End of the Road Rush to Hard Assets-Fabian Calvo

Fabian CalvoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Real estate expert Fabian Calvo says, “Is real estate a manipulated market that will eventually go bust and collapse?  Yes, it will . . . but these guys talking economic collapse are buying real estate because they know it’s the end of the road rush to hard assets.”  Calvo says the housing bubble is going to continue to be re-inflated with cheap government money.  Calvo predicts, “After 2014, mark my words; you’ll be seeing that ramping up to unprecedented levels that will make the sub-prime look like nothing.”  Calvo goes on to say, “There is literally an ‘Obama Loan’ which is completely unprecedented.  Can you imagine if there was a ‘Ronald Reagan Loan’?  This is insanity. . . You’re going to see the federal government take over a large portion of the housing market.”  Calvo says, “People doing multi-billion dollar deals on a monthly basis all recognize the dollar will lose its world reserve currency status.  All of them agree it’s going to happen probably sooner than later.”  According to Calvo’s hedge fund sources, the Fed is printing way more than $85 billion a month to prop up the economy.  Calvo contends, “The guys I talk to are in closed door meetings with Fed chiefs, and they’re telling me it’s closer to $125 billion a month . . . the looting of the country is literally happening right now.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Fabian Calvo of TheNoteHouse.us.   

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  1. Chip

    I kind of figured for a while that the government would eventually become “landlord” to many people. Can you imagine how they might dictate the terms of tenancy, and what losses of privacy people might suffer? Perhaps someday there will be a small minority of properties whose titles are not poisoned by government claim, and these will command higher prices because of the relative freedom they afford.

    • Galaxy 500

      Firearms will be banned when Obama is the landlord

  2. J C Davis

    Great explanation of real time, man on the street future insight. Fabian Calvo has answered many of my real estate questions. It would appear the spirit of Hitler will control the market once again. If a pound of copper sells for 3 dollars today it would still bring 6 dollars if the dollar was cut in half, so how will it prop up the dollar. Simply moving money around will not create wealth.
    Any failed black swan could cause a big blow to the dollar. So much to think about. So little time left to prepare. Thank you Fabian Calvo , and Greg.

  3. Liquid Motion

    Hi Greg,

    Once again you deliver the goods this time via Fabian C. We are blessed to get the inside scoop on happenings within the real world of finance and I think we got more than what we ordered.
    Not only am I shocked at the degree of misinformation but also very disturbed that we are getting evidence now through the whistle blowers, that all is not kosher at the FED, which in itself clearly demonstrates wilful acts of malevolence across the spectrum. These thugs and criminals posing as central planners are all culpable. Recent articles by David Stockman and Paul Craig Roberts are absolutely scathing of the machinations of the FED. When gentlemen of this calibre speak out in such fashion, honest people (yes I do believe there are still some around) will take notice. You are correct on that count about someone /something going to take the fall. It can’t come soon enough IMHO.

    They say that one snowflake starts an avalanche…if 2014 is the start of asset inflation in property and the formal takeover of real estate by “The State”, expect half the FED Board and CEO’s/Presidents across the top 10 US Banks to start to take cover and possibly walk away while they still have two legs to do so.

    I have a question for Fabian (or any other guest that you may have ):
    If indeed the FED is printing more than the $40bln /mnth. to hand over to the Banks…..is it a case of :-
    – The Banks do not have sufficient capital as required by Basel rules
    (Therefore the FED is re-capitalising them ….makes them insolvent and theoretically they should not be operating) OR
    – Are the Banks being forced (by the FED )to take delivery of the cheap money….if so, for what purpose ?

    I suspect that the Banks are lacking capital, are tragically over leveraged, are carrying enormous CDS/Derivative exposures AND that they should close their doors. If the $40 BLN (as Fabian suggests)over and above the reported $85bln is real, then the western banking system is WORSE than we are lead to believe. The FED has become the whore (compromised principals)of the western world monetary system.

    • Greg

      Liquid Motion,
      I agree with you. Calvo has great insight and some solid connections. He dropped a bomb today about the real size of the money printing and I think that amount is only going to increase. Thank you for checking in with your analysis and comment.

      • SilverHawk

        You get the best Interviews in the world of Finance, Greg.

        The other day I estimated 100-115 a month due to the Chinese and Japanese becoming sellers now, for the past 6 months or more. If the Europians are getting FED money too, we might really be up to 140-150.
        Any way you look at it, the ONLY safe place for your money is ALL in SILVER. Then wait for the Reset… (My advice since 2002)

        • Greg

          Silver Hawk,
          Good advice.

  4. Allen Ols



    ” …..the masses in usa cannot afford mettals, ”. P C R.

    They can afford stock piles of beans, rice, wheat, seeds, etc for sustainability–alo

    My missionary friends from italy just told me ” men are commiting suicide at 2 or more a day, as they cannot feed their families”. No exaggeration.

    Un-reported in news in italy!

    Matt 24 is here.

    Christ the bread of life, the Word made flesh, paid my debt, I cannot pay, or add to it, for a better salvation.



    • Greg

      Good advice!!

    • Michael the Marine

      Especially verse 4 of Matthew 24.

      Seems most everyone overlooks that verse, and subsequently is deceived and deluded because they listen to everyone BUT Christ.


  5. AcePilot


    Thank you for another great guest in a very long line of great guests. The content of these interviews rivals the best that can be found on the WWW. Now, in the spirit of adding a little improvement to your interviews, I make the following requests.

