Fed Darth Vader – Bitcoin Pump & Dump – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says the record high stock markets have some big money people worried, and you should be too. Mannarino says, “On a weekly basis, yet another fund manager is coming out to speak against stock market evaluations and against what the Federal Reserve is doing.  Stanley Drukenmiller, a multi-billionaire hedge fund manager, came out on CNBC, and they didn’t turn him off.  He said the Federal Reserve is the Darth Vader of the financial markets and has inflated asset bubbles all over the place.  They let him talk.  They didn’t cut him off.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “The Fed has created bubbles. This is no secret, and the market is twisted, it is distorted.  There is no real true price discovery mechanism, and there will not be until these world central banks stop managing the markets.  They have created fakery and made it way worse than the top of the last bubble.  This does not mean that this stock market is not going to go higher.”

On Bitcoin and the new futures markets for it, Mannarino says, “Right now, Wall Street with its hand on Bitcoin, means to me that it’s going to be gamed. (Bitcoin) It’s very thinly traded, it’s not widely held.  Very few people actually hold this, and the bulk of this is held by very few.  So, to game Bitcoin through the exchanges, someone out here with deep pockets, like a bank with unlimited fiat currency, could run the biggest pump and dump the world has ever seen with regard to Bitcoin.  They are going to play it using the futures market.  Wall Street is going to game this.  How do we know this?  Wall Street games everything.”

On the Bond market, Mannarino contends, “The debt market or the bond market is in the largest bubble the world has ever seen. If you believe Bitcoin is in a bubble, the bond market bubble makes Bitcoin look like one grain of sand on the entire earth.  That’s how big the debt bubble is.  World central banks have gone to unbelievable lengths to prop all this up. . . .They are going to kill the dollar, and they have been killing it for years.  It has lost almost all of its purchasing power.”

Mannarino says the “red warning flag” will come from both the stock and bond markets at the same time. Mannarino explains, “When we see a sell-off in the bond market that does not stop, and we see a simultaneous sell-off in the stock market, when these two assets start to sell off at the same time, there is the gong of gongs. . . . That’s going to be the moment when people need to run for the hills, if you can get out.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Peter S.

    As a 60 year old diehard AMERICAN Western cowboy (who has contributed generously to USA Watchdog) , and who now sits here in Shenzhen, China, having lived here for 7 years, but whose family, heart and soul was created where you sit – Mannarino has it correct when he said, and “We are all in this boat together”..

    This country and these people have no desire to “conquer” America. Perhaps Beijing realizes that it is their turn in the sun though, and believe me, the Chinese ARE NOT as stupid as our “leaders” have been. As Greg and Greg and all the Watchdog guests point out repeatedly, we Americans have been sold down the river.

    If the “natural order” is going to prevail, then it will prevail. That is why Druckenmiller and anyone else who has intuition and a sense of economic law is positioning themselves for the reset. Nature always corrects excess, and the wise Chinese – along with those who have intuitive sense, are only trying to save themselves, not WIN!

    Don’t make this into an “Us versus Them” thing, this is only about natural law and order choosing who survives excess, and who adapts..

    • Charles H

      Well stated, and true.
      Thanks, Peter!

    • Tin foil hat

      Peter S,
      I heard an Italian clerk, behind the counter in a gelato ice cream parlor, speaking Chinese to a group of Chinese tourists in Rome.

      I heard Chinese song play at Dubai Mall water fountain show.

      In the 90’s, I started seeing signage in English and Japanese. Now, I’m seeing signage in English, Japanese and Chinese in hotels and tourist attractions everywhere I go.

      One doesn’t need much intuitive sense to see the world is changing in accordance to the “natural order”. Nobody forced the Italian clerk to speak Chinese or UAE to play Chinese song at the water fountain show. In the 90’s, Americans wanted to learn Japanese, Chinese wanted to learn English. That is the “natural order”‘ which the deep state cannot stall forever. If it’s going to prevail, then it will prevail.

      I hope we will be able to embrace this “natural order” with confidence and dignity. Perhaps in 2030, everybody, including the Chinese, would want to speak English with an Italian guido Brooklyn accent.

    • Chip

      Great and very wise comment my friend. The same should be said about Russia… Chip

    • JungianINTP

      Peter – for nearly every year! – after U.S. vulture capitalists had started expanding their treasonous build-up of China’s military and infrastrucure (( begun from about 1993 to date )), PLA generals have been openly bragging/opining about China’s on-going preparations to defeat America in a future war. // China has stolen/cheated/lied her way to a false, bubble-riddled economy–while Western businessmen frantically handed much of our manufacturing base to her. // Even I S R A E L has been caught THREE times secretly handing China U.S. military know-how (( read this Washington Times article of December 28, 1994: “I-s-r-a-e-l about to give China U.S. Technology” (( don’t use the dashes, which are used to avoid getting noticed )) // So, FROM U.S. labs TO China’s labs into North Korea’s missiles! // Quoting Bart Simpson: Oops! D’uh! // Postscript: All those empty cities are for moving surviving populations into, after any deadly missile exchange.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Thanks G&G,

    Words escape me. People must be so deluded thinking it’s so easy to make money. Sheep!

    They’ll, the establishment, will get it all back in spades!

    • Paul ...

      And they don’t just use money to delude us Anthony … look at how the Deep State has insidiously used the concept of Santa Clause to delude children for generations into accepting the destruction of their Constitutional Right to Privacy (Santa’s coming to town … sees you when your sleeping … knows when your awake … is making a list and checking it twice … to see who has been naughty or nice … and with “reindeer drones” can deliver “presents” right down your chimney) … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-13/deep-states-christmas-present-america-surveillance-never-ends

      • AA

        Agreed, I’ve know this and seen the control mechanism in action for decades

  3. Boz From Oz

    Mannarino is a no bullshit type person, tell it like it is. I watch the bond market continuously and the shenanigans going on with regards not letting yields go higher is beyond ridiculous. 2018 will be the year I think.

  4. Anthony Australia

    Thanks G&G,

    Words escape me. People must be so deluded thinking it’s so easy to make money. Sheep!

    They, the establishment, will get it all back in spades!

    • Paul ...

