Hammer of Justice Falling Now – Mark Taylor

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” correctly predicted Donald Trump’s 2016 victory years in advance. That’s the best known of Taylor’s prophecies, he says came straight from God, but he’s made other prophecies, and many are also beginning to come true now. A November 2015 prophecy called “Time is Up for Those Who are Corrupt” is one of the ones coming to fruition. Taylor explains, “This includes President Obama. I got attacked because I said President Obama was going to go to jail or prison because he was going to be charged with treason. The prophecy says the presidency would be “ripped and stripped from him.” . . . The point to “Time is Up for Those Who are Corrupt” is this is not just judges, but political leaders. It is religious leaders. God is exposing religious leaders and corruption going on in the churches right now. You are seeing things come out about the Vatican, the bishops, pedophilia and even child sacrifices all coming out now. God is done with this stuff. The hammer of justice is not coming, it is falling now. . . . (In the 2015 prophecy) God said he was going to clean out those who are the darkest. It’s in the political realm. It’s in the religious realm. It’s in the Hollywood realm.”

Taylor makes a special point about the movie capitol of the world and predicts, “Hollywood is fixing to get gutted, folks. I have been saying this for a while and that is God is going to gut the news media, and we are seeing that taking place right now, and all this takes place and it’s hand in hand. God is also going to gut Hollywood. Twitter erupted into a huge thing recently over this James Gunn thing. (Fired director of Guardians of the Galaxy movies) When it erupted, they were making these pedophile jokes, and the reason they are doing this is they are trying to desensitize the people to it. You know, ‘that’s funny’ because they are trying to desensitize the people. Now, if you notice they are trying to link arms with the LGBT community. If those guys are smart, they will tell these guys (pedos) to hit the road and won’t have anything to do with them. They are trying to mainstream pedophilia and make it look like it’s okay. They are trying to desensitize people, which is why all of Hollywood busted out with these pedophilia type jokes. . . . When God guts Hollywood, this is what he’s starting to do, you are going to see some big names come out. When he does this, the Christian producers, actors and actresses better get ready to take their place because there is going to be a void there. So, we, as the Army of God, better be ready to step in and fill that void. If you don’t, the enemy will come back, and it will be seven times worse.”

On the midterm elections in November, Taylor says, “If you are part of the Army of God, you need to be ready also because there are going to be politicians that are going to resign. We have had the biggest number of resignations probably in history. This midterm election is going to be huge. This is going to be a red tsunami. They keep talking about the blue wave. I think it’s going to be a blue drip, a leaky faucet, and that is all they are going to get. You have had more resignations than we have ever seen. Now is the time to go in and capture this ground and hold it for the Kingdom of God. . . . It’s not a left or right thing. God is moving us towards a place of righteousness. That’s what’s happening right now. So, he’s going to be replacing these people.  If you are called to be a judge, senator, congressman or a council person, I don’t care what level local, state or federal, take your place and get ready. If you are in the Army of God and you don’t vote, you need to get off your behind and register to vote. These are going to be the most important midterm elections in America’s history—period.”

In closing, Taylor says, “I don’t think there is going to be another Democrat in the White House for a long time, if ever again. I believe you are seeing the death of the Democrat party right now.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Mark Taylor, co-author of “The Trump Prophecies,” which has been made into a movie that is releasing in early October.

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(This post talks about justice coming to the wicked, Hollywood sex offenders being exposed, and the most important midterm elections in U.S. history coming in November.)

After the Interview:

If you would like to get a copy of “The Trump Prophecies” click here. You can get any of Taylor’s prophetic words for free by clicking here. If you want to find out about the “The Trump Prophecies” movie and watch the trailer, click here.

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  1. This Sceptred Isle

    Well if Obama goes to jail for treason and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld don’t for 9/11 it will look like racism.

    • Greg Hunter

      They are all going.

      • Roger P. Carpenter

        Is that a PROMISE to your viewership Greg?

      • Roger P. Carpenter


        Do you suspect that The President Donald Trump is also in contact with the Lord. Receiving guidance?

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not know but I do know he prays to God the Father and His Son.

      • Mike R

        I believe you are right Greg. And its almost eery, as to how Mark is talking about the media being cleaned out, as earlier today before I ever saw this post, I was thinking about how Trump has truly gotten the media to essentially implode upon itself. A great presentation by Scott Adams (https://www.periscope.tv/ScottAdamsSays/1YqxogXzrbzxv) over at Periscope confirmed that, and it was almost like a premonition for me, as Scott described how eerily quiet the media has gotten in the past few days, after Trump has gone quiet and just let his economic triumph of 4+% GDP just hang out there with no further tweets from him. The media is absolutely beside itself, as they now only have something to CREATE a newstory with, when its Trump tweeting something that they can attack.
        In otherwords, Trump has managed to get the media to literally eat its own, and destroy its own credibility. Sure Trump can say ‘fake news’ all he wants, and he did a great job to get that premise started, but ever since, the media has become totally stark naked and exposed for the complete manipulative frauds they are. Nobody believes ANYTHING they put out there as ‘news’, as people are now getting their ‘news’ from hundreds of other sources that are more accurate than the mainstream media outlets have ever been.

        Now EVERYONE knows for a fact, the mainstream outlets do nothing but try to create negative bias, and attempt to negatively influence American citizen opinion, that has been to the detriment of our country. They keep saying Trump is divisive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama was hugely divisive, and the media adopted his approach of accusing his enemies (basically All white Americans) of the wrongs and mal-intent, and eventually real crimes, that Obama himself was guilty of. Thats right out of communist Alinski’s play-book. Accuse others of what you yourself are guilty of.

        That is the demoncratic approach – Obama and democrats and specifically Clinton were in fact guilty of collusion with the Russians. But they directed that at Trump and have tried unsuccessfully to frame him. It keeps failing. So like Mark is saying here, the Mainstream media, and Hollywood, are going down. They will be crushed.
        Praise be to the Lord for this.

        P.S. An awesome guest to have on here btw would be Scott Adams. Let him talk about how Trump is playing 4D chess.
        Even the Chinese are admitting Trump is a genius strategist.

        • Carol Smith

          I believe most fail to realize that these are prayers being answered that we pray. Psalm 94 toward the end in the Living Bible says that God will bring a boomerang upon the wicked. This is what is happening. The Lord is doing it thru Trump and what ever method He wants.

          I personally have been praying this Psalm back to the Lord (boomerang) since before the elections. Now I am praying this over Maxine Waters, etc. Pray Psalm 94 and watch what happens. It truly is amazing when this prayer is answered the next day !!

      • David Voss

        mark taylor lost me when I heard him talking about the hurricane in Texas he stated that God told him it was man made with harp. just can’t buy that, I would like to know how God talks to him, I lot of people think that every thought that comes to there mind is from God. I really want to believe him but saying the government can change the weather, sorry I can’t buy that. time will tell I hope Mark is right.

        • Greg Hunter

          You need to do a lot more research. You are exposing your ignorance when you disbelieve the government can change the weather. The science of weather modification is established science and it’s called geoengineering. Start here:https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/

    • hbeachrealist

      Wow! I strangely agree. I will b very, very disappointed if Trump refuses to expose 9/11. If he doesn’t, he will allow the elite to produce another false flag.

  2. Dear Me

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!

    • Frederick

      What about it Great film

    • William Stanley

      DM, re: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!
      The real meaning of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest!” is almost the opposite of what you insinuate regarding the interview of Mr. Taylor. It’s a story about a struggle between good and evil powers, and the ultimate escape from oppression — at least by one person who, with some help and sacrifice from a friend, summoned the courage to take the leap.

      • Dear Me

        Good v Bad? Depends on what side your we’re born on. Religious belief is the course of all this ‘Cuckooness’
        I’m right, your wrong, oh wait; your different so I hate you. Your not a Christian so your condemned.
        Give it a rest Willy and open your mind. Think for yourself and not what’s written in a book.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are an atheist holding tight to a black hole of nothingness. Nothing anyone would say to you would make you let go of your black Godless hole. You are the one with the closed mind, and might I add, a black heart.

        • William Stanley

          DM: How open does your mind have to be before your brains fall out?

          • Bradley

            I always find it interesting how the word religion is used. All it is to me anyway is a belief system and everybody on this green earth has a religion. The question is whether or not their religion is the Truth.

          • BB

            Why are Christians always so rude?

            • Greg Hunter

              Funny, I was thinking about the question “Why are atheists so rude?”

            • Tracy Welborn

              That is a great question. I’ve often thought the same thing. You know if a person has had a revelation of the spirit but has not had a revelation of their flesh, they almost always end up in pride. People are rude because of pride. There’s nothing worse than spiritual pride.

              • William Stanley

                Tracy: I think pride (ego?) accounts for much retaliatory rudeness. However, tit-for-tat — e.g., replying in kind in order to supply justice and redress of wrongs, especially wrongs inflicted upon others — seems to me to be a socially useful response.
                Moreover, my observations point toward a somewhat different (although not totally unrelated) genesis for many “first strikes”: the gratuitous desire to inflict pain and suffering for the pure joy of it. Even more evil, IMO, is the first strike that is calculated to stifle others from expressing their opinions in order to gain economic, social, or political advantage. Trolling often falls into these last two categories — it’s more evil than merely sinful.
                It’s a struggle: I find it difficult to say, write or do anything that is not at least tinged with ego . . . even the desire to help and protect others. Sometimes I think that this is what is really meant by original sin: you can’t escape it; even the desire to be virtuous is suspect.

          • sk

            And if you REALLY want to KNOW…it’s turtles all the way down! (check that out)

          • KB


            “A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.” – Chinese proverb

            • Greg Hunter

              If someone doe not agree with your point of view that does not mean they have a “closed mind.”