    — please sit on your hands; waving them right into the camera lens adds nothing to your statements and is somewhat distracting
    — please stop referring to “the public”; they are the 99% who will never “wake up” as many of your fans have found in their own families
    — please refrain form any mention or display of main stream media; they have become as irrelevant as the public and the congress
    — please recognize that your interviews appeal mostly to the second 0.1%; your missionary zeal in trying to “save” the 99% from themselves borders on foolishness even though Jim Sinclair does that also
    — finally, please allow me to pay to have your journalism background surgically removed so we suffer no more from you trying to dumb-down your guests’ statements to the level of the irrelevant 99%.

    These requests are made only in the spirit of helping you develop your considerable interview skills. If they appear too blunt, my only excuse is that I am too busy stacking to “play nice”.

    Wiishing you peace & profits, a difficult combination to achieve together.

    • Greg

      Thank you for your and “requests” but you are just going to have to take me the way I am. I appreciate your support.

      • Rodster

        Never ever change your style Greg. The same goes for Gerald Celente. It’s refreshing listening to a journalist that doesn’t try to be mold like every other empty suit at the major networks.

        • Greg

          Thank you Rodster.

  6. mohammad

    I am on the opposite position to what Fabian have been saying about buying real estate now.
    Rothchild once said ( as cruel as it sounds) buy property when there is blood bath in the streets.
    Real estate is dirt cheap over Syria for cash payers, and properties are going down the drain.
    Same thing happened in Iraq right after the war.
    unfortunately we are heading to a bleak horrifying picture, i can smell it in the air and i have seen it happening in front of my eyes in Syria so I know the early signs, the most powerful one of them is the severe polarization of a society with heavy duty looting.
    I will say save your gold and silver for food, medicine.
    A whole truck load of silver may (or may not) buy you a handful of dates!

    • Greg

      Thank you for adding your perspective. Point well taken and well made.

    • Galaxy 500

      You can see your ” truck load of silver will not buy handful of dates” playing out in the Philippines. The rich can not buy food or water from the less wealthy that planned and had emergency supplies. While it will be short lived, I conceed that for a short period one can trade a days provisions for an ounce of gold or more. But (there is almost always a caveat) the people in the Philippines are armed which is the only way they can retain their food or gold after the trade. An armed society is a polite society.
      The point is that you are going to be able to protect your family and your emergency supplies. How to do that, I leave up your delicate sensibility.

      • Robert Burke

        Your comments about guns and the Philippines is completely false and you have NO idea what your talking. I know as I own a home there.

        Here is the truth

        There are 3.9 million guns – legal and illegal – held by civilians in the Philippines, or about 4.7 per 100 people, which isn’t that high in global terms. But people are prepared to use them. The murder rate is among the highest in Asia and three times that of the United States, at 8.9 homicides per 100,000.

        On Monday, the head of the United Nations’ disaster assessment team in Tacloban said he would not deploy an aid convoy without a military escort. The reason…..everyone was armed and the people were attacking one another, looting by force….using weapons.

        The massive use of guns by the population caused global relief to come to a halt. It took international military and local forces to bring order.

        Guns caused more problems than it solved….and many died….stop spewing your ill-informed nonsense that guns helped the people….they did not.

        • Greg

          Robert Burke,
          You said, “The murder rate is among the highest in Asia and three times that of the United States, at 8.9 homicides per 100,000.” Only 3.24 per 100,000 are firearm related. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate) Reports are that mobs of criminals are attacking the Red Cross. I am sure there are law abiding citizens who are using firearms in the Philippines to protect themselves. I am for gun ownership for law abiding citizens. Have you been to back to your home in the Philippines since the Typhoon? When you go please update us on what you see. Thank you.

          • Robert Burke

            The house is a second home…going back Dec 17 to Jan 6. I am sorry but this guy has not idea what he is talking about.He is overlaying his NRA – US centric view of the world. Have a armed populace during a tragedy does not make polite neighbor.

            He has no idea what has happened on the ground and this tragedy has hit our family personally. His comment that he is proud that he is a gun exporter to a third world country…makes me sick. Wonder how many people have died because of his guns.

            Its just blatant ignorance.

            • Greg

              Robert Burke,
              I am sorry Robert Burke but if there is a disaster on the magnitude of what happened in the Philippines many would disagree. As I said before what is happening in the Philippines is armed “Criminals” (as reported in all the stories I saw) are attacking recuse workers. It is not armed law abiding citizens protecting themselves causing the problem. I believe in the U.S. Constitutions and all the Amendments. You can’t just accuse someone of “blatant ignorance” because you do not agree with them. Thank you for adding your perspective and good luck going to you Philippine home.

        • Galaxy 500

          While you own a home there, I exported firearms nearly twenty years. The Philippines was my second largest markets. I am happy to match my knowledge of firearms there against yours.

          • Robert Burke

            really a stupid and ignorant comment….sad for you…really am

          • Galaxy 500

            Glad you approve. We will just have to agree to disagree. While you wonder how many “my guns” as you put it have killed, I wonder how many lives they have saved. And just a few facts. I am not a member of the NRA. And I have been out of the export business for a while.
            So you’re sad for me. Don’t be. Based on your comments, I suggest you be sad for yourself

          • Galaxy 500

            And I hope your friends and family there are safe

  7. Rodster

    Calvo is correct. It’s criminal what the Banksters are doing to bring down the worlds #1 economy. It’s so blatant the fraud and theft these guys are doing just on the surface which just shows how far we are in the end game. Some experts are even predicting that sometime next year the Fed will eventually resort to injecting $125 billion per month just to keep the economy from nose diving.

