Dow Plunge, Bolton In, Facebook Folly

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 327 3.23.18)

The DOW took a cliff dive into a shallow pool and crashed more than 724 points. Some say it was because of the possibility of a new trade war.  Trump announced new tariffs against China.  Gregory Mannarino of says it’s not just trade war fears driving the market down.  It is also interest rate hikes by the new Fed Chairman, and the exploding federal deficit with the latest $1.3 trillion spending orgy getting ready for passage in Washington D.C.  Mannarino says, “This is going to go until we hit a wall, and that wall is getting closer every day.”

White House National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is going to resign. The “lame-stream” media got this wrong last week when it claimed McMaster was fired.   Now, Trump is going to replace McMaster with former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.  Bolton hates the Iran “no signature” nuclear deal, and it’s not a coincidence Trump’s incoming Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also dislikes this “no signature” deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program.

Facebook was gamed for 50 million user profiles by the GOP, and the liberal mainstream media and Democrats alike are all bent out of shape about this privacy breach. Of course, when Facebook was gamed for personal information by the Obama Campaign, it was not a problem.   Recently, it was revealed by a former Obama campaign official that Facebook was “on our side” in the 2012 election.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Dr. Dave Janda from “Operation Freedom” will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Janda uses his deep Washington D.C. sources to update us about what is going on behind the scenes in the D.C. swamp.

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  1. Paul ...

    You know … it seems to me that Trump puts people into powerful cabinet positions (Bolton and Pompeo) as a “negotiating tactic” … not so much that Trump agrees with Bolton and Pompeo to go to war with Iran and “nuke them” … but to put himself in a better negotiating position (by putting rabid warmongering neocon hawks on his team so as to exert “maximum pressure on Iran”) for a better deal … once he gets that better deal … both Bolton and Pompeo will likely get fired!!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Interesting theory Paul…I really sincerely do hope you are right.

      On three occasions now within the last week I have commented giving a warning about the rumored and then the actual appointment of the rabid warmongering lunatic Bolton and yet Greg has not posted one of them…apparently he is trying the ostrich approach and hoping that will work…well guess what as much as many of us would like this to go away it isn’t!

      Humanity sure as hell doesn’t need this appointment, especially with things the way they are in no fewer than three current global flashpoints. The doomsday clock has been hovering at 2 minutes to midnight…it just advanced to 1 minute or less!

      The claim that Trump got to be POTUS because of “divine intervention” is starting to look pretty ridiculous now from where I am standing.
      ….yes, yes, I know the stock standard reply… but, but, but, God works in mysterious ways.


      • William Stanley

        Colin: As an American, it seems to me that the “rabid warmongering lunatic” Bolton has at least one thing that can be said on his behalf: he’s way better than the “rabid-warmongering-lunatic-disloyal-anti-American” McMaster.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        Last time I checked China had four offshore military bases as against 800-1000 overseas US military bases and yet that terrible “Chinese aggression in the region” certainly must be addressed alright!

        The 51st state’s Defense Minister has just announced…

        ” 1,587 U.S. Marines will spend six months training in Australia’s remote north, an increase of nearly 27 percent on its 2017 rotation for the program known as the Force Posture Initiatives.

        Yeah right

        • Greg Hunter

          You would be speaking Japanese if it were not for America.

          • Silence is Golden

            The Criminal and Corrupted Policitical landscape forced America to be at War, unnecessarily killing Millions of young Americans. The Ruling class provoked the enemy through years of “Economic Warfare”.
            Look where we are now….Trade Wars and Sanctions are the tools of “Economic Warfare”.
            Does history teach us anything ?
            Apparently not.

            • Greg Hunter

              Where do you live?

          • Ray

            Please stop with the “You could be speaking Japanese if it weren’t for America” line.
            Look the bloody problem right in the eye son and, as Jesus Himself would, speak the truth that is abundantly clear to everyone across our planet……AMERICA IS A BULLY….A FINANCIALLY & MORALLY BANKRUPT WARMONGERING NATION, raining death and terror upon the nations of the Earth.
            Mate… call yourself a Christian….THEN BE ONE SIR.
            Please stop justifying the terrible behaviour of the nation you live in, because it is utterly hypocritical mate, and frankly, you are a better man than that.
            Col from NZ has nailed the issue… have taken a low road with your reply there mate……that is not the normal style for USAWATCHDOG.
            Yes….the US repelled Japanese aggressions in this part of the world 70 years ago, and of course we are thankful. However, that DOES NOT give America the right to treat this planet like it currently does, and if you cannot accept that basic fact, I respectfully recommend you spend less time doing what you do, and more time living a REAL Christian lifestyle (eternal love…..not looking the other way when the very opposite is promoted by your nation.)

            Disappointed mate.


            Ray, Canberra, Australia

            • Greg Hunter

              Well Ray,
              You may think he “nailed the issue” but I don’t. I hate when someone tells me there is a “deal” and it is really a total farce and fraud. If you are too fact resistant to see this then we will continue to disagree. And yes, YOU too would be speaking Japanese if America was not in the world. That is another fact. We are trying to fix this mess here in the USA. I think we can do it. Looks like you guy down under have some work to do too!! Didn’t Australia give millions to the Clinton foundation? Didn’t Australia send troops to the Middle East??? Doesn’t Australia print money out of thin air?? You let yourselves be disarmed by YOUR corrupt government, and you have the same corrupt problems on a bit of a smaller scale as America, but we still have the right to have our guns. You don’t and you have been duped. You may want to check into the $trillions of derivatives your country holds in its banks too. What in the heck are you doing about that???? or is Australia just perfect with it being run by corrupt thieves?? Nobody is perfect in this world, and I do live a Christian lifestyle. Heck I even offer a totally free site for people to bash my country and me. You are welcome.

              • Uncle Sam

                Waite a minute guys lets stop bashin each other. Were bud’s & mates even more than the mother country. Even though as big brother, mum’s taken a liken to US because were old enough to buy her, her beer and she knows she spoiled you guy’s ever since, because we left home in such a dust-up!
                P.S. Be glad yer not Canada eh, stuck to US at the hip!LOL!

              • Ray

                100% agree….
                Australia is under the spell….and under the yolk….as is the REST OF THE WORLD…..of a complete tyrant nation….the USA….who insists on running the world to it’s agenda no matter how much blood is spilled (or lies spoken)
                Guns…..wanna talk about them Greg? Good….me too.
                Stop hiding behind rubbish…..if you believe the 2nd amendment is to “provide The People a means to stand up against a tyrannical government”…..then you already have one sir….so pick up your gun.
                PICK IT UP and stop hassling my country.
                We have had ZERO mass shootings in our schools here…..just so you know.
                How many have you had?….and you still (not you….but your nation) sit by and claim your 2nd Amendment is there to help things along. PICK UP YOUR GUN THEN!!!!!!!!
                Your BASTARD GOVERNMENT, shadowy factions thereof, organises school shootings with regularity….so whose country is better?…..MINE IS….by a LONG CHALK. The longest chalk, in fact.
                Did you pick up your gun and fight as your 2nd Ammendment was designed for?…..Nup……didn’t think you would. None of you Americans do. It’s all a sham. The 2nd Amendment is wasted upon the USA, given what it was initially devised for.
                Your HEART is in the right place….I really like you Greg………but your BRAIN has been deluded on a number of levels.
                Jesus isn’t clapping you on mate, cheering in Heaven with God The Father, whilst you have no problem with your nation KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE across the globe so that US financial deceit and planetary hegemony can be maintained ……Jesus is disgusted…..GUARANTEED.
                I’m calling you out here mate.
                Yes, this is your site….your business which you built from scratch, and which you deserve credit.
                But you HAVE to face up to what America has become. FILTH.
                If you cannot see it…..dear man….you are UTTERLY, UTTERLY LOST.
                Again I say……be more Christian than American…..Jesus might say, “More Christian then Roman”.
                You cannot serve both….and therein lies your terrible situation.

                Ray, Canberra, Australia

                • Greg Hunter

                  You are calling me out– for what??? I run a free site. I am informing Americans about what is going on so we can clean up this mess. What are you doing??? Commenting here????? Can you make comments that are totally negative about Australia on a site in Australia?? I bet not. That means you got a huge problem, and you are glossing over it. Reading your comment proves you right, the world is “under a spell,” but it’s not from USA, it is from satan. You sir are a Marxist/communist, and have turned into the “useful idiot” described in “Rules for Radicals.” Saul Alinsky would be proud.
                  Bye Ray

                  By the way, you are out of line for calling my faith into question.

                  • Ray

                    You ain’t getting ANYWHERE NEAR HEAVEN whilst you believe America can slaughter humanity.
                    When the mushroom clouds appear over North Carolina…..remember one word…..KARMA.
                    As for your faith….you are faithless in the eyes of God, because you approve of what America is doing to His creation. Stop kidding yourself.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    There is a lot in America I disapprove of. Are you not reading this site or watching the videos? By the way, YOU are not the arbiter of who gets to God’s Kingdom.

              • Charles H

                Different points have different validities. America now IS a bully. It is not the America of our fathers or forefathers. America did graet exploits in the past: but that is the past. Living in the past is not good.

                • Greg Hunter

                  If China takes over the world do you think it will “bully” countries? It has a dictator for life. That’s no big deal to you??

                  • CD

                    Greg, a PLAGUE on ALL our houses…how many unborn are “legally” slaughtered in the good ole US of A. If you want this Nation to AGAIN be blessed by God, it wont be until this legal genocide is removed.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Abortion = murder and “innocent blood” at that.