            • William Stanley

              I take it then, KB, that you disagree with Dear Me who advised me to “think for yourself and not what’s written in a book.”
              You seem to approve of books;Therefore, I assume that your mind is open to this explanation of love, aka “charity.”
              “1Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 2And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. 3And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.
              4Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, 5Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; 6Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; 7Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
              8Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether there be knowledge, it shall vanish away. 9For we know in part, and we prophesy in part. 10But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. 11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 12For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 13And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”
              1 Corinthians 13
              King James Bible

        • Charles H

          Dear Me,

          It is NOT a matter of what ‘side’ one is born on” but whether one arrives at the Truth or not.
          Science exists in more “theory”, than fact; and Evolution is just full of holes that can’t be filled. The complexity and scope of Creation belies an Intelligent Creator; inter-related systems of ecology, chemistry, physics, math – you name it. This world could not have ‘evolved’ to such complexity and function without DESIGN. But science is a shelter to those who don’t want a God to face. In fact, science itself functions as a religion – a system of beliefs, believed in.
          You think it strange we have a sovereign will, operating above instinct; and the developed capacity for communication. Did you learn everything you now know apart from books? Why would you think it strange the Architect of Intelligence would not use a “book” to teach of Himself to those He equipped to learn that way? I say- you have learned of the WRONG books.
          And the reason Christians ‘warn’ the unconverted: it is because before God they are already condemned, being born sinners. And every man SHALL give an account unto God. The problem, which you do not face: is with God. Every Baskin-Robbins flavor of belief people can endulge in – until they die: then they become true believers, but too late. So when you get there (if you go there as an unbeliever) – you will get to kick yourself forever; because it won’t be God deciding which where you go – it is you.
          I became Saved thirty years or so ago: and I can say that the Bible IS the Word of God. It has and continues to prove itself – under the conditions God has set forth. If you don’t want to mess yourself up forever: you will have to seek it for what is is – the Truth.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            I believe you are correct. There must be some universal mind behind creation. My problem with evolution via natural selection is that all stages of development must confer a survival advantage. With the eye, for example, a millionth of an eye needs to lead to an increased likelihood that the organism will survive to reproduce otherwise the trait should die out. Natural selection proposes that mutations can bridge the gap but many genes would be responsible for a particular trait and so would need to mutate simultaneously. The likelihood that a random mutation of several genes would result in a complex and useful change would be almost zero. Natural selection exists, of course, as the organisms best adapted to their environments are more likely to survive and reproduce. However, natural selection can only favour pre-existing traits and cannot, in my opinion, facilitate the creation of new traits.

            • susan

              I just have to thank Father God, but with that I am such a sinner I’m so much pray that as that God will forgive me. Thank you, Greg, you have fed my soul when it needed it

            • Charles H

              You are sharp and see clearly. Mutations which lead to improvement, is a popular, new theme – that goes along with the X-Men. I am thinking that mutations are in bulk represented by destruction or disease produced by ionizing radiation or fungi. Chromosomes by main purpose are to replicate faithfully themselves in unaltered or unbroken continuity. It is the abnormality of replication which produces Cancer and benign tumors.
              Natural Selection enforces the advancement of the fully developed organism – favoring the dominant pre-existing traits. So I think there is a division between the ‘scientific’ idea of mutation to advance or improve; and the standard of Nature to retain.
              There is a lot being done in pets to cross-breed and select breed aberrations, like different colored eyes in cats. But this is cosmetic and commercial: and it is still taking advantage of Nature. We don’t know if these traits are AS viable as if they were allowed to self-establish or extinguish in the wild.
              I am leary everytime man interferes or manipulates Nature. Nature did just fine before man started to mess with it.

              • This Sceptred Isle

                Man can never replicate divine intelligence, though ego might lead us to believe that is the case. For me, the initial, rudimentary development must confer a survival advantage otherwise that trait would die out before it has reached full maturation. It is difficult to imagine a simultaneous mutation of thousands of genes resulting in a fully formed advantageous genetic change without invoking the idea of a higher power. Too often people accept a mainstream theory to avoid being labelled as ‘unscientific’.

              • This Sceptred Isle

                Also the fossil record does not appear to support the idea of transitional stages of development. The idea that the transitional fossils just haven’t been discovered yet doesn’t ring true as the transitional fossils should be just as numerous as the fully formed fossilised organisms. Indeed, according to natural selection, there is no such thing as a transitional fossil/trait/organism as evolution is ongoing and every development increases survival advantage.

          • Carol Smith

            So glad you found Him !! He truly is amazing !!

      • Ray

        Very well said Mr Stanley……
        One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is one of THE GREAT movies.
        Your analysis is spot on.
        Best wishes to you and yours.

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Bradley

      This is the one thing that will solidify my Faith in Trump that he was meant to be Our President. That Justice will be served and the corrupt shall be brought down. I believe at this point it can only be by God’s hand that this Nation can be unshackled from the Globalist Satanic Elite. My Prayer is that Mark Taylor is the real deal and is a modern day prophet. Time will tell. Things sure seem to be looking up though although the garbage that is being exposed stinks to high heaven. To get this done all the Truth must come out and boy is it going to rock the very soul of this nation. A long time coming…bring it on!!

  3. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg,
    Generally I don’t buy into Mark Taylor’s theories, however I am always asking more questions after listening to his interviews.
    Why wasn’t this tendered to by ‘God’ eons ago save us all this grief .
    For me; we the people need to arrest the situation and stop believing ruled by an immortal minority, self absorbed, sickos.

    • Darren

      Hi AA,
      The Bible teaches us that God has “Allowed” all of this grief so all creation (In Heaven and Earth) could exercise their free will. Many have chosen a very wicked course, and will be judged accordingly.
      God has the power to undo all of the harm caused by them, even death.

      • AA

        Don’t agree.

    • James Hastings, Cherokee Center of the World

      I think we are, lead by “we the people”. Can’t you see, “How wonderful, we the people, are running the world”. Can it get any better?

      To answer your other question, God has given mankind 6000 years..”For in 6 days the LORD made heaven and earth.(1)…..on the 7th day He rested, the Sabbath. At the completion of man’s allotted time, 6000 years of failure, He takes it back and gives mankind a Sabbath rest. The Millennium. His government on Earth.

      It’s all an open secret. Written on paper. People just need to read it.

      (1) “In the beginning…the earth BECAME” without form and void….Gen 1:2
      The earth had been destroyed when “war was in Heaven”. The recreation took 6000 years. Yes dinosaurs existed before Adam and Eve. Chaos Gap theory.

      • Andre

        James ……………….
        Except the millennium is not on this earth. The earth will be destroyed and will be without form and void for 1000 years. What Bible are you reading? BECAME without form and void?
        WAS without form and void!!

        2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

        War was in Heaven before earth was created and earth was never destroyed except it was badly damaged by flood and curses of God.

        I guess you need to read some more.

        • jerusalem.

          Rule, and reign, a thousand years – from JERUSALEM. Where King David had his rule.

          • sk

            Is that you, Robert?

  4. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Taylor.
    Let us all hope it is God’s will.

  5. Robert Peter Bailey

    Hello there Greg, and Brother Mark,

    I have been following your ministry now from the start of your walk with the Lord Jesus, I know that your working life as a fireman has been a very moving life changing in regards to making you a natural person who truly want to help everyone that comes in to your life ! The Almighty, knows his people, I know that you love the Gospel and the Word of God, and that your heart and life has been touched by the Holy Spirit, just as my own life and walk with the Lord has !

    I was converted to the Word of God, Christianity back in London, England in 1979; Greg, has been connected by me with this type of communication, but for some reason unknown to me as yet, Greg and myself have never hit it off ? We have not come close as brothers on the same moral and entithcal team ! In other words, we don’t seem to agree, even though we are both Christians men ! Even though, we come from different backgrounds we have not become close friends.

    I have had 15 years of work experience when I used to be in the RAF in the U.K., during the Cold War years. I used tho work for the USAFE with two American bases in the U.K., I cannot say any thing further then this because of my written oath when I left their employment, as you can understand this !

    I do believe that the reign of the power elite in the USA and around the world, these Lucerfraians their time has come to run to the rocks and mountains, from the wrath that will come from the Almighty God, the hijacking of this planet from the long time ago in Eden, up to now, with all this battle against Trump, is soon to be over !

    The Word of God, tells you if you are a born again Christian, that in Revelation chapter 16; just what is the Wrath of God, this will come to these workers of sin and wickedness ! Just read about it in His Word, it’s called the Seven last Plagues of God’s Wrath ! These elite, think that they cannot be exposed and touched by anybody in the world, but God sees them and they will Not Excape the divine justice that’s coming their way ! Their
    Punishment is clearly described in this chapter 16 of the Book of Revelation !

    This will come and I do believe maybe in Trumps second term that the United States of America will make all nations of the world to keep Sunday as the special day of global ID read this for yourself in Revelation 13:11-18; and this will be before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, but these global elites will be judged and punished before that great earth shattering event !

    Keep the faith, that was handed down from generation to generation to the saints of the Most High, God Bless you all, those who are waiting up on the Lord.


  6. Fredrick Getzschman

    Great report Greg and Mark. Thanks.

  7. H. Craig Bradley


    Are Military “Tribunals” of Civilian (Federal) Politicians going to be aired on CSPAN? If so, please let me know the schedule, as I have never seen or heard of one actually happening, as yet. Do they take them out and shoot them afterwards or just hang them by the highest tree? I’d like to know more about them when they actually occur. Ditto with “FEMA Concentration Camps”. Wouldn’t Hillary look great in a Orange Jumpsuit? Fat Chance. Good plot ideas for Netflix to consider producing for subscribers. Good entertainment at least.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yep, I am sure in this day and age the exclusive rights to their executions would be sold to the highest bidder. Everything has become financialised.

    • Beverly Kingsford

      H. Craig,

      I agree. I think Hillary and Bill would have been taken down by now if they didn’t hold some kind of power over this country. In her mind, Hillary won’t be convicted unless she takes this whole country with her. So, it’s tiptoe around the posies. She’ll come down though. There is no question about that. Just a matter of when.

