Live Coverage of 2022 Mid-term Election Tonight 11/8/22

Join Greg Hunter of and Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal, as they team up to cover the 2022 Mid-term Election.  Coverage starts at 8:30p EST Tuesday Nov. 8 and lasts until around 12m.

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  1. Greg Hunter

    Starts at 8:30 pm. Thanks for watching and supporting USAW!!

    • Eydi Myers

      how can I find your live stream???? there is no link….ugh

    • Giorgio

      The Demoncrats will offer up Gavin Newsom in 2024. I live in communist Kamalafornia and see the local political ads being run here now. And I made a comment that the guy is crooked and a few people at my job said who cares they like him they’re going to vote for him anyway.
      Thanks for the great work you do Greg I will be watching your live stream. Peace…

      • Matt

        Gerald Celente’s rants are legendary. He’s right, the whole political system stinks and is rotten to the core. Term limits, campaign finance reform, and more than two parties is a start.

        Great reporting Mr. Hunter and Mr. Celente!

    • Eydi Myers

      live link please! cant find it. no “second” page

    • Liam Mury

      Hi Greg,
      Love You & Thanks for Keeping The Christian Faith & doing what you do!!

      RE Tonight’s Live-Feed Election Coverage:
      FYI, I’m not able to watch it; however on a positive note, I hope it’s because there’s Too-Many (of Your&Gerald’s) Fan-Followers trying to watch simultaneously & it’s OverLoading your Server-Capacity-Bandwidth?!?

      Anyways, may God continue Blessing you!
      I’ll try again & hopefully be able to watch it on YourSite because I prefer watching YOUR election coverage, rather than SomeOther ‘LameStreamNews’ coverage.

    • Mike Myer

      Looks like the 9 or 12 % estimates are not including satanic influence

  2. James Hascomb

    Very cool, and very nice that Gerald Celente is on. A friend of mine told me the two of you teamed up before to watch results come in when the election was stolen in 2020. I hope the Republican’ts (not a typo, they aren’t worth loving, either) have their act together for tonight. The glitches, the legal challenges, the out and out theft and intimidation. I don’t want violence but won’t be surprised if incidents happen.

    God bless America and may the evil Left go down in flames tonight.

  3. mike r

    live stream of a fraudulant election that the dems have rigged to the hilt.

    • Greg Hunter

      I know Mike but I got to cover it. Dems might get overwhelmed. Pray. Don’t give up. That’s what evil wants.

  4. Anthony Australia

    I am watching this live Greg! Riveting stuff 🙂


    (Senate) 48 Democrats – Republicans 50

    (House) 199 Democrats – Republicans 227

    (State Governors) 22 Democrats – Republicans 28

    • Don Webb

      Anthony, interesting predictions. But I’m seeming a much greater red trend than that. We’re talking a Republican tidal wave that sweeps the Democrates away.

    • marti baker girl

      Anthony, how are you getting to the live stream? I have been repeatedly trying. There are two statements below the intro, one reads: “Livestream on next page”. and the other reads: “Livestream starts at 8:30 pm”. I don’t have anything to get me to a “next page” and those two statements do not allow me to click on to take me somewhere else. Thanks!

    • marti baker girl

      Finally got to the livestream.

  5. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg for all the hard work, looking forward to it. Always interesting to see what stories come out. Sometimes the truth slips out before many people take notice of that particular snip-it.

  6. Rodster

    Imwas watching Gerald’s live stream on YT and he mentioned he and Greg were going to do another election night coverage. I hope it turns out better than it did in 2020.

    • Nika

      We are having a “Blood Moon” tonight, for the Election. Guess what, a key Globalist died today! Evelyn de Rothchild died today. Is that a sign, that Americans will be eventually free of the Globalists’ Tyranny?

      • Ed Mustafo

        Not a coincidence….. One more key piece needs to be taken care of now. Boy GEORGE was a pop star, until he wasn’t……..

    • Rodster

      Hopefully Greg can have Martin Armstrong back on in a couple of weeks to discuss what he saw from these Midterm Elections. Martin Armstrong chimed in and said his Computer accurately called the outcome.

      “We did not see this red wave that many were forecasting. The US is on schedule for a decline and fall by 2032. We needed a sharply divided nation to accomplish this end result. We got it!”

  7. Ken

    I watched the steal that night with you, lets not do it again!!!!!!! (hopefully not same outcome this time)

    • Bosco P. Horowitz


      I like your thinking here, but I don’t think that’s gonna win us anything. Over the past 2.5 years (and probably much further beyond), we’ve seen people attempting to comply their way out of tyranny as well as attempting to poison their way back to health. As an example, I’m in western Washington (Seattle-Tacoma area), and the majority of people that I know–when surveyed–they said about 80-90% of their family members have had the poke-poke cantaloupe. Still seeing people wearing masks–even when operating a vehicle alone! To make matters worse, a majority of CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) practitioners such as Naturopaths, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists have either bought the narrative hook-line-and-sinker or have acquiesced (if they knew better) to keep their job (unless they got fired or had an exemption).

      The bottom line is that WE need to take responsibility for everything, as hard as it may be or may get.

      Thank you for sharing the news about one of the banking elites passing–I wasn’t aware of that.

      take care,

      Dr. Bosco

  8. LuLu32

    Ken, Me too we watched the last election night with you and Greg had the best coverage of the election.
    Way better than FOX. They cheated and stole Virginia but you never hear a word about that!

  9. Wingy

    Okay. I’ve got it now

  10. doug B

    Trying to find the live stream, but no luck so far.

  11. Earth Angel

    It was mentioned this morning on the Atlanta news something to this effect; that federal agents were being sent to Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinett counties in Georgia to ‘assist’ in monitoring the election results. I was shocked to hear this. I’d like to know under what jurisdiction federal agents would have in a STATE election process?! In my opinion NONE! If I were an astute Constitutional lawyer I’d be filing a motion to deny this and bar these agents from the premises and the State. After the last election cycle it would not surprise me if they were being sent to assist with the cheating. Time will tell us soon enough & we’ll pray for a miracle.

  12. Jac Dragan


  13. James Barrett

    I never have to wonder if Mr Celente is telling us how he really feels.

  14. Barb

    Hey Greg thanks for doing this . Just sad we can’t chat with you and each other 😁

  15. Eileen

    me neither.

