Federal Reserve-A Stunning Failure-James Corbett

James Corbett of The Corbett Report  on Fukushima, Global War and the FedBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Journalist James Corbett thinks much of the world’s problems can be traced back to the Federal Reserve, and he recently produced a free online documentary to back up his charge. Corbett says, “The central banking issue and who controls the money supply is really at the root of so many of the problems we see taking place right now; it’s not only economically, but geopolitically. The United States’ ability to wage war around the globe is predicated on the ability to continue issuing debt in order to create more money in the economy. . . . By any measure you want to use . . . the Federal Reserve, it is a stunning failure because it fails to live up to all the reasons it was created for including insuring the stability of the money supply and the stability of the purchasing power of the dollar which has declined a staggering 97% since the creation of the Fed 100 years ago. . . . That failure keeps snowballing on itself. So, the problems keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. . . . It is a system designed for and by the private banking cartel, and it serves their interests very well to the detriment of everybody else in the country.”

On the issue of another financial calamity, Corbett contends, “I think the calamity from 2008 really hasn’t been solved, it’s only been postponed. It’s been kicked down the road by this incredible infusion of money into the economy via “quantitative easing” that the Fed has been taking part in over the last several years with $4 trillion on their books. It is an insane system that has only served to blow up another bubble, this time in the equity markets and, of course, the bond bubble. Once that begins to unwind, there is no mechanism for solving with the big stick of the monetary policy that the Federal Reserve wields. When interest rates start getting out of control, that spells the end of the gravy train and the beginning of the hyperinflationary spiral. Once that kicks in, we are going to see precipitous declines in the overinflated stock market. A lot of people who have been making nominal notional paper wealth over the last few years are going to find out what that paper amounts to, which is pretty much nothing. They are paper promises.”

On war, Corbett, who lives in western Japan, says, “The military expenditures in the Asia Pacific region have been expanding precipitously in recent years and have gone off the charts in the last couple of years. Japan has expanded its defense force, and China has also expanded its military budget to counter that. We are seeing this tit for tat in the region, and it seems we are seeing an ever increasing cycle of military expenditures that just keep going up and up. It’s all to combat the Chinese boogeyman in the region. It is a very worrying situation, and if there is any bright spot, it is that I think no one, at this point, desires outright military confrontation.”

Beyond Japan, it looks like we are headed towards global war. Corbett says, “I completely concur with that statement. It is only a matter of what shape and what form that war will take place. We are seeing the battle lines being drawn. . . . I think this is very much going to be an economic conflict, or at least one that is fundamentally centered on economics. . . . They are constructing an alternative system, and we are truly moving out of the unipolar world, U.S. hegemony towards a multi-polar world. There is no doubt that is taking place right now, and there is no doubt that can’t happen without some conflict happening. That conflict is on the way.”

So, do we get war or financial collapse first? Corbett says, “Historically speaking, they tend to come in lock step. I would say we get financial collapse and then military confrontation as a justification for that.”

On the ongoing enormous problems with the nuclear meltdown for Fukushima, Corbett says, “There are three to four hundred tons of radioactive water spilling out every day from the Fukushima plant. . . . There are some surprising results of where most of this radioactive water is going. Although most of the models say the main thrust of that plume was headed for the west coast of North America, they are finding now a lot of this radiation is going very deep under water, and as much as 60% of this radiation is headed southward.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with James Corbett, creator of The CorbettReport.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:
James Corbett says he is writing a new book about the New World Order that will be published later this year or early 2015.  If you would like to visit The CorbettReport.com, click here. James Corbett also started FukushimaUpdate.com which has the latest information on the Fukushima nuclear accident. Click here for FukushimaUpdate.com.

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  1. steven meng

    would you mind interview Mr. F Willaim Engdahl? There is the website, http://www.engdahl.oilgeopolitics.net/.
    his insight and knowledge could match Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.



    • victor kiriakus

      Yes!! William Engdahl would make a great regular guest. Jack Blood would be a good guest as well.

  2. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    IMO the WWIII is already on. The only positive thing is the fact it is “only” in informational (war of words), financial (war of currencies and financial systems) and economical (sanction each other) stage. I’m afraid of the hot phase. And i hope it never comes.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Oracle 911

    • Silence is Golden

      So you prefer the ideal of an ongoing “Cold War” ?
      You will witness casualties by way of mass murders even massacre, famine and large scale deportations running into the tens of millions.
      There are no positives inherent in that equation my friend.
      What will be evident though, is the continuing devastation of the world.

      • Oracle 911

        So, are you suggesting ICBMs with some nasty warheads are better option?
        I know it was the peak of demagogy from me to phrase the question in this way. But choosing between 2 bads I rather choose that one, which causes less damage on long run, and this “coldish war” causing far less damage then a thermonuclearry hot war. I mean the choice is this: x millions people perishes or the Earth will be uninhabitable.
        According the Russian officials the war is already on (click the cc/subtitles button): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cikvqdMRTTA

        Oracle 911

        PS: The lesser evil/bad is still evil/bad.

        • Silence is Golden

          Loss of ONE life is devastating enough for me regardless of hot or cold.
          These criminals will not stop until they achieve their new world order desires.
          There is NO positive to take away from any of that…!!!!!

