IG Report Bombshell Just Beginning, More Anti Trump Media Lies, Economic Update

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 339 6.15.18)

The long awaited Inspector General (IG) report on the FBI and how it handled the Clinton email (exoneration) case is out, and it has destroyed the reputation of fired FBI Director James Comey. It is also just the beginning in destroying the careers of many at the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ). There are many revelations including a goal to “stop” Trump from becoming President. Well, they failed. Now, buckle up because this is just getting started. Coming up, Hillary Clinton’s treason and phony documents used to spy on Trump. Lots of people are going down for treason, fraud, obstruction and other bigtime crimes.

The President traveling to Singapore and getting the leader of North Korea to sign a document agreeing to denuclearizing the Korean peninsula is huge, but you would not know it if you watched the phony propaganda of the mainstream media (MSM). Even though their ratings continue to tank, they just can’t stop the idiotic Trump hating they get paid by the MSM to do.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates another ¼ of a point and said the economy is doing great. Is it really doing that well? It depends on who you talk to. Some say this is the best economy in years, while others are warning of another financial calamity like 2008 or worse. What’s going on?

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

Greg will analyze the brand new Inspector general report, the Trump deal to denuclearize North Korea and give you the truth about the economy.

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After the Interview: 

Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com will be the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.”  She will talk about the economy here on earth and the one that is growing in space.




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  1. Dennis

    Greg – you do a great job but I’d like you to talk more about the 50 million Americans on food stamps. Do they not have a right to have some hope? Who is the leader for them?

    • Greg Hunter

      It sure as heck was not Obama. Why do you think Trump is trying to create as many jobs as possible–for the 50 million on food stamps. There is no magic wand here. The entire world is very deep in debt and it IS going to reset at some point.

    • JMiller

      Just some info about the 42 million people who receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) also known as food stamps. About 70% of those who receive SNAP are children, disabled individuals or older people over 60.

    • Tad

      I’d like to think that defending our border could mitigate the food stamp and employment problem. Perhaps it might start with Republicans voters to not patronize Republican-owned businesses who hire illegal immigrants and who oppose E-verify.

      Just sayin’.

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      Isn’t open borders helping them?
      How about NAFTA? TPP?
      Export millions of jobs…import millions
      of new people? That’s the democrat’s plan.
      Is that your idea of hope?
      Will destroying the middle class and the tax base
      help? Does that offer hope?
      Stop pretending to care. You suck at it.

      • William Stanley

        Harvey Wallbanger, re: “Stop pretending to care. You suck at it.”
        That one hit him right between the eyes!

    • Roger D

      Since food stamps are unconstitutional, folks should seek help from (in order) family, neighbors church, local government or State government. A family’s leader should normally be the husband.

  2. The Man From Uncle

    All we hear about is the incorruptible rank and file F.B.I. Unfortunately the Obama administration promised us false hope and leftest change. Ideologues and religious fanatics succumb much more easily to lying and corruption than most and thats what happened at the bureau.
    In a question to Greg Hunter on a former F.B.I. special agent who reached out to Greg. . .

    Greg Hunter
    02/17/2018 •
    I’ll do better than that. Here is the entire letter from that retired FBI veteran:


    Thank you for, in my opinion, your best Weekly News Wrap!

    I spent 24 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. I retired in 2007, at which time the fissures within the FBI were becoming more and more apparent. There was a distinct dividing line developing between the old line FBI Agents, whose fealty lies with the Constitution and the American people, and the new line agents whose fealty was with Director Mueller, and what has been revealed with time to be the Deep State.

    The reason I retired was Mueller’s Five Year Up or Out Policy, adopted to remove senior FBI Supervisors, loyal to the Constitution, from the ranks of FBI Management. The Policy, simply stated, required anyone who had held a Supervisory Special Agent ( SSA) position for more than 5 years, to return to FBIHQ, or be forced out of management. Prior to Mueller, all field Supervisors were required to spend 7-10 years as successful Street Agents, then spend 3-5 years as SSAs at FBIHQ, then become SSAs in the Field. To become a SSA in Division 6 ( Criminal Investigative Division), as a Street Agent you were required to have successfully taken several cases through trial, to have been a Case Agent on a Group I Undercover Operation, with positive results / convictions, and preferably have served as an Undercover Agent, before you could even apply for a SSA position at FBIHQ. This policy guaranteed that agents applying for SSA were battle tested, experienced, accomplished and hardworking men and woman admired by their peers. Mueller’s policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions ( SSA) which determine the workload of Criminal, Counter Terrorism, and FCI squads, throughout the country. The last place a great SSA wanted to be was FBIHQ. The real work is in the field not at FBIHQ. Needless to say, most experienced SSAs stepped down and retired rather than return to morass of FBIHQ.

