Disorderly Reset Coming-Dollar Goes to Zero-Egon von Greyerz

44By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Wealth preservation expert Egon von Greyerz is not bullish on the U.S. dollar.  Greyerz explains, “More and more countries are trying to go away from the dollar, and I think the days of the dollar are counted.  I think the dollar is going to start falling rapidly in coming months and years.  Of course, it already has fallen dramatically in the last few decades, but that will now accelerate.  It will go down to its intrinsic value which is zero, which most currencies do over their lifetime.  Of course, we have the movements in Russia and China with alternative currencies for commodities like oil, etc.  There will be a very disorderly reset with currencies falling.  They can’t all fall at the same time, but they will fall dramatically, and gold will, of course, reflect that.  The stock markets are in a bubble, and they will also fall.  I think the secular bull market we have seen is finished.  Now, we are going to see a very long bear market.  Of course, the biggest bubble of them all, where governments do all they can to keep the bubble going, is the bond market.  We have more debt than ever and interest rates at zero.  That just doesn’t add up.”  Greyerz goes on to say, “You can’t have governments borrow more than ever and have interest rates at zero.  You can only do that temporarily because you have governments printing money and artificially holding interest rates down.  That will not last either.  So, the reset will be dramatic.  It won’t happen overnight, but there will be events that trigger short term pitfalls, but this is a long term thing.”

Greyerz also predicts, “There will be one event after another, and instead of all the good news we have seen . . . now, we will see just bad news coming out.  Sadly, we are just at the end of a major era.”

Greyerz is predicting the end of the U.S. dollar era, and you don’t need a total abandonment for the dollar to crash globally.  Greyerz says, “In any market, you don’t need big sellers to change the price dramatically.  It is always the marginal buying and selling that can make a dramatic difference. . . . If there are sellers and no buyers, that market will collapse.”

Printing money to support the stock market and the bond market will work for a while, but Greyerz warns, “The ammunition that they have will, of course, be so devalued that nobody will want it.  So, any support they try to muster in the future will have no effect.  This is why markets are going to be in a terrible state in the next few years.  It will be all the bubbles that have been created over a very long period.”

On the Swiss Gold Referendum coming at the end of November, where the Swiss will vote for gold backing to their currency, Greyerz says, “Let’s first say that the government is against it.  So, they are in the “No” camp and so is the Swiss National Bank.  They are not supposed to campaign officially in these kinds of referendums, but they still are making clear statements that it is dangerous for the Swiss National Bank to lose its powers to . . .  manipulate the market.  So, the “No” camp are afraid they will lose the power to print money, and manipulation of markets is going to be taken away from the Swiss National Bank.”  Greyerz goes on to say, “It’s too early to call it, but I would say we stand a very good chance.  I am firmly in the “Yes” camp, and I am a great believer in this fight for sound money.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Egon von Greyerz, Founder of Matterhorn Asset Management.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Egon von Greyerz is working for passage of the Swiss Gold referendum.  He says he is firmly in the ‘Yes” camp.  If you would like to donate to the “Yes” camp to help fund getting the word out for passage, you can do so by clicking the donation/information page at  GoldSwitzerland.com.

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  1. Silence is Golden

    Man you are on fire with this timely interview.
    I must admit that I had the inside scoop on who was coming up next …when I posted comment on the Andy Hoffman interview. 😉
    In all truthfulness, I believe EVG held back. My sense is that he does not want to be seen to be creating panic. You did probe the reaction/consequence to the YES vote and yet he didn’t respond the way I thought he might, notwithstanding EVG’s response “it may take a week/month/year…and that there are many potential threats to the system” . It is being downplayed enormously but let me make it perfectly clear, there will be absolute chaos if there is a YES vote.
    The sad reality is (and this is no admission of the acceptance of TPTB stepping in to ensure continuation with the status quo) that Democracy, will be proven to be DEAD …in the water, if NO wins. Only then perhaps will the sleeping public realise that we are all doomed to suffer under the unelected rulers’ evil twisted game.
    btw….Did you notice EVG’s reaction to your suggestion of TPTB “stepping in” …the invisible hand as it were. He is only too familiar with who these people are but there was no elaboration on his part….not that it was necessary. His facial expression and eye movements said it all.
    Nonetheless, I applaud EVG and his movement. He may be the one that will go into the history books who was known to have challenged the hierarchy and changed the course of history. I pray that he is successful…. not for my personal benefit, but for mankind.

    • Silence is Golden

      As a side note I might add that this referendum might be seen as an Anti-Establishment vote. The Swiss people are highly intelligent and financially literate. They have less than fond memories of the pressure put upon them by none other the IRS / Fed when subpoenaed to provide details of US citizens accounts (breaking centuries of tradition). Nor are they enamoured with the highly diligent and efficient ECB is helping destroy their very own currency.

      • Apollo

        Well said

      • Michael Harvey

        What an excellent take
        My take to a Gold expert who believes there is no manipulation in the precious metals market.
        Dear Larry
        Gold: The Ultimate Store of Value?
        Larry Edelson | Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 7:30 am

        I refer to the above article and must respectfully disagree with your prognosis on Gold and the flight of capital from Europe for several reasons.
        Firstly: Europe cannot be allowed to fail and although I am firmly opposed to QE as is Germany there will come a time when the European Central Bank will have no option but to switch on the tap and resort to money printing.
        This will restore a false faith in the European system (albeit it will only benefit the elite) and thus bring money out of the $ dollar and back into Europe.
        Secondly: your article was written prior to the announcement that Japan had embarked on yet another lunatic round of QE and this has displaced gold according to the financial media.
        The BOJ gave the perfect signal for Central Banks to sell off paper derivatives to further depress the price of precious metals.
        You have continually maintained that there is no manipulation in the market

        Thirdly: the precious metals market is being manipulated by central banks and this is borne out by a number of expert’s i.e.
        Source USA Watchdog
        1. Rob Kirby
        2. Andy Hoffman
        3. Harvey Organ
        4. David Morgan
        5. Evon Von Greyerz
        6. 321 Gold.com
        7. Jim Rickards
        8. Bill Holter
        9. Paul Craig Roberts
        10. Michael Snyder
        11. John Embry
        12. Dr Jim Willie
        13. John Williams
        14. Keith Barron
        15. Charles Nenner
        I am not a financial expert; however, I do know that a debt implosion will happen in the future and the trigger for this will be the Swiss vote on 30th November when they vote to have at least 20% of the Swiss Franc backed by gold.
        This may take a while to work through but it will happen.
        The ‘Yes ‘vote will triumph as the Swiss are an astute nation. Excessive QE is putting all nations in jeopardy and Switzerland wants to be outside of all this nonsense and remind the world that Switzerland is once again the real safe haven for financial stability
        You have continually maintained that there is no manipulation in the market
        Larry I have great respect for your judgement, but I would rather believe that the 15 experts I have cited cannot all be wrong.

