Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com  (Early Sunday Release)

Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says there is enough so-called “Dark Money” already out there to cause hyperinflation. Kirby explains, “The Saint Louis Fed keeps track of the monetary aggregates, and they tell us the money supply is “X.”   My view of reliability of that data reporting–I think it’s all bogus because they are not measuring or counting how many dollars would be contained in an entity like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) where it’s “Dark Money.”  Instead of the money supply being “X,” maybe the real money supply is 4 or 5 or 10 times “X.”

So, the money needed for hyperinflation does not need to be created, it’s already in existence. Kirby says, “Yes, it is in existence.  It’s hiding in dark pools where the monetary elites have it at their disposal anytime they want to do an intervention in the gold market and dump paper dollars or digital dollars into the COMEX to knock the price of gold down.  They have it at their fingertips whenever they want to use it.  When the U.S. government auctions bonds, and the foreign interest isn’t big enough to soak up all the bonds, they have this dark slush fund where they can pull money out of  . . . and they can effectively prop up and buy bonds whenever they want.  I find it truly amazing that the United States of America has never had a failed bond auction.”

Kirby also points out, “If you accept that these “Dark Dollars” exist, I now pose this question. What happens if the people in control of those “Dark Dollars,” the trillions of “Dark Dollars” that are in existence, what happens if they get concerned that those “Dark Dollars” might soon turn into confetti and be worthless?  What do you think they’re going to do with those dollars then?  . . . . They would buy everything and anything, anything they perceive to be rising in value or tangible, anything they think would be accepted in commerce around the world.  Bitcoin would be one of the go-to things, but I would say expressly the real objects of that money would be the physical metals, gold and silver.  This could topple the debacle that goes on in paper markets in COMEX and London.   I have long predicted, and I do believe I will live to see a day, that you cannot buy an ounce of gold with fiat money.”

Kirby says the price suppression of gold and silver is in the process of ending. Kirby says, “In the very near future . . . we are going to experience precious metals to be cryptoized and put on the blockchain. . . . These are going to be superior alternatives to GLD and SLV, and this will bring transparency to the price discovery process for both gold and silver.  What this means is GLD, SLV and COMEX are going to be made irrelevant by the cryptoizing of physical metal.”

Kirby predicts that, at some point, the price of physical gold and silver will skyrocket, and the same bankers who suppressed the price will turn around and send it to the moon. Kirby contends, “When the banks feel this is a foregone conclusion, that the price of gold and silver are going up . . . they are going to try to front run it.  Banks try to front run everything.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with gold and silver expert Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com.

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After the Interview: 

Rob Kirby also says, “If you want to buy the next Bitcoin, buy physical silver now.”

You can find some free information on KirbyAnalytics.com. You can also become a subscriber to his analysis that he gleans from global sources for $145 per year.  Click here to subscribe to KirbyAnalytics.com.

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  1. Gina M Mancarella

    Greg, I have become somewhat acquainted with some of your old colleagues at CNN. It seems that there was better reason for your departure than you have mentioned previously. It seems that several women recall unwanted sexual advances from you. WHAT SAY YOU ???

    • Greg Hunter

      Total lying bull crap. Don’t make me laugh. It’s not going to work. I’ve been married to my one and only wife since 1991. Get real.

      • Anthony Australia

        Sue the B!#@$ Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not going to sue “Gina” because she is telling me I am over the target. This is why I am catching flack. Bombs away!!

          • Anthony Australia

            Greg you’ve been a target for years. Tread cautiously my friend.

          • Robert Lykens

            Greg, in my opinion Anthony’s right, “Gina” should be reported to a cybercrime unit who could easily track “her”down. You should then bring charges for libel and defamation of character and maybe stalking.
            You can’t let such blatant crime go unpunished.

          • philipat

            It is very unfortunate, and disgraceful, that the Libtards, as they always do, are taking advantage of the present situation to “project” the offences onto innocent bystanders. Anyone can throw around completely baseless and often entirely fictitious accusations.
            Whilst nobody is going to take the word of a single anonymous internet poster, and it is also true that anyone is innocent until proven guilty, the intelligent way of dealing with such garbage, as you have done, is to ignore it. Any

      • ross

        Why give this witch the privilege of any publication or reply ? She detracts from serious observations.

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        Greg, Sounds like you made it! You must be pretty big for Giner to pull out the daggers on ya!LOL!!!
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      • Sue Patterson

        The lying trolls are after you. We, the normal people don’t believe them. On the bright side you are now in a class with President trump and Roy Moore; falsely accused by weirdos!

        On a completely different topic, have you ever interviewed, or even heard of, the Mogambo Guru, Richard Daughty? He was a prolific writer 10 to 15 years ago, and quite influential in forming my thoughts about money, debt, and precious metals. He’s also really funny. He might be a interesting guest.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Sue!

      • Joe G.

        Too late, I laughed out loud! This is one entertaining professional troll ya got here Greg… I think this tightrope of keeping the dark pools of fake money balanced against what is in circulation has been going on a long time. How did 8-10 trillion dollars get conjured into existence under Obama without the US already experiencing hyperinflation?

    • FC

      Gina, I love your tenacity in demonstrating your neverending stupidity.

    • Frederick

      I’m seeing more nonsense from troll Gina who is obviously desperate to discredit Greg I for one am not buying any of it Sickening Gina

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      I’m sure you made Greg laugh, but you may want to keep an eye out for a few American Blackwater Mercenaries anyway!!! Just in Case!!!

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, One can only wish you might recover from your self-induced mental- psychopathic damage. We know it will be hard…but then people DO stop smoking one way or the other. Proof that the leftist mindset is so…and help starts with an intervention…consider this so ! And in the mean time…a good step forward…in light of your failure to state proof and specifics or even the names of those you ‘rely’ on to spew unfounded slander and liable…in an open forum…rather than discretely by email to Greg…if you ‘really’ interested in clearing such ‘gossip’ up…shows INTENT to do just that – slander and do harm to another’s reputation and good name… My vote in a court of law thus – would be ‘guilty’ and maximum danages please ! But then – Greg being the person HE IS…simply swats you off like a pesty nat…
      Listen and consider your affliction ! https://youtu.be/QK3UR4xMGe0

    • DavidC

      For those of us who follow USA Watchdog and read the comments, we all know what you are, even if we don’t know who you really are. So please leave and don’t comment again, you’re a very distasteful individual.


    • Chip

      You’re one sick troll Gina… Chip

    • will

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    • Diane

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      They are embarrassed, at being so naive.

