Gregory Mannarino-System Is Dead-Cascade of Events Will Happen

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says the recent Argentina bond default is a big deal and is a symptom of a much bigger global problem—debt.  Mannarino explains, “I’ve been talking about the insurmountable debt problem for years now.  It is the greatest threat to humankind—period.   What really needs to be understood here is that it is not just a financial issue, but also a resource issue.  We have been allowed through this mechanism of failing monetary system that pulls cash out of the future to acquire resources that we would not normally have.  We have created an alternative universe.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “Yes, Argentina is in default now, and we have at least 10 of 11 more that we know of.  As an analyst, I look for common themes.  What is the common theme here between all of these nations, including the United States of America?  It’s very simple.  It’s their debt to GDP ratio.  Whenever you have a debt that exceeds your gross domestic product (GDP), the country begins a terminal decline.  That’s it, period, the end.”

Think this economy can last?  Think again, as Mannarino says, “We have all been hearing that the global debt is not sustainable.  What does that mean that it is not sustainable?  That means that we cannot continue this mechanism of pulling cash out of the future to live in this alternative universe.  Mannarino says what makes this situation so “dangerous” is exponential leverage of derivative bets that are hidden in the system.  Mannarino contends, “It’s in the quadrillions, and the thing about this is they are all off-the-books.  No one knows what this number actually is when we are talking about derivatives.”

So, with the help of derivatives, can a big bond default, like Argentina, cause a daisy chain of default in the future?  Mannarino says, “This is what we saw in 2008; but this time, it’s much, much worse because nothing was fixed back then.  This issue with Argentina is going to trigger a credit default swap event.  A credit default swap is an insurance policy that is purchased by another entity to insure the debt of another institution or, in this case, country.  So, we just found out that the issue with Argentina is, in fact, going to trigger a credit default swap event.  What that means is whatever debt is owed is the problem of another entity.  And, if that entity can’t pay it back, it becomes the problem of another entity, and another entity, on and on.  So, absolutely, boom, boom, boom, a cascade of events that will happen.  This is not a maybe.  We are going to watch this sweep the globe.  We are going to see, at one point, an absolute failure and collapse of the financial system.  2008 was when the music stopped, and this is the terminal side effect.  They are not done yet because they are going to do some more things to keep this whole system propped up.  That’s really all they can do because the system is dead.”

The world added more debt to a debt problem in 2008, and Mannarino says, “That’s like pouring water on a drowning Man.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of 

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Mannarino told me he’s working on a new book that will explore what the world will look like after the next financial crash.  He will give his take on the new global currency and what to invest in for the new global paradigm.  Mannarino says it will be out next year.  For free stock trading tips, please go to


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    I left you a comment a couple of weeks ago saying the problem was debt. Understand debt. It underpins housing, car loans, student loans (ultimately college costs), pensions, and many other things. We even now have debt based life forms. People whose very existence depends upon the deficit of government. To understand what the collapse of debt will mean, just think about all the people who depend on government transfer payments to sustain them. Consider the family that has the 84 month car loan. What happens when one or both breadwinners are unemployed? This leverage is what makes this economy look robust today, but in reality it is tomorrow’s economic cancer. Everything else is just a distraction. The only problem is debt. It always has been and always will be.

  2. Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

    The late Michael Ruppert, referring to our debt based fractional reserve monetary system said, “Unless you change the way money works, you change nothing.” Sadly, it will have to first collapse before anything can change. And the upheaval and unspeakable pain this collapse causes will shake the foundations of everything we hold dear.

  3. Jim Taylor

    Nice work Greg. Enjoyed this interview a lot. Very level headed comments from Mannarino. Hard to Dispute anything he said.

  4. spanky

    It seems that nobody is considering that we are all operating from a false paradigm:

  5. allen ols

    last fri or sat. Greg M. stated in his daily show, that this economic situation will produce massive population deaths and social chaos. Hard hitting.

    Pan-Global Economic Collapse: A Biblical Loss Of Life Is Upon Us NOW. By Gregory Mannarino
    *Visit my website TradersChoice:*Join my new Seeking Alpha…

  6. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    Can you please post a link to that record which was mentioned in the interview?

    • J.C. Davis

      A lot was mentioned. What exactly?

      • Oracle 911

        Davis, in the first minutes is vaguely mentioned something Mannarino recorded and Greg made a phone call. I want the hear that record which is recorded.

        • Greg Hunter

          I recanted a phone call. I talk to Mannarino all the time. I am not the NSA, so, I do not record everything. He said what I said he said. Thank you.

          • Oracle 911

            Thank you Greg for cleaning things up.
            Sadly the NSA is not that kind for releasing the record of that phone call on requests. 🙂

            (I hope, it is clear, I was sarcastic.)

    • al Hall

      Al – lindsey williams has been saying this for years. also Georgia guidestones tell us- about 85% of the population must die ! This will be part of it when people can’t feed themselves- food stamps cut off- there’s 40-45 million people in trouble right there. Nothing more dangerous than a hunger person.

  7. fred

    thank you for having Gregory on again greg he really is confident in his beiefs and not adverse to voiing them lets all hope he is wrong but İ doubt it question now is deflation/inflation and how to weather this hurricane

    • J.C. Davis

      Ye did run well; who did hinder you ? That ye should not obey the truth?

      8 This persuasion cometh not of him that calleth you.

      9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

      10 I have confidence in you through the Lord, that ye will be none otherwise minded: but he that troubleth you shall bear his judgment, whosoever he be

      • J.C. Davis

        Build underground. like he has been telling you. I use cement in buckets. I will let you know how it turns out. Gods peace be with you brother Mitch.

  8. RMJ Atkinson

    Things, events, are cascading at a faster and faster rate. I wonder how long they can ward it all off … it’s becoming scary, and yet, no one around me seems to notice a darned thing, and they won’t until the sky falls on their heads. And even then, they will make up some excuse to ignore their new reality.

  9. Silence is Golden

    GM – ” Nothing can be fixed, the system died in 2008″.
    “There is no solution” , “The financial system is done” , “The Human bubble is going to burst”.
    Ominous observations and predictions aplenty.
    The sad reality here is :
    1) We are slowly being conditioned to accept the fate that will be bestowed upon us when the financial system implodes. By simply saying there is no solution defines our future. Although pessimistic, it is reality. One alternative may be structural change. How do we have structural change when TPTB do not want to participate because its their game and they make the rules.
    2) Acceptance of the behaviour of central planners to intentionally destroy the fabric of our societal, political, financial and monetary systems. This is attributable to non-awareness on the part of the masses and also to the informed minority not having sufficient power or influence to make or force change.
    3) The ramifications for mankind when we arrive at the dead end.

    First we have destruction brought about through deflating asset bubbles and “human” bubbles. Then we have the re-inflation and the “reset”.

