Fed Wealth Creation Machine from Hell-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trader/analyst Greg Mannarino says, “The Federal Reserve has re-inflated the bubble that burst in 2008.  That bubble was inflated on purpose, and this bubble is being inflated on purpose as well.”  Mannarino goes on to say that the Fed will “. . . burst these bubbles and allow big Wall Street banks to short it all.”  Mannarino charges the Fed made a “wealth creation machine from hell. . . . It is theft from most people and transferred to one or two percent of the population.”  As far as Bitcoin is concerned, Mannarino says, “They will crush this at some point.  I think it’s a dead end.”  What about gold and silver?  Mannarino claims, “There is an inverse bubble in regards to gold and silver . . . When these bubbles burst, money is going to go into suppressed assets like gold and silver.”  Mannarino predicts, “When one of these bubbles bursts or starts cracking, they are all going to burst simultaneously– boom, boom, boom!”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net.   

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  1. J.C. Davis

    Greg I really enjoy your guest’s. So many questions to consider.
    If the fed can suppress gold now, how much more will they in time of trouble . As I see it as long as food, material’s, and hardware can be bought with the dollar the fed will control gold, silver, land, and everything that can be bought with it. So there will be no total collapse. There will be a total control.
    Example: 1oz silver is worth 20.00 Tax on its use is 75% its then worth 5.00. as long as milk is bought with a dollar I will give up my silver to get my milk. If silver gets higher so will the tax on its use. No money will be profit from buying gold and silver, just a guarantee it will be useful. Not saying I am right, but surely it is about control. The governing body will not give away there control.
    I would have liked to hear more about how metals are being suppressed . Even copper seems to be down from its rightful price. Thanks again as always. jc

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC!

  2. TJ Jackson

    Greg and Greg, excellent interview and incredibly good information. As Edgar Cayce said, “The times and the half times are at an end and the time for the changes is at hand”. I am ready for the changes but I tremble for those who will be devastated.

  3. Mitch Bupp

    Thank You Greg and Gregory for the honest truth. The FED was created by bankers to serve bankers and transfer wealth from the people on the tax far……..

    Did I just hear Gregory say …. the same thing I said 4 years ago right here on this site…… FED reflating bubble……

    The only way to force the manufacturing base is to eliminate all tax deductions for transporting foreign made goods to the USA……

    end FANNIE and Freddie so the banks have risk in the mortgage they sell……

    rule of financial law will not be applied because if the banks and other were held to the law then the entire rigged economy would collapse.

  4. Mitch Bupp

    should read, “on the tax farm”

  5. John Galt

    Very sharp fellow. His trading advise, when bearish look for a reason to be bullish, when bullish look for a reason to be bearish is good advise. I remember buying gold during the Gordon Brown special, no one wanted it. I plopped down a stack of c notes for eagles and the coin dealer looked at me like I was crazy. He said ” You could buy tech. stocks with this” I said “Yes this is true,…. but I will take this off your hands anyway”. It worked well for me.

  6. Galaxy 500

    Merry Christmas.
    What the MMS is hiding about the mass shooters.

    • Greg Hunter

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours. Remember the reason for the season everyone!!

      • Anna

        What? Idolatry? God NEVER said to celebrate “Christmas” however he DID insist we celebrate his seven feasts.
        But you have your Babylonian “Easter” (Ishtar) with the bunny who lays eggs and your Christmas Santa for Saturnalia, but what do you know about God and Christ who have THEIR feasts we are to celebrate? Not a thing.
        Not only do you not know what you do, you don’t even care enough to find out. So enjoy your own holy-days, but know that they are not God’s holy days.

        • SilverHawk

          And Jesus said “Judge Not and Thou Shall Not Be Judged” I suggest you work a little more on yourself, and leave others alone in the way they worship Him.

          • Anna

            I do what Jesus does, and what he commands.
            You do whatever you want regardless of what Jesus says and does.
            I suggest you learn what Jesus really says about judgment instead of picking one partial verse to justify your own disobedience. In the end it is YOU who will be left, ALONE.
            Unless you turn at God’s rebuke.