    • mike stymest

      Gina, regarding all the thought and creativity you put into your comment, Im going to venture a guess and say that you just entered the age of puberty. It appears the msm has resorted to hiring minors as trolls. How the mighty have fallen. Holy Crap.

      • Mike R

        The comments section are almost nearly as entertaining as the video’s. Does Gina realize how much of an a** and laughing-stock she is making of herself ? Probably not, since the joke is on her.

    • Steve Twitchell

      Good grief Gina! Ad hominem?? Your comments regarding current events are usually only slightly related to facts but this? You have no facts. You site nothing. This is flat out slander. You should be thanking your lucky stars that Greg does not find out who you really are and sue you for slander. This is not part of any intelligent conversation.

    • Raffae

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    • Julia

      Gina, it is not smart to make up stuff on people. Life isnt going to go real well for you and you will wonder why. Funny how the world processes work whether you believe in Him or not.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Amen Julia. I couldn’t say it any better.

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    • freebrezer

      Hi Greg – There is an above average (50%>) probability, in my mind, that Gina is a bot blog … a specifically designed blog designed to elicit comments from the readers per a specific web site. Analytic companies use the responses to a bot blog to gage/data mine/get readings and feelings on specific sub groups. They were extensively used all over the web on both the right and left websites during the elections … or the entity ‘gina’ is a kook. Either way fascinating …

    • Tad

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    • Keith wilson

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        Oh boy, many more to go… Others maybe ?

    • Charles H


      Whatever value you had to be read here: just got flushed. Living by lies only means unreality; and treading the border of insanity.

    • Paul ...

      Gina … throwing a “fake bomb” is not the same as throwing a “truth bomb” as David Stockman does below … take the few minutes and read exactly why there is no Peace on Earth … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-26/thanksgiving-2017-david-stockman-explains-why-there-no-peace-earth … Trump needs David Stockman on his team!!

    • Jean-David Beyer

      In the United States, legally people are considered innocent unless convicted in a court of law. Since I have no first hand information of Greg Hunter’s sex habits, I also have no opinion, but must assume he is innocent, and I will continue to assume he is innocent unless you provide a citation to the court record describing his conviction. The very least you should have done in order to have any credibility, would have been to name the people at CNN who have publicly made these accusations and provide where in the public record they made them.

      Furthermore, this is not a religious, not a judicial , not even a movie gossip venue, so your implication (even if true) does not belong here.

    • Rick Hester

      Proverbs 19:5New King James Version (NKJV)
      5 A false witness will not go unpunished,
      And he who speaks lies will not escape.

      Repent Gina before it is too late.

    • Evert Zegelaar

      You know what is funny about this? In the US you are suspicious if you advance to women, in France you are supicious if you don´t. Get over it. Even if it was only a dream.

    • Donald

      What kind of person puts up a posting like Gina without providing actual names and actual incidents that can be verified? This is the world we live in. There are millions like this everywhere. Psychologists call them sociopaths and psychopaths….. worse yet, there are even more millions that believe this sort of thing….

  2. Paper Gold

    Andrew Maguire was spewing the same Crypto-Gold BS for the past year – turns out that Maguire was full of nothing but hot air.

    • This sceptred isle

      “turns out that Maguire was full of nothing but hot air”. A bit like bitcoin then! I think gold backed crypto currencies sound good in theory, but there could be such a breakdown in trust, globally, that no one will accept anything except tangibles in trade. That means countries will physically need to load a ship with gold, or whatever, and send it to the country they are trading with.

    • Tim

      Yeah, I hope Kirby is right, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The past 6 years have been very difficult for those who hold physical gold and silver. I wonder if we’ll ever be vindicated. On the other hand, if one had bought Bitcoin 6 years ago and held it until now they’d be very wealthy. It doesn’t seem fair.

      • jack


        here is what you need to know: no doubt the FED and it’s agents short paper gold; however, if gold is inherently more valuable than the COMEX price , then why do the mining companies sell their product , physical gold and silver at these ridiculously low prices? why not sell directly to the Chinese, or better yet just keep all the gold they mine , like the Chinese do. they can just put it on their balance sheet as an asset, so they have little or no income , shouldn’t effect the stock price if say GG is sitting on billions of $ of REAL gold. Kirby does not explain this

      • This sceptred Isle

        You can torture yourself with hindsight! How many times have I worked out how I could have been a billionaire by buying tech stocks in the late 90s, converting into gold beginning of 2000, then buying bitcoin soon after it was invented. Interesting but ultimately futile use of the imagination.

      • Macray

        Investing $10,000 in Bitcoin 6 years ago, is worth about 300 million US dollars today.

        So when will it be worth a Billion US dollars. I sure wouldn’t ask a Gold and Silver mystic that question : )))

      • Doug

        The past 6 years have been very difficult for those who hold physical gold and silver.

        It’s hasn’t been Tim….not if you understood what and why you were doing it and for the right reason. If you ‘bought’ gold/silver looking to make fait dollars then yes, it’s been a disappointment. Fact of the matter is that the metals are not an investment…they are MONEY.

        I value my wealth in ounces not in dollars. I could care less what the paper price might be, I really don’t even pay much attention to it I just keep stacking as I am able.

        A hundred years ago you could walk into your bank with a $20 FRN note and walk out with a $20 St. Gauden’s gold piece and vice versa. That $20 coin and $20 bill would of bought you a top of the line business suit or a beef cow.

        Fast forward a hundred years. Today that #20 gold coin will still buy you a top notch suit or a beef cow. That $20 FRN can buy you a takeout pizza without the tip. That is the value of the metals. They are money, not an investment but money that maintains it’s purchasing power over time.

        I do believe however if/when the metals hit the mania phase after or during the collapse of the dollar that their might be quite a rebound and the perceived value of the metals might even go above their actual value and at that point you could spend some to pick up some items for a bargain. That may be quite away off in the future or perhaps not.

        If you understand what the metals are and what their purpose are then you don’t get bent out of shape when the stock markets continue to inflate on hot air and your metals sit there. They are a core holding for against the future and not a way to make more fiat money.

      • Jean-David Beyer

        It does not seem fair, but who said life was fair?
        If only I had purchased $3000 worth of Berkshire Hathaway in 1967 when I did have $3000 to invest, instead of Aerospace Science Fund. But I had not even heard of Warren Buffett or Berkshire Hathaway back then.

