Manipulation by Obama Caused U.S. Border Crisis-Dinesh D’Souza

4By Greg Hunter’s 

Filmmaker and best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza imagines a world without America.  In his new book and movie titled “America,” D’Souza says, “There are a lot of people who don’t like the America today, who don’t like what we know now.  They don’t like what I call the ‘spirit of 1776.’  They see themselves as progressive.  They want to get beyond all that, and they have a powerful critique of America.  So, what I do in the film is I lay out their critique.  I let them rail and rant against America.  This is everybody from Obama to Hillary, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Michael Moore, the radical and former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and the whole menagerie.  They make the case against America, and then we take it on one by one.”

In the movie “America,” D’Souza explores President Obama and his connection to Saul Alinsky.  Alinsky is best known for his book “Rules for Radicals” published in the early 1970’s.  D’Souza says, “We were able to get rare footage of Alinsky that had never been seen before in the United States.  We heard about Alinsky, this community organizer, who was in Chicago.  He’s somebody Obama heard about, and that’s why Obama kept going back to Chicago.  Think about it, Obama has no roots in Chicago.  He comes from Hawaii.  He lived part of his life in Indonesia, but he kept going to Chicago because he heard about this guy, Alinsky.  Who was Alinsky?  He was basically a shakedown artist.  He used to hang out with the mafia, and he realized what the mafia does–they shake people down for money.  Alinsky said, how do I do that politically?  He mastered a technique for shaming people and then getting them to depart with cash.  Obama thought, wow, I’m a young shakedown artist, and I want to learn how Alinsky got away with it.”  Hillary Clinton is another with a connection to Alinsky.  D’Souza says, “Hillary has even closer connections with Alinsky.  She met Alinsky in high school, continued a relationship in college, and wrote her senior thesis at Wellesley College on Alinsky.”

On the ongoing crisis concerning the southern U.S. border, D’Souza says, “I think the border crisis is a pure Alinsky type of move.  Here’s what I mean by that.  Alinsky’s strategy was always to take people of good will and put them into an impossible situation.  At one point in his book, he talks about exploiting the innocence and decency of the American middle class.  We don’t like to say no to people who show up with outstretched arms.  They’re hungry, they’re sick, they need inoculations.  So, Obama’s point is how do I manipulate the goodness of the American people to put them in an impossible position?  Well, simply put out the word on the other side of the border that we are not that serious about enforcing the immigration laws.  Moreover, we are trying to get amnesty for lawbreakers already in this country.  Pretty soon, half the world shows up, and Obama throws up his hands and pretends, oh gee, how did they all come here?  I don’t blame them.  I blame the cynicism and manipulation of the Obama Administration which has manufactured, to a large degree, this crisis.” 

D’Souza landed on the radar of President Obama after his previous movie titled “2016: Obama’s America.”  D’Souza says, “Sometimes people say, gee, Obama doesn’t have time to worry about what you think.  Actually, he does.  He’s the kind of guy that hates criticism.  He’s been coddled and pampered all his life.  He has a press that genuflects before him, and that’s why he feels he can get away with anything because, so far, he has.”

With all the wars going on, what roll will America play?  D’Souza thinks, “In the book and the movie called “America,” the subtitle is ‘Imagine a world without her.’  When I came up with the subtitle, I thought of this as a thought experiment.  Hey, let’s imagine what the world would look like if you didn’t have America.  Well, when I look around the world now, I see that this is becoming a little more than a hypothetical.  We are beginning to see what does happen around the world when American influence is diminished or subtracted.  What happens?  Number one, we see Putin increasing his aggression in the Ukraine.  We see China modernizing its nuclear arsenal and building its weaponry.  We see Iraq in flames.  We see Iran consolidating its power and making a bid for domination for the Middle East. . . . It’s not as if Obama is fiddling while Rome burns.  This is what Obama wants.  He wants to reduce America’s influence in the world, and we are beginning to see what this world actually looks like.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with best-selling author and hit filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

15After the Interview:  

For more information about Dinesh D’Souza and his books and movies, go to

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  1. Ugly

    Different kind of interview. Interesting to listen to.

    • Ready to run tail

      That’s any gap’s, not gab’s!

    • hi bo

      This guy is only giving half truths. He is one of those people who point at the symptoms of the problem rather than at the root. Democrat/Republican, they are all the same on the things that matter. Reagon, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. This is all theatre for the layman. This is not an American Empire, it’s a Corporate Empire. America is just a mask for the Oligarchy.

      • Galaxy 500

        So you are high Bo

        • lastmanstanding

          He is often a guest on Hannity.

          That should give you enough info.

      • KC

        I am sure that he wants to say more, but you need to think of marketing to the masses. The masses have been taught one thing and if you try and give too much truth they will break down and not accept it.

        Here is a metaphor. The gun purist says, “We should not be required to have a license to conceal carry a gun!” The gun realists says, “I believe that too, but isn’t a conceal carry license a step in the right direction?”

        • Agent P

          “I believe that too, but isn’t a conceal carry license a step in the right direction?”

          Actually, it is not… And the reason is that once ‘licensing’ of an otherwise inalienable right is established, the State replaces the Creator and Guarantor of Rights bestowed, with a permission slip, thereby setting precedent for future generations in the process. In short, ‘licensing’ of any Founding Right is tantamount to relinquishing one’s God-given right to live Free.

          • KC

            I am in agreement with you. We shouldn’t need a license. I am a gun purist. I am also good at conflict resolution. I am not being contradictory, the metaphor was simply a teaching point to show an alternate way of thinking. I heard that metaphor from another person and it opened my eyes to the perspective of a middle line thinker.

            I can be a hard line thinker, but if I want other people to see my way then I offer them a middle road.

        • hi bo

          Good point.

      • art barnes

        Correct, correct, right, on point, exactly stated, nothing else to say. AB

    • TruthiSnoWhere2bfound

      Yes it was.
      Only children and fools continue to believe in this FAKE paradigm of Right and Left.

      • art barnes

        Correct, I’m not a child nor a fool, thanks for the short to the point comment or should I say truism.

      • Justin King

        Left – right IS yin – yang, the duality of life. A constant in the cosmos and celebrated in the work of Lao Tsu in the Tao.
        Man-woman, black-white, right-wrong, day-night, hot-cold ad infinitum.
        It is a necessity to know this if you are to understand politics at all.

        • Charles H.

          Justin King,

          An astute and correct observation – though set in Oriental terms.

  2. Dwain

    Great interview. Love Dinesh.

    The issue I wonder about though is if the world would be better off without modem America. Its not the same country our founders envisioned, but a regime the likes of which they died for to overthrow.

    The US progressed to its so called greatness through financial capitalists exploitation of wars, technology and debt, making possible our illusory economic system.

    According to BLS, 70 million jobs out of 137 million total, reside in government and healthcare. Manufacturing is only 8.9% of total jobs. This upside down counterproductive pilfering perversion is made possible by the dollars world reserve currency status, allowing government to print money and go into unprecedented debt.

    Wars are instigated to force sovereigns to wipe with toilet paper dollars on outhouse toilets, so western elites can wipe with them on ivory ones.

  3. allen ols


    Excellent, enjoyed it, I m waiting for the movie to arrive on red box. I never go to the theater, too crowded for me. Events are accelerating.

    • Felicia

      Allen, so right you are…Former UN guy Bolton is saying O’s lack of leadership is creating a vacuum which is causin the acceleration worldwide.

      • softplacetoland

        I have duty to inform you that this “acceleration” is happening because of USA. That’s a plan. You are not different than regular neolib/neocon. World is in this mess because of USA “leadership”. USA never was humanitarian organisation. It is worst imperial grinding machine world has ever seen. Still propagating that pathetic “World is retarded child and it needs big daddy America” is distasteful. Only adds to opinion that average American can’t see USA out of that “exceptionalist” view which makes people around world think that in the end it’s not only American politicians who are dangerous. American citizens who believe in this ubermenshen concept are dangerous too.

        This guy Dinesh is just other side of same medal. We will see this kind of people as long as they serve the purpose. Russian aggression,ISIS, who knows what not. In every event which creates chaos USA influence is present. Very, very present. Crucial. Whoever ignores these influences faking innocence is just one of “good guys” marching to desired unipolar world.

  4. cop

    If you are expecting a day in court read:

    “it’s NOT the Law” by Wayne Barbuto (

    Yor name is always “I AM”. The name on your Birth Registry is your STRAWMAN or Agent in Commerce or scribe

    A Judge or Banker has no jurisdiction over a man as only a PERSON may commit an offence.

    “You see, a PERSON, without its Executor, has no volition, and thus cannot answer to anyone, judge or banker included. Only a man can answer. The problem arises in that men are outside, or above the jurisdiction of judges and bankers; i.e., “only a PERSON may commit an offence”. Hence a judge will not ask a man per se, nor will he ask the PERSON to answer, he will only ask “you” to answer, in hopes that a man will volunteer to respond as and for the plural “you” – the PERSON. He also knows very well that he cannot directly ask the PERSON to answer, because a PERSON is a fiction entity, a.k.a. corporate being without volition, and cannot answer.

    Judges and bankers also know that all PERSONS are domiciled offshore ( corporate bodies registered in foreign jurisdictions ), hence they have no domestic jurisdiction over thosePERSONS. Therefore it would be futile to find a PERSON guilty, or to attempt to force a PERSON to pay a debt, or to pay taxes.Who paid the tax in the Messiah’s day? Well, not the sons, or the domestic ones, but rather the Strangers and the foreigners. Thus, the CRA collects the tax, a.k.a., they re-venue it, from a PERSON domiciled in a foreign jurisdiction so they can comply with scripture.”

    • Galaxy 500

      Wow, what a.bunch of horse hockey

      • brian

        As in Polo?

    • Ugly

      That doesn’t sound good….

  5. Ready to run tail


    We don’t have to worry about any gab’s in our influence pining away down unda, it’s ah done deal and I aint talking about Woop Woop!

  6. emeniag

    1. Say’s Dinesh; Obama’s not fiddling,(golfing) as Rome,(US.) burns. [Find that hard to belabour?]
    2.Say’s Dinesh; Obama wants to reduce Americas influence throughout the world and were beginning to see what that looks like.
    [If thats true, than we must blame the false flag events in Syria and the toppling of and regime change, (influence) in Ukraine on John McCain?] AKA Vic Nu lalaland. Guess if he, {Obama} really wanted to extend our influence, WW-Z would be over by now and wed be king of the hill, (over a cinder- zomboid planet)!

    Maybe Dinesh is correct in all this and Obama is really the Hero? So keep on trucking, (golfing) mister president and keep a tight leash on mad dog McCain!

    Obama confronts McCain? Both excellently cast, in one of the fiercest confrontations in the old cold war out there, looking at the undercurrent of conflict that exists between the individual creative / destructive psyche and the dutiful conditioned psyche and the grave dangers that can arise when these borders become cloudy as they are today in our new cold war, with the bear, mudder Russia!

  7. Anderson

    ..”we see Putin increasing his aggression in the Ukraine. We see China modernizing its nuclear arsenal and building its weaponry. We see Iraq in flames. We see Iran consolidating its power and making a bid for domination for the Middle East…”

    Who is this guy d’souza…?

    Whoever he is, he clearly has no concept of current world events or apparently any knowledge whatsoever of the overwhelming evidence that the US is the primary cause of those problems around the world and that it ferments conflict at every opportunity.