  16. Prospector

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders ( R ) WINS – Arkansas first female governor.

    Walker and Kemp leading in Georgia.

  17. regaleagle

    Not watching Fox tonight……I have it here like last time and Newsmax. Bottom line is the millennials as a group are already indoctrinated to vote for free stuff instead of freedoms. I just hope they will have the guts to choose freedom over freebies when it matters most.

    • Paul Saulinski

      Sorry, REALEAGLE

      __”The Difference
      _____Between A
      ___Welfare State
      And A Totalitarian
      State, Is A Matter,
      _____Of Time”

      Ayn Rand

  18. Paul

    The petty thief is imprisoned but the big thief becomes a feudal lord.

    Thanks for broadcasting live again

    Paul from arkansas

  19. regaleagle

    It’s all a big lie anyway……wisdom comes from God Almighty. I just about have my 33 y.o. son totally rid of his false indoctrinations……and he’s a really sharp cookie. But so am I……and I have proven to him so much over our years together. Plus……he’s a believer in Jesus Christ……that’s almost mandatory nowadays.

  20. Mike

    Great show, I had to Google rumble to get you. No problem from there. Gerald is a national treasure, he is spot on about term limits. We need to identify the bad actors and lock them up for criminal mischief. May God help us all.

    • regaleagle

      Just so happens we are ALL on term limits at this juncture……shame shame on America.

  21. Rodger

    Go to They update and keep totals.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rodger!

      • Barb

        Greg you need to go look at Bannon war room live . There is a lot of crap going on

  22. Da Yooper

    Well done gentleman.

  23. Shiloh1

    Gerald is correct about Trump – he’s done.

    Gerald mentioned Massey. One of the few good ones out there.

    • Ed Mustafo

      Actually, I think Gerald might be done when he sees how things turn out with Trump. It’s right in front of us now, stay tuned and enjoy the show. Don’t take my word for it though, just keep watching.

  24. Shiloh1

    Chicago downtown is dead at night, too, in more ways than one.

  25. Shiloh1

    Obama wearing Mom jeans,

  26. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg, Gerald,
    Watching your livestream early – here in the U.K. – and it’s clear from the get go that the ‘counting’ machines have been rigged for a sham result. Every voting system can be rigged when the ruling authority abandons the rule of law, but to retain ANY FAITH WHATSOEVER that the opaque electronic voting machines are not tampered with – that they deliver a true and fair account – is totally irrational. The 2020 Presidential (sham) election and its aftermath proved to anyone ‘with two brain cells to click together’ that TPTB utilise voting machines to deliver the results they seek. Are there any States that have banned voting machines? If not, why not!? If so, what are the results from those states?
    I keep hearing the same old mantra, ‘people should stay calm, TPTB WANT civil unrest’, and I am inclined to the opinion that this is yet another psyop. They are literally killing us and we are acquiescing!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      In 2020 ‘they’ had all the mechanisms to rig the election BUT ‘they’ made the mistake of allowing public sentiment to show in the early stages. Hence, the need to temporarily shut down voting in several states in order to cram fake votes through the system. ‘They’ learned from their mistake – so this time the machines were programmed to reflect
      50 :50 (false) voter sentiment from the start.

      “The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, and to expect a different result.” attributed to Albert Einstein: Vote counting machines are fraud!

    • John Maskell

      Love your comment, couldn’t have said it better ! I’m from Kent , England and it’s good that people here take an interest. Whatever happens in the USA affects us and pretty much of the world so thank you fellow countryman. I can see 2023 being a year of civil unrest ,possibly war with the tptb. Financial , medical and political upheaval will be the start of it . Best to prepare as I can see food and fuel shortages hitting our shores . Stay safe and protected as it’s nice to see someone with common sense !

    • LizaCA

      I absolutely agree. I live in California. Newsom’s spokeswoman said four days before the previous election “there is no scenario where we lose.” They had it locked up. We haven’t had an honest election in a couple of decades. They always test their evil on us first before spreading it to the rest of the nation. What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks we have honest elections anywhere after the 2020 steal. What percentage of the population realizes this and refuses to participate?

      • Greg Hunter

        Looks like the Dems lost the House and Senate. I think he was talking about California.

  27. cj

    8 seats is more than enough for the Republicans to take the House!

    How many seats do the Republicans need to take the House?
    The House of Representatives is a 435-seat chamber, meaning that a party needs to hold 218 seats to claim a majority under normal circumstances. Ahead of the midterms the Democrats hold 220 seats, the Republicans have 212 and there are 3 seats currently vacant.

    The three vacant seats were previously held by two Democrats and one Republican, which would bring the Democrats to 222 and the Republicans to 213. This means that five flipped seats would be enough to hand the Republicans control of the House.

    • regaleagle

      What about the Senate? and what about the Supreme Court justices? A very slim majority in the House is just NOT enough. This was supposed to be a RED Landslide by all accounts……except for the slimey voting machines and slimey politicians on both sides of the aisle. IF there be only 10 good men in DC……will you still destroy it???

  28. Angie

    According to Celente people voted for Biden because they did not like Trump??? Celente is full of it! He does bring up some very good points usually but I do not trust him.. nope and I do not love Trump but did vote for him both times. BTW I do not trust Trump due to his continued support of the clot-shot.

  29. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Celente a fascinating analysis of the American politics that the American people really believe their vote means something.
    So a very rich elite hold the elected purses .
    Will there then be any major changes other than the front faces. The bureaucracy will remain and they have been infiltrated by foreign agents from the WEF and the UN none of whom were voted for by the American people. I don’t remember seeing Americans voting for the Rockerfeller or the Soros foundation and so many more that ram ESG and a green agenda that wants to rob you via the ESG standards controlled by accountancy firms from within the USA and outside the USA. A revolution is needed.
    Still a nuclear war awaits here in Europe and our standard of living has collapsed whilst American oligarchs flood into our best areas which are targets of Russian missiles and everyday violent thieves. Chelsea and Mayfair whilst flooded with police these areas are flooded with violent thugs just waiting. Welcome to the bloodbath that was formerly London. The thefts make good video although the trauma may not be so for the individual.
    God Bless American and her people .Please God open their eyes and minds for they cannot go back to sleep ever again for the satanic communists are in their midst.