  7. art barnes

    Greg, China owns this country now and is making (directing) U.S. policy, Iran is an example, 6 years of a no enrichment policy and now its allowed. U.S. policy of regime change in Syria out the window now as well, Japan is next on the chopping block and or for sale to China as well, just keep China buying our bonds and all countries will be chopped (policy change) for the sake of Wall Street & the FED. As each country realizes that the U.S. can’t be counted on in a pinch, its influence will diminish. At some point China will call in their debt (markers) and we will experience a third world economy with no stomach for a war, that will be the end of the good old USA as we know it.

    • J.C. Davis

      Art. will china go back on there word as continue to buy( by force) U.S.A bonds. I have read you postings over the years and value your thoughts.

  8. brian

    Boom, Boom, Boom……on this side of the coming collapse it is so comfortable, that is why the aftermath is going to be so hard to bear.

    • Jerry

      Art you are so right.
      The Chinese have realized that we are not living in reality, and have given up hope of us ever getting our spending under control …period. The read history to, and know that fiat currency has an end. We are living in Zimbabwea.

  9. SilverHawk

    Great interview, guys! Greg M was tops on his game today. It’s just a matter of (short) time, and it will all be over. Like in all of man’s history, those who held the gold (and silver) rose from every fiat collapse. Just ask the Rothschilds. And the Queen. And all the rich folks whose names and faces we’ve never seen on media, but can buy and sell countries like they were playing a board game. I don’t personally think it will be more than a few weeks, now.

  10. bob d

    Most people live pay check to pay check,they have little reason to worry about pump and dump.
    What good will shorting the dump do ,if they pay you off with dollars.
    The dump I’m waiting for is what Snowden has about the 9-11 attack,that will be the mother of all dumps.

  11. ACasey

    When and how are the bubbles going to pop is the question. I agree totally based on my reading that stock & housing markets are artificially inflated with baseless fiat currency issued at interest or usury and a day of reckoning is at hand. So I ask myself, how will this happen? What will be the trigger?


    It appears to me that centralized bankers are the root cause of the disturbances linked by financial distress resulting in massive protests, some in the millions, in Spain, Brazil, Scotland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, and many other countries. The debt load is unbearable and not sustainable.

    Based on what is happening world wide with the gun boats, I mean US Navy vessels and the US military actions tearing up countries, I can see no reason why the same group of centralized bankers that brought the world financially to its knees, with what Max Keiser perfectly defines as financial terrorism, from fostering an equal or greater amount of indiscretion. In war, all debts get cancelled. Central bankers are going to clear the slate before they give up their stranglehold on finance.

    War. Big trouble boss, big trouble.

    • J.C. Davis

      Central bankers are going to clear the slate before they give up their stranglehold on finance.
      YES a true possibility.

  12. mohammad


    Tension is building up, are we closer to the day of reckoning?


    • Greg Hunter

      Wow! Good info Mohammad!!!

    • WD Deni

      Mohammed. Your awareness and logic is incrdible. I never thought what a few people were saying 15-18 years ago would come true never! I do consumer based debt work, and I can tell you that this economy is not viable.
      Earlier when I was in the army, I joined the VFW . I became very good friends with a few Vietnam Vets. And they all told me that they knew it was over way before it was officially over, because of that “feeling” that they just knew it was done. It was chaos and out of control. “We little rats knew it was over long before the ship went down.” I feel this the way it is now. In your opinion, what will be that x factor that will cause this ship to finally sink. I know its a lot of variables here. But there has got tobe that one theme that drives us over the cliff.
      Your answer is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!

