IRS-Incredible Abuses of Democracy-Professor William Black

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Professor William Black is an expert in white collar crime.  When it comes to the IRS scandal, Dr. Black says, “This is everybody’s fear.  This is a real fear and not made up.  You can produce incredible abuses of democracy if you use the IRS as a weapon.”  Dr. Black contends, “It was precisely First Amendment activities that the IRS targeted under the Obama Administration.  At best, they were completely asleep at the wheel.”  Dr. Black isn’t sure higher-ups are going to jail but says, “The clear unbelievable thing is they gave an absolute gift, Christmas came early, for not only the Republicans, but for all Tea Party groups.”  Black goes on to say, “This administration, very early on, became an enemy of disclosure.  It hates whistleblowers with a passion.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Professor William Black from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

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  1. Targa

    Emergency authority. A Federal military commander’s authority, in
    extraordinary emergency circumstances where prior authorization by the
    President is impossible and duly constituted local authorities are
    unable to control the situation, to engage temporarily in activities
    that are necessary to quell large-scale, unexpected civil disturbances.

  2. Anne Elliott

    The IRS has been used to target political enemies in the past by both parties; what makes it really bad this time, IMO, is that it was used prior to the elections, and might have swayed some voting totals in certain areas. It makes me really angry, and yet I doubt much will come of this scandal. This is just not the same country that I was raised in, and that my parents grew up loving and defending. It just makes me so sad.

  3. frosty

    The income tax, adopted by the United States in 1909, is a Marxist principle which provided the State the mechanisms of monetary reward and punishment to enforce obedience upon the citizenry while the bureaucrat proceeded to re-engineer their society. The IRS, was founded soon after as the State’s arm of enforcement.

    To this end, the entire IRS tax code discriminates against people based on wealth, status and affiliation. Furthermore, it provides political incumbents an advantage over their challengers by giving them the ability to transfer wealth from one party of citizens to another. Usually the transfer of wealth proceeds from the general mass of citizens to the few wealthy and/or politically well connected parties.

    The IRS exists not for the greater good of the people but solely for the greater good of the Marxist State. That it is used as a political tool should be of no surprise to anyone. This is its sole purpose.

    Apparently however, according to the MSM, when the IRS is used by political incumbents to conduct political witch hunts against political challengers instead of solely to diminish the economic freedom of citizens,then suddenly, Houston we have a big problem!

    The circus plays on; “Engineer chaos to establish New Order” is its tired old theme.

  4. droidX-G

    Shedding light on the evil excesses of government is never welcomed by the people in power

    • Greg

      Both parties really hate it, meaning both parties are closer to each other then they will admit. Thank you for weighing in here.

      • George

        Amen, Bush was opaque…Obama is lead sheilded

        • Greg

          As Gerald Celente says Obama is out Bushing, Bush!

  5. Jerry

    Great interview Greg. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but nothing is going to come out of the IRS investigation. 57% of the American people simply don’t care. The press will turn this into a Republican witch hunt before this is over. To me the bigger question is not who knew what, but what were they planning on doing with the information they were getting? Questions like, we want to have a list of everyone involved with you organization, should send chills up the
    backs of anyone who understands how totalitarian governments work. Every time I turn around, I see the government gathering more and more information, and it unnerves me. The Government is monitoring everything we do for a purpose. That purpose has yet to be recognized
    or defined. I have my own theories , but nothing I can definitively prove. I do believe this is just one piece of a larger agenda being promoted by the globalist. I would love to hear Mr. Black talk about his interview he did with “Frontline”. He explored much deeper into the planned financial collapse that is coming. Maybe next time. Thanks Greg for the Real News.

    • Greg

      This is going be going on for awhile. Watergate took two years. Watch, this is going to bloom into a giant hairball. Who knows what will happen or who will turn on whom.

  6. AndyB

    Greg: The Obama administration is maintaining that nothing re the IRS actions is criminal, just misguided or “rogue”. But there have to be criminal charges to get to the truth; just offer immunity from criminal prosecution to a few of the “rogues” and you will soon discover the chain of command. No different than the improper actions against the AP or Rosen and Fox News. Benghazi is somewhat different but I fear that the other 2 scandals have swept this issue under the rug to protect Hillary’s ambitions.