    Having knowledge of what lies along the path ahead of us may not be sufficient to successfully navigate us to a place where we live a life worth living.

    • spanky

      Flathead Valley, Montana

    • al Hall


  10. J.C. Davis

    I love the Greg show. Question- I ate a gold coin yesterday, will it digest ? or will the doctor take it in trade to remove it ? I don’t care what happens to billionaires. Gold is a waste of time is you miss the time to sell it. What happens if you sell at the right time? You get junk dollars for your gold. I say find alternative ways to survive without money. Land, food and water storage will be of much greater value the gold. The royal flush in the game is held by the little country boy no one even knows he is in the game.

    • blamb61

      I’ve thought the same for a long time. Buy “life sustaining ” assets as you suggested.

    • Galaxy 500

      Trade and large purchases are going to have to have some medium of exchange. I think it’ll be gold for large and silver for moderate. The govt chickens.for your property tax, water and power bill. Just my two.cents

      • al Hall


  11. Roderick

    You guys bring forth deep insights about the economic system, yet the questions asked and the answers given are put forth in a simple easy way to understand. Many thanks for doing that.

  12. Jerry

    Greg Mannarino is absolutely correct in his analysis that, “the system is dead”. It died in 2008. What should have happened then was the Banks that racked up all this debt, should have been allowed to fail, and the debt that has infected our entire economic system since then, would have died with them. Instead we allowed the Federal Reserve Bank, who is the “City of London Corporation” to step in and regulate our economic policy by continuing the debt scam through QE.

    The “City” is in the drivers seat. They control all the money flow, and all of the markets.
    Greg did you see what happened last Thursday, when the employment figures came out? With even the hint of tapering (which will never happen) QE, the markets lost over 300 points. They know this whole thing is a scam being propped up by fake money.

    Greg what do you think will happen when India inks its deal with Russia, to join China and Russia in dumping the dollar as exchange currency? Could this be the snow flake moment? Keep watching Ukraine. This is the lynch pin to collapse according to my source. It all seems to tie together.

    • J.C. Davis

      Jerry….I LOVE IT. My dog is covered in ticks lets say. What ta to? Wash the dam dog fool. Seven in a liquid form , or permithrin. Hope I spelled that right.
      so Jerry What is your future prediction. ? In short my psyc friend.
      Im more interested in you skill of psychology. Will people ever realize there the frog on the pot. Sad if you say no.

      • Jerry

        A lot of people who come to this site, discuss our economic collapse like its an ongoing TV series. waiting for the next episode. They don’t understand that our fate has been casted in stone by the oligarchs that control the City of London Corporation, and the banks of the world. Surely you can see the paradigm shift away from the dollar that has taken place throughout the world in the last few months. Most Americans are oblivious to the cold blade of reality that’s about to be dropped on their heads. The only thing left, is the timing. From my source it was benchmarked in July with the downing of the Malaysian jet liner in Ukraine. The other part of his prediction was a war between NATO and Russia over Ukraine that has yet to happen. When it does the unwinding of the dollar will begin its final phase. So as I have told Greg, keep an eye on Ukraine. That’s the crystal ball you’re looking for.

    • allen ols

      jerry, jc davis, lastman, ugly,paul, greg H.

      these are the covenent borders of israel, /GOD.

  13. Rob

    Hi Gregs!

    Greg you are absolutely right that as the system collapses the loss of life will be great. They go hand in hand as told nearly 2000 years ago in many of Father’s allegories.
    Revelation 6:1-8 describes Four horses which come quickly in succession within the first year of a 7 year period.

    They must deliver the necessary elements for man to see he has no power apart from a life surrendered to Him:
    Ecclesiastes 8:8 There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power over the day of death; and there is no discharge in war: neither shall wickedness deliver him that is given to it.

    Father will use both righteous and wicked men to bring tribulation such as never has been:
    Mark 13:19 For those days shall be tribulation, such as there hath not been the like from the beginning of the creation which God created until now, and never shall be.

    First Father will send His righteous:
    Rev 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, Come.
    Rev 6:2 And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.

    Second He will send the peaceless:
    Rev 6:3 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come.
    Rev 6:4 And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

    Third He will send the greedy:
    Rev 6:5 And when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, Come. And I saw, and behold, a black horse; and he that sat thereon had a balance in his hand.
    Rev 6:6 And I heard as it were a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, A measure of wheat for a shilling, and three measures of barley for a shilling; and the oil and the wine hurt thou not.

    Forth He will send the merciless:
    Rev 6:7 And when he opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, Come.
    Rev 6:8 And I saw, and behold, a pale horse: and he that sat upon him, his name was Death; and Hades followed with him. And there was given unto them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    These will be the last 7 years of three sets of 7’s where man is given the opportunity to see he is his own worse enemy and apart from Father is destined for hell.

    As I shared in the comments of Jim Willie’s interview we have been given plenty of warnings of Father’s plans as we have seen man is bent on self destruction both economically and spiritually:

    Think of it in 7′s:
    2000~stock market high
    2001~collapse of towers on 9/11 ushers in patriot and homeland security act

    7 years later:
    2007~stock market high
    2008~collapse of housing ushers in “tarp” through the threat of martial law followed by QE to infinity

    7 years later:
    2014~stock market high
    2015~collapse of global economy ushers in a covenant with many that begins 7 years of escalating hell on earth all for the purpose of drawing out a people who will trust the Lord their God alone:
    Psalms 91:1-2 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (2) I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

    From Adam and Eve until today man has always been given a choice of the pleasures of this world or obedience to His Word!!

    Here is a good place to learn what is very quickly coming on the earth my friends:

    Love in CHRIST! Rob

    • archivesDave

      Jibes precisely with the end of this Four Blood Moon Tetrad and Jonathan Cahn’s
      ‘The Harbinger’.

      • wd


        I just finished that book…wow…very forebodding!!

    • Joshua

      Respectfully, you misread this section of Revelation, and what the book is about.
      The overall structure of Revelation is ‘Continuous Historical’, and the section you are quoting from is the first of the 3 great epochs of the 4th Beast of Dan.7. Revelation expands on the epoch and experiences of this beast, from the perspective of its warfare against God’s people. The book covers the times from the Apostle John’s day till the Kingdom of God is set up at the return of Christ. Each ended with a great earthquake, symbolically a huge upheaval in human society. The epochs are –
      – Rev.6:12 End of the 6th seal = Pagan Rome falls and (False) Christian Rome rises = 312
      – Rev.11:13-15 (cf.8:13) End of the 6th Trumpet = Fall of (False) Christian Rome, rise of the modern age = 1789
      – Rev.16:18 End of 6th & beginning of the 7th Vial, Fall of Modern Rome and the Kingdom’s of men and the rise of God’s Kingdom (Dan.2:44) .. = Soon, and all in God’s time..
      When Christ stands upon Mt Zion, and calls all nations to submit, what will your wrong teachings tell you? That … he’s the Anti-Christ !!. I hope not.