      When making money becomes “easy” … it is a danger sign … and smart people who have made a lot of money will get out with a small fortune … but just like Isaac Newton during the South Sea Bubble they will likely “let their emotions draw them back in” (as they are smart and know when to get out) … well most will over stay the party … and likely lose their entire fortune (plus be burdened with huge debt they incurred borrowing on their house) to play the Bitcoin game!

  5. DougG

    Two months ago Gregory Mannarino said “Governments And Central Banks Cannot Stop Bitcoin”
    As a friend Greg could you ask Mr. Mannarino to make up his mind.

    • rwmctrofholz

      2 months ago, there was not Futures Exchange for Bitcoin and therefore no meaningful way to short bitcoin.


    GAME OVER? Democrat Doug Jones Defeats Republican Roy Moore In Alabama? Why all the question marks?
    Where’s Jill Stien when you need her?

    REVEALED: Michigan Recount Uncovers Serious Voter Fraud in Detroit- VOTES COUNTED UP TO 6 TIMES
    December 7, 2016 by Jim Hoft 625 Comments
    More bad news for Democrats—
    Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s Michigan recount unintentionally exposed this major voting fraud scandal. Which of course never revealed to the sheeple.
    When your party machine makes out their opponent as an evil bastard they get the base to cheat, think Maxine Water’s vehemence against Trump. Wright makes it right, right?

    Think how many illegal votes Daley delivered to JFK to win the election in 1960.

    Democrats always cheat at the polls and Trump won despite the overwhelming voter fraud in the urban area’s, where there was no recount. No one can claim that the Republicans ever cheat. Not only would the base not allow it, but it is done in the inner city precincts, always controlled by the left.
    Is there that HUGE of a moral character difference between Republicans and Democrats, not really, but. Who always demonizes their opponents? It’s the leaders of the deep state, the shadow maddow mockingbird government media complexe. They love the dark rather than the light on the subject.

    Remember, unlike Conservatives, the Left DOES NOT CARE WHO THEIR MESSENGERS ARE, they only care about the Progressive 100 year agenda to destroy freedom in America and turn it into a government of the same ideology as that which caused the deaths of 240 million in the 20th century. Whats their idea of freedom? Three meals a day at public school, no more no less!

    In Ohio, in 2012 a poll worker was convicted of fraudulently filing multiple absentee ballots in different names and addresses. She pled guilty, saying she was simply voting for friends and family who weren’t able, or not informed enough to vote.
    They gave her probation and the sentence of not being able to work in elections for 3 yrs, which would have given her time to attend training for this year’s election.


      Pasting mistake. That was the 2016 presidential election!

  7. Richard Rosenberg

    Is it possible for bitcoins to go back to zero or even below zero.

    What is the safest way to buy them

    • Paul ...

      Richard … it’s a law of Nature … stretch a rubber band or spring too far and it will snap back by 75% or simply break and go to zero … the safest way to buy them? … after the 75% correction (but if there is a complete failure it will never stretch out again) … the get rich quick Millennials who want to become millionaires are so caught up in greed that they are now mortgaging their homes and maxing out their credit cards to put a bet on Bitcoin … these extreme actions suggest “a top is near” … the pumpers and dumpers who run these “South Sea/Tulip/Housing Bubble Operations are likely very close to turning Millennial greed “into fear” where most everyone who came late to the party will easily lose 75% of the money they borrowed to gamble on Bitcoin and may even lose 100% of their money if they can’t pay off the huge debts they incurred to buy Bitcoin’s at $20,000 dollars each!!
      PS: Those who bought Bitcoin between $2000 and $5000 can still break even on a 75% correction … and those who bought Bitcoin below $100 dollars a coin can still just about break even if the rubber band actually snaps!! … with all the corruption in our world it is only a matter of time before Governments seize so many Bitcoins “from the crooks that use this market” … that a huge overhang of selling pressure will be placed on the Bitcoin market!!

  8. Alannon

    So the message seems to be all the experts invest in the market and make money but us little people should stay out as it is fake and manipulated. I think us little people will still be hearing this as we are throwing out our expired 25 year shelf life freeze dried food.

    • Paul ...

      Alannon … You going to sell your freeze dried food … sell your gold and silver … max out your credit cards … and take out a home equity loan … to buy Bitcoins at $20,000 dollars each because the little people were deprived of buying Bitcoin at $100 dollars each? … what kind of message is that??

  9. Gregory Mannarino

    Awesome! Thanks Greg. Hi everyone!! I hope you enjoyed this one. Greg M.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for coming on!!

      • Macray

        Great interview. Thank You!
        For the record Gentlemen, there is one person that does not share yours or other big money people’s concern regarding the record breaking stock markets. In fact, as you know, he takes credit for their performance.

        Donald Trump Asks Reporters How Their 401(k)s Are Doing

        “I just want to say that people are up 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent, depending on what’s in there, and they are very, very happy,” Trump continued.


  10. Matt Jaymes

    Always a joy to hear from G-squared (Greg & Greg.) Both Mr. Hunter and Mr. Mannarino are heroes and patriots in my book.

    I’m not a fan of virtual currency, mostly because I can’t get my brain around it, but block chain technology is fascinating to me, hence this question: Can block chain technology be used to promote honest markets, including real price discovery, within the capital markets? Can it be employed to reduce the opacity and mendacity of Wall Street?

    Again well done, and here’s a ping for Michael Snyder.


  11. brian

    Until the court system is rebuilt and the rule of law is restored its a complete waste of time to try to find anything good about our situation; you cant have prosperity, stability or even dignity living in a lawless society.

    • Reynolds Wrap

      Agreed, life of brian. Were a lawless crony fake capitalist uncivil national socialist society that will go down the same way the Nazi’s toke down Germany in WWII. By the hand of God, through the hands of men.

      Jesus is the son of God and sent Jesus to die so that we are forgiven. Jesus experienced all the pain and emotions that we feel. God created man and is obviously above him. Since Jesus overcame even death what else could he not do? Faith !

      For one who cannot comprehend what her or she reads, it has no meaning at all.

      Face it, you are lost.

      Go stuff a ballot box!

  12. Da Yooper

    Hey Greg

    Could you run this by Greg Mannarino ?