  7. Larry W. Bryant

    == We Deserve the Fate We’ve Created ==

    America has been duped by its sense of self-importance, leading to its metamorphosis as a military police state, fueled by belligerent nationalism — a.k.a. fascism.

    On the verge of bankruptcy, our central government is disserving, rather than serving, our collective interests. Like all such pyramid schemes, this one has a finite lifespan. Any questions? — Larry W. Bryant (22 May 13)

  8. BOB D

    Good lawyers wouldn’t tell Obama, they would tell Holder. Protecting Obama is his lawyers job.
    It sounds like Congress new just as much about the IRS holding back these non profit outfits as anyone in DC.
    Why did Congress wait so long before making it a top story.
    Then the AP story was base on security leaks, that Congress was also complaining about.
    I just believe the whole mess is base on Obama using soft power in the ME and not blowing the Muslim world back to the stone age.
    Congress is the problem , Bush, Obama are just the whipping boys for all the Non Profits in DC. The DC insiders will still be in the driving seat when some new dude gets to fly around in AirForce 1.
    Like you say protect yourself, that’s all we can do.

    • Greg

      Bob D,
      While they fight the economy continues to deteriorate. The Fed keeps pumping and might pump more to prop it up. Protecting yourself is the only thing we can do for ourselves and families.

      • Dwain

        Greg, think of all the time spent on Libya. Did any heads roll? Now its the IRS. You think any heads will roll? I doubt it. I’m convinced scandals are distractions and timed to come out with economic downturns. They Probably have backlogs of scandals to call from to distract from economic bad news.

        • Greg

          Serious events are talking shape outside of these scandals that involve war and a very dangerous economy for the U.S. to navigate. Bernanke is priceless though, he blames Congress for all the problems and the Fed caused the meltdown in 2008 in the first place!

  9. Dwain

    I wonder if IRS scandals are just distractions from the important news, illegal attacks on PMs to drive sheeple to toxic equities, and to provide cover for equities going through the roof while BLS economic numbers tank. If the people were made aware of economic truths, confidence would falter with the possibility of bank runs. The main job of propagandist at this point is to avert confidence failure and bank runs at all cost. Distraction seems to be their best hope. Besides, there would be no government, banks, economy, etc. if truth was reported.

    A few may get fired from the IRS scandal, but in the end nothing will change and paper will continue to melt fiscal beams. On top of this more regulations will likely result.

  10. George

    Great interview! I love Dr. Black’s views although his analysis of voter ID laws is laughable and demonstrably false.
    The question I have is will the truth come out or will the economy tank due to war, etc and it is forgot. People need to be brought to justice: both the bankers and government officials. The very idea that this information was withheld so as to give Obama an edge in the election is criminal and stands against everything our founding fathers believed. It is Anti-American!

  11. Troy

    Kate Middleton Is Radiant in Yellow; Jennifer Aniston Reunites With Friends Costars on Ellen; Kim Kardashian Marvels at Her Pregnancy Curves: Today’s Top Stories

    • droidX-G

      We are doomed

  12. steve

    There is no such thing as a whistle blower, only co-conspirators. If they knew something 6 months or a year ago, they should have spoken up then or resigned. It’s the govt’ workers who need to be constantly looking over their shoulders and not the decent working class. Govt’ people are well paid, have great benefits, and great pensions, they need to be held accountable at all times for everything they do. If they can’t stand the heat then they need to get out of the kitchen and get real jobs, but many would find it difficult to justify their limited skills at Walmart.

  13. Melville1977

    Hi Greg,

    Just watched part 1 of 2 of Jim Rickards on the Keiser Report. He gave a very blunt assessment of the global economy, particularly the American economy. Keiser opened the interview with Rickards article he penned called “You don’t have to worry about a recession b/c were in a depression”. Rickards didn’t hold back and laid into the Bernank and the Fed.

  14. medical

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