    • G. Burwash

      That’s fascism! Operation paper clip inadvertently has won WWII, for the Nazi’s. National socialism for the rich, bustard’s! I don’t want to offend, all us bastard’s out there, in this crazy insanity of this psyop’s Intell operation Mockingbird mainstream media suppression, of the ignorant silent majority. That is marginalizing us, us all, especially the silent majority of we the sheeple. Blatantly stealing the American peoples vote, the right to vote, in the land of their forefathers who died, fraught and taught to give us the right to send our representatives to Washington to represent us and not the flitty rich NAZI’S!
      One Step Beyond / Night of Decision George Washington
      Patrick Davis 18,083 views Dec 17, 2014
      Brian Bois Guilbert 5 months ago
      A few years ago, I showed this episode to my nephew and he used it as part of his American history report on George Washington in high school, got an
      Badaboombadabing 5 months ago (edited)
      The victory of the Continental forces over the British professional army was itself a sign of Divine Providence, in my view. They came close to giving up several times, but Washington kept them going. The defeat of Hessians at Trenton on the day after Christmas, 1776 was much needed.
      Angel Valle 1 year ago
      He had two horses shot from under him and bullet holes through his hat and coat. he truly was never wounded in battle he was protected to be the father of America .

      Great, Dramatic and not to long, Strange But TRUE, Video
      We are all in one of those times in American, world history. Keep your heads on straight, mates. Power’s beyond normal, between good and evil. Are now in a war beyond comprehension, were living in a day of madness!
      By the all powerful dispensations of providence, may we be protected beyond all human possibility and expectation. Be protected, for this particular time and this particular place.
      Why should providence chose us for particular favors? To have the stubbornness to continue against the most impossible obstacles?
      Or to find the courage to give up, while there’s still something left. Still something to be gained. When we face the facts with a cold eye, I know and you do to. That if this evil perseveres, we shall eventually be crushed, unless the hidden all powerful kingdom, [government by God] comes and thing’s be done on earth as in the heavens! Daniel 2:44🗽

    • George B.

      He got an A, for that report!

  30. David Gordon Dunne

    An embarrassement. Biden has next to 0 support. He and the DevilDems have crushed our country in everyway possible. This makes me puke. If Herschel does not win, I may never come back now. The Aholes scum dogs in the NIH and CDC added another year now for foreigners to come visit without a Frankenshot but you can come if you now get loaded up on like 5 kill jabs so my Thai wife and me have to wait. First, the scum more of less, ran us out of the country back to Thailand in 2016 after taking over $60k from me. They do it incrementally. File for Green Card, denied but all work is adhered to US Law, then all you can do is refile. Each time, as you have to get an Attorney and it is about pages thick so cost total is about $4,000 in fees to the scum who are called US Immigration, and legal. After 4 filings, they gave a two year so called conditional. Ok, 2016 rolls around and the Attorney said, “Dave, they may well churn your account again, so we left and I we were able to come back and visit family but not for the last 3 years now. In Louisville, we would have to go right by the Turtle Mitch’s office to get to local immigration for Biometric crap but his office was always locked up as I wanted to go in and give him a piece of my mind. Nothing was changed to speak of from the mechanics that stole the last election and since we really have a Uniparty, as Killery always says, “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?” Watch the updated Colonel McGregor analysis of the Ukraine/Russia info that should be front and center with all around the world now but NOT

    • George

      Republican Nuland and Democrat Hillary probably thought they could build a 600,000 man army in the Ukraine to attack Russia and kill Putin (just like they killed Muammar al-Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein who dared to threaten the US dollar) – well – Putin has already destroyed that 600,000 man Ukrainian army (150,000 dead and 450,000 injured) – and when the ground freezes later this November Putin will strike very hard and very deeply into Ukraine destroying any and all enemy troops the West tries to send against him. Putin will make sure the Ukraine will not be allowed to survive “as a puppet nation controlled by the West”!!

  31. stanley skrzypek

    Celente, you Never Trumper FOOL……if not President Trump, Who?………the answer is the MILITARY to bring back our America

    • Mike G

      Run it up the flag Stanley and salute it. The great US military with its woke generals and pregnant fighter pilots, all a joke.

      • Earth Angel

        And how about those lining up to join so they can get their transgender operations paid for by the taxpayers? Our military has been basically gutted since O’bummer was put in to be the resident presidental puppet back in 2008, imho.

  32. tim mcgraw

    Pro Wrestling is fun to watch. It matters not if the Blue Bomber defeats the Red Rooster or vice-versa.
    War is coming. Inflation will get worse. Crime will get worse. The next two years will be hell.
    Survive. Be the remnant that rebuilds our world in a better way.
    “It is not the end.”

  33. Bosco P. Horowitz

    Well…so much for a RED wave…more like someone mixed the blue raspberry and cherry slurpees (or icee) together for an unimpressive purple (nothing wrong with the color–I love it!).

    The take home message: we gotta stop waiting around and hoping for someone in DC or even at the state level to fix everything for us. Find ways to take the power back/away from them. We don’t need mommy or daddy in some office to do it. We can’t vote our way out of this mess. Decades of political correctness and woke-ism indoctrination–among other issues has brought about this mess. If you are from here, or have been naturalized, we ARE their masters and they ARE our public servants. It’s time we comprehend this, take it to heart and remind them.

    Thank you and I approve this message.

    BPH (I endorse saw palmetto for the condition–not my initials)

  34. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg and Gerald, You are both missing the point. I just checked the voting results here in Sonoma County. All ballots here are mail-in ballots so they are easily counted. 100% of the ballots have been counted. Sure the Democrats won everything, it is California, but only 31% of registered voters voted.
    I’m not a registered voter and there are probably thousands like me, so perhaps 25% of eligible voters in Sonoma County bothered to mail in their ballots. They saved a stamp.
    How is this a viable election? Democracy? LOL!

  35. regaleagle

    When a complete idiot like Fetterman can defeat Dr. Oz who is bright, upstanding, and intelligent……then something stinks in the state of Pennsylvania. The cheating is rampant even in Texas…….where illegals from across the border now living in Texas are voting Democratic. They should not even be allowed to vote……much less be paid for their vote. Hard to tell which Mexican surname is legal and which one is not. They not only have the same surnames, but the same first names as well. There’s 100’s of thousands of them living in Texas……impossible to police them all and police the polls too. The Demoncrats and Elitists knew this would happen. Kept the voting machines in place too.