                  • Charles H


                    Yeah, China is a big deal; they won’t be good masters; and they will bully. We have a parallax problem: I see from the outside-in; you see from the inside-out. America exported it’s manufacturing wealth. China has been building theirs. America has been alienating allies and opponents alike; while China is building economic and political relationships. I WISH America could go on to be what it was created for: but squandered the future through the FED and unavoidable top-heavy government The Biblical One-World Government MUST come into being: Scripture and God ordains this. It is not what I want – but I’m not going to kick against the pricks.

          • Robert Morrison

            You are a very intelligent guy. Bordering on Brilliant some times. Why do you continue to spout this kind of idiocy. WE goaded Japan into attacking us at Pearl Harbor, by instituting an oil blockade. They had no choice to attack, they needed to protect their oil supply or their country would have died. WE STARTED THAT WAR IN THE PACIFIC and if you pay attention and look closely, you will find that we are goading Putin the same way we goaded Japan by expanding into Eastern Europe!!!! If we had minded our own business in 1941, no one would now be speaking Japanese, except those living in Japan!!!!

            There are also 7 wars that we are now involved in! We can’t leave anyone alone! Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, and now Niger. We bomb these poor people with impunity in the name of the “war on terror”, and it’s all in reality none of our business. The only terror I see in this world is the godless USA.
            30 years United States Air Force
            “Visited” 140 countries
            6 wars
            1 Legion of Merit
            4 Meritorious Service medals
            2 Air Medals
            I add my qualifications because the last time I commented here you called me out for being a troll.

            • Greg Hunter

              You don’t start bombing the heck out of someone and murder people because you do not like their trade policies. Japan started the war and that is a historical fact. They were not forced to do anything.

      • Paul ...

        Col … I’m praying my theory is correct … it should be … if Trump really “is who he is”!!

      • Robert Lykens

        Easy for scoffers to sit back and take pot shots at those who carry the load, while contributing nothing themselves.

      • Chip

        I’ve been afraid of Bolton’s neocon comments on Fox News for years. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re going to war… Chip

        • Greg Hunter

          I have been saying this about who Bolton is replacing: So you are good with McMaster who was paid by Soros, China and Russia? He also could not use the terms “Islamic Terror” or Radical Islam”. McMaster also loved the total sham and fraud of the NO SIGNATURE Iran “deal” which was unenforceable. That’s the guy you prefer??? Not me. Did you ever think this may be a negotiation tactic as well. McMasters could not cut it.

          • Chip

            No Greg I’ve been calling for McMaster’s ouster from the get go. I’ve just watched John on Fox so often and been disappointed with his neoconish take on things. John is the least of our worries though. What really bothers me is that Trump did not veto the Omnibus Spending Bill yesterday after hinting he was considering it. Yes, he’s still better than hiLIARy no doubt. But I definitely feel like he caved without a fight and that is so unlike candidate Trump that I voted for… Chip

            • Greg Hunter

              Trump had good reason not to veto this bill. Stop getting all you news from FOX. They leave out a lot. (I like Hannity though.)

      • JC Davis

        Colin many of us don’t believe Trump was placed into office by divine power. We just don’t say anything when it is said.
        1.3 trillion spending just passed and the electric grid is still not going to be hardened. Sounds like a prescription for war on Americans.

        • Silence is Golden


      • Flattop

        Col; Sorry but I firmly believe it was ” Divine Intervention” And the next few years will see the US grow, Spiritually , morally, and financially. All caused by Divine Intervention.

      • Willie

        Colin, you are on the money… Bolton is trouble. People have short memories and the past repeats itself.

        • Greg Hunter

          So you are good with McMaster who was paid by Soros, China and Russia? He also could not use the terms “Islamic Terror” or Radical Islam”. McMaster also loved the total sham and fraud of the NO SIGNATURE Iran “deal” which was unenforceable. That’s the guy you prefer??? You got to be a paid troll from another country!!! Beat it.

      • Frederick

        Scary indeed Colin God help us all

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


        You will get your way now… nothing surer with Bolton’s appointment.
        And more than likely a major war with Iran as well. You can rejoice right along with the most rabid of Warhawks. Your insistence that the JCPOA needs to be scrapped because it wasn’t signed completely ignores the simple reality…SIGNED OR NOT…IT WAS WORKING! (This is Greg Hunter. You do not know if it was working. Military sites were totally off limits. That is a fact and Iranians were unwavering on this point. This was the hole point in this “NO SIGNATURE” deal. It is fraud and a LIE!!!)

        The Atomic Energy Agency has repeatedly confirmed that Iran was honoring the agreement and was in full compliance with all conditions. (Greg again. What conditions????? Totally unenforceable and if they did do any inspections, it was mandatory the IAEA gave a 24 day notice. Total crapola!!!!! and did I say a gigantic fraud?????? If it were so good they should have come out and announced the “wonderful deal” WITH NO SIGNATURES WITH IRAN, but they didn’t did they? That’s because they have all been bought off and the “deal” is total crapola!!!!!)

        By the way Col, (Yes Greg again) you can feel pretty smug because New Zealand is not on anybody’s target list. New Zealand is a very minor player in international affairs. Don’t get me wrong. New Zealand is a wonderful place but it is America at risk and not you. This is why you feel pretty smug and have no fear about deciding US fate when you and yours are safe and not a target.

        I cut the rest of the comment for space.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        PCR and Diana Johnstone weigh in too:

        “Now Trump has chosen as his national security advisor a man who personifies exactly what candidate Trump hinted he didn’t want: a man with the reputation of being the worst war hawk in Washington. John R. Bolton is not merely hostile to North Korea, or to Iran, or to Russia, but is exorbitantly hostile to them all. Bolton is the perfect national security advisor to get the United States into war against most of the world.”

        “Such ignorant arrogance should disqualify Bolton from any serious governmental position – except in Washington with its pathology of unlimited global hegemony. Bolton has as much understanding of the psychology of other peoples as a factory robot. He doesn’t want to understand them. His manly pose denies that people with different histories and different circumstances have a right to their own point of view. We are good and they are bad, we are right and they are wrong. This is an attitude copied from Superman comics, and fits the American illusion of possessing the might that defines right. This can only lead to disaster.”


        • Greg Hunter

          Neville Chamberlain was a really nice guy. Where did that get Britain? Dunkirk?? This could be a negotiation ploy. I think HR McMaster is as bad as it gets. McMaster was paid by Soros, China and Russia. He loved the fraud of the no signature deal with Iran. He could not use the term radical Islam or Islamic terrorist. I’ll take Bolton any day if the other choice is McMaster. Well you please stop ending every comment with that “sadly” crap!!!

          • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


            So let me get this straight then… that will be the “the fraud of the no signature deal with Iran” …the same one that has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be working and would almost certainly aid in “peace breaking out” in the ME if the US could only resist throwing a spanner in the works.

            Funny that you bring up the name “Dunkirk”… a word synonymous with disaster, because that’s exactly where the US is headed with these latest appointments.

            Your logic totally escapes me on this one.

            • Greg Hunter

              So you think Fraud is a good business plan??????? The Iran deal works for Iran and the fraudsters that cashed in. This is total fraud. Got that? IT DON”T WORK. “Your logic totally escapes me on this one.”

      • Mr. Byrd

        ‘The claim that Trump got to be POTUS because of “divine intervention” is starting to look pretty ridiculous now from where I am standing.’
        From where I am standing too! Let’s hope that Paul is correct in his analysis. However, I have grave doubts.

        • Paul ...

          Here is how I see it … if Trump is the real thing … and he wants to bring real peace to the Middle East … he needs to use a stick and carrot approach to get things moving … Bolton and Pompeo make awful nice sticks to get Iran’s attention (and at the same time they are a carrot for Israel) … so in one stroke Trump makes both Israel and Iran “more flexible” to Trumps suggestions … I have absolutely no idea as to how exactly this “new and better deal” Trump is seeking will work … but it should contain a few critical elements … like perhaps Iran agreeing to accept Israel’s existence in return for Israel accepting a free and independent Palestinian State and making a full withdrawal from all the occupied territories … Trump may have to persuade Syria to make the Golan Heights “a militarily neutral territory” to appease Israel … while he persuades the Saudi’s to make Yemen “a militarily neutral territory” to appease Iran … but somehow … someway … this continual slaughter of innocent women and children that has been going on for far too long in the Middle East must come to an end!!

          • tin foil hat

            Paul …
            Great commnet!!

  2. Staford T. Bugle

    This truly is a testament to the courage, kindness and indomitable spirit of the British people in one of our darkest times. At times it is almost banal in it’s chronicle but it grows on you, and by the end you mysteriously care about this winning family and their friends.

    “There’ll always be wars, as long as men are such fools as to want to go to them”
    Dean Martin, Carroll O’Conner, Orson Wells, Stanley Holloway

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    I ,and many other “deplorables”,look forward to the first imprisonment of a “swamper”,then we shall see an avalanche of verity.
    Here in the UK the lack of verity is necessary to “get ahead”in your job,from medicines to accounting lies is the established route.Shamefully,even our royal family,how amusing,are eyeballs deep in the corruption that is our public life.Mr Trump must be howling with laughter at the carry on at the royal family and household,no wonder the queen looks like a shocked Bambi.
    Our elected official are never far from the corruption of money,whilst illicit affairs make us smile the money is never far away.
    Unsurprisingly Mr Mueller whilst not squeezing into a frock had four men imprisoned in the 1960s who were innocent and cost the USA taxpayer $100Millions in compensation and now he “investigates”an inconvenient president,indeed!
    We all want America and Americans to flee debt and return to the shining light on the hill,if not the sclerosis of Japan will be your model.