      • Rob

        Sorry Greg that I have to use your comments section to address false teaching but Joshua posted some very distorted understandings of Revelation.

        Joshua you are trying to make the book of Revelations a literal(letter) book which it is not:
        2 Corinthians 3:6 who also made us sufficient as ministers of a new covenant; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

        In order to understand the timing of Revelation one must understand these verses and how much they correlate:

        Genesis 2:2 And on the seventh day God finished his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.

        2 Peter 3:8 But forget not this one thing, beloved, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

        Hosea 6:2-3 After two days will he revive us: on the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live before him. (3) And let us know, let us follow on to know Jehovah: his going forth is sure as the morning; and he will come unto us as the rain, as the latter rain that watereth the earth.

        Please take the time and read this book:

        If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me:
        [email protected]

        In CHRIST! Rob

    • chip

      VERY ineresting post Rob. As a God fearing man myself I look to understand world events and how that ties in with my Christian beliefs…. Chip

      Oh, great interview Greg…

  14. laurais

    As to derivatives…

    Imagine a half dozen gamblers, from a half dozen countries, head for the casino for a wild night of gambling. Each one wins a few hands and loses a few hands, nd when the night is done, they owe each other and the house far more than they can pay.

    “No problem,” they say. They call their insurance agents and their agents pay off, but the the gamblers owe much more than that. So they call their national treasuries and the the treasures pony up all the tax dollars they can to help the gamblers make good on their debts. But that’s still not enough. So they get their private banks to grab all the retirement funds: the IRA’s. 401(k)’s and so on. But that’s still not enough. So they call on their central banks whose G-B-Y puts have their backs. “How much do you need? we’ll print it up and wire it to you.”

    But the gamblers and the house know that the more funds that get printed and wired, the less those funds are worth. So in the end, they can play five- or seven-card derivatives all night long and all they’ve got are their personal resources, their country’s taxpayers’ and retirement resources and the downward sloping curve of their race-to-the-bottom currencies. The trillions over and above that amount don’t exist. For anybody. The gamblers and the house know they don’t exist.

    So it’s been a wild night of blind man’s bluff at the casino, and things are pretty much back to where they where before the night began except that the public has been bilked. But the public’s being bilked anyway.

    • allen ols


      thanks, but still, foggy;
      when they called their insurance agents, ‘why’ didnt they pay it all off’ ?

      and if ‘they print it up, did they not print enough’ ?

      and who is making the money, on the gambling, or who is the house.

      still, foggy. tks.

  15. Mitch Bupp

    When 33 percent of the US GDP is created through hedonics the writing is on the wall. The government is just massaging the numbers both ways ….

    If you don’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it …..

    Thanks Greg

    • J.C. Davis

      Mitch. I have had a few drops of rum, so please be patient with me. Sure the numbers are FU kc ed up in more ways then one As adults we must at some point ask What will our legacy be? Store house. not gold== Go to the underground.
      The government is just massaging the numbers both ways ( your quote)
      Go beyond the call of safety Go under ground. Concrete not wood. Again I love your insight. leave this for your grand kids. Oh and there’s.
      out of cement.

  16. Horsenut

    I hate to harp on a point, I have said several times that we should be buying Lead and Brass (Ammo). But my point in saying that is that there are a lot of folks out there like myself that can’t really go Gold and Silver as Mannarino says. There will come a time that trade value will be king and breaking down your assets into trade value will be hard. How are you going to break down your Gold stash into tradeable amounts if an Oz is worth $10,000 and you need something worth $10. Silver will be alittle easier and I have suggested that the friends.
    A couple years ago I started buying up 9mm ammo when it was fairly cheap,,,, Then Boom the prices went through the roof and there was none to be found…. I had people laughing at me one minute and later asking to buy some of mine…. TRADE VALUE.
    So the moral of the story is; What will you have that is worth something when it hits. I can’t afford to buy into gold and silver but there are other things that are of value that I can buy in small amounts here and there. One round of ammunition might be worth more than a silver coin to the right person at the right time. There are a lot of other items of value too!

    • erv

      I do not believe you need to worry about how to buy a $10 item with gold. If gold is at $10,000 then very few items, if any, will be worth $10. You can buy fractional amounts of gold, even one gram of gold; the same goes for silver. One gram of gold is worth $41 today.

      • Horsenut

        I agree that when it the SHTF there will be very few cheap items out there, everything will be priced according to need value. I don’t really think gold and silver will become of great need value until things calm down, which could be months to years to get to that stage. There was a reply on here by one of the posters (sorry I can’t remember who) that suggested that people are so used to paper money that it may be hard to get into using gold and silver. Never the less it will all come down to trade value or need value first….. A can of soup might be worth that Oz of gold….
        What you got to trade?

  17. Larry W. Bryant

    == A Tanka re the Tanks =

    shouldn’t someone ask:
    “depleted uranium:
    is it being used
    in Israeli munitions,
    posing a threat to us all?”
    — Larry W. Bryant (4 Aug 14)

  18. Justin King

    CHAOS not only rules the unhinged geopolitical situation, but the newspeople and pundits are also haggling with chaotic frenzy, which makes mainstreet feel that there is no sociological or psychological anchors.
    The “quickening” ( mystical term of explanation of events ) of today’s communications has driven people to the point of of a subconscious desire for a RESET.
    It is close.

  19. lastmanstanding

    More simple logic regardless of how you feel about Greg M.

    While your at it, go over to SGTReport and listen to Sean’s interview with Rob Kirby.

    Caution: Rob shares so info about Israel that may be to sensitive to some here. So what happened to God’s chosen people? I am as open minded as any on earth to your opinions.

    That is why I am here.

    • allen ols

      I heard the kirby rpt on sgt;

      btw, i built 2/ 55 gal barrel wood burners, w/barrel custom door, vent and legs, and used 2000 degree red paint. I still have to add SMALL FIRE to cure the paint slowly. I found another (makes 9) 275 gal, basket tank for 30 bks. My potatoes are many, and am starting autumn, fall, winter crop, this week.

      I watch mannirino weekly, he is good.

      • lastmanstanding

        Nice Al…it has been a busy summer here as well. Lots of out of state folks moving to a safer place. When they bring lots of money, it sure helps us all. Most of my summer free time has been in the garden, increasing my space, water holding capacity…soon lots of canning. I’ll beef up my firewood supply as well. I have my sauna foundation in and will proceed with that in Sept. so that it is ready for winter.

        Never enough hours in the day to get things accomplished…once in a while, one just needs to sit still and enjoy what we have been given.