    In my opinion, this is how the Deep State got its foot in the door of the FBI. During the Obama Administration, all of the FBI SSAs, that achieved their position through merit, had been forced from their positions under the 5 Years Up or Out Plan. This allowed the Deep State to take over middle management, whose ranks become upper management.

    The rest is history. The FBI Senior Executive Service (SES) on the 7th Floor was politicized, middle management politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursuit public corruption investigations, or any investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations.

    Sadly, in my opinion, most of the FBI Management is compromised, and the corruption has now begun to spread to the rank and file, as you so astutely point out.

    I have lost friends, inside the ranks of retired FBI Agents, because I believe that the corruption in the FBI has reached Agent level. It was not a Senior Executive Service (SES) Member(s) of the FBI looking at and analyzing Clinton’s Computer Server, it was not SES personnel reviewing and analyzing the information on Anthony Weiner’s lap top, it was not SES personnel testifying before the Judge in FISA Court, it was not SES personnel interviewing Tea Party Members when working jointly with the IRS, it was not SES personnel handling the Cooperating Witness, writing the debriefing FD-302s, listening to, and transcribing ELSUR tapes, in connection with Uranium 1.

    The list can go on, you get my point.

    Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of criminal activity, stood down their criminal investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results of presenting the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Prosecutive Opinion.

    Thank you for having the courage ( unlike Sean Hannity and others) to state the obvious, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and State Department have traitors throughout their ranks. All of these agencies need to be purged of these individuals. Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.

    God Bless you and your family.”

    • Chip

      “Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.”

      This says it all. If this is not done during Trump’s watch we can all say good bye to the USA we all grew up in. This absolutely MUST be done… Chip

      • Chip

        Partisan hacks and the MSM are already acting like the IG report is no big deal. My fear is this all gets swept under the rug and nothing is done about any of it… Chip

        • Chip

          I hope Greg is right as he stated that this is just the beginning of a process. Great WNW Greg… Chip

    • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

      I am also a man from U.N.C.L.E.

      U.N.C.L.E. was an acronym for the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement.

      Kevin, west of Longview Wa. KA7LRC 147.26/R

      • The Man From a Monkey's U.N.C.L.E.

        I hear you Kevin!

    • The Man From Uncle

      Remember when men were men and woman were woman, the good Ole day’s of loyalty to a cause and no political B.S. [bias!]

  3. Charles Turner

    Many people are missing the play of words in Michael Horowitz report. He said there was no ‘political bias’ . This is in fact correct. It was personal bias against Trump not political bias. If John McCain or Marco Rubio had been in the run off for President there wouldn’t have been the same level of animosity. It was all about not getting Trump elected. It was highly personally biased. When Micheal Horowitz appeasr before Congress or the Senate they should drill him on this point.

    • William Stanley

      Charles, re: no ‘political bias’
      Yes, that phrasing struck me as odd, as well. However, I’m left with the queasy feeling that it wasn’t strictly “personal” either.

      • Charles Turner

        A twist of words is a key part of propaganda. Like people who ‘express sorrow’, rather than say ‘sorry’. Two completely different words which are swopped over to lessen the admission of wrongdoing.

  4. Peter from the Netherlands

    Dear Greg,

    Time on you are taking about: the world (ex USA) is cheating and this must stop.

    A little example of the USA: the subprime mortgage story and many, many more.


    • William Stanley

      So, Peter, why didn’t the European securities regulators bring criminal charges against the securities dealers who sold the securities there? Something smells a little rotten in Europe. Rotting bananas?

      • Mic D. Hogan

        And stinky Cheese!

      • Peter from the Netherlands

        What would you think???? from a country like the USA. They were so called ‘triple A’ . Fraud mister, fraud.

        But of course : the missing RULE of LAW in the rotting BANANA REPUBLIC.

        • Greg Hunter

          Your country is full of radical muslins and you are cracking down on free speech. You should look at your own “rotten” country.

