Era of Fake Money is Gone – Egon von Greyerz

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz (EvG) stores gold for clients at the biggest private gold vault in the world buried deep in the Swiss Alps.  EvG is a former Swiss banker and financial expert that says massive money printing and huge amounts of unpayable debt will lead to a monster financial meltdown soon.  EvG says, “I did forecast that . . . the stock market is going to fall at this particular point.  The 1,000-point drop on the DOW last Friday came right on cue.  Fundamentally, the markets should have crashed a long time ago. . . . It appears clear to me we are going to see a 30% or so fall in the markets in the next one to two months.  That’s the first fall, but that’s just the beginning. . . . Markets will fall, in real terms, by 90% to 95% in the coming years.  That’s not going to happen overnight, but if it does happen overnight, then all bets are off and there will be a total disaster.  The world is going to shut down. . . . Then there will be some extra money printing and people will be optimistic for a while.  There is no money anymore because the money that is printed will make zero difference.  There will be nothing that will drive the world forward.  All the decisions on top of the with energy, climate change, sanctions, etcetera, will mean it all will crash a lot faster. . . . The world is going to see a collapse that it has never seen before in history, and there is absolutely no remedy for that.  They are not going to be able to do anything.  Everybody who is not in power is going to promise something that they can’t deliver.  When they get into power, they will be thrown out because they couldn’t deliver.  So, the era of Shangri-la and money printing and saving the world by fake money—that era is totally gone.”

EvG goes on to say, “I am not a prophet of doom and gloom, but it may sound like it.  I am just someone who just looks at risk.  This is why I got into gold 20 years ago.  Gold was the best solution to a risk situation in the financial world. . . . We almost had a collapse in 2008, and it was patched up temporarily.  This time they won’t succeed . . . . We have a situation nobody can solve. . . . Initially, there will be money printing, but adding new debt to pay old debt is not a great solution to the problem.  I don’t think there will be any orderly reset at all . . . . At some point, there will be an implosion of the system.  There has to be. . . . You have to remember when the debt collapses, all the assets that were supported by this debt will collapse.  You will have an implosion of values, I expect 90% plus.  Stocks crashed in 1929 to 1932 by 90%.  The risk back then and the magnitude of the problems then were nothing compared to what we have today.  Remember, today it’s global, and it’s every single country in the world. . . . It’s everywhere, and no one can escape what’s coming.”

In closing, EvG says, “Gold never goes up in price.  Gold maintains stable purchasing power, and that’s why it is such a wonderful commodity and asset.”

EvG likes silver, too, but he says be careful because it will be more volatile than gold.

There is much more in the 37-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Egon von Greyerz of Matterhorn Asset Management, which can be found on

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After the Interview:

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  1. Chris wren

    What is executive order 14067?

    • Linda Majors

      Chris, executive order 14067 was signed by Biden in March 2022. He has ordered that instead of using US dollars, we will use programmable digital currency, like they have in Communist China. The Feds will control our bank accounts, and cut us off from our money if we do something they don’t like.

      Ref. Brannon Howse wvw, his Lindell TV shows. There are two episodes devoted to the Executive Order signed by Biden. I believe they were aired a few weeks ago. They go into detail about what will happen if that executive order is implemmented. All hell will break loose. It will be the end of freedom and control of our own money.


      • Linda Majors


        Below are links to the interviews on Brannon Howse, wvw, that I referred to in my previous response, as well as an additional one from Dr. Mercola’s site.


      • Liber8tor

        Well said. CDBC will be tied to Social Credit Score as in China. It will be connected to a central computer which will control everything you see, hear, eat, drink or own. If you do anything that is not approved (for instance… if you use your dishwasher or wash clothing outside of approved time,) they simply disconnect your dishwasher and remove a penalty from your digital bank account.

      • Chip

        “He has ordered that instead of using US dollars, we will use programmable digital currency,…” EXCEPT THAT BIDEN HAS ZERO AUTHORITY TO DO THIS!!!! It is completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Biden is trying to be the HITLER that they said Trump was… Chip

        • Earth Angel

          Great point Chip- the current administration is a complete and illegitimate fraud- proven by mountains of evidence continuously denied by lying propaganda mainstream media. However, the lies do not change the facts! Fraud negates everything; therefore we need not comply. Hopefully enough sheeple have awakened to this truth. You make an excellent point. DON’T COMPLY with ANY FRAUD. (this doesn’t leave much to comply with now, does it?) ; )

          • Russ M.

            I’m not ever going to comply. Why? Because I went through major back surgery and I’m just trying to survive every day. FK these Marxist’s. I just don’t care about them and I’m prepared for them. F off you Democrats- Marxists.

        • john

          They do whatever they want.

    • Janet

      Executive Order 14067 – Orders that “Central Bank Digital Currency” (CBDC) will become the legal currency of the United States of America on December 14, 2022 – and all the “strong” US Dollars you have been told to hold by Stan “will be phased out” – this new “Digital Dollar” you go to work to earn Will Not be Able to be Spent on Things the Government “Does Not Approve Of” – for instance the government can electronically control this digital currency so that you will not be able to buy say meat with it (it will be programed so as to only allow you to buy “bugs for dinner” – or it will be programmed so you “can’t buy silver or gold coins with it” (so you better get them before Dec 14 if you want to own a currency that the government can’t program) – this fiat “digital system” is even more evil then the paper dollar fiat system where banks like Deutsche Bank for instance can have – 69 Billion in assets – and 129 Trillion in deficits – and still remain in existence (out of bankruptcy) for Stan to recommend to us to buy!!

      • Stan

        I would have no problem with a digital dollar

        • Janet

          Be prepared to Stan – to have your “digital dollars” siphoned out of your bank account by the Fed (to help fight inflation)!!!

        • Earth Angel

          Of course you wouldn’t, you troll.

      • Earth Angel

        I think if a majority of us refuse to participate in a digital currency and just keep passing among ourselves the worthless paper notes that we’ve been passing for decades now, add bartering to that, and also a goldback currency ( if your state doesn’t have its own issue yet, it is still real 24k gold and true value based; see /purchase and by all means get an issue going in your state asap!) I don’t see how they can force this digital system on societies. It MUST FAIL. I for one will NOT be participating as we do not even USE smart phones, i phones, have limited credit card use anymore, grow and store as much of our own food as we can, etc. If large corporations, including incorporated governments (which I have learned are NOT what was originally chartered in America’s founding documents) & banks try to refuse our use of cash we must boycott these criminal institutions for as long as it takes. WE THE PEOPLE hold the POWER over our destiny, but we have to exercise it firmly in as peaceful a manner as possible. In the simple words of Nancy Reagan- “JUST SAY NO!”

    • Paul in oz

      a deep state fantasy, which if endures makes everyone a subject!

    • Francis Zee

      Isn’t the stock market being run by a computer-playing trader … it is like playing chess with a computer

  2. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    Great guest, just about to run the video.
    In the meantime, I just ‘discovered’ Poornima Wagh – PhDs in Virology AND Microbiology – on Regis Temblay. Together with an internationally based team of eighteen ‘labs’, she has analysed the content of the twelve most widely distributed ‘CV-19’ jabs. Had her lab raided by the FBI and closed down. Her findings may shock most Watchdoggers. Very detailed scientific info. IMHO, well worth the time to watch BOTH interviews in full . . .
    ‘The Scamdemic – Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 – The Virus That Never Was’
    ‘The Jab- It’s Poison And Will Kill You’

    • PersonaNonGrata

      I have just tested the above links and result is “Server cannot be found”. Worked perfectly yesterday, so perhaps has been taken down. You could try searching under but, if TPTB have closed access to his site, try searching the titles under BitChute as they are still up as I write this. Shocking info – worth searching for . . .

      • gregd

        I’m assuming you know that those sites will not open.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Watchdoggers: It appears TPTB are closing down ‘easy’ access to Regis Temblay’s interviews with Poornima Wagh. I have been looking, and have succeeded in locating the videos by searching on – a non-tracking search engine. On Yandex, search for Regis Temblay and the videos I have referred to, above, will be on the landing page.

      • Self Exiled

        Thanks, found it. Also thank you for the search engine. I had a college professor who was the French foreign minister to France just before Tito took control of Yugoslavia. He was written off as persona non grata by Tito. He would have been labeled a conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. He lived World War II in Europe and taught all the behind-the-scenes events not in textbooks. The textbook was our problem not his. We would sight paragraphs and he would discuss for an hour what went on during/behind that event. He told us how they would seat the delegates during conferences to control the narrative. These eye openers were more than that: but revelations to how politics and historical events cannot be taught out of textbooks and in classes without an eyewitness that was involved. This man shaped my political thinking, this was during the Viet Nam war. Colleges were a hot bed of reformational thought. The deep state learned their lessons well during this time and took control of schools, and media; no more caskets shown on the 6 o’clock news: also volunteer army. Conspiracy? What did I do about it? Yelled, screamed and became an outcast; so, I left and will again. Twice Self-Exiled. It hurts to watch my country die. What have I learned; that God’s will is Sovereign and the way we think it should be, may not be

    • Bodych

      There is an investigative report on Wagh, and it isn’t good. I’m never surprised about these things…if what the reporter says is true, Wagh is just another liar seeking hero worship. I hope not, but it doesn’t look good.

    • colette

      Please review this ‘dr’ Poornima Wagh prior to posting any more references to her. MANY have and are questioning not only her claims but her credentials.

      I listened to the videos, thought they were credible, and then I did some investigating and it is NOT good news for the truther world. We need to stick with the ones who have been in this from the start and have proven their credibility and their credentials. I am glad it only took me a day to find out the truth so that I did not pass this woman’s claims on to another. She even went so far as to dismiss Dr Malone, McCullough, etc because they are not on the right track… that says something eh.