    David Stockman also gave a great interview on KWN. He went on to say that the Fed is willfully engineering a Global Financial collapse. 😈

    “David Stockman – Lunatic Fed Engineering Global Collapse”


  8. art barnes

    Greg, its just one bubble after another isn’t it? What’s the next bubble, I suggest the equities market after Christmas sales have zero percentage rise after adjustment for inflation. But you know what, bubbles in our economy make the informed elite rich and richer, that is why they won’t stop, who is going to stop them, the American sheep? I think not! The money men learned a while ago its easier to make money in a bubble than actually invest & risk actual money to make, manufacture and or produce anything of real value. Those same people have come to realize our people of the country (the consumers) are more like cattle than men, contented with grass, water, & a master to shoot the predators never understanding that they are the masters next meal.

    • mohammad

      It is clear the planners are hoarding the cattle to the slaughter house (stock market) after they made it hell to be in cash, saving, PM, commodities, bonds, real estate…..etc!

  9. Jerry

    WOW Greg!
    What kind of statement does this make, as to how far down the food chain the American dollar is when they have to almost double what they report they are printing under QE.

    “The guys I talk to are in closed door meetings with Fed chiefs, and they’re telling me it’s closer to $125 billion a month . . . the looting of the country is literally happening right now.”

    To me it a clear indication that QE is beginning to loose traction, and that we have only months, not years in the “dollar death spiral”. Jim Willie and Greg Mannarino have already reported that the Bond Market is beginning to fracture. We all know that the rest of the world has lost faith in our ability to get our fiscal house in order. With no budget passed by Congress in the last five years it should be apparent that we have no plan to address our deficit issues, and curtail our spending. Fabian is right. Those at the top are looting this country at unprecedented levels. A couple of years ago I saw an interview with a couple of Treasury department officers to a congressional committee, as to where 3 Trillion dollars of the Tarp money went? Would you believe they couldn’t even give an appropriation report as to where it was allocated? Its like they misplaced a $10. dollar bill in a sofa and couldn’t find it. Somebody’s getting rich alright, and it ain’t us!

    • Greg

      To describe what’s happening now, I turn to rocker Billy Idol when he sang ” In the midnight hour she said (Yellen) More, more, more.” That my friend is the story of QE that is going to continue until it all blows up.

  10. Ugly

    Housing prices and sales seem to be rising again. Yet peoples incomes are not rising. By January 2014 should have my house paid in full. Then comes the fun of getting the title and deed.

    But, I also believe it will get confiscated anyway–one way or another. Confiscated either thru elevated property taxes, ACA, or just flat stolen. But maybe that is just paranoia.

    I just don’t see with the USA debt that the $15T or so in property ownership will be left alone. I kind of see that our financial system will be bought-out by another country and its currency, therefore all of the ‘assets’, ‘deeds’, ‘titles’, and ‘notes’ come with it such as land and homes.

    I hope Fabio is correct in that we will start to see this after 2014. That means we still have little time left to prepare. I am tired of telling others–they don’t seem to care and feel it is down the road aways.

  11. Mitch Bupp

    It has always been clear to me that the FED is blowing QE into the bubble’s hole hoping that they can keep the bubble up long enough that inflation will catch up with the bubble’s size therefore making it manageable ….. However, this will fail and collapse the dollar …..

  12. Craig

    Hi Greg,
    I like listening to Fabian, and all your interviews, but I’ve got to tell you that for the last 5 years they’ve ALL been saying that the economy is on it’s last legs and the end game is near. Maybe not this year, but soon! That’s the motto. It’s certainly getting tiring! While these guys are making money by the BUCKETS and espousing all of this negativity, NONE of them have been right! Believe me, I soaked up ALL of this and reacted in what I thought was an appropriate manner. Now I’ve got a bunch of silver that has tanked since I bought it. I sold my house and invested in Costa Rica, which went down the toilet, so WHEN is this collapse REALLY going to take place? Our government can print AS MUCH MONEY AS IT WANTS, and it’s all going on day after day, week after week, year after year. I don’t see that ANYTHING any of these guys are saying have come to pass. I took precautions for something that’s never happened and IF a collapse happens, not ONE of these people have nailed it! At this point I take all of this with less than a grain of salt as NONE of them really have a finger on it for real. They’ve all got an agenda and it’s NOT for OUR benefit.

    • Greg

      It is hard to predict what has never happened before in human history. The extremes the governments are enacting to prop it all up is astonishing and it includes massive fraud on a global scale. Who the hell could have predicted this? Thank you for your comment.

      • mohammad

        Craig, Greg,

        What you have said Craig is absolutely correct up until one moment we are witnessing now, and that is our military got blocked in Syria.
        This is the turning point that you want to plug in your calculations and re-calibrate.

      • Michael the Marine

        “Who the hell could have predicted this?”

        Jesus did.

        But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

        How was it in the days of Noah?

        “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

        …every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

        …every imagination… was only evil continually.

        “It is hard to predict what has never happened before in human history.” Really Greg?

        I keep trying to wave them down, but…

        “At some point everyone will see what we see, then panic and chaos will set in.”

        I don’t see what you see, Greg. I’m not being a critic either, just trying to restrain the insanity that can come in group dynamics when everyone IMAGINES only the worst.

        God has NOT ABANDONED US Greg, human kind have abandoned faith in Him.


        • Galaxy 500

          Not sure that Noah counts as a prediction. More like history repeating itself.

