Fed Spooking Markets – Gregory Mannarino

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Professional trader Gregory Mannarino says the new Fed Head, Jerome Powell, caused the market to sell off last week, not Trump tariff talk. Powell blurted out in Congressional testimony that the “U.S. is not on a sustainable fiscal path.”  Mannarino explains the truth bomb Chairman Powell dropped, “I think this guy was nervous.  I think he’s getting shook up here.  I think the weight of his position is weighing on him a little too much, and that is what sparked the sell-off.  It wasn’t the tariffs.  This was Powell, and the markets are saying that this guy really might not have our backs as much as Yellen did.”

So, is the Federal Reserve losing control of the markets? Mannarino contends, “It’s worse than that.  They have already lost control.  If they were in control, would they still be buying bonds like they are?  Would they still be trying to ‘get it right’?  They cannot unwind this in a normal way.  They have created a system of bubbles, and they are well aware of this.  These things tend to collapse very violently when they do.  If the Federal Reserve or any of these central banks were in control, do you think we would be in the situation we are in right now?  Absolutely not. All they have done is liquefy the world with debt and buy everything they can to keep this propped up.  This is not control.  This is some kind of a Frankenstein they have created by trying to prop everything up. . . . This is a corpse here that is on life support, and that is all it is.  There is going to be a terrible moment of reckoning.  Inflation, forget about it.  Of course, there is going to be massive inflation.  They can’t stop it.  . . . They are in a lot of trouble here.  Of course, they are going to lose control.  Let’s say we start getting some real inflation and they start hiking and hiking rates super-fast.  What’s that going to do?  Bam, there goes your debt bubble, and then we’re done.  Back to the Stone Age.  Stock market 6,000 will probably seem like a dream come true because it might even go lower than that. . . . They are going to run this until they hit the wall.  When is that going to be?  I don’t know . . . .  I think they are going to keep this propped up until at least the mid-term election.  The stock market is going to continue to go up.  The distortions are going to get worse and probably much worse until we get a correction to fair value.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for all that you do Greg.
    I believe the Fed know exactly what they’re doing and the fix has been in for years.
    Stocks are not fair value Manna, does it also imply that some suppressed stocks will rise?

    • Adrian Illingsworth

      Hard to do Tony when the sky is falling!

      • Anthony Australia

        I suppose but it also depends on supply, demand and what people are willing to pay for something.

  2. Old Coop

    Big Event On Horizon Will Change Country!
    Saturday’s Guest: Jim Willie
    X22Report Mar 3, 2018
    Insationable and unsastainable

    Though Yugoslavia rejected Stalin and a Soviet occupation, it did not reject communism. Under the leadership of Josip Broz, [Tito] born to a Croat father and Slovene mother in the village of Kumrovec, Austria-Hungary, former Yugoslavia (now Croatia). Yugoslavia enjoyed relative prosperity (if a restricted one) until his death in 1980. Nine years later, Serb nationalist Slobodan Milosevic appeared on the scene. Hyperinflation followed in the early 1990’s, with inflation of 3% per hour, peaking at 600,000% at one point. Things got so bad, the Government printed its own 500 Billion Dinar banknote! Worth $6 USD when it was introduced, its value plunged to $3 USD in the first 24 hours.

    A Great Irony

    The ironic parody of all the current US concern over the possibility of Russian meddling in US elections is that virtually nobody from either political party seems the slightest bit concerned that the US is actually recreating the very worst mistakes of the now-defunct Soviet empire and wants more!

    In point of fact, the Federal Reserve has done far more self-inflicted harm to long-term US interests than anything that Russia or Soviet defiant communist Yugoslavia has ever been accused of, let alone been proven to have done. At this point, there’s no contest between the three and one is no longer available.

    If the damage inflicted by the Federal Reserve had been done by a terrorist organization, it would for certain be public enemy #1.

    Consider that, under the Greenspan/Bernanke/Yellen Federal Reserve, the following has occurred:

    Pension plans, both public and private have been ruined. Millions of future retirees and taxpayers will not have trillions of dollars they would and should otherwise have to support them in their later years.
    Income inequality is at the highest its been in over 100 years
    Wealth inequality is also at historical extremes
    Student debt is now nearly $1.5 trillion, up ~ $1 trillion since 2007
    More than a trillion dollars of interest payments on savings accounts has been forfeited — denying funds to the next generation for use in business creation, household formation, and education.
    Total debt in the US and globally is up massively since the 2008 Great Recession (itself a central banking [train wreck] accident), and now stands at more than $233 trillion worldwide.

    These are among a few of the destructive results of the Federal Reserve’s decision to lower interest rates to 0% in order to avoid taking it’s medicine, thus rewarding the big banks, well connected private equity firms, and unrestrained government borrowing.

    Of course, when you print money (as the Fed does) you cannot create wealth; you only transfer it from one party to another.

    Put another way, the Federal Reserve and its foreign partners (the BoJ, ECB, etc.) have been picking winners and losers.

    Losers have been seniors dependent on a fixed income, Millennials and every generation following them, and savers, pensioners, and taxpayers. The winners have been the banks, the ultra-rich, entrenched political parties, rentiers, and baby boomers with sizable financial portfolios.

    One example of the kind of devastation the Fed’s deeply unfair actions have wrought, do a simple Google search on “pension” and it brings up an alarming spate of headlines

    The catastrophic losses that will result from these massive pension shortfalls is nothing less than an act of domestic terrorism by the Federal Reserve. They will haunt the US for generations, where no civilization has gone before and survived!

    There should be serious consequences for destroying the futures of tens of millions of retirees, on purpose –and knowingly — simply so big banks could not just enjoy fat profits, but record fat profits, for nearly ten years in a row:

    Put more bluntly: approximately 90% of US citizens have been financially and economically tossed under the bus simply so that the already-rich could get a little richer. If that’s not a form of terrorism, I don’t know what is.

    As bad as the damage done so far has been, the real pain has not yet begun.

    The entire command-and-control system of the US and other western economies and markets has resulted in several decades of increasingly poor decision making and mal-investment.

    When it comes to repaying the current global debt levels of ~310 % of GDP, we can confidently predict that such a debt load can never be repaid. They can only try to roll it over as long as they can — which can’t go on much longer without real consequence. Mounting losses are certain at this point.

    When it comes to underfunded promises and entitlement programs, such as pensions and social security (clocking in at nearly 800% of GDP!), there’s really only one all-important question that matter at this point: Who’s going to eat the losses?

    It’s Even Worse Than You Think, the racket being run against the public by the world central banking cartel, and it’s efforts to continue this racket have sentenced us all to another massive financial/economic crisis — one that is both now inevitable, necessary, and overdue.

    By preventing that which should have happened long ago as a wimper, the central banks have set the stage for an enormously dangerous and disruptive market crash. The kind that forces markets to close for days and weeks on end. The kind that leads to major banking crises punctuated by ‘holidays’ where depositors can not access their money. The kind where disorder and social unrest becomes a real risk.

