Fed Fearful About What It Has Done-Gregory Mannarino

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says don’t be fooled by the recent surge in the markets. Mannarino explains, “I think the Federal Reserve is legitimately becoming fearful of what they have done. There is no recovery here whatsoever. All you have to do is look at two metrics and two metrics only. The Labor Force Participation Rate remains near record lows. The money velocity, that’s the rate the money is moving through our economy, is remaining at record lows. Without these two metrics moving higher, you cannot have a recovery. What we have here is a debt bubble, and everything is being inflated right now on the back of that debt bubble. I think some people at the Federal Reserve are trying to warn people that the environment we are in is very dangerous. We’re hearing the biggest guns on Wall Street, all of them, and not one of them is not trying to say something is very wrong here. We keep hearing about a debt market super nova, that the bond market is in a bubble, which is inflating a stock market bubble. . . . There’s never been anything like this. This is uncharted territory. The Federal Reserve never had a plan to get out. . . . Now, their new scheme is they want the economy to ‘run hot.’ . . . Janet Yellen (Fed Head) said ‘the only way to prevent this economic horror show from becoming a permanent scar is to allow the economy to run hot. Meaning, to let inflation creep in while continuing to suppress interest rates. In other words, make all of us pay more for everything. They are so desperate.”

Mannarino goes on to say, “It took 225 years to build up half of our national debt. We have doubled that in eight years just to maintain where we are. Now, to maintain where we are, we’d have to double the debt again. So, now we are talking $40 trillion in the next four years. It can’t happen. That’s why the debt market is in a super nova just waiting to go off.”

Mannarino warns, “They have no choice. They have to inflate, and inflate and inflate. That’s the only thing they can do until this implodes, which it will. There we go, there’s the new system. When this thing implodes on itself, and it’s going to, the middle-class gone, investments wiped out, jobs gone, the economy will be worse than the great depression. The government will offer a solution, and part of it is the ‘universal basic income’–socialism. They already took over the health care. That was the first step. Once they controlled health care, you knew what the next few steps were going to be. They want a government that will rule the people, not the people that will control the government.”

On the upcoming Presidential election, Mannarino says, “Wall Street wants the status quo, and Hillary Clinton belongs to Wall Street. They want her because she will keep everything going the way things are now. . . . I hope people are going to go out and vote for Trump because Hillary is going to destroy us all. I am certain of this. Wall Street wants her. The political elite want her, and there is a reason for that. Her interests are not for you, her interest is for them. We are seeing the systematic extermination of the middle-class right before our eyes, and this is going to accelerate.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino goes on to say watch the 10-year Treasury bonds. He says if it breaks 1.80% and goes past 1.83%, that move might trigger a bond market panic, and that, in turn, could spark a stock market sell-off.

There are free trades, information and Gregory Mannarino videos on TradersChoice.net. 

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  1. Sayonara

    Greg Mannarino:
    You are exactly right! The only issue is timing. We are so Sayonara!

    • Pinocchio

      As long as food stamps are still around, everything else may remain sayonara. The day the food stamps are gone will be the day of kamikaze and tsunami.

  2. Paul ...

    As Mannarino says: “They have to inflate, and inflate and inflate … that’s the only thing they can do” … and to justify all the inflation to come … will the bankers blame themselves? … or Russia?

    • Paul ...

      The neocons that want nuclear war with Russia … that war will cost trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars … but all of a sudden they get cheap when it comes to giving a Social Security increase to old people that reflects the true inflation rate? … the COLA for 2017 is going to be a 0.003 increase (on average about $5 dollars) … and all you Democratic voters are going to vote for Hillary who will continue this “slaughter of the old people” (this includes women she is supposed to be helping) … and in addition the old people will be billed higher medicare premiums (56 million people will see their medicare premiums jump 22% next year) … the neocons want to see all the old people die … they were not supposed to live longer then 65 … all the Social Security money they collected was supposed to be free money “all for them” to use for their own pleasure … just another scam perpetrated on the American people by Demon Rats!!

      • Paul ...

        Social Security “backfired” on them due to ignorance (people eating better and increasing their life span) … so will their advanced weapons of war “backfire” on them due to ignorance (they allowed foreigners to build our US defense weapons … that can be shut down) … for example the USS Cook in the Black Sea!!

        • Paul ...

          Neocons are noted for their arrogant predictions based upon total ignorance … they are now trying to make our Presidential election into a “kissing contest” or more accurately “into a rape contest” … they crow about their military superiority when they are only superior in stupidity … typical neocon thinking is that a nuclear first strike against Russia is going to “save the world for Democracy” (or is it Demon-ocracy where people don’t matter?) as they only want 500,000 neocons on planet Earth … their goal is to lure the other 6.5 billion people into self-destruction … these evil people are “real winners” if you get my drift … lets soundly vote them to Hell on November 8th!!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg & Gregory!

    When I was an adolescent we had so much coverage on TV from the US.
    During most of this time I wished to be an American and envied almost every aspect, even though Australia was a nice enough place to live, we just seemed so ‘behind the times’ here.

    Did the media paint a false sense of reality; has The States capitulated or is it the land of dreams, hope & prosperity?

    • Tommy

      “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

      Today the second line has been amended to yearning for free food, welfare, healthcare, housing, education, etc. in exchange for you Democrat vote.
      Now you know what Mitt Romney was talking about four years ago. If I lived in Australia, I’d stay there.

  4. Dan

    The best pair – GREG & GREG.

    On a lighter note, many of us are curious as to how you two became friends? (apart from being very smart and likeable). Have you guys ever met in person? Your families? Since I watch you guys all the time, you feel like my own extended family (as I think many people here do as well).

    Have you ever thought about holding a conference/round-table (all members physically in the same room) event with many of the guest who appear on this site? That would be amazing! If you need funds for this you could start a crowdfunding event on the web which I’m sure you could amasse all the funds needed. Think of the additional exposure this could bring, like a bazooka shooting the MSM. Plus, you could all meet face-to-face. It would be a true heroes symposium!

    On a cautionary note, have you both made contingency plans for when the US authorities pulls the plug on your (and other “menacing to them” alternative outlets) sites? Just look at what they did to RT this week in the UK. I can’t see them not taking such actions in the near future in the US when the sh*t really starts to hit the fan (e.g., Nov 9th). If I were you, I would consider posting your videos in parallel on another video provider like Youku.com (in China) – email me if you need help to set this up, as it is in Mandarin (but once videos posted, the video links are easily accessible to all). Please think about it, as if your sites dissapear, us Watchdogggers will be crushed.

    Love you guys. BIG HUG from all of us (except Gina Macarella). Keep up the great work being our beacons of truth!

    • Tommy

      “Give me your tired, your poor,
      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
      I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

      Today the second line has been amended to yearning for free food, welfare, healthcare, housing, education, etc. in exchange for you Democrat vote.
      Now you know what Mitt Romney was talking about four years ago. If I lived in Australia, I’d stay there.

  5. Neil

    It is a crucial time for the US and also the western world.
    If people are finally antagonised enough by the goings on around the election, the endless wars, the political and financial corruption, the prospect of generational debt peonage, or the madness of a nuclear war as the ultimate diversion, they need to direct their energy toward the source of their troubles and not get caught up in Republican/Democrat street battles, fester and bicker about racism, sexism , socialism or any other ism, or take on the National Guard/UN. The globalists, elites and bankers are the ones to go after not your neighbours and countrymen. If this is the path people choose they should get ready to immediately re-impose the will of the people else the powers that be will bring everything down in the worst possible way to serve their despicable agenda. People should organise now for the sake of their country rather than rebel later as individuals. To delay is to have the internet closed off, martial order imposed and people arrested as dissidents. People cannot be an effective opposition then.
    Remember there are not many people behind this. Do not be intimidated or bamboozled. This is your country, by the people and for the people.

    • susan

      keep talking Neil, we are listening.

      • Neil

        Well you will have to take the action yourself. I am not an American.
        It is fitting Americans do this for themselves. I give you a starter to contemplate….

        More than several hundred years ago but a few people of good heart and acumen set about defining a state of being for
        our nation that would become a shining reference for those that followed, a written constitution. Its purpose was
        to yield stability, opportunity, unite us in a larger shared purpose, and enable all to prosper to one another’s betterment, this shielded
        by basic truths and rights. Over time this determination was extended and refined to be more comprehensive and it served its purpose well.

        Unfortunately we have become complacent of the importance of this greater intent and now are alarmed to find the moral heritage and prosperity of generations has been squandered and the trust and responsibility placed in our representatives has been violated to the extent the nation is under existential threat from subversive elements and on the brink of financial collapse.

        It is not just the selfish and profligate behaviour of individuals that have brought us to this point but parties acting in an organised concerted and reckless manner for gain such that it circumvents and subverts the common good and acts in defiance of lawful and just principle.

        Rather than seek to promote a high standard of statesmanship and set exemplary example our leaders have set about misleading the citizenry, abusing the instruments of state and government and actively sought to occupy, control and destroy other sovereign states while making great cost of ourselves and those, and in the process bring disrepute on our nation. This departure from our cherished principles and a slowness to recognise and right it has resulted in our nation being misguided and errant to our regret, and we seek remedy. We the people can have no confidence in our government proceedings
        or electoral process at this time.

        We the people of these United States therefore come to the Capital en mass to bear witness to our will and determination to re-establish the rightful meaning and prevalence of our Constitution to our satisfaction and to enforce lawful behaviour and true representation.
        We seek the suspension of normal government for an interim term of 7 years to be governed by people of good reason character and expertise
        for the expressed purpose of investigating and prosecuting that termed criminal or treasonous behaviour, managing a period of
        significant fiscal restructuring necessary to reintroduce sound accounting and money, repealing and enacting such laws to right the affairs of state and commerce, and also establishing proper control over the civil and military forces in our service.

  6. eddiemd

    ACA’s (Obamacare) only purpose was population control. Putting the IRS in charge of health care was to place the collection agency of the Federal Reserve in control of everything monetary. The IRS can levy anything; bank accounts, homes, wages, possessions.

