opposition and not to be taken seriously

    • Charles H

      It is said – the devil will tell ninety-nine truths, in order to float one lie. Jim Rickards, being close to the in-between fence – balances somewhere nearer to fifty-fifty. Rob Kirby, on the other hand, gives us a window of experience that has no compromise. Kirby is a TOP source of sanity, in an increasingly insane world. No amount of intelligence can compare with sterling integrity.

  24. Gadfly


    I hope to haller. Don’t bet on it. Real-time market action today tells the true story, rather than Greg and Kirby’s mythical gold market narrative. My sources tell me until gold closes at Above $1306.0/ounce, there will be NO breakout. Secondly, U.S. Dollar Index is back up to where its been post election, around 101.4. ( Dollar not getting weaker). Furthermore, based on Relative Strength, U.S. Equities are still the strongest asset class globally by leaps and bounds. Maybe Jack Nickelson is right, some people “Can’t Handle the Truth”.

    • Ron

      “Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results”. Read up a little on Catastrophe theory, and how non-linear systems sometimes react violently to small changes of input at critical junctures.

  25. Lake M

    If the pedophilia story doesn’t represent enough evil, it has been said that organ
    harvesting is a component of these activities. The issue is so evil, most are unwilling to think about or discuss the subject. How morally outraged is Attorney General Sessions and will he pursue the truth in the name of the American people? We’ll see.

    • Frederick

      Perhaps that’s why they are trying so hard to get him to resign now High level people are getting worried Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer are leading the call What does that tell you?

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Lake, deep inside we are enablers…we know much will come unglued if serious exposures and arrests are made. What would it cost our culture? our pride? our security?
      Look at the money and prestige lost by the Catholic church…the Irish are so sickened by it all they stay away from Mass. Look at Penn State!
      Now apply that to our whole culture, from government to entertainment to medicine.
      Be careful what you ask for.
      Eliot Ness, pray for us…

  26. marian

    These so called experts now nothing .Calling for market collapse all these years .And market keeps going up and up. What a joke this site is

    • Bard

      I cannot fault your analysis. You have stunning hindsight…

  27. pat the rat

    When I look at it all, I think a great depression may be coming! There we be no inflation.

  28. mushroom

    Fact jammed interview – good job again.

    So, while we’re wasting time investigating Russians our own male and female ellitist sexual perverts are romping all over the landscape on their adventures.

    And notice how they have convinced their 6 major buddy-buddy networks to complain about Russians ( without proffering any evidence whatsoever ) and never mention rampaging pedophilia.

  29. al

    The Pedo angle is exactly what I was thinking when I saw those leftists/neocons (all in one) not wanting to stand up for the extremely long standing ovations, even when Trump mentioned areas they would normally support.
    Kirby is 1000% correct on all fronts. The reason for the deep hate is fear of this Cop is going to catch you with your pants down. oh oh… Pizza anyone?…
    Kirby on Inflation is SPOT ON! Trump will help stem the tide by having products produced in our soil and oil pumped from our land, but still, trump has been hinting on hyperinflation….
    Higher Wages, More Jobs, Stock Market ever higher… all hyperinflation talk.
    Jim Willie talks about the Sheist Dollar. Get ready.

  30. David Coddington

    Too many of these repeat guests repeat the same stuff and offer little in understanding what is really going on. I’ve come to the understanding that most of them are professional time wasters. Don’t get me wrong, they are real, they are smart and they know their professions. But they distract people’s energy from content which would really make an impact.

    Rob Kirby, Peter Schiff, David Stockman, … All these guys fit the above. And frankly, they have steered people away from making a fortune in the last decade. The smart people made a fortune, and then turn on a dime and make a fortune in precious metals etc — because they understand what is really going on and when to make the moves, not what should be, academically speaking.