          • Michael the Marine

            I believe God’s Word:

            Matthew 24:37

            Peter learned the hard way that whatever Jesus says comes to pass; listen to his perspective:


            I am glad to have been saved by Fire! So why are so many afraid of the coming fire? Like Charles H quoted; “Proverbs 12: If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.” Throughout the Bible it’s the “leaders” that cause the problems, by misleading the people, BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES listen to lies and to vain imaginations and dead religious philosophy. Who did Jesus struggle against? The Leaders of Judaism!

            If you want to understand the real cycles of time study the giant Clock God created, and Ezekiel’s wheels.

    • Charles H.


      I am underwater by about 40% on my silver purchase. But you have to look at the really Big Picture – the market is manipulated to smithereens; the industrial demand for silver is only growing; stockpiles above ground are vanishing; and the game has to end sometime. Be positive: what you have you have in your hands – you’re way ahead of others who will have nothing. And the Costa Rica thing IS a place to go to. I’m in Mexico – not the most ideal place: people are more lawless than America is used to. But I think Third-World countries will not be trounced as bad as the USA when the crash comes. Guns will make the crash really ugly – whereas in the Third-World, guns are much more scarce. You may yet realize the immense benefit of your preparations. Perilous times now – buck up, and don’t be nervous. I say – stay the course.

      • mohammad

        I bought silver 16 $/ oz and i bought it 40$/oz.
        when you give it to your kids would that make a difference down the road after they will pay their college tuition from it and have left over? I think not.
        My mom is in Syria now with my sister and they are living off their saved gold/silver from what my grand mother had passed to her!

        • mohammad

          And I concur fully with your post.

        • Charles H.


          I received a middle-class inheritance, split three ways – so it wasn’t a whole lot. Half of that I set aside for my wife (we have no children). When interest rates went UNDER 2% – I ventured into precious metals, because I thought something screwy and very wrong was happening. My interest to search-out alternative informational sites, like this one, then aroused suspicion concerning what was happening to the Dollar. Since then, the whole Ball of Wax has surfaced, to find corruption on all levels.
          My income wouldn’t make a decent used-car payment; so it might happen that we may have to do as your family in Syria is doing. But I hope to be able to wait-out until prices are no longer suppressed. I never intended to live high- only fulfill my responsibility to my wife, and keep us fed and healthy. I’ve two years till Social Security – if it even still exists then.

      • Galaxy 500

        I love the Costa Rica idea

    • Alex vandenBerg

      Hi Craig,

      I am interested in your comment about Costa Rica. Could you be more specific on what you mean when say that it has gone down the toilet?


      • Craig

        Well, I was down there for 6 years altogether. I bought a piece of property and built a house with my own hands. The mistake I made was that I took a loan out from the local bank and in two years the interest rates went from 8% to around 13%. They change the rate at will. It ended up that I couldn’t afford the payments so I sold out and am back in N. Cal. If you go anywhere in C. America, RENT.

        • Alex vandenBerg

          Thanks Craig for responding. Let me ask you this- did you feel safe while you were in Costa Rica? I’m thinking about living in Atenas for the next year or two and would be grateful for any feedback you could provide.

          Thanks again,

    • Ya ha be be

      We is on a runaway train heading straight fer Hell and I don’t mean Hell Michigan, nor Hell Grand Cayman, W.I.. Sounds as if you’ve jumped and yer watching that train going faster and faster barreling down the track, when she fly’s over that fiscal cliff, nobody knows?
      Like the poor bloakes outside the windows on the World Trade Center, you cant figure out if you might have jumped off to soon. Why’ll I jumped spiritually, i’m looking to jump physically, to save my a$$ ets. You jumped and sounds like you made it, ass fer the rest of us time will tell, see you in hell!

    • Galaxy 500

      I am sorry about your experience in Costa Rica. It appears that your were the victim of a predator loan and of an adjustable rate mortgage. Sounds like you had a good plan up to and until you borrowed money from these thieves. When we bought our last house, the attorney got a little testy because I read the entire document and asked questions about areas I did not understand.

  13. Jerry

    As if 125 Billion a month in QE printing wasn’t enough to show where we are, now there’s this.


    The sirens are blowing. Is anybody listening? I hope so because its beyond politics now.

    • Ya ha be be

      B I B L I C A L P R O P O R T I O N S ,

      p E R F E C T S T O R M !

      a L L R O A D S L E A D T O H E L L , IN A HAND BASKET


      Heaven help us Mr. Allison

  14. brian wilson

    As strange as it may sound to say, I’m not sure I understand where Fabian Calvo was going with all that he said, but I certainly agreed with everything he said.

    Property is a hard asset but unlike gold or silver, property has an achilles heal, its called maintenance. Unless you are planning on buying some huge tract of undeveloped land and just sitting on it hoping some day people will want to come there you are going to be saddling yourself up with some serious and unrelenting costs and obligations.

    Secondly property cannot be moved, its value resides primarily in where it is located….after its location location location as they say is it not?

    With this in mind then we visit the reality that our country is being looted and soon it will have to answer to the rest of the world, how much are we as Americans going to have to endure in the form of foreign intervention, foreign claims on the nations hard assets and possibly occupation of portions of Americas territory? How far this goes nobody knows, but it is safe to say unimaginable things are going to be happening…………….and this is good for the long term real estate picture why?

