Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail, Canadian Truckers and META Tanks

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 514  2.4.22) 

Evil is on the attack in our world, but “Fear Not,” it’s losing.  Matthew 16:18 Christ said, “And I say also unto thee That thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”  This means evil shall not prevail against the followers of Christ, and right now, evil is getting its tail kicked.  The covid scam has all but ended.  Evil powers at CNN are fighting each other in an “evil hating on evil” theme.  It’s another sign that evil knows the scam is up, and the evil demons pushing this crap are running for cover.  The truck drivers and farmers in Canada are the boulders (not sprinkles) flattening the Covid cake.  PM Justin Trudeau is in hiding because even he knows he’s finished.

Meanwhile, news keeps coming out proving over and over again that Covid is a scam, and the vax is a depopulation bioweapon.   There should be serious jail time and public executions for the medical and pharmacy boards, Big Pharma, hospitals and government officials that pushed this depopulation event.  They ignored all facts that said the vax was not effective and NOT safe, and it’s still NOT.   This will be known as the biggest live and ongoing human experiment with gene altering mRNA in the history of the planet.  NAZI doctor Joe Mengele would be proud of the enormity of the carnage now and in the not-so-distant future.  It will also shamefully be known that the evil globalists denied life saving drugs to the public such as HCQ and Ivermectin simply to kill as many as possible and force them to take a worthless and damaging shot.  There is no medical reason for depriving the public of life saving medication unless you simply want people to die.

Facebook, now known as META, fell on its face today.  It is never going to be the same.  It lost more money in one day than the equivalent of three General Motors total market cap.  Remember what Charles Nenner said about a few tech companies holding up the markets?  META was one he was referring to.  Nenner would tell you to take some risk off the table—he did.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 2.4.22.

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After the Interview: 

Dr. Betsy Eads (one of the most popular guests of 2021) will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  Dr. Eads has more revelations about the criminal activity in the Covid and Vax scams.  Dr. Eads will reveal that there is now another way for these so-called vaccines (AKA) bioweapons to kill you.  Hint: it involves injecting people with HIV.  I kid you not.

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  1. Gene

    On Thursday, a reporter repeatedly pressed a State Department flack for evidence tending to prove that Russia is planning a false flag attack in the Ukraine to justify an invasion (see The government toady dissembled, repeating the same conclusory assertion, but never offered anything more.
    I remember watching the TV in 1962 when, in the presence of the Soviet Ambassador, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson presented aerial photographs to the Security Council demonstrating the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba (this is recorded at Ambassador Stevenson’s comments to the Soviet Ambassador at that time are just as relevant today, but ironically, they should now be directed instead to the US State Department: “I want to say to you, Mr. Zorin, that I don’t have your talent for obfuscation, for distortion, for confusing language, and for doubletalk.”

    • John Birch

      Must take the conversation to a higher level. You can’t solve a spiritual problem with political answers. Bible says the whole world is corrupt, the whole world is deceived, man has a fallen nature and Satan is the prince of this world. One third of the Bible is prophecy and since the Jews returned to Israel in 1948 we have been approaching the seven year tribulation and the Lord’s return. That’s the answer to the whole mess we call His story.

      • IIG

        How corrupt is it for Bribe’n to steal 30% of all the farmland in America by 2030 and put it out of production? – well Bill Gates is asking no questions (as he buys prime farmland at distressed prices from farmers who think their land will simply be taken by the government)!!

        • IIG

          How corrupt is it to knowingly inject our soldiers with a spike protein that creates blood clots as long as an octopus tentacle within their veins and arteries and not tell our soldiers about this deadly “side effect” ?? –

          • IIG

            And here is where all the evil corruption came from – – from “perverted aliens” who’s duty it was to watch over our world – but instead disobeyed God and interfered in our world – raping our women and teaching man “the art of war” (against the will of God) – yet they still got themselves written up in our media and religious books as being sacred saints (with halos around their heads) and the Pope now sings praises to the “alien” Prince Satanal (otherwise known as Lucifer) for bringing the light of knowledge to our world!! (yeah – the knowledge to create bio-weapons and nuclear weapons which were so much needed by mankind)!!

      • Ed

        John Birch,
        According to 1Cor.15:45-48 man’s nature is exactly the same as Adam’s was before he ate the fruit. So the problem isn’t that man has a fallen nature. The problem is that man is not a spiritual being until he is born again.

        Which is why Jesus came. This is the eternal life that Jesus died and rose again to provide for us. This is what Jesus was talking about when He said “the kingdom of God is within you”.

        But, this is only true for those who have been born again. For without the new birth, the birth of a spirit in us that was never there before, men are only natural flesh and blood. This is why Jesus said “what is born of the flesh is flesh. And what is born of the Spirit is spirit”.

        So don’t get hung up on how good or bad men can be. We are not saved, nor are we condemned, by works. Focus on how Jesus made it possible that by grace through faith not of works all men may become spiritual beings so that they have eternal life.

    • Monk

      They robbed us. Passed illegal laws. Changed society. It may be “over” but it served its purpose.

    • Bern

      Lol. Just like the false Benghazi video. Playing that card again. The Dems need some new tools.

  2. Rodster

    “The Die-Off Is Here: Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% as Post-Vaccine Deaths Rapidly Accelerate”

    • Rodster

      “Dutch insurer Aegon revealed its third quarter, 2021 life insurance payouts skyrocketed 258% compared to third quarter, 2020 payouts. The difference, of course, is found in covid vaccines. In 2020, vaccines weren’t yet available, so payouts for Aegon only reached $31 million. But after three quarters of aggressive vaccinations throughout 2021, the death benefit payouts hit $111 million, an increase of 258%.”

      • Nick Reynolds

        In my opinion, this is big news. Maybe we don’t know for sure exactly what people are dying from, but we know many more people are now dying than before people started taking the bio-weapon “vaccine.”

    • Laura McDonough

      I sent this same article out to my list the other day, here is another one targeting infants and children (sheer lunacy!) I sent this to a pediatrician in my church. Parents allowing this are covidian cult (C.C.)members. I have cut ties w/ others when I found they joined the C.C. I simply don’t call, email or answer anything they send. (these are people who rejected my warnings sent when shots were first available Jan 2020. Here is a site for all who read Greg’s site:

      • Jeff

        Laura I’m glad for those like you who take a stand on the truth. They all have a choice.

    • Mark Maples



      If the elite really want to cull the herd, why not release a souped up Ebola virus?

      I tend to think COVID is just a money grab, and any deaths are just collateral damage

      If the goal was depopulation to the extent it moved the needle, than the entire event is an abject failure

      They have not killed enough people to move the needle regarding global population

      Just my opinion

  3. Dr. G

    Greg: You were talking about staying in constant contact with HQ (Christ) in the opening of your presentation and you included a scripture from Matthew (16:18). If you read it in context (including the versus leading up to verse 18) it supports your thoughts on staying in constant contact. Christ asks Simon Peter “who do you say that I am.” And Peter says, “thou art the son of God.” And then Jesus says “Blessed art thou, for flesh and blood hat not revealed it unto thee, but my father which is in heaven.”

    That’s what the “rock” is about. The rock of revelation. God can reveal things to us. He can guide us. That’s why staying in contact contact with God is such a huge blessing. Upon this ROCK of staying in contact with HQ, will I build my church. Just thought I’d throw that observation your direction and see what you think.

    Glad you’re feeling so much better. Hang in there buddy!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for adding this Dr. G

      • Hans

        I started listening to you when you were covering the oreville dam collapse. I found your reports to be excellent. You said get out of debt. We did. You said get prepared, buy tires and storable food, so we did. Thank you and you are doing the lords work.
        I’ve noticed a trend and if it’s just your style then excuse me, I get that.
        I can lately judge your approval of an idea by how many times you say “yeah”. Was it a four yeah or a five yeah?
        Love you lots and thank you for your service to God and the wisdom you share.

    • Ed

      Excellent Dr. G! I love when the scriptures are understood in context:-)
      God Bless

    • Robert B Kinz

      The “rock” is Jesus Christ. Nothing less.

  4. KRELL427

    Greg , I was healthy for 2 years. Not even a cold. I am vax free but since the 3rd shot (the booster) came out up here in Toronto, I’ve been sick 3 times after being around vaxxed relatives and friends. Nothing serious luckily.
    I’m very happy that you are alot better Greg, your a warrior.

    • Greg Hunter

      Make sure you take Ivermectin twice a week. Horse paste is great for that. IVR binds to spike proteins and removes them from the body in vaxed or unvaxed.

      • Rodster

        Greg, do you have a link where we can buy it? What kind of dosage should the average person take?

        • Greg Hunter

          It’s 1.87 Ivermectin Apple flavored Horse Paste. Tractor supply and others sell it. The dose for a horse is exactly the same for humans. According to Dr. Kory it 9 mgs per 100 pounds. The Horse paste dispenses exactly that. There have been extreme dosing of Ivermectin so it is nearly impossible to overdose. Go and listen to the Dr. Kory interview I did last month: Also go to

          • Jeff robbins

            We mixed a little with jam on some toast. I plan to use it with any serious viral infection from here on out.

            • Laura McDonough

              I assume average adult needs 13-15mg for 150lb or more in average body weight.

        • Rodney

          Try your local feed store as well, it’s where I get most of mine. You have a good day now.

        • Frank D2

          You can buy it on Amazon. Just go to Amazon and search for “apple flavored ivermectin “. I bought 3 tubes.

        • Brian Klug

          You can purchased both HCQ with Zinc Sulphate and Ivermectin with Doxycycline at The drugs come from India so it takes about four weeks to receive but your card is not charged until you receive your order The prescription for the drugs is issued by the doctor at site after you fill out a questionare. Pricing is reasonable. Hope this helps.

          • RSH

            I have used with no issues.

          • caroline

            For some the medical form to complete is invisible but if you draw your cursor to copy it highlights right out. I am not sure why that is, maybe the browser being used?

        • Erika Miller

          Here is what Clif High suggested in his last interview with USA Watchdog and what can be bought from Note for listeners in Canada, does not sell it. However, does sell it to Canadian customers as shown on’s website.

          • Earth Angel

            Why would anyone want to support amazon when you can support local businesses? I can’t stand amazon (or it’s owner) and never buy anything from them-ever!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg,
        Great to see you back in rude health and firing on all cylinders!
        Re taking Ivermectin twice / week. What is the recommended dose? I was not well after being around many triple vaxxed and took a one-off dose of (horse paste) according to my weight – along with HCQ (which I had acquired months ago) and Azithromycin. Better now but still not 100%. My wife’s base level health is not great and she is finding it difficult to shift a persistent cough.
        So, is it a ‘full’ dose by weight, twice per week, or a reduced dose?

        P.S. Neither of us have taken any of the shots.

        • Greg Hunter

          according to Dr. Kory it’s 9 mgs per 100 pounds. The Horse paste dispenser will measure exactly that. Human dose same as horse. Go listen to the dr. Kory interview I did last month. also go here:

          • Brooklyn


            I can truly relate to the first 3-4 minutes of your podcast when you reached out for Dr. Kory saying, “I’m sick and I need Help!” Mine was almost the complete opposite when our daughter, who is our medical advocate, after realizing that my blood oxygen numbers were in the low 90’s and that I WAS GOING TO THE HOSPITAL! – I reluctantly went, with Dr. Kory’s warning ring in my ears – Stay out of hospitals !!!

            Alls well that ends well, as my covid pneumonia is “almost” in the rear view mirror, and you Greg are looking well yourself. Proof! once again that Jesus is Real….;)

            • timothy

              Brooklyn, be careful. My Dad was 87 when he started coughing uncontrollably. He recovered, but the pneumonia came back, and back, and the hospitals and rehab centers wore him down. Two years later, at the age 89, my Dad died.

      • Jeffrey Smith


        My wife caught something, what I thought was a cold, could have been COVID of some sort about 2 weeks ago. Immediately she took Ivermectin daily, the tiredness and lack of appetite went away but the cough lingers still. She is fine except for that. We won’t go to Urgent Care or the hospital bc of what their goals are. We don’t have a Pierre Cory doctor type to text and evaluate her. We fired our PCP bc she was a typical sheople doctor, told us in the past HCQ is dangerous and she will not lose her job over prescribing it.
        Anyway, I feel stuck on what to do, her cough sounds familiar to what your cough sounded like when we watched. What exactly did the doctor prescribe you? I don’t know who to call but I will pray for an answer


        • David

          Jeff, I can tell you what worked for us with the cough. Look up Dr Berg’s remedy for a nebulizer to help with cough. 5 simple ingedients. We did not have a nebulizer so we put it in a cereal bowl with boiled water, the 5 ingedients, and with a towel over the head. IT WORKED in 3 days. Amazing.

          • MCasey

            David/Jeff…I used hydro peroxide in a nebulizer…3 homemade treatments in 2 days….worked great. However, using hydro peroxide in a nebulizer is not for the novice, so Dr. Berg’s would be the way to go.

        • Dr Wright

          Please note that 99+% of doctors are not in on this mass hysteria/propaganda campaign. The ABMS, American Board of Medical Specialties, the Board that grants doctors “board certification”, has sent notices to all doctors threatening discipline up to and including taking away their board certification for even SAYING anything they determine is providing COVID misinformation to patients. This is not a joke. I am a doctor. I have the email my own board sent me. It’s very clear and very threatening. We all must realize by now that they have no problem destroying the career and life of ANYBODY that is not in line, all doctors included(other than Falsy, maybe). But please note there is a healthy contingent of doctors that are finding their own information and silently prescribing ivermectin.

          • Jeff

            Disagree completely. Every doctor I’ve seen walks in fear and looks at you like you’re an alien if you even mention the absurdity of masks and jabs.

          • Laura McDonough

            I agree w/ Dr, they are afraid of losing med. license , they will not get into a dialogue w/ anti covid shot patients. Best to say: I opt out of these shots/all shots incl flu, etc. I know my dr knows about frontline drs. but know he can’t discuss any further anti covid info. as nurses are nearby.

      • Craig Cosgray

        Hey Greg,

        Thanks for doing this segment about your cough. Turns out my wife has the same thing.
        Would you be so kind as to send me the BRAND NAME of the inhalant?

        I copied the other two parts of the cure.

        Godspeed, brother. Great job. This is definitely a spiritual war.

        • Greg Hunter

          Craig Dr. Kory prescribed “Flovent HFA” 220 mcg.

          • Laura McDonough

            Greg, thanks for info. husband had some wish it was sold over the counter.

    • The Ogs

      Hey being around the inoculated people is not the end of the world. Anything they ‘shed’ will present itself to your immune system the old-fashioned way, and can easily be dealt with. People thus over time will develop immunity.
      It is when these toxins are injected directly into our flesh and bloodstreams (bypassing the innate immune system completely) that people are guaranteed to become ill.
      Of course it is concerning that these spike-protein-things are not normal, they are apparently artificial, but in the role of ‘just one more environmental pestilence’ it’s comforting indeed to know that our God-given natural immunity is able to deal with them just fine!

  5. Kerry

    Greg. Been watching you for years. Have to say though, you’re holding on too tight. You’re very angry. Indulging in that anger is not healthy. The definition of apocalypse means “lifting of the veil” to bring to light that which has been hidden. To see things as they really are. Not as we would have them. Just don’t want to see you have a heart attack from the obvious stress. Let go. Let God.

    • Sniffles Halsteadson

      I think we all could use that advice, in these critical times hard to deal with! 🤧

    • Philip Lippens

      Greg is not angry. He’s passionate and that’s a very good thing.

  6. Mark Berg

    By April the people should be chasing these bastards down the streets and hanging them..
    Any of these news media people that went along with this scam should be held accountable.

    • Russell

      There will be nowhere for them to run when the poop hits the fan. When Nuremberg 2.0 emerges, we know names. They had better get right with the God of the universe, right now, and decide who’s side they are on.

    • Rusty

      Would you have said the same to Jesus when He overturned the tables and forced the money changers out of the Temple? Greg is passionate, which comes from being a person of love and I love him for it.

    • Jennifer

      Mark…the Bible is in agreement with you.
      GENISIS 9:6 “Whosoever shall shed man’s blood, his blood shall be shed: for man was made to the image of God.”

      Murderers destroy God’s most sacred creation, humans, who are created in HIS image! By murdering, these killers have given up their human right to life and thus, the only just punishment for them is the death sentence!

  7. Mark Maya

    A.I., Artificial Intelligence NOT!, actually Assholes, Ignorance.

  8. Mark Berg

    I have Ivermectin, but I do not know how much to take for maintenence. I have 12 Mg tablets..I weigh 155 lbs, please advise.

    • Greg Hunter

      9 mgs per 100 pounds according to Dr. Kory. Impossible to OD on IVR. Go here:

    • Laura McDonough

      Mark, I weight about the same as u, and take 13- 14mg, also 5000 IU D, and vit C one a day. Other vit and min. basics. I take less D in warmer season.

    • Mt

      It’s in the math ( 9mg/100)x155= 13.95mg

  9. Grant Hill

    Greg, you are the Greatest!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!

  10. Gabriel Valdés

    Dear Greg.
    Peter’s confession of faith: “You are the Christ (the Messiah), the Son of the living God”
    The rock upon which Christ will build his Church …(and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it), is Peter’s confession of faith, and not Peter himself.
    Who believes that Jesus is the Messiah and the son of God or God himself in the flesh, is a member of his assembly (church) and is a Christian. I believe this because of Jesus’ Passion and resurrection.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

      And so, did our Lord give the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and the powers of binding and loosing, to Peter’s profession of faith?

  11. Ed Mustafo

    I post here for two reasons. 1) To support Greg and USA Watchdog. 2) To inspire people to not give up or lose hope, because there IS an ongoing plan to take down this whole corrupt diseased system. God wins. “ They “ lose. Believe it.

    • Russell

      Their house of cards has fallen. Everything from here forward, is a steaming pile of BS. I was done listening to these asshats 22 months ago. In a righteous world, gain of Fauci should be hanging from piano wire, like yesterday.