    • allen ols

      Mark this day on your calendars. The Dow is at 16974, the S&P 500 is at 1982 and the NASDAQ is at 4549. From this day forward, we will be looking to see how the stock market performs without the monetary heroin that the Federal Reserve has been providing to it. Since November 2008, the Fed has created about 3.5 trillion dollars and pumped it into the financial system. An excellent chart illustrating this in graphic format can be found right here. Pretty much everyone agrees that this has been a tremendous boon for the financial markets. As you will see below, even former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan says that quantitative easing was “a terrific success” as far as boosting stock prices. But he also says that QE has not been very helpful to the real economy at all. In essence, the entire quantitative easing program was a massive 3.5 trillion dollar gift to Wall Street. If that sounds unfair to you, that is because it is unfair.

      michael snyder eco collapse

  2. Arizona

    Russians are easy to spot,even if they are wearing US MILITARY uniforms,…GO to colorado springs and theres thousands of them around on the weekends around town,Just stop them and talk to them,they like to brag,I talked to a special forces Russian army captain at walmart,wearing a us army uniform,and he said WE were offered everything that moves or flys,plus 500.00 dollars a day to come here and help take america down,BY DHS,and will be taking all your equipment home with us when we leave,including any women we want,These are big guys too,BOY all the queers and pussy americans are in big trouble,these guys look like expert ass kickers to me……I did tell him,we wouldn’t just lay down,and let them walk away with our shit,he smiled and said we’ll see…..OH,he had three sheriffs with him,kind of a give away,they were there to protect him,Imagine that………at walmart in trinidad,colorado……..

    • Tommy

      Why would the Russians want American women? They have Russian women.

    • Jerry

      I’m not sure what to think. I have been hearing reports of Russian troops in the U.S. for quite some time. In fact a high ranking general that bugged out of the U.S. recently said that NATO would link up with DHS under a martial law scenario and take down the U.S. by the end of 2016. He went on to say that the U.S. would no longer be a country but would be part of the North American Union comprised of Mexico and Canada by the end of 2017. It was suggested that America would not go down without a fight, as armed citizens would respond to the threat. His response was, they would be not match for tactical units being supported by drones.
      It is chilling to say the least that something like this could happen. But if I have learned anything over my life, it is that anything is possible. This general was drummed out of the military for failing to sign documents that he would be willing to take orders to use drones on Americans. I believe him. This man was a rising star in the military.

  3. Arizona

    THAT was the russians,now lets talk about the CHINESE,last summer,a bus of around 30 chinese army commanders were walking around trinidad,I stopped them and ask what they were doing here,surprise,surprise,THEY admited they were here at the invite of DHS,imagine that,THEY said they were looking over colorado to decide who would be commander of which town they wanted,OH,these boys and girls had AK-47’s in their backpacks,I asked them how they got into america with fully automatic weapons,hahaha,they said they had them when they flew into the springs in their chinese military plane,no one said anything to them,NOT EVEN americas slave masters,the police gangs,OH,did I mention they were riding in a tax payer paid for “FT. CARSON”army bus,WE BEEN SOLD OUT KIDS,and no one I talk to cares,BUT I have been threatened by everyone,even the guys on the fire dept,you believe that…..their even in on it…..this country is full of idiots……….

    • Mike Soon Over

      Arizona, what kind of proof do you have on this? It’s not that I don’t believe though, did you snap any pics with audio? If so can you down load it on Youtube or Facebook. Would really like to see it. Thanks

    • Boid

      Arizona, who you working for and what planetoid?

    • jeff rinse

      Keep smokin’ that MEDICAL MARIJUANA, ARIZONA!
      LOVE YA !
      Just KNOW that you are either mistaken or a see-aye-a plant to stir
      WOULD BE

      • Greg Hunter

        I am not so sure we would be “free” under Mr. Putin. This site or a RussiaWatchdog.com that is critical of Mr. Putin and his oligarchs Would not be allowed under Putin in Russia. Have you ever heard Russia Today criticize Mr. Putin?

    • tom

      You’re off your medications. The doctor told you what would happen if you did that. Take the pills. No more crazy talk.

    • Chip

      you are most definately smoking something…

  4. allen ols

    Greg; Egon is SOLID!!

    Jeff; STRONG analysis; al ols

    Jeff 10/28/2014 •
    The power has already shifted to the west. Germany will pull out of the Euro and join the Brics. A formidable power/union…….. The talk of SDR’s coming out of the IMF (west) is just mere hopeful propaganda. I know there’s a lot of smart guys predicting this but I’m saying it’s not going to happen……… As I’ve said before “he who holds the gold makes the rules”. No reason to make it complicated. I will go one step farther and state that “he who owns the resources and particularly oil also make the rules………. Europe has neither and has to beg for gas from Russia to stay warm. What leverage (voice) do they have ? The US has oil that cost more to produce than it’s worth. This whole shale oil story is a scam. Well production drops off in weeks but the debt to drill them is still there. The only reason they drilled was because money was cheap. Now our oil Co’s are deeply indebted ( another Nobama plan ?). Bottom line, the whole shale story is a farce. We can’t even get a pipeline approved…………. So we can’t come to the bargaining table with oil and God knows we have no gold. So tell me again why the Brics will listen to a bankrupt, corrupt has been ? They (China) hold our debt and the gold. We have insurmountable debt……….. This is why all the guys promoting SDR’s are deluding you.

    Greg Hunter 10/28/2014 •
    Hard to argue an opposing point. I sure hope all the gold of America is gone but I am afraid it is my friend!

    Jeff 10/28/2014 •
    I meant to say the power has already shifted to the EAST………… I do believe the US has one chance to make a major strategic move as we did with Saudi Arabia and oil (Nixon). Far fetched as it sounds, if we could acquire the top miners of the world it would go a long way in stabilizing the dollars fall. Nobama already has executive powers to take our mines which contain some of the largest deposits in the world…….. This is assuming the present administration even cares about correcting the problem (not). But this is what I would do……Acquiring the world’s top gold producers would be a major coup.

    • JC Davis

      Allen I agree there is a underlying take over of American economy, However I cant help but think a revolution war is coming because when the east has it all they will come for the gold on Americans fingers.