        Take care my friend.

    • human

      Spot on!!!!!

  20. vincentg

    Never in the history of the world have we had a global collapse such as the one we are seeing now.

    The shift of power to the east is temporary as when the finial collapse happens no country will be immune to the hell it will bring.

    Every country will be in turmoil facing angry crowds that want to take down the government.

    Not even war can be sustained as it will be all that each government can do to just keep control of it’s citizens.

    Trying to Cheat death.

    For many years we have taken more and more from the future so we may have more today.
    Resources although are limited and by consuming all the future resources faster and faster we have created a serious problem.
    Picture several life boats at sea with each having supplies that will last 2 weeks if rationed properly.
    So they issue chips daily to each person to redeem for food.
    Along comes the banker and says we can loan you chips and you can eat all you wish.

    How long will the food last now?
    Did we think we can cheat death?
    Use all the earths resources as fast as possible without thinking about tomorrow.

    Money systems that have been relied on for thousands of years were cast aside.
    They did all they could to remove the value of them.

    What if you couldn’t even use gold or silver to trade with when these systems break down.

    A paper trained population may not turn to hard assets to trade with as all they know is paper.

    Gold and silver may only be valuable to the small percentage that value it still.

    As we go down this road which we have few choices as what to do we will find that the only sure thing is our own ability to try and solve these problems.

  21. Jose

    On end of July the Gov made a ridiculous claim that the second qtr 2014 had a growth of 4% reversing nearly a -3% decline the Qtr before. I guess through pixie dust and other incantations, the Gov found a way to reverse the negative and add 4 pct points. If that is not black magic, I don’t know what it is.

    The middle class is being torn apart in this country. Stores like Sears, Macy’s, J.C. Penney are morphing into Dollar stores. Wal-Mart’s sales have declined for the last 5 consecutive quarters. Retail sales counter the claim of GDP growth for second Qtr.

    Housing recovery requires people to have the money to purchase homes. In fact, as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts expressed it

    The US is in a structural jobs depression. In the 12-month period from July 2013 through July 2014, 2.3 million Americans of working age were added to the population. Of these 2.3 million only 330 thousand entered the labor force. My interpretation of this is that the job market is so poor that only 14% of the increase in the working age population entered the labor force.

    The US labor force participation rate peaked at 67.3% in 2000 and has been in a sustained downturn ever since. The rate of decline increased in October 2008 with the bank bailout and Quantitative Easing. From October 2008 to the present, 13.2 million Americans were added to the working age population, but only 818 thousand, or 6%, entered the labor force.

    The stock market is another fantasy. There is activity, but no serious wealth creation. Again Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

    What about the stock market? It has been down in recent days but is still high historically. Isn’t the stock market evidence of a good economy? Not if stocks are up because corporations are buying back their own stock. Corporations are now the largest buyers of stocks.

    The reason that these activities are wealth killers is because
    • borrowing to buyback stock leaves a company with debt but without new investment with which to produce revenues to service the debt. This is a bad thing!

    • The massive stock buybacks demonstrate that American capitalism is now corrupt. In order to maximize personal short-term financial benefits flowing from bonuses, stock options, and capital gains, CEOs, boards of directors, and shareholders are decapitalizing public companies and loading them up with debt. This is a really bad thing

    Yet some fools ask, Well, isn’t the economy being helped by the return of manufacturing to America? Data indicates the opposite is true. Since 1999-2012 show outflow of manufacturing increased by 9%
    But what, me worry!

    If you believe in God now is the time to get on your knees and pray for the all the innocent people that will die. Then tighten your belt get out and build something to help the less fortunate.

    I hate the psychopaths that have created this calamity and just as much those who did nothing to stop this. I wanted to create a secret group assassins to go out and make this thing right. I realize after a while, that even if I ware successful, nothing good would come out of it.

    So the right solution is to help, teach and rehabilitate as many as I can. To spread the message of our lord. There are many ways one can stand up and be counted. I am starting right now. People like yourself Greg and been an example and inspiration.

    I just wanted to say thank you… God bless.

    • wd


      This an amazing 5 minute tutorial, what a “bullet to the bone” explanation. If this does not get people to see what is really happening then nothing will. This coincides with what Greg Mar. just said. Absolutely incredible, I have shed all and any doubts that were left over.
      Like Greg M said economic activity is based on 2 things labor participation rate and money velocity( energy)… And really if labor participation rate is that bad then there can be no money velocity (energy) just money stagnation.

      Thank you for one of the most informative interviews I have seen to date about real employment numbers!!!

  22. Larry

    It is always great to see Gregory on your show. he is so very forthright and clear about his vision. He makes it very clear that at all cost the banksters and elites are willing to take us all to the LIMITS of human suffering in order to have it their way. To correct anything
    and spread the pain is not how they work. Pain is to be absorbed by the middle and lower class. Elites will be protected at all costs.

  23. Dwain

    In the last chapter of Daniel, Daniel asks what the angels explanations mean. He has just been told a time of trouble the world has never or ever will experience, precedes a time of great peace. The angel tells him knowledge will be increased and men will run to and fro.

    Technology and debt based economies put 6 billion on the planet in little over 150 years. From deductive analysis, Greg Mannarino points out how population numbers will follow in tandem with economic implosion. No doubt going back to 1 billion on the planet in short order would create a time tribulation the world has never before experienced.

  24. Ncdirtdigger

    Governments can’t keep eating their seed corn for ever.

  25. Jerry

    More news from the Russian front.
    Like I said. Keep an eye on this one. The Ebola virus is just a distraction from what is about to happen there, that will reshape the worlds economies.

      • Greg Hunter

        Let’s not forget the NATO war games still going on in Poland.

      • Jerry

        The first time I saw this press picture of a woman cooking in the street, I thought that could be us in a few months
        I think it should be obvious by now that the Russia press is priming the Russian people for war, as their view the situation in Ukraine becoming desperate by the hour.

    • allen ols


      bingo, just warming up, i say.

    • wd

      Hi Jerry,

      I agree with you. I think Ukraine is where it all lies. It seems to me that based on what Mannirino just spoke about ( I really like his direct approach, he also had another post about driving toward war).

      It seems that those in London 1) don’t like the idea of Russia playing without them and spitting in their face.

      2) This situation is so desperately bad that they are willing to destroy the world to save themselves.

      My next question, Where does this put China? Will they just sit by and let their ally get beat up on?


      • Jerry

        From what I’m told by my source. When the shooting starts in Ukraine, Russia will unleash a military presence that the world has never seen before. Pulse weapons that are capable of disarming electronics on tanks, planes and drones. Military hardware such as the SU-27’s that will make mince meat out of the F-22’s NATO is currently using. According to him, when this thing is over ( in about two weeks time) NATO will cease to exist. China knows this. That’s why they are sitting back watching the show that’s about to start.