    The US Treasury in conjunction with the IRS has now spread throughout the world by way of the FATCA. The worldwide globalist control of finance is almost complete. A few renegade countries…Iran, North Korea, Syria, perhaps Russia and China. The bankers, Fed, IRS are the same.

    • Neil

      Hi Tom, I am a New Zealander. Just contributing as I can to help straighten things up. 😉

      • Neil

        sorry replied to wrong post should be up one 🙁

  7. Rick Geisler

    Greg and Gregory,
    Awesome exchange of words. I agree with both of you. Once these parasites in power realize that the battlefield of ideals can’t be won then that’s when the gloves come off and its kick in the door time. I feel this time is sooner than we think…..ie “Shadow Government.”

    • Paul ...

      God works in mysterious ways … the parasites in power already have a fight on their hands … Anonymous has already declared war on the corrupt Main Stream Media who work for Satan and lie to create fear (and thus enslavement) … but it will no longer be tolerated by God’s people … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqTixdeZHjc

  8. Dan

    By the way,

    The video Gregory posted on Monday, October 17 entitled “COLLAPSE: RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA. GOVERNMENT CONTROL”:
    is one of the best I’ve seen all year. If you haven’t watched it, I strongly encourage you to do so.

    In it, Gregory refers to the ‘Universal Basic Income’ scheme that could occur.

    In my opinion, this is the MOST LIKELY scenario to unfold. Why? Because of the Debt-based currency system the Fed runs, they HAVE TO spend more and more each year otherwise the system crashes and ends. Apart from war (i.e., Military-Industrial-Complex) expenditures, there’s nothing that could match such a high level of spending, arguably with the exception of ‘Infrastructure Building/Maintenance’. This option – ‘Infrastructure Building/Maintenance’ – could actually be tremendously beneficial, as it would create tens of thousands of jobs and help so many businesses that would take part in rebuilding/maintenance of roads and other infrastructure. It actually would be a smart win-win scheme that could get the Fed (and Banksters/Elite) out of their own trouble (or at least extend the scheme a while longer). But I think the reason they don’t want go the ‘Infrastructure Building/Maintenance’ route is because they are a sinister group and don’t want people to have jobs. Instead, they want a bunch of begging peasants (when the system collapses and they have lost most of their savings/investments/retirement funds) to become SLAVES of their new ‘Socialist Model’. That way, they will be able to CONTROL every aspect of their lives, as Gregory astutely pointed out in his video.

    This is what Gregory is describing in his video. With no job or income, the masses will have no choice but to submit to the ‘Basic Universal Income’ scheme to survive. And will thus be deprived of most of their rights and become totally enslaved. How sinister these elites are.

    Does anyone see any other schemes that they can use to keep the Debt-based Ponzi scheme afloat? If so, please post your replies below.

  9. Dan


    In your ‘COLLAPSE: RIOTS ACROSS AMERICA. GOVERNMENT CONTROL.’ video from last Monday, you referred to all the measures the gov’t will use post-crash including Capital Controls. I think you were kind of getting at how they will entrap people in the system, not only in all aspects of their lives but also financially which could include previous metals confiscation and bail-ins.

    I personally think they will also use ‘People Controls’ (similar to ‘Capital Controls’) to prevent Americans from leaving the country (to live/work elsewhere). And for this, they will limit the flow of people in and out of the country via “Passport” measures. Elites – no problem; everyone else – sorry, you can’t leave. In other words, let’s say you, Gregory, want to move to Costa Rica, they wouldn’t let you leave the country.

    Not wanting you to reveal your own personal protection plans against such obtrusive measures they will take, can you tell your audience how to avoid these? For instance, are you storing precious metals and cash OUTSIDE of the country? Buy foreign real estate to live in? You seem like a very smart and well-prepared person, but I wonder if you would advocate to others what they could do to “Bug Out of the Country” when things really turn sour.

    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

  10. Ronald Helms

    One thing related potentially to a comment made in this podcast involves the transfer of military hardware to local police. Even as the US over-reaches internationally, political elites also appear paranoid of domestic unrest. One benefit of the 1033 military transfer program is that it leases equipment and provides supportive tactical training to local law enforcement while requiring that any maintenance and local operational expenses be footed by the local agency. Apparently, there has been a substantial collaboration between military and police in training over many years. The key as I see it with the 1033 military transfer program is that control is retained in US military hands through the lease arrangement. One effect of all these transfers and related cooperative arrangements over many years is that local law enforcement becomes a domestic extension of the international campaign for full spectrum dominance. The looming threats of international economic collapse, urban unrest, and politically induced violence when linked with international military developments and the recent demonization of Russia creates a perfect storm with domestic law enforcement well equipped in a decentralized fashion to move under military direction to passify and contain restive populations and hold territory in a way never before seen in the continental US. Whether or not there is any specific intention behind these developments, the fact remains that there is now present a much greater capacity than previously recognized for a substantial coordinated repressive action. And so it always makes sense to anticipate and be prepared to respond in ways that protect self, family and community. Thanks for your podcasts Greg. And thanks Gregory Mannarino for your many observations as well.

  11. Anthony Australia


    “Hey, look over there!
    Point the finger, distract the public and do it yourself. Globalists master plan.

  12. Constance Crumbey

    The blackout of the Russian news agency (RT)
    And now WikiLeaks: Ecuador admits limiting Assange’s internet access


    NEXT; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pIqxuygWwM

  13. Billy

    More good news,
    Treasury Bond liquidation over 346 Billion and
    continuing to grow larger. It’s on like Donkey Kong !


    • Green Rock

      Kerry LOST his war. Russia & Syria are saving Syria right now. Iran is helping. Iraq is changing over. Turkey has been lost to Nato. Americans might not know who is winning in the world, but the rest of the world does: Russia/China/India ascending. US losing.
      US won’t even really challenge Russia in Syria, it is outmatched by brilliant Russian arms.
      Meanwhile, Americans can’t decide. HUH??????????
      Clinton will go to prison, by the Haige Courts, if she escapes the US courts.

      • Charles H

        All right except Clinton ever paying for crimes.

  14. William Betts

    M is right on. If HRC is elected this country is gone. If you want to save whatever you have, you have to get out there and try to explain to the stupid people that support this psyo that there future and the future of their children are at stake here. This is it, Nov 8, 2016 will tell whether we survive as a people. Each person get 10 people to pledge to vote for Trump. There are about 45%of the electorate that are as insane as HRC. There is nothing you can do about these people, but there is a chance that one can reason with some people. This is what it’s going to take. Think about your children and grandchildren…..Betts

  15. Oracle 911

    It is a systemic crisis and the CB’s turned the system upside down just because they want run it. They will not just fail miserably but also worsens the impact.
    Regarding Trump and Hillary. The interest group behind Hillary want keep the status quo aka exceptionalism aka sole superpower aka world’s policeman which means living on the expense of the whole world. There are several problems with this: the ecosystem of the world can’t withstand this any longer; there is no internal stability in the US (the racial division ALONE is enough for tearing the US apart and sadly it is NOT the only division) and they (Hillary &co.) are to dumb for the job. And the sad thing is they want keep the status quo by whatever means that include another world war waged by somebody else (solving internal problem with a war is one of the many symptoms of imperial overreach), because the US don’t have capacity for waging a war against another power. But these idiots don’t realize, what means a world war in the era of the thermonuclear weapons.
    The interest group behind Trump is not just more powerful the Hilary’s but also want the US live within its means. The change will be unpleasant and it will more resemble the perestroika of USSR then anything else and sadly it will be messy and perhaps bloody.

    If Hillary wins, then the interest group will pull few strings and the shelves will be empty on short notice and the “9 meals from anarchy” principle will solve the rest. Which means the bloodiest version of the US perestroika aka meat-grinder.
    If Trump wins there will be minor unrest and perhaps the US will fall apart in a relatively peaceful manner.
    So whoever wins the National Guard will be needed. Luckily the Americans made their choice…

    About the depopulation which was mentioned by your last guest. War is no good because the thermonuclear weapons; biological weapons (including the GMO and food from it) tend to bite back; chemical weapons are double edged swords and laced vaccines have limits. So the depopulation have to be done by soft methods and if you want to know how these soft methods look like look at the Japan. They cased to have sex with each other and if you ad to it LGBT, drug usage (legal and otherwise), environmental factors in cities (modern city is a huge mutagen factor) and bit of a civil unrest, you get a shrinking biologically degraded thus nonviable general population. The job is done within few generations. And the whole thing started with the Hippies.

    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

  16. Mildred Churchyard

    Donald [Swear This Oath]. . . .


    From this night on____
    use every means___
    in your power___
    to fight them!—

  17. Jerry

    This simply cannot go on. Everyday day I put up link after link after link to support everything that GM has been saying. I have watched my health insurance go from $500. a month to over $1000. a month. I have watched mortgage rates climb from $500. a month to over $1500. a month to the point that no one can afford a home. Thank God I own mine. And do you want to talk about automobile prices? I no longer buy cars. I lease them and write them off as a business expense. I mean who can afford $30,000. for a car. Food prices? Check the portions. They shrink the sizes and raise the rates. America is literally drowning in debt while inflation burns our currency value up on the back end.

    There are days I wish I didn’t have to work to make a living. Watching 35% of my income get pounded down a government rat hole quarterly is depressing. I envy the government trolls that come to your site, that live in fantasy land, and get to ride on the backs of those of us that actually pay taxes. Should Hillary get elected, and open up the borders, so millions more can get on the government dole, I question why I should continue work at all? The truth is ( like Tin foil hat posted on Monday) we’ve been living in the collapse since 2007. We just didn’t see it.

    • Frederick

      Jerry NEVER envy the govt trolls That would be “ridiculous”

  18. Mildred Churchyard

    Hillary Before A George Sore Arse Puppet

  19. Mildred Churchyard

    Why It’s STILL Trump OVER Hillary!

  20. Rob

    Hi Greg and Greg!

    At 22:30 Greg challenged us to answer the question as to why the police have been militarized and absolute control is being established in the USA and globally. Here is the answer:

    Daniel 9:27 And he shall make a firm covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one that maketh desolate; and even unto the full end, and that determined, shall wrath be poured out upon the desolate.