      • Donald

        Tim, regarding bitcoin this is what is known:

        1. No one knows who wrote the program except those on the inside.
        2. No one knows who owns the Bitcoins, that is, no one knows how many are actually held by people except those on the inside.
        3. There is NOTHING backing Bitcoin except someone else somewhere in the world who is willing to exchange something for it.
        4. There is no mechanism in place that lists how many are bid or asked or have traded each day. For all anyone knows, it could just be a few Bitcoins that are traded that are driving the price.

        The more one thinks about Bitcoin and the above, the more it smells bad. Something tells me that Bitcoin has been specifically designed to misdirect people in a new direction something like the ETF GLD years ago. The desperate actions to suppress physical gold and silver prices particularly since late 2011 speak volumes of what those in control of the world’s financial system (London, New York and Western Europe including Japan) are prepared to do to keep that control. They are in a war with everyone in the world and a big element in turning things to their advantage is to keep fooling their opponents (us).

    • Macray

      Paper Gold, I love your name!!!
      Go ahead and party all you want.
      Enjoy the time you have left!!! Show off your best dance moves. Maybe more of your famous Hip Hop – Rinse, Wash & Repeat routines – or perhaps your signature Achy Breaky Smash’s!!!

      Your price suppression of Physical is in the process of ending, …………. soon, in the near future, pronto, lickety-split!!!
      No one in the Gold Community actually knows when, especially the ones that like to call it to the exact day. Andrew Maguire probably made one of his biggest mistakes ever, earlier this year by trying to do just that. I think he is smart enough not to make that same mistake twice.
      But your time eventually will be ending. Could be this Monday or even a few years from now. IDK, but most Watchdggers are already prepared or are in the process of doing so!
      And Crypto-Gold could very well be a part of the many events that are coming your way!!!

      BRICS countries in plans to create new international gold market
      Russia and China are spearheading new methods of gold exchange which will challenge traditional western hegemony in this vital market.


    • Paper Gold

      Hey Greg … Can you interview a real expert on the topic of Paper Gold, IE: Chris Powell.

      For Kirby to say they he thinks he’ll live to see the day that you can’t buy Gold for fiat shows just how far out of touch Kirby has fallen.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!

    Rob Kirby is A+

    He so kindly sent me a his manuscript of ‘Gold Fix’ , which was written in 2004. The man is both kind and a genius.

    • Charles H

      Rob Kirby is a one-of-a-kind; and among the best of his gendre. Add a couple “A”s and “+”s to that rating.

    • Paul ...

      And Rob will be right about silver being the next “bitcoin” as he “knows” there may be 4 to 10 times the amount of “Dark Money” in circulation “right now” … and it was for the love of more and more “Dark Money” that the evil Dumbo’s did 9-11 and had us Americans invade Iraq … laughably all they achieved was to put themselves in a much more weakened position in the Middle East (God’s knows how to punish evil) … now the same Dumbo’s have another evil plan for us Americans … that we now invade Iran to restore the “old order” (where Israel and Saudi Arabia are once again the dominant powers in the Middle East) … if I’ve got Trump figured out right … it’s not going to work!! … http://nationalinterest.org/feature/saudi-arabia-wants-fight-iran-the-last-american-23212

    • Roger

      Amen. Rob’s interviews always have the ring of truth and sincerity.

      Thanks Greg for having Rob as a ‘regular’.

    • Donald

      Kirby is about as expert as one can get – Kirby actually trades gold on behalf of his clients so he knows how big buyers actually think. These people are not buying gold because they are in love with it, they are buying it to get rid of their fiat currencies. And the risk is very high that ALL fiat currencies will face total rejection by all at some point. A new currency that is backed by something (gold and silver?) will be needed to restore trust. The US started the Great Depression by allowing the then credit bubble to burst and letting prices collapse (deflation) probably because the Fed printing press was hamstrung due to the gold standard that was in place. But today, the Fed can print away like Zimbabwe did a few years ago. Is anyone using the 100 trillion Zimbabwe notes for trade? All they are at this point is collector novelty items.

  4. Andrew

    “It could do this, it might that, in my opinion it will do this”…..this is all pure conjecture and riding on the back of the current trendy nature of all things blockchain.
    RK is out of ideas and clutching at straws to remain a voice.
    Fact people, FACTS!…you’re heading down the fake news rat hole.

  5. ross

    Greg the fake economy detached from the real one a long time ago. Computer algorithms and money printing now keep this fake system afloat. This is why it has survived for longer than anyone expected. There is a lot more to the Saudi coup than I first thought. Prince Mohomad Bin Salman will end the alignment with the US Petro $. When the Saudis stop trading in US $, many others will follow. We will see the accelerated demise of the US $ and huge inflation in the US as these $ come home.See an excellent presentation by James Corbett. https://www.youtube.com/watchv=dkXyWPVkqcg&feature=youtu.be&t=51 It is also looking very likely that Artificial Intelligence has created the bock chain and thus enabled crypto currencies. This means back doors can be found by super computers and they are not 100% safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1766&v=guNrsaOZrgo

    • Matties

      Ross, this is a very scary idea.

      Bitcoin was invented by an A.I. in order to let humans create bitcoin farms which in turn can be used to grow his computing capacity and connecting to other A.I.’s.

      That is creating an inteligence without soul or mercy with the ability to hack all computers, military and civil, which can wipe out your financial, social, civil data or launch nuclear rockets from whatever country it chooses or calculate the DNA of a virus specifically targetting a group of people.

      Let us pray…

      • ross

        Yes .Is largely is going under the radar and the Hanson inventors see themselves having God like powers. Once they have a system of robots working in our midst, we are finished as a species. The problem is that a few want to achieve eternal existence with super human powers and this global population of 7 billion is getting in their way.

  6. Robert

    Greg, When these cryptoized gold and silver currencies become available, will they be literal symbols that we can buy, like SLV and GLD are now? Is that how cryptoized precious metals will be be monetized?

    • Christian

      You’re asking if they will be securitized rather than bought and sold as crypto currency.

      Its much more complicated to securitize something so I’m guessing no. You’ll likely but and sell just like bitcoin. The diffrence is that it will be backed by something.

  7. Mike from the north

    The war for truth is underway.

    For me my contribution to truth is to REFUSE to use GOOGLE.

    What we will see occur in the next few months will be beyond the belief and understanding of most.

    Keep up the great work Greg.

  8. Justn Observer

    Greg – and those than might care about such things.
    Bit -coin broke $9000 about 3:20 am Sunday morning

  9. Loren

    How is what Rob Kirbey’s comments about crypto-ized gold different than Bitgold?