      • JC Davis

        Recycling: In 2013, 200 tons of new and old scrap was recycled, more than the reported consumption

  5. Brian Stemmerman

    Not sure about a reset. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I the fed prints,
    it will be the sixth year. A market that is not controlled might have to second-guess. Back into my short position on the Russell 2000. If you look at the chart you will see that QE is not working anymore. Why can’t the American people realize that nobody wants a currency that will be printed at the end of the taper. The markets will go down at first tomorrow and up into closing. I have not been a silver or gold bug. If I make a killing in the market as a bear there will be a check in the mail. Planning to buy gold and silver after the next election. I have enjoyed your site and appreciate what you do.

  6. Arizona

    America has way bigger things to worry about then a dollar reset,LOOK up “child stew”,the chinese believe young children give them a long life and good health,and these demons are being let into a country full of children,THE DEATH CAMPS will be run by the chinese military,can anyone imagine the horror of the parents when they see their children being cutup and made into stew,ALL I can do is sound the alarm,and the churchs are silent,the people don’t care,the government says shutup,and everywhere I go I get threatened,I live in the worlds biggest nuthouse,but I fear not much longer…..I got news for all you guys worring about your money,YOU GOT way bigger problems then your money………

    • allen ols


      I agree, I have a much gloomier outlook for the future, as anti- christ arises; it is why i have concentrated on movement, from place to place, and have put on the movie “DEFIANCE” with Daniel Craig for my kids to watch.

      GOOD POSTS !!!!

    • Boid

      Yes, Airheadzona and whoever your workin fer is stupider than thou fer payin ya, bo bo !

    • Desert Rose


    • toodles2

      I don’t know about child stews, but I live near D.C. and it can seem like a corrupt nuthouse to me. There are some rotten people here, some decent ones, and then just a big bunch of weird and/or selfish ones. Granted, a lot of the brightest people can be nutcases as well, but it’s more than that!… And what’s the point of being intelligent if it’s not pared with some character, courage, honesty, and integrity? If a bad scenario is not afoot these days and gaining ground–akin to the rise of an Anti-Christ–then I’ve taken leave of all my senses!!…

  7. Apollo

    Greg thank you for having provided such a good interview with Egon von Greyerz. If I were you I would have asked him a question. What does Switzerland/SNB do with all the Euros they get? Do they send them for recycling? Lend them to other countries? buy gold? Cheers

  8. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    What a thoroughly fascinating interview.
    Just my initial call but methinks this Swiss referendum could be a very big call.

    We all know that the Swiss are in general very clever people. Quite frankly after last years debacle with Germany’s request to the US to repatriate some 700 tons of gold and only receiving a paltry 5 tons, I am amazed that every sovereign country in the world didn’t immediately start asking for their overseas gold reserves to be returned. Of course the German Govt. being in so many ways a Washington lapdog didn’t insist on getting their gold back and settled on the undertaking that the US would return it in dribs and drabs over the next 7 or so years. I thought when I went to school failure to honour a repatriation of gold to a sovereign country was tantamount to an act of war!

    My thoughts are that the publicity around this referendum could trigger other countries into thinking along the same lines and seeking immediate repatriation of their gold as well. If I was calling the shots in any one of these countries I would be in a mad panic to get my gold back from where ever ASAP. Not only do the Swiss have to repatriate some 300 tons of gold back from the UK and Canada but they have to buy a lot more than this [some 1500 tons – correct me if I’m wrong] on the open market to bring their gold holdings up to the 20% of reserves if the ‘yes’ vote goes through. Where is this gold going to come from? Even the Shanghai gold trading exchange has minimal inventory. We know that the paper market for gold is roughly 100x the physical market so I can’t see how a huge non delivery is not going to occur.

    This is going to be as much as anything else, a huge test on the integrity of the Swiss democracy and the independence that they are so proud of and which is indeed part of their DNA as a nation. Somehow I don’t see the Swiss being quite the same pushover that the Germans were if they don’t get delivery on their gold. It seems that there are already rumours around that neither UK nor Canada are quite sure where the 300 tons of Swiss gold are actually stored! This begs the question is it actually physically there to be delivered to the Swiss! I see the possibility for this to escalate into full blown panic buying even before the Swiss referendum takes place. Undoubtedly TPTB and the cartels will pull out all stops to avoid any of the above scenarios but the battle could be interesting. Furthermore it is Alasdair Macleod’s view that even if the vote is ‘yes’ don’t take it all as a done deal. He thinks that the Swiss Govt. and their Central bank will find some way to weasel out of the 20% gold reserve requirement.

    This is going to be an interesting battle and a huge test on just how robust the Swiss democracy really is.

    • allen ols



  9. Simple American Soldier

    We are suffering from loss of prestige all over the world because we are not enforcing our borders and our foreign policy is weak. Obama is a toothless tiger and threatens repercussions to our enemies but fails to follow up. We need a leader with a pair to step up against our enemies and let us fight unrestrained. Only then will we earn back the respect we have lost and establish once and for all that we are the greatest nation in the world and with it the strength of our national treasure the dollar. If we had only listened to General McChrystal years ago we wouldnt be in this mess with China and Russia threatening to attempt to overtake us. Thank God we still have military superiority! So all is not lost yet. Lets take our country back and fight for her. Sometimes the only answer is war. It is the great distiller of things and it is at times like these we need to embrace it.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Yes your ‘national treasure the dollar’ is backed by a few things – they include
      #1 Undeniable military superiority
      #2 Hegemony
      #3 Violence and murder
      #4 Gee I nearly forgot this one. It is also backed up by the ‘faith and credit of the US government’.

      • goldbug

        Take a few valiums and back away from the keyboard . . . .

        • goldbug

          Colin: my comment was meant for the simple American soldier. But in response to yours, just remember that there are many Americans who don’t agree with the policies of our government. If we get too vocal, we get silenced.

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

            Point well taken mate.
            I am full of sympathy for you and every American that have been socially, politically and financially disenfranchised by Washington and the oligarchy or cabal that strangles and holds much of the world to ransom.
            I know if you guys stick your necks out too much they will chop off your heads. I at least have the luxury of commenting from a slightly safer distance, yet even from down here some of my posts are taken out before they get to Greg.
            Best wishes
            PS By the way I enjoy reading your posts.

            • toodles2

              Thanks for the comment! I don’t know what I would do without my international friends to keep a solid perspective! Ever since BushCheneyCo took over, I’ve felt more comfortable in foreign countries.

    • Collateral Damage

      To a hammer, every problem is a nail.



    • Willy

      Simple A. S.;

      Armageddon—God’s War to End All Wars

      “They hold it atrocious to kill a fellow creature; therefore, war is in their eyes incomprehensible and repulsive, a thing for which their language has no word.”—DESCRIPTION OF THE INUIT PEOPLE OF GREENLAND BY NORWEGIAN EXPLORER FRIDTJOF NANSEN IN 1888.