  36. Tomdeplorable

    STEAL 22 operation a success. One machine to rule them all, One machine to find them, One machine to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

    Waiting for Steal 24 if we make it that far. Lol

    Even Einstein said “ repeating an experiment over and over to get a different result is the definition of insanity”

    Remember boys and girls, 2+2=5. Now go back to your bread and circuses, it’s just nothing at all. /Sarcasm This all was a psyop to make us believe our votes really count.

  37. Aaron ML

    The longer it takes to get the vote totals the more time to rig the game. At this point you would think voting machines would no longer be used. Of course Dem states love voting machines. I watched the OZ/Fetterman debate…that was a joke. I’m happy Beto got the boot lol. Only in the US does it takes days/weeks to count votes…just since 2020…worked like a charm back then right. This should have been a red wave but turned into a red stream if that. You get what you deserve. Love you Greg and thanks for having Gerald on!

  38. Catherine

    Christopher Dowd just said on Substack. THE FIX IS IN. That they are setting up a trap for us by obviously stealing the elections (plural).
    We must not fall into their trap by warring violently because that is their way to clamp down on us without recourse as they totally take over our country by LAW.
    So we must continue to fight with intelligence and resiliency and Soul spirit says Dowd.
    Goodness will win in the end. He encourages us by saying …Never give up and we will prevail.
    Celente should speak like Dowd. They say the same things but in different ways. Dowd at least had hope. Celente is very dark.

    • LizaCA

      We are not voting our way out of this mess.

      A baby killing law just passed in CA. Participation will likely be required as a condition of employment for healthcare. If refusal is breaking the law then we will go to jail.

      There is a tipping point where remaining passive will get us all killed. I’m not going to any camps.

  39. Thomas J Grier

    I don’t trust these computerized voting machine! It’s all a big fraud!

  40. Tommy

    The results are in. Americans love inflation, invasion, crime, corruption, and endless wars. In a few months they will be complaining that their heating bills tripled, their gas prices and grocery bills doubled and crime is rampant.

  41. Prospector

    There goes another one.

    Chevron refinery on fire in El Segundo California.

    • Angie

      Don’t worry because in the next election the people will show how much they love high energy costs and love not be able to feed their families or even turn on their heater and lights. Americans are so easy to please….

  42. Greg

    It looks to me like the Demoncrat communists are in the process of stealing this election again. Without an honest election this country is doomed.
    Thanks Greg for the coverage.

  43. Scott

    Greg- I appreciate the truths you speak each and every time…and it saddens me that across our Nation our Church Leaders will not stand up and speak the truth..

  44. stanley skrzypek

    100 to 1……..The Corrupt Politicians will NOT be Tried and Convicted for their Traitorous Crimes against America…….most of the new CONgress will be Bought OR Bribed …. …Hold me to that all you Foreign ASSIES that have the nerve to speak out here…..but not in your own Corrupt Govt. Websites……And……….I only Hope that the Military will step in…..fair dinkum

    • Mike G

      Stanley’s hope a military junta, then America will be full Banana Republic.

  45. Roger Copy

    “Protest, Protest, Protest!” Trump Calls For Action Over ‘Complete Voter Integrity Disaster’ At Polls / by Zero Hedge November 8th 2022, 4:36 pm
    “People are showing up to Vote only to be told, ‘sorry, you have already voted'”
    Nearly 20% of voting centers in Maricopa County, AZ are experiencing issues, according to officials.

    Breaking: Illegal Electioneering For Democrats Caught on Undercover Video at Philadelphia Polling Location November 8th 2022, 9:58 pm
    Project Veritas uncovers Democrat crimes in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

    Voting Machines Go Out In Key Districts Nationwide
    Extended LIVE Midterm Broadcast |
    November 8th 2022, 8:40 pm
    Dems are desperately pulling out all the stops in hopes of staving off another Red Wave;

    America’s 3rd Largest County Experiences Election Issues After Hiring Disgraced Democrat Election Chief
    by Kelen McBreen
    November 8th 2022, 9:03 pm
    Harris County, Texas going through election day trouble as GOP predicted

    ‘This is Incompetency’: Kari Lake Blasts Broken Voting Machine ‘Debacle’ on Election Day / November 8th 2022, 5:32 pm
    “I hope it’s not malice,” says GOP gubernatorial candidate.
    Voting machines have since been fixed, according to Maricopa County Elections Department.

    Watch: Whitmer Interview Goes Awry When Reporter Asks About ‘Handling of Pandemic’ / November 7th 2022, 5:17 pm
    Democrat gubernatorial incumbent blamed technical difficulties after failing to respond to question on pandemic mishaps.
    ManofFreedom4Life 13 hours ago
    She is the VP of the DNC so this makes her look even worse. If she loses oh man this would be a bad look as I think George Soros wants her as the next VP.

    NBC Admits Democrats Were The Original Election Deniers
    by Adan Salazar
    November 8th 2022, 2:23 pm
    Dems have been characterizing GOP as election deniers while also preparing to deny midterm results.
    ‘Until we truthfully admit our mistakes, any attempts to reassure voters about election integrity will be framed as nothing more than hypocrisy.’
    Wakeup 13 hours ago
    The Bible covers every life situation if you care to read it. It specifies the qualities our leaders should have. They should be just, rule in fear of God, be truthful, hate covetness, not respect persons (no favoritsm), not take bribes. Bet you can’t name a single one, ever. Maybe Ron Paul was as close as we are ever going to get. That darn book is so out of date. As our memory shortens, the good Ole days, the younger people don’t hold those memories of decency. Only 65,000 of16 million WWll vets remain. Think of the knowledge lost and the decency lost.

    1914​—The Generation That Will Not Pass Away?
    “THIS generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur,” said Jesus. (Matthew 24:34) But what is meant by the word “generation”?
    In his book The Generation of 1914, professor of history Robert Wohl presents an unusual definition when he states: “A historical generation is not defined by its chronological limits or its borders. It is not a zone of dates . . . It is more like a magnetic field at the center of which lies an experience or a series of experiences. . . . What is essential to the formation of a generational consciousness is some common frame of reference that provides a sense of rupture with the past . . . This frame of reference is always derived from great historical events like wars, revolutions, plagues, famines, and economic crises.”
    From that point of view, the Great War of 1914-18 and its aftermath certainly formed a “frame of reference” to mark a generation. As professor Wohl comments: World War I created “an overwhelming sense of rupture with the past. Those who lived through the war could never rid themselves of the belief that one world had ended and another begun in August 1914.”