    • Jerry

      I’ve never heard that angle. I believe the church being built on Peter is a Catholic thing as Yeshua is the cornerstone. I realize “Peter” means little stone. Some even feel Yeshua was referring to Mt. Hermon, as that’s what He was allegedly looking at. Of course, the 200 watchers were supposed to have come down from there.

      • Jeff

        This is the part everyone misses that my brother above included, ” And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven ”
        This is for ALL believers and why the world is in the state it is. We did not take authority as Jesus gave us. Praying in authority and commanding the evil to leave. That is our heritage and commandment.
        God is going to cover the earth with His glory BEFORE Jesus comes back and the plan has always been for us to do the work with His grace.
        Stop sitting on our hands waiting for His return. Start standing on the promises in His word and take authority.
        What God is doing today is a result of the remnant that dares to believe and are praying for His holy will to come. What is that will? That we might stand in faith and overcome the darkness. That we might bring about the last great harvest and walk like Jesus. And do greater works. Casting out the evil we allowed to slowly engulf the wonderful earth He gave us.
        Some here that believe God is all powerful will on the other hand say we are powerless to the evill and please Jesus come save us. That very attitude is so far from the power that mightily works within us.
        Is Jesus and the Holy Spirit residing in you weaker than a fallen angel (Satan)?
        This is the greatest time in the history of mankind because it is the culmination of God’s greatest plans fulfilled.
        And He chose us to do it.

        • Earth Angel

          Wow Jeff, You just said it ALL friend! We are not supposed to sit on our laurels and just wait for Christ to return & do it all. We’re in an interactive play here; and all of us have our parts to play. Remember there’s no dress rehearsal in life- so let’s all get on with the show- this is it! If we all rise to the occasion, the cast party after the show (when our Messiah returns for us) is going to be just heavenly! And thanks Greg for doing such a great job and being who you are. So very glad to see you back feeling good again. ; )

  12. Hubbs

    I agree about your assessment of the North Carolina Medical Board. (NCMB) They harassed me with five of their own appointed experts all of whom which cleared me and yet still tried to advance their crusade against the “disruptive” physician, trying to make it appear as a formal diagnosis when basically all it is is a form of burn out. I was their poster child early in their crusade in 2003. Ruined my career and life.They finally had to send me out of state to Talbot Recovery Center in Atlanta Georgia to get the opinion they wantedsince none of their experts would give the opinion noon the NCMB wanted. Talbot Recovery Center stood to make over $50,000 by saying that I needed three months intensive in-house therapy at their facility. an incredible conflict of interest. I have been shadow banned from the North Carolina Medical Board’s platform which unfortunately is Facebook.This kind of abuse of sending physicians to these treatment centers was a subject of a 2014 Democratic state audit.

    • Jerry

      Where do you see a “great harvest” in the bible? When “Jesus” comes back, it will be to rule.

  13. Bobby

    Dear Greg Hunter please take care and vitamin c CCC CCC CCC and Zinc and quercetin blessings to you and your family and friends . Thanks again Bobby.

  14. Poochiman

    We love you Greg!

  15. Ron

    Hi Greg, if you take all the eligible voters in Canada, less than 20% voted for the Klaus Schwab protege. He claims to represent Canadians, but he’s delusional.

    • Pete+only

      Ron, you have put things into perspective nicely.
      Trudeau’s liberals only had 32% of the popular vote, in a low turn out election, so it probably is only 20% of the voters.
      And of that 32%, there were probably many new comers, and probably 10% of the population work for the government.

  16. Lisa

    OH Greg, you are a sweetheart! Yahshua already has won, yes exactly! We are just here to be tested with our faith, ie the Testaments!

    It sounds like you’ve had, Bronchitis. I’ve had it numerous times, before cv 19 was ever thought of. All you need is a cup of hot water, a lemon a 2 tablespoons of honey, that is it.
    It is natural and from the Heavens that Yahweh provided us with, not the pharma ivermetic crap. Yahweh provides us with all natural medicine, if it isn’t made of nature it isn’t from Him.

    Glad your feeling better you wonderful man!
    Oh and 19 from Covid means Artificial Intellegence

  17. Ken

    Glad you’re feeling better, hope you get to one hundred percent soon, I’ve come to the same conclusion you have that there is going to have to be a (Just) compensation for the crimes against humanity, We can thank are neighbor’s to the north for standing up against absolute terany. Maybe this momentum will carry the day and we will win. Thank you Canadian truckers and farmers.

  18. Davis Wall

    A new tactic is taking shape against tyrannical school boards. Going after their individual surety bonds.

  19. IIG

    It is now becoming common knowledge that Big Pharma’s vaccines “do not prevent infection” and “do not stop the spread of the bio-weapon” (released upon the world by Fauci to deviously include HIV) – governments are beginning to realize this bio-weapon was released “on purpose” by eugenicists to reduce the human population – the science shows the un-vaccinated are showing natural immunity to the bio-weapon which is better than the vaccinated who are now getting side effects from the vaccines which include heart failure (among healthy men under 40), reproductive damage to women, etc., etc., etc. – the vaccines are causing more harm then good – and U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally announced that England will be lifting requirements for COVID passes, ending mask mandates and canceling work-from-home requirements – so the tide among political leaders is beginning to turn – and the truckers in Canada, the US and Australia need to bring their governments to their senses also – people must realize that this bio-weapon (released upon the world with evil intent by psychopathic eugenicists) will be with us forever – and “it is time” – “it is time” to bring the evil perpetraitors (who tried to exterminate the world in a Holocaust unprecedented in human history) to justice – let the Nuremberg II trials begin (where all those who claim “they were just following orders” are found as guilty as the murdering psychos who deliberately tried to kill billions of people!!

    • Johnny Cool


      Some are asking the question…

      How’s Paulie?

      • IIG

        Some thought after his Crucifixion they would never see Jesus Christ again … but within three(3) days JC rose again (to confound all the naysayers)!

  20. Virginia

    Greg, Get well. Thank you for the uplifting presentation today. I have pulled back big time from computer time and the news. I have to remind myself not to drink the cool-aid as there is so much subliminal messaging everywhere by reading my prayer book and bible daily.
    God bless you and yours.

  21. C. Joyce

    Powerful message, Greg! The bad guys are not doing too well, are they? Glad to hear you are on the mend. Thank you also for mentioning Brother Bugnolo. I had heard him a couple of times but could not remember his name.

  22. Jacob Moore

    I think we need to start realizing that trump isnt on our side. Just controlled opposition.

  23. Valerie

    Sorry you’ve been so sick, Greg! I hope you are feeling 100% better very soon! Your tone was a little more somber in this WNW. Being sick will do that to you. Thanks for another excellent WNW! And thank you for your encouragement, and your determination to spread Christ’s message that we should “fear not”! God bless you, Greg!

  24. NavyBlueSmoke

    Greg ; I am convinced you have a powerful pulpit here on and it has helped in the fight against the many MT pulpits that we’ve had during these last few decades. I believe our next opportunity to further Ramp Up Efforts against the evil one ; should be gathering everyone together under when it goes live soon. I will as usual keep my moniker NavyBlueSmoke & we should all group our top fighters in this arena so no one on Earth will have trouble finding the links to the truth by those whom are the heavy hitters. Our Best President ever has made the investment in that platform so we all can have an uncensored platform & we must honor our Creator God , Our Families & neighbors by embracing the opportunity . Once on the platform let’s Continue to Redouble Our Efforts Everyday ! Pray Fervently , Gird Your Loins & Fight With The Armor of God As Your Breastplate ……….. Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

  25. Blair Phillips

    Dear Greg,

    You are in my prayers and I appreciate all your work and your courage in reporting the real deal. I know you’re on the comeback trail. You inspire me to speak the truth to people in my world where before I would not have risked offending anyone. Keep doing what you’re doing because when someone wakes up they don’t go back to sleep again. People are waking up everywhere! Truth is a mighty army that always wins in the end!

    You mentioned listening to a Catholic “Brother” and I can’t seem to find him— would. You mind posting a link to him? I would like to listen to him. (And any other people you find helpful.

    Thanks again for all you do.

  26. Jeff N

    God bless you, Greg! You are absolutely right….. the gates of hell shall not prevail against Jesus Christ and His believers. In Jesus name and by His authority I declare Psalm 91 over you and send a hundred angels of the Host of Heaven to protect you, minister to you, heal you and bless you richly. You are doing God’s work. There is no higher calling. Thank you for your perseverance and personal commitment to truth, freedom, liberty and justice.

  27. Robin Haan

    Canadians are nonviolent but we will get our point across, God is still alive here……. large native blood in the population.

    • Max kercheval

      Keep on the war path god bless

  28. Andrew Maroc

    Thank you Greg for all your efforts. Good health and greeting from Australia.
    Andrew Maroc Canberra ACT

  29. Helen

    Hi Greg,
    So happy you are better now. Good that you called the right person.
    I see you are fired up, relax get your strength back, but well done you.
    Helen from New Zealand

  30. stanley skrzypek

    Chapter by Chapter…Verse by Verse….the Shepherds Chapel , Gravette Arkansas ……

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I began studying with that old Marine back in 1989. After about three random Q & A sessions I decided he was either insane or correct.

      Although he did teach many heresies (such as soul annihilation, for example), many of his premises remain with me, the greatest of which is to dig in and find out the truth.

      That practice of over 30 years leaves me very confused when I encounter people who remain blind to the fact that the New Testament grew out from the Church (which finally, formally, canonized 27 of the many circulating “books” in the late 4th century), not the other way around, and is to be understood in light of the Apostolic Tradition (by which the New Testament was formed) handed down from the time Our Lord founded His Church on the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, Peter chief among them.

  31. Vincent Osburn

    Preach it Greg !
    Thanks for another great WNW, missed you last week. Glad to see and hear you are on the upswing. I’ve been thinking about a bumper sticker with a gallows depiction and the words “Remember Nuremberg” or “Nuremberg 2.0 is coming” or “It’s Nuremberg time”…. something like that.

  32. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,you sir are on fire and angry.
    As a fellow pleb,yeah I graduated fancy schools but I was the wrong class,I too am cheesed off at the Davos Bolshevik Fascists and the United Nations and the European Union,just organisations hiding names like, Bill and Melinda Gates and their “charities”,George Soros and the weasels at Harvard Business School (where Klaus Schwab had his start just like Yale helped Mao)and the Kennedy School and the London School of Economics,(perhaps Pol Pot wasn’t so wrong after all),Buffet the fascist’s fascist who gained so much at the expense of the pleb class, just like Bezos at Amazon. The list goes on and when do we plebs grab our pitchforks and demand that the Central Banks that are playing with our money stop doling out OUR money to the fascist elite. If Meta goes under so what! Yet the fascists in Europe and the USA are molly coddled with central bank money whilst we plebs pay 30% interest rates on our cards whilst the Central Bank touts digital money to aid us plebs more like to grind us down even more.
    Still here in the UK our economy is even more abysmal than last week and our elite again do not have to abide by laws which we plebs are hung for.We seriously need a revolution and our state broadcaster needs to burn and soon.

  33. Todd J Dembsky

    Amen Greg. This is the reason that I listen to every one of your broadcasts. Our war is not with the people of this Earth, our war is with the very foundation of hell. We fight in the Spiritual dimension. Jesus is real and God will overcome all evil.
    Talk to Jesus every day, pray every day, read the Bible every day.
    The Grey Horseman is riding as told in Scripture, this is part of the tribulation that we as sinners all need to go through. As believers in Jesus, the Holy Spirit has sealed our hearts. This does not mean we are immune from the plagues in Tribulation, it means that we no longer fear death as we know we are going to be in the care and protection of the Trinity. We have many trials and difficult times ahead of us, however, God will see His children through.

    • Dwight Branson

      Dittos on every point! God Bless You, USAW viewers, and Mr. Hunter!

  34. Mark Harley

    Hello Greg Hunter,
    I just want to thank you for all your hard work in reporting the truth. I have been watching your interviews and news wrap-ups for many years and have realized how much the mainline news media has spewed out garbage as reporting. You are one of the few left that has the fortitude to stand up in reporting the truth.
    Greg, I am a biblically ordinated Christian, and when I see all these crazy, evil events ‘allowed’ to happen in our world, it’s confirmation to me that we are in the end-times.
    ie: Look what the majority of your guests are directly or indirectly talking about.
    I know you are one of God’s servants, your ending message in the weekly wrap-ups is the give-a-way.
    May God bless you and your family.

  35. John Mahoney

    so glad ur getting better, GOD bless u greg, and thank u for the inspiration.


    Love you brother—warrior for Christ —-surely you would be at least a major in the army of Christ and an officer that the men would follow over the top . You are loved ,so get 100% well asap ,we were worried about you coughing during the interview with Clif High as was he , I saw it on his face ,because he loves you too, bit short of the readies at the moment but expecting a big influx soon and when I see it so will you brother ,that’s a promise and I always follow through on my promises ,like last time , you are better for me than an army of shrinks , not that I have ever seen one don’t need to I have your show

  37. David Showers

    Greg, I am so glad that you are feeling better; and I agree with you – I think you were attacked by the Evil One for taking a stand for Christ.

  38. Jerry

    I highly recommend that your readers take a moment and read this study. To date I have lost two people I know because they faithfully took the booster.

    It is the perfect coverup. Both deaths were blamed on cancer. Anyone who has a severe health condition that has been vaccinated is most likely going to die. My wife’s cousin who’s husband has been fighting cancer had to admit her husband to the hospital yesterday because his body is full of blood clots after taking the booster. I myself two weeks ago wound up in the emergency room after my heart went into
    A fib because of blood clots. I have never taken any prescription drugs before and now I’m on three heart medications including a blood thinner. The kicker is if you recall I was given remdisivere when I was hospitalized for Covid back in October of 2021. Because of
    the blood thinner I’m on now I can’t take many of the protocols I was taking before for cancer treatment, in addition to chemotherapy.
    Next week I will go in for my next pet scan. If the cancer cells are not held in check, I have a big decision to make. Either ditch the blood thinners and take my chances with the blood clots and go back on the protocols that were working, or risk death by continuing the current
    line of therapy that I have been receiving.

    Do you see how this works Greg? They baked the bioweapon into the cake. All of us will have choices to make. Either get the vaccine that produces blood clots, and any other number of death causing agents, or take your chances with the never ending line of viruses these lunatics keep rolling out. Now you can see how important it is to get your spiritual house in order. No offense, but living in a world with billions of rotting corpses will be Hell. In addition supply chains are beginning to break apart, so it’s only a matter of time before you can add food shortages to the list of miseries the globalist have planned for us. It’s hard to fill jobs when no one is there to take them because they are dead. No offense to Cliff High, but the die off has ramifications that even he has not thought of. But don’t worry, turn on any social media source including television and its business as usual. My advice? Put your trust in Jesus Christ, because right now he’s the only one you can trust in an unsure world. God bless you Greg for your courage to tell the truth. You have many lives. Including mine.

    • Alcide

      @ Jerry
      Ag colloïdal NON ionique est la solution à tous tes problèmes.
      La chimio est inutile, voire nocive, les thrombus formés par l’absorption de graphène dans l’air par épandages de chemtrails ou par vaxx peuvent être détruits par l’Ag Co NON ionique.

    • Mark Maples


      I wish you well in your battle

      My family and I have included you in our prayers and will continue to do so.

      God bless you.

    • Simple girl

      Jerry, You should check out the website

      • Jerry

        Simple Girl,
        I have spoken with Joe Tippins. I’m on board with his protocols.

    • Jeff robbins

      There are some side indications in the various studies that invermectin has anti cancer properties, especially colon cancer, nothing conclusive, but in your condition you have nothing to loose by taking some. Research yourself, also super foods, I don’t believe you will get anything more than propaganda from the medical folks.

    • Zandra Potter Slone


      I am not sure if this will be helpful to you but I have read that Lumbrokinase Enzymes are a blend of fibrinolytic enzymes that assist your body in clearing away fibrin and other unwanted proteins. I thought it might be worth researching. I first read about the enzyme from Dr. Mercola.

      Take Care,

  39. Bradley J Calhoun

    Thank you for that verse in Matthew. Powerful verse. I will use that as my theme for the day, week, month, year. WWG1WGA!
    Brad Calhoun
    North Port, FL

  40. Visionkeeper

    Hi Greg,
    So good to see you back in the swing of things! Sorry you have been so sick. We can all see now that the Deep State are the ‘Evil Doers’ not some Middle Eastern country! Stay strong in your faith and always know we will win this battle because as you point out, ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail’. Just wait until the truckers reach Washington! Good luck to the weasels then! God speed and good health my friend….

  41. Astra Penny

    Dearest Greg, All I want to say is THANK YOU. It is so good to hear you.

  42. Alan Wakefield

    Greg, I’m certain you recall Arnold as The Terminator. Just like Terminator, the Gates/Gain-of-Function Fauci AGENDA has NO LOGIC, no science, no morals, no ethics, no reason, no empathy, no sympathy, no pity, no hesitance, no remorse, no qualm, no reluctance, no shame, no misgiving, no humanity, no argument, no compunctions, no right, no wrong, no second thought, all Gates/Fauci know is “THE AGENDA!” Like the Terminator, it only knows “the agenda,” find Sarah Connor and terminate her! Today the Sarah Connor AGENDA has become the entire human race, FIND THEM! TERMINATE THEM! The AGENDA MUST be completed.

  43. Mike Johnson

    Show me something that’s artificially intelligent and I’ll show you something that’s naturally stupid. Get it outside of the parameters it was designed to operate in and it won’t have a clue.

  44. Mark

    ” The next step along this path cannot be known with certainty, even though outlines of some possibilities are published in advance. One thing that the snake cannot afford to do is give up. If key players are exposed at this late stage the consequences to them will be terrible. We must consider every known possibility and be mindful that some tricks that we have never considered may be deployed. As the security of these conspirators grows more perilous the potential that they will use desperate and destructive maneuvers will increase.
    There is potential for, at least some faction of the public, to enjoy a false victory.”

  45. MC

    Thank you Greg, that was just what I needed to hear. I have held up great during all this till the last few weeks. Lingering health issues that started in the spring when vaccinated patients started showing up at the office. Never got sick, but I am having a hard time breathing when I exerted myself. I haven’t been able to shake it and it began wearing on me both mentally and physically.
    So thanks for reminding me that we are in a war and we know the outcome.