    That covenant will bring this outcome by the end of the next president’s term:

    Revelation 13:15-17 And it was given unto him to give breath to it, even to the image of the breast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as should not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (16) And he causeth all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free and the bond, that there be given them a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; (17) and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark, even the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    The image of the beast is the “world wide web” and everyone is systematically being numbered in to it through their iphone number or IP address.

    Here is a sample of the technology coming in the next few years:


    Love in CHRIST! Rob

  21. Donna Gilio

    I like greg mannarino. Very smart man, so are you greg Hunter. But I challenge you to look at the obvious: do you really believe WikiLeaks is real?
    Here is my thought. The federal reserve has had 100 years to buy the WORLD up with fake paper money. Now that they own everything, countries, governments, corporations, why would you believe WikiLeaks is real? I believe the owners of this planet now own it all and they are TELLING us how it really is! AND, there is nothing you can do about it little people!
    Donald Trump cannot save us either. He is part of the rigged system! Hillary and bill Clinton went to his wedding for crying out loud! They’Re FRIENDS! All this is we are watching is a reality show!
    You are smart enough to see this, right?
    What is going to happen will happen until every human being wakes up and is tired of being enslaved. We can fight back. Everyone of us, but everyone has to see the truth and I believe that won’t happen so our future is slavery.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Donna Gilio it is real that’s why they have cut Assange’s internet.

      • Matties

        Or they have enough info to complete their lists. It’s not a unreal scenario Donna describes. Remember, the true enemy is cunning.

      • Al Hall

        Donna/Greg: at about 13:30 into the interview Greg M says that no one saw this coming – interest rates down for years and the middle class being wiped out. This is wrong- someone did tells us this- pastor Lindsey Williams. He told us this years ago. It was back when Syria was being attacked by Obama and things stalled when Russia got involved. The elite’s told Pastor Lindsey their time table was disrupted so they planned to wipe out the middle class by putting the world in deep debt- everyone – cities, counties, states- massive debt is what they wanted. They want you to come begging them to help us! And also, they told Lindsey they were to bring the stock market back up to bring the middle class back into the markets. As Greg M. says- everyone is looking for yield because of these rigged low interest rates. The elite’s know they are going to collapse the markets – now at any time of their choosing. This was planned years ago and can happen anytime. Get out now while the markets are still up.
        As pastor Williams was told – buy physical gold and silver – the only money of the elite’s themselves! Paper will be worthless!

    • Don Hicks

      Donna Gilio, I agree with you and just keep in mind……..Two wings, same bird…….

    • ED1

      Rob, I have no doubts about the much more advanced systems that will continue to emerge from the tech industry. However, I think you may want to consider this from another angle. The image of the beast is not the beast itself. It is one of the anti-Christ that will appear to deceive many to the point that they believe he/they are actually Christ himself. The word anti in Greek ( I think it is) at the time of translation meant ” instead of “. This is why it is written in several books in the Bible warning us to not be deceived. The anti-Christ will appear during the 6th trump and precede Christ himself that will appear during the 7th trump. During the 6th trump many will believe in believing that anti-Christ is Jesus Christ himself and will worship the anti-Christ unknowingly. It’s to my belief this is why it is written that there will be gnashing of the teeth after they find out they have been worshiping the anti-Christ instead of Jesus Christ himself, which will earn them a death sentence in the eternal lake of fire.

      The actual beast is, from my perspective, as well as many others, the NWO, or political system. I have heard it could be broken down into several groups, thus the several heads of the beast. Each head/group “may” be assigned a certain sector of the earth to control.

      This is why it has been written that everyone on earth will worship the beast and shall not be able to buy or sell least they have the mark of the beast on their forehead or on their right hand. Smells of some sort of bar code implant type device to me and is most likely why is written in scripture that anyone that takes the mark of the beast will, in time, have nasty sores that fester up on their bodies. It would seem logical that it would be the body having a reaction to the chip implanted within? It surely would be part of some sort of digital money system that the elites, bankers, governments and the like are pushing for and in an effort of phasing out cash. One world government = one world digital currency that cannot be utilized without the mark of the beast = total control over all the people world wide.

      I am getting old and my health is not great by no means. But I will state that I will not be worshiping any anti-Christ nor will I become part of the new world order. Neither one will get me.

      Folks, study up on the Bible and do not be deceived. Their will be terrible things happen prior to the return of Jesus Christ but it is getting late in the game and I encourage you to study up on the Bible before it is too late. The New Testament contains several books that plainly tells us to not be deceived. Take heed my friends.

    • Colin

      Daniel 9:27 is about the Messiah, NOT an antichrist. He stopped the sacrifices and was cut off in the midst of the “week”. 7 year trib, peace covenant with Israel, and pre-trib rapture are all part of FALSE, Jesuit doctrine to deflect attention away from the Roman Catholic Church being the Beast system. The papacy is the “son of perdition.” Martin Luther and the reformers were correct in their revelation in this. I highly reccomend checking out this site. Dave is well researched and backs everything up with scripture.

      Start here: Pre-tribulation Myth http://christianitybeliefs.org/end-times-deceptions/the-pre-tribulation-rapture-myth/

  22. Walter Baumgarten

    Wow! The Greg-squared combo nailed all of the incoming objects on today’s radar. Well done! Of course the government never wanted any recovery or they would not have orchestrated the slashing of America’s incomes and then slammed us all with the massive expense of mandated “medical insurance” on top of it. And of course they will want to institute a guaranteed Universal Income the amount of which can be set to assure that Americans will be able to just cover the mandates and not have enough income to cause any trouble for the Masters. I am closely associated with a recently retired Major General who assures me that above all, the US government’s number one priority is CONTROL of it’s population, period. The people who run the machine are very afraid that once they steal the “election”, which they will certainly do, that they might lose this control. Personally I do not think they have anything to worry about for the vast majority of those that I see (and they are a lot) are not only dumbed down, doped up, or disconnected and distracted to the point where nothing really matters to any of them anymore. Fear not though for as you say God is in control. Many will be called but few will be chosen. Most people do not understand what this actually means, but we do, don’t we? God Bless.

    • susan

      Many of my friends and myself believe now God alone is in control. I believe He will wait to see how many Americans will vote against evil. That will determine His decision about the USA. Are there enough moral, ethical, God-fearing people who will continue the mandates of our founding fathers based on God almighty and His precepts? We shall see. I hope everyone is praying their hearts out and will not shirk their duty to vote and speak out minds on this election.

  23. Buck

    If implemented properly Universal Basic Income would be beneficial replacing subsidized housing, welfare, food assistance, et cetera. It would provide these basics, without penalizing work. This allows people at the bottom rungs to participate in the workforce without fear of losing government benefits. Therefore UBI encourages workforce participation.

    Here is a more in depth discussion:

    Of course, there is a near zero chance the Psychopaths at the top of the pyramid would implement UBI in a way that would benefit humanity without taking their cut then saddling the burden on the middle class.


    • Greg Hunter

      It’s communism. Please call it what it is.

    • Rocky

      UBI will not ever work other than creating instant inflation. It’s basic economic principles..

  24. vincent_g

    The problem is we have a federal reserve!

    The Fed provides unnatural corrections to the market!

    Think of markets being like the Mississippi river.
    At times of heavy rain fall the river rises.
    What is wrong to do is to build levees to prevent the water to overflow.
    Doing so causes greater problems down stream!


    Trying to control Markets to prevent a market downturn has the same effect!

    We don’t need a Federal reserve as it causes more problems and does nothing to prevent a market downturn. In my opinion it was sold to the American people to stop bank runs, which it never did, and to be the lender of last resort.

    Lender of last resort: A means of providing a Bail Out for a failed bank.

    It amazes me that people get upset when the Government bails out banks when this is exactly what the federal reserve does by means of printing money!
    People pay for this bail out in the form of inflation.
    When the government bails out banks people pay in the form of increased taxes or a reduction of services.

    By trying to prevent the downturn in a market is like trying to prevent the water overflowing from a river. The higher you make the levees the higher the water rises!
    This continues until the levees burst and when that happens the damage is one hundred times worse as to what it normally would be had no levees had been constructed.

    In the early 1900’s the people demanded that the government do something to solve the problems with bank failures.
    People were tired of living in fear that any day they may wake up and find all their money gone due to a bank failure.

    The banks introduced the Federal Reserve as the solution but time would show it was not the solution at all. It in fact only solved the problem of having the biggest banks from failing. An insurance policy of sorts funded by the public paid for by inflation.

    After the 1929 crash people would not put their money in banks.
    A problem so serious that the government had to come up with new legislation to convince people to again put their money in banks and that their money was safe!

    Enter the Glass Steagall Act

    By creating the FDIC and legislation designed to control the banks which was designed to reduce the risk of overwhelming the FDIC the government has come up with the perfect solution to stopping banks runs!
    There has not been a run on a bank since the Glass Steagall Act was written into law.

    But today because the Federal Reserve was not dismantled it was required to remove all bank legislation from the Glass Steagall Act so that banks can grow.

    Bank growth is a side effect of the Fed.
    In order to insure the existence of the larger banks they need to grow larger over time.

    The legislation of the Glass Steagall act prevented this growth.

    The levees are getting very high to prevent this economic melt down.
    Fact is one may no longer call it a levee as it looks more like a Dam.
    When the walls of this dam cracks how much damage will take place?

    Vincent G.

    • wondrouscat

      Excellent analogy. – and, of course, we’re all living down river.

  25. Tinfoil hat Canuck

    Greg (M)
    Don’t get me wrong, I would never vote for Hillary if I had the chance, her foreign policies scare the beegeebers out of me.
    However, I think the financial train wreck is past the point of possible slowing (forget returning to a sane track ) and regardless of the figurehead up front, is going off the rails. It’s foggy and the train is speeding up . Imho, Hillary at best will just shovel the coal a little faster than the Trumpster — in the Keynesian belief that more coal will help brake the train.

    • Robert Lykens

      Good analogy. I’ve heard it put like this:
      Keynesian economics is like two men in a room. One has money in his pocket and the other has none. Keynesians (socialists/liberals/leftists/communists) take part of the money from the one who has it and give it to the other man.
      Now there is more money in the room.