    How do I know I am not buying several lots of land in a neighborhood located in a city soon to be plagued with poverty, crime and looting? How can I be sure I will be able to find any tenants who can pay rent with anything other than money the federal government first took from me? How do I know that commercial property I buy will have water and sewer service or even police and fire department protection from a town that is found to be totally bankrupt a few years from now? How would such property fair under several weeks or months of martial law? How do I know that several hundred acres of farmland I buy today turns out to be utterly incapable of supporting any crops unless I am willing to go into debt so that I can buy all the petro-chemicals and modified seeds I need at exorbitant prices to fend off all the super weeds and molds and pump nutrients into soil that has been mined for decades? How do I know that a large tract of undeveloped land that I buy today won’t be annexed into some parcel of “federal” land and handed over to a Chinese mining or farming conglomerate as part of some payment plan?

    Is it not true that we are looking at some epic uncertainty here? I mean if what Fabian says is true, and I am sure it is closer to true than not, then why not bury my wealth in gold and silver, get as close as I can into something that resembles a real community without investing too heavily in any land and just wait and see what happens? I mean heck, the way things are going I would be lucky to just be able to use gold or silver on the black market to buy things like food and fuel for me and my neighbors or to pay off the “security” forces or government “regulators” and “inspectors” in my area to leave us alone for gods sake!

    • Michael the Marine

      I once heard someone say that worry is like paying interest on a loan that you never took out.

      Sure, we make plans. Even prudent plans. But then life happens, and we do what human beings do; we adapt.

      I could be wrong, but I do believe that our focus effects our reality. Focus on happy things and be happy, focus on bad things… you get it. Of course bad things still happen, but they don’t have to dominate every waking moment, unless we let them.

      I don’t know everything the future holds, but I do know Who holds the future. As long as He is with me I’ll never have to face anything alone. Once I asked Jesus how He was able to bless them who were crucifying Him, while they were doing it. His answer was that He always kept His most important relationship First, the one with His Father. He practiced always choosing what pleased His Father, giving total control of all things unto God’s Will, which He was sent to fulfill. You know, I do believe it’s worth keeping our focus on whatever is good, pure and worthy of praise. Then when bad things happen we are capable of getting through them, together, and becoming stronger for them.

      By all means be prudent, but realize that sometimes the process of life shapes us as we go through rough times, that we are never really quite ready for…

      I remember when we had our first child – we thought we weren’t ready, and we weren’t. And there is no way to ever really be completely ready BEFORE becoming a father or mother. But once there; we learn and adapt quickly – and grow, and succeed.

      Be encouraged! We shall make it through this time of great transition, together. I know it.


    • Galaxy 500

      “How do I know…”
      There are very few sure things in life. First, you research. Second, you make your best guess. Third, diversify. Fourth, never do anything adjustable rate anything and always read and understand what you are signing.

  15. sommers

    I wonder if Fabian thinks the mapping of the nation to address racial imbalance has anything to do with this Obama loan program and FHA, Fannie, Freddie initiatives. I read somewhere that govt. authorities are going to map out the entire country and attempt to achieve a neighborhood by neighborhood racial balance.
    This would be based on the premise that not all children have an equal opportunity to grow up in equal conditions and surroundings.
    I can also understand why Wall street would want in on that action.

    • Galaxy 500

      Where did you read this? While I don’t put anything past the Obamachrist and his minions, this looks like something being propagated by the white supremacy websites.

  16. Juan Galt

    Hi Greg,

    Great short interview! Fabian is always a welcome guest. Helpful & unique insights into RE market trends & the general goobermint corruption, tyranny & political trends that shape it.

    I wonder exactly how loose the lending standards are going to get. The current regime’s programs (FHA, “Obama Loans” LOL, other bail out & loan forgiveness programs) are already NUTSO if you ask me. I wonder at what point the private sector will jump on the bandwagon again. I suppose that if you create enough incentives & then subsidize and/or secure the risk through gov’t programs why not right. Same as last time I suppose. The country & taxpayers will eventually absorb the downside hit as the US government will use the next crisis as yet another excuse for yet even bigger government. As Rahm Emanuel reminded Obama, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste”. They’ll blame free market capitalism again instead of the hybrid version of fascism & socialism that actually causes it. I don’t see lending standards loosening up as a good thing at all but rather an opportunity for those who can see it coming & position themselves to capitalize from the trend & outcome while also insulating ourselves from the damage on the other side.

    I suppose buying some distressed real estate assets and then selling them for as much as possible to Progressive Socialist knucklehead investors using Obama Loans is a great play here, LOL.

    Thanks again for the the great interview Greg & Fabian! Keep up the great work & let us know how we can support your shows. Don’t hesitate to promote good products & services or advertise solid sponsors & like-minded individuals. Most of us here support capitalism & free enterprise, especially from quality individuals & companies who offer good value & are committed to noble missions such as yourselves.

    • Galaxy 500


  17. Jerry

    Sorry Greg,
    I couldn’t resist QE printing for dummies.


    • Juan Galt


      Thanks! Oh that was a GOOD ONE! ;)LOL

      We should start a club, acquire distressed assets at a steep discount and then sell them to the Progressive Socialists at peak price by encouraging them to use 100%+ CLTV OBAMA LOANS.

      Then, we take profits, reinvest into utilitarian hard assets and prep. Make sure to keep a low profile, maintain op sec and trained on proper use of firearms for when the dumbed-downed entitled masses are betrayed by their fascist puppet masters and begin to riot in the major metros.

      My goodness, it’s just too obvious and makes too much sense doesn’t it. LOL

      • Galaxy 500

        Sounds like a plan. Count me in.

  18. a.Hall




    • Greg

      Allen Hall,
      At some point everyone will see what we see, then panic and chaos will set in.