  46. chester kendra

    TruDope, Shwabb will be judged, by us and by God. Retribution will come and not too soon.

  47. Jody

    Hi Greg, be careful with that viral infection. I had that 4 years ago and after I recovered I came down with something like GB and I was numb from head to toe! get well soon.

  48. Andrew Harrison

    Awesome wrap up thank you Greg and get well soon.

  49. Andrew Cox

    Greg – I had a similar cough a few years ago. It leaves you feeling completely exhausted.
    But I recovered after taking a range of over-the-counter medications.

    I am glad to see you are on the road to recovery.

    Keep up the great work.

  50. Joe McCormick

    Thank you for your testimony, this morning, Greg. I am with you that we are in a winner-take-all spiritual war! Thankfully, we know the final outcome and who prevails. Jesus said of the days in which we now lived: “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:11-13) These false prophets arise from within Christianity yet deceive many!

    Your testimony is important Greg. Many are losing their faith during these trying times, but also many will recognize their need for Jesus and come to Him for salvation. Thank you for never being afraid to share your faith. God bless you, always. Joe

  51. Joe McCormick

    Thank you for your testimony, this morning, Greg. I am with you that we are in a winner-take-all spiritual war! Thankfully, we know the final outcome and who prevails. Jesus said of the days in which we now live:
    “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:11-13) These false prophets arise from within Christianity yet deceive many!

    Your testimony is important Greg. Many are losing their faith during these trying times, but also many will recognize their need for Jesus and come to Him for salvation. Thank you for never being afraid to share your faith. God bless you, always. Joe

  52. Steve

    So glade your feeling better.

  53. Taylor Grant


    I will pray for your spiritual well being! Live your life according to His Word.

    [Eph 6:12 KJV] 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

  54. Wendy R

    Amen, Greg. The gates of hell will not prevail. However the Day of the Lord (Judgement time) will also come from Christ, the worst time of trouble ever for those who refuse the truth. So you’re more right about trusting Christ’s finished work on the cross to save anyone who will from that wrath, than about anything else you’ve said. Be patient – soon or in the hereafter the perps will face God’s perfect justice – they will not get away with anything.

    Meanwhile we apparently will be living through some heavy birth pangs before that end – grace is still available.

    Folks, like Greg, I took the whole AFLCCC prevention protocol including ivermectin and immune strengthening supplements and still got no mild case of the latest virus – unvaxxxed! Even with the upped doses of ivermectin for pulmonary phase, the “bug” was a doozy , like the worst respiratory infections I used to get on planes. So not even the protocols keep us safe from the virus (next level engineered?). Who knows, maybe I would have been much worse off if I hadn’t taken prevention (I’m a senior). Who knows, Greg, you might have died if you hadn’t. I’m thanking God that now I have antibodies at least for a while. But more than that, no matter what, I already have the life in Christ victory.

  55. SilverHawk

    The Second Coming will be in Feb 2027. 12th or 21st. 80 years after Israel will again become a nation. Watch for the announcement of the rebuilding of the temple around August of next year. Ivermectin is a man made drug. Not 100% effective. Turmeric is from God and is 100% effective. QED. Peace out.

  56. antoinette dawson

    Amen, Greg! I thank God for your recovery from sickness.

  57. Jim Kuzdal

    Best show ever Greg!
    Love the info / insight
    Love the passion
    Love the Christian truth

  58. Rodney

    Greg, good to see you feeling better and in good spirits, thanks be to God. I heard you didn’t use twatter, for your consideration I heard a platform called GAB has been well received by like minded folks with the same passion as most of your listeners…anyway something to think about to connect with even more folks. Stay in good health and in Gods grace, our prayers are with you.

  59. Joseph Rocco

    Powerful. Well done. Prayers to you. As always ❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️


    another point of view…should be able to listen….

  61. View from USA's attic

    Greg, there are mini-convoy’s happening all throughout SW Ontario (Canada). There was one yesterday afternoon in Sarnia, ON…with about 150 vehicles. It had agriculture tractors (as its farming area), transport trucks and passenger vehicles.

    Trudeau’s ‘fringe minority’ comment is looking dumber by the day…resistance is growing !!!

  62. Nick de la Gaume

    Dear Greg,
    as I posted about 2 years ago this virus is pure evil.
    How did I know?
    We went to a meeting with an association that my wife is involved with in Jan 2020, in a French Chatêau in the south of France. God sent the signs, do not go, strong signs, but the wife and my daughter were having none of that. I was aware of the sickness sweeping China but had not watched Clif for several months.
    Wife and 2 kids went to a Chinese Light Festival. I was totally against the idea but Madame is very stubborn.

    When we got back to Belgium I had terrible chest pains so bad that I put my hippy pipe down for a couple of weeks. My daughter had a terrible cough. I can heal with my hands.
    On the first pass there was a ball of total blackness in her chest, Hell!!!!! Among the many so called ‘mystical experiences’ that I have had, unsought, provided by God to prepare me for the many battles that I have fought, I had a quick visit to Hell. It is Total Blackness, You cannot imagine the pain and suffering in there. The ONLY way out is to beg God. I knew straight away what this ball of Blackness was immediately. On the second pass of my hands it had gone. I deliberately did not ask my then 10 year old what she had felt. Her mother, unbeknown to me, asked her that evening. She said she had felt a terrible burning pain in her lungs. Nobody that I had healed before had ever experienced any pain, the exact opposite.

    I do not have the slightest doubt that you were attacked, surprised that it took so long, and will be sending some good vibes to heal you. Just accept them. My pleasure.

    The wife, a care at home nurse in the Grand Duchy, works for an internationaly known organisation. The pressure to get vaxxed has been enormous. In the monthy magazine they announced that they will be having a minutes silence once week!

    For who, the dead from the Evil, the vaxxed??????????????

    No, no!! A minutes silence for the unvaxxed.

    God Bless


    Ps. I recently put the hippy pipe down for the last time. 70 next week and hardly look 50, which is just as well as the wife is 48, very beautiful and incredibly stubborn to compensate.

    PPS. Here we call Truducoo Doh by his real name. French speakers will appreciate this.

  63. Robert J. Gargasz

    Praise God and His All Powerful Son Jesus Christ!
    Greg Hunter God Loves You! I am much like you evil struck me my friend Tom Renz called Dr. Elizabeth Laffay and she treated me when no local OHIO doctor would prescribe ivermectin as my wife and I needed to breathe. We were attacked by evil also. The gates of hell shall not prevail! Christ will prevail for His Father! He will use me as necessary to win!

  64. Zip


  65. rwmctrofholz

    Never forget, the same people that told us that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent, and that it’d take 15 days to flatten the curve, are the same people telling you the vaccine is safe and effective.

    I would add, also, that these same people accused others who used the term “crisis actors” as being conspiracy theorists while they themselves are using the term.


    Nothing wrong with a ‘working man’s PhD’

  67. andrea

    Jesus is NOW right this moment, saving you and I from evil TODAY, he is RIGHT NOW cleansing this earth from these ugly corrupt murderers’. Have you not seen yourself waking about? you have been saved! and you will remain with us ( that revel in Jesus and completely give our earthy lives to HIM. For the Meek shal inherit the earth.

  68. Ellen

    Greg, thank you for such an inspiring message ! bill Gates of Hell & all the other evil gates shall not prevail against us – the Soldiers of Christ . My husband is almost 80 & I will be 73 in a couple weeks . We declared from the beginning we would NOT take that JAB OF ABOMINATION ( nor any other vaxx ! ) About 3 weeks ago both of us came down with this crud – it has been a battle but the gates of hell did NOT prevail . We are both on the mend – PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST – fore THE WORD says ” BY HIS STRIPES YE WERE HEALED ” !!!
    My youngest brother who just turned 55 in October lost his battle with Adenocarcinoma , after just being diagnosed with it in the Summer !!! We know he is in a better place . But what my sister & I found out after the fact was that his medical records show he had COVID INDUCED CANCER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who in blazes ever heard of such an outrageous claim ??? He actually had Covid 2 years ago , but still would someone please tell me how Covid causes cancer ??????????? Another darn scam for the hospital to get more money from the government !!! ~~~~~~ BLESSINGS TO YOU from central Virginia !

    • Warren B.

      Immune dysregulation.

  69. Amber

    We will only make it alive and with mental clarity over the next few years in jesus name daily . Im in far northern california its getting crazy here. Many sick now. I new you greg were sick when i watched the clif high interview i sent blessings at that time. So many warnings but so many unprepared. I read above and think how do these people still not know ivermectin dosages, 2 years into this and they hear but do not apply until in panic. Its concerning but i watch you and listen and if not for clif high in 2019 warning about whats coming and then the vax warnings and you and now so many others i thank the Lord i took action. We must stay strong but safe. I take ivermectin weekly and all my vitamins Clif recommened early on. I am blessed to work online and from home . Jesus has blessed me so much. I just try to tell others about the situation in hints, clues or example instead of full combat . Lol , it seems to work over time. Prayers to you to get well totally soon. I think we all need to get mad at times, even jesus got mad. Thanks for what you do.

  70. Galaxy 500

    I hope you are well. Remember, you were called to do this. You are a modern day prophet

    All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28.

  71. Tom Deplorable

    Glad to hear you’re on the way to full recovery! If you had Covid, your immunity is now better than any fake VAX. To all those who took the Vax: one cell with the mRNA “Spike Factory” code (that has rewritten your natural DNA) will divide into two cells…These cells will then divide into four cells, as so on and all these cells make Spikes….Pretty soon, your Spike production will go out of control….Why you think so many sudden deaths have occurred. The Spikes in the bloodstream have reached a lethal level! (immune suppression (e.g. HIV proteins plus vascular capillary leakage (your lungs drown from holes) and clots. (I’m not a doctor, but know a lot of science!)

    Last summer, I had the Delta and was fortunate to have a doctor friend prescribe HCQ within two days of symptoms . Took a z-pack D and Zinc immediately when symptoms started. One week and felt better…Now living in the FREE STATE of FLORIDA!

  72. Sue Patterson

    2 Timothy 3:1 But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, 4 traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!
    Kinda sounds like today.
    So thankful to see you are on the mend. The past few weeks were “emptyish” without you. Just keep bringing us the important news, that’s your job. How amazing; a guy with a simple backdrop, 8.5×11 hand-held headlines, and no supporting orchestra intro has higher ratings than CNN!

    • timothy

      Hi Sue, Greg has a large audience because he is sincere, passionate, an excellent interviewer, loves God and humanity. and he tells the truth as best as he can see it. Greg is the opposite of those folks mentioned in Timothy

  73. Bobby Hitt

    Greg when you missed your Friday update I could not get you off my mind. I told my wife I was worried to death that something had happened to you; that maybe the dark side had struck you. I was praying for you over and over and asking God to send angels of protection to surround you and your family. I was relieved when you did your next guest interview, demonstrating you were still alive. I had no idea you were ill but I can tell you God put you on my heart. He didn’t just lightly set you there. He slammed you down on my heart and yelled, PRAY, PRAY, Pray for Greg Hunter! I didn’t understand why. Now I do. God is using you Greg. God bless you.

  74. Ralph Kenniston

    Hey Greg glad you are better. I was concerned about your health. I had the same symptoms you did. I received some ivermectin and doctors instructions via FLCCC. All is well now. Thank God for all he does for His children.

  75. Galaxy 500

    “All things work together for good to them that love God” … God does nor work all things toward good for Evil. Evil is not a good Ally, even to and especially to other evil…

  76. Armando

    Sorry to hear you illness got so bad. Thought you had a cold. I had the Rona in November of 2020. I got double pneumonia and luckily went back to the urgent care for treatment. They gave me the standard z-pack (azithrimicine), steroid (prednisone to reduce inflammation in my lungs), and the inhaler. I had bad coughing fits also and could not lay down. After taking the medication I was feeling a better by the next day. Took 5 days to clear up and then I was good. Ever since I tell everyone who gets this to get these meds if it affects your lungs. I am sorry I didn’t pass it on to you. So glad you are feeling better. Thank you for all the good work you do informing us of the truth and other points of view. God bless you.
    Longtime listener and fan,
    Armando M.

  77. Chip

    “The covid scam has all but ended.”

    Not so fast Greg! mRNA vaccines under development for everything under the sun. The Covid experiment was to get folks to approve of the mRNA technology so that they could ramp up production of these new vaccines without people questioning this radical technology. Fauci and others said as much in forums in 2019 that they “needed” an “event” that would get people to accept this technology willingly. See below… Chip

  78. Jim

    Greg, a few years ago I was very sick with what I considered extreme pain. I prayed to the one living and true GOD asking for healing in the name of Jesus Crist. After several days of prayer of the kind you can read about in the book of Daniel, shaking and with tears, GOD came to me in the second watch of the night and healed me. A sacrifice of prayer and supplication to the GOD of the universe. I have not been sick since. Any time I start to feel ill of any kind I pray and the illness leaves me in a few hours.
    If you need more evidence of Devine healing look up Praying Medic. He has many stories to tell on a continuing basis. IMHO most illness is psychosomatic or due to malnutrition. The rest is caused be demonic attack.

  79. Marie Joy

    ALL RINOs should be primaried.

  80. Ed Foster

    I love your passion, Greg!! Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  81. Seymour Clearly

    I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions . . . be made . . . so that we may go on leading a calm and quiet life with complete godly devotion.​—1 Tim. 2:1, 2.

    In recent years, Russia and its allies have also entered into “the land of the Decoration.” (Dan. 11:41) How? In 2017, this current king of the north banned the work of God’s people and threw some of our brothers and sisters into prison. He also banned publications, including Translations of the Bible. Russia and its allies are king of the north. However, even when God’s people are severely persecuted, they refuse to participate in any action to subvert or change human governments. Rather, they should follow the Bible’s counsel to pray for “all those who are in high positions,” especially when such ones are making decisions that could affect our freedom of worship.

  82. Jr

    It Is I Be Not Afraid

    There was a ship once floating gently down a stream that the Savior made
    All the disciples of His were in it friends together this time they say
    But the great captain was not in it He was walking on the water that He made
    All the disciples became there frightened but He said it’s I be not afraid
    Oh it is I be not afraid This is the reply that the Savior made
    When the nights were dark and the winds were blowng chilly on the ship the disciple say
    They saw a man come walking on the water saying It’s I Be Not Afraid

    Arent you glad to claim a Savior that can calm the wind and sea
    Well this is the same dear Jesus that said come unto me
    Well there’s hope in the ship of salvation often with sin that satan made
    Jesus is still calling gently saying it’s I be not afraid

    Oh it is I be not afraid This is the reply that the Savior made
    When the nights were dark and the winds were blowng chilly on the ship the disciples say
    They saw a man come walking on the water saying It’s I Be Not Afraid

    This was the same God that spoke to brother Noah saying build an ark my son
    Going to destroy this world with water see what all these people have done
    Noah began to work and gather in the people in the ark that he had made
    Rain began to fall and the boat began to float God said it’s I be not afraid
    Oh it is I be not afraid This is the reply that the Savior made
    when the nights were dark and the winds were blowng chilly on the ship the disciples say
    They saw a man come walking on the water saying It’s I Be Not Afraid
    Oh it is I be not afraid This is the reply that the Savior made
    when the nights were dark and the winds were blowng chilly on the ship the disciples say
    They saw a man come walking on the water saying It’s I Be Not Afraid
    They saw a man come walking on the water saying It’s I Be Not Afraid

  83. Amber

    Why didnt trump get those jan 6 people released? He left them in jail. He could pardon them. I question him on many things.

  84. Dan wilkinson

    Thank you for just being out here doing what you do brother .

  85. Louie

    One of Your Best !

  86. Dean Charles

    It is awesome to see you are standing tall again. I have to say that was the best show ever and I know today will be the best day ever after seeing your posting!
    Thank you so much

  87. Martin Coombs

    All Glory to God in Jesus name, name above ALL names 🙏

  88. William Burley

    Great post this wk THANKS
    Send me note Ya Na Cheers God bless
    Greg I would like to Advertise on you site.
    Have sent 4 requests but never hear back.
    We will send samples so you know it’s not a snake oil.
    Cu Pain Away is our USA Product with NDC From FDA so we have our regulatory work done. The cream is made in Canada. Facebook has screwed with our FB Advertising I think because of my personal posting on its site. I don’t like using it but have to operate within the system to make ends meet.
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    Our product is for Arthritis & Sore Muscle.
    Copper in the Cream makes it work.
    You can read testimonies on Amazon,Costco & YouTube.
    Look forward hearing from you & very like & enjoy your informative vids.

    Tks Bill
    Ph 705-262-9074
    [email protected]

  89. Galaxy 500

    Who knew that the Canadians had more of a backbone than us? I hope the US truckers amd farmers start their own convoy.

  90. Mike Low

    Greg glad your on the mend. Are there any studies being done on the health hazards for the non vaxed living around vaxed folks in close contact? I wonder if Dr Bettie would know?

  91. Robert Messina

    Beast that Rises From the Earth – Revelation Chapter 13
    He has two horns like a lamb, but speaks as a dragon (political entity). . .
    Share our sixth week small group bible study on Chapter13 of the book of Revelation and Daniel chpt7.
    Chapter 7 can only be pointing to Constantine as Emperor he was also Pontiff Maximus, a title handed down to all popes of Rome; The popes and all priests are called VICAR of Christ or claim to stand IN PLACE OF Jesus Christ and possess His authority in the church.
    “anti” means “instead of or in place of ”
    Therefore both beasts (POLITICAL AND RELIGIOUS) of Rev13 bear this antichrist title, the pope mouthpiece of second false prophet beast

  92. Pat McGee

    Greg, I’m so glad you are doing better. I, too, have been very sick the last 2-3 weeks. Slowly getting better. I am keeping you in my prayers.