      WHO would not love to live in a society where war was “incomprehensible and repulsive”? Who does not long for a world where even the word for war does not exist because warfare is unknown? Such a world may sound far-fetched, especially if we put our hope in humans to bring it about.

      However, in the prophecy of Isaiah, God himself promises to bring such a world into existence: “They will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.”—Isaiah 2:4.

      Clearly, the world today with its 20 million soldiers on active duty and some 20 wars currently raging would have to change enormously for this promise to be fulfilled. Not surprisingly, the almighty God, Jehovah, would have to intervene in human affairs. This intervention on Jehovah’s part culminates in what the Bible calls Armageddon.—Revelation 16:14, 16.

      Although the word “Armageddon” has in recent years been used to signify a worldwide nuclear conflagration, one dictionary describes the principal meaning of the word this way: “The place of a great and final conflict between the forces of good and evil.” Will good ever conquer evil, or is such a battle the stuff of fantasy?

      We can take heart by noting that the Bible repeatedly speaks of an end to wickedness. “The sinners will be finished off from the earth,” the psalmist foretells. “As for the wicked, they will be no longer.” (Psalm 104:35) “The upright are the ones that will reside in the earth, and the blameless are the ones that will be left over in it,” says the book of Proverbs. “As regards the wicked, they will be cut off from the very earth; and as for the treacherous, they will be torn away from it.”—Proverbs 2:21, 22.

      The Bible also makes clear that the wicked will not relinquish their power peacefully; hence the need for a conclusive act of God that eliminates all evil, including the evil of war. (Psalm 2:2) The name that the Bible assigns to this unique conflict, Armageddon, is highly significant.

      • Simple American Soldier

        Sir, I say respectfully that your response to my statement is deluded. Even King David said there is a time to kill and a time for war. Please check your bible literacy. I read the good book too. Everyday as a matter of fact and in case you dont know it … Our cause is just and our mission ordained by God, which is the one tru God and he aint Allah or Buddah. You see, Jesus ordained us to spread the Gospel, which is why we have named our bigs guns Matthew, Mark Luke and John so we will spread the gospel wherever we might encounter the enemy. You need to get to know the most wonderful song I know, which is “Our God is an AWSOME GOD” because through us he reigns from Heaven above and he reighns hellfire through us against our enemies Amen ? Someone say Amen and Amen ! Death to the false muslim god Allah !

      • M.A.

        There is no battle at “Armageddon”. Read your bible instead of listening to false prophets (false teachers who sell books, lie, cheat and steal from God in all the churches of the world).
        Show me in the scripture where thew word “battle” is anywhere near the word Armageddon. IT ISN’T. Why? Because there is NO BATTLE at Armageddon.
        It’s just another of the hundreds of myths and lies perpetuated by the clever liars masquerading as preachers, to the lazy, unfaithful millions of the “church world” who don’t read their bible or believe what it says.
        The antidote to all those lies? Read your bible and throw away all the lies you hear from the pulpits, and from books sold by so called “christian leaders”.
        If you’re willing and faithful to WHAT God says through Jesus, as He says it, and you abide within what He says, the truth will deliver you from all lies, and fear associated with the guilt that comes from believing lies.
        Start here: There is NO BATTLE of Armageddon. Not in the Bible, anyway. Just in the minds of those who listen to liars and phonies, never in the minds of the elect; who believe what Christ Jesus says.
        Just telling you the truth – something very lacking anywhere, and everywhere concerning true Christianity. Sadly, seems most everyone is a liar these days, scarcely can one find a true believer, who really believes what the bible says.

      • allen ols

        It will be jesus Christ the SON OF GOD, who wages this war, and his weapon is the WORD OF HIS MOUTH.

        • Willy

          allen ols;


          • M.A.

            It does not matter how many of you agree with each other, it only matters who agrees with God. You poor, dumb, religious fools — it won’t be too long before you’re ALL murdering each other. And your gold and silver and all the money in the world won’t help you one bit! I’m not the outsider because I agree with God, you are the outsiders who agree with each other against God’s Word. It’s WWZ but it’s NOT Ebola, it’s a disease far worse… it’s your corrupted souls locked into darkness because you WILL NOT HEAR the truth!
            Now the Door is closed to you all.
            So laugh, mock, curse me and ignore me, it is God’s Justice on all who reject the Word of God; who IS Jesus Christ; my Father!
            Listen to the World Leaders weighing in – “chickenshit” then “Grassy Knoll” and also Putin’s words. Your destruction cometh swiftly and your money wont help you, any of you!

            • JC Davis

              M. A. I don’t mock you. I rarely post to people who don’t use there name. You have valid points. Please put your name to your word.

  10. mike

    Good morning Greg.
    I agree with Evon on the fact that a strong currency (and higher wages) is superior to a weaker currency. If that wasn’t true then Zimbabwe and the 3rd world’s economies would be a thriving metropolis. That’s right up there with hillary’s recent comment on “governments create jobs not business or industry”.
    It’s argued that a weak dollar lowers the cost of our exports? This nation imports much much more than it exports. A strong dollar would buy more imports, and buy much more resources used in manufactoring or production, and that would also lower the cost of production which would lower the cost of a given export to some degree.
    Thank you Greg.

    • CrazyCanuck

      Wow, sabre rattle much? Barry Goldwater would be most proud.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Sorry, meant that Simple’s post.

  11. Dirk

    Does anyone know when this is actually goimg to happen. Lyndsay Williams has been predicting the fall of the dollar and a currency reset since 2009. Havey Organ has predicted $2400 gold by the end of the year. As long as the banks have control over ETF’s the rest of us have no chance. The CFTC does nothing. I actually sent them an email. Seems they are just a bunch of corrupt and incopetent individuals who do nothing. I invested in physical silver because I thought it was a commodity based on supply and demand. What a joke. Can we bring back the free market and stop the corruption……

    • Collateral Damage


      Not that I am a big fan of Churchill, but he did say something like, ‘Americans can always be counted on to ‘Do the Right Thing’, after they have tried everything else first.

      Don’t know if that applies here, but we can only hope. 🙂


  12. an argie

    And WHO CREATED this? This was delibertately intended since 23 december 1913.
    The whole money supply is the greatest ponzi scheme mankind has ever known. It was hidden in plain sight.
    It should have collapsed at the end of the last century, but it still wasn’t enough. It should have collapsed due to the mortgage crisis, but countries took over the debts of the system banks.

    Too big to jail and too big to fail. And at the center ar e the Rothschilds and the Vatican.
    They are robbing, manpulating, killing and think of every crime you can think of, to get even more wealth. It’s never enough for these psychopaths.

    Don’t believe me? Study the story of Jeckyl Island, Look at the ITCCS, Look at the OPT and see the matrix.