          • William Stanley

            Mr. Hunter: Peter will soon get the rule of law (Sharia, that is) that he deserves . . . and good and hard. I hope he enjoys it.

            • Greg Hunter

              That would be funny if not so true.

        • William Stanley

          But, Peter, that’s the point. What did the Netherlands’ authorities do about it? Where was the rule of law hiding out in the Netherlands? Had they slipped on a banana peel?

  5. zteve.0

    I was looking forward to the IG Report – a big ‘meh’. Like when J. Comey listed 15 minutes of crimes and questionable activities before he said: Therefore we will not be proceeding with investigations as we are confident there is nothing to blah blah blah – are you kidding me?
    there are two laws – one for the rich and one for the poor

  6. Jerry

    It’s starting to get a bit dangerous for President Trump. Apparently the Deep State tryed to take him out on his way to China following his talks with Kim.

    I can’t confirm the accuracy of this video but it was supposedly posted by Q . It appears to be filmed out the window of Air Force One? Conspiracy theory ? Possibly. Who knows. But you’d better believe this. Desperate people do desperate things, and the deep state has access to not only the justice department, but military weapons.
    Should all else fail to take him down, they WILL collapse the economy and blame it on him. In my humble opinion we are headed to either a full blown civil war, or an economic collapse. Either way when the gloves come off with these indictments things are going to get UGLY.

    Follow my ten foot circle rule. Most of what is going to happen is out of your control, so take care of everything within your ten foot circle. Do you have food? Do you have water? Do you have medical supplies? Do have lead? Do you have the faith to put your life in the lords hands should all else fail? I hope so. Choices people make have outcomes.

  7. DanT

    Just think, Trump could be the second president in a row to win the Peace Prize. He also would be the only one to actually earn it. I have read that possibly a big incentive for North Korea talk is the potential of millions of them heading to China and South Korea looking for food. I guess they are having crop failures like much of the world due to weather-related disasters. Check out some of the Youtube channels on the Gran Solar Minimum. You will see reports from local news sources around the world on horrendous weather problems and crop damage the MSM is silent on. The climate change crowd is finding it an “inconvenient fact” the sun drives the weather and it is entering a cycle of reduced activity.

  8. Roger D

    I was proud of Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un. I believe Trump is sincere with respect to the meeting and its stated goals. Yes, there are probably insurmountable obstacles to peace. But at least Trump showed up and put skin (his reputation) in the game.

  9. vincent_g

    You may have over time a balanced budget.
    The import taxes could increase the taxes quite a bit.

    Cayman has no taxes except import taxes.
    They run the whole country on that alone.

    The US used to run the Fed on import tax.

    The fact that a Rolls will cost more due to an increase in import tax will not stop them from being sold here.
    It will not effect the sales of high end cars but will effect low end models.

    The shame of this is it’s too little too late.
    We have already lost GM and Chrysler.
    Our electronic industry is long gone.
    You go into a store and almost nothing in made in the USA.
    There is now only three major products made in this country

    Heath Care

    The health care industry is booming.
    New health care service businesses are filling those empty shopping center stores.

    And banks are everywhere.
    It always surprised me on how banks can afford to open so many branches.
    Each branch costs a huge amount of money to open.
    There is the cost of security which for a bank is costly.
    The cost of building materials which is higher as the walls can not be paper thin.
    The cost of the glass which is not your normal glass.
    The cost of the Safe.

    Most likely other items I am missing.
    The cost of each branch is quite high both to open and to run.
    Any other business has no where near the same costs to open a location.

    The money business was never so good it seems.

    • Tin foil hat

      That is a good observation. It never crosses my mind how costly it is to open a bank.