    The Federal Reserve has ruined US

    This is all pretty obvious to those that have been following this mess for the last 20 years.

    What I want to know is what can we do about it? Even the discussion on how to protect ourselves has been had, ad infinitum! Seems to me we are talking about the end of our democracy as we knew it, and we are just waiting for the revolution.

    • Frederick

      Good summation of the present situation Our govt was hijacked on 911

  3. Frederick

    The real estate market is going to get clobbered when this whole thing blows up If I still owned I’d be trying to unload my property asap

    • weasel

      Ever try renting in an inflationary environment?

      • tin foil hat

        Renting in an inflationary environment is actually a pretty good deal since the landlords can’t raise the rent everyday.
        In a hyperinflationary environment, I would probably tell my tenants that they can live rent free but they will have to find ways to pay for the heat and water on their own. I will try to hold onto the properties since insurance and property tax can probably be paid in couple of rolls of toilet papers.
        I’m not going to get rid of the properties since I don’t know when this whole things will blow up. Folks a lot smarter than me though this fiasco will blow up in 1998.
        I did refinance at a very low rate and used that to acquire another property and PMs in 2009.

  4. Old Coop

    In case you missed these
    profound comments on USAWatchdog.com
    They impacted me!

    andyb 02/25/2018 •
    Greg: re the FBI and local law enforcement. Are they complicit in these school shootings or just incompetent? At Sandy Hook, it was obvious that this false flag had many conspirators, from Obama and the DOJ, through Connecticut State Government and down to the State Police. At Parkland, although there is some evidence that Cruz could have been just another FBI MKUltra experiment, it is a fact that the Broward Sheriff’s Office, the Broward County Commission, and the local school Boards have all been complicit in turning a blind eye to violence and disruption by students; less reported incidents mean more money from the State and Feds. I live in Broward County and there have been numerous non-reported incidents of violence against teachers and other students, even stabbings and rapes. The coward school SRO officers are part of a corrupt political process to cover their asses and not to protect children; rather they make excuses and refuse to file reports that would lead to jail time or expulsion.

    It is ironic that here in Broward County, TPTB want us to give up our guns and let the Government protect us when that same Government has no plans to do so.

    Unfortunately, I expect far more of these shootings to occur. The marxists are unrelenting in their incremental march towards totalitarianism.

    Paul from Indiana 02/26/2018 •
    Andy, if the FBI were not at least compromised and if not rotten outright, how could Hillary Clinton hand them a phony dossier of “evidence”, knowing full well that in a justice-neutral situation, she would go to jail for that? She knew the fix was in and had nothing to fear. The FBI could have pulled the string on this shooter any number of times and didn’t. And now the state of Florida is letting children make policy,and the country is demonizing the NRA (Liberty’s lobby and the country’s original civil-rights advocacy group), all for furthering the Left’s agenda. Gun control = total control. Get out of south Florida while you can. Best always. PM

    Paul … 02/26/2018 •
    CNN (i.e. really the CIA) was caught “scripting” the eye-witness reports … and deleting all eye-witness accounts of “a second shooter” … four(4) deputies stood down and did not enter the school to save our precious children’s lives … and the Demon-rats immediately revved up their propaganda machine demanding gun control … so is the Shadow Government, Deep State and the “fake” News Media complicit in this school shooting? … would such people murder innocent children to achieve a political goal? … the answer is very obviously “YES” (to American Patriots that have not been dumbed down yet and are still capable of logical thinking)!!


  5. Old Coop

    It’s no secret, especially here at USAWatchdog.com, that George Soros is using his billions of dollars to prop up leftist groups [nice for communist] across the globe. The real mystery is why American taxpayers are being forced to fund his schemes!

    A recent Judicial Watch investigation revealed that the Obama administration helped use American tax dollars to support Soros’ cronies. Millions of dollars were funneled through Soros’ Open Society Foundation to help support left wing organizations from 2012 to 2016, with millions more planned in the future.

    Why your tax dollars are going to this billionaire’s political organization is something that the American people have a right to know about. That’s why they’ve filed lawsuits against the State Department and USAID to get answers on the dealings of Soros’ operations in Europe.


  6. C.F.S. (USA)

    Is there a wall really?
    Conventional wisdom would indicate that a limit is reached when the interest payments on Central Bank debt for a country become a significant part of GDP. (Because payment of interest takes away the ability to pay for other things,) However, it is mathematically true that at zero percentage rate of interest, no payment has to be made for interest.
    Thus as long as all Central Banks collude so that currency exchange rates remain relatively well behaved, in keeping interest rates at zero percentage, what stops a Central Bank from piling up debt indefinitely? It seems to me there is no wall, unless and until the collusion agreements break down and then currency exchange rates dramatically change.

  7. lanata

    The crash, which is necessary to normalize fundamentals, is being timed to facilitate social control when people become aware of the Grand Solar Minimum and begin to panic. Probably early next year. Never waste a necessary crash.

    • Frederick

      Channeling Rahm Emmanuel again I see lanata

  8. Katie Kay Jovanovic

    Yugoslavia – The Good Old Days of Tito-style Communism?


    The “country” that used to be one of the greatest travel destinations in the world, Elizabeth and Richard Burton come to mind and frequented . Instead of espousing e pluribus unum, they divided and subdivided, then imploded. Today we have only the pieces of what used to be. So for old time’s sake, hope you enjoy!

    When watching, imagine a similar video in our future, in our country.
    If it can happen there can it happen here? Australia, US, UK, Canada, NZ? Ask your local eastern Europeans, if they see it happening in their new land, after escaping the old country’s woe’s?
    What form of government can reach peoples hearts and eliminate constant corruption throughout human history without interruption?
    Soon we will be welcoming the poor souls from South Africa too, who after enduring the transition to democracy and freedom for all, are now finding out there’s no room for them. Now poor white farmer’s in their land of several generations and birth. When the, you know what hit’s the fan here, where will Yu go, Slavia? “Couldn’t resit”.
    Think about that when watching. They didn’t know inflation, deflation, economic destruction, war and death were coming and in the heart of Europe! Think about your friends family and neighbors who haven’t a clue of what’s in store for them! At least we do and a chance to prepare both physically and most important, spiritually. Knowing that both God the father and his only begotten Son Jesus Christ are in total control.
    Tell em there is hope and above all keep the faith!

  9. Paul ...

    Our new Fed Chief is (like Young Doctor Frankenstein) is trying to keep the Monster Economy (gutted by the Demon-rats with their trade deals, climate deals and exportation of American jobs out of the country over the last 40 years, etc., etc.) alive using Plunge Protection Team electrodes attached to the the Monsters (stock and bond) nodes on his neck … the Plunge Protection Team will print as much money as necessary “to juice the Monster and thus keep the markets erected” while Trump imposes tariffs to bring manufacturing back to our shores … this will be highly inflationary (so buy your gold and silver now) … without an erection (by the Fed pumping and pumping dollars out of thin air) the Monster will remain limp (our Lady Liberty may have to look like Frankenstein’s wife with her hair all electrified and straight up in the air for a while) while the Fed feeds the juice into the nodes on his neck to bring the Monster to life … I expect the Fed to continue the monetary juicing of the stock and bond markets even as interest rates rise … until they can say “He’s Alive” “HE”S ALIVE” … but this will only occur when out Foreign Trade Deficit (with the use of tariffs) has been reduced to ZERO!