  4. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, At the 7:20 mark when you start moving your hands and saying, “There’s a lot of yin and yang and it’s very complicated.” I just cracked up. It so reminded me of the scene in the limo with The Dude explaining how complicated the case was with “The Big Lebowski.” Thanks for the laugh.
    I always enjoy your reports.
    I’ll watch the rest of the video and hope that you come out against Trump adding the war mongering neocon, John Bolton, as National Security Advisor.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Impressive!

  6. Jeff Green

    Can you believe this Greg? Left wing insane Portland, Maine thinks they can hire non citizens to be cops?!!! What is happening? It was the lead story for only a few hours then I think they tried to bury it on their website, probably after backlash. Hopefully you think this is as insane as I do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Criminals one and all that are pushing this in state government.

      • Jeff Green

        Thanks Greg. I knew you’d think this was outrageous. Illegal immigrant cops. What a world. Apparently this is happening all over america. Not sure of figures but 1 is way too many. Illegals arresting citizens.

        I’ve never heard it discussed before yesterday and I consume a lot of alternative media.

        Looking forward to the sunday release as usual!

    • Silence is Golden

      The Left and Right, the Red and Blue, the Right and Wrong……are different shades of the same beast.
      America needs external enemies so that she can be at War with herself internally.
      Middle East, Afghanistan, Russia, China, NK…..!
      Forces opposing each other, create the necessary friction internally…with ulterior motives.
      That is how the factions are destroying the country. City by City….State by State we will witness the unwinding of social order because the system has been corrupted through power, control, religion and money.
      Put everything into context…overlay it with the Political framework….things become inherently clearer.
      America is at War with herself. A masterpiece of work conjured up by the Unelected Rulers ….those that wish to remain anonymous, who truly are the Government….operating in plain sight…under the veil of secrecy,lies and deceit.

      • William Stanley

        Silence is Golden: I think you have gotten the main issue nailed: America is at war internally: good against evil; and peace is not an option. No doubt, Bolton understands that. He has chosen sides as, perhaps soon, we will all have to.

  7. Russ McMeans

    Great news wrap up Greg. Listening to local money & wealth management guy out of Reno, Nevada – John Sanchez thinks stocks will rebound ( for now) and its a buy opportunity. The Chinese are only hitting us back with 60 billion in tariffs. Trump is prying open a meaningful dialogue now, unlike our whimpy past presidents. Food for thought. But he better veto this pig pie of a spending bill or we’re doomed. The Republicans are spending like drunk Democrats now!

    • William Stanley

      Russ McMeans: We must both listen to KKOH.
      I also listened to Mr. Sanchez last evening. My take is that he he is paying insufficient attention to America’s political crisis.
      Later last evening, KKOH aired the John Batchelor show; Professor Michael Viahos of Johns Hopkins University was his guest and they discussed the likelihood that the deep state is plotting a coup d’etat. IMO they made their case. Thus, I’m thinking that the appointment of John Bolton is even more about internal threats than external threats. As you say, food for thought. Here is a link; however you will not be able to click on it and get there; you will have to copy the link into your browser and go from there.

      • William Stanley

        Russ: Sorry. It looks like you will be able to click on the link and get there.

  8. Russ McMeans

    I wish you could occasionally show up on Laura Ingraham’ Fox News show and peddle your interviews, but you’re website would blow up and all that tv makeup prep would suck!

    • Greg Hunter

      I know for a fact many on the MSM including FOX watch what I do. They would never have me on because they could not control me. This is why I was pushed out of the Network/MSM club. Not for what I got wrong but for what I got right and w2as willing to say it on the air. I love my little USAW enterprise and be happy right here. Thank you for your kind words and support.

  9. Leon

    John Bolton ?
    I have a plan in place in the event that John Bolton
    was put into this position Bolton is an insane neo-con.
    Nikki Haley also certifiable, I don’t know how far into
    the southern hemisphere I will get with my family to
    avoid nuclear winter but, I certainly intend to make a
    intense effort.

    • Greg Hunter

      Have a nice trip.

    • Zoe Matrimony

      I don’t know how far into
      the southern hemisphere I will get with my family to
      avoid nuclear winter, but I certainly intend to make a
      intense effort.
      1959 On the Beach movie: classic scene about background radiation levels
      At the Beach
      A strange mixture of him being completely in denial, talking about how his son will grow up, and her being realistic and filled with sorrow over their impending deaths and how she’ll never get to make her dream come true.
      Although a very depressing movie, if you want AN APRRECIATION FOR LIFE watch this movie……and yes Gregory Peck, just wonderful ♥
      On The Beach (1959) – The doomed love affair between, the Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner characters, begins in this scene accompanied by a stirring rendition of Waltzing Matilda. Probably the most stirring love scene to ever come out of Hollywood, via Melbourne.

      New Living Translation
      Prophecy and speaking in unknown languages and special knowledge will become useless. But love will last forever!
      1 Corinthians 13:8

      Better keep going on down to Antarctica, Earth’s southernmost continent, containing the geographic South Pole. It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere, almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.
      You’ll get an A for effort And a star.
      Follow the southern cross.
      Don’t forget a jacket. . .

  10. Paul ...

    As for the traitors to our Constitution like Apple, Facebook and Google who violate the 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments of our Constitution to mine US citizens personal data and pass it along to the NSA and CIA spy agencies … are doing “illegal un-Constitutional spying” … and have adopted the exact same methods, procedures and tactics of the Nazi SS spy organization (known as the STASI) … they all know what they are doing “is morally and Constitutionally wrong” … their spy systems were created to spy on our enemies outside the US … but instead these spy systems have been turned around and used against the American people like “we” are “the enemy” and they now have 30,000 drones within the continental US to “take out” US citizens without any trial or chance to legally defend themselves in a court of law … they know full well that violating the Constitution is an Act of Treason … yet they continue doing what they are doing out of greed and lust for power … as selling this data is very lucrative to the corporations … and the Agencies (NSA and CIA) do it to extend their un-Constitutional power even further … where they can now currently formulate US foreign policy and create wars (using ISIS for example) … one person who was in the military and inside the NSA for 30 years is speaking out (William Binney) … but why are the rest of the people working in the NSA and CIA silent? … it is treason not to protect the Constitution of our “land of the free” and “home of the brave” … now we have neither … what these evil immoral cowards have given us instead are “bugged” homes in a land of the “fee” (traitors that they are)!!!

    • Paul ...

      As for the “spy stocks” taking a dive … the globalists want us to think it is due to Trump’s tariffs … this is “fake news” … people are closing their Facebook accounts in droves … the globalists are living in a delusion … their Utopian Dream … of a “Hive World” where individuals have no Constitutional Rights and Nation’s dissolve away and have no borders is beginning to unravel … the globalists wanted us to think of ourselves as “expendable worker bees” in their Global Hive … where the “Village” only mattered (as Hillary proclaimed) … they wanted us to think of ourselves not as “individuals with an immortal soul” … but as a soul-less member of a “Collective” in their New World Order Communist Dictatorship … and the people who proclaimed that “individuals do have immortal souls” had to be eliminated … so Christians that believed such nonsense had to be converted into atheists or simply be killed and be-headed … Christians in every country of the world had to be destroyed … so that only “one collective soul could exist” … Satan himself!!
      Hey Satan … we have your number be it 666 or 9-11 … and you and your globalist Demon-rats are toast in our world … go ahead … try to use greed and the lust for power on us Christians … you will be surprised how we can resist your fiat, crypto and stock market temptations (just like Jesus rejected you in the Garden) … you are “not of this world” … leave Demon now! … I don’t want to watch your face on my TV anymore “playing the good guy” … and take your evil degenerate Hollywood pedophile Demons who create these shows “depicting hate and gun violence as normal” along with you!!

      • Paul ...

        PS: And one more thing Satan … don’t leave Gina behind when you leave!!!

  11. Bob the Blessed

    I know some of your sources have told you Mueller has rolled, but his subpoenaing records of Trump’s companies contradicts this. He’s like the out of control terminator who hasn’t found anything on Trump and so keeps on digging for dirt until he finds something, even if he needs to contrive something. I’m completely fine with Trump firing Mueller as Sessions already should have.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Janda this Sunday.

      • Zoe Matrimony

        The man from the liberal with your money not their’s, leftest ground ZERO of Ann Arbor, of green gables ………………..

    • tin foil hat

      Bob the Blessed,
      I believe Mueller is the out of control terminator who has already found the dirts on Trump.
      The deep state knew the spending bill will get passed with no resistance whatsoever. Hence, the corrupted media didn’t even bother to drum up the “government shutdown” fear porn in advance. Trump probably cooperated with the deep state to avoid impeachment.

      Plan Parenthood received $500 M and $1,600 M was allocated to border security?????

  12. Del Carter

    Mannarino said “it’s going to hit the wall”?
    That will be a fender bender compared to what will happen
    when China convinces the Saudi’s to accept “petro Yuan” in
    exchange for oil. Please look at the attached link to this well
    written explanation. March 26th is Monday. Fasten your seat
    belts and make sure the chin strap on your helmet is tight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Petro Yuan is dollar negative, no doubt. You ok with hitching your wagon to a currency that just installed a dictator for life that gives its citizens zero rights? I would not count out the USD or America. Your points are well made and well taken though.