  93. Mark Gunderson

    Morning Greg,
    You scared the hell out of me last week brother,I have watched you for years and I could not remember you not being their on friday morning. You are like the sun,I know I can depend on it. I knew you were sick and am thankful you are on the mend.
    This mornings WNW was worth the wait! You are taken off other platforms because you speak the truth and they hate you for it and that is what keeps me coming back. It keeps us all coming back. What use to be common place has turned out to be very rare, integrity.
    Glad you are feeling better,stay strong and keep up the good fight! Mark

  94. Hedley

    Thank you Greg for mentioning the J6 political prisoners in the DC gulag.
    Yes, this is a war of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, truth vs. lies and has been fought through time immemorial. With the guidance of Christ we will prevail but prayers are not enough. There is another war being waged on the nation and the world and the people are not aware. This is a new kind of warfare. Not bombs and bullets but of the hearts and minds of the combatants. We are the combatants. Whoever holds the high moral ground wins. The democrats have been fighting this war specifically for some time. It’s called isometric warfare or fourth generation warfare and is being waged on America by foreign and domestic enemies intent on the destruction of our nation and its people and by extension, the world. It is key that the people understand; WE ARE AT WAR! That understanding will enable us to unite and fight effectively in the new warfare paradigm we face today. You are a warrior. Please, in the name of Christ, people need to know none of this is haphazard, it’s all by design and we need to be warriors in the isometric warfare model because, like it or not WE ARE AT WAR!
    Clif High can explain fourth generation warfare and how we can effectively participate.
    God helps those that help themselves and we need all the help we can get.

  95. Gloria Charlier

    Greg, When I didn’t see your posts I wondered if you were sick. I had the same thing for the whole month of January and I am just now getting on my feet. I had to sleep in a reclining chair so that I could keep my head elevated. I did not go to the doctor. I had a stash of Ivermectin and a whole cabinet of various herbal tinctures that I used to recover. I have taken courses over the years so that I could avoid the medical system. By the way I was an RN for 47 years and retired in 2019. I have watched this whole system degrade over the decades. When the medical system became FOR PROFIT due to the actions of old Tricky Dick Nixon it became all about the money. It’s not a Health Care System (there is no health and there is NO care). it’s a Medical Industrial Pharmaceutical Complex. So glad to see you are back. I agree with every word you said in Wrap up. Thank you so much Greg!

  96. Larry Carroll

    So happy you are recovering. Thanks for all your work in putting these presentations together I look forward to everyone of them and send them to several friends.
    Greg, I keep getting this feeling that I should mention the word, Rosary, to you. Our world is almost out of wine. Praying for you.


  97. Paul murphy

    Mar West reminds us: “It’s not the men in your life that counts, it’s the life in your men.” Your passion resonates, which can be construed as anger, but discerning minds know the difference. If we can’t loudly voice unjustice now, when. Don’t change.

    Thanks for unwavering discourse

  98. Chris Richard

    Good Morning Greg, I love Your Show first of all… Very Informative & Factful! My name is Chris Richard & I am a Veteran that Served 26 yrs. in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Infantry. Just wanted to correct You about a Fact for Your Viewers, Canada has 10 Provinces & 3 Territories & Not 5 States which You I think Not on purpose stated. Keep Up the Great Work & Yes We will Prevail…

  99. Da Yooper

    Re your father ……..”He’s gone now”

    Greg They are never gone as long as YOU remember them. He lives on through ………You

    Glad you are doing much better.

  100. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, don’t mute anything!

  101. Barb Cravens

    Hi Gregg, I have been watching your podcasts for many years. They are always awesome. This one has hit an all time high – Matthew verse. Also your “Fear Not . . .” motto makes my heart happy. Thank you for all you do.

  102. Lawrence

    Great report Greg. Get well soon. God bless!

  103. Donovan

    The Bill Gates of Hell shall not prevail…

  104. David Lionheart

    Greg, Today’s weekly news wrap up was your best one ever! Well done!

    You descibe yourself as “an ugly sinner.” As God’s true messenger (prophet, if you will) I have to admonish you that those who are truly devoted to following Christ have put off that old man (the sinning one) and are able to no longer sin through the power of God’s Holy Spirit working in and through them. The Catholic Church that you came from teaches otherwise. That is a bald-faced lie from the pits of hell. Here is the proof of that:

    “He that saith, I know him (meaning Christ), and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoso keepth his word, in him verily is the love of God perfected: hereby know we that we are in him. He that saith be abideth in him (meaning Christ) ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.” 1 John 1:4-6

    No man can do this unless he has God’s Holy Spirit in him, giving him the strength and the power we all lack on our own. I know because this is who I have become, through God’s grace and mercy alone.

    Please cease being that “ugly sinner” you describe yourself as. It is a horrible witness for Christ, whom you claim to believe in. You have a calling and a duty to those who follow your weekly news wrap ups to lead by your own good example. Believe Him; not just IN Him. Do what He says. Then watch how He might use you. Yes, He is using you now. But He will use you far more if you fully submit an surrender to Him and Him alone. I know, because this too is my story.

    Yahuwah (YHWH or God) has spoken. And I am His prophet. Be wise and heed these words that are intended to help you.

  105. David K

    Don’t sell yourself short … your a HUGE talent and everybody knows it !

    David K

  106. Paj

    Matthew 10:26-33: “So do not be afraid of them, for nothing is hidden that will not be revealed [at the judgment], or kept secret that will not be made known [at the judgment]. 27What I say to you in the dark (privately), tell in the light (publicly); and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim from the housetops [to many people]. 28Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; but rather be afraid of Him who can destroy both soul and body in hell. 29Are not two little sparrows sold for a [i]copper coin? And yet not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered [for the Father is sovereign and has complete knowledge]. 31So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

    32“Therefore, the one who [j]confesses and acknowledges Me before men [as Lord and Savior, affirming a state of oneness with Me], that one I will also confess and acknowledge before My Father who is in heaven. 33But the one who denies and rejects Me before men, that one I will also deny and reject before My Father who is in heaven.

  107. Janet Pickel

    Bless you Greg. You are so right. Jesus has won the war against evil. We are more than conquerors when we put our faith in Him. Be angry and sin not! That is a righteous Anger you display and I feel that way too. We are in the thick of a spiritual war . Thank you for taking the stand against evil that you take. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. May the Lord shower you with His blessings. Janet- your sister in Christ

  108. Paul murphy

    Ed mustafo

    Your post is spot on. Similar I am sure to Greg’s mission statement. Exactly as I and others feel. For this reason, we are making ground in the narrative. We have a long road to go. Present mind set and authority did not happen overnight. When captains of industry and their influence in media join the process expect faster results.


  109. Geoffrey Bull

    Gates are defensive in nature and use. This would imply that Jesus is not interested in holding on. He ,like Old Blood-N-Guts, is only interested in attacking and destroying the enemy.

  110. Kevin Donoghue

    Love you Greg. Thank you for pushing through and maintaining your show. Look forward to hearing you and was concerned when your email was nit in my mailbox. Your show is one of the few things i look forward to. Take care of yourself. Gates of hell shall NOT prevail! Love you man!

  111. Nancy McDaniel

    James 5:14-15 So grateful to Yehovah for empowering and emboldening you to continue to speak Truth fearlessly. You have been called and chosen for such a time as this.

  112. M Sansone

    Remember A LOT of what they do is make you think you have enemies that you don’t have. It’s not complicated, they simply stand between two houses under the cover of darkness and throw a rock at each window.


  113. Dee K

    Preach on Greg✝️! So glad you are feeling better. My husband & I & my sister & brother’s families still say no to vaccines. We appreciate your weekly messages & the guests on USA Watchdog!

  114. tom price

    Before Moses I Am. He’s the same every day and will be forever. What better place to build your house in Faith then on this Rock. God Bless All

  115. David Bagley

    Trump is cabal..duh
    Everyone knows big pharma is the cabal.

  116. Randy

    Greg, I knew you were under the weather for several weeks, but didn’t realize how sick you actually were. Our prayers go out to you for your full recovery. You’re truly a watchman on the wall. Some day we’re going to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and I just know you’ll be greeted with “Well done my good and faithful servant.” That’s what all of us should be striving for.

    Concerning the death jab, there’s a Bible verse that has come to mind for me; Matthew 16:25 NIV “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.”

    Take care of yourself brother,
    A big fan in Georgia

  117. Dina Yando

    Hi Greg
    You are sooo on the right road Greg….Jesus is our fortress and refuge…Psalm 91. Speak this every day over your life and your home!!
    And please start listening to the pastor Robin D. Bullock. Let him be your Sunday service and other words of God that he does during the week. He is so spot on and he brings out the warrior in us all!
    Love you Greg for all you do
    Refresh your soul now with God’s faithfulness


    Greg, it is good to see you are recovering. I want to thank you and your family for all the sacrifices you have made to share God’s Word and update all of us with the status of WWIII. I agree with your comments in this and past videos that the TRAITORS NEED TO HANG. A message must be sent to future generations that our country was founded in the Christian faith and our true leader is Jesus Christ. Evil traitors, including doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, media propagandists, federal, state and local politicians and government regulators, etc. — EACH AND EVERY ONE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.
    Greg, please know that myself and other patriot followers of your channel will continue to follow you — it is ok to cut back on broadcasts until you are well; we are not going anywhere and will continue to pray for your recovery.

  119. J. Loughran

    Been following all the logistics and news but I was happy to learn from you that farmers are finally getting on board and are at the ready to bring key asphalted acres under emergency production. Nice.
    I remember Willy N. and company singing to save the family operated farm (at this time suicide was also very high among rural folk) with the outcome, unfortunately, being that most farmers still had to transition into new jobs and lives. The career of choice many of these 3rd generation farmers made in the ’80s was entrepreneur, trucker.
    And your drumbeat, “Prepare! Get your house in order, mind, body and soul”, is resounding.” Many are now checking in with HQ at 6-12-6 and are ready to carry out the order of His Day.

  120. Dusty Dude

    Great weekly wrap Greg,
    When you missed last week I was concerned. Glad you are feeling better. Your work is so important. Can’t imagine this world without you. So very happy you are better. Keep fighting the fight!
    It’s so very exciting watching what’s been happening in Ottawa. It’s great to see regular people fight for the freedoms…. PM little man Justin nowhere to be found #runjustinrun
    And it looks like it’s spreading. Freedom convoys around the world!
    Thank you Greg for all you do….

  121. Bill Buchanan

    Since you start the emails with our names mine says ,”Bill Gates of Hell will not prevail…”.

  122. Steve Hayes

    Greg…………. you have been rattling the gates of hell………..I’ve had similar experience……………. you will come out stronger than you went in…. Never forget….. By his stripes you are healed………. I pray for you and yours…….. I pray that your covered with the blood of Jesus and a hedge of protection surrounds you. The Body of Christ is growing ,corruption is being exposed and truth is coming to the surface. May the Lord Bless you and keep you. Keep on being a bright light in a dark and sinful world !! :-)) In His Love Steve Hayes

  123. Matt Brinck

    Great show today Greg! Loved you breaking the mold and cutting loose!~ The Dianne Sawyer story was great! Cant remember her status either way, if of the left brain(devil) or right brain(God). I shared with family and on Fake Book. I have noticed that even with the White Hats in Control of FB they still only allow certain things. I understand the movie has to play out and I dont know when it will end. Bless you Greg. I loved your enthusiasm today!!

  124. Kevin24

    Get well from Canada, keep on truckin

  125. Megan Johnson

    Greg, so glad to see you back and getting better. Don’t apologize because you cough, sheesh!!! And I loved the verse, good reminder for all of us. Take care!

  126. Juli Barbato

    Thank GOD you called Dr. Kory. We thank him on your behalf. We want you to be around for a loooong time. You sound so much better. But still: Please wear a goldarn hat in the cold! Keep your head and feet WARM. Wash your hands very, very often. I’m 66, have never had the flu, and haven’t had a cold since my 30s. I do take lots of D3 and liposomal C–and being Italian, I’m heavy on the garlic. I’m trained to eat it raw. 😉
    In any case, now we know without a doubt that Dr. Kory is true to his Hippocratic Oath. What a great guy! Just like you. Thank God and God bless! Whew!

  127. Stephen Canup

    Greg, I so very much appreciate your message today, especially concerning the gates of hell not prevailing! In Christ Jesus we are overcomers, super-conquerors, victorious warriors, and Spirit-led examples of lights overwhelming darkness! Thank you for your firm stand and heart-felt conviction to the Truth, Who is Jesus.

  128. Lars Christiansen

    But sure as Hell, Bill Gates is trying

  129. Kayla Cameron

    Hi Greg,
    The Holy Spirit prompted me to pray for you when your posts slowed down last week. I thank God for you and your work. I am thankful you are back and will be fully healed in Jesus’ name. Thank you for all your work to bring us the real news.
    Thank you,

  130. Alfy

    sorry to hear you have been sick with bad cough. I guess you made the bad side very angry, and that means you have been doing much good. I strongly suggest you get in contact with a well respected catholic church holy man, and have that person give you advice on more active protection from evil. and like the doctor who helped heal you, follow their guidence in protecting. the evil simply wanted to silece you, next time they might aim more strongly. get wise guidance in protecting against evil spirit. keep up the good work, it must be doing damage to the plans of those rotten maggots. salute.

  131. Marty

    Praise GOD, glad you are feeling better.
    Thank you for all that you do. Keep in mind that our prime creator GOD will pass judgement on ALL of the evil ones. Stay in the light of GOD’s Love and know that this spiritual war is being won and the meek will inherit this earth.

    Love and Light from just another Truth Soldier

  132. kristie

    Glad you are feeling better!! God bless you and all that you do..
    You are appreciated!!

  133. Susan R

    Thank you. May God and his Son be with you always. We are all here until we reunite with him and rise to our source. These lives we live over and over are to bring us back to union. Until NOTHING on this earth holds us here, we will ascend. Greg, you have been my biggest source of guidance to “see” behind the curtains and break endless chains of enslavement. May you see all the souls you help. You are blessed.

  134. Donald King

    You have mentioned “The Gates Of Hell ” several times. I can’t help but wonder if his first name is Ted !

  135. Joe

    You look fabulous! From the video I could never tell you were sick unless you said so , Greg.

  136. Philip

    God Bless you Greg.

  137. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Do you think if God forbid one of the Royal Canadian police do fire at one of the truckers or farmers that hippie phony Neil Young will write a song about it this time?? Haha! Fat chance! My, how everything is being revealed and God The Father, His Son, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit all indeed all firmly in control!! Thank you Greg for the uplifting message! Glad you are feeling better! God Bless you! ☦️🙏🏻😊👏🏻👍🏻

  138. pbd

    Greg, glad to hear you are doing better. Seems like you got some kind of stacked viral/bacterial pneumonia. Once you get pneumonia – for the following years you are much more predisposed to recurrence (I think). In the past I got pneumonia two years in a row – and I figured out after that at the first sign of chest congestion I took an expectorant (e.g. Muscinex – NOT the acetaminophen containing formulation), and if necessary, preemptively taking azithromycin abx. Not giving medical advice here – just say what worked for me. Fyi, each time I got pneumonia I found out that it took me months to really get back to 100%. As always thanks for the reporting. All the best.

  139. RDR

    Powerful … moving … and well said! The Holy Spirit was sitting right beside you and we ALL felt it! You are not alone and those of us under attack along with you heard the message loud and clear. Have listened to you for a very long time but only now posting. Always look forward to hearing about current world events and your opinions PLUS listening to your wonderful guests (usually several times).

  140. pbd

    The U.S. floating another evidence-lite story that “Russia may use a fake video as an invasion pretext” – is part of the hybrid-warfare strategy – so as to stage the future useful idiot public opinion – so that if a CIA sponsored false-flag attack is deployed and Russia publicizes the same with documentary proof – it will create enough temporary doubt to justify starting the next war. Just as “WMDs” were used as pretext to start the Iraq – Gulf War – the powers at be are hoping that a fake CIA sponsored false-flag attack in Ukraine will trigger/force Russia to invade – thereby temporarily vindicating the false-inverted narrative – and then thereby allowing U.S. to weaponize and deploy the useful idiots in NATO.

    Ukraine-Russia crisis overview: U.S. intelligence with the cooperation of allied agencies since at least 1953 has been countering communist Soviet/Russia – by using/running violent/radical/fascist/nationalist groups in Ukraine some of which trace their origins back to Stepan Bandera a WWII Ukrainian Nazi. The CIA/Western state sponsored (false-flag) 2014 Maidan massacre was the catalyst for regime change in Ukraine and installation of a more pro-Western/NATO puppet government. The Western MSM was instrumental for deploying false/inverted narratives, covering up violence and not reporting to the public important countervailing information. The western centric hybrid warfare is ongoing – the most recent manifestations being the current manufactured Ukraine-Russia crisis based on a raft of false/inverted narratives reported by the MSM. Russia is not without fault, and similarly false Russian disinformation makes the situation even more problematic to scrutinize and assess.

    The U.S./deep state/globalists have significant strategic geopolitical interests related to maintaining the puppet regime in Ukraine, controlling ex-U.S. oil supply from Russia to Europe and others, supporting the U.S. domestic fracking industry with inflated oil pricing, destroying and countering China investments in Ukraine, bolstering the dying petro-dollar (oil priced globally in USDs) and maintaining the teetering Central Bank system of global financial repression; and now has the need to create perhaps significant geopolitical chaos to distract from the crumbling Covid-shot narrative and related genocide of potentially millions of people globally – and of course continue to recruit and maintain control and weaponize the vaxxed-zombie-useful-idiots. The tactic in this case seems to be a slow-burn-escalating-hype-gaslighting roll-out to maximize psychological impact on the public – the specifics of how and when extroverted violence/kinetic conflict is triggered is not predictable.

    See for example:
    (2010?) Norman Goda_Who was Stephan Bandera_Who Was Stepan Bandera? | History News Network (
    2016-01-08_Wayne Madsen_CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953 — Strategic Culture (
    2022-01-22_Ivan Katchanovsk_The hidden origin of the escalating Ukraine-Russia conflict – Canadian Dimension
    2023-01-23_Caitlain Johnstone_Anonymous Officials Claim There’s An Evil Russian Plot Again But The Evidence Is Secret Again – Caitlin Johnstone

    Best of luck all.

  141. Joe

    Greg, it should be Psyopspsaki.