  26. vincent_g

    Anyone can see the media is biased

    When they talk about problems with Mr. Trump it’s in a shrill tone.

    Whereas when they talk about any problems with Hillary it’s a mellow soft gentle tone.
    The tone is so soft it’s as though no one has done anything wrong.

    After all which would you remember ?
    The shrill loud: Mr. Trump has 9 woman.

    Or the soft: Hillary has been accused of.

  27. JC Davis

    I am shocked that the world is still using the dollar. When talking trillions of debt why would it matter if we are 20 trillion or 40 trillion ? As long as the world continues to use the dollar we will continue to let them. The world is finding new ways around the dollar this is the big problem.
    There is apx 1.4 trillion of printed cash the rest is digital currency.

  28. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg for the opportunity. USAWatchdog rocks! And thank you everyone as well!! Much love, Greg M.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory for another Greg-squared conversation!!!!

  29. john duffy

    Every US voter should watch this 1 min. video

    • Greg Hunter

      They don’t want to “separate the terrorists from the opposition groups because they are ALL ISIS and Putin knows this–so does the U.S. military and State Department. What a scam. Where is the MSM propaganda “news” when you need them.

  30. mar

    Urge everyone here to read the book: The Great Controversy

    US will go down. And take the world together…

    • RJA

      Why should we read a book by a false “prophet” whose”prophecies”vhave already been seen and proven to be wrong?

  31. Diane D.

    Civilization worldwide is in a free-fall as globalists erect their Tower of Babel. Different fools. Same God.

  32. Russ McMeans

    The Greg man scores another really great interview.
    And we learn new things. Mannarino is great at explaining all this stuff. He seems heavy hearted during the interview while explaining the dark facts.
    He sees the cliff edge. Hope he makes a lot of money I suppose. Prepare while you can folks. For the progs; laugh while you can.

  33. Paige Barent

    I think that Gregory Mannarino is terrific and I thoroughly appreciate his impassioned call to get up and fight for our inalienable rights; however, I would like to share a few of my experiences with him regarding this subject. I have repeatedly called and written to my Congressmen, my Senators, the head of the DOJ, as well as the Director of the FBI Mr. Comey–(who, by the way, does not accept emails from the public)–and the response has been either obfuscation or no response at all.

    In my humble opinion, our Republic is already lost because once constitutional structures have been broken–(such as administrative agencies crafting laws instead of our elected officials in Congress)–it is impossible to glue them back together again. If anyone is in doubt of this simple truth, I encourage you to take a look at what happened to the Roman Republic once Tiberius Gracchus circumvented Rome’s constitutional structures. (Plutarch provides a wonderful analysis of the fallout.) Regardless, the best that we can hope for is to RE-FOUND our country based upon our FOUNDERS Constitution. However, there is a problem with attempting this–because what are we to do with half of a citizen population that is clearly slavish in their appetites & desires?

    Please note that I am not trying to discourage the attempt of re-founding our country, but we must come up with some sort of solution to this very real problem.


    Paige B. Barent

    • Greg Hunter

      Never give up Paige. They want you to think you are helpess and you must be compliant as the only choice. They are wrong and don’t think that way please.

      • Paige Barent

        I am so delighted to speak with you, Greg, as I think you are a light in the wilderness! I am neither compliant, nor helpless; it’s just that I understand the limitations of politics–(and, by extension, human nature). I have a different sort of education in that I’ve studied and contemplated history, political philosophy, economics, and theology for a very long time. Most people criticize the study of political philosophy/theory as useless; but, at its core, it is really a study of human nature–and, in my opinion, if you want to get at the true root of a problem, you must come to some sort of conclusion regarding human nature. This, of course, is one of the reasons that the Founders’ political thought is so grounded in reality–and in such stark contrast to Progressive political thought as these two political philosophies are in absolute contradiction to each other in terms of their understanding of human nature. Everything about our Constitution stems from the Founders’ understanding of human limitations–(such as the simple truth that individuals are least qualified to judge in matters pertaining to their own self-interest)–and, whether we recognize this or not, every issue confronting this country right now can be traced back to how we view human nature.

        I understand that most of your viewers are enmeshed in the daily news grind concerning fraud, scandal, and blatant corruption, but I think we are all missing the bigger picture because all of these concerns ultimately pertain to how we view & address the issue of human limitations within our political system. This is why I have tried to make the point that we have to RE-FOUND our country based upon our Founding principles because those principles are grounded in reality–(versus Progressive wishful thinking); however, in order to do that we have to clearly understand & embrace our Founders political philosophy. If we don’t do this, it won’t matter what “correctives” we slap on top of a broken constitutional structure because in the end we will find ourselves back in the same place we started from. (If you doubt this, take a look at our financial history for the past 120 years.)

        I hope this makes sense to you.



        I guess what I’m really trying to say is this: we are trying to put band-aids on a political philosophy that has been ripped apart and left for dead. So, if we really want to save our country, we have to understand what that heritage is, not as the Left portrays it, but as it truly is. You could go along way in helping that cause by interviewing those men & women who understand this subject matter. If you are interested, I can provide you with a short list of some terrific people who thoroughly understand this subject matter.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Paige. Never give up. Use the contact page and email me please.

        • Charles H

          “A broken Constitutional structure” ? I strongly disagree.

          IF the structure were Constitutional, that is – conformable to the Constitution: there would be no problem. The problem IS the structure does not conform to the criteria laid-out. The Constitution is GOOD, fine, and right. The structure that followed in development went bad. To associate the Constitution with the failing governmental structure is plain wrong: and amounts to throwing the baby out with the bath-water. It is NOT the Constitution’s fault that the structure came out bad. To change the Constitution is to change the nation itself. And the DANGER of such change is: there is no knowing how far and how much change will occur once it starts happening. There is no guarantee what KIND of change will occur – as a “democratic” mob can simply bull-doze over minorities.
          NO, Paige – what you suggest is progressive and completely wrong. It is based on a complete FALLACY of the concept: “individuals are least qualified to judge in matters pertaining to their own self-interest.” I consider that hogwash, and a complete reversal to the REAL intent and esteem of the Founding Fathers. I believe your subject matter” to be complete subjective matter. “Self-determination” – privately and governmentally was the true intent of the Founding Fathers. What you seem to use here is pretty interesting and sophisticated Code-Speak.

    • Tin foil hat

      “there is a problem with attempting this–because what are we to do with half of a citizen population that is clearly slavish in their appetites & desires?”
      Paige Barent,
      There is no welfare in Bermuda. They have workfare. I was amazed that single mothers with children have to work too – after dropping their children off at government daycare. Mayor Guiliani did something similar in NYC and reduced the welfare rolls by more than 50%.
      Half of the populace in this country need a swife kick in the ass. Workfare is the answer.

      • Paige Barent

        Hi Tin foil hat,

        I think you might have misunderstood my point: I am not endorsing welfare; I am, however, acknowledging a massive segment of the population who want to be taken care of and who, consequently, are inclined to vote for those who seek to overturn property rights via taxes which amounts to a massive transfer of wealth.

        This is an age-old problem which, ultimately, has to do with human appetites & desires. I think that it is fool-hardy to simply say that “a good job” will take care of the problem–when, in fact, history does not bear this out. We have created a culture in which the poor believe that it is just & right to take the wealth of others simply because they are of the majority opinion. This is what happens when people no longer understand their Constitutional structures & the difference between a Republic & a democracy. (See Aristotle’s, Politics, editor Carnes Lord, Book 3, Chapter 11, pages 100-103.)

        Best regards,


  34. Jerry

    This is what we’ve known all along. America is controlled by a “shadow government”. It controls Congress. It controls the news outlets. It controls the Federal Reserve bank. And like any good dictator it controls the military.

    • Greg Hunter

      We have corrupt government at all Federal Levels (both parties) that goes to the very top.
      Thank you for all your links and analysis.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg.
        I will continue to post information as long as I can. I personally am making final preparations, and with this update I would advise your readers to do the same.

        The dollar has been on live support for even longer than I could have imagined. But with the recent revelations coming out from Wiki leaks about how deep the corruption actually goes into the system, its not hard to understand how they’ve managed to pull it off. Unfortunately the rest of the world is getting to view our dirty laundry , so its just a matter of time before they say bye, bye to our corrupt system and to the dollar.

        Its fitting the final debate is in Las Vegas. Talk about rigged? The only difference between Las Vegas and Wall Street is, Las Vegas doesn’t have suckers like us to bail them out for free.

  35. Mohammad

    Who is buying DB stocks back?


    • Paul ...

      DB … they are probably covering their shorts!

      • Mohammad

        Where DB is getting the money from to buy out stocks? they are not federal reserve!


        • Paul ...

          If they sold their own shares at $125 they have plenty of money to buy those shares back now at $12 dollars! … leaving them with a $113 dollar profit per share.

        • JC Davis

          Mohammad as I understand it central banks control the printing of the Eurozone money , so they bail themselves out.

  36. andyb

    Greg: GM just confirms what may of us have known for awhile; that all of the markets are rigged to perpetuate the hopey-feely recovery meme. Just part of the total DC corruption. It is simply amazing that with all of the evidence that Hillary is corrupt, and is a criminal, she could be the next POTUS. Although the polls show her ahead, on-the-ground observations indicate that there could be a massive shadow vote out there for Trump. I live in an overwhelming predominate Dem area, South Florida. In the past elections, I would see the Dem candidate’s bumper stickers on at least every third car. In this cycle I have not seen one for Hillary (or, for that matter, Trump). And, surprisingly, few yard or pole signs which used to blanket all neighborhoods during elections. The rallies here by Trump and Pence have 1000s of attendees; the ones for Hillary or Kaine less than 100-200. A survey of my neighbors shows 3:1 in favor of Trump. My son has 10 Haitian employees; they are all virulently anti-Hillary. Surprisingly enough, my Black friends and acquaintances are 50:50. The millennials I come in contact with will probably not vote; making ends meet is their priority.
    If the election isn’t rigged by more than 5% (the norm historically), then Trump should win.