      B. Kingsford

  8. Chip2

    Tom Hanks caught up in pedophilia accusations:


    Here Tom has his 6-year-old daughter “sexy baby” performing “Talk Dirty To Me”:

    And look at his creepy Twitter feed full of lost kids’ shoes and a pedo-looking music:

    I think a lot these Hollywood freaks must prostitute their children to one another. We Americans have been so deceived by these people. This ought to cause our heads to explode.

  9. Charles Turner

    It will be interesting to see if any news anchors or reporters will switch allegiance live on air or turn on one another. CNN’s Chris Cuoma had a shock this week when he realized Cohen had recorded him as well as Trump.

  10. Scott Harris

    When you read Isaiah you see how eloquent God is when he prophesied in verse. The rhymes in Mark’s prophisies seem a bit strained.

    • Bradley

      Scott…you must be reading it in the original Hebrew to say such a thing. Good laugh for the day.

    • James Hastings, Cherokee Center of the World

      I agree Scott Harris. I’ll need to wait and see if these pan out.

  11. Walter Baumgarten

    “If you are called to be a judge, senator, congressman or a council person, I don’t care what level local, state or federal, take your place and get ready.”

    Truer words have never been spoken Greg! In my Township we have been at this since 2011 and the tide finally turned last month and and good things are happening. Starting at your local level is far more important than most people understand – Mark is right, get off your butt, get out there and do it!
    The democratic party certainly needs to go away. In their working to assemble enough splinter groups to take over power, they have made a critical error by inviting in a great evil as well, clearly evidenced in the actions of the Clinton Crime Cartel and the Hollywood connection that includes Harvey and “friends”. Unfortunately for us, the republican party is just as corrupt and lacks real and decent leadership, which is why Donald Trump, who was no republican, was able to defeat all of his primary competition. We could really use a couple of new entities to replace the dumbos and the jackasses but I am not sure how that can be made to happen. In any case, God still rules and in the end , those who stand against Him shall be thrown down. Being patient is the key. Great work once again brother, keep it up, thank you.

  12. Roger D

    Listening to Mark Taylor is like attending church in America today. Sit down listen to preaching about God’s love, forgiveness and Republicans. Oh how Americans today love to have their ears tickled and their agenda reinforced.

    Today is Sunday. How many so-called Christians will hear their so-called Pastor preach of those innocent men, women and children we bombed last night? Let’s hear about what you hear today?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Yeah, shame Taylor is so politically biased. Surely the evil transcends both parties.

      • Greg Hunter

        He said that, but you have selective hearing because of YOUR biased atheist black hole of nothingness beliefs. Hang on to nothing man because nothing will save you!!!!

        • Kevin

          What jf you are wrong about Allah Greg? ….answer that honestly….The god that you worship has justified throughout the bible rape…murder…torcher…genocide…amd child sacrifice….How can you worship that????

          • Greg Hunter

            You are don’t believe in God the Father and there is nothing I can say to change your mind. So, please hold on tight to the black hole of nothingness because nothing will save you.

            • Beverly Kingsford

              This reply to your guests, saying hold on to your black hole of nothingness, seems a bit rude to me. They are trying to make a point here and have and calm discussion. That can’t be done with the tone you put forth and atheism. These people aren’t necessarily atheists. America is guilty of many crimes over the last 100 years. Our federal reserve has been used by the world bankers to make so much of their crime possible. Americans have let it happen. Just because we are pointing out the crimes of America, doesn’t make us bad people. It means that we are being honest with ourselves. We are looking at the picture in a more objective way, possibly. Don’t attack these people for trying to be honest about how they feel.

              • Greg Hunter

                ]These folks are coming from the vantage point of not believing in God. That is atheism and it is in fact believing in a black hole of nothingness. In this case I am not being mean or nasty but to the point and direct.

              • William Stanley

                BK, re: “being honest”
                I feel you are being sanctimonious here: you gloss over, indeed misstate, the actual sources of the vitriol.
                Roger D started this string by criticizing Mr. Taylor, based partly on the false premise that Mr. Taylor had ignored the sins of Republicans.
                That was followed up by TSI’s endorsement of that false premise (although, he later, manfully and in the spirit of honest discourse, admitted his error).
                Then Mr. Hunter struck back in defense of Mr. Taylor (yes, rather more harshly than I, too, would have preferred).
                That was followed by Kevin’s dishonest and disrespectful attack on Mr. Hunter’s religious beliefs (the God of the Bible, Kevin falsely says, endorses rape, murder etc.). To which, Mr. Hunter responded forcefully and understandably.
                Then you weighed in with your — I feel — disingenuous claim that Mr. D and Kevin were merely trying to have a “calm” discussion and expressing their “honest feelings” but, somehow, all of this was thwarted by Mr. Hunter’s “tone.”
                Directly or impliedly misstating others’ positions or actions is deceitful argumentation. Beverly, I think that you should reflect on the sincerity with which you craft some of your arguments.

          • jerusalem.

            Unqualified accusations, Kevin. The historical recordings of humanity – as illustrations of wrongfulness: are NOT to be construed as Divine endorsement. And Moses didn’t sacrifice his son – it was a test of Obedience: God stopped that and provided the sacrifice. You are throwing uninformed mud here.
            Allah is the invention of a plagiarism of the Jewish and Christian bodies of Scripture – hundreds of years after the Messiah returned to Heaven. It isn’t even a well composed attempt at supplanting the continuous strain of Old and New Testament revelations. Again – you are grossly uninformed.

            • Charles H

              Sorry, Folks – something happened while typing. This is me above – Charles H

            • Twox2

              @ Jerusalem
              “And Moses didn’t sacrifice his son…”
              “Uninformed…Grossly uninformed.”
              It wasn’t Moses. It was Abraham’s son Issac that God used to test Abraham’s faith.

              • Charles H

                Yeah, sorry. A MISTAKE. A simple correction would have done.
                But jump to an untrue conclusion to brand with – well that shows character.

            • sk

              ahem…wasn’t it ABRAHAM…about to slay Isaac….? How did Moses get into the fray….oi vey

          • Jerry

            It’s people like you that scream for mercy when they see death coming. Go ahead and deny God all you want. You know you’re just lying to yourself.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Apologies Greg I just listened to the interview. I was going by the typed summary. I remember in the last interview with you that he kept banging on about Obama and didn’t address 9/11. Has to do that before he is a credible truth teller. Also, as an ex firefighter he has professional knowledge about that subject.

          • Greg Hunter

            Can we get through this massive crime of a failed coup with your UK Intel service providing the spying first?

          • sk

            Yup. 9/11 explanation is the ultimate litmus test.

            • This sceptred Isle

              I think you and Andre should call a truce as you both have a lot of useful insights.

  13. Jerry

    I dont doubt some of Mark Taylor’s visions. From time to time the lord does reveal his purposes to righteous men. My problem is this. The deep state is nothing more than a third level errand boy for the luciferian empire that has had control of this planet for centuries. The ninth circle infiltration into the Vatican is proof of that. As President Trump peels back the layers of corrupion in this country you’re going see a backlash from the deep state to the likes the world
    has never seen.

    My on the ground intel is reporting massive troop movements within the United States. Military units are being trained to handle civil unrest. Im beginning to think that martial law could be a real possibility. I can’t begin to imagine what the deep state is planning but whatever it is its not good. If some Q reports are accurate, indictments are scheduled to begin sometime in Mid August. If that’s true, things are about to get real interesting. Stay tuned.

    • Jerry

      Meanwhile the central bankers continue to suck the blood out of this nation.https://banyanhill.com/exclusives/70-stock-market-crash-to-strike-august-1-economist-warns/

    • Stan

      Jerry: No one takes you seriously anymore.

      • Greg Hunter

        I do. It’s you Stan that nobody takes seriously. You never add any info here just insults and it’s getting old.

        • Jodyp

          Wrong Greg. Stan says Deutsche stocks are going to the moon! Maybe he’ll fly with em with his 10 shares. Ha!

        • Jerry

          Thank you Greg .
          I get why Stan is suffering from normalcy bias, and is mathematically challenged. The depths of this corruption is unimaginable. It’s pure evil.

          • Beverly Kingsford

            Why does anybody have to be ugly and nasty towards others on this site?! We don’t need ANY of this kind of tone! This demeaning crap towards Stan is just what Satan would like to happen. Ignore what you don’t like, but let’s not get ugly right here in writing!

            • Greg Hunter

              Stan has been pretty nasty to other here as well but you are correct. Two wrongs do not make a right. Your point is well made and well taken. I am guilty of being “ugly and nasty myself” sometimes.

        • stan

          Greg: The is not true! In previous posts I had pointed out all of Jerry’s failed predictions to support my claim . . . .

          • Greg Hunter

            No you didn’t, and come here and call people liars.

          • Jerry

            Do you mean like this one Stan?

            You said that the launch of the petro yuan was no big deal. I call 147% increase per month a big deal. At least I back up my post with links. How about you? Don’t you realize that Greg only lets you post here as a stand in for Gina for kicks? You offer nothing of real value. Your post are about as interesting as a popcorn fart.

        • Carol Smith

          I absolutely love your directness, Greg. Don’ let anyone take this away.

      • jerusalem.

        The gall to speak for everyone? Stan?

        • Charles H

          To presume for oneself is risky. To presume for all is pompous.
          This was me above – Charles H

          • This sceptred Isle

            What is going on with your computer Charles?

            • Charles H

              I think I hit a control key while typing, and the cursor was in the name field at the time – so it changed the name, but left the email the same. Greg graciously put it through; and I caught it later. Thanks.

      • Jerry

        If the shoe fits. Wear it.

        If you had any self respect you’d find something else to do to occupy you’re time with other than being my personal diaper. You know? Always on my butt and full of you know what?

    • flattop

      The deep state knows this mid term election is their last best hope. When they lose, and they will lose big, they will unleash the hounds of hell on America.
      We need very serious prayer for this nation and our President in these next months.