  142. Zandra Potter Slone


    Thank you so much for your weekly commentary. My husband and I noticed you were sick last week and stopped the video to pray for you. So, happy to hear you have improved.
    We appreciate your unflinching stand for Jesus Christ. He is the only one who will ever extinguish the evil of this world and He will win!
    Ephesians 6:12 (NLT) states we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Unfortunately, the evil people we see in power have given themselves over to the darkness.
    So, Be Strong in the Lord and put on the whole armor of God. Thank you for all you do and God Bless!

  143. Denise Western

    Greg: You are a wonderful man of Christ and I praise God you are better. I am unvaccinated and got hit with Covid on January 6th and was IN BED, FLAT IN MY BACK FOR 16 DAYS! In my darkest hours, I repeated through the night, ‘Jesus, please take this from me,’ over and over again. I was fortunate enough to have been given Ivermectin and a Z Pack which saved my life. Yes, this is Good vs. Evil and I pray these people are putto death for mass genocide!
    God Bless Ü…from Southern California 🙏🏻❤️

  144. christopher d smith

    Fantastic work Greg ,keep up resistance ,God bless that your feeling better getting back to old self
    bring bo polny back when can ,ty I’m just poor famer that drives truck to tryends meet ,but with you I’m. Not iggnorant
    Chris smith

  145. Bryce DeBorde

    I got sick 2/7 , my son 2/11 , then my wife 2/15. We listened to you and others and stock piled ivermectin and hydroxyqloriquin. All better now. My wife and son both tested positive, I didn’t take the test.
    We are definitely under an evil attack by demons and satan. Our government and world governments who have participated are complicit. This bioengineered virus and the mrna clot shot is a depopulation event.
    Praise God you are better. That cough will linger for a bit.
    Thank you for all you do, we need you brother in this fight.
    A Brother in Christ !

  146. Jeff robbins

    Get ready folks, at some point in unison, the public will wake up to the damage of the vaccines and i believe that will coincide with major economic problems- forth turning stuff. Without war the dollar could see a rejection on the world stage and that is a very plausible path to rapid inflation. What do you have, how can you modify something to have a side hustle or grow stuff. Lastly, barter and trading should be on everyones mind. Thing for thing service for service, not as convenient as going to the store, but the personal contacts are what’s really important. Maybe barter will be in the trends journal next year.

  147. iwitness02

    Every day for the past two years I have seen pictures of a bare shoulder and a needle about to be jabbed in. Time for a change. For the next two years I want to see all the criminals connected to this depopulation effort on the gallows. Worldwide.

  148. Ted Kanterman

    Great show Greg!
    Praying for you!!!

  149. Mark

    We love you and your message Greg. Keep fighting.

  150. Solomon

    My and and I attended a NYE party on 12/31 with most of here friend with their spouses. We were the only ones there who had not taken ‘The Toxic Jab’. Many attended had gotten their ‘Booster Jab’. Six days later my wife and I began suffering from severe bronchitis, sinus congestion and inflammation, repeated uncontrollable coughs, along with the creation of more mucus than either of us had experience totally in the past 20 years. We treated ourselves with prescription dosages of HCQ and Ivermectin and refused to go to the hospital. It has taken us over four week to recover. We felt as though our bodies were under attack by evil forces. Prayers helped.
    Five others who attended the party contracted serious cases COVID 1984.
    It is ironic that one of the reasons for us attending the NYE party was two remember and give prayers to two people know to the group who were murdered in a local hospital by being placed on ventilators and given Rem-dis-a-kill. Both reportedly died from kidney failure.
    The medical and pharmaceutical agents facilitating and profiting from the deaths and injuries ARE EVIL.
    Also, my wife is subject to be ‘Terminated From Employment’ specifically because she refuses to take ‘ THE TOXIC JAB’.

  151. Patrice Shannon

    Greg, I believe you had the real deal. I contracted it last August, tested positive for it, and spent the next 4 weeks in bed, very sick, tried getting the online doctors Ivermectin but it did not come until after I was well. I had that terrible uncontrollable cough, and ended up getting a hernia from so much hard coughing. I went to the emergency room and they gave me a regeneron drip. I don’t know if it helped me or not. Now I worry about what might have been in the drip, but I finally got well after almost an entire month of being sick. I lost weight, and a lot of my hair fell out as well. I am a senior woman and live alone, I was so weak and thought I would never get well. Unfortunately, my daughter and son freaked out and got the jab and a booster. It broke my heart. They really do not have any idea what they have done to themselves. They consider me a conspiracy theorist and will not read or watch anything I sent them this past two years. Very sad. I am glad you are better. It took me a month to test negative for “It”.

    • timothy

      Patrice, Thanks for your comment and information,

  152. Forrest W Byers

    I bear witness and testify that Jesus is the Christ, as He was in the beginning, so He is in the present, and will He be in the future, for all time and eternity! In the Name of the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

  153. Lacris

    The Bill Gates of Hell

  154. Dave

    Fox personality Dan Bongino took the vaccine including booster. He says it was his and his doctor’s choice. given his medical situation. He had lymphoma a year and a half ago and has a compromised immune system. Despite the vaccines and taking ivermectin Bongino came down with Covid in January and he again tested positive this week after being sick over the weekend. He asked what’s up with this vaccine. Does it work?

    Heard a progressive caller to a liberal local radio show say that Trump scammed us on the vaccines. As the vaccines prove more problematic watch for progressives to blame Trump and conservatives to blame Fauci. In truth, both are to blame.

  155. Dan Gowin

    Russia and China: A Future-Oriented Strategic Partnership

    A letter signed by Vladimir Putin.
    Non-Dollar payment system for hydrocarbons.
    U.S. Gasoline Prices Soar To 2014 High

    WTI Crude Surges Above $92 On Permian Freeze

    Russia is NOT attacking. They’re turning the gas OFF!

    The Next Big Problem For U.S. Shale

  156. dlc

    You now have some idea how it felt the day I realized the med cartel was all about profit, trying to underhandedly “harvest” my dead husband. I certainly understated my misgivings about medicine as currently practiced, what I’ve heard in medical dictations and observed and from personal experience. They have outdone my most cynical notions.

    I lost contact with family recently. When I finally got through to a nephew, he told me that my brother was in the hospital. Yup, tested positive for covid. Imagine that. I corrected him and stated that, no, he had a bad flu reaction. Luckily my nephew remembered all that I told him about vents and remdesivir. They tried to launch this protocol but my nephew remained firm in objecting to this.

    My brother is much older than me, age 84, had a stroke some years back and is wheelchair dependent. They would have finished him off for sure. Think about how they insist that the vulnerable get the jab, causing lots of deaths for lots of money, and can always blame it on a frail duffer.

    This is the state that we are in. To think you have to doctor shop and self inform as much as possible to stand a chance against these jackals in white coats.

  157. Southern patriot

    Thank you, God, that Greg is doing better! All Glory goes to you! I had nightmares after watching your program last night! My wife tried to wake me serval times, as did our dog. She said it was like I was in a heated fight. With Satan himself!! You were so fired up for our Lord and savior. I’m speak more to the Lord than ever, thanks to you for your words” Fear Not”! You’re a good man Greg! Shame to those who sold us this snake oil!
    It’s all coming to a boiling point, and there must be Justice for all! It might be time for, “We the People” to take action. While we have anyone left!

  158. Trinacria

    Dear Greg: I suspected something was wrong and I am so glad you are better…prayers answered.

    On a different note, Australia has been so tyrannical with all this virus crap, but was watching the Australian open last weekend, and they seemed to be pretty loosy-goosy with the masks in the audience/stadium. I am wondering if Anthony Australia has any info on this….
    Thank you so much.

  159. Jerry

    Great show Greg. Yah bless you for your stand. It was a different situation but I was just reading this week how Jonah was delivered, literally, from the gates of Hell but YHWH saved him. Thanks so much.

  160. Catherine

    Greg. Glad you much better. If you had the omicron as did my family you might find it takes a while to get over it because you begin to get better so you go back to normal speed but the next day you’re exhausted. Just know eventually if you rest and continue protocol you will be 100 percent fine.
    In response to your passionate emotional testament to the mess we are in, I say BRAVO! It should be passionate and loud. When someone has a knife at your throat and tells you to be quite the right way to respond is SCREAM EVEN LOUDER! Then you will have a chance at survival and fight back.
    The one bright light right now are the truckers. Hopefully they have a General with military experience planning strategies to WIN.


  161. Steve Kloppers

    Dear Greg,
    Mat 16:18 ” And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, (Meaning a stone) and upon this rock I will build my church; The rock refers to Peter’s earlier statement in v 16 (Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. )

  162. Judith

    The Lord rebuke those who complained against you Greg. So sorry you’ve been under the weather. I’ll say prayers.

  163. Felix A Renteria

    GOD bless you greg hunter we love you and great to have you back.You are correct even some of the most devout christians were sucked into the fear train,that I don’t understand,I think alot of them have been indoctrinated into the sick care system funded by the demon rockefellers.These globalists will burn at the biggest barbecue ever.My fellow americans get the word out about these poisonous vaccines.Stay safe patriots

  164. dlc

    Australian refugee, currently living in Mexico (of The Crowhouse site) told a story about a man in Flagstaff, AZ, involved in a car accident. He woke up to find himself in the hospital on a vent. He pulled out this vent by himself, pulled his IV and a catheter (ouch), and walked to the nurses’ station to question why they had done this to him.

    This patient said that staff traded looks with each other, looking guilty, and were hard pressed for a suitable explanation. He was told he was covid positive and they immediately vented him. Imagine his good luck to have that pointed out, could’ve walked around asymptomatic for who knows how long.

    Just one patient in the naked city who lived to tell the tale.

    • McKonica


      Careful sir. Unlikely that a vented person is able to remove the incubation tube when they are under sedation. Add to that, they remove IV and urinary cath, then stand up and cogently interact with floor attendees? Seems far fetched. Goodness, I hope this story is Bravo Sierra.

  165. Judith

    Amen Greg, pure evil is after us. I went through the same thing in Jan ’21. Was sick for MONTHS. Covid pneumonia. I rebuke the demons of hell who came against you and sending God’s waring angels to protect you, in Jesus name.

  166. Al Day

    Been fighting several bouts of illness which seem to be centered around the lungs. One went away then a week later another starts up. I used ivermectin on the first and hydrochloraquin on the 2nd. Both worked fine. Stick by the dosing and don’t skip. The stuff that’s going around is pure evil. Shortness of breath, coughing, mucus as thick as glue, etc. We are being attacked and on purpose. I use the horse paste thanks to Greg. Got 6 tubes from TSC for $48. delivered. Just got done with routine VA primary care which includes lab work. Doctor sent me printed results with note that my vitamin D was very low (result of invasive virus’ would be my guess) and sent me 9 vitamin D capsules to take 1 per week (called ERGOCALCIF 1.25 MCG’S). Hopefully this will bring my resistance back up. Just wanted to point out this for others. Thanks Greg.

  167. Brian

    Hi Greg,
    Definitely could tell the Omincrap was getting you. (Not medical advice). I took full strength aspirin for the headache and continued for 30 days after. Gargled with Betadine 3x a day, all vitamins that many have mentioned at FLCCC. Besides Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine as treatment it’s important that people have their Vitamin D level checked. We need levels of 50 and greater to fight this virus since it depletes your D levels. Mine was 50, my wife’s was 75 before covid and she breezed through omincrap like it was nothing. And she is overweight.
    Everyone be safe and be proactive in protecting yourselves.
    Greg:do you have a Gab account?

  168. Mark Moore

    I could tell your were sick a few weeks ago, I also got Omicron or Viral Flu or Something with my wife, Now to put this in context I got a bad Fever for over a week, now I rarely ever get fevers, I had 1 fever in 20 years and Ironically it lasted 1 day and it’s when we lived in China, as far as chest colds or bronchitis or things like this I have never had one, with this I was spitting out chunks of I am not sure what , brown, yellow, almost weird color of brown red? I got z-pack, antibiotics from regular Doctor, then I got Ivermectin, 30 mg per day for 5 days and it finally broke my fever, thanks to the front line Doctor who treated me & my wife I have also thought did evil send this stuff to us, It has brought Me and My wife closer to GOD, My friends also got this Omicron and were really sick and none of them ever got any of the other Covids so it is very Suspicious we all got this, we all live in different states. Well GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  169. Derek Sinclair

    Spot on Greg. It’s not left against right, it’s good versus evil. I wish more people could understand that. Get well soon.

  170. Jay A.

    So glad you’re on the mend Greg, it’s plain to see you’re full of piss & vinegar and on fire today!

  171. TJ

    Wow, I have been watching USAWATCHDOG for many years but I never watched the Friday wrap up before. I love the interviews as they are so informative. What a day to decide to watch. You are absolutely right on the gates of hell not overcoming the body of Christ. Thank you for all you do especially the sharing of your faith in Christ. We are in a spiritual war. We all need to be available for those who are ignorant of who Christ is and what the gift He promises us all simply for believing in Him…….His promise of eternal life. And by the way, eternal means eternal, everlasting, and never ending! And eternal life is a present possession, we carry that gift with us to the other side. We get His gift immediately once we are presuaded Jesus is who He says He is and we believe in Him for that free gift of eternal life.

    God Bless and I am happy you are feeling much better.


  172. Diana Brown

    My Dearest Greg: I did not know how truly sick you were, and have been, over the last 2 weeks. I am grateful you had a line to Dr. Pierre Kory to aide you in recovery. I have come to depend on your dedication and passion as I am sure many, many have as well. That stated, for those of us without resources to get immediate help for sickness, I recommend two things: 1) Make contact with Americas Frontline Doctors. Establish a relationship. You can get telemedicine appointment with meds to follow by snail mail. I did so with Dr. Stella Emmanuel in Texas. Alternately or together, whichever suits you best, order a supply of Ivermectin, HCQ, Azithromycin and Budesonide for your at home pharmacy. So far, you can get these online through IndiaMart. It will take 60 days to receive them but you better start establishing your own home pharmacy, take responsibility for yourself and your loved ones and STOP depending on someone else for your spiritual or physical well being. That is the major lesson we all should be taking from this attack on humanity.

    Until next time Greg, thank you again for your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Diana!

  173. Lord Richard of Blairadam

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better Greg!! That’s awesome that dr Cory would call the pharmacy for you and set you up with the stuff you needed to get better. Much respect for him.
    Also great message about Jesus and His power

  174. Carol Hudak

    Greg, your best news report and commentary EVER.

  175. Country Codger

    We are keeping you in our prayers. Remember Ephesians 6:11-18.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  176. Rosemary Hyslop

    There is no cough harder to get rid of than a dry cough. I have noticed that as the sun goes down, the cough gets worse. The more you cough, the more irritated the mucous membrane becomes. So, I found out that toward evening, I would take Dextromethorphan as often as prescribed on the container. This gives the irritated mucous membrane a rest and allows for healing.

  177. Lynn

    Greg…..God be with you on your journey to health again.
    The gates of Hell are holding in a pen the size of the oceans, all of those responsible for this evil. They will be whisked away and stand judgment for their sins of the greatest magnitude in history. Pray for their souls for they will perish and they will gnash their teeth and wail in hell.
    On a health note: My partner had the same thing you did, twice now, this time, uncontrollable coughing. Took him to the local hospital clinic this week, you are left in the car, cannot be physically seen, and have to talk to the doctor on the phone……and given NOTHING by the dr. To treat the symptoms. You are Covid tested, and given NOTHING…NOTHING? Dr. Said to take honey, drink water, and rest….are YOU KIDDING ME??? ITS A SCAM, A DEATH SCAM… I demanded he prescribe an inhaler, steroids, he was not going to. HE FINALLY DID….OMG this is nuts.
    Dearest Greg……you have angels by your side, carrying you, and helping others, as this helped me understand what he needs to get better..thank you and thank you to Dr. Kory….
    Your dedication and commitment to us is remarkable…thank you for all you do!

  178. Julie A Cohick

    Greg, Hi, I am glad that you are doing much better. You have talked about whether you are even being seen on Twitter. I am here to tell you that you are being seen, everyday, on Twitter. I have kept your video’s with Dr. Eads, Dr. Kory & Karen Kingston, plus a few others that are too good to not share. I share each of them at least once a day everyday but Sunday (I’m not online on Sundays) on Twitter & there is never a day that goes by that they are not then reshared by others. Greg, we know truth when we hear it & you are one of those who give it to us straight. Again, may the LORD bless you to full strength, we are in a battle for the souls & lives of people. Make sure you are fully armed with the armor of GOD (Ephesians 6).
    Your servant in CHRIST,

  179. Frank Stiles

    Hey Greg, Glad you’re feeling better, and more enlightened. God’s been my CEO since ’85, (I work for Him at Myself Inc.) He’s my BFF, and we converse throughout each day. He gives me advice, guidance, protection, and best of all, Love. I give Him my best possible version of “me” because I love Him, and would never want to hurt Him. There’s been some challenging times and tough days. But, I can say, overall I’ve never been happier. Try it!

  180. Bert Solomon

    God puts his word above His Name.
    Healing, deliverance, casting out demons, binding
    And loosing. Every Word is true BUT the Word must be exercised; not just acknowledged as true.
    The Just shall LIVE by faith and walking in faith
    Take care,

  181. Steven Parks

    Mr Hunter I’ve been worried that you were getting sick over your most recent show, been praying for you, as always for all of us sinners hoping to be saved by God son Jesus with his mercy and Favor for his children Jesus has Blessed you with the gift of how to show his children what is happening around us With brilliant insightfulness of humbly telling the truth Your gift of bring it to the mass by simply explaining to the the people ( HIS KINGDOM) such basic reasoning on any subject , the guest’s you provide are priceless wealth of knowledge that have Enlightened his children to be aware of what evil is trying to do
    I’m glad to see you are back stronger than ever, can’t wait for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I started following some of your guest Gerald Celinty, Bo Pony Catharine Austin Fitts ect. Today weekly news update was perhaps your Best! What I love the most is your closing FEAR NOT JESUS IS IN CONTROL
    Your truly


  182. al


    I’m glad you don’t have a “cough button”, your coughing adds to the credibility of your delivery. It comes from home, from the heart, unscripted and un-manicured.