      • Diane

        Greg Hunter is my favorite guest on his USA Watchdog.
        We are so Blessed to have this integrous, nice man giving us truth and hope every Friday.
        Patriots, please support Greg Hunter. Donate what you can afford to USAW. Do not donate to political parties and politicians.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Diane. I am just trying to keep people informed.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, yes, that is the primary reason I became a Watchdogger originally, but you give also much hope to many, and I begin to be persuaded that this is the greater achievement. Many thanks and best always. PM

            • Greg Hunter

              Never give up Paul.

        • Twox2

          …and his critics need to get off their know-it-all high horses, stop their ad hominem attacks and engage in civil debate. The internet has become a refuge for the angry and the profane…and neither has any constructive role on Greg’s website.

      • Charles H

        The idea of having a dictator for life probably doesn’t make a dent in the perception of instigating a currency which actually is backed by value, and fairer dealings cross the board. NATO is in trouble Turkey is turning East; so will Germany becuse of all the sanctions. America is going to be marginalized for it’s profligate ways.

        • Greg Hunter

          Never give up. If the rule of law is restored much good can happen in a short amount of time.

          • Charles H


            Giving up is not in my make-up. I too desire the Rule of Law restored. I will have to see to believe. Thanks, Greg.

    • JC Davis

      Del Carter Thanks for the link.
      This Petroyuan trading could cause gold to double in a short time.
      As far as being the death blow to the dollar, who knows.

  13. Jerry

    We are already past the point of return in this country. All the trariff is , is a shock absorber to lessen the blow when we hit bottom. This is the wall. Not interest rates.

    Watch what happens to the stock market when dollars dumped in the market begin to find their way home. The Exchange Stabilation Fund may be able to mop up treasuries that are sold off, but they can’t force countries to use them for trade if there is another alternative.

    Make no mistake, this is not a normal trade war. China has built an alliance of countries ( over 85 ) who are ready to jump ship from the petrodollar given the opportunity. So much so that China is letting investors by petrolium without having to pay taxes, and has opened the PBOC to secure loans to investors to the tune of 28 trillion dollars. Can it be more clear? China is playing for all the marbles.

    No one can predict a date for collapse. Lord knows many have including myself, only to be proven wrong. But this is different. The countdown begins Monday.

    • Jerry

      Here is a small sample of the Alliance that the United States is up against.

      Click on a region to show membership and voting block. China has taken the time to build a very solid base of countries who are ready and willing to exit the petrodollar given the opportunity. I hope Donald Trump is bluffing with his tariff talk. If not, this could be over very quickly. I defy anyone to explain to me why any country would continue to use a commodity (like oil) that is backed with nothing but debt, as a trade instrument when China is preparing to use gold.

      • bill

        Enjoy Gregs guests and commentary but its ready peoples posts or replies that gives me reassurance others are paying attention to china’s growth and putting the pieces of the puzzle together over time and quietly .Only silently because the msm does not educate the public they just “program” them into good little sheep with visions of evil and pursuit of things bought with debt.Im all for america and work for the govt but not going to cheer for the dollar or think that it will be just a few years of hard times after AIIB members send there dollars back to USA.26th will be another nail in the dollars coffin and china doesn’t need to fill wal mart with its goods when they can loan money to countries to build there infrastructure and bring them into a better or modern way of life with belt and road online they have new consumers and a greater chance of becoming the worlds reserve currencyKeep prepping before you cant afford products from other countries as we’ve shipped out most of the producers of our goods to cheap labor.Federal reserve serves its masters for the good of profit and like a parasite it slowly drained its host”USA”.. Keep up the great work greg and get mannarino on again you 2 are good conversationalists and infos awesome.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is dollar negative but the USA is headed for the top oil producer in 2023. China has little oil compared to the US. We are headed for rough times but a reset has been in the cards for a long time. Happy Trump will be at the helm and not Hillary.

      • Jerry

        I sincerely hope you’re right. But over the years I have lost faith in our politicians ability to solve any problems. Once again Congress kicked the can down the road by raising the debt ceiling just enough to get us by until September. Its clear they don’t have a plan and all Donald Trump can do is buy us more time by borrowing more money . But for how long? Once we loose reserve currency status with the death of the petrodollar our credit card will be cut in half.

  14. Tad

    The Republicans have already lost the midterms, and its mostly immigration-related. I would say 95 percent correlation.

    Since little distinction exists between the definition of a Republican versus Democrat. . . .

    Trump’s 2020 prospects look dimmer as each day passes, and the Dems know it.

    This budget looks gold positive, like no other.

    • Greg Hunter

      Read: All is not lost and there is lots of game left.

      • Tad

        I hope you’re right. I’ll read the article. Perhaps Mr. Trump has something up the ol’ sleeve.
        The collapse may occur sooner, thus obviating the need for massive spending.

        Will look forward to Dr. Janda interview.

        • Greg Hunter

          Think big picture. Nothing really good happens for America unless Trump gets rid of the criminals. That’s what is going down now.

      • Tad

        Would Obama be connected to a certain $21 trillion shortfall as described by Catherine Austin Fitts and Mark Skidmore?

        • Greg Hunter

          How could they not be?

          • Tad

            If one is to believe in the president’s discretionary power as articulated in Reddit article, Mr. Trump would seem to have sole power in directing funds under an omnibus bill.

            Perhaps I’ve misinterpreted it or the writer is lying, except when Bummer was president.

            Again, look forward to tomorrow’s interview.

            • Greg Hunter

              The budget is $1.3 trillion. I can’t send it all the way he wants but some. Remember Obama Phones??? Did Congress authorize this? No!

      • Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

        Wow Greg,
        I think you got it! I believe this to be correct as trump said in his talk today construction will start on the the wall tomorrow, in spite of what all the pundits say it does find the wall. Excellent post. Thanks for the info.
        Congress can’t impede when he uses the $80b for National Security + US Army Corps of Engineers to build wall. They don’t make Fix-a-fences… nor can this bill prevent any walls constructed under US military for National Security. He played this Omnibus just like Obama but for good, not evil.
        During the press conference it stood out to me when he emphatically said border security is part of our national defense. I think he just got the funding for the Wall
        Did you notice. Seemed intentional.
        And when will we learn, Trump never tweets anything he doesn’t already have the answer to. “Got 1.6 billion for the wall, rest will be forthcoming.”
        That’s what I have been telling people all day today. I am glad you all are finally starting to listen.
        Soooo… let’s try this here and see if it gains traction: Omnibus contains funding for tribunals.

        $304 million dollars for the safe houses, uparmored convoys, and secure communications for witnesses. $304 MILLION DOLLARS is not a small amount and where in US history has something like this ever been done before?
        Mentions title 5 ss 3109. Title 5 ss 3109 mentions senior executive service by name.
        So this, lead to this

        “Is this referring to a ‘Budget’.

        This is Not A Budget! This is an Omnibus Spending Bill…which is different.

        The President is directed by the Constitution to adhere to a Budget that Congress approves. A ‘spending bill’ is not the same as the Federal Budget.

        Ozero spent, or didn’t spend, the money from all those Omnibus Spending Bills, on whatever he wanted to. And Congress didn’t do a thing about it!

        What happened to all those “shovel ready jobs”? What happened to the “Infrastructure” that Congress appropriated money for? Ozero didn’t spend the money on those things, did he.

        He also spent money on things that weren’t appropriated…like all that SWAT Gear and Ammo for all those govt agencies that aren’t supposed to armed like military forces.

        Ozero was never bound by a Budget…because Congress never passed one during his 8 years! That’s why he was able to spend money on whatever he wanted to. Or… not spend money on things he didn’t want to see funded.

        And Congress didn’t do a thing about it.”

        then quote from gunny

        “Ah, he did not exactly lose…The law is not a complete refusal to not allow the President to not spend.. As per below:

        The law does give an administration leeway to defer spending available funds, but for limited amounts of time, depending on the program. Some observers expect Trump officials to rely heavily on such deferrals.

        Still, a president seeking to spend less will find plenty of room to maneuver in the language used in an authorization or appropriations bill, budget experts said. One Senate aide predicted that lawmakers will pay extra attention to whether a bill uses words such as “may,” “should” or “shall” — each of which gives an administration different degrees of flexibility in terms of how money is spent.

        The executive branch also “can slow walk things. It can propose reprogramming. It can propose all sorts of things it can do that won’t provoke a legal crisis,” the Senate aide added.”

        Barry NEVER had a budget in 8 yrs…but spent $$$$ like a madman

        What’s good for the goose….

        Its the omnibus stupid! The implications here spell disaster for the deep state and good riddance!

        Of course Trump knows and knew it all along.
        Stable genius!!!


        The only problem is that all of those voting Republicans are not aware of this. They think they have been betrayed and they are the ones who will send him the team he needs, or not. So, we should work on getting the word out for sure, although I think it will hit the fan left and right soon enough.

      • Chip

        That’s an interesting thesis Greg. We’ll see what Trump does with it. Hope you’re right… Chip

  15. Tad

    The only budget leverage I can see Mr. Trump having is announced federal indictments against the headline-garnering suspects.
    Consider possible indictments against Ryan, Pelosi, McConnell, and Schumer? Probably unlikely, considering all 535 members are guilty of at least one felony.

    I’m probably inaccurate, but one of few moves to save the country is for Mr. Trump to not sign the bill. Then the chips will fall or negotiations will ensue.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s coming. Dr. Dave Janda this Sunday.