  10. This sceptred Isle

    Great interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you TSI.

  11. Katie Kay Jovanovic

    Some equate it with blind belief.
    Influential American essayist and journalist H. L. Mencken once called faith “an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.”

    The Bible, in contrast, describes faith as being neither blind nor illogical. God’s Word says: https://78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpo64sAeow1ql6fwoo1_500.jpg —Hebrews 11:1.
    Keep the faith. Because it’s all we got sometimes, no matter how much an elite, or in a bunker deep in the bowels of the earth!

    A Title Deed and Solid Evidence

    At the time of the writing of the Bible book of Hebrews, the Greek term translated “sure of the things we hope for” an assured expectation, was commonly used. It often appeared in business documents and carried the idea of a guarantee of future possession of something. Therefore, one reference work suggests that Hebrews 11:1 could be translated: “Faith is the title-deed of things hoped for.”

    If you have ever bought an item from a reputable company and then waited for it to be delivered, you have exercised that type of faith. The sales receipt in your hand gave you reason for faith in the company from which you bought the item. In a sense, that receipt was your title deed, your guarantee that you would receive what you purchased. If you had lost the receipt or had thrown it away, you would have lost the proof of your claim of ownership. Similarly, those who have faith that God will fulfill his promises are guaranteed to receive what they hope for. On the other hand, those who do not have faith, or who lose it, are not entitled to receive the things God promises.​—James 1:5-8.

    The second expression at Hebrews 11:1, translated “certain of the things we cannot see,” an evident demonstration, carries the idea of producing evidence that contradicts that which only appears to be factual. For instance, the sun appears to revolve around the earth​—rising in the east, moving through the sky, and setting in the west. However, evidence from astronomy and mathematics reveals that the earth is not the center of the solar system. Once you become familiar with that evidence and accept it as true, you have faith that the earth revolves around the sun​—despite what your eyes tell you. Your faith is not blind. On the contrary, it gives you the ability to see things as they really are, not merely as they seem to be.

    This is the type of faith that the Bible encourages​—strong faith built on solid evidence, even if it requires that we adjust our beliefs. Such faith is vital. The apostle Paul wrote: “Without faith no one can please God. Anyone who comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who truly want to find him.”​—Hebrews 11:6, New Century Version.

    There are many challenges to developing strong faith. But if you investigate the historical evidence, like that Jesus was a real person, you can succeed!

    • Rhonda Raymond "noodle"

      Katie he is still a real person!

  12. Jerry

    Time is almost up. We are somewhere between a controlled demolition and mass confusion depending on which set of circumstances you are looking at.

    I said before and I’ll say it again. The Chinese would not risk a currency war with the United States by launching the petro yuan on the 26th unless they knew something was up.

  13. Paul ...

    The US losing control economically … is not as bad as losing control politically and starting unnecessary wars with N. Korea, Iran, etc. … the US has some very greedy MIC crooks trying to sell weapons of war all around the world … we have the Saudis’ trying to get us involved in a war with Iran (and Bibi is no doubt doing his part in order to deflect those criminal charges against him) … but we ordinary American people must continue to challenge the dysfunctional system of government we have now (which is run by and for the greedy warmongering elites) … if the American people cannot hold the elites to account (like really locking up Hillary) and thus begin to break the back of corrupt rule America (by people who want and need wars to make money) … and begin overhauling our Military base building (the US now has over 1000 military bases around the world) which is a huge drain on our budget and economic resources very much needed to rebuild America and our factories at home) … we must replace our current foreign policy with one that is more equitable and democratic then imperialistic … otherwise the world will continue to be plagued by the “constant and continuous wars” the elite want and need to generate more and more worthless fiat paper to put in their bank accounts … like how much do they need? … they don’t have enough?!!

  14. DavidC

    The two Gregs, always excellent!


  15. Jerry

    Hey Rocky. Watch me pull a rabbit out of this hat!

    It’s all smoke and mirrors folks. America has been drained of its wealth by the central bankers to pay off their best at the derivative table. Got pensions? Maybe not.

  16. Peter

    The guest is crazy, 6000 DOW is not going to happen. Sure it can drop a few thousand points, but not 75%. I agree its a bubble, but it is not so overvalued when you consider the decline in dollar value, inflation and fact economy is improving albeit slowly. It may have already peaked for year also. I agree the fed chairman makes foolish comments.

    • jim c

      PETER, You only think it can drop a couple thousand points, Now who is crazy.

    • JMiller


      In fact the DOW might not even fall but could rise hundreds of thousands of points if we have hyper-inflation. This is what happened in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

    • Frederick

      Peter Why do you believe the economy is improving Its all a debt based illusion and will blow up at some point Then you will see DOW 6K

  17. al

    Watching the market as deep as Mannarino divulges the truth which is opposite of what the lame stream media vomits out. It takes a certain kind of special person to do what Mannarino does and I’m personally grateful he is dissecting the real financial situation like a Pro, and disseminating it for us, the 99%.

    This street-side shell game scam kicked up in August 07 when the unFederal unReserve was given more power, as a result the unFed got bolder and several months later the 08 crash occurred. They learned from their hubris and went on to what we have now, a managed shell game that’s out of control. A hot potato. At some point the unFed is going to lose their grip and another crash will occur. That is what is being said here and it couldn’t be more correct.

    The bond market is very telling but I also like to watch gold. The unFed’s grip will show up in the gold price, if the gold price explodes upwards by hundreds a day, that will obviously point to the much awaited day of reckoning. I believe this action will be up to Countries opposed to the unFed and the US Dollar. It’s clear that China and Russia are the big players here. I watch them too. They are flexing their muscle, why? Because they see what Mannarino sees and when everything else fails they take you to war.

    Great job as always Greg and Greg

  18. Tall Tom

    It’s all about the pension funds.
    Most if not all public service pension fund
    were created with a 6-8% assumption of annual
    return. If the stock market has a 10% or more correction
    these all ready massivly under funded pensions are toast.
    In closing Mannirino is right, the Fed will keep printing
    until the dollar is eventually worthless. I still think we have
    a few years until that happens. Of course the brillant minds
    in D.C. think that nuclear war is winnable, so that could change
    the time line.

  19. Tad

    The exchange of funds between central banks to purchase the other’s treasury’s bonds would probably be a bookkeeping entry–and off the books to boot.

    Weeks ago, a thought occurred that the US was selling treasuries to a paper country’s central bank somewhere in either Delaware or three entities in Transylvania and nearby, “countries.”