        • wd


          What a strange coincendence. When the Nazi’z invaded Russia. They never expected the T 34 tank ( a complete shock) as well as the some of the finest sniper rifles ever made along with some of the finest snipers.

          What you are saying makes complete sense, I have figured Putin was playing us and EU all along. A master mover and shaker versus our masterbater!!


          • Ready to run tail


        • Eddie Laidler

          Good lord.
          My source again!
          Non Nuclear E.M.P. weapons are nothing new and have been around for a long time.
          The reason I call you out Jerry is because you make unsubstantiated claims based on scouring the internet and putting pieces of articles together to make your own theories.
          That is the easiest and least credible way to make your point.
          No one has any reason beyond blind faith to believe you have some high level source feeding you classified or secret information.
          Hagmann has the same modus operandi and does it like a champ.
          I am particularly saddened when I watch others latch on to hyperbolic predictions based on heresay as if it is reliable information.
          It would be better if you just cite your popular alternative websites instead of cobbling together artifacts and calling them a source.
          I did find your linkage of Banks in England to the Fed interesting .
          You linked to something that at least showed someone did some research as to who owns the Federal Reserve through a chart. Right?

          Personally I think it is plausible that the Ukraine is a bitch slap by the U.S. in response to Russia backing up Syria when they didn’t like our Arab Spring.
          But only after the Benghazi Gunrunning operation was outed by the Russians through proxies.
          We may have just given Russia it’s Afghanistan 2.0 by stirring up the Ukraine.
          If that is the case then there is nothing more we or N.A.T.O.
          need do at this point.
          I look for Russia and China to push to Israel through other Arab proxies such as Iran.
          Once cornered Israel can unleash Nuclear weapons and take out the heart of radical Islam in one move.
          Just as plausible as anything and wholly unsubstantiated.
          Peace Brother

          • Jerry

            Eddie I’d say opinions are like b#@# H%$#@, everyone has one. But I’d be wrong. You are one. You don’t know who I talk to or where I get my information, that’s all based on your own assumption. I’m not promoting anything, or trying to sell anything, just sharing information that I have received. I think if you check my post you will find most of the things I posted on predictions were posted months in advance before turning up on other sites.

            As I’ve told Greg I might stop posting information, because people like you seem to have all the answers anyway and don’t really need it. If you’ve understood anything I’ve posted the last few months, you should be more concerned about whether you are prepared, instead of proving me wrong. In the end it really doesn’t mater. By the way Eddie when was the last time you posted something of substance? All I ever see you do is snipe at people. But then again maybe that’s all you’ve got to offer.

  26. Sylvia

    Although I am not a trader at present………. I like to listen to Greg Mannirino’s
    common sense approach to our present economic situation. Thanks for having him on your show.

  27. Dale

    Hi Greg, Can you explain derivitives ? How they work ?

    also, Was QE 1 The government bailout to AIG, Fanny Mae, Freddy Mack, JP Morgan etc or was that after that ?

    • Greg Hunter

      They are basically debt bets between private parties. There is no public market, no regulation and no guarantees. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) pegs the number at around $6oo trillion to $700 trillion. (Yes, I said TRILLION.) Many think the real number is twice that amount but whatever it is it is a very large unregulated pool of debt and leverage. This is why Warren Buffett called derivatives “weapons of mass destruction

      • Dale

        Thanks Greg. Can you comment on the QE part of the question ? Thanks !

        • Silence is Golden

          In short QE1 ($700BLN) was the FED bailing out (reliquefying) the banks et all (including the $85BLN debt for equity swap arrangement for AIG). Fannie and Freddie were taken over by the Govt. before the QE1 program was announced. It was primarily seen as saving the housing market from total destruction but is now known to be “bailing out the banks” and quite possibly averting the implosion of the financial system.

      • 2015

        How would anyone know, Greg? Imean how would anyone possibly prove what “that” number is?

        Research DTCC.

      • Ugly

        Are you saying, we have a chance?

        • Greg Hunter

          Fear Not, we have more than a chance.

  28. Jim

    The two Gregs telling it like it is. Along with gold and silver, one should stockpile food, water and something to protect yourself/family.

  29. T h e S m o k e i n g G u n ?

    Hacker to show passenger jets at risk of cyber attack
    Reuters 4 hr ago By By Jim Finkle of Reuters

    BOSTON (Reuters) – Cyber security researcher Ruben Santamarta says he has figured out how to hack the satellite communications equipment on passenger jets through their WiFi and inflight entertainment systems – a claim that, if confirmed, could prompt a review of aircraft security.

    Santamarta, a consultant with cyber security firm IOActive, is scheduled to lay out the technical details of his research at this week’s Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas, an annual convention where thousands of hackers and security experts meet to discuss emerging cyber threats and improve security measures.

    His presentation on Thursday on vulnerabilities in satellite communications systems used in aerospace and other industries is expected to be one of the most widely watched at the conference.

    “These devices are wide open. The goal of this talk is to help change that situation,” Santamarta, 32, told Reuters.

    The researcher said he discovered the vulnerabilities by “reverse engineering” – or decoding – highly specialized software known as firmware, used to operate communications equipment made by Cobham Plc, Harris Corp, EchoStar Corp’s Hughes Network Systems, Iridium Communications Inc and Japan Radio Co Ltd.

    In theory, a hacker could use a plane’s onboard WiFi signal or inflight entertainment system to hack into its avionics equipment, potentially disrupting or modifying satellite communications, which could interfere with the aircraft’s navigation and safety systems, Santamarta said.

    He acknowledged that his hacks have only been tested in controlled environments, such as IOActive’s Madrid laboratory, and they might be difficult to replicate in the real world. Santamarta said he decided to go public to encourage manufacturers to fix what he saw as risky security flaws.

    Representatives for Cobham, Harris, Hughes and Iridium said they had reviewed Santamarta’s research and confirmed some of his findings, but downplayed the risks.
    Santamarta published a 25-page research report in April that detailed what he said were multiple bugs in firmware used in satellite communications equipment made by Cobham, Harris, Hughes, Iridium and Japan Radio Co for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, military, maritime transportation, energy and communications.

    The report laid out scenarios by which hackers could launch attacks, though it did not provide the level of technical details that Santamarta said he will disclose at Black Hat.
    One vulnerability that Santamarta said he found in equipment from all five manufacturers was the use of “hardcoded” log-in credentials, which are designed to let service technicians access any piece of equipment with the same login and password.
    Vincenzo Iozzo, a member of Black Hat’s review board, said Santamarta’s paper marked the first time a researcher had identified potentially devastating vulnerabilities in satellite communications equipment.