    Could Central Banks Dump Gold In Favor Of Bitcoin?


    • This sceptred Isle

      Why would they when they can create the money to buy bitcoin?

      • Macray

        Just to let you know how the central bank works in my country,
        Former Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan Admited The Federal Reserve Is Above The Law & Answers To No One

        • Macray

          I believe that most of the US Gold has been dumped already, though I cannot prove this : )))
          However, I completely agree with This sI. The US Federal reserve along with many other Central Banks print money to their hearts content so they don’t need to dump anything to buy anything and they also have the power to alter any deal at any time.
          Can you spell DARTH!!!

    • FC

      My Goodness Da Yooper, I hope so………….yet them manipulate paper Bitcoin and watch physical gold reach its true value because it’s the Central Banks who have the gold.
      It’s going to be their last ditch effort to frighten the public out of their physical into digital by trying to precise it as something better.
      Going by the Bitcoin-mania they are winning with deception as more and more people I know are now believing it is a barbaric relic as the greed of instant fortune has clouded their judgement………….bloody fools.

  13. Diane

    Always like watching Mannarino.
    Gregory M…….what do you think of this?


  14. andyb

    Along with the uber massaged unemployment statistics, GDP calculations are totally inaccurate and represent statistical malfeasance and outright feel good propaganda. For a decade, we have not had more than one Qtr of positive growth, simply because any GDP number must be first adjusted for inflation for the final result. Although it won’t surprise many who do grocery shopping, buy a new car, agonize over health care premiums, or go house hunting, true inflation has averaged close to 10% in most Metro areas for the past 10 years, and 6-8% nationally. The Chapwood Index (check it out!) uses a solid methodology to arrive at true inflation numbers for the past 5 years, not 10 years, but the proof is still there. To arrive at final GNP, one must take nominal GDP and adjust one for one with true inflation. For example, the Administration is touting 3.0% this Qtr. Adjusting for 8% inflation creates a negative 5.0% GDP.

    • andyb

      For Mannarino:

      “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”

      A witches brew like no other

      • Paul ...

        Ever try Killery’s brew … unlike the other witches … she adds fiat paper into the Black “State” kettle … stirs in a few Bit and Uncle Scam Coins … a pinch of cocaine … stirs well and brings to a boil … when bubbling sufficiently she drops in some “cheese and hot dogs” she takes from her Village for flavor … Demon-rats say they love the stuff!!

  15. Beligerent

    The majority of the crypto market is overseas and decentralized. Sure they could pump up some specific coins but primarily helping people overseas plus rogue countries that have really embraced this technology like Venezuela. I find it difficult to believe they would do this given the policies of penalizing these countries.
    Block chain technology is going nowhere so it really comes down to picking the correct coins or companies and not scam coin. There will be big winners and big losers in this market.
    Whether or not gold is rigged its hurt a lot of people financially that bought into the hype that gold was going to $3,000 or $10,000. If you’re able to buy and hold the metals until something like a bank holiday or rapid currency devaluation happens then there should be short term spikes in the price where it goes from $1,300 to $5,000 over a couple months then starts trending lower again as the financial crisis ends. It makes a lot of sense to hold several months of wages in gold or silver just as insurance with the realization you may need to hold it another 10 years before that spike happens. I use to be a big gold bug but really unsure if this ever materializes into a profit or required insurance. I keep my fingers crossed it goes up to the predicted prices but those fingers have been crossed for along time.

  16. Neil Armstrong

    Take your rubbish about Americans not willing to deal with their problems elsewhere. This forum is filled with courageous individuals sticking their necks out trying to do the right thing. Best always. PM
    Reply from Paul from Indiana 12/11/2017 •

    Neil 12/12/2017 •
    Nothing personal Paul but your country is not actively dealing with the issues.

    Just a snippet of the back and forth banter from Greg’s guest Catherine Austin Fitts comment section that moved many to comment, most favorable to Neil.

    Neil at first I thought you might be American, then your admittance that you were not from the US. maded it oblivious you are either Canadian or Australian, or maybe a Kiwi. If I had to guess I’d say an Aussie and i’d say your feelings are even worse concerning the UK. You guys down there seem to have hard feelings still for the Brits, whereas up here, we seem to have lost all trace in living memory. I can say we’re all in, excuse the pun, like Flynn, for Great Britain. Especially with Brexit, cutting those remaining ties with them foreigners and moving in even closer in this last day’s numerouno, remaining, dual Anglo-American world superpower.
    What’s my point? Neil, it is oblivious you are english speaking, being part of the English speaking world and despite our countries having asian immigration etc, were still the enemy and were all in this mess together, fused at the hip. No matter how much the US. may seem to be the blame for the state of the world, that shame can be spread throughout the last remaining world superpower, of which your country is still a strong and firm part of.
    Our only hope can and will come from an entity outside the matrix. That entity is God Almighty! The father thru his son, our messiah Jesus Christ, the King of God’s Kingdom, to come on Earth as in heaven! He better not tary much longer. http://biblehub.com/matthew/24-22.htm
    Neil, we that are about to enter the Kingdom, salute you!

  17. Jodyp

    Greg M says when the stock market drops and the bond market starts selling off, people will start moving into hard assets. So what does that do to the future of cryptos?

  18. Barn Cat

    I disagree with some things here. Trump’s tax plan will help money come back to America but that money won’t be used to create jobs. It’ll be used to buy back stock.
    If you go to this website you’ll see that only 2 Bitcoin wallets have more than 100,000 Bitcoins:
    Bitcoin is up 150% over the last month. I don’t believe Bitcoin futures contracts can control the price because they have to buy Bitcoin. It’s not like paper gold where anyone can claim their vault has 100 thousand ounces.
    The Bitcoin price can be influenced by spoofing. That’s putting in a large buy or sell order just outside the buying or selling price. It often leads a stampede of buyers or sellers going in the direction they want them to go. The large order is then cancelled. We’ve also seen instances where an algo is buying a Bitcoin a minute for days and then dumping them on the market all at once.
    I agree with Andy Hoffman in that Bitcoin could go to a million without the dollar being in hyperinflation. I plan on taking out my original investment and some profit long before that.
    I like Bitcoin but I still only have 5% of my money in cryptocurrencies. It should be mentioned that despite the risks, cryptos are superior to other fiat currencies in that we know how many Bitcoins there are. We don’t know how many dollars there are. Or how many are being counterfeited by Iran and North Korea.