    • Mahalia Jackson

      I agree- the war is already on. But it’s amazing how we recognize this…”they” are being watched. Like Jim Willie says, the US is being isolated. Turkey has turned East; Argentina redid their debt onto their own terms. Germany will turn East. Love the Golden Jackass. Corbett is always spot on. Everyone now knows who the Fed is and what they do. We’re a long way from the consciousness of a year ago.

      • Oracle 911

        Hi Mahalia Jackson
        The Russian officials were aware what is going on in Ukraine and in the world months or years ahead, but they were unable to do anything except for preparing the countermeasures (I mean planing and moving/allocating necessary resources).
        So my statement was just 2 week or so sooner then the official one in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cikvqdMRTTA
        Reason is simple I’m civilian with miserable informations, they are pros with high quality informations.

        Oracle 911

        • Mahalia Jackson

          Great video, your link. Thanks.
          Love Corbett but agree with another post, Federal Reserve has been vastly successful to the point they are now being seen. Thanks to Putin, the tide will turn. Even on alternative sites they still call Putin “defiant,” as if he should do as he is told. He is all that stands between the people of the world and the NWO.

  3. Dwain

    You need to have this guy on more often. Great interview.

    How ironic that media and environmental wackos are silent on the greatest ongoing environmental catastrophe in history. US media and shrieking green thugs went ballistic over the BP gulf oil spill, yet hardly a peep about this continuing disaster that is far more lethal to their beloved sea life. And these wretched fiends have the audacity to ramp up their senseless economy destroying regulations while this is going on. Hard to find words to describe this absurdity.

    Approximately 400 tons of toxic radioactive water going into the ocean daily. To date, thats nearly 400,000 tons since 2011. Those poor fish.

  4. bob

    very good interview greg. he has a lot of knowledge. i like the fact that james lives in japan. not for the possible radiation, but gives information that you won’t hear on the failing tv channels. wink wink. these are the people that are good to hear from that boosts the alternative aka real media. and you are right there front and center leading the charge. in other words you read stories and sometimes you don’t know where it is coming from. now i see and hear him speaking to you. doesn’t always make it true, but you have done some research and i get to do research and listen to him, it becomes so much more creditable. i hope you understand what i’m saying, all positive thoughts.
    once again james being smart would not say when he thought that a collapse would happen. i hope and pray that there is no war. we are all sick of war. hopefully the message of not going into syria is starting to send a message. fukushima scares me for the world. yet it has been swept under the rug. it surprises me heads haven’ t rolled yet. seems to me that we have put humanity in peril. i have heard that lawsuits are starting up. but the bottom line is the people of japan will suffer. japan is already in trouble.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bob for the comment and positive feedback. Corbett is a smart guy.

  5. Judge Roy Bean et al

    __________________________Penny’s from Heaven, EASY MONEY!
    In other words, were in a world stuck in the last phase before complete Keynesian collapse, we had no choice but to gamble “all in” with the last and only bluff we had left before admitting the economic system we had labored under, one which we have borrowed so extensively from the future to fund the present that there is no future left, has failed. . . CFR, the not so federal, helicopter Ben. Zerohedge;
    From Greg’s, “Top Stories From The Web.”

  6. RMJ Atkinson

    The average Japanese has little to no interest in China Vs Japan or Korea Vs China island issues. Sure they know about it and if you ask them they might say “It’s Japanese,” but truly, they just are not interested in politics. What you see on international TV has nothing whatsoever in common with the ordinary hard working guy in the street. This reporter is basically making his comments based on a few rambling right wing politicians that few listen to. The vast majority of Japanese do not want to change their Constitution to send soldiers overseas.

  7. Tom

    Very interesting interview. We don’t hear much on the Fukushima plant in the MSM. Thank you for giving us an update

  8. Mike M

    Greg, James Corbett was definitely one of your best interviews. He’s a well versed and knowledgeable individual that I have been following for some time now.

    It was also refreshing to get off the “where is gold heading” issue since that gets more than enough coverage in my opinion. Everyone should get it by now. The dollar is going to collapse so get some gold while you can. End of story.

    I’ve got a list of 10 potential catastrophic events that could probably hit the US in the near future. Natural/man made disasters is one of them and you can put Fukushima on that list.

    Sadly, as serious as the Fukushima crisis is it hardly gets a mention which leads many to think there is no problem and everything is just fine which couldn’t be further from the truth. An excellent video on this can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1FrscZBjhc#t=19

  9. collateral Damage

    Report from the Street – Part I

    I visited a local liquor store this past week looking for a particular bottle of liquor a buddy of mine who just opened a new distillery, was selling. Lady operating the cash register found it on the shelf for me. She looked closely at the label and told me that it would never sell. I asked her why. She said that it was only 40 proof and said these days’ people don’t drink for the taste, most drink to get drunk.

    I asked her if she has been working at a liquor store for many years. She told me since 2002. I asked if she has seen any trends in purchases over these past 10 years. She said that since 2008, they are selling substantially more, just more of the cheap stuff with the high alcohol content.

    As for her personal story, she told me that when 2008 crash occurred, her husband lost his job and the two of them lost the doublewide trailer for which they had just put money down on a mortgage. Husband left her shortly thereafter. She begged the bank to work with her on payments that she could afford, out of her meager salary. Bank refused. She was booted out and the trailer stood empty for two years. In this climate, unused for two years, is unusable due to the mold, broken pipes, damage that is acquired on an unattended building for two years. Uninhabited, it becomes completely uninhabitable after that much time in this climate.