    Where would the world be without the US?

    In a much better place and at a far higher level of development, peace and cooperation.

    The USA was completely hijacked many years ago by secret hidden interests. Since that time it has offered no solutions to humanity – only dire problems that benefit a secret cabal.

    • hi bo

      Thank you. Someone living outside of the democrat/Republican matrix.

    • TruthiSnoWhere2bfound

      Thank you for some sobering sanity.
      Nobody wants to hear the truth.
      Most especially those in power as the truth runs counter to their agenda.
      Why then do Most Humans continue to avoid to see the truth ?
      Mostly because of (not apathy) NO REAL INFORMATION.
      People don’t have it. All they get is the CRAP , absolute mind poison that is now called:
      Television. Everything on television most especially commercials.
      Seriously people, do you still watch commercials ?
      That is Saul Alinsky mind programming 101.
      Fear of course is the other reason.

      Thanks again dude

    • james Geddes

      Anderson I agree 100% with you. Now all we need to know is where the main income surce for D’Souza comes from. Often these days, if you can follow the money, it helps explain why people “think” the way they do

      • hi bo

        Very true!

    • Galaxy 500

      If you believe the world would be better without the USA you.are entitled to that opinion. Its.ashamed that stupid cant be fix and I wish that it was freaking painful.

    • 02144pomroy

      Where would the world be without the US?

      In a much better place and at a far higher level of development, peace and cooperation.

      You guys are really sick in thinking this. The hell you wish will soon be upon you.

      • softplacetoland

        You from your chair for sure don’t know what is hell. But deads, unborn and born, could think differently.Thanks to USA we are all in hell already. There is only way up after this.

    • Joe Friday

      Exactly. Thank you. You’ve got to be kidding me if this guy is to taken seriously. Born yesterday, people?

    • softplacetoland

      I thought no one will mention that. But seems there are still people who see further and deeper through lousy exceptionalistic manifesto curtains. Thank you.

  8. Marcelo

    “Number one, we see Putin increasing his aggression in the Ukraine.” BS. Quite the opposite, the CIA started the agression installing a Junta in Kiev. “We see China modernizing its nuclear arsenal and building its weaponry” Of course, what do you expect the chinese are going to do when the US is arming Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the Phillipines trying to encircle China? ” We see Iraq in flames. ” Really ? could it be because of the WMD ? Did you find them Mr. DSouza ? I think this US apologist still do not know that without the US the world would be a much better place with less wars, less displaced people, less orphans, less refugges. Whatever the US touches, it ends up in a mess.

    • Ncdirtdigger

      Stupid is someone who doesn’t, or won’t see that it is the US that was/is behind the overthrow of the elected government in: Libya, Egypt, Iraq, afghanistan, Ukraine , Tunisia, etc etc etc.

  9. Oracle 911

    Hi Greg
    About Obama, let me tell you a story, it is about 3000 year old story:
    In ancient Greece a supreme ruler of city state (the correct therm is tyrannos-which was back then therm for enlightened absolutist ruler) was famous for his incredibly good luck.
    He made a bet, he threw away one of his rings into the sea and made a bet:
    He will get back his ring tomorrow. He won the debt.
    He was asked then:
    “What will he do, if the Persians will come?”
    “Nothing, I have great luck.”
    The Persians after this event came in a week or so, and the ruler lost his head quiet literally.
    The moral of this story: Don’t count on your own luck, it will run out sooner or later.
    Massage for Mr. Obama ( I bet this site is monitored): The “Persians are coming” from direction you don’t expect and you will lose your head (I hope not literally, but there is a chance for it too), because of Cloward-Piven tactics and the unintended consequences.

    About Russia, China, Iran and Israel. Look at the map and you will see where lies the interests of Russia China and Iran.
    The Russians interests lie in Europe and at its border. Which means Russian want good business relations with Europe and order near its borders (look at the map).
    Iran, well it is near the Russians border and they are the 3rd largest energy provider to China. So that is the reason why they got the Russian and Chinese support.
    The Chinese interests lies in South-East Asia, maybe in Australia and Africa because for the resources and although they treat Mongolia as another province of China, but no Chinese want live there, because the climate is to cold and harsh, and more or less it goes for Tibet too (doing there business, work there is another matter).
    So the Russian, Chinese and Iranian aggression is no more then a response to the US meddling: see the support for the junta in Kiev, the US meddling in South-China sea and the congressional support for the “moderate” Al-Queda. So these are my reason why I disagree with your guest on this matter.
    And Israel is making itself into pariah state, see for yourself:

    Your thoughts.

    BTW: I heard this joke somewhere, probably it is inspired by Orwell’s Animal Farm (allegory for communism):
    Q: What is the difference between Obama and pig?
    A: Obama has longer legs and plays golf slightly better than the pig.

    I hope I made your day.

    • Galaxy 500

      So by standing.against terroist you.say that Israel is making itself.a pariah. I pray to God, that somehow, our leader grows a set and we stand against terror. The press coverage of Gaza would make Gobbles blush. Buy into.the.propaganda if you like. Me , I stand firm for Israel and its right to exist and for the right of every jihadist to die and get his 72 young virgins…boy wont they be surprised when God passes judgment on them

      • Oracle 911

        If you think, your statement gives them the right to behave in the same way as the German Nazis behaved in the Warsaw ghetto, than you are wrong.

  10. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    A totally thought provoking interview!
    I was ‘all ears’ whilst D’Souza was talking on Alinsky’s influence on ‘No-brainer’ and Hillary. Then whammo at 11.52 my overwhelming thought was ‘ my god, what cave did this guy crawl out of’.
    He totally blew his credibility for me when he spoke about the Ukraine situation.
    I paraphrase but the comment was something like;
    ” see what happens when America’s influence is diminished – Putin increases his aggression”.

    My view is that the whole tragic Ukrainian crisis is almost entirely due to Washington’s hubrous troublemaking and misguided interference. Putin’s patience and lack of aggression is quite remarkable under the circumstances. His diplomacy has been very similar to Sept 2013 when he single handedly brokered a deal in Syria which avoided a major war. As far as I am concerned Putin should be awarded a Nobel peace prize – not once but twice within 12 months!

    D’Souza is totally out of touch with reality. This would be the most bizarre comment I have ever heard on Watchdog. I wouldn’t cross the road to see this guys film, let alone waste my time reading the book.
    This doesn’t alter my huge admiration for you and your site Greg as I know you cannot control what nonsense might spill from a guest’s mouth.
    As we say here in lil old NZ – ‘ I am a stunned mullet’ on this one my friend!

    • Galaxy 500

      Disagreeing with you on this one

    • wd


      Truer words were never spoken…great view point. You are correct!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think you have to focus on the “idea” of America with its Bill of Rights and Constitution. The idea has been hijacked, at least in part, but the “idea” of America and the American people are still good. Some of the good in America still exists. Case in point: Do you really think the leaders in China and Russia would allow a website like to openly criticize the governments there? Do you think a could exist? Do you think a could function freely? The answer is not “No” but Heck no. America is not perfect but neither is the rest of the world. Thank you for your consideration and comment.

      • allen ols

        G. u are correct!!!

      • Mason

        I agree, but I think Doug Casey said it best: “I call it the US because although America is a fantastic idea, a wonderful idea, America as a concept is rapidly disappearing from the land area called the United States”

      • softplacetoland

        Again with that “We are bad but others are worst”. Have you ever been in Russia for at least more than a few days? Same question for China. Of course with host other than some NGO employee.
        Existence of web sites like USA Watchdog is not proof of freedom. By your logic it would mean USA is bastion of freedom and freedom of press. Which is by many criterias not true. Especially not today. Claim supported even on this site by you and through converations with guests. Do you really think that or just pretend?

        But lets pretend you are right about Russia and China. Lets pretend USA is still better. Better than Russia and China who still didin’t bomb, destroy, kill millions in modern times. For freedom and democracy. Seems barbaric measures are trait of the country that thinks it is better than others. USA. I don’t know but as citizen of neither one of these countries I still feel that everyone should mind its own business and no exceptionalistic views should provide excuse to lecture, meddle, ruin, force, plunder, drain, kill, evaporate, annihilate etc etc. I apologise but I still chose those who don’t resort to that approach of dealing with things.

        Comment you wrote erase some of if not all credibility you have because it corrupts positions you allegedly represent. In the end almost proves that it is crucial for repressive government to let sites like USA Watchdog exist. Wavering views question is it only to their benefit or is it mutual.

        • Greg Hunter

          “Existence of web sites like USA Watchdog is not proof of freedom. By your logic it would mean USA is bastion of freedom and freedom of press.” Come on!!! Totally out of context. Do you even read this site or do you really just want to throw some dirt on me to try and discredit me. I think you just want to throw some dirt. Please start your own site with your own capital (as I did) and please show us how it is done.

  11. Justin May

    Hi Greg,

    I have to comment on Mr. D’Souza’s comments about what happens when American influence is diminished. In fact everything he lists is the direct result of American influence:

    Ukraine – a situation brought about by Washington’s $5bn campaign to foment unrest and overthrow the rightful president. Also, because NATO has annexed a large number of former Soviet states in spite of its direct promise that it would never do so after the reunification of Germany .

    China – the Washington “pivot” bringing its fleet into China’s neighbourhood in order to directly threaten it with attack or blockade.

    Iraq – the result of Washington’s illegal invasion and destruction of that country.

    Iran – this was a democratic country until Washington overthrew Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in order to get Iran’s oil.

    Unfortunately there seems to be this perception within America that it acts as the “world’s policeman”. However, if you were on the receiving end of this it looks simply like a corporate mafia backed up by military force.

    If someone called you a “suspect”, denied you any legal process, blew up your house, killed your family, took you prisoner and tortured you, then stole everything you owned and installed a puppet government in charge of you – would you call that person a “policeman”?

    The recent Gallup international poll on which country was considered the biggest threat to peace, the US was overwhelmingly voted for (24%) with the next closest being Pakistan (8%).

    Just trying to give a perspective from outside the US.

    Love the show.

    Kind regards.

    • Galaxy 500

      Iran was democratic…so was.Hitler’s Germany…and in additon to reading your bull shiite, I have to see former Pres. Jimmy Carter, a man who bears much of the responsible for the triumph of the evil in Iran, a man who makes Neville Chamberlain look like a successful statesman, say the USA should recognize Hamas as a political organization. Damn Jimmy, just go.away…and you too

      • David

        Actually Galaxy, Iran was overthrown in 1953 by the CIA (under Eisenhower) and MI6. That was a long time before Jimmy Carter. He inherited a helluva mess from Richard Nixon and his place keeper Gerald Ford. Nixon closed the gold window in August of 1971 which set the stage for the high inflation and interest rates of the mid to late 70’s. Carter was far from perfect and I didn’t agree with him on a lot of issues but he gets a lot of blame for things he had nothing to do with.

      • softplacetoland

        So basicaly to well written comment you answer with mocking his views? Totally ignoring what he said about USA”influence”? Living with head in clouds won’t change perception outside USA. What more, postition you constantly push forward tells me that USA citzens poisoned by media and presidential speaches about special status given by god makes you equally dangerous as German citizens poisoned by Goebbels propaganda were 7-8 decades ago. To use analogy of times, places and people you obviously see as legitimate for discussion.