  20. Diane


    Greg Mannarino?
    I live in so.cal.
    Guess I could go to Nevada or Arizona.
    I need to be where there is global warming!

  21. Tad


    Continuing my North Korea binge, here’s an article that doesn’t follow the Western media and political analyst line.

  22. Elusive Joseph

    Powell publicly stated, “U.S. is not on a sustainable fiscal path”, to give The Fed (from Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, Fischer and himself) plausible deniability that they deliberately and directly engineered the fiscal Frankenstein. He’s trying to make it appear that it’s all some innocent mistake and he’s giving people fare warning as if that should exonerate The Fed as being the true perpetrators of this grand crime.

    • Serfie

      Do you really believe these folks you mention are really in charge of the fed?

      • Frederick

        Of course NOT they were and are merely puppets of the real owners George Carlin talked about

      • Elusive Joseph

        Serfie, they are fully cognitive and have free will. They know exactly what’s going on, and they were complicit in being the operatives for the Rothschilds, et al, who essentially own The Fed.

        The blood that’s coming will be as much on their hands as the Rothschilds, et al.

        They and their families don’t get to be pardoned.

  23. Elusive Joseph

    Everyone, never forget that Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen and Fischer did all of this to us.

    • Paul ...

      For Easter they give us a “fake” Easter Bunny and some jelly beans to celebrate the day … 2000 years ago things were different … Christ overturned the money changer’s tables to show them the true path to Heaven was “not through financial deception” but by being good stewards of money … but today we still have money changers doing exactly the same thing (producing financial deception, fake CPI numbers, fake employment numbers and “fake” US dollars (their fiat paper money otherwise known as Fed Promissory Notes “is monopoly money” … simply pieces of paper “printed out of thin air” that promise to pay you back “more pieces of paper printed out of thin air” … Christ must overturn their tables once again … he must completely destroy the Fed and their “fake money” backed by nothing … and replace it with God’s money (Constitutional money backed by gold and silver) … God the Father chose to put Jesus down right into “the evilest den of greed he could find” so as to “convert” the money changer’s of their evil ways … all Jesus got for his efforts was Crucifixion on a Cross … and all we got was our dollar going from 100 cents to 2 cents!!

  24. Thomas Nacey

    Why does everyone treat the FED chairman as some authority figure? He is a hired paid spokesperson, nothing more. You don’t think Ronald McDonald runs the hamburger chain. The FED chair is not the boss, not a CEO, not a major stock holder, not in charge. The banks hand the president a short list from which the president is thrown the bone of being able to “nominate” one of these banker picks to be a prospective employee. The congress is then allowed to pretend they are somehow in control of the FED by making speeches to public which we call “hearings”. The entire theatrical production is designed to reinforce the fiction that the federal reserve is a government entity working to benefit the people of America.

  25. SemperFortis

    Housing Prices are the number ONE reason American workers cant compete.

    The ridiculous rent/mortgage payments!


    the banks and govt are COMPLICIT in this ATTACK against Americans.

    • Paul ...

      If Trump wants to keep the real estate market up while raising interest rates … all he has to do is remove the School Tax burden currently being imposed on homeowners shoulders … if industry needs schooled workers “they should be paying the School Taxes” to train the kids from 1st to 12th grade who will be working in their factories … this should not be any great hardship on the Corporations … as they can simply deduct these School Taxes as a legitimate business expense off their corporate income tax bill! … why not give a tax break to the homeowners who invested their hard labor in creating the American Dream … instead of taking away our tax dollars and foreclosing on our homes to generate the cash needed to give to aliens (who never invested anything in America) … just to fulfill “these foreigners dreams of free wealth”?!!

      • Paul ...

        Here’s some random thoughts to consider … the Treasury is printing up $1.2 Trillion in Treasuries for this years budget and the Fed is selling off another $.6 Trillion in paper on its books … this should be inflationary right? … right … but by raising interest rates at the same time … it gives the American people the incentive to “save instead of spend” which is deflationary right? … right … now the question becomes … who is going to buy all the $1.8 Trillion in “new Treasury debt” China? … right … because if they don’t the US dollar will tank (hurting their export market) … and by keeping the dollar somewhat strong by buying up these Treasuries (through Belgium or some other proxies) they thus can continue to buy gold from the West “on the cheap” … the US Government gets to balance its budget … and has all the money it needs “for building more then 1000 military bases around the world” and the money for new weapons and a few more new wars … the American people begin buying CD’s “now paying a respectable interest rate” and this money put into the banks helps them out and funds all of Trump’s infrastructure projects … you’ve got to hand it to these crooked Banksters that even Christ himself couldn’t fight … they have thrown in with the Devil and believe the entire world is theirs for the taking … what can ever stop them? … well … God the Father could give China the balls to simply not buy any more Treasuries (and begin selling the Treasuries they already own through proxies) … what if China simply decides they will only manufacture goods for their own people (and not sell anything to the rest of the world) … now that would put the Satanist’s in a real bind (that even Christ himself couldn’t do 2000 years ago by simply overturning their tables)! … http://wallstreetonparade.com/2018/02/stockman-1-8-trillion-in-new-treasury-debt-will-hit-bond-pits-like-a-tornado/

      • Frederick

        That’s NOT going to happen Paul

    • Frederick

      Banks AND govt I thought they were one in the same

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, excellent conversation with the other Greg. As for not watching the stock market because, (paraphrased) “it’s going in one direction and that is higher”… “ until we hit the wall”…”until we have an uncontrolled sell-off in the bond market”

    So my question for Greg M.: is that also true of the PM market? Will PM’s continue more or less flatlined until the bond market craters? Stocks are one thing, PM’s another; or are they?

    Thanks again.

  27. Gregory Mannarino

    Thank you Greg Hunter! Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this one.

    • John

      Greg and Greg,

      Good discussion! BTW Greg Mannarino I am a PA as well. I feel that we are on the edge of a great deflationary precipice. They can’t allow rates to rise as it would crash the bubbles in the bond market, stock market and housing market. In addition, it would take a greater percentage of our taxes to service the national debt. As you pointed out Greg M. – who would buy a bond paying these low yields when the inflation rate is greater than the interest rate on the bond? That is a very good point. However, consider this – why would anyone buy a bond from a country who is trillions of dollars in debt? You are not getting paid by return to carry the risk. In reality, rates need to be much higher not so much to fight inflation but to reflect the real risk that the bond will either be defaulted on or inflated away by the printing of currency. These bonds should be in junk status. Rates are going to need to go higher to attract foreign/domestic investment. But wait – that interest rate derived bubble thing comes back to haunt the prospect of increasing rates. In short, we are at the apex of the pyramid where if you lean a little this way you fall or a little the other way you fall – we are trapped! If you listen to the msm and the financial papers holding gold is a poor investment as it provides no yield. My counter is that it does not have to pay a yield as it is pure money with no risk. In short, I see a deflationary collapse in the bond market, stock market and the housing market with a corresponding rise in commodity inflation with gold leading the way – a very bad “perfect storm”.