    • Anthony Australia

      Love InfoWars but Trump is a fraud. Beware the false prophet.

      His Second Coming, “many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” (Matt. 24:11).

  46. Daniel

    Hi Greg, thank you for everything that you are doing really appreciate you and your work. statement for you Last night I was watching cbs election coverage and scrolling on the bottom fetterman and Oz results were coming in and 0 reported in but fetterman already had exactly 200,000 votes in and Oz had 0. That’s statistically impossible!!! Have a great day.

  47. Richard

    I am a Republican and voted straight R here in FL, and WE are the ONLY state that said ENOUGH! Across the board!

    As far as I’m concerned FL is its own country now, screw DC!

    • tim mcgraw

      Richard: There is a reason Jefferson Davis (President of the Confederacy) fled to Florida after the fall of Richmond. I’m not sure about that story. I know Davis was captured in Florida (I think). Do folks in Florida ever talk about it?

      • Jane jones

        A good friend told me once and showed pictures with his mother, how she was a daughter of the American revolution. Then she said do you know Jeff’s great great grandfather was one of the presidents. That Jeff was named after him. WOW! I said, which one?
        Jefferson Davis! Yes, first and last president of the confederacy!
        Jeff’s grand father on his Dad’s side came over from the old country, England, to work on the Dodge Mansion in Detroit. Of the Dodge brothers, the Dodge automobile fame.
        He stayed.
        I asked, why do you say your Dutch Jeff?
        Because over 300 years ago his, great, great great ad-nauseum grand father, moved to England. This history lesson was getting to much. Later I said to Jeff, one great, great 300 years ago grandfather makes you about a fraction Dutch, your English, mate! No he’s Dutch, because he has a tall thin head , a Viking! Ok, Jeff. . . . . Tim You related to Ali McGraw?

        • tim mcgraw

          Jane Jones: What a fascinating family history. Thank you for relating it. My wife’s family is named “Maul”. That is German for “Uses his mouth too much.” The Mauls love to talk.
          Well, the Mauls emigrated to Pennsylvania and call themselves “Pennsylvania Dutch”. I think it is a holdover from WWI and WWII when Germans were very unpopular in America as the government propaganda demonized them.
          No. I’m not related to any famous McGraws including my country music namesake. The McGraws were sod-poor tenant farmers in SW Ireland.

  48. Jeff Kindley

    Did you check out the death of Rothschild during evening of the blood moon. Rothschild means “with the red sign”

  49. Jim Hall

    Naturally I’m despondent this morning but I’ve come to the realization that this isn’t going to be solved by man. This is going to require the intervention of God. The Left has successfully indoctrinated our youth and I guess that I thought that sending my children and grandchildren to private schools would protect them from the communist anti God agenda. They have been able to remain immune from this so far and God willing they will remain steadfast. This makes Martin Armstrong’ prediction of civil unrest and the dissolution of the United States seem inevitable. I must remain calm because my hypertension has spiked and again if I didn’t care so much I would just laugh at mans hubris. The most difficult thing I do is pray for the people responsible for this evil. I wouldn’t even tell you what thoughts I have because I would become what I find detestable. Praying for all of you is easy, but I hold them responsible for the deaths of my two sons. I struggle with this daily.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim for your very thoughtful comment.

  50. Dave

    Exit polls showed the top two issues were the economy and abortion. For many women abortion seemed to trump the economy. All 5 initiatives to advance pro-life positions in various states were defeated. The country is pro-choice like it or not. Overturning Roe returned the issue to the states, and it looks as if most states, even conservative ones, will enshrine abortion rights at the state level.

    This was the perfect position for the GOP given the economy. They should have won on that alone but lost. Why? Many candidates were just poor candidates. Trump endorsed candidates were walloped. McCormick would have won in PA and Malone in NH.

    Trump’s meddling cost the GOP. And now? Trump last night hinted he has dirt on Desantis and will drop it?! Please. DeSantis was one of the few GOP bright spots last night. As Celente has said – Trump needs to get off the stage. Voters were turned off by the re-litigation of the 2020 elections by Trump candidates like Masters and Bobbett both of whom lost.

    The country is evenly divided between progressives and conservative as last night showed. Virtually all the Democrat candidates oppose gun rights and support amnesty. Openly so. And the Dems took about half the House seats. Maybe the younger generation of conservative can make a course correction, but hearing Levin blame McConnell for Boldock’s NH loss is absurd. Boldock lost by double digits.
    Controlled conservative media gave us Oz as the Pa candidate – thanks Hannity. Levin, Hannity, Bongino – these guys were wrong and conservative media needs to be wrested from their control.

    • LizaCA

      Pro choicers voted for Barabbas.

      I was shocked to hear conservative female acquaintances justify voting for the baby killing law.

  51. Lynn

    Greg…..The results are more than disappointing, they are status quo…Let them eat cake, 10.00 milk, spend more money and watch their savings go up in smoke, let their children become the confused gender group, and die off from the shot. No one cares any longer, so few do, that nothing matters and nothing changes, and so it goes. Thank you Greg, God Bless you for always standing for what matters and being a Godly person in this crazy world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Lynn for all your Blessings & support.

  52. Rog

    Ooop’s, thats 165,000 of16 million WWll vets remain.

    Jesus used the word “generation” many times in different settings and with various meanings. But what did he mean when he spoke of a ‘generation that would not pass away’? Some have interpreted “generation” to mean a period of 30, 40, 70 or even 120 years. However, a generation is really related to people and events, rather than to a fixed number of years.
    The Greek word rendered “generation” in the Bible has been defined as, “Those born at the same time . . . Associated with this is the meaning: the body of one’s contemporaries, an age.” (The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology) “The sum total of those born at the same time, expanded to include all those living at a given time generation, contemporaries.” (A Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament from Walter Bauer’s Fifth Edition, 1958) These definitions embrace both those born around the time of a historic event and all those alive at that time.
    If Jesus used “generation” in that sense and we apply it to the first world war, then the babies of that generation are now 109 years old or older. And others alive in 1914 are reaching the late, one hundred teens, the 120’s being the generational limits of humans. A few having, even reached above that. So there are still some of even that WW1 generation still alive. Some of them “will by no means pass away until all things occur.”​—Luke 21:32.
    Since 1914 we have already lived through two world wars and many other major conflicts, with one today rapidly culminating possibly into a third? Along with famines, earthquakes, pestilences and the like. (Luke 21:10, 11) Yet Jesus said: “This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur.” (Matthew 24:34) Therefore, you might ask: What other major events remain to be seen by the generation of 1914?
    Can these actually take place in the time period that remains for that generation and what happens next?