    • Mike R

      Sorry BarnCat, but Bitcoin futures do not require purchase of ANY bitcoins whatsoever. They are simply a bet on a future price of Bitcoin. Get it ? That’s why they are called ‘futures.’

      Thus ANY bank or whomever with VERY deep pockets, can bet on the direction of the price. That betting, can influence the direction of the underlying price, depending upon how large the bets are, and the dates out in the future that they expect the price to be.

      What’s notable, and this has been tracked over at Zero Hedge, is how the futures and the price have closed a fairly considerable ‘gap’ between the futures ‘bets’ on a price, and the spot price. Recently the premium of the futures has been ‘erased’ between the future premium, and spot.


      Future now the BIG BOYS can short Bitcoin futures (where Bitcoin cannot itself be ‘shorted’ – so that really changes the game as Greg M alluded to in his own video that came out Sunday, and then this one with Greg H)
      To wit from the Zero Hedge article:
      “While no immediate catalyst for the down moves (in all crypto’s) is obvious, we note that Interactive Brokers has allowed clients to short Bitcoin futures (with a massive $40,000 margin) and South Korea said on Wednesday it may tax capital gains from cryptocurrency trading as global regulators worried about a bubble, with Australia’s central bank chief warning of a ‘speculative mania” that has seen the digital asset making rip-roaring gains.”

      So there ya’ go. Now there is a very powerful, and even LEVERAGED means, using margin to effectively short the heck out of the futures, which can very easily translate into major sell offs in actual Bitcoin. Creating so much volatility (frequency of up and down) AND make the ups and downs so deep and steep, that many holders with very weak constitutions, will likely puke up what they ‘hold’ so quickly, and lose so much money, they will never ever buy Bitcoin again.

      In otherwords, the “pro’s” (aka Wallstreet) are going to have a freaking field day, running roughshod over most of which is individual small time speculators (shoe shine boys, or peasants in China), and then really put a world of hurt on the miners (i.e. will they really keep mining if the price starts goes down down down, and wipe out their computer and massive computing power investment, not to mention their monthly power bills), and then ultimately reekk havoc on many of the ‘early’ holders who used to be sitting on millions in profits, suddenly getting chicken, and sick to their stomach’s such that they puke up their Bitsy COins too. THEN, with the profits made from the futures contracts, they can step in, buy Bitcoins dirt cheap, ramp the price up as much and as fast as they want, and simply start over again, Rinse, Repeat, Cycle, clean up on profits.
      The worst part. The thing everyone crowed about as being an ‘advantage’ of Bitcoin not being ‘regulated’ suddenly, becomes a MASSIVE liability in that none of what these guys do is regulated meaning, holders of Bitcoin are completely naked and unprotected from any of this.
      Sure, the futures exchanges are regulated, but that is not going to stop deep pockets from even colluding, to drive the price of Bitcoin spot wherever they want, whenever, and however fast they want.
      Talk about RIGGED. Bitcoin holders are going to get their heads handed to them on a very ugly platter.

      I tried to caution people long ago about Bitcoin, long before these futures came out, but that was only a matter of time before they have. I suspect there are a lot of very quickly rich people, maybe some who got massive gains quicker than any human in history, are going to become very very poor faster than they ever nightmared on.

      Great ‘currency’ that there Bitcoin is, eh ? Wallstreet is going to blow it to bits, no pun intended. (and this is why Jamie Dimon totally is right, about Bitcoin being a fraud. He’s going to have his “boys” show these holders just how bad it is to mess with the big boys. Wallstreet owns the dollar, and the world.)

    • rwmctrofholz

      Barn Cat, jobs come when the market demands more a company’s goods or services. While “use that money to create jobs” may sound good, it doesn’t make sense. If there is no increased demand for a company’s good and services, then what, EXACTLY, would these people be doing in their new jobs that were created for the sake of creating jobs?

      Fill me in.

  19. Clive

    Thank you for more of your real news. Your honesty and integrity is appreciated. At the end of the interview you mention Rickards, who conveniently reversed his October interview prediction that “the Fed is not going to hike interest rates in December.” I have no problem with people being wrong about their predictions. That is why, of course, they are called predictions. It’s his lawyerly arrogance that is bothersome. Evidently his PhDs, AI, IBM Watson computer, and of course, his highly touted Bayesian analysis did not work out for him here. People like Rickards need to be called out for saying these things. He would, of course, have a ready excuse for this, but we at least have to put him to task to explain why, with all of his analytical aides and his arrogance he is wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Clive! Mannarino was correct–again.


    • Ray

      Always remember Clive, Rickards works, unashamedly, with The CIA.
      That in itself speaks utter volumes on the character of the man…..a traitor to honesty, a traitor to freedom, a traitor to his entire planet and every species that walketh upon it.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia

  20. Flattop

    GREG: New subject.
    There have been some modern day prophets who said that Obama is the last POTUS. So many people disregarded the Prophets because Trump was elected. I now believe that Obama will once again run for POTUS and will be elected,either in 2020 or 2024.
    I would encourage you to begin planning on a way to keep your site alive after they remove any one from the net who exposes them and their lies. WE will be in desperate need of your site and others who will bring us the truth. God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Obama cannot run again.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Greg, there are plenty more where he came from. The Left has no interest in cooperating. It’s either their way or nothing. As I have stated before, the only way out of this is collapse or revolution. Elections and politics are now irrelevant. Best always. PM

      • Steve Twitchell

        Yes, but Michele could run. Lord help us!
        Best Mannarino interview yet. Calm. No rants. Excellent analysis. And, right on the money as usual. I HOPE that when he sees the markets cracking that he will put out a GIANT alert here.

        BTW Thanks Greg for telling people about the USAWatchdog T-shirts. Still have several already made and ready to go. Good gift for Christmas. And just so everyone knows, Greg does not make any money or have an interest in the T-shirt sales. (I’m not making much either.) 🙂 I want people to watch Greg’s site. So I thought the T-shirts might help make people curious to check out some REAL news and analysis. T-shirts are at

      • Jim

        What about becoming VP by popular demand and then the POTUS quits? Can he get in that way? Is it theoretically possible?