  28. Larry G Carter

    Greg and Greg- I like your penetrating discussions and your willingness to take on topics
    that are appropriate to where the US and the world stands economically. What is to come is scary but even scaryer is the idea not being prepared mentally physically and spiritually to
    weather the storm. Great show!

  29. iwitness02

    From my seat here in the theater, I see a government that lies, a government that steals, and a government that kills. I often wonder what it would be like to live in a world where every human on the earth spoke the truth and only the truth. Where every human on the earth felt at least a measurable degree of compassion for their fellow humans. Crazy thoughts.
    Since this is not the world we live in, I wish they would quit screwing around and just crash this clunker of an economy. Lets get it over with. Tired of waiting. I want this cloud of dread to give way to sunny skies. I know……..wish in one hand and ____ in the other hand and see which hand fills up the quickest. What a grim state of affairs.

    • Paul ...

      Christ had such “crazy thoughts” [that all men should be good to one another] … but he also had a government that stole wealth and killed innocents for political reasons!

      • Paul ...

        God the Father was probably thinking about sending Jesus down to Sodom and Gomorrah to try and reason with those people “to be good” (but knew in his heart it was a hopeless cause) … so “he chose the people” in Bethlehem instead … thinking his Son Jesus would have a better chance of succeeding there! … but even these people “he chose to save” did not listen … they simply moved their financial operations from the money tables to the Fed!!

    • Linda L.

      Iwitness and for everyone ardently looking to get this grim state of affairs over with:
      Will “sunny skies” ever occur, at some point after a crash if the same greedy, immoral folks who created this mess are behind the helm again? In order to keep the populace in control, won’t they just start the entire enslavement process all over again in another system? Haven’t they always done so?
      Thank you Greg Mannarino (just beat them at their own game like you seem to do…..kind of reminds me of the American Indians, many of which built successful gambling casinos on government provided reservations). Thank you Greg Hunter.

  30. Agnostic

    Reminds me of the movie Silver Streak. The train’s going 100 MPH with no brakes. Yet they are piling on even more speed (money printing). Everything is awesome until we hit the brick wall.

  31. neville

    Great interview Greg X 2,
    First of all the biggest BUBBLE IS THE BUBBLE OF THE LIES ……which is slowly starting to explode thanks to the Harbingers Julian Lasange,Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden .The lies told to the american people are the sole reason americans are viewed as the most dumbed down on the planet.
    As for predicting the stock market crash …..well that is now work in progress and I think
    Gregs summation is spot on.
    Don’t fine tune your selling folks leave enough on the bone for the next man who will inevitably go down with market crash.
    As for the valueless bond market ,YES america and others are buying each others bonds that is a fact ,we had a very good example of that when Belgium bought $400 BILLION worth of american bonds which was more than 4 times their G D P ….it stuck out like a ruddy sore thumb.
    Was reading an article about not listening to the so-called pro’s as they get it wrong 53% of the time which to quite the article is worse than flipping a coin…..I have a healthy respect for Greg’s opinions and so being out of this crooked corrupt market is the thing to do .I didn’t go to the wedding and I am certainly not going to the funeral…..I leave that to the mugs.
    If Trump inherited a train smash then what the hell has Powell let himself in for …..the
    three crooked predecessors have left him the job of being the UNDER TAKER who oversees the demise of america.

    • JMiller

      Well the mysterious Belgium bond buyer seems to have been China.


      • Paul ...

        Now why would China of all people want to help to keep the US dollar strong by buying treasuries? … perhaps they were bribed into it by our crooked politicians (with more of our secret technology transferred to them) … or perhaps they wanted the dollar strong so they could more easily sell their goods to the world and keep our factories shut down … or perhaps they wanted to buy up the last remaining western gold supplies cheap (using strong dollars) … well … Trump is changing all that … he is pushing the US dollar down … which will help our balance of payments deficit … and help to make the price of gold and silver more expensive for the Chinese to buy! … will China retaliate by buying more treasuries? … if they do … it gives more power to the Washington warmongers to finance their wars against N. Korea and Iran! … so China probably won’t … and the price of gold and silver will finally have a chance to rise!!

  32. Dennis Cassidy

    I believe Powell knew exactly what he was saying and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to CYA himself the first time he publicly was on camera. He has been set up to be the fall guy, just like Trump, regarding this market.
    He prob was nervous (but not too nervous) so he took the opportunity to make sure the world knew that he was not the person to blame once the sky falls.

  33. Jeff

    Mr. Mannarino should have looked at Fed balance sheet yoy asset values. He is wrong… they are down. I look at balance sheet every Friday.
    You should ask him to retract that statement.

  34. Agnostic

    Greg thanks for having Greg Mannarino on. He is one of the straight shooters who give us the unvarnished truth as unpleasant as that may be. Might I suggest a few others? Gary Christensen, Steve St. Angelo, Craig Hemke, John Embry, Alasdair McLeod, Bill Murphy, Mike Maloney, James Turk, Rob Kirby, Wolf Richter, Jim Sinclair, Hugo Salinas Price, Egon von Greyerz, Ron Rosen are a few of my favorites. I don’t always agree with everything they say. But they are voices of reason and common sense, things that seem to be in short supply these days.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Chris Martenson is good as well.

  35. Tad


    Preliminary plans might be impractical re present global economic circumstances. In a fairy tale world, retirement benefits would be put off or possibly be denied when one turns 60, 70, or in a wheelchair at 80 and on “active duty.”

    Will the 20-year-plan be altered to 30 years, in chopped segments?

    Experienced enlisted, en masse may at some point request officer status, whether a Bachelors degree has been achieved. Or they’ll walk into civilian life with a 2x or 3x salary increase.

    Who said the Navy was a democracy? At some point, it may look like the Army where a reserve or previous service vet will be pulled back into service-unwillingly.

  36. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having G. Mannarino on. He is a practical man and, as such, seems to find it difficult to understand the crooked Federal Reserve and their methods. I too, wonder why our Congress critters don’t represent us. They are all too wealthy to care about the average American, and seem to think we’re a bunch of troggledites living in caves.
    Getting sick and tired of this mess. Sylvia

  37. Tad


    I wonder if President Trump is aware of this program?

    • Justn Observer

      Tad…It is widely know ‘outside’ the U.S that 60% + of the FED is owned by China…and with the surprise election of Trump…not a world revolutionary communist…of the Lenin – Trotsky ilk…he was taken to the ‘hidden city’ in China to be told the facts! Consider that Swiss banks are reported to own 28% of the FAANG stocks, and no telling how much of those banks and the German banks are also owned by China…who own large blocks of the multi-national companies. Consider too – that THE FED created money that does not flow to the people but to those banks and corporations to ‘buy back’ their own stock…as does THE FED buy its own (China’s) bonds-being the’primary’ owner of THE FED. Which then…though very low interest…with the ‘liability’ being passed thru to U.S. taxpayers…I would agree that this is unsustainable …as to the United States ever being about to unwind it’s debt…and not become entirely under the ownership and foreign control. So with that in mind…why is it a surprise that THE FED would want ‘their own’ accountants and people running the ‘private’ bank they hold a major stake in?