    She finished her story by saying that she only works part time. That nobody is hiring full time these days. She doesn’t have health insurance, because on her part time job she doesn’t make enough money to qualify for Obama-care, and she makes too much to qualify for Medicare.

    Report from the Street – Part II

    – We looked up an old school district where we grew up and remember fondly. Were surprised to discover that over 47% of the students in our old school qualify for free or reduced price lunch.

    – Found out from our children that they had a discussion with the lunch lady in our current local school. Was told that the school district has to be very, very careful about calling a snow day, because the Administrator knows when he does that many of the parents don’t feed their kids breakfast and lunch (which they would have received at school).

    – Talked to a friend today, was told that a local school district had made the fiscally responsible decision to feed EVERY CHILD IN THE SCHOOL DISTRICT both breakfast and lunch. This decision was fiscally responsible because so few of the families can afford to feed their children breakfast and lunch, based upon government statistics, that the school district spent less money by just paying to give the food to every child instead of paying staff to keep track of the few children who’s families could afford to pay for the meals.

    Collateral Damage

    • art barnes

      Enjoyed you real world reporting, same out here on the Western Front. My neighbor recently lost his job of 22 years, got a new one at $9.20 an hour, his wife’s job went to all part time employees about 2 years ago, so that’s about it out here. Makes a person want to have one of those high alcohol drinks your talked about doesn’t it? LOL – Here is too you!

      • J.C. Davis

        Art. People have to STAND up at some point.

        • Silence is Golden

          Could it be that their ultimate plan is to engender a “Revolution” ? After all, they planned 2 world wars and as many revolutions. Why not a WWIII with another revolution to match. Only sinister minds could conceive such evil.

  10. dchayden

    Thank you so much for having James on your show !! I have been following him for years. He is a very multifaceted individual, who can talk on many different subjects. I love how you take your listeners requests into consideration, and how you are very interactive with us in the comment section ! Great job Greg !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you DC for the comment and feedback. Hey, good gest ideas are appreciated. It takes awhile to book people though.

  11. Ugly

    The sad conclusion of all this is economic collapse for the 99%, followed by world war for the same 99%. Maybe the world can surprise 1% by prepping and not fighting? The 1% needs to fight themselves….

  12. Sam Grant

    Hi Greg. While Corbett offers a wealth of information about global finance and geopolitics, his most important statements during the interview IMHO is his info about the true state of affairs at Fukushima! Where is the world atomic energy organizations? Where are the experts? Why wasn’t there a massive global effort to urgently contain the contaminated water immediately after the event? The place should have been swarming years ago with workers and equipment! The spilled water can and will affect the entire globe, but the entire globe isn’t showing up. And the only site that’s kept up on Fukushima (except for Corbett’s) is rense.com! It’s unbelievable!
    That being said, Corbett has put the period on the end of the sentence when it comes to what we must do. It is abundantly clear, and has been for some years for most of us, that the Federal Reserve Bank (and central banking as a whole) is the criminal perpetrator of a global financial enslavement system which is very close to nearing its goal.
    We must stop flapping our gums, stop being Monday morning quarterbacks and start taking action soon. There is a massive movement in Germany to end the Fed. See the Keiser Report 642 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3VLx5ZGTVA. Starts at minute 16:04.
    It certainly is long past time that all of the other Western countries, especially we in the USA, started similar movements. Absent getting rid of central banking, with 100% certainty humanity is doomed to true slavery and immense suffering forever. The German interviewee heading up the movement says that the Fed was the first central bank and that is why he’s focused on it, but my research shows it’s actually the Bank of England and Max alludes to that as well.
    Whichever was first, I truly believe there is no more important issue upon which we should be spending our time and effort than ending this evil central banking system. The very existence of billions of people, who have as much a right to life as the elites (contrary to their belief that they own the planet), is at stake.
    I think it’s time we all started throwing around ideas as to what we can do as a community of Constitution-advocates, freedom-lovers and sound money proponents, to accomplish the end of this evil system. It might seem like an impossible task. They have so much power. But David brought down Goliath and the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Plus, we out-number them by billions! If there’s more than a couple of hundred of these insane psychopaths running this cronies-only system, I’d be surprised.
    If we don’t at least put in an effort to stop these Vampire Squid banks, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for our demise and that demise is coming in our lifetimes. Kicking the can down the road to the next generation is not only not possible, it is immoral. Prepping and bugging out to your remote hideaway isn’t going to cut it long term and does nothing to destroy the existing system. We must start coming up with ideas and action plans. It’s going to take immense courage. It might involve putting lives on the line. But if slavery is what our children and grandchildren are facing in perpetuity, then who wouldn’t? What say all of you? .

    • Silence is Golden

      Brave attempt SG. I have a wry smile, because there is substantially more to understand.
      The Beast we are dealing with has three heads and found its synthesis well over 2 millennia ago.
      Each head forming the Beast is supported by vast wealth and a army of foot soldiers.
      The “Evil” is embedded into everything we do and believe in. It is systemic.
      Salvation may lie in destruction within the beast.

    • art barnes

      The Bank of England was the first Central Bank, the FED was designed after it, same outcome & intention of course, to steal from the working class enslaving them with debt.

      • Silence is Golden

        This is more than just the CB’s and Banksters work. There are many groups working towards the ultimate prize of world domination. The one that will succeed will have the agreement of one of the other groups and the support of the remainder group. She will eventually find her demise in her disloyalty and the others will seek revenge. The common man will sit idly by watching these events unfold unaware of the real power struggle, for it has become ingrained and accepted into the psyche of all, by the masterful planners and their Hegelian art form.