      • Jim

        There is a discussion on this.


        How did Roosevelt do it?

    • Paul ...

      We must continually expose the lies … seems the poor Russians get blamed for everything by the fork-tongued politicians … and as Pocahontas can testify to … it is not only men but women lie as well (Hillary is a clear example) … http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-14/newly-declassified-documents-show-western-leaders-promised-gorbachev-nato-would-not-

      • Paul ...

        According to Putin there was an agreement in 2005 that N. Korea would suspend their nuclear program … and they made certain commitments to do that … everybody was happy and the agreement signed … then a few months later “forked-tongued US politicians” decided to go beyond this agreement … they froze N. Korean assets and their bank accounts … N. Korea then withdrew from the agreement and relaunched its nuclear program! … Putin like Gorbachev before him and the American Indians before them can’t understand such immoral “fork-tounged” behavior … Libya and Iraqi leaders were also lied to by US leaders … for N. Korea self-preservation meant they needed to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles necessary to reach the US … US politicians are now escalating the situation by saying they will stop military drills … and then they go ahead and have another military exercise … North Korea responds by launching another missile … to stop this from “spiraling into a massive nuclear war” Putin is advising US politicians not to blockade N.Korea and starve its people the way it has been done in Yemen … as this will be considered “an act of war” by the N. Koreans just as the Yemenis consider the blockade against them an act of war !!

        • Paul ...

          And just like they broke the agreement with N. Korea … the fork-tongued US warmongers want to break the agreement with Iran … as one(1) war is not sufficient for their blood lust … they need two(2) wars to satisfy their insatiable greed for money and power! … and a majority of Americans support a nuclear first strike by these warmongers … just goes to show how immoral most Americans have become (they tolerate sleaze bag politicians because they are just as evil)!!

          • Greg Hunter

            Do you hate America??? Where do you live??? There is no evil in NK or Iran??? Give me a break!!!

            • Frederick

              Greg Why is it that you can’t understand that calling out the truth about ones country rather than ignoring reality is not the same as hating it In fact if we ever want change it’s what needs to be done Of course there’s evil everywhere that’s NOT the point The US is ALOT more powerful than NK or Iran and controlled by nefarious people that want complete worldwide domination Its VERY obvious to me

              • Greg Hunter

                Sure thing Frederick. You first. Let’s hear some truth about Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his brutal power grab in your country — Turkey. I want some real dirt because I know it’s there and I want you use a verifiable last name. You see the difference??? I tell the truth all the time about things like the evil Deep State, and arms going to ISIS supplied by the U.S., and plenty of other unflattering things about the phony economy here. You know as well as I do if you criticized Turkey and your president, and kept doing it inside the borders of Turkey, the secret police would come to your home and put you away for a very long time. So please do NOT lecture me about how evil America is when you CANNOT utter a word against your government, your President or Islam.

                • Frederick

                  Your statement is absurd Greg because My country is America NOT Turkey for starters Turkey is my wives native country I am merely a guest here and I need to respect my host country as opposed to all the illegals in the US burning American flags and denigrating our president You’re way off base with your accusations

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I am NOT “way off base.” You just made my point. You are afraid to say anything negative about your President (because that’s where you have been living for years) and Turkey, let alone Islam. You would not even use a real last name with this namby pamby response. I criticize America every week and disclose things you would NEVER be able to do in Turkey. I rest my case.
                    OH, and let me add MAGA and Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

  21. daniel turner

    Part of what I am doing is what I hear Greg suggest to many of his guests. Pay off debt, new tires,ect. The best NO risk thing regular people can do. I would add things that save money. I am trading my pension (have more investment than it) taking my profits out paying the taxes and paying off debt with what is left then things tangible. If/ when the dollar crashes the pension would lose huge amount buying power. Greg your investment advice would hurt no one at any time

    • Greg Hunter

      You cannot go wrong owning your stuff.

  22. simon scott

    Greg, HI. What if btc is from the government to acclimate us to the no dollars system they and the banksters want?

    • simon scott

      And blockchain would be the precursor of the mark of the beast driven by greed to cash in…no mark no payday.

  23. Mohammad


    As long as the macro is not seen you can get lost in the micro easily.

    Few points:

    1- Amazon , Google , facebook and big giants already have BILLIONS in Bitcoin parked and they are reaping the benefits, and will do more in the near future. Bitcoin positive.

    2- Pump and dump is a ponzi scheme .. True.. However AI is changing the rules and even if it is still a Ponzi scheme it is a new beast, Just go to this site :
    Look at the face, it is that i linked to in an earlier post….SOPHIA … the new supreme AI.
    What this has to do with our subject?
    singularitynet.io is the brokerage house of AI.
    You can hire AI to perform tasks like MINING crypto currency which requires quantum computers..
    So if that AI is used in MINING BITCOIN and could be HIRED for crypto then it is Bitcoin darn positive.

    3- Brain the MODEL for the blockchain system that huge big corporates are laying the foundation of over time globally and which interconnects with every aspect of our life, and that part of the equation works in the LEGAL arena, so the blockchains are LEGAL highway feeding the AI with input that is stored in the CLOUD, and since we already proved that AI is used in mining the crypto then it is only a matter of conclusion to say that crypto is going Parabolic the same way AI is going parabolic because collectively we are feeding it with our inputs globally (facebook, transaction, speech on the phone , snapchat , images in the cloud…so on so on. all in all Bitcoin Positive.

    4- D-wave corporation in Canada with its quantum computers are major players in the mining process, their processors are made in Silicon valley CA . (more freedom of operation in Canada than the socialist CA) and THE MILITARY COMPLEX is not far from it, so they are into Bitcoin,….another bitcoin positive.

    Every way you look at it it seems bitcoin is going to explode, IT SERVES A FUNCTION that will materialize later on.


  24. Sayonara

    Great Greg Mannarino interview. My question/comment is:
    Bitcoin – What is the underlying real asset? Dutch tulips? No under lying asset=no value
    Just greedy speculation! Not going to touch that.
    I will continue to buy real under valued assets such AU and AG that are REAL!