  10. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for an enlightening trail though the corrupt main stream media similar to the corrupt media we have here in the UK.
    Here,in the UK,our economy really sucks and the present day Joseph Goebbels are out in force to report otherwise.Those reporting “otherwise”are heaped with fake praise,accolades and money from our government and the EU.Yeah,democracy really works here as our politicians sell us out via their bureaucratic teams to prevent Brexit,we are still paying taxes to the EU two years after voting to leave.
    Astonishing to think that Trillions of Dollars were or are off shore in some hell hole of fascism like Ireland,yeah right!Whilst the back office for this money may have been located n Ireland no one with two brain cells would have been dim enough to allow a bunch of thieving Irish bankers,by their own admission,to get anywhere near this money.The only place with the depth,according to Mr Martin Armstrong,would be USA Treasuries and general bond market.So,can we expect theses Trillions to flow from the bond market to factories and research and development?We’ll see!
    Here in the UK,the Summer so far has been delightful,hope it continues,and the corruption,nepotism and cronyism not so much.The seething within the populace is palpable except to those who choose to be tone deaf and have high levels of security.By the way,what a surprise the UK was spying on Mr Trump during the election,whilst awaiting transition and whilst President,again ,why does the USA tolerate this behaviour ,is it a convenience?
    Here in London,our beloved Mayor can’t wait to tax off shore money residing in property here,the central target of course is citizens of the USA.Mr Khan just loves targeted Americans!

    • Tin foil hat

      Maria das Santos,
      “why does the USA tolerate this behavior ,is its convenience?”
      The answer is the “Five Eyes” Intel Pact. Hence, the media or the propaganda machines in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand spew the same talking points as CNN.
      We are all trapped in the apartment building in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”. I’m beginning to contemplate whether I should go to the cradle and gently rocks it with a smile on my face.

  11. Paul ...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Donald … as Greg says the MSM is downplaying your very big achievement with regard to N. Korea … I see the IG’s birthday gift to you was 1.2 million pages long … but even more gifts are on back-order … they should be arriving some time around the November election!!

  12. Paul ...

    The “de-Nuclearization of the Korean peninsula is likely to be used “as a model” to de-Nuclearize other “hot spots” in the world (namely the Middle-East) … this is why Bibi running around Europe “like a chicken without a head” trying to completely kill the “unsigned” Iranian Agreement is foolish (in my opinion) … suppose Bibi succeeds … and Iran “in response” begins building nuclear weapons … a time will come when both Russia and the US will likely decide “a deal to de-Nuclearize the Middle-East” will be in the best interest of both sides … so I ask the question … will Israel be able to survive without the Samson Option?? … perhaps … but all the killing of women and children “on both sides” must stop first … before any “real peace” can firmly take root … and Israel’s right to exist whole-heartedly accepted by everyone!!

    • Paul ...

      You know … once Iran builds the bomb … the Saudi’s will want one … and then Egypt, etc., etc., etc. … the major powers in the world at that point will have to make a decision … 1) allow Armageddon to take place … 2) de-nuclearize the entire region … 3) move the Israeli people out of the Holy Land and re-settle them in China (China has already built the vast unoccupied cities) … from an Israeli perspective option 2 would seem to be the best choice … but can Israel survive such an option? … only if relations with its neighbors is solidly based upon mutual respect … respect can begin to take place if Israel takes the lead as God’s chosen people to declare “unilaterally” that from now on “women and children will not be valid targets in any military operation” … and ask the other side to abide by the same rules of engagement … little by little … trust between both sides will begin to form … and eventually “lasting” peace agreements reached that secures Israel’s right to exist in the Holy Land (not some God forbidden place in China)!!

      • Paul ...

        Do I think Bibi will just stop listening to the neocons in power in Israel? … No! … look how long it took for America to elect Trump after the JFK assassination … it is no where near 50 years from the Ariel Sharon assassination!!

        • Paul ...

          But I could be completely wrong about it taking 50 years … Jews are not as dumbed down as Americans … they eat non-GMO food, eat raw herring and salmon very high in omega 3, etc., etc. … so they have high IQ’s … and who did “God choose” to talk with … to leave his moral message for all mankind … a people that had not only brains but the courage to act on God’s words!!

          • Paul ...

            If everyone in the world can at least start by abiding by “Thou Shall Not Kill Women and Children” … eventually we can work up to God the Father’s ideal “Thou Shall Not Kill” period!!

          • DanT

            Paul. Intelligent people? so it seems and talented. But they are only human and prone to ALL human shortcomings. They did not hold to Gods word for long. Not a single adult that made the covenant with God at Sinai crossed the Jordan and entered the land only Caleb and Joshua. Today they refuse to accept even the New Covenant. I have read “all Israel will be saved” so a great day is coming.

            • Paul ...