    Many good guest interview suggestions have been made in various comments. Please find some fresh guests. This site is excellent but needs to level-up. That’s really the same assessment on a micro scale that can be applied to the alternative media on a macro scale, so don’t take it personally. It is why most activist and do-good organizations are broke and helpless. They let themselves get energy vampired while missing out on the real opportunities. And the establishment is more than happy to serve up plenty for the Rob Kirby types to chew and and regurgitate to the masses for distraction.

    • RealityCheck

      Amen… too much of the SoS.

    • Tracy Welborn

      So your saying in hindsight most of us in precious metals could have made more in the stock market. Gee, that’s brilliant. I doubt there is one of us that doesn’t realize that. That’s the nature of a bubble my friend, it grows and grows until it bursts. It’s all about timing. As far as the “real opportunities” you speak of, you can keep it. I don’t want to be part of a ponzi scheme anyway. Yes, the stock market continue to top out over and over again but I don’t want the fake money. There’s no telling how they are doing it on record low volume.
      To sum it up, thanks, but no thanks.

    • Frederick

      You’re right The smart money will cash in and get into the safety of metals before the reset NEVER chase a market when it’s going parabolic people

    • Charles H


      ‘Even God Himself couldn’t sink this ship’. Just continue on in the Staus Quo; and throw a curve or two of criticism to discredit this site. As well as composed your comment may be: it is a chewed-up and regurgitated – ‘if you want to do better, you need to join the system’ appeal. Greg Hunter keeps this site on a good center, with good sources; and throws in peripheral ones, enough to lighten and enlighten consideration and discussion. To go any further would be to introduce sources of compromise and elevate controversy to unacceptable levels. To cure disease: you must address the causes; not concern yourself with encless considering of symptoms. This site isn’t about “making an impact”: it is about truth-telling. And the content of this site isn’t “for the masses” – which makes you wrong now on multiple levels.

  31. francis m reps

    Mr. Kirby is on target. For the first time in my life { and I’m 82 } I am praying forPresident Trump’s well being and success. Many other Americans are too. Never ever thought I would be wishing well to a political figure ; but I sense that President Trump has concerns about our country and not his personal ambitions. If he can rid himself of the influences of the Military Industrial agents who have always been a collection of ‘ HAMMERS LOOKING FOR A HANDY NAIL ; PRIMARILY RUSSIA WITH CHINA AS A SECOND CHOICE “….the world will be a much safer place to live in. regards

  32. William Chase

    There is a spiritual battle going on in DC. Evil wants to take down this president. Christians are praying all over this country. We will not let evil win.

  33. Linda L.

    Keep hearing about pedophilia and sex, child trafficking in America. Wish folks who could really do something about this would step up, produce solid proof and then make this horrible issue a high priority by targeting these monsters (arrest them, hang them by their gonads, castrate them and then tie stones around their legs and throw them into the ocean as its spoken of in scripture. Good thing that I’m not a judge because I have a great imagination. People who do such things are incapable of rehabilitation and the world (innocent babes) are better off without them. Whole thing makes me sick.

    • Diane

      I agree Linda.
      It’s absolutely horrific.
      It’s Satanic. We must stop this or our society is finished.
      I wondered why so many people support Islam and Sharia law. Now I know.
      Sharia Law,is Satanic and does not belong in a civilized society.
      Only very bad people condone this.
      Pray for America Watchdoggers. We must eradicate this disease.

  34. Mike from the North

    I am no political major. I am just a regular guy. I have followed the KISS formula my entire life. Keep It Simple because I am Stupid.

    Knowing the history of how and why previous WW have begun it appears to me that the Deep State is doing everything they can to either kick over the table to hide their sins or they really believe war is the only way to put some steroids into a troubled economy.

    President Trump has a very limited time to awaken AMERICA.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  35. J Smith

    Property prices are at record levels in New Zealand.

    • Bard

      Record prices because we in NZ are being swamped with immigrants, and interest rates are low. In the NZ Herald today they are talking about another 120,000 houses for Auckland. 5 years ago they were moaning and groaning about “urban sprawl” and “too much resource use per-capita in the West”. Now immigrants come in and take everything. This is genocide-level immigration, like Sweden.