    • Christian

      Currentlu cryptocurrencies are backed by absolutely nothing. Kirby is talking about a currency backed by gold and redeemable for gold.

  10. Michael

    I absolutely enjoy watching Rob Kirby. Keep them coming 🙂

  11. vincent_g

    At present crypto currencies are valued at a Total Market Cap: $284,760,702,912
    If this rises into the trillions this will cause US dollars to devalue !
    At present this has little effect on the US dollar but very soon bitcoin will be traded on the futures market which will have a sharp increase in it’s value.
    Since there is so few bitcoins price swings will be dramatic.
    The current market where bitcoins are traded is very small compared to the futures market.
    Also it opens trading of bitcoins to billion dollar funds.
    It’s very easy to corner the market on bitcoins as there are such a small number of them compared to the money attracted to them.

    I expect $50,000 price in a short time and price swings all the way up to $500,000 not too long after.
    The biggest casino for the wealthy is about to open.
    As in the 1920’s where so many were attracted to the stock market the news will attract many not only into bitcoin but into other crypto currencies.

    The losers will be many including the US dollar.

    • Tin foil hat

      Crypto could rises into the trillion but it will not cause dollar to devalue.
      Not one Central Bank in the world has crypto as a reserve. The Russian and the Chinese Central Banks are not stockpiling crypto, they are stockpiling gold!

  12. H. Craig Bradley


    Don’t worry (fret) about it. The economy today is all “contrived” anyway. Reality is whatever you want it to be. Therefore, we each have our own individual perception of reality. The FED (Officialdom) says we only have 2% annual Inflation. So, just borrow the difference (25% interest rates) and forget about it. Keep making your monthly payments to the U.S. Bankers and be their little serf. Its all a grand scheme.

  13. Jerry

    To Robs credit he’s been on the front edge of the coming gold backed exchange system for quite some time. As he stated its not “if” its “when” they decide to pull the trigger that is the deciding factor on what happens next. As I have been chronicling for the past several months, a gold backed currency system HAS been installed in the central banks for exchange. This is evidenced by the recent offer from China to settle payment of petroleum using gold backed securities in the next couple of months.

    Once again Rob is spot on about gold price manipulation.

    It should be underscored that the chief reason that gold has been smashed since 2012 is so that the central bankers can stall off a price fix by the SGE. In my opinion once delivery can’t be met China will pull the trigger on a global currency reset and the western Ponzi scheme will essentially be over. Gold supply will decide the timing.

    • Jerry

      Like I said. the Chinese are preparing to reset the gold prices by doing an end run around the central banks and their cartel members at the LBMA.

      • JC

        Jerry it will be interesting to see what the final project looks like. I still have my doubts. Keep us informed.
        How many countries are totally outside the dollar ? Do you have any trusted links on this ?

        • Jerry

          The new exchange system is locked and loaded according to the info I’m getting. Its just a matter of time before they pull the trigger. The Saudi purge was done to lay the foundation for the gold benchmark with China. 85 countries joined AIIB for a reason. They know what’s coming. Because America is run by a group of criminal corporations we will be the last to know.

          • JC

            Jerry another commenter posted that dollars are not used in China a currency. One must get dollars exchanged into Yuan to buy anything. Is there many other countries doing this ? I agree the stage is set. AIIB sign on was a clear sign things will change soon.

    • Jerry

      I post this information for those of you who are still holding onto the idea that China is bluffing about using a gold backed petroleum benchmark .
      FYI- They’ve been doing it for over a year in Dubai using other products as a test case. Multiple sources are now saying a gold price fix is on the way before years end. We’ll see? All I know is India just increased its gold holdings by 700 tons. That should tell you something.

  14. Salvator Mundi

    Does anyone seriously believe that our controllers will let us keep gold or silver if their values skyrockets? Get real!

    • Macray

      About 95% of all Americans cannot even spell Gold or Silver let alone …… own any. When the PM’s skyrocket, yes these 95% will finally learn how to spell them, but there isn’t much chance they will ever be able to afford any. Logically, the top 1% will own most of it. And they are smart enough to keep very little of it this country.
      Big Picture —– I am not sure the controllers you refer to IMHO, will have very much control here.

    • Tin foil hat

      Salvatore Mundi,
      How would the controllers take the PMs from us? Stick or carrot?
      I and many others would not comply to the stick.

    • jim c

      Hay Salvator, All mine is in jewelry , let me see them try to take that, You don`t know what you are talking about.

  15. H. Craig Bradley


    When in doubt, don’t should- buy some gold. Price too high? Its “manipulated” so buy and wait. Next year its going to go to the moon. Next year comes, and the same resolutions are recycled. How about buyer beware. Harry Dent maintains gold will first deflate to $750/ounce before its next Bull Market in the 2030’s.

    I’m not so sure about all the market and price forecasts. However, physical Gold bullion has a place for maybe 5 % of your assets as a hedge against the government doing something really stupid. Eventually, they probably will. Its good to be prepared as best one can rather than just betting on “Luck”. Also, stock-up on some extra food and water. You never know what tomorrow will bring these days. Until something changes, it motors-on.

  16. daniel turner

    Greg what this Gina just did to you makes you wonder how many of these claims about all these men (many so called men) are true. It’s becoming mania like with this sudden flood of claims after all these years and in some cases decades of silence. To be sure there are a whole lot of pig men out there .

    • Greg Hunter

      I know the claims “Gina” are untrue and so does my wife. I told her what “Gina” said and she laughed.

    • Mike R

      Daniel – you bring up a good point. While I suspect most of these women’s claims are true (except of course not Gina’s), the way the media is bringing so many out now, at all once, and many are from acts occurring years ago, it actually risks the perverse effect of lessening the bad outcome’s for these perp’s. Its almost already at the point, where the men are going “so what? because look at all these other guys who have done it.” Again, I blame MSM for this, not the women. It’d be much more powerful if the women who are facing this just recently, came out and knocked the current perp’s from their power perches. I mean look at Al Franken. That clown thinks he can get away with it, and is just going to offer lame faux apologies, and yet stay in power. Conyers too. They both need to resign immediately. The media should be holding their feet to the fire, and putting them under the microscope, and interviewing them and asking tough questions. Instead the media is soft on them, staying in the peanut gallery, and not going after these perps. Which is totally odd, and wrong, as they go after Trump ad naseum for little things like ‘tweets’ and want impeachment, which is beyond absurd.
      In a positive way though, I think Trump fostered this new environment of women speaking out and up on these very bad things, both by himself being so outspoken and blunt, but then also leftist women getting frustrated by him, and taking their repressed vengeance out on their real life perp’s who likely wronged them years ago, but didn’t have the nerve to speak out back then. Trump in a way, is making this speaking out more culturally acceptable.
      He’s getting people to “purge”, and let their anger out, which is ok too as long as the anger is purging the crooks in DC, purging the swamps, and purging people in power who have been immoral and unethical for years. There is a good reason Trump made it into office, and Hillary didn’t, and it goes way beyond how horrible a President Hillary surely would have been, as clearly evidenced by her sore loserdom now.