      We all want to believe someone is on our side but not when there are serious questions about them and their claim to fame. I hope Dr Merritt retracts the video of her.
      Thank you

      • Erika Miller

        Sorry, forgot to post the link.

      • eddiemd

        Great article.

        I wonder how much money she was paid and by whom.

        The virus exists. I had it in June 2020. It is real.

        • Beverly

          According to some of the microspocists who did the research into the graphene oxide, the so called virus was actually radiation poisoning. They can radiate people who use cell phones, especially if they are near a 5G tower. I don’t believe the covid “virus” was any worse than a bad flu. If people know how to treat themselves for a bad flu, then they make it through just fine. BUT, if they go to the hospital where they get remdesivere, then they get REALLY sick because that will shut down your kidneys, which will affect your lungs. Then they hook you up to a ventilator and you are lucky to get out of there alive. If people use fresh garlic that is finely cut up, take it on a spoon, or do a garlic enema, that will do wonders right then. When I get a bad cold, I use MMS(Jim Humble) and doses of fresh garlic that is finely chopped. If you aren’t used to taking either of these, then start off with about 2 drops of MMS and learn how to use it. As far as the garlic, start off with about 2 cloves and work up to 3, 4, 5, depending on how big they are. These things will shut down a bad cold and cough within the hour. You DO have to give yourself more doses of these things throughout the day, like every 3-4 hours. But, these things work. Of course the Ivermectin works too, but if you don’t have that, use wormwood or black walnut or comfrey to help clean out the liver.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Thank you for referring to Dr Lee Merritt. Thanks to you, I have just reviewed her two hour interview with Poornima Wagh. Dr Merritt is no fool and prefaces the interview by stating it to be ‘the most important she has done since Covid’. There is a saying that, ‘when your getting flack, you are over the target’ and Poornima is certainly getting a lot of flack.
        Watchdoggers can judge for themselves . . .

    • Erika Miller

      Latest news is that her credentials cannot be confirmed!

      This is Greg Hunter it’s here:

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Extract from the linked to article:
        “She claimed that her thesis concluded that HIV infection did not exist because there was no published paper that made the connection between HIV and AIDS.” My memory may fail me but I recall Dr Judy Mikovits claiming the same thing and being unlawfully incarcerated, without charge, for refusing to remain silent.

        P.S. There is a growing body of opinion that ‘Germ Theory’ is bogus and that ‘Terrain Theory’ is correct. I do not have sufficient knowledge to make a judgement. Naturally, many of those who have built a career in medicine based on Germ Theory will call ‘FOUL’ on anyone disputing the foundation of their professional reputation.

    • andrew

      Can someone point out to Egon that oil is NOT fossil fuel but SELF-RENEWING HYDROCARBON!!!

  3. eddiemd

    Good interview.

    He presents all the angles to what is happening now and what is to come in the near future. Silver has industrial value.

    Under funded state pensions are another problem here in the USA. California, New York, Illinois, etc.

    Federal healthcare such as VA, Medicare, IHS are all likely to collapse as well. State programs funded through federal medicaid money will also collapse.

    It makes you wonder about the nuclear doomsday PSA in New York City. A dirty bomb or nuclear strike on NYC will collapse the stock market almost instantaneously.

    David Wilkerson will be correct.

    • Won Witness

      The Wisdom of the founding fathers to limit government corruption of currencies
      as shown by the Constitution The thought the states would surrender their ability to coin their own money was an unthinkable loss of state powers.

      Article I, Section 10, Clause 1:
      No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but GOLD and SILVER Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

      • The Seer

        Yes real money States can use-
        Gold and Silver as I posted recently!!
        Some states have passed legislation confirming such so banks have to comply
        when those are used for payment.

    • Janet

      EvG presents “almost all the angles” to what is happening now and what is to come in the near future – But – “one angle” left out is this: Donald Trump is now going around saying “He is Still President and Wants to be Reinstated”!! – forget Monkey Pox – this is a Monkey Wrench being thrown into the WEF ‘s Globalist machinery – watch what happens when “Demon Rat” Kamala Harris is asked: “Who Is The Real President”?? –

      • Janet

        She gets enraged that a “Black Man” (who survived being aborted by the Demon Rats) is acting like a Republican!!!

      • Computer Guy

        There is no Donald Trump angle, Trump is finished. Alex Jones asked him, will you disavow these poison shots and call for an end to vaccine program.

        Trump’s response : “No, I back it and that’s it.”

        And there is the end of Trump’s 2024 presidential bid.

    • Self Exiled

      I listened to him every chance I could. Still do on utube.

    • ConcAmDad

      …. And gold comtinues to be relentlessly hammered down- at this point that worthless cash would have been a better bet than miners,etc for the past year

      • Janet

        How could something that is worthless be a better bet then gold that always retains value?? – the fact that you can buy more gold with your worthless dollars right now “is an aberration” (that shouldn’t go on for very much longer) – it took the public only about two years to realize the “jab” was worthless – but with the US dollar it has taken more then one hundred years – but now that the US dollar “is at zero” – it can’t be too much longer before people wake up!!

      • Computer Guy

        Buy the real thing, put it away and hope you never need it. Miners are stocks and they will crash with the market.

  4. Tommy

    Egon has been way ahead of the curve and really knows the subject. Someone ends up asking in one variation or another” How much of my savings should I keep in fiat paper money vs precious ? ” or ” How much paper fiat money should I not convert to gold/silver? ”

    “As much fiat paper money as you can afford to lose.” EvG

    Personally, I have Very little gold & Very little fiat paper money but, I do stack me some SILVER 🙂

    • Tim Kapsala

      Hi Tommy,

      I believe that silver will help the little guy survive the next two years along with guns and food. Gold is more for the rich to preserve their wealth.


      • Tommy

        Hi Tim Kapsala,


        Yesterday, I liked the dip so I secured some more SILVER…uggh….I really just wish we had a Monetary system based on the US Constitution that we all once enjoyed.
        The Paper PONZI since 1971 with no metal backing is something that should alarm everyone especially today with the Potato in the Oval and the MARXIST “Progressives” who are printing and printing and printing to infinity and beyond…

      • Janet

        And those who can’t afford silver should at a minimum save all their pocket change (which is not Fed money but Treasury money) – such coins will not be under the Fed’s digital control – as for the gold price – it needs to be kept under tight Government and Fed control because a rising gold price “shines the light on the destruction of the value of the dollar” – caused by the Fed printing massive amounts of fiat to finance Government Deficits, Government Wars and Government payoffs to Big Pharma (to rapidly reduce the population) so the money stolen out of our Social Security Trust Fund can be kept a secret by the criminal politicians who made themselves millionaires “By Looting Our Nation’s Retirement Funds!!

    • Self Exiled

      I’ve owned silver and gold since 1998 and never lost money, and contrary to your comment I have not been asleep the last 2 years. In fact I’ve been very awake since the Kennedy assination. I was 13 at the time.

      • Tommy

        Self Exiled,

        The AvG’s quote in the middle of my comment above :

        { “As much fiat paper money as you can afford to lose.” EvG }

        is referencing the fact that when asked by those wanting to know how much Fiat Paper Money that one should hold onto from a previous discussion on it, if memory serves. During this interview, Greg asked presses him of this concern with the wealthy and he responds with that some do convert “Yes, 20% is certainly quite common” and some “MUCH MORE” which is totally up to the individual, of course.

        The thing is, you can always cash back into Paper anytime if you want to or need to before your fiat paper money of choice IMPLODES and this is where it gets a bit trickier. Most like you and I just buy and hold for safety and sleep well at night for it.

        NOTE: For those who decide to cash back into fiat paper money, BUYERS of metal will NOT pay them back a “premium,” however, the “Spot” price is solid as verified in the current market at the time of exchange.
        So, they have to hope that the reconversion sell price back into a fiat paper money will be when Spot is above the initial purchase, which would include the Spot & Premium that they paid for it.

        The ups and downs in the market do gyrate in the short term as you know but, throughout all of history it’s been reliable in purchasing power or as “GOOD AS GOLD” ….

  5. Faith

    My humble Mainer grandparents often said: Nothing in life is free and anyone that tells you that is lying to you.

    They were skeptics.

    They were salt-of-the-earth people. My grandfather served in WWII, did two tours, and retired as a painter for McDonnell-Douglas and retired in Maine.

    Paint fumes, smoking, and bad LA air left him with emphysema but he lived long past the date doctors gave him. I have good memories of camping at his camp on Long Lake with my cousin and eating huge ribeye steaks grilled over a wood fire. The sound of loons at sunset. Priceless.

    • Eli

      Those are the precious memories to hold onto in these crazy times. Also the ones we need to make with the next generation! God Bless

      • Chip

        Indeed… Chip

  6. Shelly

    If you haven’t seen this about the digital currency it’s fresh off the press:
    Note the date for the soft serve:

    August 29, 2022


    • BDS

      I read the article and I have no faith and confidence it will work over the long term. With a flick of the finger the Government sends us money out of thin air just like the current fiat FRN (Federal Reserve Note). Maybe just a temporary digital SNAFU moment for the government to take more advantage over the people and bury /destroy debt behind the scene during the temporary USDC (US Digital Coin) system until they try another financial payment system backed by GOLD?

  7. PersonaNonGrata

    Watchdoggers: It appears TPTB are closing down ‘easy’ access to Regis Temblay’s interviews with Poornima Wagh. I have been looking, and have succeeded in locating the videos by searching on – a non-tracking search engine. On Yandex, search for Regis Temblay and the videos I have referred to, above, will be on the landing page.

    • A Anthanovich


      The link below worked for me:


    • Tim Kapsala


      I found the video on Bitchute

      • PersonaNonGrata

        A Anthanovic and Tim Kapsala,
        Thanks for the feedback. Hope you found the content worth your time.