      I’ve heard of Chinese buying NZ passports/citizenship for $500k and getting 40 houses in one auction over the phone. They just out-bid everyone for all of the houses on offer without even looking at them. They don’t live in them or rent them. They might not even come to NZ at all. They keep them empty to restrict supply. Our government is full of traitors that should be in prison, and anyone who complains gets chastised as a “racist” or “xenophobe” or “white-supremacist”.

      Chinese supremacists get a free pass. The “Chinese Community” gets well-funded Chinese New Year events in the main central park, and but a European Students Club at Auckland University gets death threats and is shut down in 2 days.

      NZ is the land of genocide.

    • Bard

      A real estate agent told me 10 years ago that Chinese come to him, flip open a check book and say “how much?” – as in how much to out bid everyone else and guarantee the sale to them.
      That was 10 years ago. It’s far worse now.
      The government made it harder for foreigners to buy houses since the public was complaining a lot. But they quietly made it real easy to become a NZ citizen so it looks like an average Kiwi family got the house.
      For the price of half a house they can get citizenship, then they can buy 10 more houses and nobody in government cares.
      Our country is being taken from us and given away to a hostile invader. Triad crime everywhere, but hidden since they only target other Chinese in overt ways. Soon we will all be renting serfs.

  36. Gigi

    It’s the ones that don’t do their homework that are the doubters. If you doubt people like Rob Kirby, you probably tune long enough to say, oh what he predicted before, didn’t happen.
    Rob knows what he is talking about, but he can’t control the timetable. If you , who are belittling Rob Kirby, want to jump into the stock market at these nosebleed levels, go ahead. You’ll probably lose your shirt as well as your cocky, negative attitude.

    • Charles H


  37. Mike R

    with all of the world’s monetary easing, printing, QE, whatever you call it, what’s to stop the Dow from going to 30,000 ?
    The dollar is staying strong, and there is nowhere else to put money.

    A CAPE value of 31, that exceeds 1929, doesn’t seem to matter to the world’s investors who keep bringing more and more of their money to the US, and into stocks.

    in 2000, CAPE reached 40.

  38. Walter Baumgarten

    You and Rob have once again knocked the ball out of the park with another unbelievable and wisdom filled session together. Rob is great. Thank you for having him on. He did an excellent job of not only explaining the various gold markets, but more importantly in stating that the overseas markets are coming to America to buy gold (because we are the only fools that would sell it for dollars) because the rest of the world realizes the true, long term value. Well done boys, well done. Greg, I have to tell you that I am not only very proud to be one who follows you, but that I am infinitely impressed that you have raised the subject of pedophilia and that Rob responded with such candor on an issue that no one else even has the nerve to mention in a side bar. This practice is not only the most vile form of depravity and pervasive at the top of every corrupt society but Satanic in nature. Yet you have been man enough to go there. Bless you. There is NO Main Stream Media. You are the ONLY media. Keep up the good work, and God Bless you.

  39. Ron

    Great interview Greg. I always look forward to Rob Kirby. As distasteful as the subject is, I hope that Kirby is right and that the destroyers of children’s lives (the psychopathic pedophiles, especially those in high positions of power) as you have said, have millstones hung around their necks and are drowned in the depths of the sea.

    Maybe the would-be world dictators (globalists) are using the perversions of these psychopaths in power to blackmail them into submission(?) By the way, do you or anyone know whatever happened to Ben Swan after his pedophilia expose?

    I still have hope that Justice Will ultimately be Done:
    “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord'” (Romans 12:19)


  40. Elusive Joseph

    It seems Obama is also implicated in the demonic pedophile subculture in the following Wikileak –>

    Keep in mind that “hot dogs” is pedo code for “boys”.

    ** // RE: Get ready for “Chicago Hot Dog Friday”

    If we get the same “waitresses,” I’m all for it!!!