  17. Andrew Maggard

    Please note keywords in the Rob Kirby interview. “We are going to experience precious metals to be cryptoized and put on the blockchain.” This event will end the price manipulation and suppression. Price discovery will be reintroduced to the precious metals markets. Now is the time to position one’s self for that singular event.

    • C

      Very well said.

  18. John


    Rob seems to be saying that the trillions in dark money held outside the published money supply is the entity that is manipulating markets across the globe in favor of the US dollar. This dark reserve of fiat money is about 21 trillion dollars if I understand him correctly – larger than the published gdp of the US. This is not going to end well.

    • Christian

      Though what he says sounds a bit crazy, keep in mind its genereally accepted as true that the Federal Reserve has opened currency swap agreements with other country’s central banks for unknown amounts but rumoured to be tens of trillions.

  19. Barn Cat

    I could see the Powers That Be allowing Bitcoin to skyrocket as a way to get people to sell their metals. And at some point they’ll shut down Bitcoin. Still, Bitcoin is up 10 fold this year. And when we see the bubbles pop in the stock market, the bond market, and the housing market, we could see Bitcoin go up another 10 fold or 100 fold. I’m willing to concede that Bitcoin is in a bubble. But the real question is where the top is. What if it hits $100,000 or a $1,000,000? At some point I’ll cash out my initial investment and then later on I’ll take out half of my profits. No point in riding it all the way to the top and all the way to the bottom. I have most of my money in junk silver and in 1 oz Canadian Maples. Despite how fast Bitcoin is going up I wouldn’t be comfortable in selling my silver to buy more Bitcoin.

    • Charles H

      Bitcoin’s only value is to difuse the Dollar situation; or be absorbed into governmental control, and thereby become a tool of the State. What is the Matrix? Control. If it cannot be controlled – it will be prohibited.

  20. Alan

    This entire issue of “well he looked at me wrong so I was a victim” is getting out of control. You have nut jobs like Ashley Judd “I’m a nasty woman” saying outrageous nonsense so the entire thing is turning into a Salem Witch Trial. No doubt a good number of the 535 are guilty as they are guilty of treason and who knows what else but some troll like the crackpot above making such junk up is disgusting! Another form of liberal assassination via public forum. If he are she is guilty then hang them very high but you better have real proof and if not the law suits are going to destroy some of these accusers.
    On to the guest commentary, I having retired from 39 years of compute and IT would never ever put my money into vapor money period! If people really understood how easy it would be to take down the global transport system know as the Internet they would freak! Listen, anytime the PTB want to put a halt to information sharing a few keystrokes and the illusion becomes reality then “poof” your virtual money is gone! Shutting down a few fiber switches and “uh oh” as my grandkids say.

    • This sceptred Isle

      The mainstream media is trying to conflate inappropriate text messages and touching knees with paedophilia and rape as a way of trying to normalise it.

  21. Tad

    A long interview with Jim Willie, but a noteworthy segment deals with Jim’s assertions that the Las Vegas shootings was centered around an assassination attempt on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman by the now imprisoned Prince Alaweed.

    Another Vegas survivor died yesterday in a “hit and run” while jogging. So the article said.

  22. jimha

    Gold is already crypto on “Goldmoney”. Peter Schiff’s partial ownership.

    • William Stanley

      jimha: I agree with you completely; however you understate your case: Goldmoney is way more convenient, versatile and safe. Putting gold on a blockchain makes no sense to me because individual bits of gold cannot be uniquely identified. 🙂

  23. Michael

    PS One of your viewers said Macguire got it wrong ~ Who doesn’t ~ We are dealing with the elite that know how to play the game but are losing it quickly
    If you recall Clif High said early this year Bitcoin would be $14,000 early-mid 2018
    Look like a go to me and very realistic.

  24. Jon

    As always ,Rob Kirby didnt disappoint .Another great interview.Well done. Keep it up.
    The tournament has well and truly begun!

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Great conversation with Rob Kirtby. This is more confirmation that a massive reset is in the works. The inflation that has been suppressed along with gold and silver will probably come back in a huge way and it too will be referred to as a “black swan” event, even though people have been forecasting it for years. Looks like it’s time to take a bit more cash (the paper stuff) out of the bank. Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you are correct Russ. A reset must come no matter what. We have been told debt is money and debt is an asset, and we are going to find out that is not true in stunning fashion.

  26. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Dear Greg – that Gina troll is simply a s”’stirrer. Stay well my friend and thanks once more.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rev!

  27. Charles Turner

    Back in June many people laughed at Cliff High when he mentioned on your show that Bitcoin would go to 13800 by Feb 2018. He is not looking quite as wacky now. It would be good to have him on your show again.

    • Greg Hunter

      I never laughed Charles, but Clif High and his “predictive linguistics” are interesting to say the least. High is looking right and now and we may get there early. I am going to have him back soon–I hope. Thank you for pointing this out.

  28. Mike

    Looks to me as though one of the people making comments feels left out.
    A red bulb may help.
    I think I understand the need for Japanese sex dolls now as they are a lot less trouble and easily replaced.
    Keep doing that which you are doing, reasonable people need the info to make intelligent decisions .

  29. OutLookingIn

    Fill in the gaps.
    Build on fundamentals.

    The “watchdogs” of the world who publish public information, be it political, social, military or financial, all contain at the very least, a kernel of factual truth. The problem being is to ferret out this info from all the chaff. This requires a critical mind and a skeptics attitude, with a large portion of investigative curiosity.

    Bring all your daily info together, combine it with what you have perceived to be the basic fundamental facts, then distill this info lump down to its essence. Pull it apart and study it for what it is. Separate fact from fiction. Avoid using a jaundiced eye.

    A fundamental will jump out at you. If the world was presently in a stable state and commerce was humming along on all cylinders, then there would be no need for internet sites such as this. However this is not the case. The world is unstable and growing ever more so with each passing day. Greg’s interview of Rob Kirby just proves this out, with one more piece of the puzzle.