  19. Charles H.

    Greg and Fabian,

    I get goose-bumps at the end, simply because what is said rings true. You guys ARE the Cutting-Edge of the free press, electronically. Superb interview. Congratulations to the both of you..

    Here are the outstanding quotes:
    “Snakes in the game…”
    “A new Nuremberg Trial for criminality…”
    “Whistleblowers… (I’d) be surprised to not see these guys dead…”
    “Looting of a country…”
    “Robbing the American people blind…” who will be “out for blood…”
    “250% inflation imported in the last ten years alone… ( to the world)” (and in America?)

    There is a pyramid type, trickle-down effect of corruption in any society. When those at the top are acknowledged as both Liars and Lawless: there is NO incentive for anybody to play straight and observe the rules. “If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.” Proverbs 29:12. America is dying.

    • Greg

      Thank you Charles H for the kind words and recap of quotes!

  20. art barnes

    Hey Greg, my opinion about the equities market being the next bubble posted early this morning may well come to fruition sooner than I thought. Carl Icahn just went negative on equities and stopped the Nasdaq in its tracks as well as counter punched CNBC’s chicken in every pot theory for the DOW. His reasons are many, but he believes a “big drop” maybe is in the offing. It could be also a move designed to manipulate a new “short” market but could be for on the level. I believe your work, your guests, and other alternative media are finally making inroads on the big boys so that they are forced to see the future reality of our economic engine, its heavy laden debt governor along with QE to infinity’s double punch. To continue to act as though all is well will only make the big shot players not relevant in future forecasts as believing in fairly-tells. Your work is to be congratulated!

    • Greg

      Art Barnes,
      You are one of my earliest commenters on this site. I am happy you are here and grateful for your support. I have approved 552 comments of yours. Many of them are analysis that adds to the content of the posts!!

    • Galaxy 500

      How much of this market is driven by the dying middle-class 401-k plans? In most cases, you’llou can not get to this money unless you leave your job.

      • Liquid Motion

        A market like this is always a factor of Fear and Greed.

        For the average Joe – fear of missing out on the ever increasing indexes is a concern and will draw him in.

        For the Pension/Wealth/Sovereign Funds – greed and the forced matching of index returns and weighting encourages bigger bets and more risk. Note the complacency index (VIX)…has no qualms about where the major indexes are at.

        It becomes a game of chicken little….keep pushing until you cant push anymore (at which point you run for cover).
        Sophisticated investors know how to cover their bets. The masses being drawn in…don’t and there will be blood spilt on the streets.

        Same can be said for real estate. However I feel Stocks have more potential to exceed even the wildest forecasts. If the FED is hell bent on printing, Stocks are a no brainer. (Not saying or giving investment advice here).

        Go back to my post 17.09.13 – Nomi Prins interview. It is what it is.

  21. Jerry

    What was once a solo of experts predicting the collapse has now turned to a chorus. I wouldn’t exactly call David Stockman a crackpot, would you?
    This collapse has two sides.

    1. The slowly step by step process (we’re in now)
    2. The quick overnight crash (that is coming)

    Its being set up now. The stock market is reaching all time highs and the QE money printing is expanding. Just remember the Titanic rose high out of the water, just before it went to the bottom. This is the kind of bet, that you are placing your life on, if you are not preparing your own personal lifeboat. Good luck.

  22. Galaxy 500

    Obama cars, Obama phones, Obama care, and now Obama loans
    How can this go wrong

    The normal Democratic misuse of power…

  23. bob d

    You mean Obama home loads will be given to the 12 dollars a hour guys who builded the over price dwellings. I just hope the new owner can afford the damm taxes. Peace and be brave,u all.

  24. Galaxy 500

    Just a trillion in first six week of FY14.


  25. Michael

    I agree on most of what Calvo says except on real estate. interest rates are rising and will continue, the middle class is getting wiped out with taxes, inflation of food and energy, the younger college graduates have no jobs and are in debt up to the nostrils…

    1 big question? who is going to be able to afford to buy a house or even rent one? a lot of the hedge funds have already tried to rent out the blocks of homes they bought only to find only 50% could rent. it will only get worse. those renters will become squatters and good luck on trying to kick them out. in California it takes almost a year to kick a renter out…Yah Calvo can say these billionaire’s are buying cash for homes but those homes are going to drop in value like a lead sinker at the end of a fishing line…I haven’t even mentioned Obama Care….when the reset goes into effect and Gold becomes a Tier One status that is where you will make your money. Real Estate is going to be DEAD! the super rich are buying MOBLIE hard assets. Not Fixed hard assets…lastly can you imagine what it will be like when food costs are more than 50% of a person’s wages or EBT? Mr. Calvo you got it wrong this time regarding REAL ESTATE… we will see I crash in prices next year!

    • Galaxy 500

      I believe spending worthless Fed reserve notes for something tangible is a good bet. I do the math and it’s a use it or loss it proposition.

  26. Alex vandenBerg

    Hi Greg,

    Thought you might find the following article interesting. Looks like a another case of the tried and true Hegelian Dialectic- problem/reaction/solution. I’m not sure if you have had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Faber, but if not I think he would be well received by your audience. In addition, Jerome Corsi is another well connected, formidable intellectual with an extensive background in banking and finance.



  27. Alex vandenBerg

    Hi Greg,

    Just came across this – amusing article with embedded video clip entitled “The Terminator Explains Janet Yellen’s Confirmation To The Middle Class”. I think at this point we could all use some humor. Enjoy.



    • Greg

      Thank you Alex. It would be much funnier if things were not so insane.

    • Alex vandenBerg

      Agreed. Even so though, laughter seems to lighten and brighten- a good component of any effective survival strategy.