    • Paul ...

      Probably the Demon-rat politicians wanted to incentivize women in their 8th month of pregnancy to go to Mexico or Canada to give birth … so as to reduce the cost of Obama-Care!! … why not also provide subsidies for airfare, food and hotel costs for people to leave the country to seek medical treatment in other countries so American’s health insurance premiums can be reduced! … currently it costs us Americans thousands of dollars in health insurance premiums each year … and when we visit a doctor (to say get some wax removed from our ear) we have to pay an additional $40 dollar co-pay while the doctor bills the insurance company $700 dollars for two minutes work … when I could have simply done the job myself with a penny Q-tip!!

  38. Robert Peter Bailey

    I like the two Greg’s but what I really don’t really understand about GM us that he gives good advice on his trades ! It’s the Debt markets or the Bond Market that will destroy these massive con trick called Kensian Macro Economics, but what I really don’t understand is GM is trading all these Stocks that are using a worthless currency called The USA Federal Reserve Dollar ? This Dollar is only worth about 5 or 2 cents since 1913 ?
    So why do any trade Greg, and how can you really make any profit in all this manipulated markets with a worthless currency called the US war and debt currency dollar !
    GM said in this interview that he made a killing with many companies like Google and Netflix ect ect but GM are you really making any real wealth with a worthless currency like the US Dollar in a FAKE market ?
    There is no wealth gain is there in a fake stock market, in the Fake Bond market or with a worthless world reserve currency ?
    How can you trade with all this going on and make any wealth and any profit ? This all does not make any sense Greg and I am talking to both Greg’s here !
    Both Greg’s and myself do hold Gold and Silver in whatever form! We all know that this is real wealth ! If you hold to the Austrian School of Macro Economics ! Which both Greg’s and smyself do ! So just what am I getting at ?
    Well it is not logical to present this type of picture Greg ? What Pucture do I mean ?
    You can not make wealth in this kind of economic environment of worthlessness with this Greenback and trading with a fake market ! If GM would have said fro his many interviews things like this “ make cash gains in this fake markets and gather all these worthless dollars and buy Hoyses land and preciouse metals! Then I would say Amen brother to you both ! But it sounds like that GM is talking out from both sides of his mouth !
    And Greg, has been doing this for a very long time ! And this con truck can is kept being kicked down this fake road fir many years and Mr Powell is scared because he does not want to be shot like anybody does in the USA because he is telling the truth working for this massive evil bank called the FED !!
    Nothing will change fir the better fir the American people until they destroy this fake markets and worthless FED and its green toilet paper called US Fed Rereve Not !

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Robert, GM has said many times that he regularly uses part of his trading profits to buy precious metals. Whether or not someone is actually making a profit in any field depends on maintaining & improving their standard of living and building capacity to deal with any downturns and emergencies.

    • Justn Observer

      Obvious you have not been listening to the two Gregs -long…since that is EXACTLY what they have been saying for-ever ! lol Take trades and use profits to purchase the most undervalued assets and commodities…become your own private bank… Hold physical assets…be as debt free as possible…with the least amount of tax exposure while holding property and lands that provide a positive cash flow and stored minerals…Of course those are the very ones targeted by EPA and Clinton Foundation Pay to Play, to exclude those properties from ‘private’ none members of ‘their’ club !

  39. zteve.0

    school boy powell finally got a look at the real books – pooping his pants
    i think yellen did the same when she first took the reins.
    I’m starting to think gold and silver will remain constrained by paper markets and media – but eventually there will be a premium for the real stuff – price will be $20 or $2000 oz – premiums will rise to 100% or more. y’dont pay VAT on the premium tho do you?
    I never saw a pullback in 2008 – couldn’t find a parking spot at the mall and look at the consumer debt numbers these days – nobody ever stopped spending – banks kept offering higher, larger line of credit. our real estate market kept going up up
    trouble trouble boil and bubble

  40. Michael214

    Once again, another person ignoring or distorting the truth, click the FRED link below, please select any time frame, 3 months, 6 months, YTD, even modified the custom dates to back to 2/16…they are reducing per their guideline the overall balance sheet!!!!
    …if they are not what am I missing?


    • JMiller

      You are really not missing anything. Here is a recent article by Wolf Richter showing the decline in treasuries and mortgage-backed securities held by the Fed and the decline in the Fed balance sheet.


      Lynette Zang recently was also distorting the truth concerning mortgage-backed securities by saying that the Fed has more then tripled their mortgage backed securities since July by intentionally showing the wrong chart. The Fed’s holdings have actually declined slightly since July.

      • Michael214

        Thanks for for that link to Richter, he is a sharp guy, and this report does confirm they ARE shrinking the balance sheet….maybe the other Greg should do a little more due diligence before making such strong comments.

  41. Robert Peter Bailey

    I am sorry for all the word mistakes Greg
    I did not have my glasses on and sometimes this iPhone changes the words after you type them ! Sorry to wreck my input !
    PS I listened to your interview with GM
    In my camper van driving from Adelaide to Perth ! While in the dark camping in a massive park !
    I am in Australia now heading to Perth which is my home ! I am overcoming my 29 hour flight jet lag from London to Adelaide! Then I am driving my camper van 2,876 miles west from the East Coast of this massive Island Continant called Australia!
    Sorry again for the many word mistakes

    • Greg Hunter

      You are good Robert. Thank you for the comments.

    • Gregory Mannarino

      You are looking in the wrong spot! Forget the chart. Look at the YOY quarterly balance sheet reports. For an example click here: https://steemit.com/money/@marketreport/special-report-powell-lies-to-inept-congress-and-goes-unchecked-by-gregory-mannarino

      • tin foil hat

        The Fed handles the mortgage-backed securities like the way Congress handles the budget.
        The Fed raised the commitment to purchase mortgage-backed securities first and then reduced the amount of mortgage-backed securities actually purchase. Walla, they reduced per their guideline the overall balance sheet.
        Congress raised spending from $8 to $10 and then claimed victory when they agreed to spend only $9, reducing the budget and raising the debt ceiling by $1.

      • JMiller

        Sorry Mr. Mannarino, you are the one looking in the wrong spot. Those quarterly balance sheet reports are not the most recent data. The Fed’s balance sheet in the last 4 months is in decline. So Powell was not lying.


        • Jeff

          Yes Jay Miller, you are correct. GM loses credibility if he fails to comment further on this. It’s ok to be wrong sometimes.

      • Jeff

        GM, please check the H.4.1 reports at the Fed.
        For the week ending 3-1-17 the balance sheet totaled $4.5 trillion. For the week ending 2-28-18 the total was 4.4 trillion. The YOY
        balance is lower and I believe partly the reason for renewed market volatility. You really should retract or at least clarify your statement.