    • chip

      I agree with both Colin and Greg on this one. Both are right in their own way. DD is misguided when speaking about Ukraine if he really thinks it is Putin that started the trouble. But I do agree with you Greg and the premise of his movie America that the idea of the institution of America and her Constitution are the greatest in the world. And i further agree Greg that it has been hijacked by a bunch of radical progressives…

  12. David

    Hi Greg,
    I’m a big fan of your site. I just saw the D’Souza and wish you had played devil’s advocate just a little, maybe not to the degree you did recently with Celente, but certainly a lot more than in this interview. You seemed to agree with the point of view summarized in this quote from the interview:

    “Number one, we see Putin increasing his aggression in the Ukraine. We see China modernizing its nuclear arsenal and building its weaponry. We see Iraq in flames. We see Iran consolidating its power and making a bid for domination for the Middle East. . . . It’s not as if Obama is fiddling while Rome burns. This is what Obama wants. He wants to reduce America’s influence in the world, and we are beginning to see what this world actually looks like.”

    I found this a little incredulous as these developments in the world have arisen in response to US actions and policies, not because of US absence on the world stage. The US took advantage of the Russian Olympics to interfere in The Ukraine and help change its government, Putin is reacting to that. Iraq is in flames because of a long history of US supporting a dictator (for oil and because we were afraid of Iran), and then destroying Iraq, a country that had an economy, and a middle class, with two wars and a corrupt sanctions regime. China modernizing its military is part of China’s project of general modernization which the US sponsored with Most Favored Nation Trading status in spite of is lack of progress on Human rights. China may also see US belligerence in the world and be reacting to that by increasing its military power. Lets not forget that China is a top trading country and needs the sea lanes open for commerce, and relying on the US to do that fairly seems less and less realistic for a number of reasons your previous guests have clued us into over the last few years. Iran’s is another great example of what happens when America gets involved in a country. The US overthrew a democratically elected government and installed the Shah. The shah eventually eliminated all the elements of civil society in order to maintain his rule, and what was left was the radical mullahs, who swept into power and created the mess we have today and became a center for exporting radicalism in the region. I’m not going to bother mentioning a lack of a US energy policy that has made us dependent on countries we disagree with politically, morally, and spiritually.

    The US is either directly responsible or at least complicit in the big problems that D’Souza suggests are problems because the US is not involved. The biggest problems are yet to come, as the US put itself at the center of the world economy and monetary system at Bretton Woods and then unilaterally abandoned the agreement in favor of the debt based ponzi scheme that is the US Dollar, and US Treasuries. We are waiting to see how that comes out now.

    I don’t know if the role of the US in the world since the 1770s on balance has been good for the world. I suspect it has, but history has the unfortunate habit of being written by the winners–which makes this assessment problematic. Ignoring the US role in having created or midwifed some of the major problems in the world seems intellectually dishonest to me. It was also surprising because USAwatchdog seems especially clear on being intellectually honest regardless of the outcome.

  13. J.C. Davis

    Greg you showed some gut placing a convict in the spotlight as a watchdog. Even more guts for D.D. knowing he must go before a judge. In this oligarchy controlled country your words can get you in deep trouble. I did not learn any new info in this interview.
    On the other hand I will have to watch the movie.

    • Galaxy 500

      You say convict…how come Obama and the Clintons are not prosecuted for all of their shenanigans raising funds? Yes, he was wrong but compared to the crimes that Holder ignores ( and some that he committed)
      makes this a political prosecution.

      • J.C. Davis

        Galaxy 500
        My name is a useful tool. It is used to describe who I am and what I stand for. I took guts for Dinesh and Greg to talk about Dinesh conviction. When a evil crime is not punished it increase’s more evil. This holds true for all people in all the world. I do not say any should have a free ride with criminal actions.
        Is Galaxy 500 your real name ? Do you stand by your words ? If so, Why not put your real name to what you say you believe?

      • Dan


      • Silence is Golden

        I’ve lost count already…with the “Dude”….
        G5, comments like that can get you in a lot of trouble.
        If you do not know that the Political and Judicial systems are “Owned” then you will continue to meander through life wondering……. why !!!

    • Eddie Laidler

      Here is something interesting about the campaign finance and contibution hypocrisy.

      Obama’s campaign website redirected to another site that accepted Visa and Mastercard donations that did not require a 3 digit verification code. Meaning absolute anonymity for every donation. Foreigners could donate some amount ad infinitum with no paper trail.

      Mitt Romney required the 3 digit verification code on the back of every credit card.

      Dinesh D’Souza’s impropriety is like a lemonade stand compared to a global corporation.

  14. Mike Miller

    Hey Greg
    One of the top 3 or 4 movies of the year? You got to be kidding. His movie was panned by every movie review site and critic on the planet. I’m sure many others cried like you but that was because of the time and money they wasted watching one of the worst films ever produced.

    You seem like a decent guy and ask some good questions but I often come away shaking my head with some of the guests you interview and seem to admire and D’Souza is one of them.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Mike I do Admire D’Souza for pointing out the good that is America. The movie was good and probably most critics are a bunch of America hating communists, oh, I mean Progressives.

      • allen ols

        Greg, waiting for movie on red box, or a friend with a dvd. lol
        cheap i am.

      • JCN

        Hear, hear!!

      • chip

        LOL, way to correct yourself Greg. I almost spit my coffee all over the computer screen….

  15. Jerry

    Greg contrary to popular belief, the substance of this interview with Dinesh D’Souza fits squarely in the middle of the discussion of what is going to cause the economic collapse of this country. People need to wake up to the fact that there are people inside our government that want America as we know it, to end. In fact they are being used by the globalist who came through the back door of our government through the Federal Reserve Bank, to mold this country into what they want. “The North American Union”.

    Like the president said. “Change has come to America”. What did people think he meant? America as Dinesh views it, no longer exist. We are literally being transitioned into a global economy, and government, piece by piece everyday. In fact the president just yesterday pledged 15 Billion to several African nations without Congressional approval. But like Dinesh said “who’s going to be there to stop him” ?
    The mouse in the house “John Bonner” ?

    According to government insiders (Four Star General), the final transition into the North American Union will come with the economic collapse . And anyone who tries to stop it, will be met with drones and thousands of paid mercenaries. Again, like Dinesh said “who’s going to stop it”? I really hope I’m wrong. But when I see 47 million people on food stamps, and another 60 million people being supported by the government on welfare and government subsidies, I can’t see it working out any other way. As for me, I’d rather die a free man, with the old America I grew up loving, than be a slave in the one that the globalist are planning. Courage my friends.

    • Jerry

      Addendum to my last post. The answer to our current situation is where its always been. Its in this song. Enjoy.

      • wd


        Great posts as usual. Direct and truthful. I noticed on Mannarino’s interview someone posts some insulting jabs at you about the Ukraine situation.

        Before you ever said anything about Ukriane, I thought this is bad, this is where it happens.

        Are you that sure about the U kriane situation?

        1) That this is where the nexus is.

        2) That Russia is that capable of easily destroying U S/NATO forces?

        3) Do you have that much faith in your source.

        4) Is Russia reallythat powerful

        As a caveat, withn 48 hours of 7/20 all things changed like you said.


        • Jerry

          Here we go WD

          We’ll see what happens. I stand by my source. He has been accurate so far, but wrong on the timing. In the end it really doesn’t matter if someone disagrees or not. Because if you’re not prepared physically and spiritually it won’t matter.

          • Jerry

            IMPORTANT UPDATE: 10:00 P.M. CST 08/06/2014. I just heard from my inside source. They are telling me the Russian invasion into Ukraine will not happen until the first of September. If you recall the original prediction was for 07/15/2014. It seems the Russians want to build a humanitarian pretext for invasion in order to garner support from other world nations. Evidentially they have been reading our play book on how to invade countries. The major setback was the flack they received over the downing of the Malaysian airliner. Also don’t but into the MSM hysteria over Ebola. Its a diversion, through and through, people.

      • chip

        Jerry, Well said!!!

    • Kerry

      I agree, better to die a free man than die in a concentration camp or as a slave. We all die, but I would rather have my death mean something. Wolverines!!!

  16. John

    Frequently listener to the program, won’t listen to this one as from checking out the trailer to his new movie looks like he is carrying water for the RINO agenda. America is screwed up, and it’s not just the progressives that screwed it up, the Bushes and Cheney might to have more with screwing up this country then any Dems. Getting into a L v R pissing contest seems like a waste of time, the system cannot be fixed from the inside, the entire system is compromised and anyone that can’t see that is blind.

    • eddielaidler

      I have always seen D’Souza first and foremost as a constitutionalist.
      He has debated anyone and everyone willing to engage.
      While he is very conservative and was an advisor to Ronald Reagan I don’t see him as a rhino.
      In fact he seems to drop his commentary when it comes to geopolitical machinations in relation to wars and violence.
      He is no John McCain.

    • Galaxy 500

      Dude, ….yes, Bush and Cheney made mistakes but.they stood strong against.evil.unlike the current administration

      • allen ols

        g5 dude,

        bush, chenney rumsfield concocted 911 to get the masses on board for the iraq, crap, afgan crap, and the 5 other countries down taken. One day u will finally see, 911 was a set up by our govmnt, and I have an I BEAM 30′ long, u bring a couple of tankers of JP5, we will lite it up and see if u can melt it, u moron!!

      • Old Dog

        Bush and Cheney are evil.

      • Dan


      • John

        Stood strong against evil?!?!?!?! Keep drinking that Kool-aid. Cheney is the devil incarnate and Bushes are Nazi Kleptocrats. The Patriot Act and forming DHS is an example of standing strong against evil? “They hate us because of our freedoms”- Bush. So, we will take them all away, treat every American Citizens as guilty until proven innocent, either irradiate or fondle you at the airport, train station, etc. There are no difference between the two parties, they are both out to destroy this country and Bush laid the groundwork and Obama is following the blue print…

        • allen ols

          john, this dude is just too far out there, to get past the rep. party. the game is rigged, the voting computers are rigged, his mind is rigged.

      • g.johnson

        horsecrap, bush got the whole leaking border thing started in order to flood the country with cheap labor. bush did not fight against evil, he was it’s greatest champion. Obama is kinda like the old avis rent a car ads. number 2 in evilness and trying hard to catch up (unlike avis, he just may do it).
        however I would agree that America without “progressives” or the world without multinational corporations and banking cartels, would be a wonderful thing to imagine. and if we could get the gop to disassociate with psycho religionists, corporate porkers and war profiteers, it could even become a decent place to call home. I am not holding my breath for any of the above.

  17. J

    Brilliant. I would agree that it was a different kind of interview. An interview that did not just concentrate on the economy but rather, on the reasons the economy and so many other aspects of our America are what they are today. It is all connected folks. You can not just stockpile gold or silver, you can not just purchase farmland and hideout with your precious metals and be saved. There will be no America if we do not stand, each as individuals, with the determination and spirit of our founding father, George Washington, and fight this blatant destruction of our country….what good does all the gold, silver, farmland, etc., do if you have lost your moral compass, your virtue, your soul?

    Brilliant interview Mr. Hunter, thank you.