      • Jerry

        It’s gotten to the point I can’t even turn the T.V. On because of the nonstop constant barrage of attacks on Donald Trump by the MSM. Now the deep state is coming after the independent media shutting down various sites. It’s a bit unnerving to see how desperate they really are. My advice. Dig in and prepare for war in the streets. It’s coming.

        • WD


          Great point! The drive to survive is brutal and these people know brutality.

    • Mike R

      Funny that. Most of us all thought martial law would come under Obama. Now you are saying it will happen under Trump ? I don’t think so. The military will defend Trump, and never once liked or would defend Obama. Obama fired more than 200 high ranking officers, generals, etc. Obama was lucifer. Is still lucifer attempting to undermine our government and entire way of life. He is an insidious cancer. Must be irradiated.

      • Jerry

        The word is military tribunals. There’s no way that trials for treason could happen under our current court system. It’s to corrupt. Martial law is the only way 30,000 indictments couldn be processed and adjudicated.

        • Mike R

          Well, I’ll agree with the fact that our current justice system is too corrupt, and too bought and paid for, to get even 30 indictments prosecuted ethically, and justice be served on these corrupt cretins. If martial law happens under Trump, then the accusations of him acting like Hitler would fly from every media outlet on the planet, and probably even from those who are on the right, or center, and not just the left who labeled Trump as being Hitler from before Day 1 of his Presidency. Some form of civil war, or just simply riots in every city would break out, once martial would be declared. then gun confiscation would be the order of the day, so martial law would work against the left, and even conservatives, many of which own guns. I dont think there is enough military, even if they pulled every Troop back to this country from around the world, to keep society under control, if martial law were implemented on a national basis. The logistics of this would be a total nightmare for our military. Imagine the horrid thought of firing on your own citizens ! No sane commander-in-chief would put even one military troop in that untenable position. Its one thing to call in the police for riot control or crowd control. Entirely orders of magnitude more dangerous to use your country’s military to control a nation. That’s third world banana republic dictatorship behavior.

    • NH Watcher

      Jerry, thank you for this. I feel we as Christians can go overboard anticipating, expecting, demanding that Obama and the Clintons, et al. all go to prison, even if it is justified. Trump is negotiating a debt restructure of our nation similar to when he had to restructure his own debt to avoid bankruptcy. Sadly, we cannot have it both ways: all the “deep state” in jail, and all of our debt forgiven. The best preparation is to get out of debt now, and stay out of debt. All govt handouts, even Social Security, will be compromised sooner than we think. We already would be there if Hillary had got in, so thank God we have a little more time to prepare. But only a little more time. Even Trump had to rebuild his own wealth in the early 1990s; anyone counting on a seamless transition to a “new world order” will be shocked, surprised, and the temptation to suicide, etc. will be great. How people act in the first 3-6 weeks, first 3-6 months after the crash will be telling. None of us may be here after the first year.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Hey Jerry,
      Here are some trends which will come as no surprise to you:
      1. The intelligence outline I receive, sees our country in the midst of “The Thucydides Trap”. Your postings and insights have documented where this all will eventually end.
      2. Our current economy they describe as a “fabricated con”. They see a 65% stock market correction headed our way, with challenging survival issues on the horizon .
      3. They see the “new” Nationalized ID’s that were mandated into effect –as part of a future monitor/control mechanism for limiting travel and/or detaining the masses.
      4. They even mentioned a push for “Sharia Police” to be incorporated into our Law Enforcement community.
      Yes, indeed, these are interesting times! SOD

      • Jerry

        In some respects it is like a Thucydides trap, but much, much bigger. In our current predicament it’s a struggle between an aging, dying, old global economic system, and the birth of a totally new one centered in China. The biggest question is will we have new owners, or the same old ones? That outcome will be decided by who wins the struggle between Donald Trump and the Deep State. Once the indictments start, we”re going to find out rather quickly who’s really in control and what they have in store for us as things begin to come unraveled.
        This IS the calm before the storm.

        • Jerry

          Could this be the reason Alex Jones show was taken down? https://youtu.be/p-9MewT930A

          As soon as Alex brought up Rex 84 they dropped a bag of hammers on him. I’m not saying Alex was right, I’m just saying that he probably struck a nerve. The last thing they want is to start a panic in an unsuspecting public,of what is truly going on behind the scenes.

        • Charles H

          Thanks, Jerry. We are on the same page, and almost line for line agreed. China is dumping T-Bills and Bonds for infrastructure investment – all over the world. Government may morph to something we won’t even recognize.

      • Jerry

        Something is clearly underway.

        My grandfather was in the third division so I know what those three stripes are. This is a divisional staging area prepping for something? If it was just military drills you wouldn’t see the tanks on railway flatbeds. They would be on semi trucks.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Hey Jerry,
          The assessment from this week’s intelligence communique spoke to the rational of “why” some of our U.S. field operatives already believe our country is in a “low grade” domestic conflict. The rest of the newsletter went on to unpack why many Americans may soon some find themselves “accidental guerrillas” if this situation eventually goes hot.
          This is the first time I’ve heard this level of concern coming from SOF and “intel” specialists— giving a clarion call for the American people to prepare for an uncertain future!

  14. Jeannette Rowden

    Thanks, Greg, for having Mark Taylor again. He is always interesting and the prophecies are truly coming to pass, which greatly encourages us all.
    I know what he says about all things happening in the spiritual realm first is Biblical and true. It is also true that heaven is surrounded by a wall, and no one passes through the pearly gates who is not one of God’s people properly clothed in the white garments of virtue and holiness.
    I think it is important for us to heed his message of being ready to step into the void that will be created as God cleans out the corruption in this country and in the world. Stand at the alert with eyes open and hearts ready to help.

  15. Tad


    Will be interested to see how the hammer falls with Sessions, Rosenstein, and Wray running law enforcement.

    You and Dave Janda apparently know much more than what these three men are presenting as their public face.

    Any chance these men are on the sealed indictment list?

  16. DJW

    I’m so glad to hear that despite all the lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride that is rampant in American culture, God told Mark he favors the people of the US and they will come out on top and win. USA! USA!

    • Greg Hunter

      An America hating, atheist point of view.

  17. George E

    Greg: I love your comment to TSI “their all going” .. to Jail… Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Obama. Makes me want to start a new movement “Donald Trump President for Life.” Keep up the good work.

  18. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, we can only hope & pray that what Mr. Taylor predicts comes to pass. Out here on the Western Front we certainly can’t do it alone, we need His support to be sure. Here in the Western Front the Army of God is outnumbered 3 to 1, sure glad He is on our side. Thanks for having Mr. Taylor on as it gives me hope. Best regards, a b

  19. James Hastings, Cherokee Center of the World

    I made a remark… about a year ago, about listing your guests predictions and reviewing their success rate, at a later date. I like Mark, he is personable and the topic is important to me, as I’m an avid student of the Bible, from cover to cover. A scripture from last night has me in the wait and see mode. Taken from The Jewish Study Bible. JPS Tanakh /Oxford

    “It was false visions you prophesied and lying divisions you uttered, saying, “Declares the LORD”, when I had not spoken”. Ezek 13:1-7 (pg. 1064)

    I would be over joyed, if Mark, is a prophet of God. I still feel our perversions are a “stench” in God’s nostrils and we will suffer as the Tribes of Israel did, “when they passed their children through the fire”, for Molech”. Lev 18:21

    I enjoyed your interview and will..”receive the word with all readiness, and search the scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so”. Acts:17:10

    • Eric

      Since way before Trump I began spending hours in prayer and in His Word as He has specifically directed me. He told me Trump would win and also Brexit. He also said they would both be a surprise.
      I have sought Him even more diligently because there are 100’s of prophecies by those I respect that describe judgement on the US. These are obviously less popular and I seek only His truth.
      I believe the US is only getting a temporary repreive and God’s arm of judgement will fall because of the moral sickness still previlent in our land. Cleaning up the steach of our leaders is a blessing but the murder of millions? of inocent babies, immoral lifestyles and waging war for profit will be addressed by our God.
      We are being prepared for what’s coming and it will be a time of purification that these “good times” can not produce.
      Being tested in fire is how we will turn our hearts 100% to Him.
      Use this time He has given us to seek Him continually. It will be harder later.
      These prophecies will come and Rev 18 and 19 clearly describe the US.
      “In one day she falls”.
      This takes nothing away from Mark’s words.
      Finally, the Word states that you have no need for any man to teach you because the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. He has proven that to me time and again.

      • Andre

        Trump spending hours in prayer? Did you here the interview when Trump was asked if he ever asked God for forgiveness? Look it up, it is actually funny.
        Don’t get me wrong I like Trump but saying that he is spending hours in prayer I think is presumption. You don’t know, I don’t know. Don’t get yourself deceived.

  20. Keith

    Call me crazy, but when someone tells me he has an inside line to God and what God’s thinking…….I don’t know. The credibility thing takes a hit.

    • paul ...

      Keith … God is within all of us … we all have an inside line to God … and we all know what God is saying … however many choose not to listen to his words … like “Thou Shall Not Kill” … I hear him saying in disgust … “OK forget the Men … just No Women – No Children … and if that is too restrictive at least No Children”!!

      • paul ...

        God looks upon the world through our eyes … it is up to us not to spoil his view!!

        • paul ...

          As for the Atheists out there who look down upon our God Almighty … you too also believe in a “god Almighty” … you just refer to him under many different names … you don’t consider humans to be God’s creation … but look upon us some sort of biological computer that can see the world with two eyes (instead of that one eye currently at the top of our home computers) … that’s right … the NSA is your “supreme entity” that can watch over everything we do … and if people do something this entity does not like … it will eventually “judge us for our sins”!! … so Atheists admit it (you do believe in a “god”) … but your “god” is “a group of men” who do not believe in “our God given rights” (as set down in our Constitution by the Founders) … you believe in a group of men “who are commies” siting behind their quantum computers thinking they are doing God’s work by taking away our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms for protection, our money through theft and Ponzi schemes and who over indulge in fake news stories (which has nothing to do with our God) … so “come out of the closet Atheists” … admit you believe in a “god” (just “a different god” then our Lord and Savior) your “god” goes under 17 different names i.e NSA, CIA, etc., etc.) … but it is abundantly clear you Atheists believe in a bunch of freedom killing commie Satanists as your “god” … so when you say you don’t believe in God (it doesn’t mean you don’t believe in “god”) … and whether you know it or not … you are simply closet Satanists!!