              DanT … Being intelligent doesn’t necessarily make you a moral human being … look at all the Monsanto scientists working to genetically modify and take the seeds of life out of God’s creations … look at the banksters who make greed overcome any morality that may be in them … as I stated elsewhere in this comment section we should be prejudiced “against” all evil people … no matter their intelligence or what race they belong to … the evil people will always call those who are revolted by their actions “racist” … but to be racist one must generalize bad and evil actions to “all members” of a particular race … but if we keep our prejudice selective and only directed it toward “evil people” … it is perfectly fine and a good thing … for we want to rid the world of evil pedophiles, evil warmongers and evil banksters no matter how high their IQ!!

  13. Mike R

    I would hardly call the IG report a ‘bombshell’. The so called actions contradict the words. They say political bias did not affect what they did on their job. Horribly mis-guided, and sounds JUST like the crap Comey pulled on the Clinton investigation findings. If anything, that report is as corrupt as they come. Its a bunch of political hogwash. Its as though someone said “lets make the report 500 pages long, so it sounds like we did something.” And then they filled it with garbage and manure wording that is meaningless gibberish. Once again the perps in our government walk free. The scum is so deep and thick in DC, and nothing short of a massive 100 ft tsunami wave will be able to wipe that place of its putrid stench.

    • Greg Hunter

      Really Mike??
      It exposed Obama and Hillary who both broke the Espionage act, and outed Comey for having his own private email too. Also it said the FBI covered up and sat on the Weiner laptop to help Hillary. That’s just a few big bombs that come to mind. I totally disagree!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        The report didn’t expose anything we don’t already know. It’s Pys-Op 101, they are holding the smoking grenade which we just threw at them and calmly inform us in our faces – yeah, it’s a grenade – but don’t worry since it’s not going to go off.
        CNN is already telling us to move along, nothing to see here.

        • Greg Hunter

          CNN = Enemy of “We the People”!!

  14. jon

    In defense of usatoday. They really do not have any real reporters anymore. I have pointed out to their editor multiple times. Stealing the articles of Southfront.org and putting some real or fictitious usatoday reporters name on it. usatoday is yesterday’s media, failing, limited shelf life and fake. Their only claim to fame is being in color.,

  15. Jerry

    The rats are fleeing the ship.

    I grew up two blocks from the Missouri school of journalism. I hate to burst your bubble but I seriously doubt there has been any hard hitting news reporting for the past fifty years. Most Deans are socialist centered, and could care less about the constitution or the rule of law unless it fits their narrative. You my friend do not fit that mold. Is it any wonder it didn’t work out with CNN ? ( which I lovingly call the Clinton National Network).

  16. Andre

    Thank you for your wrap up. The unemployment report does not include people out of work force. Wellcome to Soviet United States to America. I read that the number of people outside the work force is reaching 100 millions!

    The pendulum is surely swinging from far left. Question is where is it going to stop? Surely not in the middle. How far it will go? As far as it gets. We already have union of state and church. On the separation of state and church was US constitution build. But the beast of the earth must become exact image of the beast that came out of the waters. Book of revelations said so.
    Soon we will see faith being legislated by the government as Bible predicted. It will happen here in America and predominantly here. What faith will be enforced? The mark of the beast. In contrast to common speculations, the mark of the beast will be way of worship. Does the beast Satan want to be worship as God. Sure he does. Specifically, the DAY of worship – read 4th commandment in full extend very carefully.

    Gen 20: Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
    For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord BLESSED the SABBATH DAY, and HALLOWED it.

    It is in the center of God’s law. It shows you a SIGN, a MARK of God.

    Eze 20:12 Moreover also I gave them my sabbaths, to be a SIGN between me and them, that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them

    Dr. Walter Veith explains current events in the hight of Bible prophecies.

    I recommend watching all his videos starting with total onslaught series.

    • JMiller

      Just for your information, the unemployment rate does not include the 95 million people considered “Not in the Labor Force” because most of them are retired persons, school students, housewives and disabled persons.

      • Andre


        Your point well taken. Thank you.
        However, is it that if you are on unemployment for 1 year you fall off the labour force pool? Welfare is also off this statistic. Additionally we have record number f people on disability majority of them perfectly capable of taking jobs – this I know for fact from my work. I met people on disability who don’t know why or how they are disable.

        • JMiller


          You are correct. If you have not had a job nor looked for a job in over a year then you are no longer considered to be in the Labor Force and are put in the “Not in the Labor Force” category. These people are called long-term discouraged workers. Out of the 96 million “Not in the Labor Force” there are probably 5-10 million of these people, who are really unemployed, who are not counted in the unemployment rate. The unemployment rate should be at least 10% according to the government’s own data.