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up.

    On the topic of YouTube — the format of the video on the webpage is the YouTube format which does not allow picture in picture, at least not with my iPad Pro using the Firefox browser. I used PiP a lot with your previous videos and its not being acvailable on YouTube is one reason I rarely watch YT videos. I realize I only get one vote and it’s totally your call, but if you could go back to your previous software it would be good for me. Don’t know about anyone else, just me.

    Thanks again.

  17. Jodyp

    Any deal that puts a s_ _t eatin’ grin on the faces of pelosi,schumer,McConnel,ryan…IS A BAD DEAL!!! PERIOD!!! Veto now!

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Comey now is allowed to print a book of lies about his role in the Clinton election fraud scandal(s); only in America. He belongs in jail along with his buddies in crime Hillary and company. So, evidently, his book is about exonerating himself while making him a rich retirement. I am hoping he spends that money on candy and cigarettes behind a federal prison wall, but knowing his cover from the Clinton’s & Obama I won’t hold my breath. Muller, on the other hand, needs to come forward and come clean and stop his witch hunt before it totally shows clear evidence that he is just a high paid Democratic troll of less than impeccable moral character.

    • Greg Hunter

      Had the same question for Dr. Dave Janda on the “Early Sunday Release” watch it. You will smile.

  19. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Bolton is going to put pressure on N. Korea before the summit & on the Iran “deal” after the Korean deal has been taken has taken fruition. Over my life I have worked with many contracts & I have never seen a “deal” made nor money given over without the agreement/contract being signed by the parties thereto. You can’t make this stuff up, can you give me any explanation as to why the Iran Agreement wasn’t signed? There must have been some type of covert rational reason as not even the Kerry/Obama State Department could be that stupid. What say you?

  20. Russ

    BTW, one story you didn’t mention is that pockets of California are rebelling against Sacramento…
    “More California Cities Seek To Defy Sanctuary City Laws Los Alamitos Rebellion”

    IMO it is worth watching where this leads.

  21. Roger D

    Bolton is just another war-mongering CFR Neocon in The White House. The Swamp is full again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Roger D,
      So you are good with McMaster who was paid by Soros, China and Russia? He also could not use the terms “Islamic Terror” or Radical Islam”. McMaster also loved the total sham and fraud of the NO SIGNATURE Iran “deal” which was unenforceable. That’s the guy you prefer??? Not me.

      • Roger D

        My comment pertained to Bolton. Is the argument that ‘It could be worse’ make this war-mongering CFR swamp creature acceptable for White House National Security Advisor?

        • Greg Hunter

          Roger D,
          So you like the guy who worked for Soros, china and Russia and could not say Radical Islam? He sounds like a sellout to me. I’ll take Bolton at least he’s not a sellout.

          • Ray

            Greg is right….there is such a thing as Radical Islam.
            There is also such a thing as Radical Americanism…….exhibit A: The military and financial jackboot on the throat of the planet.
            But let’s not talk too much about that, lest we stray into forbidden waters at this website.
            Blessings with Greg……a decent man caught between God and America.

  22. Russ

    Also… Eric King at KWN has reposted the Richard Russell piece fvrom years back and following the 700+ pt drop in the DOW yesterday, I s’pose it was a good time to post it again.

    RR has passed now, but his words remain valid. It’s a good read.
    “Dow Plunges More Than 700 As One Of Richard Russell’s Last And Most Remarkable Predictions Is Now Unfolding”

    • Russ

      Snip …”the most precious commodity on this earth, the most precious commodity that anyone can have, is peace of mind. The antithesis of peace of mind is fear. Fear is the curse of mankind. Man’s greatest task on earth is to equalize or get rid of fear. The path to getting rid of fear is learning to love yourself.

      Words from Emmet Fox’s Sermon on the Mount: The old saying, “God has a plan for every man, and he has one for you,” is quite correct. God has glorious and wonderful plans for every one of us. He has planned a splendid career, full of interest, life and joy, for each, and if our lives are dull, or restricted, or squalid, that is not his fault, but ours.” …

      As Greg always says, Fear Not… those aren’t just words for a closing, it should be a way of life.

  23. iwitness02

    In some ways this is all very simple for me. I believe that Trumps’ enemies are my enemies. Anybody that helps Trump is helping me. Anybody trying to harm POTUS is at the same time, trying to harm me. I like knowing who my enemies are. Trump has really brought all enemies out into the daylight. Thank you President Trump.
    Thank you, Greg, I always enjoy the weekly wrap ups.
    It is hard to be patient, but hope is growing stronger as time goes on. MAGA!

  24. Jodyp

    This bad-bill-deal interpreted…Were preparing for war.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is some more analysis and I think they got this correct!!

      • Jodyp

        This did put a smile on my face! Thanks! But I still believe we are prepping for the big one with this large a military budget.

        • Greg Hunter

          Readd and you will understand why trump signed this. Think long game and bigger agenda. Drain the swamp–remember?

          • Chip

            Another interesting thesis. I think I’ll go buy some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show… Chip

            Thanks for the hope Greg.

      • Jodyp

        Ok , I’m grinnin now!

        • Jodyp

          I’m sure you saw from Reddit comments,though an unverified source, that the US Corps of Engineers could legally build the wall under the military funds. Now that would be sweet. Your thoughts, Greg ?

          • Greg Hunter

            this is the kind of crap Obama did for 8 years but instead of evil the $ can be spent for “We the People.” Trump can’t spend all of it but we are talking about $1.3 trillion and there’s a lot of pork in this spending bill for trump to chew on.

  25. Sayonara

    Greg :
    I think you should do segment on how Big Tech and Multi-National Corporations are using its users information and platforms to manipulate and direct it’s leader’s tyranical authoritarian ideology.

    How dare Facebook/Google censor conservatives and advance socialist ideologies.
    How dare YouTube ban instructional firearm videos.
    How dare Dick’s sporting goods ban the sale of socially unacceptable (but legal) firearms and decide who they will sell firearm products to.
    How dare Citibank ban customers that are in the firearms business.
    How dare major media corporations redicule conservatives and promote leftist ideology as it is real news.

    We are now living in vary scary times and losing our constitutional rights illegally at an accelerating rate daily.
    I would you like to create BOLD link on your site that lists the corporations that are discriminating against our rights so we Watch Doggers can boycott them and not do business with. I also believe that such link would go viral and attract many new like-minded viewers.

    Keep up the great work and thank you as always!

  26. Willie

    Greg, check out GAB, Bitchute, Steemit & DTube… Get a move on!

  27. Independent

    Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends by Peter Schweizer

    From the New York Times bestselling author of Clinton Cash comes an explosive new political expose!

    Peter Schweizer has been fighting corruption—and winning—for years. In Throw Them All Out, he exposed insider trading by members of Congress, leading to the passage of the STOCK Act. In Extortion, he uncovered how politicians use mafia-like tactics to enrich themselves. And in Clinton Cash, he revealed the Clintons’ massive money machine and sparked an FBI investigation.

    Now he explains how a new corruption has taken hold, involving larger sums of money than ever before. Stuffing tens of thousands of dollars into a freezer has morphed into multibillion-dollar equity deals done in the dark corners of the world.

    An American bank opening in China would be prohibited by US law from hiring a slew of family members of top Chinese politicians. However, a Chinese bank opening in America can hire anyone it wants. It can even invite the friends and families of American politicians to invest in can’t-lose deals.

    President Donald Trump’s children have made front pages across the world for their dicey transactions. However, the media has barely looked into questionable deals made by those close to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Mitch McConnell, and lesser-known politicians who have been in the game longer.

    In many parts of the world, the children of powerful political figures go into business and profit handsomely, not necessarily because they are good at it, but because people want to curry favor with their influential parents. This is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States. But for relatives of some prominent political families, we may already be talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.

    Deeply researched and packed with shocking revelations, Secret Empires identifies public servants who cannot be trusted and provides a path toward a more accountable government.

  28. Cranston Devereaux

    The Deep State Is in Deep Trouble
    Why would some “concerned citizen” suddenly leak information to ABC that Jeff Sessions was under investigation for perjuring himself (about Russia, of course) during his confirmation hearing now almost a year behind us?

  29. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you for the mention Greg. Hi everyone!

    • Greg Hunter

      You called that on Gregory, and the follow through was murder on the markets. More than 1100 points in just two days!!!!! I know you are worried. Thanks for the analysis this week and almost every week!!

  30. Roger D

    Five hundred million taxpayer dollars for Planned Parenthood. If Trump is God-sent, then why is Satan smiling?

  31. Mark Maples

    I voted for Trump, have always voted Repub/libertarian.

    The party lost me today. The 1.3 t dollar bill gives all Dem issues funding. The only thing Trump got is military spending but when our previous annual spending on military is greater than the entire Russian GDP, the “I had no choice have to keep us safe” line comes up short.

    For the first time in my life I will vote straight ticket against Republicans. Perhaps if marginalized for a generation or two someone with courage and conviction will rise from the ashes.

    Shame on you Mr President, Hiuse Speaker Ryan, and Senate majority leader McConnell. I didn’t think it was possible but you completely lost an engaged conservative voter today

    • Greg Hunter

      Please watch the Dr. Dave interview this Sunday. You did not think this would get fixed in a year did you? Let’s all put on our big boy pants and suck it up and NOT GIVE UP. That’s what evil wants you know. Meanwhile read the information in the link below. It is correct and looks like Trump played Congress. H.
      Not so fast. I think Trump has played Congress. You ever wonder why Congress NEVER passed a budget under the Obama Administration? So he could spend a lot of money any way he wanted? This Trump can do the same with yet another Omnibus Spending Bill that is NOT a budget???