    • Alohajim

      Sam Grant : well put! We’ve got the numbers all right. Perhaps one place to start us to ask of any political candidates for any office anywhere if they support ending central banking and fractional reserve currencies and restoring honest money of silver and gold. So too should every current politician in office everywhere be asked the same question. If enough human beings are able to recognize that this really is the ONLY real issue in our world then it’s game over for the elites and their pathetic front men and psychopathic whores masquerading as ‘our leaders’.

  13. art barnes

    Greg, Mr. Corbett is a brilliant master of understanding the FED & its dollar debasement (intended or unintended can be debated) consequences of its policies & charter. Please have him on again, simply can’t get any better than his understand of the “creature” who debased the working mans labor.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Art.

  14. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Tanka Tip on Longevity ==

    life offers us all
    this matter of perspective:
    we who live today
    will likely be no longer
    alive one hundred years hence

    — Larry W. Bryant (27 Aug 14)

  15. David Brown

    The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve: G. Edward Griffin

    This book has been out for a time, and probably the definitive source for the Federal Reserve.

    This gentleman might provide a very insightful interview.

    • Mason

      I second that! G. Edward Griffin’s book is probably the definitive source on the Federal Reserve. Having Griffin on as Greg’s guest would be absolutely great. As you say he might indeed provide a very insightful interview!

      But it goes even deeper than the FED’s machinations. It is no coincidence at all that Corbett is writing a book about the New World Order. Not enough people get that! To get back to Griffin: the best and singlemost comprehensive explanation I have ever seen about the NWO comes from one of Edward Griffin’s lectures. His lecture is called “The Quigley Formula” and it is a review of professor Quigley’s book ‘Tragedy and Hope’. Professor Quigley was a Council on Foreign Relations member and historian, as well as mentor to CFR & Trilateral Commission member Bill Clinton. Professor Quigley was one of the ultimate insiders and his book is the conspiratorial view of history as taught by the conspirators themselves. This book was never supposed to see the light of day, but it did. Griffin’s lecture on ‘The Quigley Formula’ absolutely blew my mind. In my book this is an absolute MUST SEE VIDEO.
      You can see it on: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVqPnMQ2sI.

      You can see Bill Clinton mention professor Quigley covertly but in a highly symbolic and meaningful setting when he accepts the nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention in 1992:
      [41 seconds]

      Ron Paul explains the significance and meaning of what happened there at that Convention in this short video (but you really have to see Griffin’s lecture):
      [1 minute, 47 seconds]

  16. Winston Smith

    Haven’t listened to the interview yet but I have been listening to James Corbett for a couple of years now and have heard his Fed documentry and is well worth the listen.
    THe Fed is an absolute failure of epic proportions created soley to control the country’s money supply in order to enrich themselves and their cronies while enslaving the masses.
    WHat’s is even more stunning is how so few people actually know this.
    Like Henry Ford stated ” If people knew how money was actually created there would be riots by morning. Eager to listen to this interview when I get a chance

  17. Jerry

    Greg your readers really need to listen to what James Corbett said in this interview. He has it nailed down pretty good, and probably better than many of your guest you have on. Just in case some people don’t get it, here is economic collapse 101 for dummies. Its pretty clear here.
    The fact is as a nation we are financially trapped because of the Federal Reserve money printing. If they stop printing money the financial bubble pops. If they raise interest rates the economy collapses.

    For those of you who are tired of hearing about it the last five years, and are cheerleading for a collapse, my question to you is this. Why? Be glad you’ve had five years to enjoy. The next five years will probably be sheer hell.

    • Saint Lawrence

      Close to the truth, but not an accurate film.

      Reality __
      You are a billionaire on your yacht;
      let us look at three income potentials.
      1. one of your no dividend stocks goes up
      from 50 to 100: not a reportable or taxable event.
      You do not change any of your spending or habits.
      2. one of your dividend stocks sends out a dollar in divvies.
      You are hidden behind several of your own corporations, trusts,
      foundations, shell agencies. Almost all of your interests appear to be
      offshore … tax laws favor the rich and incorporated.
      3. one of your companies makes a huge profit, the shares go up.
      Earnings are funneled into what looks like your “retained earnings
      account” then either expensed out, or recapitalized before the next
      tax report day.
      None of your employees receive one penny increase in pay. The object of
      your game is to siphon off every benefit and dollar (draining assets) to one of you multinational,
      non US locations. Stuffing the mattress on your boat.

      Moral of the story, poor get poorer, rich get richer, capital and cash are not circulating,
      secret vaults
      get filled.
      Reference: 1933 FDR gold and hoarding acts, 1971 Nixon gold decree,
      1987 crash, 2007 crash, 2010 flash-crash.

      • Jerry

        Saint Lawrence
        That may have been the way it was during the depression, when the big money was in stocks and the rich had real wealth to fall back on. Not this time. Most wealth is on paper these days, and it will be wiped out with a key stroke. Only super rich like Warren Buffet, can afford to buy railroads.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      I agree.
      And you cannot taper a Ponzi scheme.

  18. seha alturk


    Thanks for having James Corbett and please bring him back soon.
    In my opinion, at least, he ranks with PCR, J Willlie and your other
    distinguished guests. Lastly, what about having one of Corbett’s favourite
    guests- namely Sibel Edmonds, on USA Wathcdog?