          And I agree that a good percentage of people on disability are capable of working. I know a few people who use some minor disability or injury as an excuse so they do not have to work. They get workers’ compensation or Social Security Disability and milk it for all they can.

      • Frederick

        JMiller and how many of those “ disabled” people are actually disabled? I believe there’s a lot of fraud in that area

        • JMiller

          I agree. But I would say that at least 50% of them truly have some disability which prevents them from working. The number of people that are disabled includes both temporary and permanent disabilities and people not working because of illness.

  17. iwitness02

    With Criminals running the justice department, top law enforcement agencies, and the intel. community. Can it get anymore backwards than that? Yes. Add to this, the corrupt politicians passing corrupt laws, and you have a recipe for civil disobedience. If President Trump can hold this country together, it will be a big surprise to me. The criminals make to much money. Plus the bankers, politicians, judges, lawyers and so called law enforcement are to busy exploiting the innocent. They don’t have time to fight their own crimes. (or the inclination)
    In my mind, if Trump fails, we all fail. This is our one chance to experience truth and justice in this land we call home. May God Bless Donald J. Trump.

  18. Jerry

    POTUS needs to knock the props out from underneath Moeller.

    This is getting ridiculous. It’s time to make the move NOW! Any further footdragging will give the criminals more time to build a firewall against President Trump. Either pull the net up now or risk loosing the whole school of rotting fish!

  19. Sue Patterson

    My thoughts on the IG’s report:
    Psalm 37
    12 The wicked plots against the righteous
    And gnashes at him with his teeth.
    13 The Lord laughs at him,
    For He sees his day is coming.
    14 The wicked have drawn the sword and bent their bow
    To cast down the afflicted and the needy,
    To slay those who are upright in conduct.
    15 Their sword will enter their own heart,
    And their bows will be broken.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Sue and Amen!!!

  20. Jerry

    Gallop spills the beans on the real labor numbers .

    No surprise here.

    • Chip

      That’s a 2015 report… Chip

  21. flattop

    GREG: A Question.
    How would we know if Inspector General Horowitz is a part of the deep state.
    How would we know if the IG report is biased?

  22. Ron Spoonemore

    Deep State/ shadow government slowly being exposed..

    • Jane Farmer

      Flattop: Horowitz is SES.
      ‘nuf said.

  23. David

    “He speaks and his people sit up in attention. I want my people to do the same.” – Donald Trump on Kim Jong Un.


    If Barrack Obama or Bill Clinton would have said that they would have been eviscerated by those on right. Or maybe not. Seems that the Trump sycophants are wanting to convert the US into a despotic nation like North Korea. To say, “I want my people to do the same” is as about as authoritarian as it gets. The US is done and Trump is the overseer of the final death throes of what was once a free nation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes David,
      Trump is talking about the people that work for Un. He’s also talking about the people that work for him. Trump has had to fire many deep staters that will not do what he wants. Rex Tillerson comes to mind, along with many others.

      • Bona Novitz

        Rex Tillerson was never a “deep stater”. He was a corporate executive officer for Exxon Oil Company. He never, ever worked for the governmnt beforebeing appointed by Donald Trump himself!
        Get your facts straight, Greg.

        • Greg Hunter

          CEO of Exxon. No he did not have anything to do with Deep State or NWO. Yes, President Trump hired him and fired him. Tillerson was in favor of the Iran nuke deal which we all know was a no signature money laundering fraud. There is noting wrong with my facts, troll.

  24. This sceptred Isle

    These people have learnt well. They have adopted fascist racist ideology which is reflected in their apartheid state. Maybe they should create their own culture sometime before feeling oh so superior!

    “You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending.”


      • This sceptred Isle

        We must prevent a ‘final solution’ being imposed on the Palestinians. History never repeats but it does rhyme!

        • Greg Hunter

          Palestinians teach their children in their schools to hate Jews. The Palestinian Authority pays a reward for killing and stabbing Jews. Perspective my friend. What about Tommy Robinson???????????? Your country is under full on tyranny and Robinson has been moved to al all Muslim prison and a top Imam had put out a hit to kill him and you are worried about the Palestinians????? Come back to earth TSI. England is in deep trouble.