  28. Alex vandenBerg

    Hello Again Greg,

    Ever notice how the war behind all wars is a war on words- a war on language? For instance, in today’s world independence is overshadowed by “inter-dependence”, incessant talk of “democracy” overlooks our constitutional republic, “pooling” is now a substitute for sovereignty, “globalization” takes precedence over nation-states, economic growth has morphed into “sustainable development”, “liberty is co-mingled with “freedom”, and constitutional declarations of war have been replaced with the “approval” or “authorization” for war.

    The reason for the turnaround, in my view, is that a modification of vernacular is necessary to bring about a global transformation of society. For those concerned about the United States becoming a satellite of a new international order headed by the United Nations the article below should be of interest. It talks about a recent initiative on the part of Senator Mike Lee to provide a platform for individuals to air their grievances, ideas, concerns, etc. relative to a host of international treaties that Obama intends to soon sign.


    • frosty


      Since the vernacular of a society influences its concept of reality, modifying it is certainly a potent psychological tool to be used in transforming it. The question remains as to whether modification takes place randomly or by design and, if by design,to what purpose?

      Apparently you hold the opinion that some modification has occurred purposefully with the intent of transforming the United States into a mere satellite of the UN. Based not only on the changes to our vernacular but on the recent treaties, executive orders and Acts of Congress, I have to agree.

      So what do we do now? Will complaining change anything?

      With the advent of the internet, there are numerous platforms like Senator Lee’s through which people can and do air their grievances. However, history indicates that simply complaining rarely solves political problems when not coupled with a will to act beyond mere words.

      The following link provides a short, historical description of a situation, very similar to that which exists in America today, and reveals how it was then to be resolved…


      • Alex vandenberg

        Hi Frosty,

        Very compelling, well articulated, and powerful response. Thank you very much. I completely agree with you that complaining will not aid our efforts. It tends to wear down, diminish, and exhaust. As a result, it can only exacerbate our current situation.

        So what do we do? In my humble opinion we need to do two things simultaneously. One- keep up what we are doing- that is, engagement, discourse, collaboration, bridging differences, and raising awareness. All of this helps to expose what is transpiring. And as has been said, “Light is the best disinfectant”. In addition, non-compliance, civil disobedience, nullification, and if necessary, separation should be thrown into the mix.

        The second component to any workable solution requires an understanding of the true underlying problem which I think is best encapsulated within the following quote from Dr. Carl Jung:

        “The danger becomes all the greater the more our interest fastens upon external objects and the more we forget that the differentiation of our relation to nature should go hand in hand with a correspondingly differentiated relation to the spirit, so as to establish the necessary balance. If the outer object is not offset by an inner, unbridled materialism results, coupled with maniacal arrogance or else the extinction of the autonomous personality, which in any case is the ideal of the totalitarian mass state.”

        In the end, can a revolution similar to what took place over 200 years ago save our constitutional republic? I am open to that. However, in my view, we may win a battle in this way but the only way of winning the war is to understand what Dr. Jung tirelessly tried to convey to the world. In short, I am convinced that tyranny has psychic roots.

        Hope this helps and thanks again.


  29. Alex vandenBerg

    Hey Greg,

    Inspiration can work to heal, rejuvenate, and embolden. And I think given the gravity of current events we could all use not only laughter, but also inspiration. The video I posted below shows a scene from the movie The Great Dictator. This clip is just as relevant today as it was in 1940. In addition, I think its one of the best speeches I have ever seen.



  30. Rodger

    I do not care if you wave or hands about or sit on them!
    I am only interested in what your guest have to say, and how it relates to my situation.
    Thank you for the informative interviews

  31. Galaxy 500

    And these are the thugs that will determine who the terrorist are?

  32. j campbell

    In hard times many false prophets emerge to fill people’s with false hopes. Gold will fail us when God calls us to experience financial hardship. It won’t be because you don’t won’t have enough gold to buy the “staff of bread,” but rather there will be no bread to be found and no amount of gold will buy what is scarce or doesn’t exist. Psalm 105:16, Ezekiel 4:16 and Leviticus 26:26.

    “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:19-21, 24.

    In the event of a major catastrophe, the strategic grain reserve contains only enough to make half a loaf of bread for each person in US. The strategic petroleum reserve on the current rate would only last 36 days if all the oil was released at once. The authorities will ration all sorts of scare goods and services, and no amount of gold or silver will help if you can’t get access to the ‘essentials.’

    Shelter, food, water, fuel, medicine, guns etc., are the best hard assets to own. Get a small, off-the-grid farm. You will also need good community support near you to survive the many vicissitudes that will follow a catastrophe of biblical proportions. A bag of gold coins might might help initially, but when the supermarkets and the gas stations are emptied or looted you will have problems. The batteries on the mobile phone and tablet will only last a few hours when the lights go out or when you the run out of gas on the highway to nowhere.

    Prepare now for your exit, and don’t forget to take-out the best insurance of all, it’s free too: accept Jesus as your saviour and protector.

  33. Rodster

    I’d thought you’d like to see this Greg. China has very critical problems as well and shows that the entire global economy is doing the same thing as the US. Which goes along with what Celente has said. It’s possible the entire global economy could collapse.

    “Big Trouble In Massive China: “The Nation Might Face Credit Losses Of As Much As $3 Trillion”


    • Greg

      That will also cause massive problems here in the U.S. No way it can’t. Thank you for this.