  25. beLIEve

    Evidence Points to Bitcoin Being an NSA-Engineered Psyop to Roll Out One-World Digital Currency +Videos


  26. Seth Rich Tredway or the highway

    It was pointed out, by Fox News, that the final push came from Birmingham which is heavily democratic.
    Three 20,000 vote surges at the end of the election for jones, when Moore was leading by 7 points.

    Accusations without documentation with witnesses on record means nothing more than “She said He said”.
    How do you provide ‘documentation’ of a sexual assault. The world awaits your wisdom.
    By a jury of your peers or do we judge people by innuendos now?

    Judge Moore owes it to his supporters to have a recount. The shenanigans of the democrats will not stop unless exposed!
    He lost by a mere 0.5%. He should start a “GoFundMe” page to get the money for the recount and he’ll get it and more so.

    Soros money, accusations by pedophiles themselves, rino’s for his Clinton cartel opponent, massive voter fraud by the ballot box stuffer’s in Birminghan who feel cheating is OK because of Moore’s demonization. It ain’t over friend’s, till the reset and all he’ll breaks loose, please pray acc to Eph. 5:11 that God will “expose all of the deeds of darkness” that are trying to keep this good man down. TY
    We know that room temperature bodies get 100 votes per corpse, required, for the living, only one each.
    If Democrats had any ethics and integrity, they would agree to a recount, however, we all know they do not have those traits.

    Interesting how a local city employee in Mobile, AL. told us how much money George Soros invested down here in the best interest of the state of Alabama. In this last election especially. Oh, the Left Left Paradigm is busy in the Deep South. The welfare state gets a point on the board. Liberty Movement.
    Doug Jones winning this special senate race just means that justice, REAL justice in America is dead as a dead voter. When one can sabotage an individual with UNPROVEN ALLEGATIONS, that means the country is LOST. NO ONE WILL BE EXCLUDED WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU.

    Check This Out In Previous Elections In Alabama:

    2017 Doug Jones Democrat 671,151 Vs. Roy Moore Republican 650,436

    2016 Donald Trump Republican 1,318,255 Vs. Hillary Clinton Democrat 729,547

    2008 Jeff Sessions Republican 1,305,383 Vs. Vivian Davis Figures Democrat 752,391

    So my question is what the hell happened to nearly 650,000 Republican votes in 2017?

    What’s wrong with you, Alabama? The citizens of Alabama should demand a recount immediately, if it’s at all possible. Hopefully there will be a recount

    I’m really disappointed in Alabama for giving up a seat to a liberal

    The NY Times reported black turnout was higher than in 2008 and 2012 when Obama ran for president. This seems highly unlikely. It could be that many voted multiple times in multiple precincts along with multible’s x multible stuffed ballot box’s.
    Why does it seem unlikely?
    Because Obama had a higher vote total in 2008 (813,479) and 2012 (795,696) than Doug Jones received (671,151) in yesterday’s special election. Less voters does not point to higher voter turnout; it points to lower voter turnout.
    Excellent point! Either those voters stayed home, were electronically disenfranchised with vote flipping, or a combination of both.

    You got to hand it to the New National Socialist’s! It’s no small feat turning this red state blue.

    The fix is in. Election Fraud proven in the vote tallies. When a machine counts paper ballots, ANYTHING can be reported. If there is no recount of the physical ballots, no one will ever know what really happened. See the proven Alabama Senate Election Fraud here: https://www.scribd.com/docu

    Write in’s are not valid. Alabama had major voter fraud. This isn’t NY. This happend in Arkansas when the Clinton machine was there with bussing in voters. Dressing them in different clothes to vote in different precincts. If this is a prelude to elections next year were sunk. Republicans will never win. We will have lost the country to the jack boot thugster’s!
    Truth be told, I’m not so sure Strange, nor Brooks, would have fared any better. No matter who ran against Jones, the Dems would have played the same dirty tricks on any Republican candidate. If Moore couldn’t thrive and survive the mostly proven false allegations, I’m not sure that Strange nor Brooks would have either.

    Funny, the DemaNazi’s said Moore was a naunty Santa, proven to be fake news. He was never banned from a mall. I don’t think there’s a lot of Santa’s asking mother’s if they can date their teen age daughter.

    If the America Peeople don’t get control of and stop voter fraud we will lose 2018 & 2020. Legally allowing destruction of electronic voter records guarantees it.

    Trump is worried and he’s right to be. The Deep State is on the attack and voter fraud is widespread. We have lost most elections since Georgia and the Dems are gaining a sense of momentum and outright defiance, AKA Maxine Waters.

    These election results dont pass the smell test, they stink. The numbers dont add up and the results just don’t look fair and honest. Call me a sore looser, but I’m still suspicious.
    Honky tonk lying women have taken many a good man down. Is Gloria Allred getting any credit for this. Like Alabama she is in need of a red state makeover. Lets call her Gloria Allblue.

    Aug. 15, 2017 Democratic Primary
    total votes for all candidates = 165,006
    Dec. 12, 2017 General Election
    votes for Jones = 673,236
    Aug. 15, 2017 Senate Republican Primary
    total votes for all candidates = 423,282
    Sept. 26, 2017 Senate Republican Run-off
    total votes for all candidates = 480,270
    Dec. 12, 2017 General Election
    votes for Moore = 652,300
    So roughly 170,000 more Republicans voted in the General than the Run-off. But over 500,000 more Democrats came out to vote in the General than in the Primary. Does this seem reasonable?

    Aug. 15, 2017 Alabama Senate Democratic Primary Results (source is NY Times):
    Doug Jones ….. – 109,105 – 66.1%
    Robert Kennedy — 29,215 – 17.7%
    Michael Hansen — 11,105 — 6.7%
    Will Boyd ………. — 8,010 — 4.9%
    Others ………….. — 7,571 — 4.6%
    Total ……………. – 165,006 votes

    I do not agree with Roger Stone about this as just interviewed on INFOWARS. Just sayin’.
    Cheating is cheating, period. If they cheated their way in, that does NOT make it better than if Moore won and then they outed him another way they manufactured.
    It does if it was a set up. If they knew that DNC National Socialist was going to cheat in 2016. And they stopped it. Put Jeff as AG to create an open seat and special election knowing that Soros owns the voteing machines and ballot box stuffer’s, then just sit back and let them cheat so you can catch them in the act.