          • DanT

            I have met Palestinian Christians and many others all fine people. That live there. Do you really think all of those people are natural born killers? Do you think every Israeli is righteous? I have seen an on the street interview of Israelis and was shocked that even the young people would not mind too much a final solution (my words) to the Palestinian issue. There was one young man who was sympathetic and stated he was often given a hard time because of that. They have great hostility themselves. Maybe that might be because they are human and are not any more special than any other people even before God.

            • Greg Hunter

              So you are good with teaching hate in Palestinian schools and paying a reward for stabbing and murdering Jews?

              • sk

                Greg, that is a non sequitur to Dan’s comment.

      • Paul ...

        TSI … So Einstein said “some races are smarter then others” … he likely meant to say “some people are smarter then others” … God the Father come down and didn’t choose to leave his Ten Commandments with the Aborigines in New Guinea … did that make him racist? … this whole “racist thing” is a bunch of BS being used by the MSM to help create revolutions … so some people have a higher IQ … others may have higher moral values (this is a fact of life) … race has nothing to do with it (i.e. pedophiles and Satanists with low moral values may have high IQ’s and be found in “every race” )… so when Einstein defined racism as a “disease of white people” he was actually making much too narrow a definition … one does not have to be white skinned to be prejudiced against dumb traitors, smart crooks and thieves, evil pedophiles, smart neocons and dumb warmongers … the bottom line is … you are not a racist to be prejudiced against certain people… there is nothing wrong with being prejudiced against certain people (i.e. like Soros for instance … but it doesn’t mean you are anti-Semitic and hate the entire Jewish race) … it is actually a good thing to be prejudiced against evil people when you know they do horribly evil things (i.e. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc.) and race has nothing to do with it!!

        • Paul ...

          You know … most humans “are racist” against all insects … and call in the “exterminator” every month to kill them all indiscriminately … however we humans supposedly gifted with high IQ’s … should learn to be more selective in our prejudice toward the insect world created by God … as it now comes to light that the honey bee seems to have an understanding of concepts that few humans could comprehend for millennia!! … and like Satan’s racist helpers (who are out to destroy humanity) we are allowing the destruction of God’s honey bees worldwide with toxic chem-trails which according to Einstein will result in our own extermination four(4) short years after all the bees are gone!!! https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/bees-may-understand-zero-concept-took-humans-millennia-grasp-180969282/#wOAvJbHpzKplCsw5.99

        • This sceptred Isle

          The point is that a white MP in Germany would not be allowed to say the same thing about white people – that is where the racism is.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Can you imagine if a white MP in Germany said that white people are the smartest? What do you think the reaction would be? The double standards are amazing. Why are they allowed to be racist with impunity?

    • Greg Hunter

      You country is on fire and you are worried about one crazy Jew and a report by RT?? Are you that delusional or do you just hate Jews that much? Am I supposed to believe all Jews believe what this one guy believes? Again, you have people being jailed in the UK for free speech and the JEWS are NOT behind that.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Well it will be interesting to see if the guy gets sacked or not. I am guessing the latter. And why was it reported on RT but not in the American or British media? The Likud party is racist and facist. This is not an isolated view point. No one in Britain is allowed to say anything remotely critical about Israel yet high ranking people in Israel are allowed to spout this racist nonsense with impunity.

        • Greg Hunter

          No one in Britain is allowed to say anything about Tommy Robinson!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you nuts or do you just hate Jews that much. “I’m guessing the “latter”. You country has already spiraled into full on tyranny and you are vexing about the Jews!!! NUTS.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Exactly, first you are not allowed to criticise Israel then you cannot report on Tommy Robinson. Erosion of free speech starts somewhere. You know who has the most influence by who you are not allowed to criticise.

            • Greg Hunter

              Blinded by Jew hate so ,you fail to see of care what has already happened your country. Hang on to the hate TSI.

    • oneno

      One needs to read “Contact Report 38” and “Contact Report 70” to understand the origin of this phemenon described in William Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse”.

      Without knowing the origin, there is no point to argument.

  25. Mic D. Hogan

    Why is Robert Mueller so angry? Why is he sending Paul Manafort to jail and away from his family? Is he showing Paul mercy, giving him relief in a jail cell, from his persistent hounding to flip on the Trumpster? Why doesn’t Paul just make something up to flip for Mueller, to get him off his back. Instead of going to jail? Or will you be sending his family too, so he wont be so lonely.
    Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz reacts to the indictment of Paul Manafort. Oct 30, 2017
    So herr Mueller, please do us all a favor and retire to Florida like the stone cold truther did, Roger Stone. He’ll be there to welcome you.
    Welcome to the Flipper state!