  37. Bill

    GREG: Mr Mannarino says the middle class will disappear? Since the economy functions thru the middle class { employment, small businesses etc } we will surely have to become a socialist class in order to function as a society. Does that not mean we will all sink to the lowest common denominator. { poverty }??

    • Faith

      Bill, in answer to your question, the answer is “yes.” And it would mean that the US would have become a fully socialized country. Some people, like myself, call socialism its real name: communism. The leftists and communists have infiltrated every aspect of the US. Of course, the oligarchs always live well. But I think that other parts of the world, and the leftists here in the US, have failed to understand the rugged individualism and self reliance that is a strong component of the American character. Not just of men, but of women too. Underestimating those inherent qualities will result in the failure of the globalists schemes and manipulations.

  38. Bill

    GREG Mannarino: Might you be able to prophesy about how long it will take for a recovery to take place after the collapse all are expecting??

    • Tin foil hat

      The sooner we stop moaning and start working, the sooner we will recover. If we kept focusing on equality, fairness, hope and change, we will surely decend to a socialist class of equal poverty. A society where ordinary money only gets you a spot in the line, the real money is your connections and power.

      • Bill

        Tinfoil Hat: I’m working, I’m working!!!

        • Tin foil hat

          At this juncture, the free sh*t army in America is being supported by the dollar Ponzi and 53% of Americans workers like you.
          After the collapse, the 47% who don’t pay any federal tax and generational welfare Brady Bunch will have to work or we will sink together.

  39. Matt In Pa

    Saul Alinsky. Rules for Radicals play book being played out. Both sides aiding and abetting.

    • Paul ...

      The MSM are aiding and abetting Hillary … by acting all indignant that Trump won’t “automatically accept” the results of a quote “Hillary victory” made possible by stuffing the ballot boxes with millions of illegal votes by dead people!! … it’s like a pimp telling a mark “will you agree to accept the fact that your wallet may being stolen after sex” and the mark telling the pimp “I’ll leave you in suspense on that”!!

  40. Gene

    Dear Mr. Hunter,
    You have expressed concern that Deutsche Bank had only been “fined” $38 million in its recent settlement. Please note that the relevant litigation was reported to be a private, class action lawsuit. See, for example, http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/7927/importance-deutsche-bank-silver-fix-lawsuit-settlement
    Accordingly, the settlement did not represent a fine sought by a government pursuant to a regulatory action or criminal prosecution. (Of course, we ought to wonder why no such action has been taken thus far!) So, this settlement does not foreclose other such civil actions seeking compensation for losses caused by Deutsche Bank’s illegal activities. Rather, its admission of such activities makes it materially easier to prove its liability in subsequent civil actions.
    Investors who have lost money in the admittedly manipulated markets should be stepping up ASAP to demand payouts from DB before it implodes!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gene for pointing this out.

  41. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Scholars like Mannarino keep calling the economy socialist but it’s not. Instead it’s slavery. If this were a real socialist economy, it wouldn’t be that bad. At least men like me who work 100 hrs a week could afford to live above a threshold of poverty. But it’s horrible because the men who work the hardest are getting paid the least if they get anything at all and the women who don’t work at all live like pigs at troughs at the expense of the proceeds of the slave labor of the men who work. that’s not socialism. It’s slavery. It’s feminism. Women manipulate the public with the spectacle of their chronic victimhood and authoritarians acquiesce by persecuting, impoverishing, enslaving, imprisoning and exterminating conscientious men in exchange for votes, money and absolute power.

  42. Mr. Lee

    Great interview Mr. Hunter. I truly enjoy Mr. Mannarino’s analysis and can understand as to why your are friends.

    The above reasons sited are the same as to why I do not think WW3 is coming anytime soon. The establishment knows that a war with Russia and China will not yield the same benefits as WW1 and WW 2 did, therefore the slow and agonizing burn of the middle class in the West will continue until the we are collectively relegated to 3rd world status.

    The only way out of this in my opinion is we withdraw the remainder of the wealth we have from there system, purchase tangible assets like PM and land, reduce and eliminate our debt as much as possible and let the system imploded from it own weight which will happen sooner or later anyway. Perhaps this approach will give us some chance of coming our of this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee for your support and comment.

  43. Mohammad


    The more Mosul battle gets closer in Iraq the more i remember this tweet by Samantha Powers:


    And if oil will sit on 50$ a barrel with no cutting production in sight, the easiest way to put oil above 70$ which will revive the shale industry in US is to throw and force one of the players out.


    “Oil prices will not go up much above USD 40-50 a barrel”

    “The largest oil exporting nations are to meet and reach an agreement in Doha on April 17. Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Qatar that had already agreed to refrain from increasing production are going to try and persuade about a dozen more countries to follow suit.”

    So far it has been true since April, every time the oil goes above 50$ it snaps back to it. so it has been in range since then and that HURTS US OIL COMPLEX .

    In that context i now understand the Mosul battle that is heating up fast.

    Mosul dam could be the next big FALSE FLAG that will shoot oil price to the stratosphere.


  44. Charles H

    Greg & Greg,

    This interview covered about everything thrown in on a YouTube broadcast: except the part where Hillary gets to be president – probably out of preference to your stance that she can’t possibly make it.
    It remains to be seen just how far the tentacles of corruption reach; how much machine there is to bring Clinton’s ends about. If she “wins” – no one with one last living brain cell will believe it, and serious rioting may occur, followed by a lockdown. She might be ‘marshalled in’, without the parade.
    The BIG issue is Tim Kaine. Like the Marines: once a Jesuit, always a Jesuit. Hillary won’t last long; then Kaine gets the throne – being a life-long sworn actor for the Pope. The ‘holy’ Roman Catholic Church is cozy-ing up to Islam; and the Lutherans just reunited doctrinally with Rome. Watch for a “Big Three” (Abrahamic, mono-theistic) unification movement to appear in earnest. And nobody can (will) stand (except true Christianity) to be outside of that.
    There’s no telling what haltering steps are to be made between now and a ‘One-World Government’/Religion/Economic System: but it must come. At some point – “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or their foreheads: AND THAT NO MAN MIGHT BUY OR SELL, SAVE HE THAT HAD THE MARK, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:16,17. “Cashless Societies” is the introduction.: complete control is the End.
    ‘They’ kicked God out of schools, government, public life – and guess who has filled that void?!?? Nah!, they don’t believe in him either. Deer in the headlights.

    • eddiemd


      Tim Kaine has been selected to be the next president. The jesuit agenda is the illuminati/luciferian globalist dark side that has risen in Rome and now stands to lead the USA. This will give them control over the electronic banking systems thanks to the Fed, FATCA, and the IRS tentacles throughout banking systems of the world. In addition they will have control of the US military to further any agendas to dominate the world.

      Everything is coming into place. It will be interesting to see if Obama moves over to the UN.

      • Charles H


        Those are some pretty big chips to come to the table with. Obama to the UN – now that makes sense. Concentrations of power.

        • Wobbler

          I’ve been mesmerized with grief that literally no one seems to talk of this. Just a hard working woman wondering why, for the past decade, facing what is known to few, our troubles, do we continue to play by the rules?

          I’ve known for over a year NATO had to be Obamas dream. Positions are opening within days of him leaving office. Not that this matters, but it certainly stands to look legit.

          • Charles H

            Well then, some hard working women are SMARTER and more insightful than a whole herd of most people out there. You surely came in ahead of me.

      • Charles H

        Also – this article of Trump will accept election outcome – may be his survival way out.

        • Paul ...

          As long as it is not rigged!!!

          • Charles H

            What ISN’T rigged?!??

    • markp

      ” … Lutherans just reunited doctrinally with Rome. …” CharlesH, can you please lead me to the documentation that proves this. And what does “reunited doctrinally” mean? The Lutheran Church I belong to hasn’t doctrinally reunited with anybody. I am all ears. Marpk.

      • Charles H

        Articles came off of Yahoo! I did a quick search and turned these up…


        There are divisions in the Lutheran denomination – and these may not apply to yours. But this IS a step toward unification. If you have the computer to reach this site – homework should be easy.

        • Markp

          I’ve done my homework Charles, while you sensationalise. Your statement “Lutherans have reunited … with Rome” is totally misleading. It implies “all”. Here’s the facts: one [of many] Lutheran organisations in the USA has made a statement saying there is agreement on some points. They don’t speak for the 75 million Lutherans scattered across all the continents of the world, in 140 Lutheran organisations. People read your comments and take it as Gospel (so to speak). It should have said something like “a minority”, or “a few”, or “one Lutheran body of many in the USA”, has some agreement with Catholic doctrine. If you are going to slag someone’s faith, at least get the facts right. Markp. Sola fide.

          • Charles H


            So – one out of 140 Lutheran organizations, who don’t speak for the 75 million Lutherans, made a statement that there is AGREEMENT on some points. My mistake to be so imprecise. Let us hope that this does not signal a precipitous trend throughout the whole of Lutheranism.
            By-the-way: there is no way to ‘slag someone’s faith’. Faith is decided upon by the individual: and only that person can question or change or abandon their own tenets of faith. It is those who call themselves Lutheran who have brought into question their identity and those who share the title – which more conforms to ‘slagging’ (melding catholic with Lutheran), than my imprecise inference.
            From the article…

            (RNS) Nearly 500 years after Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Castle Church door, the largest Lutheran denomination in the U.S. has approved a declaration recognizing “there are no longer church-dividing issues” on many points with the Roman Catholic Church.

            The “Declaration on the Way” was approved 931-9 by the 2016 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly held last week at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans.

            Specifically – it mentions the LARGEST Lutheran denomination in the US. So my apologies – it is just one: but the largest (US) one.

        • Charles H


  45. Tad

    I could be wrong, but I expect overwhelming demand for US passports should Hillary win. Some Hillary supporters between now and then may see the light, and follow suit.

    Good morning, Gina?

  46. Paul ...

    Come God’s people … like in the days of Noah … lets drown the “rotten to the core” neocons in a flood of votes of Biblical proportion … lets purge our nation of all the Demon Rats and take safety aboard a Triumphant Ark so that our seed and the seed of our children’s children can proudly walk upon the land of milk and honey, free of bondage and capable of love toward our fellow man once again!