    I would literally pay for cable again to watch the firing squad eliminate the Marxist Enemy Media.

    Take heart. The evidence that we entered the turn is overwhelming. Take heart. We’re all with you. It’s always darkest right before dawn.

    Praying for your speedy and full recovery.

    Please consider a spoon of honey when you have a cough fit. It works. It soothes the throat because all your WELL PLACED yelling is making your voice horse.

  183. Fred Daake

    I appreciated hearing about your experience with the virus/cold/flu/COVID. Twenty-five years ago, I had such a bad cold/flu that I could not keep my head raised for more than a few seconds. After that, there were no health problems that I could discern until last month. Last month, I had a bad cough and a weakness like I had NEVER experienced before. It lasted for about ten days. Health has been my major hobby for the past 52 years, so I had my own treatments, which I used successfully last month. Even though the problem lasted only ten days, it scared me because I never experienced this strange type of weakness before. Also, I have never before experienced a cold/flu problem that seemed to refuse to respond. Perhaps I came into contact with some people who had the vaccine? In any case, these current flu’s and colds do not seem to react like not normal problems that can be easily solved with boosted natural or contrived immunity. I feel sorry for those who insist on listening to traditional doctors for a solution to these strange illnesses. And it is sad that so many took the vaccine and now follow the instructions of those who gave them the vaccines.

  184. Jerry Fares

    I knew you were sick!!! When you missed last Friday’s update!! The devil!!! Hell yes!!! But GOD allowed it so you could warn us ALL! You are the Messenger!!! And so am I.. Btw, I am a Staunch!! Roman Catholic!!! Pope Frank is NO GOOD !!! Period!!! And most of our Catholic Shepard’s!!! bishops and above!
    Ever read, The Purpose Driven Life ?? GOD wrote it!!! Your life is Divine and so is mine!!! Both of us! So gifted!
    Did you See this: just rec’d today
    META?? Big loss?? Hummm I say Zuckerberg and his clan SOLD!!! And when the crash happens, all the 1% of the 1% will all sell [ out of Asia] at the same time!!! While we are all sound asleep! GOD BLESS

  185. John

    Greg, glad to see you are getting better. I must say, you are at your best when you are mad. Best show you ever had. Christians need to be bold and spread the word. The best is yet to come.

  186. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg. Good to hear you’re getting over that cold/cough — sounded awful. Must be nice to have Dr. Pierre Kory on speed-dial 😉

    Rather than that, we have simply doubled up on preventative measures — Vit C, B, D3(sunlight), Zinc and a bunch of supplements with the intent of building a strong immune system. I’ve had colds in the past, but ever since Covid raised its head 2 years ago making me focus I haven’t had a cold or sore throat.

    I was not surprised to hear that HCQ and IVM treatments were withheld to force people into hospitals to take their dose of Remdesivir, ventilate and die — makes total sense. I prefer staying well and away from organized “medical professionals”.

  187. Donald

    Careful with the Canadian truck driver thing. It could be a PsyOp intended to shift blame for collapsing supply chains onto truckers and anti-VAX’rs and away from those in power.

    It could be used to justify even more totalitarianism. Who organized this trucker thing and who is funding it?

    • IIG

      I wouldn’t put it passed the Globalists to try and use this trucker protest to their advantage as they did on Jan 6 – America and the world are under siege (by evil depopulation eugenicists who don’t believe in God) but instead worship perverted aliens like Satan who has no moral codes – and these Demon followers have no qualms about murdering of men, women and children for money and power!!

      • Donald

        I heard there was a helicopter flying over the Canadian parliament building with a sign that read “F*** Trudeau”.

        No way would a helicopter be flying in that airspace without explicit approval.

        When real anti-establishment people attempt to raise money on popular crowdfunding sites they are usually shut down within days if not hours, yet this trucking protest was allowed to raise many million$.

        This smells like a 1-6-21 type of set-up…

  188. Phil Zieber

    Praying for your speedy recovery.

  189. Paige Barent


    I am glad that you are feeling better. I hope that you will visit as they explain in great detail Catholic dogma and why Francis must not be considered the head of the Catholic Church. They provide a wealth of information that can easily be verified via Denzinger’s Catholic Dogma and

    We must pray for those who seek to harm us by asking that Our Lord, in His mercy and His loving kindness, pour forth His grace into their hearts that they may be converted to the Catholic Church, the one true Church of Jesus Christ, outside of which there is absolutely no salvation.

    • Dwight Branson

      My salvation was bought and paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church has NO business placing itself between a Believer and God…There is ONE mediator between God and man, the LORD Jesus Christ. Believe on the LORD Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Jesus can and will save you, a church cannot.

  190. Skip Havely

    Praying for your quick and complete recovery Greg. Please take care of yourself.
    Thank you so much for the blessings that you give others.

  191. Nicole Lafleur

    Thank you Greg for the role you are playing in sharing what you know. We can no longer rely on mainstream media and you are one of my favourite go-to for the right information.
    I would like to put in my two-cents too. If you read the very first page of the Book of Job in the BIble. It’s in heaven and angels are coming to sit around God (like in a meeting). Satan is among them. God turns to Satan and says: “See how Job loves me, how he is faithful.” Satan answers: “Remove his riches and he will curse You.” God thinks for a moment, then says: “Yes, I allow you to taunt him, but you do not touch his soul.”
    A good deal of what is happening to us is temptation or something we created ourselves from our wrongdoings.
    But God said: “You do not touch his soul!” Those people that want to control our soul, are losing it right now: big pharma, gov institutions, bankers, etc. etc.
    For me the Church of God is not a building. It is a force of those Christians who are truly in Christ love. I have travelled in many countries and have experienced this particular love among Christians which is very sweet and powerful. I have felt love among other religions but they are all different. It is the Christ Love that is spreading across Canada and following in other countries.
    When the Romans noticed that the early Christians were very pacific and not agressive, they adopted their religion for the mass but adapted it to their own. They had Jupiter as their main god with a host of other gods (mars, venus etc.) To this day Rome still considers the pope as Christ on earth and they have a hierarchical of people (cardinals, bishops, etc.). Jesus never saw his Church that way. He treated women and men equally to the discouragement of some of his male disciples. The Catholic Church, unfortunately, never considered men and women equally. Only men were allowed to be priest. In the choirs, they brought in the voices of boys to replace those of women. Rome is falling as Bishop Vigano says. The Essenes Gospel as well as Mary-Magdelena’s, Judas’, etc. have been discovered in Qumran (Israel) and in Egypt to give us a glimpse of the true teachings of Jesus. They have not been as doctored the way our bible is today.
    Another topic I would like to address is why our lungs are being affected at this time through this pandemic.
    Lung ailments are a sign that we have a very deep fear of choking or dying. We feel so anxious that we restrict ourselves to living in a very limited territory that also feels uncertain. We may feel that we have lost our territory or that we are losing it. ‘I am taking back the power that belongs to me and breathing life into it!’ The more we take back our powers, the faster this covid disease will disappear.
    God Bless You All!

  192. Tim


    Great wrap up. You are on fire (from the Holy Spirit)!!!!!

    You go brother and I am glad your better.

    God bless and take care


  193. James A. Driscoll

    Greg, Thank you for righteous indignation and for your boldness to stand for Christ. Of course, the Rock was not Peter but the rock is Christ For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid which is Jesus Christ. I believe the scripture says “thou are petros (a little stone) and upon this Petra (great rock) I will build my church. Christ is the great Rock. I’m praying for a total recovery for you Greg.

    • Dwight Branson

      James, Amen Brother! Thank you for clarifying the fact that Jesus is the Rock upon which the Church is built. He has already won the battle!

  194. K

    Let it rip, Greg! God Bless and God speed from Canada.

  195. Arlene Kiscaden

    I love you Greg. So glad you are feeling better. We are all lucky to have you. God bless!!

  196. Dan

    Hey Greg, I would suggest you and everyone else purchase a nebulizer and some silver hydrosol. I use Argentyn 23 personally. 8ml tid (thrice daily) for a week. Still sounds like you have a nasty respiratory infection, confident this will clear it out.

    Best from New York.

  197. ken

    Glad you are feeling better!

  198. Rodger


    I cough when I’m nervous about things. The cure, wear a tee-shirt under your shirt and if coughing when you go to bed, again, wear a t-shirt in bed. Any coolness that hits your chest if you have a nervous cough, agitates the cough. I’m serious as a heart attack. Can’t tell you how many times people are coughing, and I tell them to wear an under shirt, they say “that doesn’t work”. They try it and they said, “unbelievable”…cough stops instantaneously.

    Just my two cents.

  199. The Rev

    Bullets, grenades, missiles, and bombs of prayer were shot, fired, and thrown starting a month ago at the evil globalists. They are now confused, on the run, and wondering where to hide. Now their mandates for kill shots, masks, and lock downs are failing because of YOUR prayers. Praise the Lord! The Holy Spirit goes before us, as together millions of us pray. This is the BIGGEST gathering of prayer warriors ever. We are in the hands of God and NOTHING can defeat us.
    Last year many of you kept asking, “What can little ole me do to fight this evil?” (Ephesians 6:12) Well, on Jan 1, 2022, I encouraged as many of you as possible, Christians around the world, to pray EVERY day against these evildoers. If we did, God would defeat them. It’s working. God answers prayer. Hallelujah!!
    You never know how God will get the job done. Look at what is happening now, with the truckers for example. What other surprises are coming? Expect them.
    So this February our prayer focus is for those who did NOT get this kill shot; that they will be seen as HEROES. They are the brave and wise among us. Also pray that the elite globalists will NOT be able to create another plague to kill and maim the world population. Finally, pray against any new wars.
    P.S. Keep spreading the word to get as many other Christians as possible praying with us. This battle is not over yet. God Bless, and keep looking up. (I Thessalonians 4:16-18)

  200. Jeffersonian


    Good to see you back in the saddle; however, please ease into it slowly so you don’t have a relapse. And please take it easy on your voice. Don’t remember seeing you so fired up. Maybe Celente is rubbing off on you a little not a bad thing indeed.

    On the “convid” front. Scandinavia, UK, Switzerland and a few others are jettisoning convid restrictions. Looks like the Celente was right–tptb have lost the narrative and are trying to cover their rear ends so they won’t be lynched and can remain in power.

    I predict by May the good ol USA will be mostly done with the mandates with a few gestapo blue states holding out to the bitter end like Californication.

    Gotta like them Canadian truckers and farmers. They got more kahunas than all America combined and with a population of around 35 million compared to 330 million. Looks like little brother is showing big brother how to play ball. My guess Americans are too fat, dumbed down and content with their easy lives to do the same.
    Just roll up your sleeves, get injected with an experimental and unproven mrna gene therapy. and don’t forget to watch Fox or Msnbc for your daily does of propaganda while you slowly bleed to death thanks to microclotting.

    We no longer lead, we talk a good game but show very little action. Brandon can say what he wants about Ukraine–Putin will not allow NATO on his door step–and he will slowly push NATO back to their 1990 borders. And Europe, especially Germany, realizes this and will not piss off Russia because it needs Russia’s natural gas and knows NATO cannot defend Europe against a Russian invasion. I don’t know who the better jaw boner is–Brandon or goon Powell.

    My biggest concern is once convid has run its course– they’ll take us to war or worse create another crisis–like a small pox outbreak to regain control. I find it interesting kill Gates has been out of the news lately. Not long ago, he was all about the safety and efficacy of the clot shot and how everyone should get not one, not two, but three. Maybe he’s hiding like Turdeau fearing he may be tarred and feathered or worse.

    May the “Gates” of hell reside their eternally along with Fraudi, Psychopelosi and F_____berg and the other deepstaters. Like we say on the farm, “What goes around comes around sooner or later.” In this case hopefully sooner than later.

    Great wrap up and look forward to Dr. Eads.

    PS filled my truck up with nonethanol 489 a gallon. But wait according to the FOMC inflation is only around 7% and temporary. Hmmmmmmmmm. What will be their excuse for printing more money and keeping interest rates artificially low since they won’t be able to blame convid next time? They can’t let the realestate, bond and equity markets collapse so they will monetize the debt and inflate till they can’t anymore.

    Inflation ain’t going away anytime soon regardless of what goon Powell says or does.
    Cheers from the farm

  201. Steve Bice

    Just some gentle unsolicited advice for all who come here. It is not really fair to Greg to ask him what dosages or treatment regimens to take for Covid or anything else. He is not a doctor, does not claim to be one, and no doubt does not want the responsibility of advising others on medical matters. But clearly, he has a servant’s heart and wants to help.

    We are each responsible for our own decisions regarding care, and the resources are available online to offer guidance. The Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) located at has protocols and regimens including dosages for both prophylaxis and treatment. Simply convert your weight into kilograms (divide by 2.2) and follow the protocols if you trust the source and information.

    America’s Online Doctors and Simone Gold, Peter McCullough, M.D. and Vladimir Zelenko also provide information and treatment options. Do your due diligence and take charge of your own care. Let Greg do what he does best for the benefit of all.

    Best wishes…

    • Steve Bice

      America’s “Frontline” Doctors…

  202. Nina Cox

    Glad you are feeling better, Greg. God knows you love Him because you speak his language, Truth.
    I remember the supernatural experience I had when I gave my life to God. I spent 3 days in His presence, powerful waves of euphoric energy, innocent and wise at the same time, so pure and powerful. I had a second period of 3 days of his presence after I read the Bible cover to cover 5 times. I said, ” God I’ve have to be some kind of a lawyer to know how to apply this”. Then He said to me,” You’re right. Follow me.” He was telling me to be LIKE Jesus, to sacrifice because you love others and be honest without fear, trusting God.
    Thank you for sacrificing for others and speaking honestly without fear for yourself.

  203. MC

    The Bible verse that obviously could have been given as a theme to wind this video’s sermon around was that of the apostles fearful on the boat during a storm. And Peter walking on water at first but then quickly nearly sinking. Peter got himself rebuked by the Lord Jesus for lacking faith and decending into the sea because of fear. Very likely Peter had for weeks and months and more before this episode been telling others to fear not.

  204. Dianne DeEulio

    Hi Greg,
    Glad you are you better. The Lord will restore you to be healthier and stronger than ever before. Amen
    In regards to Mark 16:18, I read a literal Greek translation recently of that scripture. It reads: The gates of hell are under assault and will not be able to withstand the church (the Ekklesia). Your work and everything we the church do is an assault to the enemy. Our enemy cannot with stand us. We Win! Amen

  205. Katharine W

    Very glad to see you back Greg, and well again. What a real Doctor Dr. Kory is. Agree about AI being pretty stupid, and META being worse than awful. So glad that stock plummeted to the dumps where it belongs. If we all stand, the Gates of Hell will not prevail.

  206. aps

    Greg thank you for what you do. May God bless you, protect you, grant you peace, comfort and grace.

    As God says in the Old Testament.

    Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    As God says, “his people”. What about those who are not his people. We see this directly as how many people are suffering due to a lack of knowledge.

    God Bless you Greg.

  207. Marie Joy

    The woke are shutting down information on the Canadian Convoy. Tow truck operators refuse to move convoy trucks. Police are bringing hot food to truckers.

  208. Lee

    Israel, the Jewish People, have committed SELF GENOCIDE with these Vaccines! In the next few years the Jewish population is going to fall precipitously. Maybe that’s why in the Book of Revelations there will be only 144,000 of the 12 Tribes Redeemed. That might be all that are left 🙁

    • IIG

      Interesting – so what you are saying is Israel did not obey the inner voice of their Master – but transgressed on his covenant – by “jabbing” everyone in their Nation (except the 144,000 eugenicists who think are going to Heaven)??

  209. George

    Bill Gates of hell will not prevail

    • Robert Dziok

      He’s already been executed by hanging via Military Tribunal if you check out article/report on at

  210. SkeptiSchism

    Get better Greg, you are a blessing to many.
    1 Corinthians 2:16
    For “who has known the mind of the Lord that he may instruct Him?” But we have the mind of Christ.

  211. Joseph V

    This is the best show, you have ever done, I sent links to every one I know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the viral promotion Joe!!

  212. FreeMpg

    Dr Peter Kory is a blessing to humanity.

  213. Marie Joy

    Now, Ottawa Police Chief threatened to arrest citizens and police officers who help the Freedom Convoy per

  214. Brian Blommer

    Greg, there’s so many things I Could say right now, but, I just want to say Thank you.

    Take good care,
    R & B

  215. Paul murphy

    Your recent tribulation has stirred the urgency and purpose in your life.

    There is a feeling of anticipating great darkness and the severity of this evil in your message. As it needs to be. It was powerful and the seriousness of this cannot be understated It will be darkest before the light.

    Fear- Face everything and rise

    “The gates of hell will not prevail”

    • IIG

      Bill Gates has to be arrested and locked up for funding the bio-weapon – if you don’t want the Gates “from Hell” to prevail !!

  216. Keith

    I have information for you, let me know how I can relay it to you

  217. Marie Joy

    Putin is nobody’s fool He has had Russia on a war footing, making bullets, putting in growing supplies, for food, for years, all over the country. IF we go to war with Russia, Russia is ready and we are woke.
    Meanwhile, after their Olympics, China is likely to invade Taiwan.
    Do NOT put your bunkers in the ground. Ground installed bunkers, eventually, all flood.

  218. QuietObserver

    Hi Greg —
    I just want to let you know that I watch every single post you file. I remember you saying at some point that you weren’t getting much revenue from your efforts lately but regardless you have a huge quiet loyal following out here cash or not. Glad you’re feeling better, many blessings to you in your healing and always.

  219. D & S Heisler

    Thank you Greg! We love watching you. This was a GREAT show. We appreciate all that you do.
    God Bless you!
    The Gates of hell will NOT prevail!
    D & S Heisler

  220. John Valade

    Hi Greg, I was once a soldier and have read a fair bit of military history. I just wanted to mention that the “gates of hell” refers to a defensive fortification. Nobody in military history has ever been attacked by a gate. Jesus is saying that the church is invading hell.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t think you got that right John. Do a deep read on this and remember this it from the mouth of Jesus.

    • Marie Joy

      JV, There is more than one meaning here.