    • 2015

      That is right: the power has and will remain Europe, in Rome’s Santo Spirito. I don’t just believe this; I know this for a fact.

      It comes down through the masons and the CFR in every newspaper and magazine and internet provider.

      You roused me from my slumber reading these responses. You are perhaps the only one who has eyes to see.

  13. Jerry

    Greg, Mr. Von Greyerz lays down a pretty convincing case about the demise of the dollar. Its hard to argue with his facts.
    While it may be possible for the banking cabal that runs this country, to continue to perpetuate the illusion of the dollar through the corporate media, that is clearly not the case throughout the rest of the world markets. RMB trade hubs are being setup almost daily. ( That’s why I continue to post the RMB news) At some point other countries will cease to accept the dollar for trade. Whether it happens as a planned event, or by market dictates, its going to happen! And much sooner than most people think. I mean why would you continue to use a currency for trade, that is costing you more money for exchange than using your own or the RMB?

    My cousin, who was a magician, always told me that the most important part of his act was selling the illusion to the audience. People tend to believe what they want to, whether it’s real or not. Constantly being programed by media makes it that much easier to perpetuate the illusion that everything is alright, when it clearly “is not”. The biggest problem is, the rest of the world isn’t buying it, no matter how many bombs we drop on them.

  14. Matt Jaymes

    Excellent interview with Egon von Greyerz! Well done. It is my sincerest hope that my Swiss brethren stand up and in one strong, decisive, cohesive voice tell the central planners to go crawl back under the rock they came out from under 100 years ago. Is it possible that maybe, just maybe, the US isn’t the indispensable nation, that it’s people aren’t the “exceptional people?” Is it possible that all nations are indispensable and all people exceptional? Just a thought….




  15. Phil Richards

    I love your show Greg! I am astounded at the subjects you cover and the guests you have from all over the world. No where else have I been so well informed on the monetary issues we are experiencing. So many people haven’t a clue that the pot full of dead frogs is about to boil over. I don’t know if I have the right assets to get through the horror we are about to go through, but I am well aware of the crisis coming. Crisis Funny-(cr-ISIS). Well Thanks for bringing me the real information. You are a huge asset to the truth movement!
    If only there weren’t so many oblivious to what is about to happen, so sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Phil!

  16. Paul from Indiana

    Redeemable currency forces government to be accountable. It forces government into a more passive position instead of the active posture inherent in today’s world. Until the last dog is hung on the wall, governments of all stripes will resist this movement. It is anathema to control loved univerally by all governments. Hope and pray that the Swiss movement is successful; it may be the sign of a turn. Best always. PM

    • Collateral Damage

      My guess is that the vote will be rigged and it will not pass.

      I wouldn’t say it forces them into a passive posture, I would say it forces a RESPONSIBLE, FAIR AND EQUITABLE position, i.e. they can’t stack the deck (as easily any way) with ‘sound money’.


  17. wd


    Last night a friend of mine explained to me deflation. ( before I really could not figure out why this was so bad). He explained it perfectly. I get it, completely!!.

    John Williams is right again! ( And I had my doubts about him, but I keep seeing where he is proven right all the time)

    Deflation essentially means,” everything that has been done to manipulate, commit fraud, cheat etc has been done it snot working it will never work and we are out of bullets. This cant be fixed anymore.

    Look at deflation as a patient that thye are trying to revive by all the medicine, electric shock, etc anything and everything. But the patient is dead, its gone. Nothing is working and they can keep trying but it wont bring that patient back. Until someone on the medical staff , with some sense, calls that patient dead.

    That is where we are, deflation is the true death of the economy.

    • Rick

      not correct. Deflation is simply prices falling for a switchet.

      Inflation is prices rise for the same switchet.

      serious deflation is depression….a liquidity trap. In the 1800’s…there were almost equal years of inflation vs deflation. In this era…the FED has pushed inflationary policies and propped up the money supply to keep things afloat. eventually, now that the interest rate is zero…money loses all velocity (changing hands)….and people don’t buy, cause prices are falling. it feeds on itself. once the public thinks it….it is very hard to stop. once QE stops….it’s the sign the bankers are pulling the plug

      • JC Davis

        Rick. By the time I figure out how deflation works I realize it don’t work the same as it did in the 30,s. Dollar rally after the fed announces the end of bond buying.? There must be a simple way to explain it. Velocity of money seems to have no effect. Crazy world

      • wd


        But this is a complete fraud…the economy is dead for us realist. They have zero interest rates and all kind of simulus and its not working. They keep telling us the economy is recovering but us realist see and know its all false( John Williams). In the 1800s the economy was not being falsely manipulated like it is know and they were not printing money, reporting false statistic etc, etc, etc.

        Deflation will soon show that as noone is buying prices will fall but that wont matter because there is no money velocity and no one can buy even when prices are falling. Lets call this patient dead and start over.

        At least we will be honest with each other!


      • Saint Lawrence

        Factually speaking =
        Look at deflation as anti-velocity.
        Money is the blood of an economy.
        Velocity at 0.5 means a dollar changes
        hands every second year. An economic
        thrombolitic heart attack means goods
        and services stop moving = deflation =>
        sellers become desperate accepting less
        than former “market” value.
        The 99.9 percent get less, while (Colin NZ)
        the banks sit on mega bucks. Look at the American
        Govt. FRB auctions of 541 Billion during October 2014.

        date item amount in millions
        10/27/14 91-Day Bill $24,000
        10/20/14 91-Day Bill $24,000
        10/14/14 91-Day Bill $24,000
        10/06/14 91-Day Bill $24,000
        10/27/14 182-Day Bill $30,000
        10/20/14 182-Day Bill $30,000
        10/14/14 182-Day Bill $27,000
        10/06/14 182-Day Bill $24,001
        10/28/14 28-Day Bill $34,000
        10/21/14 28-Day Bill $34,002
        10/15/14 28-Day Bill $33,000
        10/07/14 28-Day Bill $32,002
        10/15/14 364-Day Bill $25,001
        10/30/14 7-Year Note $29,000
        10/29/14 5-Year Note $35,000
        10/28/14 2-Year Note $29,000
        10/08/14 9-Year 10-Month Note $21,000
        10/07/14 3-Year Note $27,000
        10/29/14 2-Year FRN $15,000
        10/23/14 29-Year 4-Month TIPS $7,000
        10/09/14 29-Year 10-Month Bond $13,000
        October total $541,006


        There is not any taper visible, yet.

        The oligarchs (like Harry Reid) are
        doing billion dollar land deals with
        the Chinese big-boys.
        How many millionaires and billionaires
        do you know or work with?

