Current Events Show Need for Backup Satellite Phone

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Before diving into all the benefits of having a reliable satellite phone handy, let’s take a quick look at some things that have been happening in this crazy world:

• Rolling blackouts on the east coast
• Rising conflicts in the Middle East
• Inhumane demands from the United Nations
• None-stop hurricanes in the gulf & southeastern states
• Blizzards in the southwest
• Extreme migration and immigration
• Earthquakes at an all-time high
• Newly discovered volcanoes
• Border crisis
• Political decisions coming real close to home

This is where satellite phones come into play. If you’re stranded in a hurricane, storm or living in a town that just went black or lost cell signal, being able to pull out your sat phone to make a quick call can sometimes be life-saving.

We never know if or when a new event will affect us directly. One thing is for sure, having some form of reliable communication is extremely important. Satellite phones work anywhere on the planet, like in the Baja video below, where there is no cell phone service for miles in any direction:

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    you should mention this sat phone is great for boat owners… if you go offshore fishing cell phones drop service around 5miles,,vhf radio around the sat phone can be a great tool for those 60- 100 mile tuna and marlin trips at a reasonable price.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks You Jim!! You just did!

      • JohnD

        And don’t forget HF radios. Even without a license you can always monitor frequencies!

        Prov 17:17


    • Al

      where I live we have 35 foot dunes, no cell service at the beach. That phone would work great around here.

  2. iwitness02

    Seems to me this is the right product at the right time.

  3. ron martin

    Thanks Greg. We live next door to you in the mountains. Two power failures last week knocked out our land phone and our cell has only one bar on our mountain. They said it would be two weeks before we got our new phone. We were the only American-owned big game outfitters in Newfoundland when my wife worried about me so much she had a sat phone flown out to my hunting cabin by float plane. That phone cost over $2000 and about a buck a minute. This new sat phone is $100 a month with 150 minutes per month that accumulate indefinitely if not used. Now, we will have a land phone, sat phone, 8 watt walkie-talkies and ham radio for commo in preparation for the coming chaos of our increasingly dystopian society. I am not behind you, I am marching beside you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ron for sharing & for all your support of the site!

  4. john beasley

    I have a sat phone on my sailboat.

  5. Ross Rain

    Love this Patriot : Greg Hunter USA Watchdog is a true and Brave Speaker of the Truth, It’s all falling into place. We have Informed people in UK and Australia, And Europe about your podcast…Much love from all Patriots , to you Greg and your Family…We are going to Win..Dear Friend . God Bless Our Great Country in True Peace And True Prosperity.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ross for spreading our website & video podcasts to all your friends & thank you for all your support!

  6. tim mcgraw

    The iSatPhone2 looks like a great product for the younger generation who will fight the evils of the world. Is the satellite(s) safe up there in orbit when the SHTF?
    Good for natural emergencies no doubt. Californians should buy them for sure.
    Speaking for myself and wife as elderly; we have no one we really want to talk to in emergencies. We’ve been through many. But our families are far away. Every situation is different for everyone.
    Be as self sufficient as possible.

    • vlynn

      Did you ever think you would live to see the day when you would not recognize our won country? Sad state of affairs. Hope the Lord returns soon.

  7. Virginia

    Greg, I have always maintained a landline phone for just the reason of cell phones being shut down. The cell phone I have I pay a minimal amount and only use it when I am traveling, or in an emergency. I pay six months in advance. They shut off my phone for it is a 3g and they are upgrading to 5g. needless to say, I am totally pissed., since I am not getting what I have already paid.
    Listen to this a business associate sent me a two-day UPS delivery letter on the first of the month, I did not receive that letter till the 24th of the month. Because of that blunder he sent me an over-nite letter that was to arrive by 11 AM, it never arrived till 5:30 P.M.
    Things are truly in a mess.
    I have a question if cell phones are shut off who can you reach? only other Satalite phone owners?
    Best always to you & God bless,

  8. ronin

    While the sat phone isn’t in my budget currently, I plan to contact family and friends, to help as many as possible establish a network in a grid-down or compromised/emergency situation. For first responders, this is a Must, and if a few like-minded people are willing to join in, that can make a difference in terms of contact and the network.