    Roy should call for a revote because of this https://www.infowars.com/al….
    Judging by the number of paid trolls sent to articles about the Alabama Senate race today, it seems that the Democrats fixed the election, and they are now flooding the internet with their heinous lies about Judge Roy Moore to attempt to justify the ridiculously low Republican voter turn-out (“he just wasn’t a good candidate” crap) and the obviously fraudulent election results. The Roy Moore campaign MUST DEMAND a recount.
    Yep the trolls are making money, money, money today.

    Here’s the number of votes in the Alabama Senate Republican primary and run-off (source is NY Times):
    Aug. 15, 2017 Senate Republican Primary Results
    Roy Moore ….. – 164,524 – 38.9%
    Luther Strange – 138,971 – 32.8%
    Mo Brooks ….. — 83,287 – 19.7%
    Trip Pittman … — 29,124 — 6.9%
    Others ………… —- 7,376 — 1.7%
    Total ………….. – 423,282 votes
    Sept. 26, 2017 Senate Republican Run-off Results
    Roy Moore ….. – 262,204 – 54.6%
    Luther Strange – 218,066 – 45.4%
    Total ………….. – 480,270 votes

    Where are all the Republican votes in this election??? Here are the numbers of votes in Alabama from recent past elections. Things do not add up right for this one. HALF the Republican voters stayed home? Really???
    1,266,546 – McCain
    …813,479 – Obama
    1,305,383 – Republican Sessions
    …752,391 – Democrat Figures
    1,255,925 – Romney
    …795,696 – Obama
    Jeff Sessions ran uncontested for re-election.
    1,306,925 – Trump
    …718,084 – Clinton
    December 12, 2017
    652,300 – Moore
    673,236 – Jones

    Every conservative – anti – sodomy – candidate from now till Kingdom come can expect and better be ready for the same line of attack, stuffed ballot box’s aside.
    The SJW – gaystopo will be paying street – walkers and homeless chicks $100 / head to put allegations on every conservative candidate from here on out.
    Agreed if it works they’ll keep doing it and they’ll do it till the cow’s come home and the chickens to roost and it works no mo. If they can pull it off in Alabama on thier knee, they can damn sure pull it off in Ohi0!
    Anyone who does not see a pattern here is blind or in on it.

    The election of the ultra Liberal Democrat National Socialist Doug Jones to the Alabama senate seat is akin to Georgians selecting General William Tecumseh Sherman as their governor. There is no way Jones can represent the the moral values of the people of Alabama not to mention their best interests. Jones can be referred to as the “third Senator from New York” because his head will be so far stuck tight up Chuck Schumer’s bum, that Chuckie will need to use a crowbar to pass gas.

    Moral values? Anyone who voted for a pedophile is morally bankrupt, so what values are you referring to?

    Please educate yourself on the definition of a pedaphile ! You come across ignorant. None of the lying paid women were pre-pubescent at the time of there alleged accusations.

    Let me help you with that he’s not guilty, the man’s held public office and public appointments for the 40 years and beyond when these supposed offenses occurred, without so much as a hint of any impropriety, till a democratic challenger is getting his teeth kicked in by Moore with nothing left to lose by flinging false allegations.

    Anyone who voted for a baby killer is crazy. do you say the same about the tears of babies while doug jones snaps their necks?

    Any ‘victory’ attained by lying and smearing is no victory in my eyes.

    john low • 18 hours ago
    Is this a Nazi Web site?
    Demands recount if results within half percentage point, per Alabama law https://www.infowars.com/defiant-roy-moore-refuses-to-concede-in-alabama-election/#disqus_thread
    Infowars.com – DECEMBER 13, 2017 2205 Comments

  27. Russ

    … “Party like it’s 1929” … that was a great Freudian Slip.

    Good interview Greg^2. If only we had the timing down for when the reset will be released and what form it will take.

  28. Alan

    Hi Greg,
    I’m not a expert in anything. Just a guy trying to protect what I worked my butt off for over the years. I remember working as a janitor in college and classmates laughing as they went off to party. Well, retired now and I’ve removed myself from all markets into some shiny and just sitting quietly. I don’t trust anything that is a electrical pulse across a wire, just to easy to disappear IMHO. But again, not a know it all guy either!
    Best Regards,

  29. Jodyp

    Off topic, but anyone with a CHL could be in danger of losing their license or weapon, depending on how the govt. sees fit. A legal way of disarming citizens.


  30. H. Craig Bradley


    “Gregorian Strategy For Multiple Deck Blackjack Paperback” – September 1, 2003
    by Gregory Mannarino ( $3.95)

    Yep, Greg Mannarino lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, formerly worked at the Chelsea Clinton Clinic on Statin Island . . . (This is Greg Hunter. “H” you are not going to come on here with the wrong “facts” and bogus charges. You are not using this platform to commit libel. I erased your “facts” because most of them are wrong. You are correct he wrote a book.)

    • H. Craig Bradley

      You crossed the line Greg,

      (This is Greg Hunter. I deleted the link and the comment you tried to post. No, “H,” YOU crossed the line. First of all, you put up some bogus video by an anonymous source with no actual verifiable name. Then, this bogus source (you tried to post) starts actually start calling my friend Gregory Mannarino a liar when, in fact, he is anything but a liar. You may disagree with someone’s analysis, but you can’t call them a “liar.” Mannarino posts his trades and track record on his FREE site. He has an excellent record and I can personally back this up by what he’s said and predicted on USAW. DO NOT post this kind of crap again. This makes work for me. If you want to disagree with someone’s analysis, then have at it, but try to put up some reasons why you disagree, not put up some no-name You Tube channel that does not identify who they are in any way. Greg Hunter)

  31. Jerry

    It appears the gold backed Yuan petroleum naysayers were wrong.

    Apparently the Chinese have been doing dry runs in preparation for the real thing for months. Lord knows my sources have been wrong before, but it sure looks like they might be right this time. The Chinese New Year is February 17th, 2018 and that would be a prime time to launch such an effort. They have already primed the banks with money and set up trade platforms with SWIFT and CIPS, so everything appears to be on place for a currency reset. We’ll see?