  21. Kyle Gulla

    I have been looking at Marks stuff for a while. He was right about the election of Trump but the rest of what he is saying does not line up biblically. We know that the final 7 year tribulation is getting close to starting where Satan and his one world govt will rule until Jesus comes back at the end to destroy it. Mark is saying the globalist system is going to be dismantled right now before the tribulation begins and there is going to be a period of prosperity again does not fit with what the bible says about the end times. I brlieve we are about to see the worst period in history and none of the big name criminals in the deep state are going to jail or be punished until it is over.

    • Greg Hunter

      And you know of the exact timing how?

      • Kyle Gulla

        The fig tree prophecy tells you all you need to know about timing not to mention all of the signs we have seen since 2014. The generation that’s sees Isreal reborn will not perish until all the events of the tribulation take place. We just past 70 years and we know the tribulation is 7 years. Genesis says a generation is 70 years and by strength 80. It means that the tribulation starts sometime within the next 3 years. The peace treaty has now been written and they are waiting for the right time to bring it out so the antichrist can rise to power. The luciferians were given a prophecy many years ago that the anti Christ would not come onto the scene until a builder could be could to rebuild the 3rd temple. Trump is the only politician in the world known to be a builder and the Sanhedrin minted a coin with him and king Cyrus on the front with the 3rd temple on the back. Trump gave an interview to a magazine back in 1983 saying he wanted to help bring on the peace treaty in the Middle East and now he has his chance. Bible prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled right now and Trump is helping to bring it in.

        • Charles H


          I see it this way too.

      • P. Judson

        Greg: long time lurker here. I very much appreciate you and the guests you interview. I think you might find the teaching ministry of Amir Tsarfati very interesting. He is an Israeli jewish christian, the ministry is Behold Israel and is on youtube.com.

  22. David

    Greg, I appreciate your work and the coverage you do but I have to be honest. This is one of the two guest you have on that are way over the line. They really bring ridicule to the work you do. I am not downing religion or Christians but a supposed prophet who speaks in rhymes is where I have to draw the line. In my opinion he takes away so much of your credibility.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are free to think what you wish. I am free to post what I think needs to be heard on this free site.

      • David

        Matthew 7:15

        • Greg Hunter

          And you can prove this??

          • David

            Greg, you are turning the situation around.
            My faith is in God. I have nothing to sell therefore nothing to prove. I just have questions and doubts of one who profits while claiming to be a prophet of God.
            If everyone who predicted Donald Trumph would be president beforehand was seen as a prophet of God, President Nixon’s wife Pat would also hold the title. She predicted it many many years ago.

            • Greg Hunter

              Taylor has made other prophecies why don’t we wait and see and keep praying to Jesus for his grace and protection. You can find ALL of Taylors prophecies for FREE here: https://www.sordrescue.com/

              • David

                1 Thessalonians 5:21,22
                Greg, thank you for the web link but I will stick with The Bible.

                • Greg Hunter

                  You just did not like my answer which came from the Bible.

    • Clare Doll

      I agree with David. God is not only political but Republican? God already messed up once and said that Trump would replace 2-3 supreme court justices but now he has changed his mind to 5? God is already developing a track record . . . .
      David, you on the other hand are brave.

      • Prophet

        Deut 18-22 sums up false prophets……I dont even know if any exist today,,,, one thing for sure people are willing to cling to anything if it brings them resolution,,,, The simple fact is just read the word of God daily…..he will reveal to us what we need to know….Taylor says we will have a HUGE red wave come Nov,,,,I see us picking up 2 or 3 seats, if he is wrong then its not God who is speaking to him…Time reveals all things

  23. Sneaky Pete

    ‘Never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.’


  24. Hugh


    It is all wishful thinking! We have been hearing this crap for so long! UNTIL we start seeing trials and jail its all talk! These people are so deep rooted they are beyond all of us, the rules of law do not apply to them! They have gotten away with so much for so many years. Everything is manipulated for their benefit. I have been trading in the markets for 35 years and I have never seen anything like it. Nothing trades on fundamentals. How do we know that these corporations are telling us the truth? And forget government statistics. What a joke!

    I hope one of these days one of yours guest is right, but I think we have a long long wait.


    • flattop

      In the book of Genesis we read that Abraham waited 25 years for his promised son, he didn’t believe it would happen. It happened
      Israel waited several thousand years for their Messiah, and when he showed up they didnt believe it was happening. It happened
      Its having faith in what God says will happen, happens

  25. Sylvia Sterling

    We are going to get a 7 fold return on the seeds we have sown?? OK Think about this
    This country has gone into seven countries, overthrown or killed their leaders, and killed millions of innocent people ……. just in the last 10 years. Read the book “War is a Racket” by Smedley Butler. The leadership of this country has been corrupt for decades. Are we going to receive a seven fold return on all of this horror? I can’t see where this country has sown very many good seeds. anywhere.

    • Bradley

      I myself understand how you see this and I had to think about it. So were you involved in all this evil that you say “this country” has been involved with? Did you know about the plans to take over the world by this satanic elite? I highly doubt it as I doubt 95 percent or more of us knew anything at all about how evil things really are behind the curtain of the elite and the deep darkness that is the deep state. Is the whole people of the United States at fault and guilty of the sins of the elite? We were given clues such as Smedley Butler’s book but did his book ever show up on a list of books to read in High School to do a book report? How about The Creature from Jekyll Island??? Mark is pointing out that there are people everywhere who have quietly suffered and kept the faith of Christ. These are the people who will inherit the earth. The meek. You do not see the seeds that have been sown for Christ because they have been suppressed by all the tools the elite have. Distractions like the Hollywood movies and professional sports and destruction of the nations currency to the point that most cannot even afford a small home while the elite own most everything. Sorry I am ranting but please have Faith that it is the scum in Washington DC and elsewhere in world government that Mark is talking about judgment to soon fall upon. Jesus said the sheep shall be separated from the goats. I hope you understand my point…thanks for reading.

      • Andre


        Americans closed their eyes on what was going on. We have Internet for for 20 years now and all information is readily available. They just didn’t want to see it. They bought to the lie of moral superiority and that we are good guys and everyone else are bad guys. I believe average Americans are partially responsible for the evil done by people they elected. They only looked what the guys promised them instead of looking what they responsibilities are and what God promised them.
        “Blessed is the man that trust in God and curse is the man that trust in another man”.

      • Eric

        We also closed our eyes on no school prayer, on no 10 Commandments, abortions, gay marriage, teaching our children in school about immoral subjects and presenting it as an acceptable lifestyle. We have been responsible for 90% of all the wars since WWII. Blown up countries we had no business going into and stole their gold. Allowing ISSI (who we trained and supplied) to rain terror wherever they chose.
        All the way killing (beheading) the christians along the way.
        This all for the support of our idol the dollar. In other words, greed.
        So we have murder, greed, and immorality.
        The cries of innocent babies is calling for justice day and night before the throne of God. Changing the Supreme court rules will not make it right.
        I have only spoken the truth so I don’t want to hear how I hate my country. I love my country (but not as much as I love God) but hate the sin.

        • Doug

          Way to go Eric, best comment posted in a while…cheers

  26. Russ

    Thanks Greg, Mark Taylor’s optimism is contagious.

    I for one had never heard of Liz Crokin prior to hearing you and Mark discussing her, but there she is — https://www.lizcrokin.com/ — one story on her site that is very interesting and worth considering is about the Mueller-Trump Sting — https://www.lizcrokin.com/hillaryclinton/mueller-president-trump-pulling-biggest-sting-history/ — I had heard rumors about it but I’d never seen anything credible in print. Something to be said about the MSM being so close to it that they can’t see.

  27. Open Eyes

    Energy theme:

    Lockheed Martin Skunkworks: Compact (nuclear) Fusion.

    LMS can get it done and it’s a world-changer.

    • Charles H

      Blind faith in science. It won’t matter if humanity has teleportation and warp drive: when God shuts it all down. Place your bets, Gentlemen… you’ve only Eternity to lose.

  28. iwitness02

    Thy will be done on earth. As it is in heaven……
    But deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the Kingdom:
    And the Power, and the Glory.
    Forever. Amen

    Excerpt from our Lords Prayer.
    (as every Christian knows)
    I long to see this present worldwide empire of evil brought down. At the very least, the present evil world is beginning to shake. Then it will melt like hot wax.
    Starts slow. Ends fast. The way I read it.
    Thank you Mark and Greg. As they say in the movies:
    I love the smell of hope, first thing in the morning.

    • paul ...

      “Thy will be done on earth … As it is in heaven!” … did all the pedophiles and warmongers ever say the Lord’s Prayer when they were kids? … if they did … they surely didn’t understand what it meant!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        That is the thing with psychopaths – they will say whatever they need to say and with great conviction. That is why it is best to judge people by their actions.

        • sk

          And that, TSI, is downright biblical, “by their fruits ye shall know them”.

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s cute when atheists use the Bible (which they do not believe in)to score a point in the public square.

            • This sceptred Isle

              Greg, your labels are limiting my inner potential.

              • Greg Hunter

                YOU are limiting YOUR inner potential. Step out of your black hole of nothingness and into the light of Christ.

  29. Independent

    this is quite the rundown…

    ROBERT MUELLER: UNMASKED by Congressman Louie Gohmert

  30. Sneaky Pete

    Are you sure your not from San Fransicko?

  31. Julia

    Hi Greg,

    Something is going on around the world is right.

    Here is a story from New Zealand:


    Supposedly the Administration is waiting till later in August to start arrests in the US.
    Has anyone heard similar reports?