    The price point is competitive with what is on the market, as is the technology, and when combined with other backup communication, such as shortwave, and emergency systems and preparation, especially if protected in a Faraday cage, this is a must-have. With the monthly plan and minutes, it allows for testing regularly in the local community.

    I’m glad to see this as one of the only sponsors that @Greg Hunter features, and hope he will gain more sponsors, but maintaining coms is paramount during times of trouble. This is a company and product well worth supporting!

  9. Stan

    Cool product. I’m getting one to keep in my Bentley.

    • Mike R

      Stan, those come standard in Bentley’s. Obviously your charade is over for ‘owning a Bentley.’

      • Stan

        My 2018 Continental GT didn’t, but I bought it used from a Federal Reserve president. It only had 1200 miles on it. Maybe he kept the phone.

  10. Peter Erikson

    Can you all imagine if the public could sponsor a new cable Channel like news max with Greg and Catherine Astin Fittz. People would be shocked to learn what the heck is going on in the world of Geopolitics , Finance and Science and then they would realize how shallow the current cable news channels are. How they keep ,important news and info away from the majority of the public. A HUGE kickstarter Event for Greg would be cool. How much money would it take — 300 million to start a cable channel ? I’d love to see them loose market share . So sick of fake news. Also, A Sat phone is a good safety measure for sure.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Peter! The public is going to be woken up with a cold bucket of water in the face in November as far as the economy and markets are concerned.

  11. Anthony Australia

    Brilliant Greg!

    If I may please. One for the Aussies.

    • vlynn

      You give up your guns and now what? Take your country back!

  12. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter a worthy phone indeed. My husband has had to take a contract in East Russia working an open mine coal mine and this phone has kept us in-touch with us and his bosses home base here in the UK.

  13. Jerry

    Anyone who knows anything about warfare knows the first target of any attack is to cut off communications. Without a satellite phone you
    have no communication because:
    1. Cell phone towers will be down.
    2. Ham radios require a repeater. Plus they can be tracked.
    3. Land lines require a switching station to be routed which
    will be compromised.
    4. WalkieTalkies have a limited range.
    5. CD radios have a limited range as well.
    So yes. Get a satellite phone, or fly blinded when they take the grid down. And yes they are planning on doing that under cyber polygon
    during operation dark winter. It’s all on the table. These lunatics are all about saving real estate, and throwing humanity under the bus to save a baby elephant in Africa from global warming.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for the information!

      • Jerry

        Sure thing. Living in the ozark hills has posed a huge problem for communications. We’ve tried them all and ham radios and satellite phones are really your only options. With ham radios you have to have a license or face jail time and fines plus they can track your signal within minutes to locate where you are. Satellite phones just gives you much more freedom. That’s my two cents.

    • Jacob

      Hi Jerry,

      Yes, this seems like a great product. I just have a couple logistical questions.

      I’ve never heard any mention of how the phone is powered. What if there is no electricity available to me? How does that work as far as keeping the phone powered goes?

      Also, I believe that the payment plan is based on a yearly contract that then would be paid in monthly installments. In the event of a financial cyber event where making payments is not possible, how does that work? It seems like my service would be cut off if I can’t make a payment?

      And of course, all communications systems have points of failure. In this case it would be the satellites. I’m guessing that the company utilizes existing satellites that are in orbit that then sell access to various companies. I guess what I’m getting at is it would be nice to know more about the satellite-side of this. For example, what company controls the satellites and what other companies share in the satellite’s functionality. I mean, if it’s a satellite that is also used by, say, a federal agency, then that satellite may be targeted during a time of conflict.

      Thanks in advance for responding.

      • Jerry

        You have two options for charging.
        1. Solar chargers.
        2. Bio lite stove chargers.
        I personally use the solar chargers. I’ve charged up cell phones and laptops with them and they work just fine. As far as the signal? Like all satellite devices the signal bounces off the earths atmosphere using a satellite so as long as you have nothing blocking your pathway to the sky you have access to a global network. As far as exclusive satellites I’m not sure about that? Since Elon Musk put thousands in space creating star link they could all be working in tandem, I don’t know? As far as payment system with the satellite company in the event of a grid down event? I don’t know about that either. Any information I would give you would be pure speculation. It is my contention that as long as you have a signal, you will have service. Chances are the owners of this company would be cut off to, so it could take months to get back to normalcy if that’s even possible factoring in the chaos that would ensue. That’s my two cents. I hope that helps. FYI – I have worked with first responders in disaster areas, and they all use ham radios or satellite phones.