  32. David

    NO. The bankers want those interested in gold to buy bitcoin instead. That way the price of gold stays down, and the elite scoop up all the gold at these rock bottom prices. The bottom 99% will rue the day they bought bitcoin instead of gold.

    • Charles H

      I see it that way.

  33. Linda L.

    I’m glad that Greg M. is backing off bitcoin:

  34. Tad


    Since the Tilllerson-DPRK meeting is no longer possible– likely decided by Deep State representative HR McMasters– war seems to be a given.

    Does Kim Jong Un utilize his next missile “tests” as a first strike on America.

    Doesn’t seem to be any pretense, Greg: Korean War II appears certain unless nuclear strikes abbreviate it.

    McMaster must be feeling so hard right now. I wonder how he defines of public service
    and peace–I mean, if it mattered at all?

  35. c spomane

    Thank you Hunter and Mannarino for the insight of how the market will correct it self. Such bubbling times we live in!!!

  36. Jim

    Perhaps you should interview Richard Heart. I’ve watched a couple of his videos on Bitcoin and he seems like a real expert. (I’m not expert so don’t take my word for it.)

    He says Bitcoin is #1 because it’s #1, that’s all. The rest are copycats so they will never be Bitcoin. He says Bitcoin will just keep going up as it always has, for a long time yet. Of course Wall St could pop the bubble eventually, but for now nothing will stop Bitcoin according to Heart.

  37. H. Craig Bradley


    Just say’in:


    If this is indeed bogus and concocted report, then I do apologize, as I have no personal issues with any of your guests. Unfortunately, the internet is full of Fake News or knock-offs everywhere. Its an informational Wild West of sorts out there.

    Gold and Silver have been and remain in bear markets since they peaked back in 2011. Still, the hard money crowd are busy huskering the unwitty. That is my objection. Its not right. Why support it ? To be sure, physical Gold has a place as a hedge to Central Bankers financial engineering, but it remains a speculation not an “investment”. Honesty demands disclosure, not bias. That’s my point here with everyone, equally.

    • Greg Hunter

      While I get your point, your opinion is NOT automatically correct. If you consider a “bear market” assets that are being massively suppressed (and this is a proven fact) then, you are not really getting it. It’s not really a “market.”

  38. Ray

    I have followed Greg Mannarino for many years and found him to have a keen intellect, so what I am about to say pains me somewhat.
    I also note that Greg H and Greg M are good mates, so perhaps this comment won’t be published here….fair enough if that is the case.
    For me, it is somewhat hypocritical for Greg M to state, “We are all in the same boat”, yet he wakes up every morning and participates in financial trading where he knows that the “boat” must be split off into those on the “winning side” and those on the “losing side” of the trade, where he seeks to make money. Boats that are split tend to sink as a general rule. Looking at the state of the planet today….yep…..SPLIT BOAT….SINKING.
    Greg M also states that he “doesn’t care where the market goes”……probably because he has tools (financial knowledge to be fair) that enable him to make money when stocks are waxing or waning.
    What then does that say about market integrity?
    Making money on “bets” that look at whether things go up or down does not produce a piece of bread, a piece of furniture, not even a candle stick……they are simply bets….and bets belong in a casino….not a place where world finances are apportioned.
    Making money from a dishonest system……well……I just couldn’t do that for my living and look at my reflection each day as I shave……no offence Greg M…..I just couldn’t be involved in $$$ from a poisoned well.
    Moreover, stating that the market is run by dishonest people such as The Fed, and then deciding to “simply take advantage of it”, to me, is a bit like having the school bully punch some innocent kid in the playground, and whilst whilst he is lying on the ground knocked out, I walk up and steal his lunch money……you know…..because I “can take advantage” of the prevailing situation created by the bully. Again…..not for me.
    Greg M is indeed a good man, I have no doubts regarding that.
    There is always a frosty beer in my fridge for him and a warm welcome too.
    However, if Humanity is EVER going to break from from debt slavery, then one of the very first things we will need to do is stop making our living from such a sick system.
    The Global Financial System clearly is a cancer upon this planet……making ever more money from that cancer, gaming it to advantage, goes nowhere close to curing said cancer. Even a five year old child will see the basic wisdom in that.
    With Respect,

    Ray, Canberra, Australia.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have Mannarino on because he has a brilliant mind. He is also works hard at trading and studying the markets because that’s how he makes his living. Mannarino is a trader and makes that perfectly clear. When he is introduced I say “Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net. That said I am booking him because of his track record and insight into what is going on. For example, Mannarino said for months that the Fed would be “forced to raise interest rates” in December. They did, and some very smart people were on the other side of that call, such as 4 time best-selling author James Rickards. (I like and respect Rickards.) Mannarino is correct way more times that he’s wrong. I don’t have an exact number but it’s probably in the 705 to 80% (correct) range. I don’t want people to start trading the markets. (I do not trade anything.) I want people to be informed. Mannarino fills that roll nicely. That said, Yes, the markets are criminal, but that is what we have now. It will end ugly and fast when it ends. Your points are well made and well taken.

      • Ray

        As are yours sir…..and that is why I frequent this space.
        Because from this space, it is my hope, that people will rise to lead a new day when the system fails.
        Mannarino will bat high on the new, “Humanity First” team to be sure…..and I would put you Greg, at the helm. Moreover……Mannarino comes across…..after all these years, as a man that would help ANYONE.
        That remains noted……I would help Greg M in ANY fight he was in, because I sense his innate goodness, as I am certain many others around the world do too.
        Thank you Greg for a site that TRULY ALOWS diversification of opinion and discussion thereof, without automatic disqualification.
        Going forward, this attitude to media will be our best salvation.
        If I don’t comment here again before December 25th, wishing everyone here at USAWATCHDOG a very, very Merry Christmas.
        To Greg Hunter…personally……sometimes we spar…..we don’t always agree……I WILL ALWAYS STAND WITH A MAN OF HONOUR, AND OF THAT, YOU ARE INDEED ONE.

        Ray, Canberra, Australia

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