    It really could get quite bumpy as this unfolds.

  32. Sneaky Pete

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GwLEuLnaNaE Sicko

  33. Linda Copping

    Their going down. It’s time. A good summary from Dave at X22 Report.

    But they won’t go down easy. I hope these cornered rats don’t do something extreme.

  34. Andrew Sonne Ermocida

    This is nonsense! This kingdom is Satan’s. People like you need to justify your life by trying to ‘Repair a demonic administration. All good men of God have to do is pray and hear from Yahweh doing only that which He instructs them to do and be; Our kingdom is Not of this world. Evidently this is Your world and you think your self righteousness strength can change it!? This is rotten apples mixed with good. More deception.

    • Greg Hunter

      You do NOT know what you are talking about. This Kingdom is NOT Satan’s!!!! Matthew 28:18 proves it.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, reread Matthew 28:18 after your comment. I agree, the dark one hasn’t got it all yet and won’t as he was given no authority. I too believe our President prays to our Father through his son for guidance. President Trump is a man of his word and is in tune with higher authorities.

    • Prophet

      1st john 5;19 states that satan has Dominion over the earth, But just as he was able to torment Job he was not allowed to take his life…God does have the ultimate authority and satan will never be allowed to destroy the earth just deceive its people …Since Adam ate of the apple , this world has been set for destruction, as you said there is no fixing it , this is not our home, just a testing ground to show our servitude towards God …God bless

      • Greg Hunter

        Satan HAD Dominion over the earth up until Jesus died on the cross. Check Matthew 28:18. It is clear who has been given authority over heaven and earth.

  35. Fred

    This prophecies have been told by Dr.Jack Van Impe,he preached on this over 50 years ago.And can be explained from the bible,Check Van Impe out.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Fred, lots of respect for Dr. Van Impe, he has changed lives and has explained what is on the horizon for us earthlings.

  36. Jodyp

    In any case, I’ll just stay ready. Love this site, some say hard fall and others say we prosper. And the beat goes on…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the support Mr. Jodyp!!

  37. Bill Scavone

    Obama will not go to prison. He is the anti Christ and the Prince of Darkness will mount his throne as Secretary General of the UN.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Bill, I have wondered myself about who just Obama really was and or is. Certainly, at least his an closet American hating Muslim. Frankly, if he just as I stated then alright, just once Obama should be honest about his beliefs; we can deal with it, really we can, the truth always can be handled, the lies are another thing.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Obama is after the UN General Secretary’s job to be sure, if he gets in watch for him to try and undermine the United States of America and Israel at every turn.

  38. John

    Greg – Russia is dumping US Treasury securities at a fast pace. This could get interesting if other countries follow long. ? black swan moment.

    • Bradley

      I sure hope the White Hats have control of the Nuclear Red Buttons. The Lunatic Elite would stop at nothing.

  39. San Fransicko Kid

    Scoop on the poop,
    London a sanctuary city for those escaping sicko?

  40. San Fransicko Kid

    Soon there may be nowhere to escape the Global debt crisis the Trumpster warned us about during the Presidential debates. He won all the debates, he’ll win the debt crisis!
    We owe him a debt of gratitude for digging us out of the Wall Street/Bill Clinton’s Glass Steagal, Bush war’s and Obama racist wrecking ball blues! Let’s keep on keeping on, letting America stay great and give peace and security a chance. To make the world a fit place to raise kid’sagain!


  41. Marm

    We can’t just jetison Treaury bond debt. Congress has taken the SS Trust Fund (paid by employers and employees) and “invested” it is Treasuries so it could get access to the funds.

    Who owns the National Debt: The Social Security Trust Fund and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund – $2.820 trillion.
    Office of Personnel Management Retirement – $884 billion.
    Military Retirement Fund – $742 billion.
    Medicare, which includes the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund – $202 billion.
    All other retirement funds – $415 billion. https://www.thebalance.com/who-owns-the-u-s-national-debt-3306124

    Retirees will be decimated. BTW, for the first time, the amount of revenue coming into SS cannot cover the outflow of payents. The Trust Fund was meant to cover this, but it’s not there so new debt (and interest) must be created to cover it. That is why they call it an unfunded entitlement

  42. flattop

    GEG; Shooting in New Orleans.
    Looks like the deep state is at it again.

    • Frederick

      flattop I’m not sure You don’t need “the deep state” to have a shooting in that place Plenty of drunken crazies running around

  43. Dan

    Love watching you Friday wrap ups and weekend updates.
    Thanks for all the great work, and to all those working behind the backgrounds, I salute them also.
    But really love how you leave us all with @ Fear not, fear not , for GOD the father and Jesus Christ his son is in full control.
    This guy may be as accurate as I’ve heard, and with so much biased dumbed downed political smoke and mirrors by those who have . Themselves sacrificed their own souls to sell out the people of the one true GOD, but God says , he that is in you for s greater than he that is in the world.
    And fear not he that can kill the body, but fear him who can kill the body and the souls and thrown down to the pit.
    My only question would be to ask you mr Greg is to follow our friend Greg Mannarino on Steeemit.
    Post there and forget about YouTube

  44. Kyle Gulla

    I voted for Trump and I think he has been by far the most conservative president we have had since Reagan and I thank God everyday Hillary was not elected. Saying all that however I still think Trump is controlled by the globalist sand there are 2 things that convinced me. One is that he participated in the coverup in the Vegas massacre and two is that fact that Wilbur Ross is his commerce secretary. Ross has worked for the Rotjchild banking cartel for decades and is now negociating the trade deals for Trump. I am tried of the left wing media attacking Trump every day for the false Russian narrative and the right media praising him for everything he has done right but never pointing out anything wrong. Let’s take a long at something’s Trump has done no one will mention.
    1 re signed the fisa law even though it was used against him in the campaign
    2. Resigned the NDAA
    3. Stated he would enforce the read is act after a 15 year delay
    4. Signed the omnibus bill that fully funds planned parenthood, funds obamacare subsides, funds sanctuary cities, and implements the cloud act.
    5. Added more troops to Afganistan, Syria, the eastern border with Russia, and Iraq. I think we need to get out of these places and end the wars because it is bankrupting us.
    6. Increased the deficit and the debt has gone up about 1.5 trillion since he got to office.
    7. Continued the catch and release program at the border.
    8. Continues the UN refugee resettlement program.
    9. Sold 300 billion dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. Yes the same Saudi Arabia that helped fund the 911 attacks.
    10. Did not expose the Las Vegas Massacre coverup even though it happened under his watch.
    11. Is trying to get the peace treaty in the Middle East complete so the new world order can take complete control
    12. Has kept Sessions on even though no special counsel has been appointed to look into Hillarys and Obamas crimes during the election.
    13. No one from the deep state has been arrested or indicted yet although some have been fired.
    14. All of the trade deals that sent millions of manufacturing jobs overseas are still in place that were law before Trump got there.
    15. None of the wall has been built yet.
    16. Signed an executive order to protect the big banks from any lawsuits from customers.
    17. Even though the tax cuts were good to a point they still allowed corporations to buy back their own stock which is where most of the money has gone.
    18. Told the truth during the campaign about the false economic numbers and the stock market going up, but now takes credit for it even though the numbers are still false and minipulated.
    I could list a lot of good things Trump has done as well but I am sure you know what those are already. If not just listen to Rush and Hannity all day long. In the end while Trump is 1000 times better then Hillary or an establishment Republican, he is still a globalist and will do what they tell him to do unfortunately. God Bless everyone.

    • Greg Hunter

      please understand the optics and politics of the game. Trump had no money in any form of budget 6 weeks after taking the Oath of Office. The big strokes that prove you are not correct are the total frauds against “We the People” that Trump cancelled. TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the Iran (no signature) nuke deal. All of theses were HUGE frauds on America!!!

      • Kyle Gulla

        I completely agree on these 3 policies which is why I said I think Trump has been our most conservative president since Regan. I will add some more good things to the list.
        1. Deregulation of business
        2. Nomination of Gorsuch
        3. Tax cuts.
        4. Destruction of Isis
        5. Executive order to stop enforcing the Johnson amendment.
        6. Executive order to stop funding foreign organizations from performing abortions.
        7. Talks with NK and Russia.
        8. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem
        9. Negotiated with some companies to bring jobs back here.
        In my estimation Trumps policies are about 50/50. I think Trump has done well under the circumstances but in the end he is still controlled by the globalists. He is not going to dismantle the central banking system, the fiat monetary system, fractional reserve banking, the deep state, of the globalist power structure. Unless that system is taken apart the country is going to collapse someday soon. By electing Trump we only bought a little extra time before this takes place. If Hillary had won we would have been under martial law by now.

    • Prophet

      Kyle, next time make a list of all the positive things Trump has done for America, maybe that will change your thinking

  45. David

    Trump is controlled opposition.

    • Greg Hunter

      False. Trump has done too much damage to them already ie: Stopped the frauds of TTP, Pairs Climate Accord and the Iran (no signature) Iran “deal”.

  46. Rob

    For those who are following Jesus in Spirit, He will be calling you out of the apostate sheepfolds(churches):

    John 10:1-4 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. (2) But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. (3) To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. (4) When he hath put forth all his own, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

    What happened to Israel is and will be happening in Spirit to the church:
    1 Corinthians 10:11 Now these things happened unto them by way of example; and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages are come.

    2 Corinthians 3:4-6 And such confidence have we through Christ to God-ward: (5) not that we are sufficient of ourselves, to account anything as from ourselves; but our sufficiency is from God; (6) who also made us sufficient as ministers of a new covenant; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.

    Jesus never aligned Himself with any political, militaristic, or patriotic mindset held within the nation our Father sent Him to and neither should His saints:
    Hebrews 11:13-16 These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them and greeted them from afar, and having confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. (14) For they that say such things make it manifest that they are seeking after a country of their own. (15) And if indeed they had been mindful of that country from which they went out, they would have had opportunity to return. (16) But now they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed of them, to be called their God; for he hath prepared for them a city.