  19. Jerry

    Survival Gear – Poor mans cook stove
    I’ve used these little stoves for years backpacking when I couldn’t afford high tech gear. They’re cheap to make, and they really work. The last time I used one, I sat it on a block of ice on a snow bank and cooked a pot of chili with it.

    • J.C. Davis

      Jerry. Great post. I upgraded my solar box with a parabolic back and ran the center heat collector. like your last post. I gained 50 degrees in 15 minutes It went over 200 degrees. Thanks for the ideas. Will the candle burner’s last all night ?

      • Jerry

        No. 8 hrs. max.

        • J.C. Davis

          got it.

  20. Chaban

    MUCH better than the previous guest!

  21. g.johnson

    thanks for introducing me to this man greg. he gets it and puts it forth clearly and concisely.
    too bad the world may once again go to war for the profit of those few subhumans who are running the financial show and are the de-facto enemies of all nations.
    it takes a special kind of person to creat massive suffering in order to profit from it. a kind of person that the world could well do without.

  22. Jerry

    Greg, according to my source, another player is getting ready to leave the table, and drop the dollar as reserve currency. This time its the house of Saud .
    According to him this Saudi Prince was on his way to ink a deal with the Russians and Chinese when he was car jacked and had his documents stolen . Hmmm. I wonder who could have done that? It seems that Saudi Arabia wants to get in on gas pipe line deal that the Russians are putting together with Iran, Syria, and China. I can see a play coming where part if the deal is to drop the dollar as reserve currency. What say you?

    • Jerry

      Greg this report fits into my last post.
      Now I’m beginning to wonder if there’s more to ISIS running lose in the middle east than meets the eye. The western cabal could be using ISIS to put pressure on the Saudis. Either way, I think we’re are caught in a Russian bear trap, as Putin anticipated this move, just like he did with Syria. The American people have no idea, how much trouble we’re in.

      • wd

        Hi Jerry,

        All the info you have seems to be on the money ( I know that G 500 has a problem with you).

        It looks as if the Russians are trying to split the Ukriane military, another front, these guys kepp out manuvering any and everything we do. I keep hearing so many people tell me that the Russians are playing with fire and the US will crush them, I then ask how… I get no answer.

        I see the US has sent a carrier group to Japan, are we in danger of spreading our forces on too many fronts…could this be a strtaegy?


        • Jerry

          The United States is on thin ice. China could literally drop an economic bomb on us by dumping 2 trillion U.S. treasury bonds.

        • Galaxy 500

          No problem with.Jerry, just his secert.sources. Glad everything hes telling you.checks out

      • Silence is Golden

        Close my friend. Very close.

      • mark

        To reference “The Goldenjackass again”, I do remember him commenting on these ISIS guys that they are a pretty bad bunch and quite frankly would rather that they stay out of Saudi Arabia and wage their “holy war” somewhere else. In other words these Saudi princes in leadership fear for their own heads and “don’t want these guys to come home”.

    • mark

      Seems to me if I recall correctly, Dr. Jim Willie had spoken on more than one occasion about the “swing states” one being Germany which we are already seeing turning east because they want commerce not war, Japan, Turkey (I think) and last Saudi Arabia. He spoke as if the “divorce” was all but finalized with President Obama only getting a 20 minute audience with the King Abdul (if I remember correctly) during which time the Saudi king expressed his severe displeasure with the fact that we did not fully support the attack on Syria’s Asaad regime and also the fact they don’t like us steeling their gold. Dr. Jim mentioned that when the Saudis formally announce the sale of oil in currencies other than the dollar then it is game over for the petro dollar. This statement was made in the context of determining the timing of the collapse of the dollar and the ensuing hyper monetary inflation many people have been forecasting (including John Williams at shadowstats.com) and expecting, but Jim has said time and again that according to his understanding this is an EVENT DRIVEN scenario and not necessarily limited to any specific timeline AND ONE OF THE MAIN EVENTS TO WATCH FOR IS SAUDI ARABIA ACCEPTING PAYMENT FOR OIL SALES IN SOMETHING OTHER THAN DOLLARS!!! So that is one more “signpost” to watch for. All the very best. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Jerry. By the way Greg, I would like to suggest posting a link to James Corbett’s site. All the very best Greg the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus be with your spirit as well Greg– p.s. prayers for Dr. Willie as he is recovering from influenza.

  23. windcatcher

    It is a criminal act to not recognize or monitor the Fukushema radiation arriving on the Pacific west coast of our continent. Our North American Union dictators are lieing to us about the arrival of the radiation and trying to cover it up. That is a treasonous criminal act.
    The west coast die off is real. I know this from personal observation as an aware person that his lived most of his life on the ocean. I now live in the desert because I can’t take watching the die off. I had to leave the ocean.

    Here is a link to a recent report from a professional diver Dana Darnford that has documented the massive die off on the west coast of British Columbia. I know those waters well and the usual teaming of ocean life in those waters all the way up to Alaska when it was very alive.
    Jeff Rence Network:


    • Mahalia Jackson

      Putin knows well that the problem is not the American people, but the banker cartel and Rothchilds. We have nothing to fear from Russia, as the people.
      The hijacked US government is hitting a wall. All who cling to it for support or help will have big problems. We all need to find faith that this structure is changing for a better one. The banker cartel can’t exist without us and our money. We are bigger and stronger than the baker cartel. We just need to realize how deeply evil they are and walk away.