  26. Mic D. Hogan

    ______________Absolutely No Admittance
    _______”Gefahr aus dem Meer”

  27. H. Craig Bradley

    Its either the “Best of times or the worst of times”. All depends on your personal circumstances, perceptions of reality, and situation.

    • DB Cooper

      HCB … What, not both at the same time?? Yours, DB.

  28. DB Cooper

    @William Stanley, I kind of like ‘Hair-Brained’ !! You know it reminds me of ‘Hair-Ball’ and I have to think that the term applies to some certain individuals !! Yours, DB.

  29. DB Cooper

    @ Helot, It is interesting that you brought up the subject of tinnitus … I worked on and operated steam ships w/ high speed turbines for 35 years and this is a condition that one can ignore until you cannot ignore it (if that makes sense) and when I started flying the engine noise was driving me crazy so I started wearing earplugs under my headset and then I could not understand tower control … Luckily they invented noise cancelling technology … not cheap but effective. I am taking an herbal supplement that is supposed cure the problem that they say is actually neurological rather than an ear problem … so far the supplement has not helped and the ringing in my ears is INTENSE. Being as we have experienced LOTS of symptoms from chem trails it does not surprise me to hear that tinnitus would be a side effect.
    Thanks, Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

    • Charles H


      I worked under the Flight Deck of an aircraft carrier; and slept there too. I also used ear plugs and a headset while awake; ear plugs to sleep. My ringing is pretty loud and constant. Being in front of a computer doesn’t help it either.

  30. Tony

    Getting sick and tired of the constant use of “bombshell” this and “bombshell” that. Nothing happens and nothing will happen. A big yawn…..

    • Greg Hunter

      You are stupid tony, what can I cay.

      • DanT

        Calling people names like you often do is not a good representation of your Christianity. Logic and reason will go farther.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just think DanT if you start you own website you can do the same thing.

          • DanT

            Tell that to Tony. It’s my site and I will title it the way I want. How could anybody argue with that? Unless they are stupid. On thinking about it you could have told me “remove the (big ole) plank from your eye” before attempting to remove the speck from mine. Coulda got biblical about it.

  31. barbara

    Greg… ‘commations’ ! I love it! Thank you for being such a dedicated, Godly man! Keep up the good work, I pray for you, your family and your colleagues everyday! sincerely Barbara from Canada

  32. Monty's Python

    Katie Hopkins Updates Alex Jones On Tommy Robinson, Brexit And The UK

  33. Paul ...

    Remember how George Washington warned us not to get into any entangling alliances … is it time for America to cut loose its NATO allies and save a ton of money by bringing our troops home? … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-06-16/jatras-its-time-america-cut-loose-our-useless-so-called-allies

    • Paul ...

      You know … another good reason for getting rid of our useless allies … is that eventually (as the population demographics turns them all into “a nuclear armed caliphate” of Muslim Nations that could conceivably threaten Israel) Israel would never be able to use the Samson Option against such an enemy (even if they knew an attack was imminent) because attacking these NATO countries (allied with the US) would automatically bring the full force of America’s military might against Israel!!

      • Paul ...

        And Trump is thinking of building more nuclear weapons? … with all our budget problems what good is spending billions and billions of dollars on additional nuclear weapons that can never be used?? … except … to end the world as we know it!! … but perhaps … it’s Trump’s fall back strategy (to end it all) … just in case he can’t lock up all the crooks and perverts!!!

  34. BERT

    Nothing is going to happen to the elites, Trump is going to roll over ! There will be civil war with White,Black,Asian,Hispanic and more, not fighting against each other but the elites, bankers, politicians, judges !!!!!

    • Frederick

      Bert I agree but you forgot lawyers lol

  35. contrarian

    No, this is magicians trick. Killary and the Feds. are being sacrificed to divert attention from the bath house pervert. He/she/it committed treason every day for 8 years. Killery is an amateur in comparison. The only greater traitor was lincoln. He enslaved an entire nation under the feds and made it possible for the pervert. Remember, a soros company counted the votes. It is time to stop following the msm and investigate the greater treason.
    PS. lincoln was another perv.

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