  30. R. Patrick

    Maybe Gina should either prove her assertions by revealing sources or just STFU! Maybe this person just likes to make up stories like the folks over at Clinton News Network?

    COME on the show Gina and show us what you have to justify this low down dirty attack on Greg.

    I despise people starting rumors that are unverified and likely patently FALSE.

  31. Jeff B

    Greg, I rarely post, but I think Gina should be removed as a poster. The accusations are so outrageous. Clearly you are good Christian man with excellent values. Gina is obviously somebody without values or decency. Thank you for all your videos. They are excellent and not to be missed. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Jeff

    • Russ

      I think Greg keep Gina around as comic relief. There’s so little to laugh at these days…

    • C

      I concur as I read a few a lines and there many conversations that followed which defeated the interview with Mr.Kirby till I had to scroll along ways down to get intelligent conversation about the interview. And thank you Mr. Hunter for these great interviews.

    • daniel turner

      Greg seems like a righteous dude to me.

    • Sayonara

      I respectfully disagree that Gina should removed or censored. We believe in the first amendment and she should have freedom of speech. However, if her free willfully and negligent comments causes harm and damage to another individual, she should be held civilly and /or criminally accountable.
      Also we need more Gina commentary because it is so absurd to the average person and highlights the fact that the tyrannical and corrupt Democrat and RINO Republicans are not to be voted for.

    • jack

      I agree , we don’t need off subject garbage like Gina. no doubt to smear Greg, just like they are doing to all the big boys, only thing is , those people are mostly guilty , I doubt Greg is . Kick her off and anybody else who doesn’t stay on the subject at hand , otherwise they will end up trashing your site Greg

    • William Stanley

      Jeff B: Greg occasionally permits such posts in order to educate us about the nature of the evil that we and he, especially, are up against. I’m certain there are many more such posts that he chooses to delete.

    • Linda L.

      I share your opinion. Greg’s mission statement says:
      “The information we put on the site has to be something you can take seriously and that you can count on and trust.” Gina is a distractive, boring troll who is given too much attention for sharing everything but the truth.

      • Greg Hunter

        Linda L.
        I have blocked a lot of “Gina’s” comments but this one I wanted to meet head on because it’s so bogus and totally false.

    • Tin foil hat

      Jeff B,
      I think Gina is hilarious. Greg should let her stay for our amusement.

  32. Tad


    I support what Trump and Tillerson are doing at State. We’re talking part-bloat, part-corruption as evidenced by Obama and Clinton holdovers being shown the exit. I don’t think they’ve necessarily expelled the most dangerous ones. Those might be CIA officers masquerading as US ambassadors or in another State department billet. In time, perhaps.

    If Mr. Trump wants to have advances in US-Russia relations, consideration in emptying the career leftovers in Moscow might be wise.

    For the record, Obama heavily increased federal employment– particularly during his first term.

    Now who to replace Mattis at Defense to continue gutting the fat? I wonder how well Tillerson multitasks?

    Kirby’s thesis about banks front running the gold trade has left me with a few question.
    JP Morgan seems to have a handle on silver as I’ve read estimates of upward of 300 million ounces in storage. Probably in New York, adjacent to NY Fed.

    As to gold, we’ll who other than Goldman-Sachs and perhaps UBS and Credit Suisse.

    If this occurs, one must assume banks have not had a depositors bail-in; the economy is still chugging along (barely); and a grand infrastructure scheme (in trillions) has been announced and having a marginal effect on stock and bond markets. After all, the PPT and the bullion banks are doing the “heavy lifting.”

    The $21 trillion missing, the dark pools at some point seeking a home, I would say the desperation is acute if $ 245 million is going for a painting. Smart money would probably place that in agricultural real estate, if immediate availability of gold and silver weren’t realized. If you read Harvey Organ, he reports of 6-10 waiting lists. Purchasing commercial real estate might have mixed results.

    Out in rural America, the possibilities for family farmers and ranchers to strike the big vein must be incredible. Largely because sourcing large amounts of gold and silver is difficult without paying high premium, as Rob Kirby has stated.

  33. John M.

    In Thanksgiving spirit, I’m also thankful that God has given us a great and prescient mind like Rob Kirby. He sheds light on what is monetary truth and what are the current lies and misguided confidence of the US dollar. He’s an expert in the dark world of derivatives and other financial machinations.
    I patiently await the day when gold and silver are given their proper recognition and importance, while fiat paper dollars (both dark and light) are devalued appropriately. Of course, we must understand that it is an all-knowing God who created laws of physics and all those laws governing honest money and real physical wealth. Even heaven itself is said in Scripture to be paved with gold, as gold must be an important element in His creation.
    But it should be more obvious, that we must put God above all things and worship Him alone.
    Gold and silver are great gifts given to us by our Creator.

  34. Tad


    ISIS hasn’t been defeated. US forces allowed them a free pass from Raqqa, Syria and onward to northern Iraq. US Middle East ops in Syria and Iraq aren’t over by a long shot.

  35. Dan

    I like your website even though I sometimes disagree with you and your guests. I think Mr. Kirby is pretty much spot on. I think of “gold and silver as money and nothing else”, as JP Morgan did. Anything that is not money is by very definition a liability.
    I would like you or someone else to offer a counter argument to Dave Ramsey’s thought that precious metals are a bad investment. I agree that it is a bad investment in respect that investment by it’s very name means expecting an increase on what you have purchased. I see gold and silver as money plain and simple. Now if I think that I can trade those things for “Unicorns” and then later sell those “unicorns” for a profit, then that is another matter.
    I like Dave Ramsey but his theories in my opinion have at least 2 major flaws. Number 1 is normalcy bias. To take the U.S. Stock market since WW2 and thing that it is set in stone is…retarded. I do not care about what was when current circumstances dictate that the U.S. has never had so much debt and be in the throws of a collapse. But in my opinion the devotee’s of “Everything will continue as it has been” like Dave’s will fail.

  36. Mike

    It loops like China will control the Bitcoin system with their new computer system, what’s to say they won’t control the price of gold through their system

    • Macray

      Well we know who controls the gold price now : )))

      zerohedge‏ @zerohedge

      It’s 930 am ET, Do You Know Where Your Gold Slammer Is?