        Check out Dwains posts, Govt. spending is
        6.6 trillion in FY 2015 (started Oct 1)



        Fed. Res. has added (stolen) $4.4 trillion, money given to banks…

        DOD pentagon stole 12.4 trillion…



        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Saint Lawrence

          Man do you have me down wrong!!!!!
          I am proud to be a productive beef farmer with a huge mortgage, near to zero return on my investment, and the disposable income equivalent to a church mouse!

          I actually do create something that is real, unlike the banks you are having a go at. I produce REAL wealth for the world, even if I don’t get rewarded for it. I don’t sell derivatives or futures or toxic loans or stuff I don’t own – I deal in tangibles – FOOD production actually – and your having a go at me!!!
          Much like many of the followers of USAWatchdog I am a victim of the global banking cabal that has its tentacles wrapped around virtually every aspect of our lives.
          HEY SL – Wake up dude! – read a few of my posts properly – you will find I’m actually on your side , and on the side of every other financial and social victim of this rotten system where ever they happen to live.

          Cheers and best wishes to you.

          • JC Davis

            Colin I can see now I have to start reading old postings. Hard WORK should see more rewards then Soft work.

          • Saint Lawrence

            The 99.9 percent get less, while (Colin NZ)
            the banks sit on mega bucks. Look at the American
            Govt. FRB auctions of 541 Billion during …
            Should be:
            The 99.9 percent get less and less,
            refer to Colin NZ posts on FRB,
            the banks continuously sit on

    • Collateral Damage


      You got it. The situation is that the junkie is still getting his ‘fix’. The patient can’t begin the road to recovery until he dries out completely and faces his problem honestly and head-on. Thus, our economy won’t recover until the true losses are realized and admitted to, and at that time, ‘all hel# will break loose’. We have to go ‘stone cold sober’ before the world can recover, and when we hit ‘stone cold sober’ we most likely will devolve to war.

      Sorry for the news, but that is the day it is.

      Love your family today. It is a precious gift WD. 🙂

    • Jim

      Hope not. Everyone in sw is part of the for real militia. The whole place is much like a fortress. They have never been invaded for good reason. Even grandma would wack a high value target. Like….. Hitler ! Invading leaders would not be safe anywhere in the world. Don’t think their people would take a light view of any vote rigging.

  18. Matt

    Goldman Sachs has it’s tenecals in the Shanghai Exchange and I expect the Swiss matter dead as well.

    • 2015

      That is true. The vatican has been pouring a great deal of gold into China. There are people talking about this. But they are rarely heard outside elite circles.

      Santo Spirito used communist Russia to push the U.S. into socialism (capitalism and communism–what Americans call a mixed economy) over the 20th century. Now they are using Russia and China to push you into a new global age. They use the East to push you in the direction they want you to go in.

  19. John Kiesler

    Dear Mister Hunter- Peace to you! Thank you so much for this informative interview about a matter which the Mainstreet-Corporate Media has totally ignored. In the light of past attempts to preserve the Petrodollar (some say Iraq WAR came after it wanted to go off dollar and Quaddafi in Libya was pushing for a gold backed dinar) I wonder what the response from Washington would be should this measure pass? There is no answer I am sure but it is interesting.
    In any case thank you for a very fine interview; you have a talent for bringing out the best in your guests. Peace and God bless you.

  20. Jeff

    The Swiss vote would be an “awakening” around the world……….. But, I fear history has shown us the powers that be will manipulate that also. There is very little honesty in mankind today.

  21. Jerry

    Are you seeing what’s happening?
    American investors are flocking to BC to buy RMB bonds yielding 2.85%. The last time I checked the dollar was yielding 2.3%. Its a no brainer what’s going to happen if this continues.

  22. John M.

    Greg, that was another great interview. Egon is simply one of the best and I’ve respected his fine analysis for a lot of years.
    I only wish I was allowed to cast a “Yes” vote in that Swiss referendum. I wish them the best and hope it is not sabotaged by voter theft and fraud.
    I also strongly believe that the physical gold has been flowing from West to East, and considerable stockpiles are likely to have been stolen and held by American and European banking elitists/globalists that have every intention of surviving the financial paper-currency collapse that is soon to be coming.
    Paper currencies always become worthless and eventually they lose the total confidence
    of the people. ALWAYS!!!

  23. Outlookingin

    Excellent interview with a very knowledgeable person. I beg to differ with Msr. von Greyerz on just one point; The market will not turn from bull to long term bear, without going through what Ludwig von Mises described as a “blow off” top.

    All we need to do is look at a recent example in Zimbabwe. Where EVERYONE who was in the market there ended up being a gazillionaire! Printing is the only course left open to the Fed as they have used every tool in their bag of tricks. And that means ultimately – hyperinflation of the currency supply. Ludwig von Mises said it best years ago;

    “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

    The Fed backed up by the US Treasury and Congress, voted six years ago for the later option. Now we wait for that catastrophic moment to arrive. Getting close.

  24. Ncdirtdigger

    Just where else is ‘money’ going to go? The Yuan, which is pegged to the dollar? The euro, which is supported by what? Until someone can match our military strength, all this talk of moving away from the dollar is just that, talk. Why not ask Saddam Hussein or Khadafi just how that whole moving away from the dollar works out for you? And dont tell me gold is the answer. T
    Gold can be controlled via futures and naked shorts and leasing because they can print up money to cover any and all losses.

    • Collateral Damage

      Sorry NC,

      You can’t defy ‘Economic Mother- Nature’ forever.

      Or as somebody smart once said, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

      Try jumping off a 5-story building and tell me where that gets you.

      Gravity is gravity, and math is math.

      That is the true justice of the world.


      • allen ols

        Ann Ryand quote.

  25. smaulgld

    The referendum would require the Swiss National Bank to repurchase 1500 tons that they sold over the past few years.

    The SNB says this would interfere with their ability to conduct monetary policy – no kidding! that is the point.

    Even if it passes, don’t expect gold to rise on Swiss purchases as you can bet other central banks will “lease” them the necessary gold

  26. Calgirl

    Seven minute interview: Ed Steer http://www.sprottmoney.com/sprott-money-weekly-wrap-up

    • JC Davis

      Thanks Calgirl. My question is how will the unregulated banksters ever stop? What can the rest of the world do. Or how long will they be ruled by a rigged system? Every time they start to pull away from there controller ( Dollar ) more dollars are printed. Everyone thinks this must end, yet none can explain how it will. Crazy world. Thanks again. JC

  27. Jerry

    Now why in the world would the government go and do a thing like this
    unless they were strapped for cash? These days, you don’t need a gun and a mask to be a good crook. All you need is a three piece suit. and a pen.