      • Mark Maples


        An old saying I have always thought was wise: “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof”

        I would be thrilled if Trump had some master plan but for now I will deal in the realities that have actually happened:

        Never ending wars? Check

        Increasing the debt? Check

        Rouge alphabet agencies and the Clinton crime cartel running with impunity? Check

        Tax breaks for corporate America and a pittance for the bottom 80pct? Check

        Increasing the size of the federal government through funding increases for sanctuary cities, planned parenthood, and the MIC? Check

        Assults on the 2nd amendment? Check

        Big boy pants? I have more proof based on Trumps word and deed that he sold out his base, then you do that he has some unforeseen master plan.

        I worship our lord in faith, and that is where benefit of the doubt begins and ends on faith.

        Everyone else I will look at through actions and deeds.

        He could have vetoed that budget Greg. How is approving part of some noble master plan?

        • Greg Hunter

          I think you think small and one dimensional and I also think you have given up. That means no amount of “proof” would convince you. America and the world has a huge crime problem, and it can not be solved like a robbery at 7/11. Everybody knows central banks are controlling every market, and yet, no one cares and accepts this crime. Veto the spending bill and cut the pay of the people keeping him in power? Veto the spending bill and cut the money Sessions has to prosecute?? You can go ahead and give up but please don’t convince other to follow you to the couch. You think shaping and mind control work don’t work?? Look in the mirror. Please pray for us that America can break free of the Godless criminals trying to hold on to power.

          • Occasnltrvlr

            I daresay, Mr. Hunter, I believe no amount of evidence would convince you.

            Mr. Maples just listed several very important areas where the current administration has proven itself to simply be an orange version of the same brood of vipers that has been effectively controlling the United States now for several years.

            During the campaign, as MSM bashed him, Trump’s popularity continued rising. MSM and the public were both played: MSM was controlled to continue the bashing, with the result of duping the public into believing Trump was not simply another face of the same agenda, and placing him in office.

            Real indictments against high criminals in a real court? Restoration of the genuine rule of law, applicable to everyone, in accordance with the Constitution? Not in this lifetime.

      • Paul ...

        To your point Greg … the Demon-rats only gave Trump enough money to build a 4 foot fence 1 mile long and no money for the dreamers … so Trump gets to tell the dreamers not to vote for the Demon-rats in the upcoming election … then a month from now he takes some of the “multi-billion dollars” he got for the Military and builds the wall with Defense Budget money (because it is a National Security Issue) and if the Military starts to complain that they can’t afford to build a wall to protect America because they are spending so much money to build walls in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt … Trump can tell them to simply use our army soldiers to mix the cement and build a wall for us!!

        • Paul ...

          I heard three people were shot dead in a supermarket in France … those snowflakes wondering why the French political parties don’t have people protesting in the streets “to outlaw guns” like we do in America … is because guns are already outlawed in France … and it “doesn’t do a thing” to provide the French people any more safety from the “mentally retarded” terrorists who can still get hold of guns to do their killing!! … so now the snowflakes in America are now building huge multi-million dollar psychiatric wings (with taxpayer money) to add on to the Nation’s medical centers (so they can lock up in straight jackets “all the crazy’s” who want to own a gun to protect themselves, their home and family)!!

  32. Mohammad


    Something very weird and strange about the current visit of Mohamed Bin Salman to US.

    Do you find it like me strange for him to stay in US for 3 weeks??????????

    That is the ruler of a country in war with Yemen who should strike deals may be in days and comeback to run his wars and prep for Iran..? but him being away for such long time from his country strikes me as ODD.

    On Al-Arabiya outlet it says he will stay for 3 weeks???????

    “The Saudi Crown Prince arrived in the United States on Tuesday for a three-week official visit.”

    3 weeks…!!!!

    will be interesting if he “extends” his stay in US for longer.

    Keep in mind that he invited all the wealthy princes to a luxury palace and kept them until they gave up all their wealth…Hmmmmmm….do you get the idea…?????


    • Greg Hunter

      Interesting. If he extends his stay is he running from something?

      • Mohammad

        Any formal visit of the head of any state especially if that state is at war and preparing for a bigger one WOULD NOT GO FOR 3 WEEKS..!

        I say this, and i will put it in points or dots and i will leave the rest to your imagination to connect them and see what picture comes out:

        1- Petro Yuan is supposed to kick at the end of march, that is a sure killer of US dollar..right?

        2- Saudi Arabia is that biggest player in the oil market.

        3- the petro-Yuan would not happen if Saudi Arabia was not on the China page?

        4- US despite the smiles to the saudi’s is not happy with them playing many ropes, they want them on one rope and that is US dollar.

        5- an easy case of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY could be made against the Sauds in their dirty war of Yemen…Right?

        6- The saudi “king to be” Mohammad Bin Salman CONFISCATED THE WEALTH of all the Saudi Princes…can we say trillions of dollars allover the world..?

        7- the Trump’s executive order clearly CONFISCATES THE WEALTH of criminals against humanity…(again an easy case could be made in the congress when time is proper…THROWING SAUDIS UNDER THE BUS RELIEFS US FROM TRILLIONS IN TREASURIES THEY DO NOT HAVE TO REDEEM)

        8-and now all the wealth is in the hands of ONE PERSON that happened to be visiting US FOR 3 WEEKS…!

        Can you Greg link the dots?


        • Greg Hunter

          Tell us what you think Please. This is very interesting.

          • Mohammad

            I think either he pays and coughs up all the money he confiscated and THEN he will be allowed to leave or he extends his stay, seems he already started paying.
            Mere speculation but very possible.


          • Mohammad

            And one more thought i will leave you with in a form of two questions and a conclusion at the end of the night:

            1-What are the chances of Petro-Yuan going in march as scheduled without saudi Arabia on board?


            2- What are the chances of Saudi Arabia hopping on the Petro-Yuan wagon that will kill the dollar of the country that the son of the saudi King is “hosted for 3 weeks, oddly, during the same time china is supposed to go live with the petro-Yuan” ?

            NONE, NADA, DONUT….


            Trump MIGHT OF KILLED THE PETRO-YUAN project…at least for the near future.


            • Diane

              Makes sense Mohammad.
              Thanks for your comments

            • Paul ...

              Interesting analysis Mohammad … so Trump is “unofficially holding” Salman hostage so the Saudi’s won’t sign on to the petro-yuan … that is something “sneaky Pete” would do (to bolster the strength of the dollar) as the US prints up another trillion dollars “out of thin air” for the Omnibus Bill!!

              • Mohammad

                No i would not say hostage
                I would say the deal maverick Trump said to the king and his son, I will support your ruling for all your wealth ( stay away from Yuan and give US what was confiscated from the princes that were wrapped up and forget about redeeming the treasuries).
                I think Trump struck the deal of the century , today IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT INDIAN AIRLINES PASSES THROUGH SAUDI ARABIA TO ISRAEL AND BACK TO NEW DELHI….It is A BIG DEAL.

                Trump is a master of dealing, after all his business is casinos …right..?


    • Trump; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

      I get the idea Mohamed, he’s takin all that loot he got holding up the princes, for 3 weeks at Disney world. Then off to California and 3 more weeks at Disneyland, wow what a lucky bugger!

  33. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks again for your program and the WNW.

    Do you still believe that President Trump is playing “4D chess” after signing that obscene sell-out of a budget deal?

    Remember all the promises awhile back of impending arrests in regards to Pizzagate?

    I hope there will be military tribunals to deal with all the thousands of secret indictments. But I doubt it. I don’t believe that Trump will even finish his term. I hope I’m wrong. I believe all this evil will be finally exposed and dealt with when the Lord returns.

    I have a strong sense of foreboding. Continue to prep and prepare in all ways one can.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is not like a robbery at the local 7/11. There is $21 trillion missing out of two government agencies alone. This involves thousands in government, Look at the obvious crimes committed by dozens of top people in both parties. Need I go on about the size and scope of this criminal swamp and problems we face???? As far as the latest non budget? Please read: H.
      Not so fast. I think Trump has played Congress. You ever wonder why Congress NEVER passed a budget under the Obama Administration? So he could spend a lot of money any way he wanted? This Trump can do the same with yet another Omnibus Spending Bill that is NOT a budget???

      • Craig Michael

        Hi Greg,
        Thanks for the reply.

        I don’t believe the Deep State can get Trump on the phony Russian collusion investigation. The various impeachment attempts by the Democrats will fail.

        I fear that Trump will be morally compromised and unable to govern effectively based on his past “indiscretions” that are in the news and won’t go away.

        • Greg Hunter

          Yeah right, just like they stopped the rapist Bill Clinton.

          • Craig Michael

            Hi Greg,
            Clinton was most fortunate he had a good economy. He had the support of his Democrat party that appears to have abandoned traditional moral values, patriotism, personal responsibility… The MSM unconditionally supported him.

            Does Trump have this?

            I hope the Alternative Media is correct on what is going on in the background. If true, I believe Trump better move quickly before his personal scandals- real or contrived- overtake him. If the economy crashes, he is in a lot of trouble.

            My opinion.

            “May you live in interesting times” indeed.

  34. Mike R

    Trade wars. Then World Wars.

    Nothing ever changes.