        For those yet to view these interviews: Poornima’s peer reviewed analysis of the twelve most distributed ‘Covid-19’ shots shows ALL of them are the SAME – including the shots for children!! News flash! Also claims non of them include mRNA. ALL include graphene oxide and heavy metals! If what she claims is true, then this is a game changer. Comes across to me as very sincere. If the science is correct then there is much to ponder . . .

        • Warren B.

          I posted a comment and link on this topic on Jon Cahn interview.
          We’ve been misdirected/distracted…all the while they have been poisoning our friends and family. The Graphene oxide explains the electrical charge and short circulating going on in 5he human system…and the heavy metals accounts for the inflamation….organ destruction…and cancers. Although she didn’t directly interlude on 5G I believe it has a significant part to play with regard the Graphene structures forming within the blood vessels. Graphene oxide is being excited…meaning it is getting energy….much like uranium enrichment. From my readings….I understand that NAC deactivates the electrical charge in the Graphene Oxide…..rendering it less harmful. Detoxing the body of the other toxic heavy metals is no easy task…but can be done.

  8. Linda Majors


    Another fabulous guest! Thank you so much!

    I’ve never understood how anyone with any intelligence could listen to that weird, little twit, Emma Thunberg of Sweden. World leaders have bought into that nonsense. Unbelievable! We are suffering in California due to those buffoons who listen to the little cult leader from hell. Unbelievable!

    At least we know what to expect. We have been warned. Too bad we don’t have politicians who are smart like EvG! President Trump was smart, but got blindsided with the vaccine situation. He knew that we need oil and gas, not wind turbines and solar panels to keep America out of the ditch. Also, he wanted a good relationship with Putin. But those buffoons in the Democrat Party, the Rinos, and the rogue FBI were having none of it. Too busy trying to destroy him. Now, we are in the fight of our lives just to survive. And those morons continue going after Trump instead of securing our border and doing something to improve the economy.

    Hopefully, in November we can elect enough good, smart Republicans who will start taking care of business, instead of destroying our country, and turning it over to the Woke crowd that wants to mutilate our children and dehumanize us. We need God’s help!


    Best wishes,

    • Ray

      Greta Thunberg is, upon deep analysis, a “manufactured product”……a product of dark minded liars, made for the consumption of weak minded people, so as to enact and advance their political agenda.
      Does anyone with, as Greg would say, “two neurones touching together” actually believe that an autistic school girl could sit out the front of her school and refuse to walk into class (as a “personal protest against so called climate change”)……and within 4 weeks, amass a global cult following, without the pre planned support of controlled media networks across the world?
      Fair Dinkum!!!!!
      Try it with your own child……..see how much traction you might get sitting outside their school, spruking such a noble cause as say, “Saving The US Constitution From Destruction By Leftist Imbecilles”.
      You’ll be moved off the street within the hour by the local police.
      Greta Thunberg’s parents are in the Swedish entertainment industry, with monied connections far and wide. they are connected to Power (but not REAL POWER, which lies with God…..and that shall be the basis of their unravelling).
      This whole GT thing was a set up……as I say……by dark minded liars for weak minded people.
      Greta is a pawn in a game…..nothing more.
      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

      • Linda Majors


        Your analysis makes total sense. I recall when Greta Thunberg came to Hollywood she was treated like a Rock Star. They rolled out the Red Carpet, and Arnold Schwarzenegger gave her his Hummer to buzz around in that thing.

        Just like what happened when “they” sprung Covid on us. Suddenly the world was changing and conforming to the Corona Virus thing. Like a script. The “leaders” performed their roles. Weird! Everyone was on board. The few who were not, such as Dr. Zev Zelenko, President Trump, and Peter Navarro were crucified by Corporate M.edia.

        While normal people were busy living our lives, those devils were scheming and plotting to get control of our assets and $$, indoctrinate and mutilate our children, and transform us into obedient, Transhuman slaves. They must have crawled out of the pits of Hell.


        • Ray

          Well said Linda……100% agree with your take on that.

        • Mike G

          Green Energy is a huge scam, a total waste of investment, in 10 years time we will look back and say what fools. That is, if we haven’t choked to death before then on Ze bugs.

      • Freebreezer

        Ray – “Greta Thunberg is, upon deep analysis, a “manufactured product” ” … Yes, and the TPTB know this. Sadly, she is going to used as the face of this catastrophe and not the politicians and TPTB. All extremely well thought out via the elite … have a patsy/fall person … a 17 year old, mean and weird girl from Sweden definitely fits the prerequisite well – Here the TPTB get a twofer – white girl with privileged and a mean, easy face to pin the downfall on. When people in Europe start freezing and with no food – Greta will not be able to show her face anywhere in the world!

        • Ray

          Good points all there FB.
          Take care Champion.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Todd

      Greta not Emma

      …but you point stands.

      • Shirl

        That GretaTard is of a Rothschild lineage ….just sayin’

        Oh, and Glo-BULL Warming is a SCAM!!!

        • Ray

          Greta Thunberg……
          Rearrange the letters……
          Great Gun Berth!!!
          Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • J. Loughran

      As I read it, the little girl, daughter of a “famous” mom, developed anorexia amongst other disorders during mom’s career and frequent absence from family life. The mother responded as the famous do, shifting responsibility and marketing “victimhood”. Beyond that, the family did spend yacht time together before their grand welcome at the UN a few years back. Apparently their return trip was much more rushed. Not sure if the little girl & mom will be coming out with a cookbook before this Dec. Oh, apparently their look was/ is “a thing”. You may have already met some young insectivores preaching about your municipality?

  9. Brett Henry

    Hi Greg,
    Bring back Clif High.
    Thank you.

  10. ronald L howell

    People will die by the millions, civil unrest and so own. The banksters think they have planned this.
    but take it further Babylon is fallen is fallen. The result is Nobody can buy and cell their cargos. this global the Judgement of God onto the world system. Revelation chapter 18.

    • Janet

      Interesting use of words: Nobody can buy “and cell” – I once thought that people could simply toss their “cell” phones into the garbage – and we would gain back control over our lives and be free again – but – Schwab and the WEF Globalists have figured out a way to prevent us from trashing our 5G phones – they will change our human bodies into programmable “cell” phones – and that’s why they need to “jab us” with electrically conductive metals! that will respond to their 5G commands!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Janet,
        You got that right! That’s why ALL the shots include graphene oxide (hydroxide – ref Andreas Noack) a highly conductive material that is non-biodegradable. Every shot / booster, you get MORE graphene!

        Source: Poornima Wagh on Regis Temblay dot com.

    • Dawn

      Greg –
      For some time now, I have heard we are going to be living in a Mad Max world. No food / water/ everyone broke / homeless you name it. I hear there is going to be looting and riots and destruction everywhere.

      Some say Europe will take the fall for most of this yet the USA will stand strong by comparison. The Ukraine war and other wars will stay in the ME and Europe, yet of course war will not come to the USA = those who believe this are delusional at best.

      Peter Schiff has said in the past.
      Europe is the warm up
      The USA is the grand finale

      What I cannot understand is WHY people – the masses of the world – are so frigging complicit with being wiped out in every aspect and ALL the while the ruling elite + friends ride off into the sunset to live like God’s? Then they will sit back and watch a shit show of We the People destroying our livelihoods / communities and even killing each other for food and water and so much more.

      What very few speak about is going after those who are responsible for all of this turmoil and pending turmoil. Why is that? What are WE afraid of? Would the law and to do the right thing really matter in these instances if it’s for the greater good for people/ animals and the planet? I think not.

      The way I see/understand it:
      It IS the Federal Reserve / Presidents and Prime Ministers of the last 80 years at least / The Bilderberg Group / Rothschild and Rockefeller families and others who are to blame so they MUST be made accountable.

      WE MUST go after their assets that most likely are worth in the trillions.
      But this does NOT mean destroying their assets. But of course this is exactly y what the “scum masses” will do

      I have a much better idea:
      For all the huge mansions they have around the world – can be renovated into hotels/ hospitals / broken up and sold as residential units and more.
      The grounds can be made into parks or sanctuaries for endangered animals / and – or used in some other way.
      Their boats / cars / planes / paintings and so much more will be auctioned off for starters.

      But WE MUST NOT destroy our communities / each other / nor loot or riot.
      WE need to seize their assets and thrown the people who are to blame for ALL the liar wars costing trillions and the lives of millions into the gutter with only the clothes they are wearing that day.

      I mean what if people really did this? – What are those responsible going to do about it to stop the masses from coming at them? Fuck all is what I say.

      Please will someone, somewhere talk about making those responsible accountable ASAP before the real suffering starts and before it’s too frigging late for us all?

    • Clay Wooldridge

      Rev 18:23 …for by thy sorceries (pharmakia) all nations were deceived.
      Yep, that’s about right where we are now.

  11. Johnny Cool

    “The ultimate alternative to rapidly falling fiat currency is incorruptible hard currency – represented for thousands of years by gold and silver.”

  12. David Gordon Dunne

    Let me get this straight. ALL currencies will go to 0? Some countries are not insane like Europe, USA, China, Japan. Take Russia for instance or where I live in Thailand. There is no shorting of any stock here, no derivative action, low Debt to GDP, hard working people.
    His picture is one of no money, no food, no energy, and how would anyone survive outside
    of a Mel Gibson in MadMax? There will be no future for us all if people do not take back their Governments and take down the Globalist WEF that really has created this mess to begin with. He says nothing about this, nada.