    • Rebecca

      most excellent!

  53. jozelopezz

    Its obvious they stole the election once again, democrats dont vote in masses in midterm elections usually, and the red wave did not happen?
    Remember the fixed voting machines are still in place, the corrupt democrats are still counting the votes, the corrupt election officials are still in place helping democrats and the corrupt judges are still in place.
    Finally if they stole the election in 2020, why would they not try again by delaying the count to find fraudulent votes to help then cross the finish line.

  54. Lady Au Stackers United

    It is my hope that Trump would just step aside as an endorser of any more Republican candidates. I think his presence does more harm than good. MAGA Republicans have been branded as a bunch of radical Right Wingers thus Independents are reluctant to Vote Republican IMO. And yes, I lean Conservative.

    • Dave

      Yup. The Democrats were able to mostly nationalize the election as a referendum on Trump and that worked. Hugh Hewitt said today that if Georgia goes to a runoff that Trump needs to stay out of the race. Instead bring in DeSantis and others to boost Walker’s chances.

      • Greg Hunter

        No!!! it did not Dave. Looks like the GOP will take the House and senate with narrow margins. The red wave defeated the cheating.

        • Paul

          Can you expound on that comment the red wave defeated the cheating.

          Paul from arkansas

          • Greg Hunter

            Do not fret of Fear!! This, frankly, was a disaster for Democrats. The Red Wave crumbled the Blue Wall of cheating. This is NOT what they wanted. The Republicans will take the House and the senate by narrow margins, but they will be in control. NOT what Dems wanted.

            • Paul

              People need to know that.


            • PersonaNonGrata

              Hi Greg,
              I hope your prediction re the final outcome is realised. Sorry to be so cynical, but a small majority means only a few dishonest souls need to be bribed, blackmailed, threatened, coerced in order to thwart honest governance. IMHO, ‘we the people’ needed an overwhelming win in order to make significant change for the better.

              In similar vein, the EU construct places just 21 EU Commissioners in control of 450 million people. [The elected European Parliament is ‘democratic’ window dressing with no power to propose legislation] Bribe, blackmail, threaten, coerce, just 11 Commissioners and you control the EU!

  55. Nika

    I can’t believe, the People of Pennsylvania voted for the Brain damaged Fetterman. Unless the People of Pennsylvania, now believe the left’s Information Propaganda of the last 40 years. That’s what, I beleive Gerald Celente was saying about People in certain areas. He was saying, People in certain areas(Pennsylvania?), no longer believe in the Constituion and the American Way of life.

    • Julia R

      Dr Oz is a muslim and an associate of Oprah who is at the top of the pedophile syndicate.

      Trump always does a poor job of vetting who he hires/selects. Just look at most of his cabinet picks. And look at the Covid debacle. The problem we got here is that much of the USAWD audience has been bamboozled by false prophets Mark Taylor & Amanda Grace into believing Trump was anointed.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Julia,
        Agree. People seem to think that Mark Twain’s observation, “It is easier to fool someone than to convince someone that they have been fooled”, only applies to other people . . .

  56. I Dig Au

    Just a repeat of 2020.

  57. Prospector

    The day after. Trust your gut instincts, not what the endless stream of conservative talking head ‘ influencers ‘ out there say. Many are now walking back earlier opinions to save face and any credibility possible.

    The lack of a ” Red Wave ” is being blamed by these ‘ experts ‘ on people just being stupid and voting for crap candidates. These talk show people were also the ones who in large part abandoned the search for the truth about the 2020 election shenanigans , instead telling listeners …. ” that’s all in the PAST , we’ll beat them next time .”
    How’s that expert opinion working out ? Yes , there are stupid voters out there. Yes , there are those who will always vote for whoever promises ” FREE STUFF ” , ( student loans ) , but with all we know about voting machine flipping votes for years, simply blaming dumb people for voting in the worst candidates , or keeping a COVID tyrant in office for another term is short-sighted and missing the bigger problem.

  58. Grizzly Ben

    America is doomed. Once the balance tips forever past the 50% free stuff moocher party, you’ll see fewer and fewer Republicans winning elections, up to the point where it will be only Democrat and Socialists that can even run. Anyone with conservative inklings will be branded terrorists and thrown in the gulag.

    What can we expect in the future, where such a high percentage of voters get free shit from the remaining working taxpayers.

    There will come a day where 90% get free shit from the remaining 10% that work and pay taxes, and those 10% that work and pay taxes will have to keep their mouths shut politically and keep working because the 90% that mooch are the majority. Let that sink in real good.

    It only gets worse until there is real change. Nothing will change until we punish criminal activity, remove them from society, cut entitlements to able bodied moochers. Bring back the great American work ethic. But once the moocher vote becomes majority we are doomed!!

    And I feel we have already crossed that line. Soon we’ll have 500 Federal Agencies handing out trillions of dollars each month to people that have never worked a day in their life. Try to get a Republican elected then.

  59. Joe Wong

    Like I’ve always said – never underestimate the stupidity of the American public. Do so at your peril. Gerald Celente is 100 percent spot-on, and there definitely needs to be a third party if America is to survive. The Uniparty (both DEMOCROOKS & RUPUBLIKUNTS) have both sold their souls to the DEVIL. Plain & Simple. Have a nice day to y’all.

  60. Jack Driscoll

    Desantis is a GOP establishment shill. It is good for us now because he is shilling for MAGA votes but he will show his true colors. He is to 2024 what Ted Cruz was to 2016. Look for the signs and you will see. MAGA is the “third party”. The guest you had on is just a Trump hater.