    “I am not sure we can actually launch an attack from the passenger inflight entertainment system into the cockpit,” he said. “The core point is the type of vulnerabilities he discovered are pretty scary just because they involve very basic security things that vendors should already be aware of.”

    (Reporting by Jim Finkle; Additional reporting by Andrea Shalal in Washington and Teppei Kasai in Tokyo; Editing by Richard Valdmanis and Tiffany Wu)
    For full article;

  30. Hugo

    Hi Greg,

    Nice interview but I have one question, what is ment that it cant be saved exactly? Sure I agree that the petro dollar system cannot be saved. But that the Euro (and other currencies) cannot be saved… Iam not so sure. Actually I think that currencies like that will save themselfs via gold. Big hat tip to FOFOA blog for laying it out.

    There are 2 types of currencies on earth, the ones that are a derivative of the petro dollar and the ones that mark their gold to market. See this graph by mr Sinclair how the world is divided by it (in this piece) ;

    I know only about the construction of the EUro. If push really comes to shuff what will the ECB (and local CB’s) do who only have a lot of gold (around 12k tons) to recapitalise the system? Sell their gold or buy gold or both? Remember, they dont care about people and only to a degree local governments. Only about the banking system. First one or more central banks (or the local branches) will bid up physical gold. They know they need to blow up comex and maybe the LBMA. The physical mostly exchanges are in place in for example Dubai. A sustained big physical premium there will discredit the Comex since they have to stop deliveries totally.

    Once that sky high price is reached, they will support it since that enables them to bail out the commerical banks. If that costs the dying of the bullion banks, so be it. They served their purpose. Keeping the petro dollar in place untill a mature system was in place to replace it was the goal. Remember, since the time of mr da Gaulle Europe knew that the dollar would fail. After all, Triffin Dilemma, thats why all European reserve currencies died. What also has been achieved is making people sick of debt, not love it but hate it. See Southern and also Northern Europe by now.

    So what has been achieved by this? A world reserve currency (actually wealth) is established, physical gold. Solving the Triffin dilemma. Currencies remain so the banking system can keep ripping of people and governments keep their power. Ofcourse there will be social unrest but as they say, one has to not like austerity protests but one has to hate hyperinflationary social unrest.

    Unless the world forgives the USA the USA / FED / treasury cannot deploy gold this way since many claims are still on it when Nixon defaulted on gold in the Bretton Woods agreement. Hence it is still priced at $42 and a bit on the books.

    Hope this made some sense since so much history, political and finance is behind it.

    • 2015

      You are lost in technicalities which have no real relationship to nature. You are missing the big picture. There is too much fraud and waste for these jargon-filled technicalities to have any substance of truth to them.

      • vincentg

        Debit based currencies can not last very long.
        There are many people out there that you can listen to that explain the problems with debt based currencies.

        Bill Still
        Mike Maloney

        Even though many people know this is a bad system they will not change it.
        The failure of every debt based currency is inevitable and those that control it don’t want to change it.
        If your country tries to change then you face war with the West.

        You are not allowed to have real money.

    • Galaxy 500

      $42 oz is book value

  31. Alarmed

    It is obvious that we are in the Biblical last days. I always thought it would be further into the future, beyond any reasonable years for me. How quickly we have slid down the slope of no return.
    We have allowed those who usurped their power through money and deceit to twist our thinking from right to wrong. They have destroyed our country, our education, families, and respect for God as a people/nation. Today, most people focus on the ugly and insane, lust for money and pleasure, and think it is normal.
    I agree with Greg Mannarino’s analysis, but am very saddened that it has come down to this.

    Get get right with God and Repent!

    • Galaxy 500

      Its not.obvious to me but I have seen end of the.worlders like you and Rob run around like chickens (little and large) every since I was old enough to understand. Ive seen a severe cults eviscerate themselves have the.sun rise day. While I believe it is prudent to be.prepared both physically and spiritually for whatever the.future brings, I find these end of the.worlders nonsense just so much.fear mongering. Evil people attempting to lead the feeble minded and lost astray…just like Jim Jones, or Heaven’s Gate or the JW’s in the mid 1970s.
      I sometimes find it hard to believe this is a news sight with so much of this gobbledygook world is ending crap. Peace until you and fear not…but lets.stick to.the.topic at hand

      • tROT

        G 5 0 0 Jw’s believe the meek will inherit the earth, how can that be if it ends? Psalm 104: 5

    • Ugly

      I agree. The end times are here. How long? Who knows, but I bet it is within 30 years….I remember in around 1980s and listening to Hal Lindsey, he said the Anti-Christ was born somewhere around the 1967-1973 time frame. If so, that means he is around 45 and the end times are near. According to the Bible, the end times will center around a little land called Israel….

  32. John

    Telling people to go in gold and silver is wrong. How and to whom is a person going to unload the metals post-collapse? What is stopping the President from passing an Executive Order saying that you can only sell your metals to the government, and rest assured you are not going to get a good deal. Your average person on the street is not going to buy your metals. It’s best to stockpile food, water, and ammo than gold and silver. They will come more in handy.

    • Silence is Golden

      John, with all due respect you do not understand the true function of Gold.

      • John

        Silence, of course I do. It’s for insurance; to protect your purchasing power. But I ask you again, in order to protect your purchasing power you need to unload the metal or barter it. Who is going to be waiting on the other side to buy the metal is what I am interested in. Your average Joe will not accept the metal in exchange for something (he would rather have food or lead or clothing) and he will not have the money to purchase it. I could go farther by trading lead bullets or food that I have grown than with gold. Gold and silver is a small niche. The majority of people could care less about it. I have a little gold and silver myself, but I don’t stack like a madman like some people. The land I have bought throughout the country will come more in handy than gold will. You can bank on that. Gold didn’t help people during the Depression and it will not help you this time around. My grandfather had gold during the Depression and couldn’t do nothing with it. I ended up inheriting it.

        • Silence is Golden

          When everyone else including Average Joe has nothing of substance, nothing tangible….they will be the ones who will come after your Gold and Silver. It is not the average Joe you want to unload your Gold / Silver to. Any physical PM will be capable of utilisation, not just for trade for survival. Understand full well they are not in themselves productive assets. That doesn’t preclude the owner from acquiring assets that are productive. From whom you may ask. Consider the corporatisation of the global property market and the ownership of productive arable land. Consider the ownership of resources that are utilised everyday. Who owns the water rights to drinking water and the energy grid. Hmmmmm…some more food for thought !!!
          Fiat currency will get you nothing in times of financial destruction. Your house (if you are lucky enough to own it free) will be just that – a roof over your head. Again its a non producing asset but in tumultuous times, difficult if not impossible to utilise. Got any other assets?

          • John

            Yes, I do have other assets. My skills as a tailor, electrician, plumber, welder, mechanic, farmer. You retain your purchasing power with skills, skills that are going to be needed in good and bad times.