      • Rodster


        “Interest Rates Swaps Hit Record High As China Warns “Big Chance Of Bank Failures”

        Overnight repo rates are spiking once again in early trading as the typically smaller banks that are more desperate bid aggressively for whetever liquidity they can find. 5Y Chinese swap rates have also reached a record high as the Yuan reaches its highest since Feb 2005. Chinese authorities are clearly stepping up the rhetoric:


        • Greg

          Is China pulling the plug to switch to a new gold backed currency?

          • Rodster

            Yes there’s no question they want the world’s reserve currency but I don’t think time is on their side. I believe in order for a Nation’s currency to aquire that distinction you need vast amounts of gold, and you need to be a Nation that consumes a lot. I recently read China wants to switch from an export to a import driven exonomy. China is now competing against Thailand and Vietnam for lower mfg costs.

            David Stockman had an interview on King World News where he believes the Fed is engineering a ‘global collapse’. So the question is will China have enough time to pull it off? Based on what I have seen and heard and read on sites like these, I don’t think so.

            On the other hand the Chinese always think LONG TERM unlike we do. So maybe they are preparing themselves for when the inevitable dust settles. I’ve asked this to Michael Synder and I sense he believes we’ll be looking at some type of global currency, possibly some type of global governace in the future. I also get the sense that the Bank of International Settlements might want to have a say if the world switches to a global currency.

            Interesting times we live in and at 55 years old I wouldn’t trade this for the world. 🙂

          • Geo. T (formerly George)

            With everyone viewing the Chinese as a growing economy, perhaps they will try to scam the rest of the world like the USA did and attempt reserve status with the Yuan. Or they may go the gold backed route to further destabilize the US dollar. If they do, it will be the death knell for the USD in a rather quick dramatic fashion. By the end of the day of the announcement, the dollar will be some where between 1,000′ below sea level and Hell.

  34. Henry

    Thanks for another great interview, Greg. Here’s another one of my favorite sources for honest news, which is giving similar warnings.


    “The most remarkable aspect of this bull market is that it occurs in the context of stagnant economic growth or recession in the US and Europe and signs of a slowdown in much of Asia and Latin America. Just last week, the European Union published figures showing that growth in the euro zone was essentially flat in the third quarter of this year, while consumer prices rose at the slowest level since 2009, pointing to major deflationary pressures.

    To pay for the historically unprecedented subsidy to the banks—in the form of cash bailouts, near-zero interest rates and the money-printing operation known as “quantitative easing”—national treasuries are being looted and the full burden of the resulting budget and debt crisis is being imposed on the working class, in the form of austerity measures, mass layoffs, wage-cutting, and the destruction of pensions, health care and public education.

    A redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the very top is taking place on a scale never before seen in history. But the resulting financial bubble, resting on an almost dormant real economy and growing poverty and inequality, is unsustainable. In response to the financial crash of 2008, produced by the bursting of a massive housing and credit bubble, the ruling class has engineered an even bigger bubble.

    No one can say for certain when this bubble will burst, but it is certain that when it does, the economic consequences will be catastrophic. The drunken orgy of greed on Wall Street will turn overnight into a spectacle of fear and panic.”

    • Alex vandenberg

      Hi Henry,

      Thank you for this link. I vaguely remember Celente saying this was a great informational resource.


  35. Michael the Marine

    For anyone who would like insight into the use of computers in high-speed trading, and how brokers electronically front-run trades, this video is very informative.


    It is indeed very very high-tech, and these are insiders.


    • Alex vandenberg

      Thank you for the link Michael.

  36. Galaxy 500

    We get a years reprieve in NC. The question one has to ask is how damaged are private insurers are in country. Last time I looked, BC/BS Of NC was a nonprofit. They can’t afford to lose the private market. We insured a male child a few years ago with a really nice policy (substandard according to O and O’ett’s) for $169/month. He had knee surgery due to an injury while playing soccer. He had good benefits. We paid very little for the surgery, basically the deductible. I am a big fan of BC/BS.


  37. Galaxy 500

    Now the truth comes out


  38. Galaxy 500

    It will not be long before you have zero privacy


  39. Jerry

    j Campbell
    Very good advice. We are well past the point of no return on a global scale. Politicians cannot help us now. To much has been taken already to turn it around. The people spoke in the last election, and their choice was government or god and free enterprise. By making this choice, placing the false idol of man before god, or fate was sealed. I am only glad that my father (who was a part of the great generation) will not be around to see what they had worked so hard to preserve, be destroyed by so many, that in their hearts despise this country. My only hope is that a new day will dawn, when the people of this country (who manage to survive) will once again rise up and embrace the god given freedom that was given to them, by so many who spilled their blood for it.
    Until that day. May god bless you.

  40. Galaxy 500

    You know I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories without reasonable evidence. All I needed are facts.
    Here is one: Brittany Murphy’s support of whistleblower got her killed. Isn’t it odd her beau did three weeks later?


  41. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    This should be a topic for tomorrow because this is HUGE!I wonder how they will hold on to the exchange rate without gold backing.Good question .Your thoughts please?


    Thanks Dave

    • Greg

      I just don’t know, but can gold backing be far behind? Thank you for the link!

  42. Michael the Marine

    Another fine example of National leadership…

    Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fla., a freshman congressman, was caught buying cocaine in a DEA sting.


  43. RC

    Hi Greg,
    Great article !!
    Have you looked at that FATCA law President Obama created trying to catch Tax evasion ?
    This law is making us,average American/Green card Holders very hard to invest and partner with Asian or any oversea business. The added paper works and reporting is killing many deals. This FATCA law,like QE, like NSA is weakening America.

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