    Trump is being used by TPTB who are replacing the old left right paradigm of republican verses democrat and replacing it with a fight between the unipolar vs multipolar in order to achieve the “multipolar world order” that is forecast here for the last kingdom prophesied for the ends of the ages:
    Daniel 2:40-44 And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron, forasmuch as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things; and as iron that crusheth all these, shall it break in pieces and crush. (41) And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes, part of potters’ clay, and part of iron, it shall be a divided kingdom; but there shall be in it of the strength of the iron, forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay. (42) And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so the kingdom shall be partly strong, and partly broken. (43) And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay. (44) And in the days of those kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom which shall never be destroyed, nor shall the sovereignty thereof be left to another people; but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.

    Please remember satan is building his kingdom as an angel of light:
    2 Corinthians 11:13-15 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, fashioning themselves into apostles of Christ. (14) And no marvel; for even Satan fashioneth himself into an angel of light. (15) It is no great thing therefore if his ministers also fashion themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

    Corpratism is paving the way through a “multipolar world order” that will be ruled by the G7 morphing into the G20:
    Revelation 13:1 and he stood upon the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast coming up out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and on his horns ten diadems, and upon his heads names of blasphemy.

    Putting in jail low hanging corrupt fruit will not stop this agenda but it is entertaining bread and circuses for the masses:




    • Andre

      “My kingdom is not of this world”.
      1John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

      16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

      17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.

      God is coming really soon and we need to get ready. A question to all the Christinas: are you ready for Heaven with character you have? Just think about it. God promised to give us new body but the character will stay the same less we are different people.

  47. WD


    Russia and Putin have been wrongly demonized….Putin is a Christian, he goes to church and he has rededicated Russia to Christianity and has met with the Pope with the idea of reconsecrating Russia….He kicked the Rothschilds out of Russia…how can he be that bad?


    • Bill

      Franklin Graham Billy Grahams son, says Russia is now the christian nation America usto be.

  48. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, can’t wait until Hollywood is gutted, I understand that a Christian and or a conservative actor has to go underground there in order to work, glad Disney fired James Dunn; its a start!

  49. Jim

    Why would God use rhythms when he talks in English?

    • Greg Hunter

      Why not?

  50. james wolfe

    Greg, I like what this guy has to say, however whenever somebody says “God talked to me” or “God told me”, they immediately lose all credibility.

    • Greg Hunter

      Maybe you should try listening more because God can talk to us all, unless, you don’t believe in God the Father.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Tony Blair believed God was talking to him…

        • Greg Hunter

          Why do you care what Christians believe. According to you, we both believe in nothing.

  51. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Les Moonves on his way out of CBS as the head honcho, looks like the dirt and dark side is starting in the MSM to come to light, keep Taylor coming back as his prophesies are coming to pass.

  52. Todd

    So much for freedom of speach on your site since you deleted my post.
    Mark Taylor sounds like a christian dominion theology believer. He’s got many foolish Christians thinking Trump and God are going to save the USA. He’s a completely clueless dupe making lots of money off of many other completely clueless Christian dupes.
    God IS NOT going to heal the USA if we just pray and believe it strong enough. God is going to Rapture His Bride the true believing church very soon within the next eight years at the last trump the trump of God and thrust the world into the 7 year tribulation period, NWO and reign of the Antichrist the most evil man ever to walk the earth and his false prophet. Then Great Judgement of God and the second coming of Jesus the true Messiah in great fury and redemption to reclaim the earth and judge both the living and the dead and reign rom the throne of David in Jerusalem with a rod of iron for a thousand years.
    Please Mr. Taylor get it right. Quit deceiving everyone. The church will save no one. Only Jesus can do that.

    • Greg Hunter

      And you are the arbiter of all truth? Please note, you had your say even though I disagree.

    • Prophet

      Todd some of what you say is correct, but then again you stamp- your own 8 year time period on your talking point,,, I learned along time ago, not to predict dates for anything but birthdays and holidays…As far as the church goes, Jesus will use us “the church” to bring them to the father…..The church has a very important role, Although today its very hard to find one that preaches truth….God bless

  53. Mr Gee

    Hello Mr Hunter and thank you for another interesting interview.
    Mr Taylor (optimistically) states that God said that the USA would reap what it had sown throughout the world 7 times.
    After that comes to pass do you think that there would anything left resembling a civilization let alone a functioning country in America
    Kind regards
    Mr Gee

  54. Prophet

    Love the site Greg, but this guy is no more a prophet than iam,,,,More like a Steve Quayle ,,,They both have facts mixed in with their own opinions…In one of his videos he calls trump a “righteous man ” I love trump but he is so so far from “righteous” come on!

    A true prophet is never wrong , NEVER…..well see how this guy plays out , I see a red wave coming , but personally we may only pickup a few seats , which is really all we need.
    As far a Obama or clinton going to jail, not seeing it in my crystal ball …Thanks for doing the work you do greg…God bless

    • flattop

      Prophet; I would challenge your statement, ” a true prophet is never wrong NEVER ”
      After Jonah prophesied, God changed his mind making Jonahs prophesy untrue. Moses prophesied, God changed his mind. Many more examples are available in the Bible .

    • flattop

      Our President has done some things in the past. However, if I read my bible correctly we have been forgiven of our sins once we are saved.
      If someone were to look into our background , what might they find. I would certainly wish not to be judged by my deeds in the past some of which I am ashamed of.
      As to our Presidents salvation. Allow me to remind you that God is the only one who knows who will inherit eternal life. Its written in a book in heaven

  55. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I hate to sound negative but I have to give my honest assessment; I have seen the evil we have done as a nation on three continents. To get back 7 fold works both ways. The lives we have destroyed through drugs, war, prostitution, graft, corruption, assassination ((did I mention war?)) to get that back 7 fold is beyond imagination.

    Yes, I agree we rebuilt Europe and Japan after WWII and was never repaid by anyone but Finland. Yes, as a former missionary, America has sent missionaries around the world, but was the message right?

    Hope and pray for the best of times, but please, prepare for the worst of times.

    Lo Iyrah!

  56. gregd

    When I read the comments here, I look for Jerry’s comments first. They are well thought out and researched. As for predictions, you can delay nearly all market prediction and collapses if you throw enough digital money at it. But eventually, they will collapse. When one country’s central banks “prints” fiat money it gets devalued compared to the other countries. But if you collude with the other country’s to print at the same rate there is nothing to get devalued too. They are all weaker and at the same degree of weakness. Keep in mind if the U.S. printed as they did and no other country printed we would have collapsed long ago. This is why is such a dangerous experiment. No one knows whats going to happen or when.

  57. Thomas Lee Craven

    FYI – Infowars is using vimeo.com for their videos

  58. flattop

    After listening to Mark Taylor, I get the feeling that the US will surge ahead politically, but what about financially?? Should I now sell some of my PMs and get back into the stock market??

  59. Aurele

    Hey Greg, I once enjoyed your interviews but now you really come across as having a favorable bias toward Trump (I think he’s a top-notch moron) and you do appear to support these God driven (false) prophets. Its a turn off Greg. You were really good with the basics: the news and the facts. So what happened?

    • Greg Hunter

      I favor “We the People.” It appears you favor “them the swamp” and “them the New World Order.” Trump is hated by top politicians on the Left and the Right. He’s hated by the deep state and by bribe taking world leaders. You are basically calling me biased and yet you refer to POTUS as a “Top notch moron.” He’s a multi-billionaire who takes a $1 per year salary. I think he’s working for “We the People and his actions on TTP, Paris Climate Accord and the Iran (no signature) ‘deal’ prove it as they were all frauds on American taxpayers. If you don’t like the free information please start watching CNN. They think the same as you.

      • Aurele

        Despite his appearance (and $1 salary as you say), Trump is actually working for himself. The “we the people” is simply a means of getting to where he wants to go. Why do you think he insists in having these very hush-hush one-on-one meetings with Kim and Putin. Did you see the promo video he showed Kim. Its totally in favor of supporting his personal business and those of his family members. But all that aside, all I was saying is your bias for Trump shows. Maybe have someone talking about the flip side sometime. I like the varied subject you cover on usawatchdog but would hope for some unbiased reporting/podcast. Anyway, Good luck Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          Not a single fact in this comment except the one I gave you, and that is Trump makes $1 per year. Good luck to your in your fact-less fantasy world.

          • Aurele

            Wow Greg, I did not take you for someone to take things so personally and/or to lash out the way you just did. I’m Canadian so I don’t get the same ‘facts’ as you and of those of your fellow Americans. All I was proposing Greg is you balance things out a bit. I loved your pod-casts before Trump came along. So it is I that must wish you and your country best of luck because there seems to be a great divide in your country.

            • Greg Hunter

              I did not “lash out” and did not take things “personally.” I was blunt and disagreed with your totally false and fact-less comment. You simply did not like that answer and have no real comeback. Now, you say you,”don’t get the same ‘facts.’” if there needs to be a “balance,” then I will do it, but in my world facts are facts and there really is no balancing it out with total BS. By the way, you better check your country, Canada, because many up there who comment here do not like your PM’s liberal politics and call him “True Dope.” Your country has a divide to, and Trudeau is going to be voted out of office next time he’s up for re-election is my prediction.

              • Aurele

                Ok, thank you for taking the time to reply and for your insights. I’ll start following TheRingofFire podcasts instead of yours’:

                • Greg Hunter

                  “A progressive news and commentary outlet” These liars should just step up and say what they really are, and the is a communist/Marxist, freedom destroying, fake news, thought shaping outlet. Have fun shrining your already small narrow mind. The Left has to lie because the Truth is like kryptonite to them.