  221. Michele

    I have been very worried about you since your last interview w/ Clif. Very relieved you are ok.
    Thank God for you❤

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Jesus has protected me, and Dr. Kory helped him.

  222. Scootertd Libby

    CDC recommends FDA-approved Moderna Covid-19 vaccine for adults
    By Jamie Gumbrecht and Carma Hassan, CNN
    Updated 4:47 PM EST, Fri February 04, 2022
    This is becoming much more confusing by the minute. They have lost the American people and the people are realizing, they have been had. People are asking when will this ever end and some in media and big pharma, are insisting not to kill the goose, laying this egg! Insisting it’s still a golden and of course brought to you by big Pfizer!
    Yet fake news CNN, is sinking ever faster in the cold waters of the deep state!
    Well if these egg heads keep it up they’ll have more than a weaponized cold viruse on they’re hands, but the Iye’er of the American cheese heads, with Aron Burnett leading the charge!
    It’s not nice to fool mother nature and the American sheeple, Dr. fleece the people, Fraudci!

  223. Pat

    How do I make a donation?

  224. Coal Burner

    An FLCCC Doctor helped me Greg. I was able to stop it cold before it got a good hold on me. We all need to stay in contact with HQ.
    It is evil afoot. Thanks for the constant reminder.

    Now wait Greg: Pfizer may be right at 95% effective in killing everyone that took the shot. It is just taking longer that Gates expected. I want them to resist, take their Vitamins and Ivermectin.

  225. Corwin M.

    …..And if God be for you,who can stand against you

  226. Coal Burner

    One more thing, I laughed under my breath when Fakebook lost their behinds yesterday. They lost more money that we can imagine and that is only the beginning. They are going to zero. I hope the CIA loses all their funding to do evil. That little snot is going to be a homeless giutterrat instead of a superrich gutterrat.

  227. timothy

    Hi Greg, So sorry to hear about you sickness. My Dad was 87 when he started coughing uncontrollably. He had pneumonia. The next two years were hell for him. Dad died last November at the age of 89. Be careful.

  228. Steve Bice

    Check out this graph from Johns Hopkins, courtesy of Denninger’s Tickerforum.

    This should frighten you…and especially the vaccinated. It’s early…but this is what ADE would look like…

    • Steve Bice

      Greg showed this in his video above. I read first and watch second. He’s quick…

  229. John

    Love ya Greg. Your so human. Love your message.

  230. timothy

    IA reminds me of my in-laws.

  231. wayne hardin

    Clue .
    And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
    So here you have Jesus telling Peter this but keep reading because three verses latter Peter tried to rebuke the Lord so he didn’t have the power to come against what God had foretold would happen .And the Lord rebuked satan for trying to us peter on him .
    So all you people that think you have the authority to make straight what God has made crooked or open a door that God has closed or to change what God has foretold would happen are being deceived by non other than the father of lies just as peter was .

    God is in control and knows the beginning from the end .

    There are a lot of people that savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

    Wayne Hardin.

  232. Robert Dziok

    All the Satanic Globalists, Deep State, Traitor Trolls, etc have to pedal is propaganda, lies and deception which everyone sees through now so need not fear. As Clif High has pointed out in interview with Greg they use deception but do not have real power and are clever but not intelligent. As Greg points out all they do is recycle stupid. People have become quite aware of all their BS and will not put up with it as we shall see more and more in the days and months ahead. They will reap what they sowed.

  233. Daisy Cupcake

    Hi Greg,
    Lots of people are pretty sick the last part of Dec and into Jan, different ailments, vax and no vax. It may be astrological related. Also, many attacks from the dark side. You are definitely not alone.
    Happy Recovering.

  234. Bible Reader

    Greg, you sound like you have bronchitis. These may help you.

    Evidence Based

    Bronchitis Signs, Symptoms and 13 Natural Remedies
    By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

    August 1, 2018

    Bronchitis is one of the top 10 conditions for which people seek medical care. It’s an uncomfortable ailment that leaves you coughing for weeks (or more) and comes with plenty of mucus. Although many physicians treat bronchitis with antibiotics, a majority of cases are caused by viruses and antibiotics are completely ineffective. Try using some safe and natural remedies. They can help to reduce swelling in the bronchial tubes and relieve your sometimes painful cough.

    What Is Bronchitis?
    Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, the tubes that carry air to your lungs. This condition causes you to cough persistently, sometimes making it hard to breathe. The coughing may even lead to chest pain and wheezing. Bronchitis is also known as a chest cold because it usually occurs after you’ve already experienced symptoms of the common cold.

    About 5 percent of adults self-report an episode of acute bronchitis each year. Up to 90 percent of them seek medical advice. In fact, bronchitis is the fifth most common reason why adults see their general practitioner. (1)

    Signs and Symptoms
    The main symptom of acute bronchitis is a persistent cough. This cough lasts until your bronchial tubes heal and the swelling goes down. The cough lasts for less than 3 weeks in 50 percent of patients. But for 25 percent of patients it may last more than one month. Because bronchitis usually develops after you’ve already had a cold or flu, you may also experience typical cold and flu symptoms, such as:

    Sore throat
    Stuffy or runny nose
    Body aches
    When you cough, you may produce a clear mucus, or slimy substance; if the mucus is a yellow or green color, that’s a sign that you have a bacterial infection as well.

    Other symptoms of acute bronchitis include wheezing (a whistling or squeaky sound when you breathe), chest tightness or pain, lower fever and maybe even shortness of breath, especially during physical activity. (2)

    People with chronic bronchitis most commonly experience coughing (often called a smoker’s cough) with large amounts of fluid, wheezing and chest discomfort….

  235. Gregory

    Stay well Greg , we need you.
    May our Creator Abba (Father), Lord Yeshua and the Holy spirit protect you.. Amen

  236. Bible Reader

    Vitamin C & D, Greg!

    Textbook of Natural Medicine. 2020 : 1196–1201.e1.
    Published online 2020 Jul 10. doi: 10.1016/B978-0-323-43044-9.00155-2
    PMCID: PMC7348617
    Bronchitis and Pneumonia
    John Nowicki, ND and Michael T. Murray, ND∗

    …Immune and Barrier Function Support
    Vitamin C
    In the early part of the 20th century, before the advent of effective antibiotics, many controlled and uncontrolled studies demonstrated the efficacy of large doses of vitamin C in bronchitis and pneumonia but only when they were started on the first or second day of infection.27 If administered later, vitamin C tended only to lessen the severity of the disease. Researchers also demonstrated that in pneumonia, white blood cells take up large amounts of vitamin C.

    The value of vitamin C supplementation in elderly patients with pneumonia was demonstrated in a double-blind study of 57 elderly patients hospitalized for severe acute bronchitis and pneumonia.28 The patients were given either 200 mg/day of vitamin C or a placebo. Patients were assessed by clinical and laboratory methods (vitamin C levels in the plasma, white blood cells, and platelets; sedimentation rates; and white blood cell counts and differential). Patients receiving vitamin C demonstrated substantially increased vitamin C levels in all tissues, even in the presence of an acute respiratory infection. Using a clinical scoring system based on major symptoms of respiratory infections, results indicated that the patients receiving the vitamin C fared significantly better than those on placebo. The benefit of vitamin C was most obvious in patients with the most severe illness, many of whom had low plasma and white blood cell levels of vitamin C on admission….

  237. Bible Reader

    Through the St. Benedict medal many thousands of
    miracles, cures and extraordinary favours have been
    obtained. The medal is a powerful means:
    1. To destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical
    2. To keep away the influences of wicked and evil
    minded persons;
    3. To impart protection to persons tempted, deluded,
    or tormented by evil spirits;
    4. To obtain the conversion of sinners into the
    Catholic Church, especially when they are in danger
    of death;
    5. To serve as an armour against temptation,
    especially temptations against purity;
    6. To destroy the effects of poison;
    7. To secure a timely and healthy birth for children;
    8. To afford protection against storms and lightning;
    9. To serve as an efficacious remedy for bodily
    afflictions and a means of protection against
    contagious diseases.
    The Medal of St. Benedict has a special power at the hour
    of one’s death.

  238. Bible Reader

    Ottawa Police to crack down on the truckers. Pray for them. This trucker movement is spreading around the world and could end the global tyranny. That’s why they’re trying to crush it here and now.

    04 Feb 2022


    In Explosive Topics
    ⁣Truckers Sends SOS

  239. Neville

    Hoo boy!! Greg you said it and we can see that you like a lot of us are downright annoyed and fed up with the system. The liars and the cheats and corrupt scum of the earth have been joined by butchers and assassins better known as the underworld who want to get control of this planet by the extinction of Mankind.
    The buck stops there!! They may have gotten a few things right in killing people with fraudulent injections posing as vaccines…..then there is the likes of this loathesome piece of trash who calls himself a doctor well that in itself is a huge misnomer because the Hippocratic oath dictates that the first call of a doctor is that he/she will do NO HARM….The barstard I am referring to is none other than fauci who has been responsible for over 6million deaths and rising .fauci and all his accomplices will be facing the FULL FURY OF GODS IMMUTABLE JUSTICE ,that is besides what he will receive after the up and coming TRIAL OF THE CENTURY takes place headed Rienier Fulmich and his intrepid team.

  240. Justn Observer


  241. timothy

    We can’t lose unless we give up our souls to evil. We fight evil. We do not surrender to it. The Matthew quote is okay, but I don’t like negatives, “The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against it (Christ’s church)”. Better to say, “My church will destroy the Gates of Hell and all who dwell behind them,”

    But that’s just me.

  242. Mary Gwin

    Greg, you are right!! The devilish people will not win. The Bible tells us the truth. Thank you for your message.

    I love your messages

    God Bless you!

  243. S.J.

    Dear Greg, From one former journalist (newspaper) to you. I respect and admire your work and am a regular follower. I think the frustration many Americans feel is because they see the country is in a dangerous decline and feel helpless about it. Even religious individuals get swept up in the sentiment. You might find this link interesting. George Barna analyzes Americans world view and how it has changed.
    How many do you know who have a biblical world-view? The Bible has many warnings about the great Tribulation to come and the faithful servants are those watching for the signs of His return. Many of the warnings now seem to be coming true.
    Jesus also said:
    “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” (Ma 10:23)
    “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)
    Also, Matthew 24 is worth study and reflection.

  244. Anna

    Praise the Lord! I am so glad you are okay, we need you to keep doing the Lords work. So so happy you are okay 🤗

  245. CarolAnne Tucker

    You gave em HELL today Greg! They deserve HELL! Glad you are feeling better now. God Bless you… (HE has! I can tell;) You are soooooo right. Their EVIL will NOT prevail against our LORD! It is only a matter of time and they will be screaming & running for the big rock they all came out from under that leads to the Hades underworld!
    Keep up the Great work that you are doing! We love hearing from you!
    Carol Anne from Grand Bay, Alabama

  246. Glen

    A couple of scriptures come to mind: Jude 1:9 But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him an abusive judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!”
    The handiwork of Satan is all around us. A great prayer for these times is: The Lord rebuke you Satan, in Jesus name.
    And: John 10:10 :10 The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
    “The Lord rebuke you Satan ,in Jesus name.”

  247. YetAnother Dr.

    There is so much to respond to that I can mostly only address “The Main Thing.” It is late at night now so I ask for consideration and kindness in advance. Coming from two professional back grounds please understand that I may weave threads from either or both into the following comment(s). First, I became a CPA and to pass those tests I had to study Business Law extensively. Since that took place nearly 40 years ago I realize that a few things may be slightly altered today. However, as Karen Kingston and several others have pointed out: We have definitive proof of FRAUD on the part of the Fauchster and a number of his cohorts. Just recently, they have ‘doubled down’ on the fraud with the proposed ‘mandate’ that everybody must get’ jabbed.’ More precisely, the recent e-mail discoveries prove the third and perhaps most challenging and difficult to prove ‘legal’ element of Fraud exists. That third element is known as “Scienter.” “Scienter” essentially means that there was an intention to cause economic damage existing before actions took place. As best as I recall the first two elements are secrecy or collusion in everyday language and actual economic harm.
    Next, my background as a doctor is neither MD nor DO. My education is suggested in the first sentence of this comment above. This next section is mostly questions and inerested readers need to think about their own answers and decide for themselves. Do you think it is a good idea to ‘use’ your own bodies’ cellular mechanisms to produce millions, ooops, no – billions of artificial proteins – designed to mimic a response to an unknown marauder (this virus)? With past vaccinations, either a bacteria or a virus was very well “proven” to exist according to “Koch’ s Postulates.” Those ‘postulates’ require identification through isolation and two courses of replication. In this current instance any such proof has been dubious at best or at worst – altogether Non-existent. So, do you think injecting unkown ‘vax’ solutionis is likely to be safe and effective for the body? Friends, it is so late that except for the following, I am going to leave it at that. Greg, you are a Godsend, thank you so, so very much. And for every reader, Keep the Faith, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are in Charge.

  248. Matthias

    I hope you fully recover very soon Greg!

  249. Tarey Reilly

    He’s baaaaaaaak! Welcome back, Greg!! Nothing can stop you, not even a stinkin’ cough. Thank you to you and Dr. Kory! Indeed, the gates of hell shall NEVER PREVAIL. Take good care of yourself, Greg! We need and love you!!

  250. oneno


    This guy rolled his car. He woke up. He was trying to get out. EMT knocked him out with drugs. They loaded him onto a chopper. 8 hours later he woke up on a vent and and managed to remove the catheter, the IV, and the intubation. He was FINE, there was no reason for it. Hospital told him he had COVID. He was not a sleeper, he knew what they did and GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE with them attempting to refuse him to leave.

    He is trying to get people to contact him for interviews. A video of him and his contact info is available at jimstone (

    • oneno

      His contact email can be found at this URL under heading:


      His video is here.

  251. Robin

    I blew off Facebook way back when Hillary and Zuckerberg were going to kill our accounts for being pro trump after Hillary lost the election. Plus I found I liked the connections I could make on twitter. Not going back to twitter after they kicked me die complaining about killing peeps w the vaxx etc policies. Still had a fb account and peeps I know there but don’t really socialize w friends there. But I decided to cone back and start hitting it there again a few weeks ago and noticed they were afraid to sensor me re covid etc. Plus I wanted them to kick me as I told them it was an honor and they they stalk peeps in places I didn’t like so that would be an extra benefit. So I’ve been being a real bad girl there as I had the suspicion they weee hurting from cancel culture then it came out w PayPal hurting and I went through the economics of those who cancel end up canceling themselves… I should have shorted fb on the note I could tell that hey we’re afraid to kick me. I was short the market at the time and long vol at the time but darn wished I’d been short fb. As I told Zuckerberg the day he lost hos 240 billion. Sure I won’t hang there all that long but I am teaching peeps who have been in the dark. And peeps who have known me since I was young r on there and can watch me.
    Interesting how so many peeps I watch that r anti vax got sick at the same time. Couple got it bad like u. Oh yeah do u know about NAC L cysteine … I just ordered some as it’s a top seller at think it’s called life sciences. I thought I would add it to my other goodies I have been making sure I get like D C etc… even finally got dr zelenko s mix… I do need to order some more vitamin b… as I was looking at the MATH treatment of covid today and b was included. As I had been doing b but ran out. I usually don’t take a lot of supplements but I have the past couple years just to be careful. Still don’t think I will get sick as I haven’t since the 90s. Take care sweetie! Thanks for the encouragement. Glad ur healing…. Big hugs and kisses for u and ur fam… sorry if there is typos my better ready glasses though still a wussy level I left at my friends and are back to the wussiest ones. They r okay in some instances but not always. Gave u a diff email this time.

  252. Lady Au Stackers United

    What I don’t understand is why all of the hundreds of pharmacy scientists and technicians are not aware of what is inside the mRNA vials as the millions of vials pass through the assembly line in the pharmaceutical manufacturing plants. Or are they aware?? And if they are aware and have that knowledge then why don’t they say something?

  253. Eli Dumitru

    Jesus said Love your enemies. Do good to them. We are all children of God. When you dehumanize people by calling them pigs, when you wish ill upon others by hoping they got vaxed and boostered, you are playing right into Satan’s hands. Of course we fight for freedom, we hold criminals accountable, we call out evil and name the evil-doers by name, but when we do so with hate, we diminish our own power. Blessings, Eli Dumitru

    • Greg Hunter

      I always get this way during a genocide. You may want to revisit Jesus in the temple before his crucifixion. The lesson here is sometimes anger is justified. Me hoping someone got vaxed and boosted is a mute point. They already did it to themselves, and they will suffer the consequences. I am not backing down. We have had too much of that already. I don’t hate my enemies, but I will not back down to them either. You put on the “Full Armor of God” to go to spiritual war–not hide. We are at war with evil. Oh, Christ did not back down either — not for a second.


    • wayne hardin

      We are all children of God. ????????
      You must have missed the part in the bible where Jesus told people that they were of their father the devil or satan i guess .
      Who we follow will determine who our father is . believe it or not .

      Wayne Hardin

  254. Larry Serflaten

    Your message about staying in touch with HQ is of major relevance today as the Devil’s minions are all around us. I just wanted to share, did you know that is what Jesus also prayed for? (John 17:20-23) And you can believe His prayers carry some weight!

    You said you sinned against Christ. I am sure you know we all fall short. I would have you recall all sins shall be forgiven the sons of men (Mark 3:28-29). God knows if you have a repentant heart. And in the words of Jesus after His many occasions of healings, He would say; ‘go and sin no more’. That is a path we all strive for.

    Your message about the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church is a good one. But do realize, we all fight our battles individually with power from on high (Matt. 28:18-20). In addition to the church, we all have an individual relationship with God to cultivate and nurture because, that is the way He wanted it!

    Thank you for spreading the good news!

  255. David Dunne

    Greg, I pray for daily as I so many. In Thailand where we had to move in 2016 was heart breaking. What is more heart breaking is seeing how 😈 is just having their way now with minimal fight back. Thais are sheep too. I am very vocal on FB and Twitter and always getting the boot. I have been a student from day 1 with all Frontline Docs. Sad thing is most family and friends ignored my pleading calling me and Docs quacks and kooks. Many have had strokes and heart attacks and one dead. Another horrific fact is so many still don’t connect the dots. Ain’t Mass Formation just a sickening fact. Every Pharmacy here has both Ivermectin big box $33 and HCQ too. They make it here. No one dying here and few sick but a big fine if you don’t wear a mask even in your car or motorcycle. I think SATAN is in power now and it will take Jesus now. God Bless all of you great people here and Greg, what a great man you are. Such an honor to feel like I know you.