      • mark

        Hi Mahalia,
        In Paul’s second letter to the believers of the Lord Jesus Christ in Thessalonica, he used a word to answer their concern that the “day of the Lord ” (referring to the day of the Lord’s judgment i.e. tribulation) had begun and that they had somehow missed out on the promised deliverance (“rapture”) from that terrible time of judgment which was prophesied to come upon the whole inhabited earth, their concern being borne out of the fact that they were enduring intense persecution for their confessed faith in the death burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins. In 2 Thess. 2:3 Paul used the word “apostasia” in the Greek which is transliterated (not translated) in most English versions of Scripture as “apostacy” which is then defined as a “falling away” or “rebellion” from the faith (it is presumed). So that it would seem that he is telling them that the day of the Lord (the judgment heretofore prophesied) cannot take place until two things take place: 1) a presumed “falling away” from the faith and 2) the Man of Sin being revealed (Antichrist) who ” opposes and exults himself above all that is called God or an object of worship, so that he sits in the temple of God, setting himself forth saying that he is God. Do you not remember that while I was still with you, I said these things to you?” (2 Thess. 2:4-5). A closer study of the word “apostasia” yields a very interesting perspective on this verse if we consider that the word itself does not denote rebellion per se. It simply means ” to stand away from”. Whether such a “standing away from” is due to “rebellion” is determined by its use in context. In this case however, this is the only instance this word is used and so it is perfectly legitimate to translate (not transliterate) this word as “removal” or “departure” referring to the rapture of the ecclesia (assembly or body of believers on the earth at that time) as has been done by such notable scholars of the NT as Kenneth Wuest and Henry Morris to name just two, which then becomes a strong basis for making the case that the rapture of the believeing Body composed of Christ’s members must be “caught away” first (as spoken of in Paul’s first letter to them ch. 4 –“do you not remember that while I was still with you I told you these things?” along with the “Man of sin’ to be revealed before the “day of the Lord” (i.e. judgment– tribulation period) begins. So yes, we are looking away unto Jesus the Author and Perfector of our faith awaiting the trumpet sound in which we shall be “apostasia-d” outta here for we eagerly expecting a City which has foundations whose Architect and Maker is God, New Jerusalem (talk about having faith that this structure is changing for a better one) and a new heaven and new earth in which righteousness dwells (no evil schemes of sin devised by the Devil to endure anymore). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit Mahalia

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Well said Mahalia.

  24. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    It doesn’t even seem like it’s appropriate anymore to say what another great or interesting interview. These are not academic lectures in a school setting. These interviews portend what is surely coming our way. They provide an impetus to prepare (as much as one can possibly prepare) spiritually, mentally, practically. You are providing an invaluable service.

    I find it surreal at times to listen to what could be considered mainstream pundits on the air and in print talking about the economy and other issues. So many are going to be taken by surprise I believe by coming events.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Craig. I am happy you are getting some good information and perspective here!


    Here we go !
    The Russians and the Chinese have officially decided to use Yuan and Ruble
    as payment for oil. That should get things rolling !


    • J.C. Davis

      Reggie Hammond
      This is the start of a new petro deal. No turning back to yesterday. These times will be big in the future history books.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


  26. HTC


    Greg, more info on the number of earthquakes the world has experienced. It is remarkable how the frequency and severity has skyrocketed THIS YEAR. Jesus told us this would also be a sign of his coming. Greg, I’m never right about most things, but this sure looks like the beginning of the end to me.

  27. Jerry

    Greg I guess Christine Lagarde wasn’t kidding when she made the statement to the press club in January ” That she just did, what she was told”.
    Evidentially somebody in western banking cabal has an axe to grind. Maybe she said to much?

    • Silence is Golden

      Only $400 Mln. and “simple negligence”….wt?
      Just fine her the 15,000 and keep it “simple”.
      We don’t want these financial elite people “doing time” do we ??

  28. Todd

    Great Interview. James Corbett is a top tier reporter with high integrity and principles. I have been following him for years now and he only gets better. Knowledgeable and precise. If only there were more like him!

    Nice work Greg. You continue to get the best.

  29. Marc

    Hi Greg,

    Superbe interview, I check you site every 1-2 days for new ones.
    One little tip: you should install a better cam at your side (see quality vs James Corbett’s one). A good host deserves a good cam (-;

    Best regards,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marc. Always trying to get better. We are growing slowly but growing. I want to say out of debt.

      • J.C. Davis

        If only I had five stars. Excellent Marc.

  30. collateral Damage

    THANK YOU GREG FOR INTERVIEWING JC!!!!!! I have been interested in finding a more reliable source of information on Fukushima since the day that it happened.

    I have always been convinced that there was significantly more to THAT story than what was being reported.

    Now I have another website to follow.

    Thank you!


  31. John M.

    I haven’t commented on this site for quite some time with a crazy summer, but I always make the time to listen to your excellent interviews. James Corbett does one heck of a job with his analysis of a broad spectrum of subjects. I would also encourage watchdogs to watch his short and sweet 5 minute youtube video: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John M. for the comment. Please comment anytime you like.