    • fred

      bush and Cheney stood against evil are you insane they allowed israel to pull the largest false flag in history in NY get real

  18. Blt

    Amazing that we can have such smart people in one place, and in the same panoramic view we are surrounded by complete and utterly useless human beings. What I’m most tired of is just how damn dumb people have become. Here’s this guy that everyone needs to listen to, and all people can talk about is abortion and global warming. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

    • eddielaidler

      I think Dinesh D’Souza is a treasure.
      Firstly he is an immigrant at a time when the whole concept of immigration is in flux.
      He explodes the current state of immigration where integration is virtually frowned upon and multiculturalism is king.
      His love and appreciation of America strikes right at the heart of the progressive movement.
      He has a very important role to play and the means to do it.
      He acknowledges this in as humble way a way as possible.
      He is the ultimate gentleman but with grit.

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes, the world is in flames and Kerry’s talking about Global.warming…despite.the inconvenient truth that the facts.dont fit their modeling. None of the models show an 18 yr hiatus on warming…nor does it cover the data manipulation by NOAA and the constant revelations of fraud and fudging by the prowarming environmental wacko terrorist

  19. john duffy

    Before Dinesh became well known I read a book written by him that was recomended to me. It is one of the best books I have ever read. It is called “Whats so Great about christianity”

  20. Marcelo Ruiz

    Wow… that was a surprise. I am shocked with some of D’Souza’s comments, especially about Putin. I have not read his book nor watched his movie, and I think I had enough with what I watched here. It is his opinion and I respect it, even though it seems slightly inaccurate.
    In my humble opinion, to have a balanced view, people should read Paul Craig Roberts ( to understand how/if/why Putin has become ‘more aggressive’. Also, you can read Noam Chomsky to have a better understanding of the things the US actually did (for example: to have more material to actually think of how the world would be without the US.
    Another recurrent topic in the interviews is the health care problem. At this point, I can’t stop thinking that it will be interesting to hear a foreign official responsible for a free and universal health care program that actually works and makes the economy of his/her country grow… Maybe instead of thinking if Obamacare is more expensive about Bushdoesntcare, we could start a deeper discussion of the health care system in the US. Should it be private and for profit in the first place? (One could learn more about the health industry watching for example the documentary ‘Forks Over Knives’ among others).
    I believe we deserve to get the big picture first to frame our discussions better. Maybe that will actually make us change some of the topics we talk about…
    For those of you wondering, I am a foreigner who lives in the US. I have very good things to say about this country and its people, and also very bad things (this applies to pretty much every country, especially the country were I was born).
    I want the US to be successful. Ideally I would like that to happen in a more balanced world with no superpowers that can impose they ways or views or threaten to start wars that kill precious lives. I would like regional powers playing by the same rules, that could put each other in check regarding things that affect us all. After all, we just have one planet Earth…
    I am sorry if my comments went out of topic. I am glad tough I can express my opinions freely, and I hope this remains the case.
    Greg, thanks again for all the hard work and for letting people be informed about topics that the main stream media would prefer to keep in the dark.
    I hope you all have a great day.

    • Galaxy 500

      What you.want is socialism/communism

      • lastmanstanding

        It is already here for the most part…only one more major item to take before they begin to purge the USA.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • Jim H

        I,m not really sure communism isn’t always the end result of for profit with central banking what it is. Bottom line seems to be in every for profit case (ours still newer that Europe’s and Asia’s. Time will tell), a few end up with most of the wealth, technology and resources. Only been here 60 years so I’ll give our for profit evolution another 20 and if I’m still around, get back to you.

      • softplacetoland

        Again you are another extreme. Pay bills, keep yourself under debts and make your bankers happy. As long as you don’t notice what you’re doing and as long you can buy new gadget adding to debt mountain.

  21. Liam Harris

    He says interesting things that really cut the guts out of the hypocritical “progressive
    left”. And when stripped down to their undies, they are too distasteful for words.

    But he is very wrong (in my opinion) that even at the height of Uncle Sam’s Imperial
    power and glory, what is happening in Russia and with Putin, China using all its wealth
    to also become a major military power, etc,–that these things would not be happening
    in the old days such as the 12 years of Reagan and Pappy Bush.

    The world hates bullies and tyrants. We all do. And the 800 pound gorilla that the US
    had become was wearing very thin around the world–especially with countries once
    counted on as allies but who found out that everything their leaders did was being
    spied on–even private personal conversations. And that is but one of their sins.

    The USA has never really been a friend to anyone except England and Israel. All the
    other allies and the rest of the world just got used until they were no longer needed.

    Now she (the USA) sits at a table, often alone, and wonders why.

    What goes around, comes around and now it is the people of the USA that are paying
    for the sins of their arrogant, bullying leaders that have known only two words since
    WWII–POWER & DOMINATION. (Perhaps now you could add BORROW, BORROW, BORROW– for there is no tomorrow–or pretend there is none).

    But as the foolish man in the parable in the New Testament found, when you build your
    foundation on sand, eventually it will wash away into the dregs of history. Only a
    memory of what was and what could have been–just like the mythical Camelot.

    • Galaxy 500

      Because of Bill Clinton and NAFTA along with Bill allowing US missle technology to be illegally exported for some contributions to his Presidential library, China was able to grow its.military and nuclear capabilities at a discount

  22. Patrick

    Enjoy listening to Dinesh.
    Good “get” Greg.

  23. John Allen

    Brilliant interview, you definitely brought the best out of Dinesh.
    I differ with your opinion of Bill Clinton, we had a prosperous period mainly due
    to Alan Greenspan blowing bubbles. Also, it was under Bill, the Glass Stegall act
    was recinded, one of the major causes of our current economic malaise. Sandy Burger, one of Bill’s cabinet members was caught stealing state secrets for China. Monica, Bill’s
    famous quotes “What is the definition of is’. And of course Hillary Etc. Etc. I do agree with you about Bill, when we compare him to OBAMA and ‘W” Bush.
    I thought your commentary to support Dinesh was brilliant and it is more like the Greg Hunter we have all come to like and respect.

  24. Eddie Laidler

    While not financially based the interview is a great coup.
    Dinesh D’Souza is a great American patriot and a man of exceptional intelligence.
    D’Souza is playing a very important role in America at this time in her history.
    Thank You Greg.

  25. TruthiSnoWhere2bfound

    Dear Greg,
    Your videos and interview have been for the most part great.
    You have great determination, dedication and devotion.
    We all thank you for that.
    However, everybody has blinders in their level of awareness even myself, no exceptions.

    I find your blinders are easy to identify:
    Palestinian Issue.
    Most of what the Main-Scream-Media and sadly yourself, put out on this topic is just plain LIES.
    No other word for it.

    This article/interview is also another example.
    While exposing Saul Alinsky is great, you do not go further.
    Neither does your guest, who is actually a wolf-in-sheep’s clothing wrt: NWO, he is a faithful servant/slave.

    This border issue is so Frakin Obviously a Setup perpetrated by the US Gubmint itself.
    Mariel Boatlift in Cuba ring a bell ? (Setup, Setup)
    All the border guards have reported this.

    This is DONE ON PURPOSE to ruin America.
    The establishment is afraid of the “Spirit of 1776”,
    so they bring in appeasers like your guest to “go there” but they never go too far, purposely.

    Controlled Opposition.
    Democrats and Republicans ?
    Only children and fools believe that fake paradigm.
    Be well either way

    • Galaxy 500

      Thanks for labeling your drivel correctly…there is no truth to be found in it.

    • allen ols

      u cant be this stupid, let me send u a few videos of arabs, shouting their goal is to exterminate jews, totally, and the land is second. total annilation is their goal. stop with the fool thinking, the israelies will prevail, and God is behind them and not satanic arab islam religion.

  26. Kevin

    Good interview! I’m always trying to understand the motives and ideology of the progressive left. Why don’t they secure the border? Why are they trashing the dollar? Why aren’t they fighting ISIS? Why are they building a police state? They’ll never come out a tell us (which is condemning in itself), so I’m forced to speculate based on their actions. This interview with D’Souza has helped shed some light on their rationale. I’ll have to check out the book and movie. Another great interview! Thanks!

    • g.johnson

      kevin you will never understand the motives and ideology of the “progressive” left if you continue to blame them for the neoconservative agenda. while they have become partners, they are not he instigators of these high crimes against humanity.

  27. William

    Focusing the “blame” on this single administration and Obama is naive at best and purposeful misdirection at worse. You are well aware of those behind Obama and probably every single oen before him. I’ve been a long, long time reader and I like D’Souza’s work but we’ve got to widen our focus to take in the big picture as what is going on cover politics, economics, religion, science, education, etc. We won’t take our country back if we don’t understand the true nature of the enemy. Keep up the great work. It might be a little to far out there for some of your viewers but for widening our view have you ever considered trying to interview people like Tom Horn or Rob Skiba?

  28. brian

    To over emphasize the importance of a few individuals is to betray the greater and underlying substance that funds them. Had Washington been shot, and even had that resulted in the crumbling of the revolution in America I do strongly believe that it would have only been a set back and it would not have resulted in the failure of a constitutional republic replacing the colonial rule of a distant monarchy. There were thousands of very capable, motivated and principled men making the revolution a reality, Washington, although a very important figure was not the single point of light upon which the ideals funding the revolution hung upon…on the other side we deeply betray ourselves when we delude ourselves into thinking that it is through the work and goals of a few rotten apples that this nation comes to denigrate itself in the sight of the entire world and even God. When it comes to the likes of President Davis and his mentors like Alinsky and Ayers or even in the wider context of human history folks like Pol Pot or Chairman Mao, it is not these individuals alone who seed such misery and create such monumental dearths of prosperity, for they are funded and supported greatly by an vast underlying human structure and collective will—Who put Sen. Reid, president Davis, Hillary and all the rest of them into power, who laid out the route they walked to the seats they now hold? Our problem is merely symbolized by those who directly serve the powers destroying us all, we must identify the source of our problem before we can even begin to understand how it is we are to deal with such a problem. So long as we mire ourselves in personalities, which quite frankly, have made themselves as disposable and fungible to that which they serve as that which they serve deems them to be, we will continue to prove ourselves capable of only complaining impotently about things much greater than we allow ourselves to fully see.

    So put your three cornered hats away, lay down your paper board signs and banners and stop pretending there is something to be saved by moderating your behavior, we are facing hell itself and we should be acting with as much desperation and with as much abandon and with as much wild fury as the counterbalance of our morality, relationship with our Creator and understanding of our situation allows for us to execute.