    • vlynn

      Well said.

  14. Ed

    You dismissed my last comment about an enzyme to help if you should contract the Wu flu. Please don’t dismiss this.

  15. arvind

    Hi Greg,
    I’d like speak with you directly. I would to consider a point for presentation for your Friday night Roundup. It will be controversial and bring the spot light/ heat? on you if you decide to go ahead with it. How can I contact you by phone? Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bring it up here.

      • arvind

        Well Greg, from what I am observing, many people appear to be mesmerized by the Covid propaganda. They are acting irrationally. They support censorship instead of open discussions, which is what used to happen- it was the norm- until just a year and half ago. Families and friends are fighting over the vaccine that is experimental, unproven and claimed to be dangerous by thousands of health professionals. Adversely affected stories abound, yet proven treatments are disallowed. From what I have read in the news before, the secret service organizations and advertisers have the know-how to do subliminal programing etc to people without them even knowing it. Many people who do not watch TV or listen to the radio would escape that. Hence the infighting in families and chaos in societies. You can fill in the rest. Just a thought… PS. I would prefer if you did not post this message to you as I intended for it to be private. Thanks.

  16. The Seer

    I had one years ago and became outdated I was told .
    I went to the Sarasota FL sat store and bought this offer. THe store is great. My word of advise is you will lose the operation of a sat phone if you do not store it in a faraday cage soft bag that they also sell. You will need to also pack the charging cable and spare batteries. I top off the charge every month. I have the faraday bag for the phone and store all in a larger faraday bag to protect a backup lap top and charging cables. The phone comes with a cigarette lighter plug in to recharge in an older car.
    Get yourself the solar generator too to save your Frig freezer. Don’t put outside as will get stolen.
    I also have four walkie talkies stored in tinfoil and charged up – should get a faraday bag for those. Don’t forget your solar or battery charger radio
    AM FM WB SW.
    Long list to prep well- takes years and $$$$$. Get a drone to see what’s coming. 2A.
    Best wishes!

    • Gnorizon

      You should consider using a real faraday bag instead of tin foil. When Gizlane Maxwell was captured at that mansion, part of the intel was tracking of cell devices on the property. When they were found, they had been wrapped in tin foil…ergo, not an effective signal blocker. There are many effective faraday bags in the marketplace from Silent Pocket, to Mission Darkness, Faraday and others which are used by alphabet agencies. Granted, it costs more than tin foil (or more appropriately, aluminum foil that is bought at the grocery store), but they do work and some – should you have the coin – are emp rated…something you would definitely want to have to protect a satellite phone in addition to other sensitve electronics you may need after an “unexpected event”.

      I have several of the products and have tested them myself and they do work.

  17. Jerry

    These stories are springing up all across the nation.

    There is little doubt left that food will eventually be used as a funneling mechanism to get people into the vaccination line. The globalist are still afraid to take on an armed population, but that won’t prevent them from using other corporate resources as a weapon. I would venture to say that a very small portion of our population has an adequate food supply. Why would they when the shelves have been full? At least until now. FYI the stores do not carry the stock they once did, and they are completely dependent on truck delivery for product. With the coming die off the delivery chain will be broken.

  18. Scott Stevens

    Greg, greetings. I live and work in the Raleigh, NC area. Do you know of any lawyers willing to represent people in central NC that could loose their job, if they don’t take these experimental shots?

  19. ken


    My MOS in the service was maintaining ECM equipment. (Electronic Counter Measures) We could shut down everything.

    If they purposely shut down cellular,,, they’ll probably shut down sat communication as well except for military sats.

    Old school HF HAM equipment with inverters is a possibility. Even those will be monitored and could easily be jammed.

    Getting your hands on military sat equip is the answer (more easily said than done). They won’t shut that down,,, at least initially.

  20. JohnGaltDurham

    For me it is a CB radio. Our family are all getting them installed. As long as two people have one you can communicate for miles. A satellite can be shut down.

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