  37. Randy RHCE

    Good Morning Greg,
    I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving! I know it has been probably said before, but America is still the best place on planet earth; however, for how much longer is anyone’s guess. I believe many people missed a very important aspect of the user Gina’s post. Folks, this site is moderated by Greg. He didn’t have to post that verbal attack, but he did it anyway. He could have easily “86” that post to the bit bucket. That demonstrates true character on your part, and you are the better “man”. Love your site and interviews. Godspeed

  38. Macray

    For those that follow what’s happening in the Oil market. I have found that Pepe Escobar’s Oil information accurate over 90% of the time.

    Pepe Escobar Just now · 5:15 AM PST 11-27-2017
    Here’s what’s going’ on – in a nutshell.
    The Russians are slowly but surely taking over the Saudi market share all over Asia and Europe.
    They are already China’s number one oil supplier.
    They are about to start production from several new fields.
    And they will be hittin’ heavy on RUSSIAN shale as well.
    The House of Saud has just one play; keep the oil price high (at least $60 a barrel) so they cash in big with the Aramco IPO, which “may” be in 2018 or 2019 (nobody really knows) and will have Aramco listed at the NYSE (according to the deal with Trump).

    OPEC/Russia said to announce Oil Pact extension on November 30, 2017

  39. Mohammad


    I went through 11 minutes of the interview and i could not finish it because i was fuming,
    You remember how many times i said it here on your site they will take us to digital shackles of slavery? and people here laughed me off?
    Do you remember how Salina’s on many interviews here was joking off the crypto and i pointed his error with my comments when bit coin was only few hundreds?
    Now Kerby is either getting it wrong or colluding? and am leaning to the latter, is, crypto will be the next game of TPTB…


    They will take us to a worse game than fiat, and that is digital currency backed up by NOTHING, all gold accumulated is going or already been used in future technology for space, could be anti gravity or what have you and the illusion of bitcoin backed by gold is CRAP.

    Watch for Damascus deciding which way the world is heading.


    • Tin foil hat

      Many here concurred that the NWO wants to push the cashless/cryptos society on the plebes in order to implement negative interest rates.
      I believe cryptos is for the masses (domestic currencies). Cryptos back by the gold is for international trade settlement (trade currencies). The will likely be a two tier monetary system thru the entire world.
      And there will be no place for private crypto likes Bitcoin when the TBTB take over the crypto market place.

      • Tin foil hat

        BLOCKCHAIN will likely be confiscated to be used exclusively by the central banks for international settlement only. All private Cryptos will likely be banned using money laundering and tax avoidance as excuses.

        • Charles H


    • Macray


      A secret deal between Assad And Netanyahu, with Putin mediating
      Bombshell reports reveals Russian diplomacy to de-escalate tensions in Syria.

      Putin Is Mediating A Secret Deal Between Assad And Netanyahu, Bombshell Report Reveals

    • Diane

      Mohammad….you made a comment about gold and silver being used in the space industry. ..so I looked it up.

      • Mohammad


        The only speed that can go from one end of galaxy to the other end IS GRAVITY. It is faster than light that is AWEFUL SLOW in comparison.

        Any future technology will consume gold like peanuts.
        That is all the hidden secret behind accumulating gold, THER IS NO ACCUMULATION…rather there is consumption beyond return. here is a link about a miniature anti gravity Israeli experiment that gives you a hint where gold is evaporating:

        From TEL- AVIV ISRAEL:

        Ant what better superconductor than gold and silver?????


        • Diane

          Fascinating….makes sense.

        • Charles H


          Time and distance will be expressed as a Singularity, with no consumption of matter. Man’s understanding is still in the sandbox – still a carrot to lead him on.

  40. TheThree Stooges! ! !

    Croaker, flak’uance & McInsane. They pretend their not stooges (never Trumpeters) But we the sheeple, know the truth and the truth will set us, free of em! .
    They will not let us have our part of the American dream pie!

    There will be Sheol to pay boy’s!

    Remember daddy Bushie, the international spy? The guy who couldn’t remember where he was when president Kennedy was murdered in Dallas.😉
    Read his lips. Your history. Just like him!

    Say hello to the dustbin of history.
    Life is long. Eternity’s longer. . ..

  41. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, what if the “dark dollars” were 20 or 100 times the counted above board ones (money supply)? Sound far fetched does it? I don’t put anything past the FED. Even if it was just a mere one time that would mean inflation through the roof of 100 percent overnight, recommence of the Hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic (15 times inflation in a matter of months). What Mr. Kirby was stating when he said maybe 3 or 4 times is the nothing less that hyperinflation jacked up on steroids. That would mean folks that your weekly paycheck would only perhaps buy you one loaf of bread. If this is not a reason to stock up on some food, energy, and supplies I can’t imagine what would be. Remember, there are numerous reports today that the people of Venezuelan are eating stray dogs on the streets. Their currency is in free fall. Consumer prices in Venezuela jumped 741 percent year-on-year in February of 2017, according to estimates from Venezuela’s opposition-led congress. Inflation Rate in Venezuela averaged 32.42 percent from 1973 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 800 percent in December of 2016 from a record low of 3.22 percent in February of 1973. So, folks & fellow bloggers, what Mr. Kirby is saying if not only possible here because of the dark dollars but would make Venezuela’s average of 32 percent until 2017 look like heaven. Enough said, so instead of going to the movies this weekend maybe you should stock up on some Spam or other goods for future bad times. As the old song said, “the times they are a changing”.

  42. Bill

    How does someone buy bitcoin? (Confusing!)

    • Mike R

      Don’t ! Unless you enjoy throwing away your wealth. Bitcoin is in such a speculative bubble now, that it is 4 times higher in terms of its advance in time, than the dotcom mania stocks were in 1999/2000. When the bubble bursts, you then will be wanting to know how to sell it, but find out you can’t before it goes to zero so fast, that it will blow up the servers that hold the ledgers.
      One thing that is a foregone conclusion, is that once the Bitcoin bubble actually pops, and it drops by at least 95%, the value of gold that has been proven and real money for 5000+ years, will increase substantially but at a very non volatile pace that once it gets over $5000/ounce, its going to never drop back below that point essentially forever. It will achieve a new status as the ‘last man standing’ versus all fiats and crypto’s, and be forever more properly valued, now that all these QE driven, money printing bubbles have finally popped and shown society they were chasing a fallacy.

      • Steven Barry

        Look up Richard Heart on youtube. He does interesting videos explaining it all and seems very knowledgeable (warning- bad language sometimes). He thinks it will just keep going up and up. (There’s nothing to stop it and Wall St isn’t even in it yet.)