    • Robert Lykens

      It’s a mistake to equate politics and religion. Democrats do not equal lost people and Republicans do not equal saved people and vice versa.

    • Paul ...

      The Ark … was the Covenant … showing that God the Father “had our back” … God the Father has unlimited power to transform people and set them on the path of righteousness and thus freeing them from the clutches of Satan (look at all the e-mails being released) … his power will soon to be shown the entire world when the vote comes in on November 8th … all will behold the power of good over evil in the coming election results … all the Satan worshiping warmongering neocons don’t know who they are dealing with … do you think for one moment Almighty God the Father who sent his only son “to save the world” … will now allow it to be reduced to ashes … in a nuclear war of Armageddon … and continue to allow his Christian people to be be-headed by the likes of Hillary, Obama and McCain??

      • Mohammad


        You do not have the stomach to stop it.
        if you did, you would of stopped the biggest sin committed by supreme court that devoured all nations who committed it in the past, but you did not stop it, nor did i.

        Go back to the keyboard, it is easier to be Don Quixote of La Mancha at it.


  47. Tad

    Helicopter money is free money under the socialism-cum-communist system.

    They may call it a basic income, Steve Keen looked at it as a way to pay off debt–or delay the collapse, whichever you prefer.

    I prefer a more radical approach, though probably not politically possible: Print enough money to cover at least 50 percent of each American’s Social Security contribution, minus the payments already made to each retiree. I’ll take those funds, and either invest them productively, or shift into gold, and into another country.

    My parting words at Kennedy Int, “Thanks! It’s been unreal!”

  48. Ross Herman

    This is for Gregory, I am going to write a letter to my congress person and tell them I want all the crime to stop now, I want the US constitution to be followed, and I want all the criminals prosecuted in an open court. And now i guess that takes care of that we can get back to working a good job, eating non posunous food, and enjoying our clean environment.

  49. Watcher

    Democrats and vote fraud.

    Here they discuss busing people in – or loaning them cars (with the right license plates) to make it less obvious. Also fake people at real addresses, how to get illegals to vote. etc.

    Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

    Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud

    And there’s this:

    • Paul ...

      Is it any wonder Trump won’t commit to “simply giving up” when he knows many of the votes are likely to be fraudulent … if the numbers are close in a critical State I expect Trump to contest the results due to voter fraud like busing illegal aliens from polling station to polling station to vote under dead peoples names!

  50. Ricardo Picardo

    I don’t get why stackers should be mad about gold price manipulation. Shouldn’t we be thanking the manipulators for allowing us to accumulate more at a lower price? I’ve bought silver when it was above $25 an ounce and I bought more when it was $15 an ounce. I’ve broken even on my investment at this point. But my sights are on the long game and that means I need MOAR silver. So thank you for the manipulation, cheerio. Oh yeah, and please keep it down until next year for tax reasons. Thanks.

    • Faith

      RP: I agree with you! Anytime that silver is less than a $20 FRN it is a bargain!

      Keep on stacking!

  51. Indiana Jim

    There are voter fraud problems. Connie Lawson Indiana Secretary of State for Indiana found enough problems in over 50 counties to turn informatin over to the state police. Historically she uncovered over $20 milion in fraud during her tenure and has handed out over a hundred years of jail time here in Indiana. I’m sure significant problems operate elseware in our country.
    To say a few fraudulent votes do not matter is to say a few individual votes by legal voters do not matter also. I feel we should all be outraged!

  52. Linda L.

    If Hillary can even dump her bus “$#!^” in proper a receptacle, how can she run
    the country?

  53. Coalburner

    Paul don’t forget, at the end of this year the Obamacare Death Panels kick in as described by the much maligned Sarah Palin. If you are over 76 don’t ever get sick again or you demagogs , especially will be kissing Sarah’s feet. As far as OB Uncare Panels are you concerned you are supposed to die after 76. They don’t want to give you heatlh care even if you can pay for it. Love that Obama!!!!! NOT!

  54. sam

    Martin Armstrong is hearing something similar re the national guard
    The polls are rigged. Trump is way ahead in rality so Trump will win but they are going to say that the Russians rigged the election and declare it null and void and invade Russia.
    The German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte said 2 years ago that the USA is plannig a war with Russia
    NATO troops are already on the Russian border.
    How to get this info out across the USA to warn the people?

    • Mohammad

      What people?
      They are busy texting with their iPhones while driving….


    • Paul ...

      We have the MSM telling the American people that going after Hillary on Benghazi is an unfair “Witch Hunt” … “not one” MSM investigative journalist would tell us that Hillary needed Ambassador Stevens “dead” because Steven’s could implicate Hillary in sending arms and Saran Gas to ISIS to kill Christians!! … but the alternative media will tell us what the Witch did!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaNl2tVAhPY

      • sk

        Saran WRAP. Sarin GAS.

  55. Melissa

    “They already took over the health care. ”

    I would point out that Hillary is now targeting to take over private individual retirement plans, such as small business 401(k) plans and IRAs, as part of financing her infrastructure plan (it’s buried within her website). Certain actions have already been taken, with more to follow. The recent “Fiduciary Rule”, DOL Bulletin 15-1, and the proposed financial transaction tax are all part of this plan to effectively block small retirement investors from affordable financial advice in the market, and to divert those funds to her “infrastructure bank” (yet to be created).

    This article might help to explain how this is related to this mess:


    Her proposal to seek a reauthorization of Obama’s “Build America Bonds” and to promote (coerce) “social investing” (Economically Targeted Investments) from those accounts would be tantamount to a “pigeon drop” — transferring a portion of the national debt in exchange for those funds.

    This would be just another nail in the coffin of small businesses and the middle class.

    BTW, this is nothing new. Bill Clinton tried this when he was in office.

  56. Russ

    Thanks Greg, an excellent summary of the current situation — seriously not good. Everything from Wall Street, interest rates, PM’s, national politics and geo-politics is rigged. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds when the first bubble finds its pin.

    Sure, the stock market will crater with the bond market and then it cascades. But when banks here and everywhere else start to go, will our current leadership (okay, not really leaders, but they are technically in charge) keep it inside our borders or will they externalize the situation and start a war on which to blame the whole mess. Yeah, I can see one of the current candidates externalizing our situation. Wars are good for the economy…(?)

    Read an article by another smart guy: The Fed Destroyed US Boomers’ Retirement Dreams
    http://www.newsmax.com/Finance/JohnMauldin/fed-retirement-dreams-boomers/2016/10/19/id/754295/ The part on the FED ignoring demographics is very good… “By reducing the incomes of retirees and terrifying near-retirees, the Fed successfully reduced economic activity. Hopefully, that was not their intent, but that is what happened. …”

    So 401K’s and IRA’s trend toward worthlessness and then we get a war. We are so screwed.

  57. Mike R

    Well, clearly, no matter what the Fed thinks, or does, or is scared of, the PEOPLE are completely FED up with all of the non-sense. It’s not just this website that reflects it. You look at Facebook, you look at comments to all of the various media placed garbage and one thing is eminently clear – the PEOPLE are going to make the cronies PAY, and pay big time, and they more the cronies, and criminal oligarchy push for Shrillary, the more the PEOPLE are going to simply go out and vote against her. Its really not about Trump, or Shrillary at this point, other than symbolically it could not be more cut and dried that Shrillary represents everything that is bad about this country- criminal cronyism, government largesse constantly feeding on corporate bribes, the Fed being in cahoots with the government criminals, and wall street criminals, and the PEOPLE just getting screwed. Trump is the PEOPLE’s obvious choice and total anti-thesis of Shrillary and the corruption, and the mountains of debt, that everyone knows was built up by the criminal elitist 1/1oth of 1% that is controlling everything in everyone’s lives. The PEOPLE are going to vote, and produce a landslide for Trump. Of that I have no doubt. This is just like Brexit where the mainstream media will be shocked, and the cronies will be shocked, and wallstreet and its sychophants will be shocked. The problem after NOV 8th, will not be that Trump won in a landslide. It will be the mass illegal high level corrupt as can be collusion that will occur by the elitist’s not just in this country, but the billionaire leftists worldwide, such as Soros, who will create unfettered mass chaos and attempt to prevent Trump from ever taking office. I think they have been planning for this eventuality for months. And somehow, someway, they will steal the election and while HRC may not get in there, more than likely OBAMA, will not be leaving. From there, I’d expect a corresponding implosion in the bond market, caused in part by the chaos, but if you look at whats already been happening, is China, the Saudi’s, and many foreign holders are trying to dump US paper without bringing too much attention to themselves, or at least as much as possible, be a little bit under the radar. I think all of the Trump allegations, and hysterics surrounding him, and even Wiki-leaks are being done on purpose by foreign collusion, to keep everyone focused on the circus that is this election, so that they miss this huge warning signs in the bond markets. I have to admit, I didn’t watch the video yet, but I have watched Greg and Greg enough to know what most likely was said. I’m sure it was all good stuff, and probably will turn out to be spot on. So in summary, Trump wins the votes, but after that, don’t think he will be able to get in the office smoothly. We just ain’t seen nothing yet in terms of total circus bs nonsense with our government admin and this election. Obama is right in the mix of it too. On many levels, including what the FED has been doing, obama is at dead center of being an instigator of all of this crap, and has been unraveling so much of everything that was good about this country, and scarily accomplishing near total and irrevocable damage.

    • Tin foil hat

      Mike R.
      “PEOPLE are completely FED up with all of the non-sense. It’s not just this website that reflects it.”
      Eyes on the ground here from the liberal La La Land of NYC, I’m surprised the high numbers of recent immigrants who are against Hillary. They speak in broken English describing Hillary as a scam artist, greedy money grabber who will likely sell this country to the highest bidder. Many who are from the Eastern European countries and communist China know she is exactly the kind of dirty politician who they want to leave behind in their former countries. They are going to vote for Trump!!!
      I spoke to a Haitian driver who told me no sane Haitian will vote for Hillary. They hate her with a passion. It seems most of the Hillary votes are going to be from the teacher union, MTA union and the stupid college kids. I think most of the NYPD cops are going to vote Trump too. They can’t stand Obama and Hillary.