                  • Aurele

                    “small narrow mind”?? Really Greg, you stooping down to name calling? That is so typical of a Trump supporter. Sad…

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Listen “Aurele,” you want to have a discussion on the facts about a way to move this country forward for “We the People,” let’s do it. You really cannot articulate a good plan or any worthwhile ideas because you are a social Democrat. What you want and cannot say is less freedom no free speech, no Constitutional rights, and want the all powerful state to be in charge of our lives which equals theft of the labor of working people. You and your kind are also atheists that believe in a black hole of nothingness. You are small minded and the Democrat party is the party of theft, lies and slavery that believes power coms from the government and a group think mentality that is INTOLLERANT to any other views than your socialist crap. That is your history and you own it and cannot project it off on me or Trump supporters. Your folks are now claiming openly to be socialists which is what the Democrat party has been all along. It is a well established historical fact the Nazi name came from “National Socialism”. The full name of Hitler’s party was the “National Socialist German Workers Party” This is probably Colin that crazy Nazi from New Zealand. All you have is name calling and false narratives and misdirection because it you revealed your true plans, 99% of people would realize your stupid ideas suck and have always ended with mass casualties. “SAD” is right. YOU and YOUR KIND ARE THE BAD GUYS!


              • Kathy Ridsdale

                Greg, I am Canadian and hope and pray you are right about “Mr Fancy Socks” in Ottawa being voted out next election. We need a PM who stands for all of Canada and for Israel. Yes, our Country too is very divided. Far too “Liberalized. Waiting for 2019 to make a change. Pray for Canada, thanks Greg. I am praying for your President and for America. God Bless.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Lost of good people in Canada and I too am praying for Canada!!!!!

  60. Todd

    I am definitely not the arbiter of truth God’s word th Bible is. I just know what it says and believe and proclaim it.

    Biblically Jesus second coming will occur two days or two thousand years after the beginning of the church age or it appears around 2032 or 2033 according to Hosea 6: 1-3. Seven years prior the tribulation period or 70th week of Daniel begins with the reign of the Antichrist. That brings it around 2025 or 2026. Anytime between now and then the Rapture of the church or Bride of Christ. At the Last Trump or Trump of God.

    God is not going to save the USA or the world He is going to judge it or tread the winepress of the wrath of God at Armageddon or Jesus second coming. Then He will renew/restore all things as in the beginning.

    Don’t believe Mark Taylor believe the bible or the word of God.

    The bible says no one knows the day or the hour not the season of Jesus second coming.
    Hosea 6:1-3 is about the two day or two thousand year diaspora of the Jews that corresponds with Christ Jesus rejection and crucifiction by national Israel and the two thousand year church age through His second coming with His saints to redeem national israel when they cry out blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord and the one day or one thousand year millenial reign of Jesus from Jerusalem after His second coming or millenial reign.
    Your right it’s not about the church it’s about the turning away from God and the restoration of nation Israel.
    That’s why the 7 year tribulation period is called the time of Jacob’s or Israel’s trouble and the 70th week of Daniel
    That’s why the church is raptured out prior to it.
    I’m not guaranteeing the dates but it’s the most reasonable interpretation I can come up with and it fits the time frame of a biblical generation for Jesus second coming regarding the parable of the fig tree in the Olivet discourse.

  61. Andre

    Mark Taylor must be a true prophet because my posts miraculously disappeared!
    Link below is for you about the coming kingdom on earth. I really recommend.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t post JW material on USAW.

  62. Todd

    I don’t understand why my comment was not posted again? Isn’t what Amerrica is all about is the free exchange of ideas even if it isn’t what we want to hear? Biblical Prophets throughout the centuries are know for speaking hard truths and being banished or detroyed for doing so. Not for tickling the ears of the people with happy false hopes. Biblical truth is often not happy but truth none the less.

    Biblically Jesus second coming will occur two days or two thousand years after the beginning of the church age or it appears around 2032 or 2033 according to Hosea 6: 1-3. Seven years prior the tribulation period or 70th week of Daniel begins with the reign of the Antichrist. That brings it around 2025 or 2026. Anytime between now and then the Rapture of the church or Bride of Christ. At the Last Trump or Trump of God.

    God is not going to save the USA or the world He is going to judge it or tread the winepress of the wrath of God at Armageddon or Jesus second coming. Then He will renew/restore all things as in the beginning.

    Don’t believe Mark Taylor believe the bible or the word of God.

    The bible says no one knows the day or the hour not the season of Jesus second coming.
    Hosea 6:1-3 is about the two day or two thousand year diaspora of the Jews that corresponds with Christ Jesus rejection and crucifiction by national Israel and the two thousand year church age through His second coming with His saints to redeem national israel when they cry out blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord and the one day or one thousand year millenial reign of Jesus from Jerusalem after His second coming or millenial reign.
    Your right it’s not about the church it’s about the turning away from God and the restoration of nation Israel.
    That’s why the 7 year tribulation period is called the time of Jacob’s or Israel’s trouble and the 70th week of Daniel
    That’s why the church is raptured out prior to it.
    I’m not guaranteeing the dates but it’s the most reasonable interpretation I can come up with and it fits the time frame of a biblical generation for Jesus second coming regarding the parable of the fig tree in the Olivet discourse.

    • Greg Hunter

      Your other comment was posted.

  63. Andre

    Just curious: what is “JW material?”

    • Greg Hunter

      Jehovah Witness

  64. Andre

    Are thinking Jehovah Witness? If so,
    I would never be Jehovah witness! They deny divinity of Christ. JW are product of Jesuits.
    Whoever told you that is wrong. All I said I can defend by Bible. It is true Word of God.
    Just look at he links I provided for your own sake. JW would run from these messages.

    Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  65. Andre

    Just for you. I want you to know that I have no agenda and truly I am pretty busy with our church where I am an elder. We are not JW – oh please!
    The reason I have signed up for your group is because I heard you with Dave Janda who I know personally and I saw that you where very honestly looking for God and His truth. I was catholic myself but God called me out of Babylon and changed my life. God ask for all from us not half.
    I looked for a way to send you a message. I don’t want you to take my message but I really want you to verify it. Almost all churches are wrong on doctrine and back under the wings of the Pope. I am sure you have seen it. Devil’s deception is amazing which was prophesied by Christ.
    You have a great platform where you could advance God’ work and guide people to the “strait narrow way” leading to Christ.
    I probably went too fast with the message I realize. I should’ve moved slower backing up with Bible verses.
    If you don’t want me to post on your site, that’s is perfectly fine with me. If you do, I will not change the message because I cannot. Leave a post if you think my contribution will be of benefit to others. If not, I will stop.
    Below is a lecture on the “millennium” that over 90% of Christianity got wrong. Remember – only remnants will be saved. “As in the days of Noah so will be at the coming of the Son of man”. 8 were people saved at the arc.

    • Greg Hunter

      I stand corrected.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Catholics need to wake up and fast!

    • Twox2

      The problem with your posts Andre is that they are dogmatic and seem to lack humility before the scope, complexity and mystery of biblical eschatology. There are many Christians on this site who know the bible as well as you, but recognize their insufficiency before the expansive mysteries of God’s plan. Yet, you seem to claim 100% certainty in your interpretation of prophetic scripture. Your challenge to others to show scripture to support pre-trib rapture views seems disingenuous (while you insult with the “rupture” reference). You already know where they derive their understanding (Go watch any 10 episodes of Jack Van Impe, lol). You simply interpret the scriptures differently. The pre-trib view largely rests on the “thief in the night” reference in Thessalonians…as you know…and the tribulation period 70 weeks prophecies derive from interpretations of Daniel, Chapter 9.

      R.C. Sproul wrote extensively on his preterist views. While I don’t agree with him, I have immense respect for him.

      I and others, no doubt, have no problems with your sincere beliefs based on your studies. Many, I suspect, do have a problem with your presumption of inerrancy. If your statements began, “In my view”, I would not be writing this.

      For what its worth, I took a year’s sabattical in my early 40’s and read nothing but the bible and every prophecy book I could find. I read Ezekiel, Joel, Daniel and Revelation many times…as well as countless readings of the minor prophets. I just recently finished reading the Bible from cover to cover in 80 days…every word.

      And here’s the rub: I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I don’t know exactly how God’s plan will play out. I can see the outlines and the signs…and I watch. But I do not know. And in “my opinion”, neither does anyone else. God hates pride. On this we can likely agree. Humility before God and man in matters of prophecy and salvation is critical if we are to travel this road together in a spirit of love and mutual respect. Peace, brother. It’s about to get dicey…

      • Twox2


  66. brent sergent

    Great interview Sunday with Dave Jander Greg – that was solid gold information which filled in some gaps re 9/11…
    Keep on with the great work !

    regards Brent

  67. Darrel Cox

    I am a follower of Christ. I believe in prophetic gifting from the Holy Spirit and that such gifting under the New Covenant does not have to be 100% correct, as it is not an authoritative office as was the case with an OT prophet (the OT prophet was primarily a covenant enforcer).

    Scripture does admonish believers to weigh carefully prophetic utterances (1 Cor 14). Part of that responsibility falls to those who make the prophetic utterances. Rather than hunkering down and explaining why the prophecy was right, it takes humility to admit when one is wrong and has gotten ahead of the LORD. We do not do any brothers or sisters any favors by not encouraging them to weigh themselves.

    Bottom line: I listened to various Taylor prophecies prior to the midterm. He was very specific about what “God was showing him” would take place in the midterm elections. Rather than facing the fact that he was wrong, and moving forward, he is changing the meaning to an “earthquake” (removal of Jeff Sessions) before the “tsunami” (people indicted, etc.). That is absolutely *not* what he prophesied.

    For some reason, prophetically gifted people are scared to admit when they were wrong. Somehow they think they will lose legitimacy. I think the opposite is true. If they are honest and face themselves humbly, they will make progress in their walk and ministry in the LORD and people will respect their willingness to self-correct.

    If I provided a platform along the lines you have, I would likely find it appropriate to be as public about these issues to the same degree you were about the initial prophecies. Or you can hunker down, explain it away, and lose all credibility. But that is something you will have to decide.

  68. Calator

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