    I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the tax-payers money flying in
    pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long
    ago, assume we are using the same channels? // **

  41. Doug

    Dear Greg,
    Rob Kirby stated “people in the alternative press”
    Please make sure your guests refer to all coverage outside the controlled mainstream press as FREE PRESS.
    Everyone should refer to your show and to others stating the truth as FREE PRESS never “alternative”.

  42. ross

    Always enjoy Rob Kirby. Harvey Organ of has an article on silver Doctors notes that Grasberg the biggest Gold mine on the planet is shut down due to a dispute with the Indonesian Govt.'s-Largest-Gold-Mine If the stats are right, this mine in 2014 produced 1.6 million ozs or half the world’s gold production. The mining agreement with the Govt runs out in 4 yrs. Grasberg supposedly has 36,000 tons of gold in reserves.
    If this dispute continues , even more pressure will be on gold.

  43. JC Davis

    I backed off from posting this. No it needs to be said.
    Surely in vain a trap is made when the bird is watching.
    The stock market is a trap. From its foundation it is designed by greed, moved by fraud, and circulated in a delusion. At what point will it eat the wealth it created ? When pride consumes it.
    Were people wrong in predicting when a collapse would come yes. Know this the thief comes when all are asleep. I will hang on to my real honest earnings, and be called a fool with a smile. Having food, and cloths with a heart of contentment is no shame.

    • Charles H

      Having food and rainment is great gain – and you aren’t alone, or wrong by any measure.
      God hates a false balance – and this is about the only thing operating in the world now.
      It can’t, and wont last.
      That makes two of us; except I don’t smile a whole lot nowadays.

  44. Matt In Pa

    John’s spot on. If one is not insuring with PMs in this present time, wow. The tension can be cut with a knife.

  45. Matt In Pa

    That’s Ron, my bad.

  46. Linda L.

    Valerie Jarrett moves into Obama Mansion (only spells trouble):

  47. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Tossing kiddie rapers over cliffs, yummie as it sounds, is only part of the whole picture.
    The subculture, including part of the foster care system, is how covert power controls its visible officials. Like “illegal” drugs and money laundering trafficking profits, its all part of “the game”. The cynicism of it all extends to us, who are considered hypocrites…benefiting from America’s system and pretending to be shocked.
    If all this goes down it will not just be the nasties who go over the cliffs, but much of our whole cultural security. Much will come unglued.
    The names at the bottom of said cliff include some of the most prestigious professors, doctors, judges, religious figures, entertainers, politicians, artists…many admired and emulated by the public.

  48. Flattop

    Watchdoggers: As I read all you comments, most are pure speculation. No one knows what or when. Since 2013 I have been reading that the economy will collapse, gold and silver will soon skyrocket, Trump cant win, and so much more. No one but GOD the Father know all.. Ask HIM

    • Robert Lykens

      You’re right; it’s all speculation.
      You should go somewhere else.

    • Frederick

      Flattop many watchdoggers have been behind Trump from the very beginning I know I have and always knew Hitlary would lose So much for your comment

  49. Mike R

    The truth hurts….(the dems)

    The following are 11 quotes from Trump’s speech to Congress that show that the U.S. economy is in a state of collapse…

    #1 “Ninety-four million Americans are out of the labor force”

    #2 “Over 43 million people are now living in poverty”

    #3 “Over 43 million Americans are on food stamps”

    #4 “More than one in five people in their prime working years are not working”

    #5 “We have the worst financial ‘recovery’ in 65 years”

    #6 “In the last eight years, the past administration has put on more new debt than nearly all of the other Presidents combined”

    #7 “We’ve lost more than one-fourth of our manufacturing jobs since NAFTA was approved”

    #8 “We’ve lost 60,000 factories since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001″

    #9 “Our trade deficit in goods with the world last year was nearly 800 billion dollars”

    #10 “Obamacare premiums nationwide have increased by double and triple digits. As an example, Arizona went up 116 percent last year alone.”

    #11 “We’ve spent trillions and trillions of dollars overseas, while our infrastructure at home has so badly crumbled”

    All of these quotes come from the transcript of the speech that was posted on the official White House website.