  58. FC

    It’s a shame Mick Wallace, wasn’t the Moderator.

  59. Mohammad

    Trump tonight just gave up. it is obvious, lost the fire, as if he knows he lost.
    Am more convinced tonight that Hillary is our next president.


    • Paul ...

      You take him saying he will not accept fraudulent dirty tricks by Hillary to stuff the ballot boxes as “giving up”??? … he is a fighter Mohammad … and will bring a fraudulent election perpetrated by Hillary to court … the soul-less MSM wants to force Trump to “accept a fix” … before he even knows if it is going to be a fix? … the soul-less MSM are now deriding Trump for being “Presidential” and saying Hillary “is not a nice women” … when he should of said Hillary is an evil snake?

      • Mohammad

        The defeat was obvious on his face.
        I could read it and sense it.
        In the second debate i said he shined and i felt it.
        Now i feel his defeat.

        He is going to Jail for tax evasion. i guess this is what he is preoccupied with knowing fully Hillary is winning the rigged game.


        • Donna S from Arkansas

          Tax evasion on Trump?? I don’t think so Mohammad.

          • Mohammad

            if he does not go to jail then my theory of him being Hillary’s trojan horse to undermine the republican party holds water.

            I still find it puzzling how he changed from being a democrat all his life to being a republican just in the last 2 years..!

            Also i find it puzzling how did he change from being a friend to Clintons to all of a sudden a foe.

            If he runs independent he would of hurt the republicans since he would of done Ralph Nader effect on steroid and the republicans do not stand a chance against Hillary, that is why they swallowed him with a Vernor.

            If he runs republican as he already did then they are also doomed since he is likely her trojan horse.

            Either way the republican party was UNDERMINED by Trump and the Clintons put the best strategy to defeat republicans and undermine their party at the same time, they will not recover for a while, think about that for a second.

            It may turn out down the road that this election was one of his best apprentice ever made with reality show from the dumb voters fell into Clinton/Trump trap, i have never seen the Republicans helpless as i have seen them in this election, and please do not think for a second am for Hillary, they (both contesters) cannot fool me.

            Time Will Tell


            • Tin foil hat

              I see you’ve bought your own tinfoil hat and been putting it in good use.
              It’s no secret that Trump has been FISCALLY conservative and SOCIALLY liberal for many years. I fall into that categrory myself and Mayor Guiliani too.
              To not only survive but thrive in the liberal La La Land of NYC, he has to mingle with the democrats in sheepskin.
              If the mutual hatred they have for each other were an act, they deserve the next Oscar best actor and actress award.

              • Mohammad

                Trump is the master of act , his theatrical apprentice and other shows testify.

                Why not mingling with the republicans in a sheep skin when in reality he is a Clinton’s wolf?

                You admit that tin foil hat is no good for you, accusing me of having one when you disagree.

                remove your’s you will see better.


              • Tin foil hat

                Trump’s Apprentice never win an Emmy which is indicative that he’s not a master of act.
                If you don’t know that the GOP and the establishment hate Trump, I don’t what I can say to convince you that Trump is more like a ram scattering a pack of republican wolves.
                My tin foil hat made me see 911 and it’s good for me. I don’t know what yours is doing to you.

                • Mohammad

                  keep your hat…just do not get close to a microwave with it on.


  60. Peter

    I agree 100% with Mr. Mannarino. Hillary spells doom for the US middle class as president. I would encourage every one on this blog to make sure they vote for Trump, if they agree. I notice the big, fat bodyguard and Huma are hovering over Hillary in case she requires an injection, post debate. Nobody is hovering around Trump, but then he is healthy

    • Paul ...

      Hillary spells doom for the entire planet … she wants nuclear war with Russia for doing exactly what the NSA does?? … the NSA hacks into every e-mail on the entire planet … they listen to every phone call on the entire planet … they have microphones in our cars and dishwashers, etc. … and Hillary is going to start a nuclear war because Russia does the same thing this country is doing to everyone else??? … give me a break!!!

  61. Gina M Mancarella

    Hillary Wins !

    • Paul ...

      Only in the minds of the “Hillary supporting” Main Stream Media Gina … wait for November 8 before you start counting your Hillary blessings (like “not saving the children” from 9 month abortions and “saving the children” from the 2nd Amendment … “taking children” from their American parents (as it takes a village) yet “not taking Mexican children” from their illegal alien parents … creating ISIS and fighting ISIS … Trump’s a rapist yet Bill is a priest … being for the Trans Pacific Partnership and being against the Trans Pacific Partnership … being for open borders and for building a wall … etc., etc., etc. … this women speaks with a forked tongue just like an evil snake … but all the MSM talks about is that Trump has concerns about a fair election (when the Clinton machine is well known for massive election fraud)!!

    • Mohammad



    • Mike R

      Gina… this shows right here how incredibly uninformed you are….

      “For 60-odd years the threat of overwhelming response has kept our world free of offensive nuclear weapons use. That threat is reliant on nobody knowing exactly what they must achieve to get inside their adversary’s OODA loop and kill them before they can respond. That is why such information is by any realistic determination one of any nuclear nation’s mostly-closely guarded secrets and Hillary Clinton revealed that secret on national television last night.

      What’s far worse is that given her former position we know what she revealed was not a guess.

      This singular statement last night, standing alone, should result in Hillary’s immediate arrest.

      It won’t, but it damn well should, because she just gave away, on national television, exactly what an adversary must achieve in order to kill us all and she did so not as a matter of guesswork or hypothesis but from actual, classified knowledge.

      Not even President yet, and she’s showing full on, how utterly reckless and clueless she is front of 84 million people. She freakin’ breached SAP during the debate !!! Sheesh.
      (our enemies likely cannot wait until she gets in office, as they will easily nuke us to high heaven, because Hillary has been and will continue to be the CIA’s, PENTAGON’s, and our nation’s military worst sensitive and classified information nightmare.)

  62. vincent_g

    Hillary Clinton has stated in the debate that she will have the military enforce a no fly zone over Syria!

    There you have it – the first step to nuclear war!

    There is no way the Russians will step aside and allow a no fly zone from the USA over Syria.

    So there will be a confrontation and either a US or a Russian Jet will be shot down.
    With the Russian aircraft carrier in the region this will escalate very quickly.

    Will this be in the main stream news tomorrow?

    This again is Hillary taking us to war for no good reason.
    For what ever reason that she disliked Gaddafi and forced Obama to take action against his country she again is doing the same thing here.

    She is blaming Russia for wicky leaks and has plans to force a confrontation with Russia.

    I can not see any other rational reason to suggest such action.

    • Paul ...

      As Trump said … “she is an evil women” … he just said it more Presidential manner!!

      • Paul ...

        All the women will vote for Hillary because Trump called some women a pig? … what is Miley Cyrus? … he speaks the truth … don’t you women want someone who speaks the truth for once? … or do you want a women who says Black Lives Matter out of one side of her mouth and then runs a for profit prison system that locks Blacks up (because they are soul-less predators)? … someone who speaks to Wall Street and tells them one thing and the very next day says the opposite thing to the general public? … don’t you see Hillary is a snake??? … what is she telling us now … “I will reduce taxes on the middle class” … and what is she telling Wall Street behind closed doors? … she is telling Wall Street to ignore what she says to the stupid “ordinary” people … that she is really “their girl” and will do their bidding once she gets in!!

  63. pat the rat

    Did you see what is going on Alepo Siria all the fighters and anybody that want to go leave.1000’s of fighters will be free to fight in Mosul. Putin is smarter then Obama, Putin cleans up in Siria .

    • Mohammad


      Putin will bleed to death in Syria.
      You do not get it.
      They set him for the death hug of the bear there.
      Russia is toast.
      It is the other way around.
      ISIS will be flushed out of Mosul to Syria to deal Putin the death blow explicitly by the west at the expense of the Syrians.


      • Tin foil hat

        Did you listen to the debate last night? Trump nailed it when he said Mosul will belong to the Iranian.
        Why did Obama allow ISIS taking over half of Iraq?
        We are losing the shiite majority Iraq to the shiite Iranian. Sunni is the minority in Iraq, they will never regain meaningful control/power in that country and they know it. Obama allows these sunni Muslims to take over the ethnic sunni/oil rich regions in Iraq as long as they help him get rid of Assad in Syria.
        Most sunni Syrians have not problem with the ruling Alawite sect. – you should know that since you were born there. Assad’s wife is a sunni who’s well liked and respected by the people. If ISIS loss their home bases in Iraq where they actually have support of the people, believe me, they are not going to fight to their death in Syria. The only idiots who are still fighting in Mosul are the foreign fighters from Europe.
        The Russians are not toast, all the stupid foreign fighters are the ones who are going to meet their 72 virgins soon. Come to think of it, perhaps they were left behind on purpose because we don’t want them back.
        You are right about one thing. Obama is learning how to play “Mobil Strike” at the expense of the Syrians.

        • Mohammad

          Remove that tin foil hat and you may see the picture.

          ISIS is Israeli operandi to evacuate the land from river to river.

          They are now flushed from Mosul and the news indicate they are going to Deir El Noor and Raqqa.

          Notice that the two rivers Euphrates and Tigris are given to ISIS.

          Mosul on Tigris.
          Raqqa on Euphrates .


          Hell no.

          Russia will toast in Syria unfortunately at the expense of Syrians.

          Evacuation of the “holy” land from river to river is working as per schedule.

          Later on they will work on Egypt from its west (Libya) and its east SINI to claim the Nile river.


          • Tin foil hat

            Thank you for the suggestion but I like my tin foil hat and am not going to discard to it any time soon.
            Without reliable and long term logistic support from Turkey, it’s not much the Israeli can do without exposing themselves to the risk of irking the Russian bear.
            Everybody in the world knows that America is an unreliable partner. Israel should realize that America is not going to able to build the natural gas pipeline thru Syria by now.
            Turkey and Philippine are switching side, Saudi and maybe even Israel may not be too far behind.

    • Wobbler

      Putin called for all Russians home immediately. No matter what, return home.