          • Silence is Golden

            John, we have different views of what constitutes assets. Your skills are a commodity…tradeable for existence/survival. Great to see you have a positive attitude nonetheless.

          • Silence is Golden

            I found this article. Read at your leisure.

    • J.C. Davis

      John . My thoughts exactly. When tshtf Big brother will take care of itself first. Gold was removed in the first depression, and nothing will stop it from happening again.

      • John

        J.C. Somebody who understands. Let me make it clear, I hold gold and silver, but I will not go all in and stack like there is no tomorrow. It’s a waste of money, and frankly the money can be used another way to protect yourself from what it coming. A lot of metal bugs think that the government will allow them to keep their metal in order to protect themselves. In my opinion, there is a strong possibility that might not happen. The government will come down hard on metal bugs, either by passing a law stating holding gold is illegal or they will tax the living hell out of your gains/profit- like a windfall tax. As I wrote above, gold didn’t help my grandfather one iota during the depression. He could have sold it later on in life and would have made some good money, but he was well-off and didn’t need the money.

    • Dewd

      Can Gun Confiscation Happen During a Medical Crisis Under a Declared National Emergency?:

  33. smaulgld

    Here is a perfect example of borrowing resources out of the future that don’t exist to make a profit- the bullion banks silver short positions.
    Right now the bullion banks’ short positions would require the delivery of 160 days worth of the global mining production to cover!
    Think they have it?

  34. 2015

    There won’t be any collapse in the sudden sense. Banks will close. Everythig will go digital, and people will be paid and robbed from, but fewer people will know. We are going through that transition that always happens when they lie to you about the “statistis”–eventually they will not release any statistics. They will reset the system every so often back to zero, and you will never know.

    You see, no one has a credible threat of force to use against the new system. Russia and China will sit at the table. Generations to come will wonder what all the fuss was about. But most of them will be illiterate.

    You know, it’s not that bad, the world has gone through this before.

    • chip

      Everything will go digital? I doubt it. We’ll revert back to sticks and stones when it collapses…

    • Galaxy 500

      Nothing the govt.has ever done has gone as you suggest. You are truly foolish if you think they will get what you prognosticate right.

  35. Will H

    Greg can you or someone please post a link to the bond market. and explain how to watch/evaluate it. Sorry to be nieve Thanks in advance! will

  36. archivesDave

    Thanks Greg for another great interview.
    I am surprised tho that he didn’t comment on IMF head Christine LaGarde’s bold prediction which seems to parallel James Richards’ recent comments:

    • Silence is Golden

      CL re-iterates what she has been saying since her National Press Club presentation.
      I have watched the full national press club presentation given by CL on January 6 2014.
      What she has to say should not be construed as “prediction” as I draw your attention to what is overtly inferred as the “RESET”.
      “Reset of the Monetary, Regulatory and Structural systems by way of necessary policy reform and changes that are required”.

      • Greg Hunter

        Lagarde said at the beginning of her speech she said she was going to “talk about the global economy and what to expect in 2014.” She was clearly forecasting what the IMF thought would happen this year, and she gave a primer on “numerology” to make key points at the very beginning of her speech. You are splitting hairs on the basis of semantics.

        • Silence is Golden

          Your analysis is one dimensional.
          The premise of her speech was the global economy I agree. But deeper analysis demonstrates she is not predicting what needs to and WILL change starting this year. In my opinion she is stating a fact. In other words…its a given. That’s not a prediction or a forecast in my dictionary, because the element of uncertainty has been removed.
          A RESET in many areas is upon us. The monetary system is a primary target for reset starting with the USD.
          The message is loud and clear if you choose to listen.

          • Greg Hunter

            So we have a difference of opinion and my thinking is “one dimensional.” Ahhh straight out of the social fascist playbook. You don’t like what someone thinks, so you devalue the opinion by belittling the argument. My opinion is worth less than yours. You are the smartest on because you say my argument is “one dimensional.” How many dimensions are there with your argument? Two, three, four . . . ten?? Here’s word for you, pompous. Sure, I get your point, but what was especially creepy was Lagarde’s use of numerology at the beginning of her speech. What place does numerology have in a forward looking financial policy speech given at the national Press Club? ZERO. Why did she feel it was necessary to give a primmer on it with what she calls the “magic 7”? That was no accident, and in my mind nothing to gloss over.

          • Silence is Golden

            You called me out on using semantics. I responded with my clarification. Fair ?
            There is no belittling in anything I have written. Maybe you need to review what you wrote and how that came across. Its more than a difference of opinion when you use “straight out of the social fascist playbook” and “pompous”. There is a misinterpretation and you have chosen to attack me personally because of that.
            Btw..I didn’t say or imply you were wrong , I did say in my opinion.
            You said “What place does numerology have in a forward looking financial policy speech given at the national Press Club? ZERO”.
            What relevance does numerology (more specifically the number 7) have with regard to anything in the financial world?….. ZERO.
            Coded messages from the Elite to who ?????
            I call humbug.
            This is a distraction, just more noise to confuse the real task at hand. She definitely played the coincidences with 2014 , 70 years, 25 years, 7 yrs. However, Secret Societies operate under a shroud of secrecy. Is there any evidence of other coded messages from the Elite using numerology that have previously been intercepted and acted upon !!!
            Too much is being read into the use of numerology in her speech imho. She needed to have a focal point for the delivery of the real message. She achieved that in spades.
            Get ready for the reset(s).
            As a side note I was under the impression that the numbers 13 and 33 had more significance for those that consider numerology is paramount.
            Maybe I’m just too self absorbed in my own little egotistical world to care less about what anybody else has to say. If that was true then why would I bother to write this blog or even respond to your comment. I have nothing to prove nor to gain. In this instance I was merely trying to point out the significance of the underlying message that CL was delivering.

            • Greg Hunter

              You can call “humbug” all you want, but the fact remains that the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund gave a tutorial in numerology at the very beginning of a major policy forecasting speech in front of the National Press Club. Sorry if I offended you, but don’t come to my site, pat me on the head and tell me that what I think is “one dimensional.” That is demeaning and it rubs me the wrong way, especially coming from someone who uses an anonymous name. Man up and use a real name if you want to whip s#$@ on someone.–I do. I don’t know what Lagarde was trying to do spending the first six minutes of her speech referring to the “magic 7”, but it was not just a random act of crazy. Thank you for your comment and support, and remember “Good men can disagree.”

  37. jmart

    Greg are you aware that there are allegations about Fabian Calvo being Slumlord? The allegations go back a few years around the time he was a political candidate in Florida. If you Google “Calvo Slumlord” stuff comes up which raise questions about Calvo’s business practices which aren’t flattering to say the very least.