    • Janet

      Extrapolate this chart – out to 2022 and the US dollar (and the rest of the world’s fiat paper) are “at zero” – right now!! – and the new digital currency that will replace the US dollar on December 14, 2022 will have the same value as the current US dollar (zero)!!! – BUT – the Fed will be able to make the new digital currency “Have Negative Value” – you may be asking – what does that mean? – how can digital currency have negative value?? – easy – say you go to work for a week – and earn $1000 digital dollars which you deposit into your checking account to pay you bills – now how can the Fed then make that $1000 dollars go negative? – simple – they electronically remove $100 dollars from your bank account so that you only have $900 dollars to spend!!! – now you know why digital currency is important to the Fed – it gives them a more precise tool to control inflation (that is directed at the people) – and thus they won’t have to raise interest rates to control inflation (that will collapse the housing market and hurt their bottom line as mortgage loans default)!!!

      • Janet

        Look at the above US Dollar chart again – US citizens should be having an Epiphany (or an “Eureka” moment) where all of a sudden right before their eyes “there is total clarity” (beyond what was ever initially thought) – “we are clearly being impoverished” – by what has becoming systemic inflation (due to a US dollar that is approaching complete worthlessness) – as Egon von Greyerz says:
        Era of Fake Money is Gone!!!
        PS: If the US dollar is worthless – then all other currencies in the world based upon the US dollar “are Worthless” (for example if a US dollar is worth 0.0000000001 cent – it can be touted as being “strong” because it is being compared to fiat currency worth 0.0000000000000000001 cent)!!

    • Rodster

      History has shown us that these Globalists will NOT win. Their fate will be “Pitchforks and Torches”. That’s how it always ends for them.

      Remember the words of Gerald Celente: “When People Lose Everything And Have Nothing Else Too Lose, THEY LOSE IT”.

      • Dawn

        I wish that were true Rodster, but people are too complicit. I mean just look at the Covid plandemic and the masses are only too happy to run with it. Sure there is something going around, but I have never believed it to be as bad they they portray.

        For me per my comment above, I want accountability and that simply is NOT happening. People enjoy gloating at other people’s losses/demise and that’s sad.

        I have said for a long time now, WE live in this fucked up world b/c it’s the fucked up world WE want / prefer to live in. Otherwise WE would change it. But WE don’t.

        Where I live we are inundated in the penis extension cars doing their fkd up donuts at major intersections.
        We have men (and some women) (mainly African Americans) with their pants around their thighs/knees advertising anal sex.
        People litter everywhere.
        People abuse / murder each other and animals too.
        Drugs’ everywhere
        Opportunity stealing
        People’s attitudes in general is just plain nasty
        And so much more – all of which drags societies down everywhere.

        At the other end we have
        Political fraud and corruption to the extreme costing us trillions and trillions.
        Mass liar wars and murder
        I believe the hierarchy murder those who are a threat and more.

        One thing I would definitely like to see though in the next 25 years or less is to get the world population down by at least half and for people to STOP having messy families = children born to different parents and STOP with the single parenting too.
        If you’re not in a good long steady loving healthy relationship – DON”T have children.
        Then half the world problems will simply vanish.

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Dawn,
          “Sure there is something going around, but I have never believed it to be as bad they they portray.”
          They didn’t even bother to portray ‘it’ as statistically bad. Even the CDC figures showed survivability (without medication!) to be 99.997 for ages 0-19 and, in the worse case 94.9 for the very elderly (many of whom suffer from co- morbidities). Hardly a Dlack Death -‘bring out your dead’ – apocalypse. The media rhetoric didn’t match the stats.

      • Chris

        I wish I could be as confident as you are. However, I don’t see many people likely to take up pitch forks and torches in my neighborhood. Not in English speaking countries, especially the very compliant ones like Australia, NZ and Canada, anyway. I think we’ve become “too nice” – which is a euphemism for wimps. Decades of testosterone sapping contamination of mind, body and soul has left most males in these countries (and western countries generally) passive and meek in the face of authoritarian coercion. And the police state tactics of governments make sure the few willing to stand up are dealt with brutally. Gerald Celente may have been correct once upon a time, but I feel that time has gone for western civilization.

        • Shiloh1

          I know in NZ guns are under tight control after a false flag a few years ago, but don’t they have wood chippers?

  13. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Your report is right on the money.

  14. Jerry

    This is such a timely interview. EVG couldn’t be more correct about his timeline for what’s about to happen. The globalist are following a scheduled timeline for a reset, and the controlled economic demolition we are witnessing now is just part of it. Even though this post is outdated it does seem to follow the current timeline.

    I didn’t realize how close we were until I recently found out that a major corporation ( which I can’t reveal for security reasons ) is preparing to shut down operations from the 14th of September to December 1st. When I first found out I couldn’t understand why they would shut down operations now when they were being profitable, and then it dawned on me? They know what’s coming. Elite corporations that are part of the World Economic Forum are retooling their operations internally to accommodate digital blockchain technology that will be used in the reset. Even the CEO of Starbucks has officially gone on record stating that they would no longer use cash in their operations. In some cases unless you use their app they won’t take your order at all. Let’s be honest, EVG knows these people as well since he does business with them, so in my mind he is probably the most credible person you could listen to. Bookmark this interview Greg, as one of your best, because time will tell just how over the target you really are. I keep telling my wife. It’s not about fear. It’s about preparation. You’ve given people plenty of time to prepare. The rest is up to them. God bless you Greg.

  15. Robert Coleman

    It’s all Monopoly Money – it’s whether or not you believe it is worth something or worthless. Gold, Silver have been used as real money for over 5000 years. Paper money is worthless in reality unless it is backed by Gold or Silver like it used to be in the USA. Still have My Silver Certificates.

  16. Ed

    The vatican has called in all her liquid assets from around the world to be kept at the vatican bank. And must be done by Sept.30. And Sweden said any paper that is not in a bank account by Oct.1 will be worth 0. Something big going down very soon. Is this when house plant buy-den is going to implement EO 14067?

  17. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Von Greyez an enlightening discussion.

  18. Redinky

    Eventually, a morally bankrupt society becomes a fiscally bankrupt society. This has all been foretold. There is no political solution to a spiritual problem. The suffering has only just started.

  19. Manuel Silva Jr

    How much is gold worth if the governments at the behest of the international bankers confiscates the privately held vaults ? ZERO ! YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE MISERABLE !!!

    • Shirl

      Manuel Silva Jr.,
      God’s money will endure despite the satanic attacks with the latest being the sinister digital money system for complete control. Both gold and silver have a long successful history that spans thousands of years. On the competition, 100% fiat failures now being rolled into a digital control with dictate compliance strings attached, not so mucb.

  20. Richard Westwell

    The green lobby has wielded so much influence with their crazy ideas that “green energy” can power an industrialized nation. So now millions of people must suffer because governments decided to use someone else’s fossil fuels (Russian) instead of developing cleaner ways to use their own, just to be good virtue signaling “greens”. REAL leaders would seek a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine instead of prolonging a war that only Russia will win.

  21. Ray

    Another baseball disappears out of the ball park…..and beyond the car park next to it.
    Thank you Greg and Egon.
    What is that beautiful tone I hear?
    What is that splendid, resonant vibration of logic wafting toward me, gifted to me by angels from afar?
    Why……Lo & Behold…….
    It is the beautiful, booming voice of the late, GREAT Rob Kirby, echoing across to us from Heaven, with what were his final thoughts to Greg earlier this year regarding the FILTH RIDDEN global economy, and what would have made a PERFECT sentence of intersection into today’s interview……
    “Greg……….THE MONEY’S NO GOOD”.
    Such will future historians no doubt scribe (if there are indeed any left after the upcoming global war) when this rabid, nakedly absurd monetary epoch is recanted and reviewed for those who may have cause to ponder such important historical matters.
    Now there’s my “Interview from Heaven”……Greg Hunter, EVG and Rob Kirby.
    What an absolute TREAT that would be! Couldn’t be improved.
    Goodnight Gents…….my love to you especially Rob……miss you mate.
    Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation.

  22. Robert Will

    1970s. He meant “hi-fi” (not “wi-fi”)

  23. Lois Douglas

    My husband was part of a Union 20+ years ago. We still receive their newsletter. The headline this month?
    “GCC/IBT National Pension Fund receives $1.288 Billion in Special Financial Assistamce to solidify its financial future”.
    Sheep! People are blind. Where do they think this money is coming from?
    Thanks for always telling the truth. No matter how brutal.
    Lois Douglas

  24. Cathy

    Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.
    Proverbs 3:5-8

  25. James Hall

    Neena Pacholke has died at the age of 27.

    The Wisconsin news presenter died suddenly on Saturday, a statement from WAOW bosses confirmed.

    ‘Neena Pacholke, our beloved morning anchor passed away suddenly Saturday,’ it read.

    • Janet

      Neena was about to married – – how could such an anticipated happy time “make you commit suicide”?? (unless perhaps she found out her intended husband was seeing another man or was a Drag Queen displaying himself to children)???

  26. Clint Young

    Many in the USA and the rest of the West are concerned that their wealth is about to evaporate. I think they are right. But more importantly, their very lives may also evaporate if the Russian Bear nukes the USA and other NATO targets. This may be exactly what is about to happen if the Russian Bear of today is the Daniel 7:5 Bear.

  27. Andrew Harrison

    Great to see Mr. Egon von Greyerz back, always interesting

  28. cheryl

    im surprised this guy thinks the govt needs to be talked into doing anything, he doesnt see the evil and gives his enemy too much benefit of the doubt. the govts of the world KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING and the economic hardships they are causing. THERE IS AN AGENDA. cv19 was the kick off.

  29. Roger Stamper

    tks egon greg

  30. Douglas

    Good morning Greg,and you’re guest Egan; two living beings on the land, standing tall through responsibility,plus their learnings,plus teachings,brings truth to the front of history,our hardest teacher.Able and always ready in giving their most precious,” Time “ and leadership greatly appreciated in these hard times, plus to come.We has a hole,beings on the land are blessed and highly favoured.Has one,if I may,hearing plus seeing the foundation being built through love = truth = freedom = “ Making Childhood Great Again.” Bravo to you’s both, plus all who do so.!!! Enjoy

  31. nzandy

    Good interview Greg

  32. Robert Messina

    Prov8:17-20 I (wisdom) love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
    18 Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness.
    19 My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver.
    20 I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment:

  33. Joseph Boudreau

    Great interview. I’ve always enjoyed EvG’s interviews. Great that you had him back on. This interview should get a lot of hits in coming days / weeks / months.