    • mark

      Hi Brian,
      Upon reading your comment I am reminded of the words of Paul written to the believers in Ephesus wherein he exhorts them with the following: ” Finally, be empowered in the Lord and in the might of His strength. Put on the whole armor of God that you may be able to stand against the stratagems of the devil, for our wrestling is not against blood and flesh but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenlies. Therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand. Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth and having put on the breastplate of righteousness and having shod your feet with the firm foundation of peace; besides all these, having taken up the shield of faith, with which you shall be able to quench all the flaming darts of the evil one. And receive the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which Spirit is the word of God, by means of all prayer and petition, praying at every time in spirit and watching unto this in all perseverance and petition concerning all the saints, and for me, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known in boldness the mystery of the gospel, for which I am an ambassador in a chain, that in it I would speak boldly, as I ought to speak.” (Eph. 6: 10-20). Also to the Corinthians Paul wrote the following : ” For though we walk in flesh, we do not war according to flesh; for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly but powerful before God for the overthrowing of strongholds, as we overthrow reasonings and every high thing rising up against the knowledge of God, and take captive every thought unto the obedience of Christ. And we are ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.” (2 Cor. 10:4-6). Also we read in chapter 2 of the same letter : ” But whom you forgive anything, I also forgive; for also what I have forgiven, if I have forgiven anything, it is for your sake in the person (lit. face) of Christ; that we may not be taken advantage of by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes” (2 Cor. 2:10-11). One more portion from the Scriptures as inspired by the Holy Spirit by the apostle to the nations (Paul) in his first letter to Timothy we find: ” I exhort therefore, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings be made on behalf of all men; on behalf of kings and all who are in high position, that we may lead a quiet and tranquil life in all godliness and gravity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of our Savior God, Who desires all men to be saved and to come to the full knowledge of the truth. for there is one God and one Mediator of God and men, the man Christ Jesus, Who gave Himself as a ransom for all, the testimony to be borne in its own times. For which I was appointed a herald and an apostle (I speak the truth; I do not lie), a teacher of the Gentiles in faith and truth.” (1 Tim. 2:1-7). The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Brian, amen.

  29. Hegemony Wanted

    D’Souza argues a weakened America results in Putin’s aggression, China’s modernizing it military, Iraq in flames, Iran consolidating its power, and Israel being a pariah state. Said differently, it seems D’Souza wants the U.S. to maintain its hegemony and privilege. But hegemony never lasts forever, contrary to the hubris of the neocons. And currently, we seem to be EVOLVING into a multi-polar world.

    • Galaxy 500

      A multi polar the problem…without someone standing against evil, evil.thrives

    • Jim

      I doubt the thugs grabbing center stage in world events political, economic or aggressive are as concerned about the USA response as they would of been in years past.
      I doubt if sanctions are going to bother Putin much with his current mindset and mission to restore Russia. The country spans a dozen time zones and they do business worldwide. Makes other people nervous about following Obama on economic sanctions likely to fail. Over the past 40 years through different sources I personally believe Russia sits on a lot of precious metal wealth and an incredible inventory of diamonds covered by 60 minutes years ago. Hard to pressure a power with vast resources in their possession.
      I offer no solution except I think we better start looking after ourselves and our borders much more intensely. That will require a different philosophy in the white house.

  30. hi bo

    This guy is only giving half truths. He is one of those people who point at the symptoms of the problem rather than at the root. Democrat/Republican, they are all the same on the things that matter. Reagon, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. This is all theatre for the layman. This is not an American Empire, it’s a Corporate Empire. America is just a mask for the Oligarchy. Stop listening to these naive (or, paid liers) seudo-pundents. Read the serious books and stay away from propaganda bs.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here’s what I said to Coln and it works with your comment too:

      I think you have to focus on the “idea” of America with its Bill of Rights and Constitution. The idea has been hijacked, at least in part, but the “idea” of America and the American people are still good. Some of the good in America still exists. Case in point: Do you really think the leaders in China and Russia would allow a website like to openly criticize the governments there? Do you think a could exist? Do you think a could function freely? The answer is not “No” but Heck no. America is not perfect but neither is the rest of the world. Thank you for your consideration and comment.

      • David

        Greg –
        With all due respect, you keep bringing up the constitution and the bill of rights? Have you actually read the constitution? I mean the entire thing? Do yourself a favor and go online and find a text version of the document. Then cut and paste into a word processor, highlight the words related to what government can, shall and must do and then do a word count on those. What you will find is that 95% of the words are devoted to what government can do and a mere 5% are devoted to the rights of the individual. And those are somewhat conditioned. The bill of rights is okay but all one has to do is look at the 16th amendment and Article 1, Section 8 to see that government can do pretty much what it wants. Article 1, Section 8 alone in no way constrains government. I agree that some of the founders wanted to restrain government but the constitution was not the vehicle to do so. Just the preamble alone makes it one of the most collectivist documents ever written. I’m suspicious of anything that starts “We the people….”

        • Greg Hunter

          then why have Bush and Obama gone to such great lengths to destroy it?

          • David

            Greg –
            The destruction of the constitution began a long, long time ago. Bush and Obama are only the latest in a string of presidents to put it through the proverbial shredder. Lincoln probably did more to undermine the constitution than any other president. The fact is that the constitution by way of Article 1, Section 8 allows presidents and government in general to do anything they want. That’s why only 3 EO’s have been overturned by the courts out of nearly 14,000 since Washington. The bottom line is that the constitution was never designed to do anything other than consolidate power into the hands of a centralized government filled with imperfect and often immoral people.

  31. Gregory Mannarino

    Excellent interview great perspective.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory!

    • allen ols

      Hi Greg, Man., watch u every day!!!

    • Agent P

      Gregory –

      I don’t know if you follow baseball, but if you do or did, you would remember a player by the name of Ken Caminiti. I grew up with Ken and knew his parents well. His father, Lee Caminiti is a ‘doppelgänger’ of You. At least in his younger years he was. The resemblance is so striking, as to be somewhat unsettling. I remember seeing your picture for the first time – and I thought, what the hell is Mr. Caminiti doing – I didn’t know he was into trading stocks for a living – and then I realized the separation of years… Holy cow… But it’s a good thing. I have fond memories of playing ball with Ken and Mr. Caminiti was one tough ‘coach’ –

  32. Doug

    Check out the reviews of the movie on rotten tomatoes. 8% of critics liked it, while 88% of viewers liked it…hhhmmmm…interesting…

    • Greg Hunter

      Didn’t I say that most movie critics would be communists” (Oh, I meant progressives.)

    • Eddie Laidler

      The movie was virtually quarantined on the net.
      Rotten Tomatoes with it’s lib critics tried to emasculate it.
      Google shoved it down in the search results

      See it wasn’t a Michael Moore vomitorioum so it was attacked.

  33. vincentg

    Ah the opposition party – what shall we do to stop them?

    Make a movie and if that movie helps to win then what?

    What will a Republican win do to change anything Mr. D’Souza?
    What will it take to move you out of that Party and into lets say the Libertarian Party or the Constitution party?

    Everyone likes to talk about George Washington and Jefferson but few follow in their footsteps.

    Many talk about change but all that happens is citizens are short changed.

    When you make a movie on how things would be if there was no Federal Reserve then you will have my attention.

  34. bobnoxy

    Dinesh D’Souza? Took a nice little day trip through Crazy Town today? Your credibility is going through the floor.

    • Greg Hunter

      So you favor Marxism and communism? What is “crazy” about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? There is nothing wrong with my credibility. I booked a current best-selling author with a hit movie. You want to criticize me, then man-up and use a real verifiable name. What “credibility” can anyone have who uses a name like “bobnoxy.” You will need to post a real verifiable name of forget commenting again.

      • Fred

        Constitution….huh ??? Next thing you’ll wave that flag and tell us that “founding fathers” story…. you mean that bunch who after the 12 million natives genocide passed that rubbish from the rich for the rich slave “owners” ?? Delusion is a form of mental illness.

        • Greg Hunter

          I was waiting for a Saul Alinksy communist to comment. Thank you for not disappointing me.

        • woody188

          Yes, delusion is a form of mental illness.

          The colonization of the United States by mostly Dutch, English, and Irish settlers was not a policy of genocide, it was a flight from oppression, starvation and death. There was no plan to wipe out the native population, and large populations of natives died as a consequence of being exposed to European diseases. This is not genocide. Can you admit the difference, or are you too delusional to see it?

      • bobnoxy

        The what? The Bill of Rights and the Constitution? What of them, seriously?

        Documents written in the late 1700’s are still appropriate today with all the changes in our society we’ve seen? And which president in recent memory acted as though we were all created equal and should be treated as such under the law?

        Did D’Souza hammer on Bush too for disregarding our rights, or is he a paid hack for some right wing think tank? Did you ask where he gets his income from?

        Do you think the rich Founders thought the poor were as deserving as the rich under the law when you had to be a landowner, thus rich, to vote, and given how many of them owned slaves? You mean that Bill of Rights?

        Do you think today’s government, or any government since the late 1700’s, considered the desires of the poor and middle class as equal to those of the rich? Where do those documents factor in now?

        Do you think the justice system sees the rich and poor as equal? Has it ever?

        Do you think if Scalia choked on his own stupidity one day, entirely possible, and was replaced by a liberal judge, that decisions out of the Court based on the Constitution would be rendered the same as they are now?

        It seems the people who know those documents best see them as rather subjective, open to their own ideological interpretation.

        What of free speech? Did Bush allow for the peaceful congregation of people who disagreed with his disastrous policies or were they herded into pens far away from him? Remember The Sedition Act?

        How about religious freedom? Do you think an atheist like me, or a Muslim, could run for president and not have someone just like you hold it against him?

        Which recent administration, backed by the courts, have respected our rights against unreasonable search and seizure? Been through an airport or border crossing lately? Heard of the NSA?

        Oh, and we seem well past the need for a ”well armed militia” to fight off invaders.

        Let’s face it. Those documents were a charade meant to make people think our government offered them something to get acquiescence and acceptance for what they were doing.

        It’s just like how we think voting gives us a say in who runs things even though that’s been decided by the time the eventual candidates from each party have been chosen to run. Both Obama and Romney were in the bag before the election took place, just like the next two will be.

        And you really should stop the cheap name calling. Referring to liberals as ”Commies” lowers you. It’s been proven that we’re smarter than conservatives, better educated, and now you see on Yahoo that the economy and stock market have done vastly better under Democrats than under Republicans over the past 100 years.

        Go ahead and strain yourself to show why that should never have happened, but it did!

        And make sure you tell Mom and Dad to refuse their Social Security and Medicare benefits and move in with you instead.

        I’m sure there are plenty of right wing, private companies that can give you lessons in caring for them. They wiped your ass when you couldn’t, now you can return the favor.

        If not, thank the liberals who fought for those programs while Conservatives fought to kill them.

        Oh, and one last thing. Darwin disproved the Bible and science validated him. Galileo was right too. That takes care of that document’s worth too.

        You really should Google lying shills like D’Souza before you embarrass yourself like that again.

        And you should know that Israel not only funded Hamas at their start, but also the Muslim Brotherhood when it suited them, and were involved in arming the Ayatollah’s army in Iran for seven years during the 1980’s, after the hostage crisis.

        See, if I’m worried about my neighbors breaking into my house, I might get a pit bull puppy and train it to attack. Make it as mean and nasty as possible. If one day the dog attacks me and chews half my leg off, is it really the dog’s fault, or my own stupid thinking that set it all up?

        Yours ever so truly,

        Bob Wood
        That’s my real name. I thought based on virtually everyone else here using a pen name, that was okay. Or is that just for people who agree with you?

        • Greg Hunter

          Bob Wood,
          You have revealed how much you hate America and our Constitution. Let me guess, you are a Progressive (communist/Marxist) and an atheist? You might also be a paid troll, but you just probably hate America and half the people in it. Bravo my friend, you have revealed your true self to the world. As far as me asking you to use a real name,it’s what I ask of anyone who wants to heap criticism on me. I am not embarrassed to book a current best-selling author with a hit documentary movie, but you should be embarrassed for how twisted your thought process really is. Now, you had your say, please do not come back. You really have shown you have nothing constructive to offer but hate.