    • Rhonda Raymond noodle

      Bob, you sound like a new Australian. Congrats! British? Or maybe American?Whatever, your home now, the lucky country. Maybe lucky enough to outlive the US., like in the movie On The Beach, eh. Yup Australia got a few more weeks in before it too succumbed to nuclear globalism of death and destruction. People had more sense it seems back then in the 50’s. At least they thought about the consequences of WWIII. Now it seems with the heightened possibility of nuclear war, in 90 day’s, nobody could care less, cause they think the party still isn’t over.
      Wake up people, you all may be dead before summer!

      • Charles H

        Don’t eat the fish, Rhonda.

        • Rhonda Raymond noodle

          Chuck, I make sure its from the Atlantic, what will we do when it seeps in there? Time to leave earth? I’m to young for heaven, shucks. Want some kids and a white picket fence, first. Pray for peace and security? wait then Jesus say’s he’ll strike. Thats 2 strikes, one more I’m outa here, maybe?

          • Charles H

            I’m not sure I would trust the sellers, anymore.
            I hope you can get the kids and fence.

  42. Dawn Garmon

    You could only do so much behind the scenes, that’s all I have to say!

  43. Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

    ” . . . . I think they are going to keep this propped up until at least the mid-term election.” Why? If the Deep State Globalists who control the Fed want to strengthen their control on power, why not collapse the economy prior to the midterm elections & gain greater control over the legislative branch? Thereby weakening Trump’s nationalist/populist agenda.

  44. Jason

    Bc trump is one of them.

  45. -Admiral Horatio Willie Nelson

    Greg, you asked Greg, why did Powell spill the beans and the Gregster really didn’t know for sure. He did notice Powell sure was nervous and thought the weight of the responsibility on his shoulders must be taking taking it’s toll on him. That he thought he would still play ball and take the markets to the very end of total worldwide economic collapse, because of the unattainability of the fed, or any other central bank of stopping this train wreck.
    In other words I think Mr. Powell put everybody on notice, who might not know the truth, that Greg says we all know any way’s. That when this thing goes, their not going to be able to pin the tail of the donkey on this Fed head’s ass and Nobody can or will be able to blame him, for this catastrophic disaster, sure to happen soon enough. All the ignoramuses have been put on notice that the blame rests on the shoulders of the no. one Trump hater Andrea Mitchells- [Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent /MS[NBC]COMCAST’s] husband, Alan Greenspan and his enablers of this looming human tragedy, helicopter genteel, Ben Bernanke and Janet “Squeaky” Fromme Yellen.
    I rest my case and may it and we all rest in peace, because the party’s over!

    • Tad

      It’s not MSNBC. It’s MSDNC.

  46. Diana Dee Jarvis

    After watching the interview a second time, my favorite part is where Greg M spoke about trading the market you have, not the market you want or dream about. That’s true of life in general, not just trading. One has to be ready and able to deal with reality. Too many people using current world conditions as an excuse to not do anything.

  47. Sue

    When the stuff hits the fan Powell will do as the rest of the Keynesians would, i.e. start QE4. It won’t work.

  48. Tad


    All I know is that fiat currency machine should be destroyed and debt levels are space-bound.

  49. H. Craig Bradley


    Higher Inflation will be the trigger for higher interest rates, which as Greg suggests, will in turn, lead to a problem in the bond markets- then spilling over into other markets such as real estate and equities. There won’t be ANY places to completely hide if the FED Losses it. ( They ARE going to lose it too). Some overseas markets (Asia) may be less affected by changes in the U.S. Dollar Exchange Rates and interest rates. Its hard to predict future interactions and the global picture at this time. Everyone gets a black eye before this next “crisis” is over. The Return of Stagflation ? Its sure looks to be coming.

    Watch Money Velocity, which has not yet turned the corner but may be bottoming-out in Q 4 2017. https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/M2V
    “Velocity of Money” will be a precursor to higher inflation, albeit with a three or six month time lag. However, most consumers will feel the pinch right away though. By the time its universally known we have an inflation problem, then gold and silver will potentially skyrocket. One more development just occurred:

    A new global precious metals market just opened in Beijing, China. This may lead to more efficient price discovery in gold and silver in the next few years. Nobody is paying attention to this not so subtle change. The Wily Chinese prohibit the buying and selling of paper futures contracts in their gold or silver market unless the contract is fully backed with physical specie for delivery. So, If you don’t actually hold the gold, then you have to “fold them”. Thus, leveraged betting in precious metals is discouraged globally. Gamblers ( U.S. Bankers) must either ante-up or go back home alone. So, there is a potential template for the next major recession. Trump could get it too.

  50. Wondan Valley girl

    the Big Internet Purge

    The fix is in!

  51. Julia

    Hi Greg, Great interview. I’m glad he told the truth when he said this was unstainable for whatever the reason. I forget who said.. In and age of widespread deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

  52. Julia

    Did you see this at the White House? Military Tribunals:


    Sorry it’s a little off subject.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s on target Julia and it says something is being prepared to handle a lot of people legally.

    • Paul ...

      All you criminal rats out there … better take note … Trump is preparing to get you immoral Demons … the recent amendments to the Court Martial Manual are “with respect to the disposition of Federal criminal cases (in accordance with the principle of fair, efficient and evenhanded administration of our Federal criminal laws).”
      THE WHITE House
      March 2018
      [As Greg says: “something big is being prepared … to handle a lot of people legally”] !!

      • Paul ...

        Now along with Trump clarifying Court Martial procedures … consider the fact that uranium is deemed an element “Absolutely Critical to the Economic and National Security of the United States” … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-05/these-35-minerals-are-absolutely-critical-us-security … do you think transferring such Absolutely Critical uranium by Mueller, Hillary, Obama, etc., etc. in the Uranium One Deal to a “Demon-rat designated foreign enemy” will not be considered “Treason” in a Military Court of Justice?? … prison for the Traitors ?? … guess again … what the punishment for Treason is ???

        • Paul ...

          We know what Mueller, Hillary and Obama’s attorneys will tell the Military Tribunal Court … that they were simply doing a uranium deal with a Friend, an Allie , a Partner … so Trump likely “is making sure” Russia remains a “designated enemy” until all the Traitors hang” (by shipping weapons to the Ukraine, sending a fleet of warships off Russia’s coastline, etc., etc.)!!

        • Rhonda Raymond noodle

          Death by shaging!

    • Ya'aqov ben Ya'aqov

      Ron Paul

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Definitely stock up on food. New mini ice age, anyone? Sigh. I hate freezing cold.

  53. Charles H

    Every Junkie is like a setting sun.

    • Paul ...

      And the Sun is setting on them “every minute on our clocks” somewhere on planet Earth (and also rising every minute for those of us with hope and longing for a new and better day)!