    • Country Codger

      One of my favorite jokes is, “Hey Boudreau, throw the cow over the fence…
      some hay.” I’m from Carencro La. and graduated with many Boudreauxes. Of course that was in the very early 70’s.

  34. Mike

    I agree and disagree
    These guys have been predicting for years the world is falling apart and I agree The world is falling apart except when it comes to metals. I see metals similar to fine art, antique cars ECT. There are certain buyers for this product, some countries may use it in the future as part of their commodity backed currency but our country may control metal prices making it a crime selling your metals to enemies willing to pay exorbitant prices or selling metals on the open market above controlled price. Don’t forget 87,000 new IRS agents have been added and our current government or any other country is not interested seeing exorbitant priced metals. Many of these metals are used for advanced military and consumer product. High metal prices are not in any large economy national interest (friend / enemy).
    If we are going to have an honest price discovery discussion all probable possibilities need to be discussed. Your guests need to be challenged with honest to goodness questions.

    If the world uses stones, widgets or paper to buy goods and assets hence this is the planetary reality. If I used paper to accumulate “real assets for the past 25 years” what does it matter. This is Planet X reality
    Many of your viewers have lost many opportunities.
    Yes a small portion of your assets should be in metals understanding our government, allies and enemies control the price with the inability to predict price discovery because of a global governmental corrupt control system(s).
    This is what many of your doomsday guests don’t understand.

    By the way food and water may be the future currency in the coming months and years while we sort out this mess.

    We are this Earth for a brief time. We have no idea when our last day will arrive. If the world Reserve Currency is rotten fruit you’ve got to go with the flow to buy real assets, a home, having a trade skill or usable education, food, water, faith, happiness in your life and living life to the fullest is the best way to live

    • Bodych

      Totally agree with this sentiment. I’ve been watching (and buying) metals since the 1980s, and for the average human being, they’d have been better off financially flipping real estate, flipping art, certain rare coins, and even out-of-print CDs/DVDs (trust me on that last one).

      Gold and silver are completely price-manipulated. As you suggested, if the banksters felt that tulip bulbs were valuable preservers of wealth, we’d be stockpiling bulbs.

      I strongly disagree that most of a person’s savings should be in the form of gold. That would be a big mistake, based on my nearly 40 years of watching the price manipulation. I’m sick and tired of hearing those who have a vested interest in precious metals trying to convince the world that a “to da moon” scenario is forming, and you best do the smart thing.

      Instead, do the PRUDENT things: Have some metals, pay off your house mortgage, get out of debt (the most important thing), stock up on food and water, have a reserve of cash where you alone can get to it (ie, not in a bank), be smart. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, EVER.

    • Janet

      The New World Reserve Digital Currency (due to be brought into effect on December 14, 2022 by the Fed) “is rotten fruit” brought to us by men without morals – US citizens have been impoverished by these Fed Demons since 1913 – subjugated to a deliberate systemic and purposeful devaluation of our currency – and any citizen devoid of such understanding is either a fool – or a Demon Rat with the same malignant spirit as those Globalists at the WEF/UN wishing to do harm to all Humanity!!

  35. Country Codger

    Financial emergency Sept. 26-30. War in America possible in November 2022.
    Lo Iyrah!

  36. Susan R

    I got Egon’s message years ago and just stashed it away. He is right. It is simple but people have put up defenses of disbelief and most I am surrounded by prove it. We need to have all the basics to survive hopefully by now. Bless us all with clarity.

  37. William Calvert

    In my opinion, the best thing that could happen is a total global debt default. All defaults would be a defaults on fake paper. who suffers? – The central banks, the Cabal and all of the other criminal Powers that be. Who wins? The general population. (you and me) So why do we keep hearing about how bad a banking default would be. My opinion – It would be great for the average inhabitant of this planet and a great way to start our prison break.

    • Shiloh1


  38. Dusty

    Great interview Greg. EVG speaks the truth. What an interesting world this will be when the public masses realize what’s been going on.
    I learned this week that a second one of my children has taken the jab. Even took the booster. It’s in God’s hands. I pray often that he intervenes….
    God, help us all.

  39. Sue Patterson

    A quick internet search revealed that a full cord of wood; dried, delivered, and stacked, is about $585 in the eastern USA. If prices are somewhat comparable in Germany three cords would be about the same cost as one ounce of gold. That same ounce of gold will currently purchase about 600 full-price, ready-to-eat cans of Progresso soup. Gold is wonderful, but you can’t eat it and it won’t keep you warm. For many people the time for preserving wealth has passed and the time of survival has begun. If I was so unfortunate as to be living in Germany, or any part of Europe right now, I wouldn’t be buying gold.

  40. mark branham

    My problem is those who denigrate “fiat money” don’t seem to understand how money works. To call the dollar “fiat” is absurd; to say nothing backs the dollar is as well. In real terms, EVERYTHING backs the dollar… the sovereign nation of the United States, the military, the fact that international trade is conducted in the dollar… it goes on and on. And that’s not going to change in the foreseeable future. It will take a civilizational collapse to thwart the dollars standing… and while that’s probably in the future, nothing will hold value then.

  41. jon

    Hi Greg, Certainly there are no guarantees in life. Unfortunately people will realize too late. Wealth accumulation for the average Joe, has to be done as a little regularly over time. EVG is right about the gold and silver accumulation. Got to do it over years. Bill Holter hit it regarding people that also branch to stocks. Buy the stocks you feel will outlast any collapse and get the Stock Certificates or at least Book Registration with the Transfer agent. I did a study on prime companies that were in existence during WW2 Nazi Germany, France, Japan etc. These countries were wiped out from war. BUT, many stock holders in companies that survived the war decades later, still owned the stocks. Many stocks will outlast corrupt government collapse. But got to get the certificates or Book Registration.

  42. Elias

    I’ll tell you honestly if the price fell a hundred bucks I’d buy some more, a good sale! We are living in the most interesting of times, as this involves the entire world financial system, not a country! Lord, Have Mercy on us.

  43. ken

    DERIVATIVES….BRAVO FOR DISCUSSING. Too few financial sites are courageous enough to raise the topic of derivatives and the very real, near-term RISK of them destroying the world’s wealth. Derivatives risk has to be the most important topic/issue in the world today. You nailed it in this interview. THANK YOU.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Ken. All those poor people on pensions who will NOT get paid. They won’t know what hit them.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Maybe that will jolt them into action. Best always. PM

        • Rod Brumley Sr - Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

          If you don’t hold physical Silver and Gold you will not be able to survive what is happening – Epic Nightmare is upon us
          I watched the Biden speech – no longer hiding they are Nazi’s

      • Thomas Malthaus

        All those people without jobs where unemployment may or will go away.

      • Tom C

        Hi Greg. What about Social Security? Will it survive?

        • Greg Hunter

          Tom C,
          Yes and no. It will be way better off because so many over 65 will die an early death because they were vaxed. On the downside it is paid out in dollars and what will the dollar buy?
          This is why you take out insurance and that is metal.

          • Shiloh1

            Hi Greg.
            What will happen to individuals’ debts in such cases? Mortgage, car loan, credit card balances etc? Wiped clean too?
            Like the student loans, will those with no debt be played for suckers -again?

            • Janet

              Maxing out your credit cards and buying gold and silver with the money would be very advantageous if credit card debt is forgiven like student loans – I don’t see why only the Doctors who took out loans to get their Degrees “should be more special” then the regular people these Doctors are jabbing to death!!

          • Tom C

            Very good points. Thanks Greg and all your great work is appreciated so much. God bless us all.

  44. Tim Kapsala


    How is the carnage from the death jabs going to play into the economy? What is your take?

    • Greg Hunter

      deflationary (no more used car problem) and massively destructive. Keep people in key jobs took the jobs. Doctors, Nurses, Police Firefighters, ambulance drivers nuke plant operators, and I could go on. Let’s say half get sick or die. How destabilizing do you think that will be? Get ready to be on your own. A good friend of mine keeps telling me to get a 20 gage semi-auto shotgun with riffled slugs. (Twice as powerful as a 44 mag.) I am hoping it does not get that bad, but you will be on your own much of the time.

      • Tim Kapsala

        Hi Greg, it is scary,

        But thanks for telling me the truth. I will prepare as best I can and the rest is in Gods hands.

        Take care


  45. Douglas Blair

    Greg interview Greg. But I have a question that maybe you could ask the next time he is on your podcast. The chances of the government coming to private homes is very unlikely as most do not have PM in the bank of Sealy. But what about them showing up at his vault with guns drawn and saying open the door? He is not going to take a bullet or jail time to protect other people’s gold. And nobody would expect him too. The government haul would be huge from valts like his.. Hope to hear you ask him or any private vault owner this question. Thanks Doug

  46. Grant Hill

    These climate control people are fanatics!!! They would rather kill off the people in the name of climate contol instead of looking at and logicallly doing this on a long term basis! They have ALWAYS been wrong on their projections, just watch Al Gore’s movie!! The control has to be removed from these people because they are WRONG and ruining the world instead of improving it!!

  47. eddiemd

    Watchtower news from the kingdom hall of the JWs.

    • Greg Hunter

      I deleted this comment, Eddie!

  48. Stan

    $8.oo silver by December. Y’all laughed when I shorted silver at $28.00

    • Shiloh1

      Where does this ‘y’all’ thing come from lately -reruns of He-Haw on CNN? I liked the Zsa Zsa accent myself.