      • mohammad

        WD Deni,

        Thank you for a complement i think i do not deserve, I just follow my instinct in connecting the dots and I can be wrong.
        As far as your question that factor is unfolding in front of our eyes and it is not a secret, and that is the financial collapse that is engineered and not coincidental to finish the cycle of American empire that will be at the same time the beginning of a new empire and here I mean the kingdom of Israel.
        What we are seeing here is not any different from the demise of the British empire that once the sun never set on its colonies and turned now into a pathetic tourist streets and sites.
        That demise of the Brits was financially before it was militarily, the sterling pound was the world reserve currency and the end of it was also engineered and not by chance, the whole purpose of the British empire and the whole function of it was to defeat the Ottoman’s Kilapha and establish Israel, once that function was done then came the slow burn of the Brits that started with their defeat in US followed by the KO in 1945. From there on the British Empire was history.
        Well, same thing is happening again here, and we are seeing the same financial engineered turmoil by the same group that killed the British Sterling working hard on killing the dollar and paving the way to the new empire and that is KINGDOM OF ISRAEL.
        So no doubt in my mind there will be major wars on the horizon, short horizon that is, to achieve what WWII gave US the world reserve currency status we enjoyed for the last 60+ years.
        That is JMHO and i again i could be wrong.

    • Rodster

      As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts recently said on his latest blog, that the US is moving the World towards War and it’s on purpose !


      • WD Deni

        But an all out effort against Israel by Arab nations could wipe them out..right? Its not a big country…I gree about war and how we are all being hoodwinked. And toomany of the top experts here say we are doomed.

        But how could Israle become a kingdom when so many want it gone?


        • mohammad

          Because the bible says so, the Turat says so , Quran says so and it will happen.

          Israel developed a very advanced technology that is relying on something similar to tesla towers that will form a blanket of protection from oncoming missiles, once the net work is completed and perfected hell will break loose, why do think Putin is so nervous about the NATO shield? is he afraid of the freaking patriot missiles? heck no they have missiles that are faster than the patriot. Then what is he afraid from?
          It is what will protect Israel and the west and US:


          Russians have this technology but US/NATO and Israel have more advanced leaps in it and probably have mastered it by now.

  13. DAVE

    Hello Greg
    Sorry but do not agree with Greg.The Fed will NOT push or cause this bubble to pop.The reason being is .the Fed will do all it can to continue to hold down interest rates.If Greg’s so called theory was to happen,interest rates would rise thus causing bonds to be crushed and the interest on debt to rise.
    That’s my opinion .Thank you for all you do


  14. Shawn in San Jose

    Hi Greg(s),

    Good interview. I personally disagree that the fed is going to taper. I think they can’t. Perhaps they will to a trail taper and when the markets crash they will turn on the fire hoses of QE XXXIV .

    I would say this will be interesting to watch if it wasn’t my savings thats being destroyed. 🙁

    Shawn in San Jose

    • J.C. Davis

      Shawn you are so right. Taper can Not be done. Period.

      • J.C. Davis

        I can only compare it to a guy with a booger to remove as he bleeds to death.

  15. Galaxy 500

    FEDERAL THEFT? Small biz owners claim government stole their ideas? Oh no,
    Obama wouldn’t let that happen.

  16. mohammad


    Bitcoin, is it made by NSA?
    There was a paper in 1996 indicating that NSA was contemplating with an electronic money that strikes an eery resemblance to Bitcoin, Is it a coincidence or it has more to it?

    the link:



    “Laurie Law, Susan Sabett, Jerry Solinas
    National Security Agency Office of Information Security Research and Technology
    Cryptology Division
    18 June 1996”

    Well …. was it a pilot study to go for the real ….. one world currency that is DIGITAL?

  17. Galaxy 500


    Let’s not only destroy our allies, let’s make them our enemies.

  18. Liquid Motion

    Have to agree with Gregory on this…in fact I said the exact same thing on my last post.
    Great minds..!!

    anyone PAYING ATTENTION to the TNX…..?….Anyone ….?????
    That right there is where this whole mess (artificial asset inflation) is exposed.
    Slowly creeping up and once it cracks 300, we get the equity correction and then the fun starts with bankruptcies. 1Q 2014 should be a blast…for gold and for exponential QE (forget tapering) that is.
    The FED …IS causing this ….unintended consequences of becoming THE BOND /Treasury market.
    btw…interest rates moving up on the TNX implies …SELLING….aha moment ….!!!
    Hold onto your hats …those southern winds are about to do a 180 and go gale force.