  35. Galaxy 500

    I.stand.for a.strong Christian America, that can protect.itself.from And that stands with Israel against the.terrorists

    • art barnes

      500, so do I, but our leaders have been bought off by the “era of fairness’, its simply not fair to take a life even if it is has declared to kill you. Obama is an intellectual without a lick of common sense. My father might say if he was still alive “he so smart he is stupid”.

    • allen ols

      g5 dude, start with the dem. party then move to the tea party. If i have enough money, i can buy any of them!! people in tenn used to tell me to vote for bob corkescrew, or lamar alex. and al gore, all foney bought off.

    • Brian Stemmerman

      I stand for a strong America no matter what religion. The hell with Israel. Let them fight their own battles without US tax dollars. Everyone has their own opinion, not saying that yours is wrong. They pay more attention to Israel than we do Canada. Canada doesn’t have any Jewish members in their House and Senate that are more concerned about Israel. I am in favor of protecting Canada. What has Israel ever done for us.

    • Fred

      “Christian America” IS THE EVIL IN THIS WORLD !!!! What is this site….are you all ill?

    • Dan

      Israel IS the enemy DUDE!!!

    • g.johnson

      well finally you have exposed your true self. American is not Christian, it is a nation which, by written contract, each of us is free to believe (or not) in any religion (or none) in which we see fit.
      many jews disagree with you about Israel as well. nothing but a creat

      • g.johnson

        sorry I fat fingered myself off the page in the middle of my comment. …..[israil is} nothing but a creation of multinationalists in order to establish a ” beachhead” in the Mideast from which western influence my be inserted. educate yourself at the feet of some true torah jews:

        • Greg Hunter

          Please do not post links like this on the site. I have cut it out. I cannot vet everything.

          • g.johnson

            respectfully, I am not sure what you mean by “links like this” a link to a jewish website that speaks against the legitimacy of Israel?
            I actually thought that you would find that as interesting as did I upon my intitial discovery of this movement.
            perhaps I would have been more in line to simply suggest that one google “jews against zionsim”?
            if not, please just delete my entire post above as it is just a nonsequitor without the link or the googling suggestion.
            now I am not sure about you in a whole new way.

            • Greg Hunter

              G Johnson,
              I have to go through a lot of stuff and sometimes I cannot spend enough time vetting the material. I have to cut nasty things said about Jews and Muslims from time to time. I just don’t want the platform to be hijacked with hateful material and am touchy about that. Please take no offense. You would be too if you spent this much time and effort building a platform like this.

              • g.johnson

                fair enough, as far as it goes. but since I said nothing nasty about jews or muslims, would it be safe to say that you may have simply misread and acted on impulse?

  36. henry

    Before the Declaration on Independence the Europeans in North America called them self “Colonists”. After, they called them self “American”. The definition of American is one who holds it to be self evident that governments are instituted to secure the unalienable rights of each man and woman. If you don’t believe this then you are not American. If you say that you are, then you are an identity thief — stealing the word American to cover for your un-American activities. Americans believe that governments don’t give you any rights like free speech, owning guns, trial by jury, and religion of your choice. Governments are instituted to secure your rights. American is not a legal status it is a philosophical status. Anyone around the world who holds this value is American. The problem is that many people living in America are not American. By restating D’Souza’s argument in these terms might be more effective the terms used in his movie. There are a number of positive things about his movie but it could be more focused.

    • Angie

      Henry you hit on a very important topic and that is defining Americans in the beginning and defining them now. D’Souza makes a decent attempt but fall way to short in dealing with slavery and the Civil War. Anyone who states that we fought that war to free the slaves is more than just lacking in history. Other than that he did a fair to good job on the other points. Also his insight into Hillary was spot on and the timing is so necessary.

    • mark

      thank you for that clarification Henry. very helpful.

    • Fred

      Soon, very soon hopefully, being an “American” will be a liability. If there is a button I can push to speed that up, I would push it gladly to get rid of the biggest parasite this earth has ever seen.

      • Greg Hunter

        Enjoy the rant. This is the last comment you get here.

  37. Alarmed

    I am not fond of D’Sousa. I have always felt that he just “talks a good talk, and, at least to me, this interview is no exception.

    Greg, I appreciate the monumental effort you give to each and every week. It is a lot of work and it shows. Thanks.

  38. ConcernedAmericanDad

    Yep- I had to tune this one out, especially when he got to his list of examples to illustrate the lack of US influence. Those crisis are what they are because of US influence. It is hard to listen to anyone who still buys the Red/blue paradigm. While it may be beneficial to listen to different points of view- this is not in the same league as most of your other interviews that offer more insight behind the curtain.

    • Greg Hunter

      I have posted this comment before and will post it for you: “I think you have to focus on the “idea” of America with its Bill of Rights and Constitution. The idea has been hijacked, at least in part, but the “idea” of America and the American people are still good. Some of the good in America still exists. Case in point: Do you really think the leaders in China and Russia would allow a website like to openly criticize the governments there? Do you think a could exist? Do you think a could function freely? The answer is not “No” but Heck no. America is not perfect but neither is the rest of the world. Thank you for your consideration and comment.”

  39. Alyce

    Wow, great guest…loved his movies!

  40. art barnes

    Greg, one of my grandfathers was at Valley Forge with George Washington, I think we can honestly say this country is not the country of dear old granddad any longer.

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      One of your grandfathers? How old are you????

  41. paladin


    please have Bill Holter on as a guest

    please make it so


  42. David Brown

    Nothing wrong with electing a black man as president. I would have preferred he had credentials and ethics, but suckers and compliant journalists are born every minute.

  43. Jim G

    Care to tell me why you didn’t add my post with the others?

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim G,
      This is not the government. I choose who gets heard on this platform. I do not remember what you said, but maybe there was a glitch or an accidental delete or maybe I didn’t like what you said.

  44. Fred

    If read any more here, I will throw up, but I will never listen to this Hunter crap again….yuck. Wave the flag, kill kill kill kill

    • emeniag

      Greg these weird posts seem like plants, or trols, shiles, what ever you want to call them but they certainly dont sound legit. There trying to make the watchdogs look bad like your listeners are so un american or something?

      • Greg Hunter

        There were many more I did not put up because I thought the same thing but I try to give everybody a chance.

  45. Jeff

    Galaxy…. You need to wake up…… America fighting the terrorists ? Come on. We have literally been SUPPORTING the terrorists for decades. Direct support like funds, weapons, and “technical assistance”….. We supported them in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, eastern block countries, and central America…… Hell, we help train them to fly 747’s on our own turf. And we knew it…… We made Vietnam a hell hole. We dropped atom bombs on Japan when the war was basically over (read your history).We even jumped into WW2 for political reasons…… I grew up with heart felt admiration for this country of mine. I bought into the lie that these wars were needed. Thank God I woke up. Iraq is no better than Vietnam. The country is destroyed and in chaos…… We also printed enough debt to bankrupt the world. Don’t even get me going how we (Goldman Sachs) sold worthless CDS crap to cities, counties, foreign countries bankrupting them all. Look into Greece, Spain, Portugal, hell, most of the Europe was sold this triple A crap as a safe investment. Look into the cities and counties around this country. If you do you’ll see they were sold a bag of goods. The press won’t tell you. You have to look. Now you might understand why the Fed shipped $17 Trillion across the pond. Just to keep all the bankrupt banks on life support. So we destroy physically AND financially……Wake up, do some research and stop the babbling.

    • mark

      Thank you for this comment Jeff.

      • J C Davis

        Mark and Jeff. I agree.

  46. Rich M

    AWESOME guest and interview Greg…….
    I actually like this guy alot. If he is reading this, best of luck to you in September as being thrown into prison at this PARTICULAR time would really suck given what could happen any day…. God bless you and your family.
    I think he is maybe not 100% fair but mostly fair given his venue and the message he is trying to send out to the “sheeple” which makes me a fan of him. He is pro Ronald Reagan (so am I, I don’t care if Reagan was “a part of it or not… we are all only human and all have faults” I still miss the guy leading us)…. but it came up where he fairly stated that Bill Clinton ALSO loves America as well.
    I like him because he talks about the idiology of Obama and now Hillary (who is NOT of the same idiology of her husband) and where their mentors and roots grew from. He makes people think a little differently or from another angle or from outside the box some by asking questions like… would you have voted for Obama if you knew his idiology and agenda was based on punishing Western Europe and America based on the past colonialism of… which coverts to basically the re-distribution of wealth.
    I am not a Bill Clinton fan (although he is a charismic guy and I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him and buying him a drink… nor think of how nice it might be right now for him to hang with Putin and smooth things over a bit… haha…… ) but I am not totaly ashamed of him as he was a level headed and decent President in some ways and i must believe Bill Clinton does love America.
    So I do agree, Bill Clinton does have a love for America.
    I used to be a pure/die-hard Republican, called myself a Reagan conservative. As of about 5 years ago now, I simply call myself a constitutional conservative as much as of the Republican party has dis-appointed me greatly in the last 12 years or so.
    NEVERTHELESS, I still would attempt to vote. To reference this.. even Ron Paul tied himself to the Republicans because he had that faint and hope he could make the difference. I voted for Romney/Republican and did not cower out like the Casey group did because my only hope was to get Obama out. Yet there were enough anti-Mormons and/or ppl who thought Romney a stooge or whatever lame exuse to NOT EVEN VOTE that……. CONGRATS CASEY and all the ppl who didn’t vote……. you get Obama for another 4 year because you probably influenced several other voters to “just not vote at all”… This is all so very short sited. I do NOT think Romney could have fixd it, but it would have been better. Look at the damage Obama has done since 2012 that even you must admit Romney would NOT have… Dinesh D’Souza warned us about how Obama would go “no holds barred’ his 2nd 4 year term. So Casey and others are JUST AS RESPONCIBLE as the sheeple who voted Obama in by not doing anything vry cowardice…CONGRATS.
    But I do have to say, that there is a difference between Obama and now Hillary and what the Republican alternatives would be or even many Democrat alternatives would be (as there are some Dems who love America) or will be I suppose. George W. Bush spent a ton of money…what an idiot… my Korean war vet father says GWBush ruined the Republican party…. but i see it broken from many other areas as well with just a few whom i could put ANY faith in left.
    But as disappointing as that is…. Obama is spending WAY more recklessly than even Bush did. And why the hell is GWBush silent about it. Cheney has at least publicly criticized the spending and Bush wimps out saying…. I do not believe in criticizing my replacement so I will stay silent. WTH
    Nevertheless, I cannot imagine that if McCain and/or Romney were elected that our debt would have been $17T. It would have increased in both cases but not to this HUGE amount. Heck even Al Gore would have increased it for his green agenda, but NOT to 17T. $17T is anough to destroy us altogether.
    So, we come back to idiology. Some way, some how, Americans ignorantly elected such an idiolog into office and actually re-elected him. (Doug Casy, helped this)….
    I do not agree with Greg that Hillary will not win. She does have the baggage you are talking about but the media LOVES her and all she has to say is “remember when me and my husband ran the country, we had a surplus… elect me and we will make it that way again. 40% over-all automatic vote needed from Women, and then the typical dem vote will easily get her in. Maybe, just maybe when she is elected, she will listen to Bill and or not be the idiolog we fear she may be and not be an Obama repeat…..