      • Janet

        Perhaps Stan is talking about Y’all Eckstein who doesn’t need to short silver (as she was able to raise $1.8 billion from Christians) which was most probably used by the Israeli Government to jab 98% of the Jewish people with the Kill Shot!!

    • Justn Observer

      Hope so…great time to buy silver if one can find any!
      Low Silver Prices Forcing Drain from Comex and LBMA

      The biggest problem to solve is the retail sellers ‘rigging’ the spot price which if it was plywood or necessities of a hurricane would be ‘price fixing/gouging’ that the gov’t frowns upon. but since this all is and ‘insider’ ponzi scheme as Bix Weir says, ‘the price can go up or down at the click of a mouse’, it is what it is. Metals derives value by scarcity, utility, industrial use, and fixed and variable costs to get it out of the ground, processed/refined, and marketed. Unless current events drive labor costs unbelievably low, I doubt $8 silver in the real world is realistic especially if the future still holds the use of tech gadgets = I-phones, computers for the use of digital currency if that comes to fruition? That said, If the world realized the amount of GOLD in the Grand Canyon and the Chocolate mountains…gold might indeed take a hit. Gold IS NOT nearly as rare as professed to the public. I am surprised that with the drought and draining of lakes, river and creek beds so few people are taking the opportunity to seek out the gold in nooks and crannies now exposed.

    • Free_Loader

      Silver @ $8.00/oz and you’re looking at a COMEX, LBMA shut-down long before it reaches that level OR you’ll simply be unable to purchase it at that price. The same for the upside, silver @$40-50 and you’re looking at a shutdown.
      Clif High’s data seems to suggest that silver will reach hundreds of dollars but you won’t be able to get it – he called it “unobtainium”
      Good for you on shorting it at that level, even though no one here can verify your words, stocks and shorts will be worthless once all is said and done, meanwhile the actual metal in your own possession is where the value will lie.

  49. John

    Thank you Mr Hunter
    This will be devastating for the people of the world. Just think about the implications this will do to normal hard working families . People who go without to let their children have some sort of enjoyment . I’m not talking about the cash laden spoilt ones but the families who just get by. Is this really what we came here for, to be trod upon by power hungry elites who want more.

  50. Lady Au Stackers United

    BRICs nations ready after Putin’s approval of their new trade agreement outside of the USD dominate. When that deal is sealed, grab your bag of popcorn and watch the world economic fireworks display. On gold, imo, Europeans have a long history of reliance on the yellow metal as a backup barter trade and rightly so given the volatile political hx. Now, Americans being a young country has a history of gold and silver rush as backup barter for trade currency. Fast forward 2-1/2 centuries and the White Metal has industrial use today as well as its precious metal status. STOCK UP ON SILVER! Pensions gone? Nahh. Pension portfolios statements reduced? Yeah, maybe. Pension payout installments halted? Nahh. Pension payouts delayed? A probable occurrence imo.

    Kindly request another Jim Rickards interview.

  51. James

    Insanity of the ‘green’ people want us to change our energy sources NOW!
    if they would propose a good plan over decades to phase in alternatives and phase out oil energy sources, it would be more palatable and cause less suffering & deaths.
    Yet these psychopaths don’t care about the suffering & deaths of others.
    Bigger issue now is these alternative sources of energy is not fully developed & ready now!

  52. Ratty

    And exactly how do you buy a loaf of bread with gold or silver?

    • Greg Hunter

      How do you buy a loaf of bread with and inflated or worthless dollar?

      • John Maskell

        Great reply Greg. They emptied the Marks on the floor and stole the wheelbarrow in the 1920s when Germany had hyper inflation . Gold and silver were the go-to currency then. There’s pictures of Germans lighting fires with cash to catch the wood alight , perhaps they might do that with Euros soon. I am so glad I subscribed to this channel . Great content !

    • Chris in Arkansas

      You don’t. You convert a few coins or bars at the going rate for cash and then buy your bread. So while your neighbor is struggling to come up with the cash to buy that $10 loaf of bread and other food at inflated prices you at least have some means to buy what you need.

    • Janet

      Simply hand your local bakery store owner one(1) War Nickel – and you will be able to get in return a nice big loaf of rye bread and a dozen jelly donuts!!

    • Free_Loader

      Junk silver (90% silver/pre-1964 coins, or even 40% silver) is legal tender and produced by the US Mint. Gold is probably too valuable to transact with for “a loaf of bread” but the idea is the same.

  53. Buzz Carter

    Greg, Next guest you have on about Metals or banking ask them about and their thoughts on metal storage companies.
    I have Gold and Silver at home but much more in OneGold. Is it safe there if we have a banking problem and accounts are frozen? I have tested metal delivery from OneGold and it has been a very quick three days, showing that they do have metal in storage with my name on it.

    • Janet

      It is always safer to keep “no one else” between you and your money!!

      • Vince Wagner

        Right!! I would never let anyone custody my gold. Especially the Swiss. They already screwed foreign investors several years ago. They can’t be trusted

        • Greg Hunter

          The people EvG has as clients are people that have tons of gold. Your comparing apples to watermelons.

  54. Nancy McDaniel

    Why don’t we take back everything, money, gold and property, that has been stolen by the criminals crashing the world’s economies and restart the fossil fuels industry worldwide. The criminals need to be jailed worldwide for election fraud for starters and their ill gotten gains by fraud reclaimed.

  55. Joe Dirt

    Scary stuff, to be sure…

    Here’s my issue with gold and other precious metals:

    If gold is such a great hedge against inflation, and cash is a worthless fiat currency, why do the people who are selling the gold want the worthless fiat currency in exchange for it? Wouldn’t they be better off just keeping the gold?
    Additionally, as a currency gold is wildly impractical. What? Are we all supposed to walk around with little velvet sacks holding gold coins and gold dust? Will there be an assay office on every corner like in the old west?

    I realize this may sound ignorant but I believe it’s a legitimate question.

    What am I missing or not understanding?

    • Ray

      Hi Joe,
      I’d like to answer your question……please don’t take it the wrong way!

      “ What? Are we all supposed to walk around with little velvet sacks holding gold coins and gold dust? Will there be an assay office on every corner like in the old west?”

      No……what you’re supposed to do is work all your life, be taxed unfairly, never get ahead, allow banks to create money out of thin air, never question the government and shut up and take all your vaccinations…..or they will put you into prison, or kill you.

      Seems to me that carrying a little velvet sack with some metal in it, with an assay office on every corner is a VERY REASONABLE alternative, given the filth that society has decayed into under the above description of current life.

      What say you sir?


      Ray, Canberra, Glass Car Park Nation

    • Janet

      People who sell their gold (real money) for fiat paper (fake money) are brain dead – if you think holding “real money” (is impractical) because it is too heavy to carry around and use in trade – have probably never heard of the Gold Foil Bills now being printed up by a number of States in the US – and probably never heard of opening a GoldMoney account (where you can use a physical gold credit or debit card to make purchases) – opening a GoldMoney account allows you to buy things with physical gold that is transferred from the buyers account to the sellers account – and the fee involve of about 1% (is a lot less then the banks charge for fiat credit cards)!!

    • britt

      these are my exact questions and thoughts as well!

      Doesn’t make sense lol

  56. Sara

    Thanks Greg! You are so appreciated!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Sara to say this! Thank you.

  57. Nina Cox

    The thing that troubles me most about the Green “climate change” movement is ” carbon emissions” is a perfect definition of human breathing.

    And then the Bill Gates’ TED Talk stating the “people” factor of his formula to reduce carbon emissions is the only factor which can be changed “if we do a good job with vaccines”. Haunting statement.

  58. Marius

    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for a top notch interview.

    In South Africa the reality of looming power failures for several hours at a stretch is a fact of life. South African Coal is being exported to Europe to supplement their current energy shortages.

    During these power failures one experience the banking systems going down, which means credit / debit card payment points do not work and neither do the ATM’s or internet banking. If the shops do not have working generators (during power outages) then at least one can use cash, while bank cards are pretty useless during those times.

    Gold has performed well at almost 11% year on year gains in Rand terms. Do see this PDF from the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank with regard to their gold coins:

    Once the illusion of the current financial system passes, based mainly on debt, then mostly middle class people will suffer great hardship. The poor people are already suffering greatly and that is bound to only get much worse. Ordinary South Africans did not receive much or any assistance from the government regarding Covid Relief. The poorest of the poor only received a government grant of R350 (about $20) per month.

    We see the reality of the wealth gap created by the current financial system on a daily basis. This reality is not a pretty sight to behold and people that have not lived with it do take some time to mentally adjust to these horrors, it is truly the dark side of the current financial system.

    Please do ask your guests who may have visited South Africa to relay their experiences of the country and its people to you.

    Keep up the great reporting and may God bless you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Marius, for your own street reporting from South Africa!

  59. Thurston Howell VIII

    Time to unveil the next trillion dollar stimmy boondoggle, or else the GDP turns negative by Jan 2023. They have to out spend the previous year *each and every year from now on, for the rest of human history * or else the GDP and economy implodes.

    So what’s coming next, $100,000 checks for everyone not white?

    It is time to become an awoke BLM Antifa Biben socialist Karen so you can have a great ESG score come February 2023. My current ESG score: -850…. under house arrest and banned from purchasing everything!

  60. George

    Trump is sticking with the jab I don’t like that one bit looks like the choice between two evils will be on the ballot 😡

  61. Dan

    I agree with Egon, with the exception that gold and silver will revalue, due to all the wicked suppression of their true price discovery by the criminals.

  62. Ryan

    On another note- the NIH just “very quietly” added Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19.

  63. Janet

    Speaking of taking a tiger by the tail – David Knight takes on two of them (Trump and Alex Jones)!!