  19. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. GM is one of my favorites. His charts do not lie. At thie point the decision of when to collapse thr bubble will not be made by the Fed but by the Chinese. When they finish the shadow exchange (as some call it) they will drop the dollar as reserve currency and begin the free fall of the dollar. 125 countries have already signed agreements to particpate so it is just a matter of time. I see 3-6 months out. When there is no one to buy our worthless bonds, and no one to use the dollar as exchange, it is game over, no matter what the Feds do. The Chinese hold all the cards now not us.

  20. Galaxy 500

    I have spoken many times about “The Law of Unintended Consequences.” We have people making laws they do not understand and when it comes to.Obamacare, they don’t even read or debate.
    Paul Ryan, a mock.conservative, is pushing a Bill that allows the Senate to pass spending measures with 51 votes. He is either stupid, corrupt, and/or a socialist in the trappings of a RINO. Greg, it’s time for us to vote the RINO’s and Dems out and vote the TEA Party in. No, the TEA Party isn’t perfect but it’s ahead of the idiot’s mentioned above.

    • mohammad

      What makes you think Galaxy that the tea party is any better, even Ron Paul did not have the guts to run independent and ran on a republican platform.
      Tea party is nothing but a pressure valve to ease the public’s fury and keep them at bay!

  21. mohammad


    We are very good at shooting ourselves in the foot, we are doing every thing possible to lose countries adding to our isolation!


    “NEW DELHI (AP) — The arrest and alleged strip search of an Indian diplomat in New York City escalated into a major diplomatic furor Tuesday as India’s national security adviser called the woman’s treatment “despicable and barbaric.”

    So if we retaliate against India’s treatment to American diplomats in India this stupid way, we only add fuel to the fire, we need some cool heads and different approach otherwise we are shooting ourselves in the head and not in the foot!

  22. Troy

    The basic premise of how our money works P<P+I=DEBT There can be NO other conclusion!
    Many will chop at branches, Gregory Mannarino is chopping at the root.
    History repeats it's self. Hard assets WILL remain. Bubbles WILL always pop.

    Mele Kalikimaka

    • Ugly


      The USA has become despicable and barbaric. Thus, the lady from India knows us very well. Welcome to the USA….

      • mohammad

        We could not spy on the Indian prime minister since he uses paper and pen so we kicked his diplomat lady in jail!
        Kinda of a toddler kicking the ground with both feet if he does not get what he wants 😉

  23. Ugly

    All I know is that we are toasted.

  24. mohammad


    Suadi Arabia will go solo if US does not get serious about supporting the opposition, It is far far from over and Geneva II does not seem to be worth the ink it will be written with:


    • Greg Hunter

      This is a very clear an powerful message being sent to the U.S. and it has disastrous consequences for the dollar. Thank you for posting this!!

  25. Coalburner9

    Greg and Greg, Mohammad is on top of it again. India could be the trigger. All I can figure is some DHS trained “officials” accosted the Female Indian Diplomat. These DHS people think that because we citizens all take their abuse that they can shove it down the throat of a small but proud neclear power. A few more tits and tats and India may nuc our monetary system and they could as fragle as it is. Kerry better be crawling to them and apologising for this unbelievable huge insult. Some countries don’t stand for stip searching their female diplomats who are supposed to have immunity. What an out of control administration. Yes, I know why they did it and it was a wrong headed operation.

    • mohammad

      I think it is more than that, I think it is triggering war, US is triggering war, may be they are positioned now properly or close to, this search was by the lady’s statement CAVITY SEARCH!!!! so the insult is huge and it was probably meant to be that way to trigger something:


      “India diplomat says she faced cavity search in NYC”

  26. frosty

    It seems that many Americans have either forgotten, or never learned, the fact that freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin; one can not exist without the other. Knowing this, ingenious and deceitful artists have used the brush of propaganda and the oils of human frailty to paint a mosaic scene depicting a hierarchy in which those at the top, represented by government and others called the “elite”, are responsible to provide for the wants and needs of the “common people ” below them.