  28. CrazyCanuck

    Hi Greg
    This is what I expect needs to be answered well, should the people really get behind the gold initiative … ” Greg, won’t partially backing the Swiss currency with gold make it an obvious ‘safe haven’ as people flee the fiat currencies? Hence, will not this wave of demand cause it’s value to rise and in the current global currency war make it very difficult for Swiss businesses to thrive as their exports become so expensive ? Or, have I been drinking the Keynesian cool-aid dished by the MSM for too long?

    • Greg Hunter

      Weak currencies do not make strong countries.

  29. Solomon

    The posts of “Arizona” reads as those from a malicious troll. Have you reads his commentaries?

    • allen ols

      arizona, is actually spot on in his 3 posts, but I am not informed on all his other posts

    • Collateral Damage


      I completely agree with you. Greg, if AZ keeps on pumping out the loony juice, please consider placing future AZ posts in File 13. I have been reading your blog for some time now and have never seen anyone pumping out such concentrated odiferous hogwash. I think that folks from around the world come here to learn true insight into economic reality as we know it, not to wast time with petty trolls.

      Thank you for keeping our ‘streets safe’ for the true Watchdoggers and the children. 🙂


      • Greg Hunter

        I let it fly to see how you all would react. It was interesting to see the responses but I agree that I can’t let it get too crazy.

  30. Brad

    Now Von Greyers makes great sense without all the hype and salesmanship you see from so many other market prognosticators. I wish him and the “Yes” campaign in Switzerland every success, for this will ultimately be of benefit not only to the Swiss people but will show the way forward to other nations around the world.

  31. David Brown

    At present, China and Russia are the only countries that could implement a gold standard tomorrow with any credibility.
    I’m not saying it could occur without global chaos, but events are moving so quickly that even a legitimate Yes vote from Swiss citizens might be too late to be effectively implemented.

    I say that in light of the Fed’s move today and more importantly,
    Harvey Organ’s prediction for silver this December.

    This vote would set up Switzerland for increased interest from expats-in-waiting. You only hope their politicos don’t commit fraud.

    The more I listen to Egon von Greyerz and other foreign analysts describe our plight, the more I realize the US is toast, and will Never recover.

  32. Jeff

    Gold ETF’s (GLD) , silver investigations, weekly backwardation in gold, China gold bank/Comex, supply/demand for bullion. All were suppose to let the price find it’s real value…… I knew the GLD ETF’s were bad news even as everyone touted it would “release” the gold price thru demand. Didn’t happen did it ? All you had to do was look who was creating it. We all knew the silver investigations were a joke (except Harvey). Ditto backwardation (Harvey again, sorry). I appreciate Harvey and the rest of the sound money promoters. I’m in the same camp and been around as long as most of them……… I’m as bullish as any of them but have come to the conclusion gold will not be released until most everything crashes……The Swiss vote will most likely fail (by CB design) and if it passes will mean little unless “time is up”. That being the fall of this great country…………. Arizona is probably closer to the truth than he knows saying……… ” YOU GOT way bigger problems then your money “.

    • allen ols


      Arizona is probably closer to the truth than he knows saying……… ” YOU GOT way bigger problems then your money “.


    • Boid

      Jeff, yes but Airheadzona is just a paid schill trying to make us all look bad, like were all a bunch of end of the world as we know it wacko’s like him. But this paid wacko makes us look like deep state peep’s compared to hyme!

  33. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Hi Greg
    I tried twice today to post two links that show strong evidence that the MH17 flight was a shoot down by a Ukrainian air force jet and that it was yet another false flag event.
    On both occasions my post was blocked and apparently did’t even get to your site.
    Looks like they watch me way down under in lil old NZ as well!
    What a sad world we all live in today.
    Just to let you know Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is the first I have heard of this. I did not take them down or block them, that is for sure.

      • allen ols

        your site as well as the golden jackass went down for me for a few hrs. then back up.

  34. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Sorry Greg – more bad news! – see below link.
    I’m full of it today!
    It seems like it is around every corner and I don’t even need to look for it.

  35. Baron

    You should get Bix Weir on. It seems he was right all along with his Road to Roota theory and Greenspan.

  36. Don_in_Odessa

    And yet, here we are approaching 5 year highs. We have already broken out of it’s 3 year range. Looks like we are heading to $90 in the near term. Lipstick on the proverbial pig, it may be… Right now the US dollar is the safest game in town.

  37. Sambo

    Greg, Mr. Von Greyerz may have been born at night but it was just not last night. What a powerful interview with great insight and revelation of global monetary reform. I pray that the gold referendum passes with flying colors. What an impact I believe it will make for us all on a global system of sound money. I would take a strong currency and good economy any day with what the western world has been spreading the last few decades. Total monetary insanity and the whole world is beginning to realize it. Keep up the good work my man and as always fear not.Thanks


  38. JC Davis

    Greg. I don’t look at gold as a currency rather as a investment into insurance against inflation. As I see it we currently are in a state of world wide deflation because of money printing to prop up the velocity of the dollars use world wide. The printing will not stop as long as the world slaves will use it. So when will they stop using it? When a better system is put in its place. Then we that hold the dollar will see massive inflation. The fed said it will stop QE by the end of this month, and the dollar rally began in bonds. Next up will be a stimulus package. The printing will never end. Thanks Greg

    • JC Davis

      By the end of November the fed will stop QE.

  39. Baron

    Well we are all just three meals from revolution.

    There are only enough full-time jobs for 50% of the working-age population, and half of the full-time jobs pay under $35k per year. We have lost over 14 million full-time jobs while the overall population has grown by 17 million people in the last 8 years. It is impossible for 70% of the working-age population to earn enough income to survive.

    Of course they are trying to disarm the population. What else would they do, plan ahead, and care about someone else?

  40. allen ols


    Jim Sinclair’s 2008 Forecast – YouTube
    Video for greg hunter interviews Jim sinclair 2008► 3:16► 3:16
    Apr 1, 2012 – Uploaded by thevictoryreport1
    http://thevictoryreport.org/ Greg Hunter interviews an economically suspicious Jim Sinclair on CNN’s Your …

  41. dr. Who

    Dear Greg,

    In the Netherlands we saY: The Swiss has earned a lot of money during the war and YOU Americans has installed NAZI’s. So who is ….?




    You, as always , put together an important and timely show.
    I have about 6 or 7 news and interview sources and you at at the top of that list !
    May you and this site prosper and help more people to understand the perilous times we live in and that they might prepare for the economic firestorm just around the corner.
    The time is short———–very short…..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you New Mexican. What is your reason for saying time is short. Inside source or gut feeling? (I think you are correct either way.)

  43. Mozzie


    Greg—It would appear from this article that a “Yes” vote would have to be ratified by the Parliament. This is almost certainly will not happen according to this article which means this is dead!!!

    • Greg Hunter


      We shall see. Thank you for the comment and link!