  64. Angels Holding Back4Winds?
    Toddler killed as intense storm drops hailstones the size of softballs
    CBSNews – 12h ago

    When All Else Fails/Lie Like A Rug-Ratco!
    Biden’s Demand of ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Russia Will Fail
    82,801 viewsStreamed live on Aug 30, 2022
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom

    Joe Biden’s Demand of ‘Unconditional Surrender’ to Russia Will Fail
    by Douglas Macgregor
    Sherry Fuzesy 1 day ago
    Thank you Col. MacGregor and Judge Napolitano for a sound, reasoned discussion amidst the official misinformation environment we are subjected to about US foreign affairs.

  65. Steve Bice

    I watched the entire interview with Poornima Wagh. Her research and conclusions are aligned with those who say the Covid virus has not been isolated…and simply does not exist. She goes further and says the spike protein also does not exist.

    She claims the entire Covid era’s death and dysfunction were driven by injections (as Warren has suggested), first with contaminated 2019 flu shots and later after the panic was underway, with various and sundry Covid “vaccines”. She further says these shots were created in less than a day (which is impossible for a vaccine). All are purportedly chemical toxins devoid of biological or viral components.

    So far so good. Now the conundrum.

    FLCCC has reported vast success treating patients with Covid, whatever it may be, using repurposed drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorquine, Fluvoxamine, Budesonide and more. If Covid is not viral, why are these drugs working?

    Covid as described throughout 2020 and 2021 had a roughly one week viral replication stage and and 2nd week acute inflammatory phase. If the viral stage was never a reality, then anti-viral drugs would be no better than a placebo. That leaves just the inflammatory stage.

    Clearly, chemical toxins injected into the body could/would create massive inflammation, and some of these repurposed drugs also have anti-inflammatory activity. But, it is hard to believe any of these repurposed drug interventions could “cure” deliberate poisoning of the body. Further, the “early treatment” success was predicated on suppression of viral replication. Why would early treatment matter/be effective if there was no virus to suppress?

    How are we to reconcile these two very different narratives spanning the now almost three-year Covid assault?

    If we are to thwart this attack on humanity, we must understand the nature of the weapon, be it viral or chemical.

    Correlation is not causation, but broad empirical evidence supports the effectiveness of the FLCCC treatments. This should not be the case if Covid is not viral.

    Who is right, how can we know and how many must suffer and die before the truth is revealed?

    • A Anthanovich


      Maybe “Covid” was nothing more than a bad seasonal flu? The PCR test was used to diagnose for “Covid”, but we know that the PCR test was over cycled, and misapplied…and simply didn’t work. The media hyped up the pandemic based on the faulty PCR test results…and then they rolled out the deadly solution…the warp speed “poison death shots.”

      So, the treatments offered by the FLCCC worked to treat the symptoms of the seasonal flu…but this has absolutely nothing to do with the CV-19 Injections.

      Dr. Wagh and her 17 colleagues focused on determining the composition of the deadly cocktail contained in numerous samples of CV-19 vials. They found synthetic lipid nano-particles such as PEG and SM-102, Hydro-Gels utilizing polymer-nano-particles, trillions of nano-particles of reduced graphene oxide, and massive amounts of heavy metal contamination. None of these substances should be present in a therapeutic vaccine; therefore, the only possible conclusion is democide.

      We desperately need several more groups of highly qualified scientists to verify the results found by Dr. Wagh’s group. FLCCC and Dr. Wagh’s group should collaborate. Maybe Greg could interview Dr. Wagh and help her connect to FLCCC? No scientific journal will publish such damning evidence, and no mainstream media outlet will report on this story.


      • Steve Bice

        Tony…that’s certainly an interesting possibility, supported by the virtual absence of seasonal flu in 2020. The reported flu stats for 2020 are such an outlier that it renders them utterly unbelievable in the absence of any rational explanation.

        To summarize the possible pathway incorporating your suggestion: 2019 Flu shots were contaminated with synthetic and chemical toxins…and were perhaps devoid of any flu antibody inducing agents. This would create or allow sickness by two methods: one essentially by poisoning, and one by allowing flu to run unimpaired…both relabeled as “Covid”. These events caused the groundswell of fear necessary to mount the unprecedented vaccine campaign…and caused people to submit to vaccination en masse across the world. A relentless media fear campaign was rolled out as early as January 2020 to fuel the vaccination drive. The “vaccines” were and are the primary vector causing increased morbidity and mortality, but flu vaccines and rampant relabeled seasonal flu were necessary prerequisites to the rollout of cytotoxic vaccines. Under such a scenario, there is no benign reason for creation of these shots: there is only incomprehensible evil.

        All of this took place under a veil of silence with regard to shot ingredients, and protection from liability via EUA approvals…while drug repurposing attempts were aggressively shut down.

        Have we truly arrived at this point? No accidental release of virus, no adverse “side effects” of vaccines…just a worldwide genocidal campaign designed to destroy immune systems and hide culpability behind the onslaught of diseases released by failing immune response?

        If so, we are in “last days” trouble. Pestilence indeed.

        I like the suggestion of connecting Dr. Kory and Dr. Wagh, and would love to see them attempt to reconcile their findings with regard to everything Covid. Thanks for the response…

        • A Anthanovich

          Yes Steve, unfortunately we have “truly arrived at this point” … facing an “incomprehensible evil” … starting with Fauci warning in early 2017 that a “surprise outbreak” would occur during the Trump administration. This tells us that the Covid operation planning started before 2017.

          If you map out ALL of the events that have occurred since Fauci’s announcement: Event 201, massive media campaign to instill fear, bogus PCR testing, suppression of off-the-shelf therapeutic drugs, character assignations and censorship of anyone daring to challenge the “official” narrative, hospital protocols to commit murder using Remdesivir and ventilators, lock-downs, masking and social distancing misinformation, FDA approval of Pfizer’s Comirnaty which was never made available in the US, Pfizer’s attempt to suppress 55,000 pages of information for 75 years, and worst of all … Biden’s attempt to mandate the “poison death shots” and the media’s attempt to conceal all of the pain, suffering, and deaths caused by the injections.

          We really don’t need Sherlock Holmes to solve this crime … patriots like you and many others on this website have done a pretty good job of mapping out the globalist’s depopulation agenda, along with their own tempestuous comments and publications, i.e. Agenda 2030, Great Reset, etc.


      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Tony,
        Many thanks for your well reasoned commentary. Poornima Wagh has received lots of flack since ‘coming out’ with her findings. It’s incredibly difficult to discern the truth at this time. One has to use intuition and personal judgement. I found the interview Poornima had with Dr Merritt of particular interest because of all the many obscure medial literature that they agreed upon without either having to refer to notes. If Poornima is fake – as many claim – then she is remarkable well versed and able to keep up with, if not ‘best’ Dr Merritt on the subject of historical medial research. That she challenges the consensus on viruses should not, in and of itself, discredit what she has to report. Clif High has some ‘extraordinary’ opinions as to the various alien life forms that control planet Earth (he may be right – but I have yet to concur) but that does not detract from his ‘genius’ predictive linguistics computer programme. I doubt very much Clif believes the world was created some 5,000 years ago as per the scriptures, but that does not prevent Greg from valuing his opinion on other matters. Finally, if you meet a stranger, you use your experience and intuition to form a judgement as to their character. You DO NOT turn to a stranger and ask them what they think of the person you have just met. IMHO, turning to ‘fact-checkers’ is the same as asking a stranger for their opinion. Fact checkers are a construct of TPTB!

        • A Anthanovich


          Who hasn’t received “lots of flack” for contradicting the “official narrative” of safe-and-effective?

          It would be extremely helpful if Dr. Wagh’s colleagues would also “be so brave” to publicly corroborate her laboratory findings. Also, as I’ve previously mentioned, we need other scientific groups to independently analyze and publish the actual contents of the CV-19 injections.

          I think we have a general consensus here (myself, Warren B, Steve, and you) that Dr. Wagh’s message resonates as true … but we still would like confirmation.

          Yes, I agree that the fact checkers are “a construct of the TPTB.”

          Of course, in our current state of reality where “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength” it will be nearly impossible to get the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to the surface. All those who try to use logic and reason in seeking the truth will be ostracized and declared to be enemy’s of the state as we have seen so blatantly deployed since we arrived in the Covid-zone.

          I really do appreciate everyone’s thoughts regarding this matter!


    • Janet

      Why are drugs like Ivermectin, Hydroxychlorquine, Fluvoxamine and Budesonide working if Covid is not viral?? – probably because whatever the “jab” is [our Government still won’t force Pfizer to release the ingredients they put into their Kill Shot] it is weakening the immune system of the jabbed – so that “all types of parasites can grow, multiply and spread” – eventually taking over the human body – and killing you!!

      • Steve Bice

        The early evidence says you are correct about the shots reducing the immune response to disease by causing T cells to effectively stand down. If immune response is radically weakened or destroyed, we can expect to see a record setting flu season on the order of the 1918 Spanish flu or worse. The next 3 to 4 months should reveal much…and we could see the impact much sooner…like 6 to 8 weeks. Buckle up…

        • Steve Bice

          P.S. Expect emergence of a vicious circle where more disease stokes more fear creating more pressure for more vaccines…which cause more disease, more fear, and more pressure for more vaccines…and so on, all leading to more destruction of the immune system… and death.

          A vaccination perpetual motion machine that drives itself once initiated…

    • Warren B.

      I take no pride in having a similar assessment to that of Dr Wagh…..with regard infection by injection.
      The payload of toxic materials has been introduced systematically over many years…in addition to the xenotropic virus/mouse viruses…combined with the recombination of myriad attenuated viruses ….all causing extreme havoc with immune response and directly attributable to the 21st century AIDS.