  64. Bill Sulcs

    Greg, Thanks for all that you do. I was trying top look at your interview with Gregory Mannarino and the link to video did not appear on my screen. Could I have been blocked by Utube? Just wondering if others have had the same problem. Yesterday I tried to forward a tube video of Putin regarding who had created isis. A message came up saying I had shared too many videos. Any thoughts on this. I also couldn’t access the video through utube direct. Any help would be appreciated, Your Mate Downunder.

    • Greg Hunter

      You Tube is owned by Google and Wiki Leaks has documents that shoe Google in bed with Clinton and the DNC. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

  65. DLC

    I did watch Mannarino’s 10/17/2016 talk. He predicted a Hillary win. Only at that point will we get to see who the actual president will be. If Kaine, I’m reminded of an old TV show named “You Asked For It.”

    • Paul ...

      How is Hillary going to win??? … here is the plan right from her Demon Ratic operatives as to how they will be shipping voters across State lines to vote over and over and over again to win the election for Hillary … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G0u41zDh8Q

  66. DLC

    After receiving some tech support from my cable company, the conversation veered into the election. The techie said that he would not be voting, that Trump was a loud-mouthed, rich corporate type. He finally said that his wife was upset that she could not watch TV with her children because of Trump’s foul mouth.

    I asked him if his wife was continually traumatized by the 90% swill that is TV today. I then asked him if he could pass a recording of his every conversation over the last 10 years, could anybody?

    It amazes me what people latch on to. There seemingly is nothing scarier than a successful white male. Women especially vote to cut their own throats in the spirit of “I’ll show him.” Emotional voters who got us Obama twice.

    Where are the women who are upset over real terror like rape and murder committed by the invaders? Real atrocity does not seem to rise to the level of horror as does some man’s private discussion. PCR just made a remark that this election may well prove that the right of women to vote was a mistake.

    I had a running argument with my spouse that women were not as blood-thirsty as men and we would have no wars with a woman in charge. His contention was that woman just hadn’t the opportunity to show just how bloody they could be. And then, along comes Hillary, Samantha, Victoria, Susan ……

    Where is the rage over flooding this country with men who grab whatever and rape women and children as their rightful due? These very men who beat and mutilate women? These abusers who women sanction by their votes?

    Michelle Obama wore a $12,000 gown to her latest extravaganza. Where is the rage over these greedies when the average SS COLA went up 5 bucks a month? Keep voting for “the people’s party.”

  67. Charles Turner

    In the long term, it maybe better if Hilary wins the election and the house of cards comes down around her feet. That way the people will know it is the establishment and behind closed doors families and friends will talk and wait for a better future or a leader to emerge. Take a look at Poland after the second world war. They were under Communist control, forced to learn Russian at school and latterly had nightly curfews and rations. But that all changed when an uneducated Lech Walesa spearheaded the Solidarity movement. But It took 30 years for change to happen. If Trump wins, the house of cards will be blamed 100% on him. In History a decade is like a flash of light and the American people may be entering a multi decade change in their lifestyles. the most important thing over the next few weeks is for Trump to get the longer term arguments on the table.

  68. Robert Lykens

    Madonna pledges oral sex for Clinton voters

    “If you vote for Hillary Clinton,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden, “I will give you a blow job.”


    …and they accuse Trump of having a foul mouth?

    • Paul ...

      What dirty deed did Miley Cyrus promise for our vote?? … and women are so offended by what Trump said??? … and how about the promise of that other Miley (the general blow hard)!!

  69. DLC


    Tea leaves, chicken livers, Clif High = election outcome.

  70. vincent_g

    Now you know things are bad in the economy.
    They just fired Snoopy.

  71. Diane

    Did you see this,
    What % of these scumbag reporters are in the tank for Hillary?

    • Paul ...

      Obama today was in Florida campaigning very hard for Hillary … so hard in fact that private polls must be showing Trump way ahead of Hillary … these Demon Rats need every vote they can drum up … even with the 15% of the vote the Demon Rats are planning to get from all the people that died over the last 100 years!

  72. Robert Lykens

    Bad news all around.


    Some quotes from this article:

    “Yet the Fed is methodically draining money through ‘reverse repos’ regardless. It has set the course for a rise in interest rates in December and seems to be on automatic pilot.
    “We are seeing a serious deterioration on a monthly basis,” said Michael Howell from CrossBorder Capital, specialists in global liquidity. The signals lead the economic cycle by six to nine months.”
    “We think the US is heading for recession by the Spring of 2017. It is absolutely bonkers for the Fed to even think about raising rates right now,” he said.

    “Monetary policy is too tight and the slightest shock will tip the US into recession,” said Lars Christensen, from Markets and Money Advisory.
    “If allowed to happen, it will be a deeply frightening experience, rocking the global system to its foundations.”

    “The Bank for International Settlements estimates that 60pc of the world economy is locked into the US currency system, and that debts denominated in dollars outside US jurisdiction have ballooned to $9.8 trillion.”

    “This time China cannot come to the rescue. Beijing has already pushed credit beyond safe limits to almost $30 trillion. Fitch Ratings suspects that bad loans in the Chinese banking system are ten times the official claim.”

    If, as the article states, the slightest shock will tip the US into recession, what do you think will happen when nuclear war breaks out?

  73. truth seeker

    Another great article by Brandon Smith:
    which offers a very well thought out perspective.

  74. Frederick

    Have any of you Watchdoggers seen Megan Kelly going after Donna Brazille about knowing the questions in the debate beforehand? Brazille was looking pretty questionable I must say Megan Kelly is redeeming herself

    • Greg Hunter

      Wow, acting like a news person instead of a propagandist. Bravo. When both sides hate you, that’s when you know you are doing your job.

      • Diane

        Good point Greg.

      • Frederick

        Sounds about right Greg

  75. Robert Lykens

    Universal Basic Income, as defined at Wikipedia:
    “A basic income (also called unconditional basic income, Citizen’s Income, basic income guarantee, universal basic income or universal demogrant[2]) is a form of social security[3] in which all citizens or residents of a country regularly receive an unconditional sum of money, either from a government or some other public institution, in addition to any income received from elsewhere.
    An unconditional income transfer of less than the poverty line is sometimes referred to as a partial basic income.”

    Here’s the punchline:
    “Basic income systems that are financed by the profits of publicly owned enterprises (often called social dividend or citizen’s dividend) are major components in many proposed models of market socialism.[4] Basic income schemes have also been promoted within the context of capitalist systems, where they would be financed through various forms of taxation.[5]”

    So how do you think it would be financed? Via a socialist model or a capitalist model?
    It’s basically a permanent form of helicopter money. We would be permanent communists.

    • Robert Lykens

      Maybe that’s what “PC” has stood for all along.

      • Charles H

        Good one.

  76. WD

    Greg…do you think this affects USA TOAD? I thought you might like this!

    Plummeting Newspaper Ad Revenue Sparks New Wave of Changes

    With global newspaper print advertising on pace for worst decline since recession, publishers cut costs and restructure


    • Greg Hunter

      Love it. This is simple pay back from readers the MSM have committed fraud upon.

  77. JC Davis

    Greg I cant wait for the weekly wrap up.

  78. Linda L.

    I found Hillary’s frequent reference to Putin as the source for her email and DNC hacking/leaks, over the top/dangerous to our national security. As shared in the media, Mr. Assange (Wikileaks) suggested that Seth Rich was source of the DNC leaks. In addition to Seth’s murder on 7/10/16, Shawn Lucas, who was process serving the DNC for a lawsuit mysteriously died on 8/2/16. Did Putin have these people eliminated too? (NOT!). How shameful, disgusting our leaders have become to allow this:

  79. Robert Lykens

    Pentagon: Hillary Clinton Should Be Arrested For Leaking Top Secret Nuclear Intelligence on National TV

    During last night’s debate, the great Hillary Clinton said:
    “But here’s the deal. The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed. There’s about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.” –Hillary Clinton, National TV Appearance

    This was Top Secret information – before she blabbed it to the world.


  80. Westen labrue

    Greg my name is westen my fathere is jerry I have been coming to this site for 4 yrs now getting real information due to my father understand I follow my father we disagree on alot of stuff but when it comes to our Lord in savior we do not so..with this being said I want to post this to all my brothers and sisters on this site please take a knee pray for Donald to over come the timtasions that have been thrown his way understand this bigger picture of evil ness our Lord and savior gave his only begotten son for each and every one of you now it’s time to repent as a nation ask for his forgiveness thank him for giving his only begotten son on the crissue to shed his blood so we as a nation can repent I ask that all my brothers and sisters can pray for Donald he has been sent from our Lord in heaven this is our last hope and stop I want to Bair this testimony to my father that I am 1200 Miles away from that I can’t hug or touch to know that I believe in him and your site and the people that help here to better understand this situation God bless you greg hunter

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Westen and Amen Brother.

    • Jerry

      Thank you Westen for your testimony of Jesus Christ and you Greg for giving us a platform to post it. In the end it is the only thing that can save us all from what is coming. Hillary and the globalist are merely puppets for Lucifer and his dream of global domination. Help is on the way, so don’t give up. As Greg says ” Fear Not”.

  81. Gator

    Cmon Greg M…you sound like a broken record…same stuff for the last year..it gets tiresome…

    • Greg Hunter

      Same problems?

  82. ulrich sherry

    I agree with Greg Mannarino. There will be major civil unrest if Clinton wins this rigged election. Taking down Assange and RT shows desperation, and a win at ANY COST.

  83. Rapid

    Whose being screwed in the P. M.’s market ….. I am still Stacking hand over hand at a very low price , and will until TSHTF !

    Everyone keeps talking about the Globalist , well just who are the Globalist ?

    The MSM …… http://www.rense.com/general44/sevenjewishamericans.htm

    The internet , Greg keep talking about …… https://ronabbass.wordpress.com/2011/03/26/jewish-control-of-the-internet-facebook-google-youtube-et-al/

    How bout the F. E. D. , Central Banker ” Money Changers ? ” …… http://prince.org/msg/105/271100

    How bout the U. S. Regulatory Agencies that refuse to enact U. S. Regulations and Laws ? …….. http://www.tomatobubble.com/id199.html

    I could go on , however I believe you get the picture ! Only if you are willing to acknowledge the truth !

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