  44. JC Davis

    Greg. I saw this stove on youtube. I thought the preps would like to see it.

  45. Jeff

    Here is another financial shot across the bow at Russia and China. I have been waiting for them to announce a cut-back in sales of rare earth minerals and platinum. Seem we are trying to get in front of it…… This technology does nothing for today’s needs. Our military/technologies need these rare earth metals. China controls 90+ % of them. Most interesting is how the CEO “framed” his comments directed at Russia and China. Also the timing is quite telling……….. [ CDTi Unveils Breakthrough Clean Air Technology

    OXNARD, Calif., Oct 30, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE via COMTEX) — Initial patents awarded for vehicle exhaust-cleaning technology

    Eliminates need for expensive platinum group and rare earth metals

    The new technology will power multiple catalytic product lines that the Company believes have the potential to be highly disruptive to the traditional platinum-based or rare earth-based device industry. This is the Company’s first public announcement regarding its Spinel technology, the development of which has been kept confidential until now.

    CEO Chris Harris commented, “Currently global OEMs spend billions of dollars annually on platinum group metals (PGMs) mined in South Africa and Russia, and hundreds of millions of dollars on Chinese-sourced rare earth metals ]

    • Collateral Damage


      Very salient point Sir! Excellent post.


  46. Mike

    Greg, One of the most salient points of this interview is the brief discussion about how prices are always set at the margin. Everybody is looking the “big thing” but miss that psychology and behavior is often changed on the incremental snowflake.

    • Greg Hunter

      That was very good point Egon made–I agree.

  47. wd

    Greg GDP reported a 3.5 growth rate….

    • Greg Hunter

      John Williams of Shadowstats.com the 3.5% growth rate is “Happy election eve numbers” and says it was boosted by “guessed at trade numbers and defense spending.” Williams says look for a downside revision.

      • wd

        Thank you for the response, when this was reported it was followed by the caveat “icreased defense spendin” I would imagine that missiles ranging for 500 to 1 mil dollars a piece add up.

        Thanks again.

  48. Peter

    One unanswered question is why China would bring about honest money based on a gold standard. It’s clear that they want to take control away from the Western mobsters, but it’s not clear at all that they would want to create a moral world, especially not for the longer term. Politicians are politicians and judging from what the Chinese government has done to its people, it’s hard to see why they would suddenly become the good guys by creating honest money that empowers the people, not politicians.

    • Mozzie

      Peter I see it as a Nuclear Deterrent but one that is Gold based and full of Financial destruction. Can you imagine the telephone call with Obama and China. You will do “x” Obama or we will disclose that we have bought Gold from the USA that belonged to the rest of the world which you were trusted to care for. Have a look in our vaults world press and count the bars. The golden rule is– “He who owns the Gold –rules”. The USA would be politically isolated and broke all in a day.—not a shot fired!!!!! You could decorate the walls with dollars because they would be cheaper than wallpaper.

    • woody188

      There you go, making sense. 🙂 They aren’t running an honest fiat exchange now. Don’t understand why so many think the Shanghai exchange will be run any different from today. It could be they only intend to collapse Western economies and then float their currency again long term. A strong RMB does them no good.

  49. sam

    Greg – Thanks for the article. FYI – Paypal is not allowing any money to be transferred to this cause. So much for the Land of the Free?

  50. Steve Starr

    this was just posted on the Turd Ferguson website:

    Egon von Greyerz, who is founder of Matterhorn Asset Management out of Switzerland reports:

    I have been involved in the Swiss Gold Initiative. The Swiss National Bank is opposing this initiative. They have admitted that it stops their ability to manipulate markets. The campaign is going well. The public has generously donated because of KWN and other sites. But that came to a stop two days ago when Paypal closed the account for donations and they froze the funds that were in that account without any warning.

    So unfortunately the campaign cannot receive some of those donations which were just frozen. Paypal will not even answer the questions we are asking them, but I assume the money will be returned to the donors. Clearly the powers that be did not want the campaign to receive this money. We will keep on fighting for this campaign because gold will always have an advantage over worthless printed pieces of paper that governments and central banks create at will in order to manipulate markets.



  51. Calgirl

    The Reinvention of Alan Greenspan
    Former chairman calls Fed balance sheet a tinder box, endorses private gold ownership

  52. Michael Harvey

    Your interviews are extremely addictive and what I enjoy most of all is the frankness and intelligence of your interviewees.
    Larry Edelson is a precious metals expert and he maintains there is no manipulation in the precious metals market . In the initial stages of my thinking I was prepared to go along with his view.
    Having listened to your guests my opinion has changed and I was compelled to write to Mr Edelson to express my views. Please see below my article.

    Dear Larry
    Gold: The Ultimate Store of Value?
    Larry Edelson | Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 7:30 am

    I refer to the above article and must respectfully disagree with your prognosis on Gold and the flight of capital from Europe for several reasons.
    Firstly: Europe cannot be allowed to fail and although I am firmly opposed to QE as is Germany there will come a time when the European Central Bank will have no option but to switch on the tap and resort to money printing.
    This will restore a false faith in the European system (albeit it will only benefit the elite) and thus bring money out of the $ dollar and back into Europe.
    Secondly: your article was written prior to the announcement that Japan had embarked on yet another lunatic round of QE and this has displaced gold according to the financial media.
    The BOJ gave the perfect signal for Central Banks to sell off paper derivatives to further depress the price of precious metals.
    You have continually maintained that there is no manipulation in the market

    Thirdly: the precious metals market is being manipulated by central banks and this is borne out by a number of expert’s i.e.
    Source USA Watchdog
    1. Rob Kirby
    2. Andy Hoffman
    3. Harvey Organ
    4. David Morgan
    5. Evon Von Greyerz
    6. 321 Gold.com
    7. Jim Rickards
    8. Bill Holter
    9. Paul Craig Roberts
    10. Michael Snyder
    11. John Embry
    12. Dr Jim Willie
    13. John Williams
    14. Keith Barron
    15. Charles Nenner
    I am not a financial expert; however, I do know that a debt implosion will happen in the future and the trigger for this will be the Swiss vote on 30th November when they vote to have at least 20% of the Swiss Franc backed by gold.
    This may take a while to work through but it will happen.
    The ‘Yes ‘vote will triumph as the Swiss are an astute nation. Excessive QE is putting all nations in jeopardy and Switzerland wants to be outside of all this nonsense and remind the world that Switzerland is once again the real safe haven for financial stability
    You have continually maintained that there is no manipulation in the market
    Larry I have great respect for your judgement, but I would rather believe that the 15 experts I have cited cannot all be wrong.

  53. Matt Lusk

    Fabulous interview, this is worth watching three or four times.

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