    With Trump bragging about mil spend, you have to wonder if he is gearing up for this.

    Maybe the whole NK thing, is a trap being set by China, using NK and Kim as bait ? Trump’s walking right into it.

    Bolton coming in is a HUGE RED FLAG. and not a good sign.

    Expect gold could be really taking off here.

    • Greg Hunter

      This could be a negotiation tactic. Lots going on in the back end of all of this.

  35. john duffy

    You won’t find this in the MSM.

    A truly historical month for the future of our planet

    • Greg Hunter

      Does the “Saker” ever say anything bad about Russia (his home country)??? Hell no. Not acceptable. Does the Saker hate Israel and Jews? Sure looks that way. This Saker guy is most unobjective. Please keep this in mind while reading.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      (It’s me Greg Hunter. Please start you very own website. I think “” is available. Then, you can post all the nasty comments you want about America. Not going to allow this here day after day–Got it? It’s so one-sided and you are totally fact resistant on something as simple as FRAUD. (I am talking about the Iran deal.) Really, we are done. You are not using my site to bash America everyday. Oh, and as a parting gift to you, here is a site that talks about all the Fraud in New Zealand and it’s not pretty:

      • Trump; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

        Colin, I enjoy your comments. Just don’t rile Greg up so much. Stick to facts. He’s got a very important website to run instead of fact checking you and you must admit, the proof is in the pudding and all the pudding is above. He’s got you checked mate!

  36. Shawn G.

    Is everyone still happy with Trump? I would still vote for him over Hillary, but I am not sure if I will repeat that vote again in the next election…. He seems to be going farther away from those that voted him into office….

    • Greg Hunter

      Come on Shawn.
      Lets get back in the game and play the long version. You did not think this wouyld all be cleared up in a year did you??? Please read this:

      Not so fast. I think Trump has played Congress. You ever wonder why Congress NEVER passed a budget under the Obama Administration? So he could spend a lot of money any way he wanted? This Trump can do the same with yet another Omnibus Spending Bill that is NOT a budget???

      • Shawn G.

        ok, read the article…. Feeling a little bit better – time will tell if he (Trump) is genius…. Words are cheap – need to see some action on his part on promises made…. Thanks for your hard work in a insane world… Looking forward to tomorrows post.

        • Trump; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

          Shawn, USAWatchdog, sanity, not Hannity in an insane, membrane! Lamebrain!

  37. H. Craig Bradley

    Paul Ryan’s Sell-Out

    1.3 Trillion Dollar Budget Bill and No Wall or funding for and its being called Senator Chuck Schumer’s Bill, as he really likes it many have said. The Republican Party can forget holding the House or Senate. Voter boycott. Ann Coulter says we will become like South Africa in one generation now. Too bad. We had our chance and blew it. SOL.
    Get Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on for an update. Please.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not so fast. I think Trump has played Congress. You ever wonder why Congress NEVER passed a budget under the Obama Administration? So he could spend a lot of money any way he wanted? This Trump can do the same with yet another Omnibus Spending Bill that is NOT a budget???

      • H. Craig Bradley

        Good points ! Please let me add the following:

        THE LAST (ANGLO) MAN STANDING ? (2045 A.D.)

        Millions of dollars in U.S.D. ($$) cross the U.S.- Mexican Border every day of the year. As you should know, inbound capital flows of ANY kind are necessary to both keep our domestic economy humming and our assets at current valuations. Therefore, all global capital flows are economically significant and a Wall might obstruct them. So, once President Trump confronted the same financial realities as President Obama; he had to let-go of his Dream ( A New Wall ).
        Now, President Trump still put on a show verbally about “No Wall, No Bill”, but anyone paying close attention to this issue should be able to figure- out its just ordinary political talk (PR). Voters often confuse Talk (words) with Actions. One is real, the other just a (reality) show.
        Personally, I am not confused in the slightest, nor surprised. There will likely be no new wall constructed under President Trump. Nancy Pelosi reportedly said last week: ” Imagine a Wall, and sign the Bill “. The only question left is who is imagining the most, Nancy Pelosi or President Trump ?

        Better plan on the U.S. becoming another “South Africa” within the next 20 years, according to Laura Ingram. The Anglos will be in trouble most everywhere in the Western World by then, I imagine.

  38. Hugh


    How in the world can you defend the dollar in a previous post above? The US has abused the reserve currency status for so long!! I hate to say it, but the dollar and all that support it deserve what we are about to get! If you and I did what the government has done we would be bankrupt and probably be put in jail. Order has to be restored. I will welcome currency backed by something, then just being able to print a will.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would restore the rule of Law in America. I have long said economies and currencies cannot thrive against a backdrop of total lawlessness and fraud. This is what we find in the global economy today, and don’t think for one minute there is not fraud in China. Oh, and this is the best part about the Yuan, it comes from a one-party mono thinking political culture that just installed a dictator for life. Lots of ways of fixing the USD such as getting rid of the Federal Reserve Note and bring back the Treasury Dollar. We have that now, sort of. Really?? you say? pull a quarter out of you pocket and read it. It says “Quarter Dollar” not a “quarter dollar Federal Reserve Note.”

      • Paul ...

        Exactly why I save nickels Greg … it’s “non-Fed” money … and a nickel has more intrinsic metal value compared to a quarter!
        Nickel coin: 5 grams (3/4 copper and 1/4 nickel)
        Quarter coin: 5.67 grams (copper only)
        So ignoring the value in cents stamped on a nickel … the nickel coin is worth more (in metal value) then a quarter … and when compared to the US fiat paper dollar (that currently has a value of 2 cents) … that “little nickel” in your pocket is actually worth two and one-half Fed dollars ($2.50)!!
        People don’t realize (they don’t have to play the stock market to make money) … simply turn in one Fed Dollar at you local bank and ask for change in nickels … the teller will hand you 20 of them (worth $2.50 each) … so your dollar becomes bill becomes a fifty dollar bill … no market risk … no risk of theft of your crypto account … just 50 times your money (without risk) and without paying commissions to a broker or taxes on capital gains to the IRS!! … why do you think the banksters want to get rid of cash!!!

  39. RTW

    Hey Snowflakes!
    This is USA WATCHDOG not the lame stream media. Use your heads for something other than a hat rack. Bolton is NOT going to get us in a war. He’s one person and from what has been evident for years is that one person can’t do didly so take a chill pill and RELAX. Worry about the second amendment being trashed that’s more realistic.

    • Paul ...

      RTW .. remember that Barbara Streisand song “People Who Need People”? … well … the way I figure it … Trump “needs” these people (Bolton and Pompeo) right now to manage “his art of the deal” … and perhaps (God willing) we will get in on being “The Luckiest People in the World”!!!

      • Paul ...

        And I bet Trump “needs” Mueller to be doing what he is doing … as part of some grand strategy!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You are correct according to Dave Janda. His interview will post in about 2 hours.

      • Trump; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

        Like the lucky country, Oz!

  40. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, I finished watching your report and it is excellent! I know what it’s like to be blacklisted. It isn’t fun. There is an old saying, “He that speaks the truth best have a foot in the stirrup.”
    Still can’t believe that Trump signed the Ominibus Bill. He sold out his base. I like Ann Coulter’s comment, “Yeah, you (Trump) won’t sign another bill like that because you will be impeached.” And Trump will be impeached if the Communists take over Congress; which they will because Trump just alienated his base.

  41. Tim McGraw

    Hi Greg, Okay, I read your link to how an Omnibus Bill is not a Budget and Trump can ignore it. Fine. It just makes me trust Congress and the process that much less. Why doesn’t Trump just declare himself dictator and get it over with?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please read: The future of the republic is at hand.

      • Tim McGraw

        Dear Greg, I read the link you mention and it scared the hell out of me. Abraham Lincoln killed and maimed over a million Americans. He was a psycho. To compare Trump to Lincoln is not good.
        A standing military is dangerous to US! Who are these “UN mercs” that the author is talking about? What about the millions of Mexicans et. al. who have invaded our country? Where was the military then?

        The future of the Republic is NOT at hand imo. I think the Republic is long dead. I think it died when Allen Dulles, LBJ, and others killed JFK, his brother RFK, and my personal hero, MLK Jr.
        We are fighting a losing battle, but it is worth the fight.
        “Fear Not”… there is good in humanity.

        • Greg Hunter

          We are not losing.

          • Tim McGraw

            Dear Greg,
            I hope that you are correct. Personally, I just want to go out with style… kindness… and some humor.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … if we are going to need to have a dictator to counter China … better it is someone like Trump (rather then Hillary) … just as it is better to have Jesus as our King (then the Devil)!!

  42. Silence is Golden

    Over 1100 pts drop in the Dow over 2 days. The DXY dropping to 89.50.
    Bad Omen for Monday 26th ?
    Where is the Working Group…aka The PPT….and the ESF ?? Are they asleep…or did they run out of “Black” money ?
    We will soon see if Mother Nature (The Market) is bigger than the combined actions of the CB’s.
    Excuse me while I grab some popcorn. All eyes on the Futures…aha 😉

    • JC Davis

      SIG could the PPT be working their dark money behind the petroyuan ? I am sure they have read the writing on the wall. Popcorn without oil is not so good LOL. Heads up bro.

      • JC Davis

        Better late then never.
        Bottom of the bucket is where the truth can be found.

    • Paul ...