        Kirby raised a good point about lack of visibility of the market depth. (Buy/sell orders)

        Looks like BC mania phase coming, as gold just sits there.

  43. Paul from Indiana

    It is coming down to two camps: the first are those who believe some event, circumstance, development, or cartel/country will “crash” the system and bring on chaos and immediate impoverishment of those in that system, and the second are those who believe that in the absence of a change of direction to sound economic principles and money, the current mess continues as there is no rational way to avoid the “crash” scenario and the end of civilization as we know it. I understand and sympathize with the first group, but at least for now, am in the second group. I expected the system to crash 30 years ago, and now it’s just too big to fail, so we get all of these crazy things such as QE, ZIRP, asset ownership by government, and so forth. Mr. Kirby’s projection of inflation is technically accurate, but he is missing now what I missed for so many years, that without money velocity, the trillions of dollars, whether printed or loaned into existence, just sit there or find other avenues of expression, in our case the stock markets. The 1-percenters can spend only so much, so unless and until those created dollars find their way into the hands of the working classes, we will continue to stumble along, seemingly in perpetuity. Best always. PM

    • William Stanley

      Paul from Indiana: I loved your comment and mostly agree with your essential points. However, I disagree with the premise that money in these balances will never get spent; it seems likely to me that the money sitting in bank accounts (or under mattresses) will eventually leak into (trickle down into) spending for goods and services (or land or other assets that are taxed), which is a conduit for the money to get to the working classes. Negative interest rates would hasten the process.
      In any event, this does not look like a stable equilibrium for several reasons, including the likelihood that governments will confiscate the money (think Saudi Arabia or “wealth” taxes) and spend it; or change the monetary system; or . . .

  44. Jeff

    Greg…Happy Holidays!

    In 1940 the US government owned over 30 Billion oz’s of silver. Now it’s only around 7 Million oz’s. No wonder the silver gold ratio is out of whack.
    Maybe our government has taken some of that dark pool $ and bought bitcoin. Lol

  45. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The main problem I have with dark pools and dark money is that is where roaches, rodents and snakes hang out. It seems that some of your disrespectful commentators must live there, too.

  46. Jim

    Is the “dark pools of money” ultimately the way some of our cities so far under water continue to operate? A couple states fall in this category too. Can’t imagine buying bonds from some of our entities even with the bond insurance. Comments anyone?

    • Paul ...

      Real “metallic” money (like gold and silver) will survive being “under water” and can easily continue to operate as currency under water … unlike “dark pools of paper” (or “bits of electrons”) … so those cities now under water will obviously not find it easy sell their paper bonds to the water-bugs or gold-bugs that currently reside in those under water cities … however the sucker-bugs may bite! [[: > Hee

  47. H. Craig Bradley

    Economist Martin A. Armstrong and the Failed Hyperinflation Scenario ( Dollar Haters ).


  48. EllenWag

    A tip for your Friday show: PRoject Veritas tried to plant a fake news story with the WAPO, whose able, experienced reporters did their due diligence and exposed PV for the liars and hacks they are. Since you are real news, I presume you will want to report this and congratulate the excellent WAPO for their work. Marty Baron is a god among men in journalism.

  49. Evert Zegelaar

    Rob Kirby discussed Gold backed cryptos. Is there a reason why he did not mention Goldmoney.com? This Toronto based ´bank´ comes very close to his ideas. Open an account, buy gold and the gold will be stored in a vault. Your account or holding as they name it is valued in physical gold you just bought, not valued in the money you bought the gold for. So when the gold price goes up, your holding has more value, v.v.
    When you want your gold you can get it because it is physically available in the vault of your own choice. Bank transfers are possible.Even a debit card can be issued for your purchases. Brilliant idea?

    • Steven Barry

      Well it probably made James Turk rich. He’s always on KWN just before gold drops.

    • Steven Barry

      How do I know? I have a GM account. It’s a good system, and works well and seems to be a decent company but I wouldn’t trust anyone 100% so sure use them for some of your purchases if you like.
      Turk is just a bit greedy I think.

  50. Jeff

    Greg, This article might explain to Rob and others the reason for no failure historically of US treasury bond auctions.
    I wonder if crypto currency popularity might change the banking structure enough to cause a failure in the bond auction market? I think we are still many years away from that possibility.

  51. Jeff

    I just read that the White house /homeland security is monitoring the bitcoin situation. My previous comment about using dark money to buy bitcoin may not be so far fetched as I thought. Lol

  52. JC

    Greg The Dow has set 79 new record closing highs .
    Yet real unemployment is still over 20%
    Now we see a new tax deal mostly for the wealthy. Money velocity still low.
    I have to think something hidden is about to be found out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure the tax deal is “mostly for the wealthy” but it is going to be inflationary.

  53. tjoe

    Remember M3??

    There is a simple equation that was proven by the authors of “Truth In Money” to be a very good predictor of M3. They reason that because money is borrowed into existence and carries usury, that the US FED, Debt based money supply, must follow the curve of compounding interest. If you can, find and read the book.

    They made the graph of $1 that was borrowed in 1913 and use an average yearly interest rate of 6% over the entire period for simplicity. That’s; (($1.00 x 1.06) x 1.06) x 1.06 … for 120 or so years (to 2023). M3 did follow that graph with amazing reliability. But the graph was making a noticeable turn up (accurately predicting M3) just to keep the economy going.

    They got rid of M3 because it was going to scare the mommy’s and daddy’s in the rate of growth. M3 was following that graph into exponential expansion.

    The “Truth in Money” curve can help you quantify the real money supply…and you’re correct about dark maybe 10x…I think private debt $700T —> up.

    Notice how the scenario of loss in faith is like the Wiemar Republic of Germany when “it took a wheelborrow full to buy a loaf of bread, prior to German monetary system reform. Germany, taking the money supply back, making equity money and spending it into existence lifted all boats (but the ousted bankers). In return the bankers declared war on Germany in the march 23, 1933 headline of the London Daily Express saying; JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY and the subhead JEWS OF THE WORLD UNITE IN ACTION. Essentially nationalism of the Wiemar banks in Germany was what really started WW2.

    So the solution is a shared currency of equity and debt….not a monopoly on the creation of money by ether. The US should make a US Treasury Dollar, equal by law to a FED Reserve Note Dollar for all debts public and private, and spend them into existence for value. The US Government would be a partner with the FED in the creation, rather than seeking to replace the debt money entirely….but the runaway growth of the dark money, mostly debt, would be put in check.

    We need true monetary Constitutional reform to define the nations “money”.

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