  61. Anti-Atomist

    The ruthless will vanish,
    the mockers will disappear,
    and all who have an eye for evil will be cut down—
    those who with a word make someone out to be guilty,
    who ensnare the defender in court
    and with false testimony deprive the innocent of justice.
    Isaiah 29:20-21

  62. robert f

    You are all lost, deceived, bunch of fools blaming the wrong people

    Stupid libertarians always blaming trump or blaming pro life people

    lmao then go vote democrat you effing lunatics

  63. Prospector

    Greg, you’ll want to look at – Project Veritas Action . com channel on you-tube for four election day videos of ‘ strange ‘ stuff.

    As has been said elsewhere , there was evidence of funny business in the 2020 election , but the courts REFUSED to admit or hear it , always on weak procedural grounds.

    That must change. Thanks.

  64. Charles

    Conservatives had DECADES to advance a pro-America pro-liberty agenda…they failed while actually supporting terrible politicians and policies.

    Your last hope, incredibly, was NYC Liberal Democrat Trump who betrayed you to an unimaginable degree…yet you can’t see this reality anymore than you can take responsibility for all of the awful Republicans you’ve elected over the last 4 decades.

  65. Tijuana Cindy

    the Bitcoin plunging is a harsh lesson to Bo Polny not to exploit the KJV for gambling on cryptos.

    Just like how the Philistines took the ark and brought it from Ebenezer to Ashdod. Bo Polny took the KJV and brought to bear upon the cryptos exchange.

    “And the men who did not die were smitten with hemmorhoids, and the outcry of the city went up to heaven.” ( 1 Samuel 5:12 )

    • Greg Hunter

      Only if BTC stays down. It won’t. Then it will be your harsh reality?

    • The Big Kahuna

      I think the only reason they might “allow” BTC to rally again, is to suppress the PM’s. Get all the kids to spend their coming stimi checks on crypto’s again….. driving the market caps back up, and then Joe six pack and even certain “aclaimed” experts/investors will jump on board as the Central banks and China buy all the PM’s cheaply.

  66. Catherine

    What a freaking mess. It’s just another sign we are on the road to perdition.
    Everyone here, no matter the comment, are right. It’s the end of many many worlds and the transition to oblivion is ahead.
    How very very sad for our country and all of us who can see it just around the corner.
    In New York State Zelden lost to Hockel.
    She promised to send unvaxxed to “camps” already built by fema years ago, during her campaign!
    I guess that’s what they think is appropriate given their fantasies of reality.
    People don’t want to believe it would happen but after the past 60 years plus of destroying our country and its citizens, I kind of believe her.
    They are all devils on wheels without brakes.
    We will be leaving this god forsaken state for Florida. The door is almost shut here and return to normal is never going to happen. It’s just too late.

    • Joe Wong

      You are correct on same. Like I’ve always said – never underestimate the stupidity of the American public.

  67. johnny sik

    In San Diego, we had a downpour in the morning, flooding our parking lot….then a massive downpour between 5:00-6:30 PM….prime voting times.
    He who controls the weather, controls the vote.

    “they again”

  68. Mike R

    That was not an election. The sham continues from 2020, and sadly we are being controlled by tyrannical forces that have no use for democracy or freedom, but rather complete control. Polls were meaningless. Votes are meaningless, with so much obvious rigging and fraud, that it was a near carbon copy of 2020.

    Until the populace decides that an uprising is needed, there is no more America, and no more valid elections. The constitution has been shredded, and we have a lawless congress and a fake ‘president’ that has been installed as a fictional leader.

    Government agencies have been fully weaponized to repress any dissenters. Meaning if you don’t follow the party line, you have the same chance of being targeted, harassed, and imprisoned by the IRS, or other agency, as the chinese people do under their dictator. very sad and bleak time in our country.

    • The Big Kahuna

      And don’t forget the litmus test the Obama Admin put toward many of our military officers, where one question went something like…. would you fire upon your own citizens to protect the political leaders. Many of those who said they would not fire on our own citizens were “retired”.
      It concerns me, why such a question would take place as:
      A) Except for the National Guard or Coast Guard when called upon. the military does not police within the homeland citizenship.
      B) I worry about the officers who answered yes to pass the litmus test.

  69. tim mcgraw

    “A Pennsylvania state representative who died last month was reelected during the midterm elections, reports say.

    Democrat Anthony “Tony” DeLuca died Oct. 9 “after a brief battle with lymphoma, a disease he twice previously beat. He was 85,” the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus wrote. ”

    I knew that the dead voted Democratic Party, but I didn’t know that Dead Democrats were being elected to Congress.

    Well, why not?

    “Let the dead bury the dead, Mr. Finch.”

    Or is it, “Let the dead vote for the dead.”

    • George

      All those dead “jabbed” have more then likely voted 100% on Tuesday for Democratic candidates (yes, even if the “dead jabbed” were Republicans) – this is likely why the Globalists don’t care how many Democrats they kill with their “jab” – they know their votes will still be counted (even after they have been killed to reduce the population)!!

  70. Marie Joy

    Runoffs give cheaters more time to cheat.

    • Nika

      Sure looks like it!

  71. Jane.j

    What Happens Next?
    Especially since the worlds wars, that old time religion. Has been fulfilling on a remarkable scale and against earth-wide opposition Jesus’ prophecy: “This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14) Yes, this is the work that has to be completed to God’s satisfaction before the end comes.
    Sergeant York 1941 Full Movie; Give Me That Ol’e Time Religion!
    Alvin Cullum York (December 13, 1887 – September 2, 1964), also known as Sergeant York, was one of the most decorated United States Army soldiers of World War I. He received the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, gathering 35 machine guns, killing at least 25[2] enemy soldiers and capturing 132 prisoners. York’s Medal of Honor action occurred during the United States-led portion of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in France, which was intended to breach the Hindenburg line and force the Germans to surrender. He earned decorations from several allied countries during WWI, including France, Italy and Montenegro