  256. caroline

    Greg I am sorry you got attacked. But the gates of hell did not prevail and you are back! Amen! Godspeed! My two sisters and I got attacked this past weekend. I used as many natural remedies w/ Iver and managed to keep it to chest and sinus. But the battle was one night of sheer roller coaster. Buhners book on antivirals is a great book if you can get it. Thank you for the upload. Be well, be safe and no fear! Kind regards

  257. Wanda Grubbs

    Greg, Back in November of 2019 my Husband and I had the same cough. Took 4 weeks to get rid of it. By Thanksgiving that year we were over it. We are older, Seniors. But we did all the necessary things, never went out any where, and we soon were our selves again. God bless you, we walk with Christ in our hearts every day. He has always answered our prayers. You are on the other hand “out there.” Coming into contact with others, etc. So happy you over came this, stay strong, keep wearing the armor of God.

  258. Paul murphy

    Many listen to Greg for spiritual, economic and political enlightenment.

    His stage , premises, is certainly simple and effective.

    Make sure everyone helps keep the lights on at Greg’s church of knowledge.

    Make a donation so his message continues and expands further. He needs to prosper.

  259. Laura

    For all those who are interested in learning all things ivermectin… Here is a telegram channel for you to join:

    Danny, the gentleman who runs the channel, was taking over 120 prescription pills a day. After he started taking ivermectin in paste form, he is off all prescription medication.

    For those not on TG, here’s a website with past “chats”.

  260. Paul murphy

    We are at war
    Why is the Biden administration curtailing our energy independence needed for transport and defense

    Why is this administration bent on taking our guns needed for defense of enemies foreign and domestic.

    Why the purposeful destruction of our currency

    Why the offshore of material production

    Why the deliberate deterioration of nations health

    Why the deliberate immigration of people without America’s sovereignty at heart.
    To name a few
    Conquest chessboard is active

    Hopefully people get “woke”on the real issues our country faces

  261. Chris

    I got some Chaga when Cliff High recommended it when the pandemic began. I never used it up. Two months ago I got a bug, I got better but the cough never went away. In desperation I started to drink Chaga tea and in 3 days my cough stopped. My girlfriend got the cough too. I finally got her to try Chaga tea and her went away in 3 days. Now she’s telling all her friends about Chaga!

  262. Greg Morrissey

    This week it is Deuteronomy Chapter 11 Learn Gods word together so we can grow together. We have a weekly Bible study online if you want to grow with us
    Contact me
    WE come together as one nation under God, He wants this to happen

  263. Bob Clayton,Manchester

    God bless you Greg,so glad you are feeling better.Pierre Quarrie is one of us,we are the future and everything will come out,we are many never forget that.We are very lucky to have you,all the best and thank you mate,Bob.

  264. Dave

    One thing to be concerned about is redistricting. The Dems are going whole hog on it. In NY state alone they have drawn the lines to eliminate 7 GOP seats in Congress. The same in Illinois and several other heavily blue states. Meanwhile the GOP is playing “fair” in its redistricting. Governor DeSantis is fighting with the GOP controlled legislature. He wants more GOP seats carved out, but they basically want to accommodate the census and add 2 or so GOP seats. Same in Texas where only a handful of GOP seats will be created in their redistricting. In NY the GOP may end up holding just 2 or 3 seats in their delegation. The same could happen in Cali. Through the Dems hard push on redistricting compared to the GOP doing little, Dems could net 22 or so seats. Add that to their 5-seat lead and the GOP might have to gain 30 seats in the election the take control. This may be why Pelosi suddenly decided not to retire. If she believed the Dems would lose the House, she would have retired. Add in the cheating and the massive Democrat voter drives and tits not a given the GOP takes the House back. 8/9 months out and once again the Democrats are outmaneuvering the GOP in the runup to the midterms.

  265. Jan

    Passion and energetic.. Great to see you recover Greg. Blessed by your work. Bless your family, good health and strength.

  266. Dwight Branson

    Jesus said that the greatest commandments are to love God and to love your neighbor.

    Greg Hunter obviously loves God and shows his love and concern for us (his neighbors) in all that he does. I believe that one day he will be rewarded with the words “Well done thou good and faithful servant”,

    Thank you Greg for your constant encouragement and reminders to “Fear NOT”.

  267. Julie Anderson

    God bless (and heal) you Greg!
    Perhaps someone else already made this comment, but I heard this years ago from some wonderful radio preacher (Chuck Swindoll, David Jeremiah…?) about that very passage:
    Gates are fixed and do not attack; they are defensive. Gates protect and keep attackers out (and the damned in). We- the Church- are to bring the fight to the DEVILS that are behind those gates.
    You, brother- as well as MANY other heroes, patriots, and believers- ARE part of that offensive, and as the scripture states, their “gates” will NOT prevail! Blessings, health, and protection to you all!

    • Julie Anderson

      I just saw someone did comment along the lines that I did, and that Greg replied… But I think my comment is still valid…

  268. Frank Leisner

    Wow Greg… your BEST WNR yet!

    There has been a coordinated attack by demonic forces on those who are TRUE FOLLOWERS of Christ Jesus, not just those who say they know Jesus. My wife and I are sold out for Jesus and we too were both very sick in Dec 2019 and again this Jan 2022. Coincidence? I think not! Mike Adam’s was very sick at these exact times as well and he too like you, my wife, and I are sold out for Him.  I’m sure there are others with this same exact story, same exact times. My cough is finally getting better after a rough Jan 2022. During this time my wife and I have been daily taking and have been for about 6 months 5000 IU vitamin D3, 30 mg zinc picolinate, 1000 mg vitamin C, 500 mg Quercetin w/250 mg Bromelain and 600 mg NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and of coarse 12 mg Ivermectin for about a week when needed which I ordered overseas w/out a script. With Jesus this all helped and things could have been worse.

    Please put this scripture with Mathew 16:18

    2 Corinthians 4:8‭-‬9 NKJV

    We are hard-pressed on every side, yet not crushed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed.

    We WILL prevail!

    God bless you my brother in Christ. My wife and I are praying for you and all of the saint as Jesus Himself did for us that live in these times.

    John 17:20‭-‬26 NKJV

     “I do not pray for these alone, (My disciples) but also for those who WILL believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me. “Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father! The world has not known You, but I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me. And I have declared to them Your name, and will declare it, that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”

    • Aston Martin

      Frank, I Need Your Help Frank, Frank!_Alex Jones😀
      Sounds like two distinctive individual parsonages, beings or gods. One with a capital G maybe? And were supposed to be part of this oneness too? Very interesting, but not very stupid! Nothing to bust a nut for, or religious war? Right?
      I’ll exercise the better part of valor and exit stage right!🤺

  269. Denrio

    Thanks Greg, you are one of the few voices of truth in the darkness.
    Glad you’re doing better, we need you.
    Sending “some” snail mail, can’t keep renewing my card every time I use it on the internet, no reflection on your site.
    Quick note on ivermectin: had a flu at Christmas, ivermectin did cut my symptoms in half overnight.
    it is possible to overdose on ivermectin, won’t kill you but you might wish you where. I don’t believe anyone should take more than one dose in any 3 month period. One dose divided by 4 or 5 days.
    I overdosed. Due to miscalculation. Took a full dose for 4 days in a row.
    Was trying eliminate remnants of a cough , not unlike yours.
    Nausea,bad headaches behind the eyes which hurt bad when you cough, achy joints and muscles, loss of appetite, lost 25 pounds, constant sleepiness, some sort of hives in the chest and back area, pissing orange, you can smell the ivermectin in your sweat and pee and just constant malaise, hard to concentrate if you have to drive and I’m sure I missed some things.
    It’s been 2 weeks and I’m finally starting to feel better.
    I hope this helps somebody please pass it on.
    We need you brother, thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Brother Denrio
      Brother Greg

  270. Connie Overstreet

    I choose to add my thanks to so many appreciative listeners.
    I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you preach and repeat “the gates of hell will not prevail”! AMEN!
    My husband and I experienced the coughing post Covid. I linked this video of Dr. Siegfredo Aldarondo. Simplified theme: The need to rehab the lungs. It was interesting to hear him explain the damage experienced and to take some action for recovery. (I have to overlook that he is a Vax supporter.)
    Keep on keeping’ on! God bless, Connie O

  271. Robert K

    Idiot GoFundMe flip flops and waffles more than a politician.

    Amid EXTREME backlash after illegally taking 9 million in funds dedicated in trucker convoy funds and plans to give it to their own charities of choice, will now issue refunds, ONLY IF REQUESTED… They are now being investigated for fraud by DeSantis in Florida and Carr in Georgia. Hopefully they will be sued into oblivion and bankrupted…. Let’s make sure this company goes bankrupt… Go Woke, go broke.

    I learned there is an alternative Christian fundraising site, that already has over a million dollars raised for the truckers: GiveSendGo.

    • Pete+only

      Thanks for letting us know the alterantive web site to donat to the Canadian Truckers Robert. I will try out this GiveSendGo Site. I will no longer deal with Go Fund Me.
      At first, Go Fund Me was going to redistribute this $9 million money for the Canadian Truckers as it saw fit to “other” causes, but later changed its’ mind at 3am this morning.
      I had gotten an email at that time telling me that I was getting a refund for my original donation.
      When I found out about this, I texted Go Fund Me, and i told them that they needed to change their name to Go FK Themselves…and that I would never use their services again. If everyone does this, and start using GiveSendGo, we would be sending Go fund Me a real message.
      This is what can happen when you don’t follow the narrative….so we are very grateful to still have alternative methods.
      One other alternative will be to donate money to the Polish Canadian Ladies bringing thousands of Polish sausages to the Canadian Truckers…

  272. Pete+only

    When you get as rich as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and others, here’s what starts to motivate you.
    Ain’t no sushine when she’s gone…..

  273. Amanda

    Glad you’re feeling better! Love your show and I will always be a fan! I too need to do better checking into HQ but like you say the gates of hell will will not prevail. Thanks for the reminder.

  274. Really Awake

    You’re a hard working man, a good man and an honest man. So I’d like to give you some valuable advice: at the first sign of getting sick, e.g. – tired, rundown, scratchy throat, aching bones, upset stomach, etc – immediately take time off and get bedrest before acute symptoms appear.

    Take a nice relaxing shower, hop in a clean bed, drink plenty of purified water and get as much sleep as you can. And if you can’t sleep, just close your eyes and rest up. Rest, short walks in fresh air, lots of fluids and small, healthy, easy to digest meals. Fruit, fresh juice and well masticated meals.

    The above advice will get you well a lot sooner than pushing yourself until you are forced into bed – or a coffin…

    Thanks for all you do, and please stay alive.

  275. Wade The indictment to send to your state Attorney General. Drawn up by a man who is a bioterrorism expert, Dr David Martin. Get him on your program. Rob Schilling show from Charlottesville may help with contact info.

  276. Justn Observer

    Greg. A nice analysis of the rebranded NWO agenda called ‘The Great Reset’ by
    Corbett AND Dr. Mercola
    Within the article is a Corbett vid about 1/4 way down the page…all a good expose’ of it but about KLAUS starts at @28:00
    and this also references this expose’ of his family background =
    And if ‘that’ history is not disturbing to Freedom loving people, especially Christians and Jews…I do not know what will now that a prior post of who all the ‘global youth and stakeholders’ of this agenda are…and are up to like the co-founder of BLM!
    Yes, it seems the democrats and rhinos always blame others for what ‘they’ are actually doings? ANTIFIA = anti facist? OR are they really…the NEW public gov’t + multinational partnership corporations being run by CEO in a grand FACIST Socialist Plan? Could it be that all those corporations ‘virtue signaling’ and funding BLM and antifa causes and backing ANTI-police, and the anti-2nd Amendment push = disarming the opposition of their take over as they shut down speech and assembly and quash social contact and websites with as ””mis-information”’ to suppress and create chaos and deny unity of those opposed to ‘their’ cause?
    WOK = World of KLAUS?

  277. Mike G

    The above advice will get you well a lot sooner than pushing yourself until you are forced into bed – or a coffin…
    There you go, A hot shower and a good meal.

  278. Linda

    Greg, hope you are back to 100% soon. I’m guessing you didn’t have the dreaded covid?

  279. Not So Free

    I guess all by now know that gofundme has essentially stolen all of the money raised by the Canadian truckers.
    Hopefully people who donated will issue a charge back to get their donations back.
    I’ve read that gofundme will be charged a fee for each one. Hope it’s true.

  280. Lilly

    I’m glad I found your site. It’s hard to find a Christian news site. David Knight is the other one I found. I got sick 2 weeks ago, the first time in over 10 years. I treated with a vaporizer, sinus tabs for the headache, chicken soup and prayer. What I didn’t do was freak out and run and take the bogus test. Fear Not!
    The HS led me to know in the beginning this whole thing was evil and to not be afraid. And the crazier and more evil it gets, strangely the calmer I feel. We are in end times. I really believe that. Sometimes I break down and cry about what is being done to humanity. Especially the children. Yes, constant prayer is a must.
    I’m glad you are feeling better.

    • Greg Hunter

      Get Ivermectin for next time. 1.87% apple flavored horse paste is still cheap.

  281. H.G. Barnes

    Powerful. Lost for words Greg. Thank you.

  282. Steve Liversage

    So glad the armor of God kept you here,we need you Greg,and God knows that,dont let it bring you down that tube and chrapbook ,dropped you,best thing is ,you were saying things to make them do that,you get yourself back to 110%,keep telling the truth,and keep praying,God bless Greg hunter

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve for all your Blessings & support!

  283. Keith

    Firing squads emit pollutants into the atmosphere, ropes are a renewable source of execution.

  284. Rob marks

    Hi Greg,
    You are absolutely correct when you say they don’t want you to know what’s in these shots. I recently had my annual physical and asked my doctor for a Medical Exemption because work was requiring proof of Vax by Feb 1st. My doctor admitted there are baby parts in there. Said that because he was asking if I was a Catholic and had researched a Religious exemption first?

  285. virginia clark

    WOW Very powerful, insightful wrap up today.
    I have to believe that all the stupid or naive mistakes Trump made was a painful means to an end. He can’t be that ignorant. It can’t be that he was so over whelmed with Washington that he believed and allowed himself to be led by every crooked, evil, back stabbing rat up there. He didn’t get in by himself. There is always a behind the scenes controllers. This time the white hats rigged the election and pulled one over on Hillary. Every one black and white hat new Hillary would be a disaster times 10.
    Trump knew he would not take the office again. You had to listen real close to what he was saying in 2018. So he is part of a plan. I have to believe that.

  286. James J Foster

    Great message Greg, glad you’re doing better. GOD BLESS YOU

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!

  287. Mikey

    Greg thank you again for your work, you are my main source for US news. However please avoid making yourself ill in the process it is a very stressful period we’re all going through. Try to rest as much as you can so you can fully recover. Like many of your supporters you’re in my prayers.
    God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mikey.

  288. Robert Veklotz

    Thanks Greg for defining for me what righteousness indignation looks like.

  289. Judy A. Caler


  290. Ira Elliott

    My mother gets all of her news from CBC news and CTV news. Both news networks are propaganda arms of the Canadian government. In Canada all news networks are government propaganda. My mother fully believes the covid narrative and has both shots plus the booster and is counting down to when she can get the second booster. Since she only gets propaganda she thinks the truckers are a small fringe minority of racists and bigots. It concerns me because many Canadians only ge their news from these sources. They don’t know how dangerous the shots are and won’t listen to reason because they are fully indoctrinated. They also pressure me to get the shots which I won’t get

  291. Jonathan Bundick

    I believe in Christ, his virgin birth, his death on the cross, his resurection, and that he will come again, but I don’t believe in you. I pray for you. When you say you despise the pope, you are not reflecting christrian principals. You pray for others who oppose you, you don’t despise them. Watch your own videos, and recognize where you are failing and seek forgiveness. As I said, I will pray for you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you should have some righteous indignation. I’ll be judged by Christ, Brother. Thanks for the public rebuke. So Christian of you.
      Brother Greg

  292. Bob

    I love to listen to your reports, however, this one was very difficult to listen to. Please reevaluate the anger and the name calling.

  293. Terry

    Love you Greg… Those who say Jesus is a mythical person, needs to think who it was that the calendar year that the entire planet, uses was based upon.
    BC… (Before Christ) and AD… (After Death)…
    “mythical people” do not impact something as important. It is meant to be a constant reminder of Christ’s life on the world.
    I think about Jesus every time I check the date or see calendar…

    • Steve Bice

      Respectfully, A.D. is short for anno domini, which means “in the year of the Lord.” The calendar starts from Christ’s birth, not death…but your point remains nonetheless.

  294. Julie

    I had another thought about Christ’s message other than it’s meaningful context, with –
    “the gates of hell”…. will not prevail. It beings to mind a particular ‘Mr Gates’ who will, not prevail.

  295. Galaxy 500

    Half of S&P lost money… With all this fraud and they still lost money? Damn…

    Glad you are on the mend. God bless you and your wife. Satan shall not prevail against the Christ’s Church.

    We are 3 days, 9 meals from anarchy…
    So knowing that stock up on food and ammo. It will never be cheaper than today.

  296. Dr. Joseph

    I ‘m with you Greg, and so are millions of other Christians all over this World. So happy you are mending and will be 100% very soon.. God bless you and may Christ our LORD be with you and guide you amen…

  297. NetRanger

    Love you brother. One day at a time.

    Thank you for what you do.

  298. Ken

    Greg, I can tell just by listening to you that you were violently attacked by the evil one. I will pray Psalms 91 over your body and soul. You will be okay. You will make it. Pray Isaiah 54:17…No weapon formed against me shall prosper. These are very, very evil times that the Lord warned us against. Hang in there my friend.

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