  32. Edward Ulysses Cate

    I agree, the Fed is a stunning failure, for the 99.9%. However, the motley crew of financial sociopaths that created the Fed have almost achieved their 100 year goal. That goal was first stated in the 1889 book The Great Red Dragon, the goal was “to own the earth in fee-simple.” That means they want “title” to just about everything.
    And they used the free money they created out of thin-air to “buy” whatever they wanted. You could say that the Fed was a stunning success for those few in that “club.” Paul Warburg (“father” of the Federal Reserve) off-spring James Warburg shamelessly announced in 1950 “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest.” You and I are NOT part of that first “We,” but we are the second “we.”

  33. Aaron

    Poll asks: Is Obama Care going to make you want to vote for Democrats or Republicans in November?

    My question is, given everything this site covers, why would anyone ever vote for a democrat or a republican?

    • Mahalia Jackson

      They LIKE TO THINK they own us.
      It’s all missing paperwork, lost in the flood.
      They can’t take from us what we refuse to give them.

  34. Angusdude

    Corbett has it exactly wrong on why the Fed was created. All he has recited is their publicity about the mission for the benefit of the populace. The Fed was created by and for the elitists, the global bankers and specifically the Rothchilds and their current iteration. And they have not been a failure but rather fabulously successful.

  35. Saint Lawrence

    I regret that more criminals on high were not enumerated.
    Henry Paulson Timothy Geithner = Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008
    Zero interest-rate policy = Greenspan and Helicopter Ben B
    Troubled Asset Relief Program
    Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility
    Jack Lew received over $900,000 in bonuses while working at Citigroup
    John W. Snow Fosun Interntnl of China board of directors, CEO of CSX Corporation
    Bailout Recipients:

    Also interesting is the battle of the derivatives =
    Brooksley Born Vs Treasury and Fed. Res. Bank
    Robert Rubin + Jim Leach + Phil Gramm + Thomas J. Bliley, Jr
    Perpetrators of : Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act
    Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000

    So many criminals, so little jail time.
    Comments welcome.

  36. Mark Leininger

    The Federal Reserve is certainly not a “stunning failure” for not insuring the stability of the money supply and the value of the dollar thereof.
    It was never “created” for any such purpose but this was only the con to make it fly.
    The singular purpose for which the Federal Reserve was created was to confiscate the wealth of the people into the hands of the “money changers.” (yes the same ones)

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Hear. Hear !!

  37. gary grohs

    You are right about everything, but one thing
    who benefits, they do. who wins ,they do, So who’s the fool?

  38. Mason

    My compliments for how you keep finding these great guests, Greg! James Corbett nailed every subject he was asked about, especially about the FED. Plus he gave some new mindblowing information about Fukushima. So he is writing a book about the New World Order you say? Interesting! I wonder: Will James Corbett turn out to be a younger version of G. Edward Griffin? Again: my compliments.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mason!

  39. Allan

    Hi Gerg Great interview. James has a great understanding on many subjects especially Fukushima. One of the biggest Global enviromental Disasters and yet the Global powers ignore this and only bark at us about how we need to reduce our Carbon Footprint before some disarster due to “Global Warming” is going to destroy us.
    Greg one thing that I have been noticing for some time now with your guests, is that their camera resolution is a lot better than yours. I find this quite distracting from your great interviews.
    I hope you can update your camera and lighting soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      That takes money my friend and as we grow we will improve. I don’t want to lose control, so I self fund this project myself. Lots of stuff you do not see in the backend, but thank you for your feedback and support!!

  40. reader

    Greg, your American readers live in times which require a survivalist and a pioneer mentality – at the very least. You cannot depend on the central US government long-term and you need to go to places in America which are as independent and self-reliant as possible. Places like Texas or other places like that. Like I wrote last time, the dollar did not tank and Steve Quayles predictions were ZERO on the IMF Chritian Laguarde speech/comments. Your guest Martin Armstrong is the best, out of many, in terms of realistic developments in the future in America and the world. It was Martin who said the dollar will not tank before Europe / EURO tanks – and he expects this in 2015. Jim willie is second in his realistic assessment of other World powers and their moves and the domestic disaster.

  41. William Betts

    Some of the people here have commented about the FED and what can replace it. There is a web site http://www.monetary.org that lays out a monetary system called the American Monetary Act. This was introduced into congress 2 years ago as HR 2990. Needless to say it is not going anywhere due to the fact that 535 goons have been bribed by the bank cartel so that it would never get anywhere. What needs to happen in this country is a revolution so that the 99% can take back the country from the cartel that just about runs the world. We had a chance to do this 2 years ago, but today it is too late. The whole thing is going over the cliff. There is nothing but hurt ahead…. Betts

  42. Michael Mash

    Dear Sir ,
    I use your webside to inform me as soon as you provide it- actually i think your work cannot be prised enough. as a german i used to think that everything that comes from america is just great like movies,coca cola, harley davidson (at the age of <18)- then i grew up learned more and started to hate america because your country has inflicted so much pain,death and agony to so many people around the globe that i was brought to the point to think: the only good american is a dead one.

    with your great work i realized that it is NOT the americans too blame but this "selfcalled" elite which composes itself of mafia-type criminals who sit in your government-companies – actually you people are held hostage the same as mine. i hope you and me will find a way to get rid of these financial mafia before it will be to late. freedom is the greatest good that can be provided- but this will never come from the government – actually it comes from your heart and from your soul.

    on a side note – maybe you want to bring on dirk mueller . if he wants because this german guy knows what he talks about- he even has paul craig roberts as someone who writes at his website. just a suggestion- but i think a good one- keep up the good work- and dont fear. oh and the TTIP- would need a sweep over as well 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      The enemy is the same and that is the NWO. It is on all continents and it is covert.