      • Charles H

        The obvious quote from Neil Young was a prompt – in the most general terms.
        It was to provoke to mind: just what is a Junkie? Pornography and paedophilia are addictions; but so can lying and stealing be addictions. The idea here is – what functions as ‘being hooked upon’ for people? Addicted to a Cell Phone, tablet, or computer? Living beyond one’s means?

        There are lots of danger in the world today. Trust those who recommend vaccines?!?
        And now – what’s worse: a fait accompli: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-06/seattle-police-begin-gun-confiscations-no-laws-broken-no-warrant-no-charges

        • JMiller

          Charles H,

          I have no problem with the police confiscating a gun from this guy who was reportedly harassing and threatening people. It was more than just him staring at people from what I read. Of course many times you never hear the whole truth from ALT media sites. More often than not I find the ALT media sites that like to report police incidents do not tell the whole story. Sites like the Free Thought Project site is known for exaggerating and even lying about things. What is funny is that I just read from some ALT media site how police do nothing to prevent crime. Now they do something that might prevent someone getting killed and they get criticized for it. And had they not acted after they received numerous complaints and the man ended up shooting people, these same ALT media sites would probably criticize the police for not taking away this guy’s guns.

          • Charles H


            It is hard to ferret-out ANY source these days. A holstered 25 cal. is practically a BB gun. The ISSUE is – did he break any laws?, or was he just a bother to people? Last time I checked: being an irritation is not cause for confiscation. And it is intellectually dishonest to convict someone for something which did NOT happen. There can be no proof that he would have ended up shooting anyone. What is in question was his BEHAVIOR. Perhaps he might have been detained on disturbing the peace; and warned to retire before arrest. Grabbing the gun objectifies the issue of people’s sensitivities: not the violation of any law. This is dangerous.

            • JMiller


              There is no doubt the guy had a problem. He had previously had a shotgun taken from him. Probably for carrying it around. I sure would not feel safe if some guy acted the way he did. That is all I am saying.

  54. marcus

    X22 Report Golden Jackass spells it out as it unfolds ,,,,,, Jim is way ahead of the game and has always lead the real direction the rest of the world is over USD.

    • Charles H

      Cold hearted orb, that rules the night
      Removes the colors from our sight
      Red is grey, and yellow, white
      But we decide which is right; and which is an illusion
      (Moody Blues; Nights in White Satin)
      Jim Willie is too much for most to stomach; even if he is the closest to correct on the planet.

  55. Peter

    jimc – PETER, You only think it can drop a couple thousand points, Now who is crazy.

    The DOW could drop thousands and still not get close to 6K. Now it’s true the US debt has reached crazy levels and there are bubbles galore, but the US is pursuing some smart economic policies. Trump is trying to bring jobs back to the US, and neither political party is supporting him, shame on them. He’s the only person that can save America at this point as nobody else has the smarts or guts to reign in the trade imbalances. The US looses in trade with major trade partners according to the data I read, China, Mexico, Japan, Germany have all been stealing jobs from the US. https://www.thebalance.com/trade-deficit-by-county-3306264

    It’s sad how Obama, Clinton did nothing about it. Bush tried and failed.
    The democrat party is dedicated to keeping people in poverty and staying in power by any corrupt means necessary. There were millions of fraudulent votes cast in the 2016 election and without the illegal votes, Hillary never would have won the popular vote, or had a chance. As it was, Trump still won and he probably won the popular vote also.

    Remember when Jill Stein(ie. Hillary) found a liberal judge to recount the votes in Wisconsin. Heck, that judge should never have permitted the recount as Stein had n0 chance of winning. Now once they started recounting the votes, guess what?
    They found more votes for Trump,, which displeased the judge and he shut the recount down, pronto.

    You can bet these illegal votes or bad tallies went on in other states and cities across the US. Trump did better than was officially reported. I don’t think people realize how corrupt the US gov’t and voting system has gotten. I know in my state nobody really checked my ID or verified my identity, etc. when I went to vote in 2016. I voted for Trump and it was an easy choice.

    In any case, the CNNs, MSNBCs and other lamestream channels are obsessed with tearing down Trump and fail to report the corruption within the democrat party. You’ll never hear a negative story about Hillary, Obama or any of the other corrupt democrat activities. They make me love Trump all the more!

  56. Hal LeeSal Lassiter

    Life, Liberty & Levin 3/4/18 | Mark Levin Fox News Sunday March 4.
    Did president Obama spy on Candidate Trump,
    president elect Trump and president Trump. TRUMP< TRUMPRUSSIA>RUSSIA

  57. Jerry

    We can all rest easy now. The Libor exposure is only 200 trillion .

    The banks are busy buying each other’s debt in a failing effort to keep the international banking system afloat. The moment credit default swaps can’t be paid, the whole scheme will come unraveled within a matter of hours. It’s just a matter of who flinches first.

    As JMiller reported, the Chinese are the ones that have been laundering U.S. debt through the Belgium banks. That should tell you, how desperate this situation is.

    • Paul ...

      The big banks are “actually buying gold right now” as it is manipulated lower because they need a “debt jubilee” to wipe away the $200 trillion Libor exposure and keep their banking system afloat … gold is “officially a tier one asset” … they need to own the stuff … when they are ready and “have accumulated sufficient quantities of gold” … they will in Stage 1 manipulate the price up to $2500 … have it hold above $2000 on any pullback … then implement Stage 2 and drive the Gold price to $4500 … have it hold above $4000 on any pullback … then implement Stage 3 and drive the Gold price to $10,000 dollars per ounce … which will get all the banks off the “debt hook” they are on right now … unlike manipulating oil upward that can crash the economy … or manipulating any other “strategic commodity” that can crash the economy by driving its price up … Gold is unique … in that driving its price upward “has almost zero impact on the economy” because it is not used like steel or copper in industry for the manufacture of large quantities of goods!!

  58. Mohammad


    It is not easy for Mr. Mannarino and all of you to accept the fact that charts are painted by the feds, and they will be whenever they want it to be.

    If any drop or surge or crap it is where they painted it with their algos.


  59. Elderlearner

    Greg: Thank you for having your guests. I have been attempting to figure out WHY the markets keep going up when so many people keep on saying that they are going to crash. NOW I KNOW -https://hbr.org/2014/09/profits-without-prosperity
    As simple as this was and right in front of my face – company buybacks – no wonder Trump wants to bring money back to the U.S. so a company can buy back their stock, raise the price so investors “play the game”. It doesn’t matter anymore that a company “earn” their profits the “old fashion way” , who cares about people, sales, profits, quality NOBODY, that’s who. What started me on this is when Gregory Mannarino said something like he had no idea how long this up swing in prices was going to last buy it will end and then the markets will go down. So true! As long as the money keeps coming back a company will buy back it’s stock, prices will increase – the grabbers will grab what they can – then the remaining investors will then find out that the true “earning potential” will be and always was SMOKE and at that time the markets will fall. I had said many years ago that the American business motto is “if you can’t earn it, scam it” who would had known that I was right!

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