  50. David Coddington

    Greg, another guest idea is Cynthia McKinney. Her talks about cliodynamics are fascinating and really help predict/understand what is going on with the deep state factions. Brilliant stuff. Her last couple audio pieces (on KPFK which apparently just had a coup and banned her) include talk about cliodynamics, which is a very inter-disciplinary study. See the audio streams from her page:

  51. sam

    HI Greg
    Can you get Martin Armstrong on to speak
    He is saying the market will continue up as global capital leaves Europe which is collapsing. Its that there is nowhere else to park the money and EU equities are safer than European bonds! You have to look at the markets globally not locally
    People will only go into gold when they lose confidence in governemnt which is coming.

    • sam

      I meant US equities are safer than European ones

  52. Robert Dziok

    According to Dr. Jim Willie in his recent interview with Crush-the Street posted on his website the price we pay for gold coins at a coin dealer are “table scrap” tossed to the public to keep them unaware of the REAL price/value. He references a contact of his he calls “The Source” who deals with major gold purchases around the world. “The Source” told Dr. Willie a recent 100 million dollar purchase of gold cost $2100/ounce. A $500 million purchase cost $3000/ounce and he recommended smaller $100 million purchases spread apart for a smaller total cost. Thus, the REAL price of gold is $2100 – $3000 per ounce.
    Victurus Libertas has two recent articles on their website giving information from a DHS Insider on. “Human Trafficking”. It is best to read them for yourselves for some insightful bur disheartening information. One of them points out it was urged to Trump to use the term “Human Trafficking” instead of Pedophilia. In a nutshell, Trump has become aware of how widespread and at high levels it is. Sessions will be prosecuting/indicting and that is not something those high up want out and the public aware of. Thus the attacks from all sides on Trump and Sessions. Trump will NEVER back down on this as it is against his moral/spiritual fiber. Dr. Jim Willie also gets into it in some of his interviews. Pedophilia and its trafficking is as disgusting and heartbreaking as it gets as it involves innocent children being taken advantage of in the worst way. As mentioned in the articles it is also used to control many in our government by blackmail/intimidation by nations such as Israel. Look forward to the day these high level names (creatures) are brought out into the open by those such as Sessions. The article points out Wiener is “singing like a bird” and over 375 high profile names are connected to the Pedophile rings. Time for Americans everywhere to rise up and speak out about this!

  53. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks, Greg, for interviewing Rob Kirby. I always appreciate his analysis. He’s a really smart guy (why aren’t guys like this working in our government?) I want to expand on an observation of his – that money is getting to the street because money is being taken from dark pools of the dark side of the US treasury and being injected into the marketplace as bonds are being sold-off and redeemed. That’s correct. BUT it’s not just being introduced randomly to the street for everyone equally or even as a function of need. The government is deciding who gets that money in exchange for votes and absolute power. And conversely who doesn’t get it. Deciding who lives and dies and helping to make that decision a reality. That’s the definition and essence of a DEATH PANEL. Globalists and feminists have been dismissing and ridiculing the notion of death panels in the US but that’s what this mechanism is. It’s a DEATH PANEL. It’s why governments should be allowed to be involved in most things like health care (Obamacare), child care (child support and family law), social justice (imaginary rape culture and imaginary malignant racism), and so on. But here we are.

  54. Robert

    Just got my renewal for my business liability policy. I went on the inflation calculator online to see what the adjustment for inflation would be, and it should have been 1.2%. But my renewal premium for this year has been offered at an increase of 30%. I’ve been insured with the company for many years and have never had any claims or changed my risk factor. Obviously, I can’t claim to know the reasons for the increase addition other than inflation. Maybe the company’s loss history, etc.. I found another company that will do it for my old rate, thank goodness. But this is scary enough. If I had to raise my prices to cover those kinds of increases due to inflation at a comparable rate, not for just insurance, but for all my raw materials, would I have any customers left?

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