    We, captured by the serene mosaic and believing in the lie, have been beguiled to give up our personal responsibilities for the education of our children, for our health care, for our safety and security, for our monetary system and even for our ethical standards. Having given up responsibility, we have naturally lost the freedom to participate as actors having the ability to exercise free will in any of these same areas. It’s divine justice.

    Currently, our constant bitching about the acts of Federal reserve or the corrupt politicians and their continual wars shows that we are becoming aware of our mistakes and seeking to change things. That the phenomenon happening on a world wide basis is encouraging, but we will need more than mere words to change things.

    Perhaps the spirit of the returning Messiah is now manifesting on earth to counter that of the anti-Christ who painted our mosaic. Will the energy of a burning love for the one life force that we on earth are part of rise to bring about the paradigm change so desperately necessary for our survival? Yes, I think so. Will it be smooth and easy? No way! No worthwhile and lasting education is ever easy!

    • Anna

      Truth be known frosty; being “responsible” for sin is another delusional lie taught by them of the antichrist spirit in christendom/churchianity.
      The TRUE Gospel according to the scripture: Jesus Christ paid for all the sin of the entire cosmos – relieving us of responsibility IF WE BELIEVE THE TRUTH. God our Father laid all responsibility for sin upon Jesus, and Jesus paid off the debt.
      According to the bible we are now ACCOUNTABLE for our choices to Jesus Christ, who bought us out of slavery to sin. If you don’t believe THAT then you listen too little to Jesus (The Word of God) and too much to phony “Christian” leaders who don’t preach what Jesus says, but their own theory-ology.
      Otherwise; show me where the scripture says we are “responsible” for sin. It doesn’t. Accountability is NOT the same thing as RESPONSIBILITY.
      As the scripture says of Jesus Christ (who, when you believe what he says and does):
      Behold the Lamb of God who TAKES AWAY the sin of the world! (He didn’t ask your permission to do so either). So let His word wash away your guilt, because he already HAS paid for your sin! That’s the TRUE Good News Gospel!

      • frosty

        If it pleases you, replace the word “responsible” with “accountable” and realize that the underlying message being offered is that we have made a mistake in looking to government officials, or other self-proclaimed elites, for our salvation….Psalm 3:8 “Salvation belongeth unto the Lord” and His truth brings freedom.

        To read what was told to the ancient Hebrews when they demanded to have a mortal King to rule over them, see 1 Samuel 4-18.

        • Anna

          Well then, since you know the truth, why don’t you follow him?

  27. Norlin Gutz

    In Mr Mannirano’s commentary he states that we need to step back and look at the bigger picture and see where everyone is headed and to go in the opposite direction. When I step back and look around, it seems like everyone and his uncle is trying to sell me gold or silver. What am I to make of all of this?

    • DavidC

      I don’t know where you live but all I can say is that for, here in the UK, I get more leaflets offering to buy gold and silver, or to attend special events where buyers of gold and silver will be, than I do people wanting to sell the same.

      Also, incidentally, a friend of mine, a couple of months ago, went into a shop in southern England where the sell price of gold looked about right, just to inquire about the purchase price, which was under HALF the spot price!


  28. ahmad santo

    Valuable web nomics

  29. gregory k. lester

    My model was based on job losses versus gains minus food stamp reciepients … ect.

    Honestly i am disgusted by “bankers” and yet i marvel at the way the media buys absolute lies.

    The most incredible lie is a market at a all time high in the 17,000s which makes absolutely no sense and although i have attemped on paper to get to those numbers a hundred times i was unable to do so …. until ….

    Until i went back to 2009 and looked at every

  30. gregory k. lester

    …. signifigant event that should have resulted in a whole number peecentage downturn in the stock markets …. for instance …. the announcement of recession in Japan the third biggest economy.in the world.

    In almost all cases … no such correction was actually realized as a actual “correction”.

    My question is … If you were printing a bunch of new money and taking on trillions of dollars of toxic assets … would you launder that new cash by … maybe by … buying equities on down turns … i mean … if you visualize it … it fits so neatly and accomplishes so many things … if in fact as any idiot can see the numbers say we are bankrupt?

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