      SIG … I’m munching on “non-GMO” corn chips … as I watch Gold (up another $18 dollars to $1346) … I’m waiting for the day Gold begins jumping up by $100 dollars a day and silver by $2 to $5 dollars per day!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … the world central banks now collectively own 1 billion ounces of Gold … yet they tell us “gold is a worthless relic”, “it pays no interest”, “it is not money” … so what the hell are they doing holding 1 billion ounces of the stuff?? … it’s only enough gold to give one billion people one ounce of gold each! … and it may be the reason these evil bankster globalists have a genocidal plan to reduce Earth’s population down to 1 billion people (so each person can own “one ounce”??) … well … at least I already have my ounce!!

  43. Spike Allen

    I have been a Trump supporter all the way. I changed my affiliation from Republican to Independent because I can’t stand the Rhinos and have been waiting for Trump to take the reins of if the Party. Now that Trump has appeared to have folded, I am perplexed.
    I can only conclude that we are headed for war. Buckle down and join the Doomsday Preppers, my friends. Store your water, food, guns and pm’s and hope you come out of this alive.
    Meanwhile, party on!


  44. The Man From Uncle

    Hey all you spooks!! Lookie here. . .
    Why the Florida false flag shooting occurred and how it was used to control the news cycle.
    Read it and weep fella’s

  45. coalburner

    Greg; This is more for you than any weasels or trolls that may be reading, you may read and dump if you like.

    Colin NZ needs to explore what is in his own Aussie backyard before he gets too harsh.

    And Greg, don’t worry about the hyper speed rockets Russia was bragging about. That was just talk for our ignorant-tards. Not really news!

    Mohammad sure makes some interesting thoughts. I saw that story but it did not connect to me like it did Mo. Trump may have saved us several years keeping our debt afloat. Hope you are right about the Omnibus bill. I still cannot figure that. It appears the Congress and Senate told us Deplorables they don’t care what we want. My congressman from southern New Mexico voted no on that bill. And yes we need a wall.

    Greg; read up on South Africa. That is going to be the next bug refugee dumper and we will need the wall very badly when they start getting on NGO ships and dumped south of our border. There will be many millions, starving.

  46. The Man From Uncle

    Spook’s; Why the Florida false flag shooting occurred and how it was used to control the news cycle.

    Here’s the right link;
    If you can replace Greg, thanks!

  47. Trump; Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

    What Is CrowdStrike? Firm Hired By DNC Has Ties To Hillary Clinton, A Ukrainian Billionaire, And Google
    Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
    by Tyler Durden
    Fri, 03/24/2017 – 19:00

  48. Billy

    Greg i disagree – we are definitely going to see a worldwide trade war soon. Can you really see Russia, China, US, EU, Middle East all working together. No chance.

    All those nations have grand designs to have much more power at America’s expense.

    They say smoking and drinking are unhealthy- facebook is far worse it destroys people’s minds and steals there joy. Sean Parker (Napster) and a number of former senior executives have stated it is designed to get you addicted and plays with peoples mind.

  49. Fred

    Hi Greg
    I read an article some time ago that the (no deal) money returned to IRAN was actually the return of Iran’s down payment on aircraft orders from (I believe) Boeing which they never received. I have no idea if this is true. Just wondering.

    • Greg Hunter

      The money was frozen and I don’t think so. According to the Kerry State Department, Iran is the top state sponsor of terror. John Kerry said that some of the money “would be used for terror.” Does this sound like a good deal with zero signatures from Iran??

  50. Roger D

    This old conservative coot is alarmed. What happened to critical thinking and debate among so-called conservatives? Any criticism of Trump and his administration is now countered by ‘it could be worse’. Factual arguments are countered with emotional reactions. We are becoming those we despise. We seem to be obsessed with revenge now that ‘our bully’ is in The White House. Unspoken but inferred is, ‘shut up and support him”. Tyranny is a slippery slope.

  51. Chip

    Well after reading through all the comments and most of the links I’m really looking forward to what Dr. Dave has to say tomorrow… Chip (with a bit more hope)

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg… What ya think…too late for a wall now anyway? Maybe the idiot Gov. Scott and Debbie Wasserman Schultz -DNC will just DEMAND the Marxist respect South Florida a ‘safe zone’ …

  53. Tad

    (Tad, this is Greg hunter. Please don’t post all these bogus links. I do not have the time to vet them. I am not posting them.)



    You are obviously afraid of the truth. You refuse to respond to my posts about the “Donalds” philandering ways and all the abuse he has heaped on all the women he has targeted as sexual objects. (This is Greg Hunter, and I cut the rest of you nasty comment with the foul language. I am not posting that because you really do not add much to the discussion other than lefty/Marxist rants that are not very well thought out or sourced. They are nasty and at time libelous. It is you who should be ashamed but then again you use a fake troll name like Code Pink.)

    • Occasnltrvlr

      He’s ba***d a lotta hot chicks. So what? He’ll answer for his own actions, just as you’ll answer for yours. One man’s sex habits don’t rule the world.

      What difference does it make to you? Jealous?

    • Charles H

      C P,

      I hate to inform you of this – but women ARE sexual objects. Just what goes where?

      And Puhleeeeze – women twist men every way to Sunday for their sexual control: of which you are blantantly silent about – but then turn it about as if being an object is bad? That is “cake and eat it too” mentality. Go away.

  55. Coaster

    Hello Greg….Great weekly wrap as usual. I must admit that I am a big fan of Donald Trump. I think he is brilliant and a master strategist. He is always several moves ahead of his opponents but leave them thinking, scratching their heads, pondering and labelling him as an idiot. But just who are the idiots. How many of his detractors are billionaires and the President of the United States. I just pray that his influence will spill over into our country here in the great white north and we can get rid of these socialist pigs now in control of government.

    The MSM, so called pundits and politicians for life have this concept that the President is supposed to act in a certain way with constraints. Mr. Trump threw the chains off of that illusion and is governing the Trump way. For me, it is so refreshing to witness a politician, especially the President of the USA, say and do exactly what he feels and believes instead of having to take a poll before they speak. Why keep executive branch appointees if they are not marching to the Presidents orders and fully implementing his strategy. With regards to his on again off again talk of trade wars, tariffs, renegotiating trade deals, to me that is Trump being Trump. It is the art of the deal…..keep his opponents thinking, guessing. That’s what he did with us here in Canada. You should have witnessed the panicking up here. The elites, MSM were all Chicken Little’s sounding like the end was nigh. Trump’s an idiot. Threatens to end Nafta in order to get new negotiations. The last I heard in the news from the chief negotiators is everything is now going smoothly and should be concluded shortly. Trump has set the tone for future bilateral talks. Canada never really was his target. Trump is well aware that Canada is your 2nd largest trading partner and that there is a very small trade deficit.

    His real target and the countries you have your biggest trade deficits with are China, Mexico, Germany and Japan. Almost 600 billion. These are the countries Trump has in his sites and rightly so. How did it get this bad. Greedy fat cats relocating their factories and manufacturing to third world countries in order to reduce their costs and then politicians, who have their pockets lined by these crooks, greasing the skids by eliminating tariffs so their goods can be brought back duty free.

    It amazes me how commenters on your site and on others are now talking about abandoning President Trump because he has failed to follow through on his campaign promises. Ann Coulter is all over twitter blasting him and saying he will be impeached. Why, because he signed the spending bill. Are they really that stupid. I know you understand this President and believe in him. So do I. We are also intelligent enough to understand that he cannot correct the errors of the last hundred years in 14 months. From my perspective, he has done remarkable things. Especially when the MSM, all demoncrats, a large percentage of Republicans and others are totally against him. I firmly believe that the Father put Trump in this position at this time. Trump may not know it but he is being divinely guided. God knows the President is not perfect. If God wanted perfection you and I already would have witnessed the return of Jesus Christ. He was the only perfect human.

    It is being implied that Trump caved by signing the spending bill. I disagree. He knows that Congress with the Demoncrats and Rhinos that he was not going to get anything he wanted. It is not in their interest to have Trumps back. However, I think he got exactly what he wanted on this occasion and has placed the Congress in a box. He has outsmarted them once again.

    Here’s my thought. For months now at every rally or press briefing Trump has routinely mentioned how illegal immigration, unsecured borders, illicit drugs is a national security issue. I try to listen to all of Sarah Sanders briefings and this is a recurring theme. Russia, China and Iran are also national security issues and are in fact outlined in the DoD’s defence strategy. While immigration, borders and drugs may not be specifically mentioned, the President has placed them in the same contextual level as Russia, China and Iran. He had also mentioned while campaigning for the Presidency how troops may be needed on the border. In this spending bill, there was a big increase in defence spending and the troops got a raise. Trump campaigned on these issues and promised them. He kept his promise. Now that the money has been appropriated, the funds go to the Secretaries to disperse the funding. In other words, Trumps political appointments (his Secretaries) decide how to spend the money. Since illegal immigration, borders and the drug problem fits into Trumps national security strategy do you not think he may have his Defence Secretary spend a few billion shoring up the southern border. How do you say “Border Wall”. While his entrenched opposition (MSM, pundits, Demoncrats, Rhinos) will howl, there will be nothing they can do. Of particular note to me was a comment made by the Deputy Secretary of Defence Colby when discussing the Defence Strategy, “good fences makes good neighbours”. Now that has to be referring to the southern border and Trumps wall.

    He never got Planned Parenthood or Sanctuary Cities defunded either. However, now that he has his defence funding sewn up, he can direct his Secretaries to “slow walk” that funding. Trump knows he has to play a long game.

  56. JC Davis

    1970 whipping post // I am still alive … Whipping post.

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