    • kLONDIKE.

      Bravo Michael!
      Your people get around, Saxons to England, German Russians, immigrants to US. and recently found out 20% Teuton in my blood via the Balkans!

      Never underestimate the strength of a free people!

      A free people can beat the world at anything, from war to tiddly winks and a free press means a free people and a free internet means a free world and sites such as USAWatchdog are proof of that!

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      Great to hear your German perspective.
      I am from NZ and echo your thoughts and comments almost verbatim.
      Also I am sure many of us regular WATCHDOG followers would love too also hear your take on the Ukraine crisis as it is close to home for you and no doubt really starting to bite your economy now.

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      The situation much of the world now is in [regardless of race] reminds me of this song by Solomon Burke:

    • Mason

      Wow. Greg’s description of this grand problem is the most succinct I have seen thus far:
      “The enemy is the same and that is the NWO. It is on all continents and it is covert.”
      Spot on!

  43. Chris

    Saw this on zerohedge.com today. Looks like Jim Sinclair was spot on about Putin having a “nuclear economic bomb”.


  44. Jerry

    Greg are you watching this? 3:48 CST 08/28/2014 Ukraine has just called up the draft to go to war with Russia
    It seems to me that the western cabal is ramping up efforts to start a war between Russia and NATO to stall off the pending death of the petro dollar that is imminent with the recent Gazprom deal between Russia and China. This is serious. The United States in recent weeks has not only managed to distance itself from Russia, has now managed to be at loggerheads with the Chinese about the recent Spy plane flyover. In fact #2 U.S. carriers are on their way to the China sea right now. NOT SOMETHING YOU WANT TO DO TO SOMEONE WHO HOLDS 2 TRILLION DOLLARS IN U.S. TREASURY BONDS!

    • Greg Hunter

      Ukraine is once again the top story in the weekly news wrap up.

      • Galaxy 500

        Please explain why the Ukraine matters. I hear that its being invaded by Russians. I Also.hear that Germany is in talks with Russia to divide the Ukraine. Kinda puts Merkles comments about.the.USA cant fix everything into perspective doesnt it.
        America is being invaded right now by foreigners that seek to remake and destroy America and our.govt does nothing . So I dont see Obama and as we.do the heavy lifting in Nato, by extension, the USA, doing anything about an invasion of the Ukraine.
        Corbett has it wrong on China arming because of Japan…has it bass ackwards. Japan, after China laid claim to.islands that have been Japanese for decades also Vietnamese and.Philippines. China is flexing.its might and Japan knows Obama is a fair weather friend.

        • Greg Hunter

          They may want to divide it but not without a fight. Your point is well made, winter is a big problem for the entire European Union.

    • Galaxy 500

      What treaty will.be.used.to bring.Nato.to.the.aid.of.Ukraine?
      Ukraine isnt a member of Nato. Just.curiuous as to what the USA would use to fight as we have pinked slipped.the backbone of the fighting force. And that pesky fact that we are bankrupt, and.europes going to damn.cold without Russian nat gas.this.winter. I see a lot of weakness, a lot of rhetoric and no body with an ability to fight. My predictions is that Putin can take over the Ukraine without much trouble, they cant afford the gas they need to.survive. Even if Putin took the.Ukraine by force, I dont see a war with the west.

      • J.C. Davis

        Jerry if you don’t respond I must.. Gary 500 The electrical grid is about to be shut down. No war needed.

        • Galaxy 500

          If you.reread what I.wrote, you.will.see.that I.am.saying that Putin can take over Ukraine with out much.of a.struggle. But a short FYI to you, how much did electricity play a part in keeping infrastructure from being damaged by terrorist in the Middle East or Liberia?
          Dont know whats going to.happen but I.dont see the.world joining the fight to save the.Ukrainians. too much vested and self intrest

      • kLONDIKE.

        G-man, what DO you think of a little divine intervention?

  45. J.C. Davis

    GREG HUNTER. I am sick and tired of wimpy ass Free People speaking as tho there scared.. I know you have a open to the public site. People should list there real names. If a person come here and cant find it in there heart to list there name. Simply put there a joke to me. Allen . jerry Masson. Even Paul . STAND for what they say. I just think there is a (LOT) of weak minded people that don’t stand for anything. yet This is freedom. State your damn names if you believe in what your saying. Or I for one will refuse to read you post. Charter is the total sum of what we do and say. That includes your name. Forgive me if I missed Diane, Jen and the girls . Point is we should see our name as value.

  46. J.C. Davis

    I wish I could fix character . I meant what I said . People please STAND UP. With your name .

    • J.C. Davis

      Everything you fear will happen. So RUN A DISEL TRUCK over your fears. Let the clutch out..

  47. CharlesD

    All your worries about “money printing” are unfounded. That’s why nothing bad has happened. The Fed creates creates money out of thin air (prints) and gives this money to the system in the form of bank reserves or bank deposits. However, the Fed also removes (“unprints’) the bonds from the private sector. Thus, as the end of the day, there is no change in financial assets for the private sector. The composition, but not the amount, of private sector savings has changed. Indeed, since the bonds yield more than reserves, the private sector loses interest income in the “QE” process. So the direct impact of QE is actually to reduce the amount of money in the system. Yes, there is a “portfolio rebalancing” effect which impacts asset prices – but there is no more money in the system. That’s my understanding. Criticism always welcome, of course.

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