    What other events must take place in the period left for the generation of 1914? The Bible clearly points to certain major developments that will lead into and form a part of the “great tribulation” that culminates in Armageddon, “the war of the great day of God the Almighty.” (Matthew 24:21; Revelation 16:14, 16) It is urgent that you know what these developments are and that you take necessary protective action before it is too late.​—Zephaniah 2:3.
    One of these developments was prophesied by the apostle Paul when he stated: “You yourselves know quite well that God’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. Whenever it is that they are saying: ‘Peace and security!’ then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.” This prophecy makes it clear that, just prior to the end of this system of things, “peace and security” will be declared in some exceptional way, whether by the United Nations or independently by political and religious leaders. What will follow that declaration? Paul said: “Then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them.”​—1 Thessalonians 5:2, 3.
    Could that destruction affect you? Well, do you belong to one of the world’s many religions? Do you know how God views those religions? What is their future?
    Under the symbol of a “great harlot” named “Babylon the Great,” the inspired apostle John described a system that has benefited for centuries from intimate association with “the kings of the earth” who wield political power. This “harlot” has also benefited from dealings with “the traveling merchants,” that is, the world’s commercial element. What system is this that has also lorded it over the “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues”? It is false religion! Yes, all religions that are false from God’s standpoint constitute this “great harlot,” who is actually a world empire. But what does the immediate future hold for her?​—Revelation 17:1-8, 15; 18:15-17.
    Revelation 17:16 indicates that radical political elements within the United Nations (the “scarlet-colored wild beast”) will hate the religious harlot and devastate her. Already, powerful atheistic and antireligious elements in the UN have taken steps to stamp out religion within their domain. But more drastic action is expected in the near future when these political elements devastate not only Christendom but also the other great religious systems. Logically, the anti-God forces will also attack God’s people who faithfully proclaim God’s Kingdom. This will be tantamount to attacking God himself and will provoke retaliation​—God’s war of Armageddon!​—Revelation 17:3, 12-16; 16:14-16; Ezekiel 38:10-12, 18-23; Zechariah 2:8.
    From a purely human viewpoint, it could appear that these developments could hardly take place before the generation of 1914 disappears from the scene. But fulfillment of all the foretold events affecting the generation of 1914 does not depend on comparatively slow human action. God’s prophetic word through Christ Jesus is: “This generation [of 1914] will by no means pass away until all things occur.” (Luke 21:32) And the Hebrew’s Jehovah, who is the source of inspired and unfailing prophecy, will bring about the fulfillment of his Son’s words in a relatively short time, you have his word on it and his word is the lord Jesus Christ himself!—Isaiah 46:9, 10; 55:10, 11.

  72. Liam Bartmess

    Tucker Carlson: Democrats Have Conditioned Americans to ‘Passively Accept’ ‘Election Theft’
    Democrats force Americans to accept crumby elections under the threat of civil war, and now they’re openly admitting it.
    by FRANKIE STOCKES November 9, 2022

  73. Thomas J Grier

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I read what Greg said about the Red wave defeating the Blue cheat.

  74. BarbT

    What have we become when NPR covers an abortion on air, AS IT HAPPENS, while playing soothing music and dim lighting to simulate childbirth? Finally, the church has taken a moral stand on this. I think the blood red moon represented all the babies that are going to be ripped from their mother’s womb.

  75. Thomas J Grier

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I read what Greg said about the Red wave defeating the Blue cheat.
    However there are still 33 House races undecided with lots of uncounted mail-in ballots.

    • Thomas J Grier

      Now John on Prepared Mind is saying all 34 seats will go demo, a statistical impossibility.

  76. Prospector

    Disinformation warfare campaign , post-election in full swing.
    They want you DEMORALIZED & without hope !
    ” Abandon MAGA , or all is lost ” , they say , paid trolls are everywhere pushing negative comments and call-ins.

    Hold The Line !!

    The People United is what scares them most, they must drive a wedge between us , its all they have. ( Psy-ops and influence operations will continue to try to get you to give up. )

    Give him some love ….start with ” Scary Poppins ”
    Rep. Dan Bishop – NC 9th district – @RepDanBishop . Nov 1
    ” DHS and social media companies work together to silence free speech.
    This blatant censorship WILL NOT be tolerated.
    I am drafting legislation to impose harsh criminal penalties on government officials who violate Americans 1st Amendment Rights .”

  77. Marie Joy

    30,000 people with Dengue Fever in Laos and Viet Nam per Poplar Preparedness “Global Intelligence Briefing”, Minute 5:10, dated 11/10/22.

  78. Nika

    Glen Beck said, Dems in Arizona, are Slow Walking the Votes, because Dems know Kari Lake will win!?

  79. polly huggins

    Elections have consequences. Don’t complain to me or anyone else when gas, food and electricity prices rise exponentially. Kids are hungry, too bad. Can’t afford to heat your home, too bad. Can’t afford to drive to work, too bad. Frankly I refuse to care when people don’t think logically about their vote (or lack of). I don’t care when people believe the lies. All they had to do was to open their eyes. You can’t help stupid!

  80. Nurse Diesel

    Instead of the 300 year old pile of red wave-blue enabling dog shit,
    we get the 300 year pile of blue socialism marxist horse shit.
    In America we get a choice, now shut up and eat.

  81. Errol Flynn

    I really have to shake my head. A vast amount of Americans and others outside the USA including Canada the second largest sheep farm on the North American continent actually believe(ed) a giant red wave(whatever the results end up being) will change the direction of Uss Titanic!.The preceeding assumption is the very definition of insanity.
    85% of all the politicians in Congress are completely corrupt and with few exceptions graduates of the school of Sociopathy.All of them owe a huge debt of financial gratitude to their corporate masters(The Cabal)who put them.there.For the most part they enter the room as middle class and exit as members of the 1%.Personally I do not believe they are patriots.In fact they are the opposite political mercenaries who hold allegience to no sovereign state.They represent the loathsome of the loathsome.The remaining 15% represent lets say the “good guys”.These are men and woman who genuinely love there country and believe in the notion of public service.Unfortunately at this time in history their influence is marginal. The USA as a society is a mess.Who has led the American down this path of destruction.Who has allowed much of this train wreck to unfold on a national basis? The corrupt political elite in Washington.They in direct but not equal partnership with the elite have create the mess that currently exists.This mess was not create by you or me! With the preceeding in mind how on earth can anyone with a critically thinking mind believe this clowns as a group be it red or blue are the answer.
    Clearly the majority of Americans dont possess critical thinking skills.For the most part (except for about 20% just like Congress) Americans are certified clueless sheep.Just another product of social engineering by the same Cabal that have brought us where we currently are today.
    The Answer: A combination of divine intervention and pain becoming so great amongst the sheep that they rise up and say enough is enough.If there is hope for the future I am going to put my money on divine intervention of some kind.

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