  38. Ready to enlist

    Even worse ! Imagine if China has the ability to whip our collective tails in a direct one on one military confrontation !!!!! Well that day is here NOW !!!!! Read the following link !

    How do we stay on top ? We need a massive unfettered arms buildup to ensure that freedom and democracy live into the 21st and 22nd centuries ! People wake up ! We need to re-arm NOW ! ! ! ! !

    But just think that if we do honer her and protect her … Lady Liberty. The USA will shine on like a beacon on a dark hill ! For your listening enjoyment ladies and gentlemen, the most patriotic musical piece I have ever heard !

    We can bring destruction and death to our enemies if we just stand fast and stay the course !!!!!!! I get so filled with longing for our country and ready to fight for Liberty when I hear that beautiful song of freedom !

    • Ready to run tail

      Money of course is most of the most driving factors of what the mess this world is in. Along with money seems to always go power, corruption, and control. Still the most drastic undercurrent that there is happens to be FEAR.

      Those with money and power have a deep fear of losing it, even a small fraction of it. Fear can make ANYONE do just about anything. You push someone deep enough into a corner in which they have nothing to lose, they will react accordingly to this. Ukraine and Georgia are to0 pieces of land that cannot be lost to the west and have hundreds of miles of border that Russia must guard. Russia has seen first hand what an opening to Russia means during world wars and with Napolean. They will attack nuclear wise before this is allowed to be lost.

      Fear is something that if strong enough can throw all rational thought away. You can have a mistake and the missiles will be launched. You can have the mere thought that there is no way out other than a first strike before your enemy hits you. This is fear, the emotion that takes away clear thinking and how decesions are based much more on impluse than logic and sensibility.

      This is a plague that is gripping the entire world, fear. From being afraid that your home will no longer be yours to the threat of violence in all major cities to the worry of losing the stability of a country or even those elitists losing their strangle hold on everyone below them on their pyramid power base. The fear is getting a lot worse and there is a tipping point of this fear, the worldwide accumulation of it that is infecting everyone. Justifaible so. When the world breaches this level we are going to see hell like no one can imagine. Fear not ready to enlist!

  39. Walter Baumgarten

    This website is the most important place I go to for “news”, or more correctly, for updates on the situations of what really matters in the World on an ongoing basis. It reminds me of how we viewed CNN during the original Gulf War way back. You have my attention Greg, and my appreciation for reporting on what is important in a time when all others are sold out! Thank you.

  40. wd


    “Jose” just posted this video the truly defines the REAL employment situation, PLEASE PLEASE look at this ( I know how busy you are) I feel this video is crucial as it is pure mathematical and can not be tweeked.

    THIS IS A MUST- It will wipe out any and all doubts!!

    Thank you!

  41. Charles H.


    These are Strange Days indeed. When I was a child – there was no crime to speak of; kids roamed freely walking or on bicycles; we played at friends houses like they were our own; we didn’t lock our doors at night, or even pull the garage door down; nobody was afraid of perverts or kidnappers, or murderers. There was a general feeling of well-being. A doctor was someone you saw once in a while when sick, at their office; a hospital was seen only a few times growing up, if you got really banged-up or cut bad or broke a bone or something. You wanted money? You hunted returnable bottles in ditches, or went downtown to the grocery store to bag groceries for tips. You could garden, or cut lawns, have a paper-route: all you had to do was TRY, and do a decent job. The future looked good. School still taught something useful; and a future career was pretty much wide open to your level and inclination. And I remember when JFK was killed – I cried at the tragedy; and mourned the loss of someone who I believed believed in us and wanted to look-out for us. Government was good then.
    Today, I think the total opposite is true. Most people are prisoners within their own houses. Even small towns are having rapes and murders. Traveling even short distances causes one to be wary. And our friends seem so superficial. Unbelievable numbers of people are FAT; most people are unhealthy: and we have to pay health insurance whether we want to, whether we can afford to or not. You want money? You better hustle for two part-time jobs. Schools are now socialistic nurseries, that prepare kids for nothing – many can’t read or write when graduating High School, with college equating to lifelong debt. The future looks dark; you can’t believe what you read: and government is an entity that cheats you at every turn. If something happened to Obama – I’d dance like a muslim after 9/11, and spit like a Vietnam Vet when Hanoi Jane croaks.
    I can’t believe we have changed so much so soon. An eighty year old touching a new born like a handshake – 238 years would be covered in three handshakes, from 1776 until now, counting the first baby as the first handshaker. Three generations to ruin a nation. Time must be worth more than gold.

  42. Galaxy 500

    All the problems in the world and what does Kerry believe is a problem? Global freaking warming

    • g

      thank you

  43. Sambo

    Greg on Greg, what a great interview and thanks so much for all the great information. You do so much to inform us all at the right place, at the right time and for all the right reasons. The sleep is so deep in this country and the normalcy bias is so epidemic that one wonders if we will ever recover. I always say yes we will and all the good information provided by you guys will be on the forefront of that battle. Thanks so much for all that you do.

  44. Jim H

    Where else could any for profit system where one draws interest while he or she sleeps and interest coming from most times hard working people taking loans they may or may not be able to pay back. Hell we can’t try to help people with the ebola virus. Why? Because we don’t have the damn money. It’s a sick system and always has been, whether it goes by the name communism, socialism, capitalism or any other ism.
    I have to believe God’s kids deep down know this has never been God’s will. After their meeting in the temple with the Christ, they killed him because his message was getting popular. In no time at all they were back in the temple buying and selling. As a devout capitalist, I loved to spout the story of the talents to anyone who would listen. There might be at most three stories like versus thousands like the lady giving two mites, the good Samaritan, if your brother is cold give him your coat and well you really do know the rest.
    I’m not a religious guy but every day starts with me opening my eyes and saying “thank you, thank you, thank you”.
    Let it crash and this time let’s lock the temple door.
    Greg, thanks for providing a venue for thoughts and feelings as we search for truth, love and inner peace.

  45. Rock

    Another fine piece of work. Many thanks. Keep asking what the canary in the coal mine is, what the trigger will be, and what is it going to mean to the average American.
    God is in control. Fear not!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes my friend Fear Not.

  46. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg: You are doing a very good job in providing to all of us good information that we cannot find anywhere else.

    By comparing the statements of Jim Willie, Gerald Celente and Gregory Mannarino it can be felt that all three men are in a perfect agreement with each other. If there is any difference it is only found in their verbalization of their thought. But their substance is very much the same.

    I hope that you will bring back your and my favored person, Paul Craig Roberts, to give us his updated summaries of the present day events of West-East politics and world economy trends.

    • Greg Hunter

      He’s coming back Sunday in an “Early Sunday Release.” It is an hour interview and you will not want to miss it. Thank you for your comment and support.

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