  47. Sambo

    No comments from the peanut gallery on this one Greg. Mom always said that if you can’t say something positive best thing to do is to remain silent. the American constitution is still the greatest idea ever and although you may not be the best newsman around you are still way ahead of those in second place

  48. Mason

    Greg, 3 short points:

    1. At 4.35 you said that Bill Clinton “in the grand scheme of things wasn’t a bad president”. Jim Rickards says: “In 1999, Democrats led by President Bill Clinton and Republicans led by Sen. Phil Gramm joined forces to repeal Glass-Steagall at the behest of the big banks…..If there is any hope of avoiding another meltdown, it’s critical to understand why Glass-Steagall repeal helped to cause the crisis.” In retrospect, Clinton was instrumental in getting us in this mess. I agree, though, that at the time I myself thought he wasn’t bad either.
    (see Rickard’s article at

    2. At 17.55 you cite D’Souza’s movie that “at the height of slavery, half of the slave owner’s were black”. I have an addition to that. Contrary to what you learn in history, a LOT of slaves were white. The book ‘White Cargo. The Forgotten History of Britain’s White Slaves in America’ states:
    “From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves…..During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England.”

    3. I have noticed that there is a major Editor War going on on Wikipedia. It seems like there is an attack on libertarian-oriented and individuals or individuals who adhere to the Austrian school of economics. At least on the individuals that I am looking up. A lot of these edits seem downright purposely slanderous. It seems like this attack on libertarians and Austrians is coming from Keynesian-oriented ‘editors’. So make a note on that if you are researching a person on Wikipedia who doesn’t fit in with the Powers That Be.

    There is a lot of misinformation around, 90% of the MSM is in hands of merely 6 mega-corporations and that’s why I am grateful for a site such as USAWatchdog that tries to give good, clear information without hubris. Thank you for that.

    • mark

      Thank you Mason, I was not aware of the plight of so many Irish being sold as slaves. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Mason, as He has paid the price with His own precious blood to purchase us out from the slave market of sin (with death being the “wages” earned” ) not with little coins of gold or silver (by which a slave could actually purchase his or her own freedom), but with His precious, incorruptible, sinless, spotless Blood guaranteeing an inheritance which is incorruptible and undefiled and unfading kept in the heavens for you who are being guarded by the power of God unto a salvation ready to be revealed in the last times. (1 Peter ch. 1).

  49. woody188

    I went back and watched “2016 Obama’s America” yesterday after watching your interview as I had not seen it. Made the wife watch it too. It helps put D’Souza in a better context understanding his background and the extra information on his philosophy.

    Many are critical here because they have not taken the time to understand your guest’s point of view. The knee jerk reaction of many declaring him partisan or trying to categorize him in to their own definitions is fun to watch. I have to agree with eddie in that I see him as a constitutionalist. Having voted for the Constitution Party in the last few elections, I guess that’s why I enjoyed the interview and his movies.

    Have to agree with D’Souza in that America is often viewed through the lens of the anti-colonialists. But as he points out, what out there is better?

    Brazil allows slavery and Depression Era style company towns. They practice torture and summary execution. Migrant workers and indigenous people frequently clash with the ruling society. Protesters receive death threats and assassination. Government officials, attorneys, union leaders and even religious leaders have often been targeted

    Russia has a corrupted judiciary subject to political manipulation. Russia is second to the United States in prisoners. 11,000 inmates and prison detainees die annually, most because of overcrowding, disease, and lack of medical care. Russia’s constitution forbids torture, but police utilize beatings, electric shocks, rape, and asphyxiation in their interrogations. Russian oligarchs openly run their institutions and require tribute to operate. Russia places 147th in the World Press Freedom Index.

    India maintains a rigid caste system that promotes discrimination. It is estimated over four people per day died while in police custody with hundreds of those deaths being due to police use of torture. Homosexuality is a criminal offense. India ranks 140th on the World Press Freedom Index. India actively blocks Internet content they deem to be obscene or otherwise objectionable, or that endangers public order or national security.

    China wiped out whole villages to build a dam because the Party said it wanted it that way. They block portions of the Internet from their citizens claiming it to be radical and having a corrupting influence. The word “democracy” is banned from all Chinese chat rooms. Huge industrial cities have been constructed that employee millions of migrant workers that labor for 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, for $0.80/hr. Hundreds of these workers commit suicide, so much so that nets were placed below roofs workers had access to in order to stem the suicide rate. It is estimated China has millions of prisoners, but the conditions are unknown, as China refuses to allow any outside inspections. China has a Propaganda Ministry that actively censors the news. China maintains a household registry and residence permit and one must apply for changes to be allowed to move or transfer jobs. China bans trade unions and political parties outside of the Party. China’s constitution claims religious freedom, but the Party regulates all religions and bans them as they see fit. They have been accused of harvesting the organs of religious and political prisoners while they were still alive.

    These are the BRIC nations that are supposed to take over as the leaders of the world. Only in the absence of the United States on the world stage, would such butchers be allowed control of the planet. Does any American think these BRIC nations will have their best interests in mind, or extend them the same courtesy as the United States has done since the creation of nuclear weapons?

    The United States showed tremendous restraint being the first nation with nuclear arms. Would any of these BRIC nations hesitated to take over the entire world had they been in that same position?

    Yes, the United States has made some mistakes. The worst mistake is the refusal to follow our Constitution and the rule of law. We will only win this fight by forcing our government to remain restrained by our Constitution. Only by maintaining our rights as individuals working together for our common ideals will we see this through to success.

    • mark

      Thanks Woody for posting this. Helps to understand what kind of “humanitarian” system we may give way to if the corporatist oligarchy is permitted to have its way.

    • emeniag


  50. emeniag

    There coming to take you away!

    • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

      Brazil and India, to be sure, would never have used nukes on anyone. And I don’t believe China would have either. Russia under Stalin – you’re probably right there…

  51. Dale

    Greg, Can you comment on the validity of this report showing a huge increase in FULL time jobs compared to PART time jobs.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t know enough about how this report was made to comment on it. That said, according to John Williams founder of the unemployment rate, if measured the way the BLS did it on or before 1994, has been hovering around 23% for most of President Obama’s two terms. Here’s the link: Check the center of the page and look at the top blue line on the graph. The job creation has been a gigantic lie anyway you cut it if you use real data and computations.

  52. emeniag

    There here!_____________

  53. katie

    Greg, you really need to let your guests talk 95% of the time. we already know all your opinions and ideas, and don’t want to hear you repeat yourself again.
    let your guests talk. stop interrupting, just be quiet.

  54. emeniag


    The meaning of this name is uncertain.

    A descendant of Reuben.—1Ch 5:3, 4.

    Gog of Magog is identified as Satan the Devil in his debased position, thrown out of the heavens and confined to the vicinity of the earth, since WWI, 1914. Think about it, WWI, WWII and now were playing with WWIII one hundred years later. Some people live 100 years. Jesus said a generation would see all these things and would not pass away before all this would occur and then the end would come. [Matthew 24: 34] Satans as a spirit creature, cannot carry out his attack directly, but he will use human agencies to do his dirty deeds. Who will these human agencies be? The Bible does not give us details, yet it does give us certain indications that can help us to identify who they are or will be. As world events unfold in fulfillment of Bible prophecies, we will gradually get an ever clearer picture. God’s people avoid speculation but remain spiritually alert, fully aware of political and religious developments that fit into the framework of the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. We are certainly living in exciting and if the Bible is true. . . . . .

    The prophet Daniel sheds light upon a final attack against God’s people, writing: “He [the king of the north] will certainly go forth in a great rage in order to annihilate and to devote many to destruction. And he will plant his palatial tents between the grand sea and the holy mountain of Decoration.”—Daniel 11:44, 45.

    The name Gog is found in chapters 38 and 39 of Ezekiel and is there applied to the leader of a stormlike, multinational assault against God’s people. The attack comes after Jehovah has gathered his people out of the nations and restored them to the previously devastated “mountains of Israel.” Because they dwell in security, with no visible signs of protection, and because they enjoy abundant prosperity, Gog is drawn into waging a vicious, all-out attack upon them. He congregates a vast army from many nations for this purpose. But his assault sets off Gods rage and brings terrible defeat and destruction upon Gog and his entire crowd. Their carcasses become food for birds and beasts, and their bones are buried in the valley that thereafter is called the Valley of Gog’s Crowd (literally, Valley of Hamon-Gog).

    The Assault’s Source and Intent. The assault has a source far distant from the land of Israel. Gog is “of the land of Magog,” situated in “the remotest parts of the north.” (Eze 38:2, 15) He is the “head chieftain [“great prince,” AT; “chief prince,” KJ, RS] of Meshech and Tubal.” (Eze 38:2, 3) Some translations here read “the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal” (AS, JB), thus making “Rosh [Heb. for “head”]” refer to a country or people. No such land or people is mentioned elsewhere in the Bible, however. Meshech and Tubal, like Magog, are names given to sons of Japheth (Ge 10:2), and the three lands bearing these names lay to the N of Israel. (See MAGOG No. 2; MESHECH No. 1; TUBAL.) Other northern members of the attacking forces, also Japhetic, were Gomer and Togarmah (thought to be the progenitors of the ancient Cimmerians and Armenians, respectively). Japhetic Persia lay to the NE. But the conspiracy embraced southern Hamitic members also—Ethiopia and Put down in Africa. (Eze 38:4-6, 15) Gog’s role, therefore, is as commander of a massive assault force that applies tremendous pressures designed to crush God’s people as though they were in a vise.

    Israel is described as “dwelling in the center of the earth.” (Eze 38:12) Ancient Israel not only was located at a central point as regards the Eurasian and African continents but also was the center of pure worship of the true God and was counted by him as “the pupil of his eye.”—De 32:9, 10; Zec 2:8.

    God states that he will ‘put hooks in Gog’s jaws’ and lead him to this attack. (Eze 38:4; compare 2Ki 19:20, 21, 28.) The prophecy clearly shows, however, that this is already Gog’s desire, the scheme being a product of his own heart. (Eze 38:10, 11) Jehovah draws Gog out, nonetheless, by restoring and prospering his own name people. This incites Gog to manifest his malevolence toward God’s people and he willingly advances into a course that brings swift destruction upon himself and all his associates. By the defeat and annihilation of Gog and his forces, Jehovah God magnifies and sanctifies his own name before all observers.—Eze 38:12-23; 39:5-13, 21, 22; compare Joe 3:9-17.

    Identification of Gog. The lands and peoples mentioned in the prophecy relating to Gog are known from the Bible and to some extent from secular history. But efforts to identify Gog with some historically known earthly ruler have not been successful. Most frequently suggested is Gyges, king of Lydia in western Asia Minor, called Guggu in the records of Assyrian monarch Ashurbanipal. (Ancient Records of Assyria and Babylonia, by D. Luckenbill, 1927, Vol. II, pp. 297, 351, 352) Gyges, however, had died decades before the writing of Ezekiel’s prophecy. Hence, such identification is unacceptable. Additionally, the prophecy itself places Gog’s attack in “the final part of the years,” “in the final part of the days.” (Eze 38:8, 16; compare Isa 2:2; Jer 30:24; 2Ti 3:1.) For these reasons, the name Gog is evidently cryptic or symbolic, not being that of any known human king or leader.