  66. Anita

    Thank you both. This was more interesting then I thought it would be. Bottom line is, we are in the last days of this age. Once the clock starts ticking again on Daniels 70 week prophecy, it will be 7 yrs. and the end of the age. Not the end of all things but the end of the age and the ‘worlds’ systems. Also the end of all those bringing about the destruction of the earth. Christ Jesus will come, at the end of 7yrs, Daniels 70th week, and restore the earth and usher in the next age, His 1,000 yr reign. THAT is what I am now looking forward to, the next age.

  67. Linda H

    hey greg. chrome qnd edge are blocking your videos. why not put them on bitchute or rumble?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Linda,
      Maybe I’m missing your point ( I am somewhat computer illiterate) but surely the best way to view USAW is to go direct to

  68. Jerry

    Well friends,
    You can officially cue up the twilight zone theme music.

    How long have we been following this from the world economic forum? And now here it is. This is how the globalist do it. Like boiling a frog. Step by step so no one will even notice.

  69. Ron

    Sarah Palin just LOST an election for congress in Alaska (where she used to be GOVERNOR)…first Democrat to win a seat in 50 YEARS…if a former Guv & VP nominee can’t win an election in her own home ‘Red’ State…don’t count on a “Red Wave” coming to save you this November!

    Remember–it was TRUMP presided over & did nothing about heavy Democrat cheating in 2018 & 2020 & he also went along w/radical alterations to voting (because of the Covid Hoax) that benefits Democrats.

    Also, mass-immigration/demographics & Leftist-brainwashing at all levels of school are bearing fruit for Democrats–Republicans/Conservatives had AMPLE opportunities/time to correct these areas over the last 40+ years but did the opposite.

    You all signed your own Death Warrants…

    • Greg Hunter

      They rigged Ak, Ron.
      It’s just one House seat. Don’t give up. Be a poll watcher. Do something.

      • Ron

        Greg: This country passed the point of no return 2-3 decades ago. Trump’s betrayal was the cherry on top. Most of you conservatives are as delusional now as you were when you elected Reagan.

        Prepare to be severely disappointed when the Republicans don’t win congress and possibly even LOSE seats.

  70. End all support payments to goldbricks

    Next our grandma’s basement dwelling, deadbeat in arrears, sexually-confused, white race hating, woke, unemployable phDs in ‘male periods’, pretend child-adults will write any number on any blank piece of paper and claim it is real money.

    If they spent 40 hours each week working a real job there would be no need for the 50 million illegal aliens that arrived during the past 22 years.

  71. ken

    One of the major problems is calling carbon fuel,,, oil, gas etc fossil fuel. This was used to falsely state supplies were going to decrease. In fact the year 2020 was the stated time for the oil to run out. Instead we are finding more fuel today than in the older days indicating the oil is manufactured by the earth itself.

    As this was becoming obvious to the casual observer ‘they’ switched from running out of oil to the CO2 and global warming, which said warming has not occurred since the first part of the 20th century!

    Now of course they are saying there will be food shortages and water shortages,,, something they can simulate by buying up farms and leaving them fallow or set up useless solar panels on the land or pumping water to another location. If the CO2 did go up the way they state it is food production would go up dramatically. We have been in a general warming period for hundreds/thousands of years from previous ice ages and we may be going into a little ice age today.

    Why we believe people that have been wrong since the get go is a mystery to me. And let me tell you this… If we let them continue messing with the atmosphere we all are going to suffer. These idiots have no clue what they’re doing.

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, as we wait for your weekend wrap up here is some to ponder on =
    only worse is this article =

  73. Free_Loader

    @all those billionaires storing their gold in Egon’s vaults:
    If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

  74. Lady Au Stackers United

    Ron. re: Palin loses narrowly to a Democrat for a Congressional seat. First time to happen in 50 years.

    As an Alaskan resident, I can recall having Democrats in political service to Alaskans. One being Governor Tony Knowles (D). Congressman Don Young (R) was serving his political duty at that time. And after Knowles’ tour of duty it was Governor Frank Murkowski (R) after resigning his senate seat in DC and then he appointed his daughter Lisa Murkowski (R) to the Senate seat. What’s my point? We’ve had Democrats serving the great state of Alaska and there has never been any problem because most Alaskans vote about policies not political ideology. Palin will still run again for the general election this November. But I certainly would not chalk it up as a big turnaround from deep red state to blue. Sometimes our political color turns purple.

  75. Larry

    I agree with several of the above that you should try to get Clif High back on again. Your interviews with him produce some of the most insightful dialogue anywhere.


  76. Kamela "the Joker" Hairless

    What does Biden and JFK have in common? Both are missing a brain.

    Biden visits a nursing home. He goes over to an elderly woman and asks, Do you know who I am? She replies, No, but if you go to the front desk, they’ll tell you.

    What’s the most progressive thing about Joe Biden? His dementia.

    If Joe Biden’s wife is called the First Lady, then what do you call his mother? Joe mama.

    Joe Biden walks into a bar and sits down next to a beautiful girl… and asks her, “Do I come here often?”

    Why doesn’t Joe Biden visit children with cancer in hospitals? Because he can’t sniff their hair.

    Joe Biden had a meeting with the cabinet today… He also spoke to the bookcase and argued with the desk.

    • Justn Observer

      Rare interview by Jeffrey Prather with Harry the Greek@ 33:20 with more explosive info as to what they were ‘really’ looking for a MAR A LAGO and ‘they’ getting ready to indict Trump with another ‘Crossfire Hurricane II” also a FBI pedo agents arrests covered early in the vid…

  77. Gaylene

    Wow, I just seen the JW comment by eddiemd, I guess he’s the new gatekeeper here on I’m a free person and as a free person my mind is open and works. Like a parachute and if a parachute doesn’t open, it doesn’t work and your dead before you drop. Not JWS or anyone religion owns me,

    • Greg Hunter

      Are you a JW? Don’t out that kind of material on USAW. Respect my wishes.

      • Gaylene

        Oh Greg I know this is Important. Right now at this end of summer is a very busy time for me. I have nothing against against the witnesses and I’m sure they would not think of me as one of them, but I do think of myself as a witness for God and Jesus Christ. You do not want that kind of material. If you have that material still available tell me what it was specifically that offended you. Whenever I research anything I post I provide scriptures. Did you ever look up any of the scriptures because I’ve never promoted anything not scriptural. As far as teachings go, I know JW’S don’t celebrate Christmas or birthdays and don’t salute the flag or fight in wars or politics, wont vote, salute the flag or say the pledge of allegiance and they took it to the supreme court. That’s why we put under God in there. I know a few other religions share they’re teach like Church of God and 7th Day Adventists, Millenial Dawners. They don’t believe in the Trinity doctrine and most Christians can’t even explain it. I can’t wrap my head around it so I find it very hard to believe it as a Christian doctrine and don’t give it much credibility.
        Greg I must move on here but I’ll continue to post and maybe we can get a bible study sort of where maybe eddiemd can tell me what not to believe instead of just blanket statements about this and that false religion. What didn’t he like what I had to say? Most witnesses would not say I’m a witness. Yet I try to be, in my own way I guess. Greg we have to be careful, we can be so heavenly minded were no earthly good. There’s a lot of earthly folks that need a positive outlook on these last day’s. They need the good news of God’s kingdom! Eddiemd needs to come down to earth where most peoples heads are and you catch more flies with honey not vinegar> I’ll try to be more careful. If anything I’ll call out eddie as being Catholic or Orthodox because they are the same way, just say your a this or that and refuse to even share the why. You were Catholic Greg. I was Orthodox, the priest are the same as the jewish priests. Their heads are in the clouds and don’t think they’re poop stinks! Not literal of course. Greg we must be courageous and strong like Joshua, God blesses you Greg, his son is buttering your bread. Not me or eddie or anybody else except God the father his son and holyspirit. Call it a trinity, triune God whatever, it’s still a free country! Gay

        • Greg Hunter

          Jesus does not offend me–ever. JW material does. DO NOT POST IT and you will be fine with me.

  78. Randy Best

    Jim Sinclair said that gold will be the last man standing by 2024. It looks to be right on schedule. Worthless Government/Central Bank fiat currency.

  79. Russ M.

    Thank you Sir Greg for amazing interview with our Swiss friend. So much wisdom! I’ve been proactive with heeding his and your other guest’s advice. Please keep the faith and pray every day. You’re brother in Christ, Russ.

  80. ron martin

    Even more important than the economy is our near future. The dems will keep both house & senate since not a single state has changed their corrupt voting system. Next, congress will pass the threatened assault weapons ban to require all weapons to be registered. Those that refuse will be visited by the 87,000 armed IRS agents & the FBI. Most Americans will not comply. Chaos & bloodshed will explode & martial law will bring in the national guard & military to kill & round up all “right wing extremists” Americans. End of the republic.

  81. Beverly

    The COLLAPSE will happen overnight on a 3 day holiday weekend. Holiday is Monday. No electricity when it happens. When this happens and it’s 4 inch headlines around the country, then we know the collapse has happened. But, there is a prophecy that it will be like a man walking on stilts and then the stilts get knocked out from underneath him and he crashes. This is what it will be like. Plan for it to happen suddenly.

  82. Greg

    Silver goes down no matter how hard they pump it up.

  83. Anti-Atomist

    For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight. As it is written: “He catches the wise in their craftiness.” 1 Cor 3:19

    There are more unholy psyops around “peak oil” than holes in Swiss cheese!

    Hydrogen fuel cells are already here, powering buses, cars, and ships. Their “exhaust” is water. Ammonia is a similar fuel source that is literally made with hydrogen and nitrogen from “thin air.” Hydrogen, not carbon, is the real source of energy in petroleum, and it is the most abundant element in the universe.

    The “Green Sheikh,” a Saudi diver in the dirty oil biz, says he had compassion for the dying coral reefs crying, “Help us!” In a recent interview on the Bosnian website, he explains the critical difference between blue hydrogen and green hydrogen:

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