    The evidence points to a fulfillment in what is elsewhere called “the time of the end.” (Da 11:35; 12:9; compare Re 12:12.) Bible scholars and commentators generally recognize the prophecy as relating to the time of the Messianic Kingdom. As an example, The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge comments: “Gog appears as the leader of the last hostile attack of the world-powers upon the kingdom of God.” (Edited by S. Jackson, 1956, Vol. V, p. 14) No fulfillment on natural Israel is known. The fulfillment in “the final part of the days” logically is with regard to spiritual Israel, the Christian congregation (Ro 2:28, 29; Ga 6:16), described by the apostle Paul as children of, and directed by, the “Jerusalem above.” (Ga 4:26) These points aid in arriving at the identification of Gog.

    Further aid is found in the book of Revelation. Prophetic visions there foretold a great increase in persecution against the Christian congregation on the part of the symbolic dragon, Satan the Devil. This was to follow his being cast down, with his demons, from the heavens to the region of the earth, an act accomplished by the Kingdom of God through Christ at the time of Jesus’ beginning to exercise kingly authority. (Re 12:5-10, 13-17) The massing of earthly nations against God, his Son, and God’s faithful servants on earth figures prominently in these visions, as does also the total defeat and desolation of such enemy forces. (Re 16:13-16; 17:12-14; 19:11-21) The feasting by birds on the corpses of such enemies of Christ’s Kingdom rule likewise finds a correspondency here.—Compare Eze 39:4, 17-20 with Re 19:21.

    The central figure, or leader, of the earth-wide assault against the Messianic Kingdom and its subjects, according to Revelation, is Satan the Devil. He is the only person in the Biblical record who can be said to fulfill adequately the description and role assigned to ‘Gog of Magog’ in the prophecy given to Ezekiel. The prophecy in Ezekiel concerning Gog therefore points to a vicious, earth-wide assault on God’s people, an assault engineered and led by the abased Satan the Devil. This attack is what triggers the complete wiping out of such Satanic forces by means of God’s awesome power.—Eze 38:18-22.

    The moral of the story, fear?______Not!

    • mark

      Thanks emeniag for your labor in posting this. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sober mind”. amen (2 Tim. 1:7).

  55. Gregory Mannarino

    The new Russian sanctions specifically targeting the farming industry is going to take a painful toll on American citizens, and Putin is counting on it.

    The “cost” of war is supposed to be so high that no citizen of a free nation would opt for war unless there was no other alternative. Today especially here in America, what is going on overseas even if it involves American soldiers in combat situations simply does not matter. The average American could not be less concerned about how their tax dollars are spent or who is dying on either side. This is a sad reality.

    In war, like the ones the United States is already engaged in around the world and the new cold war with Russia, the citizens are supposed to sacrifice for the greater good. Vladimir Putin has a clear understanding of this and that is why specifically he is attacking the farming industry/food supply, because it will hurt US citizens where it counts (the only thing they are concerned with) in their wallets. Soon it will be energy, and the cry from American citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet will be great. Click here:

  56. Jeff

    Since you didn’t post my last “very good” post…… Hey, it’s your show and I get it. But there’s lots of totally clueless posters you have no problem with. Is the truth less important than the image ? …..You said…” Do you really think the leaders in China and Russia would allow a website like to openly criticize the governments there? Do you think a could exist? Do you think a could function freely? The answer is not “No” but Heck no. America is not perfect but neither is the rest of the world”………… Yea, you are allowed a venue for now. But that is only until they tighten the screws on everyone. Today we have a press (MSM) that reports lies or nothing important. You may say you still have this site but 99% of American only see the MSM lies. Now, when “they” choose to ” censor” for the betterment of the country you will be gone…….. In the mean time, since you have the need to compare socialist countries with us, please give me a score card on who started ( and extended) the last 20 wars/aggressions. China, Russia, or US ? To be more specific, who has been the aggressor in the last decade. Putin or our Nobel Peace prize loser ?

    • Greg Hunter

      There, you had your say. Thank you for the comment, and just remember, if you were criticizing the Chinese government or the Russian government (while living in those countries) this would have never seen the light of day and the cops would be on the way top your home to arrest you. Isn’t America still grand??!!

    • Elmo Parsley

      Hey Jeff, do you want some cheese with that whine. By the sheer fact that Greg allowed you post something on his site is a testament that he is more than fair, and that free speech still exist. Al least for now. Thank you Greg. Thank you very much.

      • Eschew Obfuscation

        Hey Elmo!

        Please come up with a new name.

    • Charles H.


      Why compare yourself to ‘clueless posters’? I don’t get the comparison. Should I be one of the commenters in the “Clueless” column? Umm, such an unqualified statement is basically a slap against the rest of us on this site. Is this the “tone” you purpose to share with all on this site?
      And by what endorsement are you somehow the clarion of truth? The idea, I thought, was to CONTRIBUTE ideas or information, or well-stated viewpoints that enrich considerations. Greg Hunter only works with what people provide. He steers, in this site – the propulsion of events and issues out there: why should he not keep comments to a standard of his own choice? This site is a reflection on him.
      Then why do you bring up the issue of being shut-down at some future date? It’s like throwing Karma in his face, which reeks of vindictiveness.
      And WHY bate Mr. Hunter with requesting a “scorecard” on which only will serve as a platform of argument or accusation? Defining his actions as a “need” to do anything – shows you are already boxing him in.

      “Good men can agree to disagree.” But you are not disagreeing here – all I see is a bitchy way of semi-arguing, and setting-up to pick a fight. Really, Jeff – you think we don’t know and you’re the only one who knows the score? There is a LOT MORE PERSPECTIVE out there than yours. And sometimes, just taking a different position or comparison is needful to elicit more responses from the crowd.
      Clueless – I like that.

  57. Jeff

    I see you posted my last post. You’re a stand up guy. Thank you. My second post still stands…… We are not any better than China or Russia. Nobama has the capacity to exceed any of the past horrific leaders. As long as our mindset is still in the “glory days” of the US past we will be deceived……. I’ve said it before in response to some Biblical posters…..I believe we are the “Great Satan” referred to in Rev. NY totally qualifies as Babylon. Yes, Greg, we all have our beliefs.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am not sure I intentionally deleted your post. I delete very few. I do not believe the U.S. is the “Great Satan.” As I write this we (U.S.) are dropping food supplies to the Christians starving on a mountain top in Iraq. If we were the “Great Satan” wouldn’t we just let them die? Granted we have bad leaders and we have made big mistakes, but the ideal of America and Americans are basically good.

      • Eschew Obfuscation


        I don’t believe we are the ‘Great Satan”. No, we are the Whore of Babylon, from Revelation. That much is clear.
        I sincerely appreciate the work you do here. Now that you’ve interviewed Dinesh D’Souza, perhaps on Monday we’ll hear you interview Kai Ryssdahl – what’s really going on in the economy – and hopefully he’ll play the happy or sad music to reflect what the major indexes did that day.

        • Greg Hunter

          The U.S. is not Babylon. I think it is Mecca in Saudi Arabia, but then I am guessing too.

          • woody188

            It is my understanding that Babylon was located in modern day Southern Iraq on the plains of Shinar. Think about that a minute in the frame of ISIS/ISIL and their goal. Which group beheads their enemies?

    • Old Dog

      I agree with you, Jeff. I believe American is a Great Satan, but then Satan has many minions. Why is America a great Satan, because what does Satan do — it influences people. Scripture said Satan masquerades as an “angel of light.” (2 Cor. 11:14)

      Jesus referred to some of satan’s workers as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”
      So you cannot judge something as not of Satanic influence just because some Christian-like good deeds are done.

      America is an influencer. In the name of trade, exporting and importing, MONEY — we peddle our products across the world, even if what we are peddling does not fit in the theology or lifestyle of another country. We want them to buy our products, to do that they must “market” our standards and lifestyles and convince (influence) them to change their old ways for our “better ways.” Only they are not better ways. A lot of what America peddles around the world is immoral. No wonder some highly conservative countries do not “appreciate” America’s influence on their young people … and call America the Great Satan.

      It might be interesting to see if ever America’s seemingly good deeds could be put on a scale and balanced against America’s not good deeds. Would good outweigh evil, or evil outweigh good?

  58. Charles H.


    I think Dinesh D’Sousa couches his responses carefully because he’s under the gun, awaiting sentencing. If he did NOT come out and repeat the dribble that goes with the administration – he would be slam-dunked for sure. Of course, like the Democrats conveniently “forgot” their deal to close the border with the Reagan Amnesty: they may have fixed his sentence already. I enjoyed the interview, and thought you both did well.

  59. Jeff

    No scorecard ? Isn’t death relevant ? Is your short term ability to have this site (free press) offset by the multitudes of war and aggression we are responsible for in the last few decades ? Please tell me, which war /aggression did China or Russia start lately ? I guess it comes down to what we both think is more important….. Freedom of press is very important. As is all the rest of our precious amendments. But if they are taken away in the very near future (they already have been) how do we compare. This country is all about the present administration, not about the good people within it’s borders……This administration is pure evil…….. I’ll make you a bet. When all is said and done (Ukraine) we will be on our own. We the rest of the world gets tired of our bombing, bullying and stealing will be left to… pick the word.

  60. Jeff

    Greg, this is just between you and me. When I say you’re a stand up guy I mean I respect you for putting up with all the posters. Me included if you disagree…… I’ve been a Christian most of my life so we probably have something in common……. My biggest problem with our country is it’s become one big lie. Literally. Doesn’t matter where you look. Because I’m a trader I read everything, politically, economically, and historically. Have for decades……. You can show me a report or press release and I can show you where it’s complete fabrication……. My point is….who’s the king of lies ? Satan……. I’m leaving you with this last post because I really love you and respect you. Debate is good and I have no problem admitting being wrong whenever. Take care.

  61. Edward Ulysses Cate

    The immigration problem goes much, much deeper than Obama and Bush. This is blowback from economic hitmen activities in Central America for over thirty years. Can you even imagine the destruction of any decency in local government when sociopaths financed sociopaths, such as in the book “Dark Alliance” by Gary Webb. Another book, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” only scratches the surface, and the documented activities were done many years before the book was written. If it had been more recent, I’m sure the author would had been “suicided.” Can you imagine living under such sociopathic conditions (government bullying) where the only hope for survival of your children is for them to travel alone a thousand miles to another country? Mexican government is not excluded from these sociopathic activities.
    Camden , New Jersey, shows this hopelessness is coming to a city near you.
    “Although once a thriving center for manufacturing and industry, Camden is perhaps best known for its struggles with urban decay and political corruption. Three Camden mayors have been jailed for corruption, the most recent being Milton Milan in 2000.”,_New_Jersey

  62. Jeff

    Greg ……We’re dropping food on a country that we frigin destroyed. Big pat on the back for that. We supported the terrorist (and probably still are) that are responsible for the people trapped in the mountains needing that food. Big pat on the back for that……..At what point do you all stop looking at the trees to see the forest ? ……. Let’s go over this again……we’re responsible for instigating (pushing for) WWIII with Russia. In my wildest dreams I can’t picture us as the “good guys”.

  63. Dennis

    D’Souza is just another Michael Moore in different clothing, profiting off the enigma of Obama. Any informed person knows that American has always had a immigration problem on its southern borders since the mid-1960s. We have immigration laws, but they are not enforced. Simple fact. Obama may support and follow Saul Alinsky principles, but he is what he is: a liar in chief. He has contradicted himself more often than any other President I am aware of. D’Souza is simply a profiteer, using Obama’s legacy as a way to make money.

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